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September 24, 2011
12Chapter 1
lojban to English
a’acu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: attentive - inattentive
- avoiding.
a’anai [UI*1] attitudinal: attentive - inattentive
- avoiding.
a’a [UI1] attitudinal: attentive - inattentive -
avoiding. (See also jundi, rivbi.)
a’enai [UI*1] attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion.
a’e [UI1] attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion.
(See also sanji, cikna, tatpi.)
a’icu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose.
a’inai [UI*1] attitudinal: effort - no special effort
- repose.
a’i [UI1] attitudinal: effort - no special effort -
repose. (See also gunka, slunandu, guksurla, troci,
a’onai [UI*1] attitudinal: hope - despair.
a’orne x1 is maple of species/variety x2. (syn.
ricrxacero; see also na’itsi)
a’o [UI1] attitudinal: hope - despair. (See also
a’ucu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: interest - disinterest -
a’unai [UI*1] attitudinal: interest - disinterest -
a’u [UI1] attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion. (See also cinri, selcni.)
abniena x1 is Guaran´ı in aspect x2. (see also
abu [BY*] letteral for a.
agbakate x1 is an avocado (fruit or tree) of
species/variety x2.
aicu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal.
aierne x1 Armenian in aspect x2 (See also
kafkaso, kartuli.)
ainai [UI*1] attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal.
aizdo x1 is woad of species/variety x2.
ai [UI1] attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal. (See also termu’i, terzu’e, seljdi,
akmela x1 is a toothache
plant/spotflower/paracress of species/variety x2.
aksiptrina x1 is a hawk of species/type x2 (Subfamily Acciptrinae)
alba’aka x1 is basil of species/variety x2. (syn.
alfabeta x1 is an alphabet used to write x2.
(see also selyle’u, fu’arka, anbani, abgida, abjadu,
alminiu x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of
aluminium. (Cf. jinme.)
altamru x1 is a date (fruit or tree) of
species/variety x2.
alzaitu x1 is an olive of species/variety x2.
amgidala x1 is an amygdala in organism x2,
with function x3. (As a part of the limbic system (menbenci’e, besrlimbo), it performs a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions. Cf. besna.)
ampigravle x1 is celery. (Cf. spatrxapio, stagi,
amsake x1 is made of/contains/is an amount
of amazake from x2 (By komfo,amonan)
amtisti x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of
amethyst from source x2. (Cf. jadni, jemna, krili,
amxari x1 is Amharic in aspect x2. (cf. gurnrtefi)
andiroba x1 is carap of species/variety x2.
angeli x1 is an angel.
3ba’e backla
angila x1 is an eel of species x2. (syn. sincykaifi’e)
anji x1 is a Chinese hanzi / Japanese kanji (logogram) with meaning x2 and radical x3. (Cf.
anmonia x1 is a quantity of / contains / is made
of ammonia. (Cf. trano.)
ansoptera x1 is a dragonfly of species x2. (Cf.
laxsfani, zgoptera, odnata, sfani, cinki.)
antilope x1 is an antelope of species x2. (Cf. bajbakni, mirli, dorkada.)
arktik Arctic Ocean.
armoraki x1 es un rabano de la variedad ´ x2.
arnika x1 is a quantity of arnica/wolfsbane of
species/strain x2
arxokuna x1 is a raccoon of species x2 (syn.
prokioni, lumge’u)
asycy’i’is ASCII.
atinas Athens
atkuila x1 is an eagle of species/breed x2. (Cf.
aucu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: desire - indifference -
aufklerunge x1 (process/concept) is enlightenment in the sense of philosophy x2
aunai [UI*1] attitudinal: desire - indifference -
auskalerik Basque country.
au [UI1] attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance. (See also djica.)
avgusto x1 is August in year x2 on calendar x3
axlte x1 is an axolotl of species/breed x2
a [A] logical connective: sumti afterthought or.
ba’acu’i [UI*2] evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember.
ba’anai [UI*2] evidential: I expect - I experience
- I remember.
ba’argau x1 = g1 (agent) marks x3 = b2 with
mark(s) x2 = b1 of material x4 = b3. (Cf. barna,
gasnu, tcita, pandi)
ba’armo’a m1 is a pattern of marks m2 = b1 arranged according to structure m3 on x4 = b2 of
material x5 = b3. (Cf. taxfu, jadni, bitmu, bimxra.)
ba’a [UI2] evidential: I expect - I experience - I
remember. (See also bavykri, lifri, morji.)
4 ba’ei [BAhEI] forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next WORD only, even if that word
is a construct-indicating cmavo (According to CLL
19.11, regular ba’e doesnt always emphasize just
one word. If it is placed in front of a construct (e.g.
la), it emphasizes the entire construct. ba’ei was
designed especially for these cases.)
ba’e [BAhE] forethought emphasis indicator;
indicates next word is especially emphasized.
ba’i [BAI] basti modal, 1st place replaced by ...
4 ba’oi [ROI] Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible futures where
[sumti (du’u)] is true (Possible futures, given the
actual past and present; what might happen. Cf.
ba’orzu’e z1 grows b1 for purpose/goal z3 to
size/form b2 from b3. (Cf. tsiju, spati, cange.)
ba’ostu x1 is a nursery where x2 grows to
size/form x3 from x4. (Cf. ba’orzu’e, cange, spati,
ba’o [ZAhO] interval event contour: in the aftermath of ...; since ...; perfective ― ――-.
ba’ucu’i [UI*3] discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement.
ba’unai [UI*3] discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement.
ba’urdu’u d1 whines/bitches about d2 by uttering b2. (Cf. fengu, krixa, klaku.)
ba’urnoi n1 = b2 is a spoken/uttered message
about subject n2 uttered by n3 = b1 to intended
audience n4.
ba’urtadji t1 is b1’s pronunciation of utterance
b2 under conditions t3.
ba’usku x1 (agent) says x2 (sedu’u/text/lu’e
concept) for audience x3 through expressive
medium x4. (Unlike cusku, which can refer to
other forms of expression, ba’usku refers only to
Cf. tavla.)
ba’usle s1 (phone/speech sounds) is a segment
of utterance/speech stream s2 = b2. (Cf. tavla,
ba’u [UI3] discursive: exaggeration - accuracy -
understatement. (See also satci, dukse.)
baba [PU*] time tense: will be going to;
babilon Babylon.
baca’a [PU*] time tense: future actuality;
modal aspect.
baca’o [ZAhO*] time tense: will be then;
backemselrerkru k1 is a hyperbola in k2 at k3
defined by set of points/properties k4.
backla b1=k1 goes beyond destination b2=k2
from origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle
4bajriga bakskapi
k5. (Cf. dukse, kuspe, fa’a.)
bacru [ba’u] x1 utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks [vocally makes
sound] x2. (Also voices; does not necessarily
imply communication or audience; (’says’ is
usually cusku). See also krixa, cusku, casnu, tavla,
voksa, pinka.)
bacycripu c1 is a bridge to the beyond across c2
between c3 = b3 and c4 = b1. (Poetic coining.)
bacyde’i d1 = b1 is a tusk of d2 protruding beyond the mouth b3 by amount b4
badbi’u bi1 = ba1 is a rampart/[protective wall]
protecting bi4 = ba2 from threat/peril/potential
ba3 (event). (Cf. bandu, bitmu, badydi’u.)
badgai g1 is a protective cover for b2 = g2
against g3. (From bandu gacri; Cf. santa, calku,
xacysanta, dabycalku.)
badgau g1 causes event b1 which defends/protects b2 (object/state) from
threat/peril/potential b3 (event). (Made from
bandu + gasnu.)
badjamblo bl1 = ba1 is a frigate/corvette of
type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3. (Cf. bandu,
jamna, bloti, ni’ablo, brabrajamblo,brajamblo,
cmajamblo, vijblo.)
badna x1 is a banana/plantain [fruit/plant] of
species/breed x2. (See also grute.)
badri [dri] x1 is
sad/depressed/dejected/[unhappy/feels sorrow/grief] about x2 (abstraction). (See also klaku,

locnan locnaa

Chapter 2
English to lojban
’ y’y
(something) serious seljunri
- jerna, place 1
.001 milti
.01 centi
.1 decti
0 no
1,00,00,000 (in Indian numbering system)
1,000 paki’o
1-space interval vi’i
1-word non-Lojban name la’oi
1-word non-Lojban quote zo’oi
1-word quote zo
1-word rafsi quote ra’oi
10,000,000 (in Western numbering system)
10,000 panonoki’o
100,000 panonoki’o
1000 kilto
100 panono
100 xecto
1024 (multiplier) samki’o
1048576 (multiplier) samymegdo
10 dekto
10 pano
11 papa
12 pare
13 paci
14 pavo
15 pamu
16 paxa
17 paze
18 pabi
19 paso
1E-12 picti
1E-15 femti
1E-18 xatsi
1E-21 zepti
1E-24 gocti
1E-6 mikri
1E-9 nanvi
1E12 terto
1E15 petso
1E18 xexso
1E21 zetro
1E24 gotro
1E6 megdo
1E9 gigdo
1st Lieutenant (army rank in USA) pavmoija’a
1st person pronoun mibma’o
1st sumti place fa
1 pa
2,000 reki’o
2-legged relseltu’e
2-space interval vi’a
200 renono
20 reno
2nd conversion se
2nd person pronoun donma’o
2nd sumti place fe
2 re
3,000 ciki’o
3-legged cibyseltu’e
3-space interval vi’u
300 cinono
30 cino
3rd conversion te
3rd sumti place fi
3 ci
4,000 voki’o
4-legged vonseltu’e

201argument roles as a limit of
approach (become more adjacent) la’irze’a
approach (come nearer to something) jbibi’o
approach (get closer) jbize’a
approval i’e
approved by zau
approved for matpai, place 3
approved matpai, place 2
approve zanru
approve (judge to be appropriate) matpai
approving sezau
approximately all of piji’i
approximately ji’i
approximating mo’ine’a
apricot smela
April lanma’i
apt (intelligent) mencre
APV (armoured personnel carrier) sonjamkarce
aquaculture (fish farming) fipcange
Aquarius (constellation/astrology) jaurbarflegaus
Arabian camel rabykumte
Arabic shift jo’o
Arabic xrabo
Arabic (language) bangaru’a
Arabic (Standard language) bangarubu
arbitrate paijdi
arbitration nunpai
arc cosine seldutsinso
arccosine seldutsinso, place 1
archbishop jdatro
archea (microorganism) tceprujurme
archeology tcepruske
archival medium nurbe’i, place 3
archived information nurbe’i, place 2
archive nurbe’i
archivist nurbe’i, place 1
arch (shape) bargu
arcsine selsinso, place 1
arctangent seltanjo, place 1
Arctic Ocean arktik
Arctic tolzi’o
arc (shape) krogarna
are enough raumei
area (range) selku’e
are (unit of area) xaxre
Argentina getygu’e, place 1
Argentinian Spanish (language) getybau
Argentinian gento
argue darlu
argue (disagree) da’asnu
argue (quarrel) da’arta’a
argument roles cimjvo, place 3
argument sumti
argument (position or stand) seldau
Aries (constellation/astrology) lunmes
arise (stand up) sa’irbi’o
arm-wrestle birvrajvi
armadillo dapsodi
armchair birstizu
Armenian aierne
armored car (military) xiljamkarce
armored combat vehicle cakykarce
armored fighting vehicle jamkarce
armored personnel carrier sonjamkarce
armor dabycalku
armoured car (military) xiljamkarce
armoured fighting vehicle jamkarce
armoured personnel carrier sonjamkarce
army battalion songri
army brigade jempausle
army company songripau
army corps jempau
army division jempaupau
army platoon songripausle
army regiment jempausle
army jenmi
arm (weapon) xarci
arnica arnika
arrange (organize) ganzu
array (mekso operator) jo’i
arrival (someone who arrives) tolyli’a, place 1
arrive tolyli’a
arrive (get to a certain place) mulkla
arriving at mo’ifa’a
arrogant tolcumla
arrow celga’a
art form (style of painting) pirlarfi’i, place 3
art gallery larmuzga
artichoke xarcufu
article gadri
artifact rutni
artificial intelligence runmenli
artificial language runbau
artillery gun xilcelxa’i
artillery xilcelxa’i
artist larfi’i
artist (painting artwork) pirlarfi’i, place 1
art larcu
as a category of sele’a
as a form of setai
as a limit of seji’e
202Astronomical Unit (AU) at
as a location of setu’i
as a method for seta’i
as a name for seme’e
as a name used by teme’e
as a part of sepa’u
as a relation of ki’i
as a standard for sema’i
as agent in doing segau
as an origin of sera’i
as boundary of sekoi
as conditions for seva’o
as much as du’i
as said by it-1 cu’u ko’a
as said by cu’u
as told to tecu’u
as well (in addition) ji’a
ascend tolfa’u
ash-coloured (light gray) fagyfesyska
ashamed ckeji
ashes (combustion remains) fagyfesti
ash (fire) fagyfesti
ash (tree) fraksino
Asiatic xazdo
Asia zdotu’a
ask for by saying cpesku
ask someone to return xrucpe
ask (ask a question) retsku
ask (make a request) cpedu
asparagus sparagusa
Aspergian sezga’o
asphyxiate (transitive) vaxydicra
aspirate sakyva’u
assegai kilga’a
assembly (activity of assembling) zbacu’u
assembly (organized to make decision) jdijmaji
assert xusra
asset (as in company financial report) kagyselpo’e,
place 1
asshole (anus) ganxo
assign snigau
assign (appoint) matygau
assisting in tesi’u
assisting sesi’u
associated with site tu’i
associated with time ti’u
association (organization) bende
assume sruma
asterisc tarbu’i, place 1
asterisk tarbu’i, place 1
asteroid cmaplini
Astronomical Unit (AU) solminli
astronomy kesyske
as (at the same instant that) ca
as (considering that, because, since) ki’u
as (in the same way that) tai
as (varying through time to the same proportion
that) fau
as (while) ca’o
at ease ju’icu’i
at extreme terai
at least some of pisu’o
at least su’o
at locus within range tedi’o
at most su’e
at specific locus sedi’o
at the far end of fe’emo’u
at the locus of di’o
at the point of fe’eco’i
at the same time as seti’u
atheist nalceikri
Athens atinas
atmosphere (not necessarily planetary) maisru
atmosphere (of planet) varxamsi
atmospheric science varxasyske
atom nucleus ratmidju, place 1
atomic nucleus ratmidju, place 1
atom ratni
ATP (adenosine triphosphate) mivylivla
attach (agentive) jongau
attack gunta
attempt (to try) troci
attended to selju’i
attend (be at an event) vitke
attend (pay attention to) jundi
attention ju’i
attentive a’a
attitudinal attribution da’oi
attitudinal cnima’o
attracted (sexually) cinmle, place 2
attractive (sexually) cinmle
attract trina
attribute (trait) ckaji
atypically na’onai
atypical nalfadni
at zvati
at ((indicate a position on a scale)) sela’u
at ((indicating time)) ti’u
at (in a particular place) bu’u
at (in the direction of) fa’a
at (occupied in (activity)) segau
203back door bandersnatch
audacity darsi
audience of memorandum selmojnoi, place 5
audience of reminder mojgaunoi, place 5
audience (receiver of expression) cusku, place 3
audiotape srimakyvelvei
audit committee ctakamni, place 1
August (month) cinfyma’i
aunt or uncle famti
Australasia sralytu’a
Australian English (language) sralybau
Australian sralo
Australia (continent) sralytu’a
Australia (country) sralygu’e
Austria osteraix
author of memorandum selmojnoi, place 4
author of novel brafi’a, place 3
author of reminder mojgaunoi, place 4
author of short story cmafi’a, place 2
authoritative document ca’irvei
authority catni
author ci’arfi’i
autistic sezga’o
autobiographer sezyskinoi, place 2
autobiography sezycitri
automatic zmiku
automaton (humanoid) remsmimi’i, place 1
automobile karce
autumn critu
average (norm) cnano
averse to naldjica
avocado agbakate
avoiding a’anai
avoid rivbi
Av (month) mumymasti
awaken (become awake) cikybi’o
awake cikna
away from point to’o
awkward (uncomfortable) tolkufra
awning bu’udru
awol nalzva
axe ka’amru
axis of symmetry mirlanxe, place 2
axis (vertebra) nebjendu
axle jendu
axolotl axlte
azedarac margosa
a abu
baby (infant) cifnu
bachelorette fetnalspe
bachelor nu’ospe
back door ti’evro
back entrance ti’evro
backbone (set of bones) kamjybo’u
backfriend (secret enemy) mipypro
backpack contents rixybakfu, place 2
backpack material (frame or bag or straps) rixybakfu, place 3
backpacker (bundle carrier) rixybakfu, place 4
backpack rixybakfu, place 1
backup (copy) nurfu’i, place 1
back (behind) trixe
back (body-part) cutyti’e
bacteria jurme
bacteriology cuvjumske
bacterium jurme
Bactrian camel zdokumte
bad Lojban zirjbo
bad weather xlati’a
badger takside
bad xlali
baffled peifli
baffle fi’urgau
baffling peifli, place 2
bagel jinynanba
bag (sack) dakli
Bahaism lijdrba’a,i
Bahasa Indonesia (language) bidbau
Bahasa Indonesia (language) banginudu
Bahasa (language) bidbau
bain-marie paxrmari
baked good jupypesxu
baked-good jupypesxu
baked nabzba, place 2
baker nabzba, place 1
bake (agentive) nabzba
baksheesh (bribe) baple’i
balance lanxe
balance (transitive) laxygau
balcony balni
ball game tournament bolgrijvi
ball-shaped gem boijme
ballistics danske
ball bolci
ball (party) dansycu’u
bamboo bambu
banana badna
Banaras uaransis
band-aid bofsnipa
bandage (adhesive) bofsnipa
bandersnatch frufengalu
204battery beg
band (cause to be banded) selkarlygau
band (musical group) zgigri
band (radio) xelbonseljimte
Bangladesh begygu’e
banking system (conglomerate of banks) selbanxa
bank banxa
bank (of a river) ri’erkoi, place 1
banquet ctisla
banquet (elaborate formal dinner) balsai, place 1
baptise (pour liquid onto) likpu’i
bar manager barjyja’a
barb wire jesycilta
barbed wire jesycilta, place 1
barefoot cucycau
barely (almost not at all) ja’aru’e
bare lunbe
barkeeper barjyse’u
barkeep barjyse’u
bark (dog utterance) gercmo
barley bavmi
barman barjyse’u
barn cagdaidi’u, place 1
baroness noltroni’u
baron noltronau
barrow (wheelbarrow) ca’ercarce
bartender barjyse’u
barter (mutually) cajysi’u
bar (place) barja
bar (tool) garna
baseball game ga’arboiterjvi, place 1
baseball player ga’arboijvi, place 1
baseball ga’arboijvi
based on ji’u
base (numerical) mekna’u, place 3
base (permanent structure for housing a military)
basic (foundational) jicmu
basil alba’aka
basis for authority teca’i
basis jicmu
basket lanka
Basque country auskalerik
bass (musical instrument) dzitogytci
bass (tone) tcesnosli
bath tub lumpatxu
bathe jirlu’i
bathroom (A room in which one bathes or washes.)
battalion (army unit) songri
battery dicysro
battle cruiser brabrajamblo
battleship brabrajamblo
battle (confrontation) nunda’a
bay zbani
bazooka (weapon) janjaknyxa’i
BCE (Before Common Era year) gregori zei nanca
BC (Before Christ year) gregori zei nanca
beach xaskoi
bead bidju
beak (body part) ja’urxe’a, place 1
beanie (hat) nipmapku
bean dembi
beard xejykre
bear cribe
beat (defeat) ji’apro
beat (hit repeatedly) rapyda’i
beat (rhythm) rilti
beautiful melbi
because of cause ri’a
because of logic ni’i
because of motive mu’i
because of reason ki’u
become big brabi’o
become fitting matybi’o
become free zi’erbi’o
become small cmabi’o
become thinner cinlyze’a
becomes bolder darsyze’a
becomes different ficybi’o
becomes more audacious darsyze’a
become binxo
bedbug ckacivla
bedcloth ckabu’u
bedroom ckaku’a
bed ckana
beefsteak bakrecpa’o
beef (bovine meat) bakre’u
beep snasni
beer birje
beetle cakcinki
bee bifce
before and after pujeba
before and during pujeca
before pu
befuddled peifli
begins to express co’asku
begin (ake first step in performing an action) tolsisti
begin (take first step in performing an action) tolsti
beg pikci
205betrothed bison
beg (implore) culcpe
behave tarti
behaviour tarti, place 2
behaviour (conduct) seltra
beheaded nebyka’a, place 2
behead sedycaugau
behind ti’a
Beijing beiDJIN
Belarus blabruk
belatedness nunlerci
belief ia
believed god ceikri, place 2
believer krici, place 1
believe krici
belle (most beautiful) mlerai
belly button befsfeke’a
belly shirt befcaucreka
bellyache befcro
bell janbe
belong to (be a member of) cmima
beloved selpa’i, place 2
below ni’a
belt befsri
bend (causative) krori’a
bend (intransitive) krobi’o
beneath cnita
benefactor (financial) rupsra
beneficial xamgu
beneficiary selxau
benefit from selxau
benefiting from va’u
benefit xamgu, place 1
Bengali bengo
Bengali (language) banbu’enu
bent (not straight) korcu
berceuse (lullaby) sipselsa’a
bergamot orange bergamia
bergamot (citrus fruit) bergamia
Berlin byLIN
berry jbari
berth stagau
beseech culcpe
besides ji’a
bespectacled barkalyle’o, place 3
bespoken bavyspe
best nelrai
best (by the standard of badness) mecyxlarai
best (superlative) traji
best (surpassing all others) xagrai
Bethlehem (in Palestine) beitlaxum
betrothed bavyspe
better (by the standard of badness) xlame’a
better (by the standard of goodness) xauzma
between jbini
bet (wager) dejru’a
bewildered peifli
bewilder fi’urgau
beyond (location event contour) fe’eba’o
bible (religious book) cesycku
bicycle, motorbike relxilma’e
bicycle relxilma’e
big pot brapatxu
big ship brablo
big space interval ve’u
big toe nail jmatajycalku
bigger bramau
bigger (by the standard of smallness) cmame’a
biggest (by the standard of bigness) brarai
biggest (by the standard of smallness) mecycmarai
biggish mlibra
big barda
bike propulsion source relxilma’e, place 4
bike rider relxilma’e, place 2
bike relxilma’e, place 1
bikini bottom taxfrbikini, place 4
bikini top taxfrbikini, place 3
bikini (skimpy two piece woman’s clothing) taxfrbikini
bill (draft of a law) selti’ifla
bill (invoice) dejnoi
bind (agentive) jongau
biochemical (chemical substance) mivyxu’i
biology methodology mivyske, place 2
biology mivyske, place 1
biosphere mivmu’e
bird species selcpi
bird’s nest cpizda
bird cipni
birthdate terjbe
birthday veljbe, place 3
birthday (anniversary) jbedetnunsla
birthday (date of birth) terjbe
birthplace veljbe, place 1
biscuit (bakery article (American English))
bisexual female relcinse
bisexual male relcinse
bisexual relcinse, place 1
bishop jdatro
bison visnda
206board of directors borrow
bit [binary digit; computer unit] jetka’u
bitch (female dog) gerku
bitch (whine) ba’urdu’u
bite apart batfendi
bite locus velbatci, place 3
biter terbatci, place 3
bite batci
biting tool velbatci, place 1
bitten velbatci, place 2
bittern nebyplovoicpi
bitter kurki
black hole cimnyterjunta, place 1
black magic malmakfa
black widow malminiata, place 1
blackberry frambesi
blackbird xekcpi
blackboard (chalkboard) bakryta’o
blackseed klaunji
black xekri
blade balre
blamer fu’esku, place 1
blame i’anai
blanket (bed cover) ckagai
blare vruca’a
blasphemous jdazei
blasphemy jdazei
bleed blucri
blender (mechanical processing machine) xremi’i
bless cesri’a
bless (vocative) di’ai
blinding caivru
blissful gekpanpi
block of wood mudbli
block bliku
block (prevent from happening) fanta
block (prevent from passing) julne
blog (internet journal) snukarni
blog (internet term) kibykarni, place 1
blood drinker (not nesc. monster) blupinxe
blood flow blufle
blood vessel blutu’u
blood ciblu
blouse luzycreka
blower (for blowing gas) bifpra
blow (propel by an air current) bifca’e
bludgeon xacyga’a
blue-green blari’o
blueberry bakyjba
blue blanu
Board of Directors fuzraikamni
board of directors trokamni, place 1
board of trustees fuzraikamni
board tanbo
board (of directors or trustees) fuzraikamni
boat pilot blosazri
boat bloti
boa jboia
Bob LeChevalier lojbab
bocce bolgu’o
Bodh Gaya bodga,ias
Bodhgaya bodga,ias
body mass index ketlete, place 2
body xadni
boerenkool (cabbage) ri’orko’i
boiled (food) febjukpa, place 2
boil febvi
boil (cooking method) febjukpa
boil (to boil something) febgau
bolder (becoming) darsyze’a
bomber (aircraft) bamvinji
bomb jbama
bond (financial instrument) paurseldejni
bone bongu
bonobo jbonobo
boob tube jancaucreka
book chapter ckupau
book collection ckusro
book religion jdacku, place 4
book section ckupaupau
booklet cmacku
bookshelf ckukajna, place 2
bookshop ckuzai
bookstore ckuzai
book cukta
book (make a reservation) ternupcpe
book (plan time and date for event) detytcikygau
book (plan time for event) tcikygau
boom (for supporting sail) blopinfanga’a
boot tupcutci
border control korgretro, place 1
border crosser (customs) korgretro, place 2
bordering tekoi
borecole (cabbage) ri’orko’i
bored (mental weariness) tolselci’i
boring tolzdi
born jbena
borrow without permission zerjbera
borrowed word fu’ivla
borrower dinjbera, place 1
borrow jbera
207break broken
Bosnia bosnan
botany methodology spaske, place 2
botany spaske, place 1
bother (disturb) patpei
bottleful botlai
bottle botpi
bottom (ground) loldi
boulder braro’i
boules bolgu’o
bouncer livbai, place 1
bounce (check, e-mail) flixru
bound beyond which selbancu
bounded by koi
bound (go with bounding motion) pipkla
bovine bakni
bowed string instrument mosyjgita
bowling bolgu’o
bowls (game) bolgu’o
bow (shape) krogarna
bow (take a bow) krosa’i
bow (to greet or show respect) krorinsa
bow (weapon) bagyce’a
box tanxe
box (place inside a box) seltaxygau
boyfriend pampe’o
boy nanla
bracelet (adornment) xancidja’i
bracelet (jewelry) birja’i, place 1
brachiate birdadykla
brain-dead benmro
braincase benvau
brainless tolmencre
brainy mencre
brain besna
brake jabre
bramble frambesi
branch jimca
brandy vanjyjikru
brand selvensni
Brasilia brazilias
brass lastu
brave virnu
Brazilan Portuguese (language) razbau
Brazilian brazo
Brazil razgu’e, place 1
bra tatyta’u
breach (passage) greke’a
bread nanba
break off (intransitive) popygau
break room depkumfa
break (intransitive) popygau
breakfast food cersai, place 2
breakfast (meal) cersai, place 1
breaking sound popsna
break porpi
break (intermission) nunde’a
breast milk remyladru
breast tatru
breath in sakyva’u
breathe vasxu
breed (of dog) gerku, place 2
breeze brife
Breton bre’one
bribe (pay for favor) baple’i
bribe (payment) lejbai, place 2
brick (building material) kitybli
bride-to-be bavyspe
bridge to the beyond bacycripu
bridge cripu
bridi ? mo
bridi abstract du’u
bridi affirmer ja’a
bridi and gi’e
bridi but not gi’enai
bridi conn ? gi’i
bridi iff gi’o
bridi negator na
bridi only if nagi’a
bridi or gi’a
bridi whether gi’u
bridi xor gi’onai
bridi-tail brirebla
brigade (army unit) jempausle
Brigadier General (military rank in USA) xavmoija’a
Brigadier (military rank in India UK) xavmoija’a
brighten (become lighter) gusybi’o
bright (intelligent) mencre
bright (light-reflective) gusminra
brilliant (intelligent) mencre
bring about gasnu
bring close jbigau
bring here vizbei
Britain (country) ritygu’e
British English (language) gliglibau
British brito
broadens (becomes broader) ganze’a
broad ganra
brochure cmacku
broken spofu
208bulldozer by authority of
bromeliad bromeli
bronze ransu
brooch jadypijne
Brooklyn bryklyn
broom bristles loibru, place 3
broom use loibru, place 2
broomrape orvanxi
broom loibru, place 1
brother-in-law tubyspe
brother bruna
Brother (family relation) bun
brown bread burnanba
brown bunre
browser (software application) kibyca’o
brow mebri
brow (forehead) sedycra
Brunei bruNAIS
brush against termosra
brush teeth denjisygau
brush (agentive) termosygau
brush (broom) loibru
brush (clean with brush) brulu’i
brush (tool using bristles) burcu
brutal, extremely (extremely violent) viltce
bubble fomsle
bublik jinynanba
bucketfull baktydekpu
bucketful baktylai
bucket baktu
buckthorn frangula
buckwheat xruba
Buddha’s birthday bujyjbenunsla
Buddha pavbudjo, place 1
Buddhist budjo
budgerigar melpsita
budgie melpsita
bud (flower) cifxrula
Buenos Aires buenosaires
buffalo (bison) visnda
bugger (spy) miptinytci, place 2
bug (insect) miptera
bug (listening device) miptinytci, place 1
building and construction industry zbagundi
building and construction sector zbagundi
building dinju
build (form by combining materials) zbasu
bukkake (mass ejaculation) pinjycarvi
bulb balji
Bulgarian bolgaro
bull breed (bovine variety) nakybakni, place 2
bulldozer kakpyca’a
bullet (projectile fired by a gun) celxa’i, place 4
bull nakybakni, place 1
bulwark badbi’u
bump into (meet by chance) cunpe’i
bundled selbakfu
bundle bakfu
bunnyhug (sweatshirt) sedgaicreka
bun (bakery article) cmananba
bureau (of Ministry/Department (USA)) trupausle
burial ground derse’a, place 3
buried derse’a, place 2
buried (underground) lolni’a
Burmese mianma
burn down (destroy by fire) jelspo
burn jelca
burn (cause to burn) jelgau
burn (to ash) fagyfesti, place 3
burp (release gas) befkafke
burrito nabypalne
burrow (cave) kevzda
bury derse’a, place 1
bus passenger sorprekarce, place 2
bus station sorprekarcytcana
bus stop sorprekarcytcana
bus terminal sorprekarcytcana
bush demspa
businessman cu’upre
business (of company) terkagni, place 1
busy doing zuktce
busy tolcando
bus (vehicle) sorpeka
