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Alle labelsnutzre

method; how?.
ta’irva’u v1 = t1 yawns, expressing fatigue due
to effort/situation t2 (event)
ta’i [BAI] tadji modal, 1st place (in manner 3)
methodically; by method ...
ta’onai [UI*3] discursive: by the way - returning to main point.
ta’o [UI3] discursive: by the way - returning to
main point. (See also denpa, cneterta’a.)
ta’unai [UI*3a] discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru.
ta’u [UI3a] discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru. (See also tanru.)
tabjme x1 is a diamond (gem) from source x2.
(Cf. kunra, tabykrili.)
tabno [tab] x1 is a quantity of/contains/is
made of carbon/graphite/[diamond]/charcoal;
x1 is organic. (See also kolme.)
tabra x1 is a horn/trumpet/trombone/bugle
[brass-wind/lip-reed musical instrument]. (See
also zgike.)
tabrntromba x1 is a trumpet. (Cf. tabra, zgica’a.)
tabybi’o b1 = t1 is charred/carbonized under
conditions b3.
tabykrili k1 is crystalline carbon (default diamond) in form/arrangement k3 (from tabno krili
c.f. jemna tabjme kunra)
159taibeis tance
tabyselcmu x1 is organic/carbon-based. (organic applies to chemicals; carbon-based to life
forms. The distinction between tabyselcmu and
mivyselkra is that e.g. calcium phosphate in bones
is mivyselkra but not tabyselcmu, while polyethylene is tabyselcmu but not mivyselkra.)
tacpe’u x1 = p1 (agent) touches eir tongue
to/licks x2 = p2 = t2 at x3 = p4 [a locus on x2]. (t1
and p3 are implicitly the tongue of agent x1. See
also pencu, tance.)
tadgri g1 is a study group studying t2.
tadji x1 [process] is a
method/technique/approach/means for doing x2 (event) under conditions x3. (Also
practice/way/mode; style/manner/conduct
(= tratadji); pattern (= montadji, tadjymo’a, or
platadji, tadjypla). See also ciste, pruce, zukte,
pluta, cmavo list ta’i.)
tadjycpa c1 adopts c2 = t1 (method) for purpose t2.
tadni [tad] x1 studies/is a student of x2; x1
is a scholar; (adjective:) x1 is scholarly
taflumca’a c1 is a washing machine
tafrcemize x1 is a chemise/shift/smock of material x2. (Usually women’s undergarments and
dresses. cmeize for type 4. Cf. taxfu.)
tafrjerzi x1 is a jersey of material x2. (Knitted clothing, traditionally in wool or cotton, with
sleeves, worn as a pullover, as it does not open
at the front, unlike a cardigan (tafrkardiga
tafrkardiga x1 is a cardigan of material x2. (A
type of sweater (nivycreka) or jumper (luzbarcreka) that fastens up the front with buttons or
a zipper, usually machine- or hand-knitted from
wool. kardiga for type 4. Cf. creka.)
taftcaci tc1 is a clothing custom/fashion
of tc2 = ta1 under conditions tc3
tafyfe’a f1 is a hole in garment x2 = t1 for wearing by x3 = t2 (gender/species/body part). (Cf.
tagji [tag] x1 is snug/tight on x2 in dimension/direction x3 at locus x4. (See also trati, jarki,
kluza, rinju.)
tagygau g1 tucks t1 onto/into t2
tai'van Taiwan
taibei Taipei
taifnu b1 = c1 is a typhoon/hurricane/cyclone
moving from direction b2 at speed b3 rotating
around centre /eye c2 with rotational direction c3

tairmupli m1=t2 is a t1 form of m3
tairva’u v1 = t1 pants because of tiring effort/situation t2 (event). (Cf. tatpi, vasxu.)
taiske x1 is the morphology of x2 according to
methodology x3. (see also rafske)
tai [BAI] tamsmi modal, 1st place (like)/(in
manner 2) resembling ...; sharing ideal form
... (tamsmi is x1 resembles x2 sharing ideal
form/shape x3 in property x4)
tajgai g1 is a thimble. (Cf. tamji, gacri, degygai.)
takside x1 is a badger of species x2
talsa [tal] x1 (person) challenges x2 at/in
property x3. ((cf. jinga, damba, darlu, jivna, nandu
for a challenging event/situation))
tamca x1 is a tomato [fruit/vegetable/plant] of
species/strain x2. (See also grute, stagi.)
tamgau g1 defines t2 into form t1. (Cf. tarmi.)
tamji [taj] x1 is a/the thumb/big toe [bodypart] on limb x2 of x3; [metaphor based on relative
shape]. (Thumb (specifically the hand = xantamji),
big toe (= jmatamji)
tamjycausmani x1 is a colobus of species x2.
(see also smani)
tamne x1 is cousin to x2 by bond/tie x3; [nonimmediate family member, default same generation]. (Probably preferred for metaphorical siblings (over bruna
tamsmi x1 has form x2, similar in form to x3 in
property/quality x4.
tamtigypre p1 = ti1 is a model/mannequin
serving fashion/artistic/commercial concept ti2 =
ta1. (Cf. tigni, tarmi, larcu, taxfu.)
tamxri m1 = t2 is a quantity of macaroni/penne/fusilli/shaped pasta in shape t1
made from grains m2. (Cf. grusko, grupu’o.)
tanbargu b1 is a rainbow at location b2 = t2.
tanbo [ta’o] x1 is a board/plank [3-
dimensional long flat rectangle] of material
x2. (See also bliku, kubli.)
tance [tac] x1 is a/the tongue [body-part] of
x2; (metaphor: similar to nazbi, tamji, degji). ((adjective:) x1 is lingual. See also moklu, bangu,
nazbi, tamji, degji.)
tanjo x1 is the trigonometric tangent of angle/arctangent x2
tanko x1 is a quantity of tobacco [leaf] of
species/strain x2. (See also sigja, marna.)
tankyxu’i xu1 is nicotine with chemical purity
tanminli x1 is x2 (default 1) parsec(s) (from tsani
minli c.f. gusminli solminli.)
tanru [tau] x1 is a binary metaphor formed
with x2 modifying x3, giving meaning x4 in usage/instance x5. ((x2 and x3 are both text or both
si’o concept) See also gismu, smuni.)
tansi [tas] x1 is a pan/basin/tub/sink, a
shallow container for contents x2, of material/properties x3. (Also bowl. See also baktu,
palne, palta, patxu, kabri for a bowl that is normally lifted for use, botpi.)
tanta’o t1=t1 is a skysurfingboard of material/property t2. (From tanbo, tsani. See also
si’erta’o, jacta’o, xilta’o)
tanxe [tax ta’e] x1 is a
box/carton/trunk/crate for contents x2, and
made of material x3
tapla x1 is a tile/cake [shape/form] of material x2, shape x3, thickness x4. (A tile is a 3-
dimensional object, relatively uniform and significant in the 3rd dimension, but thin enough that
its shape in the the other two dimensions is a significant feature; ’city block’ is conceptually a tile;
polygon (= taplytai or kardytai - shaped like an
approximately-2-dimensional block, lijyclupa - a
loop composed of lines). (cf. bliku, kubli, matci;
karda, for which the 3rd dimension is insignifi-
cant, bliku, kurfa, matci, plita, tarmi))
tapsni si1 is a track of st1 treading on surface
st2 using limb st3 (from stapa sinxa)
tapygutci g1 is g2 pace/paces (length unit)
tarbi x1 is an embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg with mother x2, and father x3
tarboi b1 is a globular cluster consisting of stars
with properties t2
tarbu’i x1 is an asterisk (* character)
tarbyskori s1 is the/a umbilical cord connecting
t1 = x2 to mother t2 = x3. (Cf. tarbi, skori)
tarbyvi’u v1 performs abortion/induces delivery of embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg t1 = v2
on t2 = v3. (The survival/death of t1 = v2 is not implied
tarci’e c1 is a solar system based on star(s) t1
(default is the Solar System) with stellar properties
t2 with components c3 displaying c4 (ka) (Cf. tarci,
ciste, tarso’imei, sostartai, tarboi.)
tarci [tar] x1 is a star/sun with stellar properties x
tarkesyske x1 is stellar astronomy based on methodology x
tarksako x1 is dandelion of species x2.
tarla x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of
tar/asphalt from source x2. (See also kolme,
pesxu, snipa.)
tarmi [tam tai] x1 [ideal] is the conceptual
shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation
x2 (object/abstract). (Also pattern; x1 is the
mathematical or theoretical ideal form, while x2
is an object/event manifesting that form; e.g.
circular/circle-shaped (= cukseltai) vs. circle
(=cuktai, while cukla alone is ambiguous); model
(= ci’ersaptai, saptai, ci’ersmitai, smitai)
tarsire x1 is a tarsier of species x2
tarske s1 is astronomy based on methodology
s3. (Cf. tarci, saske, mu’eske, termu’eske.)
tarso miei tarso’imei s1 is a/the galaxy komz Milky Way le default au s oo sni dea e el vern dea
tartai tarm1 tartai tarc2. (Cf. tarci, tarmi, sostartai, tarso’imei, tarci’e, tarboi, cacryra’o.)
tarti [tra] x1 behaves/conducts oneself
as/in-manner x2 (event/property) under conditions x3. (Also (adjective:) x1 is behavioral. See
also cnano, frati, tcaci, cilce, jikca, marde.)
taske x1 thirsts for x2; x1 needs/wants
drink/fluid/lubrication x2. (See also nitcu, djica,
xagji, pinxe.)
tatpi [ta’i] x1 is tired/fatigued by effort/situation x2 (event); x1 needs/wants rest.
(See also cikna, sipna, surla.)
tatru [tat] x1 is a/the breast/mammary/teat
[body-part] of x2; [metaphor: projection providing liquid]. (Nipple (= tatyji’o
tatybi’o b1 = t1 gets tired from t2 (event
tatydenxanto x1 = d2 is a mastodon of species
x2 (The mastodon’s English name (and former
genus name) comes from ”breast-tooth” due to the
unusual shape of its molars. They are not in the
same family as elephants or mammoths xantrmamutu.)
tatyji’o t1 = j1 a nipple/teat (mammary papilla)
of t
tatyta’u tax1 is a bra with purpose tax2.
tau [LAU] 2-word letteral/shift: change case for
next letteral only.
tavla [tav ta’a] x1 talks/speaks to x2 about
subject x3 in language x4. (Not limited to vocal
speech, but this is implied by the x4 without context of some other medium of conversation (use
cusku, casnu, skicu, ciksi for weaker implication
of vocal communication); converse/discuss/chat
(= simta’a, simsku, vricysimta’a for a conversation
not clearly delimited by subject). See also bacru,
cusku for actual expression, casnu, darlu, skicu,
ciksi, bangu.)
taxfrbikini x1 is a bikin/two piece skimpy
woman’s garment of material x2 consisting of top
x3 and bottom x4 (Can be used in the sense of
swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even
skimpy outerwear. The key aspects are two piece,
for women, and covering little more than the
breasts and crotch.)
taxfu [taf ta’u] x1 is dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by x2 (gender/species/body part) serving purpose x3.
(Also: x2 can wear/is wearing x1; refers to something intended for use as a garment, not merely
something that happens to be worn at some time
(which need not be true for dasni). See also creka,
cutci, daski, dasni, gluta, kosta, mapku, palku,
pastu, skaci, smoka, lunbe.)
ta [taz] [KOhA6] pro-sumti: that there;
nearby demonstrative it; indicated thing/place
near listener.
tca’anka x1 is a jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) of breed x2 (See tcempedake)
tcabriju b1 is the city/town hall of city/town t1
(c.f. tcadu briju)
tcaci [cac] x1 is a custom/habit/[ritual/rut]
of x2 under conditions x3. (Also: x1 is customary/usual/the practice. See also fadni, kampu,
lakne, jinzi, ckaji, cnano, tarti, ritli, javni, zekri.)
tcacpi c1 is a pigeon of subspecies c2. (Cf. tcadu,
cipni, kolmba.)
tcadu [tca] x1 is a town/city of metropolitan area x2, in political unit x3, serving hinterland/region x4. (Also (adjective:) x1 is urban. See
also jarbu, nurma, cecmu.)
tcakali x1 is a jackal of species/breed x2. (Cf.
gerku, labno, lorxu, ko’otli.)
stana tcana x1 is a station/node of/in/on
transport/communication/distribution system/network x2. (x2 may be represented by
massed vehicles of system. See also dargu, litru,
pluta, trene, ciste, ve mrilu, tivni, cradi, ve benji,
fonxa, dikca, fatri.)
tcandana x1 is sandalwood of species/variety
tcanylu’a x1 = p1 is a network route/path to
node x2 = p2 = t1 from node x3 = p3 = t1
via points/nodes x4 = p4 within transport/communication/distribution system/network x5 = t2. (Unusual in that t1
appears more than once. x4 is also really a set of
t1s. See also tcana, pluta)
tcati x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of tea
brewed from leaves x2. (See also ckafi.)
tcatru tu1 is the mayor of tu2 = tc1.
tcatypalne p1 is a tea tray made of p3
tce’exo x1 is Czech in aspect x
tcebra b1 = m1 is huge/enormous/very big in
property b2 with criterion b3. (mutce+barda
tcecrogau g1 (person/agent) tortures/inflicts
severe pain on x2 = c1 at locus x3 = c2
tcegei g1 is delighted/ecstatic/overjoyed about
g2 (event/state).
tcekau x1 (property - ka) is global among x2.
tcempedake x1 is a cempedak (Artocarpus
champeden) of breed x2 (See tca’anka, zduriane)
tcena [ten] x1 stretches/extends to range x2
[interval/extent] in dimension x3 from relaxed
range x4. (See also kuspe, pruni, preja, ranji, trati.)
tceprujurme x1 is an archaeon of
species/defining property x2. (The Archaea
are a group of single-celled microorganisms. In
the past they had been classed with bacteria as
162tcimpazi tebykre
prokaryotes (=pruslemijyji’e) and named archaebacteria, but this classification is regarded as
outdated. See also tcepru, jurme.)
tcepruske x1 is archeology of/about subject
matter x2 based on methodology x3
tcepru x1 (object/thing) is ancient.
tcesnosli x1 is an oscillate with oscillation state
tcetce m1 is very much/very extreme in property m2 (ka), towards m3 extreme/direction. (Differs from mutce only in intensity; add more ”tce”
to taste. Made from mutce + mutce.)
tcica [tic] x1 (event/experience) misleads/deceives/dupes/fools/cheats/tricks x2
into x3 (event/state). (Agentive deception (=
ticygau, ticyzu’e); x3 could be an action or a belief
on the part of x2; harmful intent or result is not
implied (= malticyzu’e for such harmful intent);
self deception (= sezytcica); deceive/trick into
misguided action (= ticyxlu); misguided belief (=
tickri); fib/lie/tell an untruth/lie/fib (= ticysku,
jifsku), white lie (= zanticysku). See also stace,
xlura, stidi, kajde.)
tcidu [tid] x1 [agent] reads x2 [text] from
surface/document/reading material x3; x1 is a
reader. (See also ciska, cukta, karni.)
tcikai c1 = t1 is practical, likely to be applicable
to event c2 = t2.
tcika x1 [hours, minutes, seconds] is the
time/hour of state/event x2 on day x3 at location
x4. (Also o’clock, time-of-day. (time units in x1 are
specified as numbers separated by pi’e or are unit
values massified with joi); See also cmavo list ti’u,
cacra, cerni, detri, donri, djedi, junla, nicte, mentu,
snidu, temci, vanci, dirba, mokca.)
tcikyga’i x1 reschedules from time x2[hours,
minutes, seconds] state/event x3 to time x4[hours,
minutes, seconds]. (Cf. tcika, galfi, tcikygau, detytcikygau, bavypunji, prupu’i.)
tcikygau g1 schedules time t1 [hours, minutes,
seconds] for state/event t2 on day t3 at location
t4. (Cf. tcika, gasnu, detytcikygau, tcikyga’i, bavypunji, prupu’i.)
tcila [til] x1 is a detail/feature/particular of
x2. (See also diklo, steci.)
tcima [tim ti’a] x1 is weather at
place/region x2; (adjective:) x1 is meteorological. (Climate (= citsyti’a, timymo’a). See also
brife, bumru, carvi, dilnu, bratu.)
tcimpazi x1 is a chimpanzee of
species/subspecies x2. (Cf. jbonobo, smani.)
tcini x1 [state/property] is a situation/condition/state/position/are conditions/circumstances of x2. (Characteristics or
environment of an object/event/process stage or
state that are typically/potentially only temporary
tcita x1 is a label/tag of x2 showing information
x3. (See also sinxa, cmene, judri.)
tcitygau g1 puts a label t1 on t2 showing information t3. (Cf. tcita, gasnu, ba’argau.)
tciveljai j4 = t1 is a handle on object j2 with
purpose t2. (Cf. batke.)
tcokumte x1 is a
llama/vicuna/alpaca/guanaco of species ˜ x2.
tcotu’a k1 = t1 is South America (from
ketco tumla c.f.zdotu’a rontu’a bemtu’a sralytu’a
frikytu’a ziptu’a)
tcoxarju x1 is a peccary of species x2. (see also
tcuji’e n1 = j1 is a parasite on n2.
tcunCIN Chongqing
te’a [VUhU2] binary mathematical operator: to
the power; exponential; [a to the b power].
te’ekno x1 is a form of techno music performed/created by x2 with characteristics x3. (Cf.
zgike, dja’aza, sopselneizgi, naizgi, nolzgi.)
te’e [FAhA3] location tense relation/direction;
edged by/edging up to ...
te’iski sk1 specifies sk2 = st2 among st3 to audience sk3 as having property sk4 = st1
te’o [PA5] digit/number: exponential e (approx 2.71828...).
te’u [TEhU] elidable terminator: end conversion between non-mex and mex; usually elidable.
tebau [BAI*] bangu modal, 3rd place (expression) language expressing ...
tebe’i [BAI*] benji modal, 3rd place (source)
sent to receiver ...
tebrulspa x1 is a plant of the mint family, of
genus/species/variety x2. (see also kurtsapi, spatrmenta)
tebykre k1 is the moustache of k2 = c2.
163teka’a tengau
teca’i [BAI*] catni modal, 3rd place authoritatively; with basis of authority ...
teci’e [BAI*] ciste modal, 3rd place of system
components ...
teci’o [BAI*] cinmo modal, 3rd place (attitude
about) emotionally; emoting about ...
tecu’u [BAI*] cusku modal, 3rd place (3rd party
hearsay) as told to ...
tecyju’i j1 is particular/fastidious about j2 =
s1. (Cf. jundi.)
tecyse’u s1 is committed to s2 with service s3
tecyvla v1 is a term/jargon (from a specialised
area of knowledge) meaning v2 = s2 in language
v3. (Cf. valsi, steci, bangu.)
tede’i [BAI*] detri modal, 3rd place on a date
measured at location ...
tedi’o [BAI*] diklo modal, 3rd place locally; at
specific locus within range ...
tedmre m1 surveys t1=m2 as m3 (map or measurements) in unit m4 with accuracy m5 (see also
tedu’i [BAI*] dunli modal, 3rd place equally;
equal in property ...
tedu’o [BAI*] djuno modal, 3rd place knowingly; knowing about ...
tedydei x1 is Saturday of week x2 on calendar
tedyske s1=t1 is earth science [science about
earth/soil] based on methodology s3. (terdi2,
terdi3 and saske2 subsumed. x1 is an allembracing term for the sciences related to the
planet Earth. It is arguably a special case in planetary science. Not limited to reductionistic science,
but also embrace holistic views. See also derske.)
tefi’e [BAI*] finti modal, 3rd place creatively;
created for purpose ...
tefpi’i x1 is x2 times the x4th power of x3.
tefsujme’o m1 is a polynomial in t2 of degree t3
interpreted by rules m2
tega’a [BAI*] zgana modal, 3rd place observed
by means ...
tei [TEI] composite letteral follows; used for
multi-character letterals.
teja’i [BAI*] javni modal, 3rd place orderly; by
rule within system ...
teji’e [BAI*] jimte modal, 3rd place limitedly;
limited in property/domain ...
teji’o [BAI*] jitro modal, 3rd place controlledly;
controlling event ...
teka’a [BAI*] klama modal, 3rd place with origin ...
teka’i [BAI*] krati modal, 2nd place representingly; representing in matter...
teki’i [BAI*] ckini modal, 3rd place with relation ...
tekoi [BAI*] korbi modal, 3rd place (bounding)
bordering ...
tela’u [BAI*] klani modal, 3rd place quantity
measured on scale ...
telcaugau g1 unlocks/unseals c1 = s2 using
lock/seal s1 with mechnism s3. (Cf. stela, claxu,
gasnu, toltelgau, telga’o, ga’orgau.)
tele’a [BAI*] klesi modal, 3rd place (category)
defined by quality ...
telga’o g1 = s2 is locked, preventing access to g2
by g3, the lock being s1 using mechanism s3. (Cf.
stela, ganlo, telgau, ga’orgau.)
telgau g1 locks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3.
(Cf. stela, gasnu, telga’o, ga’orgau.)
teli’e [BAI*] lidne modal, 3rd place ordered
within sequence ...; non-time sequence.
tema’e [BAI*] marji modal, 3rd place in material form ...
tema’i [BAI*] manri modal, 3rd place (of reference) observed/measured with/by rules ...
temau [BAI*] zmadu modal, 3rd place (relative!) more than/exceeding in property ...
temcimni c1 is eternal/everlasting.
temci [tem tei] x1 is the timeduration/interval/period/[elapsed time]
from time/event x2 to time/event x3. (Also
age/elapsed time (= niltei). See also cacra, cedra,
citsi, ranji, tcika, junla, renvi.)
teme’a [BAI*] mleca modal, 3rd place (relative!) less than in property ...
teme’e [BAI*] cmene modal, 3rd place as a
name used by ...
temfesti f1 is a ruin that has decayed from
time/event t2 to time/event t3 (from temci festi)
temsepcau c1 = s1 is immediately next to s2 in
time. (Cf. temci, sepli, claxu, sepcau, zi.)
temu’i [BAI*] mukti modal, 3rd place motivated/motivating per the volition of ...
temu’u [BAI*] mupli modal, 3rd place as an example out of the set of ...
tenfa [tef] x1 is the exponential result of base
x2 to power/exponent x3. (See also dugri.)
tengau g1 extends t1 to range t2 [interval/extent] in dimension t3 from relaxed range t4.
164terbargu terbilni
tengu [teg te’u] x1 (property-ka) is a texture of x2. (See also rufsu, xutla.)
teni’i [BAI*] nibli modal, 3rd place entailment
under logic system ...
tepa’a [BAI*] panra modal, 3rd place (property) contrastingly; contrasting in property ...
tepi’o [BAI*] pilno modal, 3rd place (instrumental) a tool usage for purpose ...
tepo’i [BAI*] porsi modal, 3rd place sequentially; as an order on set of items ...
tepselspaji s2 = t1 is alarmed/startled by s1 =
t2. (Cf. spaji, terpa.)
tepspaji s1 = t2 alarms/startles s2 = t1. (Cf.
terpa, spaji.)
tepu’a [BAI*] pluka modal, 3rd place pleasingly; being pleasing under conditions ...
tepu’e [BAI*] pruce modal, 3rd place (outputs)
processing into outputs ...
terai [BAI*] traji modal, 3rd place (superlative)
-est; most extremely; at extreme ...
terba’a x3 = b1 is a mark/spot on x2 = b2 of
material x1 = b3. (te barna; see also cinta, xinmo)
terba’i x3 = b1 is great/grand in property x2 =
b2 (ka) by standard x1 = b3. (te banli)
terba’o x3 = b1 grows/expands [an increasing
development] to size/into form x2 = b2 from x1 =
b3. (te banro)
terbajra x3 = b1 runs on surface x2 = b2 using
limbs x1 = b3 with gait x4 = b4. (te bajra)
terbakfu x3 = b1 is a bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack [shape/form]
containing x2 = b2, held together by x1 = b3. (te
terbakri x3 = b1 is chalk from source x2 = b2 in
form x1 = b3. (te bakri)
terbaktu x3 = b1 is a bucket/pail/can/deep,
solid, wide-topped container of contents x2 = b2,
made of material x1 = b3. (te baktu)
terbancu x3 = b1 exceeds/is beyond
limit/boundary x2 = b2 from x1 = b3 in
property/amount x4 = b4 (ka/ni). (te bancu)
terbandu x3 = b1 (event) defends/protects x2 =
b2 (object/state) from threat/peril/potential x1 =
b3 (event). (te bandu; see also ckape, bradi, gunta)
terbanxa x3 = b1 is a bank owned by/in banking system x2 = b2 for banking functions x1 = b3
(event). (te banxa)
terbanzu x3 = b1 (object) suffices/is
enough/sufficient for purpose x2 = b2 under
conditions x1 = b3. (te banzu; see also crutcini)
terbargu x3 = b1 arches/curves over/around
x2 = b2 and is made of x1 = b3; x3 = b1 is an
arch over/around x2 = b2 of material x1 = b3. (te
terbarja x3 = b1 is a tavern/bar/pub serving
x2 = b2 to audience/patrons x1 = b3. (te barja)
terbasna x3 = b1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent
to x2 = b2 by (action) x1 = b3. (te basna)
terbasti x3 = b1 replaces/substitutes
for/instead of x2 = b2 in circumstance x1 = b3;
x3 = b1 is a replacement/substitute. (te basti)
terbatci x1 is the locus where x2 is bitten/pinched by x3 with x4.
terbatke x3 = b1 is a button/knob/handle
on/for item x2 = b2, with purpose x1 = b3, made
of material x4 = b4. (te batke)
terbau x3 = b1 is a language/dialect used
by x2 = b2 to express/communicate x1 = b3
(si’o/du’u, not quote). (te bangu)
terbe’e x3 = b1 is a
crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2 = b2
directed/led by x1 = b3 organized for purpose
x4 = b4. (te bende)
terbe’i b3 receives b2 from sender b1 and origin
b4 by means b5. (Cf. benji, cpacu.)
terbei x3 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports
cargo x2 = b2 to x1 = b3 from x4 = b4 over path
x5 = b5; x3 = b1 is a carrier/porter. (te bevri)
terbejbi’o be3 = bi1 signs up / subscribes to
be1 for publication be2 from be4 by means be5. (Cf.
benji, mrilu.)
terberti x3 = b1 is to the north/northern side
(right-hand-rule pole) of x2 = b2 according to
frame of reference x1 = b3. (te berti)
terbi’a x3 = b1 is ill/sick/diseased with symptoms x2 = b2 from disease x1 = b3. (te bilma)
terbi’e x3 = b1 is a breeze/wind/gale from direction x2 = b2 with speed x1 = b3. (te brife)
terbi’o x3 = b1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into x2 = b2
under conditions x1 = b3. (te binxo)
terbi’u x3 = b1 is a wall/fence separating x2 =
b2 from x1 = b3, and subdividing x4 = b4. (te
terbilga x3 = b1 is bound/obliged to/has the
duty to do/be x2 = b2 in/by standard/agreement
x1 = b3; x3 = b1 must do x2 = b2. (te bilga)
terbilni x3 = b1 is military/regimented/is
strongly organized/prepared by system x2 = b2
165tercanci terfagri
for purpose x1 = b3. (te bilni)
terbinra x3 = b1 insures/indemnifies x2 = b2
against peril x1 = b3 providing benefit x4 = b4. (te
terbli x3 = b1 is a 3-dimensional block of material x2 = b2 with (typically flat) surfaces/sides
x1 = b3. (te bliku)
terblo x1 = b3 propels a boat/ship/waterplying vehicle carrying x2 = b2 that is x3 = b1
(te bloti, if x1 is a human, it may have the meaning
terbo’a x3 = b1 is a wave/periodic pattern in
medium x2 = b2, with wave-form x1 = b3, wavelength x4 = b4 and frequency x5 = b5. (te boxna)
terbo’i x3 = b1 is a bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for x2 = b2,
made of material x1 = b3 with lid x4 = b4. (te
terbo’u x3 = b1 is bone, performing (abstract)
function x2 = b2 in organism x1 = b3. (Cf.
kamjybo’u, bogykamju, bongu.)
terbradi x3 = b1 is an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of x2 = b2 in
struggle x1 = b3. (te bradi)
terbra x3 = b1 is big/large in property/dimension x2 = b2 (ka) as compared with
standard/norm x1 = b3. (te barda)
terbriju x3 = b1 is an office/bureau/work-place
of worker x2 = b2 at location x1 = b3. (te briju)
terbri x3 = b1 (text) is a predicate relationship
with relation x2 = b2 among arguments x1 = b3
(ordered set). (te bridi)
terbru x3 = b1 is a brush for purpose x2 = b2
(event) with bristles x1 = b3. (te burcu)
terbu’a x3 = b1 is brother of/fraternal to x2 = b2
by bond/tie/standard/parent x1 = b3. (te bruna)
terbunda x3 = b1 weighs x2 = b2 units of local
weight standard x1 = b3. (te bunda)
terca’a x3 = c1 is apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function
x2 = c2 controlled or triggered by x1 = c3. (te
cabra; see also sazri.)
terca’e x1 is the locus where x2 is
pushed/shoved by x3.
tercacra x3 = c1 is x2 = c2 hours in duration by
standard x1 = c3. (te cacra)
tercakyjme j1 is a pearl from shell of material
j3 = c3 from source c2. (Cf. boijme, cakyjmepi’a.)
tercalku x3 = c1 is a shell/husk/hard, protective covering around x2 = c2 composed of x1 = c3.
(te calku)
tercanci x3 = c1 vanishes/disappears from location x2 = c2 according to senses/sensor x1 = c3.
(te canci)
tercange c1 is a farmer/rancher, c2 being the
location of farm/ranch c1, raising/producing c4.
(Cf. te, cange, cagypre, pudykurji.)
tercanja x3 = c1 exchanges/trades/barters
commodity x2 = c2 for x1 = c3 with x4 = c4. (te
tercanre x3 = c1 is sand/grit from source x2 =
c2 of composition including x1 = c3. (te canre)
terckasu c3 (property/event) is ridiculous of c2
(object) to observer c1 with reaction c4. (Cf. ckasu,
tercma x3 = c1 is small in property/dimension
x2 = c2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm
x1 = c3. (te cmalu)
terctu x1 is a teaching/ something taught to audience x2 by teacher x3 about subject x4 by method
terdei x3 = d1 is x2 = d2 full days in duration
by standard x1 = d3. (te djedi)
terdejni d3 is a creditor that is owed d2 by d1
for provision of goods/services/loans d4. (Cf. dejni, seldejni, kagyseldejni, ze’i zei seldejni, ze’u zei
seldejni, paurseldejni.)
terderske s1=t1 is pedalogy [science about soil
composition] based on methodology s3. (terderske2, terderske3 and saske2 subsumed. Pedalogy
is one of two main branches of soil science (=derske). See also rokske,kunske.)
terdi [ted] x1 is the Earth/the home planet of
race x2; (adjective:) x1 is terrestrial/earthbound.
((cf. lunra, plini, solri, kensa, tsani; dertu for
ground, dirt, except when used to express physical relative frame of reference E.g. on the ground,
the ground beneath us. tsani))
terdji x1 is the purpose for which x2 is wanted
by x3.
terdrata d3 distinguishes between d2 and d1.
(Cf. zgana, sanji, jimpe, jinvi.)
terdzu x3 = c1 walks/strides/paces on surface
x2 = c2 using limbs x1 = c3
terd Earth. (Cf. terdi.)
terfagri x1 is an oxidizer (by default
air/oxygen) for fuel x2 burning in fire x3 (This is
derived from fagri)
166terkavbu terpygau
terfarnilfrica x1 is the difference between frame
of reference x2 and frame of reference x3. (magnetic variation is the difference between the magnetic reference frame and the rotational reference
frame; see makfartci)
terfendi f3 is a section of f2 divided by agent f1
and method f4. (Cf. pagbu.)
terfra f3 incites reaction f2 from reactor f1 under condition f4. (Cf. frati.)
terfu’e f3 charges responsibility f2 to f1. (Cf.
fuzme, catni.)
terganzu g3 is a setup of g2 arranged by g1 based
on principle g4. (Cf. ganzu, cnici.)
tergu’i x1 is a light source with lit x2 with light
teri’a [BAI*] rinka modal, 2nd place
(phys./mental) causally under conditions ...
terjbe j3 is the birthday,the parents(s) being j2,
of j1, at place j4. (Cf. jbena, jbedetri, jbedetnunsla.)
terjde x1 is a danger that x2 is warned of by
event x3.
terjeftu x3 = j1 is x2 = j2 weeks in duration by
standard x1 = j3. (te jeftu)
terji’i x1 is an opinion about/considered to be
x2 by x3 with grounds for opinion x4.
terjmi x1 is a subject with fact/truth x2 understood by x3.
terjonma’o x1 is a connective/conjunction of
grammatical class x2 for joining x3 and x4 in language x5. (See also terjo’e, cmavo)
terjutsi x1 is a family [biology] with genus
x2, species x3, within order x4, class x5. (From
jimca, jmive, klesi. For biological cathegory in
general (=mivyske klesi), domain (=?), kingdom
(=seljimcymivykle), phylum (=jicymivykle), class
(=xeljutsi), order (=veljutsi), family (=terjutsi),
genus (=seljutsi), species (=jutsi).)
terjvi x1 is a contest/competition between rival/opponent x2 and participant/competitor x3
with gain/prize x4 (Cf. jivna, nunkei, ci’erkei,
nundamba, nunda’a.)
terkagni k3 is the charter/business/purpose
granted/authorized/agreed to by authority k2
to/for company/corporation/firm/partnership
k1. (Cf. kagni.)
terkai x3 considers x1 as x2 (ka). (Cf. jinvi.)
terkarni k3 publishes journal/periodical/magazine/[newspaper] k1 with
content k2 for audience k4. (Cf. ckupra.)
terkavbu x1 is a trap/restraint with x2 being
captured/restrained by x3 (object/event).
terkla From x1 to x2 goes x3 via x4 by means x5.
(Cf. krastu.)
terlisri l3 tells/narrates about subject l2 with
narration l1 to audience l4. (Cf. lisri, tavla, cusku,
skicu, ciksi.)
terma’i x3 = m1 is x2 = m2 months in duration
by standard x1 = m3. (te masti)
terme’u x3 = m1 is x2 = m2 minutes in duration by standard x1 = m3. (te mentu)
termi’u m3 identifies m2 with m1.
termonsi’o s1 = m3 is a model of forms/events
m2 by which m1 = s2 is arranged, as thought by
termosra m3 (non-agentive)
rubs/brushes/scrubs against m2 with frictional
force m1. (Cf. mosra, termosygau, catke.)
termosygau g1 rubs m3 against/with m2 using
frictional force m1
termu’eske s1 (mass of facts) is science of /
about physics / universal rules of universe /
cosmos tm3 of domain / sphere tm2, science in
question based on methodology s3. (Made from
termu’e + saske. termu’e1 and saske2 subsumed.
saske3 moved to end based on relative uselessness.)

