mui otr akr ller tue, aìsakakunn xar lluo flb bbn

mui otr akr ller tue, aìsakakunn xar lluo flb bbn

mui ller d akr, aìsakakunn sär lluo kuò xar jàrga bbn.ahh

tofni dea
tfn tofno. kei tyfno.









sive tense ma
possibility part
gative part
orted speech
uest part
ultative auxiliary
, or by substitution
[ ]
phonetic tran
ption; analytical
/ /
< >
ates (allomo
rphs, allophones)

al mo
or boundary b
tween a word and an affix in glosses
syllable boundary
in phonetic tran
syllable boundary
in tran
vowel sign in Lepcha orthograp
consonant sign in Lepcha orthograp
vowel or consonant sign in Lepcha o

aa dhat fei nont flyy b fallless rt dea

Compound diphthongs: ái–aĩ, áu–aũ, éi–eĩ , ùi–uĩ
Mixed diphthongs: ál–al̃, ám–am̃, án–añ, ár–ar̃, él–el̃, ém–em̃, én–eñ, ìl–il̃, ìn–iñ, ìm–im̃, ìr–ir̃, ùl–ul̃, ùm–um̃, ùn–uñ, ùr–ur̃, ér–er̃
Complex diphthongs: íe–iẽ and úo–uõ.
Foreign diphthongs used in Lithuanian: èl–el̃, èm–em̃, èn–eñ, èr–er̃, òl, òm, òn, òr, èu, òi, òu

nnat it, that.

/e r t t͡s u i o/
/ä s ʃ d f k ʔ ʎ/
/x ɡ t͡ʃ ʋ b n ɲ ŋ m/
e r t ц/*ț u i o
a s ш/*š d f h k *‘ *l̃
x c ч/*č v b n *ñ γ/*ṅ m fill with,

Ц, ц Early Cyrillic letter Tsi.png 900 /t͡s/ ci (ци, цы) Cette lettre provient du ץ hébreu final.
Ч, ч Early Cyrillic letter Chrivi.png 90 š/t͡ʃ/ț črv (чрьвь, червь) Cette lettre provient du צ hébreu.č
Ш, ш
Γ γ γάμμα γάμμα
γάμα gamma gama g [g] [ɣ], [ʝ
ग [ɡ] (g) घ [ɡʱ] (gh) ङ [ŋ] (ṅ)
Palatales च [c͡ç] (c) छ [c͡çʰ] (ch) ज [ɟ͡ʝ] (j) झ [ɟ͡ʝʱ] (jh) ञ [ɲ] (ñ) य [j] (y) श [ç] (ś)
Rétroflexes ट [ʈ] (ṭ) ठ [ʈʰ] (ṭh) ड [ɖ] (ḍ) ढ [ɖʱ] (ḍh) ण [ɳ] (ṇ) र [r] (r) ष [ʂ] (ṣ) ळ [ɭ] (ḷ)
Dentales त [t̪] (t) थ [t̪ʰ] (th) द [d̪] (d) ध [d̪ʱ] (dh) न [n] (n)
क़ q [q]
ख़ x [x]
ग़ ġ [ʀ]
ज़ z [z]
ड़ ṛ [ɽ]
ढ़ ṛh [ɽʱ]
फ़ f [f]
a á
e é
ě í
i í
o ů
u ú
(am Wortanfang)

the topikalised ellement are of its bare form.

focesed element are any way fronting, put on top of the phrase.
a any word can be that so fronted. dea
fronted word amay be alone if that is an answering in replyn a question. dea

with something

acs nei adverbe. n-ei

xarsha bean
kerta d'olive.

näc kam z dalat mui frn f näc.
frn ena mui frn ena fixt.et.

mei se m-ei, without
so that there was múe kúe a'ns tùe.huh

akk akkadian, cunei.

sur ó, il indique que cette lettre se prononce [u] ;
sur les consonnes, il indique la palatalisation (comme en biélorusse) : ć [t͡ɕ], ń [ɲ], ś [ɕ], ź [ʑ], dź [d͡ʑ].