buttercup (flower) matnyxrula
butterfly toldi
butterscotch satmatne
butter matne
buttock zargu
button-down shirt litcreka
button-front shirt litcreka
buttonhole batkyke’a
button batke
butt (fish) mlafi’e
but (except) da’a
but (however) ku’i
buy from a vending machine venzmi, place 3
buyer terve’u, place 1
buy (purchase) terve’u
buzzard cipnrbuteo
by authority of ca’i
209cancel shifts cardinal selbri
by method ta’i
by process pu’e
by rule prescribing seja’i
by rule within teja’i
by rule ja’i
by the way ta’o
by transport mode xeka’a
by what logic? ni’i ma
by what method? ta’i ma
Byelorussia blabruk
byte bivjetka’u
b by
cabbage kobli
cabin sabnu
cable car skoma’e
cable jimsko
cactus jesyspa
caffeine kafxu’i
cafe manager ´ barjyja’a
caiman xejrespa
cake (bakery article) titnanba
calcium bogjinme
calculate kanji
calendar (chart) detcartu
calendar (date chart) datru, place 5
calendar (system) detci’e
call after (lure) trisku
callous tolke’i
call (summon) klacpe
calm down tolfekybi’o
calm nalselra’u
calmly smacni
calm (intransitive) tolfekybi’o
calm (tranquil) tolxanka
caltrop (nail) vondi’o, place 1
camel kumte
camera kacma
camomile spatrkamomili
camouflage (clothing) ticta’u
camphor (chemical compound) kamfora
camp ginka
can and has pu’i
can but has not nu’o
Canadian English (language) kadnyglibau
Canadian French (language) kadnyfasybau
Canadian-US merkadno
Canadian kadno
canal naxle
canary cipnrkanario
cancel pro-assigns da’o
cancel shifts na’a
cancer kenra
candela delno
candidate (in election) cu’acmi, place 3
candir ´u kandiru
candle laktergu’i
candy titspi
cane (shape/form) grana
canful baktylai
canine (animal) gerku
cannibalize (eat member of own species) mityjutcti
cannibal mityjutcti, place 1
canola rasykobli
Cantonese banje’u’e
Canton guonJAUS
canton (administrative division) vipygu’e
canvas fanbu’u
canyon ma’arfe’a
can lante
can (be able to) ka’e
capable of being done selka’e
cape bofkosta
capital stock posfai, place 1
capital (seat of government) trutca
capitalism sivypo’eci’e
capital (factors of production) pracmu, place 1
capital (main city) raltca
capodastro gitytortci
capo (on fretboard) gitytortci, place 1
Capricornus (constellation) kanbas
Capricorn (astrology) kanbas
Capsicum kapsiku
captain jatna
Captain (army rank in USA India UK) relmoija’a
Captain (naval military rank in USA India UK)
captain (sea) bloja’a
capture kavbu
cap mapku
carambola krambola
caramel satmatne
carap andiroba
caravan (group of travellers) karvana
carbon monoxide mantygapci
carbon-based tabyselcmu
carbonized tabybi’o
carbon tabno
cardboard jarple
cardigan (a type of sweater) tafrkardiga
cardinal selbri mei
210cause of death ceremonial staff
card karda
caregiver (health care) kujmikce
caress (gently stroke) mlisa’e
cargo ship beiblo
cargo (of ship) brablo, place 2
carmine zirxu’e
carnivore re’ucti
carpet buklolgai
carried by boat selblo
carrier of saddlebags xorjina, place 2
carrier wave frequency ralxelbo’a
carrier wave ralxelbo’a
carrier (person moving an object) beipre
carrot (vegetable) najgenja
carry back xrubei
carry far away darbei
carry bevri
cart horse braxirma
cartload carcylai
cart carce
cart (transport vehicle) bevma’e
carve text rakci’a
carve laryrakpra
carving tool laryrakpra, place 4
car karce
cashew nargrkaju
cassava samcu
cassette tape (data storage) veisri
cassette (tape) veisri, place 2
castle badydi’u, place 1
casual (informal) nalri’i
cat species selmlatu
catalyst (chemical substance) xumsutri’a, place 1
catalyze (increase the rate of chemical reaction)
catapult rerce’a
catcher (that which catches) kavbu, place 1
catch (seize an object) kavbu
caterpillar ciftoldi
catfish latfi’e
Catholic (Roman) la’orxi’o
cation ma’u zei ionti
catnip latfekspa
cattle ranch bakcange
cat mlatu
caucaus jdijmaji
cauldron brapatxu
causal conditions teri’a
causal nevertheless seri’anai
causal therefore seri’a
cause of death mrori’a, place 1
cause pain (agent) crogau
cause pain (event) crori’a
cause to be on top cpanygau
cause to cease stiri’a
cause to leave livgau
cause to lie on (cause to be on top) cpanygau
cause to rest on (cause to be on top) cpanygau
cause to return xrugau
cause rinka
caution o’i
cavalryman (horse mounted soldier) xirsoi
cavalry (horse mounted soldiers) xirsoi
cave (underground hollow) kevzda
cavity kevna
cayman xejrespa
CD (recording medium) cukmirvelvei
cease and rest cadysti
cease (agentive) sisti
cease (intransitive verb) tolcfa
celebrate salci
celebration tersla
celebration (honoring or praising someone)
celery ampigravle
cell nucleus slemidju
cellotape nipsri
cello (musical instrument) violtcelo
cellular phone selbeifonxa
cell selci
Celsius jacke’o
Celtic dzeko’o
cementum densru
cement xumrkonkreto
cemetery mrofoi
cempedak tcempedake
center-range mi’i
center (middle) midju
centigrade (temperature scale) jacke’o
centimeter centre, place 1
Central America nanbe’o
century na’acto, place 1
cent fepni
cent (coin) fepsi’i
cent (US) merfei
cephalopod sedjmacurnu
ceramic staku
cerebral neurology benske
ceremonial staff ri’irga’a
211checkerboard chometz
ceremony (honoring or praising someone)
cerise zirxu’e
certainty ju’o
certain birti
certificate (degree) kulpikta
certificate (official document) ca’irvei
cerumen kerlakse
cessative co’u
CE (Common Era year) gregori zei nanca
chafe (rub off) mosyvi’u
chain linsi
chair stizu
chalkboard/slate bakryta’o
chalk bakri
challenge e’inai
chamomile spatrkamomili
champagne (any sparkling wine) fomvanju
champagne (with AOC designation) campania
chance (opportunity) gaurtcini
change to new value ninga’igau
change to original value kraga’igau
changes (becomes different) ficybi’o
change (somebody changes something) tikygau
channel (IRC) irci
chaotic kalsa
chapter (of book) ckupau
character code se’e
character encoding lertermifra
character set selyle’u
characteristic ckaji
characterizing kai
character (imaginary person) xarpre
charcoal fagytabno
charged (electricity) seldikca
charge (amount of money levied for a service)
charge (cargo) bevri, place 1
charge (place a burden upon) terfu’e
charred tabybi’o
charter (of company) terkagni
chart cartu
chase jersi
chasm ma’arfe’a
chat up (flirt with) cinjikca
chatterer fazyta’a
chatter (talk annoyingly) fazyta’a
chat (talk via electronic means) samta’a, place 1
cheap (inexpensive) tolkargu
checked (pattern) kurmo’a
checkerboard (pattern) kurmo’a
checklist zvaste
check (inspect) cipcta
check (pattern) kurmo’a
cheek molmla
cheer (from happiness) geirki’a
cheer (praise loudly) ki’arzau
cheese cirla
chemical reaction enzima, place 2
chemical xukmi
chemise (garment) tafrcemize
chemistry xumske
Cherokee tsalagi
cherry (fruit) rutrceraso
cherry (tree) ricrceraso
chess caxmati
chesty tolcumla
chest cutne
chewing gum batmai
CHF (currency) ru’urcuxefu
chicken jipci
chickpea dembrciceri
chick (young bird) mamjipci, place 3
chief minister truralju
chiefly ra’u
children’s story cifylisri
child verba
chili pepper kapsiku
chimney damtu’u, place 1
chimpanzee tcimpazi
chinaberry zdiraxa
China djunguos
Chinese character anji
Chinese Mandarin bancumunu
Chinese Wu banve’u’u
Chinese Yue banje’u’e
Chinese jungo
Chinese (language) jugbau
chin (body part) xejni’a
chip (french fry) ga’arpatlu
chisel (tool) cnadakfu
chlorine kliru
chlorophyllous pezri’oxu’i, place 2
chlorophyll pezri’oxu’i, place 1
chocolate cakla
choice cuxna, place 1
choir (group of singers) sa’agri
choke (intransitive) dirva’u
choke (transitive) vaxydicra
chometz cidjrxametsa
212class cocoon
Chongqing tcunCIN
choose cuxna
choose (for use) plicu’a
chopsticks cticinza
Christian xriso
Christmas Day xisyjbedetri, place 1
Christmas Eve xisyjbecte, place 1
Christmas xisyjbenunsla, place 1
Christ xrison
chrome romge
chrysalis todbi’olanka
chuck-will’s-widow ctecmocpi
chuckle (laugh quietly) mi’amli
chuckle (mildly laugh) mlimi’a
Chungking tcunCIN
churchyard (cemetery) mrofoi
cigarette plesigja
cigar sigja
cinema skina
circle cuktai
circle (disk) cukla, place 1
circle (form a circle around) jinsru
circle (move around) cukli’u
circular sequence cupypoi
circularly ordered sequence cupypoi
circumcised pinjykapyvi’u, place 2
circumcise pinjykapyvi’u, place 1
cite sitna
cite (express with citation) sitsku
citizen (of a country) flaselgu’e, place 1
citrus jelly (gelatin dessert) nimryjdu
citrus nimre
city hall tcabriju, place 1
city tcadu
city (of city hall) tcabriju, place 2
civil, very litytce
civilization (organization of culture) selklu
cladistics jicyjutsi’o
claim (demand ownership of) posxu’a
claim (state a fact) xusra
clam cakcurnu
clang jimdaxsna
clap (strike together) jalsimgau
clarinet xagrnklarineto
classical music (from anywhere in the world)
nolzgi, place 1
classical music (orchestral music) ronri’izgi
classical (pertaining to ancient culture) dzeklu
class klesi
class (biology) xeljutsi
class (lesson) ctufau
clause (relative) ra’abri
claw jgalu
clay kliti
clean teeth (brush teeth) denjisygau
clean jinsa
clearly li’a
clear klina
clear (concept) filseljmi
clear (meaning) filsmu, place 2
cleft chin kevyxejyji’o
clever (intelligent) mencre
click (press and release) iklki
client (of psychiatrist) menmikce, place 2
cliff rajroksfe, place 1
climb cpare
clinic micydi’u
clitoris fetpinji
cloak (clothing) bofkosta
clock junla
close in (become more adjacent) la’irze’a
close in (come nearer to something) jbibi’o
close program sazysti
close-comma slaka bu
closed ganlo
closeness o’e
closer (location) jbimau
closest (location) jbirai
close (get closer) jbize’a
close (shut) ga’orgau
clothing (fashion) taftcaci
cloth bukpu
cloud dilnu
clove (myrtaceous flower bud spice) kriofla
clove (part of bulb) baljypau
club (association) bende
club (weapon) xacyga’a
clumsy juxre
clustered seljge
CNY (currency) ru’urcunuje
co-occurrence selcabna, place 1
coal kolme
coarse clothing rufta’u
coast xaskoi
coat kosta
cobblestone lolro’iboi
cockroach jalra
cocky tolcumla
coconut (whole fruit/seed) rutrkoko
cocoon (of butterfly or moth) todbi’olanka
213Commander competence
code mifra
coffee ckafi
coffin mrovau
cognac (any brandy from distilled wine) vanjyjikru
cognac (with AOC designation) koinka
cognition (mental function) pesru’e
cohabitant kanxa’u
coincident with bu’u
coin sicni
cola (beverage/soda) xeksodva
cold lenku
cold (disease) zuKAM
collar karli
collar (cause to be collared) selkarlygau
collection (gathered things) jajgau, place 2
collector (gatherer) jajgau, place 1
collect (gather something) jajgau
college (institution for adult education) ma’urcu’e
collide together jalsi’u
collide janli
collide (intransitive) jalsi’u
colobus tamjycausmani
Colonel (military rank in USA India UK) mumymoija’a
color skari
colossal caibra, place 1
column vector rajnacmei
column (of table) rajypau
column (pillar) kamju
combine (bring things together) gumgau
comb komcu
come around (physical movement) srukla
come by boat blokla
come forward crakla
come out (come forth) zevykla
come to terms papsimbi’o
come up (move upwards) galmu’u
comedy (performance) xamgau
comet bisycmaplini
come klama
comfort kufra
comfort (alleviate/reduce sorrow or sadness) drijdikygau
comic strip lisxra
comics lisxra
command word midvla
commandee (one commanded) mi’esku, place 3
commander (expresser of a command) mi’esku,
place 1
Commander (military rank in USA India UK)
command (a statement) mi’esku, place 2
command (an action) minde
command (instruction) midnoi
command (make statement) skumi’e
commemoration (of an event) tersla
commence (ake first step in performing an action)
commence (by following established proceedings)
commence (take first step in performing an action)
comment pinka
comment (express a comment) piksku
commercial (promotional announcement)
commit a crime zergau
commit a crime (violence involved) zerxaigau
commit to memory mo’icli
committed (devotion) tecyse’u
committee kamni
commodity (item) canja, place 2
commodity (service, good, product) selve’u
Commodore (military rank in India UK) xavmoija’a
common cold zuKAM
common sense kaurselju’o
commonplace u’enai
common (ordinary) zilfadni
common (park) zdipanka
common (uncouth) malfadni
common (universal) kampu
communism (politics) guntrusi’o
community cecmu
compact disc cukmirvelvei
compact (increase compactness) demri’a
company kagni
company (army unit) songripau
compare karbi
compass (draw circles) cukyxratci
compass (magnetic) makfartci
compelled by bai
compelling sebai
compensation (for employment) le’ipli, place 3
compete in athletics (and other body sports)
compete in track and field athletics bajypipre’ojvi
competence e’e
214concludes conservative political ideology
compete jivna
competition terjvi
complaint oi
complain patspu
complete set mulgri
completely round cukmu’o
complete (becomes complete) mulbi’o
complete (finished) mulno
complete (make something complete) mulgau
completion uo
completive mo’u
complex number lujna’u
complicated pluja
comply (carry out) cpezu’e
component of a machine mi’ispi
composer zgifi’i
compose (invent) finti
composite lerfu tei
composition (music) zgiselfi’i
composure o’ucu’i
compound (chemical) xumtau
compress demri’a
computer application samtci
computer disk cukmakyvelvei
computer keyboard lercu’aca’a
computer memory datnyvaugunma
computer network samseltcana, place 1
computer paper sample
computer process inputs samru’e, place 2
computer process outputs samru’e, place 3
computer process stages samru’e, place 4
computer process samru’e, place 1
computer program (as a tool) samtci
computer program (running process) samru’e
computer program (source code) samselpla
computer science samske
computer software (running process) samru’e
computer software (source code) samselpla
computer skami
conceal mipypu’i
concede (accept) radji’i
conceited sezyjgidu’e
conceivable cumselpei
concentrate (increase compactness) demri’a
concept abstract si’o
concerning sera’a
concern (make somebody worried) selxanka
concerto movement konceto zei pagbu
concerto, piano pipnrpiano zei konceto
concerto, violin jgitrviolino zei konceto
concludes (infers) lojycpa, place 1
conclude (finish by expressing) famsku
conclude (form an opinion) jivbi’o
conclude (infer) lojycpa, place 1
concluding examples mu’anai
conclusion, come to (form an opinion) jivbi’o
conclusion nibyti’i, place 2
conclusion (inference) lojycpa, place 2
concrete ingredients xumrkonkreto, place 2
concrete (construction material) xumrkonkreto,
place 1
concubine speme’a, place 1
concurrent (simultaneous) cabna
condemn to death catrymi’e
condense lunsa
condense (thicken) demri’a
conditions of copyright detfukcru, place 3
condition (particular state of being) tcini
condition (requirement) sarcu, place 1
condom kondomo, place 1
conductor (orchestral music) balzgibe’e, place 3
conduct (behaviour) seltra
conduct (guide) gidva
conduit vorlu’a
cone konju
confect titspi
confess zugyxu’a
confirmation tolna’e
Confucist konfuzi
confuse (confound) fi’urgau
confusing cfipu
confusion uanai
congee rispesxu
congress (legislative branch) flatruci’e
conifer ckunu
conjunction kanxe
conlang (constructed language) runbau
connection (established communication/transportation link) nunjo’e
connective medial gi
connective terjonma’o
connect (agentive) jongau
conniver mipypro
connive (secretly oppose) mipypro
conquer jamji’a
conscious sanji
consent nalpro
conservatism (politics) dzejdasratrusi’o
conservative political ideology dzejdasratrusi’o
215conversation cotton
conservative dzejdasra
conserve stogau
consider doing (with a goal in mind) zukpei
considerate (thoughtful of others) pesku’i
considered (opined about) terji’i
consider (assign some quality to) terkai
consider (think about seriously) jurpei
constant stodi
constellatiion (star formation) tartai
constellation (star formation) sostartai, place 1
constituent country pagygu’e
constitution (fundamental law) vajraifla
constraint (attitudinal) e’i
constrain ri’urgau
constructed language runbau
construction industry zbagundi
construction (activity of building) zbacu’u
consulate jasybriju
consume (use up) xaksu
contact (middleman) binpre
container vasru, place 1
contain vasru
contemporaneous selcabna
contemporary cedrymi’u
contemptuous (utterly) tolsi’arai
contention (point maintained in an argument)
darlu, place 2
content vasru, place 2
content (happy) mansygei
content (satisfied) selmansa
contest terjvi
context (settings of meaning) smuvanbi
continent braplu
continuative ca’o
continue emotion bu’ocu’i
continue ranji
continuing too far fe’eza’o
continuing ke’unai
continuously ru’i
contrabass (musical instrument) violbasu
contracted (doing regularly paid work) seljibri
contracts (being diminished) ganjdika
contract (become diminished) tolba’o
contradict (negate) natfe
contrasting property tepa’a
control in detail tiltro
controlling aspects seji’o
controlling event teji’o
control jitro
convention (rule) cacyjva
conversation nuncasnu
converse (talk about) ta’arsi’u
convert (convince) bitygau
convey (signify) selsmu
convince bitygau
cooked seljukpa
cookie (bakery article) titnanba
cook jukpa
cooling room dujyku’a
cool (mildly cold) mlilenku
coo mliba’u
Copper Pheasant ma’arjipci, place 1
copper tunka
copulate gletu
copyright holder fukyzifpo’e, place 1
copyright law fukyzifpo’e, place 3
copyright owner detfukcru, place 1
copyrighted fukyzifpo’e, place 2
copyright fukyzifpo’e
copy fukpi
copy (duplicate a portion of a recording during editing) fukra’e
coquettish mletritra
coquet cinjikca, place 1
cord skori
cork korka
cornerstone rokyko’a
corner kojna
corollary (proposition which follow easily) selni’i
corporate officer kagyfu’e
corpse (dead body) mrostu, place 2
corps (army unit) jempau
corrected dragau, place 2
correct (rectify) dragau
correct (rectifying event) draga’i
correct (right, proper) drani
corroboration tolna’e
corrugated cardboard bonjarple
corrupt (open to bribery) lejbai, place 3
cortex (outermost layer) korsenta
corvette (warship) badjamblo
cosine seldutsinso, place 2
cosmetic mlegaumai
cosmology mu’eske, place 1
cosmology (astronomy) mu’erkraske
costly kargu
cost velve’u
cost (amount of money) jdima
cost (incur a charge/price) seldi’a
cotton mapni
216crawl crumb
cotyledon kotledona
cough kafke
councilor trukamnycmi, place 1
council (committee that governs) trokamni
counsellor menmikce
counsel (advise) djusku
countenance (facial appearance) nunfirsku
counter (office desk) bijyjbu
countess noltroni’u
country defense gugbandu
country gugde
county (part of state or province) gugypausle
count kancu
count (noble rank) noltronau
count (recite numbers) nacpoiba’u
courage u’o
course (onward process) pruce
course (part of meal) selsai
course (series of lessons) ctufau
course (subject of teaching) balcu’e, place 3
courteous, vey litytce
courtier nolkansa
courtyard selsrustu
court cinjikca
court (place where justice is administered) flapaizda
couscous cidjrkusku
cousin tamne
cover gacri
cover (cause to be covered) gairgau
cow-killer bakcatra
cowardice u’onai
coward tolvri
cowberry bakyjba
cower demtse
cowhide bakskapi
Cowper’s fluid piblitki
coyote ko’otli
crab (crustacean) braxiura
crack fenra
cradlesong sipselsa’a
cradle slicka
cranberry bakyjba
cranium (braincase) benvau
crash together jalsi’u
crash (noise) maxyvru
crash (sound) popsna
crave caidji
crawl cidydzu
crawl (crouching) parkla
crawl (on hands and knees) reskla
crazy fenki
creak vrumli
cream kruji
created by fi’e
created for purpose tefi’e
created from vefi’e
creating work sefi’e
creditor terdejni, place 1
credulous zanbebna
creek (body of water) cmari’e
creep (crouching) parkla
creep (on hands and knees) reskla
creole (language) xrebau
Cretaceous Era bakrycedra
cretin tolmencre, place 1
crew bende
crib (bed) vercka
cricket player kriketi, place 1
cricket kriketi
cries out (verbally expresses by crying out) ki’asku
crime zekri
crime (violence involved) zerxai
crimson zirxu’e
Croatia xrvatsk
crochet hook gexnivji, place 4
crocheted item gexnivji, place 2
crocheter gexnivji, place 1
crochet gexnivji
crocodile krokodilo
crooked (bent) korcu
crop top (garment) befcaucreka
crop (harvested food) djaselcrepu
croquet (game) kelcrkroke
crore panoki’oki’o
cross examine kuclanli
cross product pi’u
cross section pa’oxra
cross-dresser datcinselta’u
cross (instrument of torture) kucyga’a
cross (intersect) kruca
cross (intertwine) kucysimgau
crouch demtse
crouton sudnabybli, place 1
crown (symbol of monarchial authority) nolmapku
crow (bird) cipnrkorvo
cruelty uunai
cruel kusru
cruiser (warship) brajamblo
crumb nabyspi
217cutoff shirt daughter
crush (destroy by stomping) spostapa
crustacean, marine xasyjukni
crustacean cakyjukni
crust pilka
cry out krixa
crystalline carbon tabykrili
crystal krili
cry (loud utterrance) selkrixa
cry (of canine) gerki’a
cry (weep) klaku
cube kubli
cubit gutci
cuckoo (bird) cipnrkuku
cucumber clazme
cudgel xacyga’a
culture kulnu
cupboard kajnyta’e
cupful kabrydekpu
cupola boldi’u
cup kabri
curious kucli
currant (dried grape) sudvanjba
current bridi nei
current month cabma’i
current year cabna’a
currently is caca’a
current (electrical) dicfle
current (present) cabna
curse dapma
curtain murta
curtsey krorinsa
curve kruvi
Cuscuta (parasitic plant) marbela
cushion kicne
custard sovykruji
custody; take into pifygau
customary expression audience cacysku,
place 3
customary expression conditions cacysku,
place 5
customary expression medium cacysku,
place 4
customary expression speaker cacysku,
place 1
customary expression cacysku, place 2
customs (border) korgretro
custom (habit) tcaci
custom (traditional practice) cacklu
cute citmle
cutlery ctitci
cutoff shirt befcaucreka
cuttlefish kalmari
cut katna
cut (remove a portion of a recording during editing)
cut (shuffle cards) cunfaigau
cut (shuffled cards) cunfai
cyan cicna
cyberspace kibro
cyclone taifnu
cylinder slanu
cynical (distrustful of the motives of others)
Cyrillic shift ru’o
Czech Republic tcesk
Czech tce’exo, place 1
c cy
Daddy paf
Dad paf
dagger dakyxa’i, place 1
dainty (pretty) citmle
damage the respect for si’arxai
damaged (having sustained damage) selxai
damage tolprali
damalisk tsesebe
damselfly zgoptera, place 1
dance music seldansu
dance dansu
dance (party) dansycu’u
dance (set of body movements) nundansu
dancing nundansu
dandruff kresi’e
danger ckape, place 1
danger (warned of) terjde
Danube dunav
Dark Jedi (Star Wars) palsita
dark of night ctemanku
darken (become darker) manbi’o
dark manku
dash (swiftly travel) sutli’u
data storage medium, magnetic makyvelvei
data datni
date of copyright detfukcru, place 4
dated de’i
date detri
date (fruit) altamru
date (take someone on a series of dates) pamli’u
daughter-in-law be’aspe
Daughter tix
daughter tixnu
218Deepavali deprive
dawn (morning twilight) cermurse
day of rest surdei
daydream ciksne
daylight saving time cistcika
daytime donri
day (of day and time) veltcika, place 3
day (on day) datru, place 2
dead end (street) lutfa’o
dead morsi
dearest dibrai
dear dirba
death nunmro
debate (argue without anger) dausnu
debate (disagree) da’asnu
debtor (named on invoice) dejnoi, place 2
debt seldejni, place 1
decapitate sedycaugau
decayed cazyfusra
decay (chemical reaction) nunfusra
deceased (mourned over) mrodri, place 2
deceive tcica
deceptive promise vonpaso, place 4
decided by jury pairkamni, place 2
decided, very (resolute) jditce
decide jdice
deciduous tree pezyfaltricu
deciduous pezyfaltricu
decimal point pi
decimal saclu
decipher (decode) tolmifygau
decision, lucky funjdi
declare (announce) notsku
declare (claim) xusra
declare (proclaim) noisku
declination bernanjudri
decline (refuse) cpapro
decline (slope downwards) nitsalpo
decode (decipher) tolmifygau
decollate sedycaugau
decomposition (chemical reaction) nunfusra
decorated selja’i
decrease in smallness (agentive) cmajdikygau
decrease jdika
decrease (become diminished) cmaze’a
decrease (become smaller) cmabi’o
decrease (make smaller) cmazengau
decrypt (decipher) tolmifygau
dedicate (create in honor of somebody) finfriti
deduce (infer) nibji’i
deep red zirxu’e
Deepavali gusnunsla
deep condi
deer mirli
defeat ji’apro
defecate kalcyvi’i
defend a country gugbandu
defender badgau, place 1
defend (agentive) badgau
defend (non-agentive) bandu
defensive le’onai
deficiency toldu’e
defined by quality tele’a
define (demark the outlines of an area/concept) tamgau
definition (explanation) velcki
defnition (explanation) velcki
degree (360 in a circle) julra’o
degree (certificate) kulpikta
degree (of polynomial) tefsujme’o, place 3
degree (unit) gradu
dehydrate sudgau
dejeuner dormijysai
delay bavypunji
delete vimcu
Delhi dilis
deliberate (intentional) tolsnuti
delicate ralci
delicious kukte
delighted tcegei
delightful tcegei, place 2
deliver (rescue) nurxru
demand (a need) camcpe, place 1
demand (ask for peremptorily) ca’icpe
democracy (representative) ka’irtrusi’o
denim de’emni
Denmark danmark
dense denmi
dental practitioner denmikce
dentistry denmikce, place 3
dentist denmikce, place 1
deny last bridi nago’i
denying emotion ro’inai
denying physical ro’onai
deny natfe
department (of government) trupau
dependant on luck selfu’a
dependency se’anai
dependent territory lactergu’e
depend (rely) lacri
deprive caurgau
219dice Director
depth cisni
deputy vipsi
derivative (mathematical derivative mekso operator) sa’o
derivative (mathematical) cneparbi
derive (take first existence) selkra
derogative mabla
descend [go underneath something] nitkla
described as xo’e
describe skicu
description (account in words) velski
descriptive clause voi
desert kutytu’a
desert (dry land) sudytu’a
deserve (merit) jerna
designate (assign) matygau
desire au
desk bijyjbu
despair a’onai
desperate caitcu
despite cause ri’anai
despite logic ni’inai
despite motive mu’inai
despite reason ki’unai
despondent tolpa’a, place 1
despot vliraitru
dessert sairfa’o, place 1
destination (place gone to) selkla
destroy equilibrium tolylaxygau
destroyer spogau, place 1
destroyer (warship) cmajamblo
destroy daspo
detail tcila
determined (resolute) jditce
determine (ascertain definitely) jdice
determine (from an opinion) jivbi’o
development-quality bixma’u, place 2
development (something that someone develops)
favgau, place 2
develop (cause to develop) favgau
develop (to change progressively) farvi
dew ctejau, place 1
diachronic linguistics rikybauske
diachronics (diachronic linguistics) rikybauske
diameter mijgresirji
diamond (gem) tabjme, place 1
diamond (isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice)
diaper (absorbent garment) ckopalku
diaphragm (optics) srumu’a
dice (toy) kelkubli
dictator (despot) vliraitru
dictionary vlacku
dier pavzilcatra, place 1
dietician ctipla, place 1
die (cease living) mrobi’o
die (gaming die) cu’arkubli, place 1
die (toy) kelkubli
difference (quality of being different) frica, place
difference (quantity remaining after substraction)
differ frica
difficult fu’inai
digestion ctiru’e
digest ctiru’egau
digest (dissolve food) djaruntygau
digest (food undergoing digestion) djarunta
digest (process food in the digestive tract) xelbefru’e
digger kakpyca’a
digging apparatus kakpyca’a
digging limb velkakpa, place 1
digging tool velkakpa
digit separator pi’e
dig kakpa
dildo (sex toy) runpinji
Dilli dilis
dimensions (of a polyhedral) cu’arkubli, place 4
dimension cimde
diminished ganjdika
diminutive (very small) cmacma
dimple chin kevyxejyji’o
dimwit tolmencre
dim kandi
dining room ctiku’a
dinner (meal) vacysai
dinosaur dinsauru
diplomat jansu
diploma kulpikta
dipole relselji’o
dipsomaniac xalpixydu’e
dip (slope downwards) nitsalpo
direct attention judgau
direct mail (function or business) venxatrycu’u
directed (towards) selfa’a
direction farna
directive (instruction) midnoi
directory (collection of data) datnyveiste, place 1
Director (Board of Directors) fuzrai