terna’a x3 = n1 is x2 = n2 years in duration by
standard x1 = n3. (te nanca)
ternoi n3 notifies / reports about n2 in message
n1 to audience n4. (Cf. notci.)
ternupcpe n3 = c1 makes a reservation n2 = c2
from service provider n1 = c3 by means c4. (Cf.
nupre, cpedu.)
terpa [tep te’a] x1 fears x2; x1 is
afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of x2
(event/tu’a object). (Also: x1 feels terror about x2;
x2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to x1 (=
selte’a to reorder places). See also snura, xalni,
xanka, virnu.)
terpikta p3 (NU) is a privilage entitled to p2
guaranteed by p1 under conditions p4. (Cf. krali,
terpinxe x3 = p1 (agent) drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment x2 = p2 from/outof container/source x1 = p3.
terpygau g1 frightens t1 with/by t2 (event). (Cf.
gasnu, terpa, selteptce, selte’a.)
167terzu’e ticyve’u
tersei x1 is the interval/distance/gap between
x2 and x3. (See also vi, va, vu, temci)
tersla s3 is a activity/[party] for celebrating/recognizing/honoring s2 (event/abstract)
with participants s1. (Cf. salci, jmaji, jikca,
tersmu x1 understands/interprets/perceives
the meaning of utterance/message/communication/symbol x2 as
meaning x3 (du’u)
tersnidu x3 = s1 is x2 = s2 seconds in duration
by standard x1 = s3. (te snidu)
terspe x1 is a marriage tradition/custom/law
according to which x2 is married to x3.
tertcidu t3 is a reading material / literature consisting of texts t2 with audience t1; t3 is literary.
(Use lo’i for ”literature”. Cf. cukta.)
terto [tet] x1 is a trillion [10^12
of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units)
terva’i v3 evaluates v2 (object) as v1 (quality).
(Cf. vamji, lanli, vajni, ckaji.)
tervai x3 = v1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2 = v2 (person/event) in aspect/for reason x1 = v3 (nu/ka). (te vajni)
terve’u x1 is a buyer purchasing goods x2 from
seller x3 for amount/cost/expense x4. (Made
from te + vecnu.)
tervencpe v3 = c1 orders/requests v2 = c2 from
v1 = c3 by means c4. (Cf. vecnu, cpedu, zarci.)
tervi’a Under conditions x1, x2 is seen by x3.
terxra p3 makes an image of p2 (object/concept)
with result p1 (picture) in medium p4. (Cf. pixra,
teryrorci x3 = r1 engenders/procreates/begets
x2 = r2 with coparent x1 = r3. (te rorci; see also:
rirni, selpanzi )
terzbasro s1 is a/the production inventory of
sub-assemblies/components s2 = z3 used by z1
in the production/building/assembly of z2. (Cf.
zbasu, sorcu, zbacu’u, selvensro.)
terzbi n3 is a nostril of n2 (main body) in nose
n1. (Cf. nazbi, kevna, pluta, vasxu.)
terzi’e x1 is a right (entitlements/permissions of
a legal/moral nature) of x2 (action/quality) entitled to / held by x3
terzu’e z3 is the purpose of action z2 by agent
tesau [BAI*] sarcu modal, 3rd place (conditions
2) necessarily; necessarily under ...
tesi’u [BAI*] sidju modal, 3rd place assisting in
doing/maintaining/achieving ...
teta’i [BAI*] tadji modal, 3rd place methodically doing (something) under conditions ...
tetai [BAI*] tamsmi modal, 3rd place similarly;
sharing common ideal form ... (tamsmi is x1 resembles x2 sharing ideal form/shape x3 in property x4)
teti’i [BAI*] stidi modal, 3rd place suggestively;
suggested to ...
teti’u [BAI*] tcika modal, 3rd place (for letters)
as a time on day ...
teva’u [BAI*] xamgu modal, 3rd place
good/beneficial by standard ...
tezu’e [BAI*] zukte modal, 3rd place purposefully; (as an action) with goal ...
te [ter] [SE] 3rd conversion; switch 1st/3rd
ti’a [FAhA2] location tense relation/direction;
rearwards/to the rear of ...
ti’ekla k1 withdraws to k2 from origin k3 = t2
via route k4 using means/vehicle k5. (Cf. trixe,
ti’erbi’o b1 gets behind t2. (Cf. trixe, binxo.)
ti’evro v1 = c1 is a back door/gateway/access
between v2 and v3 of structure v4. (Cf. cravro.)
ti’e [UI2] evidential: I hear (hearsay). (See also
tirna, sitna, tcidu.)
ti’i [BAI] stidi modal, 1st place suggested by ...;
proposed by ...
ti’o [SEI] mathematical expression (mex) operator precedence (discursive).
ti’u [BAI] tcika modal, 1st place (for letters) associated with time ... ; attach time stamp.
ticta’u ta1 is a disguise/camouflage worn by ta2
to deceive tc2 into tc3. (The implied tc1 is the event
of ta2 wearing ta1. The implied ta3 is deceiving tc2
into tc3.)
ticyja’o j1 = t1 stages, deceptively demonstrating j2 to audience j3 = t2. (Cf. jarco, tcica, jitfa.)
ticysku c1 = t1 lies, falsely expressing c2
(text/concept) to audience c3 = t2 by means c4.
(Harmful intent or result is not implied. Cf. cusku,
tcica, jitfa.)
ticyve’u v1 fraudulently sells v2
[goods/service/commodity] to buyer v3 = t2
168tirxrpardu to’e
for amount/cost/expense v4 (from tcica vecnu c.f.
zerle’a )
tienjin Tianjin (city in northern China)
tigni [tig] x1 performs x2 [performance]
for/before audience x3. (See also jarco.)
tikpa [tip] x1 kicks [hits with x1’s foot/feet
x4] x2 in/at locus x3, using x1’s foot/feet x4. (See
also tunta, darxi.)
tikygau g1 adjusts/regulates/changes g2 = s2
in amount/degree s3.
tilju [tij] x1 is heavy/weighty in
mass/weight by standard x2. ((cf. linto; carmi, se
junri for metaphor, bunda, junta))
tilnipa x1 is a linden of species x2
tiltro j1 micromanages j2 in activity/event performance j3 = t2.
tilvi’a v1 sees/discerns/makes out the details of
t2 under conditions v3. (Cf. tcila, viska.)
timske s1 is meteorology with methodology s2.
tinbe [tib] x1 obeys/follows the command/rule x2 made by x3; (adjective:) x1 is
obedient. (See also minde, lacri, javni, flalu, zekri.)
tinci x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of tin
(Sn); [metaphor: cheap or base metal]. (See also
gunma, lante, boxfo, cnisa, jinme.)
tinju’i t1 = j1 listens to/pays attention to
sound t2 = j2 with ambient background t3. (Cf.
tinsa x1 is stiff/rigid/inflexible/resistant in direction x2 against force x3 under conditions x4.
(Also sometimes: firm, hard; not limited to physical forces; e.g. mental rigidity. See also bapli, jdari,
nandu, torni, trati, xarnu, danre, stodi.)
tinydjutci s1 = tu1 is a tool that aids s2 = ti1
in hearing ti2. (Usually an electroacoustic apparatus that fits in or behind the wearer’s ear, and is
designed to amplify and modulate sound for the
wearer. Cf. tutci, cabra.)
tinzga z1 = t1 listen(s) to z2 = t2 against background/noise t3. (Cf. tirna, zgana. )
tirlasino x1 is a thylacine of species/breed x2.
tirna [tin] x1 hears x2 against background/noise x3; x2 is audible; (adjective:)
x1 is aural
tirse [tir] x1 is a quantity of/contains/is
made of iron (Fe); [metaphor: strong, durable, tarnishing]. (Also (adjective:) x1 is ferric/ferrous.
tirxrpardu x1 is a leopard of species/breed x2
with coat markings x2. (Cf. tirxu, tirxrponka,
tirxrponka x1 is a jaguar of species/breed with
coat markings x2. (Cf. tirxu, tirxrpardu, mlatu.)
tirxu x1 is a tiger/leopard/jaguar/[tigress] of
species/breed x2 with coat markings x3. (A great
cat noted/recognized by its markings, metaphorically: stripes, tiger markings. See also mlatu.)
tisna [tis] x1 (object) fills/becomes stuffed
[up]/inflates/blows up with material x2; x2 pours
into x1. (Implies some relative degree of fullness will result; agentive filling (= tisyse’a, tisygau, tisyzu’e); inflate/become inflated/blow up
(= gacytisna, agentive gacyse’a); pour into (= liktisna, agentive likse’a). See also culno, kunti, rinci,
tisycanti t1 = c1 is a sausage filled with t2.
(tisna canti)
titla [tit] x1 is sweet/sugary/saccharine to
observer x2. (See also sakta, slari, kurki.)
titnanba n1 is a cake/cookie made from grains
n2. (Cf. titla, nanba, jupypesxu, rutytisna.)
titspi s1 = t1 is a sweet/candy/confect. (Cf.
spisa, titla, titnanba, sairfa’o.)
tityzme g1 is a melon of cultivar g2. (Cf. titla,
guzme, clazme, guzmrkukurbita.)
tivni [tiv] x1 broadcasts/televises programming x2 via medium/channel x3 to television receiver x4. (Also x1 is a broadcaster; x2 programming (mass), program/show (ind.). See also cradi,
skina, vidni, benji, tcana.)
tixmamta m1 = t2 is the mother of daughter
m2 = t1. (Cf. besmamta, tixpa’u.)
tixnu [tix ti’u] x1 is a daughter of
mother/father/parents x2; [not necessarily
biological]. (See also bersa, panzi.)
tix Daughter (Cf. tixnu, bes, mes, bun, mam,
ti [tif] [KOhA6] pro-sumti: this here; immediate demonstrative it; indicated thing/place near
to’a [BY1] lower-case letteral shift.
to’ebo [NAhE+BO ] negation sumti qualifier:
the opposite of
to’e [tol to’e] [NAhE] polar opposite
scalar negator.