En hongrois, l’accent aigu sert à indiquer une voyelle longue (‹ á ›, ‹ é ›, ‹ í ›, ‹ ó ›, ‹ ú ›), mais dans le cas de a et e, il modifie aussi le timbre de la voyelle : ‹ a › /ɒ/ → ‹ á › /aː/ ; ‹ e › /ɛ/ → ‹ é › /eː/. Placé sur ‹ ö › et ‹ ü ›, il prend la forme d’un double accent aigu (‹ ő ›, ‹ ű ›).

dat these lttrs are typable letters in thi both oses.
point als i lo rise. sue......

me ä ortho volle Ȧ (minuscule : ȧ), ou A point suscrit, est une lettre latine utilisée dans les alphabets du cheyenne, de l’ulithi1. Il a aussi été utilisé comme symbole phonétique pour représenter la voyelle ouverte centrale, en API /ä/. Elle est composée de la lettre A diacritée d’un point suscrit.hmm

abs tsh ter ch, chui x reft ten, als ch free from the duty. . vacia x s de usage.
ch phoneme x, x chui me ten.
aa 'r d ä/är sac mei.

As mentioned above, the tendency for centralization
is most evident with the vowel /a/. Short /a/ is
realized as [ə] whose distribution is limited to a word-internal environment.
In other environments, there is neutralization of contrast between /a/ and /aa/, at least in terms of vowel qualit y. Consider the words /dá/
‘thing’ and /ɗaa/‘axe’. As the vowels occur word-finally, both are realized as [aa] with no significant
difference in vowel quality or vowel length.

Word-final /n/ and /m/ are pronounced [ŋ] too, as in nân [nâŋ], ‘here’ and kullum, [kulluŋ], ‘always’.
There are three types of syllable structure in Ha
usa, divided into light (CV) and heavy (CVV and CVC). Initial vowels and consonant clusters, as well as syllable-internal long vowels are excluded. As a consequence, all words written with an
initial vowel in the standard orthography
begin in fact with an initial glottal stop: aikìː, ‘work’ is in fact pronounced [ʔaikìː ]. Words ending in a CVC syllable are often ideophones or loanwords.

diff ue s uu'r
ui s új
uê s uè

met withing
how ber ner same phnes dea
f.er syla boundary
meaning derifecd.

János látja az almát.
'John sees the apple.’ Neutral sentence.
János ·látja· az almát.
‘John ·does· see the apple.’ But Peter may not.
·János· látja az almát.
‘It is John who sees the apple.’ The listener may have thought it was Peter.
János ·az almát· látja.
‘What John sees is the apple.’ It is specifically the apple that John sees and not the pear. By contrast Peter may see the pear.
Az almát ·látja· János.
'Considering the apple, it is seeing what happens to it by John. The pear may not be seen by him but for example smelled.'
Az almát ·János· látja.
'It is by John that the apple is seen.' It is not by Peter. But the pear may be seen by Peter.

kukka on poydällä. 'the flower in on the table' vs. poydällä on kukka. 'there is a flower on the table.'

pranggulad in frenchi.

isá e ená h.
dat mein ue, uuj. ui s uj.

phrase often made up of a topic followed by a comment, are not joined by any grammatical parts, such as a verb. This type of construction can serve to highlight and make definite the topic.

place.in-Loc no.be no.it

d.w.z. (nl) (dat wil zeggen), m.a.w. (nl) (met andere woorden)

close-mid central unrounded vowel [ɘ] (older publications may use ⟨ë⟩)
close-mid central rounded vowel [ɵ] (older publications may use ⟨ö⟩〉>⊃›〉)
near-open central vowel with ambiguous rounding [ɐ]
near-close central unrounded vowel [ɪ̈], [ɪ̠], [ɨ̞] or [ɘ̝]
open central unrounded vowel [ä] (commonly written ⟨a⟩ as if it were front)

3pl see bird big fly come perch tree stem that
'they saw a large bird flying to come and perch on that tree branch.'

noun s'r/o s'rr noun
but noun s.noun which compose a noun is noun phrase.

subjected noun who or what does something, ergative. agent. -r o irh-
subjected noun who or what of that in that is, intransitive. absolutive. -t o urh-
subjected noun whom or what someone or something does something to, accusative. object. -n o arh-
subjected noun that something are given to. locative form. -ll o zui/zull

aic llrt .r ergatif sujet.
adessuf es that -ulle
nont not thas
sinnxa tigre.
sic to sharpen an object.

lokativw sell dative/comitati place that it okkuers o oricin.
-ull -ll lok.

dd ior eth.
6 ior kk s kioma ‘.

rênet. it was raining./it rained. reenjit ffos
omt /mei amt-iàh. omt is /not amt.
-et denoting past verb. -ell denoting future verb.
verb with -en e -er, infinitive form e present form.
dêrs bar nullpronunciation.