220display window domestic help
director (board of directors) fuzrai
director (one who directs) gidva, place 1
direct (straight/constant without interruption)
dirt plowed bakykakpa, place 2
dirt dertu
disagreement ienai
disagree toltu’i
disappearance location selcanci, place 1
disappearance sensor tercanci, place 1
disapproval i’enai
disapprove tolzau
disbelief ianai
disbelieve tolkri
discern tilvi’a
discipline (studied) seltadni
disclaim (negate) tolxu’a
disclose fa’irgau
discomfited tolkufra
disconcerted mliburna
disconcert (embarrass) burnygau
discontented tolselmansa
discourage toldarsygau
discourse nuncasnu
discovery ua
discover facki
discover (find out about existence) zatfa’i
discriminate (distinguish) terdrata
discursive bridi sei
discussion group (electronic mailing list) mriste
discuss casnu
disease bi’arlitki, place 3
disembowel cantybargau
disgruntled tolselmansa
disguised ticta’u, place 2
disguise (clothing) ticta’u, place 1
disgusted selrigni
disgusting rigni
disheveled (having hair in disorder) krekalsa
dishonest (not honest) nalstace
dishwasher (machine) paltylumca’a
dishwasher (person) paltylu’i
disinclined toldji
disingenuous (not ingenuous) nalstace
disinterested norselci’i
disinterest a’ucu’i
diskette cukmakyvelvei
disk cukmakyvelvei
dispassionate norpa’i
displace livbai
display window ja’orca’o, place 1
disposition (psychological tendency) menytcaci
disrespect ionai
dissatisfied tolselmansa
dissolve runta
distance (between two objects) tersei
distance (emotional) o’enai
distinguish (discriminate) terdrata
distracted nalju’i
distracted (inattentive) naljundi
distribute fatri
distribute (agentive distribution) fairgau
distribute (carry goods) fairbei
distribution industry cajgundi
distribution (as an organized activity) faircu’u,
place 1
distributor (of goods) fairbei
district (administrative division) tutpaupau
district (part of state, province, or canton) gugypausle
ditto mi’u
dive sfubu
divided by fe’i
dividend (profit distribution for shareholders) fairprali
divide fendi
division (army unit) jempaupau
division (biology) jicymivykle
division (separate part) terfendi
divorced (stopped being married) spesti
divorcee spesti
divulge fa’irgau
Diwali gusnunsla
dizi flanrdizi
Djarkarta djakartas
DM (dungeon master) kelgi’a
do sequentially porzu’e
dock (sorrel) pezyxruba
doctor mikce
Doctor (medical honorific) mic
document tcidu, place 3
dodder marbela, place 1
dodo cipnrdodo
doghouse gerzda
dog (DELETE) gerku, place 1
dollar rupnu
dollar (USA currency) rupnusudu
dolphin delfinu
domain (biology) seljimcymivykle, place 2
domestic help zdase’

221dreary duration
dome (cupola) boldi’u
done (finished) mulno
donkey xasli
donor (financial) rupsra
donut jintitnanba
doofus tolmencre
doorsill vroloi
doorstep vroloi, place 1
door vorme
dormitory sorsipydi’u
dormouse sipsmacu
double bass (musical instrument) violbasu
double boiler paxrmari
double (times 2) relpi’i
doubt senpi
doughnut jintitnanba
dough grupesxu
douroucouli durkuli
douse a light gusydicra
dove kolmba
downcast tolgei
downwardly mo’ini’a
dozer kakpyca’a
dozy (sleepy) sipydji
do (bring about) gasnu
do (have sexual intercourse with) gletu
do (perform/act something) co’e
draft horse braxirma
dragonfly ansoptera, place 1
dragonfly (dragonflies and damselflies) odnata,
place 1
dragon (mythological lizard) ranmrdrakono
drag mosycpu
drain of glacier bisri’e, place 4
drain rinci
drama draci
draw conclusion lojycpa
draw nearer (become more adjacent) la’irze’a
draw nearer (get closer) jbize’a
drawer dacru
drawing (picture) xraselci’a
drawn (disemboweled) cantybargau, place 2
draw (conclusion) lojycpa
draw (eviscerate) cantybargau
draw (illustrate) xraci’a
draw (make an image of) terxra
dray horse braxirma
dread tolpa’a
dreamcatcher sneju’e
dream senva
dreary tolzdi
dress shirt litcreka
dresser (A place to store clothing.) seldacru
dress (full length garment) pasyskaci
dress (garment) pastu
drier (less wet) sudmau
driest sudrai
drink pinxe
driver (operator of a means of transportation)
klasazri, place 1
driver (vehicle operator) ma’ekla, place 1
driveshaft (for boat propeller) blomatryga’a
drive (operate a means of transportation) klasazri
drive (travel by vehicle) ma’ekla
dromedary rabykumte
dropped falcru, place 2
dropstone digyligykamju
drop dirgo
drop (agentive) falcru
drown (die from being submerged) jaurvasmro
drowsy (sleepy) sipydji
drug (medication) micyxu’i
drum damri
drunkard xalpixydu’e
drunk xalbebna
drunk (drunkard) xalpixydu’e
dry land sudytu’a
dryer sudgau, place 1
dry sudga
dry (cause to become dry) sudgau
duchess noltroni’u
duckling cifydatka
duck datka
duct tape nipsri
duke noltronau
dully zo’ocu’i
dull (unintelligent) tolmencre
dumb (stupid) tolmencre
dumpling (food) jupypexyboi
dunam estrema
dungeon master (role-playing) kelgi’a
duration (of an event) faurtei, place 2
duration (quantity in centuries) na’acto, place 2
duration (quantity in days) seldei, place 1
duration (quantity in hours) selcacra, place 1
duration (quantity in microseconds) miksnidu,
place 2
duration (quantity in milliseconds) milsnidu,
place 2
duration (quantity in minutes) selme’u, place 1
222easy electric lamp
duration (quantity in months) selma’i, place 1
duration (quantity in seconds) selsnidu, place 1
duration (quantity in weeks) seljeftu, place 1
duration (quantity in years) selna’a, place 1
duration (temporal) cabyku’e
durian zduriane
during and after cajeba
during ca
dusk (evening twilight) vacmurse
dust pulce
dust (remove dust from by wiping, brushing, or
beating.) pumlumci
DVD (recording medium) cukmirvelvei
dwarf planet jdikyplini
dwarf (mythical creature) torcrida
dwell xabju
d dy
e-mail address samjudri
e-mail sender samymri, place 1
e-mailer samymri
e-mail samymri, place 2
e-mail (message) samxa’a
each respectively pa’aku
each ro
eager (feel strong desire) djicni
eager (for faster outcome) sutydji
eagle atkuila
eardrum kernerbo’o
earlier bridi go’u
earlier sumti ru
earlier utterance da’u
earlier lirmau
earliest liryrai, place 1
earlobe kerza’u
early clira
earnestly desirous xankydji
earn jerna
earth science tedyske
earthquake nuntumdesku, place 1
earthworm lumbrinki
earth terdi
Earth (planet) terd
earwax (secreted substance) kerlakse, place 1
ear kerlo
easier filmau
east of du’a
Eastern (Orthodox) sunxi’o
Easter xislivnunsla, place 1
eastwardly mo’idu’a
east stuna
easy fu’i
eat citka
ebony persimo
echo (reflected sound) mirsna
economic sector jikni, place 2
economic system jikni, place 1
economic (pertaining to an economy) jikni
economy (production and distribution and consumption) jikni
economy (system) selpraci’e
ecstatic tcegei
edge korbi
edible fowl djacpi
edible grain djagru
edition (of a book) ckuke’u
editorial insertion sa’a
editorial unquote to’i
editor cusku’i, place 1
edit cusku’i
education (system of imparting knowledge)
ctuci’e, place 1
eel curfi’e
efface (rub off) mosyvi’u
effective (having the power to produce effects)
effect (physical) selri’a
effect (result) bapli, place 1
effortfully tolsurla
effort a’i
eggplant mlongena
eggshell (what something hatches from)
karpo’ijbe, place 2
egg sovda
egotistical sezyse’u
egret nebyplovoicpi
Egyptian Arabic (language) misrybau
Egyptian fraction misryfrinu
Egyptian misro
Egypt misrygu’e
eiderdown datkypi’u
ejaculate (ejecting sexual fluids) glevi’i
eject (force outside) barklagau
elaborating sa’unai
elastic pruni
elderly laldo
elder dzena
electorate cu’acmi, place 2
elector (member of electorate) gubyka’iseltru,
place 3
electric lamp dictergu’i
223empty engaged
electrical current dicfle
electric dikca
electronic mail samxa’a
electron lektoni, place 1
electropositivity mardikca
elegant nolmle
elementary (concept) filseljmi
element (chemical) selratni
elephant xanto
elevate oneself sezgalgau
elevate galgau
elk (moose) xanjirnymirli
ellipse (geometric form) gancuktai
elm ulmu
Elul xavmasti
email sender samymri, place 3
embarrassed burna
embarrassed (by somebody) burnygau, place 2
embarrassment oiro’a
embarrass burnygau
embassy jasybriju
embed derse’a
embossment (sculptured) blixra
embouchure (mouthpiece) moltu’u
embrace (hug somebody) pamjai
embryo mother seltarbi
embryo tarbi
emigrate gugmu’u
eminence (title) nolba’i
emoting about teci’o
emoting seci’o
emotion ? pei
emotionally felt by ci’o
emotional ro’i
emotion cinmo
empathize (feel empathy) cnikansa
empathy dai
emperor balnoltru
emphasize next ba’e
emphasize basna
empire sorgugje’a, place 1
empire (political) balgu’e
employed (doing regularly paid work) seljibri
employee selplijibri, place 2
employee (providing goods or services for payment) le’ipli, place 2
employer selplijibri, place 3
employment selplijibri, place 1
employ (for paid provision of goods or services)
empty kunti
emulated monfu’igau, place 3
emulate monfu’igau, place 1
emulation monfu’igau, place 2
emu cipnrdromai
enact (make into law) flari’a
encircle jinsru
encircle (put around) srupunji
encourage darsygau
end abstraction kei
end composite lerfu foi
end discursive se’u
end emotion bu’onai
end error quote le’u
end fore termset nu’u
end grouping ke’e
end indicator scope fu’o
end linked sumti be’o
end mex converters te’u
end mex forethought ku’e
end mex sumti lo’o
end mistake quote le’ai
end modal selbri fe’u
end number or lerfu boi
end of text fa’o
end parenthesis toi
end prenex zo’u
end process sazysti
end quote scope fu’oi
end quote li’u
end relative clause ku’o
end relative phrase ge’u
end replacement quote le’ai
end simple bridi vau
end sumti qualifiers lu’u
end sumti to selbri me’u
end sumti ku
end text scope tu’u
end vocative do’u
end fanmo
end (by following established proceedings) tolcfari’i
end (stop process) tolcfagau
end (terminate) sisti
enemy bradi
energetic (active) tolcando
energy industry lilgundi
energy sector lilgundi
energy nejni
engaged (pledged to be married) bavyspe
engaged (promised to be married) spenu’e
224erase discourse evergreen
engineering nunskezu’e
engineering (application of scientific principles)
zbaske, place 1
engineer (uses science to solve practical problems)
England gligu’e, place 1
English grammar glige’a
English speaker glibau, place 2
Englishman glipre
Englishwoman glipre
English (culture) glico
English (language) glibau
enigma nonseljmi
enjoy zanfri
enjoy (receive pleasure from) selpu’a
enlightenment aufklerunge
enormity (bad) tolmadba’i, place 1
enormous bratce
enough (digit/number) rau
enrage fegri’a
entails nevertheless seni’inai
entails therefore seni’i
entering thing kargau, place 4
entertainer zdigau, place 1
entertain (agentive) zdigau
enter (go inside) nerkla
enter (input into a computer) samci’a
entirely mulno
entire mulno
entitlement (privilage) terpikta
entombed mrostu, place 2
entomb derse’a
entrance (route of entering) nerkla, place 4
entrance (way in) nerkalri
entrepreneur nincu’upre
envelope xa’arvau
environment vanbi
envy i’onai
enzyme (catalyst) enzima, place 1
equal emotion dau’i
equal in property tedu’i
equal rank ga’icu’i
equal rights nundunkrali
equal to sedu’i
equally ra’ucu’i
equal dunli
equator (planetary) plinyxabykoi
equilibrate laxygau
equilibrize laxygau
equivalence class dunlei
erase discourse su
erase utterance sa
erase word si
erase vimcu
era cedra
eremitic jiksei
ergot mrajymledi
erhu jgitrxu
Eris (dwarf planet) eris
ermine (stoat) ermine
erotica glefi’a
erroneously defend srebandu
error quote lo’u
err srera
escape (avoid) rivbi
Esperanto esperanton
esteem sinma
ester estre
estimate (calculate roughly) suckancu
estimation (number) suckancu, place 2
estimator (number) suckancu, place 1
estrus glebre
eternal temcimni
eternity cimnytei
ethics (study of conduct-governing standards)
ethnic music naizgi
ethnology kluske
eucalyptus maprultricu
eukaryote mulslemijyji’e
Eurasian elk xanjirnymirli
European Union rongunma, place 1
European ropno
Europe rontu’a
Euro ronru’u, place 1
Euro (European currency) rupne’uru
EUR (currency) rupne’uru
EU rongunma
evaluate (form an opinion of the value of) terva’i
evaluate (measuring knowledge level) kamjunmre
evaluator (of significance) selvai
evening vanci
event abstract nu
eventual utterance da’e
event fasnu
even (emphasising) za’umai
even (implying an extreme example) do’anai
even (number) landegmei
evergreen tree ze’erpezytricu
evergreen ze’erpezytricu
225exit eyelid
everlasting temcimni
everything roda
everywhere fe’eroroi
evident (easily observed) sapselga’e
evil action pacyselzu’e
evil sorcerer malmakfa, place 3
evil standard selpalci
evil palci
eviscerate cantybargau
ex-husband pruspe
ex-wife pruspe
exact satci
exact (request forcefully) mi’ecpe
exaggeration ba’u
examined selcta
examine (analyze) lanli
example of property semu’u
example of version favytcinymupli
example out oof set temu’u
example mupli
exbi (unit prefix) samxexso
excavated kakpyca’a, place 2
excavator operator kakpyca’a, place 3
excavator kakpyca’a, place 1
exceeded by mau
exception (special case) nafselte’i, place 1
except (excluding) da’a
excess dukse
exchanged for tercanja, place 1
exchanged with velcanja, place 1
exchanged selcanja, place 1
exchange canja
exchange (mutually) cajysi’u
excite (stir the emotions of) cnijicla
exclusive interval ke’i
excrete vikmi
execute (as ordered) selmi’ecatra
executioner’s axe nebyka’a
executitve board trokamni
executive board trukamni, place 1
executive branch zuktruci’e
exemplified by mu’u
exercise self-restraint sezyfanta
exercise (practice) crezenzu’e
exhausted (fatigued) dusta’i
exhaustion a’enai
existence zatra’i, place 1
exist zasti
exit (an action) barli’a
exit (door for leaving) li’avro, place 1
exit (way out) barkalri
expanding the tanru ta’unai
expand (in sense of an agent doing the expanding)
expectation uenai
expect kanpe
expel livbai
expense canja, place 3
experience abstract li’i
experienced by ri’i
experiencer selfri, place 2
experience lifri
experience (a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something) selfri, place 1
experiencing seri’i
experiment (conduct an experiment) ciplanli
expert certu
explain ciksi
explanation velcki
explode spoja
explore tumfakli’u
exponential e te’o
exponential notation (mekso operator) gei
exponential tenfa
express a command skumi’e
express an order skumi’e
express in writing ci’asku
express with irony raxsku
expressed in medium vecu’u
expresser cusku, place 1
expressing tebau
expression (expressed information) cusku, place
expression (facial appearance) nunfirsku
expression (mathematical) mekna’u, place 2
express cusku
extend (cause to increase in extent) tengau
extend (increase in extent) tcena
exteroperceptor barterzga
extinguish a light gusydicra
extinguish (fire) fagystigau
extra sumti place fai
extract (pull out) tolse’a
extreme (in the greatest degree) mutce
eyeball (body part) kalboi
eyebrow kalmebykre
eyeglasses le’otci
eyeglasses (eyewear) lacni
eyelash kalgaikre
eyelid kalgai
226farmer feel
eyewear lacni
eye kanla
e ebu
face flira
face (be directed towards) selfa’a
face (deal with) lifri
facial expression nunfirsku
facial hair firkre
facile frili
facilitate filri’a
facilitate (an agent or person being the cause) filgau
facilitator filgau, place 1
fact of memorandum selmojnoi, place 2
fact of reminder mojgaunoi, place 2
factorial ne’o
factory fanri
facts tested for kamjunmre, place 3
fact fatci
fades snocanci, place 1
fade snocanci
Fahrenheit kelvrfarenxaito
fail to control trofli
fail fliba
fairy crida
fair (do justice) vudypai
fair (just) pairnu’i
faith (to have faith) krici
falcon (bird) cipnrfalko, place 1
fall farlu
false jitfa
falsity je’unai
fame gubysizykai
familiarity i’u
familiar slabu
family farm lazycange
family lanzu
family (biology) terjutsi
famous misno
fan club camselci’igri
fan (air mover) varmuvmi’i
fan (for blowing gas) bifpra
fan (person) camselci’i
FAQ cafrei
far end darji’o
farad klanrfaradi, place 1
farm location tercange, place 2
farm produce velcange, place 1
farm site selcange, place 1
farmer’s market cagzai
farmer cagypre, place 1
farm cange
Farsi (language) bangrfarsi
Farsi (Persian language) bangrxirana
farther north bermau
farther darmau
fart (flatulate) gaxykafke, place 1
far darno
fascist tsarainaitrusi’o
fashion (clothing) taftcaci
fasten lasna
fasten (using a lock) telgau
fastidious (attentive to details) tecyju’i
fast sutra
fast (abstain from eating) nalcti, place 1
fate dimna
father patfu
fatigued kamtatpi, place 2
fatigue kamtatpi
fat (grease) grasu
fat (obese) plana
faux-pas jiksre, place 2
favorable zabna
favourable zanfu’a
favourite nelrai
fearsome selteptce
fear ii
feast (elaborate formal dinner) ctisla
feathered identically pimdu’i
feather pimlu
feature (trait) ckaji
febrile glabi’a
February jaurbeima’i
feces kalci
federal states gumgu’e, place 2
federal state gumgu’e
federation vipygu’e, place 2
federation (of sovereign countries) suzgugje’a
feebleminded tolmencre
feeder (that which feeds) ctigau, place 1
feed (give food) ctigau
feel affronted (hurt pride) jgicro
feel calm smacni
feel horror camte’a
feel hurt (hurt pride) jgicro
feel insulted (hurt pride) jgicro
feel offended (hurt pride) jgicro
feel patience depcni
feeling (sensibility) cnirango
feel (become aware of through the skin) ganse
227film fist
feel (experience an emotion) cinmo
feet (unit of measurement) jmagutci
fellate molgle
female fetsi
feminism naksmifetsi’o
fender (firescreen) fagju’e
fenugreek trigonela
fermentation (chemical reaction) nunfusra
fermentation (conversion of sugar by yeast)
djoguro, place 3
ferment (processed food) kukfusra
fern filcina, place 1
ferret (animal) mabrnfuru
ferry terminal blotcana
ferryboat greblo
ferry (move something across) blogre
fertile ferti
fertilise fregau
fever, have a glabi’a
feverish glabi’a
few so’u
fiancee ´ bavyspe
fiance´ bavyspe
fibula jadypijne
fiction book fikcku
fiction cfika
fiddle (violin) jgitrviolino
Field Marshal (India, UK) pavnonmoija’a
Field Marshal (military rank in India UK)
Field Marshall (India, UK) pavnonmoija’a
field of study seltadni
field ration soirsai
field foldi
fighter airplane badvinji
fighter (aircraft) badvinji
fighting expert da’acre
fighting technique dabytadji
fight damba
fight (confrontation) nunda’a
fight (each other) da’arsi’u
figurative meaning sidysmu
figurative pe’a
fig figre
file (computer) datnyvei
file (of chessboard) rajypau
filing system seldacru
filling selclu
fill tisna
fill (agentive) clugau, place 1
film (motion picture) skina
filter cuxselgre, place 1
finance (activity of managing money) dintrocu’u
financial management (activity of managing
money) dintrocu’u, place 1
financial services industry dinsefygundi
financial services sector dinsefygundi
finding (verdict) pairseljdi
find zvafa’i
find (encounter/discover) sispe’i
find (spot) visfa’i
fine (satisfactory) xamgu
fingernail xandegycalku
finger degji
finished goods inventory selvensro
finished mulno
finish (make something complete) mulgau
Finnish suomne
fin (of fish) fipybirka
firearm celxa’i
firefly gusycinki
fireplace fagzda
firescreen (fender) fagju’e
firethorn fagjesyspa
fire fagri
fire (producing ash) fagyfesti, place 2
firmer jarmau
firmest jaryrai
firm jdari
first lady truspe
first person pronoun mibma’o
firstly pamai
first (having no predecessor) pamoi
fish eater fi’ecti
fish farm fipcange
fish sauce (fermented condiment) furfipsanso
fish-eater fi’ecti
Fisheries industry fipygundi
Fisheries sector fipygundi
Fisheries (as an industry category) fipygundi
fisherman fipkalte, place 1
fishermen nunjacycrepu, place 4
Fishery (as an industry category) fipygundi
fishery (industry) nunjacycrepu, place 1
fish (attempt to catch fish) fipkalte
fish (harvestable aquatic animal) nunjacycrepu,
place 2
fish (living being) finpe
fist-fuck xanse’agle
fist (clenched hand) bolxa’e
228flute fore conn ?
fit mapti
flag lanci
flamingo fagycpi
Flanders VLANDeren
flashlight xantergu’i
flatfish mlafi’e, place 1
flatland pintu’a
flatulate gaxykafke
flat (apartment) kumyzda
flat (having no variations in altitude) pinta
flaw cfila
flaxseed matlytsi
flax matlyspa
flea sifnaptera
fleeceflower xekykrexruba
Fleet Admiral (USA) pavnonmoija’a
Fleet Admiral (military rank in USA) pavnonmoija’a
fleet (ships) blosormei
flex (causative) krori’a
Flight Lieutenant (air force rank in India UK) relmoija’a
flight means selvoi
flight vofli
fling (throw violently) bikre’o
flipper (body part) limna’i
flip (roll forward or backward) pipcarna
flirtatious mletritra
flirt (behave amorously) cinjikca
float fulta
flood (water overflow) gairjaudu’e
floor covering lolgai
flooring lolgai
floor loldi
floor (level of building) dijysenta
floppy disk cukmakyvelvei
flounder (flatfish) flundero
flour grupu’o
flow out barfle
flower garden rulpurdi
flower petals rulpezli
flower petal rulpezli
flower xrula
flow flecu
fluent (in speaking) filta’a
fluid pipe jaurflevau
flummoxed peifli
fluoride (nonsalt) li’orklirytau
fluoride (salt) li’orklirysilna
flute flani
flute (musical instrument) pinflani
flutter (move due to wind) bifkluza
Flying Officer (miitary rank in India UK)
fly sfani
fly (go to destination) voikla
foamless fomcau
foam fonmo
fog bumru
fold polje
fold (intertwine) kucysimgau
folk music naizgi, place 1
follow the same pattern mitmo’a
following bavla’i
follow (act in accordance to) selgi’a
follow (be a logical consequence of) selni’i
follow (go /come after in a sequence) selyli’e
follow (go/come after in physical space) klaje’i
follow (keep track of some event/person) jundi
folly (foolish act) selbebna
fond nelci
font shift ce’a
food cidja
foofoo nabypalne
foolishness (event) nunbebna
foolishness (quality or property) kambebna
foolish bebna
foot soldier dzusoi
football game (American or Canadian football) bemboiterjvi, place 1
football game (soccer) boltipterjvi
football player (American or Canadian football)
bemboijvi, place 1
Football (American or Canadian) boltipterjvi
football (soccer ball) boltipyboi
footpath dzuklaji
foot jamfu
foot (unit of measurement) jmagutci
for a moment in past puze’i
for a period in past puze’a
for a while after ze’aba
for a while before ze’apu
for a while during ze’aca
for an era in past puze’u
for example mu’a
forbid tolcru
force outside barklagau
force bapli
fore and ge
fore conn ? ge’i
229frame front cover picture
fore iff go
fore mex operator pe’o
fore only if ganai
fore or ga
fore tanru and gu’e
fore tanru conn ? gu’i
fore tanru iff gu’o
fore tanru only if gu’anai
fore tanru or gu’a
fore tanru whether gu’u
fore tanru xor gu’onai
fore whether gu
fore xor gonai
forearm galbirka
forefinger relmomdegji
forehead sedycra
foreign brivla me’oi
foreign visitor datygugvi’e
foreign (alien) fange
foreskin pinjyskapi, place 1
forest industry ricygundi
forest tree rictu’a, place 2
forestry sector ricygundi
forest ricfoi
forget tolmo’i
forgive fraxu
forgotten nalmo’i, place 2
fork forca
form of word vlatai
formal grammar genturfa’i, place 3
formic acid mantyslami
forsaken (abandoned) fesli’a, place 1
forsake (abandon) fesli’a
fortification badydi’u
fortress badydi’u
fortunate zanselfu’a
forum snustu
forward (motion) mo’ica’u
fossil dujro’i, place 1
foundation (construction) di’uzbe
fountain (jet of fluid) je’erjinto
fount je’erjinto
four-legged vonseltu’e
fox lorxu
fraction slash fi’u
fractional number frinyna’u
fraction frinu
framework component termonsi’o, place 2
framework termonsi’o
frame greku
frame (animation / film) kinsle
France fasygu’e, place 1
Franc (Swiss currency) ru’urcuxefu
fraudster ticyve’u
freakish cizda’u
freak cizda’u
free act selzi’e
free, become zi’erbi’o
freedom of expression custerzi’e
freedom of speech custerzi’e
freedom einai
freedom (liberty) nunzi’e
freedom (something done freely) selzi’e
freezer (machine) dujmi’i
freeze dunja
free (experiencing freedom) zifre
free (without charge) nonseldi’a
french fry ga’arpatlu
French window vroca’o, place 1
French fraso
French (language) banfuru’a
frequently-asked question cafrei
frequent (occurring often) cafne
fresco bimxra
freshman nintadni
fresh vifne
friction mosra
Friday jimdei
friday mumdei
fridge lekmi’i
friendly fire srebandu
friends [of each other] simpe’o
friend pendo
frigate (warship) badjamblo
frightening selte’a
frighten terpygau
frill-necked lizard plonebrespa
frisbee game (ultimate frisbee game) cukrerkavjvi, place 2
frisbee player (frisbee player or team) cukrerkavjvi, place 1
frisbee (ultimate frisbee) cukrerkavjvi
frog species pipybanfi, place 2
frog pipybanfi, place 1
from source ra’i
from (with origin/source) ra’i
from (with separation) to’o
front cover illustration craxra
front cover image craxra
front cover picture craxra
230garbanzo German
front door zdacravro
front entrance cravro
front (anterior) crane
front (weather) varmebri, place 1
frown at frufra
frown frumu
frozen yoghurt bisyladru
fruit grute
frustration steba
fry (french fry) ga’arpatlu
fuck (copulate) gletu
fuel tank ctilyvau
fuel livla
full day standard terdei, place 1
full day djedi
full of tears selkakclu
fully (completely) mulno
full culno
full (moon) cukmu’o
functional (operational) tolpo’u
function (mathematical) fancu
function (purpose of algorithm) mutmi’i, place 2
funny xajmi
furniture nilce
furrow (plowed with oxen) bakykakpa, place 3
furthermore za’umai
fur sirsunla
fusilli (shaped pasta) tamxri
future bridi go’o
future (non-aorist) cfabalvi
future (unspecified) balvi
f fy
gain u’a
gain (get) lebna
gain (profit) prali
galangal glangala
galaxy tarso’imei
gallery (institution that exhibits art) larmuzga
gallon dekpu
gamble (play for money) cundinkei
game board keirta’o
game master (role-playing) kelgi’a
gamer (RPG) dracykei
game (activity providing entertainment or amusement) nunkei
game (riddles game) namkei, place 3
game (with rules to determine success ot failure)
gamut mulgri
garbage victerlu’i
garbanzo dembrciceri
gardener pudykurji
garden purdi
garlic sunga
garment taxfu
gas tank ctilyvau
gasp (breath tiredly) tairva’u
gasp (wheeze) vaxselnandu
gas gapci
gathering nunjmaji
gather jmaji
gather (collect something) jajgau
gay male mitcinse
gay man pavmitcinse
gazelle dorkada
GBP (currency) ru’urgubupu
geeky subject crexalbo, place 2
geek crexalbo
gem jemna
General of the Air Force (USA) pavnonmoija’a
General of the Air Force (military rank in USA)
General of the Airforce (USA) pavnonmoija’a
General of the Army (USA) pavnonmoija’a
General of the Army (military rank in USA)
General (military rank in USA India UK) sozmoija’a
general (military) jemja’a
general (ordinary) zilfadni
general (universal) kampu
generation rorlei
generously do’a
gene jgina
gentile nalbro
genuflect krosa’i
genus (biology) seljutsi
geography tutske
geology derske
geometric object caltaicmaci, place 2
geometry caltaicmaci, place 1
Georgian (Caucasus) kartuli
Georgia (Caucasus) sakartulos
geosmin derpanxu’i
geranium plargoni
German aspect seldo’o
Germany dotygu’e
German (in general) dotco
German (language) bandu’e’u
German (Swiss language) baurgusuve
231go down gracious
germinate (from soil) derjbe
germ jurme
get behind (changing postion) ti’erbi’o
get freedom zi’erbi’o
get sick bi’arbi’o
get up (from bed) ckali’a
get cpacu
giant (mythical creature) brabracrida
gibbon xilbati
gibi (unit prefix) samgi’o
giddy bebgei
giggle (titter) mi’amli
gill (of fish) fipfepri
ginger zingibero
giraffe (animal) clanebda’u
gird (put around) srupunji
girlfriend pampe’o
girl nixli
give a verdict paijdi
give advice djusku
give applause (hand clap) xanvruzau
give up (abandon) radycru
give dunda
glacier bisri’e, place 1
gland cigla
glare mircai
glass harp zgikabri
glasses le’otci
glasses (eyewear) lacni
glasses (spectacles) vistci
glassful kabrylai
glass blaci
gleaming (light-reflective) gusminra
gleam gusycai
glimmering murse
glitter mircai
global tcekau
globular cluster (astronomy) tarboi, place 1
