Lessn 1: verb root

Opposites meelee up / kiizee down uffee inside / vefiyee outside ingee here / angee there

Verb Roots are used to make commands.

poo go

vaa come

utkaar sit

paar look, see

Examples: angee poo! go there! uffee vaa! come inside!

Note -- in this and following lessons, statements or declarative sentences will always end in a period (.), and commands will always end in an exclamation mark (!)

Ex. You come! command You come. statement / declaration


1. Translate to English.

a. angee vaa!

b. kiizee utkaar!

c. meelee paar!

d. vefiyee poo!

2. Translate to Tamil

a. Sit outside!

b. Come up!

c. Look here!

d. Go inside!

3. Memorize the following:

naan I nii you avan he avaf she adhu it

Lesson 2: Pronouns and Present Tense Conjugation

naan paarkkidreen. I look.

nii paarkkidraay. You look.

avan paarkkidraan. He looks.

avaf paarkkidraaf. She looks.

adhu paarkkidradhu.


1. Translate the following sentence to Tamil. The first sentence is translated for you.

a. It looks doun. adhu kiizee paarkkiradhu.

b. He looks here.

c. She look up.

d. It looks inside.

e. I look there.

f. You look outside.

2. Translate the following sentence to English.

a. avaf uffee paarkkidraaf.

b. naan kiizee paarkkidraan.

c. adhu meelee paarkkidradhu.

d. nii angee paarkkidraay.

e. avaf vefiyee paarkkidraaf.

3. Memorize the following: enzai me unzai you avaznai him avafai her adhai it

Lesson 3: Present Tense (cont.) and Direct Object

When conjugating the verb paar, we added kkidreen, kkidraay, kkidraan, etc. to the verb root.

For the following two verbs, we add kidreen, kidraay, kidraan, etc. to the verb root.

thodu (to) touch
naan thodukidreen. I touch.

nii thodukidraay. You touch.

avan thodukidraan. He touches.

avaf thodukidraaf. She touches.

adhu thodukidradhu. It touches.

edri (to) throw
naan edrikidreen. I throw.

nii edrikidraay. You throw.

avan edrikidraan. He throws.

avaf edrikidraaf. She throws.

adhu edrikidradhu. It throws.

Look at the two example sentences below:

Ex. He throws the ball.

subject: He

verb: throw

direct object: ball

Ex. I see him.

subject: I

verb: see

direct object: him

In a sentence, the action of the verb is performed by the subject on the direct object.

In general, the direct object answers the question "What" or "Whom"

Referring to the examples above, we can ask: What does he throw? the ball Whom do I see? him

Noun Direct Object

naan enzai

nii unzai

avan avaznai

adhu adhai

pandhu pandhai ball

unfavu unfavai food

In Tamil, the general rule for forming the direct object is: noun + -ai

enzaip paar! Look at me! avaf pandhai meelee edrikidraaf. She throws the ball up.

adhaith thodu! Touch it! avan paarkkidraan. He looks at the food.


1. Translate to English.

a. naan unzaip paarkkidreen.

b. avan pandhai uffee edrikidraan.

c. adhu enzaith thodukidradhu.

d. pandhai ingee edri!

e. nii unfavai htodukkidraay.

2. Translate to tamil.

a. She sees the food inside.

b. Come outside! Throw the ball outside!

c. He throws the food down.

e. It touches him.

f. She throws it there.

memorize kadhavu door andha that kidra to open petti ox vaangu to buy cahtai shirt indha this puu flower

Lesson 4: Plural and Respective Pronoun

In Tamil, there are two nouns for we, naam and naangaf

naam, the person being spoken is included / naangaf, the person being spoken is Not included

1. When telling a neighbor about your family vacation, you might say, "We spent 6 weeks in Tamil Naadu." here, niingaf be used

2. When speaking to your family members about an idea for vacation, "We should all travel to Tamil Naadu this summer." naam for use

niingaf has two meanings. "you all" or "you to give respect"

avar for he or she, when giving respect. avaf and avan are used for he and she only if respectfull addressing is not necessary.

avarkaf has two meanings. "they" or can be used in place of avar.

Pronoun Direct Object

avar avarai

naam nammai

naangaf engafai

niingaf ungafai

avarkaf avarkafai

The following chart shows the Present Tense Verb Endings for each pronoun

naan (k)kidr-een
nii (k)kidr-aay
avan (k)kidr-aan
avaf (k)kidr-aaf
adhu (k)kidr-adhu
avar (k)kidr-aar
naam (k)kidr-oom
naangaf (k)kidr-oom
niingaf (k)kidr-iirkaf
avarkaf (k)kidr-aarkaf

-kidr forms the present tense by adding kkidreen, kkidraay, kkidraan, etc.

-vaangu forms the present tense by adding kidreen, kidraay, kidraan, etc.

1. Translate to Tamil.

a. We(naam) buy it here.

b. Father sees that ball. He throws it out side.

c. You

Lesson 5: Direct Object (cont.)

As demonstrated earlier. the direct object of most nouns ending in -u is formed by adding "ai"

unfavu unfavai pandhu pandhai kadhavu kadhavai

For nouns -i, -ii, and -ai, adding "yai"

epatti epattiyai thii thiiyai cattai cattaiyai

ending in all other vowels add "vai"

ammaa ammaavai puu puuvai


1. write the direct

a. ciippu comb b. appaa father c. kai hand d. kanni knife e. kaadu ear f. ii housefly g. nilaa moon h. veelai work

Lesson 6: Present Tense Conjugation

The verb classes sre used to systematically describe the past, present, and future tense conjugation of verbs,. Each new verb should be learned along with its class.

Class 1 - 5 Root + kidr + een, aay, aan, etc.

Class 6 - 7 Root + kkidr + een, aay, aan, etc.

3. Memorize the following words:

viidu house aadru river yaadu cow vayidru stomach kaatru wind kinfadru well kayidru rope vifaiyaattu game aandu year kandru calf vandu beetle kuundu cage kuudu nest coodru cooked rice meedu hill

Lesson 7: "tu" and "dru" Endings-Direct Object (cont.)

Some nouns ending in tu or dru follow a special rule for forming the dorect object.

vifaiyaattu vifaiyaattai aandu aandai kandru kandrai kaatru kaatrai viidu viittai maadu maattai aadru aatrai vayidru vayitrai

When a noun ends in tu/dru that is not preceded by a dotted consonant, the tu/dru becomes ttu/tru before adding "ai"

Lesson 8: Direct Object (cont.)
Nouns ending in "m" form the direct object by dropping the "m" and adding "htai"

a, i, u, e, o areshort vowels.
One syllable nouns containing a short vowel form the direct pbject by doubling the final consonant and adding "ai"

All other nouns form the direct object by simply adding "ai"

maram tree, wood marahtai pazam fruit pazahtai pal tooth pallai paal milk paalai kal rock, stone kallai kaal leg, foot kaalai enay melted butter enayyai kaay vegetable kaayai

Lesson 9: Future Tense
The future tanse is formed as follows:
[ NOTE: "adhu" is an exeption to this rule. Its future tense will be introduced later. ]

Classes 1 - 4 Root + v + een, aay, aan, etc.
Clas 5 Root + p + een, aay, aan, etc.
Classes 6 - 7 Root + pp + een, aay, aan, etc.

naan ecayveen. I will do.
naan edriveen. I will throw.
naan vaanguveen. I will buy.
naan coduveen. I will touch.
naan unfpeen. I will eat.
naan paarppeen. I will see.
naan cidrappeen. I will open.

Lesson 10: Irregular Verbs
The following verbs are irregular in present and future tanses. To conjugate these verbs in the present and future tanses, the roots undergo a change when making the present stem and future stem.

Root Modified Root
(to) ask keef 5 → keet
(to) give thaa 2 → tharu
(to) come vaa 2 → varu
(to) stand nil 5 → nidr
(to) sell vil 5 → vadr

naan keetkidreen. naan keetpeen.
nii nidrkidraay. nii nidrpaay.
avan varukidraan. avan varuvaan.

In Tamil, the word “a” = "oru" and the word “an” = "or"
The rules for using oru and or are the same as in English.
oru is for nouns begin with a consonant. or for that begin a vowel.


2. Translate the following phrases.

a. one girl(panf)
b. a male(aanf)
c. a dog(naay)
d. one goat(aadu)
e. one plant(ceedi)
f. a hand(kai)

Lesson 11: The Respective Command
The respective command is used when addressing someone with respect or when addressing a group of people.

Respective Command = Root + -ungaf
[Roots ending in -u or -a add ngaf]

cey 1 ceyyungaf

Notice that the respective command is formed according to simmilar rules as th Noun + ai for object. Verbs like edra 2 and camai 6 add yungaf because they end in -i and -ai.

Lesson 12: plural

plural = Noun + kaf

Formation of the plural involves advanced topics that will be discussed in detail. For now, it is important to make nite of the following two exeptions to the genaral rule:

Nouns ending in a long vowel add -kkaf
Nouns ending in m change the m to ng upon addition of kaf

Lesson 13: The Infinitive

Classes 1-5 root + a

Classes 6-7 root + kka

3. memo
adunna next vaaram week aaznaal but, however



a'aa ah! expressing pity

akal small earthen pot, as having a wide mouth; 2. hollow earthen lamp; 3. a measure of capacity; 4. toothed-leaved tree of heaven -> perumaram ; 5. panicled babul -> vefveel

akafam jar; 2. large earthen pot; 3. bucket; 4. body of the lute, as shaped like a bowl

akkaa elder sister; 2. goddess of evil, as elder sister of laksmi

aki lead; 2. vr2tra, an asura (TLS)

anganf beautiful place

ac to go , move , tend ; to honour ; to make round or curved ; to request , ask

acahturu friend

accam exactly

aciram wind; 2. object of the senses; 3. frog; 4. court-yard

adi ho! here you! used in addressing women in a familiar manner

afnaa elder brother; 2. father

adhu that, the thing remote from the speaker, generally used before a consonant

abaayam * danger, misfortune, calamity

alladhu or. if not, or else, an adversative conjunction; 2. except as

appafam * light, thin, flour cake, usu of black gram

amma an exclamation inviting attention; 2. an exclamation of surprise or wonder expletive adding grace to composition

ambuli moon; 2. a certain stage of childhood -> ampulipparuvam

aayoo exclamatory expression intended to frighten away birds from preying on the ripe corn and used by the women folk of the hilly tracts who usu. guard millet fields on the mountain sides

ar pers. pl. suff; 2. honorific pl. suff.; 3. an expletive affixed to some words

arinfi beautiful woman; 2. a class of apsaras; 3. woman of dark green hue; 4. female antelope

aruku nearness, contiguity, neighbourhood; 2. border, edge, vicinity; 3. side; 4. place; 5. lamp or torch carried before a great person

aruvi sheaf of corn; 2. stubble of dry crops

aruvi waterfall; 2. river's mouth; 3. water; 4. spring at the foot of a hill; 5. row, arrrangement ← adruvi

alaicu-thal to wash, rinse; 2. to shake; 3. to agitate, throw into confusion

allumpakalum night and day, always

avan that male person, He

avam vanity, nothingness, uselessness; 2. evil

avar 1. pl. of or; 2. that person, honorific

avaf that female person, She

avaal charge, care custody

avvitaz beautiful petal

azaki beautiful woman

af closeness, thickness; 2. sharpness, keenness of edge; 3. lock, padlock; 4. clamp, iron band to hold parts together

andru that day, then, any time but the present

adrai room, apartment, chamber, cell; 2. house; 3. drawer, as of a table, a compartment, as of a cabinet, pigeon hole; 4. assigned portion of an area; 5. lying-in room; 6. square on a chessboard; 7. cave; 8. excavation for destroying a structure; 9. garden plot; 10. stratagem, wile, trick; 11. rock, ledge; 12. grinding stone; 13. pendant, tassel; 14. curtain; 15. piece


aa'a an exclamation expressive of surprise, pity, grief

aaka on the whole, amounting to; 2. completely; 3. in that fashion; 1. for the sake of, for the purpose of, with ku of the dat.; 2. part. joined to a finite verb, to indicate indirect speech; 3. part. which gives participial force to the finite verb that precedes it

aakaa an exclamation expressive of wonder; 2. an exclamation expressive of assent

aacu fault; 2. a1n2va-malam , q.v.; 3. trifle, anything small or mean; 4. minuteness, fineness, acuteness; 5. doubt;

aadai cloth, clothing, dress, garment; 2. thin film or spot on the eye; 3. cream, scum; 4. inner skin of the edible palmyra roots

aanfu attachment, affection; 2. sweetness, deliciousness, pleasantaness, agreeableness; 3. goodness

aadhu expression which mahout uses while patting and quieting an elephant

aamaam quite so, yes, indeed

aamai turtle, any member of chelonia or testidinata

aayam secret; 2. female attendants of a lady; 3. suffering, affliction; 4. cloud; 5. kind of drum

aayin but, if

aar who?

aalaahtu cable, large rope

aalampam touching; 2. killing

aalippu great noise, uproar

aavar who?

aaval bend

aavalam noise made with the mouth; 2. garden; 3. saree; 4. rod round which yarn is would

aavi breath; 2. sigh; 3. yawn; 4. soul; 5. mind; 6. strength, power; 7. vowel; 8. steam, vapour; 9. kind of meal cake, a prepared in steam; 10. smoke; 11. tobacco, as the leaf smoking; 12. fragrance, odour

aaf man; 2. man of capacity, capable man, manly person; 3. warrior; 4. foot soldier

aafi female companion; 2. honest thought; 3. row; 4. bridge; 5. uselessness

aaznaal but; 2. because

aandra wide; 2. who has grown calm owing to deep learning; 3. which has ceased to exist


ikku waist, middle; 2. tucking in of a woman's cloth; 3. danger, trouble

idhu this, the thing close to the speaker, used impersonally; this, before neut. sing. nouns

ila always in the ancient times in addressing a woman in a familiar manner

irappu begging, asking alms

iraval begging, asking aims; 2. anything borrowed on the understanding that it be returned after use, except money

iru great, spacious, vast; 2. black

iru-htal to exist; 2. to remain; 3. to sit down; 4. to sink, as a foundation; to disappear; 5. to live; 6. to be ready to act; to be in readiness for any duty or project; to be on the point of acting or going; 7. to fancy, imagine, expect, hope; sign of the perfect tense after a participial verb, as in auxiliary verb

ivan this man or this boy; he, used to denote the male among rational beings

izutu butter; 2. ghee; 3. fat, grease; 4. honey; 5. thick semi-liquid substance

idrai height; 2. head; 3. supreme God; 4. Siva; 5. Brahma1; 6. king, sovereign, monarch; 7. eminence, greatness; 8. impartiality; justice; 9. any one who is great as one's father or guru or any renowned and illustrious person; 10. superior, master, chief; 11. elder brother; 12. husband, as lord of his wife; 13. inside of a sloping roof, eaves of a house; 14. feather, quill; 15. wing, plumage; 16. death, dying, extinction; 17. mango tree


ii wing

ii fly; musca domestica ; 2. honey bee; apis mellifica ; 3. beetle; coleoptera

iir minuteness; 2. nit, hemitera insecta ; 3. rib of a palm leaf; 4. wing


ungai your sister younger than you

uquppu-thal to rouse, wake up, incite; to urge, as dogs; 2. to frighten; to drive away, as birds

umar your friends and relations

umbi your younger brotheer

urum thunder; 2. fear, dread, alarm

uv they, those things near you


uunf eating; 2. food; 3. experience of joys and sorrows by the soul, as the inevitable fruits of karma

uuzi time of universal deluge and destruction of all things, end of the world; 2. aeon; 3. very long time; 4. life time; 5. world; 6. fate; 7. regular orde

uun flesh, muscle; 2. meat, animal food; 3. body


e interrog. base of the interrog. pron,; interrog. prefix before a noun, meaning what, which

enganfum everywhere

enf calculation, computation; 2. thought; imagination; intention; 3. deliberation; counsel; 4. knowledge; 5. mind; 6. esteem, honour, respect; 7. number; 8. mathematics; 9. astronomy, including astrology; 10. bound, limit; 11. logic; 12. fineness of gold or silver as tested by the touchstone; 13. mantras; 14. one of the component parts of the kali verse

efnu-thal to think; 2. to consider, deliberate about, take counsel, ponder on; 3. to resolve upon, determine; 4. to esteem, respect, honour; 5. to guess, conjecture, surmise; 6. to meditate upon; 7. to count, reckon, compute;

efney gingili oil; 2. oil; 3. malabar wood-oil tree, having oil in the pores of the wood 1. tr., dipterocarpus indicus

ehtaznai how many; how much, what measure, what degree; 2. many

edhaa always used as a relative, and in Tamil generally in compounds, in which manner, as much as

eppozutum always, at all times

eluval man-friend

ellaa here! you!; 2. a word used in addressing a woman friend

ellaam whole; 2. all, personal as well as impersonal

er to bring near , cause to obtain , procure

ev what, which things

evvarum anyone

eziliya beautiful, comely

etru of what sort (is it)?, a tenseless finite verb of impers. sing; an exclamation of pity or wonder

eznpa what are said to be

enza tenseless verb signifying what avail


ee increase, abundance; 2. pile, row, tier, series; 3. looking upward; 4. pride, self-conceit, arrogance; 5. letter of the 4th note of the gamut usu. denoted by

eedu 1. petal; 2. flower; 3. eyelid; 4. strip of palmyra leaf for writing; 5. book of palmyra leaves; 6. leaf of a book; 7. section of a plantain leaf cut near the base, for use as a plate; 8. cream; 9. body; 10. greatness, excellence; 11. fault, blemish

eedhu which; what; 2. why; 3. whence, how

eedhum even a little; 2. anything, everything without exception; 3. something

eevam thus, exactly so

eezai foolish, silly person; one of weak intellect; 2. ignorance, simplicity; harmlessness; mental weakness

een why? what? wherefore? how?


ai an interjection MaitrS. ; a particle of addressing ; summoning ; remembering L.

aidhu that which is beautiful; 2. beauty; 3. that which is minute, fine, subtle; 4. that which is thin, light, slender, soft

aiya wonderful; 2. small, weak; 3. beautiful \

aiyan elder brother; 2. God; 3. deva, god


oru sheep 02 a or an; one unique; special

ovaa f. a particular exclamation at sacrifices


oom yes, the expression of affirmation or of consent

ooru instant, as the time-measure of the snap of the finger


au an interjection ; a particle of addressing ; calling ; prohibition ; ascertainment L.