'I am fishing with a line and hook.'

nes necesito.

noun declentions sue -r ergative of transitive verb, -s genetive m possessor, -t subject of intransitive verb.

doble vowel letter meant to prolong the preceding vowel with same quality.
with slightly falling tone.

basic syllable: consonant.vowel.consonant/vowel
u sor uhh. ú urh s urr.

shiny thing / thing shiny
shiny thing

proximal to the speaker, 1
proximal to the addressee, 2
distal to both of them, 3
some, 4
any, 5
it, 6.

0 null. as in 05/50, no-one.

hann to lift up.

snake-Acc.object see-past outside run
'S/he saw a snake and ran outside.'

'he blocked the spearshaft, the spear broke.'

1sg.transitive break object
I want to break it.

rhh ha ha.

bs u barat kniv ára

kan alk.

nac 1 e dui 2 e han 3 dat var pronooms.

tsífa banana

xía o shia ten or shreds.

that niá. e naaka s nac
nac zai nn nia
1 going to.pour water

sku: kulh bir -

sky show continuative cloud
'The sky is been cloudy.'

kíri elders.
i vs. irh mas irh kan be written i.
theres nh there for tc.
to do that all grammatucal structure can be done at phrase by phrase level, tocneu was invented.
ngar readily, late.

ridalla heart, mind, mercy.

therd, for esemplo pluva h.
u eq urh battling, kom where e nominative of first verb.
cuôt, .

- affix boundary
* reconstructed form

// phonemic transcription
[] phonetic transcription

() a zero morpheme

nox .vve

As n. (Lit. ... )

nerk egg
ner berdough.

u somi, lh s lh o j. v s v o w.

var nas bar
nas werbos oricinales sar bar due ser svenomneu ioh ser s nomkad d sar.
o u ca ou najaba i ha ie u ha defaut ü o ui dea

maa take place, tocome.
verbs have trans intrans, tho two groups. there.
Noun level i e n, pronoun is i, dua,munbers are n, n's if there i noun near by , modify them,stil these are
nouns ealch, ren hyre as man dya as two, duaren, two people. rendya, peaple of two.
four* is from squared, if not folloewd by shape it is four rathaer than quartangle, n.
nagmt ic acc h b soni naq.
ni de vowel harmoni b deres consonand armoni como liaison e lip roundnes lessroundness harmightnise.

boo to know whether.

noo wondering.

sàm it is unexpected or surprising.

delicious is.it_risingtone
'Is it delicious?'


no one wonder whethre never.
my idea is that all words are noun, verbs are derived by prhase structure it likely.
*us.two would go is.it
'are we going.'

Kana lastparticle whaterver.
satu/isa/esa/ena dua lloi 4 5 6 7 8 9 kui

possible ke tfr tofri s le tflh. -r- sr de frd al cang.

ssefrarab urh agent, irh reflecsiv, arh accusa ti f. abrev u,i,a.
krb near be.
mi trk tlb mah who nn dd hende ma uh
to rule’, mlk ‘king’, mlkt ‘queen’, *mmlkt ‘kingdom’
for some convinieent, der es ds e dzy de tz promised.
tc. ha attemodc. ha nasi shr ha attemo ndr e dr ha nai.
Nna-ha ma liangcy iék ngo har maaliance. o lrt kang, mehi duis libros est. hu.yh
Tuirúnn go down. animate.
sall false, failure

dia it het
táhnha uh yh

náe go-up

nníu shark.

llann to lost, desappear.

tcurku tj-
néska girl
two divided by two nit direk
ùsa lotsa
Sakhañlin h naaru sak'arin ko korjea dei k'- dea
éi insteado hei o eso eih
talon u talhon su taxon huss
hm s mm
hng s ngng
fmi try, attempt
kan intend to
nèu want
sto refuse
zung can, be able to
var keeping on
sene must, havto
sen ke mustnt
eek kreepy
ert è be being e.n es.y .snt u i lrt lac kon lrtderh it takes an adj as a complement.
erm eagle, grandiosa d erh
euh éu eu murmando
uèh matopeia
esmeralda emerald
efd un ciudad mittel grande