gloomy (downcast) tolgei
glorified misyselsi’a, place 1
glorify misyselsi’a, place 2
glorious mleba’i
glove gluta
glowworm gusycinki
GM (game master) kelgi’a
go around srukla
go back xrukla
go back (think back) peixru
go by boat blokla
go by lampagre
go down (descend) nitkla
go forth zevykla
go forward crakla
go jogging zukybajra
go out (go forth) zevykla
go past lampagre
go quickly sutkla
go to bed ckakla
go up (ascend) tolfa’u
go-between binpre
goalfully acting at sezu’e
goal (object to be reached) terzu’e
goatsucker ctecmocpi
goat kanba
goddess fetcei
God cev
god cevni
goggle (eyewear) lacni
golden (made of gold (Au)) solji
golden (the color of gold (Au)) sloska
gold solji
gold (the color of gold (Au)) sloska
golem (unintelligent android) remsmimi’i
golf shirt cekrpolo
gonad ganti
gone to by ka’a
goober derdembi
goodness standard teva’u
goods (economic) venci’e, place 3
good xamgu
Google Wave guglbon
Google gugl
goose bumps kapcikna
goose gunse
gorgeous melbi
gorilla tsasmani
goshawk aksiptrina
gossiper fazyta’a
gossip (talk annoyingly) fazyta’a
Gothenburg JYTeborj
governing council trokamni
government truci’e
government (executive branch) zuktruci’e
governor general vipnoltru
governor (head-of-government) truralju
governor (local representative of monarch) vipnoltru
govern turni
gown pasyskaci
gracious (kind and courteous) litxendo
232griffon gynophile
grade (results of knowledge test) kamjunmre,
place 5
graduate (complete coursework) kulmu’o
grain stored in silo grutersro, place 2
grain gurni
grammar gerna
grammatically correct gendra
grammatical (grammatically correct) gendra
gramophone record cukyku’ovelvei
gram grake
grand corruptness tolmadba’i, place 2
grandly corrupt tolmadba’i, place 3
grapefruit branimre, place 1
grape vanjba
grasp jgari
grasshopper pipyjalra
grassland sastu’a
grass srasu
grateful ckire
grate (drain cover) ga’avro, place 1
graticle gredile
grating (drain cover) ga’avro
gravel cmaro’i
graveyard mrofoi
grave mrostu, place 1
gray grusi
grease grasu
grease (application of lubricant) likpu’i
Great Britain (country) ritygu’e, place 1
great soldier balsoi
great sword baldakyxa’i
great war baljamna
greater nocture bat braronvoimabru
greater or equal zmajavdu’i
greater than za’u
greatness (grandeur) kamba’i, place 1
great banli
Greece xesygu’e
Greek shift ge’o
Greek xelso
green tea ri’ortcati
greenmarket cagzai
green crino
greetings in passing coico’o
greetings coi
greet rinsa
Gregorian date detrgregori
grid gredile
grieve mrodri
griffin cpicinfo
griffon cpicinfo
grill gredile
grimace at frufra
grind zalvi
groom-to-be bavyspe
groom (spruce up) mlenicygau
groove skuro
grotesque tolmletce
groundhog marmota
groundnut derdembi
groundwork (construction) di’uzbe
ground (land surface) tumsfe
Group Captain (military rank in India UK)
group meeting pengri
group girzu
group (put together) cmigau
grove (orchard) rutpurdi
growls (angry non-linguistic utterence) fe’ucmo
growl (angry linguistic utterance) fegba’u
growl (make threatening noise) capsidba’u
grow banro
grow (become larger) brabi’o
grow (increase in amount) braze’a
grow (to grow something) ba’orzu’e
grumbler (person) mlifegba’u, place 1
grumble (sound) mlifegba’u, place 2
grunt (of pig) xajycmo
gryphon cpicinfo
guanaco kumtrguanako, place 1
Guangzhou guonJAUS
guess smadi
guest vitke
guide gidva
guilty (responsible for a crime) zerfu’e
guilt zungi
guinea pig (animal) smacrkobaiu
guineafowl fi’orxruki
guise (clothing) ticta’u
guitar jgita
gull (bird) cipnrlaridei
gum (chewing material) batmai
gum (tooth) densru
gun propellant celxa’i, place 5
gun target celxa’i, place 2
gunner (wielder of a gun) celxa’i, place 3
gun (weapon) xumjimcelxa’i, place 1
gut canti
gymnast zajba
gynophile fetcinse, place 1
233harder hear
g gy
habitat selxa’u
habitually ta’e
had earlier been pupu
haiku pemcrxaiku, place 1
hail bratu
hair kerfa
hair (sensory) gaskre
half shirt befcaucreka
half-wit tolmencre
half xadba
halibut polgosu
hall door zdacravro
hallway nerklaji, place 1
Hall balku’a
halter top nebdadycreka
halt (cause something to stop) sisti
hamamelis (plant) spatrxamameli
hamlet (cluster of houses/huts) sosyzda
hammer mruli
hammer (bone) mrubo’u
hammock dadycka
Han Chinese xa’anzu
hand clap (applause) xanvruzau
hand in hand xanjaisi’u
handful xanlai
handkerchief zbibu’u
handle (hand-held part of an object) tciveljai
handle (manage skillfully) cretro
handsome melbi
hand xance
hanged dadycatra, place 2
hanger (one who hangs) dadgau, place 1
hangul xangulu
hang dandu
hang (kill by hanging) dadycatra
hang (suspend) dadgau
Han xa’anzu
happening selfri
happens once pavroi
happen (occur) cfari
happen (on day) datru
happiness ui
happy face uibu
happy gleki
happy (content) mansygei
happy (excited) camgei
happy (tranquil) nalra’ugei
hard disk cukmakyvelvei
hard science fiction skefi’a
harder (firmer) jarmau
hardest (firmest) jaryrai
hard (difficult) nandu
hard (resistant to pressure) jdari
hare cicyractu
harmed (having been harmed) selxai
harmonious sarxe
harm tolprali
harvester (farm equipment) repmi’i, place 1
harvest crepu
harvest (harvested food) djaselcrepu
has been caba’o
has even odds pimucu’o
has never na’epu’i
hasten (go quickly) sutkla
hat maker mapypre
hat wearer sedyta’u, place 2
hatchling (born from an egg) karpo’ijbe, place 1
hatch (from an egg) karpo’ijbe
hated selxei
hate xebni
hatred iunai
hatter mapypre
hat (head garment) sedyta’u, place 1
haul far away darbei
haul (drag) mosycpu
hauteur ga’i
have goose bumps kapcikna
have thought peisku
have to (obligation) ei
having component pa’u
hawk (bird) aksiptrina
hawk (buzzard (not true hawks)) cipnrbuteo
hawthorn krataigo
head of church jdaja’a
head of state gugja’anunsnu, place 2
headache sedycro
headless tolmencre
head stedu
health care nunka’oku’i
healthcare nunka’oku’i
healthy looking ka’omlu
healthy kanro
health (physical condition) kamka’o
heap derxi
hearing aid tinydjutci
hearth fagzda
heart (body part) risna
heart (emotional self) cnise’i
hear tirna
234hex digit E hold
heat (sex) glebre
heat (thermal energy) glanejni
Heaven, house of the god ceirselxa’u
Heaven ceizda
Heaven (home of god(s)) ceirselxa’u
heavy tilju
Hebrew aspect selbro, place 1
Hebrew shift je’o
Hebrew xebro
Hebrew (person) bropre
hedgehog ernace
hedgerow spabi’u
hedge (planted shrubs) spabi’u
heel (rear portion of foot) jmati’e
heel (shoe) cucti’e
height (standing height, tall/high, small/low) cisni
heir cerda
helicopter carna’ivinji, place 1
helium solnavni, place 1
Hell daptutra
help sidju
hemisphere (half sphere) bolxadba
hemisphere (of brain) benxadba
hemisphere (planetary) plinyxadba
hemp canvas marnybu’u
hemp marna
hence ku’inai
henna me’andi
henna (body art) kapxra
henry (SI unit) enri, place 1
hen mamjipci, place 1
here at vi
hereby ca’e
here (this location) vi
hermit jiksei, place 1
heroic act vudvri, place 2
heroic vudvri
heron nebyplovoicpi
hero vudvri
hertz ertso, place 1
hesitation sound depsna, place 1
hesitation y
heterosexual female dutcinse
heterosexual male dutcinse
heterosexual dutcinse, place 1
hex digit A dau
hex digit B fei
hex digit C gai
hex digit D jau
hex digit E rei
hex digit E (alternate) xei
hex digit F vai
hi priority operator bi’e
hibiscus karkade
hickory nargrkaria
hideous tolmletce
hide (conceal) mipypu’i
hide (cover) gairgau
hiding in a castle badydi’u, place 2
hiding place mipstu
hierachical vipci’e
hierachy vipci’e, place 1
High Court pairtruci’e
high-pitched brato’a
highest (tallest) rajyclarai
highness (title) nolba’i
high galtu
high (body stature) claselxadni
high (high-pitched) brato’a
high (tall) rajycla
hillock cmatcema’a
hill cmama’a
Hindi xindo
Hindi (language) xinbau
hindmost rixrai
Hindustani (language) xinbau
hippopotamus xiptamu
hippo xiptamu
hip (body part) tupyjanco
hiragana xirgana
Hispanic xispo
historian circre
historical (famous) cirmi’o
historical (important) cirvai
history teacher circtu
history citri
hit repeatedly rapyda’i
hitman catryseljibri
hit darxi
HIV-positive remjinkytoldu’evidru, place 2
HIV (virus) remjinkytoldu’evidru, place 1
ho-shou-wu xekykrexruba
hoatzin cipnrxuazine
hold back ri’urgau
hold hands xanjaisi’u
hold responsible fu’esku
hold with care kujyjai
hold (grasp) jgari
hold (have and keep possession of) ralte
hold (reserve) ternupcpe
235hot hype
hold (store) sorcu
hole in cloth tafyfe’a
hole (cavity) kevna
hole (passage) greke’a
holiday (day off work) nalgundei
Holland nederland
holy army jdasoi, place 2
holy book cesycku
holy site cesystu
holy warrior jdasoi, place 1
holy censa
home address xa’urjudri
home page sezyskinoi
homeless zdacau
home (building) zdadi’u
home (habitual abode of one’s family) lazyzda
homosexual female mitcinse
homosexual male mitcinse
homosexual mitcinse, place 1
honest stace
honey bicydja
Hong Kong xyngon
honker vruca’a, place 3
honk vruca’a, place 2
honor (show respect for) zuksi’a
hoodie (sweatshirt) sedgaicreka
hoody (sweatshirt) sedgaicreka
hood (headwear) sedgai
hoof sufti
hook genxu
hopeful (bring hope) selpa’akai
hope a’o
hope (medium probability) sorpa’a
hop (go with hopping motion) pipkla
horizontal pinta
horny (sex) glebre
horn (body part) jirna
horn (noise-making apparatus) vruca’a, place 1
horrifying selteptce
horse cavalry xirsoi
horse race jvixi’a, place 3
horse xirma
hospitality fi’i
hospital spita
host of dodder marbela, place 3
host (of parasite) tcuji’e, place 2
hot spice cpinytsapi
hotel xotli
hot glare
hot (attractive) cinmle
hot (spicy taste) crovu’i
hour standard tercacra, place 1
hour cacra
hour (24 in a circle) cacryra’o
House of Commons flacfatrugri
House of Lords flazautrugri
House of Representatives flacfatrugri
house servant zdase’u
housemaid zdase’u
house zdadi’u, place 1
house (human dwelling) re’azda
hovercraft varkiclaflo’i
how certain? ju’opei
however ku’i
howl (an expression) camki’a
howl (loud utterrance) selkrixa
howl (of canine) gerki’a
hugeness criterion brabra, place 3
hugeness observer caibra, place 3
hugeness brabra, place 2
huge brabra, place 1
hug (embrace somebody) pamjai
human right prezi’ejva
humanoid remsmi, place 1
human remna
humble cumla
humbly ask for culcpe
humorously zo’o
hunger xagji
hung (item that is hung) dadgau, place 2
hunker down dzibi’o
hunt kalte
hurl oneself sezre’o
hurl bikre’o
hurricane taifnu
hurrier sutkla, place 1
hurrier (transitive) sutygau, place 1
hurry (go quickly) sutkla
hurry (transitive) sutygau
hurt the esteem for si’arxai
hurt (agent inflicting pain) crogau
hurt (be in emotional pain) cnicro
hurt (event inflicting pain) crori’a
hurt (wound emotions) cnixai
husband nakspe
hut cmazda
hydrogen cidro
hyperbola backemselrerkru
hyperlink judrysni
hype (promote) camgubri’a
236image in culture of
hypocrite tradutxu’a, place 1
hypocritical tradutxu’a
hypothesis je’urja’o, place 2
hypothesize pesti’i
I anticipate ba’a
I conclude ja’o
I define ca’e
I experience ba’acu’i
I generalize su’a
I hear ti’e
I know culturally ka’u
I know internally se’o
I observe za’a
I opine pe’i
I particularize su’anai
I postulate ru’a
I remember ba’anai
I state ju’a
ice cream bisyladru
ice machine dujmi’i
ice shelf flubisli
ice skate (vehicle) cucma’e
ice spike digyligykamju
iceberg bisma’a
Iceland island
ice bisli
icicle digyligykamju
IC (roleplay) lisne’i
ideal (perfect) prane
idea sidbo
identify (establish the identity of someone or something) cmesanji
ideogram snile’u
ideographic writing system snile’u, place 2
ideology (politics) trusi’o
idiom skutadji
idiot tolmencre
idle cando
idly play cadykei
IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) sonjamkarce
igloo si’erdi’u
ignore me ju’inai
ignore tolju’i
ill-lit malmliselgu’i
ill-looking bi’amlu
illness terbi’a
illumine gusni
illustrate (draw) xraci’a
illustration (drawing) xraselci’a
ill bilma
image (visual representation) xratai
imaginary i ka’o
imaginary xanri
imagination selxarpau
imaginative selxarpau, place 2
imagine xarpei
imagine (form a mental image of something) selxanri
imam jdaca’i
imbecile tolmencre
imitation monfu’i
immaterial mucti
immediate (adjacent) lamji
immediate (very close in time) temsepcau
immediate (very close) sepcau
immersed jinru
immerse jinru
immigrate gugmu’u
immodest tolcumla
immoral tolvu’e
immune-system deficiency jinkytoldu’e
impatient (for faster outcome) sutydji
imperative language midvla, place 3
imperative ko
imperial province sorgugje’a, place 2
imperial territory sorgugje’a, place 3
implacable tolke’i
implicit metaphor cimjvo
implode fatpo’a
implore culcpe
imply nibyti’i
impolite tolclite
important vajni
impossibility ju’onai
impossible (not possible) tolcu’i
imprison pifygau
improbability la’anai
improper (inappropriate) tolmapti
improve (caused by agent) xagzengau
improve (caused by event/state/process) xagzenri’a
in a mass with joi
in a sequence with ce’o
in a set with ce
in addition to pa’a
in addition ji’a
in brief to’u
in category le’a
in character (roleplay) lisne’i
in common with jo’u
in culture of seku’u
237Indian English injure
in culture ku’u
in detail to’unai
in fact da’inai
in form tai
in front of ca’u
in language of sebau
in language bau
in material form tema’e
in order to please sepu’a
in other words va’i
in quantity sela’u
in reference frame ma’i
in reversal of sefa’e
in system ci’e
in the event of fau
in the same words va’inai
in the sequence po’i
in what quantity? la’u ma
inadvertent nalju’i
inappropriate (incompatible) tolmapti
inattentive a’acu’i
inaudible seltinynalka’e
incense stick panjelga’a
incense (cause someone to be angry) fegri’a
incense (smell-emitting burning material) panjelca
inch (unit of measurement) degygutci
incidental clause noi
incidental identity no’u
incidental phrase ne
incidentally ra’unai
incisor (tooth) ka’arde’i
incite (stimulate) terfra
include (enclose) vasru
inclusive interval ga’o
incompatible (inappropriate) tolmapti
incompetence e’enai
incompleteness uonai
incomplete nalmu’o
increase in smallness (agentive) cmazengau
increase speed sutyze’a
increase zenba
increase (event increasing something) zenri’a
increase (make greater or larger) cmajdikygau
increase (make greater) zengau
indebtedness (company finance) kagyseldejni
indecision aicu’i
independence e’icu’i
index finger relmomdegji
India [Bharat] xingu’e
Indian English (language) xinglibau
Indian Ocean xin
India gugde’inu
indicator scope fu’e
indifference aucu’i
indifferent norzau
indifferent (neither hopes nor dreads) norpa’a
indigo bladembi
indirect question kau
Indonesian bindo
Indonesian (language) bidbau
Indonesia bidgu’e
indoors zdane’i
induce delivery (cause termination of pregnancy)
industrial park fanrypanka
industry gundi
inexpensive tolkargu
infantry soldier dzusoi
infantry dzusoi
infant cifnu
inferior (unrefined in status or behaviour) tolba’i
infernal region pacruxtutra
Inferno pacruxtutra
infer (conclude) lojycpa
infinite times ci’iroi
infinite cimni
infinity ci’i
inflated (filled with air) varselclu
influence power dynamics vlixlu
influence xlura
informal (casual) nalri’i
information (information theory) zildatni
inform (communicate knowledge) jungau
infranasal depression molku’o
infrastructure (economic) venci’e, place 2
infuriate fegri’a
inhale sakyva’u
inhale (through the nose) zbisakci
inhospitality fi’inai
inhume derse’a
initial (letter) crale’u
initiate (cause to begin) cfagau
initiate (non-agentive) cfari
initiate (of a group) cmibi’o, place 1
initiative co’a
initiator cfagau, place 1
injured (having sustained an injury) selxai
injurer xairgau, place 1
injure xrani
238interchange Iranian Farsi
ink xinmo
inline skate (vehicle) cucma’e
innately capable of ka’e
innate jinzi
innocence u’unai
innocent (of a crime) zernalfu’e
insatiable stotcu
inscribe by carving rakci’a
insect cinki
insertion (anatomy) darji’o
insert setca
inside out barfa’e
inside (of a building) zdane’i
inspire (inhale) sakyva’u
instead of seba’i
instinct (knowing by instinct) rarji’i
instinct (natural reaction) rarselfra
institution (established organisation) ctuci’e, place
instruction manual clinoi
instructional message clinoi
instructions ctunoi
instructions (help communication) djunoi
instruction (computer science) midvla
instruction (order) midnoi
instrument with capo gitytortci, place 2
instrument (music device) zgitci
instrument (musical, being played) zgipli, place 2
instrument (tool) tutci
insulted (hurt pride) jgicro
insurance agent binryve’u
insurance broker binryve’u
insurance premium binrydi’a
insurance salesman binryve’u
insure binra
integer multiply mulpi’i
integer mulna’u
integral (mathematical integral mekso operator) ri’o
integral (mathematical) ra’irsumji
integrate (come together as one) simbi’o
integration nunsimbi’o
intelligent mencre
intend (wish to do) zu’edji
intense emotion cai
intensely broad camganra
intensely happy camgei
intense carmi
intentional tolsnuti
intent ai
intercessor binpre
interchange simbasygau
interested selci’i
interesting cinri
interest a’u
interest (charge on loan) dejyterze’a, place 1
interface (user interface) sazycimde
interfere zunti
intergovernmental truci’ebi’i
intermission nunde’a
internal monologue peisku
international sornai
international gugykruca
internet aspect kibro, place 2
Internet Relay Chat irk
Internet internet
internet kibro, place 1
interrer mrotolkakpa, place 1
interruption ta’a
interrupt (signal that causes a computer’s CPU to
temporarily leave the normal flow of execution) dirtadji
interrupt (to disrupt) dicra
intersection ku’a
intersect kruca
intertwine kucysimgau
interval (between two points) tersei
inter derse’a
intestines canti
intonation (variation of pitch while speaking)
into mo’ine’i
Intranet intranet
introduce (acquaint) pengau
intuit jijnu
invent strategy tolmocpla
inventory (finished goods) selvensro
inventory (for production) terzbasro
invent finti
inverse (additive) nonselsumji
inverse (multiplicative) pavdilcu
invert (reverse) fa’ergau
invest zivle
invisible selvisnalka’e
invite (request visit) vi’ecpe
invite (to attend) zvacpe
invoiced amount dejnoi, place 3
invoice venvei
inward zo’i
in nenri
ion ionti
Iranian Farsi (language) bangrxirana
239is too many jelly fish
Iran gugdrxirana
Iraqi rakso
Iraq raksygu’e
IRC channel irci, place 2
IRC network irci, place 3
IRC user samta’a
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) irk
IRC (verb) irci
Irish sicko’o
iris (eye) srumu’a
ironize raxsku
irony ranxi
iron (cloth straightening tool) xulbuktci
iron (metal) tirse
irregularly di’inai
irregular vitci
irrigate jaursabji
irritated (mildly angry) fegmli
is a bunch so’imei
is a century panonomei
is a decade panomei
is a dozen paremei
is a fifth portion piresi’e
is a octet bimei
is a pair remei
is a quintet mumei
is a score renomei
is a trio cimei
is antepenultimate da’aremoi
is at least second su’oremoi
is beyond bancu
is eighth among bimoi
is enoughth among raumoi
is fifth among mumoi
is first among pamoi
is fourth among vomoi
is going to capu’o
is last among romoi
is ninth among somoi
is now caca’o
is penultimate among da’amoi
is plural su’oremei
is second among remoi
is seventh among zemoi
is singular pamei
is sixth among xamoi
is specific to po
is tenth among panomoi
is the whole of pirosi’e
is third among cimoi
is too many du’emei
Islamic muslo
island daplu
isotope selratni, place 3
Israelite bropre
Israel brogu’e
it-1’s described as leko’a
it-10 fo’u
it-1 ko’a
it-2 ko’e
it-3 ko’i
it-4 ko’o
it-5 ko’u
it-6 fo’a
it-7 fo’e
it-8 fo’i
it-9 fo’o
Italian; Italy itlo, place 1
Italian (language) bangitu’a
Italy itlo, place 1
itch rakcro
item(s) stored in barn cagdaidi’u, place 2
ivory (elephant or mammoth tooth) xantydenmai
ivy iedra
Iyar relmasti
i ibu
jackal tcakali
jacket (garment worn on the upper body outside a
shirt/blouse) barcreka
jackfruit tca’anka
Jahve jegvon
Jainism lijdrdjaina
James Cooke Brown jycybyb
jamo lerldjamo
jam (fruit spread) rutpesxu
January pavmast
Japanese ponjo
Japanese (language) ponbau
jargon (technical terminology) tecyvla
javelin rerga’a
jaw xedja
jazz (music) dja’aza, place 1
Jbofihe jbofi’e
jealous jilra
jeans bluji
Jedi (Star Wars) noljedai, place 1
jeep tsakarce
Jehovah jegvon
Jehovist jegvo
jelly fish mivjdu
240just kneel
jelly with citrus flavour (gelatin dessert) nimryjdu
jellyfish snidari’a, place 1
jelly jduli
jelly (fruit spread) rutpesxu
jersey tafrjerzi
jet lag symptoms veltcikybi’a, place 2
jet lagged veltcikybi’a, place 1
jet lag veltcikybi’a
jet jetce
Jew bropre
jicama debysamcu
job jibri
Job (biblical character) i,ov
jog (go jogging) zukybajra
join together jonsimgau
joined at jonsi’u
joined jorne
jointly (completely specified) mulgunma
jointly (partially specified) gunma
join (a group) cmibi’o
join (agentive) jongau
joke (performance) xamgau
joke (tell a joke) xamsku, place 1
Jordanian jordo
Jorge xorxes
joule djaule, place 1
journal karni
journal (printed on paper) plekarni
journal (shared record) snukarni
JPY (currency) ru’urjupuje
judgement nunpai
judgement (verdict) pairseljdi
judge pajni
judge (determine veracity) jetpai
judge (give verdict) paijdi, place 1
judge (of significance) selvai
judging panel pairkamni
judicial branch pairtruci’e
juice jisra
July mlajukma’i
jumper (loose outer jacket) luzbarcreka
jump plipe
June matsi’uma’i
jungle cicricfoi
juniper junpero
junk food maldja
juror pairkamnycmi
jury pairkamni
justice pa’e
just (fair) pairnu’i
just (moments ago) puzi
just (simply) sa’u
Jyoti djiotis
j jy
kaiser balnoltru
kale (cabbage) ri’orko’i
Kanarese banku’anu
kangaroo kanguru
kanji anji
Kannada banku’anu
katakana katkana
keep back darsta
keep up stogau
keep (maintain possession of) ralte
keep (maintain the condition of) ra’irgau
kelp vraike
kelvin kelvo
kennel (doghouse) gerzda
keyboard (computer/typewriter) lercu’aca’a,
place 1
keyword midvla
key ckiku
kibi (unit prefix) samki’o
kick tikpa
kid (goat) citkanba
killer whale orka
killer (professional) catryseljibri
killing (act of putting to death) nuncatra
kill catra
kilogram ki’ogra
kilometer ki’otre
kilometre ki’otre
kind of element (chemical) cmuxu’i, place 2
kind of fern filcina, place 2
kind of flatfish mlafi’e, place 2
kind of mollusk cakcurnu, place 2
kind of umbellifer rulsantyspa, place 2
kind of ungulate sfumabru, place 2
kindle fagri’a
kind xendo
kingdom (biology) jicymivykle, place 2
king nolraitru
Kislev sozymasti
kiss cinba
kitchen jupku’a
kitesurfing board volfanjacta’o
kite voifan
knave, of royalty nolse’u
kneel (posture) cidyts

241landmine lay to rest
knee cidni
knife dakfu
knife (cutlery) ctidakfu
knight xirno’i
knit nivji
knock at door vrodarxi
knock (hit in order to make a sound) snada’i
knoll cmatcema’a
knotted seljge
knot jgena
knowing about tedu’o
knowing facts sedu’o
knowledge area tested for kamjunmre, place
knowledge selju’o
know djuno
knuckle (finger joint) degycidni
koala daskycribe
Kolkata KOLkatas
Koranic muslo
koran (religious book) cesycku
Korean (language) banku’oru
Korea gugdrgogurio
korrigum tsesebe
koteka pinjygai
kumquat gamguata
k ky
label tcita
label (identify) tcitygau
lack of regret u’ucu’i
lacked by cau
lack be’u
lacquer tree urci
lacrimate kalvi’i
ladder rajyserti, place 1
lady beetle kokcinela
ladybird kokcinela
ladybug kokcinela
lady (noble woman) nolni’u
lake lalxu
lakh panonoki’o
lambda ce’u
lamb lanpanzi
lamprey tromizona
lamp (electric) dictergu’i
lamp (light source) tergu’i
lance kilga’axa’i
land mass with glacier bisri’e, place 2
land rover tsakarce
landmark (historically important) cirvai
landmine lolni’ajbama
land tumla
language basis baucmu
language class baukle
language expert baucre
language learner bantadni
language bangu
Laotze lauDZIS
lapis lazuli kunrlazuli
lapis kunrlazuli
laptop selbeiskami
lap (upper legs of a seated person) tsetupyzbe
large container bravau
large ship brablo
larger bramau
larger (by the standard of smallness) cmame’a
largest (by the standard of being large) brarai
large barda
largish mlibra
LARP dracyselkei
laryngeal prominence galxypunli
laser disc cukmirvelvei
last bridi go’i
last night prulamcte
last sumti ri
last utterance it la’edi’u
last utterance di’u
lastly romai
last (previous) prula’i
lateness standard selylerci
lateness nunlerci
later lirmau, place 2
latest (previous) prula’i
late lerci
Latin latmo
latitude (location) bernanjudri
laudable (worthy of being lauded) selzarkai
laugh at mi’afra
laughter nunmi’a
laugh cmila
laugh (the act of laughing) nunmi’a
launch oneself sezre’o
launcher cecla
lavender xrulrlavandula
lawless flacau
lawn sasfoi
lawsuit flapaizda, place 2
law flalu
lay blame fu’esku
lay to rest derse’a
242legislative branch Lieutenant Commander
layer senta
layman nalcre, place 1
lay (non-professional) nalcre
lay (place something down in a position of rest)
lazy lazni
lead cnisa
lead (draw/direct by influence) xlura
lead (guide) gidva
lead (precede) lidne
leaf pezli
lean (tilt away from vertical) sa’orgau
leap plipe
learn by heart (memorize) mo’icli
learner (expertise) crebi’o, place 1
learn cilre
leash ri’usri
least bad mecyxlarai
least beautiful mecmlerai
least big mecybrarai
least good mecyxagrai
least lovely mecmlerai
least pretty mecmlerai
least small mecycmarai
least ugly mectolmlerai
least unsightly mectolmlerai
least valuable vamtolrai
least mecrai
least (superlative) traji
leather bakskapi
leave alone nalra’u
leave behind (abandon) fesli’a
leave be nalra’u
leave in peace nalra’u
leave cliva
leave (something which one brought) tolcpa
Lebanese lubno
lecturer ctununta’a, place 2
lecture ctununta’a, place 1
leek kamjysunga
left behind selyli’a
left bracket vei
left hand zulxa’e
leftwardsly mo’izu’a
left zunle
legal resident flaxa’u
legal (grammatically correct) gendra
legging (tight fitting leg covering) nipypalku
legion (many) bralai
legislation flari’a, place 3
legislative branch flatruci’e
leg tuple
lemon pelnimre
length nilcla
lens lenjo
Lent kuadragesim
leopard tirxrpardu, place 1
Leo (constellation/astrology) cinfos
lesbian mitcinse
less bad xlame’a
less beautiful mleme’a
less by amount veme’a
less in property teme’a
less lovely mleme’a
less or equal mecyjavdu’i
less pretty mleme’a
less than seme’a
less ugly tolmleme’a
less unsightly tolmleme’a
lesser spouse speme’a
lesson ctufau
lesson (moral) madni’i
less mleca
let go (from grasp) toljgari
letteral lerfu
letter xatra
let curmi
leukocyte labyblusle
level pinta
level (degree or amount) klani
level (floor of building) dijysenta
lever vraga
levity xalbo
liability (company finance) kagyseldejni, place 1
liberal political ideology vricykricrutrusi’o
liberalism (politics) vricykricrutrusi’o
liberal (open-minded) vricykricru
liberty kamyzi’e
librarian ckuzdacre
library science ckuzdaske
library (collection of books) ckusro
Libra (constellation/astrology) ckilus
Libyan libjo
lick (touch with one’s tongue) tacpe’u
Lieutenant - Junior Grade (naval rank in USA)
Lieutenant Colonel (military rank in USA India)
Lieutenant Commander (military rank in USA)
243lip logo
Lieutenant General (military rank in USA India
UK) bivmoija’a
Lieutenant-Colonel (military rank in UK) vonmoija’a
Lieutenant-Commander (military rank in India
UK) cibmoija’a
Lieutenant (army rank in India UK) pavmoija’a
Lieutenant (naval rank in USA India UK) relmoija’a
lie (assume a reclining position) pinvre
lie (intentionally tell an untruth) ticysku
life-goal mivmu’i
life nunji’e
life (process of living) mivru’e
lift lafti
light bulb tergu’i
light source tergu’i
light year gusminli
lighten (become brighter) gusybi’o
lighter (tool) fagycfatci
lightning bug gusycinki
lightning lindi
lightweight linto
like better zmanei
liked selnei, place 1
likely (probable) lakne
lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria) linlani
lily lelxe
limerick (verse) pemcrlimriki, place 1
lime (citrus fruit) ri’ornimre, place 1
limited in property teji’e
limit jimte