to’i [TO] open editorial unquote (within a
quote); contains grammatical text; mark with editorial insert.
to’o [FAhA4] location tense relation/direction;
departing from/directly away from ...
to’unai [UI*3] discursive: in brief - in detail.
to’u [UI3] discursive: in brief - in detail. (See
also tordu, clani, tcidu.)
todbi’olanka l1 is the chrysalis of species t2. (Cf.
toldi, binxo, lanka, ciftoldi.)
togra’ijmavra v1 is a sostenuto pedal of instrument x2 = t3. (Cf. togysmajmavra, pipno.)
togygu’i x1 [energy] is laser illuminating x2
from light source x3 with frequency x4.
togysmajmavra x1 is a soft pedal of instrument
x2 = t3. (Cf. togra’ijmavra, pipno.)
toi [TOI] elidable terminator: right parenthesis/end unquote; seldom elidable except at end of
tokió Tokyo
toknu [tok] x1 is an oven [enclosure that
heats its contents] for baking/heating/drying x2.
(See also nanba.)
tolba’i b1 is low/inferior/abject in property b2
(ka) by standard b3. (Cf. to’e, banli, malfadni.)
tolba’o b1 shrinks/contracts to size/into form b2
from b3. (Cf. banro, cmaze’a, brame’a, cmabi’o.)
tolbanzu x1 (object) is utterly insufficient for
purpose x2 under conditions x3. (to’e+banzu)
tolcanci c1 materializes/suddenly appears at
location c2 according to senses/sensor c3. (to’e
canci, see also spaji, zgana)
tolcando c1 is busy. (Cf. to’e, cando, zukcfu.)
tolcfagau g1 stops/ends c1
[state/event/process]. (Cf. to’e, cfari, gasnu,
tolcfari’i r1 is/are the ritual/proceedings for
adjourning/ending c1[event/state/process] by
community r2 with rules c4. (to’e, cfari, cfari’i,
sisti, mulgau, fanmo.)
tolcfa c1 [state/event/process] concludes/ceases/stops/ends its occurrence.
tolci’o c1 is old (opposite of young) by standard
tolckape c1 is safe for c2 under conditions c3
(from to’e ckape c.f. nurxru tolnu’a)
tolclite c1 is rude in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3. (Cf. clite, to’e, le’o, sezytoltro.)
tolcpa c1 leaves c2, which he brought, at c3 (Cf.
to’e, cpacu, cirko, punji, norcpa, fesli’a, radycru.)
tolcru x1 forbids/prohibits x2 under conditions
x3. (See also e’anai)
tolcu’i c1 (event/state/property) is impossible
under condition c2. (Cf. cumki.)
tolcumla x1 = c1 is cocky/chesty/arrogant
about x1 = c2 (abstraction).
toldarsi x1 is timid/shy/abashed/reluctant to
do /be x2. (See also u’ocu’i)
toldarsygau x1 discourages x2 from doing/being x3. (See also e’enai)
toldicra d1 (event) resumes/[continues/restarts] d2 (object/event/process) due to quality d3; d2 starts
toldi [tod] x1 is a butterfly/moth of
species/breed x2
toldji x1 is reluctant/unwilling/disinclined to
x2 for purpose x3. (See also aunai)
toldra d1 is wrong in property/aspect d2 (ka) in
situation d3 by standard d4. (Cf. drani, xlali.)
toldu’e x1 is a shortage/deficiency/insufficiency/derth/too little
of x2 by standard x3. (See also mo’a)
tolfa’u f1 rises to f2 from f3 in gravity
well/frame of reference f4
tolfekybi’o f1 = b1 (action/event) becomes
calm/calms down/is pacified under conditions f2
by standard b3. (For person, use tu’a f1 = b1.)
tolgei g1 is gloomy/downcast/unhappy about
g2 (event/state). (Cf. to’e, gleki, badri.)
tolgurgau x1 = ga1 unrolls/unravels object
x2 = gu1 on/against surface x3 = gu2, with axis/
axle of rotation x4 = gu3. (Cf. to’e, gunro, gasnu.)
toljgari j1 lets go/releases j2 from j3 (part of j1)
at locus j4 (part of j2). (Cf. to’e, jgari, zifcru.)
tolju’i x1 avoids/ignores/directs attention
away from object/affair x2. (See also a’anai)
tolkargu k1 (object/commodity/property/event) is inexpensive
to k2 by standard k3. (Cf. to’e, kargu.)
tolke’i x1 is callous/implacable/heartless/merciless/ruthless
towards x2 (person) about x3 (abstraction). (See
also kusru, uunai)
tolkri x1 disbelieves/rejects x2 as false about x3
tolku’o k1 is a ridge in/on object/surface k2.
tolkufra k1 feels discomfort/is uncomfortable
with conditions/environmental property(ies) k2.
(Cf. to’e, kufra, cinmo.)
tolmadba’i b1 = m3 grandly exhibits the corruptness b2 = m1 of unethical mass b3 = m2.
tolmapti m1 is incompatible with m2 in aspect
m3. (Cf. frica, dukti.)
tolmencre c1 = m2 (person) is unintelligent/dumb/stupid by standard c3. (Cf. menli,
certu, bebna, pensi, mencre)
tolmifygau g1 deciphers m1 into m2 out of coding system m3. (kligau, ciksi, jimpe, tcidu.)
tolmlemau z1 = m1 is uglier/[more unsightly]
than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 (ka) by amount z4.
(Cf. to’e, melbi, zmadu, tolmle, tolmlerai, mectolmlerai, tolmleme’a.
tolmleme’a ml1 = me1 is less ugly/unsightly
than ml2 to me2 in aspect me3 (ka) by amount ml4.
(Cf. to’e, melbi, mleca, tolmlemau, tolmlerai, mectolmlerai.)
tolmlerai m1 = t1 is the ugliest/[most unsightly] among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3
(ka) by aesthetic standard m4. (Cf. to’e, melbi,
zmadu, tolmle, tolmlemau, mectolmlerai, tolmleme’a.
tolmletce m1 = t1 is hideous/grotesque to t2 in
aspect t3 (ka) by aesthetic standard t4. (Cf. to’e,
melbi, mutce, tolmle.)
tolmle x1 is ugly to x2 in aspect x3 (ka) by aesthetic standard x4. (Cf. to’e, melbi, tolmlemau,
tolmlerai, mectolmlerai, tolmleme’a, tolmletce.
tolmo’i m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3. (Cf. to’e, morji, nalmo’i. Assumes that
morji refers to a change of state i.e. ’remember’=
’bring to mind’.)
tolmocpla x1 invents strategy (long-term plan)
x2 for achieving x3 (event/state).
tolna’e x1 (du’u) con-
firms/corroborates/verifies x2 (du’u) under
rules/logic x3 .
tolnu’a s1 is threatened by s2 (event) (from to’e
snura c.f. ckape )
tolpa’a x1 despairs/is despondent/pessimistic
about x2, expected likelihood x3
tolpo’u x1 is functional/operational/usable for
function x2; x1 works properly (See also spofu,
cikre, daspo.)
tolprali x1 is a damage/harm/loss to x2 resulting from activity/process x3. (See also prali)
tolri’ugau x1 releases x2 from restraint/binding
x3 to do/be x4 . (See also rinju, gasnu, zifcru)
tolrinsa r1 opposite of greets / offers goodbyes
to r2 in manner r3 (action). (Made from to’e +
tolse’a s1 (agent) withdraws/pulls
out/extracts/removes s2 from interior/members
of s3 (from to’e setca)
tolselci’i x1 = c2 is bored with x2 = c1. (Cf.
cinri, selci’i, nalselci’i, norselci’i, a’unai.)
tolselmansa m2 is dissatisfied by m1 with regard to property (ka)/state m3. (Cf. mansa, selmansa, tolgei.)
tolselto’i t2 (load/force/torque) untwists t1.
(Cf. to’e, torni.)
tolsi’arai t1 = s1 holds s2 in utmost contempt
among set/range t4. (Cf. to’e, sinma, traji, tolsi’a,
tolsi’a x1 disrespects/disregards/snubs/derides x2. (Cf. to’e,
sinma, tolsi’arai, ionai.)
tolsisti x1 [agent] begins activity/process/state
x2. (Cf. to’e, sisti, cfagau, co’arbi’o.)
tolsnuti x1 (event/state) is deliberate/intentional on the part of x2; x1 is deliberate.
(to’e + gi’uste definition for snuti)
tolspe x1 is a bachelor / single / unmarried.
tolsti x1 [agent] begins activity/process/state
x2. (Cf. to’e, sisti, cfagau, co’arbi’o.)
tolsurla s1 expends effort/is actively/effortfully involved in doing/being s2
(activity) (Made from to’e + surla. See also a’i,
lazni, renvi, snada, surla, tatpi, troci.)
toltce x1 is little/limited in property x2 towards
x3. (See also so’u)
toltelgau g1 unlocks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism
s3. (Cf. to’e, stela, gasnu, telgau, telga’o, telcaugau, kargau.)
toltu’i x1 disagrees with person(s)/position/side x2 that x3 (du’u) is true
about matter x4. (See also ienai)
tolvri x1 is a coward in activity x2 (event) by
standard x3. (Cf. to’e, virnu, pronalka’e, u’onai.)
tolvu’e v1 is immoral by standard v2.
tolvutu x1 is rabid with symptoms x2. (See also
tolvut rabies. (See also tolvutu.)
171treci’e trubasti
tolxanka x1 is calm/tranquil/serene about x2
(abstraction) under conditions x3. (Cf. to’e,
tolxu’a x1 (agent) denies that x2 (du’u) is true.
tolylaxygau g1 unbalances l1 with force l2. (Cf.
to’e, lanxe, gasnu.)
tolyli’a c1 arrives at c2 via route c3. (Cf. cliva,
tolzau x1 disapproves of/objects to plan/action
tolzdi x1 is boring/dreary/wearisome/tedious
to x2 in property/aspect x3. (See also u’inai)
tolzi’o x1 is Arctic in aspect x2. (see also berti)
tonga [tog to’a] x1 is a tone/note of frequency/pitch x2 from source x3. (See also rilti,
zgike, janbe, siclu.)
torceli x1 is x2 torrs by standard x3. (synonym
torcrida c1 is a dwarf of mythos/religion c2,
short by measurement standard t3. (Cf. torpre,
brabracrida, firkre, ranmi.)
tordu [tor to’u] x1 is short in dimension/direction x2 (default longest dimension) by
measurement standard x3. (See also cmalu, jarki,
caxno, cinla, clani.)
torni [ton to’i] x1 twists under
load/force/torsion x2. (See also tinsa, trati.)
tortei t1 is a short
time/duration/interval/period/elapsed time
from time/event t2 to time/event t3. (Cf. clatei,
to [TO] left parenthesis; start of parenthetical
note which must be grammatical Lojban text.
tradutxu’a x1 = t1 is hypocritical in action t2 =
d1, which is contrary to assertion x2, under conditions t3. (Cf. dukti, tarti, xusra, jitfa, tcica.)
traji [rai] x1 is superlative in property x2 (ka),
the x3 extreme (ka; default ka zmadu) among
set/range x4. (Also: x1 is x3-est/utmost in x2
among x4; x1 is the x3 end of x4; x1 is extreme;
x1 is simply x3. (cf. cmavo list rai, jimte, milxe,
mutce, note contrast with milxe and mutce rather
than with mleca and zmadu, which are values for
x3, banli, curve, fanmo, krasi, manfo, prane))
trano x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of
nitrogen/ammonia/nitrates. ((adjective:) x1 is nitric/nitrous. See also vacri.)
trati x1 is taut/tense/strained tight in direction
x2. (See also tinsa, torni, tagji, tcena, kluza.)
treci’e x1 is the metric system with relations x2
among units x3 and properties x4.
trene [ren re’e] x1 is a train [vehicle] of
cars/units x2 (mass) for rails/system/railroad x3,
propelled by x4. (A railed vehicle or train of
vehicles; also subway (tu’unre’e), metro, trolley,
tramway (= lajre’e), roller coaster; monorail (=
dadre’e); cable car, sky car, ski lift (= cildadre’e).
See also tcana.)
tricnrarekake x1 is a palm tree, species/strain
x2. (Cf. tricu.)
tricu [ric] x1 is a tree of species/cultivar x2.
(See also cindu, ckunu, pezli, mudri, spati.)
trigonela x1 is fenugreek of species/variety x2.
trina [tri] x1 attracts/appeals to/lures x2
(person/event) with property/quality x3 (ka).
(Also: x1 is alluring to x2. See also djica, nelci,
rigni, xlura, maksi.)
trisku c1 = t1 appeals to/lures, expressing c2
(sedu’u/text/lu’e concept), audience c3 = t2 via
expressive medium c4 with property/quality t3
(ka). (Cf. trina, cusku.)
trixexo x1 is a manatee of species x2. (variant
trixexu x1 is a manatee of species x2. (variant
trixe [rix ti’e] x1 is posterior/behind/back/in the rear of x2 which
faces/in-frame-of-reference x3. (Also: x3 is the
standard of orientation for x2; spine (= rixybo’u,
rixybo’ukamju). See also crane, rebla, mlana,
pritu, zunle.)
troci [toc toi] x1 tries/attempts/makes an
effort to do/attain x2 (event/state/property) by
actions/method x3
trofli f1 = j1 fails to control j2 in j3 (activity/event/performance). (Cf. jitro, fliba.)
trokamni k1 = t1 is the supervisory
board/board of directors/governing council
of t2 = k3. (Cf. turni, kamni, trukamni, ctakamni,
gazykamni, kagnyja’a.)
tromizona x1 is a lamprey of genus/species x2.
troneim Trondheim.
tropaiolo x1 is a nasturtium of species x2.
troroltruci’e c1 is a totalitarian system in j2 with
power exercised by t1 = t1 (From jitro, ro, turni.
Cf. ka’irtrusi’o.)
trubasti b1 takes power from t1 over people/territory/domain/subjects t2 in circumstance b3
trucau c1 is an anarchy/is anarchic
truci’ebi’i j1 is intergovernmental / takes
place where the decision-making power is shared
among j2 = t1 = c1 (governments). (Cf. truci’e,
truci’e c1 = t1 is the government of organizational type c2 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2 displaying
properties c4. (Cf. turni, ciste, vajraifla, zuktruci’e,
flatruci’e, pairtruci’e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri,
trupau, trupausle.)
trucu’u c1 is a political affair involving c2
trudjigri g1 = d1 = t1 is a political party operating in territory t2 with members g3 (CF. turni,
djica, girzu, trusi’o, truci’e, ka’irtrusi’o, dzejdasratrusi’o, vricykricrutrusi’o, fairpaltrusi’o, guntrusi’o, natpamtrusi’o, tsarainaitrusi’o.)
trueno t1 is a privet of species t2.
trukamni k1 = j1 is the management
board/executive committee/executive board of
k3 = j2. (Cf. jitro, kamni, fuzraikamni, trokamni,
ctakamni, gazykamni, kagnytruralju.)
trukamnycmi c1 is a member of governing
council k1 = t1.
trumapku m1 is a crown made of m2 used by
ruler t1 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2.
(Cf. turni, mapku, nolmapku, nolboi, nolga’a.)
trupauja’a r1 is the minister/secretary of ministry/department t2 (From turni pagbu jatna. Cf.
trupau, truralju.)
trupausle s1 is a sub-division of the Ministry/Department of t2. (Cf. turni, pagbu, selci,
trupau, truci’e.)
trupau p1 is a government ministry/department responsible for t2. (CF. turni,
pagbu, truci’e, trupausle, zuktruci’e, trupauja’a.)
truralju r1 is the head-of-government of polity
t2. (Cf. turni, ralju, nolraitru, vliraitru, viptru,
gugja’a, trupauja’a, balnoltru, vajraifla. )
trusi’o s1 is a political ideology about t1 ruling t2 based on the work of thinker s3 (Cf.
turni, sidbo, truci’e, trudjigri, ka’irtrusi’o, dzejdasratrusi’o, vricykricrutrusi’o, fairpaltrusi’o, guntrusi’o, natpamtrusi’o, tsarainaitrusi’o.)
truspe x1 is married to the governor/ruler of
x2 according to custom x3; x1 is first lady/prince
consort/queen consort of x2.
trutca tc1 = tu1 is the administrative capital
(seat of government) of tu2 = tc3 located in tc3
(Cf. turni, tcadu, raltca.)
tsakarce k1 = t1 is a jeep/land rover propelled
by k3. (Cf. tsali, karce, bevma’e, sonjamkarce.)
tsalagi x1 reflects Cherokee culture/nationality/language in aspect x2.
tsali [tsa] x1 is strong/powerful/[tough] in
property/quality x2 (ka) by standard x3. (See also
ralci, ruble, carmi, vlipa.)
tsani [tan] x1 is an expanse of sky/the heavens at place x2; [celestial]. (See also gapru, kensa,
tarci, terdi.)
tsapi x1 is a seasoning/condiment/spice causing flavor/effect x2 (event/property). (Also: x1
flavors x2 (tu’a). See also vrusi.)
tsaprpiperi x1 is pepper (genus ”Piper”) with
flavor x2. (Cf. cpinytsapi, spatrpiperi, kapsiku.)
tsarainaitrusi’o s1 is a fascist ideology as applied by t1 among/in people/territory/domain t2
based on the works of thinker s3 (From tsali, traji,
natmi, turni, sidbo. Cf. trudjigri, ka’irtrusi’o,
dzejdasratrusi’o, vricykricrutrusi’o, fairpaltrusi’o,
guntrusi’o, natpamtrusi’o.)
tsasmani s1 is a gorilla of species/subspecies s2.
tsebi’o b1 = z1 sits down on surface z2. (Cf.
zutse, binxo, cfatse, nitytse. Simple zutse refers to
the act of sitting, whereas tsebi’o means the act of
becoming seated.)
tsesebe x1 is a sassaby/topi/korrigum/damalisk of species/breed
x2. (see also bajbakni)
tsestu s1 = z2 is a seat for s2 = z2. (Differs from
stizu in that it focuses on the space rather than the
object. Cf. stuzi, zutse.)
tsetupyzbe t1 = zb1 is a lap [body part] of
t2 = zu1 supporting zb2. (Cf. tuple, zutse, zbepi,
galtupcra. A lap only exists in a seated form, and
not when a being is standing erect or when it is
lying down. )
tsiju [tsi] x1(s) is/are (a) seed(s)/spore(s)
[body-part] of organism x2 for producing offspring x3. (Also germ cell; implies actual potential
for self-development; seeds generally contain embryo and food, and hence would include a fertilized egg
tsina [sin] x1 is a
stage/platform/dais/[scaffold] at/in x2 supporting x3, made of material x4. ((x3 object/event)
tsiselcigla c2 = t1 is semen secreted by organism c3 for producing offspring t3.
tsukini x1 is a zucchini squash (L. cucurbita
pepo). (A long, dark-green type of guzme eaten
raw or cooked.)
tsunami x1 is a tsunami caused by x2.
tu’a [LAhE] extracts a concrete sumti from an
unspecified abstraction; equivalent to le nu/su’u
[sumti] co’e.
tu’e [TUhE] start of multiple utterance scope;
used for logical/non-logical/ordinal joining of
tu’ifru f1 = t1 makes facial gesture to show
agreement with person(s)/position/side t2 that t3
(du’u) is true about matter t4. (Cf. tugni, frumu,
tu’i [BAI] stuzi modal, 1st place (used to situate
letters) associated with site ... ; label with location.
tu’o [PA5] null operand (used in unary mekso
operations). (See also xo’e.)
tu’urbirka b1 = t1 is a tentacle / tube-shaped
arm [body part] of b2. (The other places of tubnu
(outer and inner material of the tube) are dependant on the body with the tentacle; generally
they’ll just be ”skin” and ”blood” or ”flesh” anyways. Made from tubnu and birka.)
tu’urcurnu t1 is a tubeworm of species t2.
tu’urki x1 reflects Turkish culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. (Cf.
bangrturkie, kulnrturkie, xelso, ropno, xazdo.)
tu’u [TUhU] elidable terminator: end multiple
utterance scope; seldom elidable.
tubnu [tu’u] x1 is a length of tubing/pipe/hollow cylinder [shape/form] of
material x2, hollow of material x3. (Also tube,
sleeve, leg, hose, (adjective:) tubular. See also
kevna, canlu.)
tubyspe s1 is a brother/sister-in-law
(brother’s/sister’s spouse) of m2 under
law/custom/tradition/system/convention sp3.
(Omit x4 = s2 = m1. Cf. speni, bunspe, me’ispe.)
tugbi’o x1 = b1 = t1 settles issue x2 = t4 with
person x3 = t2, agreeing that x4 = t3 (du’u) is true.
(Cf. tugni, sarxe, fapro, darlu, xarnu.)
tugni [tug tu’i] x1 [person] agrees with
person(s)/position/side x2 that x3 (du’u) is true
about matter x4. (See also sarxe, mapti, darlu,
natfe, panpi, sarji.)
tugysi’u t1 = t2 = s1 are unanimous / sharing the same view on t3 = s2 (du’u). (Cf. simxu,
tuityr Twitter
tujli [tuj] x1 is a tulip (defined by flower
shape) of species/strain x2. (See also spati.)
tulcti c1 = t1 swallows c2. (From tunlo citka.)
tumfakli’u l1 explores lands in l2 = t2 discovering facts f2 using means l3 (from tumla facki litru
tumla [tum tu’a] x1 is a parcel/expanse of
land at location x2; x1 is terrain. ((cf. vacri, xamsi;
tutra, which need not be land, gugde, xamsi))
tumsfe s1 is the ground of land s2 = t1 at location t2. (Cf. sefta, tumla.)
tumymre m1 surveys t1=m2 as m3 (map or measurements) in unit m4 with accuracy m5 (see also
tunba [tub] x1 is a sibling of x2 by
bond/tie/standard/parent(s) x3. (See also
bruna, mensi, tamne.)
tunka [tuk] x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of copper (Cu); [metaphor: reddish, electrical
conductor]. (See also jinme, lastu, ransu.)
tunlo [tul tu’o] x1 gulps/swallows. (x1
swallows down food/drink. x2 (= tulpinxe, tulcti,
ctitu’o (the latter two are more general - for
food or beverage); swallow/engulf (= galxycti,
galxynerbi’o, galxygre
tunta [tun] x1 (object, usually pointed)
pokes/jabs/stabs/prods x2 (experiencer). (Agentive (= tungau, tunzu’e). See also balre, dakfu,
darxi, fanza, jicla, katna, tikpa.)
tupcutci c1 is a boot for covering/protecting leg
c2 = t1, and of material c3. (Cf. bracutci, karcutci.)
tuple [tup tu’e] x1 is a/the leg [body-part]
of x2; [metaphor: supporting branch]. (See also
stani, zbepi, jamfu, jimca, sanli.)
tupyjanco j1 is a hip attaching attaching leg
j2 = t1 to body j3 = t2. (See also tupyjanbo’u
for hip bone)
turni [tru] x1 governs/rules/is
ruler/governor/sovereign/reigns over people/territory/domain/subjects x2. (x2 need not
be complete specification of set of governed;
reign/rule (= noltru); king/queen/sovereign (=
nolraitru); pure democracy (= roltrusi’o), representative democracy (= rolka’itrusi’o), viceroy
(= ka’itru), pure communism (= kaurpo’esi’o),
board of directors/trustees, steering committee (=
174u’ocu’i urci
trukamni); government (= trugunma, trugri (emphasizing the components), truci’e (emphasizing
the organization)). See also catni, minde, tutra,
jecta, gugde, ponse, jitro.)
tutci [tci] x1 is a
used for doing x2; [form determines function].

tutpaupau t1 = p1 is a district of p2 administered by t2. (An administrative district is usually a
second-level division of a country, hence the reduplicated ”-paupau”. Cf. turni, gugde.)
tutra’a s1 pertains to territory of s2 = t2 (Cultural gismu replacement for geography: From
gismu tutra and srana.)
tutra [tut] x1 is territory/domain/space
of/belonging to/controlled by x2. (See also catni,
turni, jecta, gugde, ponse, steci, tumla.)
tutske s1 is geography based on methodology s
tu [tuf] [KOhA6] pro-sumti: that yonder;
distant demonstrative it; indicated thing far from
tyrontos Toronto
ty [BY2] letteral for t.
u’anai [UI*1] attitudinal: gain - loss.
u’a [UI1] attitudinal: gain - loss. (See also jinga,
selne’u, prali, cirko.)
u’enai [UI*1] attitudinal: wonder - commonplace.
u’e [UI1] attitudinal: wonder - commonplace.
u’imla x1 is a lolcat (picture of an animal with
a humorous caption) (Etymology: Combination of
u’i and mlatu and meant to parallel u’ivla.)
u’inai [UI*1] attitudinal: amusement - weariness.
u’ivla x1 is a word meaning x2 in language x3
and silly/funny/clever for reason x4 (usually etymological). (The word u’ivla is itself an u’ivla, as it
is an unconventional portmanteau of u’i and -vla-
(a rafsi of valsi) and also a pun on the word fu’ivla.
Another example is u’imla.)
u’i [UI1] attitudinal: amusement - weariness.
u’ocu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: courage - timidity -
u’onai [UI*1] attitudinal: courage - timidity -
u’o [UI1] attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice. (See also virnu.)
u’ucu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: repentance - lack of
regret - innocence.
u’unai [UI*1] attitudinal: repentance - lack of
regret - innocence.
u’u [UI1] attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret
- innocence. (See also xenru, zugycni.)
váshigtyn washington
uacintyn Washington
uanai [UI*1] attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching.
uaransis Varanasi
ua [UI1] attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching. (See also facki, cfipu, sisku.)
ubu [BY*] letteral for u.
veb World Wide Web
uecu’i [UI*1] attitudinal: surprise - not really
surprised - expectation axis.
uenai [UI*1] attitudinal: surprise - expectation.
uepei [UI*1] attitudinal: surprise question.
ue [UI1] attitudinal: surprise - not really surprised - expectation. (See also spaji.)
uibu [BY*] letteral: happiness symbol (letteral).
uigru x1 is Uyghur in aspect x2 (See also tirkce,
uikipedias Wikipedia.
uikis Wiki, WikiWikiWeb.
uinai [UI*1] attitudinal: happiness - unhappiness.
hvisk x1 is whiskey distilled from x2
vitki x1 is a wiki/collaborative web site with subjectx2
ui [UI1] attitudinal: happiness - unhappiness
ulmu x1 is an elm of species/variety x
uonai [UI*1] attitudinal: completion - incompleteness.
uo [UI1] attitudinal: completion - incompleteness. (See also mulno, mansa, fanmo, snada.)
urci x1 is poison ivy/oak/sumac / lacquer tree
of species x2. (see also ponjo cinta, xalkrxuruci,
spatrnakardiace, rakcro, srebandu)
175valsi vanjyjikru
uunai [UI*1] attitudinal: pity - cruelty.
uu [UI1] attitudinal: pity - cruelty
u [A] logical connective: sumti afterthought
4 va’ai [BAI] zvati modal; 1st place (with
thing... located somewhere) (A zvati modal
seemed like such a good idea, especially for it’s
second place seva’ai as a ”with location”. seka’a
didn’t really work become of the implication of direction and tu’i is too permanent and inalienable.
va’a [VUhU3] unary mathematical operator:
additive inverse; [- a].
va’e [MOI] convert number to scalar selbri; x1
is at (n)th position on scale x2.
va’inai [UI*3] discursive: in other words - in the
same words.
va’i [UI3] discursive: in other words - in the
same words. (See also cneselsku.)
va’o [BAI] vanbi modal, 1st place (conditions 1)
under conditions ...; in environment ...
va’urpante p1 = v1 protests with a sigh about
p2 (event/state) to audience p3 with action p4. (Cf.
vasxu, pante, patyva’u.)
va’u [BAI] xamgu modal, 1st place beneficiary
case tag complement benefiting from ...
vacmurse m1 = c1 is the dusk of day m2 = c2
at location m3 = c3. (Cf. cermurse.)
vacri [var] x1 is a quantity of air/normallygaseous atmosphere of planet x2, of composition
including x3. (See also gapci, kijno, trano, tumla,
vasxu, xamsi.)
vacysai s1 (mass) is a dinner composed of
dishes including s2. (Cf. cersai, dormijysai, ctesai,
citka, cidja.)
vairsoi s1 = v1 is a military officer in army s2

vai [PA2] digit/number: hex digit F (decimal
15) [fifteen].
vajni [vaj vai] x1 (object/event) is important/significant to x2 (person/event) in aspect/for
reason x3 (nu/ka). (Also: x1 matters to x2 in aspect/respect x3
vajraifla f1 = v1 = t1 is the constitution of
f3 = v2. (Cf. vajni, traji, flalu, zuktruci’e, flatruci’e,
pairtruci’e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri. )
vajrai x1 = v1 = t1 is most important/most significant to x2 = v2 in aspect/for reason x3 = v3
among set/range x4 = t4. (vajni+traji)
valsi [val vla] x1 is a word meaning/causing x2 in language x3; (adjective: x1
is lexical/verbal). (See also slaka, bangu, cmavo,
cmene, gismu, jufra, rafsi, smuni.)
valtogmo’a t1 = m1 is the tone of word v1 = m2
with characteristics t2 = m3. (The linguistic tone
is used to distinguish a difference in meaning, for
example in Chinese. Cf. valsi, tonga, morna.)
vamji [vam va’i] x1 (ni) is the equivalent
value/worth of x2 [item(s) of value] to x3 for
use/appreciation x4. (Also: x2 is worth x1 to x3;
(for x2 person:) x2 merits (one sense), (adjective:)
x2 is worthy (= selva’i for reordered places); merit
reward (= nemselva’i); receive merited reward (=
vamselne’u); x2 may be a specific object, a commodity (mass), an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising from ownership of the object/commodity
(= posyva’i, posyselva’i for unambiguous semantics). (cf. jdima, jerna, vecnu, dirba, janta, kargu,
pleji; see note at jdima on cost/price/value distinction, vajni))

vamrai v1 = t1 is the most valuable among
items v2 = r4 to v3 for purpose v4. (Made from
vamji + traji.)
vamtolrai v1 = t1 is the most valuable among
items v2 = r4 to v3 for purpose v4. (Made from
vamji + to’e + traji.)
vamtu [vat] x1 vomits/regurgitates x2; x1
throws x2 up; [violent] digestive expulsion. ((x2
is non-gaseous); See also rigni, jetce, kafke, sputu.)
vanbi [vab] x1 (ind./mass) is part of an environment/surroundings/context/ambience of x2.
((adjective:) x1 is ambient. See also cmavo list
va’o, sruri, jibni, jbini, ferti, tcini.)
vanci [vac] x1 is an evening [from end-ofwork until sleep typical for locale] of day x2 at
location x3. (This evening (= cabvanci); tomorrow evening (= bavlamvanci); yesterday evening
(= prulamvanci). See also cerni, murse, tcika.)
vandula x1 is lavender of species/variety x2.
vanjba x1 is a grape of species/variety x2.
vanju [van] x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of wine from fruit/grapes x2
vanjyjikru j1 is a brandy distilled from v2
vanslami s1 = v1 is vinegar made from v2. (Cf.
vanju, slami, pelnimre, sarvanju.)
varcavas Warsaw
varkiclaflo’i x1 is a hovercraft for carrying x2,
propelled by x3, riding on/lifted by x4. (see also
varmebri x1 is the front of air mass x2. (see also
lenku, glare, stali, selzu’i)
varmuvgau mg1 is a fan blowing/moving air
mg2 = v1 to/towards/onto mg3 from mg4. (From
vacri and muvgau, or equivalently, vacri, muvdu,
and gasnu.)
varmuvmi’i mi1 is a fan for moving air to destination mu2 from origin mu3 over path/route mu4.
(Cf. lekmi’i, pambe.)
varnila x1 is vanilla. (Cf. cakla, ckafi.)
varselclu c1 is inflated with air.
varxamsi x1 is the atmosphere of planet x2 =
v2 (default Earth) of composition v3
dhis tradgedik dea
varxasyske s1 is the atmospheric science of
planet x2. (Cf. vacri, xamsi, saske, varxamsi, xasyske, tutske.)
vasru [vas vau] x1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents x2
within; x1 is a vessel containing x2. ([also accommodates, container; containment need not
be total; x2 is Contained. in x1 (= selvau for
reordered places)]; See also bartu, jbini, nenri,
zvati, cpana, botpi, lanka.)
vasxu [vax va’u] x1 breathes/respires x2
[gas]. ((though used to make the Lojban word,
clue word vascular is erroneous, actually pertaining to the circulatory system that carries the
respired oxygen to the tissues); See also fepri, kijno, vacri.)
vau [VAU] elidable: end of sumti in simple
bridi; in compound bridi, separates common trailing sumti.
vaxselnandu n2 = v1 has difficulty breathing
gas v2 under conditions n3; n1 = v1 pants
vaxydicra d1 chokes v1 by/with d3
va [vaz] [VA] location tense distance: near to
... ; there at ...; a medium/small distance from ...
ve’a [VEhA] location tense interval: a
small/medium region of space.
ve’e [ve’e] [VEhA] location tense interval:
the whole of space.
ve’i [VEhA] location tense interval: a tiny region of space.
ve’o [VEhO] right mathematical bracket.
ve’u [VEhA] location tense interval: a large region of space.
vebe’i [BAI*] benji modal, 4th place transmit
origin ...
veci’e [BAI*] ciste modal, 4th place as a system
with synergy in ...
vecnu [ven ve’u] x1 [seller] sells/vends
x2 [goods/service/commodity] to buyer x3 for
amount/cost/expense x4. (x1 is a salesperson/salesman/vendor; x3 buys x2 from x1 (=
terve’u for reordered terms); x4 is the price of x2
to x3 (= velve’u for reordered terms); for sale (= fitselve’u, selvenfriti); x2 may be a specific object, a
commodity (mass), an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising from ownership of the object/commodity
(= posyve’u, posyselve’u for unambiguous semantics). (cf. canja, dunda, janta, pleji, jerna,
kargu, prali, zarci, vamji, jdima; see note at jdima
on cost/price/value distinction, fepni, friti, jerna,
vecu’u [BAI*] cusku modal, 4th place in expression medium ...
vede’i [BAI*] detri modal, 4th place on a date
according to calendar ...
vedu’o [BAI*] djuno modal, 4th place under
epistemology ...
vefi’e [BAI*] finti modal, 4th place creatively;
created from ideas/elements ...
vega’a [BAI*] zgana modal, 4th place (under
conditions) observed under observing conditions

veisri x1 = d1 = v4 is a signal recording and
playback tape-type medium (cassette/DAT/tape
drive) containing data/sound/image x2 = v2
with data storage mechanism/method x3 (analog/digital) (Cf. datnysri, srimakyvelvei.)
vei [VEI] left mathematical bracket.
veka’a [BAI*] klama modal, 4th place via route
velbajra x4 = b1 runs on surface x2 = b2 using
limbs x3 = b3 with gait x1 = b4. (ve bajra)
velbancu x4 = b1 exceeds/is beyond
limit/boundary x2 = b2 from x3 = b3 in
property/amount x1 = b4 (ka/ni). (ve bancu)
velbatci x1 is the biting tool with which x2 is
bitten at locus x3 by x4

velbatke x4 = b1 is a button/knob/handle
on/for item x2 = b2, with purpose x3 = b3, made
of material x1 = b4. (ve batke)
velbe’e x4 = b1 is a
crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2 = b2
directed/led by x3 = b3 organized for purpose
x1 = b4. (ve bende)
velbe’i x4 = b1 transfers/sends/transmits x2 =
b2 to receiver x3 = b3 from transmitter/origin x1 =
b4 via means/medium x5 = b5. (ve benji; see also
velbei x4 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports
cargo x2 = b2 to x3 = b3 from x1 = b4 over path
x5 = b5; x4 = b1 is a carrier/porter. (ve bevri)
velbi’u x4 = b1 is a wall/fence separating x2 =
b2 from x3 = b3, and subdividing x1 = b4
velbinra x4 = b1 insures/indemnifies x2 = b2
against peril x3 = b3 providing benefit x1 = b4(ve binra)
velbo’a x4 = b1 is a wave/periodic pattern in
medium x2 = b2, with wave-form x3 = b3, wavelength x1 = b4 and frequency x5 = b5. (ve boxna)
velbo’i x4 = b1 is a bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for x2 = b2,
made of material x3 = b3 with lid x1 = b4
velcange x4 = c1 is a farm/ranch at x2 = c2, of
rancher x3 = c3 raising/producing x1 = c4. (ve
cange, see also banro)
velcanja x4 = c1 exchanges/trades/barters
commodity x2 = c2 for x3 = c3 with x1 = c4. (ve
velcki x1 is an explanation of x2
(event/state/property) to x3 by x4. (Cf. ciksi.)
veljbe j4 is the birthplace, the parent(s) being j2,
the birthdate being j3, of j1. (Cf. jbena.)
veljutsi x1 is an order [biology] with genus x2,
family x3, with species x4, within class x5. (From
jimca, jmive, klesi. For biological cathegory in
general (=mivyske klesi), domain (=?), kingdom
(=seljimcymivykle), phylum (=jicymivykle), class
(=xeljutsi), order (=this definition), family (=terjutsi), genus (=seljutsi), species (=jutsi))
velkakpa x1 is a digging limb/tool for digging
material x2 up/out of x3 (source/hole) with agent
x4. (Cf. canpa.)
velkla x1 = k4 is a route that leads to x2 = k2,
from x3 = k3, travelled by x4 = k1 by means x5 =
velski s4 is a description of s2 to audience s3 by
describer s1. (Cf. pinka, selsku, pixra.)
veltcika x1 is the time zone where x2 happens
on day x3 at time x4.
veltcikybi’a x1 is jetlagged with symptoms x2
going to x3 from x4.
velve’u x1 is the sales price of x2 to x3 from/at
vendor x4.
velventerzu’e z3 = v4 is the sales quota for
v1 = z1 to sell v2 to v3. (Cf. vecnu, zukte, vencu’u,
velvi’u v1 is the result/remnant/remainder
when v2 is removed/subtracted/deducted/taken
away from v3 by v4. (Cf. vimcu.)
vemau [BAI*] zmadu modal, 4th place (relative!) more than/exceeding by amount ...
veme’a [BAI*] mleca modal, 4th place (relative!) less than by amount ...
venci’e c1 is a market (system) interrelated
by structure c2 (social relations / institutions
/ procedures / infrastructures) of components
c3 = v2 (goods/services/information) displaying
c4 (economy).
vencu’u c1 is/are the sales function/activities
of c2 = v1 selling v2 to v3; c1 is sales. (Cf. vecnu,
cuntu, selvensro, janta, faircu’u, zbacu’u.)
venfu [vef] x1 takes revenge on/retaliates
against x2 (person) for wrong x3 (nu) with
vengeance x4 (nu). (Also avenge; (adjective:) x1
is vengeful. See also sfasa, cnemu.)
vensa [ves] x1 is spring/springtime [warming season] of year x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1
is vernal
venvei x1 = vr1 is a record of x2 = ve1 [seller]
having sold x3 = ve2 [goods/service/commodity]
to buyer x4 = ve3 for amount/cost/expense x5 =
ve4, stored on medium x6 = vr4. (Cf. vecnu, vreji)
venxa’a x1 is a mailer about v2 from x3 = v1
for audience x2 = v3
venxatrycu’u c1 the direct
mail business/activity/function for
goods/products/services/activities v2 from/by
x3 = v1 to audience x2 = v3. (Cf. vecnu, xatra, cuntu, zaircu’u, zairsnucu’u, venynoicu’u,
venxa’a, zacfoncu’u, faircu’u, vencu’u.)
venynoicu’u c1 the advertising business/activity/function about
goods/products/services/activities n2 = v2

from/by n2 = v1 to audience n4 = v3. (Cf. vecnu,
notci, cuntu, venynoi, zaircu’u, zairsnucu’u,
venxatrycu’u, zacfoncu’u, faircu’u, vencu’u.)
venynoi n1 is an advertisement about n2 =v2 by n3 = v1 to intended audience n4 = v3
venzmi z1 is a vending machine offering v2 to v3
for sale cost v4 under condition z3.
vepa’a [BAI*] panra modal, 4nd place (standard/geometry) similarly; similar by standard ...
vepu’e [BAI*] pruce modal, 4th place (set of
stages) passing through processing stages ...
verai [BAI*] traji modal, 4th place (set) -est;
most extremely; superlative among ...
verba [ver ve’a] x1 is a child/kid/juvenile
[a young person] of age x2, immature by standard
x3. (Not necessarily human. See also cifnu, makcu,
citno, panzi, nanla, nixli, se rirni, bersa.)
vercka c1 is a crib made of c2 for a child c3=v1 of
age v2. (not necessarily with bars; see also slicka)
verclibau b1 = c3 is a native language of b2 =
v1 = c1 to express b3.
vetai [BAI*] tamsmi modal, 4th place similarly;
sharing ideal form in property ... (tamsmi is x1 resembles x2 sharing ideal form/shape x3 in property x4)
veti’u [BAI*] tcika modal, 4th place (for letters)
as a time at location ...
ve [vel] [SE] 4th conversion; switch 1st/4th
vi ma [VA*] sumti question asking for a location: at/near what?.
vi’a [VIhA] dimensionality of space interval
tense: 2-space interval; throughout an area.
vi’ecpe c1 = v2 invites c3 = v1 to v2
(place/event) in manner c4. (Cf. vitke, cpedu,
vi’e [VIhA] dimensionality of space interval
tense: 4-space interval; throughout a spacetime.
vi’i [VIhA] dimensionality of space interval
tense: 1-space interval; along a line.
vi’o [COI] vocative: wilco (ack and will comply).
vi’u [VIhA] dimensionality of space interval
tense: 3-space interval; throughout a space.
vibna [vib] x1 is a/the vagina [body-part] of x2
vicra’e v1 = r1 cuts (removes during editing)
v2 = r2 from v3 leaving v4
victerlu’i v2 = l3 is
trash/rubbish/garbage/refuse removed from
v3 = l2 by v1 = l1 (agent)
vidni x1 is a video monitor/CRT/screen [machine] serving function x2. (See also skina, ve
vidnysle s1 is a pixel of screen s2 = v1.
vidru [vir] x1 is a virus of
species/breed/defining property x2 capable
of infecting [at] x3
vifne [vif] (adjective:) x1 is fresh/yet spoiled
vijblo b1 is an aircraft carrier carrying b2, propelled by b3
vijysazri s1 maneuvers/pilots/is a pilot of aircraft v1 = s2. (Cf. vinji, sazri.)
vijysoi s1 is a paratrooper in military unit s2
vijytcana t1 is an airport in transport system t2
for aircraft of type v2 propelled by v
tratgedik vermuqqh dea
vikmi [vim vi’i] x1 [body] excretes waste x2
from source x3 via means/route x4
viknu [vik] x1 is thick/viscous under conditions x2. (See also denmi, snipa.)
viktsispa x1 is mistletoe of species/variety x2.
viltce m1 is very/extremely violent
vilti’a t1 = v1 is a storm at place/region t2
vimcu [vic vi’u] x1 removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away x2 from
x3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder x4.
(Also appropriates, confiscates; alienation is
vimku’a x1 = k1 is a loo/water closet/[room
with toilet], in which x2 = v1 excretes x3 =
v2, in home/building/structure x4 = k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor x5 =
k3 (mass/jo’u) (From vimstizu. As distinct from
lumku’a, which is a room that primarily features
washing facilities, this is a room that primarily features a means of relieving one’s self.)