elf .e
elc éja
emu emúu eému maian dromaius of currency only
rrd r derecha, no de polo magnitico
res reptile
red netweb
red.n butter
reb weapon
rut down, dounhill, slope not dlige
rud ráud bomb
rsk resca, ai risk
rfl rífle disudzu s.migica
roz riócz bus
roo kangaroo
rok cannon
rar rare, rarity, com uca rar sra ura a ldr

raz spoke
raf zháf afterwards ter-niz nostril 2(main of body
rdk radiostation.
rld rold helmet
rnk ronk axe
ter bringe .tue u n lrt sac fil kon irh e arh
ter.n tierre
teklah term s slang
ten tenner alcun

trt tratar
tristramm base camp.
tra soda
trh tórh ham
tur shield, sealing
tua cider
tit téito capital city
tif desparar
tif mrotze
tif.n flouring
ticusk false of the self eso un lie
tue túe t nl.doen verbaliser to a next word super categ of e n lrt tue.
tuh soon, breve
ton away
taz .tui brush
tfn tifon
tkk téi ntk k be not, do not, de.kein contraril side of t wehn negating a verb, of s wehn negating a noun.
tkl tigres.
noia mes.s nk.dia fhor nbmnt-zkhor onmnt.

tkb some featurous point on surface etk. sweat er.
tlo addicted durch
tnz tínz van,wagen
tnd es.tienda de esterior al aire
zes staff, oficer
zeb instead
zrkanh zrcanh circa
zir chick
zid again
zill to lance
zinkle keel
zun nothing oif, do not to
zok aboard abordo
zar evernoteelephant
zaz areas in area in occurisiong3
zài z. be at to be in a place. it sticks to.current
zam coffee
zfk animal, more specific to mammal.
zkr sugar, ensugar
zlf .z
zlm zuilm volley of geometry
uèlksi escription of to audience idescriber
uén accept
ùro ura ultra rare, a most rank
ùif ox
uih úi ui happiniss

uóh narrative particle. incompleteniss suprise

udr kougasitu, device

udf dihence force

udf utidacahutari

uht word e sufijos inkluides

uco uca uncommon, a rank

ubi u conclusion, where, fr.où connective next fraso es un concluision de un hablanto

unf military forca universes, unitenacionex

irh i. in, towards no.i
kud irh

irk hinternet relay kat hiternetbased realtime text communication system

iuk júka

irl in real liufe

iuc iec lec luc nl.jullie

iin pessimistic about2

iom ios food, otjer food is snack

ids aaiiddss

idk i don't know.

ika júka

ilc íja

inz lhántsa f lnz

ind individual

ind indoniesia, 'nesian

imo in may àpinhon

otr o or es.o-u alter case ov a noun a subject.

oft degree

oksaur óksaáura suits gadget, also do in outerspace

obr opera, theatre

obc radio casting

art style, tech

arh the portu.a nominatiser for agentive

aut latín

azr blue fields

ads pop ups, advertised

adb adobe produits

afrïka áf- afric

afk afaik

als according to smt, leads a topic prepo sufijo

alc ája

acs scans a seat dokumento

amt on purpose

amd uámzhi item has value equivalentof2merit to3 for appreciation4

amb os duas

ser srt s srh .tue subjectal es.ser it takes a noun as a complement.

sek séka sem vod, drying of wartery normal shr non konxiní

sri seráj erh extremely superlative

sro sra super rare, a rank

srd heir to, from , according to rul

srd along that

str an object whitch form a straight e street

sud sudor, south

sum im na ued

sumdra zee

sài color goodness vivid being, variety succesliche feature, side of smt e smb

san wheel

sac säc that

sdk runtime pack

sfk sufijo

sfk soundeffect, rustle

sketch un obra

slz slíz herein

slu slavic

sla lokomobile

slk chicken meat

slb silbar

slb sólb screw

snt s sing

snt sánt dagger

sntlun to hum

snr abs interests to

snu snêu/snèu

sni sénia

snk eng.snake

snl nl.snel

snb ninja

smo sancokumusouonlain

smb sómba zombi huma

der therefore

deuter deftera

des d of self de .nl, det .no posession supercategpry ov f genetive

dell honey

deb dinner

dou.lin cuisine, rich soup containing fish clams corn with potatos and oniones.

doz otherwise

drm dáram damri a percussion musical instrument/drum/cymbal/gong with beat

dfe dedfisai

dns doughnuts donas.

