sorva wave d score
litva lietv
estim wwe eestion estonia
svo na
n nnta
b nnta na nea


c ba sco

ex ba sh uk zh
z ba cze
e twu muy d ew ey
e sekkinonn na eja eva kea

g ga huewa
eh soni
b lil

ek ba ek de

i deaa goi har itionso et lrtrer kea

ed me dzi kea


epq x naihakeikea

eu ei ou oi auu ai ia ie io tedrraea
ae ao
ui e o ae eu rar
ou rar

ua ha aa
uo ha oo ron
ue ro ee rardea
башру en utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks makes sound2
бадри ensad/depressed/dejected/feels sorrow/grief about2
бажра en runs on surface2 using limbs3 with gait4
бакфу enbundle/package/cluster/clump/pack containing2, held together by3
бакни encow/cattle/kine/ox/steer/calf bovine of species/breed2
бакри enquantity of/contains/is made of chalk also source2 in form3
бакту enbucket/pail/can/deep wide-topped container of contents2 made of material3
балжи enbulb of plant/species2
бални enbalcony/overhang/ledge/shelf of building/structure2
балре enblade of tool/weapon2
балви enin the future of/later than/after 2intime sequence
баншу en exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2 also3 in property/amount4
банду en.event defends/protects 2.object/state also threat/peril/potential3
бангу nlanguage/dialect [used by who] [to express/communicate]
банли - [ngreat/grand] [in property] [by than, finitiv]
банро en grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form2 also3
банха enbank owned by/in banking system2 for banking function's3 .event
банзу en.di suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose2 under condi3
бапли en forces/compels event2 to occur
барда enbig/large in property/dimension's2 as compared with standard/norm3
баргу en arches/шурвес over/around2 and is made of3; enarch over/around2 of material3
баржа entavern/bar/pub serving2 to audience/patrons3
барна en's is a/are mark's/spot's on2 of material3
барту enon the outside of2
басфа enomnibus for carrying2 in medium3 propelled by4
басна en emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to2 by .action3
басти en replaces/substitutes for/instead of2 in circumstance3;enreplacement/substitute
бачи en bites/pinches2 on/at specific locus3 with4
батке enbutton/knob/,handle on/for item2, with purpose3, made of material4
bomli - enquantity of barley ,grain of species/strain2
bek - enfoolish/silly in event/action
бенде encrew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2 directed/led by3 organized for purpose4
бенжи en transfers/sends/transmits 2 to receiver3 also transmitter/origin4 via means/medium5
берса en[son of mother/father/parents] [2]
берти ento the north/northern side ,right-hand-rule pole of2 according to frame of reference3
бесна enцbrain ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: intelligence, mental control
бетфу enцabdomen/belly/lower trunk,body-part of2
бетри entragedy/disaster/tragic for2
беври en carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 to3 also4 over path5
бифше enbee/wasp/hornet of species/breed2
бикла en whips/lashes/snaps ,a sudden violent motion флйсс бпидшыы блцсс
билга en obliged to [2] [agreement]
билма enill/sick/diseased with symptoms2 also disease3
билни enmilitary/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system2 for purpose3
биндо en reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бинра en insures/indemnifies2 г against peril3 .event providing бенефиt's4
бинхо en becomes/changes/converts/transforms into2 under conditions3
бирже enmade of/contains/is a amount of beer/ale/brew brewed also2
berka en[arm] [,body-part of2] bae
бирти encertain/sure/positive/convinced that2 is true
бисли enquantity of/is made of/contains ice ,frozen crystal of composition/material2
битму enwall/fence separating2 and3 .unordered of/in structure4
folzes [enwhite/light colored]
блаши enquantity of/is made of/contains glass of composition including2
блану enblue,color adjective
блику enblock,3-dimensional shape/form of material2, surfaces/sides3
блоти enboat/ship/vessel ,vehicle for carrying2, propelled by 3
блужи enpair of jeans / blue jeans
болши enball/sphere/orb/globe ,shape/form of material2
блнгу enцbone/ivory ,body-part, performing function2 in body of3
ботпи enbottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for2, made of material3 with lid4
jeska - ensheet/foil/blanket ,2-dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions of material2
бохна enwave,periodic pattern in medium2, wave-form3, wave-length4, frequency5
бради enenemy/opponent/adversary/foe of2 in struggle3
брату enhail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including2
бразо en reflects Brazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бреди enready/prepared for2 .event
бриди enpredicate relationship with relation2 among arguments 'sequence/set3
брифе enbreeze/wind/gale also direction2 with speed3;en блоws also2
брижу enoffice/bureau/work-place of worker2 at location3
брода enst assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
броде 2nd assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
бруна enbrother of/fraternal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3
букпу enamount of cloth/fabric of type/material2
бумру enfoggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid2
бунда en-2 en local weight unit's, standard3, unces4
бунре enbrown/tan