vimstizu s1 is a toilet for v1 to excrete v2 from
source v3 via means/route v4
vindu [vid] x1 is poisonous/venomous/toxic/a toxin to x2
vinji [vij] x1 is an airplane/aircraft [flying
vehicle] for carrying passengers/cargo x2, propelled by x3
violbasu x1 is a double bass / contrabass
violna x1 is a viola
violni x1 is a violin
violtcelo x1 is a cello
vipci’e c1 (mass) is a hierachical / subordinate
system / tree (computer science sense) interrelated by hierachical property / property determining subordinate relationships / subordination in
aspect [or organization principle] c2 = v2 (ka)
among components c3 displaying common property c4 (ka) with leaves v1 and topmost / root element v3. (Made from vipsi + ciste.)
vipkagni k1 = v1 is a subsidiary company
to k2 = v3 chartered/mandated for purpose k3.
(From vipsi, kagni. )
vipnoltru v1 = t1 is the appointed
over territory t2 representing principal v3 (Cf.
vipsi, nobli, turni, nolraitru, vliraitru, gugja’a,
truralju, trupauja’a.)
vipsi [vip] x1 is a deputy/vice/subordinate
in aspect [or organization principle] x2 (ka) to
principal x3. (Also assistant, adjutant. See also
krati, sidju.)
vipygu’e g1 = v1 is a state/province/canton of
federal state v3. (Cf. vipsi, gugde, gugypau.)
virnu [vri] x1 is brave/valiant/courageous
in activity x2 (event) by standard x3
virske s1=v1 is virology of viruses s2 based on
methodology s3. (Virology is the study of viruses.
See also vidru, jumske.)
visfa’i f1 = v1 spots f3 = v2 under condition v.
viska [vis vi’a] x1 sees/views/perceives visually x2 under conditions x3
(adjective:) x1 is visual; x3 can include ambient lighting, background
visnda x1 is a bison of species x2
vistci t1 is an optical tool used by v1 to see v2
vitci [vit] x1 is irregular/occasional/intermittent in property/action/aspect x2. (See also ranji, rufsu,
vitke [vi’e] x1 is a guest/visitor of x2 at
place/event x3; x1 visits x2/x3. (See also friti,
klama, zasni, xabju, zvati.)
vitno [vi’o] x1 is permanent/lasting/[eternal] in property x2 (ka) by
standard x3 [time-span/expectant one]. (Also
everlasting. See also stodi, cimni, zasni, manfo,
vizbei b1 brings cargo b2 here from x3 = b4 over
path x4 = b5.
vi [viz] [VA] location tense distance: here at
... ; at or a very short/tiny distance from ...
vlabacru x1 = b1 pronounces x3 = v1 as x2 =b2
vlacku c1 is a dictionary concerning c3 authored
by c3 intended for c4 in medium c5.
flaci vlagi [lag] x1 is a/the vulva [body-part] of x2
vlagri g1 is a verse/stanza with property (ka) g2
meaning v2 in language v3. (Cf. valsi, girzu, vlali’i,
jufmei, pempau.)
vlali’i l1 is a line of text defined by set of
words/string l2 meaning x3 = v2 in language
x4 = v3. (Cf.valsi, linji, lerpinsle, jufra, jufmei, vlagri, pempau.)
VLANDeren Flanders.
vlasatci s1 is verbatim/to the letter. (Used of
text. Cf. valsi, satci, sitna, jufra)
vlasfa s1 = v1 (agent) reproaches s2 for infraction s3 (event/state/action) (from valsi sfasa)
vlaste x1 = l1 is a dictionary with words x2 =
l2 = v1 in order x3 = l3, medium x4 = l4, and
language x5 = v3. (See also: valsi, liste)
vlatai t1 is the pattern/shape of word v1 = t2
with meaning v2 in language v3. (Cf. valsi, tarmi,
rafsi, rafske)
vlika’a k1 (tool/blade/force) rips/tears/shreds
k2 (object) into pieces k3
vlile [vil] x1 is an event/state/act of violence
vlina x1 is a logical alternation/disjunction, stating that x2 (du’u) and/or x3 (du’u) is/are true
vlipa [vli] x1 has the power to bring about
x2 under conditions x3; x1 is powerful in aspect x2
under x3. (Also potent, has control/mastery. See
also tsali, jitro, ruble.)
vliraitru tu1 = tr1 = v1 is a dictator over/in subjects/territory tu2 under conditions v3. (Cf. kustru, kusyja’a, nonkantru.)
vlixlu x1 = v1 influences the power dynamics
of situation x2 = v3 towards end x3 = v2 through
means of influence x4. (From vlipa, xlura.)
vo’a [KOhA4] pro-sumti: repeats 1st place of
main bridi of this sentence.
vo’e [KOhA4] pro-sumti: repeats 2nd place of main bridi of this sentence.
vo’i [KOhA4] pro-sumti: repeats 3rd place of main bridi of this sentence.
vo’otka x1 is a vodka distilled from x2
vo’o [KOhA4] pro-sumti: repeats 4th place of
main bridi of this sentence.
vo’u [KOhA4] pro-sumti: repeats 5th place of
main bridi of this sentence.
vofli [vol voi] x1 flies [in air/atmosphere]
using lifting/propulsion means x2. (See also cipni,
klama, vinji.)
voifan x1 is a kite. (From falnu, vofli (f2, f3, v2
subsumed). See also volfanjacta’o.)
voikla k1 = v1 flies to destination k2 from origin
k3 to destination k4 using means/vehicle k5 = v2.
voi [NOI] non-veridical restrictive clause used
to form complicated le-like descriptions using
voki’o [PA*] number/quantity: 4,000 expressed
with comma.
voksa [vok vo’a] x1 is a voice/speech
sound of individual x2. (See also sance, tirna,
voksli voice x1 = s1 = v1 of individual x3 = v2
oscillates at frequency x2 = s2.
voksnaske s2 is phonetics based on methodology s2.
voksna v1 = s1 is a vowel sound. (Cf. voksa,
vokygenkantu k1 is a minimal phonological
feature of language k2 = g2.
vokygenske s1 is phonology based on methodology s3.
volfanjacta’o t1=d1=f1=v1
is a board for use in water/(wind/kite)surfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard
of material/property t2. (From tanbo, djacu, falnu,
vofli (f2, f3, v2 subsumed). See also sufingboard
(=bonjacta’o), windsurfingboard (=fanjacta’o),
wakesurfingboard (=blobonjacta’o).)
vombatu x1 is a wombat (family Vombatidae)
of species/breed x2
vomoi [MOI*] quantified selbri: convert 4 to ordinal selbri; x1 is fourth among x2 ordered by rule
vonca’u x1 is a 4-dimensional spacetime/region occupied by x2 . (See also vi’e)
vondei x1 is a Thursday of week x2 in calendar
vondi’o d1 is a caltrop (tetrahedral nail) of size
d2 made of d3.
vonmasti x1 is April/the fourth month of year
x2 in calendar x3. (Cf. pavmasti, nanca.)
vonmast April. (Cf. lanma’i, vonmasti.)
vonmoija’a j1 has the rank of Lieutenant
Colonel/Commander/Wing Commander (equivalent of NATO OF-4) in military unit /organization j2. (Cf. vo, moi, jatna, jemja’a, vairsoi, mumymoija’a, cibmoija’a. Based on STANAG 2116:
NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.)
vonmomdegji m1 = d1 is the ring finger of d2.
(Cf. degji.)
vonono [PA*] number/quantity: 400 [four
vono [PA*] number/quantity: 40 [forty].
vonpaso x1 swindles x2 into state/event x3 by
promising x4; x1 commits 419/advance fee fraud.
(generally x1 is Nigerian, but may be in another
country; see also tcica)
vonplini p1 is the fourth closest planet (default
is Mars if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2 (default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics p3,
orbital parameters p4. (Cf. vonplin, pavyplini,
relplini etc.; see also terdi, solri, mluni, lunra,
plinycma, tarci’e.)
vonplin Mars. (Cf. vonplini.)
vonseldansu d2 is quadrille music accompanying dancers d1 (individual, mass). (Cf. dansu, seldansu, vonynundansu.)
vonseltu’e t2 is four-legged with legs t1. (Cf.
vo, tuple.)
vonynundansu n1 is a quadrille with dancers
d1 to music/rhythm d2. (Cf. dansu, nundansu,
181vrokoi vurbau
vorlon Vorlon.
vorlu’a p1 = v1 is a passage between p2 = v2
and p3 = v3. (Cf. vorme, pluta.)
vorme [vor vro] x1 is a doorway/gateway/access way between x2 and x3
of structure x4. (Note: emphasis on route nature;
solid door (= vrogai/vrobi’u/vrozu’itci). See also
canko, ganlo, kalri, murta, pagre, bitmu, kuspe.)
vo [von] [PA1] digit/number: 4 (digit)
vrabatke b1 = v1 is a switch/actuating lever
on/for item b2, with purpose b3, made of material b4. (Though there has been a great amount of
debate in Lojbanistan over the need for a lujvo as
such, I thought I would submit it anyway.)
vraga [vra] x1 is a lever [tool] [of apparatus]
for doing x2 [function/action], with fulcrum x3
and arm x4. (See also tutci, pulni.)
vraike x1 is kelp of genus/species x2
vreji [rej vei] x1 is a record of x2
(data/facts/du’u) about x3 (object/event) preserved in medium x4. (See also sorcu, datni,
vrepu’i p1 lays p2 = v1 on/at surface/locus p3 =
v2. (Cf. punji, vreta.)
vreta [vre] x1 lies/rests/reclines/reposes on
x2; x1 is reclining/recumbent/lying on x2. (See
also cpana, surla, zutse, ckana, lazni.)
vrici x1 (set/mass/ind.) is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property x2 (ka).
(See also klesi, girzu, frica, simsa, panra.)
vricykricrutrusi’o s1 is a liberal political ideology as applied by t1 = c1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the works
of thinker si3 (From vrici, krici, curmi, turni,
sidbo. Cf. vricykricru, ka’irtrusi’o, dzejdasratrusi’o, fairpaltrusi’o, guntrusi’o, natpamtrusi’o,
vricykricru c1 is liberal/open-minded with regard to beliefs k2 about subject k3 under conditions c3 (From vrici, krici, curmi. Cf. dzejdasra,
vroca’o c1 = v1 is a French window/sidehinged window. (vorme canko; typically in pairs
extending to the floor)
vrodarxi d1 knocks at door d2 = v1 to v3. (Cf.
vorme, darxi.)
vrogai g1 is a door/gate (movable barrier) in
portal/doorway (opening) v1 = g2 between v2
and v3, in structure v4. (Cf. vorme, gacri, li’avro,
kumfa, dinju, pagre)
vrokoi k1 = v1 is the threshold defining access
through the boundary between k2 = v2 and k3 =
v3. (Cf. vorme, korbi, vroloi.)
vroloi l1 is the threshold/doorsill of doorway/gateway l2 between v2 and v3 of structure v4.
(Cf. vorme, loldi, vrokoi.)
vruca’a c1 is a horn/buzzer/siren producing
strident noise c2 = s1, operated by c3. (savru
vrude [vud vu’e] x1 is virtuous/saintly/[fine/moral/nice/holy/morally
good] by standard x2. (Holy/saintly (= cesyvu’e).
Virtue the attribute is ”ka vrude”. See also palci,
xamgu, marde, zabna.)
vrumli m1 = s1 is a squeak/creak/quiet noise
to s2. (Cf. savru, milxe.)
vrusi [vus vu’i] x1 (ka) is a taste/flavor
of/emitted by x2; x2 tastes of/like x1. (Also: x2
tastes of seasoning x1, x1 is a seasoned flavor of x2
(= tsapyvu’i); vrusi may overlap the senses of taste
and smell, since the latter is a significant component of taste. See also kukte, tsapi, cpina.)
vu’a [FAhA1] location tense relation/direction;
west of.
vu’enai [UI*5] attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin.
vu’e [UI5] attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin.
(See also vrude, zungi.)
vu’izga z1 tastes v2 using taste buds z3 under
conditions z4. (Cf. vrusi, zgana, vusyga’e, kukte.)
vu’i [LAhE] sumti qualifier: the sequence made
from set or composed of elements/components;
order is vague.
vu’o [VUhO] joins relative clause/phrase to
complete complex or logically connected sumti in
vu’u [VUhU1] n-ary mathematical operator:
minus; subtraction operator; [(((a - b) - c) - ...)].
vudvri vr1 = vi1 is a hero/heroic in doing vi2
by standard vr2 = vi3.
vudypai v1 = p1 is fair / does justice to p2 by
standard v2.
vukro [vur vu’o] x1 reflects Ukrainian language/culture/nationality in aspect x2. (See also
slovo, softo.)
vurbau v1 = b1 is the Ukrainian language used
by b2 to express/communicate b3 (si’o/du’u, not
quote). (Cf. vukro, bangu, bangukuru.)
182xadmidju xai
vusyga’e g1 tastes g2 = v1 (flavor) emitted by
v2. (Cf. vrusi, ganse, kukte, vu’izga.)
vu [vuz] [VA] location tense distance: far
from ... ; yonder at ... ; a long distance from ...
vy [BY2] letteral for v.
xa’anzu x1 reflects Han Chinese
[Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc.] culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. (Cf.
jungo, jugygu’e, jugbau, djunguos, gugdecunu,
gugdetuve. )
xa’arvau v1 is an envelope for/containing letter
xa1 = v2. (Cf. xa’argai.)
4 xa’o [ZAhO] opposite of za’o: event contour:
refers to the portion of the event which occurs before the natural beginning; starting too early before ...; ¡―-.
xa’urbi’o b1 = xa1 settles in xa2 (Cf. xabju,
xa’urjudri j1 is the home address of xa1 = j1
with address system j3.
xabju [xa’u] x1 dwells/lives/resides/abides
at/inhabits/is a resident of location/habitat/nest/home/abode x2. (See also
ginka, zdani, zvati, stuzi, jmive, stali, vitke.)
xabmapti xa1=m1 is the mate of xa1=m2 with
property m3 in pair xa2.
xabmau x1 is most/a majority/more than half
of x2 in property x3 by amount x4 by standard x5.
(See also so’e, xabme’a)
xabme’a x1 is a minority/less than half of x2 in
property x3 by amount x4 by standard x5. (See
also xabmau)
xabyxadba x1 is exactly/approximately a quarter of x2 by standard x3. (Cf. xadba.)
xacyce’a xa1 = c1 is a gun/cannon/firearm
launching projectile c2 propelled by c3, for use
against xa2 by xa3. (jvajvo definition; Gismu deep
structure is ”xarci gi’e cecla”)
xacyga’a g1 = x1 is a
club/cudgel/truncheon/bludgeon made of
g2 used against x2 by x3. (Cf. xarci, grana.)
xadba [xab] x1 is exactly/approximately
half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of x2 by standard x3.
(See also mulno, pagbu.)
xadbixma’u xa2 = b1 = m1 is adolescent/pubescent/in puberty/maturing in physical/bodily development-quality m2 (ka). ( Cf.
xadni, binxo, makcu, bixma’u, bavyfarvi, citnau.
Between prepubescent child and post-pubescent
xadmidju x1 = m1 is the waist of x2 = m2.
xadni [xad] x1 is a/the body/corpus/corpse
of x2; (adjective:) x1 is corporal/corporeal. (See
also menli, pruxi, sluji, mulno, cutne.)
xadycla c1 = xa1 is tall / has a long body by
standard c3. (Made from clani + xadni.)
xadykelci’e c1 is/are a/the physical sport(s) exercised/played by x2. (Cf. xadni, kelci, ciste.)
xadyplijvi j1 = xa2 competes with opponent j2
in sport/athletics j3 for gain j4 = p3
xagjijnu j1 is optimistic about j3
xagji x1 hungers for x2; x1 needs/wants
food/fuel x2
xagmau xa1 = z1 is better than z2 for xa2 by
standard xa3, by amount z4. (Cf. xamgu, zmadu,
xlame’a, xauzma, xagmau, xagrai. The canonical
form is xauzma.)
xagme’a xa1 = m1 is worse than/not as good
as m2 for xa2 by standard xa3, by amount m4. (Cf.
xamgu, mleca, xlamau, xauzma, xagmau, xagrai.)
xagrai t1 = x1 is the best among set/range t4 for
x2 by standard x3. (Cf. xamgu, traji, mecyxlarai,
xauzma, xagmau, xagme’a, zanrai.)
xagri x1 is a oboe/clarinet/saxophone [reed
musical instrument] with reed x2. (See also zgike.)
xagrnklarineto x1 is a clarinet with reed x2. (Cf.
xagri, zgica’a.)
xagrnsaksofono x1 is a saxophone with reed x2
xagryspa x1 is a reed of species/variety x2. (see
also selxagri, junkace)
xagyfarvi f1 progresses towards f2 = x1 from
f3 through stages f4. (Cf. farvi, banro.)
xagzengau g1 (agent) improves z1 = x1 for
x2 by amount z3. (Cf. xamgu, zenba, gasnu,
xagzenri’a r1 (event/state/process) improves
z1 = x1 for x2 by amount z3 under conditions r3.
(Cf. xamgu, zenba, rinka, xagzengau.)
xairgau g1 causes event x1 which injures/harms/damages victim x2 in property
x3 (ka) resulting in injury x4 (state). (Made from
xrani + gasnu.)
4 xai [KOhA] they.(repeat ¿1 preceding sumti)
(repeats two or more preceding sumti, not one plural sumti)

xazhmi [xam] x1 is funny/comical to x2 in property/aspect x3 (nu/ka); x3 is what is funny about
x1 to x2. (Also: x1 is a comedian (= xampre, xamseljibri for a professional comedian). (x1 can be a person/object or an abstraction; be careful about
possible sumti-raising); See also bebna, cisma,
cmila, fenki, zdile.)
xajycmo c1 = x1 is a/the grunt of a
pig/hog/swine of species x2 expressing c3 (property). (Cf. xarju, cmoni.)
xajyzbi z1 is the snout of pig/hog/swine/[boar]
z2 = x1 of species x2, with nostril(s)/nasal passage(s) z3. (Cf. xarju, nazbi.)
xaki’o [PA*] number/quantity: 6,000 expressed
with comma.
xaksu [xak] x1 (event) uses
up/depletes/consumes/[wastes] x2 [resource].
(Waste (= fesxaksu, dusxaksu). See also citka,
festi, daspo, livla, pinxe.)
xalbarja x1 = b1 is a saloon/pub/bar primarily serving alcoholic beverages to x2 = b3.
xalbebna x1 is drunk/tipsy in manner x2 from
drinking x3 (alcohol).
xalbo x1 uses levity/is non-serious/frivolous
about x2 (abstraction). (See also junri, linto.)
xalkai xa1 = c1 is alcoholic of alcohol type xa2
from source/process xa3.
xalka [xal] x1 is a quantity of/contains/is
made of alcohol of type x2 from source/process
x3. (See also birje, jikru, vanju.)
xalni x1 (person) is panicked by crisis x2
(event/state). (See also ckape, snura, terpa,
xalnunvindu n1 is alcohol poisoning of x2 = v2
from alcohol type x3 = xa2.
xalpixydu’e p1 drinks to much alcohol of type
p2 from p3 by standard d3; p1 is a drunk (from
xalka pinxe dukse c.f. xalbebna)
xalsixa x1 pertains to the Sikh culture/religion/ethos in aspect x2
xalvamtu v1 throws up v2 due to alcohol of type
xamgau g1 does/brings about event/state g2 =
xa1 which is funny/comical to xa2 in property/aspect xa3 (nu/ka).
xamgu [xag xau] x1 (object/event) is
good/beneficial/nice/[acceptable] for x2 by
standard x3. (Acceptable (= mlixau, norxau,
xaurselcru). See also melbi, xlali, vrude, zabna.)
xamoi [MOI*] quantified selbri: convert 6 to ordinal selbri; x1 is sixth among x2 ordered by rule
xampo [xap xa’o] x1 is x2 ampere(s) [metric
unit] in current (default is 1) by standard x3. (See
also dikca, flecu, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo,
gocti, gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi,
petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro.)
xamsi [xas] x1 is a
sea/ocean/gulf/[atmosphere] of planet x2, of
fluid x3; (adjective:) x1 is marine. (Also atmosphere (= varxamsi, varsenta). See also daplu,
djacu, lalxu, rirxe, tumla, vacri, zbani, ctaru.)
xamsku x1 tells/expresses joke x2
(sedu’u/text/lu’e concept) for audience x3
via expressive medium x4. (Cf. zdilisri.)
xanbau b1 is a Signed Language used by x2 = b2
to express/communicate b3 (si’o/du’u, not quote).
((x1) ”Sign Language” in the sense of visually
transmitting patterns using hands, arms, body,
and facial expression to convey meaning. (i.e.,
Manual communication, body language.) (x2)
”Sign Language speaker.” (x3) ”thing expressed in
Sign Language.”
Cf. xance, bangu)
xance [xan xa’e] x1 is a/the hand [bodypart] of x2; [metaphor: manipulating tool, waldo].
((adjective:) x1 is manual. See also birka, degji,
jitro, xlura, jamfu, tamji.)
xancidja’i j1 is a bracelet adorning j2 = xa1 =
c1. (Bracelets are used not only for fashion
but also for medical and identification purposes,
such as allergy bracelets and hospital patientidentification tags. Cf. jadni.)
xancidni x1 = c1 is a wrist of x2 = c2. (Cf.
xance, cidni, birka.)
xandegycalku c1 is a fingernail of finger c2 = d1
of body d3. (Cf. jgalu, degycalku, jmadegycalku,
jmatajycalku, xantajycalku.)
xangle g1 masturbates/fucks g2 with her/his
hand(s). (Cf. sezgle, xanse’agle, gaxygle, runpinji,
xangulu x1 is a hangul (Korean alphabet) of
sound x2. (Cf. lerfu, lerldjamo, bangrxangu, bangrxanguke, bangrtcosena, banku’oru.)
xanjaisi’u s1 hold hands/are hand-in-hand.
(Cf. xance, jgari, simxu.)
xanjirnymirli m1 = j2 is a moose/Eurasian
elk of species m2 (Alces alces noted for its handshaped antlers. See also mirlruapiti)
184xarpei xavmast
xanka x1 is nervous/anxious about x2 (abstraction) under conditions x3. (See also xalni, terpa,
xankydji x1 = d1 is anxious/earnestly desirous
for x2 = d2 (abstract), the purpose being d3. (Cf.
xanka, djica.)
xanlai x1 is x2 handfuls in volume/amount (default is 1) by standard x3.
xanono [PA*] number/quantity: 600 [six hundred].
xano [PA*] number/quantity: 60 [sixty].
xanri [xar] x1 [concept] exists in the imagination of/is imagined by/is imaginary to x2. (Also
(adjective:) x1 is mental (one sense), x1 is unreal
(one sense); in spite of the synonym, note that x1
is imaginary does not imply that it doesn’t exist in
the real world; the definition is crafted so that one
can talk about imaginary things without claiming
that they thereby don’t exist. See also fatci, senva,
sucta, zasti, cfika, dacti, menli, sidbo.)
xanse’agle g1 = s1 = xa2 fist-fucks/performs
fisting on g2 in opening s3. (Cf. bolxa’e, gaxygle.)
xansli s1 = xa2 waves hand. (Cf. cusku.)
xantajycalku c1 is the thumbnail of body t3 =
j2. (Cf. jgalu, tajyja’u, jmatajycalku, degycalku,
xantergu’i x1 = g3 is a flashlight/portable light
source for illuminating g2, emitting light form
x3 = g1. (Cf. selbeika’e, selbeifonxa, selbeiskami.)
xanto x1 is an elephant of species/breed x2.
(See also mabru, barda.)
xantydenmai m1 is elephant/mammoth ivory
from species/breed xa2. (Cf. odbenu, xiptamu.)
xanvruzau z1 = x2 gives applause to
plan/action z2 (object/event). (Cf. xance, savru,
zanru, ki’arzau.)
xarci [xac xa’i] x1 is a weapon/arms for
use against x2 by x3. (Gun/cannon (= celxa’i). See
also jenmi, sonci, catra.)
xarcufu x1 is an artichoke of species/variety x2.
xarju [xaj] x1 is a pig/hog/swine/[boar]
[pork/ham/bacon-producer] of species/breed x2.
(Sow (= fetxarju), boar (= nakyxarju), pork (= xajre’u), piglet (= citxarju). See also mabru, cange.)
xarnu x1 is stubborn/willfully opposing/resisting x2 about x3 (event/state). (x2
may be a person, a state or condition, or a force;
the essence is willful resistance. See also tinsa,
pante, bapli, fapro.)
xarpei p1 = x2 imagines / visualizes imaginary
subject / concept p2 = x1. (Not limited to visual
imagination. Made from xanri + pensi; technically
should be selxarpei, but I can’t see ”xanri pensi”
having any other meaning.)
xarpre xa1 = p1 is a character/role/imaginary
person created by xa2.
xaskoi k1 is a beach/coast of sea xa1 = k2 on
landmass k3.
xasli x1 is a donkey/jackass of species/breed
x2. (See also xirma, kumte.)
xasne x1 is a/the sweat/perspiration from
body x2, excreted by gland(s)/organs x3. (See also
pinca, vikmi, cigla.)
xasni’a x1 is under sea x2 in reference frame x3.
xasycurnu c1 is a sea worm of species c2. (Cf.
curnu, xamsi, curfi’e.)
xasydanti d1 is a torpedo launched by d2. (Cf.
xamsi, danti, jbama, xasyjbama.)
xasyjbama j1 is a sea mine with explosive material/principle j2. (Cf. xamsi, jbama, xasydanti.)
xasyjukni j1 is a
crustacean] of species j2. (Cf. xamsi, jukni,
cakyjukni, braxiura, nerfopi.)
xasyske s1 is the oceanography/marine science
of planet x2. (Cf. xamsi, saske, varxasyske.)
xas Sea (Cf. xamsi, rirx, braxas.)
xatra [xa’a] x1 is a letter/missive/[note] to
intended audience x2 from author/originator x3
with content x4. ((cf. notci, which has places in
a different order; the emphasis in xatra is on the
communication between author and recipient, and
not the content, which in a letter may not easily be
categorized to a ’subject’; ciska, mrilu, papri))
xatsi [xat] x1 is 10