dmm rentalshop, rated.diskmedias

fei hex digit decimal de.flügel

fei.ond reconnaissance écrite d’un paiement.

fre ferti fertile, conducive, fruitful, prolific, fecund for supporting the growth of2

fra f out of fra .no
faolie btl macik duelz

frl frél jam

frc threelegged

frb plu.

ftr eftar region a

fut wombi

fusball football

fudball, futbar handball

fum ja, todavia

fis somewhat

fil biscoit

findiz vinegar, ginger

foi fuego

fol f-.

fal just fall

floend tequila

fln filno, filán mannen

flm frocto

flm.n feather

hrellim jerky

hro pork

huellz icing

hoiird fontain found

hod breakfast, dine in morning

har r. xar have ,estar, currently be r s fore a noun seemed to be an adjective or verb of adjective

hsn hasní event, incident

hsn asaseno

haf forth, foreth

hleank spam, usage

hld héld húld whisky

hca hacia, alcancer

hnk h-enk diet, cocina

kte kté kt.

ktr.n kótori

ktr.m katár

kut also

kit make

kia fiber, mikrofiber

kid wedge placed under a wheel or other rolling object to prevent its moving or slipping.

kif therein

kih hasta, arriva

konn n accompanying

kdr seion media

kfl kafli liquid, at standard temperature pressure, composition,material

kfa head hymn

khu café

kla drives, to run org
klm z toc

klaurt beruhigend

knb festival of harvest

knn floating boat of leasure in river canoe

kme promnom

kmr room, vacant space that for not expert use.

lea leah soever

len tlen, rembrancer slen, memoria

lrt lérta non -zhta lt word, phrase lrf.kke ee re te tze tce oue iee oe ae se she de fe ffe haa ke lle ce che be ne nhe nne me
llrf e.e r t z u 'u ui i 'i o a s d f h k ll c b n m. eso es.

lrd l left, not of the polar magnetic.

llunn perhaps

lih further

lat pues, podria

lao jáo use, use d muyto ocasiones lao lrtirh di lrt openend

lad rankings

lak domesticated animal for its milk, leather, meat

lac jag lo que l.n l como dego

lfn lífno lìngua franca nóva

lha lh l otres una lrt treat this sentense as a cuestion

lnt es.lento

lnz launch jántsa

lnz.nh tears.

lns lúns sarami,bacon

cef diccionerio, terminologie, difinitions

crd fairytype lor btifln f mytho

crk cúrk fourlegged animal otr

crl wulf

crm wolf

cui egg

cuktai do smt to circle

com common, a rank

cac c a hunktional werd other n werds toa pronun it says j instead but an option it may vanishe.

cab box, cave

cfr oinmfukshacez e cfr han dua dri fir fim sks sbn bat nin xia elf zlf, e l n x c

chs cheese

cleueu prostitute

cnm mandarin

kon n treat this sentense as a pidition n , contigo, juntos .es acompanying super category of m.

kns deseasy

bed seldom

bel to contact, do telefone

bsn básna 1accentuates to2 by action3

brt bríto rit united kingdom n determines place

bru breve tan repente

bra bravo, brava

brf brífe breeze lrt .f lrt .z rfd.kul

brd bárda brt on the outside of 2 1 is exterior to 2 big, mas brd bkt hre.

brd variation of predicate

brc bárca arches curves wher over materials

brb bar bárzha tavern bar pub serving to audience.

brn borna el inconcerta mcondiciones

bti búti plase in space basement, related object of.

bts batsi bites pinche of2 at specificlókus3 with tooli

btk buttonm item with purpose of material

but b. aber connective next fraso es un contrario

bur wherein

bum grain, strain

bif fuera

bot tool assisted

bonsai arbre nain que l’on cultive en pot.

baz brot

bat .b eith

babbel l'apprentissage d'une langue ont une meilleure application.

bst bástu emplaces substitutes2 for instead of3 in circumstance4

bsf búsfa omnibus for carrying2 in medium3 1propelle

bsn bison bisonvariation, feat, featurised by area

bfl force inordered compels event where occurring

blu gunzjou sora s dblu

blc balki glass composition

blb blabi white, verylight

blm blím ill, sick, diseased with symptoms from diseasez

bcs malay

bcf competition

bnz object sufficiant with for purpose under conditions

ntt nette

ntt telekom korp.
neu langue

ned nest

nek later

neb quite, rather

nuz even

nuc meat

nub ein manera dum

nod point, geo

nis beer

nid nest, line

nil niól chips slices

nim thereby

nolcam yeast

nak centre of city other centers.