kaca m. the hair (esp. of the head) Ragh. Bhartr2. &c. ; a cicatrix , a dry sore , scar

kaaca m. (%{kac}) glass

kanf eye; 2. kindness, benignity, graciousness, as expressed by the eye

kanfkaatciccaalai museum, place where an exhibition is held

kafnu Eye

kahtu 02 1. crying, bawling, calling; 2. chattering, idle talking, babbling 03 letter, writing, entry in a book

kahtu-thal 01 1. to caw, as a crow; to chuck, as a partridge; to screach, as a peacock; to chatter, as a monkey; to yelp, as a puppy; to growl, as a bear; to bray, as an ass; to bleat, as a calf; to croak, as a frog; to make a reiterated sound, as some snakes; 2. to cry, scream, bawl, squall, make a harsh, continued noise; 3. to babble, jabber, talk in vain; 4. to roar, as the sea; to recite, read

kamis shirt, chemise

kampam post, pillar; 2. lamp-stand, candlestick

kalai 01 river portia tree (TLS) 02 1. a minute division =1 60 of a degree; 2. Pa1rvati1 (TLS) 03 1. stag, buck; 2. male black monkey; 3. shark; 4. capricorn of the zodiac; 5. cf. mekhala1 , cloth garment; 6. saddle of a horse 04 1. portion; 2. moon's phase corresponding to a titi ; 3. brightness, splendour; 4. minute portion of time; 5. indian hour =1 60 of a 1 30 of a zodiacal sign; 6. a time measure; 7. arts and sciencs; 8. learning; erdition; 9. treatise, book; 10. language; 11. part of a vannam ; 12. specific power of any of the superior deities as manifested in an avata1ram or in a theophany for a specific purpose; manifestation of a deity; forms of the female energy of a deityas they appear, one of seven kinds of vittiya1-tattuvam , q.v.; 13. breath passing from the nostril; 14. body; 15. postures in sexual enjoyment; 16. branch of a tree 05 woman's girdle consisting of seven stands of jewels 06 core, solid paprt of timber 07 a kind of camphor imported from kalah in the malay peninsula

kalluuri academy, college, institution where instruction is given in arts and sciences

kavalai a rooted creeper; 2. malabar sardine of beautiful green colour, attaining 7 in. in length dussumieria acuta

kaacu 1. defect, fault; 2. dice 02 catechu compound 03 1. gold; 2. necklace of gold coins; 3. an ancient gold coin =28 gr. troy; 4. a small copper coin; 5. coin, cash, money; 6. gem, crystal bead; 7. girdle strung with gems; 8. a formula of a foor of two neracai , the latter ending in 'u' occurring in the last foor of a ven2pa ; 9. the hollow in the centre of each row of palla1nikul6i 04 phlegm

kaaval defence, protection, preservation, keeping; 2. enclosing fence, hedge

kuccu hut, shed made of palm leaves; 2. small room

kuuccakkaaran shy, bashful person; 2. tickish person

kendhu a game of children, in which each member of a side can put out any number of the other side by chasing and touching them as long as he can hop continuously on one leg

kai hand, arm; 2. elephant's trunk; 3. ray, as of the sun; 4. group, set as in counting bricks, dry dungcakes; 5. hand-pose in dancing; 6. side, right or left; 7. faction, party; 8. rafter; 9. samaphore; 10. sleeve of a garment; 11. handle, as of an axe; 12. handle, as of a fan; 13. wing of a bird; 14. wing of a bird army; 15. army; 16. place; 17. momey on hand; 18. that which is fit to be done; 19. decoration, dressing; 20. strength, ability; 21. handful; 22. hands, workmen, assistants; 23. littleness, smallness; 24. custom, usage, way of the world; 25. row, line; 26. younger sister

( NG )


cadhi good, virtuous or faithful wife; 2. the fourth naks2atra; 3. Pa1rvati1; 4. suttee; self-immolation of a widow along with her deceased husband

can_i the planet Saturn; 2. ill-luck, disaster

cazni-htal 02 1. to be born, produced; 2. to arise, appear; to result

caadhi family, clan, race; 2. hindu caste.; 3. birth; 4. attribute common to a class; 5. kind, class, species; 6. that which is superior, genuine

caabam curse, imprecation

caami lord, the supreme being; 2. Skanda; 3. Arhat; 4. chief, chieftain, master; 5. Guru, spiritual preceptor

caari side, wing, row or series

caar-thal to reach, approach; 2. to depend upon, take shelter in; 3. to be near to; 4. to be associated ro connected with; 5. to unite; 6. to be related to; 7. to resemble, equal; 8. to lean upon, recline against

caarccaar everywhere

caal fullness, abundance; 2. large water-pot; 3. baling bucket

cidrai guard, defence, watch; 2. confinement, restraint, incarceration; 3. prison, jail, place of confinement; 4. captivity, slavery, bondage; 5. captive, slave; 6. young woman taken captive to marry or to keep; 7. beautiful young woman worth taking captive; 8. dam, bank; 9. tank; 10. place, location, situation; 11. side of a street; 12. bank, shore; 13. fortwall, surrounding wall of a city; 14. boundary; 15. wing, feather, plumage; 16. flaw of tonelessness in a lute string

cil some, few; 2. small, slight; 3. fine; -- 1. small piece, as of broken glass; 2. small patch of cloth; 3. anything flat and round, as eye-glass, wheel; 4. wheel, as of a car; 5. a kind of hair-ornament

cidrai guard, defence, watch; 2. confinement, restraint, incarceration; 3. prison, jail, place of confinement

ciidhootakam cold water

ciippu comb; 2. small cluster or bunch of plantain fruits; 3. bolt; 4. wooden brace to a door, driven into the ground in bolting; 5. shutter of a sluice; 6. rib; 7. bones of the shoulder joint; 8. weaver's reed frame having prallel flat strips of metal or reed between which the warp threads pass;

cukaciivaznam happy, comfortable life; 2. an idler's life

cucaznam wind, air

cudutafniir hot water

cenqilai beautiful bow

cehtu having thought; 2. having resembled

ceedru sap, juice; 2. sweetness, toothsomeness; 4. honey; 5. treacle; 6. water, transparency and brilliance of a gem

cailam saree

coodhi light, splendour, lustre, brilliancy, effulgence; 2. ray or streak of light; 3. lamp, torch; 4. fire; 5. sun; 6. star; 7. the supreme being; 8. Siva; 9. arhat; 10. alit camphor; 11. vermilion; 12. spiritual wisdom, mental illumination; 13. ground-worm


( T )

( NF )


thakam Heat 2. combustion, burning thaakam 1. thirst, one of 12 uyir-ve1tan6ai , q.v.; 2. eagerness, desire; 3. lust

thadai resisting, obstructing; 2. hindrance, obstacle, impediment, interruption; 3. objection; 4. coat of mail; 5. armlet or anklet worn as a charm; 6. guard, watch; 7. door, gate; 8. bund, embankment; 9. that which keeps a thing in its place, as a linchpin, catch, bolt, etc.; 10. charm, magic spell, as an obstacle; 11. wife; 12. a measure of weight=80 palams; 13. creamy-leaved lance wood, m. tr., pterosperumum suberifolium

thafniir cold fresh water; 2. water

thalai head; 2. that which is first, best, highest; 3. person of highest quality and rank; 4. leader; husband

thamiz sweetness, melodiousness; 2. refined quality; 3. tamil language, being divided into iyar6-r6amil6, icai-t-tamil, na1t2aka-t-tamil6 ; 4. tamil literature, tamil work; 5. the tamils; 6. the tamil country

thaagam thirst, one of 12 uyir-ve1tan6ai , q.v.; 2. eagerness, desire; 3. lust

thaacci leader of a side, in games; captain

thaam they; 2. you, a term of respect; 3. particle suffixed to plural nouns of any person in the nominative case, for emphasis; an expletive, as in

tii fire knowledge, understanding

thundu 1. piece, bit, fragment, slice, scrap, morsel; 2. section, divisions, strip; 3. chit, billet, ticket, small note; 4. receipt; 5. small piece of cloth; towel; 6. bale of tobacoo consisting of four small or two large cippam ; 7. a bale of betel leaves containing 20 kavul2i ; 8. loss, as in trade; 9. separateness; 10. balance

thuungu-tal 1. to hang; to be suspended; 2. to swing; 3. to sawy from side to side, as an elephant; 4. to dance; 5. to pour, rain, fall unceasingly; 6. to sound; 7. to sleep, slumber; 8. to spin, as a top; 9. to die; 10. to droop, as a plant; 11. to be sluggish idle, dull, slow; 12. to delay, procrastinate; 13. to tarry, remain, abide; 14. to walk or trudge slowly; 15. to rest profoundly; 16. to be crowded, dense; 17. to abound

thottu touching, concerning, in reference to


na a particle (a) denoting excellence, as (b) expressing abundance, excess

nakkal food taken by licking, one of aintun2avu , q.v.; 2. electuary taken by licking with the tongue; 3. boiled rice; 4. leavings scrapings; 5. eating; 6. touching; 7. miser

nangai lady, woman of quality or distinction; 2. son's wief; 3. elder brother's wife; 4. a word added to ak6r6in2ai nouns to denote feminine gender

nalla good, fine, excellent; 2. abunant, copious; 3. intense, severe

naa tongue; 2. word; 3. middle, centre; 4. index of a balance; 5. clapper of a bell; 6. flame-tongue; 7. bolt of a lock; 8. wards of a key; 8. wards of a key; 9. mouthpiece of a music-pipe; 10. neighbourhood; 11. splendour

naan I

nipataznam falling down; 2. throwing down; letting down; dropping

nii You - singular

n-htal to separate from; 2. to renounce, as the world; 3. to put away, reject; 4. to put to disgrace; 5. to despise, loathe; 6. to abandon, leave; to be removed

niim You

neervu happening; 2. consent; 3. giving; 4. soliciting; 5. opposing; 6. fighting; 7. dropping


pakkam side; 2. neighbourhood, nearness; 3. place; 4. country, region; 5. house; 6. side of the body extending from the shoulder to the hip; 7. wing, feather; 8. wing of the arrow; 9. tail; 10. affection, friendship; 11. love, kindness; 12. relation; 13. family; 14. army; 15. royal elephant; 16. lunar fortnight; 17. lunar day; 18. portion, section; 19. page; 20. treatise; 21. theory; opinion; 22. proposition to be proved; 23. minor term in a syllogism; 24. necessary assumption; 25. state, quality; 26. ornament for the hand; 27. greyness of the hair

padam cloth for wear; 2. painted or printed cloth; 3. coat, jacket; 4. upper garment, cloak; 5. body; 6. picture, map

padar passing, proceeding; 2. upright conduct or behaviour; 3. sorrow, affliction, distress, anxiety, trouble; 4. spreading spots on the skin; 5. pain, disease; 6. thick bush, especially of creepers; 7. thought, reflection; 8. hostility, enmity; 9. rise, elevation; mount, hillock; 10. path; 11. flag

padi step, stair; rung of a ladder; 2. grade, rank, class, order, sphere; 3. nature

padi earth

padi-ttal 02 1. to read, recite, chant; 2. to learn, study, repeat in order, commit to memory; 3. to say, tell; 4. to praise; 5. to practise, habituate oneself to

panfam wealth; 2. coin; money, gold coin; 3. fanam, an ancient small coin of different values in different places, made of silver or gold, the silver coin being equal in value to 15 pies at Madras, 24 pies at Trichinopoly, 30 pies at Tanjore and Ramnad, 40 piest at Tinnevelly, etc., and 4 carkrams in Travancore, the gold coin being equal in value to 80 pies or a rupee and one fourth; 4. commodity for sale; 5. price; 6. business; 7. house

payin gum, glue; 2. cream; 3. rudder

paffi place; 2. hamlet, small village; 3. herdsmen's village; 4. town; 5. hermitage, cell of a recluse; 6. temple, especially of jains and buddhists; 7. palace; anything belonging to royalty; 8. workshop; 9. sleeping place or bed

patri of, about, concerning, respecting, adverting to, referring to

patru 02 1. grasp, grip, seizure; 2. acceptance; 3. adherence, attachment, affection, clinging of the mind to sensual objects, of two kinds, viz., aka-p-par6r6u, pur6a-p-par6r6u ; 4. connection, affinity, bond; 5. piece put on or nailed on for strength; 6. solder; 7. paste, glue; 8. particles of boiled rice adhering to the cooking pot; 9. pot containing particles of food adhering to it, as impure; 10. place under one's possession; 11. resting place; 12. portion of a country consisting of many villages; 13. receipt; things received; 14. support; 15. pillar; 16. love, devotion; 17. friendship; 18. path to salvation; 19. riches, treasure; 20. family life; 21. paddy field; 22. bundle; ass of betel leaves; 23. purpose, intention, principle; 24. plaster; poultice; medical application; 25. disease of the skin, ring-worm, psoriasis; 26. cement; 27. a kind of song; 28. village, parish

pazni dew; 2. chill, cold; 3. collness; 4. water; 5. tears; 6. rain; 7. mist, fog, haze; 8. that which is refreshing, soothing, gratifying; 9. fear, dread; 10. trembling; agitation; quaking; 11. a kind of disease; 12. fever; 13. distress, suffering; 14. sorrow

paadu coming into being; 2. occurrence; happening; 3. experience; endurance; feeling; bearing; 4. proper method, propriety; 5. condition, situation; 6. fit condition; 7. duty, obligation, accountability; 8. division; 9. benefit; 10. etiquette; conventional rules of social behavious; 11. nature, quality, attribute, disposition; 12. dignity, honour, greatness, eminence; 13. width, breadth; 14. sound; noise; 15. body; 16. industry, labour; 17. business, concern or affair; 18. affliction, suffering, hardship; 19. recumbency, lying prostrate; 20. fall; 21. sleep; 22. death; 23. ruin, waste, loss, injury damage, disaster, detriment; 24. shortage; 25. smearing; 26. setting, as of a planet, sun or star; 27. the sign of debilitation of a planet;

paavai puppet, doll; 2. image, picture, portrait; 3. pupil of the eye; 4. woman, lady, damsel; 5. flower of the common bottle-flower tree

picam feather, wing

pu suffix of verbal nouns, as in kalappu ; 2. suffix of abstract nouns, as in ma1n2pu ; 3. suffix of incomplete verbs of the past tense, as in ceypu

puu flower, blossom, of which there are four kinds, viz., kot2i-p-pu1, ko1t2t2u-p-pu1, ni1r-p-pu1, putar6-pu1 ; 2. lotus flower; 3. floral design; 4. cock's comb; 5. colour; 6. blue colour; 7. beauty; charm; 8. richness, fertility, flourishing condition; 9. tenderness; 10. spots on an elephant's forehead; 11. ornamental plate on the forehead of an elephant; 12. web, film or cataract in the eye, opacity, albugo ; 13. crop of wet cultivation; 14. roughness on the wiry edge of a tool after grinding; 15. spark, as of fire; 16. flake, as of scraped coconut; 17. fine powder or dust; 18. gill of a fish; 19. the fraction 1/8; 20. lac tree; 21. crude form of pu1-ni1r6u , before it is acted upon the sun's rays; 22. a set of three substances used in medicine; 23. rock-salt; 24. leaf; 25. sacrificial fire; 26. sharpness, keenness, point; 27. a hell; 28. menstruation, catamenia

puu-htal to blossom, bloom; 2. to appear; 3. to flourish; to be prosperous; 4. to menstruate; 5. to become blurred in vision, as by long wistful look; 6. to become mouldy; 7. to become useless; 1. to produce, as flower; 2. to create; 3. to give birth to


makan son; 2. child; 3. man, male person; 4. exalted person; 5. warrior; 6. husband

manqan 01 man of yellow complexion 02 1. son; 2. man; young man

madhu honey, nectar of flowers; 2. toddy; 3. intoxicating drink distilled from mahua flowers, etc.; 4. pollen of flowers; 5. sweetness; 6. water; 7. nectar; 8. milk; 9. spring; 10. asoka tree; 11. liquorice-plant; 12. an asura slain by Vis2n2u

maaman 1. mother's brother, maternal uncle; 2. father's sister's husband; 3. a term used by pariah women in addressing their husbands

miifi returning; 2. pity

mudri 03 1. piece; 2. half; 3. broken half of a cocoaunt; 4. deed, written bond; 5. receipt written on a piece of ola; 6. piece of cloth; 7. rough cloth; 8. sprout, shoot; 9. tender leaf; 10. leaf; 11. part of a village or town; 12. room; 13. corner; 14. alloy of a superior quality, especially bell-metal



raa night

rotti bread, wheaten cake



vangu orifice, hole, hollow, as in a stone; 2. rat-hole; snake-hole; 3. cave, cavern, hollow; 4. hollow in a tree; 5. space between the beams or ribs of a boat; 6. socket for a mast; 7. wooden ribs of a ship; 8. spreading spots on the skin, a disease; 9. blotches on a mangy dog; 10. hyena, as spotted; 11. pollen of the screwpine

vacam possession, charge, custody, care; 2. power; control; 3. subordination, subjection, dependence; 4. order, regularity; 5. directness, straightness; 6. real state or condition; 7. ability, possibility; 8. side; 9. copying paper; 10. birth; through

valadhu 1. right side; 2. victory; 3. skill; 4. that which is within one's power or ability; 5. life of ease and comfort; 6. deed

vidhi injunction, ordinance, rule; 2. decree; 3. positive rule, dist fr. vilakku ; 4. order, command; 5. duty; 6. method or mode of life; conduct; 7. direction, recipe; 8. justice; 9. fate, destiny; 10. Brahma1; 11. ka1syapa; 12. Vis2n2u; 13. time; 14. result of good karma; 15. good fortune; 16. wealth; 17. nature; disposition; 18. truth; 19. intellect; 20. physical act

viral finger; toe

vidral victory; 2. bravery; 3. strength; 4. greatness; 5. distinctive excellence; 6. physical expression of emotion

viidhi street; 2. the sun's path; orbit of celestial bodies; 3. direction, way; 4. means; 5. row, order; 6. a species of drama in one act and with one or two actors, the theme being love for a lascivious prostitute, one of ten ru1pakam , q.v.; 7. width, breadth; 8. running straight, as of a horse; 9. place for breaking horses; 10. light; 11. platform

viidral crack

vaa leaping, galloping

vaangu bending; 2. blow; 3. abuse, rebuke 03 dagger

vaacam dwelling; 2. dwelling place, abode, habitation; 3. village; town; 4. smell, scent, odour, perfume; 5. aromatic substance; 6. cuscuss grass; 7. garment, dress, clothes

vaar water; 2. cloud

vaazi optative meaning 'may you prosper'

venniir hot water

veelai work, labour, task; 2. business, matter; 3. workmanship; 4. situation, office



( TR )

( ZN )

engee doko katal sea kaadhal love veendaam iranai nandri arigatou paihtiyam aho

nandri 1. goodness; 2. help, kindness, benefit, favour; 3. gratitude; 4. virtue, merit

idappudram left side indru 01 this day, to-day 02 an expletive

kaathu 01 1. ear; 2. hole through which thread, rope, hook, pin or shaft is passed, as the eye of a needle; 3. to groove in a sling in which is placed thw sling-stone; 4. part near the stem of a tobacco leaf; 5. ear of a jar; projection in the rim of a vessel sering as a handle; 6. the top of a bond written it is filed; stamped part of an indenture or bond which is torn off when the bond is discharged; 7. small wedge, to hold in its place a tenon, a handle, a peg 03 murder

padravai 1. bird; 2. wing, feather; 3. bee; 4. the 23rd naks2atra ; 5. a kind of measles flying (TLS)

pufi 01 1. acidity, tartness; 2. tamarind, l. tr., tamarindus indicus ; 3. curry containing tamarind; 4. sweetness; 5. acid substance, in general

paiya by degrees, slowly; softly, gently paiyam 1. baskekt; 2. sedge

paiyan 1. son

thaakkam 01 1. attack, assault, hit; 2. reaction, counteraction; 3. force; strength; power, as of blow, medicine or fire; momentum; 4. onerousness, heaviness; 5. swelling; 6. preponderance 02 from, onward

kaayccal 1. heating, drying; 2. hear, warmth, dryness; 3. fever, inflammatory state of the system; 4. hatred, rencour

pattu hamlet, small town or village 02 1. silk cloth, woven silk; 2. silk yarn; 3. sack cloth of Indian hemp

paattu 01 1. singing, chanting; 2. song, hymn, that which is sung or adapted to music; 3. music; 4. verse or stanza, poem; 5. word; 6. abuse 02 layer, pleat

koyyaa guava, a tree, psidium guyava a weaving instrument

-apa ind. (as a prefix to nouns and verbs , expresses) away , off , back (opposed to %{u4pa} , %{a4nu} , %{sam} , %{pra}) ; down (opposed to %{ud}).