of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units). (Cf. grake, mitre,
snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu,
litce, merli, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti,
gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso,
picti, terto, xecto, xexso, zepti, zetro. )
xauzma xa1 = z1 is better than z2 for xa2 by
standard xa3, by amount z4. (Cf. xamgu, zmadu,
xagmau, xagrai. The xagmau form is far more frequently used.)
xavdei x1 is a Saturday of week x2 in calendar
xavmasti x1 is June/the sixth month of year x2
in calendar x3. (Cf. pavmasti, nanca.)
xavmast June. (Cf. matsi’uma’i, xavmasti.)
xavmoija’a j1 has the rank of Brigadier
General/Brigadier/Rear Admiral/Commodore
(equivalent of NATO OF-6) in military unit
/organization j2. (Cf. xa, moi, jatna, jemja’a,
vairsoi, zelmoija’a, mumymoija’a. Based on
STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of
Military Personnel.)
xavoki’o [PA*] number/quantity: 64,000 expressed with comma.
xavyplini p1 is the sixth closest planet (default
is Saturn if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2
(default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics
p3, orbital parameters p4. (Cf. xavyplin, pavyplini, relplini etc.; see also terdi, solri, mluni, lunra,
plinycma, tarci’e.)
xavyplin Saturn. (Cf. xavyplini.)
xavyrebyfagdaskycizborda’u c1 =da1 is a
Vulpix [six-tailed fox Pokemon] ´
4 xaxre x1 is x2 ares in area by standard x3 (See
also pitytre, estrema, ctoxaxre.)
xazdo [xaz zdo] x1 reflects Asiatic culture/nationality/geography in aspect x2. (See
also polno, friko, jungo, rusko, ropno.)
xa [xav] [PA1] digit/number: 6 (digit) [six].
xebe’i [BAI*] benji modal, 5th place (medium)
transmitted via ...
xebni [xen xei] x1 hates/despises x2 (object/abstraction); x1 is full of hate for x2; x2 is odious to x1. (x1 is hateful (one sense); x2 is hateful
(different sense). See also djica, nitcu, rigni, prami,
xebro [xeb bro] x1 re-
flects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. (See
also filso.)
xecto [xet cto] x1 is a hundred [100; 10
of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).
(Cf. grake, mitre, snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo,
xampo, gradu, litce, merli, centi, decti, dekto,
femti, gigdo, gocti, gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri,
milti, nanvi, petso, picti, terto, xatsi, xexso, zepti,
xedja [xej xe’a] x1 is a/the jaw [body-part]
of x2. (See also stedu.)
4 xei [PA2] digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen] (Used as an alternative to rei to
avoid confusion with re.)
xejni’a c1 is a/the chin [body part] of x2. (Cf.
xedja, cnita.)
xejrespa r1 = x2 is an alligator/caiman of
species/type r2 (cf. krokodilo This is family Alligatoridae.)
xejykre x1 is the beard of x2.
xeka’a [BAI*] klama modal, 5th place by transport mode ...
xekcpi c1 is a blackbird of species c2. (Cf. xekri,
cipni, cipnrkorvo, cipnrpika.)
xekri [xek xe’i] x1 is black/extremely darkcolored [color adjective]. (See also blabi, grusi,
manku, skari, xekri, kandi, carmi, blanu, bunre, cicna, crino, narju, nukni, pelxu, xunre, zirpu.)
xeksodva x1 is is made of/contains/is a quantity of a black/very-dark colored carbonated beverage/soda of cola-flavor, of brand x2. (Not any
black, carbonated beverage, but one with cola-
flavor, like Coca-Cola (=kokaKOlys), Pepsi, Julmust (=a soft drink that is mainly consumed in
Sweden around Christmas;=(sfe’ero) xisyjbenunsla xeksodva) or similar. Another flavor may
be added and expressed as a tanru, as long as
the combination doesn’t differ too much from the
characteristics of xeksodva.)
xekykrexruba x1 is ho-shou-wu/fleeceflower
of variety x2.
xelbe’i x5 = b1 transfers/sends/transmits x2 =
b2 to receiver x3 = b3 from transmitter/origin x4 =
b4 via means/medium x1 = b5. (xe benji; see also
bevri, ve cusku.)
xelbefru’e b2 (person/animal/plant) digests p2
with output p3 passing through stage p4. (Cf.
citka, tunlo, befru’e, djaruntygau, djaruntyrango.)
xelbei x5 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports
cargo x2 = b2 to x3 = b3 from x4 = b4 over path
x1 = b5; x5 = b1 is a carrier/porter. (xe bevri)
xelbo’a x5 = b1 is a wave/periodic pattern in
medium x2 = b2, with wave-form x3 = b3, wavelength x4 = b4 and frequency x1 = b5. (xe boxna)
xelbonseljimte j2 is a radio band with borders
xeljutsi x1 is a class [biology] with genus x2,
family x3, order x4, and with species x5. (For
biological cathegory in general (=mivyske klesi),
domain (=?), kingdom (=seljimcymivykle), phylum (=jicymivykle), class (=this definition), order (=veljutsi), family (=terjutsi), genus (=seljutsi),
species (=jutsi).)
xelkla Using means/vehicle x1, to x2, from x3,
via x4, goes x5.
186xinglibau xi
xelso [xes] x1 reflects Greek/Hellenic culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. (See also
latmo, ropno.)
xelvetik Switzerland. (Cf. gugdrxelvo, gugdecuxe, xelvet.)
xelveto x1 is Swiss in aspect x2.
xelvet Switzerland. (Cf. gugdrxelvo, gugdecuxe, xelvetik.)
xendo [xed xe’o] x1 (person) is kind to x2
in actions/behavior x3. (See also cinmo, kecti,
pendo, kusru.)
xenru [xer xe’u] x1 regrets/rues (abstraction) x2; x1 is regretful/rueful/sorry/[remorseful]
about x2. (Also: x1 feels remorse about x2 (= zugyxe’u). (cf. cmavo list .u’u, zungi))
xesygu’e x1 is Greece. (Cf. gugdeguru.)
xexso [xex] x1 is 10
of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units). (Cf. grake, mitre,
snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu.
litce, merli, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti,
gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso,
picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, zepti, zetro.)
xe [xel] [SE] 5th conversion; switch 1st/5th
xilbate x1 is a gibbon of species x2. (cf. smani)
xilbati x1 is a gibbon of species x2

xilcelxa’i xa1 = c1 is an artillery gun for use
against xa2 by xa3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
xilckabu c1 = xi3 is a wheel tyre/tire. (The rubber source can be expressed with ”ra’i ...”, the composition with ”ma’e ...”.)
xiljamkarce k1 is a military armoured car
propelled by k3. (Cf. xislu, jamna, karce,
jamkarce, gutyjamkarce, sonjamkarce, tsakarce,
xilta’o t1=xi1 is a board with
[default skateboard], of material/property t2 with
wheels [material/property] xi3. (From tanbo,
djacu, boxna (b2-b5 subsumed). Also longboard
(=clani xilta’o), streetboard, snakeboard etc.)
xinbau x1 = b1 is the Hindi language used by b2
to communicate b3 (Cf. xindo, bangu, banxe’inu.)
xindo [xin] x1 reflects Hindi language/culture/religion in aspect x2. (Defaults to
not include Urdu; Indian (Bharat) nationality may
be implied (when constrained by xingu’e)
xinglibau x1 = g1 = b1 is the Indian English
language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
(si’o/du’u, not quote). (Cf. glico, bangu, bangenugu, glibau, xinbau.)
xingu’e x1 = g1 is India. (Cf. xindo, gugde,
gugde’inu. )
xinmo [xim] x1 is a quantity of ink of
color/pigment x2 used by writing device x3. (See
also penbi.)
xin Indian Ocean.
xiptamu x1 is a hippopotamus of species/breed
x2. (Cf. ri’erxi’a, xanto, odbenu, xantydenmai.)
xircmo c1 neighs.
xirdegmei m1 is a mass of set m2 with an odd
number of members m3 (see also landegmei)
xirgana x1 is a hiragana (Japanese syllabary) of sound x2
xirma [xir xi’a] x1 is a
of species/breed x2. ((adjective:) x1 is
equine/equestrian. See also sufti, xasli, kumte.)
xirno’i x1 is a noble with nobility standard x2.
xirsoi s1 is a horse cavalryman of army s2. (Cf.
xirma, sonci, dzusoi.)
xirzda z1 is a stable for
horse/equine/[colt/mare/stallion/pony] z2 = x1
of species/breed x2 (c.f. cagdaidi’u)
xislivnunsla n1 is Easter celebrated by s1 with
activities s3 (from xriso cliva nu salci c.f. xisyjbenunsla)
xislu [xil xi’u] x1 is a wheel [tool] of device/vehicle x2, made of materials/having properties x3. (See also carce, karce, pulni, tutci.)
xispo [xip] x1 reflects Hispano-American
culture/nationalities in aspect x2. (Refers to
Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries, not
Brazil/Guyana. See also merko, mexno, spano,
ketco, bemro, gento.)
xisyjbecte n1 is Christmas Eve of Christmas
Day n2 at location n3. (Cf. xisyjbenunsla, xisyjbedetri.)
xisyjbedetri d1 is Christmas Day at location d3
in calendar d4. (c.f. xisyjbenunsla, xisyjbecte)
xisyjbenunsla n1 is the Christmas celebrated by
s1 with activities s3. (Cf. xisyjbedetri, xisyjbecte,
xislivnunsla, cmuxi’ojbetersla.)
xi [XI] subscript; attaches a numer of letteral
string following as a subscript onto grammar
187xoi xraselci’a
xladji d1 is spiteful/malevolent/malicious/mean to/towards
x2. (Cf. fengu, palci.)
xlafri x1 suffers from x2 (event, process, object).
xlafu’a f1 = xl1 is unlucky/unfortunate for
f2 = xl2 by standerd xl3.
xlajijnu j1 is pessimistic about j3. (Cf. xlali, jijnu, xlajijnu, tradutxu’a.)
xlali [xla] x1 is bad for x2 by standard x3; x1
is poor/unacceptable to x2. (Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable event, and a
bad/unacceptable agent: x1 does poorly (= lenu
ko’a gasnu cu xlali and not normally ko’a xlali).
See also palci, mabla, xamgu, betri.)
xlamau x1 = m1 is worse than m2 for x2 by
standard x3, by amount m3. (Cf. xlali, zmadu,
xagme’a, xlarai.)
xlame’a x1=m1 is better/[less bad] than m2 for
x2 by standard x3, by amount m4. (Cf. mleca, xlali,
traji, xagmau, xlamau, xlarai, mecyxlarai. )
xlamu’ijijnu j1 is cynical/suspicious about the
motives of m3 with regard to action/event m2 =
j3. (Cf. xlali, mukti, jijnu, xlajijnu, remxei.)
xlarai t1 = x1 is the worst among set/range t4
for x2 by standard x3. (Cf. xlali, traji, xlamau.)
xlati’a t1 = xl1 is bad weather at place/region
t2 for x3 = xl2 by standard x4 = xl3. (Cf. carvi,
xlima’i x1 is September of year x2 in calendar
x3. (Cf. sozymasti, kanbyma’i, nanca.)
xlura [xlu] x1 (agent) influences/lures/tempts x2 into action/state x3
by influence/threat/lure x4. (Also impresses; x4
is alluring (= trivelxlu for place reordering); x3
may be an achieved action/state, or an attempt to
perform an action/enter a state). (x3 and x4 are
normally events or states); See also djica, mukti,
trina, jitro, sazri, tcica, xance, stidi, kajde, maksi.)
4 xo’a [XOhA] Loglan toggle: Toggles the nekst text
4 xo’e [LE] Generic article: simply converts a
selbri to a sumti. (Avoids obligatory marking for
veridicality and quantity. Under xorlo, this is identical to lo.)
xod Xod. (A name used by Charles Hope.)
4 xoi [ROI / NA]
emph1. to the degree of...When prefixed by a
number, turns the number into a selbri that expresses some truth value between zero and one,
emph2. it may or may not be the case that ...
(This experimental cmavo form has been assigned
meanings several times independently. The first
sense, suggested on the Lojban Wiki by Xod, generalizes na and ja’a by creating a scale between
them. This can be seen as an implementation
of fuzzy logic. This sense has now been retired
in favor of subscripting ja’a with xi. The other
sense, apparently invented by Nora Lechevalier
some time earlier (at least before 1997), is not intended seriously, but rather as a kind of reductioad-absurdum. As it makes any sentence true, regardless of the content, it shows that a language
that is excessively free to interpretation is impossible to express anything in.)
xomxeci x1 is an ocotillo of species x2
xonkon Hong Kong. (Cf. xyngon, cangan,
jungo, tcadu.)
xonxoli x1 is sesame of species/variety x2. (syn.
jerjelino, simsimu)
xorjina x1 is a saddlebag/pair of saddlebags to
use on animal/vehicle x2.
xorxes Jorge.
xotli [xol xoi] x1 is a hotel/inn/hostel at location x2 operated by x3. (See also barja, gusta.)
xo [PA5] digit/number: number/digit/lerfu
xrabo [rab] x1 reflects rabic-speaking culture/nationality in aspect x2
xraci’a c1 = p3 draws picture c2 = p1 on
medium c3 = p4 with implement c4 depicting
p2. (Cf. pixra, ciska, xraselci’a, xratai, kacmyxra,
kacmyterxra, kacmyxragau, kacmyxrazu’e. )
xrakarni k1 = p4 is an illustrated magazine/journal with content k2 = p1 published by
k3 for audience k4.
xrani [xai] x1 (event) injures/harms/damages victim x2 in property
x3 (ka) resulting in injury x4 (state). (Also hurts.
See also cortu, daspo, spofu, katna, porpi.)
xraselci’a c2 = p1 is drawn by artist c1 = p3
on medium c3 = p4 using implement c4 depicting p2. (Cf. pixra, ciska, xraci’a, xratai, kacmyxra,
kacmyterxra, kacmyxragau, kacmyxrazu’e. )
188xrvatsk xutla
xratai t1 = p1 is an image of t2 = p2 created by
agent p3 on medium p4. (Cf. pixra, tarmi.)
xrebau b1 = m1 = s1 is creole used by b2 to
express/communicate b3, created from sources including m2. (Cf. sapxrebau.)
xremi’i x1 = min1 is a blender/mixer for ingredients x2 = mix2 to produce mixture x3 = mix1.
(not necessarily for food. Cf. mixre, minji.)
xrison Christ.
xriso [xis xi’o] x1 pertains to the Christian
religion/culture/nationality in aspect x2. (See also
jegvo, lijda.)
xrisrbiblia x1 is the Christian Bible of Christian
denomination x2
xrixruba x1 is buckwheat of variety x2. (syn.
xruba [xub] x1 is a quantity of buckwheat/rhubarb/sorrel grass of species/strain
x2. (See also spati.)
xrubei b1 = x1 takes/carries back b2 = x2 to
origin/earlier state b3 = x3 from b4 = x4 over path
xrucpe c1 requests/asks c2 to go back/return
to x2 from x3. (Cf. xruti, cpedu. Based on proposed redefinition of xruti by xorxes: x1 returns to
x2 from x3.)
xrugau g1 causes x1 to return to state x2 from
state x3. (Cf. xruti, gasnu. Based on proposed
redefinition of xruti by xorxes: x1 returns to state
x2 from state x3.)
xruki [xuk] x1 is a turkey [food/bird] of
species/breed x2. (See also cipni.)
xrukla x1 = xr1 = xr2 = k1 returns to earlier
location x2 = xr3 = k2 from x3 = xr4 = k3 via
route x4 = k4 using means/vehicle x5 = k5. (See
also se’ixru.)
xrula [rul] x1 is a/the
flower/blossom/bloom [body-part] of
plant/species x2; (adjective:) x1 is floral
xrulnranunkulu x1 is a quantity of ranunculus/buttercup/spearwort/water crowfoot of
species/strain x2 (Cf. matnyxrula.)
xrulrlavandula x1 is a quantity of lavender of
species/strain x2
xruti [xru] x1 (agent) returns x2
to origin/earlier state x3 from x4; x1
moves/gives x2 back to x3 from x4. (x2 goes
back/reverts/Retreats. to x3 (= se’ixru for agent
self-returning to a previous location/situation:
renumber places in the lujvo); (x3 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter
may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and
a causative like rinka/rikygau). See also benji,
krefu, rapli, rinka.)
xrvatsk Croatia.
xu’icmu x1 is an element of compound x2.
xukmi [xum xu’i] x1 is an instance of substance/chemical/drug x2 (individual or mass)
with purity x3. (See also curve, cidro, marna,
xukske x1 is meleagrology based on methodology x2.
xulbuktci x1 = t1 is an iron for straightening
cloths x2 = b1 = xu1 of material x3 = b2.
xumjimcelxa’i x1 = c1 is a gun/chemically
launched metal slug throwing weapon for use
against x2 by x3; weapon fires metallic objects
x4 using chemical propellant x5. (Cf. xilcelxa’i, mi’ircelxa’i, clacelxa’i, janjaknyxa’i, celgunta. Made from xukmi + jinme + cecla + xarci.)
xumrkonkreto x1 is a quantity of concrete made
from ingredients x2.
xumske x1 is chemistry based on methodology
xumsle s1 is a molecule of chemical x2. (c.f.
selci, xukmi, ratni, lektoni, protoni, nurtoni.)
xumsutri’a r1 = x1 catalyzes chemical reaction
r2 = s2 under conditions r3. (Cf. sutri’a, selfusra.)
xumtau t1 is a chemical compound of t2 and t3.
xunblabi b1 = x1 is pink. (Cf. xunre, blabi,
xunre [xun xu’e] x1 is red/crimson/ruddy
[color adjective]. (See also skari, blabi, xekri,
kandi, carmi, nukni, narju, rozgu, zirpu.)
xurbau x1 = b1 is the Urdu language used by b2
to express/communicate b3 (si’o/du’u, not quote).
(Cf. xurdo, bangu, bangurudu.)
xurdo [xur xu’o] x1 reflects Urdu language/culture/nationality in aspect x2. (See also
kisto, srito, xindo.)
xusra [xus xu’a] x1 (agent) asserts/claims/declares x2 (du’u) is true [can
be used for epistemology of authority]. (Also:
x1 states/says that/affirms/purports to know
that x2. (cf. natfe which is propositional and
non-agentive, nupre))
xusxusu x1 is vetiver of species/variety x2.
xutla [xul] x1 is smooth/even/[soft/silky] in

xu discursive: true-false question
xvgkog Hong Kong
exy letter x
y’y [BY2] letteral for ’.
ybu [BY*] letteral for y.
y [Y] hesitation noise; maintains the floor while
speaker decides what to say next.
4 za’ai [ZI] time tense distance: an unspecified
distance in time (Used to express a time distance
without specifying any subjective notion about its
size. May typically be used in a question when the
subjective notion is not known. See also za, zi, zu,
za’a [UI2] evidential: I observe. (See also zgana,
za’e [BAhE] forethought nonce-word indicator; indicates next word is nonce-creation and may
be nonstandard.
za’i [zaz] [NU1] abstractor: state (event) abstractor; x1 is continuous state of [bridi] being true.
za’o [za’o] [ZAhO] interval event contour:
continuing too long after natural end of ...; superfective ― ―-¿.
za’umai [MAI*] discursive: further utterance
za’ure’u [ROI*] again; in addition to the first
time; for the (¿ 1)th time (See krefu, rapli)
za’u [PA3] digit/number: greater than.
zabna [zan za’a] x1 is a favorable
connotation/sense/way-of-looking-at x2 used by
x3. (See also funca, mabla, xamgu, vrude.)
zacfoncu’u c1 the telemarketing business/activity/function for
goods/products/services/activities z2. (Cf. zarci,
fonxa, cuntu, zaircu’u, zairsnucu’u, venynoicu’u,
venxatrycu’u, vencu’u.)
zacpanka p1 = z1 is a market
place/square/area managed by p2 for selling/trading z2 by traders z3. (Cf. zarci, panka,
gubypanka, zdipanka, fanrypanka, kagnypanka.)
zaglamtu’e t1 is the thigh of t2 = z2. (The
thigh is the area between the pelvis and the knee.
Anatomically, it is part of the lower limb. Cf. tuple.)
zaircu’u c1 is a marketing
/business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities z2
zairsnucu’u c1 is the marketing communications business/activity/function
supporting the sales/promotion of goods/products/services/activities z2
zaisle z1 = s1 is a shop/store of market/mall
s2, selling x3 = z2, operated by x4 = z3. (Cf.
vecnu, ja’orca’o.)
zai [LAU] 2-word letteral/shift: alternate alphabet selector follows.
zajba [zaj] x1 is a gymnast at/performs gymnastics feat x2. (See also sluji, dansu.)
zalgosu x1 is a spiny anteater of species x2. (see
also jesymabru, ornitorinku)
zaltapla t1 is a patty of ground/pulverized material t2 = z2, shape t3, thickness t4.
zalvi [zal] x1 [individual or mass of hard surfaces] grinds/pulverizes/crushes x2 into powder
x3. (May need mosra tanru. See also daspo,
purmo, marxa, pulce, canre, molki.)
zanbebna b1 is na¨ıve about z2 (from zabna
zancimstu s1 = c1 = z1 is an oasis.
zanfri l1 = z3 enjoys z1 = l2.
zanfu’a f1 = z2 (event/property) is determined
by the good luck/fortune of f2. (Cf. zabna, funca,
zanru [zar zau] x1 approves of/gives favor
to plan/action x2 (object/event). (See also cmavo
list zau, natfe.)
zanselfu’a f2 is lucky/fortunate in f1 = z2
(event/property). (Cf. zabna, funca, selfu’a, malselfu’a.)
zanvi’e x1 is welcomed by x2 to place/event x3.
(See also zabna vitke; fi’i)
zarci [zac zai] x1 is a market/store/exchange/shop(s) selling/trading
(for) x2, operated by/with participants x3. (Also:
mall, marketplace, shopping center, cooperative,
bazaar, trading post, mart; the concept is the
function of selling/exchanging coupled with
a location, and is more oriented to the larger
concept of marketplace than the stalls/shops
that comprise it, though it does not exclude the
latter individual shops (= zaisle); x3 may include
both owners/proprietors and customers in some markets, but in most contexts refers only to the
operators. See also vecnu, canja, dinju, banxa.)
zarcpa z1 = c1 accepts z2 = c2 (object/event)
from source c3. (Cf. zanru, cpacu, friti, sarxe, fi-
tytu’i, radji’i, cpazau.)
zargu [zag za’u] x1 is a/the buttock(s)/arse/rear/seat [body-part] of x2;
[metaphor: rounded surface, support]. (Also
ass, behind, butt. See also ganxo, mabla.)
zasmo’isro s1 is temporary memory for fact(s)
s2 = m2 in containment s3.
zasni [zas] x1 is temporary/not permanent/expected to change in property x2 (ka) by
standard/expectant x3. (Also transient. See also
vitno, stodi, cenba, galfi, binxo, stika, stali, tcini,
zasti [zat za’i] x1 exists/is
real/actual/reality for x2 under metaphysics
x3. (Words usable for epistemology typically have
a du’u place. x1 is physical (one sense). See also
fatci, xanri.)
zasysti s1 pauses/temporarily halts activity/process/state s2. (Cf. denpa.)
zasyve’u x1 rents x2
[goods/service/commodity] to x3 for cost x4
for duration x5 (Cf. zasni, vecnu)
zatfa’i f1 discovers the existence of x2 = z1 under metaphysics z3.
zatra’i r1 = z1 exists over interval r2. (r1 = z1 is
r2 years/days etc. old. Not restricted to biological
forms. Cf. zasti, ranji, temci, ditcu, jbena, morsi,
cfari, fanmo, jmive.)
zausku c1 = z1 praises z2 (object/event) for audience c3 via expressive medium c4.
zau [BAI] zanru modal, 1st place approved by
za [ZI] time tense distance: medium distance in
zbabu [bab] x1 is a quantity of/contains/is
made of soap from source x2 of composition including x3. (See also lumci, fonmo.)
zbacu’u c1 is a/the production/building/assembling function/activities
involving person(s) c2 = z1(ind./mass) making/building/assembling z2 out of z3. (Cf. zbasu,
cuntu, zbaske, terzbasro, selvensro, zbagundi,
zbafavycu’u c1 is/are the function/activities involving persons c2 developing products f2 = z2
made by z1; c1 is product development. (C.f.
zbasu, farvi, zbaske, vencu’u, zbacu’u, faircu’u,
dintrocu’u, dinveicu’u.)
zbagundi g1 is a/the industry sector of z1 building/assembling/constructing g2 = z2 z3 = g3. (Cf.
zbasu, gundi.)
zbani x1 is a bay in/of coast/shoreline x2. (See
also lalxu, xamsi.)
zbaske s1 is the engineering/technology
of/behind products z2 made of materials/parts/components z3. (Cf. zbasu, saske.)
zbasu [zba] x1
x2 out of materials/parts/components x3.
(Should not be used to express causation. Cf.
cupra, larcu, rutni, finti, gundi.)
zbepi [zbe] x1 is a
pedestal/base/stand/pallet supporting x2
(object/event), of materials/properties x3. (Pallet
(= lafyzbe). See also jamfu, jicmu, jubme, tuple,
ckana, cpana, loldi, sanli.)
zbibu’u b1 is a handkerchief of type/material b2.
(Cf. daskybu’u.)
zbikre k1 is a/are whisker(s)/hair on/in the
nose of k2 = n2. (Cf. nazbi, kerfa, gaskre, runkre.)
zbisakci s1 sniffles fluid/gas/powder s2
through the nose. (Cf. nazbi, sakci, zbisnava’u.)
zbiseljirna z2 = j2 is a
rhinoceros of species/type x2 (from
zbisnava’u v1 breathes gas v2 producing nasal
sound; v1 snorts. (Cf. nazbi, sance, vasxu,
zbisakci, sipsavgau.)
zdabartu b1 is outdoors. (Cf. dijbartu.)
zdacau c1 is homeless. (Cf. zdani, claxu, xabju,
zdacravro v1 is a hall door/front door of
nest/house/lair/den v2 = z1 = c2.
zdadi’u x1 is a building that is the
house/home/nest/den of/for x2. (From zdani
zdane’i n1 is indoors. (Cf. zdabartu, dijbartu.)
zdani [zda] x1 is a
nest/house/lair/den/[home] of/for x2. (Home
(= tercnizda), house (constructed building) (=
zdadi’u). See also dinju, ginka, kumfa, se xabju.)
zdase’u s1 is a house servant in/of house z1
owned by person s2 = z2. (Cf. zdani, selfu.)
zdasta s1 = z2 stays home/is nidicolous.
zdicaudri z2 = c1 = b1 is bored, lacking amusement c2 = z1.
191ze’e zelplin
zdifanza f1 = z1 (event) teases f2 = z2.
zdigau x1 = g1 entertains (agentive) x3 = z2
with x2 = z1; g1 makes z1 entertaining/amusing
for z2 in property/aspect z3
zdile [zdi] x1 (abstract) is amusing/entertaining to x2 in property/aspect x3;
x3 is what amuses x2 about x1. (Also: x1 occupies
x2 pleasantly; x1 is fun for x2; x2 is amused by
x1; x2 has fun (at) doing x1; x1 is an amusement/entertainment/game for x2. See also cinri,
panka, xajmi for funny, kelci.)
zdilisri l1 = z1 is an anecdote/funny story/joke
about plot/subject/moral l2 by storyteller l1 to audience l4 = z2, amusing in aspect x5 = z3. (Cf.
zdipanka p1 is a park managed by
polity/community p2 for use by z2, with
amenities/amusements z1. (Cf. zdile, panka,
gubypanka, zacpanka, fanrypanka, kagnypanka.)
zdiraxa x1 is a chinaberry of variety x2. (See
also margosa.)
zdokumte x1 is a Bactrian camel of breed x2.
(Cf. kumte, rabykumte, tcokumte, mabru.)
zdotu’a z1 = t1 is Asia. (Cf. braplu, rontu’a,
bemtu’a, tcotu’a, sralytu’a, frikytu’a, ziptu’a.)
zduriane x1 is a durian (Durio zibethinus) of
breed x2 (See tcempedake)
ze’aba [ZEhA*] time tense: a medium time interval offset towards the future; (tense/modal).
ze’aca [ZEhA*] time tense: a medium time interval spanning the present; (tense/modal).
4 ze’ai [ZEhA] time tense interval: an unspecified amount of time (Used to express a duration
without specifying any subjective notion about its
length. May typically be used in a question when
the subjective notion is not known. See also ze’a,
ze’i, ze’u, ze’e, za’ai)
ze’apu [ZEhA*] time tense: a medium time interval offset towards the past; (tense/modal).
ze’a [ZEhA] time tense interval: a medium
length of time.
4 ze’ei [ZEhEI] nonce word with existing
grammar (Binds two arbitrary words together to
form a nonce word whose semantics are indicated
by the left word and whose grammar is the same
as that of the right word. Useful for creating function words without having to allocate experimental cmavo forms.)
ze’erpezytricu x1 is an evergreen tree of
species/variety x2. (see also pezyfaltricu, ckunu)
ze’e [ze’e] [ZEhA] time tense interval: the
whole of time.
ze’i zei seldejni d2 is/are the short-term indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm
d1 to creditor(s) d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4. (Cf. ze’i, dejni, zei, seldejni, kagyseldejni, ze’u zei seldejni, terdejni, paurseldejni,
ze’i [ZEhA] time tense interval: an instantaneous/tiny/short amount of time.
ze’o [zev ze’o] [FAhA4] location tense relation/direction; beyond/outward/receding from
ze’u zei seldejni d2 is/are the long-term indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm
d1 to creditor(s) d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4. (Cf. ze’u, zei, seldejni, kagyseldejni, ze’i zei seldejni, terdejni, paurseldejni, dejyterze’a.)
ze’u [ZEhA] time tense interval: a long amount
of time.
zei [ZEI] joins preceding and following words
into a lujvo.
zeki’o [PA*] number/quantity: 7,000 expressed
with comma.
zekri [zer zei] x1 (event/state) is
a punishable crime/[taboo/sin] to people/culture/judges/jury x2. (Taboo (= kluzei,
cacyzei); sin (= madzei, jdamadzei); heresy (=
jdazei). See also flalu, sfasa, zungi, palci, lijda,
pajni, javni, tcaci, marde, pulji, tinbe.)
zeldei x1 is a Sunday of week x2 in calendar x3.
(Sunday is either day seven or day zero, depending on your perspective.)
zelmasti x1 is July/the seventh month of year
x2 in calendar x3. (Cf. pavmasti, nanca.)
zelmast July. (Cf. mlajukma’i, zelmasti.)
zelmoija’a j1 has the rank of Major General/Rear Admiral/Air Vice-Marshal (equivalent
of NATO OF-7) in military unit /organization j2.
(Cf. ze, moi, jatna, jemja’a, vairsoi, bivmoija’a,
xavmoija’a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO
Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.)
zelplini p1 is the seventh closest planet (default
is Uranus if p2 is the Sun) revolving around p2
(default is the Sun), with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4. (Cf. zelplin, pavyplini, relplini etc.; see also terdi, solri,mluni, lunra,
plinycma, tarci’e.)
zelplin Uranus. (Cf. zelplini.)
192zerxai zgike
zemoi [MOI*] quantified selbri: convert 7 to ordinal selbri; x1 is seventh among x2 ordered by
rule x3.
zenba [zen ze’a] x1 (experiencer) increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity x2 by amount x3. (See also jdika,
zmadu, banro, jmina.)
zengau x1 increases/augments x2 (experiencer)
in property/quantity x3 by amount x4. (See also
zenba, zenri’a, stika.)
zenono [PA*] number/quantity: 700 [seven
zeno [PA*] number/quantity: 70 [seventy].
zenri’a r1 (event/state) increases/increments/augments x2 = z1 in property/quantity x3 = z2 by amount x4 = z3
zepti [zep] x1 is quantum 10 of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units
zerfu’e x1 is guilty of crime x2 accountable to
judge/authority x3. (Cf. zernalfu’e.)
zerfuzyxu’a x1 accuses x2 of charge/crime x3
before judge/authority x4. (See also zerfu’e,
zergau g1 (person/agent) commits a crime g2 =
z1, punishable to people/culture/judges/jury
x3 = z2. (Cf. zerxaigau, zerxai.)
zerjbera j1 borrows j2 from j3 without permission of z2.
zerkalte k1 is a poacher on prey/quarry/game
k2, punishable to people/culture/judges/jury
x3 = z2.
zerle’a l1 steals l2 from l3, which is a crime according to z2.
zermbeto x1 is zerumbet/shell ginger of
species/variety x2. (This is Alpinia zerumbet. Zingiber zerumbet (awapuhi) is krelu’i zingibero
zernalfu’e f1 is innocent/not guilty of crime
x2 = f2 = z1 (action/state) to judge/authority f3.

