kh reka

kh reka



ciksi [cki] x1 (person) explains x2
(event/state/property) to x3 with explanation x4 (du’u). (Explanation x4 is an underlying
mechanism/details/purpose/method for x2 (=
velcki for reordered places), generally assumed to
be nonobvious; metaphorical usage with the various causal relations
is possible, but the nonobviousness,
and the existence of an explainer with a point of
view makes this word not a simple expression ofcause
cilce [cic] (adjective:) x1 is wild/untamed.
cilmo [cim] x1 is moist/wet/damp with liquidy
cilre [cli] x1 learns x2 (du’u) about subject x3 from source x4 (obj./event) by method x5event/process
cilta [cil] x1 is a thread/filament/wire[shape/form] of material x
cimde x1 (property - ka) is a dimension of
space/object x2 according to rules/modelz
cimni x1 is infinite/unending/eternal in property/dimension x2, to degree x3 (quantity)/of
type x3. (Also everlasting, eternity, (= cimnytei),
cinba x1 (agent) kisses/busses x2 at locus x3.
cindu x1 is an oak, a type of tree of
cinfo x1 is a lion/[lioness] of species/breed x2.
cinje [cij] x1 is a wrinkle/crease/fold[shape/form] iny
cinki x1 is an insect/arthropod of species x2;[bug/beetle]
cinla x1 is thin in direction/dimension x2 bystandard x3; [relatively short in smallest dimension
cinmo [cni] x1 feels emotion x2 (ka) aboutz o mood/humor (= nuncni
cinri [ci’i] x1 (abstraction) interests/is interesting to x2; x2 is interested in x1. (Use x1 tu’a for
nonspecific interest in an object; interested in (=selci’i
cinse [cin] x1 in activity/state x2 sexuality/gender orientatioz standard x4
cinta x1 [material] is a paint of pigment/active
substance x2, in a base ofz

sck (person) explains event state to with explanation
cilce [cic] is wild untamed
cilmo [cim] x1 is moist with liquidy
cilre [cli] x1 learns about subject from source method ko slr tri ltr ajkte rd dea i metod ri te
cilta [cil] x1 is a thread/filament/wireshape of material x
cimde property is a dimension of
space object x2 according to rulesmodelz
cimni x1 is infiniteal in property/dimension x2, to degree x3 (quantity)/oftype
cinba (agent) kisses busses x2 at locu
cindu x1 is an oak, a type of tree ofspecies/strainy
cinfo a lion of species/breed x2.
cinje is a wrinkle crease fold iny
cinki x1 is an insect of species x2 [bug beetle]
snl x1 is thin in direction/dimension x2 bystandard
snm acir feels emotion aboutz
snr (abstraction) interests is to
scn n activity sexuality gender orientatioz standar
sinta material a paint of active substance in a base of

bakri quantity of/contains/is made of chalk from source x2 in form z
balji bulb of plant/speciesy mtphox rounded, bulgy
balni balconyoverhangledge y
balre bladeweapon y
balvi futurelaterthanafter x2 in time sequence
banshv exceeds/is beyondlimit/boundary x2 from x3 in property/amountx4 (ka/ni). (On the other side of a bound, butnot necessarily directly ’across’ nor at the shortestplausible distance (per ragve); also not limited toposition in space
bandu ev defendsprotectsx2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x3(event). (Also secures (verb); x1 wards/resistsx3; protective cover/shield (= badgai
banfi amphibian of species/breed x2
bangv tonguadialect used by x2 to express/communicate x3 (si’o/du’u, not quote
banli great/grand in property x by standard xIndicates a subjective xreatness, as compared to the objective standard implied for barda; (synonyms, possibly requiring
tanru:) extraordinary, illustrious, magnificent, impressive, awesome, grandiose, august, inspiringspecial, majestic, distinguished, eminent, splendor, stately, imposing (all generally zabna); terrible (mabla
banro growsexpands [an increasing development] to size/into form y from zlso rising, developing; x1 gets bigger/enlarges/increases
brodi 3rd assignable variable predicate
brodo 4th assignable variable predicate (contextdetermines place structure).
brodu 5th assignable variable predicat
bruna brother of/fraternalto x2 by bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3; [notnecessbiological
budzho pertains to the uddhissculture/religion/ethos in aspect x
bukpu amount of kelth/fabric of type/material x
bumru foggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid x
bunda x1 is x2 (def. 1) local weight
unit(s) [nonmetric], standard x3, subunits [ounces] x4. ((additional subunit places may beadded as x5, x
bunre brown/tan [color adje
burcu brush for purpose x2(event) with bristles x
burna mbarrassed/disconcerted/flustered/illatease about/under conditions x2 (abstract
shaabna current atin the presentof/during/concurrent/simultaneous with y intime. ((default x2 is the present resulting in:) x1 is now; time relationship only, ’aorist’ claiming simultaneity does not mean one event does not extend into the past or future of the or
shabra ne[ca’a] x1 is apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for functionx2 controlled/[triggered] byz acono aconi
scashra x s y ouhrs in duration (default is 1hour) by standard z
cadzu walks/strides/paces on surface x2 using limbs x
cafne x(ev oftenfrequentlycommonlycustomarily occursrecurs by standard y
shcacna openclosed wound on locus y caused by xz