jeyam victory




hangaam time, season, period at which anything is most abundant or prevalent, as business

haa expr. of surprise, oain, sorrow, etc

hee an interjection


(e) baal english or other european loan Word (s) baal sanskrit or other north indian loan Word

-agam am suffix for place, land -al nfam suffix attached to verb infinitive to make a noun -dhaan am emphatic suffix ing in ruit -ga nfam plural suffix oting in ruit -il nfam inflection denoting in ruit -kaay nfam suffix indicating raw fruit -man m m suffix for king of a region -maram m suffix indicating tree -pazam m suffix indicating ripe fruit -thth- m inflection for -m -thaanga historic place suffix -um baal suffix for and r european loan Word - ranfam -aa adverbial suffix -aadhu am it Will not (suffix to verb infinitive) -aana nfam adjectival suffix 3 koodu anfiil3-striped palm squirrel 5 koodu anfiil5-striped palm squirrel :p tbaal f as in a'f'rica :putbaal (e)football a-um b-um a and b

acangu-tal to stir, move, shake

abhijiidham (s) vega ise to shake abaayam danger e, to shake abaanamaana abominable abuurva (s) unique accam fear nce, to shake adai a pancake adai kaffan kuruvi swallow adaikka to stuff, to put inside adakkam shyness, suppression adanga to submit tive) adaya to obtain tive) adhai it (accusative) adhanaal because of that adhigam excess, plenty adhigaari (s) officer adhin its that adhishtam (s) fortune, luckadhu a it, that adhu illaataal idhu either this or that adhudan than it atic)adhudhaan it (emphatic)adhukku to it adhukkaaga for it adhukkuuda With it adhumeel on it adhaal by/because of it adi ka hit it adikka to hit adimai slave sheep adiyaafi servitor ep aduththaam next-door e in tamil alphabet, beginning agalam Width letter in tamil alphabet, beginning agaram first letter in tamil alphabet, beginning ahanaanuuru ithe first book of 400 verses ai n Esabaiunited nations aiyoo! alas! sure ai- Esabaipenta- nations aikiya united ormal)aimbadhu fifty ormal)aimmiin rohini ormal)aindhu five (formal)aippaasi am (s) seventh tamil month aisvariyam (s) prosperity r aiyangaar vaishnavite brahmin caste aiyyar shaivite brahmin caste akaraathi dictionary r akkam pakkam side by side oet-saint akkarai responsibiltyakkadrai across the river akk n elder sister alai u Wave lin te poet-saint alamba to Wash te poet-saint alangu pangolin te poet-saint alankaaram (s) decoration , raven alasa char to rinse ow, raven alkatti ar lapwing ed lapwing amaiccar minister ow, raven amaiccu iadministration ven amaikka kaito arrange for ven amaippu katti arrangement, management amarkafam atti riot, jamboree ven ambattan katti palm swift , raven ambi kaakkaiyoung man (tirunelveli dialect) ambu kaakkaiarrow crow, raven amman aakkaigoddess ow, raven amman kaasu coin of former pudukkottai princely state amm kaakkaimom le crow, raven ammaavaasai )new moon day nectar amudham (s)rice, divine nectar anaiththulaga World-wide ng vessel anbadippu igift, present vessel anbu aakkaiaffection ing vessel anchal kkaipost cooking vessel andha gam (s) that one adjective) angirandhu thence l ual) (informal) angu gam there el ual) (informal) angum am there too al) (informal) angaaragam (s) mars sh (adjective) anjal attaipostcard ow, raven anju gam five (casual) (informal) annai am mother, nun annam (s) cooked rice r (formal) annikki that day (informal) anniyan stranger anuppa m to send andru a m that day apasvaram (s) Wrong note in music, anachronism appadi i that manner eappan am father (formal) appiram later y appozudhu then (formal)app gam dad chy app gam then (colloquial) arai ka haf room araikka to Wet grind araiya m to be ground arakkan (lion-tailed) macaque arakkudrai haf-baked arangam (s)stage cs arangeetram first stage performance arasan i king and arasi avaadhi queen cian arasiyal dhi politics n arasiyavaadhi politician arasu yam government arasaangam hi government aranfmanfai palace d archanai (s) offering to irritate arignar m scholar to irritate arikka am to itch, to irritate arisi yam rice h d arukka kuruvi to bore, to saw g thing arupadhu sixty m, a boring thing aruvai i boredom, a boring thing aru nfi kuruvi divinity, purity thing aru Eū„u uruvi reverend to saw g thing araajagam anarchy asadu i fool e, Wish asaththa to shake n aththai father's sister aththimbeer akka's/aththai's husband aththira those many oard aththaan eer paternal aunt's son band attai i card, cardboard au n diphthong au as oW in cow avai i i they (formal)avan i i he, his avanai i him (accusative) avandhaan he (emphatic)avankuuda With him avanmeel a on him avanudan than him avanudaya his him avanukku to him d avanukkaaga for him avanum i he also respectful), his/her (respectful) avanu i in him (respectful), his/her (respectful) avanaal i by/because of him avan aya he by himsefavar i i he/she (respectful), his/her (respectful) avarai i him/her (accusative) (respectful), bean avardhaan he/she (emphatic respectful) avarga they, he/she (respectful) avarga Ei them (accusative) tful) avargafdhaan a they (emphatic) pectful) avargafin aaga their em er (respectful) avarga EuudaWith them r (respectful) avargafmeel a on them er (respectful) avargafudanthan them r (respectful) avargafudaya theirs m er (respectful) avarga Ekkuto them her (respectful) avarga Ekkaaga for them er (respectful) avarga El in them (respectful) ul) avarga Em they also er (respectful) avarga El by/because of them tful) avargafee aaga they by themselves tful) avarkuuda With him/her (respectful) avarmeel a on him/her (respectful) avarudan than him/her (respectful) avarudaya his/her (respectful) ul) avarukku to him/her (respectful) avarukkaaga for him/her (respectful) avarum he/she also (respectful) avaru i in him/her (respectful) avaraal by him/her (respectful) ) avar he/she by him/hersef (respectful) avarōhanam (s) falling octave espectful) avasara rapid steam avasaram hurry steam ava i i she, her avafai i her (accusative) avafdhaan she (emphatic) avafkuuda With her ava Eeel a on her avafudan than her avafudaya her her avafukku to her d avafukkaaga for her avaful i in her avafum i she also avafaal i by/because of her avafu aya she by hersef avvai i old Woman avva Evu that much adrai ka room ind adrakku Emiinseerfish (cybium commersonnii) a Ekka to measure a Evu n measure a Ega char to cry (colloquial) a Ea char to gather lloquial) anf- kaakkaihe-, male prefix n anfaikka ti to switch off a fat person (colloquial) ańdankaakkaijungle crow, raven ańd aakkailarge cooking vessel anfaa kaakkaianna (one-sixteenth of a rupee) anfiil gam squirrel ual) (informal) afnan am elder brother (formal) afn gam elder brother (informal) afn gam c. annadurai's nickname rai's nickname ała n to cry ully ałagu n beauty ałag n beautifully ałagaana beautiful ałaiththukondu pōga to escort ałikka har to rub off, to eliminate ałindha ar extinct ow, raven azuga char to rot r ow, raven azukku i dirt (formal)azukkaana dirty formal)azuththa to pressuriseb (tamil same latter as p) b as in 'b'ag ly s badhil ham oolaahala answer g top emies