zerxaigau g1 commits a violent crime g2 = z1 =
xr1, injuring/harming/damaging victim x3 = xr2
in property x4 = xr3 (ka), resulting in injury x5 =
xr4. (Cf. zergau, zerxai.)
zerxai xr1 = z1 is a violent crime, injuring/harming/damaging victim xr2 in property
xr3 (ka), resulting in injury xr4. (Cf. zergau, zerxaigau.)
zetro [zet] x1 is 10
of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units). (Cf. grake, mitre,
snidu, stero, delno, molro, kelvo, xampo, gradu,
litce, merli, centi, decti, dekto, femti, gigdo, gocti,
gotro, kilto, megdo, mikri, milti, nanvi, petso,
picti, terto, xatsi, xecto, xexso, zepti.)
zevykla k1 comes/goes out/forth towards destination k2 from origin k3 via route k4 using
means/vehicle k5. (Cf. ze’o, klama, barkla.)
ze [zel] [PA1] digit/number: 7 (digit)
zgamuvjga x1 is the parallax of x2 as seen by x3
who moves to x4 from x5 (Cf. kesyske)
zgana [zga] x1 observes/[notices]/watches/beholds x2 using senses/means x3 under conditions
x4. (Behold/watch/gaze (= vi’azga);
guard/watchman/sentinel (= zgaku’i, jdeku’i).
See also cmavo list ga’a, ganse, viska, catlu, tirna,
pencu, sumne, kurji, canci, catlu, jarco, lanli,
pinka, simlu.)
zgatirna t1 = z1 listens to t2 = z2 against background noise t3 under conditions z4. (Cf. tinju’i.)
zgavinji v1 is a surveillance aircraft of type/for
carrying v2, propelled by v3. (Cf. zgana, vinji,
zgica’a x1 = c1 is a musical instrument played
by x2 = c3. (Cf. zgike, cabra.)
zgifau f1 is a musical event with music x2 = z1
performed/produced by x3 = z2 (event).
zgifi’i f1 composes music f2 = z1 for purpose
zgigri x1 = z2 = g1 is a band that has members
x2 and plays music x3 = z1. (See also zgike, girzu)
zgika’usni s1 is a music note (symbol). (Cf.
zgike, kantu, sinxa, zgika’u, zgica’a.)
zgika’u k1 is a music note (tone). (Cf. zgike,
kantu, zgika’usni.)
zgikabri k1 is a glass harp/musical glass, performed by z2 (event).
zgike [zgi gi’e] x1 is music performed/produced by x2 (event). (x2 event
may be person playing instrument, singing, musical source operating/vibrating, etc.; instrument
(= zgica’a); play an instrument (= zgica’apli,
zgiterca’a, selzgigau, selzgizu’e); song (= sagzgi,
zildatni zmajavdu’i
selsa’a); voice, as used musically (= zgivo’a);
composed music (= finzgi). See also damri, dansu,
flani, janbe, jgita, pipno, rilti, tabra, tonga, xagri,
zgipli x1 = p1 plays x3 = z1 on x2 = p2 (see also
zgitci, zgica’a)
zgirpopu x1 is a form of pop music performed
by x2 with characteristics x3. (Cf. te’ekno, zgike,
zgiselfi’i f2 = z1 is a musical composition composed by f1for function/purpose f3 from existing
elements/ideas f4. (Cf. zgike, finti, zgifi’i, simfoni,
zgiske s1 is musicology with methodology s2.
zgitci t1 is a music instrument used for producing sound t2 = z1. (Cf. zgike, tutci.)
zgoptera x1 is a damselfly of species x2. (Cf.
ansoptera, odnata, laxsfani, sfani, cinki.)
zi’ejva j1 is the right for z1 to do z2
(event/state). (Cf. zifre, javni, selzi’e, nunzi’e,
kamyzi’e, rarzi’ejva, prezi’ejva.)
zi’erbi’o z1 = b1 becomes free to do/be x2
(event/state) under conditions x3. (Cf. zifre,
zi’evla v1 is a fu’ivla-form word meaning v2 (in
Lojban); v1 is morphologically a fu’ivla. (Generalization of fu’ivla to include non-borrowings;
specialization of fu’ivla to exclude non-Lojban
zi’ezva j1 is the right for z1 to do z2
(event/state). (Cf. zifre, javni, selzi’e, nunzi’e,
kamyzi’e, rarzi’ejva, prezi’ejva.)
zi’e [ZIhE] joins relative clauses which apply to
the same sumti.
zi’o [zil] [KOhA7] pro-sumti: fills a
sumti place, deleting it from selbri place structure;changes selbri semantics.
zifcru x1 releases x2 to do/be x3 under conditions x4. (Cf. zifre, curmi, toljgari.)
zifre [zif zi’e] x1 is free/at liberty to do/which'd be x2 event/state under conditions x3. (Also unrestricted, unfettered, unconstrained; (adjective:) independent; (adverb:) willingly, voluntarily, freely,
may, optionally; (potential:) x1 voluntarily does
x2. See also pinfu, rinju, bilga, curmi, kakne, frili.)
zifyje’a z1 = j1 is a sovereign state having
supreme, independent authority over j2 (people/territory). (Cf. jecta.)
zigzagi z1 is a line with the shape of a zigzag.
zildatni x1=d1 is information gathered/produced by method/from source x2=d3.
(not necessarily meaningful or about anything)
zilfadni f2 (ka) is an ordinary / common / general / typical / usual property among f3. (Made of
zi’o + fadni. See also kampu for the fully-universal
zilkancu x1 numbers/adds up to/consists of x2
(number) counting by units x3; x1 are x2 in number.
zilpa’a x1 has probability x2 of occurring. (See
also cu’o, la’erlai)
ziltau t1 is a tanru component. (Cf. tanru, zi’o,
seltau, tertau.)
zimbabues Zimbabwe. (Cf. zimbabu.)
zimbabu x1 is Zimbabwean in aspect x2. (see
also zimbabues)
zingibero x1 is ginger of species x2. (see also
kurkuma, glangala)
zinki [zin zi’i] x1 is a quantity
of/contains/is made of zinc (Zn); [metaphor:
hard metal]. (See also jinme.)
zipcpi x1 = dzipo1 = cipni1 is a penguin of
species x2 = cipni2.
ziptu’a d1 = t1 is Antarctica (from dzipo tumla
c.f.zdotu’a rontu’a tcotu’a sralytu’a frikytu’a bemtu’a)
zirjbo l1 is bad Lojban.
zirpu [zir zi’u] x1 is purple/violet [color
adjective]. (See also skari, blabi, xekri, kandi,
carmi, nukni, blanu, xunre.)
zirxu’e x1 = z1 is crimson/carmine/ruby/cerise/deep red. (Cf. zirpu,
zivle [ziv vle] x1 (agent) invests resources
x2 in investment x3 expecting return/profit x4 (object(s)/event). ([also ties up/Risks/gambles. x1
is an investor; x2 are invested assets of x1; bond
(= jertervle)]; See also prali, canja, jbera, dejni,
zi [ZI] time tense distance: instantaneous-toshort distance in time.
zmadu [zma mau] x1 exceeds/is more
than x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni) by
amount/excess x4. (Also positive (= nonmau).
See also cmavo list mau, mleca, zenba, jmina,
bancu, dukse, traji.)
zmajavdu’i x1 is greater than or equal to x2 in
property/quantity x3 by amount/excess x4. (See
also su’o)

zmana’u z1 = n1 is a positive number relative to
origo z2. (Cf. ni’u, nonmecna’u, fatna’u, mecna’u,
nonmau, ma’u.)
zmanei n1 prefers n2 = z1 over z2, because of
property/quantity z3, by margin z4. (Cf. zmazau.)
zmiku [zmi] x1 is automatic in function x2 under conditions x3. (See also macnu.)
zo’a [zon zo’a] [FAhA4] location tense relation/direction; tangential to/passing by ...
4 zo’ei [LAhE] Something associated with;
equivalent to ”zo’e pe”. (There are a lot of cases
where people use ”tu’a” where they actually mean
zo’ei; once I noticed the usefulness of such a word
to elide whole chunks of sentences, I started wanting it all the time. -camgusmis)
zo’e [KOhA7] pro-sumti: an elliptical/unspecified value; has some value which
makes bridi true.
zo’i [zor zo’i] [FAhA4] location
tense relation/direction; nearer than .../inward/approaching from ...
zo’obu [BY*] letteral: humor symbol, ”:-)” and
its related forms expressing humor (letteral).
zo’ocu’i [UI*5] attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously.
4 zo’oi [ZOhOI] quote next non-Lojban word
only; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited
by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing)
zo’onai [UI*5] attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously.
zo’o [UI5] attitudinal modifier: humorously -
dully - seriously. (See also xajmi, junri.)
zo’u [ZOhU] marks end of logical prenex quantifiers/topic identification and start of sentence
zoi [ZOI] delimited non-Lojban quotation; the
result treated as a block of text.
zo [ZO] quote next word only; quotes a single

zu’a [FAhA2] location tense relation/direction;
leftwards/to the left of ...
zu’edji z1 = d1 intends/wishes to do z2 = d2 for
z3 = d3.
zu’e [BAI] zukte modal, 1st place (purposed
agent) with goal-seeking actor ...
zu’i [KOhA7] pro-sumti: the typical sumti
value for this place in this relationship; affects
truth value.
zu’o [zum] [NU1] abstractor: activity (event)
abstractor; x1 is abstract activity of [bridi] composed of x2.
zu’unai [UI*3] discursive: on the one hand - on
the other hand.
zu’u [UI3] discursive: on the one hand - on the
other hand. (See also karbi, frica, dukti)
zugyxu’a z1 = xu1 confesses guilt about z2 (abstraction).
zuKAM common cold
zukpei z1 = p1 is a volitional thinker consdering taking action z2 = p2 toward end/goal z3 (cf.
zukte, pensi, bavgaupei)
zukselpla p2 = z2 is a policy of p3 = z3 (nu)
prescribed by p1.
zuksi’a s1 = z1 honors s2 with action z2.
zuktadji t1 is the manner of action t2 = z2 under
condition t3. (Cf. tadji, zukte.)
zuktce m1 = z1 is [busy doing]/[working hard
at] z2 for purpose/goal z3. (Cf. zukte, mutce.)
zukte [zuk zu’e] x1 is a volitional entity employing means/taking action x2 for purpose/goal
x3/to end x3. (Also acting at, undertaking, doing; agentive cause with volition/purpose; also
x3 objective, end. See also cmavo list zu’e, bapli,
gunka, jalge, krinu, mukti, rinka, snuti, gasnu,
fasnu, minji, prenu, ciksi, jibri, pilno, pluta, tadji,
zukti’i s1 gives advice z2 to s3 = z1. (Cf. stidi,
ctuca, friti, kajde.)
zuktruci’e c1 = t1 = z1 is the executive branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2 of organizational type c2 with components c3. (Cf. zukte,
turni, ciste, truci’e, flatruci’e, pairtruci’e, flacfatrugri, flazautrugri, vajraifla.)
zukybajra b1 = z1 goes jogging on surface b2
for purpose z3. (To run volitionally and steadily,
especially for exercise.)
zukyka’e k1 has volition/is a volitional entity.
zulxa’e xa1 = z1 is a/the left hand of xa2 = z2,
which faces/in-frame-of-reference z3. (Cf. prityxa’e.)
zumri [zmu] x1 is a quantity of maize/corn
[grain] of species/strain x2. (See also gurni.)
zungi [zug] x1 feels guilt/remorse about x2
(abstraction). ((cf. cmavo list .u’u, cinmo, xenru,
zunle [zul] x1 is to the left/left-hand side of
x2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference x3. (Also x3 is the standard of orientation for x2. See also
cmavo list zu’a, pritu, mlana, crane, trixe, farna.)
zunsna s1 is a consonant sound made by articulation z1 (event/state).
zunti [zun zu’i] x1 (evt./state) interferes
with/hinders/disrupts x2 (evt./state/process)
due to quality x3 (ka). (Also blocks, obstructs,
baffles; not necessarily forcing cessation. See also
fanta, dicra, fliba, fanza, raktu, klina, bandu, cfipu,
zutse [zut tse] x1 sits [assumes sitting position] on surface x2. (See also stizu, cpana, vreta.)
zu [ZI] time tense distance: long distance in
zvacpe c1 requests/invites z1 = c3 [to attend]/[be present at] z2 (event/location) in manner/form c4. (Cf. zvati, cpedu, vi’ecpe. )
zvafa’i x1 = facki1 finds/locates x2 = zvati1 =
facki3 (object) at x3 = zvati2 (event/location) ((=
tolcri) See zvati, facki.)
zvaste l1 is a list/catalog/register of objects/events l2 = z1 (sequence/set) present
at/attending x3 = z2 (event/location).
zvati [zva] an object/event is at//present at x2 location).
to a nonce location for an object/activity that
is mobile