limousine clakarce, place 1
limo clakarce
linden tilnipa
line of longitude jedjipli’i
linen matli
line (mathematical) linji
line (of text) lerpinsle
line (waiting queue) depypoi
lingonberry bakyjba
Lingua Geral niengatu
linguistic taxon baukle
linguistics bauske
linguist (linguistic scientist) banskepre
link more sumti bei
link sumti be
link (agentive) jongau
linseed matlytsi
lion cinfo
lip ctebi
liquid at room temperature caflitki
liquid litki
liquor jikru
listen to (consume) mencti
listener cusku, place 3
listen tinju’i
list liste
literary (relating to literature) tertcidu
literature (body of all reading materials) tertcidu,
place 1
liter litce
lithium roksodna
Lithuania lietuvos
little finger mumymomdegji
little (a little) toltce
live life (as an adventure) ji’efri
livery manfyta’u
liver livga
livestock dalcange, place 4
live jmive
live (experienced as it happens) cabyfau
lizard (animal) rebyrespa
llama kumtrlama, place 1
load (cargo) bevri, place 2
loan-word fu’ivla
loan (borrowed sum of money) dinjbera, place 2
loan (borrowed word) fu’ivla
loath (unwilling) naldjica
lobster nerfopi, place 1
local diklo
locate zvafa’i
location conversion jaivi
location stuzi
lock (make secure using a lock) telgau
locked telga’o
lock stela
log in (gain access to a computer system) japkla
logarithm (mathematical) dugri
logarithm (mekso operator) de’o
Logfest jbonunsla
logged in cmisau
logged on (to a computer) samyzva
logical language lojbau
logic logji
logic (system of thought) selni’i, place 2
Loglan-worker loglytuan
loglan lojbau
Loglan lojbau
logo selvensni
244loss machine component
log (record of performance or use) plivei
Lojban community jboce’u
Lojban expression or communication
jbobau, place 3
Lojban expression, communication jbobau,
place 3
Lojban grammar jboge’a
Lojban group [LLG, any lojban grouping]
Lojban shift lo’a
Lojban user jbobau, place 2
Lojbanic country jbogu’e
Lojbanic lojbo
Lojbanistan jbogu’e
Lojbanist jbopre
Lojbanist (speaker) jbobau, place 2
Lojbanist (user) jbopli
Lojban (language) jbobau
lonely seicni
lonesome pavysei
lone jiksei
long jump darpi’e
long jump (compete) darpi’ejvi
long scope relative vu’o
long time interval ze’u
long time zu
long-leaf clapezli
long-term debt (company finance) ze’u zei seldejni
long-term liability (company finance) ze’u zei
seldejni, place 1
longer clamau
longitude sunsicyjudri
long clani
long (in time) clatei
loofa panjyzme
look like smimlu
look up (looking in upward direction) galcatlu
look catlu
loop clupa
loosely speaking sa’enai
loose kluza
loo vimku’a
Lord of the Universe mu’etru
lore (body of knowledge) saske
lorikeet cipnrlori
lorryload bevma’elai
lory cipnrlori
lose direction farcri
lose cirko
loss u’anai
loss (something lost) cirko, place 1
lost (gone astray) farcri
lotus latna
loudspeaker dicyselsna
loud cladu
louse civla
loved (set) sorpa’i, place 2
lovelier mlemau
lover pamli’u, place 1
love iu
low-pitched cmato’a
lower back (body-part) befti’e
Lower House (legislature) flacfatrugri
lower-case shift to’a
lower nitmau
lowest nitrai
low dizlo
low (contemptible) tolba’i
low (low-pitched) cmato’a
LP (record) cukyku’ovelvei
lubricate likpu’i
luckily fu’au
lucky decision funjdi
lucky zanselfu’a
luck funca
lujvo glue zei
lujvo meaning cimjvo, place 2
lullaby sipselsa’a
lumberjack mudyka’apre
lunar lunra
luncheon dormijysai
lunch (meal) dormijysai
lung fepri
lure (by expressing) trisku
lurker (a passive watcher) cadycta, place 1
lurks (passively watches) cadycta
luscious cinmle
lymph flow blufle
lymph vessel blutu’u
lymph (body liquid) labyblu
lyncher dadycatra, place 1
lynch dadycatra
lynx liunko
l ly
Laadan ´ nimbau
macaroni tamxri
mace (ceremonial staff) ri’irga’a, place 1
mace (club) bolga’axa’i
machine component mi’ispi
245make leave manufacturing sector
machine gun mi’ircelxa’i
machine piece mi’ispi
machine minji
mackerel skomberu
mackintosh (raincoat) cavykosta
Madam (non gender specific honorific) nol
Madame (gender specific honorific) nolnim
Madam (gender specific honorific) nolnim
Madarin (language) bancumunu
made of material sema’e
Madinah madinas
magazine (bullet container) danvau
magazine (illustrated publication) xrakarni
magazine (printed on paper) plekarni
magenta nukni
magic makfa
magnetic disk cukmakyvelvei
magnetic storage medium makyvelvei
magnetic tape srimakyvelvei
magnet maksi
magnificent mleba’i
magpie (pica pica) cipnrpika
mahogany ma’agni
mail piece (direct mail) venxa’a
mailer (agent) mrilu, place 1
mailer (direct mail) venxa’a
mailing list mriste, place 1
mail (object) mrilu, place 2
maintainer stogau, place 1
maintain stogau
maintain (preserve) ra’irgau
maintenance man (repairing/maintaining machines) mi’ircikre
maize zumri
majesty (grandeur) kamba’i
majesty (kingship) kamnolraitru, place 1
majesty (title) nolba’i
Major General (military rank in USA India UK)
major key (music) cistrxioniano, place 1
majority xabmau
Major (military rank in USA India UK) cibmoija’a
major (music key) cistrxioniano
make approximate jbigau
make close jbigau
make easy (an agent or person being the cause) filgau
make easy (an event or state being the cause) filri’a
make good dragau
make it easy filri’a
make leave livgau
make out (see details) tilvi’a
make peace papsimbi’o
make public gubyternoi
make return xrugau
make something fall falgau
make up (groom) mlenicygau
make up (make peace) papsimbi’o
makeup (cosmetic) mlegaumai
make zbasu
making a tanru ta’u
Makkah makas
malacology cakcurske
Malagasy malgaci
malapropism u’ivla
malaria marlari
Malay-Indonesian baxso
Malaysian meljo
malevolent xladji
male nakni
malicious (wanting to harm) xladji
malleus mrubo’u
Malmo¨ (swedish city) malmys
Malpighian tubule ragrmalpigi
mammal mabru
mammary papilla tatyji’o
mammoth tatydenxanto
man-like quality remsmi, place 2
man-like remsmi
management board trukamni
management committee trukamni
manager (director) jitro, place 1
managing director (of corporation) kagytruralju
manatee trixexu
mandala mandala
Mandarin (language) jugbau
mandible (arthropod body part) molja’u
maneuver a boat blosazri
mango species rutrmango, place 2
mango rutrmango, place 1
manioc mandioka
mannequin (modeling person) tamtigypre
manner of expression skutadji
manner (mode of action) zuktadji
manual (requiring sentient intervention) macnu
manual (technical document) clinoi
manufacture zbasu
manufacturing industry fanrygundi
manufacturing sector fanrygundi
246Marxism measured on scale
manufacturing (as an industry/sector category)
many times so’iroi
many so’i
man nanmu
maple a’orne
marble (a type of mineral) kunrmarmaro, place 1
Marcheshvan bivmasti
March (month) fipma’i
margosa margosa
marine crustacean xasyjukni
marine science xasyske
marine (soldier) blosoi
maritime culture bloklu
market economy sivypo’eci’e
market place (land reserved for trading) zacpanka
market square (land reserved for trading) zacpanka
marketing communications zairsnucu’u
marketing (satisfying a market for goods and services) zaircu’u
market zarci
market (economic) venci’e, place 1
mark barna
mark (identify) tcitygau
mark (make a mark) ba’argau
marmalade rutpiljdu
marmot marmota
marriage law selspe, place 3
marriage tradition fetspe, place 3
marriage nunspe
married speni
marry spebi’o
Marshal of the Indian Air Force (India)
Marshal of the Indian Air Force (military rank
in India) pavnonmoija’a
Marshal of the Royal Air Force (UK) pavnonmoija’a
Marshal of the Royal Air Force (military rank in
UK) pavnonmoija’a
Marshall of the Indian Air Force (India)
marshall of the Indian Airforce (India)
marsh cimtu’a
marsupial (mammal) daskymabru
Mars (planet) vonplin
martial artist dabytadji, place 3
martial art dabytadji, place 1
Marxism guntrusi’o
Marxist-Leninist ideology guntrusi’o
mash marxa
masking tape nipsri
mask firgai
mask (disguise) ticta’u
mass (aggregate) gunma
mass (completely specified) mulgunma
master (learn to a high degree of proficiency)
master (of servant) selse’u
Master (young man) nanl
masturbate (oneself or others, using hand) xangle
masturbate (sex without partner) sezgle
mast (for supporting sail) blofanga’a
match (fit) mapti
match (incendiary device) sacki
material environment (surrounding matter)
maisru, place 1
material object ma’e
material of caltrop vondi’o, place 3
materialize tolcanci
material marji
material (of which chimney is made) damtu’u,
place 2
mater (anatomy) benpi’a
mate (in pair) xabmapti, place 1
mathematics cmaci
matriarchate fetydzetru, place 2
matriarch fetydzetru, place 1
matrix of columns (mekso operator) sa’i
matrix of rows (mekso operator) pi’a
matter being judged paijdi, place 3
mature makcu
maturing bixma’u
maturing (physical) xadbixma’u
mat matci
may-lily (Convallaria) linlani
mayor tcatru
May (month) bakma’i
mcg mikygra
me and you mi’o
meal sanmi
meal (event) nuncti
meaning smuni
meaning (moral) madni’i
meant to say djisku
mean (intend to say) skudji
mean (signify) selsmu
measured on scale tela’u
247mercury mild
measurement cisni
measure merli
measure (tactic/strategy) platu
meat eater re’ucti
meat-eater re’ucti
meat rectu
mebi (unit prefix) samymegdo
Mecca makas
mechanic (repairing/maintaining machines)
mediator binpre
medical science micyske
medical nunmikce
medication micyxu’i
medicine micyxu’i
Medina madinas
medium time interval ze’a
medium time za
medium (communication format) cusku, place 4
medium (of a file) datnyvei, place 4
medusa mivjdu
meekness ga’inai
meek (without anger) fegycau
meeting (between two parties) nunpe’i
meeting (organized to make decision) jdijmaji
meet penmi
meleagrology xukske
melon guzme
melts (agentive) rumgau
melt runme
melt (agentive) rumgau
member of electorate cu’acmi
member states rongunma, place 2
member cmima
member (religion) seljda
meme sibvidru, place 1
memorandum selmojnoi, place 1
memorial mojysu’a
memorize mo’icli
memory cell datnyvau
memory (computer storage) mo’isro
memory (record of a thing/event) morji, place 1
menace (threaten) capti’i
meninx benpi’a
menstruate gutrypilcri
mental health practitioner menmikce
mental ro’e
mention cusku
meow latcmo
merchandise (object for sale) jdima, place 2
mercury margu
Mercury (planet) pavyplin
mere tolerance o’ocu’i
meridian (geographic) jedjipli’i
merit (deserve) jerna
message notci
metalinguistic not na’i
metalinguistic yes jo’a
metalinguistic skubancu
metals and mining industry kungundi
metal jinme
metaphorical lujvo cimjvo, place 1
meteorology timske
meter mitre
method conditions teta’i
method tadji
metric system treci’e
metrology mreske
metroploitan (bishop) catnrpepiskopo
metropolitan (bishop) jdatro
mew (cat crying) latcmo
mex precedence ti’o
Mexican onyx kunrxalabastre
Mexican Spanish (language) mexybau
Mexican mexno
Mexico mexygu’e
MEX mekso
me mi
microbe jurme
microbiology jumske
microgram mikygra
micromanaged tiltro, place 2
micromanage tiltro
microorganism jurme
microphone snaveitci
microscope cmactatci
micro (latin prefix) mikri
midday dormidju
middle finger cibmomdegji
middleman binpre
middle midju
midnight ctemidju
midriff shirt befcaucreka
migrate (from one country to another) gugmu’u
migrate (seasonal) citsymu’u
mike (microgram) mikygra
milden mliri’a
mildly embarrassed mliburna
mild milxe
mild (without anger) fegycau
248misconstrue monstrous
mile minli
military officer vairsoi
military police bilpulji
military bilni
milksop pronalka’e
Milky Way Galaxy tarso’imei
milk ladru
milk (to make yogurt) djoguro, place 2
millet cunmi
milligram milgra
millimeter of mercury magmiltre
millimeter standard miltre, place 4
millimeters direction miltre, place 3
millimeter miltre, place 1
milliner mapypre
millisecond milsnidu, place 1
mill molki
mindless ro’enai
mind menli
mind (have a contrary opinion) patpei
mind (pay attention to) jundi
mineralogy kunske
mineral kunra
mine (land) lolni’ajbama
mine (marine bomb) xasyjbama
mine (possessive) memimoi
miniature (very small) cmacma, place 1
minimal feature (in phonology) vokygenkantu
mining and metals industry kungundi
mining and metals sector kungundi
minister (of government ministry/department) trupauja’a
Ministry trupau
ministry (government) trupau
minor key (music) cistrxaioliano, place 1
minor planet cmaplini
minority xabme’a
minor (music key) cistrxaioliano
mint family tebrulspa
mint species (plant species) mernta, place 2
mint (herb; plant) mernta, place 1
minuscule cmatcetce
minus vu’u
minute standard terme’u, place 1
minute mentu
misanthrope (one who hates humanity) remxei,
place 1
misanthropic (human-hating) remxei
miscellaneous vrici
misconceive jmisre
misconstrue jmisre
missed (causing emotion through its absence)
caucni, place 2
Miss nix
miss (fail to hit) daxfli
miss (feel the lack of) caucni, place 1
miss (unmarried woman) fetnalspe
mistake indicator le’ai
mistake quote lo’ai
Mister naun
mistletoe viktsispa
misunderstand jmisre
mitten degycauglu
mixer (mechanical processing machine) xremi’i
mixture mixre
moan cmoni
mobile artillery karcycelxa’i
mobile phone selbeifonxa
mockingbird fuksnacpi
modal ? cu’e
modal conversion jai
modeled termonsi’o, place 3
model termonsi’o
model (mannequin) tamtigypre
modern era cabycedra
modesty o’acu’i
modify galfi
moisten cimri’a
moist cilmo
mold mledi
molecule xumsle, place 1
mole molro
mollusk cakcurnu, place 1
molybdenum mlibdena
Mommy mam
Mom mam
monarch nolraitru
Monday lurdei
monday pavdei
monetary dincu’u
money jdini
monitor lizard resrvarano
monkey smani
monocle le’otci
monopole pavyselji’o
monorail (vehicle) pavgaryre’e
monosexual pavycinse, place 1
monotheist pavyselcei
monster cizda’u
monstrous cizda’u
249motive municipality
month standard terma’i, place 1
month masti
month (of month) datru, place 3
monument mojysu’a
mood (emotional state) cnitcini
moor (berth) stagau
moose xanjirnymirli
moralize madysku
morals marde
moral (lesson or significance) madni’i
more audacious (becoming) darsyze’a
more beautiful mlemau
more by amount vemau
more in property temau
more interesting ci’izma
more than semau
more to come mu’onai
more unsightly tolmlemau
moreover za’umai
more zmadu
more (in greater number) za’u
morning cerni
Moroccan morko
moron tolmencre
morphology (general) taiske
morphology (linguistic) rafske
Morse code mors
morsel (of food) djaspi
morse mors
mortal (subject to death) mrodimna, place 1
Moslem muslo
mosquito blusfani
mossy clika
most beautiful mlerai
most important vajrai
most significant vajrai, place 1
most unsightly tolmlerai
most used selplirai
most useful selplirai
most valuable vamrai
most so’e
mother of daughter tixmamta
mother of pearl cakyjmepi’a
mother of son besmamta
motherfucker mamgle
mother mamta
motivation (activation of an action) nunmu’i
motive nevertheless semu’inai
motive of person temu’i
motive therefore semu’i
motive mukti
motorbike relxilma’e
motorbus sorprekarce
motor matra
mound (small hill) cmatcema’a
mountain chain cmalinsi, place 1
mountain cmana
mount (sex) cpanygle
mourner mrodri, place 1
mourn mrodri
mouse smacu
mouse (pointing device) samxa’e
moustache tebykre
mouthpiece moltu’u
mouth moklu
move around cukli’u
move destination muvgau, place 3
move forward (in time) prupu’i
move origin muvgau, place 4
move path muvgau, place 5
moved thing muvgau, place 2
movement (concerto) konceto zei pagbu
movement (of symphony) simfoni zei pagbu,
place 1
mover (thing causing movement) muvgau, place
move (cause to move) muvgau
move (in a game) kelka’u
move (non-agentive) muvdu
moving away from mo’ito’o
moving the border mo’ite’e
moving to coincide mo’ibu’u
MP (military police) bilpulji
Mr. naun
Mr naun
Ms. nim
Ms nim
much of the time piso’iroi
much of piso’i
much mutce
mud composition derpesxu, place 2
mud source derpesxu, place 3
mud derpesxu, place 1
multinational sornai
multiple rocket launcher sorjaknykarce
multiply (integer) mulpi’i
multiply (mathematical) pilji
mumble mliba’u
Mum mam
municipality tcatru, place 2
250nano negative
mural bimxra
murder (kill) catra
Muridae ratmacu, place 3
murmur mliba’u
muscle sluji
museum muzga
mushroom species ledgrute, place 2
mushroom ledgrute
music cassette srimakyvelvei
music note (symbol) zgika’usni
music note (tone) zgika’u
musical composition zgiselfi’i
musical event zgifau
musical glasses zgikabri
musical instrument zgica’a, place 1
musical (comedy or drama with song) sagjvetavdraci
musician in orchestra balzgibe’e, place 2
musician (instrumentalist) zgica’a, place 2
musicology zgiske
music zgike
music (being played) zgipli, place 3
musk ox baklanme
Muslim muslo
mussel cakcurnu
mustard (condiment) sansrmustardo
mustard (plant) snapisa
musth glebre
must (obligation) ei
mutter mliba’u
mutter (express quietly) laurblesku
mutual simxu
muzzle (restraint fitted over mouth/jaws) molgai
my described as lemi
myrinx kernerbo’o
myrrh ciblrmoru, place 1
mystery i’unai
myth ranmi
my memimoi
m my
nail dinko
naive (credulous) zanbebna
naked lunbe
name badge cmetcita
name tag cmetcita
nameplate cmetcita
name (morphological) cmevla
name (reference word) cmene
nanobot navzmi
nanometer navytre, place 1
nano nanvi
narrate terlisri
narration terlisri, place 3
narrator terlisri, place 1
narrows (becomes narrower) ganjdika
narrow jarki
nationalism (politics) natpamtrusi’o
nationalist political ideology natpamtrusi’o
nationalist natpa’i
nationality (x is of y nationality) selgu’era’a
nationalized sector gubgundi
nation natmi
native language verclibau, place 1
native speaker verclibau, place 2
native to (born at or in) veljbe, place 4
native (born at or in) veljbe, place 4
native (aboriginal) liryraixa’u
natural history museum mrodalmuzga
natural logarithm rardugri
natural rights (entitlement) rarkrali
natural right (from natural law) rarzi’ejva
natural rarna
nature mivmu’e
nautical culture bloklu
navel befsfeke’a
navigate (by ocean) blokla
navigate (maneuver a boat) blosazri
near end jbiji’o
nearer (location) jbimau
nearest (location) jbirai
nearly done muljbi
nearly (almost, but not quite) naru’e
near jibni
near (come nearer to something) jbibi’o
necessarily under tesau
necessary for sesau
necessary sarcu
necessitate nibli
necktie nebysrijge
neck cnebo
needed seltcu
needle jesni
need nitcu
neem margosa
negate last word nai
negative acknowledge je’enai
negative number ni’u
negative request e’onai
negative (attitude towards future) xlajijnu
negative (mathematics) mecna’u
251next outer bridi nonexistent it
neglectful naljundi
neighbor jbixa’u
neighbour jbixa’u
neigh xircmo
neologism u’ivla
neon navni
Neptune (planet) bivyplin, place 1
nerd crexalbo
nerve nirna
nervous xanka
nest zdani
nether region pacruxtutra
network node (as in computer network) samseltcana, place 2
network node (as in private corporate computer
network) kagysamseltcana, place 2
network node (as in the Internet) mujysamseltcana, place 2
network route tcanylu’a
network tcanylu’a, place 5
network (computer network) samseltcana
network (interconnected system) seltcana
network (IRC) irci
network (private corporate computer network)
net julne
neurology benske
neuroscience benske
neutral emotion cu’i
neutral nutli
neutral (neither hopes nor dreads) norpa’a
neutron nurtoni, place 1
nevertheless result ja’enai
never noroi
new business nincu’u
new information bi’u
new subject (not so familiar subject) nintadni,
place 2
new topic ni’o
New Year’s Day ninyna’adetri, place 1
New Year ninyna’anunsla, place 1
news release nuznoi
newspaper (daily publication) djekarni
newspaper (printed on paper) plekarni
news nuzba
Newton (SI unit) klanrniut,ni, place 1
newton (SI unit) niutni, place 1
new cnino
next day bavlamdei
next evening (time) bavlamvanci
next outer bridi no’a
next time bavlamke’u
next to ne’a
next utterance di’e
next week bavlamjeftu
next year prulamna’a, place 2
next bavla’i
Nheengatu niengatu
nibble (take small bites) cmabatci
nice xamgu
nickel nikle
nickname datcme
nick (nickname) datcme
nicotine tankyxu’i
nidicolous zdasta
nigella klaunji
Nigerian English (language) bangrnaidjiria
Nigeria gugdrnaidjiria
nightingale ctesa’acpi
nightjar ctecmocpi
nightly (every night) rolcte
night nicte
niobium jinmrniobi
nipple tatyji’o
Nisan pavmasti
nitrogen trano
nitwit tolmencre
no love lost iucu’i
no special effort a’icu’i
no thanks to you ki’enai
no, I am not mi’enai
noble nobli
nod in agreement sedmu’utu’i
nod (agree) tu’ifru
noise savru
noitce (take notice of) cfaga’e
non-approval i’ecu’i
non-bisexual pavycinglepre
non-habitually ta’enai
non-Jewish nalbro
non-Jew nalbro
non-Lojban brivla me’oi
non-Lojban quote zoi
non-promise nu’enai
non-working day nalgundei
nonce cmavo ze’ei
nonce interjection ki’ai
nonce word ze’ei
nonce-word next za’e
nonexistent it zi’o
252null operand ocotillo
nonsense nonselsmu
nonthreatening to tolckape
noodle grusko
noon dormidju
Norman normano
norm (absolute value) nacnilbra
norm (average) cnano
North American bemro
North America bemtu’a
north by east bersunberberti
North Korean (language) bangrtcosena
North Korea gugdekupu
north of you bermau
north of be’a
North-Atlantic Treaty Organization otan
northeast berstuna
northern part berpau
northwardly mo’ibe’a
northwest berstici
north berti
Norway gugdrnorge
Norway (country) norgo
Norwegian kulnrnorge
Norwegian (people) norgo
nose hair zbikre
nose nazbi
nostril terzbi
not enough mo’a
not less than seme’anai
not more than semaunai
not ready to receive re’inai
not towards point na’efa’a
not very surprised uecu’i
note down notci’a
note (musical symbol) zgika’usni
notebook (portable computer) selbeiskami
note (memorandum) notci, place 1
note (music tone) zgika’u
Noth Korea gugdekupu
nothing at all noda
notice (take notice of) cfaga’e
notify (give notice) ternoi
notion (mental apprehension) mirsi’o
novel brafi’a, place 1
novice nintadni
nowhere fe’enoroi
now cabna
nth root of (mekso operator) fe’a
nuclear physics ratske
nucleus (atom) ratmidju
null operand tu’o
null operator ge’a
number ? xo
number base ju’u
number comma ki’o
number (a quantity) namcu
number (to total in number) zilkancu
numeral nacle’u
numerous bralai
nunchaku linga’axa’i
nunchuku linga’axa’i
nursery (plants) ba’ostu
nurse (health care) kujmikce, place 1
nurse (hold with care) kujyjai
nutrient flow (of a plant) blufle
nutriment cidja
nut narge
nyckelharpa (traditional swedish string instrument) jgitrnikelarpa
n ny
O You! doido’u
oak cindu
oar blocpuga’a
oasis zancimstu
oats mavji
obey tinbe
object to (by sighing) va’urpante
object dacti
obligate bigygau
obligation ei
obliged bilga
obscure interpretation (unimportant) norvaismu, place 1
obscurely li’anai
observed by means tega’a
observed under vega’a
observe zgana
observe (express a comment) piksku
observing sega’a
obvious (easily observed) sapselga’e
occasionally ru’inai
occasion (opportunity) gaurtcini
occupant (space region) selca’u, place 1
occupy (space region) selca’u
occurs once pavroi
Oceania sralytu’a
oceanography xasyske
ocean braxamsi
Ocean (name) braxas
ocotillo xomxeci
253on date at location oral sex, perform
octet (eight binary digits) bivjetka’u
octopus oktopoda, place 1
oddball crexalbo
odd (number) xirdegmei
odontalgia, have dencro
odor panci
of a feather (feathered identically) pimdu’i
of community (x is of community y) cemra’a
of country (x is of country y) selgu’era’a
of culture (x is of culture y) klura’a
of geography (x is of geography y) tutra’a
of language (x is of language y) banra’a
of religion (x is of religion y) jdara’a
of system components teci’e
of territory (x is of territory y) tutra’a
offended (hurt pride) jgicro
offend (wound emotions) cnixai
offer friti
office location selbriju, place 3
office worker selbriju, place 1
officer (military) vairsoi
officer (of corporation) kagyfu’e
officer (one who has a position of authority in a hierarchical organization) catni, place 1
officer (one who holds a public office) selbriju
office briju
official (approved by authority) ca’irselzau
offspring panzi
oftenness standard selcafne, place 1
often cafne
ohm klanrxomi, place 1
oil lamp (using animal or vegetable products)
oil lamp (using petroleum-based products) ctilytergu’i
oilbird rasycpi
oil (petroleum) ctile
oink xajycmo
ointment likpu’i, place 2
Old English lirgli
old information bi’unai
old topic no’i
old tolci’o
olive alzaitu
Olymp (home of gods) ceirselxa’u
omitted text li’o
omitting examples mu’acu’i
omnibus sorprekarce
omnibus (vehicle) basfa
on behalf of seka’i
on date at location tede’i
on date by calendar vede’i
on scale measuring seci’u
on the left of zu’a
on the one hand zu’u
on the other hand zu’unai
on the right of ri’u
on the same date as sede’i
on the scale ci’u
on this edge of fe’eco’a
once paroi
one-word-only emphasis ba’ei
onion sluni
only selte’i
onomasticon cmeste
onomatopoeia sa’ei
onyx marble kunrxalabastre
OOC (roleplay) lisybartu
open-minded vricykricru
opened (room or container) kargau, place 3
opener kargau, place 1
open (ajar) kalri
open (transitive) kargau
open (unlock) toltelgau
operand to operator ma’o
operand meksu’i
operate sazri
operate (perform surgery) micka’agau
operating room micka’aku’a
operating theatre micka’aku’a
operational tolpo’u
operator to selbri nu’a
operator (function) mekfancu
opera (musical artform) sagdraci, place 1
operetta sagjvetavdraci
opine jinvi
opinion subject terji’i
opinion selji’i
opossum sargueia
opportunity (chance) gaurtcini
oppose fapro
opposite direction fardukti
opposite word smudukti
opposite dukti
oppress (cruel authoritative government) kustru
optical disc cukmirvelvei
optical tool vistci
optimistic xagjijnu
optimist xagjijnu, place 1
oral sex, perform molgle
254other Palestinian
orange (fruit) najnimre
orange (the colour) narju
orangutan rangutano
orbiting mo’iru’u
orbit (move around) cukli’u
orb (symbol of monarchial power) nolboi, place 1
orca orka
orchard rutpurdi
orchestral music balzgibe’e, place 4
orchestral music (European) ronri’izgi, place 1
orchestral performance ronri’izgi, place 2
orchestra balzgibe’e, place 1
order execution catrymi’e
ordered in sequence teli’e
ordered interval bi’o
ordering items tepo’i
orderly cnici
orderly (health care) kujmikce
order (a meal) cticpe
order (biology) veljutsi
order (issue a command) minde
order (make statement) skumi’e
order (request some product/service) tervencpe
order (state of being well arranged) nuncnici
ordinal selbri moi
ordinal tense re’u
ordinary fadni
organically grown rarvelcange
organic (carbon) tabyselcmu
organic (originating in life) mivyselkra
organization (office, business) bijgri
organize ganzu
organizing committee gazykamni
organ rango
orgasm (experience sexual climax) glefra, place 1
oriented selfa’a
original rapfinti, place 2
originate (take first existence) selkra
origin (anatomy) jbiji’o
origin (source) krasi
origin (starting place) terkla
Orthodox Christian sunxi’o
Orthodox (Christian) sunxi’o
or (exclusive or) onai
or (inclusive or) a
OR (operating room) micka’aku’a
oscillate slilu
ostrich strutione
otary pinpedi
other-oriented se’inai
other drata
out of character (roleplay) lisybartu
out of control sezytoltro
out of temper sezytoltro
outdoors dijbartu
outer space kensa
outlaw (person) flanaltinbe
outlet barkalri
outwardsly mo’ize’o
outward ze’o
out bartu
ovary fetyganti
oven toknu
over and out fe’o
overjoyed tcegei
overwhelmed dusfri
over mu’o
over (above) ga’u
owed terdejni
owe dejni
owl ctecpi
ownership rights ponse, place 1
oxygen kijno
ox (used to plow) bakykakpa, place 5
oyster ostreda
o obu
p-adic base fatysaclu, place 3
p-adic number fatysaclu, place 2
p-adic representation fatysaclu, place 1
p-adic fatysaclu
pace (unit of measurement) tapygutci
Pacific Ocean pasifik
pacified tolfekybi’o
pack (increase compactness) demri’a
paddle (device for moving a boat) blomuvga’a
page papri
pain, be in (emotionally) cnicro
painting (as a piece of art) pirlarfi’i, place 2
paint cinta
paint (agentive) cintypu’i