bagavadham (s) ala deity ng top emies bagavadhi (s) hala goddess top emies bakthan (s) laahala devotee top emies bakthan (s) laahala devotee top emies bakthi (s) oolaahala devotion top emies balam (s) koolaahala strength top emies baleel! am koolaahala Well done! p emies bambaram koolaahala spinning top emies bambaay a koolaahala mumbai/bombay mies bandh m koolaahala boast habharata es baradham (s) aahala the mahabharata es bayam (s) koolaahala fear lore y emies bayam puduththa la to threaten emies bayandhaangufi ala coward, frightened person bayangaram (s) ala terrible, terrific bayangaram laahala dangerously emies bayangaramaana hala dangerous y emies benga Er koolaahala bangalore y emies bhaarathiyaar laahala epithet of subramanya bharati birammam (s) aahala illusion, delusion enness bommai a koolaahala doll city emies budhan (s) ay hala Wednesday, jupiter budhankiłamai hala Wednesday emies bujangadhaari (s) a ophiuchus th emies baadhikka m oolaahala affect adversely s baadhaam paruppu ala almond adversely s baagavadham (s) ala the bhagavad-gita baaggiyam s) laahala fate, luck p emies baaradham (s) aahala india (bharat) ies baashai (s) oolaahala language y emies beedhi uur koolaahala diarrhoea y emies boodhai a koolaahala intoxication, drunkenness boodhaipporu aahala narcotic ty emies buudham (s) oolaahala ghost city emies buugambam (s) aahala earthquake emies buumi (s) koolaahala earth city emies buumaadheevi (s) hala mother earth emies ch dham am oolaahala c as in 'ch'urch cagadhi oolaahala Wet mud ar emies cakkai i oolaahala pulp War emies cakkaippałam hala jackfruit emies cakkarai (s) hala sugar War emies cakkaram (s?) ala Wheel War emies calavidham laahala percent ar emies camaikka oolaahala to cook ar emies camandhi oolaahala marigold cuisine s camayal m oolaahala cooking, cuisine s camayalkattu hala kitchen ar emies camba Em oolaahala salary War emies candhira (s) hala lunar hy y emies candhiram (s) ala moon e hy y emies candhiran (s) ala moon e hy y emies candhr m oolaahala orange hy y emies cangili m oolaahala cain phy y emies cappai condan la spoonbill meal) es carithram (s) ala biography, caracter caththam pooda ala to make a noise, to scold ting place caththiram laahala dharamshala, pilgrim's resting place cattai (e) laahala shirt y ity emies cattam koolaahala law ney ity emies cattani koolaahala cutney ity emies catti a koolaahala pot as city emies cau E kuruvi Ean some beans emies caval kuruvi Ean hoopoe l r emies cańdai am oolaahala fight, War emies canfi (s) ay aahala saturn, saturday s canfikkiłamai s) a saturday ormal) es cedi pu kaal u Ean plant nk r emies cegappu kaal u Ean redshank r emies celavu ththi hala expenditure emies celavaakka hi hala to spend r emies cellam ththi hala dear lower emies cellam kodukka la to give affection cembaraththi hala shoeflower emies cembaruththi hala shoeflower emies cembu m koolaahala brass Whale (euphysetes macrocephalus) d star cemmiin m koolaahala sperm Whale (euphysetes macrocephalus) d star cemmiin vairam ala ambergris ant mies cempakam koolaahala crow pheasant mies cengal a koolaahala brick city emies cenganarai laahala painted stork mies cengko Evi laahala red Wasp (ropalidia) cengiirii koolaahala stripenecked mongoose cennai a koolaahala madras city emies cennarai koolaahala large egret emies cennaay a koolaahala dhole, Wild dog es ceththa kaaleej ala museum (colonial colloquial) cettiyaar koolaahala trader caste of central tamil nadu cevaru a koolaahala Wall r aunt emies cevvaay a koolaahala tuesday, mars mies cevvaaykkiłamai la thursday unt emies ceyalaafar oolaahala secretary ews mies ceydhi a koolaahala piece of news mies ceydhiga oolaahala news r aunt emies ceyga ma koolaahala to do r aunt emies ceyya ma koolaahala to do r aunt emies cigappu ara aahala red er Whistling teal cilli thara aahala lesser Whistling teal cindhanai oolaahala deep thought emies cingam a koolaahala lion r aunt emies cingavaal kurangu lion-tailed macaque cinna ma koolaahala small r aunt emies cinna kadai u okku rock bush quail wk adjective) cinna kottan okku kentish/little ringed plover cinna kukuravan ku crimsonbreasted barbet ctive) cinna maambałakuruvi iora sparrow-hawk adjective) cinna thaaththa kku grand uncle w-hawk adjective) cinna va Euru okku besra sparrow-hawk adjective) cinna ve Eaikkokku little egret alone adjective) cinna aańdai u okku scops owl/owlet wk adjective) cinnadhu koolaahala small (stand alone adjective) cinnam a koolaahala symbol, sign emies cinnamma koolaahala younger aunt emies cinnaththidrai ala television le mies cippi idaya aahala shell in prison s cippimiin ya aahala sheffish, cockle, oyster cirandha laahala great, best e mies cirappu p laahala special ncle mies cirayil adaikka a to jail, to imprison cirikka p laahala to laugh ncle mies cirippu p laahala laughter ncle mies cirudhai laahala leopard i cle mies cirudhaippuli ala hyaena ti cle mies ciththapp laahala younger uncle mies ciththi akoolaahala step-mother, younger aunt ciththippaatti la grand aunt month, caitra a flame ciththirai (s) la first tamil month, caitra a flame cidragu daya aahala Wing t in prison s cidraki a laahala common teal e mies cidrakimiin laahala flying-fish (exocoetus) cidru ū‹ p laahala small ati cle mies cidrumiin p laahala arundhati, loach (cobitio thermalis) colla dhi oolaahala to tell, to say to heat on a flame cori a hi oolaahala itch ratch, to itch heat on a flame coriya hi oolaahala to scratch, to itch heat on a flame cuda adhi oolaahala to fire (a gun), to heat on a flame cuda vaikka aahala to heat he enemies cudaccuda aahala very hot e enemies cumai bu oolaahala burden used for construction cumaikka oolaahala to bear sed for construction cumaikkuuli laahala freightage for construction curuga hi oolaahala to screw e enemies curukka i oolaahala to twist e enemies curumbu i oolaahala bee otate (informal), to revolve (informal) curumbumiin laahala bee fish (lactarius delicatulus) (informal) cuththa i oolaahala to rotate (informal), to revolve (informal) cuththiyal laahala hammer hirsty mies cutta hi oolaahala heated, roasted es cuvadi hi oolaahala book thirsty mies cutra hi oolaahala to revolve (formal), to rotate (formal) cutri paarkka hala to go sightseeing cudr a hi oolaahala shark ew e enemies cu Ekka i oolaahala to twist, to sprain cu Ea dhi oolaahala to pinch e enemies cu Eu a i oolaahala pinch st, to sprain cuńdakkaay oolaahala something very small ruction cufnaambu oolaahala mortar used for construction caadham am oolaahala cooked rice emies caadham uruvi hala cooked rice g cards heat on a flame caaga i am oolaahala to die War emies caakku (e) oolaahala sack , War emies caakkumuuttai aahala gunny sack emies caakpiis (e) laahala calk War emies caambal am oolaahala ash t, War emies caappida m oolaahala to eat (a meal) es caappaadu m oolaahala meal (informal) es caappaattu oolaahala meal t (a meal) es caaraayam m (s) ala liquor hy, caracter caathukudi oolaahala orange ity emies caavi (s) vi u Ean key h wl r emies caavu kuruvi u Ean death wl r emies caavu kuruvi u Ean barn owl r emies caay pu kaal u Ean tea t nk r emies ceenai a koolaahala yam oin aunt emies ceera u a koolaahala to join aunt emies ceerndhu kaal u Ean together r emies ciikkiram ra aahala quickly histling teal cū‹a ma koolaahala cina r aunt emies ciippu ha laahala comb gh ncle mies ciittu kuruvi hala cit, playing cards heat on a flame cōļam kuruvi hala corn, maize say to heat on a flame cōļam kuruvi hala rosy pastor say to heat on a flame cōłamańdalam hala coromandel, cola realms cuudan dhi oolaahala camphor e enemies cuudu dhi oolaahala hot, burn-wound es cuud vaikka aahala hot (adverb) emies d (tamil same letter as t) t) d as in 'd'og mies dabb E(s) oolaahala box e thirsty mies davar dhi oolaahala metal bowl enemies delli adhi oolaahala delhi l he enemies dh (tamil same letter as th) dh as in 'th'is es dhairiyam (s) hala patience, courage dhalam (s) oolaahala armed force nemies dhalapadhi (s) ala general he enemies dhanuraasi (s) hala sagittarius temple deity dharisanam (s) ala glimpse of a temple deity dhidir kku laahala suddenly, instant out dhiraatchai (s) ala grapes ion cup ron out dhiyaanam (s) aahala meditation cup ron out dhonnai kku laahala paper/leaf cup ron out dhukkam (s) laahala sadness on n heron out dhuruva natchaththiram (s) pole star n heron out dhyaanam (s) laahala meditation n heron out dhaadi (s) oolaahala beard l he enemies dhaampathyam (s) la married life heron out dheesiyagiidham (s) national anthem on out dheevadhai u laahala divine being ant out dheevayaanai (s) ala andromeda instant out dheevaangu ku laahala slender loris ant out dhū~aava E u laahala diwali festival t out dhuuram (s) laahala far tation n heron out dhuuram kku laahala far (adverb) heron out dhuuramaana u laahala far tation n heron out doshi kokku laahala little green heron out daahikka hi oolaahala to be thirsty mies daavani dhi oolaahala skirt bowl enemies d irkaalam oolaahala child's Word for annoyance e haanalum oolaahala short e as in pet out e:hu alum oolaahala shield r happens e out edhanaal m oolaahala because of Which e out edhir aalam oolaahala opposite ense take out edhiri lam oolaahala opponent ense take out edhirkka akoolaahala to oppose to take out edhirkkai koolaahala opposition to take out edhirkaalam oolaahala present tense take out edhirmiin akoolaahala fish swimming against current, salmon edhiraafi m oolaahala enemy t tense take out edhu a u akoolaahala What ite , to take out edhuvum akoolaahala Whatever, either e out edhaanalum oolaahala Whatever happens e out edir a u akoolaahala opposite , to take out edirkatchi oolaahala opposition party e out edukka u akoolaahala to remove, to take out ellaam cheerndhu ala altogether enemies elumbu i akoolaahala bone imb e enemies el hthu akoolaahala rat n g he enemies embadhu akoolaahala eighty b e enemies en bu i akoolaahala my imb e enemies enakku i akoolaahala to me mb e enemies enakkaaga akoolaahala for me b e enemies endha i akoolaahala Which mb e enemies enga i akoolaahala our e mb e enemies enga Ei akoolaahala us (accusative) es enga Euuda laahala With us e enemies enga Eeel a laahala on us b e enemies engafudan laahala than us e enemies engafudaya laahala ours s b e enemies enga Ekku koolaahala to us mb e enemies enga Ekkaaga laahala for us b e enemies enga E akoolaahala in us mb e enemies enga El akoolaahala by/because of us s engirandhu oolaahala Whence b e enemies engu u i akoolaahala Where mb e enemies engum i akoolaahala anywhere ative) es enkuuda i akoolaahala With me sative) es enmeel i akoolaahala on me cusative) es enna i akoolaahala What? cusative) es ennai i akoolaahala me (accusative) es ennikki akoolaahala Which day (informal) ennudan akoolaahala than me e enemies ennudaya akoolaahala mine imb e enemies ennu i akoolaahala in me mb e enemies ennaal i akoolaahala by/because of me s endrendrum akoolaahala always b e enemies endru i i akoolaahala Which day enemies endrum i akoolaahala always b e enemies endraal i akoolaahala it means e enemies eppadi i akoolaahala how limb e enemies eppozudhu koolaahala When (fomal) mies eppozudu akoolaahala When (formal) mies epp u i akoolaahala When (colloquial) erakka i akoolaahala to bring down, to download eranga i akoolaahala to climb down mies erikka i akoolaahala to burn (transitive) erindha akoolaahala burnt n he enemies eriya i akoolaahala to burn he enemies erumbu i akoolaahala ant st the enemies eththira akoolaahala how many as, now 50 paise eththirav oolaahala so many nas, now 50 paise etta a i akoolaahala to reach out now 50 paise ettanfa i akoolaahala eight annas, now 50 paise ettu hai akoolaahala eight the enemies evan m akoolaahala Who ot used a musical instrument evan m akoolaahala some guy ed a musical instrument eva E m akoolaahala some girl d a musical instrument evva Evu same letter as k) how much g'uerilla al instrument edrumai i akoolaahala buffalo he enemies e lu i m koolaahala mustard principal emotions e Emicham koolaahala lemon g he enemies e Euppaatti oolaahala great-great-grandmother e Euththaathth ala great-great-grandfather efnai i akoolaahala oil ecause of me s ełavu u akoolaahala nonsense e enemies ezudha u akoolaahala to Write e enemies ezudhi vaikka hala to bequeath nemies ezudhina ar laahala Written e enemies ezudhiya ar laahala Written by enemies ezudhiyavar laahala author b e enemies ezupadhu r laahala seventy author ies ezuththu akoolaahala Writing he enemies ezuththaafar laahala Writer he enemies ezuthaafar r laahala Writer, author ies g (tamil same letter as k) g as in 'g'uerilla al instrument gadam m akoolaahala mudpot used a musical instrument gadigaaram koolaahala clock ry pening es gajaana (s) oolaahala treasury pening es galaatta akoolaahala noisy happening es gangai (s) oolaahala ganga tower emies garbbam (s) laahala pregnant (informal) gauravam (s) aahala pride, honour mies gauravam (s) aahala prestige er emies gavanam akoolaahala attention er emies gavanikka koolaahala to attend er emies gańdanam (s) aahala criticism, condemnation genakka akoolaahala to Weigh wer emies genam m akoolaahala Weight tower emies getti m akoolaahala thick tower emies gettikkaaran laahala intelligent person gettikaara koolaahala intelligent, smart gnaanam (s) oolaahala spiritual knowledge go Esu gam ) aahala anklet (informal) s stone grahanfam (s) aahala eclipse he enemies gubbi ai akoolaahala sparrow he enemies gugai ai akoolaahala tunnel the enemies guru (s) akoolaahala teacher, mentor s guńdacci oolaahala a fat Woman nemies guńdan i akoolaahala a fat man enemies guńdu ai akoolaahala bullet fat emies guńdu (adjective) fat st the enemies guńduvedi koolaahala bomb explosion ies guńd hchi oolaahala fat (adverb) emies guńduusi i koolaahala drawing pin on ies gōburam akoolaahala temple tower emies goodhumai akoolaahala Wheat the enemies goodhumaavu koolaahala Wheat flour nemies gōmeedhagam ) aahala brown semi-precious stone h (borrowed letter) h as in 'hand' y s huni hai akoolaahala babbler he enemies haasyam (s) oolaahala laughter, gaiety s i du hai akoolaahala i as in indus mies ida ai akoolaahala to make, to lay (an egg) idam ai akoolaahala place, space emies idaththu akoolaahala left nd e enemies idaththupakkam ala left side enemies idhanaal akoolaahala because of this es idhayam akoolaahala heart nd e enemies idhu ai akoolaahala this thing enemies idi ai akoolaahala thunder e enemies idikka i akoolaahala to thunder, to bash idimiin i akoolaahala a fish species around pondicherryidli ai akoolaahala idli and e enemies idukki akoolaahala tongs ul, young es iduppu akoolaahala Waist ul, young es iduppuvali oolaahala labour pains ng es ikkadrai akoolaahala this side of the river ilai ai akoolaahala leaf and e enemies ilakkanam koolaahala grammar n enemies ilangai akoolaahala lanka ion enemies illam l atti aahala home r....or, if not illaadhavan i aahala have-not .or, if not illaamal atti aahala Without ..or, if not illaatal atti aahala either....or, if not iluppuchatti aahala frying pan, iron pot imayam i akoolaahala himalaya, great person inbam ai akoolaahala affection enemies indha a du rmaanfi la this one djective) ory) indhiya du rmaanfi la indian (adjective) ory) indhiy du rmaanfi la india rson (derogatory) ingirandhu rmaanfi (e,s) hence rson (derogatory) ingu anddu rmaanfi (e,s) here erson (derogatory) ingulanddu rmaanfi (e,s) big person (derogatory) ingum i akoolaahala here also weet ies inikka i akoolaahala to taste sweet ies iniya ai akoolaahala sweet r he enemies inji ai akoolaahala ginger he enemies innikki akoolaahala today (informal) s indru ai akoolaahala today r he enemies ippadi i akoolaahala this manner nemies ippozudhu koolaahala now (formal) emies ipp ai akoolaahala now (colloquial) s iraivan akoolaahala god heat e enemies irandhakaalam u kuruvi past tense d hornbill iravu i akoolaahala night railway mies irayil i akoolaahala rail, railway mies irettai chońdu kuruvi double pied hornbill irettai chońdu kuruvi malabar pied hornbill irettai pidravi ruvi twins ailway mies irettaivaal kuruvi paradise flycatcher irettaivaalan kuruvi drongo ailway mies ireńdu i akoolaahala two (formal) emies ireńdaam akoolaahala second rmal) emies ireńdaavadhu laahala the second ) emies irukka i akoolaahala to be the enemies irumbu padhi aahala iron dent enemies irupadhu dhi aahala twenty en, to become night irutta padhi aahala to darken, to become night iruttu padhi aahala darkness enemies iruvar padhi aahala duo c ent enemies iraamaayanfan ńdu kuruvi the ramayana hornbill isai hipadhi aahala music ent enemies iththira dhi aahala these many girl es ivan hipadhi aahala this man/boy emies iva hipadhi aahala this Woman/girl es ivva Evu ed letter) as ch) this much 'elly es idragu ai akoolaahala feather he enemies idranga aan ońdu kuruvi to descend d hornbill idrumal aan ońdu kuruvi cough cher d hornbill idrumba aan ońdu kuruvi to cough r d hornbill i Eigna akoolaahala youthful, young es i Eignan akoolaahala youngster enemies i Emai i akoolaahala youth, youthfulness i Empe akoolaahala young Woman the river izukka padhi aahala to pull, to drag s j (borrowed letter) as ch) j as in 'j'elly es ja:pna padhi aahala jaffna tribe emies jadai ipadhi aahala hair-plait e emies jamiin (s) hi (s) a Zamindar enemies janathogai oolaahala population lining janaadhipadhi (s) a president enemies jarigai (s) laahala Zaree, gold lining jatk E(s) koolaahala one-horse cart ies javu E akoolaahala clothing e enemies javu Ekkaaran aahala haberdasher nemies jayikka (s) laahala to Win ar enemies jennal akoolaahala Window ar enemies jetti akoolaahala underwear enemies jillu iyam oolaahala chilled y enemies jo Ekka am (s) ala to shine enemies jaadhi ipadhi aahala caste, tribe emies jaalar padhi aahala cymbals t enemies jaalar Eadikka hala to be a yes-man es jaamiin (s) hi (s) a bail dent enemies jaansirmaanfi koolaahala brave Woman (colloquial) jaathagam (s) aahala horoscope enemies jū~uumb akoolaahala genie the enemies jū‹ E(s) m oolaahala sugar ogy enemies jōthisiyam (s) ala astrology enemies jōthisiyar (s) ala astrologer enemies k cceeri koolaahala k as in 'k'ettle dance or music concert kacceeri koolaahala court, classical dance or music concert kadai i akoolaahala shop, latter emies kadai i akoolaahala quail the enemies kadaikkaaran aahala shopkeeper a quial) kadaiku Emiin aahala uttarashadha quial) kadaimiin am laahala revathi colloquial) kadaipakkam laahala market (colloquial) kadal i akoolaahala sea the enemies kadal kuruvi aahala tern g, sea-cow es kadal kaakkai aahala gull g, sea-cow es kadal aali oolaahala Whitebellied sea eagle kadal-kaagam laahala cormorant a-cow es kadalai dri oolaahala groundnut a-cow es kadalaimmaavu pu la gram flour, besan kadalaipparuppu la bengal gram besan kadalpandri oolaahala dugong, sea-cow es kadamai akoolaahala duty the enemies kadan i akoolaahala loan, debt enemies kadangaaran oolaahala debtor the enemies kadanaakkumiin aahala brown flatfish (pleuronecter erumei) kadarkadrai oolaahala beach the enemies kadarkkarai laahala sea coast, beach s kadavu Ethunfai ala divine grace emies kadhai (s) oolaahala story the enemies kadhara akoolaahala to yell he enemies kadhavu akoolaahala door t the enemies kadi ka akoolaahala bite, sharpness es kadiccaimiin hala black-blotched grey seafish (pristipoma maculatum) kadidham akoolaahala letter he enemies kadikka akoolaahala to bite he enemies kadu hai akoolaahala severe, cruel, harsh kadumiin dhai aahala fierce fish, shark