A per (a düp = per hour); at (at 2 dollarseach = a dolars tel).
AB but
AD for, in order to, to
ADAS that, to (after positive: Binom tu liegik,
adas vedom tifan = He is too rich to
become a thief)
ADEL to-day
ADELO to-day
ADYÖ! good-bye!
AG! oh! (cry of pain/surprise)
AGÖDO this morning
AI always
AIPO after each
AIPOS after every... (aipos dels tel = every other
AL, ALIK each, every
ALMULIK monthly
ALNA each time
ALO at any rate, in any event
ALSEIMIK any; whatever; whichever
ALYELIK annual, yearly
ANEITO to-night
ANIK several, some
ANU at this moment; now
APOSZEDELO this afternoon
AS as
ASOAR this evening
ASOARO this evening
ASÄ as (conjunction)
AT this
ATIMO at present
ATOS this (abstract pronoun)
ÄDEADÖL deceased
ÄDEL yesterday
ÄDELO yesterday
ÄL facing; toward(s)
ÄNEITO last night
ÄNU (just) recently
ÄS as (preposition); like
ÄSÄ as, like (conjunction)
ÄSI as also
ÄSOARO last evening
ÄSVA as if, as though
ÄSVO as it were
ÄVIGO last week
ÄYELO last year
BA perhaps
BADIKUMO worse (adverb)
BADIKUMÖN to deteriorate
BADIM pessimism
BADIMAN a pessimist
BADIMIK pessimistic
BADINILUD a suspicion
BADOCEDÖN to take amiss
BADÖF spite
BADÖFAFREDIK frivolous, mischievous
BADÖFIL mischievousness
BAFOD a moustache
BAGAF a paragraph
BAI... according (to)
BAIÄDIKO accordingly, correspondingly
BAIÄDÖN (BAI) to agree, to be in accordance (with), to correspond (to)
BAICEDÖN (KO) to agree (with)
BAIK eventual
BAIKO possibly
BAILÖN to let (house, etc)
BAIODÖN (KO) to confer (with); to liaise (with)
BAISENÄL sympathy
BAITIMÄDIK up-to-date
BAITON harmony
BAITONIK harmonious
BAITONÜKÖN to tune (a musical instrument)
BAIVÖGÖN (BAI, KO) to agree (with)
BAKAN a baker
BAKASTON a brick
BAKÖP a bakery
BAKTER a bacterium
BAKTERAV bacteriology
BAKUD an abacus
BAKUN a balcony
(bakun balid = dress circle;
(bakun telid = upper circle;
(bakun kilid = (the) gallery)
BAL one (number) (bal len votik = next to eachother)
BALAN one (person)
BALAT a piece, a unit
BALATIK single
BALÄD a contract, an essay, a treaty(bai baläd = on a contract)
BALÄDIKÖN (KO) to come to terms (with)
BALÄDÜKÖN to arrange (by mutual consent); to reconcile
BALÄT unity
BALHON a unicorn
BALIB a beard
BALID first
BALIDAN former (person)
BALIDBITID first performance
BALIDNAEDO for the first time
BALIDO firstly
BALIK single, sole, unique
BALION a million
BALIONAN a millionaire
BALNA once
BALÖN to unite
BALSAMÜKÖN (to) embalm
BALSOTIK one kind of
BALUGIK simple
BALUGÖF simplicity
BAM a bench, a seat
BAMBUD bamboo
BANACEM a bathroom
BANATOP a (seaside) resort
BANATÜB a bath (tub)
BANOREM a panorama
BANK a bank (commercial)
BANKAZÖT a banknote
BANÖN (IN) to bathe (in)
BANÖP a seaside resort
BAOL a ball (dance)
BAOLET ballet
BAONAN a baron
BAPÄLIK base, mean
BAPIK inferior, low
BAPÜKÖN to abase
BARAK a barn
BASIN a (water) basin
BARIKAD a barricade
BASKÜL a weighing machine
BATATONÄT crack of the whip
BATÜL a whip
BAVET an apron, a pinafore
BAZIL a bacillus, a germ
BÄAD ebony
BÄK a back
BÄKABOM a backbone, a spine
BÄKABOMAKÖLÜM a spinal cord
BÄKASIEM (the) reverse edge
BÄKAVIREB vertebra
BÄL a berry
BÄLÄT a meadow
BÄLÄTÖP grazing land, pasture
BÄLD old age
BÄLDÄDAN an old pal (= a mate)
BÄLDÄDIK longstanding, old
BÄLDIK old (in years)
BÄLDIKAM the ageing process
BÄLDOT (years of) age
BÄLDOTAKOMPENAN a contemporary (person)
BÄLID abdomen, belly
BÄLUN a balloon
BÄLUNAFLITAN a balloonist
BÄN low tide, ebb tide
BÄNSIN petrol
BÄNSINACUB a petrol tank
BÄNSINAFEGEB petrol consumption
BÄNSINÖP a petrol station
BÄNÜPO at low tide
BÄNYUN a banjo
BÄTAZIB a bait
BÄSET a basket
BÄSIN china
BEB an onion
BEBÜL a chive
BED a bed
BEDASTOFED bedlinen, bedsheets
BEFEILÖN to cultivate
BEFEIT a dispute
BEFEITOVIK disputable
BEFOÖN to precede
BEG a request
BEGAPENÄD a (written) request
BEGESAG a reply
BEGESAGÖN to reply
BEGÖ! (if you) please!
BEGÖN to beg, to supplicate
BEGÖN SÄKUSADI (EKE) to apologize (to someone)
BEGUN a begonia
BEIAN a passer-by
BEIGOLÖN to go past
BEITIL a bite, a snack
BEITÖN to bite
BEIVEGÖN to go past
BEJEDÖN to strew
BEJÄFÖN to attend (to), to deal (with), to supervise
BEKOMÖN to attend, to be present at
BEL a mountain
BELEGIVÖN to reward
BELESEATÖN to lay siege to, to occupy
BELETÄVÖN to explore
BELIFOT an experience
BELIFÖN to experience, to undergo
BELODÖN to load
BELÜGÖN (EKI) to mourn, to grieve (for someone)
BELUTED hawking, peddling
BEM a beam (structural)
BEMAGIVÖN to charm, to enchant
BEMASTIKÖN to master, to overcome
BEMASTÖN to master, to rule
BEMEKÄDÖN to overpower
BEMÜL a perch
BENÄD grace
BENEN a banana
BENODÄLIK beneficent
BENOBLÄFÖN (EKE BOSI) to reward (someone with sthg)
BENODAN (HI / JI) benefactor, benefactress
BENODISTÜKÖN OKI (to) distinguish oneself
BENODUGÄLIK well brought up, well-reared
BENOFÄT (good) fortune
BENÖF harmony
BENOKÖMÖ (INI) welcome (to)
BENOLAB prosperity, well-being
BENOSEK a 'hit', a success
BENOSEVÄDIK well-known
BENOSMEKIK delicious
BENOSMELOT a perfume, scent
BENOSUF success
BENOSÜPOT a surprise
BENOVIM a good mood
BENOVIPÖN to congratulate
BENÜKÖN to benefit
BENÜPENÖN to fill in (forms)
BEPENAM a description
BEPENÖN to describe
BER a bear
BERAV booty, plunder
BERAVÖN to despoil, to plunder
BERJEN egg-plant
BERÜL a bear-cub
BESÄKÖN to interrogate
BESEIDÖ! engaged (not free)
BESEITÖN to lay (with concrete, pebbles, etc)
BESEPEDÖN to tread (grapes)
BESMILÖN to ridicule
BESPIKAN an interviewer
BESPIKÄB an interviewee
BESPIK an interview
BESPIKÖN to interview
BESTEIFÖN to aspire to; to strive after
BESTEPÖN to set out
BESTÜRÜLÖN to scatter
BET a (flower) bed
BETAD beetroot
BETIKÖN to consider
BETUN concrete
BETIKÖN to consider
BEVEGÖN to travel
BEVOBÖN to work on
BEVÜ among, between
BEXÄNÖN to ascend, to go up
BI because
BIAD a birch (tree)
BIB a bible
BID a kind, a race, a sort, a species
BIDÄD a breed, a race
BIDÜ of the kind . . .
BIEDIK bitter
BIEGÄDÖN (OKI) to bend, to stoop
BIEN a bee
* bienadomil = a beehive
BIGIK fat, thick
BIJOP a bishop
BIJUT a jewel
BIJUTEL a jeweller's (shop)
BLEGÄL (mental) flexibility
BIL bile
BILASTON gallstone
BILIET a ticket
BILIETABÜR a booking-office
BILIET GEIK a return ticket
BILIET MOIK a single ticket
BIMÜL a bush
BINÄD a component, an ingredient
BINÄDON (ME) to consist (of)
BINÄDÖL composite
BINÄL being, heart and soul
BINÄLIK essential
BINÄLIKO in essence
BINET ele3ment
BINOD a structure
BINÖN to be
BIOMAGODEM a biopic, film, motion picture, movie
BIOSKOPÖP a cinema
BIR beer
BIRÖN to brew
BISÄ provided that
BISAR oddity
BISARIK odd, strange
BISKIT a (cream) cracker
BISKUT a biscuit
BIT a procedure
BITIKAM behaviour, conduct
BITIKÖN to make an appearance
BITÖN to act, to behave
BITÜRAN a graduate
BLADOKVÄNÖN o blow out
BLADÖN to blow
BLADOSVOLÜKÖN to blow up, to inflate
BLAMILÖN to quibble
BLAMÖN to blame, to reproach
BLASFÄMÖN (DÖ) to curse, to swear (about)
BLÄFÖN to repay
BLÄGAKOLAT anthracite
BLÄGIK black
BLÄNDANAF a battleship
BLÄNDAVAB a tank (military)
BLEBÖN to remain (to be)
BLEDEMABOBOT a leafy arch
BLEGIK bent, curved
BLEGÜLOVIK flexible, pliable
BLEGÜKÖN to bend, to flex
BLEIBÖN (+ INFIN) to remain (bleibön stanön = to remain
BLEIN blindness
BLEINANIPLED blind man's buff (= game)
BLEINIKÖN to become blind
BLEINÜKÖN to blind
BLESIRIK nice, pleasant
BLIBÖN to remain, to stay
BLIG duty, obligation
BLIGÄD an authorization, an exercise, a lesson, a task
BLIGIDÖN to commit (oneself); to do business)
BLIGÖN to obligate, to oblige
BLIMÖN to equip, to fit out
BLIMOT equipment
BLINÖN to bring
BLIT (a pair of) trousers
BLITIPOLIANS (a pair of) bracers
BLOD a brother
BLOG a sheet
BLOKAFLUT a recorder (musical instrument)
BLOTIKÖN to crouch down
BLOTÖFIK crouching down, stooping
BLOTÜKÖN (OKI) to make (oneself) insignificant
BLÖB blubber
BLÖF a proof (=evidence)
BLÖFÄDÖN to argue, to reason
BLÖFED a syllogism
BLÖFÖN to give proof, to prove
BLÖG a clod, a clump
BLÖT a bosom, a breast, a chest
BLUD blood
BLUDIPED blood pressure
BLUF a test, a trial
BLUFÖN to prove, to test
BLUK a brook, a stream
BLUNEDÖN to baptize
BLUNÖN to dip, to plunge
BLUVIK amazing
BLUV confusion
BLUVIKO in amazement
BLUVÖN to be perplexed
BLUVÜKÖN to amaze
BLÜDÖN to bleed (someone) (medical)
BLÜMÄL attentiveness, presence of mind
BLÜMIK ready
BLUMÜKAMATAB a sideboard
BLÜNOTS supplies (= goods)
BLUNÖN to plunge
BLÜMÜKÖN to prepare
BLÜNÖN to provide
BLÜTÖN to bruise, wound
BO possibly, probably
BOAD wood (substance)
BOATAN a cripple, a lame (person)
BOB bow (=arc)
BOBÄD an arch (= building)
BOAD wood
BOBOTIKÖN to form an arch
BOD bread
BODEL a baker's (shop)
BODIÄR a bread bin
BODIFILÄDÖM a (bread) toaster
BODÜL a (bread) roll, bun
BOED a board, a shelf
BOEDASKAF a platform
BOFIK both
BOG a box, a chest
BOID a ship's deck; (in boid = on board)
BOIDASTUTÖM a balustrade, a handrail
BOIDÖN (OKI) to embark
BOK a box
BOLIÄR a tureen
BOLIT politics
BOLITIK political
BOM a bone
BOMEM a skeleton
BON a (broad) bean
BONÄT a bonnet, a cap
BONED an order (for goods)
BONEDÖN to order (goods); to book (a place)
BORD board (= lodgings)
BORDÖP a boarding-house
BOS something
BOSIL a little bit
BOSKOTAN a scout
BOT a boat
BOTUR a bittern (bird)
BOUM a bomb
BOV a basin
BOVED a plate
BOVIL a dish
BOVILAVACIN a dishwasher
BOVÜL a cup
BÖB a purse
BÖD a bird
BÖDAN a fowler
BÖDAVAN an ornithologist
BÖFÖN to be silly, to have fun, to lark about
BÖKAN a coachman
BÖKET a bucket
BÖLADÖN to annoy, to bother
BÖLADIK annoying, bothersome, a nuisance
BÖMÄNIK Bohemian
BÖNIÄLIK favourable
BÖR butter
BÖSIN porcelain
BÖTAN a waiter
BÖTÄDIL a minibar
BÖTÄDARAMAR a serving cabinet (for food/drinks)
BÖTÖM a tray
BÖTÖN to serve (meals and drinks)
BRAD an arm (=limb)
BRADASTUL an armchair
BRADASTUTÖM an arm-rest (on chair)
BRADÖN to embrace
BRAKAGLOKIL a wrist-watch
BRAMARUBUD a blackberry bush
BRAFIK able, capable, popular
BRAFÖ! Well done!
BRANÖN to vibrate
BRASID a cabbage
BREFIK short
BREFÜKAM an abbreviation
BREIKÖN to break (something)
BREIN a brain
BREKOD a break, a fracture
BREKOTÖN to fragment
BREKOVIK delicate, fragile
BREKÖN to break (= become broken)
BRIDÖN to breed, to bring up, to rear
BRIKOD an apricot
BRIETIK drunk, inebriated, intoxicated
BRIETÜKÖN to intoxicate
BRIKODEP an apricot tree
BROADOT a broadcast
BROADÖP a (radio/TV) station
BRODÖN to embroider
BRODOT an embroidery
BROJÜR a brochure
BROKAN a broker
BROKAT brocade
BRON trachea
BRONSÖT bronze
BRUÄT a wheelbarrow
* bruätavobod = a rough task
BRUL a tangle
BRUMÖN to buzz, to hum
BRUVÖN to sniff
BRÜOM embryo
BRÜYÄR heather
BRÜYÄRALÄN heathland
BUB a cow
BUBÜL a calf
BUÄD an advantage
BUDAN a buddhist
BUFOD a toad
BUEG a beech (tree)
BUFOD a toad
BUG a bay
BUIDÖN to hedge in
BUIKUMO preferably, rather
BUJID a sparking plug
BUK a book
BUKARAMAR a bookcase
BUKÄDAN a book-keeper
BUKEM a library
BUKISELAN a bookseller
BUKISELIDÖP a bookshop
BULÄD a blister
BULIK bubbly
BULIL a bubble
BUM construction
BUMOT a building
BUMÖN to build, to construct
BUN a jump, a leap, a spring
BUNÄDÖN to skip
BUNDAN abundance
BUNDANIK abundant, plenty
BUNÖN (LOVE) to jump, to leap, to spring (over)
BUNASTAFABUNAM (the) pole vault (= athletics)
BUNDANIK abundant, in plenty
BUO preferably
BUON a cork
BUÖN to prefer
BUT a boot
BUÜKÖN to prefer
BÜ ...ago (bü yels tel = two years ago)
BÜ before (preposition)
BÜAD a decree
BÜÄ before (conjunction)
BÜÄTAN (the) late lamented
BÜÄTO formerly
BÜD a command, an order
BÜDAKIP a (mental) reservation
BÜDÖN to command, to order
BÜDÜLÖN to prescribe
BÜFÄT a sideboard
BÜFIK preliminary, provisional
BÜFO for the time being
BÜG a can, a tin
BÜGIMAIFÜKÖM a can-opener, a tin-opener
BÜGOLAN a harbinger, a herald
BÜGUTÖN to taste
BÜIK former, preliminary, previous
BÜIKÜNO first and foremost, firstly, in the first place
BÜK print
BÜKOT a printed paper
BÜKÖN to print
BÜMAL a prerequisite, a sign
BÜMICÖDOT a prejudice
BÜMICÖDÖN to prejudice
BÜN a pear
BÜO before, formerly
BÜOCEDÖN to suppose
BÜOLOGED a preview
BÜOLOGÖN to foresee
BÜOMESÜLÖN (AD) to take precautions (to)
BÜOSAGAN a fortune teller
BÜOSAGÖN to forecast, to predict
BÜOSTIP a prerequisite
BÜOVITÖN to avoid
BÜR an office
BÜSID business
BÜSIDAN businessman
BÜSIDACIF executive, manager
BÜZIB an hors d'oeuvre, a starter
CAFED a kettle
CAFÄD a casserole, a saucepan
CAL employment, occupation, profession
CALAFOVAN a successor
CALAKOMIT an official duty
CALAN a clerk, an official
CALASVIST a colleague
CALONUNODAN a reporter
CALÖFIK official
CAM a chamois
CAN(S) goods
CANAMAGAD a warehouse
CANISELIDÖP a department store
CARAD a locust
CAVÖN to yawn
CÄDIK distinguished, excellent, highly respected
CÄF a beetle
CÄLAN an employer
CÄLÄB an employee
CÄLODÖN to appoint
CÄLÖN to nominate
CÄNAMON change (cash)
CÄNÖN to change, to exchange
CED an opinion
CEDIDÖN to feign, to pretend
CEDÖN to mean
CEK a cage
CEL a cherry
CELABIM a cherry-tree
CELEP a cherry-tree
CEM a room (in house)
CEMAKLOT a dressing gown
CENAVAMIK cold-blooded
CENO alternately, for a change
CENÖN (AD) to change (into), to turn (into)
CIEL a gill (of fish)
CIF a chief, a director, a head
CIFAZIF chief, main, principal
CIFODANEF (the) authorities
CIL a child, an infant
CILAJIDÜNAN a (children's) nurse
CILASAIKUL a tricycle
CILIJIKÄLÄDAN a child-minder
CILIL a baby
CILÖFOT childishness
CILÜP childhood
CILÜL a kiddie
CIM a chimney, a (ship's) funnel
CIMAMULÜR a mantelpiece
CIN a machine
CINALEÜL machine oil
CINÄDAN a (mechanical) engineer
CINEM machinery
CIP a splinter
* (pöteta)cips = crisps
COG fun, humour
COGEDÄL a sense of humour
COGIK funny, humorous, jokey
COGÖN (DÖ) to jest, to joke (about)
COL violoncello
COP a hoe
CÖDAL a judge
CÖDAN a magistrate
CÖDÄD a lawsuit, a trial
CÖDÄDÖN to bring to trial
CÖDETADEIDÖN to execute (= put to death)
CÖDETÖN (EKI AD) to condemn (someone to)
CÖDISPIKED a verdict
CÖDOT a judgment
CÖDÖN to judge
CÖG chess
CÖGAPIÄD a chess piece
CÖPILÖN to chop up
CUB a cistern, a tank
CUBANAF a tanker (ship)
CUBAVAB a tanker (lorry)
CUK a donkey
CUVÖN an axe, a hatchet
CÜG a cheek (part of face)
CÜN a chin
CÜTID a deception
CÜTIDÖN to deceive
CÜTOD a deception, a disappointment
CÜTÖN to deceive
DA through
DABAILÖN to farm out, to lease
DABENO blissfully
DAIF a banquet, a feast
DAIL a parliament
DABIN existence
DABINANEF everyone (in a certain place)
DABINÖN to exist (dabinos = there is (are)
DABLÜNÖN to extradite
DABRIDÖP a nursery (for flowers, plants)
DABÜKAN a publisher
DABÜKÖM a printer (computer, etc)
DABÜKOT an edition
DABÜKÖN to publish
DACEIN a transmutation
DADEADÖN to become extinct
DADEIDÖN to exterminate
DADRÄNÄLIK stressful
DADRANÖN to pierce
DADUNÖN (to) carry out
DAEMED a redoubt (military)
DAEMOD a dyke, a rampart
DAET a date (fruit)
DAF a badger
DAFAINIK shrivelled
DAFAMÜL a family line
DAFOMÖN to develop fully, to train
DAFREDÜKÖL delightful
DAFRONIKÖN to shrivel, to wither
DAG darkness
DAGEBÖN (MONI) to invest (money)
DAGIK dark
DAGLOF development, growth
DAGLOFÖN to develop, to grow
DAIF a banquet, a feast
DAIFAN a connoisseur
DAIFIDAN (HI-/JI-) a host, a hostess
DAIFIDÄB (HI-/JI-) a guest
DAIFOTÜL a morsel, a treat
DAIL parliament
DAIVÖN to dive
DAIVÜLÖN to somersault
DAJÄF (general) activity, coming and going
DAJEK terror
DAJOIKÜLÖN to push, to shove
DAJONÄD an exhibition, trade fair
DAJONÄDÖN to exhibit
DAJONÖN (OKI) to appear
DAKIPÖN to hold, to maintain, to retain
DAKONSÄLAM a consultation
DAKONSÄLÖN (to) counsel
DAKONSÄLAN a counsellor
DAKOSÄD traffic
DAKOSÄDASIRK a (traffic) roundabout
DALABAN an owner, a proprietor
DALABOT a property
DALABÖN to possess
DALABÜKÖN to maintain
DALEBÜD an (official) edict
DALEFAT a great-grandfather
DALEK a Dalek
DALEMOT a great-grandmother
DALESKOP a telescope
DALESTÜM awe, esteem
DALESTÜMIK highly esteemed
DALIAD a dahlia
DALILAN a listener
DALILANEF an audience
DALILÖN to listen to, to pay attention to
DALOGAL an inspector
DALOGAM an inspection
DALON (the) constitution
DALONÖN to constitute (= to adopt constitution)
DALÖN (+ INFIN) to be allowed to (=may)
DALUKÄM a surgical camera
DALUKÖTETAV key-hole surgery
DALUSKOP a microscope
DALUVAL microcosm
DAN thank(s)
DANOTÜKÖN to make known
DANÄDÖN to acknowledge, to be indebted to
DANÄDÜ thanks to...
DANÖF gratitude
DANÖFIK thankful
DANÖN to thank (danön demü/pro = to thank for)
DANÜD a dance
DANÜDÜM a dance (tune)
DANÜDÖN to dance
DAOPTAN an adoptive parent
DAOPTÄB an adopted child
DAPEBÖN pounding, thumping (of heart)
DAREIGÖN to dominate
DAS that (conjunction)
DASAMAN an exemplar, a model, a paragon
DASÄKÖN to interrogate
DASENÄLIK sensitive
DASEVÖN to realize, to recognize
DASLEITÖN to slash, to slit, to tear apart
DASTUN a sensation
DASTUNANUN a sensational report
DASUEMÖN to (mentally) realize
DASUMÖN to accept
DAT so that (conjunction)
DATIKÖN to devise, to think out
DATIKOVIK imaginable
DATOMÖN to torment
DATONÖN to ring out
DATUVOT an invention
DATUVÖN to invent
DAUK a carrot
DAÜKÖN to saturate
DAÜLAN an adult
DAÜLÜP adulthood
DAUN down (=fluffy feathers)
DAUT a daughter
DAV dew
DAVÄL an election
DAVATOF a dewdrop
DAVED emergence
DAVEDÖN to appear suddenly
DAVEDÖP a birth-place
DAVEDÜKÖN to bring about, to cause, to effect
DÄBEJÜTÖN to shoot off
DÄDIK defective, impaired
DÄDIKÖN to break down, to fail
DÄDILEDIKÖN to crumble
DÄDILEDÜKÖN to crumble (bread, etc)
DÄG a dagger
DÄGÖN to stab
DÄK a deck (on board ship)
DÄL permission, concession
DÄLAB charter
DÄLÄDÄB a deputy
DÄLÄLIK indulgent, lenient
DÄLOD (social) atmosphere
DÄLÖN (+ INFIN) to allow, to permit
DÄLTAD a delta
DÄM damage, a disadvantage
DÄMIK harmful
DÄMÜ to the detriment of
DÄMÜKÖN to damage
DÄPÄB an adept
DÄPÖN to initiate
DÄROPÖN to disrupt
DÄRVID a dervish
DÄSÄRT a desert
DÄSINÖN to draw, to sketch
DÄSINOTABIOSKOP a cartoon (= animated film)
DÄSPERÖN to despair
DASTEIF ambition
DÄSTEPÖN to spurn
DÄSTURÖN to disintegrate
DÄT a date (calendar)
DÄTAGÖN to trample down
DE of, from
DEADAM death
DEADANAGALÄD wake (after persons’s death)
DEADANÖP cemetery
DEADAPÖNOD (the) death penalty
DEADIYUF euthenasia
DEADÖN to die
DEB a debt
DEBETÖN to owe (money)
DEBÖN to owe
DEF a defect, a deficiency
DEFAL litter, rubbish, trash
DEFALIÄR bin, waste basket, trash can
DEFÄDÖN to be in need, to be in want
DEFIK deficient, imperfect
DEFÖN to be deficient, to be lacking, to fail
DEG ten
DEGBAL eleven
DEGIV delivery, surrender (of goods)
DEGTEL twelve
DEGTELAT a dozen
DEGYEL a decade
DEIDACÖDETÖN to sentence to death
DEIDÖL fatal
DEIDÖN to kill
DEIFLODÖN to freeze to death
DEIJÜTÖN (EKI) to execute (someone) by shooting
DEIKAM a digression
DEIKÖN to digress, to stray
DEILÄGÖM gallows
DEILÄGÖN (EKI) to execute (someone) by hanging
DEIMÖN to reject
DEKÄTAN a dean
DEKLAM a declamation
DEKLINÖN to decline (nouns)
DEKOTÖN (to) decode
DEKUL December
DEKÖN to decorate
DEL a day
DELABUK a diary
DELAGASED a newspaper
DELAPRIM daybreak
DELFIN a dolphin
DEM regard
DEMILÖN (DÖ) to be petty (about)
DEMOD an indirect object (grammar)
DEMOKRAT democracy
DEMÖN to mind, to note, to regard, to take notice of
DEMÜT extortion
DEN a rapier
DENSITIK dense, thick
DENSITÜKIAN a condenser
DENU from then on, henceforth
DEPÜTANEF a delegation, a deputation
DEPÜTÄB a deputy, a member of parliament
DERÖNÖN to start (a race)
DESEDAN a sender
DESIN an intention, a plan, a purpose
DESINO deliberately, on purpose
DESIR a desire, yearning
DESIRIK anxious
DESIRÖN to desire, to yearn
DETÄV departure
DETÄVÖN (DE) to depart (from)
DETIK right-hand
DEÜKÖN to remove, to take off
DEVEGAM setting out (on journey)
DEVID foreign exchange
DI from, of (with names of cities, countries, regions)
DIABÜL an imp, a little devil
DIAGUNIK diagonal
DIALIM idealism
DIAMET diameter
DIATEK (NULIK) The New Testament
DIÄT a diet
DIB a depth
DIBIK deep
DIBOT a (specific) depth
DICETASITOT digestive system
DICETÖN to digest
DIDO certainly, indeed
DIENTIFÄD identification, an identity card
DIFIK different
DIFÖN (DE) to differ (from)
DIGIDÖN to appreciate, to esteem
DIGIK dear, esteemed, lovable
DIGÄDIK valuable, worthy
DIGÄDÖN to be worthy of, to be of value
DIGIDÖN to appreciate
DIKOT a diktat (of dictator)
DIKTORAN a dictator
DIL a part, a portion
DILAM a division
DILÄDÖN (VÜ) to divide (among)
DILÄM a dilemma
DILED a piece
DILEKÖN to conduct (orchestra)
DILET an element
DILIJAN a carriage, a stage-coach
DILO partly
DILOD a share
DILODÖN to share
DILOT a deal, a part (of a whole)
DILÖN to divide, to part
DIN a matter, a thing
DINAMIT dynamite
DINÄD a circumstance, a condition
DINDUN a turkey
DINIT a dignity
DINITALEOD hierarchy (non-religious)
DINOSAUR a dinosaur
DIOTIK idiotic
DIPAN a diplomat
DIS under
DISÄRT desertion
DISEIN an aim, a plan
DISEINÖN to aim, to mean
DISIN a design, a plan
DISINÖN to design, to plan
DISKUDIJEDAM (the) discus throw (= Olympics)
DISLIENÜKÖN to underline, to underscore
DISMELANAF a submarine
DISÖN to diminish
DISPENÄD a signature
DISPENÖN to sign
DISSILIK open-air
DISSTÜTOT a base, a plinth
DIST an (essential) difference
DISTÖN (DE) to distinguish (from)
DISTIDÖN to distinguish, to make a distinction
DISTIK distinct
DISTÖFIK various
DISTRENAVEG the underground (railway)
DISTUKÖN to destroy; to devastate
DIT separation
DITAVÖL diaphragm
DITIBÖN to hand out
DITÖN (DE) to separate (from); to take leave (of)
DISTRENAVEG underground (railway)
DITRET distress, an emergency
DITRETAJÄNIL communication cord (on train)
DITRETAJOLAM an emergency landing (aviation)
DITRETAKLOK a warning bell (in distress)
DIUM a (spiritualist) medium
DIUR daytime
DIURETIN diuresis (medical)
DIV a treasure
DIVODIK devoted
DIVODÖN (+ dative) (to be) addicted (to)
DIVÖP a treasure house
DO although, though
DOAT a finger
DOATAHÄT a thimble
DOATANUEL a fingernail
DOATÖN to touch
DOBIK false, wrong
DOBÜKAM a falsification
DOBÜKÖN to fasify, to spoil
DOCOD (the) Doge (=Venetian ruler)
DOD disapproval, misgiving
DOFIK dull
DOG a dog
DOJEDÖN (OKI) to prostrate (oneself)
DOJOIKÖN to overturn, to upset
DOK a doctorate
DOKAN a doctor
DOKÜM a document
DOKÜMAM documentation
DOL pain, suffering
DOLIK hurting, painful
DOLÖN to hurt
DOM a house
DOMARAV a (house) burglary
DOMATRIP rates (for house, etc)
DOMAL a master (of household)
DOMINOV dominoes (= game)
DON bottom (not top)
DONADIL LÖPIK upside down
DONAJUL a lower (primary) school
DONAMAXÜL (the) lower jaw
DONAPLANEM undergrowth
DONATEAD ground floor
DONIO downwards
DONO below, down
DONÜ below
DONÜKÖN to lower
DOSLEATÖN to demolish
DOT a doubt
DOTIK doubtful
DOTIMIK sceptical
DOTÖN (DÖ/TEFÜ) to doubt
DÖB guilt
DÖBAT a debate
DÖBIK guilty
DÖBIKÖN to be found guilty
DÖBOT fault
(döbot duton lü ol = it's your fault !)
DÖDEL Thursday
DÖFÄD a shortcoming
DÖFIK defective
(rif döfik = a flat tyre)
DÖM thumb
DÖNU again
DÖNUAM a repetition
DÖNUAMAPLÄG a rehearsal
DÖNUAMO repeatedly
DÖNUBUMÖN to rebuild
DÖNUKOPAM reincarnation
DÖNUKOPÖN (to) reincarnate
DÖNULOGÖ! see you soon! so-long!
DÖNUPENÖ! write again soon!
DÖNUOD a refrain, a repetition
DÖNUÖN to repeat
DRAK a dragon
DRAMATAN an actor
DRAMATÖN to dramatise
DRANÄDAN an intruder
DRANÄDIK intrusive
DRANÄL a compulsion
DRANÖN to press, to rush (of blood, etc)
DRAT wire
DRÄGUN a dragoon (military)
DRÄNÄL an affliction
DRÄNÖN to press, push, shove
DRÄTODÖN (OKI) to train (= sports)
DRÄTÖN to train (= animals)
DRED fear
DREDÖN to fear
DREDABIK awful, fearful
DREDÄLIK apprehensive, anxious
DREDÄLÜKÖN to alarm, to demoralise
DREDILIK uncanny
DREDIK afraid
DREDÖF cowardice
DREDÖN (DEMÜ) to be afraid (of)
DREFÄB a (human) subject, a victim
DREFIK relevant
DREFÖN to affect, to strike
DREMÄL anxiety
DREMET a vibration
DREMÖN (DUB/SEKÜ) to tremble (with)
DREN a tear
DRENAMEAT tear duct
DRENÖN to cry, to weep
DRENÜKÖN to distress, to upset (= to make cry)
DRIM a dream
DRIMÖN to dream
DRIN a drink
DRINAMON a gratuity, a tip
DRINED a beverage
DRINOD a drink
DRINÖN to drink
DROG a drug
DROLIK comical
DRUMÖN to drone, to hum, to roar
DU while
DUBÄ because (conjunction)
DUBO thereby
DUBÜKÖN (to) reset (page) (computger)
DUGÄDÖN to accompany (to go with)
DUGÄL education
DUGÄLÖN to bring up, to educate, to raise
DUGED a (musical) accompaniment
DUGIAN a 'mains' connection (for gas, water, etc)
DUGOLÖP a corridor
DUGÖN to direct, to manage, to lead
DUINAFÄGIK efficient, competent
DUINAVOTEM a repertoire
DUINOD an achievement
DUINOT an attainment, a deed
DUINÖN (to) achieve
DUJETAPARAT a shower fitting
DUK a dock
DUKÖP a dockyard
DUL a duration
DULIK chronic, lasting
DULOGAMOVIK transparent
DULÖFIK durable, settled (of weather)
DULÖN (DÜ) to last (for)
DUMIK dull (=of tone)
DUN an action
DUNALEFOM active voice (grammar)
DUNAMOD a policy
DUNETATAB a (shop) counter
DUNETÄB a client, a customer
DUNETÖN to serve (someone)
DUNIKOD a fanatical act
DUNODÖN to act (as); to function
DUNOT a deed
DUNÖF activity
DUNÖN to do
DUODEN duodenum
DUBÜKÖN (to) reset (page) (computer)
DUSTODAN an industrialist
DUTÖN (LÜ) to belong (to)
DÜ during
DÜD a paper bag
DÜF hardness
DÜFÄLIKO hard-heartedly
DÜFIK hard
DÜFIKAM hardening
DÜKÄN a duchy
DÜNÄDÖN to do military service
DÜNAN a servant
DÜNASPADÄD a service area
DÜNET an errand
DÜNOT a service
DÜNOTAN a (shop) assistant
DÜNÖN to serve
DÜP an hour, o'clock* a düp = per hour
DÜPAFOLDIL a quarter of an hour
DÜPAKOUN a time zone
DÜPATELDIL half an hour
DÜTÖN to appropriate

E and
EBO just, precisely
ED and (before vowels)
EFE indeed, but...
EK anybody, anyone, someone
EKÖ here is (are)
EKÖMÖLAN a new arrival
EL (article for foreign words)
ENEITO the night before last
ENU just now
ET that (determiner)
ETDELAO from that day on
ETOS that (abstract pronoun)