буршу en brush for purpose2 .event with bristles3
бурна enembarrassed/disconcerted/flustered/illat-ease about/under conditions2 щ
шабна encurrent at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with2 in time
шабра enapparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function2 controlled by3.agent
шашра en-2 hours in duration .default is en hour byk3
xarce - en walks/strides/paces on surface2 using,limbs3
шафне en.event often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs byk2
шагна enopen/closed wound on locus2 шаусеd by3
шагьгунди genцagricultural industry/sector producing g2=c4 alsofarms cen located inc2 farmed by c3
шагьпре penfarmer associated with farm cen producing c4
шакла enmade of/contains/is a quantity of chocolate/cocoa
шалку enshell/husk ,hard, protective covering around 2 composed of3
шанши en vanishes/disappears also loшатиon2;en ceases to be observed at2 using senses/sensor3
шандо enidle/at rest/inactive. .”in motion”, not implying a change in location, is negation of this
шанге enfarm/ranch at2, farmed by3, raising/producing4; .adjective: enagrarian grange;
шанжа en exchanges/trades/barters commodity2 for3 with4
шанко ,cаъоenwindow/portal/opening ,portal in wall/building/structure2
шанлу enspace/volume/region/room ,at-least-3-dimensional area occupied by2
шанпа enshovel/spade ,bladed digging implement for digging2
шанре enquantity of/contains/is made of sand/grit also source2 of composition including3
шарше encart/carriage/wagon for carrying2, propelled by3
шарми enintense/bright/saturated/brilliant in property 2 as received/measured by observer3
шарна [en turns/rotates/revolves] [around axis] [in direction]
шарту ,шатenchart/diagram/map of/about2 showing formation/data-points3
шарви en rains/showers/,precipitates to2 also3
шасну en's normally, but en individual/jоъу possible discuss.es/talk's about topic/subject2
шатке ,cаъеen ,agent shoves/pushes2 at lo cus3
шатлу ,cta en looks at/examines/views/inspects/regards/watches/gazes at2
шатни ,cаъиen has authority/is an official in/on/over matter/sphere/persons2 derived on basis3
шатра en.agent kills/slaughters/murders2 by action/method3
шахно ,шах enshallow in extent in direction/property2 away also reference point3 byk4
шешла en launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile2, propelled by3
шешму encommunity/colony of organisms2
шедра enera/epoch/age characterized by2.event/property/interval/idea
шенба en varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4
шенса ,ces enholy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шенти ,cenenhundredth ,en/en00; en en0 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шерда enheir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality also3 according to rule4
шенба en varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4
шенса ,ces enholy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шенти ,cenenhundredth ,en/en00; en en0 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шерда enheir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality also3 according to rule4
шерни enmorning ,dawn until after typiшал start-of-work for locale of day2 at loшатиon3
шерту enexpert/pro/has prowess in/is skilled at2 .event/activity byk3. competent, skilled
шевни ,cev cei enцgod/deity of people's/religion2 with dominion over3 ,sphere; endivine
шфари en/event/process commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur
шфика enwork of fiction about [plot/theme/subject/under convention] [author]
шфила en.property - is a flaw/fault/defect in2 causing3
шфине enwedge ,shape/form/tool of material2
шфипe en.event/state confuses/baffles2 ,observer due to ,confusing property3 .ka
шиблу enblood/vital fluid of organism2
шишна encyan/turquoise/greenish-blue
шиэа enfood/feed/nutriment for2; enedible/gives nutrition to2
шидни enцknee/elbow/knuckle ,hinged joint, body-part of limb2 of body3
шидро enquantity of/contains/is made of hydrogen
шифну eninfant/baby ,helpless through youth/incomplete development of species2
шигла enцgland ,body-part secreting2, of body3;2 is a secretion ofen
шикна enawake/alert/conscious
шикре en repairs/mends/fixes 2 for use3 fixing only one of the possible uses of 2, hence3
шикси enг explains2 .event/state/property to3 with explanation4
шилше ,cic .adjective: enwild/untamed
шилмо enmoist/wet/damp with liquid2
saerte [en learns [2]] [about subject] [source]4 [by method]
шилта ,cilenthread/filament/wire ,shape/form of material2
шимдe en.property - is a dimension of space/object2 according to rules/model3
шимни eninfinite /unending/eternal in property/dimension2, to degree3 .quantity/of type3
шинба en.agent kisses/busses2 at locus3
шинду enoak, a type of tree of species/strain2
шинфо enlion/,lioness of species/breed2
шинже enwrinkle/crease/fold ,shape/form in2
шинки eninsect/arthropod of species2
шинла enthin in direction/dimension2 byk3; ,relatively short in smallest dimension
шинмо en feels emotion2 about3
шинри enщ interests/is interesting to2;2 is interested inen
шинсе en in activity/state2 exhibits sexuality/gender/sexual orientation3 byk4
шинта en,material is a paint of pigment/active substance2, in a base of3
шинза ena/are tong's/chopsticks/pincers/tweezers/pliers ,tool/body-part for2 to pinch3
шипни enbird/avian/fowl of species2