kadeesi i akoolaahala ultimate e enemies kadeesila ) oolaahala in the end (informal) kadeesiya ) oolaahala in the end enemies kai ułandhai aahala hand t the enemies kai ezuththu aahala handwriting, signature kai thatta i aahala to clap prisoner kai thattu i aahala clap, applause er kai-gadigaaram hala Wristwatch nsitive) kaidhi (s) i aahala captive, prisoner kaikkułandhai hala suckling infant es kaikułandhai aahala infant the enemies kaili akoolaahala dhoti the enemies kailaasam (s) aahala shiva's abode, paradise kaimmiin ōłi laahala atta nakshatra ge kaivalyam (s) hala solitude, meditation kal i u akoolaahala stone leg, quarter kal koudari laahala sandgrouse enemies kalai (s) koolaahala art ing he enemies kalaignar yanfam la artist liquor ies kalainjar koolaahala artist (transitive) kalakka akoolaahala to mix (transitive) kalandhukka laahala to participate ies kalandhuvida aahala to mingle able ies kalanga akoolaahala to mix getable ies kalkodi andu aahala painted spurfowl s kalli pur u aahala ring dove e nemies kallu kōłimiin hala stone, boulder, rock nthus imperator) kallukkōłimiin hala blue sea fish (holocanthus imperator) kallaaga r u aahala to petrify nemies kalluuri andu aahala college ite nemies kalu parandu aahala pariah kite nemies kalvi rakoolaahala learning e enemies kalymaanfam (s) aahala Wedding e enemies kalymaanfaviidu laahala house celebrating a marriage kamalam (s) laahala lotus Wire nemies kambi ri akoolaahala stick, Wire nemies kambu ri akoolaahala stick er e enemies kanal mayil laahala great indian bustard kanan kōłi oolaahala rail, crake banded rail kanjam alkatti la miser spectacles kanjathanam tti la miserliness acles kanmiin alkatti la bride-fish (lutjanus marginatus) kanniyaaraasi laahala virgo hip enemies kannaadi alkatti la glass, spectacles, mirror kannaadi alkatti la stone curlew emies kannaapinn oolaahala nonsense e enemies kannaapinnaaga aahala haphazard enemies kappal rakoolaahala boat, ship enemies karadi rakoolaahala bear y the enemies karaikka ku laahala to mix, to dissolve karappu m oolaahala cockroach ed emies karaya n m oolaahala to get mixed emies karańdi uukku narai small ladle emies karańdimuukku narai spoonbill ic emies kari han m oolaahala coal, charcoal ies karichan m oolaahala black drongo emies karigaay am oolaahala vegetable (colloquial) karivańdi oolaahala steam engine emies karkaraasi (s) hala cancer n tic emies karkka gam oolaahala to learn tic emies karkka karkka kasadarum things improve With learning karnaadaga oolaahala carnatic tic emies karnaadagam oolaahala the carnatic emies karppanai koolaahala imagination nemies karppu m akoolaahala virginity enemies karpuuram (s) aahala camphor sh enemies karthar (e) laahala christ ish enemies karththigai (s) la eighth tamil month, karthika karukka akoolaahala to blacken (transitive) karunga akoolaahala to blacken enemies karungko Evi hala hornet (vespa) ies karungkurangu hala gorilla gle n mies karunkazugu i hala black eagle n mies karuppu końdai kuruvi black bulbul mies karuppu końdai kuruvi black bulbul mies karuppu narai hala black bittern mies karuppukkottan ala glosy ibis enemies karuvaadu akoolaahala dried fish enemies karunfai (s) laahala compassion enemies kasadara akoolaahala to improve tter es kasakka akoolaahala to taste bitter es kashta pada laahala to face hardship s kashtam akoolaahala difficulty enemies kasthuuri (s) aahala musk y the enemies kasthuurimaan laahala musk-deer enemies katchi rikool aahala party, group tie s kaththa ikkaay hala to yell, to shout kaththi ikkaay hala knife gourd tie s kaththirikkaay hala brinjal ourd tie s kaththirikool aahala scissors to tie s katta am akoolaahala to build, to tie s kattadam akoolaahala building lice mies kattai n kuruvi la Wood ater able ies kattalan kuruvi la bee-eater able ies kattamaran oolaahala catamaran able ies kattaviral i aahala thumb c glefowl es kattanfam l i aahala fee b c glefowl es katti vaikka aahala to tie up, to Wrap kattil du ai aahala cot jac glefowl es kavalai akoolaahala Worry uvery nemies kavalaippada aahala to Worry ry nemies kavignar (s) aahala poet y the enemies kavura rakoolaahala to capsize vegetable kavuththa koolaahala to turn upside down kavuńdar akoolaahala landholder caste of Western tamil nadu kadragamaadu oolaahala milch cow enemies kadrai r akoolaahala shore bank nemies kadraikkokku laahala reef heron c emies ka Evaram koolaahala riot the enemies ka Ea saaraayanfam la to rob liquor ies ka Ea saaraayanfam la illicit liquor ies ka Eai aatkaay aahala robbery asant mies ka Ean aatkaay aahala robber easant mies ka Eapodru i aahala smuggled or stolen goods ka Eathanam aahala illicitness t mies ka Ei kaakkai aahala crow pheasant mies ka Eu łandhai hala liquor g infant es ka pori akoolaahala eye uter e enemies kanfakku yil laahala mathematics, arithmetic, calculation kanfavan akoolaahala husband (colloquial) kanfavu i akoolaahala dream , to observe kanfavu kańda aahala to dream o observe kańda ri akoolaahala to see, to observe kańdan idikka ala skanda (muruga) find, to invent kańdu pidikka ala to discover, to find, to invent kańdup pidikka ala to discover nemies kanfipori akoolaahala computer e enemies kańmanfi alkatti la darling sh (lutjanus marginatus) kańpaarvai oolaahala eyesight enemies kafnam chi oolaahala cheek nd-seek mies kafnan nna oolaahala krishna e enemies kafni rakoolaahala virgin the enemies kafnu rakoolaahala caf e hip enemies kafnaamūchi oolaahala hide-and-seek mies kafniir rakoolaahala tears hip enemies kafniir kalanga ala to burst into tears kałagam akoolaahala political party, corporation kałangu akoolaahala root vegetable ies kałi di andu aahala brine, brackish Water kałikka andu aahala to pass (time) s kałimiin andu aahala salt Water fish s kazudhai akoolaahala donkey, ass nemies kazugu i akoolaahala eagle the enemies kazuthai akoolaahala donkey the enemies kazuththu koolaahala neck , police mies kazuva r akoolaahala to Wash olice mies kałłachaaraayam hala illicit liquor ies kedukka rakoolaahala to spoil cken mies kenja u rakoolaahala to plead cken mies ketta u rakoolaahala bad oose cken mies ketta kanfavu hala nightmare shrike s kettakaalam vi hala misfortune, bad times kettamaana uvi hala bad acked shrike s kevalamaana vi hala pathetic shrike s ke Ei rakoolaahala question cken mies keńdai rakoolaahala carp ose cken mies kichan kuruvi hala baybacked shrike s kilavai rakoolaahala common teal n mies kil E(e) akoolaahala kilogramme en mies kirikket (e) aahala cricket icken mies kirimi rakoolaahala bacteria, microbes kirukka rakoolaahala to scribble ower s kiruththikk E(s) a pleiades cken mies kitta u rakoolaahala near e hicken mies kitta pōga oolaahala to approach n mies kittathatta laahala approximately mies ki E rakoolaahala parakeet, parrot s ki Emiin rakoolaahala green parrotfish (pseudoscarus chrysopoma) ki Ea rakoolaahala to pinch cken mies kinfaru rakoolaahala Well ose cken mies kifnam rakoolaahala little bowl ens, herb ki E u rakoolaahala prefix for lower s kiłakku rakoolaahala east n teal n mies kiłikka rakoolaahala to tear (transitive) kiłiya rakoolaahala to tear cken mies kiłjaadhi akoolaahala lower caste n mies kodagunaad koolaahala coorg chicken mies kodai u rakoolaahala kodaikanal en mies kodami Egaay laahala capsicum cken mies kodhara rakoolaahala to maul icken mies kodhikka akoolaahala to boil icken mies kodi u rakoolaahala flag chicken mies kodikaal valathi la Wagtail cken mies kodimaram koolaahala flagpole cken mies kodukka u vaikka a to give cky n mies koduththu vaikka a to be lucky n mies kokku u rakoolaahala heron, egret mies kokkumiin akoolaahala longnose fish (belone strongylura), moolanakshatra kolai u rakoolaahala murder hicken mies kolla u rakoolaahala to kill, to murder komban aańdai aahala great horned owl s kombu u rakoolaahala horn ito e enemies kondai karichan la hair wrapped in a bun oo kondari rakoolaahala grey partridge m area kongu u rakoolaahala coimbatore-salem area konja ruvi laahala to fondle ed bulbul konjam ruvi laahala little rowed bulbul kopi kuruvi laahala yellowbrowed bulbul kopparai akoolaahala copra to e enemies kosu u rakoolaahala mosquito e enemies kosu kattai laahala reed Warbler sting kosu u Ean oolaahala stint ll, to sting kotta u rakoolaahala to spill, to sting kottai rakoolaahala seed atore enemies kottan rakoolaahala plover, sandpiper kottu ū‹ akoolaahala sting tore enemies kottumiin akoolaahala shark tore enemies koymiin r parundu a freshwater fish (anabas scandens)ko Evi rakoolaahala Wasp chicken mies ko Eththa ai aahala to light ned owl s ko Euppaatti laahala great-grandmother ko Euththaathth la great-grandfather końdai karichan la hair-bun iled drongo koo końdai karichan la racket-tailed drongo koo końdai kuruvi hala bulbul ed crested cuckoo końdai kuyil aahala redwinged crested cuckoo końdalati koolaahala bulbul rtridge m area kołimiin rakoolaahala sturgeon (achanthurus gahm) kozu bu rakoolaahala chubby e enemies kozumbu rakoolaahala colombo e enemies kozumiin ńdai aahala porpoise ned owl s kołāy u rakoolaahala tap , chicken mies krishnar parundu a brahminy kite mies kroodham (s) laahala fury, ire enemies kshanfam (s) laahala second ing enemies ksheemam (s) laahala Well-being enemies kucci koolaahala twig n he enemies kudai ai koolaahala umbrella e enemies kudhi ai koolaahala jump, leap enemies kudhikka koolaahala to jump, to leap s kudhirai koolaahala horse n he enemies kudhirai malai kottan Whimbrel/curlew es kudhiraimmiin aahala horse fish enemies kudikka an oolaahala to drink e enemies kudikkaaran oolaahala drunkard e enemies kudimagan koolaahala male citizen emies kudimaga koolaahala female citizen ies kudisai su oolaahala hut blic e enemies kudiyarasu oolaahala republic e enemies kudiyarasu thalaivar state president es kudumbam (s) aahala family sy pelican kulai da akoolaahala bark (of a dog) an kulaikka akoolaahala to bark sy pelican kulakeda akoolaahala pelican sy pelican kulam (s) koolaahala family he enemies kulamiin i koolaahala presiding star of a family kumaran (s) laahala boy, master nemies kumari (s) oolaahala spinster, miss ies kumbam (s) oolaahala aquarius e enemies kunjalakutti aahala pampered child es kunjalam akoolaahala hair-decoration es kunjam rakoolaahala little he enemies kuppai rakoolaahala Waste, trash, garbage kuppathotti laahala dustbin he enemies kuppi a rakoolaahala capsule he enemies kurangu rakoolaahala monkey the enemies kurippu iyan hala hint d pochard n s kurudan iyan hala blind person d n s kurudu liyan hala blind pochard n s kurungaliyan hala tufted pochard n s kurunkadik ku hala bustard-quail (female) kuruttukkokku hala chestnut bittern s kuruvai rakoolaahala summer paddy crop kuruvi krakoolaahala sparrow he enemies kuththa rakoolaahala to prick, to pierce, to stab, to spear kutti m akoolaahala little one l thousand kuttuv akoolaahala herring koel thousand kuttuvaamiin oolaahala purple-glossed golden herring (pellona brachysoma) kuyil m akoolaahala cuckoo, koel thousand kudrai u rakoolaahala lack y the enemies kudraikka akoolaahala to reduce, to subtract kudrathi rakoolaahala aboriginess nemies kudrattai akoolaahala snoring e enemies kudrattai vida hala to snore enemies kudravan rakoolaahala aborigine enemies kudravanchi oolaahala fortune-teller ies kudra ka akoolaahala verse of seven Words t kudru an iyan hala short, small d n s kudrumiin iyan hala small fish ard n s ku Em da akoolaahala tank, pond pelican ku Emiin i koolaahala ashadhanakshatra, pond fish ku Ethu kuruvi ala large pied Wagtail ku Ethukkokku hala pond heron enemies ku Ekka i koolaahala to bathe ger-eel (muraenesox talabon) ku Era rakoolaahala to feel cold emies ku Eru rakoolaahala cold master nemies ku Ea ri koolaahala short ess enemies ku Eam ri koolaahala shortness enemies ku Eam i koolaahala short (adverb) rson ku Eamaana koolaahala short short person ku Ean ri koolaahala dwarf, short person ku Eanari koolaahala fox ey the enemies kuńdi u rakoolaahala penis the enemies kułambu i koolaahala sambhar he enemies kułandhai koolaahala child the enemies kułi m ri koolaahala cavity ss enemies kułimiin i koolaahala olive conger-eel (muraenesox talabon) kułāy ri koolaahala tap ty ss enemies kaadhal i akoolaahala love t the enemies kaadhalikka oolaahala to love he enemies kaadhu ai akoolaahala ear st the enemies kaadu hai akoolaahala forest the enemies kaadumaan dhai aahala sambar fish, shark kaakera kōłi laahala painted partridge kaakkai akoolaahala crow the enemies kaakkai pidikka ala to bluff to tie s kaakkaimmiin oolaahala crowfish e enemies kaal i u akoolaahala foot, leg, quarter kaalai u akoolaahala morning he enemies kaalam (s) du aahala time, season emies kaalam aaga a laahala to pass away e ies kaalviral akoolaahala toe uter e enemies kaalēj i andu aahala in colonial times any big building kaamikka akoolaahala to show e enemies kaapi (e) akoolaahala coffee hip enemies kaaranfam (s) narai reason adle emies kaarkka gam oolaahala to Wait atic emies kaarthigai i (s) la eighth tamil month karthika kaasu nar akoolaahala coin y the enemies kaas E(s) akoolaahala varanasi e enemies kaatchi rikkaay hala sight gourd tie s kaatta am akoolaahala to show lice mies kaattu edrumai aahala gaur r nglefowl es kaattu aadu ai aahala muntjac glefowl es kaattukkadei aahala roller nglefowl es kaattukkōłi i aahala grey junglefowl es kaattumiraani aahala savage police mies kaattunaay akoolaahala dhole, Wild dog es kaattuppuunai laahala jungle cat arty, corporation kaaval ar akoolaahala guard, police mies kaaveri r akoolaahala the cauvery nemies kaaviyam (s) laahala poem, poetry getable kaay u rakoolaahala raw fruit, vegetable kaayam i rakoolaahala Wound bles en mies kaayam pedra oolaahala to be hurt en mies kaaygari rakoolaahala cooked vegetables kaaygiri rakoolaahala vegetables en mies kaatru r akoolaahala air, Wind enemies kaafai jar koolaahala bull t (transitive) kmaanfa ku yil laahala to see tics, arithmetic, calculation kaanaamirugam (s) a rhinoceros nemies keedu u rakoolaahala harm ose cken mies keetka u rakoolaahala to hear, to listen kiirai u rakoolaahala spinach, greens, herb kiiraimiin akoolaahala herb fish ken mies kiirii u rakoolaahala mongoose cken mies k Ź u rakoolaahala lower for lower s k Źa u rakoolaahala below se cken mies k i u rakoolaahala prince hicken mies koodi (s) akoolaahala crore, ten million koodikanfakku laahala Zillions cken mies koodu ka u vaikka a line ve cky n mies koodiisvaran (s) a a billionnaire mies kool halam koolaahala pole, stick mies koolaahalam (s) hala excitement en mies kōpam (s) i laahala anger browed bulbul kōttai rakoolaahala fort atore enemies kōttam rakoolaahala compound andpiper kōvai u rakoolaahala coimbatore enemies kōvakkaay akoolaahala tondli vegetable s kōvil r parundu a temple ter fish (anabas scandens)kōvaav E(e) oolaahala guava the enemies kōńal karichan la crooked, diagonal go koo kōńam karichan la buffalo? iled drongo koo kōńmiin ruvi laahala planet rowed bulbul kōńaar karichan la herder caste in south tamil nadu kōłan u rakoolaahala coward hicken mies kōłi u rakoolaahala fowl, chicken mies kōłikari akoolaahala chicken curry nthurus gahm) kōłivaal manfalpur pheasant-tailed jaēana kuuda ai koolaahala With lla e enemies kuudai ai koolaahala basket he enemies kuudi irukka laahala to reside enemies kuudu dhai koolaahala nest the enemies kuuli (s) akoolaahala charges ter nemies kuuni arichichan la avocet ness nemies kūppida rakoolaahala to call he enemies kuuran pandri laahala mouse deer enemies kuuthu akrakoolaahala folk art e enemies kuutta m akoolaahala to collect l thousand kuuttam akoolaahala crowd one l thousand kuuttu akoolaahala collection, stewed vegetable l njam akoolaahala l as in 'l'ove housand lanjam akoolaahala bribe hundred thousand latcham (s) laahala lakh, hundred thousand latchiyam (s) hala aim, target nemies latchumi (s) aahala lakshmi he enemies latchaadhipadhi (s) millionnaire thousand lath E(s) koolaahala creeper e enemies layak (s) koolaahala Worthy e e enemies lo Eu akrakoolaahala nonsense e enemies lees m (s) koolaahala slight e e enemies lees (s) koolaahala slightly, lightly lōbam (s) koolaahala lust nse e enemies lōta pur oolaahala tumbler llow-shrike m ccam oolaahala m as in 'm'ason ike maccam oolaahala mole swallow-shrike maccaan oolaahala brother-in-law (colloquial) madam pur oolaahala ashy swallow-shrike madavamiin am aahala grey mullet (mugil oligolepe) madhdhiyaanam (s) a afternoon enemies madi akrakoolaahala lap f the enemies magan m akoolaahala son het of m. k. gandhi, mahatma maga r rakoolaahala daughter e enemies magafcciyaana ala Wonderful enemies maga Er rakoolaahala Women the enemies maga Er mattum ala Women only m. k. gandhi, mahatma magałchchi oolaahala Wonder d e enemies magałchchi pedra la to Wonder enemies magumadh akoolaahala mohammed e enemies magaathm E(s) aahala epithet of m. k. gandhi, mahatma maheesan (s) laahala god f the enemies mai u akrakoolaahala dark f the enemies maidhuvan koolaahala brother-in-law ies maimmiin rakoolaahala saturn the enemies makaramiin koolaahala shark, crocodile s makararaasi (s) ala capricorn public makka krakoolaahala public ry, public makka Ethiirpp Emaheesan thiirppu vox populi vox dei makku akrakoolaahala fool f the enemies malai paambu laahala mountain, hill ng malai pur laahala blue rock pigeon s malaippaambu laahala python he enemies malaiucci laahala mountain peak er, resident of kerala malar i akoolaahala blossom dweller, resident of kerala malarcci oolaahala blooming, flowering sident of kerala malarkka akoolaahala to blossom eller, resident of kerala malay i akoolaahala malaysia dweller, resident of kerala malayaafi akoolaahala mountain-dweller, resident of kerala mallan (s) oolaahala Wrestler e cle ies malligai akoolaahala jasmine ee cle ies manabalam (s) hala Willpower enemies manaivi rai laahala Wife w bittern ies manasu avaadhi hala mind ian enemies mandhiram (s) hala mantra n enemies mandhiravaadhi (s) magician enemies mandhiri (s) aahala minister e enemies mangai am koolaahala Woman asutra emies mangayar akoolaahala Women ce e enemies manidha (s) laahala human ce e enemies manidhan (s) aahala human being nemies manja kuruvi i ala streaked Weaver bird re manjatkōłimiin hala yellow-banded seafish (chaetodon octofasciatus) manja końdai kuruvi yellow, turmeric l ture manja Ekońdai kuruvi Whitebrowed bulbul ture manja Ethirudi ala White scavenger vulture mannan krakoolaahala king wl he enemies mannikka akoolaahala to pardon, to forgive mannikka veendum la sorry ce e enemies mannippu akoolaahala pardon ge enemies manthi a akoolaahala langur ge enemies mandram a akoolaahala court, club nemies maragadham oolaahala emerald e enemies marakka rakoolaahala to forget enemies maram y rakoolaahala Wood l he enemies maramańdai oolaahala dunderhead enemies maramkoththi aahala Woodpecker enemies maranaay rakoolaahala civet l he enemies maranfa dhańdanai (s) death sentence ies maranfa pathrikai (s) death certificate maranfam (s) laahala death l he enemies mariyaadhai (s) ala respects ce nemies markaliyan i aahala pintail nce nemies marumam ai manam mystery, secret es maruma Erchi aahala renaissance nemies marupadi vai manam again al enemies marupakkam i manam other side enemies maruththuvai manam hospital enemies maththaappu iravi sparkler ll nemies mattichippi iravi oystershell nemies mattimiin u siravi oyster er enemies mattimuukku siravi shoveller enemies mattivaay akoolaahala gaping mouth emies mattivaay miin aahala pale red seafish (scolopsis) mattivaay miin aahala silvery-grey seafish (chrysophrys datnia) mattivaayan oolaahala silvery grey cod s mattum fnai am ala only silence ies mauna viradham (s) vow of silence ies maunam (s) oolaahala silence e enemies maunam sammadham (s) silent approval es mayakka rakoolaahala to seduce enemies mayanga rakoolaahala to faint, to fall for mayil akrakoolaahala peafowl he enemies mayilmiin iccar a sail-fish (histiophorus gladius) mayilmiin iccar a peacock-fish (histiophorus immaculatus) mayilvaaganam har a murugan (the peacock-mounted) madraikka akoolaahala to cover e enemies madraiya rakoolaahala to vanish, to disappear, to be covered madrakka mbu laahala to forget evening madrumagan hi aahala son-in-law nemies madrumaga hi aahala daughter-in-law es matrum a hi aahala and hter-in-law es ma gar rakoolaahala mud, soil, earth s ma Eko Evi s) hala mud Wasp enemies manfal narai laahala sand w bittern ies manfal narai laahala yellow bittern ies manfal pur oolaahala jaēana he enemies manfalaimmiin laahala purple-red seafish (upeneus indicus) manfam (s) koolaahala marriage e enemies mańdai m aadhi hala skull an enemies mańdalam (s) hala realm, a measure of distance manfikańdan oolaahala skanda recious stone manfivafnan i i ala krishna Weaver bird re manfii ha (s) laahala hour ce e enemies małai paambu laahala rain ace, evening małaikkaalam laahala monsoon he enemies medhu kku hchar a slow r adjutant bird medhuv ku hchar a slowly adjutant bird medhuvaana hchar a slow r adjutant bird meiezuththu char a consonant ransitive) mevakkokku hchar a lesser adjutant bird mey gaay aiccar a ink li inister ision me Ea u ku hchar a gently, slowly n ird mezugu kku hchar a Wax er adjutant bird mezuguvaththi ar a candle adjutant bird miga aay aiccar a very i inister ision minja hthi ccar to be left behind ning minminikka ccar to shimmer, to twinkle minminfikka ccar to twinkle, to shimmer minnal m aiccar lighting ty, lightning minsaara vaariyam r electricity board ning minsaaram aiccar electricity lightning mirugam (s) hchar beast minister ision mithunaraasi (s) r gemini h ister ision mittaay (s) ccar sweet sh ister ision mi Egu maiccar a pepper inister ision mi Egaay aiccar a chilli inister ision moththam aiccar total (informal), gross mottumiin aiccar star minister ision moyal u maiccar rabbit inister ision mołi hu maiccar language ister ision mudhal amaiccar first minister ision mudhal amaiccar chief minister ision mudhal mariyaadhai first respects, usually to an elder mudhalvar koolaahala leader k n, decision mudhalaafi koolaahala boss, proprietor ion mudhugu u koolaahala the back n, decision mudi u bu koolaahala hair usion, decision mudiccu koolaahala knot usion, decision mudichu u koolaahala knot nish , decision mudikka u koolaahala to finish , decision mudivu bu koolaahala conclusion, decision mudiya am koolaahala to be able , progress mudiyum koolaahala possible ate, to blossom mugam (s) koolaahala face ss nate, to blossom mugavari koolaahala address nate, to blossom mukka thara aahala to immerse , progress mukkiya cheythi la breaking news rogress mukkiyam (s) aahala important t, progress mukku (noun) aahala corner k nt, progress mukku (verb) aahala to dip k nt, progress mukkulippan laahala dabchick nt, progress mukthi (s) oolaahala moksha, deliverance s mullaipp koolaahala jasmine rsha progress mummiin am koolaahala margashirsha progress mun uur am koolaahala front pment, progress mundhiri koolaahala almond ubmerged gress mundhaanaaf koolaahala day-before-yesterday mundhaaneeththi hala day-before-yesterday (informal) munga am koolaahala to be submerged gress munnani m koolaahala front pment, progress munnaal m koolaahala former ment, progress munneetram koolaahala development, progress muneetram koolaahala progress e-yesterday muppadhu koolaahala thirty n e enemies muraikka koolaahala to frown e enemies murku Emiin oolaahala purvashadha nemies murkaal miin oolaahala three-quarters ies murugan u koolaahala the tamil cult god skanda or muruga murukku u koolaahala murukku he enemies murukku maan aahala blackbuck enemies murungakkaay aahala drumstick enemies muththam ida aahala kiss ss he enemies muththam ida aahala to kiss he enemies muththu u koolaahala pearl the enemies muttai u koolaahala egg a the enemies muttakōs koolaahala cabbage he enemies muyal m u koolaahala hare the enemies mudrai ka koolaahala custom, manner, procedure mudraimaappi Eai ala groom by traditional law mudraippe oolaahala bride by traditional law mu ikka koolaahala thorn minate (transitive) mu Eikka koolaahala to germinate (transitive) mu Eya thara aahala to germinate, to blossom mu Eampandri aahala porcupine , progress mułi m u koolaahala look the enemies mułikka u koolaahala to be awake, to stare mułippu u koolaahala Wakefulness nemies muzuga u koolaahala to bathe e enemies maadham (s) m aahala month oon enemies maadhiri rakoolaahala like, similar to s maadu akrakoolaahala cow f the enemies maalai paambu laahala necklace, evening maaligai akoolaahala palace ree cle ies maamaram akoolaahala mango tree cle ies maambałakuruvi hala scarlet minivet es maambałam akoolaahala ripe mango cle ies maammi krakoolaahala maternal uncle's wife, aunt maamm krakoolaahala maternal uncle ies maamsam (s) oolaahala meat soil, earth s maan gar rakoolaahala deer r he enemies maanagar (s) laahala city r he enemies maanagaraatchi aahala municipal corporation maanam (s) koolaahala honour he enemies maangalyam (s) hala mangalasutra emies maangaay krakoolaahala raw mango, dull-witted person (colloquial) maanilam rakoolaahala province e enemies maanaadu rakoolaahala nation he enemies maappi Eai koolaahala bridegroom, son-in-law maargałi ai i aahala ninth tamil month, margashirsha maatta hippi iravi to hang (on a peg) maatta ippi iravi she Will not emies maattupafnai am ala dairy silence ies maattaadhu pi iravi it Will not nemies maattaan ippi iravi he Will not nemies maattaarga i iravi they Will not mies maattaay ippi iravi thou Wilst not ies maatteen ippi iravi i Will not nemies maattiir y akoolaahala ye Will not emies maattiirga koolaahala ye Will not emies maattōm fnai am ala We Will not ce ies maavattam akoolaahala district e enemies maavu ka rakoolaahala flour uce enemies maayam (s) koolaahala myth e he enemies maayam (s) koolaahala mirage he enemies maadra kka akoolaahala to change enemies maatra ga hi aahala to change n-law es maatram a hi aahala change r-in-law es mmaanfavan vaadhi hala male student emies mmaanfavi avaadhi hala female student ies mmaanfikkam akoolaahala black precious stone meedai amaiccar a stage minister ision meedhai maiccar a genius (transitive) meegam (s) ccar a cloud d (transitive) mēkka amaiccar a to herd (transitive) meel amaiccar a upper for upper ion meel- amaiccar a prefix for upper ion meela amaiccar a above minister ision meeljaadhi u hchar a upper caste tion ird meelnaadu ku hchar a developed nation ird meelpadippu hchar a higher studies bird meeni iri u hchar a colour c jutant bird meerkku i u hchar a West nic jutant bird meesham (s) hchar a aries ic jutant bird meesthiri u hchar a mechanic jutant bird meey gaay aiccar a roof i inister ision meeykka aiccar a to herd (cattle) ion miin l amaiccar a fish, star ter ision miinakshi (s) char fish-eyed (an epithet of goddess shakthi) miinaraasi (s) char pisces her , lightning miinkoththi ccar kingfisher , lightning miira natchaththiram (s) algol minister ision miisai amaiccar moustache ster ision mśBdum thi ccar again sher , lightning moodha amaiccar to crash ister ision moodhiram aiccar ring minister ision mōr tham aiccar butttermilk mal), gross mōsam am aiccar ruin (informal), gross mōsam pōga ccar to be ruined al), gross mōsamaana aiccar bad (character) , gross mūchchu maiccar breath, syllable ion muuda l amaiccar to close ister ision muukkan thara aahala comb duck t, progress muukku dram koolaahala nose opment, progress muukkuththi oolaahala nose-stud t, progress muunjuur am koolaahala mouse pment, progress muunru muukku Ea kaatkaay common grey hornbill muunu aambu koolaahala three (casual) ies muundru muukku Ea kaatkaay three (formal) nbill muundru mudichu kaatkaay marriage ey hornbill muundraam bu koolaahala third the enemies muuttai s koolaahala sack ge he enemies mūvar m u koolaahala trio the enemies n da am u koolaahala n as in 'n'umber s nabar m u koolaahala person to plant s nada am u koolaahala to sow, to plant s nadai m (s) laahala gait the enemies nadakka u koolaahala to Walk r enemies nadanam u koolaahala behaviour enemies nadaththa koolaahala to organise, to run (a government etc.) nadhi (s) koolaahala river the enemies nadigar u koolaahala actor the enemies nadigi bu koolaahala actress he enemies nadunga u koolaahala to shiver enemies naduvil u koolaahala in between enemies nad aambu koolaahala middle the enemies nagai mbu koolaahala jewellery enemies nagaram hi oolaahala city ipal council nagaramiin oolaahala fish-shaped toe-ring nagaraatchi oolaahala municipal council nahanavai oolaahala myna being enemies nakkal mbu oolaahala nuisance g enemies nakkapiccaan hala petty person emies nalam aambu oolaahala Well-being enemies nalla aambu oolaahala good the enemies nalla kaakkai aahala house crow enemies nallagaalam oolaahala auspicious time es nallakaalam oolaahala good fortune, good times nallaneeram oolaahala auspicious time es nallapaambu oolaahala cobra the enemies nallefnai koolaahala gingelly oil aint nalliravu koolaahala good night l) aint nalvadravu u laahala benefit l) ) aint nalvaazththu laahala greeting l) ) aint nalvaazthu koolaahala goodwill l) ) aint namba r rakoolaahala to believe l) aint nambikkai koolaahala belief mal) ) aint nanban rakoolaahala friend sef ) aint nannaari n koolaahala sarsaparilla sh sacred text nanniirmiin koolaahala freshwater fish sacred text nannuul rakoolaahala book of morals, sacred text nandra a rakoolaahala Well nicely anks nandri r rakoolaahala gratitude, thanks nandraaga rakoolaahala Well, nicely anks naragam (s) laahala hell , bittern int narai r rakoolaahala heron, bittern int naraiyya akoolaahala many, to fill up t narathurangam (s) centaurus et-saint nari aar rakoolaahala jackal poet-saint nashtam kkuththi narai loss ill stork int natchaththiram (s) rai star ill stork int naththaikkuththi narai openbill stork int naththam akoolaahala upper-caste part of a village natpu i m koolaahala friendship (upeneoides sulphurens) navagiraham (s) la the nine planets oides sulphurens) navarai m koolaahala red mullet (upeneoides sulphurens) navarasam (s) hala the nine principal emotions navarathnam (s) la the nine gems aint navvaappu (s) aahala nabob e poet-saint nadrkka rakoolaahala to lick arn -saint nańdu r rakoolaahala crab (formal) aint negam akrakoolaahala finger/toe nail es nel akrakoolaahala paddy the enemies nellai krakoolaahala tirunelveli emies nellikkaay i laahala amla copia emies nellukuruvi laahala munia copia emies nenju a rakoolaahala chest e pia emies nerunga rakoolaahala to near pia emies neruppu rakoolaahala fire ve pia emies nettaikali oolaahala pipit copia emies ney ū‹ krakoolaahala clarified butter, ghee neymmiin n koolaahala White prawn emies neymiin krakoolaahala chitra opia emies neyvaanmiin koolaahala chitra opia emies nedrumbu rakoolaahala vein ve pia emies nedrupperumbu aahala fire ant (solenopsis) nedruppu rakoolaahala fire, flame emies netri kali oolaahala forehead ia emies nezuva krakoolaahala to Wriggle utter, ghee ng hi akrakoolaahala velar n as in a'ng'le nidhi akrakoolaahala fund, copia emies nigałchi akoolaahala programme (on television) nikka akrakoolaahala to stop, to stand nilavu (s) laahala moon ing, office, house nilayam (s) laahala building, office, house nil akrakoolaahala moon thread emies nimidam (s) laahala minute ighten mies nimirkka akoolaahala to straighten mies nimirndhu nirkka a to stand to attention nimiththa koolaahala to straighten (transitive) nipunfar (s) laahala expert hread emies nirukka hu oolaahala to halt, to stop s niruththa koolaahala to stop (transitive) niyaamaana akoolaahala just, legal sun es niyaazan rakoolaahala sunday, the sun es nidraikka akoolaahala to fill (transitive) nidraiya rakoolaahala to fill read emies nidram rakoolaahala colour h ead emies nidrkka rakoolaahala to stand (formal) ninfaikka akoolaahala to think, to Wet s ninfaivu rakoolaahala memory, remembrance niła thikiłamay a shade ighten mies nj ukka rakoolaahala palatal n as in desi'gn' nongu a rakoolaahala palmyra ead emies norukka rakoolaahala to crush ead emies norunga rakoolaahala to get crushed ies noymmiin rakoolaahala freshwater fish (lepidocephalichthyes thermalis) nunni chirai aahala reed Warbler mies nyaayidru akoolaahala sun by thysef es nyaayitrikkiłamai y sunday ighten mies naadagam (s) laahala drama the enemies naadu aambu koolaahala country he enemies naadaar tha koolaahala trading caste in central tamil nadu c.) naadoodi bu koolaahala nomad the enemies naagapaambu koolaahala cobra the enemies naagariga (s) aahala civil, Well-behaved on naagarigam (s) hala civility, civilisation naakku aambu oolaahala tongue ing enemies naakkumiin u oolaahala purple-black flatfish (psettodes erumier) naakkumiin u oolaahala indian sole (pleuronectidae solea) naalanfa mbu oolaahala four annas, now 25 paise naalkombu maan aahala 4-horned antelope naalu aar rakoolaahala four (casual) aint naam u r rakoolaahala We (formal) ) aint naan u r rakoolaahala i ab (formal) aint naandhaan rakoolaahala i (emphatic) aint naanga rakoolaahala We r (formal) aint naanga Em akoolaahala We also rmal) aint naanga E rakoolaahala We by ourselves nt naangu r rakoolaahala four (formal) aint naanum r rakoolaahala i also k oet-saint naan rakoolaahala i by mysef ) aint naar aar rakoolaahala fibre, yarn -saint naara aar rakoolaahala to stink oet-saint naarppadhu uththi narai forty l stork int naariiduvai! ththi narai you'll pay dearly for it! naasam (s) uththi narai damage l stork int naasam aaga uththi narai to be Wrecked, ruined naasam aakka ththi narai to ruin, to Wreck naasam Epōga hthi narai to be ruined k int naasam Epōga! thi narai go to hell! rk int naasthigan (s) (s) rai atheist stork int naaththam akoolaahala smell, stink saint naattu raham (s) la sapling planets oides sulphurens) naay naar rakoolaahala dog ite poet-saint naayagan (s) laahala leader ruler of tanjore, gingee or madurai naayagar (s) laahala former ruler of tanjore, gingee or madurai naayanmaar akoolaahala saivite poet-saint naayanaar rakoolaahala saivite poet-saint naaykutti akoolaahala puppy Wrasse (pseudoscarus aeruginosus) naaymiin krakoolaahala parrot Wrasse (pseudoscarus aeruginosus) naaf m aambu oolaahala day -being enemies naafai aambu oolaahala tomorrow g enemies naafanfi u maan aahala day-after-tomorrow nmaanfmiin ū‹ koolaahala ashwini er fish sacred text neer m kali oolaahala straight ia emies neeram kali oolaahala time ead ia emies neeram ali oolaahala late ead ia emies neeranga i oolaahala times ad ia emies neerukku neer laahala face to face emies neesam a rakoolaahala love ve pia emies neesikka rakoolaahala to love pia emies neeththi li oolaahala yesterday (informal) neeyar krakoolaahala listener ia emies neeyarga akoolaahala audience ia emies neetru u rakoolaahala yesterday a emies n hi akrakoolaahala thou copia emies nū€hchal akoolaahala swimming ead emies niidhi hi akoolaahala justice e (on television) niidhimandram laahala court of law television) niidhaan krakoolaahala thou (emphatic) es nū‰a vaal kaatkaay la Whitebellied tree pie nū‰akkuruvi laahala tickell's blue flycatcher nū‰am akrakoolaahala sapphire to stand nū‹ga krakoolaahala you (plural/respectful) nū‹ga Em akoolaahala you also ead emies nū‹gałē rakoolaahala you by yourselves nū‹ja akrakoolaahala to swim read emies niir akrakoolaahala Water thread emies niir-kaagam koolaahala cormorant ad emies niirmōr rakoolaahala lassi sh ead emies niiryaanaay rakoolaahala otter sh ead emies niirvaaththu oolaahala barheaded goose es niiryaanai akoolaahala hippopotamus emies niitta thikiłamay a to extend (informal) nii um a rakoolaahala thou also as in desi'gn' niiyee ka rakoolaahala thou by thysef es nidr kaagam koolaahala you (respectful) s nś@a akrakoolaahala blue h , to stand nś@am akrakoolaahala length , to stand nōmbu a rakoolaahala religious observance by Women nōy akrakoolaahala disease read emies nōyaafi krakoolaahala patient read emies nuul akrakoolaahala book, thread emies nuudru ! rakoolaahala hundred is in pot nuudrdrukku nuur aahala hundred percent t nuudrdraanu akoolaahala century h! l) mies olli rakoolaahala thin rish l) mies ollipiccaan aahala starved person (colloquial) omboodhu rakoolaahala nine (casual) mies ompaththu koolaahala nine (formal) mies onnu akrakoolaahala one (noun) enemies orappodi akoolaahala chilly powder (informal) orappu krakoolaahala chilly j.) enemies orappaana akoolaahala chilly, hot nemies oru m akrakoolaahala one (adj.) enemies oruvar rakoolaahala single person tick or Eoru rakoolaahala one and only ther's Wife (colloquial) osara m rakoolaahala to grow tall stick osaram rakoolaahala height e, to stick oththa- rakoolaahala mono-, uni- stick oththai rakoolaahala single e, to stick oththigai koolaahala rehearsal to stick oththikka koolaahala to Wear , to stick otta am rakoolaahala to paste, to stick ottagam rakoolaahala camel g he enemies ottumiin rakoolaahala sheffish, crustacean ovvoru i akoolaahala one by one alace s o E rakoolaahala information ) mies o Eparappu oolaahala broadcast l) mies ozuga rakoolaahala to perish l) mies ozuga! rakoolaahala down With! l) mies ozukka krakoolaahala to destroy, to abolish p ccai akoolaahala p as in 'p'alace s paccai akoolaahala green, mercury ies pachuvamiin oolaahala rose seafish (priacanthus holocentrum) pada akrakoolaahala to hurt, to feel s padaikka r laahala to found ove e ies padaiya ur laahala to originate e ies padaki pur laahala emerald dove e ies padam (s) koolaahala picture, movie ies padhagam (s) aahala medal the enemies padi ka rakoolaahala seer (indian Weight measure) padikka rakoolaahala to read, to study padikkaadhavan hala illiterate enemies padippu rakoolaahala education enemies padiththa koolaahala literate wn o trouble padiththavan aahala literate person ouble padukka a koolaahala to lie down o trouble padukkai koolaahala bedding, bed trouble paduththa koolaahala to bother, to trouble pagal krakoolaahala daylight r enemies pagal kanfavu aahala daydream r enemies pai am krakoolaahala bag , near enemies pais krakoolaahala paisa near enemies paiyan krakoolaahala son (informal) ies pakkam krakoolaahala side, near enemies pakket adikkiravan pickpocket enemies pal m akrakoolaahala tooth the enemies pal kuruvi oolaahala roller f milk mies palagaaram koolaahala light meal e (transitive) palagaay rakoolaahala board ituate (transitive) palkalai akoolaahala university enemies pallav E(s) laahala part of a classsical song palli akrakoolaahala lizard ent enemies pallikuudam oolaahala school h (chanos salmoneus) panchaankam alam la bee-eater lm emies pandhayam dalam la contest ealm emies pandhi mańdalam la row a realm emies pandhu mańdalam la ball a realm emies pandrikuruvi aahala Whiteheaded babbler pangu akrakoolaahala share, role ar ies panguni rakoolaahala twefth tamil month phalguna panguni rakoolaahala tamil month l month, phalguna pangunfi rakoolaahala twefth tamil month, phalguna panjabuudham (s) la the five elements panjaangam (s) hala almanac , boar ies panni akrakoolaahala pig, sow, boar (informal) pandri hthi