FA by
FAB a fable
FABRIKAM (the) manufacture
FABRIKÖP a factory
FABRIKÖN to manufacture
FABRIKOT a product
FAD a thread
FAEM hunger
FAEMIK hungry
FAFAR a fanfare
FAG distance
FAGIK distant, far
FAGOT a distance
FAGOTABUNAM (the) long jump (= athletics)
FAGOTILÜ a short distance from
FAIB a fibre
FAILAM a (financial) failure
FAILAN a bankrupt
FAILOT a ruin
FAILÖN to go bankrupt
FAINIKAM fading, withering
FAJISTIK fascist
FAL a fall
FALAJELÖM a parachute
FALOK a falcon, a hawk
FALÖN to fall
FALSÄT a high-pitched voice
FAM fame
FAMIK famous
FAMÜL a family
FAMÜLANEM a surname
FANAPLED a (game of) 'tig'
FANÄBAM imprisonment
FANÄBÖP a prison
FANÄBÖPÄB a prisoner
FANÄBÖPÖN (to be in) prison
FANÄBÜKAMABÜD a warrant (for the arrest of)
FANÄBÜKÖN to arrest
FANÄDÖN to catch, to snatch
FANÖN to catch
FAR a lighthouse
FARIN pharynx
FARM a farm
FARMADOM a farmhouse
FARMAN a farmer
FASAD a facade
FASILOT a facility
FAT a father
FATÜL KRITID Father Christmas
FATÜITIK arrogant, conceited
FAVIK glum, morose, upset
FAVÖN to upset, to worry
FÄD a chance event, a coincidence
(ma fäd = at random)
FÄDIK accidental, by chance
FÄDIKO as it happens, perchance
FÄDO by chance, unexpectedly
FÄG an ability, a faculty
FÄGIK able, capable
FÄGIKO ably, capably
FÄGÖN to be capable, to be in a position to
FÄKAM emotion, fervour
FÄKÄD excitement
FÄKÄDIK excitable
FÄIKNIBÖN to squeeze together
FÄIKNOPÖN to button up
FÄISKRUBÖN to screw down
FÄISTEIGÄDÖN to plug, to stop up
FÄITANÖN to bind up
FÄKÄDIKO emotional
FÄKÄDÜKÖN to excite (emotionally)
FÄKIK emotional, moved (emotionally)
FÄKIKÖN to be moved (emotionally)
FÄKÖN to be touched (emotionally)
FÄKÜKÖL ardent, highly emotional
FÄKÜKÖN to move (emotionally)
FÄLID a valley
FÄNÄDÖN to flutter, to wave
FÄNÖM a ventilator
FÄRMÜKÖN to close, to shut
FÄTOT destiny, fortune
FE it's true that
FEABLUNEDÖN to re-baptize
FEAFOMÖM a tramsformer (electrical)
FEAJAFÖN (AD) to convert (into)
FEALOTÄDÖN to remove (= move house)
FEAPLADÖN to download [computers]
FEATONATAM transliteration
FEATONATÄT a transliteration
FEATONATÖN (to) transliterate
FEBAKATÄD working capital
FEBÄD a (commercial) enterprise
FEBOD occupation, trade
FEBUL February
FED a federation, league
FEDIK federal
FEDÖN (KO / TA) to be in league (with / against)
FEELID a freckle
FEFIK grave, serious
FEFILÜKAM combustion
FEFO in earnest
FEGEBÖN to squander
FEIFÖN to whistle
FEILALÄNED arable land
FEILAM agriculture
FEILAN a peasant, a rustic person
FEILAV agriculture
FEINÜKÖL rarefied
FEL a field
FELIFÄDÖN to spend (time)
FEMUR a femur
FENIK tired
FENÄT a window
FENÄTABOED a window-sill
FENÄTIKLINÜKAN a winder cleaner
FENÜKÖN to exhaust, to tire
FERABEM an iron beam
FERIN iron
FERINAMÜN iron ore
FEROD a rail
FERODARUTAVEG a train track
FESÜL a (blood) vessel
FEUDIM feudalism
FIBIK weak
FID food
FIDACAN crockery
FIDACEM a dining room
FIDASTAFIL a chopstick
FIDÄD a meal
FIDÄDAKAD a menu (table d'hôte)
FIDED a dinner
FIDEDÖN to dine
FIDOVIK eatable, edible
FIDÖN to eat
FIDUIN completion
FIDÜP a mealtime
FIED faith
FIEDIK faithful
FIEN interest (=financial return)
FIF a fever, a temperature
FIFÖN to have a fever, a temperature
FIG a fig
FIGUR a figure, a form
FIJESIPED (= fibot jelasita pedagetöl) = Aids
FIKULIK difficult, hard
FIL a fire
FILASEPÜLÖP a crematorium
FILAZÄP a (pair of) tongs
FILÄT a net
FILED a burn (=injury)
FILETATOP a hearth
FILETATOPAFÖN an (open) fireplace
FILID ignition (of car)
FILIDÖM a lighter
FILIDÖN to ignite, to kindle, to light
FILIG a fern
FILM a film (filmastelan = a film star)
FILOSOP philosophy
FILÖN to burn (=be burning)
FILÜKÖN to burn up
FIMÄDÖN to harness, to make firm
FIMEKÖN to complete, to finish
FIMIK fast, firm
FIMÜKÖN to fasten, to fix
FIN a conclusion, an end
FINEN finance
FINIDÖN to abolish, to bring to an end
FINOT an (ultimate) end, an extremity
FINÜKÖN to conclude, to end, to finish
FIR a fir (tree)
FIT a fish
fish and chips = fit e pötetüls
FITAVATIÄR an aquarium
FIV a pool
FIZIR an officer
FLAB a piece of cloth
FLAD a bottle
FLAG a flag, a standard
FLAGEDÖN to ask, to demand, to insist on
FLAGIÄLIK demanding
FLAGÖN to require
FLAM a flame
FLAMOT a taper. a torch
FLAMÜLÖN to flicker, to glimmer
FLAN a side
FLANÜ apart from
FLANÄD a wing (of building)
FLANATAB a sideboard
FLAP a hit, a smack
FLAPIL a slap
FLAPILAKREM whipped cream
FLAPÖN to beat, to hit, to slap, to strike
FLÄKÖMALAMPAD a (reflective) headlight
FLÄKÖN to reflect (light)
FLÄNO duty free
FLÄNÜKAMAMÄK a (pre-paid) postage stamp
FLÄTÖN to flatter
FLED a load
FLEDANAF a freighter
FLEDASPADÄD a cargo hold
FLEDAVAB a lorry
FLEDINAIF (the) freight trade
FLEDOT a load
FLEDÜLÖN to load (a gun)
FLEGED a hinge
FLEGOT compliance
FLEGÖN to bend, to flex
FLEK a rev, a turn
FLEKAM a rotation
* talaleflekam = rotation of the earth
FLEKIK flexible, supple
FLEKÖN to turn (to)
FLEN a friend
FLENALÖF (close)friendship
FLENAM friendship
FLENÄDAN a comrade, a mate, a pal
FLENÖFIK amiable, kind
FLIB a flea
FLIFÄDIK fresh, new
FLIFÄDÜKÖL refreshing
FLIFÜKÖN to refresh
FLIFIK fresh
FLIODABUK an in-folio album
FLITAMUG a bat (= creature)
FLITAPOF an airport
FLITÄM a wing
FLITAJIDAIFIDAN an air-hostess
FLITÖM an aeroplane
FLITÖN to fly
FLOD frost
FLODAM freezing
FLODÖFÖN to freeze (due to actions, emotions)
FLODÖN to be frozen
FLOG a flake
FLÖDACIN a freezer
FLÖDÖN to freeze
FLÖKASTUL a wickerwork chair
FLÖKOT a plait (of hair)
FLOM a forehead
FLOR a flower
FLORABRASID a cauliflower
FLORED a bouquet
FLORÖN to blossom, to flower
FLOTED a raft
FLÖRÖN to prompt (in theatre)
FLUD flow, high tide* flud süpik = Spring tide
FLUDÜP at high tide
FLUK a fruit
FLUKEPAGAD an orchard
FLUM a current
FLUMED a river
FLUMEDAJEVOD a hippopotamus
FLUMOT a liquid body
FLUMÖN to flow
FLUNÖN to affect, influence
FLUTÜLÖN to whistle (for)
FO before (place), in front of
FOAD a liver (anatomy)
FOBEL headland, promontory
FOD a scythe
FODÖN to cut, to mow, to reap
FOG a mist, a fog
FOGALÄDÖP a remote watch (building)
FOGINAN an outsider, a stranger
FOGINIK foreign, strange
FOGINÄN abroad, overseas
FOGOLAN a predecessor
FOGOLÖN to go before, to precede
FOGÜLÖN to become hazy
FOIKÖN to arise
FOK a fork
FOL four (folo = in fours)
FOLDIL a quarter
FOLLIEN a square (shape)
FOLLIMAFLAP quadriplegia
FOM a form, a shape
FOMAM a version
FOMÄD a feature
FOMÄL imagination
FOMÄLOD a figment (of the imagination)
FOMÄLÖN (BOSI) to imagine (something)
FOMÄT a format, a size
FOMET a form (to fill out)
FOMÖN to form, to shape
FOMÜL a formula
FOMÜLAM an (official) request
FON a spring (of water)
FONÄD a fountain, a well
FONÄT a source, a spring
FONED a fountain (in garden)
FOPAN a fool
FOPIK foolish
FOPLADÖN to put in front
FOR (the) gallows
FORTIF a fortification
FOT a forest, a grove, a wood
FOTAZUGOT a stretch (of forest)
FOTIKONÖM forestry
FOTIKONöMAN a ranger
FOTOGRAFAN a photographer
FOTOGRAFOT a photograph
FOTÜL a thicket
FOUK focus
FOVO furthermore, henceforth
FOVÖN to follow on
FÖDÖN to elevate, to further, to promote
FÖFAFLAN front (not back)
FÖFASTEV (FÖFANAF) prow (of ship)
FÖFIK ahead
FÖFIO forwards
FÖFIÖ! forward(s)! (exclamation)
FÖFÖN to be ahead, to be in front
FÖFÜ in front of
FÖFÜKÖN to advance
FÖG a hammer
FÖLÖN to carry out (promise/verdict)
FOLÜM a quartet
FOMÄT a format
FOMÖN to fashion
FÖDATANOD a conveyor belt
FÖN a heater, a stove
FÖNIG Phoenix
FÖRO at any time, ever
FÖVOT a continuation
FÖVÖN to continue
FRAG a strawberry
FRAKETÖN to crack, to snap
FRAKTUR Gothic (type)
FRAMBOD a raspberry
FRAMBODARUBUD a raspberry bush
FRAN a franc (currency)
FRASEOD an expression (phrasing); turn of phrase
FRÄD(S) an expense, expenses
FRÄDÖN to cost (=have a price of...)
FRÄN a bit (on bridle)
FRED gladness, happiness, joy
FREDIK glad, happy
FREDIM optimism
FREDIMAN optimist
FREDIMIK optimistic
FREDÖN (DEMÜ/TEFÜ) to rejoice (over), to be glad/happy (about)
FREMÄD a frame
FREMÜL a panel
FRENOLOG phrenology
FRENÖM a brake
FRENÖN to brake
FRESKOD a fresco
FRIN a finch
FROG a frog
FROMAD a cheese
FRON a wrinkle
FRONT a (military) front
FRONTANEF the front line (of soldiers)
FRONÜKÖN to wrinkle
FRUT an advantage
FRUTIDÖN to benefit from, to make use of, to takeadvantage of
FRUTIK useful
FRUTÖN to benefit
FTISID tuberculosis
FUK a seal
FULIK full
FULIOPÖMÖN to pump up (tyres, etc)
FULÜKAPEN a fountain-pen
FULÜKÖN to fill
FUN a cadaver, a corpse
FUNIG a fungus
FUNISEPÜLAN an undertaker
FURMID an ant
FURNOD an oven, a stove* koldülükafurnod = a cooling oven
FUROT a lining
FUT a foot
FUTAFRENÖM a foot brake
FUTAGLÖPÄD football (= game)
FUTAKÄLAN a chiropodist
FUTARETOD a footprint
FUTAPLANT sole (= of foot)
FUTAYOIN an ankle
FUTOGOLAN a pedestrian
FUTOGOLANAZON a pedestrian precinct
FÜLIK felt
FÜMÄDIK obstinate
FÜMÄDÄLIK bloody-minded
FÜMÄLIK decisive
FÜMETIM determinism
FÜMETIMAN a determinist
FÜMETÖN to determine
FÜMIK certain, sure
FÜMIKO certainly, for sure
FÜMODÖN (to) verify
FÜMÖ! sure! without doubt!
FÜMÜKAM confirmation
FÜMÜKÖN (to) ensure
FÜNOD Foundation
FÜNÖN to establish, to found
FÜSIOLEKÄLAN physiotherapist
FÜSÜDAV physics
FÜTÜRIK future

GAD a garden
GADABUID a garden hedge
GADAN a gardener
GADÖN to garden
GADÖM a garden tool
GADUT cod (=fish)
GAENOD a profit, a win
GAENÄTÖN (DE) to profit (from)
GAENÖN to attract, to earn, to gain, to win
GAGOT filth, rubbish
GAL a vigil
GALANT a snowdrop
GALAXID a galaxy
GALÄDAN a watchman
GALÄDÖP a look-out (building)
GALÄDÖN to keep an eye on, to watch
GALÄL awareness, watchfulness
GALEDAN a watchman
GALEDÖN to beware, to protect(to watch over someone = galedön eki)
GALIK awake
GALIKÖN to awake, to wake up
GALOTÖN to gallop
GALÖN to be awake, to watch
GALÜKIAN an alarm clock
GALÜKÖN (EKI) to wake (someone)
GAN a goose
GANALOET roast goose
GANET an agency
GAOD gauze
GARAD a garage
GARANÖN to ensure, to guarantee
GARDAN a guard (military)
GARED an instep (of shoe)
GARID a mushroom
GARNISUN a garrison (military)
GAS BRUIDIK effervescence
GASAL a gazelle
GASED a magazine
GASEDEM the press
GASEDIMAN a journalist
GASINALAMPAD a gaslight, gaslamp
GASINARÜD a gaspipe
GÄMÖN (ME RULÄT) to gamble, to play (at roulette)
GÄYSÄR a geyser
GE back (return, response, retaliation)
GEBÄD a usage
GEBIDÖN (DÖ) to have at hand, to have at one's disposal
GEBIDÜKÖN (EKE BOSI) to make something available (to someone)
GEBÖF a custom
GEBÖN to use
GEDIK grey
GEF a vessel (= container)
GEGAENÖN to regain
GEGIVÖN (EKE) to give back, to return (to someone)
GEGOLÄDÜKÖN to pull back, to retreat
GEIDAN a guide
GEIDAVÖD a clue (for puzzles)
GEIDÖN (EKI) to guide (someone)
GEIK reciprocal, reflexive (grammar)
GEIKAM a return
GEIL height
GEILOTABUNAM (the) high jump (= athletics)
GEILÜKUMÖN to enhance
GEIN brandy, cognac, gin(geinapöb = a "dive")
GEJOIKÖN to drive back, to repulse
GEKÖMÖN (LÜ) to come back (to), to return (to)
GELAN an organist
GELOGAM regression
GELÖN to play the organ
GEMAG an antetype, a counterpart
GEMAGÖF symmetry
GEMOTAM renaissance
GEN sex
GENÄMS (the) genitals
GEOMET geometry
GEÖN to react, to reciprocate
GERALESON a crown prince
GERED a gene
GEREDEM a genome
GEREDIK genetic
GERÖN to inherit
GESAG an answer
GESAGÖN to answer
GESEDÖN to return, to send back
GESPIKÖF (mental) preparedness, quickwitedness
GESPIKÖM an answering machine
GESPIKÖN to acknowledge, to anser, to reply to
GESPIKÜ in reply to...
GETAZÖT a receipt
GETÄVABILIET a return ticket
GETÄVASUÄM a return fare
GETEDAN a receptionist
GETEDÖN to accept. to receive (people)
GETIKÖN (DÖ) to reminisce, to think back (about)
GETÖN to get, to obtain, to receive (things)
GEÜKAM a reaction
GEVEGÖN to return
GEVÖN to give, to grant, to present
GIAN (the) gigantic
GIANAN a giant
GID justice
GIDID a responsibility
GIDIDÖN (DEMÜ) to be responsible (for)
GIDIK, GIDÖFIK fair, just, right, seemly
GIDÜKÖN to justify, to vindicate
GIFAFER cast iron
GIG gout
GIJÄT a (ticket) office
GILDÄT a corporation
GIM a gimlet
GIMÖN to bore, to drill
GIMÜL a drill
GINGIF a gum (= in mouth)
GINÄDÖN to wind up (a watch)
GINÖM a windlass
GIRAF a giraffe
GIT justice
GITAR a guitar
GITÄDASÄKÄD a (judicial) case, a lawsuit
GITÄT a just claim, a right
GITOD a justification
GIVIÄLIK generous
GIVIDÖN to delegate, to transfer
GIVÖN to give
GIVÜLÖN to attribute, to donate
GLAD ice
GLADABEL an iceberg
GLADAHOKIY ice hockey
GLADARAMAR a refrigerator
GLADET an ice cream
GLADETÜL an ice cube
GLADIOLS gladioli
GLADÜL an ice cream
GLAN a gland
GLATO free of charge, gratis
GLÄTÄDAN a glazier
GLÄT glass
GLÄTIBLADAN a glass-blower
GLÄTIBLADÖP glass-blowing works
GLÄTIK (of) glass
GLÄTÖP glassworks
GLÄTOT glass (substance)
GLEINÖN to glean
GLEIPED a door handle
GLEIPÖN to grasp, to seize
GLEPÖN to encroach
GLEPÄDÖN to grip
GLEIPÜLÖN to handle
GLIBAN a vagabond
GLID greeting
GLIDÖN to greet
GLIMÖN to glitter, to shimmer, to shine
GLOF growth, increase
GLOFÖN to grow
GLOK a clock
GLOKEL a watchmaker
GLORIKO gloriously
GLORÜKÖN to glorify
GLÖB a bullet
GLÖBAKUL a trajectory
GLÖBIJEDAM (the) shot-put (= Olympics)
GLÖFÖN to grow (= cultivate)
GLÖMÄD forgetfulness
GLÖMÖN to forget
GLÖP a ball, a sphere
GLÖPAPEN a ballpoint pen
GLÖPÄD a ball game
GLÖPILÖN to play marbles (= game)
GLÖPOT a dome
GLÖTIK envious, jealous
GLUF a glove
GLUMALADÄL melancholy
GLUMIDIK dull, glum, overcast
GLUMIKÖN to become overcast
GLUN a floor, ground (glunots = grounds)
GLUTAPIR an electric light bulb
GLUTAVIN mulled wine
GLUTIK ardent, hot
GLÜG a church
GLÜKOSIN glucose
GNOB a bud, a knob (control)
GO quite, very
GOBADÖN to arch (cat's back)
GOBLET a goblet
GOKÜL a chicken
GOKAHAUK a goshawk
GOL bearing, deportment, walk
GOLABOED a gangway
GOLÄD a parade, a procession
GOLDIN gold (precious metal)
GOLDIK (of) gold, golden
GOLED course (of events)
GOLF golf (game)
GOLÖN (LÜ) to go (to), to walk (to)
GOUN a gong
GÖ! come on!
GÖB a tail
GÖBAPIANOD a grand piano
GÖD morning
GÖDED an acre (of land)
GÖLIK early
GÖN a favour
GÖNÄD an award
GÖNIK favourite
GÖNÖN to favour
GRAD a degree
GRAHAN an eclipse
GRAHANÖN to conceal, to eclipse
GRAIFÖN to cauterize
GRAINÖN to grind
GRAMAFON a gramophone
GRÄL hail (weather)
GRÄMÖN to climb
GRANAT a pomegranate
GRATÖN to caw, to croak
GREDAKED a scale (calibration)
GREN corn
GRENAFLOGAPÄKED a cereal packet
GRETAMAFÄDIK on a grand scale
GRETED magnitude (maths)
GRETIK big, great, large, tall
GRETÜKOT an enlargement
GRIFIUN a griffin (mythology)
GRIFÖN to graft
GRINEDÖN to grin
GRINÖN to grin
GRIP 'flu, influenza
GROBIK unrefined
GROBÖFIK coarse, brusque, rough
GRODIK pregnant
GRON gravel
GROSÜLIK wholesale
GROT oatmeal
GROTÄTIK grotesque
GRUFET a line (on hand/face)
GRULÖN (DUB) to be swarming, teeming (with)
GRULÖN to crawl, to swarm
GRUP a group
GRÜD grit
GRÜNIK green
GUAYAD a pear
GUB an oar
GUBÖN to row
GUDÄLIK benevolent, kind-hearted
GUDIK good
GUDIKUM (KA) better (than)
GUDIKÜN (DE/SE) (the) best (of/in)
GUDÜKUMAM an improvement
GUDÜKUMÖN to improve
GUFUR an abyss
GUG a throat
GUGEDÖN to gargle
GUIRÖN to languish, to waste away
GUL an angle, a corner
GULAV geometry
GUM India-rubber
GUMALUIBARIF an elastic band
GUN a coat
GUT a taste
GUTÖN to taste
GUVÖN to administer, to govern
GÜFLEKIK backwards, over, reversed
GULAD goulash (food)
GULF (the) Gulf Stream
GUR an abyss
GUVER an administration
GUVÖN to administer
GÜ contrary
GÜÄ contrary to
GÜMNAD a grammar-school
GÜN a gun
GÜNÜL a rifle
GÜTIKO tastefully
GÜÜKÖN to turn over
HAD an ace
HAGÖN to groan
HAJET hash (food)
HARAT a quarter (in a town/city)
HARÄM a harem
HARNAD a harness
HARENG a herring
HARMONÖM a harmonica, a mouth organ
HARPUN a harpoon
HÄM a ham
HÄRBAT a vegetable
HÄRBATIM vegetarianism
HÄRBATIMAN a vegetarian
HÄRBATISELAN a greengrocer
HÄREM harem
HÄRET heresy
HÄRMETIK air-tight, hermetic
HÄROD a heron
HÄT a hat
HEKÖN to gasp, to pant
HER a hair
HERAN a hairdresser
HERASEFAL hair loss
HEREM a (head of) hair
HEREMITEIL a parting (hair)
HEROED (HI-/JI-) a hero, a heroine
HESTAN a conjuror, a juggler
HET hatred
HETÄD spite
HETÖN to hate
HICIL a son
HIEL (masculine sing. form of def. article)
HIGEM a brother
HIKEL who, which (masculine)
HIKOMPENAN a fellow-traveller, a kindred spirit
HIKULTAN a clergyman
HIL a heel
HILÖFÜLAN a toy boy
HIMATAN a husband
HIMEN a man
HINDUTAN a hindu
HINILÄDAN a (male) neighbour
HIOPOT a hippopotamus
HIP a hip
HIPAL a father
HIPUL a boy, a youth
HIREG a king
HISIÖR a gentleman
HIT heat
HITER an uncle
HITÜKÖN to heat
HITÜP Summer
HOBUB an ox
HOD barley
HOG a hole
HOGÄD a perforation
HOGÖN to perforate, to pierce
HOL an hour's journey
HOLBUT halibut
HOMEN a eunuch
HON a horn (of animal)
HONED a beak, a (bird's) bill
HORIT the horizon
HORITÄTIK horizontal
HORMON a hormone
HÖL hell
HUK a hook
HUL a (sea) swell
HUMAR a lobster
HUMUL a hop
HÜASEN a hyacinth
HÜEN a hyena
HÜGIENIK hygienic
HÜIT an oyster
HÜM a hymn
HÜPNOD hypnosis
HÜRÖN to hire
I also, too
IBÄ for (conjunction)
IBO in fact, really
ID also, too (before vowel)
IDELO two days ago
IF if (if plüdol = if you please)
IFI even if
IFÜ subject to...
IGO even (igo no = not even)
IN (place) at, in
INI into
IS here
ISAO hence (=from here)
ISIO hither (=to here)
ISIÖ! come here!
ISKIAT sciatica
IT self/selves
(obs it = we ourselves)
ITFRÄD cost price
ITO by myself, yourself, etc.
JABEN a mushroom
JAD a shade, a shadow
JADAMAGOD a silhouette
JADOT a silhouette
JAFÄB a creature
JAFÄD creation
JAFÄDÖN to bring about
JAFÄL creativity
JÄFID a function
JÄFIDOT an organ (eg of newspaper)
JAFOVIK creative
JAFÖN to create
JÄFÜD a field (of knowledge), a product
* Bolit no binon jäfüd oba = Politics isn't my
strong point.
JÄFÜDISEVAN an expert, a specialist
JAIN a clothes line, a cord, a rope
JAK a shark
JAKAL a jackal
JAKÄT a jacket
JAL bark, peel
JALOT a shallot
JALUD jealousy
JALUP a longboat, a sloop
JAMOD a camel
JAMPÄN champagne (drink)
JAN hemp
JANAFRIN a finch (song bird)
JANÄLIK fascinating
JANED breakfast
JAPÄLIK mischievous
JAPIK sharp
JAPÜKÖN to sharpen
JARGON gibberish, jargon
JASID a chassis
JATÖN to itch
JÄFÄB a creature
JÄFÄLÖN (KO) to be (mentally) absorbed (with)
JÄFÄLÜKÖN to absorb
JÄFID a function
JÄFIDÄM an organ (of body)
JÄFIDÖN to function, to work
JÄFIKÖN (ME) to be engaged (in), to worry (about)
JÄFOT an activity
JÄFÖN (ME) to be busy (with), to be occupied (in)
JÄFÜD a field of knowledge, a product, a speciality
JÄFÜDIK specialized
JÄFÜDISEVAN a specialist
* Bolit no binon jäfüd oba = politics isn’t
my strong point..
JÄFÜKÖN (OKI ME) to bother (oneself about)
JÄL a shell fish
JÄMPOD a shampoo
JÄNÄLÖL absorbing
JÄPAN a swindler
JÄNÄLIK fascinating
JÄNÄLÖN to captivate
JÄPÜLAN a mischief-maker, a trickster
JÄRID sherry
JÄRP a sash
JÄST a gesture
JÄSTÄD a pose
JÄTÜLÖN to tickle
JEDOT a dart
* pledön jedotis = to play darts
JEDÖN to throw
JEDÜLOTAKEK sponge cake with crumble topping
JEDÜLÖN to scatter
JEIFALAM a razor-blade
JEIFAN a barber
JEIFÖM a razor
JEIFÖN to shave
JEIKIK awful, horrible, terrible
JEIKÖN to scare, to terrify
JEIKÜLÖN to shock
JEK a fright
JEKÄLIM terrorism
JEKIDUN an act of terrorism
JEKIKODAN a terrorist
JEKÖN to be frightened, to be scared
JEL protection
JELED an apron
JELETIN gelatine
JELOD a defence
JELODÖN to defend
JELÖM an umbrella
JELÖN to protect
JEM shame
JEMOD a disgrace
JEMÖN (DEMÜ) to be ashamed (about/of)
JEMÜKÖN to disgrace
JEMÜKÖL abashed
JENÄD a development
JENAV history
JENAVAN a historian
JENAVIK historical
JENET a case, an instance
* pö jenet alik = in any case
JENOT an event
JENOTEM a history
JENÖFIK actual, real
JENÖFO actually, in reality, really
JENÖFOT a fact
JENÖFÜKAM fulfilment
JENÖN to happen, to take place
JENÖFÖ! indeed!
JENÜKÖN to cause, to make happen
JEP a herd (of animals)
JERAGIK precious
JERIK expensive
JEROTS valuables
JEVOD a horse
JEVODANÄM horsepower
JIB game (animals)
JIBALUMAN a lady soloist
JIBIRAVAN a poacher
JIBUB a cow
JICIL a daughter, a girl
JIDAIFIDAN a hostess
JIEDAMEDIN a laxative
JIEDOT excrement, faeces
JIEL (feminine sing. form of def. article)
JIF a sheaf
JIGAM a bride
JIGEM a sister
JIGOK a hen
JIGRODAN a pregnant woman
JIJELÄB a protégeé
JIKAT a cat, a queen (=she-cat)
JIKÄLAN a nurse
JIKÄLÄB a baby
JIKEL which, who (feminine)
JIKLINÜKAN a chambermaid, a cleaner
JIKONÖMAN a housekeeper
JILEPÄDAN an abbess
JILÄT a waistcoat
JIM a (pair of) scissors/shears
* jimagivanakonot = a witch's tale
* jimagivanayag = a with-hunt
JIMARKETAN a marchioness
JIMATAN a wife
JIMEN a woman
JIMULAT a hinny, a she-mule
JINEPUEDAN a prostitute
JINIKO apparently
JINÖN to seem
JIP a sheep
JIPAL a mother
JIPLIN a princess
JIPUL a girl, a maiden
JIPÜL a lamb
JIPÜLAVULTUR a bearded vulture
JIREG a queen
JIT a shirt
JITER an aunt
JIYUFAN PATIK an (air) stewardess
JIZÖTISUMIDAN a (bus) conductress
JODEM rubbish








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