paint (as in artwork) pirlarfi’i
pain cortu
pair xabmapti, place 4
Pakistani English (language) kisyglibau
Pakistani kisto
Pakistan kisygu’e
palace nolzda, place 1
paladin jdasoi
palate molgapru
Palestinian filso
255party pause
pales labybi’o
palindrome mitfa’e
palindromic mitfa’e
palm tree tricnrarekake
Pan-American bemjoitco
panda cionmau
pangolin foldota
panic xalni
pants palku
pant (breath tiredly) tairva’u
pant (wheeze) vaxselnandu
pan tansi
pan (cooking utensil) juptansi
paperbark tree mlaluka
paper pelji
paprika kapsiku
papyrus (plant) misryplespa
papyrus (writing material) misryple
parachute falbu’u
parachute (fall with parachute) bukfa’u
parade (walking in sequence) dzupoi
paraglide bukyvoi
paragraph jufmei, place 1
parallax (astronomy) zgamuvjga
parallel panra
parasite tcuji’e
paratrooper vijysoi
parent rirni
parent (biological) veljbe, place 2
parishioner masyce’u, place 2
Paris paRIZ
park (bring to store in specified place) ma’ersrogau
park (for recreation) zdipanka
park (land reserve) panka
park (place a vehicle) stagau
parliamentary republic gubyka’iseltru, place 1
parliament flari’a, place 1
parrot species spitaki, place 2
parrot (bird) spitaki, place 1
parsec tanminli
parser genturfa’i, place 1
parse (find a grammatical structure) genturfa’i
parsimoniously do’anai
parsimonious mobdu’a
participate cmizu’e
particular (attentive to details) tecyju’i
particular (specific) steci
partings co’o
partner (sexual partner) glepe’o
partridge cipnrfasani
party (political) trudjigri
party (social gathering) tersla
part pagbu
pascal (SI unit) klanrpaskali, place 1
pass by lampagre
pass through pagre
pass through (move something through something) gregau
passage (aisle) vorlu’a
passenger aircraft previnji
passenger ship preblo
passing by mo’izo’a
passing through mo’ipa’o
passing thru stages vepu’e
passionflower markuja
passionfruit markuja
passive le’ocu’i
passport jaspu
password japyvla
pass (go beyond) backla
pasta grains tamxri, place 3
pasta shape tamxri, place 2
pasta pexfebdja, place 1
paste pesxu
paste (insert a piece of media previously copied/cut)
pastor jdaca’i
past purci
patched (with a sticky patch) bofsnipa, place 2
patch (sticky) bofsnipa
patent breveto
patience o’o
patient (health care) kujmikce, place 2
patient (not unwilling to wait) depyjdari
patient (someone who receives treatment from a doctor) selmikce
patriarchate nakydzetru, place 2
patriarch nakydzetru, place 1
patriarch (head of church) jdaja’a
patriot naijgi
patriot (love of nation) natpa’i
pattern of marks ba’armo’a
pattern of word vlatai
pattern morna
patty of ground material zaltapla
pausative de’a
pause symbol denpa bu
pause (causative) depri’a
pause (intermission) nunde’a
pause (make stop) zasysti
256performance phonology
pavement dagysfe
paving dagysfe
pay off lejbai
pay salary dikle’i
pay pleji
peaceful (calm) nalselra’u
peace panpi
peach smela
peafowl cipnrfasani
peanut derdembi, place 1
pearl boijme
pear perli
pebble rokspi
pebi (unit prefix) sampetso
pecan nargrkaria
pedalogy terderske
pedal jmavra
pedestal zbepi
pee (urinate) pincyvi’i
pelt skapi
pencil pinsi
pendulum dadysli
penguin species zipcpi, place 2
penguin zipcpi
penis sheath pinjygai, place 1
penis pinji
penne (shaped pasta) tamxri
penultimate bridi go’e
penurious mobdu’a
pen penbi
people who say things habitually; [people
who say proverbs, (though that’s more like se
tcacyselsku)] cacysku
people prenu
peppermint (plant) mentapiperita
pepper (Capsicum) kapsiku
pepper (Piper) tsaprpiperi
perceive meaning tersmu
percentage cenlai
percent ce’i
perdition pacruxtutra
perfected (finished) mulno
perfective ba’o
perfect prane
perfect (agentive) dragau
perform abortion tarbyvi’u
performance tigni, place 2
performance (of classical music) nolzgi, place 2
performance (of folk music) naizgi, place 2
performance (of jazz) dja’aza, place 2
performance (of pop music) sopselneizgi, place 2
performer tigni, place 1
perform tigni
peril ckape
periodontal densru
periodontist densrumikce
permanent vitno
permissible (grammatically correct) gendra
permission e’a
permit ca’icru
permit (artifact or document rendering something
allowed or legal) cruvei
permit (rule) crujva
perplexed peifli
Persian (language) bangrxirana
persimmon persimo
person blamed fu’esku, place 2
person married to one’s sibling tubyspe
person or thing grumbled at fegmliba’u, place
personality (qualities that make something a person) selpre
persona (social role) selpre
person prenu
persuade bitygau
pertained to by ra’a
pertain srana
pertinent (relevant) srana
Peruvian pervu’ui
Peru peRUV
perverted activity cincizra, place 2
perverted property cincizra, place 3
pervert (sexual deviant) cincizra, place 1
pessimistic xlajijnu
pessimist tolpa’a, place 2
petal (flower) rulpezli
petroleum ctile
petrology rokske
pet (animal) dalpe’o
pet (gently stroke) mlisa’e
phallus (artificial object) runpinji
pheasant cipnrfasani
philosophy pijyske
philtrum molku’o
phloem blutu’u
phone number fonjudri
phonetics voksnaske
phone (speech sound) ba’usle
phone (talk on the phone) fonta’a
phonology vokygenske
257piss play
phosphorus sackycmu
photographer kacmyxra, place 3
photograph kacmyxra, place 1
photograph (using camera) kacmyterxra
photon guska’u, place 1
phrase compound tanru
phrase language jufpau, place 4
phrase topic jufpau, place 3
phrase jufpau
phylum (biology) jicymivykle, place 1
physical pain oiro’o
physical ro’o
physics termu’eske
piano concerto pipnrpiano zei konceto
piano pipno
piano pipnrpiano
piazza gubypanka
pica pica cipnrpika
pick (decide between options) cuxna
pick (grasp and pull) jaicpu
picture pixra
piculet kevypracpi
pidgin sapxrebau
piece of a machine mi’ispi
piece of stone rokspi
piece spisa
pieplant stanyxruba
pie (food) nabypalne
pigeon kolmba
pig xarju
pike (fish) ersokso
pilot (of a boat) blosazri
pilot (of an aircraft) vijysazri
pineapple grutrxananase
pinkie (little finger) mumymomdegji
pinky (little finger) mumymomdegji
pink xunblabi
pin pijne
pioneer tumfakli’u
pipa jgitrpipa
pipe contents jaurflevau, place 2
pipe destination jaurflevau, place 3
pipe source jaurflevau, place 4
pipe (computer) datnyfle
pipe (tube carrying fluid) jaurflevau, place 1
pirate ship blozeile’a, place 2
pirate (seafaring bandit) blozeile’a, place 1
pirozhki nabypalne
Pisces (constellation/astrology) relyfi’es
piss off (cause someone to be angry) fegri’a
piss (urinate) pincyvi’i
pistachio nargrpistaco
piston (engine part) ca’erslanu
pit, the (Hell) pacruxtutra
pitch (slope downwards) nitsalpo
pity uu
pixel vidnysle
pizza bread nabypalne, place 3
pizza iptsa, place 1
pi pai
place around srupunji
place of honor si’astu
place returned from xrukla, place 3
place returned to xrukla, place 2
place (location) seva’ai
placid smacni
plaice platesa
plain (apparent) filselga’e
plain (flatland) pintu’a
plain (unadorned) jadycau
plan time and date for event detytcikygau
plan time for event tcikygau
planetoid cmaplini
planet plini
plane (2-D space) plita
plane (tree) platano
plant species selspa
plant with bulb selbalji
plantain (banana) jupybadna
plantain (small plant) plantago
plant spati
plant (place in soil) sombo
plan platu
plan (program for achieving objective) selpla
plaster (band-aid) bofsnipa
plastic slasi
plate palta
platinum jinmrplati
platoon (army unit) songripausle
play American/Canadian football bemboijvi
play baseball ga’arboijvi
play cricket kriketi
play croquet kelcrkroke
play football (soccer) boltipyjvi
play lottery cundinkei
play politics vlixlu
play soccer boltipyjvi
player (game with score) ci’erkeilai, place 1
player (participant of a game) kelci, place 1
play kelci
258pole pornography
play (music) zgipli
plaza gubypanka
pleasant pluka
please repeat ke’o
pleased by pu’a
pleased (content) mansygei
please pe’u
please (give pleasure) pluka
pleasing conditions tepu’a
pleasure oinai
pliers cinza
plotter (machine) primi’i
plower bakykakpa, place 1
plow (to turn earth) plixa
plow (with oxen (noun)) bakykakpa, place 4
plow (with oxen) bakplixa
pluck (lift, remove) degycpu
plump plana
plum smela
plurality (of a group) datmau
plus su’i
Pluto (dwarf planet) pluton
pm (after noon) dormijbalvi
poacher (illegal hunter) zerkalte
poach (hunt illegally) zerkalte
Pocket Monster daskycizborda’u
pocket daski
podium (for honoring/venerating) si’astu
poem pemci
point-event abstract mu’e
pointed towards selfa’a
pointed upwards (turned up) gapselfa’a
pointer finger relmomdegji
pointer (directional, non-agentive) farsni, place 1
pointing device (computer input interface)
pointing upwards (turned up) gapselfa’a
points ci’erkeilai
point (directional, non-agentive) farsni
point (vertex) mokca
point (with the finger) degja’o
poison ivy urci
poison oak urci
poison sumac urci
poison vindu
poke tunta
Pokemon species ´ daskycizborda’u, place 1
Pokemon ´ daskycizborda’u
Poland polskas
polar opposite to’e
pole (for propelling punt) bloca’ega’a
pole (geographic) jedji’o
pole (shape/form) grana
police pulji
policy maker plajva, place 2
policy plajva, place 1
policy (guideline) zukselpla, place 1
policy (plan of action) ctuci’e, place 2
polish spali
Polish (culture) po’olska
Polish (language) bangrpolska
polite, very litytce
polite clite
political franchise cmicu’akrali
political party trudjigri
political theory trusi’o
political plajva
politics trucu’u
polity jecta
polo neck (garment) nebnipcreka
polo shirt cekrpolo
polyamorous (person) sorpa’i, place 1
polyglot sorbaucre
Polynesian polno
polynomial tefsujme’o, place 1
polytheist sorselcei
polytope jipmokca, place 2
pomelo branimre
pony cmaxi’a
pool water limla’u, place 3
pool (body of water) gumjau
pool (swimming pool) limla’u
poorwill ctecmocpi
poor pindi
poo (defecate) kalcyvi’i
pop musician zgirpopu, place 2
pop music (genre) zgirpopu, place 1
pop music (music genre) sopselneizgi, place 1
pope jdaja’a
pope (position in religious heirarchy) jatnrpapa
poppet valve ca’erslanu
poppy makpapi
popular (approved by the people) selzaumi’o
popular (liked by most people) sopselnei
population (number of inhabitant) nilxa’ugri
pop (music genre) zgirpopu
porcupine jesyratcu
pore (of skin) kapkevna
pornographer glefi’a, place 3
pornography glefi’a
259prairie pretend
porn glefi’a
portable computer selbeiskami
portable (can be carried) selbeika’e
porter beipre
portion selbri si’e
portmanteau u’ivla
Portuguese porto
Portuguese (language) banpu’oru
port (sea transportation) blotcana
position (taken in argument) seldau
positioned momlai
position (place/location) zvati, place 1
positive electricity mardikca
positive number ma’u
positively charged (electric) mardikca, place 2
positive (mathematical) zmana’u
possess ponse
possible futures tense ba’oi
possible worlds tense mu’ei
possible cumki
poster (advertisement) gubnoi
postpone bavypunji
post (send mail) mrilu
potassium sodnrkali
potato patlu
potful paxlai
pottery kitselzba, place 1
potter kityzba, place 1
POTUS merja’a
pot patxu
pot (cooking) jupypatxu
pound bunda
pound (British currency) ru’urgubupu
pour onto likpu’i
pour (fall) cavyfle
pour (intense rain) demcarvi
powdered pumvau
powder purmo
power down sazysti
power shovel kakpyca’a
powerful vlipa
power (capacity to act effectively) kamvli
power (capacity to exercise authority) trubasti
practical joke xamgau
practical (likely to be applicable) tcikai
practice (clinic) micydi’u
practice (custom) cacklu
practice (exercise) crezenzu’e
practice (repetition) rapcreze’a
pragmatics (science) banpliske
prairie sastu’a
praise (talk favorably) zausku
prayer jdaselsku
pre-cum piblitki
pre-ejaculate piblitki
precede immediately (in sequence) li’erla’i
preceded by li’e
precede (immediately, in sequence) li’erla’i
precede (in sequence) lidne
precede (in time) prula’i
preceding seli’e
precipitate (suspensible solid) pulce
precisely speaking sa’e
predicate var 1 broda
predicate var 2 brode
predicate var 3 brodi
predicate var 4 brodo
predicate var 5 brodu
predicate word brivla
predicate bridi
prefer nelrai
pregnant seltarbi
prejudger duslirpai, place 1
prejudge duslirpai
prejudgment subject duslirpai, place 2
prejudiced duslirpai
prejudice pa’enai
preliminary cfapru
premier (head-of-government) truralju
premise (basis) lojycpa, place 3
prenex brili’e, place 1
preparation cfapru
prepare bregau
prepone prupu’i
prepuce pinjyskapi
presence be’ucu’i
present (pertaining to the current time) cabna
preserve stogau
preserve (maintain the condition of) ra’irgau
president of the US merja’a
president (head-of-state) gugja’a
press release nuznoi
pressure danre
press (apply pressure) danre
press (media) karni
pretender (someone who wishes to do something)
zu’edji, place 1
pretend sezmlugau
pretend (as in ’plays at pretending’) selxarkei
pretend (wish to do) zu’edji
260produce proposition
pretention zu’edji, place 2
prettier mlemau
prettiest mlerai
pretzel (foodstuff) jgenanba, place 1
prevent fanta
preview (see something in advance) purzga
previous day prulamdei
previous year prulamna’a, place 1
previous prula’i
price jdima
prickly plant cpinyspa
pride o’a
priest jdaca’i
prime minister truralju
prime (number) mulna’usle, place 1
prince consort truspe
principal ralju
principle (basis) jicmu
printer (machine) primi’i
print prina
print (copy something onto a surface) prigau
print (image) primi’i, place 2
prisoner pinfu
privacy i’inai
private network (corporate computer network)
kagysamseltcana, place 1
private sivni
privet trueno
privilage (entitlement) terpikta
pro-assign update ra’o
pro-bridi assign cei
pro-bridi brika’i
pro-sumti assign goi
pro-sumti sumka’i
pro-word basyvla
probability selbri cu’o
probability la’a
probable lakne
problem that is major nadycai
problem nabmi
process abstract pu’u
processing computer samru’e, place 5
processing from sepu’e
processing into tepu’e
procession (walking in sequence) dzupoi
process (computer process) samru’e
process (regulated series of steps) pruce
proclaim notsku
procreate rorci
producer cupra, place 1
produce cupra
product development (as an organized activity)
zbafavycu’u, place 1
production inventory terzbasro, place 1
production (activity of producing) zbacu’u
production (activity of producing) zbacu’u, place
product (amount created by a process) cupra, place
product (commodity, service, good) selve’u
profession (job requiring a high level of skill or
training) crejibri
professor (a lecturer in a university) balkulctu
profile (summary/collection of information about a
person) predatni
profit share (profit sharing for employees) fairprali
profit prali
program (computer, in general) samtci
program (plan for achieving objective) selpla
program (running computer process) samru’e
program (source code) samselpla
program (write a computer program) sampla
progress (become better) xagyfarvi
progress (go forward) crakla
prohibition e’anai
prohibit tolcru
projectile danti
project (extend outward) barku’e
project (set of tasks) gungunma
prokaryote pruslemijyji’e
promisee nupre, place 3
promise nu’e
promise (commit to something) nupre
promisor nupre, place 1
promulgate notsku
pronoun for first person mibma’o
pronoun for second person donma’o
pronoun cmebasti
pronunciation ba’urtadji
proof of cipyple, place 3
property abstract ka
property (real estate) stuselpo’e
property (something that is owned) ponse, place 2
property (trait) ckaji
proper (fit) mapti
proper (intrinsic) jinzi
prophet (religious author) jdacku, place 3
propose stidi
proposition (content of an assertion) selni’i, place

261puncture quantum state
prose prosa
prositute client gleve’u, place 2
prosthetic bone jimbo’u
prostitute payment gleve’u, place 3
prostitute gleve’u, place 1
prostrate (to show veneration) pinsi’a
protection (security) kambandu
protective cover badgai
protein lanbi
Protestant (religion) patxi’o
protest pante
protest (by sighing) va’urpante
protest (complain) patspu
proton protoni, place 1
prove (establish existence, truth or validity.)
provide sabji
province gugypau
province (in a federation) vipygu’e
prow blocra
pseudocoelomate jifselbetfu, place 1
pseudocoelom jifselbetfu, place 2
pseudonym plicme
psychiatrist menmikce
psychiatry bi’armenske
psycholinguistics banmenske
psychological warfare menynunda’a
psychologist menmikce
psychology menske
pubescent bixma’u
pubic plibu
public sector gubgundi
public square gubypanka
publication ckupra, place 2
publicise gubyternoi
public gubni
publisher ckupra, place 1
publisher (of a journal) terkarni
publish ckupra
publish (a journal) terkarni
puddle jacysenta
puff (breath tiredly) tairva’u
pull out tolse’a
pulley pulni
pull lacpu
pull (change place) cpumuvgau
pumpkin guzmrkukurbita
pump pambe
punctuate pandi
punctuation mark lau
puncture (passage) greke’a
pungent cpina
punish sfasa
punkah bifpra
punting pole bloca’ega’a
pupa (of butterfly or moth) todbi’olanka
purchaser jdima, place 3
pure curve
purity cmuxu’i, place 3
purple zirpu
purpose of tool seltci
purpose (object to be reached) terzu’e
purr latpukcmo
pushcart ca’ercarce
push (move by pushing) ca’ermuvgau
push (shove) catke
pus bi’arlitki
put around srupunji
put close to jbipu’i
put near to jbipu’i
put off (embarrass) burnygau
put out a light gusydicra
put out (fire) fagystigau
put question retsku
put to death (as ordered) selmi’ecatra
put up to jbipu’i
put punji
puzzlement oiro’e
puzzle namkei, place 2
pyrexic bi’agla
pyre mudyfagri
Python (programming language) piton
p py
petanque ´ bolgu’o
quadrangle selsrustu
quadrille (dance) vonynundansu
quadrille (music) vonseldansu
quail cipnrfasani
quake (undergo an earthquake) loisli
quality (trait) ckaji
quantifiable lairka’e
quantified tense roi
quantifier lairka’e, place 2
quantifier (symbol expressing quantity) klani,
place 2
quantifying la’u
quantity klani
quantum state (of electron) lektoni, place 2
quantum state (of neutron) nurtoni, place 2
quantum state (of proton) protoni, place 2
262rail read
quantum kantu
quark (elementary particle) kuarka
quarrel da’arta’a
quarrel (arrow) celga’a
quarter xabyxadba
Queen Anne’s lace spatrdauko
queen consort truspe
queen nolraitru
queen (ant queen) mantymamta
question follows pau
question subject reisku, place 5
question preti
question (ask a question) retsku
queue (waiting line) depypoi
quick (fast) sutra
quiet smaji
quiet (low noise level) lauble
quilt ckagai
quite certain ju’ocai
quit (ceases employment) jibmu’o
quiver (arrow container) danvau
quiz (evaluate knowledge) kamjunmre
quota (sales objective) velventerzu’e
quote scope fu’ei
quote fu’ei
quote lu
quote (express with quotation) sitsku
quotient dilcu
Quranic muslo
rabbit ractu
rabbi ravboni
rabid tolvutu
rabies tolvut
racehorse breed jvixi’a, place 2
racehorse jvixi’a
racer bajyjvi, place 1
racetrack bajyjvi, place 5
race (run) bajyjvi
racoon arxokuna
radian radno
radiate dirce
radio receiver/transmitter cradyvelcradi
radio transceiver cradyvelcradi
radio transmitter/receiver cradyvelcradi
radio cradi
radish (plant) spatnrafanu
radish (root/bulb) stagnrafanu
raft fultapla
railing (tool) garna
railway station renytcana
rail (tool) garna
rainbow tanbargu
raincoat cavykosta
rain carvi
raise oneself sezgalgau
raised selrirni
raise (elevate) galgau
raise (resurrect) mivgau
raisin (dried grape) sudvanjba
Ramadan ramadan
Ramazan ramadan
rambutan rambutane
rampart badbi’u
rancher dalcange, place 3
ranch dalcange, place 1
random number cunyna’u
random cunso
randy (sex) glebre
range kuspe
rank (of chessboard) pinpau
Ranunculus (plant) matnyxrula
ranunculus (plant) xrulnranunkulu
rape (vegetable) rasykobli
rapid sutra
rarely piso’uroi
rare rirci
rare (uncommon) nalfadni
rashness o’inai
raspberry frambesi
rate (amount measured in relation to another
amount) parbi
rate (evaluate) terva’i
rational number frinyna’u
rationale (premise) nibyti’i, place 1
ration (field ration) soirsai
ratio pa’i
rat ratcu
raven (bird) cipnrkorvo
ravine ma’arfe’a
raw (uncooked) nalseljukpa
ray-finned fish merlanu
reach (arrive) tolyli’a
reach (touch by virtue of extent) kuspe
react frati
reader (agentive) tcidu, place 1
ready to receive re’i
ready (make something ready) bregau
ready (prepared) bredi
read tcidu
read (consume) mencti
263redeem relativized it
real estate stuselpo’e
real number mrena’u
realize (become aware of) cfasanji
realm baltutra
real (number) mrena’u
reaper (farm equipment) repmi’i
Rear Admiral - Lowe Half (military rank in USA)
Rear Admiral - Upper Half (military rank in
USA) zelmoija’a
Rear-Admiral (military rank in India UK) zelmoija’a
rearwardsly mo’iti’a
reason for importance tervai
reason nevertheless seki’unai
reason therefore seki’u
reason(s) for resumption toldicra, place 3
reasoner nibyti’i, place 3
reason krinu
rebellious flapro
rebel (opponent of authority) flapro, place 1
rebuke vlasfa
recapitulate refsku
receipt venvei
receive (accept with consent) cpazau
receive (get) terbe’i
recent bridi go’a
recent sumti ra
recent utterance de’u
recent lampru
reciprocal of fa’i
reciprocal sumti soi
reciprocal (multiplicative inverse) pavdilcu
reclining vreta
recognise (seen before) refsajbi’o
recognize (discern) sanji
recognize (seen before) refsajbi’o
recommend (bestow commendation on) nelti’i
record vreji
record (gramophone record) cukyku’ovelvei
record (log of performance or use) plivei
record (make a record of information) rejgau
record (sound) snavei
recreation (involving playful activity) nunkei
rectify dragau
rectify (rectifying event) draga’i
recursion cmacnrekursi
recursive function cmacnrekursi, place 1
recursive cmacnrekursi
recur krefu
redeem (rescue) nurxru
reduce (bring down) jdikygau
red xunre
reed (for an instrument) selxagri
reed (grass) xagryspa
reed (instrument) xagri
reel in carcpu
reference point nau
reference manri
referent (that which is referred) sitna, place 2
referrer sitna, place 1
refer (express with reference to) sitsku
refer (make a reference to) smugau
refer (make reference to) sitna
reflective (light-reflective) gusminra
reflect minra
reflect (think about seriously) jurpei
refresh (reload a web page) refkibycpa
refrigerator lekmi’i
refusal ainai
refuse (decline) cpapro
refuse (garbage) victerlu’i
refute (negate) tolxu’a
regents (of a university) balcu’e, place 5
regent (monarch) nolraitru
regiment (ramy unit) jempausle
regime truci’e
regional diklo
register (computer memory) datnyvau
register (enroll as user of computer resource)
register (enroll in program or organization)
register (linguistic) skutadji
registration list zvaste
regret xenru
regularly di’i
regular dikni
regulate (somebody changes something) tikygau
reincarnate mivgau
reject (an offer) fitytoltu’i
rel clause joiner zi’e
related to seki’i
related ckini
relate (pertain) srana
relationship ckini, place 3
relation (manner in which two things may be associated) kamra’a
relative clause ra’abri
relativized it ke’a
264representative restrictive phrase
relaxation o’u
relax surla
release from promise nu’ecu’i
release from tolri’ugau
release of emotion ri’e
release (from grasp) toljgari
release (set free) zifcru
relentless nalsti
relevant srana
relief (sculptured) blixra
relieved co’urdu’u
religion lijda
reload (refresh a web page) refkibycpa
reluctance aunai
reluctant toldarsi
rely lacri
remainder velvi’u
remain stali
remake rapfinti, place 1
remark (comment) pinka
remark (express a comment) piksku
remember morji
reminder (message) mojgaunoi, place 1
remind mojgau
reminisce mojypei
remnant velvi’u
removed hair krevi’u, place 2
remove vimcu
rent zasyve’u
repairman (repairing/maintaining machines)
repair cikre
repeating decimal ra’e
repeating ke’u
repeat (expression) refsku
repeat (re-occuring action) rapli
repeat (say again) ke’usku
repentance u’u
replace one another basysi’u
replaced by ba’i
replacement quote sa’ai
replace basti
replace (agentive) basygau
reply spuda
report (information describing events) datnynoi
report (notify) jungau
repose a’inai
repossess le’axru
representative democracy ka’irtrusi’o
representative (agent) krati, place 1
representative (parliament) gubyka’iseltru,
place 2
represented by ka’i
representing in teka’i
represent krati
represent (serve as a sign or symbol of) sinxa
reproach vlasfa
reptile species selrespa, place 1
reptile respa
Republic of South Africa nanfi’ogu’e
Republic of South Korea gugdekuru
republic gubyseltru, place 1
repulsion a’unai
reputation gubysizykai
request attendance zvacpe
request by saying cpesku
request someone to return xrucpe
request to send be’e
request e’o
request (place an order for) tervencpe
require (ask for peremptorily) ca’icpe
requiring sau
reschedule (change time of appointment) tcikyga’i
rescued nurxru, place 2
rescuer nurxru, place 1
rescue nurxru
resemble smimlu
reserve (book in advance) ternupcpe
reset to new value ninga’igau
reset to original value kraga’igau
reset (to new value) ninga’igau
reset (to original value) kraga’igau
resident (legal) flaxa’u, place 1
resin ricyblu, place 1
resolute jditce
respect io
respect (have respect for) sinma
resplendent mleba’i
respond abruptly bikspu
responsible fuzme
restart (begin again) refcfa
restart (cause to begin again) refcfari’a
restaurant gusta
restrained ri’urgau, place 2
restraint of emotion ri’enai
restraint (device) terkavbu
restrain rinju
restrictive clause poi
restrictive identity po’u
restrictive phrase pe
265rib rock face
rest (take repose) surla
rest (that which remains) selyli’a, place 1
results because seja’e
results despite seja’enai
result jalge
result (remainder) velvi’u
resumed toldicra, place 2
resume (restart) toldicra, place 1
resumptitive di’a
resume´ sezyskinoi
resurrectee ji’exru, place 2
resurrecter ji’exru, place 1
resurrect ji’exru
retail/wholesale sector cajgundi
retained earnings ra’erprali, place 1
retained surplus ra’erprali
retain ralte
retiree jibmu’o, place 1
retire (cease working) jibmu’o
retreat (behind something) ti’ekla
return to main point ta’onai
return, caused to xrugau
returner (one who goes back) xrukla, place 1
return (carry back) xrubei
return (go back) xrukla
return (intransitive) se’ixru
return (think back) peixru
return (to an earlier state) xruti
reveal fa’irgau
revenge venfu
reverberation mirsna
reverse of fa’e
reverse Polish fu’a
reverse fatne
reverse (turn backward or over) fa’ergau
reversible (sequence) fatka’e
reverting thing se’ixru, place 1
revert se’ixru
revise cusku’i
revive ji’exru
reward cnemu
rhetorical question paunai
rhinoceros zbiseljirna
rhino zbiseljirna
rhubarb (pieplant) stanyxruba
rhyme rimni
rhythm rilti
ribbon dasri
ribcage cutygreku
rib (bone) cutybo’u
rib (curved bones) srubo’u
rice field risfoi
rice wine risyvanju
rice rismi
rich ricfu
rider selma’e, place 1
ride (be carried) selma’e
ride (sex) cpanygle
ridge tolku’o
ridicule ckasu
ridiculous terckasu
rifle (shoulder held firearm) clacelxa’i
right ascension sunsicyjudri
right bracket ve’o
right hand prityxa’e
rights (entitlements) krali
rights (entitlements, permissions) terzi’e, place 1
rightwardly mo’iri’u
right pritu
right (agentive) dragau
right (due) zi’ejva
right (entitlement) krali
rim (anal-oral sex) gaxmolgle
ring finger vonmomdegji
ring djine
ring (jewelry) degja’i
ripped item vlika’a, place 2
ripped piece vlika’a, place 3
rip vlika’a
rise (ascend) tolfa’u
rise (from bed) ckali’a
rise (move upwards) galmu’u
rise (stand up) sa’irbi’o
rite ritli
river rirxe
River (name) rirx
rivet dinkrnite
rivulet cmatceri’e
road sign dagysni
roadrunner sutybajycpi
road dargu
roaring caivru
roars (angry non-linguistic utterence) fe’ucmo
roar (an expression) camki’a
roar (angry utterence) fegba’u
roar (make threatening linguistic utternace) capsidba’u
robe pastu
robin (American robin) najycutcpi
rock face roksfe, place 1
266RPG Sagittarius
rocket launcher (shoulder held) janjaknyxa’i
rocket jakne
rock rokci
rod (shape/form) grana
roger je’e