nahanavai pig, hog (formal) pandrikutti oolaahala piglet the enemies pandrimiin i nahanavai brown seafish (serranus pantherus) s) pandrimiin i nahanavai small grey cock-up (cromileptes altivelis) pappaththi nahanavai brahminy myna mies parachakrakoolaahala (s) awe of the enemies paraiyan i (s) low-caste paramparai (s) tradition parandu aarkite, hawk parangi hi foreigner ddess parangimalai st. thomas mount paravasam (s) excitement (periophthalmus schlosseri) paravettimiin mud skipper (periophthalmus schlosseri) parikka i to pluck on parisu (e) gift, prize paritchai examination parka kaarteeth ather paraasakthi supreme goddess pasai edukkira kuruvi nuthatch gry pasikka aarto be hungry pasu kaaranimal, cow paththirikkai (s) marriage-invitataion, magazine, newspaper paththu aarten st r patnam kaarport, colloquial name for chennaipatni kaarhungry r pattadhaari (s) graduate pattai kaarboard r pattam (s) degree, certificate pattar (s) priest r pattikkaadu mofussil area (colloquial) pattikaadan yokel il area (colloquial) pattikaadu rural areas, illiterate l) pattu mm silk aunt pattuppudavai hala silk saree e emies pattaampūchibutterfly, moth pattaas kaarcrackers, fireworks pattmaanfi aarpeas t r paurnfami full moon night eriyadhu pavałam kaal u Ean coral inged stilt iyadhu pavilla kaal u Ean blackwinged stilt iyadhu payanfam i journey ide eceive yadhu payithiyam mad ch ride eceive yadhu payiththiyakkaara aaspithiri mental hospital (colloquial) payiththiyakkaaran mental patient (colloquial) padra hakrakoolaahala to fly the enemies padrakka aarto fly er padrangi aarforeigner padrapadrappusensation for periyadhu padravai aarbird t r padravaimmiinflying-fish padruppu hi nahanavai pulses, dhal, lentil pa Ei akrakoolaahala settlement enemies panfai ū‹ kuruvi la palmyra ebird ies panfaimiin kuruvi la anuradha ebird ies panfaimiin kuruvi la rifle-green climbing fish (anabas scandens) panfaimiin kuruvi la rifle-green freshwater fish (polyacanthus cupanus) panfakkaaran oolaahala rich person nemies panfakaara kuruvi la fairy bluebird ies panfam akrakoolaahala money, cash nemies pańdigai ńdalam la festival alm emies panfikkaalam oolaahala Winter w, boar ies panfii akrakoolaahala cold sow, boar ies pafna akrakoolaahala to do ow, boar ies pafnai krakoolaahala dairy ow, boar ies pałaga krakoolaahala to habituate emies pałakka rakoolaahala to habituate (transitive) pałakkam akoolaahala habit f milk mies pałam akrakoolaahala fruit the enemies pałamołi proverb n night eriyadhu pałaniappanlord muruga ght eriyadhu peravai i association or periyadhu perichaafi bandicoot for periyadhu perisu m colloquial for periyadhu periya m big r aunt periya kadal kuruvi caspian tern all, etc) periya kottan kokku greenshank stork djective) periya końdai kadal kuruvi large crested tern periya narai kokku blacknecked stork djective) periya ve Eai kokku purple heron one adjective) periyadhu big (stand alone adjective) periyamm elder aunt periyapp elder uncle periyavar elder r, prime minister perumai ar pride , prime minister perumaan ar shiva r, prime minister perumaaf ar vishnu , prime minister perumiin r large fish ime minister perungaayam th-thimingi Em asafoedita (euphysetes macrocephalus) perunthalaith-thimingi Em sperm Whale (euphysetes macrocephalus) petti adikka trunk nt (a Wall, etc) peyar adikka name int (a Wall, etc) peyint adikka (e) to paint (a Wall, etc) pedra haafi to get, to receive yadhu petra i ar to give birth to nister pe haafi girl, bride eceive yadhu pe E haafi she-, female prefix adhu peńmai E Womanhood, girlhood adhu piccai r charity prime minister piccai keetka to beg for alms inister piccai pooda to give alms e minister piccaikkaaran beggar , prime minister pidikka ar to catch, to like ister pin dhamar back er, prime minister pinpakkam backside, backyard ster piradhamar premier, prime minister piraivu aarseparation, partition pirakka aarto be born piramaadham ) fantastic pirandhanaaf ) birthday pirasavam (s) pregnancy pirasavaveedhanai (s) ruvi labour pain d tern pirasaadham s) temple offering (prasad) piravai aarbirth r piravai pathrikai birth certificate piravi aarcreature pirikka aarto separate piriya aarto be separated pirpagal rdusk r pisikka aarto knead pisiya aarto be kneadedpisth aardon (colloquial) pisth Eparuppu pistachio pisukka aarto squeeze piththa Ei brass, copperpiththa Eikkaasumiin bronze coin fish (etroplus maculatus) pi Eai mar son, boy prime minister pi Eaiyaar ganesha prime minister pi Eaiyaar erumbu small black ant (monomorium) podalangaay snake gourd podikka aarto powder podimiin aarminnow owdered podisu aarfine, tiny red podiya aarto be powdered polambal pōga muttering ed pollaadha pōga ill-tempered pollaadhavan a ill-tempered person pon kki aargold r pon chittu sunbird ce pongal aarboiling, rice harvest festival ponmiin aarjupiter, mahseer ponviłā aargolden jubilee poramai aartolerance e poriyal aarfried vegetable porukka aarto tolerate porukki aarrowdy r porumai aartolerance ransitive) poru a aarbelonging, thing poraamai aarjealousy te posukka aarto burn (transitive) posunga aarto burn pottal aikka kadal kuruvi open space it. to place a dot on the forehead) pottu vaikka kadal kuruvi dot heat (lit. to place a dot on the forehead) pottu vaikka kadal kuruvi to cheat (lit. to place a dot on the forehead) pottukuruvi kadal kuruvi minivet ested tern poy a końdai kadal kuruvi lie, falsehood ern ponfam ti rcorpse olloquial) pońdaatti rWife (colloquial) pozudhup pōga to pass time prabala (s) kadal kuruvi renowned, esteemed pudavai aarsaree or pudhaya i to bury ine pudhayal i buried treasure pudhir di mystery gine pudhiya di new e engine pudiththa favourite ne pudunga di to Wrest, to snatch pugai ańdi smoke engine pugaivańdi steam engine pugaya kaarto emit smokepuga ikaarpraise r pugała ha to praise pugałndha praised pugałpetra renowned, famous pul ikaargrass or pulavar aarscholar puli ikaartiger or pulkuruvi pipit go pulla purake pipit go pun narai flamingo pung hi rpark, garden sion punnagai rsmile , dove sion puram (s) town e procession puranaanuuru the second book of 400 verses puratchi rrevolution ) purattaasi sixth tamil month y puriya aay to listen ligatawny purushan husband (colloquial) pur hi rpigeon, dove sion puththam pudhiya absolutely new (colloquial) puththiran (s) son tit lligatawny puththiri (s) daughter lligatawny puththaanu (s) new year lligatawny puttani kuruvi grey tit lligatawny puyal ikaarstorm mulligatawny pu E ruvi tamarind pu Emiin i tamarind-flavoured fish curry pu Ei pur spot, dot ve pu Ei pur spotted dove pu Eimaan chital d-flavoured fish curry pu narai Wound go punfaguppuunai small indian civet punfarmiin rbrace of carp in gold, an auspicious object pułiya kaarto Wring lligatawny puzu ikaarWorm mulligatawny puzudhi aardust mulligatawny pāch ai akoolaahala nickname for parthasarathy paada akrakoolaahala to sing he enemies paadagar rakoolaahala singer the enemies paadal akrakoolaahala singing movie ies paadhai rakoolaahala passage, Way emies paadhappūjai (s) la feet-worship (of elders) paadhi i rakoolaahala haf r the enemies paadhiri rakoolaahala pastor the enemies paakku akrakoolaahala betelnut e enemies paal m akrakoolaahala milk the enemies paal karaikka aahala to milk milk mies paalam akrakoolaahala bridge f milk mies paalayam rakoolaahala settlement enemies paalkaaran akoolaahala milkman nt enemies paalmiin ara oolaahala milkfish (chanos salmoneus) paalaadr m rakoolaahala river of milk mies paambu tara oolaahala snake bird/darter paambu parundu hala short-toed eagle paambuttara oolaahala snake-bird/darter paapam (s) l u Ean sin kwinged stilt iyadhu paarvai dukkira kuruvi sight, view paasam a aaraffection ry paatan kaargrandfather paaththiram (s) utensil -invitataion, magazine, newspaper paatti ikaargrandmother, granny paattu mm song aunt paavadai skirt uial for periyadhu paavakkaay aal u Ean bitter gourd tilt iyadhu paavaadai skirt uial for periyadhu paay kkaay mat quial for periyadhu paaya am i to pounce e eceive yadhu paadrai a aarrock y er paaniyamańdalam la pandya realm emies peerikkaay pear quial for periyadhu peerundhu r transport rime minister peesa t adikka to speak (a Wall, etc) peesi vaikkato negotiate shrike adhu peetchu i speech ride eceive yadhu peey kuruvi rufousbacked shrike adhu piirkangaay angular gourdp Evar (e) cauliflower p Evar (e) cauliflower pooda ka aarto put er poodhum aarenough er pōga ki aarto go r pōgalaam! hthu you may go! pōkuvaraththu transport me pool dhup pōga like, similar to pōra ki aarto suffice pōruvai aarbedsheet transitive) pōraadam aarprotest e e pōraadhu aarit is not enough pōraattam rcampaign, struuggle pōttukka vi kadal kuruvi to Wear ested tern p vaadikaarflower r pūchch aararthropod pūchi i aarinsect r pūjai (s) Worship ify, to flower pūjyam (s) Zero uctify, to flower puukka vi rto fructify, to flower puukkaaran rflorist, flower vendor puukuruvi rWhite-eye puumiin-keńdai mahseer (barbus tor) puunai ikaarcat ator puunai parundu pale/marsh harrier puunaikkuttikitten f carp in gold, an auspicious object puunjakaafam fungus, mould ion puuram hi rtemple procession puurmaanfam rpurana, a long story puushinikkaaypumpkin ulligatawny puushnikaay pumpkin ulligatawny puuttu ikaarlock mulligatawny pūńal ū‹ rsacred thread in gold, an auspicious object pūńdu hi rgarlic arden sion r jaaji kaarr as in 'r'ubble i's nickname ragasiyam (s) secret gopalachari's nickname rajam m aarholiday ulligatawny raktham (s)blood mulligatawny rasam (s) juice, mulligatawny rasigar (e)fan ipt al) rasikka (e)to enjoy al) rasiithu (e) receipt al) rathnam (s)jewel er al) raud E(e) gangster al) rayil sneegidham (e,s) temporary acquaintance (colloquial) rayilvańdi (e) train asual) reńdu ikaartwo (casual) ritchaakkaaran rickshaw driver ta) rotti ikaarchapathi rupaay ikaarrupee ly raagam (s) (s) raga t gopalachari's nickname raahukaalam inauspicious time 's nickname raajaaji kaarc. rajagopalachari's nickname raajaali kaarbooted or bonelli's hawk-eagle raasa ikaardarling, apple of the eye raasi (s) rsign of the Zodiac, fate raasipalan )Zodiac astrology rmaanfi ikaarqueen mulligatawny rmaanfi mangamma brave Woman (colloquial) rōgidhamiin rohu (labeo rohita) rōj E(e) rrose ly rōjaavarnfa pink ly rōsham (s) pride ly s (borrowed letter) s as in 's'ilver sabadham (s) vow ident of assembly sabdharishi (s) ursa major r sab E(s) rassembly sabaapadhi (s) president of assembly saga E (s) (s) all her sagoodharan (s) brother sagoodhari (s) sisiter samam narai equal e, things samsaaram (s) Wife (colloquial) samaadhi (s)tomb e, things samuugam (s) society tion ly samuugavaadham (s) socialism on ly samuugavaadhi (s) socialist on ly sandhai am market ction ly sandhikka (s) to meet tion ly sandhippu (s) meeting, junction sandhōsham (s) satisfaction ly sangadhi (s) matter assembly sangam kaarpoets' assembly sangamam (s) confluence sangiidham (s) music render sarava kōłired spurfowl saravanfa natchaththiram (s) deneb h (informal) saravanfan (s) cygnus h (informal) sara Eadayato surrender sarbaththu (s) i sherbet okay, correct sari unni kuruvi alright, okay, correct sariy (e) uruvi correctly pector sariyaaga ) uruvi correctly, properly sarkil (e) uruvi circle-inspector saruhunni kuruvi spotted babbler sarvaadhikaar E(s) dictator saththiyam (s) promise sauri (s) hercules savaal i challenge savaari (s) ride e selai ai statue selvam i Wealth selvan i master selvi ai miss ty sen parundubrahminy kitesh (borrowed letter) sh as in 'sh'op shabaash! (s) s) Well done! sharmishtai (s) cassiopeia shattil (e)badminton sigai an hair r sigaram (s)summit sikaram malabar Whistling thrush a sila Em few on, sri lanka, sinhala sila neeram sometimes i lanka, sinhala silandhi (s) spider sri lanka, sinhala simmaraasi (s) leo on, sri lanka, sinhala singa Em ceylon, sri lanka, sinhala singaara iram majestic (informal) sirai iram jail ugh (informal) sirai idaya aahala to put in prison s siraiccaalai jail ugh (informal) siravi iram teal ugh (informal) sirikka iram to laugh (informal) siruniir m (s) urine ship e sneegidham (s) friendship e sol am (s) m Word n dence sorgam (s) m heaven dence subam (s) Well-being sudhandhiram (s) independence sudukaadu burning-ghat sugam (s) vi comfort tor sugamaana uvi comfortable sundarar lord shiva as consort of meenakshi mal) surai kuruvi rosy pastor suvai i lluflavour suvaram (s)musical note uble suvaramańdalam (s) lyra in 't'rouble sutra an to rotate (formal), to revolve (formal) saadhaaranfa (s) ordinary der saalai ikaarroad tor saambal narai grey heron mbly saamaan (s) ai luggage, things saarathi (s)auriga rfowl saarathi (s)charioteer l saarbaaga i kuruvi on behaf of , correct saaraayanfam kuruvi liquor , okay, correct saathukudi pałam orange sāukaar (s) money-lender saavakaasam (s) at leisure idge to sri lanka seedhu (s) mythical bridge to sri lanka seelai ai saree y seenai (s) army ty seenaadhipadhi (s) general seevai ai service, rice noodles seeval ai cock ty sōgam (s) am sorrow dence suulam (s) vi spear rative exclamation sūpar (e) vi exaggerative exclamation suurangam (s) tunnel suurangapaadhai subway suuriya (s) solar r suuriyan (s)sun otate (formal), to revolve (formal) t mpadi llut as in 't'rouble tampadi lluswallow tanni-pulludabchick tauta pur little brown dove tafniir kōłiWaterhen/moorhen th baaf an kuruvi th as in fai'th' (don't aspirate)thabaal nilayam i post office thabaaf (s) uruvi post ecker thabaaf attai uvi postcard r thabaafpetti ruvi postbox er thaccan kuruvi Woodpecker thadai ra obstruction thadamaara to stumble thadukka to prevent thagappan father e sugary thagappanaar u father tationthagaram (s) u tin rontationthagaraar (s) u confrontationthai paatru eleventh tamil month lian thaippongal tu pongal festival thaiyal chittu tailor bird thakkaafi tomato brother, tamilian thalagmaanfi pillow (informal) amilian thalai ar head r thalai dhū~aava E ruvi first diwali after marriage thalai illaadha kuruvi swallow is thalaikkaththi chondan White ibis thalaimmufuga to Wash (hands) off thalainagaram capital city thalaippu cheydhiga headlines thalaivar leader thamb younger brother, tamilian thami n tamil thamiłagam (casual) land of the tamils thamiłākka (casual) to render into tamil thanakku hi (casual) to onesef ire thanakkaaga (casual) for onesef re thandhi chi (casual) telegram, Wire thanga hchi (casual) to reside, golden thangacci (casual) younger sister thangai younger sister thangam gold pa thangappadhagam gold medal thanga you/he/she (respectful) thanga Ei you/he/she (accusative) (respectful) thangafdhaan you (emphatic respectful) thanga EuudaWith you (respectful) thanga Eeel a on you (respectful) thangafudanthan you (respectful) thangafudaya yours (respectful) ) thanga Ekkuto you (respectful) thanga Ekkaaga for you (respectful) thanga Em you also (respectful) thanga E in you (respectful) thanga El uby/because of you (respectful) thanga E aya you by yoursef (respectful) thaniyaaga alone ur thanjai tanjavur thankuuda With onesef sative) thanmeel on onesef cusative) thannai onesef (accusative) thannu in onesef thannaal by/because of onesef thappu Wrong, mistake tharai floor a tharaikkaradi ratel, honey-badger tharkolai suicide thar lai Weaving loom thatta to pat sin thattu plate sin thavar error, sin, Wrong thavara to make a mistake, to miss thavaram mistake thavaraana uruvi mistaken, Wrong ler thavittu kuruvi Whiteheaded babbler thayir curd r (generic) thayaar (s) ready pare, to make thayaarikka to prepare, to make thayaar ka readily re, to make thayaaraaga ready pare, to make tha Epaatru palmleaf rother, tamilian tha Epaatrumiin a kind of sea fish milian tha Ea chittu to push ird tha Ei chittu far or bird tha Ei vaikka to set aside, to separate (from a spouse) tha Eipada ttu to be set aside tha Eivida ttu to push ird tha Eivvaikka to disown d tha Eupadi ttu discount rd tha Euppadi tu discount stival thegatta to taste very sweet like honey then aay south t, fool (slang) thenkoriya south korea rd thennamaramcoconut tree thendral breeze een, to know theriya to be seen, to know therkkameerik south americatherkku south therkk Eppirika south africa theru ai street therukuuthu streetplay theyal kaaran sewing, stitch theykka aaran to stitch e theyyakkaaran tailor lame theyyil Emsewing lame thidhi chi death anniversary thilagam amacme thillumullumelee thimingi EmWhale thimiru temper thinaikuruvi munia (a snack) thinga i to eat (a snack) thingatkiłamai monday thinga monday, the moon thirai i screen thirai-arangam cinema-hall thirakka to open thiramai ability thiramaiyaana aahala talented , to roam thiri a rakoolaahala Wick nder, to roam thirikka akoolaahala to dry grind roam thiriya rakoolaahala to Wander, to roam, to be ground thiru rakoolaahala mister cal life es thiru- rakoolaahala honorific prefix, especially for holy matters thiruchi i oolaahala tiruchirapalli es thiruda i oolaahala to steal l life es thirudan i oolaahala thief ical life es thiruga dra hala to screw 1339 kurals thirugu dra hala screw of 1339 kurals thirukkudra hala a book of 1339 kurals thirukōńamal hala trincomalee ife es thirumadhi oolaahala mrs. gical life es thirumanfam laahala Wedding f god e es thirumba a laahala to turn, to turn back thiruppa a laahala to turn f god e es thiruppi cholla la to repeat god e es thiruppuga laahala praise of god e es thirusuulam (s) ala trident ct , a purana thiruththa dal ala to correct , a purana thiruttu yaadal ala theft play, a purana thiruttu (adj.) la illegal lay, a purana thiruttuthanamaaga illegitimately purana thiruvilayaadal ala divine play, a purana thidrai adamscreen film thidraippadam feature film thidramai ability thifnai damplatform ilm thodara tchi aahala to continue ife es thodarkadhai aahala serial, soap opera thokku aatchi aahala sweet pickle fe es thollaayiram laahala nine hundred fe es thonga nathan hala to hang ver bird s thonga-nathan hala baya Weaver bird s thonnuur akoolaahala ninety cal life es thoppi akoolaahala cap n cal life es thotti a koolaahala basin to Wipe a surface thottil a koolaahala cradle to Wipe a surface thoyi ka koolaahala profession, Work ation of retroflex rr thoyi E E koolaahala professional, Worker n of retroflex rr tho Eai tchi aahala trouble, menace es thońdai akoolaahala throat cal life es thołi tchi aahala trade, profession thołi E E hi aahala tradesman enace es thth kka koolaahala informal pronunciation of retroflex rr thuda kka koolaahala to touch o Wipe a surface thudai ka koolaahala thigh , to Wipe a surface thudaikka koolaahala to mop, to Wipe a surface thudikka akoolaahala to shudder life es thudippu akoolaahala agony , dust fe es thulaikka koolaahala to lose al life es thulaya akoolaahala to be lost life es thulaaraasi (s) hala libra lost life es thundhan koolaahala Wandering ce fe es thuppa i akoolaahala to spit al life es thuppaaki akoolaahala gun gical life es thuraththa kka ala to chase a fabric etc.) thuttu paarkka ala to fell (a fabric etc.) thu Ekan akoolaahala muslim cal life es thu Ekaanam oolaahala muslim Woman fe es thunfai rakoolaahala company iece fe es thunfaivan koolaahala companion ce fe es thuńdu rakoolaahala towel, piece fe es thunfi rakoolaahala cloth ical life es thunfiga akoolaahala clothes al life es thaalam ku beat (in music) tamilian thaallukku borough, taluka tamilian thaamarai lotus r brother, tamilian thaambaram (s) copper brother tamilian thaan hi chi (casual) sef ram, Wire thaanga hchi (casual) to tolerate er thaathth grandpa thaava to crawl n thaay aay mother thaaymai mother (generic) thaaynaadu motherland, homeland thaayaar (s) mother are, to make thaafi ai emblem of married status for a Woman theeda to search ool (slang) theedhi (s) date ste very sweet like honey thēkka to rub , fool (slang) theen aay honey t, fool (slang) theen chittusunbird zzard (slang) theen parandu honey buzzard (slang) theen ii randu honeybee zard (slang) theengayefnai coconut oil rd theengaay coconut, fool (slang) theenkudi ampurple sunbird theer ya chariot en, to know theevai kaaran need olding caste in north tamil nadu theevar kaaran landholding caste in north tamil nadu theevayaana an necessary e theeya ta to Wear out y sweet like honey theeyntha Worn-outĶ ery sweet like honey theef a scorpion fool (slang) th ingi Emfire, flame thiikucci matchstick thiipetti matchbox thiira i to run out of thiirkka rakoolaahala to complete ife es thiirppu ha kka ala judgement fabric etc.) thiirppu rakoolaahala judgement life es thū“iravaadhi aahala militant, terrorist thoodan aatchi aahala toda tribesman es thoodu kaatchi aahala ear-stud n life es thōkka aatchi aahala to be defeated es thoolaikaatchi aahala television life es thoolaippeesi laahala telephone life es thoolvi akoolaahala defeat cal life es thoolvi adaikka ala to defeat life es thoolvi adaya aahala to be defeated es thōndaiman alam la pallava realm ories thōsai akoolaahala dosa n cal life es thōtta ka Ean hala indian pitta fe es thōttam akoolaahala garden cal life es thōļ ikaatchi aahala shoulder n life es thōńdaimańdalam la pallava realm ories thuukka akoolaahala to lift al life es thuukkam akoolaahala sleep cal life es thuukku ka koolaahala hanging, vessel With handle thuunga rakoolaahala to sleep l life es thuura htha kka ala to drizzle fabric etc.) thuural tha kka ala drizzle a fabric etc.) thuudrumiin akoolaahala a kind of fish es thuuf kan akoolaahala powder, dust fe es thuufmiin akoolaahala minnow cal life es t l rakoolaahala tea gical life es u aikka miin laahala short u as in put udaikka miin laahala to break ha ife es udaiku Emiin laahala purvashadha ife es udal rakoolaahala body gical life es udambu rakoolaahala body (informal) es udan kka Engu ala immediate to, to break-up udan kka Engu ala immediately , to break-up udaya kka Engu ala belonging to, to break-up udhadu ka i gu ala lip elp stick accusative) udhavi ka i gu ala help lp stick accusative) udhavikka i gu ala to help stick accusative) udhavaaga i gu ala to be of help accusative) udhavaakka i gu ala to help stick accusative) udhavaafar i gu ala assistant ick accusative) uiyrezuththu u ala vowel le lar accusative) ulaga ka Engu ala global le lar accusative) ulagam ka Engu ala World ble lar accusative) ullaasam (s) gu ala joy singular accusative) un ai kka Engu ala thy (singular accusative) unakku ka Engu ala to thee gular accusative) unakkaaga Engu ala for you gular accusative) unga kka Engu ala your (accusative) sative) unga Ei a Engu ala you (accusative) sative) unga Euuda gu ala With you usative) sative) unga Eeel a gu ala on you cusative) sative) ungafudan gu ala than you usative) sative) ungafudaya gu ala yours u cusative) sative) unga Ekku angu ala to you ccusative) sative) unga Ekkaaga gu ala for you cusative) sative) unga E a Engu ala in you ccusative) sative) unga El a Engu ala by/because of you sative) unkuuda ka Engu ala With thee sative) sative) unmai kka Engu ala truth accusative) sative) unmeel kka Engu ala on thee cusative) sative) unnai kka Engu ala thee (accusative) sative) unnikkokku ngu ala cattle egret fe es unnudan angu ala than thee row e es unnudaya angu ala thine sparrow e es unnudaya d gu ala i'm annoyed With you unnu uvi angu ala in thee arrow e es unnaal okku ngu ala by/because of thee upagiraham (s) ala satellite row e es upanayanam (s) ala sacred thread ceremony upavaasam angu ala fast sparrow e es uppu ruvi angu ala salt sparrow e es uppaana vi angu ala salty sparrow e es uravu kka Engu ala relationship fe es uravukkaaran u ala relative l life es urian kka Engu ala flamingo l life es urimai ka Engu ala right, privilege s uru Enkiłangu hala potato y l life es uththaman (s) hala excellent person star uththaramiin laahala arundhati, north star uththiram (s) hala permission life es uththiram vaanga la to take leave of s utkaara rakoolaahala to sit cal life es uyir kaalēj r aahala Zoo (colonial colloquial) uyiram havar aahala tallness d person uyiram a ar aahala tall (adverb) son uyiramaana ar aahala tall alted person uyirandhavar aahala an exalted person uyirpiccai aahala sparing a life es uyirppiccai hala mercy ical life es uyiru rakoolaahala biological life es udruththa akoolaahala to itch l life es u ra kka Engu ala inside le lar accusative) u Era kka Engu ala to babble lar accusative) u Ea kuruvi u ala in pe ingular accusative) u Eam kuruvi u ala heart ingular accusative) u Ean kuruvi u ala snipe ingular accusative) unfarcci angu ala feelings, sentiments ive) unfarchi a Engu ala emotion cusative) sative) ułavar uruvi u ala farmer ngular accusative) v da m rakoolaahala v as in 'v'alley s vadagu rakoolaahala north ly e enemies vadai rakoolaahala vada bly e enemies vadakkameerik hala north america mies vadakoriya oolaahala north korea nemies vadamiin rakoolaahala north star enemies vagai rakoolaahala type, kind enemies vagupparai oolaahala division enemies vai am rakoolaahala assembly e enemies vaidhiyar (s) hala physician keep es vaiduuriyam oolaahala a dark brown jewel vaikasi rakoolaahala second tamil month, vaishakha vaikka rakoolaahala to put, to keep es vaikurumiin oolaahala morning star emies vaik rakoolaahala president of assembly vaira rakoolaahala diamond (adj.) ies vairam rakoolaahala diamond e enemies vairaagiyam (s) ala detachment enemies vakka rakoolaahala night heron nemies vakkaalath (s) hala legal suit enemies vakkū‰ (s) oolaahala lawyer e enemies valai rakoolaahala net le ve! enemies valay rakoolaahala fisherman enemies vali n di kuruvi a pain lark enemies valikka rakoolaahala to pain, to ache s vallavan kuruvi a talented person es vambu aadi kuruvi a trouble rk enemies vambu peesa uruvi a to gossip enemies vanambaadi kuruvi a finch-lark enemies vangai i narai ala bengal cked stork vappaatti akoolaahala mistress, 'keep' s vara u rakoolaahala to come e enemies varaiya rakoolaahala to draw om, match (for a Wedding)varam (s) koolaahala boon, bridegroom (for a Wedding)varavu rakoolaahala income entence ies varaveerkka oolaahala to Welcome nce ies varisai rakoolaahala sequence, queue rd varragu kōłi aahala lesser florican rd varuga! -vay aahala Welcome! x urtyard varumaana-vay aahala income-tax urtyard varumaanam koolaahala income , courtyard varungaala koolaahala forthcoming, about-to-be varungaalam oolaahala future , courtyard vasanam rakoolaahala dialogue an instrument) vasandham (s) hala spring (an instrument) vattam ththu aahala circle il script s vattezuththu aahala the tamil script s vatti u rakoolaahala interest e enemies vavvaal rakoolaahala bat field hunter s vavvaalmiin koolaahala pomfret (stromateus paru) vay l u rakoolaahala tax field hunter s vayal u rakoolaahala cropfield hunter s vayamiin rakoolaahala rohini ne hunter s vayasu rakoolaahala age ogine hunter s vayasu aaga oolaahala to age ne hunter s vayiru rakoolaahala stomach e hunter s vadrai aadu koolaahala nilgiri tahr e ies vadri u rakoolaahala line, sentence ies va kaatkaay oolaahala Woof, bark enemies va Ei rakoolaahala bangle ve! enemies va Eikka akoolaahala to bend (transitive), to rear, to bring up va Ekka rakoolaahala to grow (transitive), to rear, to bring up va Era rakoolaahala to grow n enemies va Eū‹ di kuruvi a swordfish enemies va Eal di kuruvi a philanthropist, generous person va Ei di kuruvi a creeper h enemies vanfakkam kuruvi a Welcome, hello ies vańdi u rakoolaahala vehicle e enemies vańdu u rakoolaahala beetle e enemies vafnathi narai ala Whitenecked stork vafniyaar akoolaahala farmer caste in north tamil nadu vałga! rakoolaahala long live! enemies vałi u rakoolaahala Way, route enemies vałiya rakoolaahala to flow e enemies vałkkai rakoolaahala life me e enemies vazukka rakoolaahala to slip d hunter s veccukka oolaahala to keep (for onesef) vedi uńdu koolaahala explosion, cracker e) vediguńdu koolaahala bomb rst (transitive) vedikka rakoolaahala to burst (transitive) vediya rakoolaahala to burst e enemies vendha m akoolaahala boiled Water emies vengaayam akoolaahala onion Water emies venniir rakoolaahala boiled Water emies verum m just dhoti veththal i fried thing veththalai betel-leaf veththalai-paakku paan t vetkam rakoolaahala shame, shyness ies vetkappada oolaahala to be shy, to be ashamed vetta hram to cut veyil anfai sunshine veyilkaalam summer vedri u rakoolaahala passion, musth ies vetri u rakoolaahala victory e enemies vetri adayato be successful ve E u rakoolaahala outside e enemies ve Echam ku aahala brightness, light ve Enaattu ku aahala foreign egret mies ve Enaattukkaaran la foreigner ret mies ve Eyila kku aahala out ler egret mies ve Ekka akoolaahala to Whiten er emies ve Enga akoolaahala to pale ter emies ve Eai kaaran aahala White ian ret mies ve Eaikkokku aahala smaller egret mies ve Eaikkaaran aahala caucasian, White s ve Eaimmiin oolaahala White fish day, venus ve Eam rakoolaahala flood , friday, venus ve Ei u rakoolaahala silver, friday, venus ve Eikkiłamai hala friday goshawk es ve Eimiin koolaahala venus jubilee es ve Eiviłā koolaahala silver jubilee es ve Euru rakoolaahala crested goshawk es veńdai rakoolaahala okra d Water emies veńdaikkaay oolaahala okra, ladies-finger veńmū‹ rakoolaahala venus Water emies veńnil rakoolaahala moon d Water emies veńpongal koolaahala sweet pongal h ies vefnai rakoolaahala butter Water emies vibachaaram (s) prostitution vibachaari (s) prostitute vibaththu (s) accident vichithram (s) unusual vichaaranfai (s) idea al vida m m to release, to let vidhiyaasam difference venus vidh m m fate e d vidimiin ai dawn-star, venus vidiya lai to dawn vidudhalai freedom vidudhalaippuli ltte ine e vigadan a magazine e vijayam m visit d vijaarikka to enquire vil a a bow ival way rument vilaga a to move away rument vilai da value, Worth rument vilai koduththu vaanga to make a purchase vilai peesa to bargain strument vilaiyeetraminflation, price rise vilayaada to play instrument vilayaadal play r , instrument vilayaana costly, expensive t vilayaattu play r , instrument villangu chains to bound prisoners vilmiin am meteor , instrument vilaasam (s)address instrument vimaanam m aircraft instrument viradham (s) fasting instrument viral ram finger , instrument viral adippaan osprey instrument virkka m to sell to like nt viruccikaraasi (s) scorpio to like nt virumba m to love, to like nt virundhu raasi (s) guest ow instrument viruppam raasi (s) Wish s w instrument virushabaraasi (s) taurus w instrument visham (s) poison , matter ent vishayam (s) subject, matter ent visu am m new year day, vernal equinox vitta vidiya at early dawn (informal) vitaamin (e)vitamin way rument vivasaayam )agriculture nformal) vivasaayi s)agriculturalist mal) vivasaay s)tradesman (informal) viveegam (s)maturity instrument viyaabaaram (s) business otel ument viyaabaari (s) trader y otel ument viyaadham (s) sirius y otel ument viyaazakkiłamai thursday otel ument viyaazan m thursday, mercury t vi Ekkefnailamp oil e vi Ekku aar lamp uire vi Ekkumaar broom uire vińmū‹ am star r , instrument viła a a to fall way rument vizumiin m hilsa (clupea ilisha) vizumiin m meteor , instrument viłā a a festival way rument vaada m rakoolaahala to rot y e enemies vaadagai rakoolaahala rent ly e enemies vaadhiyaar akoolaahala guru, teacher mies vaadhyaar (s) laahala teacher, scholar s vaaganam (s) laahala vehicle enemies vaakyaal kaay oolaahala irrigation channel vaal kaatkaay oolaahala tail pie enemies vaal kaakkai oolaahala tree pie enemies vaalmiin di kuruvi a comet lark enemies vaanam aadi kuruvi a sky h-lark enemies vaanchi rakoolaahala old name for karur vaanga i narai ala to buy, to receive vaariyam rakoolaahala board e, courtyard vaarththai koolaahala Word e , courtyard vaarththaikkuv vaarththai Word-for-Word yard vaasal u rakoolaahala outside, courtyard vaasam i rakoolaahala fragrance n instrument) vaasanai rakoolaahala fragrance n instrument) vaasappadi koolaahala threshold n instrument) vaasika rakoolaahala to play (an instrument) vaasikka rakoolaahala to play (music), to read vaaththu rakoolaahala duck, goose nemies vaay l u rakoolaahala mouth eld hunter s vaaypeetchu oolaahala power of speech sef) vaaf kaatkaay oolaahala sword ie enemies vaafi a rakoolaahala bucket to keep es vmaanf mbaadi kuruvi a sky, space enemies vaanu i narai ala little one (colloquial) vmaanfi (s) narai ala sound ecked stork vmaanfmudrai narai ala astronomy d stork vmaanfmiin i narai ala star necked stork vaazakkaay akoolaahala raw banana, plaintain vaazappałam oolaahala ripe banana, plaintain vaazga! rakoolaahala long live! enemies vaazkka rakoolaahala to praise enemies vaazththu akoolaahala greeting, praise s vaaz rakoolaahala to live e! enemies veedan u rakoolaahala aborogine hunter s veedhanai (s) aahala distress, extreme pain veega u rakoolaahala to boil e enemies veega vaikka laahala to boil (transitive) veegam (s) koolaahala Zest, speed nemies veegam rakoolaahala quickly e enemies veegamaana akoolaahala fast st e enemies veel i u rakoolaahala spear st e enemies veelai u rakoolaahala Work, labour emies veelaikkaaran laahala employee, labourer veelaikkaari oolaahala employee (f) a) es veelan u rakoolaahala skanda (muruga) es veeli u rakoolaahala valley e enemies veengadam akoolaahala tirupati hill mies veenginaadu koolaahala guntur region mies veeppalai akoolaahala neem-leaf enemies veeppam rakoolaahala neem (azadirachta indica) veer i u rakoolaahala root ry e enemies veerkuru rakoolaahala sweat-itch enemies veervai m sweat dhoti veeshti m White dhoti veedra u rakoolaahala else on, musth ies veefai (s) koolaahala time st e enemies veendikka akoolaahala to pray ater emies veendiya akoolaahala Wanted Water emies veendaadha akoolaahala unwanted ter emies veendaadhaikku aahala unnecessarily mies veendaam a akoolaahala not wanted r emies veendaamal akoolaahala unnecessarily mies viidhi m m avenue d viidu halai house m viiram (s) bravery instrument viiran (s) Warrior, sportsman viisa am m to throw instrument viisi erikkato throw away ument viittukkaaranhouse-owner, husband vśBpeetchu unnecessary talk nt v Źmiin am meteor , instrument vōttal (e) eatery, hotel ument X-um pozudhu While X-ing ung ent y munai m y as in 'y'oung ent yajamaan (s)proprietor, boss nt yajamaani (s) proprietress er of death yaman (s) yama, harbinger of death yamunai (s)yamuna , instrument yandhiram (s) machine, instrument yayaathi (s) laahala perseus principal emotions yugam (s) koolaahala very long period of time omen yaagam (s) )yajna etor, boss nt yaar nai m koolaahala Who me e principal emotions yaar ai m koolaahala somebody principal emotions yōjanai (s) laahala scheme e principal emotions yōsikka (colloq.) to think principal emotions Ŗ pirika trilled r as italian a'rr'ivederci aa pirika long a as in father aa:pirika (e) africa t aabaranfam (s) ornament aabushanfam (s) jewellery to shake aachariyam (s) surprise to shake aach n a chettiyar lady e aada u n to dance, to shake aadal dancing sative) aadhidhiraavidar aborigine enty aadhaam l adam se of that aadi ka fourth tamil month aadimiin ashwini eep aadu u n goat, sheep aaga am to get done in tamil alphabet, beginning aagatttum iso be it book of 400 verses aagańum must letter in tamil alphabet, beginning aah E nuuru iWow! irst book of 400 verses aakka n to make lly aalamaram banyan tree poet-saint aali ccar eagle er ow, raven aam am (s) koolaahala yes, house eriod of time omen aam iccar yes, house (brahmin dialect) aanai kaakkaielephant ow, raven aanaikkutti elephant caf, a fat person (colloquial) aanaimiin aielephant fish vessel aanandham (s) bliss cooking vessel aangila english (adjective) aangilam english aani gam third tamil month ormal) aapai ka ladle nd aappam i flat ricecakeaarambam (s)beginning aaramikka to begin, to start aaru ai i six and aarumanfi kuruvi indian pitta ring thing aaraaychi m research to irritate aarōggiyam (s) health d aarōggiyamaana healthy aarōhanam (s) rising octaveaasai (s) desire, Wish aasai (s) desire, Wish aasiriyar professor n aaspathri (e) hospital n aasthigan (s) believer gn aatchi i rule, reign aathankarai riverside ister aathman (s) soul r's sister aaththukkaaran house-owner, husband aathth mother, mother-goddess aattam i dance, game, sport aattukari mutton curry aattukutti lamb y ully aavanfi da fifth tamil month aav am i ghost, steam aayiram i thousand aayiraththil laahala in a thousand mies aadr jagam river y aadrumiin i the pleiades aadrumiin-kaatalan skanda (brought up by the pleiades) aatrumiin river fish aadraamiin pleiades aadraamiin aadraavottu time of rough sea Weather aa i kaakkaimale ant ow, raven aańdai aakkaiowl le crow, raven aańdavan god aańdu agam (s) year sh (adjective) aańdukku m (s) yearly (adjective) aańdaaf aakkaigodhai, a tamil saint aańkadik bustard-quail (male) al) aałam r depth avite poet-saint aałavaar vaishnavite poet-saint ee aadham am oolaahala long e as a..e in fate eedhu am am oolaahala Why? in 'ch'urch eemaara i akoolaahala to be cheated mies eemaatra i akoolaahala to cheat e enemies een bu i akoolaahala Why imb e enemies eenga i akoolaahala to long for, to yearn eera bu i akoolaahala to climb e enemies eesu (e) akoolaahala jesus the enemies eevaaf mil same letter as t) t) eve in 'd'og mies eetra u i akoolaahala to load, to upload, to raise eetram i akoolaahala increase e enemies eełai thu akoolaahala poor g he enemies eełisai heerndhu ala musical octave al notes eezu hthu akoolaahala seven g he enemies eezukadal akoolaahala the seven seas constellation eezumiin u akoolaahala the great bear constellation ii du hai akoolaahala long i as ee in meek iipidippaan ońdu kuruvi flycatcher d hornbill iisan (s) koolaahala god long period of time omen iisu (e) adhi aahala jesus ent enemies iisuvaran (s) aahala god e many girl es ii Em ai akoolaahala homeland e enemies f a ai akoolaahala retroflex l lay (an egg) NF da am u koolaahala retroflex n lant s oo a a! rakoolaahala long o as oa in boat ooda a! rakoolaahala to run th! l) mies oodi pōga akoolaahala to run away ) mies oodipidikka oolaahala to play h l) mies oonga akrakoolaahala to raise (a hand) ooram aana akoolaahala edge y, hot nemies oorpodi krakoolaahala husband's brother's Wife (colloquial) ootta am rakoolaahala to drive e enemies ootta pandhayam ala running race emies oottai n rakoolaahala hole fish, crustacean oottaiyaana koolaahala hollow h l) mies oottam rakoolaahala running h l) mies ooviyam krakoolaahala painting, picture ooviyam ezudha hala to paint a picture oonfaay akrakoolaahala Wof noun) enemies z aikka miin laahala Zh as in russian Zaporo'zh'ye uu aikka miin laahala long u as oo in boot uudha kka Engu ala to blow gular accusative) uudhubaththi gu ala incense-stick accusative) uumai kka Engu ala dumb singular accusative) uunjal kka Engu ala swing accusative) sative) uur kuruvi angu ala place sparrow e es uur kuruvi angu ala house sparrow e es uura yuur a Engu ala to soak for trichy uuraiyuur a Engu ala old name for trichy uurugaay ka Engu ala pickle cal life es uusa ra rakoolaahala to decay l life es uusi haramiin laahala needle ti, north star uutta rakoolaahala to feed al life es








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