bkr contains of chalk from source x2 in form z
blz bulb of plant metafox rounded
blni balcony overhangled y
balre bladeweapon m
balvi futurelaterthanafter x2 in time sequence
bnsh exceeds is beyondlimit boundary from in property
bnd ev defend protects aobject state from threat ei frotecer i fra s,
bnf amphibian of speciesbreed x2
bnc tongua dialect used by to espress
bnli great grand in property by standard
banro growsexpands [an increasing development] to size/into form y from zlso rising, developing; x1 gets bigger
bruna brother of fraternalto x2 by bond parentes
budzho pertains to the uddhissculture religion ethos in aspect x
bukpu amount of kelth fabric of typematerial x
bumru fmistycovered by a mist vapor of liquid x
bunda x1 is x2 def. 1 local weight
unit standard x3, subunits [ounces
bunre brown/tan [color adje
burcu brush for purpose x2(ev with bristles x
burna mbarrassed disconcerted about conditions
shaabna current atin the presentof concurrent simultaneous with y intime
sbrne apparatus device for function controlled byacn aconai
scashra x s y ouhrs in duration def an hour) by standard z
sdz falks etrides surface using limbs x
safne en eventie often commonly ursrecurs by standard
shcaana openclosed wound locus caused by

banxa bank owned byin banking system x2 for banking functions zevent
banzu object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose x2 under conditions x
baffli force forces/compels event x2 to occur; x1 determines property x2 to manifest. (Also constrains requires success, unlike the physics term (better expressed by danre
barda biglarge in property/dimensions yka as compared with standard/norm z
bargv arches/curves over/around y and is made of x3; x1 is an arch over/around
x2 of material x3. (Also arc; x2 need not be an object, but may be a point or volume
barzha tavern/bar/pub serving x2 to audience/patrons x
barna xmoxhflral marks/spots on x2 of material x3. (ba’armo’a for a pattern of marks
bartv on the outside of y x is exterior to y
basfa omnibus for carrying x2 in medium x3 propelled by x4 pavloibasfa for singledecker, relyloibasfa fordoubledecker jonbasfa for articulated, clajonbasfa for biarticulated, dizbasfa for lowfloor, drucaubasfa for open top, kumbasfa for coach, dicybasfa for troolleybus
basna emphasizes/accentuates/forcefully/stress to y by actionz
basti eplaces/substitutes for/instead of x2 in circumstance x3; x1 is a replacement/substitut x trades places with y
batshi bites/pinches x2 on/at specificlocus x3 with x4. (Bite through (= ka’arbatci, batygre); pinch (= cinzybatci
batke button/knob/[handle] on/for itemx2, with purpose x3, made of material x4
bavhmi quantity of barley[grain ofspecies/strain x
baxso reflects alaydonesian commonlanguage/culture in aspect x
blabi whiteverylight colored[color adjective]. (Pale forms of other colors area compound of white pink (= labyxu’e, xunblabi) (whereas kandi is used for pale = dimnesslack of intensity
blaci antity of/is made of/contains glass of composition including y
blanu blue [color adjective
bliku block 3dimensionalshape/form of material x2, surfaces/sides x
(x3 sides/surfaces should include number, size,
and shape; also polyhedron (= pitybli having
flat/planar sides/surfaces). regular polyhedron
(= kubybli, blikubli), brick (= kitybli
bloti boat/ship/vessel [vehicle] for carrying x2,
propelled by x
bluzji pair of jeans / blue jeans
bolshi ball/sphere/orb/globe material x2; x1 is a spherical object [made of x2]
bongu bone/ivory
[bodypart, performing function x2 in body of x3;
[metaphor: calcium]. (x2 is likely an abstract: may
be structure/support for some body part, but others as well such as the eardrum bones; the former can be expressed as (tu’a le ¡body-part¿); cartilage/gristle (= ranbo’u), skeleton (= bogygreku).
botffi bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for x2,made of material x3 with lid x
botqhtjo boxfo sheet/foil/blanket
[2dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions] of material x
boxna wave [periodic pattern] in medium x2, wave-form x3, wavelengthx4, frequency x
bradi enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x2 in struggle x
bratu hail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including x2.
(This is the substance, not the act or manner of itsfalling, which is carvi
brazos reflects urazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect y
bredi ready/prepared for yevent
bridi x(textvr) predicate relationshipwith relation x2 among arguments (sequence/setz z are related by relation x2 (= terbri for reordered places). (x3 is a set completely specified
berfu brife breeze/wind/galefrom direction x2 with speed x3; x1 blows from x
brixzhu office/bureau/workpla of worker x2 at location z
brito [rit] x1 tefects iritish/uni ted inkdom culture/nationality in aspect x
broda 1st assignable variable predicate(context determines place structure
brode 2nd assignable variable predicate (context determines place structure).