ROK gugdrxanguke
role-player dracykei
role-playing game dracyselkei, place 1
roll up (intransitive) bolbi’o
roller skate (vehicle) cucma’e
rollerblade (vehicle) cucma’e
rolling surface for bike relxilma’e, place 3
roll (bakery article) cmananba
roll (dice) gurgau
roll (of an object) gunro
Roman Catholic la’orxi’o
Roman numeral la’ornacle’u
romance (behave amourously) cinjikca
Roman (nation) la’ornai
Rome romas
roof drudi
rookie nintadni
rook (chess) slanydi’u
roommate kanxa’u
room kumfa
root word gismu
root (nth root) seltenfa
root (plant appendage) genja
rope skori
rosary bidjylinsi
rose rozgu
rose (colour) labyxu’e
Rot-13 carpacib
rotten fusra
rotten (decayed) cazyfusra
rough rufsu
round trip (travel) cupli’u
rounded down ji’ini’u
rounded up ji’ima’u
round (2-dimensional) cukla
route of returning xrukla, place 4
route (any path along defined points) pluta
route (network route) tcanylu’a
row vector pinynacmei
rowing terblo
row (of objects) lijgri
row (of table) pinpau
royal servant nolse’u
royalty nolba’i
royal nolba’i
RPG dracyselkei
RSA gugdezu’a
rub against termosra
rub off mosyvi’u
rubber ckabu
rubbish victerlu’i
rub (agentive) termosygau
rub (applying cream/ointment) likpu’i
rude tolclite
rug buklolgai
ruin (remains of something destroyed, disintegrated,
or decayed.) temfesti
rule sysetm (permitting) crujva, place 3
rule system (permitting) crujva, place 3
rule with iron fist kustru
rules of standard tema’i
rule javni
rule (permitting) crujva, place 1
run a marathon clabajykla
run away bajli’a
run towards bajykla
running track bajystu
run bajra
run (towards a destination) bajykla
rural nurma
rush (go quickly) sutkla
rush (plant) junkace
rush (transitive) sutygau
Russian Federation gugderu’u
Russian rusko
Russian (language) rukybau
rusticle digyligykamju
rust furtirse
ruthless tolke’i
rye mraji
r ry
rabano ´ armoraki
Sabbath surdei
sackcloth (for mourning or showing remorse)
rufta’u, place 1
sack dakli
sacrilege re’enai
saddlebag xorjina
sadness ui
sadomasochist crogle
sad badri
safe for tolckape
safe (secure) snura
safflower kartamo
Sagittarius (constellation/astrology) celguntas
267Saturn science of sprites
sailor blopre
sail falnu
sail (move with the help of a sail) fankla
salad salta
salamander (amphibian) kaurdata
salary dikle’i, place 2
sales inventory selvensro, place 1
sales lead cumnunve’u
sales letter (direct mail) venxa’a
sales objective (quota) velventerzu’e
sales opportunity cumnunve’u
sales quota velventerzu’e
sales (activity of selling) vencu’u, place 1
saliva molselpu’u
salmon salmone
saloon drinkers xalbarja, place 2
saloon (tavern) xalbarja, place 1
salt silna
samara na’itsi
same day cabdei
same identity as du
same mintu
sample (specimen) mupli
sample (take a sample of) mupcpa
sanctify cesri’a
sanction nalpro
sand composition tercanre, place 1
sand source selcanre, place 1
sandalwood tcandana
sandal karcutci
sandwich snuji
sandwich (food) nabypalne
sand canre
sane racli
sanguine (optimistic) xagjijnu
Sanskrit srito
Sao Paulo saupaulos
sapsucker kevypracpi
sarcastic (using irony to wound) raxyckasu
sardonic (ironically humorous) raxyxajmi
sassaby tsesebe
sat on seltse
satellite mluni
satiated dusfri
satiation be’unai
satisfactory xamgu
satisfied selmansa
satisfy mansa
Saturday tedydei
saturday xavdei
Saturn (planet) xavyplin
sauce sanso
Saudi Arabian (language) djobau
Saudi Arabic (language) djobau
Saudi sadjo
sausage filling tisycanti, place 2
sausage kolbasa
savage (person) cicre’a
save (rescue) nurxru
save (write a file to a disk) rejgau
sawdust mudypu’o
saxophone xagrnsaksofono
say abruptly biksku
say sharply (s) biksku
say to oneself sezysku
say cusku
say (express) ba’usku
say (to speak a language) baupli
scalar affirmer je’a
scalar contrary na’e
scalar midpoint not no’e
scalar selbri va’e
scale ckilu
scaly anteater foldota
scare (frighten) terpygau
scarf (garment) sruta’u
scary selte’a
scene (landscape) jvinu
sceptre nolga’a, place 1
scheduled event detytcikygau, place 3
scheduled time and date detytcikygau, place
scheduled time tcikygau, place 2
scheduler detytcikygau, place 1
schedule (plan time and date for event) detytcikygau
schedule (plan time for event) tcikygau
Scheol pacruxtutra
school ckule
sci-fi skefi’a
science fiction skefi’a
science fiction (exploration of possible worlds)
science of elves cridyske
science of fairies cridyske
science of gnomes cridyske
science of goblins cridyske
science of mythical humanoids cridyske
science of pixies cridyske
science of sprites cridyske
268secretary sense
science saske
scissors blade relselba’e, place 2
scissors relselba’e, place 1
scold vlasfa
scone (bakery article) cmananba
scoopful muclai
scope (range) selku’e
score (game) ci’erkeilai, place 2
scornful (utterly) tolsi’arai
scorpion ja’urjukni
Scorpio (astrology) ja’urjuknis
Scorpius (constellation) ja’urjuknis
Scotch Tape nipsri
Scotland kotygu’e
Scottish skoto
scrape guska
scratch text rakci’a
scratch sraku
scream (an expression) camki’a
screwdriver lupcartci
screw klupe
scripture (religious book) cesycku
scrotum gantydakli
scrub against termosra
scrub (agentive) termosygau
sculptor laryrakpra, place 1
sculpture laryrakpra, place 2
sculpt laryrakpra
scurvy skorbuti
sea gull cipnrlaridei
sea jelly mivjdu
sea lion pinpedi
sea mine xasyjbama
sea worm xasycurnu
seagull cipnrlaridei
seal (animal) pinpedi
seaport blotcana
seasoning tsapi
season citsi
seat belt ri’usri
seat (place in which to sit) tsestu
sea xamsi
Sea (name) xas
secluded mipstu
second person pronoun donma’o
second standard tersnidu, place 1
secondly remai
second snidu
secret place mipstu
secretary (of government department) trupauja’a
secretary (office aide) ci’arse’u, place 1
secret mipri
section 0 nomo’o
section 1 pamo’o
section ordinal mo’o
section (separate part) terfendi
secure snura
security iinai
security (protection) kambandu
see details tilvi’a
seed tsiju
seeing conditions tervi’a, place 1
seek sisku
seem simlu
seen tervi’a, place 2
see viska
segment (phonetics) ba’usle, place 1
seigniorage si’irzbaprali
sel-important sezyjgidu’e
selbri separator cu
selbri to modal fi’o
selbri to operand ni’e
selbri to operator na’u
select alphabet zai
select (for use) plicu’a
self-control se’itro
self-improving (being) sezyze’a
self-interested sezyci’i
self-introduction mi’e
self-oriented se’i
self-propelled artillery gun karcycelxa’i
self-propelled artillery karcycelxa’i
self-restraint nunsezyfanta
self-serving sezyse’u
self-sufficiency se’a
self-sufficient (independent) sezbanzu
selfish sezyse’u
self sevzi
sell vecnu
selma’o quote ma’oi
semantics smuske
semantic smuske
semen tsiselcigla
semester kulcitsi
Semitic semto
Senate flazautrugri
send benji
seniority standard nalci’o, place 2
senior nalci’o, place 1
sense ganse
269sew shine
sense (sensibility) cnirango
sense (the way that a referent is presented) smuvanbi
sensibility cnirango
sensual cinmle
sent by be’i
sent to tebe’i
sentence abstract sedu’u
sentence and ije
sentence but not ijenai
sentence conn ? ije’i
sentence containing phrase jufpau, place 2
sentence fragment jufspi
sentence iff ijo
sentence if ijanai
sentence link i
sentence only if inaja
sentence ordinal mai
sentence or ija
sentence to death catrymi’e
sentence whether iju
sentence xor ijonai
sentence (in a paragraph) jufmei, place 3
sentence (statement) jufra
September sozmast
sepulcher (tomb) mrostu
sequenced by rules sepo’i
sequence porsi
sequentially perform porzu’e
serene tolxanka
seriously zo’onai
serious junri
Seri kuinke
servant, royal nolse’u
served selse’u
server (computer that hosts data) samci’ejudri
serve selfu
services industry sefygundi
services sector sefygundi
sesame simsimu
set free zifcru
set up a diet ctipla
settlement (cluster of houses/huts) sosyzda
settle (fix one’s residence) xa’urbi’o
settle (pacify) tugbi’o
setup (fashion in which something is organized/arranged) terganzu
set (mathematics) selcmi
several so’o
severe jursa
sew fenso
sex bomb cinmle, place 1
sex toy gletci
sexual abstinence ro’unai
sexual complaint oiro’u
sexual partner glepe’o
sexually polyamorous (person) sorcinpa’i
sexual ro’u
sexy cinmle
SF (science fiction) skefi’a
shaddock branimre
shadow ctino
shadow (follow) klaje’i
shaft (for boat propeller) blomatryga’a
shake desku
shake (intentionally) desyzu’e
shake (shaking something) desygau
shallow caxno
shame o’anai
shampoo (noun) krevelylu’i
shampoo (verb) krelu’i
Shangainese (language) banve’u’u
Shanghainese (language) banve’u’u
shape of word vlatai
shaped pasta tamxri, place 1
shape tarmi
share of profit (profit sharing for employees) fairprali
shareholder posyselfai, place 1
share (have in common) selfai
share (of capital stock) posterfai, place 1
sharing ideal form tetai
shark (animal) serlaximorfa, place 1
sharp kinli
shaver (remover of hair) krevi’u, place 1
shave (remove hair) krevi’u
shawl bofkosta
shears jinci
sheep lanme
sheet boxfo
shelf kajna
shell ginger zermbeto
shell material tercalku, place 1
shell-covered selcalku, place 1
shell calku
shelter marbi
Shevat pavypavmasti
shift next lerfu tau
shift (garment) tafrcemize
shine gusycai
270shredder similar by standard
Shintoism ponjda
Shinto ponjda
shiny (light-reflective) gusminra
ship’s captain bloja’a
shipcaptain bloja’a
shipmaster bloja’a
ship (boat) brablo
shirt creka
shirt (dress shirt) litcreka
shit (defecate) kalcyvi’i
shoal jmifa
shocked seljenca
shock jenca
shoebill (bird) balnkpi
shoe cutci
shooter (attacker) celgunta, place 1
shoot (attack) celgunta
shoot (new growth of plant) jicycma
shoot (new plant growth) stanycma, place 1
shop (store) zaisle
short scope link bo
short shirt befcaucreka
short story (short prose narrative) cmafi’a, place
short time interval ze’i
short time zi
short-term debt ze’i zei seldejni
short-term liability (company finance) ze’i zei
seldejni, place 1
shortage toldu’e
shorter clame’a
short tordu
short (in time) tortei
shoulder janco
shouts (verbally expresses by shouting) ki’asku
shout (talk loudly) lausku
shove locus terca’e
shoved selca’e
shoveled (something dug with an implement) selcna, place 1
shovel canpa
shovel (excavator) kakpyca’a
shove catke
shove (move by pushing) ca’ermuvgau
show direction farja’o
show emotion cnija’o
show self-restraint sezyfanta
shower (take a shower) cavysezlu’i
shower (wash by showering) cavlu’i
show jarco
shredder vlika’a, place 1
shred vlika’a
shrine si’astu
shrink (become diminished) cmaze’a
shrub demspa
shuffled (randomly distributed) cunfai
shuffle (randomly distribute) cunfaigau
shut down sazysti
shuttle (vehicle) rapxruxelkla
shut (close) ga’orgau
shy toldarsi
sibling tunba
sick with scurvy skorbuti, place 1
sickly bi’amlu
sickness terbi’a
sic le’ai
Siddhartha Gautama pavbudjo
side of flatfish mlafi’e, place 3
sideband mlaxelbo’a
sides (of a polyhedral) cu’arkubli, place 2
sidewalk dagysfe
sideways mlaselfa’a
sidewinder mlaparsince
side (directional) mlana
side (of an object) mlapau, place 1
siemens (SI unit) klanrzimenzi, place 1
sight (view) jvinu
sigh (utter sound in exasperation) patyva’u
sigma summation (brivla) snisimsumji
sigma summation (mekso operator) si’i
sign up (agree to receive some good or service) terbejbi’o
signal sinxa
significance domain vajrai, place 4
significance (moral) madni’i
signify selsmu
sign sinxa
Sikh (a religion) xalsixa
silhouette firti’oxra
silicium cancmu
silicon cancmu
silk silka
sillyness (event) nunbebna
sillyness (quality or property) kambebna
silo grutersro, place 1
silvery (made of silver (Ag)) rijno
silvery (the color of silver (Ag)) rijyska
silver rijno
silver (the color of silver (Ag)) rijyska
similar by standard vepa’a
271skin pore smart
similar in property vetai
similar to sepa’a
similarly si’a
similar simsa
simple sampu
simply speaking sa’u
simulate sezmlugau
simultaneous cabna
sine sinso
sinful jdazei
sing lullaby sipsa’a
Singapore SINgapur
singlet nercreka
single (never been married) nu’ospe
single (not accompanied by anything else) pamei
singular (being only one) pavmei
sing sanga
Sinkiang cinJIAN
sink derse’a
sink (washing) lumtansi
sinner pacyzu’e, place 1
sin (emotive) vu’enai
sin (evil action) pacyselzu’e
Sir (gender specific honorific) nolnaum
Sir (non gender specific honorific) nol
sister-in-law tubyspe
sister mensi
Sister (family relation) mes
sit below nitytse
sit beneath nitytse
sit down (become seated) tsebi’o
sit down (begin sitting) cfatse
sit down (beneath) nitytse
sitar jgitrsita
site stuzi
Sith (Star Wars) palsita, place 1
situation tcini
sit zutse
SIV-positive smanyjinkytoldu’evir, place 2
Sivan cibmasti
SIV (virus) smanyjinkytoldu’evidru
size [in millimeters]; number of millimeters
miltre, place 2
size of caltrop vondi’o, place 2
size cisni, place 1
skateboard xilta’o
skeleton bogygreku
skepticism iacu’i
sketch (draw) xraci’a
sketch (drawing) xraselci’a
skin pore kapkevna
skip (go with skipping motion) pipkla
skirt skaci
skirt (sidestep) mlakla
skivvy (garment) nebnipcreka
ski skiji
skull (head bones) sedbo’u, place 1
skunk merfiti, place 1
skysurfingboard tanta’o
sky tsani
slacks (trousers) palku
slant (tilt away from vertical) sa’orgau
slate (chalkboard) bakryta’o
slate (of candidates) cu’acmi, place 4
slave (forced servant) selbapselfu
Slavic slovo
sledder salcarce, place 2
sled salcarce
sled (transport vehicle) bevma’e
sleeping bag daklycka
sleepy person sipta’i, place 1
sleepy (from tiredness) sipta’i
sleepy (wanting sleep) sipydji
sleep sipna
sleeveless birtu’ucau
sleeve (arm part of garment) birtafpau
sleeve (for arm) birtu’u
slice panlo
slide fastener denstela
slide sakli
slightly annoy (event) mlifanza
slight (little) toltce
slingshot rerce’a
sloe smela
slope salpo
sloth (mammal) snomabru
Slovakia slovensk
Slovene slovino
Slovenian slovino
slow-witted tolmencre
slow masno
sluggish malsno
small nest cmazda
small space interval ve’a
smaller (by the standard of bigness) brame’a
smaller (by the standard of smallness) cmamau
smallest (by the standard of bigness) mecybrarai
smallest (by the standard of smallness) cmarai
small cmalu
smart mencre
272sock sound
smegma pinjyjdu
smell sumne
smelt (fish) sperlanu
smile at cismyfra
smiley face zo’obu
smile cisma
smoker (tobacco smoker) sigva’u
smoke danmo
smoke (cannabis) marnyva’u, place 1
smoke (emitted from chimney) damtu’u, place 3
smoke (inhale smoke) damva’u, place 1
smoke (inhale tobacco smoke) sigva’u
smooth xutla
snail cakcurnu
snake since
snap (answer abruptly) bikspu
snap (say abruptly) biksku
snarls (angry linguistic utterence) fegba’u
snarls (angry non-linguistic utterence) fe’ucmo
snarl (make threatening noise) capsidba’u
sneeze senci
sniffle zbisakci
sniff (inhale through the nose) zbisakci
sniper satcygunta
snoop mipyzga
snooty tolcumla
snore sipsavgau
snort (inhale through the nose) zbisakci
snort (make sound) zbisnava’u
snout (of pig) xajyzbi
snowboard si’erta’o
snowshed bisri’e, place 3
snow snime
snug tagji
soak up cokcu
soap zbabu
soccer ball boltipyboi, place 1
soccer game boltipterjvi, place 1
soccer player boltipyjvi, place 1
social anthropology kluske
socialism (politics) fairpaltrusi’o
socialist political ideology fairpaltrusi’o
socialize jikca
social kamjikca
social ro’a
social (being extroverted/outgoing) jikca
society kamjikca
society (group of people sharing culture) kluce’u
sociolinguistics banjikske
socket (computer) datnyxle
sock smoka
soda (of transparent type) klisodva
soda sodva
sodium sodna
Soemmerring’s Pheasant ma’arjipci
sofa sfofa
soft pedal togysmajmavra
soft ranti
soil science derske
Solar System tarci’e
solar system tarci’e, place 1
solar solri
soldier sonci
sole (part of foot) jmani’a
solid (not liquid or gaseous) sligu
solitary jiksei
solver (puzzle solver) namkei, place 1
some selbri 1 bu’a
some selbri 2 bu’e
some selbri 3 bu’i
somersault (roll forward or backward) pipcarna
something 1 da
something 2 de
something 3 di
something associated with zo’ei
something made that is pleasant kukselzba
something other than na’ebo
something shaved (something that hair is removed from) krevi’u, place 3
somewhat big mlibra
some (at least one) su’o
Son bes
song (music with voice) selsa’a
sonnet pemcrsoneto, place 1
Sonny bes
son bersa
soon utterance de’e
sorcerer mafcre
sorcery mafcre, place 2
sorghum sorgu
sorrel pezyxruba
sorry (after saying something wrong) le’ai
sostenuto pedal togra’ijmavra, place 1
soul ruxse’i, place 1
Soul sol
sound of breaking popsna
sound off patspu
sound recording snavei
sound signal snasni
sound sance
273species spread
soup stasu
source of diamond tabjme, place 2
source tanru cimjvo, place 4
source;testpaper source cipyple, place 2
source krasi
sour slari
South African English (language) nanfi’oglibau
South Africa nanfi’ogu’e
South American ketco
South America tcotu’a
south by west nansicnansnanu
South Korean (language) bangrxanguke
South Korea gugdrxanguke
south of ne’u
South Slavic nanslovo
southeast by east nansunsunsnanu
southeast nanstuna
southwardly mo’ine’u
south snanu
Soviet softo
sow sombo
soy sauce sobysanso
soya sobde
space aspects fe’e
space motion mo’i
space-time caljvetei, place 1
spaced (be separated to a distance) sepli
spacetime vonca’u
space canlu
space (area beyond atmosphere of planets) kensa
spaghetti grusko
Spain sangu’e
Spanish spano
Spanish (language) bansupu’a
spare part (of a machine) mi’ispi
sparkle mircai
sparkling wine fomvanju
spark (ember) fagyka’u
sparrowhawk aksiptrina
speak fluently filta’a
speak softly mliba’u
speaker (device) selsnapra
speak (to speak a language) baupli
spearwort (plant) xrulnranunkulu
spear kilga’axa’i
special (distinguished by a unique/unusual quality) rirci
special (of particular interest/value) steci
species of ape remsmismani, place 2
species of dodder marbela, place 2
species jutsi
specific steci
specify te’iski
specs le’otci
spectacles le’otci
spectacles (eyeglasses) lacni
spectacle (eyewear) lacni
speech sound ba’usle
speech stream ba’usle, place 2
speed up (an agent or person being the cause) sutygau
speed up (quicken the motion/process) sutyze’a
speeder sutli’u, place 1
speed (of doing) nilsutra
speed (swiftly travel) sutli’u
speed (transitive) sutygau
speed (velocity) kamsutra
spend (consume) xaksu
spicy (hot taste) crovu’i
spider jukni
spiky plant cpinyspa
spine (set of bones) bogykamju
spinster fetnalspe
spiny anteater zalgosu
spiral sarlu
spiritual complaint oire’e
spiritual re’e
spirit pruxi
spiteful xladji
spite (offend) cnixai
spittle molselpu’u
spit sputu
spit (saliva) molselpu’u
splendid mleba’i
splendour kamba’i
splinter (wood) cmamudyspi
spoken message ba’urnoi
sponge (animal) panjyda’u
sponge (porous material) panje
spoonful muclai
spoon smuci
sport (physical) xadykelci’e, place 1
spotflower akmela
spot (find) visfa’i
spot (patch on surface) barna
spoused selspe, place 1
spouse selspe, place 2
spread (expand) preja
spread (in sense of an agent doing the spreading)
274stanza steradian
spread (ranch site) dalcange, place 2
sprig jicycma
spring vensa
sprouting object (from the ground) derba’o,
place 1
sprout (from the ground) derba’o, place 2
sprout (germinate) derjbe
sprout (new growth of plant) jicycma
sprout (new plant growth) stanycma
spruce up mlenicygau
sputum molselpu’u
spy mipyzga
Squadron Leader (military rank in India UK) cibmoija’a
squadron (airforce unit) jamvijgri
square dance for four couples (music) vonseldansu
square dance (music) vonseldansu
square dance (quadrille dance) vonynundansu
square dance (quadrille music) vonseldansu
square kilometer pitki’otre
square root (exponential) kurtenfa, place 2
square (exponential) kurtenfa, place 1
square (four sided shape) kurfa
squash (vegetable) guzmrkukurbita
squat (crouch) demtse
squeak vrumli
squid kalmari
squirrel ricyratcu, place 1
stabled horses xirzda, place 2
stable (for horses) xirzda, place 1
stack (one chimney) damtu’u
staff (shape/form) grana
stage tsina
stage (demonstrate in a deceptive manner) ticyja’o
stage (phase) pruce, place 1
stairs serti
stalactite digyligykamju
stalagmite digyligykamju
stalk stani
stand down (descend) nitkla
stand up sa’irbi’o
Standard Arabic bangarubu
standard of badness xlamau, place 3
standard of betterness xauzma, place 4
standard of goodness xagme’a, place 4
standard of life ji’exru, place 3
standard bixma’u, place 3
stand sanli
stand (taken in argument) seldau
stanza pempau
staple (fastener) plopijne
starch jalna
stare caicta
starfish mumbircurnu
starfruit krambola
start emotion bu’o
start fore termset nu’i
start grouping ke
start over refcfa
start parenthesis to
start text scope tu’e
start-up (new business) nincu’u
startled tepselspaji
startle tepspaji
starts to say co’asku
start (ake first step in performing an action) tolsisti
start (by following established proceedings) cfari’i
start (cause to begin) cfagau
start (take first step in performing an action) tolsti
starver djacaumro, place 1
starve (to death) djacaumro
star tarci
stasis stogau, place 3
state abstract za’i
statement (computer science) midvla
state (in a federation) vipygu’e, place 1
state (of a polyhedral) cu’arkubli, place 3
state (part of a country) gugypau
state (sovereign polity) zifyje’a
station tcana
station (railway) renytcana
stay back darsta
stay behind selyli’a
stay home zdasta
steak bakrecpa’o
steal zerle’a
steam engine jaurgacmatra
steamer (cooking) jupypatxu
steel gasta
steep brasa’o
steering committee gazykamni, place 1
steer (male bovine) nakybakni
stellar evolution puvytarga’i
stem (body-part) stani
stem (take first existence) selkra
steppe sastu’a
step stapa
step (one of a set of stair rests) serti, place 1
steradian stero
275string suffocate
sticky foil bofsnipa
sticky patch bofsnipa, place 1
sticky snipa
stick (adhere) snipa
stick (shape/form) grana
stick (walking stick) dzuga’a
stiff tinsa
still (at the present time, as in the past) za’o
still (without wind) bifcau
stimulate (incite) terfra
stingy mobdu’a
stir jicla
stoat ermine
stock (capital stock) posfai
stock (supply) sorcu
stomach (digestive organ) djaruntyrango
stomp (crush using limbs) spostapa
stomp (tread heavily) maxydzu
stop (cause something to halt) sisti
stop (cause to come to an end) stiri’a
stop (end process) tolcfagau
store sorcu
store (shop) zaisle
stork cipnrsikonia
storm (weather) lidvilti’a
story book lisycku
story drafting lisnuntoi
story lisri
story (level of building) dijysenta
straight (heterosexual) datpavycinglepre
straight (of a line) sirji
stranger (unfamiliar person) ninpre, place 1
strange cizra
strap ri’usri
strategy tolmocpla, place 2
strawberry fragari
stream (body of water) cmari’e
street klaji
strength (in some quality) kamtsa
strength (power) kamvli
stress o’unai
stretch tcena
strict heterosexual pavdutcinse, place 1
strict homosexual pavmitcinse, place 1
striker (complainer) jibypante, place 1
strike (hit) darxi
strike (stop working and complain) jibypante
string instrument, bowed mosyjgita
string material cinlysko, place 2
string (of stringed instrument) gitsko
string (thin cord) cinlysko, place 1
striped (having stripes) sriba’a, place 2
stripes (mark on a surface) sriba’a, place 1
stripe (mark on a surface) sriba’a
stroke satre
strong emotion sai
stronger emotion mau’i
strong tsali
structure word cmavo
structure stura
struggle (fight) damba
stubborn xarnu
stuck (baffled) peifli
student (university-level) balcu’e, place 4
study group tadgri
study tadni
stunned seljenca
stupidity (event) nunbebna
stupidity (quality or property) kambebna
Sub-Lieutenant (naval rank in India UK)
subfective (starting before natural beginning) xa’o
subject learned [about] crebi’o, place 2
subject of forgetfulness nalmo’i, place 3
subject of memorandum selmojnoi, place 3
subject of policy plajva, place 3
subject of reminder mojgaunoi, place 3
subject;testpaper subject cipyple, place 4
subject (main topic) selsnu
subject (of photograph) kacmyxra, place 2
subject (studied) seltadni
sublimate (chemical process) ligyfebvi
submarine ni’ablo
submerged jinru
subscriber mriste, place 2
subscribe (sign up to receive some good or service)
subscript xi
subsidiary company vipkagni, place 1
subsidiary (of company) vipkagni
suburb jarbu
succeed snada
success (achievement) snada, place 1
such (so much of) tai
suck sakci
sudden suksa
suffer xlafri
suffice banzu
sufficient (condition) crutcini, place 1
suffocate (intransitive) dirva’u
276supranational union switch
suffocate (transitive) vaxydicra
suffrage (the right to vote) cmicu’akrali
sufringboard bonjacta’o
sugar sakta
suggested by ti’i
suggested to teti’i
suggesting seti’i
suggestion e’u
suggest stidi
suggest (induce a chain of reasoning) nibyti’i
sulfur sliri
sulky nalta’acni
sullen nalta’acni
sultana (dried grape) sudvanjba
sultry (attractive) cinmle
sum of all simsumji
summersault (roll forward or backward) pipcarna
summer crisa
summit (official meeting) gugja’anunsnu, place 1
summon (ask someone to come) klacpe
summon (by command) klami’e
sumti ? ma
sumti and e
sumti but not enai
sumti conn ? ji
sumti iff o
sumti only if na.a
sumti or a
sumti place ? fi’a
sumti qualifier sumgadri
sumti to operand mo’e
sumti to selbri me
sumti whether u
sumti xor onai
sum (mathematical gismu) sumji
sunday zeldei
Sunday zeldei
sunflower solxrula, place 1
superfective za’o
superlative among verai
superlative in goodness xagrai
superlative in serai
superlative traji
supervisory board trokamni
supper ctesai
supplicate culcpe
supporting seji’u
support sarji
suppose (hypothesize) sruma
supposing da’i
supranational union gugjonci’e
Supreme Court pairtruci’e
surface sefta
surgeon micka’agau, place 1
surgery, perform micka’agau
surgery (clinic) micydi’u
surgery (operating room) micka’aku’a
surgical knife micka’agau, place 2
surprised? uepei
surprised selspaji
surprise ue
surrounding ru’u
surround sruri
surveillance aircraft zgavinji
survey (geodetic) tedmre
survey (plane) tumymre
survive renvi
Susan suzyn
suspect (to opine based on intuition) jijyji’i
suspend (hang) dadgau
suspension (intermission) nunde’a
suspicion (intuition-based opinion) jijyji’i
suspicious (distrustful of the motives of others)
swallow tunlo
swallow (ingest) tulcti
swampy cimtu’a, place 2
swamp (wetland) cimtu’a, place 1
swan (genus Cygnus) nebgunse
sweater (garment) nivycreka
sweat xasne
Sweden sferies
Swedish aspect sfe’ero, place 2
Swedish sfe’ero, place 1
sweep (clean with brush) brulu’i
sweet titla
sweet (candy) titspi
swelling punli
swiftness kamsutra
swimmer limla’u, place 2
swimming pool limla’u, place 1
swim limna
swindler ticyve’u
swing (move something backward and forward) sligau
swiss cheese fomke’acirla
Swiss Franc ru’urcuxefu
Swiss German (language) baurgusuve
Swiss xelveto
switch (electronics) vrabatke, place 1
277tangent tearful
Switzerland gugdrxelvo
swordsman cladakyxa’i, place 3
sword cladakyxa’i, place 1
syllable slaka
symbol snile’u
symmetrical mirlanxe
symphony movement simfoni zei pagbu
symphony (musical form) simfoni, place 1
symptoms of scurvy skorbuti, place 2
synagogue bromalsi
Syrian sirxo
system ciste
s sy
table knife ctidakfu
table jubme
taboo kluzei
tab (navigational widget) pagyca’o
taco nabypalne
tactful jikykamxaujdi
tail fin (fish) fipyrebla
tail rebla
Taipei taibeis
Taiwan gugdetuve
take a bath jirlu’i
take a bow krosa’i
take a photo (using camera) kacmyterxra
take a picture (using camera) kacmyterxra
take back (carry back) xrubei
take back (repossess) le’axru
take care of kurji
take into custody pifygau
take outside (force outside) barklagau
take power (assume capacity to exercise authority)
take turns porzu’e
take lebna
take (accept with consent) cpazau
talent stati
talk on the phone fonta’a
talker to oneself sezysku, place 1
talk (any speech) tavla
talk (to speak a language) baupli
tall person clapre
taller [of stature] rajyclamau
taller clamau
tallest rajyclarai
tall claselxadni