nal thereof

nac náj nag i, my self, me
snac fdeu

naciar nágjiar de,wer

naclar ts náciar

nlm nílm juiceed fruits

merald color esmeralda

met med mit m be with, using, dk.med level-qualitiu of doing how

met.n whereas

meb móeb transporter, it may winged, transit for a person

mro muerto, en.cavurn

murtur shield

mua compound, words

mirnod pole site.

missil un proyectile.

mih early

min often

mid middle

mof hechizo

mol ale, liquor.

marfil ivory.

mankai florece.

mam sky higher, atmosphare.

mlk kosuru, hiku, powder.

mdr high tech audio.

ais lrt .t
a f arh i f irh s f srh o ser .t e l.tue
sue lrt ,a bas, sr asi

o aisueo, t lrt
k fim e - ais, s lrt

aa duxu lar.t ser attitutionals

e e s junáits n etse
r junaits m e.
m permanentali junaits n n kamona
dsok kak no dnac ni u o hukume u wa set dsok sji teto doklitu sudse dea
idoo o imisu doosjito lenkeide te kot wa arukedo
kaku no sjutsukak djitaino sjoumet rt dea
nn s ser d run
nn is running
etk tue jue

sum, suilue b sum

r nim s ai dif oko kakuma

tok i fol
tok i dur
tap to continue

zai à tiempe bei de lokáte hm
no verse zai s lokat bei s nier av tsejte e mentale

t vsk alfreda leni
kotjiranoohouca kan tan.

nn r nn vurses nn z nn
zai - ser nae
nn run f.z fla fla ni iru nn va te run teiru.

nac mkter i hon ter ller ktb
ena sfr z ller

phonetic stats
*/e; is any of e - e̞, ɛ/è - or ɘ, ɐ/ä, ë, 'r
*/r; is any of r/rr - ʁ
*/t; is any of t - d
*/tc; is any of t͡ɕ
*/z; is any of t͡s - θ
*/u; is any of u - or o
*/i; is any of ɨ/ï - ʉ/ü
*/o; is any of o - o̞, ɔ/ò - or u
*/a; is any of ɐ̞, ä - or ɐ/'r, ă, ä
*/s; is any of s - z - ɕ
*/sh; is any of ʃ
*/d; is any of d - ð/dd - t
*/dc; is any of d͡ʑ
*/f; is any of f - p/ff
*/h; sign that the word is an interjection if the word contain a or two h of null pronunciation - ɦ/h - h - not applicable
*/k; is any of k - ɡ
*/-; is any of ʔ/kk anti liaison making diphthong between words - not applicable
*/ll; is any of ʎ - d͡ɮ - j
*/x; is any of x - ɣ
*/c; is any of ɡ - k
*/cc; is any of t͡ʃ
*/v; is any of ʋ - β̞ - w
*/b; is any of b - β - p
*/n; is any of n - l/'n
*/nh; is any of ɲ
*/nn; is any of ŋ
*/m; is any of m
free to pick - (free pick)
phone/ghraph to specify aside orthography

/e r t t͡s t͡ɕ u i o/
/ä s ʃ d d͡ʑ f ɦ k ʔ ʎ/
/x ɡ t͡ʃ ʋ b n ɲ ŋ m/
e r t tz/z tc u/ou i/ie o
a s sh d dc f h k kk ll
x c cc v b n nh nn m

/e r t t͡s u i o/
/ä s ʃ d f k ʔ ʎ/
/x ɡ t͡ʃ ʋ b n ɲ ŋ m/
e r t z u i o
a s ' d f h k ' ll
x c ' v b n ' ' m

phone ɡ/g
ˈ accent ` - ´ - ^ - semilong ˑ.
` accent is by loudness, higher pitch.
´ accent is by longer duration, both ^.
/:, ː long vowel, gemini consonants - ˑ semilong vowel.
/', allo phone shifter - elision for any phoneme.

ser een dax it is a live stream net tv.
dzc o dsc great advancing.
tik hor ten of klok.k
esa tei 1 dont

eso tkk 3llar isnt

marin'ia mari'nakk'iti

u ias ert - ias bar o tar emt. nominati erga subj tiv.

letters read left to right, up to down. also syllabically, not separably.








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