banxa bank owned byin systeming for functions
bnz object suffice for purpose under conditions
bfl force compels event to occur
barda biglarge dimensions ka as compared with standard
brc archescurves over made of
barzha tavern barpub serving to audience
brn xmoxhflral marksspots on of material
bartv on the outside of y x is exterior to y
basfa omnibus for carrying x2 in medium x3 propelled by x4
basna accentuates to y by actionz
bst eplaces substitutes for instead of in circumstance
batshi bites/pinches x2 on/at specificlocus x3 with
btk buttonm for item with purpose made of material
bvhm quantity of barleygrain species strain
baxso reflects alaydonesian commonlanguageculture in aspect x
blabi whiteverylight colored[color adjective
blaci antity of contains glass of composition including y
blanu blue [color adjective
bliku block 3dimensionalshape form of material x2, surfaces sides x
bloti shipboat for carrying x2,propelled by x
bluzji pair of jeans blue jeans
bolshi ball sphereorb material x2; x1 is a spherical object [made of x2]
bongu bone ivory[bodypart, performing function x2 in body of x3
botffi bottle jar urn flask closable container for x2,made of material x3 with lid x
botqhtjo boxfo sheetfoil
[2dimensional shapeform flexible in 3 dimensions] of material x
boxna periodic pattern in medium waveform length frequency
bradi enemy opponent of x2 in struggle x
brat hailfreezing rain precipitation of material including
brss rilekts raziliano culture m asfek
brd eredicate relaship with relation among argue
brf briefe breeze direction with speed
brzh offibureau i worker z loco
brt rit telects uni kitted kdom m
xt determines place structure
brd variable predicate

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okh mak bur tesard dea
kh tzdmsm fiz diz dim rt so
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alchemist/46/24 ni rt dea
kh xn toosinamnteneendajo
mundo tesa rtd rd dea
kh nakami
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komo toosikanoou
ma soodato voitekini likae a ersti male ke ffode rt de
minan rt dea

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i uos
kh toodo lo mvndo rd dea
kh dato sflsc cc citaico rt dea
ne olvhi díste
komo io enter rt dea
enre esli rt dea
no bhi http://www.nicozon.net/watch/sm27485617
ess okk ke milacr nandajionaa rt
zofi http://www.nicozon.net/watch/sm27088599

http://www.anitube.se/categories/1606/v k s infome atta rt dea o
bli flooko mur ia no hantiuu rt








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