tall (in height) rajycla
Tammuz vonmasti
tangential to zo’a
tangent tanjo
tank (armored combat vehicle) cakykarce
tank (military vehicle) gutyjamkarce
tanru and je
tanru but not jenai
tanru component ziltau
tanru conn ? je’i
tanru iff jo
tanru inversion co
tanru only if naja
tanru or ja
tanru whether ju
tanru xor jonai
Taoist dadjo
tape (data storage) veisri, place 1
tape (magnetic) srimakyvelvei
tardiness nunlerci
tares dzizani
taro samcrtaro
tarsier tarsire
tart (fruit pie) rutytisna
tar tarla
task selgu’a
Tasmanian tiger (marsupial carnivore) tirlasino
Tasmanian wolf (marsupial carnivore) tirlasino
taste vrusi
taste (experience the oral flavor of something)
taste (sample the oral falvor of something) vu’izga
tattoo artist kapxra, place 4
tattoo image kapxra, place 2
tattooed (body part or animal) kapxra, place 3
tattoo (body art) kapxra, place 1
Taurus (constellation/astrology) baknis
tautology (vacuous truth) kutyje’u, place 1
taut trati
taxonomy (biological) jutske
taxonomy (science of classification) leiske
taxon (linguistic) baukle
tax cteki
tea tray tcatypalne
tea tree mlaluka
teacher terctu, place 3
teaching terctu, place 1
teach ctuca
team (crew) bende
team (mass, completely specified) mulgunma
team (play group) keigri, place 1
teardrop kakydirgo
tearful (full of tears) selkakclu
278termset conn mark the non-Lojban named
tears (eye fluid) kalselvi’i
tear (defect in cloth) bukfe’a
tear (rip) vlika’a
tease (event) zdifanza
teat (projection of mammary gland) tatyji’o
tea tcati
tebi (unit prefix) samterto
techno musician te’ekno, place 2
techno music (genre) te’ekno, place 1
technology (application of scientific principles)
techno (music genre) te’ekno
tedious tolzdi
teff gurnrtefi
telegraphy mors
telekinesis menmuvgau
telekinetically menmuvgau
telekinetic (person) menmuvgau, place 1
telemarketing (function or business) zacfoncu’u
telephone number fonjudri
telephone (device) fonxa
telephone (talk on the phone) fonta’a
telescope darvistci
television program seltivni
television tivni
tell (a joke) xamsku
tell (make known) jungau
tell (narrate) terlisri
temperament (innate personality) jizyselpre
temperature (measure of cold or heat) nilgla
temper sezytoltro
temple malsi
temple (side of forehead) mebmla
temporarily halt zasysti
temporary memory zasmo’isro
temporary zasni
tempt pacyxlu
tendril sarlyterjai
tennis shirt cekrpolo
tense default ki
tentacle (limb) tu’urbirka, place 1
tent (building) bukydi’u
tent (dwelling) bu’uzda
tent (shelter) bukmra
terminate (by following established proceedings)
terminate (stop process) tolcfagau
terminator cmavo famyma’o
terminator (cmavo) fa’orma’o
termite mudyctijalra
termset conn mark pe’e
termset sumpoi
term (regulation) javni
term (semester) kulcitsi
term (technical terminology) tecyvla
terrestrial terdi, place 1
terrifying selteptce
territory tutra
tesla klanrtesla, place 1
tested (someone whose knowledge is being evaluated) kamjunmre, place 2
tester (knowledge evaluator) kamjunmre, place 1
testing accuracy (knowledge evaluation)
kamjunmre, place 7
testing scale (knowledge evaluation) kamjunmre,
place 6
testpaper cipyple, place 1
test cipra
test (evaluate knowledge) kamjunmre
Tevet pavnonmasti
text line vlali’i
textbook ctucku
textual confusion ki’a
texture tengu
text (parseable) genturfa’i, place 2
text (readable) tcidu, place 2
text (something that has been typed) batkyci’a,
place 2
text (written language) lerseltcidu
text (written) selci’a
thanks ki’e
that named la
that one’s leta
that there ta
that which indeed is je’abo
that yonder tu
the agent in le jaigau
the bridi implied by tu’a
the described le
The Force (Star Wars) fiorso, place 1
the individuals of lu’a
the location of le jaivi
the mass composed of lu’o
the mass described lei
the mass of named lai
the mass really is loi
the mex me’o
The Netherlands nederland
the neutral form/value of no’ebo
the non-Lojban named la’o
279thin tile
the number li
the opposite of to’ebo
the really is lo
the referent of la’e
the sequence of vu’i
the set composed of lu’i
the set described le’i
the set of named la’i
the set really is lo’i
the stereotypical le’e
the symbol for lu’e
the time of le jaica
the typical lo’e
the web (computer) ueb
the world wide web (computer) ueb
the x1 of last bridi le go’i
the x2 of last bridi le sego’i
the x3 of last bridi le tego’i
the x4 of last bridi le vego’i
the x5 of last bridi le xego’i
the yonder one’s letu
theatre dracydi’u
theist ceikri, place 1
theme of novel brafi’a, place 2
theme of short story cmafi’a, place 3
then (afterward) ba
theoretical account termonsi’o
there at va
therefore result ja’e
therefore ku’inai
thermodynamics glaske
they xai
thick rotsu
thief zerle’a, place 1
thigh zaglamtu’e
thimble (for thumb) tajgai
thimble degygai
thing entered nerkla, place 2
thing expressed in English glibau, place 3
thing having jury pairkamni, place 3
thing said to oneself sezysku, place 2
think about doing (with a goal in mind) zukpei
think back peixru
thinker (of a thought) bavgaupei, place 1
thinker (someone who opines) jinvi, place 1
thinking about doing (thinking about what to do
next) bavgaupei
think (of a thought) peisku
think (on a topic) pensi
thinner (becoming) cinlyze’a
thin cinla
Third closest planet cibyplini
thirst taske
this here ti
this one’s leti
this utterance dei
thistle cpinyspa
thought (opinion) selji’i
thread cilta
thread (for fabric) bukcilta
threatened tolnu’a
threaten capti’i
threat (promise) selnu’e
threat (saved from) nurxru, place 3
three-legged cibyseltu’e
three-syllable word cibyslakyvla
three-way intersection cibylajyterkruca
three-wheeled cibyselxi’u
threshold (doorsill) vroloi
threshold (to crossing boundry) vrokoi
thrice ciroi
throat galxe
throne (ceremonial chair) nolstizu, place 1
throughout fe’eca’o
through (transfixing) pa’o
throw oneself sezre’o
throw out livbai
throw up (due to alcohol) xalvamtu
throw renro
thulium jinmrtuli
thumbnail (on hand) xantajycalku
thumb tamji
thunderous lidvru
thunder lidvilti’a
Thursday mudydei
thursday vondei
thylacine (marsupial carnivore) tirlasino
Tianjin tienjin
tick off (cause someone to be angry) fegri’a
ticket pikta
tickle (evoke laughing by touching) mi’arpe’u
tide ctaru
tie together jonsimgau
Tientsin tienjin
tie (attach by string) ciljongau
tie (make a knot in) jgegau
tie (type of neck garment) nebysrijge
tiffin dormijysai
tiger tirxu
tile tapla
280together total
tiller (in boat or ship) blofarga’a
tilt (lean away from vertical) sa’orgau
time at location veti’u
time conversion jaica
time of day tcika
time on day teti’u
time zone veltcika
timed event faurtei, place 1
times pi’i
time temci
time (duration) cabyku’e
timidity u’ocu’i
timid toldarsi
tininess criterion cmacma, place 3
tininess observer cmacai, place 3
tininess cmacma, place 2
tiny space interval ve’i
tiny cmatcetce
tin tinci
tipsy xalbebna
tip jipno
tired tatpi
tire (become weary) tatybi’o
tire (rubber covering on a wheel) xilckabu
Tishrei zelmasti
titanium (metal) jinmrtitani
titillate mi’arpe’u
title (name) cmene
tittter mi’amli
to blame, to lay blame on fu’esku
to destroy spogau
to exit barli’a
to hang (tr.) dadgau
to indicate something; [point] farja’o
to initiate something cfagau
to injure xairgau
to observer ga’a
to snore (cf. se sipsavru) sipsavgau
to speak a language baupli
to sprout [of plant] derba’o
to suspect (to opine based on intuition) jijyji’i
to the power (mekso operator) te’a
toad pulbanfi
toast (toasted bread) jelnanba
tobacco tanko
toboggan salcarce
today cabdei
toe (foot digit) jmadegji
toffee satmatne
togetherness i’i
together kansi’u
toggle (electronics) vrabatke, place 2
toilet paper gaxlumple
toilet vimstizu
toilet (bathroom) vimku’a
tomato tamca
tomb mrostu
tomogram pa’oxra
tomorrow night bavlamcte
tomorrow bavlamdei
tone tonga
tone (pitch of a word) valtogmo’a
tongs cinza
tongue tance
tonne megygra, place 1
too few times mo’aroi
too few mo’a
too little of pimo’a
too many times du’eroi
too many du’e
too much of pidu’e
toolbar (row of icons in a graphical user interface)
tool tutci
tooth doctor denmikce
tooth-paste composition denpesxu, place 2
tooth-paste denpesxu, place 1
toothache plant akmela
toothache, have a dencro
toothbrush denburcu
toothpaste denpesxu
tooth denci
toot vruca’a
too (in addition) ji’a
topic (of conversation) selsnu
topic (of paragraph) jufmei, place 2
topic (studied) seltadni
topi tsesebe
topping (pizza) pitnanba, place 2
top (uppermost part) galraipau
torch (light source) fagytergu’i
tornado carbi’e
torpedo (underwater projectile) xasydanti
torque, twisting force selto’i
torr torceli
tortoise cakyrespa
torture (inflict pain) tcecrogau
totalitarian system troroltruci’e
totalitarianism troroltruci’e
total (sum) sumj

281transmitting truckload
toucanet camskamolcpi
toucan camskamolcpi
touched (emotionally) cniri’a, place 2
touching (emotionally) cniri’a, place 1
touch pencu
tougher (firmer) jarmau
toughest jaryrai
toupee runkre
tourist datygugvi’e
tousled (having hair in disorder) krekalsa
towards point fa’a
towards selfa’a
toward selfa’a
tower slanydi’u
town hall tcabriju
trace (fossil) dujro’i, place 2
track and field athlete bajypipre’ojvi, place 1
track and field athletics competition bajypipre’oterjvi, place 1
track and filed athlete bajypipre’ojvi, place 1
track (mark left by something that passed) tapsni
tractor cpumi’i
trade places simbasti
trade school jibycu’e
trademark selvensni
trader canja, place 1
trade (give in exchange for) canja
trade (mutually) cajysi’u
traditional culture cacklu, place 2
traditional practice cacklu, place 1
tradition (traditional practice) cacklu
tragedy betri
trail (drag) mosycpu
train trene
trait ckaji
trajectory danlu’a
tram lajre’e
tranquil tolxanka
tranquil (happy) nalra’ugei
transceiver (radio) cradyvelcradi
transducer selsnapra
transferred selbe’i
transfer benji
transfixing pa’o
transforms (becomes different) ficybi’o
transistor dicflecru
translate fanva
transmit origin vebe’i
transmitted via xebe’i
transmitter velbe’i
transmitting sebe’i
transport far away darbei
transportation industry bevgundi
transportation means xelkla
transportation sector bevgundi
transportation (as an industry category) bevgundi
transpose (matrix transpose mekso operator) re’a
transsexual (person) cingafpre
transverse flute pinflani
transvestite datcinselta’u
trap (device) terkavbu
trash (garbage) victerlu’i
travel by boat bloli’u
travel in a limousine clakarce, place 2
travel litru
tray palne
tread heavily maxydzu
treasury dinsro
treaties flari’a, place 4
treaty (agreement) gugbinselnu’e
treat (handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way) frati
treehouse ricyzda
tree (computer science) vipci’e
tree (plant) tricu
tremendous (big and feared) selte’abra
trenggiling foldota
trial (judgement of dispute) nunpai
trial (legal judgement of dispute) nunflapai
triangle cibjgatai
triangle (musical instrument) cibjgataidamri
triangle (studied by trigonometry) cibjgacmaci,
place 2
tribal cemlanzu
tribe cemlanzu
trigger finger relmomdegji
trigonometric cibjgacmaci
trigonometry cibjgacmaci, place 1
trillionth picti
trillion terto
trill (singing) voksli
trip (drug-induced hallucination) nunxumsne
troll (poster of inflammatory message) bebzunpre
trooper (soldier in tank) cakykarce, place 2
trouble raktu
trousers palku
trout finprtruto
truant nalzva
truckload bevma’elai
282tusk uncharged
truck (transport vehicle) bevma’e
true for me too go’ira’o
true-false ? xu
true jetnu
trumpet tabra
trumpet (musical instrument) tabrntromba
truncheon (weapon) xacyga’a
trustee (board of trustees) fuzrai
trustworthy selylacka’e
truth abstract jei
truth-value jetlai, place 2
truth je’u
try troci
tsar balnoltru
tsunami tsunami
tube top jancaucreka
tubeworm tu’urcurnu
tube tubnu
tubular bell jabytu’u
tubular chime jabytu’u
tuck in tagygau
tuck (secure or make snug) tagygau
Tuesday fagdei
tuesday reldei
tufted cloth material krebu’u, place 2
tufted cloth krebu’u
tulip tujli
tummy top befcaucreka
tundra lektu’a
tunic pasrtunika
Tupi niengatu
turkey xruki
Turkey (country) gugdrturkie
Turkic kulnrturko
Turkish tu’urki
Turkish (language) bangrturkie
turmeric kurkuma
turn off sazysti
turn over (reverse) fa’ergau
turn to face carcra
turn towards (turn to face) carcra
turned up gapselfa’a
turns pale labybi’o
turns white (pales) labybi’o
turn (in a game) kelka’u
turn (movement) carna
turn (transitive) cargau
turtle neck (garment) nebnipcreka
turtle cakyrespa
tusked (having tusks) bacyde’i, place 2
tusk bacyde’i, place 1
tweezers cinza
twice (occurences) reroi
twice (times 2) relpi’i
twig jicycma
twist torni
Twitter (social networking service) tuityr
two-legged relseltu’e
two re
tympanic membrane kernerbo’o
tympanum kernerbo’o
type (class) klesi
type (write using keyboard) batkyci’a, place 1
typhoon taifnu
typical it zu’i
typical value no’o
typically na’o
typist ci’arse’u
typological feature (linguistics) baukle, place 3
tyranny victim (oppressively governed) kustru,
place 2
tyranny (oppressive government) kustru
tyrant (despot) vliraitru
tyrant (oppressive governor) kustru, place 1
tyre (rubber covering on a wheel) xilckabu
t ty
U.S. merko
uglier tolmlemau
ugliest tolmlerai
ugly tolmle
Ukrainian vukro
Ukrainian (language) bangukuru
ultimate frisbee cukrerkavjvi
ultimate (ultimate frisbee) cukrerkavjvi
umbellifer rulsantyspa
umbilical cord tarbyskori
umbilicus befsfeke’a
umbrella santa
una corda pedal togysmajmavra
unadorned jadycau
unaided (without equipment) ca’arcau
unambiguous meaning pavysmu, place 1
unambiguous pavysmu, place 2
unanimous (based on complete agreement) multertu’i
unanimous (sharing the same view) tugysi’u
unbalance (transitive) tolylaxygau
unceasing nalsti
uncertainty ju’ocu’i
uncharged (electricity) dicycau
283United Kingdom upon
uncivil tolclite
uncomfortable tolkufra
uncommon nalfadni
uncooked nalseljukpa
uncouth malfadni
uncultivated field cicfoi
undecided nonjdi
under conditions va’o
under direction of ji’o
under epistemology vedu’o
under logic system teni’i
undercover agent mipyzga, place 1
undercut by me’a
underground (under the surface) lolni’a
undersea xasni’a
undershirt nercreka
understandable filsmu
understander tersmu, place 1
understanding ki’anai
understand jimpe
understand (a message) tersmu
understatement ba’unai
understood subject terjmi
understood seljmi
underwear (inner garment) nerta’u
under (beneath) cnita
undo xruti
unethical tolvu’e
unfavourable malfu’a
unfinished nalmu’o
unfortunate (event or property) malselfu’a
ungenerous (stingy) mobdu’a
ungulate sfumabru, place 1
unhappiness uinai
unhappy tolgei
unicorn pavyseljirna, place 1
unification nunsimbi’o
uniform manfo
uniform (garment) manfyta’u
unintelligent tolmencre
uninterested nalselci’i
uninteresting nalci’i, place 1
union (of sovereign countries) suzgugje’a
union (mekso operator) jo’e
union (of sets) jonsumji
union (that which is united) selcmi
uniquely po’o
unique narpanra, place 1
United Kingdom of Gt.Britain and Northern
Ireland gugdegubu
United Kingdom gugdegubu
United Staes of America gugde’usu
United States of America mergu’e
United States president merja’a
unite (come together as one) simbi’o
units (of a base to a power) tefpi’i
unit gradu
universal (among) kampu
universal (in the world, society or universe) mujyku’e
universe munje
university site balcu’e, place 2
university balcu’e, place 1
unleavened fomcau
unlock telcaugau
unlucky (event or property) malselfu’a
unmarried nalspe
unordered interval bi’i
unplugged (without equipment) ca’arcau
unpunctuality nunlerci
unquote fu’oi
unravel (transitive unroll) tolgurgau
unremorseful nalzungi
unrepentant nalxe’u
unroll (intransitive) nalbolbi’o
unroll (transitive) tolgurgau
unsafe (unprotected) tolnu’a
unseal telcaugau
unsightly tolmle
unspecif abstract su’u
unspecif bridi co’e
unspecif emotion ge’e
unspecif it zo’e
unspecif modal do’e
unspecif operator fu’u
unspecif utterance do’i
unspecific time interval ze’ai
unspecific time za’ai
untroubled nalselra’u
untwist tolselto’i
unusual nalfadni
unwavering (resolute) jditce
unwelcome malvi’e
unwilling naldjica
unwind (transitive unroll) tolgurgau
up to limit ji’e
up to the edge of fe’epu’o
upload (transfer data from a local computer to a remote one) kibdu’a
upon cpana
284variable vicuna
upper back (body-part) cutyti’e
Upper House (legislature) flazautrugri
upper-case shift ga’e
uppity tolcumla
upwardly mo’iga’u
Urdu xurdo
Urdu (’national’ language of Pakistan) kisybau
Urdu (language) xurbau
urinate pincyvi’i
urine pinca
URL samci’ejudri, place 2
US culture merklu
US dollar meryru’u
US government mertru
US president merja’a
US-Canadian merkadno
usable tolpo’u
usage for purpose tepi’o
USA gugde’usu
USD (currency) rupnusudu
use up xaksu
used by pi’o
useful plixau, place 1
user interface (plane of interaction) sazycimde
user name plicme
user-name plicme
user (computer) sampli, place 1
user (IRC) irci
use pilno
using tool sepi’o
usually so’eroi
utter bacru
Uyghur uigru
u ubu
vacant (empty) kunti
vaccine jinku
vacuum (area of) maisru
vaginal secretion piblitki
vagina vibna
vague connective ju’e
vain mlejgi
vain (excessively proud) sezyjgidu’e
vale ma’arbi’i
valley ma’arbi’i
value (evaluated expression) mekna’u
value (monetary worth) vamji
vampire (not nesc. monster) blupinxe, place 1
vanilla (plant) varnila
vanish canci
Varansi uaransis
variable (capable of assuming any of a set of values)
variable (computer memory) datnyvau
variation (magnetic) terfarnilfrica
variety of buckwheat xrixruba, place 2
variety of carrot gejrdauko, place 2
vary cenba
vastness observer camganra, place 3
vastness width camganra, place 2
vast (subjectively very wide) camganra, place 1
vector (2-dimensional) relnacmei
vector (3-dimensional) cibnacmei
vector (n-dimensional) nacmei
vegetable stagi
vegetarian stagycti
vehicle marce
vehicle (operated transportation means) klasazri,
place 2
velocity kamsutra
velvet ranbu’u
vending machine cost venzmi, place 4
vending machine goods venzmi, place 2
vending machine venzmi
vendor (shopkeeper or salesman) jdima, place 4
venerable (commanding respect) selsi’a
verbatim vlasatci
verb fasnyvla
verdict paijdi, place 2
verrilion zgikabri
verse (distinct section of poem) pempau
verse (one or more lines of poetry or song) vlagri
version (particular variation) favytcini
vertebral column bogykamju
vertebra kamjybo’u
vertex jipmokca
vertical sraji
very big bratce
very (to a great extent) mutce
Vesak bujyjbenunsla
vest (undershirt) nercreka
vetiver xusxusu
via route veka’a
vibrator (machine) desmi’i
vibrato (singing) voksli
vibrissa gaskre
Vice Admiral (military rank in USA) bivmoija’a
Vice-Admiral (military rank in India UK) bivmoija’a
viceroy vipnoltru
vicuna (animal) kumtrvikunia, place 1
285wage waste
vicuna ˜ tcokumte
vicuna ˜ (animal) kumtrvikunia
videotape srimakyvelvei
video vidni
Vietnamese (language) bangrvietnama
Vietnam gugdrvietnama
view jvinu
view (opinion) seljinvi
village cmatca
vinegar sarvanju
vine skospa
viola (musical instrument) violna
violent, extremely viltce
violent vlile
violin concerto jgitrviolino zei konceto
violin jgitrviolino
violin (musical instrument) violni
virgin nu’ogle
Virgo (constellation/astrology) fertis
virology virske
virtue vu’e
virtuous vrude
virus vidru
viscera-containing body selcanti, place 1
viscous viknu
visitor vitke
visit vitke
visualize xarpei
vocational school jibycu’e
vocative marker doi
voice mail message fonynoi
voice voksa
volcano je’erma’a
volitional entity zukyka’e
volt klanrvolta, place 1
voluptuous cinmle
vomit vamtu
vomit (due to alcohol) xalvamtu
Vorlon vorlon
voter cmicu’a, place 1
vote (action) cmicu’a
voting membership (group of eligible voters)
cmicu’a, place 4
vowel (sound) voksna
vulgar (uncouth) malfadni
vulnerable tolnu’a
vulture mrocticpi
vulva vlagi
v vy
wager (bet) dejru’a
wage (conduct a contest) jvicpe
wage (salary) jerna, place 2
wagonload carcylai
waist xadmidju
waiter beipre
waiting line depypoi
waiting place depstu
waiting queue depypoi
waiting room depstu
waitress djabeipre
wait (pause) denpa
wake up (become awake) cikybi’o
wake up (cause to awaken) cikygau
wakeboard blobonjacta’o
walking limb terdzu, place 1
walking stick dzuga’a
walking surface seldzu, place 1
walk cadzu
wall picture bimxra
wall, defensive badbi’u
wall bitmu
walnut jglandi
walrus odbenu, place 1
want to have po’edji
want to possess po’edji
want to say djisku
wanted to say djisku
wanted seldji, place 1
want (need in order to be satisfied) mansytcu
war hero balsoi
warfare (psychological) menynunda’a
wargame (simulation) dabysmifau
warm (mild temperature) mligla
warning e’unai
warn kajde
warplane jamvinji
warren (cave) kevzda
warrior balsoi
Warsaw varcavas
warship jamblo
war jamna
was going to puba
was then puca’o
wash hair krelu’i
wash tub lumpatxu
washing machine taflumca’a
Washington uacintyn
wash lumci
wasteland cicfoi
waste festi
286week standard whistle
waste (empty land) kutytu’a
watchword japyvla
watch (consume) mencti
watch (portable timepiece) kanjunla
water chestnut stagrleoxari
water-lily (Nymphaea) nimfaia, place 1
waterboard ((wind/kite)surfing-/wakeboard etc)
watering can jaursabypatxu
watershed (historically important) cirvai
waterspout carbi’e
waterway jaclu’a
water djacu
water (area) nunjacycrepu, place 3
watt klanrxuati, place 1
wave boxna
wave (move something from side to side) sligau
wave (wave one’s hand) xansli
wax light laktergu’i
wax lakse
way out li’avro
way (method) tadji
way (path) pluta
we with you ma’a
we, not you mi’a
weak emotion ru’e
weaker emotion me’ai
weakling (milksop) pronalka’e
weak ruble
weak (low noise level) lauble
weapon xarci
weariness u’inai
wearisome tolzdi
wear dasni
weasel (animal) mustlei
weather tcima
weave jivbu
web address samjudri
web browser kibyca’o
web page mutpapri, place 1
webbing (web-shaped thing) sorjontai, place 2
website samci’ejudri, place 1
web (shape) sorjontai
wedding specfari’i
wedge cfine
wednesday cibdei
Wednesday jaurdei
weed (plant) cicyspa
weed (remove weeds) cicyspavi’u
week after bavlamjeftu
week standard terjeftu, place 1
weekend day nalgundei
weekend (days regularly off of work) jefydiknalgundei
week jeftu
weep klaku
weevil kurkuli
weight (any units) junta
weigh juntymre
welcome (hospitality) zanvi’e
well-wish (vocative) di’ai
well (containing fluid) jintyke’a, place 1
well (in good health) kanro
well (interjection) ge’e
well (satisfactory) xamgu
well (source of water or other fluid) jinto
Welsh mraigo
Wesak bujyjbenunsla
west of vu’a
western (pertaining to the west) stici
westwardly mo’ivu’a
west stici
wetlands cimtu’a
wetland cimtu’a
wet cilmo
whalehead (bird) balnkpi
wheat maxri
wheelbarrow ca’ercarce
wheel xislu
wheeze vaxselnandu
when? ca ma
when (at the same instant that) ca
where? vi ma
which belongs to po’e
which kind? sekai ma
while (although) ju’aku’i
while (during the same time that) ca’o
whilst (although) ju’aku’i
whine (bitch) ba’urdu’u
whippoorwill ctecmocpi
whip bikla
whip (musical instrument) bikydamri
whirligig carlimcinki
whisker (on nose) zbikre
whisker (sensory hair) gaskre
whiskey uiski
whisky uiski
whisper laurblesku
whisper (express quietly) smasku
whistle sicl

287wise word form
white bread labnanba
white fish (whitefish) labyfi’e
whitefish labyfi’e
white blabi
whiting (fish) merlanu
whole space interval ve’e
whole time interval ze’e
whole (entirety) culno, place 1
wholly mulno
widens (becomes wider) ganze’a
wide (having a large physical extent from side to
side) ganra
widow spider lartodektu, place 1
widow/er (not married due to death) mrospe
widower mrospe
widow mrospe
width cisni
wife fetspe, place 1
wig (fake hair) runkre
wilco vi’o
wild man cicpre
wild person cicpre
wild rice cicyrismi
wild woman cicpre
wildcraft cicycrepu
wild cilce
will actually baca’a
will be going to baba
will be then baca’o
will have been bapu
willow sailce
win over (convince) bitygau
windless bifcau
windmill bifmlo
window display ja’orca’o, place 2
window frame selca’o, place 1
window canko
windsurfingboard fanjacta’o
wind (moving force) ca’erbi’e
wine vanju
Wing Commander (military rank in India UK)
wingless nalselna’i
wing nalci
winterbloom (plant) spatrxamameli
winter dunra
win jinga
win (war) jamji’a
wire jimsko, place 1
wisdom tooth lecyde’i
wise prije
wish (hope, expect) pacna
wish (unlikely event) sotpa’a
witch-hazel (plant) spatrxamameli
with active agent gau
with actor zu’e
with authority over seca’i
with beneficiary seva’u
with destination seka’a
with goal tezu’e
with name me’e
with origin teka’a
with property sekai
with relation teki’i
with superlative rai
with synergy in veci’e
with system function seci’e
with the same plumage pimdu’i
with what cause? ri’a ma
with what motive? mu’i ma
with what name? me’e ma
with what reason? ki’u ma
withdrawn (sulky) nalta’acni
withdraw (move back) ti’ekla
withdraw (pull out) tolse’a
within ne’i
without secau
with kansa
wizard mafcre
woad aizdo
wok juptansi
wolfsbane (arnica) arnika
wolf labno
wolverine karkaju
woman ninmu
wombat vombatu
womb gutra
wonder (ask oneself) retpei
wonder (feeling awe) manci
wonder (feeling awe; attitudinal) u’e
wood fire mudyfagri
woodchip cmamudyspi
woodchuck marmota
woodcutter (lumberjack) mudyka’apre
wooden block mudbli
woodpecker kevypracpi
wood (the material) mudri
wool sunla
woo cinjikca
word form vlatai
288yam zip fastener
word pattern vlatai
word shape vlatai
word to lerfu bu
word valsi
work of art lardai
working hard at zuktce
working (operational) tolpo’u
work gunka
work (activity directed towards accomplishment)
world war baljamna
worm curnu
worry (be anxious about) xanka
worry (disturb the peace of mind of) selxanka
worse (by the standard of badness) xlamau, place
worse (by the standard of goodness) xagme’a
worship cesri’isi’a
worst (by standard of goodness) mecyxagrai
worst (by the standard of badness) xlarai, place 1
worth (equal in value to) vamji
would (conditional event) da’i
wound (physical injury) cagna
wrinkle cinje
wrist xancidni
write a memo notci’a
writer (author) ci’arfi’i
write ciska
writing desk ci’ajbu
writing selci’a
wrong-side-out barfa’e
wrong (asserting something incorrect) jifxu’a
wrong (immoral) tolvu’e
wrong (improper) tolmapti
wrong (incorrect) toldra
wryneck kevypracpi
Wu Chinese banve’u’u
www address samjudri
www ueb
x1 it vo’a
x2 it vo’e
x3 it vo’i
x4 it vo’o
x5 it vo’u
Xinjiang cinJIAN
Xod xod
x xy
Yahweh iaves
yak ma’arbakni
Yama-dori ma’arjipci
yam samcrniame
yard (enclosed space) selsrustu
yard (for supporting sail) blopinfanga’a
yard (rail) renytcana
yard (unit of measurement) cibjmagutci
yawner (breather) moltenva’u, place 1
yawn (breathe) moltenva’u
year standard terna’a, place 1
year nanca
year (of year) datru, place 4
yeast fomymledi
yellow fever pelglar
yellow pelxu
yell (loud utterrance) selkrixa
yen ru’urjupuje
yesterday night prulamcte
yesterday prulamdei
yesteryear (previous year) prulamna’a
YHWH iaves
yield randa
yobi (unit prefix) samgotro
yogurt djoguro, place 1
yohimbe io’imbe
yonder at vu
you and others do’o
young man citnau
younger citmau
youngest citrai
young citno
your described as ledo
yours medomoi
your medomoi
youth (young man) citnau
youth (youngness) nunci’o
you do
yu choy rasykobli
yuan (Chinese currency) ru’urcunuje
Yue Chinese banje’u’e
Yugoslavian nanslovo
y ybu
zebi (unit prefix) samyzetro
zephyr (mild breeze) mlibi’e
zerumbet zermbeto
zetta (prefix) zetro
zigzag zigzagi
Zimbabwean zimbabu
Zimbabwe zimbabues
zinc zinki
zing jimdaxsna
zip fastener denstela
289e e
zipper (fastener) denstela
zip (fastener) denstela
zoo animal mivdalmuzga, place 2
zoological garden mivdalmuzga
zoology dalske
zoo mivdalmuzga
zucchini tsukini
z zy
e ronru’u
e d euro da ee cee








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