ширко en loses person/thing2 at/near3;en loses property/feature2 in conditions/situation3
ширлаenquantity of/contains cheese/curd also source2
шиска en inscribes/writes2 on display/storage medium3 with writing implement4
шисма en smiles/grins .facial expression. 'smile/grin at something .=cismyfra
шисни enof size/measurement2 in dimension/aspect3
шисте en.mass is a system interrelated by structure2 among components3 'set displaying4
шитка en eats/ingests/consumes .transitive verb2
шитно enyoung/youthful ,relatively short in elapsed duration byk2
kytru kitru - enhistory of2 according to3 г/also point-of-view3
шици enseason/is seasonal ,cyclical interval, defined by interval/property2, of year's3
шивла enlouse/flea ,blood-sucking arthropod of species/breed2, parasitic on 3
шизра enstrange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to2 in property3 .ka
шкабу enquantity of/contains/is made of rubber/latex also source2 of composition including3
шкафи enmade of/contains/is a quantity of coffee also source/bean/grain2
шкажи en has/is characterized by property/feature/trait/aspect/dimension2
шкана enbed/pallet of material2 for holding/supporting3 г/object/event
шкапе enperilous/dangerous/potentially harmful to2 under conditions3 endanger/peril to2
шкасу en ridicules/mocks/scoffs at2 about3 .property/event by doing activity4 .event
шкежи en feels ashamed/mortified/humiliated [under conditions] [community/audience]
шкику enkey fitting/releasing/opening/unlocking lock2, and having relevant properties3
шкилу enscale of units for measuring/observing/determining2 'state
шкини enrelated to/associated with/akin to2 by relationship3
шкире engrateful/thankful to/appreciative of2 for3 .event/property
шкуле enschool/institute/academy at2 teaching subject's3 to audien./commun.4 operated by5
шкуну enconifer/pine/fir of species/strain2 with cones3
шладу en loud/noisy at observation point2 byk3
шлани enlong in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurementstandard3
шлаху enwithout/lacking/free of/lacks2;en-2-less
шлика enmoss/lichen of species/strain2 growing on3; .adjective: enmossy
шлира en.event is early byk2
шлите enpolite/courteous/civil in matter2 according to standard/custom3
шлива en leaves/goes away/departs/parts/separates also2 viaroute3
шлупа enloop/circuit of2,material
шмаши enmathematics of type/describing2
шмалу ensmall in property/dimension's2 as compared with standard/norm3
шмана enmountain/hill/mound/summit/,highlands projecting also land mass2
шмаво enstructurewordof grammaticalclass2, with meaning/function3 in usage language4
шмене en.quoted word's is цname/title/tag of2 to/used-by namer/name-user3
шмила en laughs.emotional expression en laughs at2
шмима enmember/element of set2шмони ,шмо cоъиen utters moan/groan/howl/scream
шнано en ,value is a norm/average in property/amount2 .ka/ni among3's
neb ezneck ,bodypart of 2
шнему en rewards [recipient] [atypical] [reward/desserts]
шниши en orderly/neat/ordered in property/quantity2 .ka/ni
шнино ennew/unfamiliar/novel to observer2 in feature3 byk4;ennovelty
шниса enquantity of/contains/is made of lead .Pb; ,metaphor: heavy, malleable, soft metal
шнита endirectly/vertically beneath/below/underneath/down also2 in frame of reference3
шокшу ,ckoen soaks up/absorbs/sucks up2 also3 into4; enabsorbant
шонди ,con cno coi endeep in extent in direction/property2 away also reference point3 byk4
syrtui en [hurts/feels pain/hurt] [locus2]
шпашу ,cpaen gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts2 also source3
шпана enupon/atop/resting on/lying on ,the upper surface of2 in frame of reference/gravity3
шпаре en climbs/clambers/creeps/crawls on surface2 in direction3 using4 ,limbs/tools
шпеду en requests/asks/petitions/solicits for2 of/also3 in manner/form4
шпина enpungent/piquant/peppery/spicy/irritating to sense2. prickly .=pecycpina
шради en broadcasts/transmits ,using radio waves2 via station/frequency3 to ,radio receiver4. enbroadcaster
шране enanterior/ahead/forward/.in/on the front of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3
шрека enshirt/блоусе/top ,upperbody garment - not necessarily sleeved or buttoned, material2
шрепу en.agent harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects2 also source/area3
шрибе enbear/ursoid of species/breed2
шрида enfairy/elf/gnome/brownie/pixie/goblin/kobold humanoid of mythos/religion2
шрино engreen/verdant
шрипу enbridge/span over/across2 between3 and4 ,unordered, typically destination firs
шриса ensummer/summertime ,hot season of year2 at location3
шриту enautumn/fall ,harvest/cooling season of year2 at location3
штару entide ,cyclical/periodic expansion in 2 caused by3
штеби enцlip ,body-part/rim of orifice2 of body3; .adjective: enlabial
штеки entax/levy/duty on goods/services/event2 levied against3 by authority/collector4
штиле enquantity of petroleum/oil also source2
штино enshadow/the shade of object2, made by light/energy source3
штуша en teaches audience2 ideas/methods/lore3 .dуъу about subject's4 by method5
шукла ,cuk enround/circular ,2-dimensional shape/form;endisk/circle/ring
шукта ,cku enbook containing work2 by author3 for audience4 preserved in medium5
шулно ,clu enfull/completely filled with2
шумки ,cum en.event/state/property possible under conditions2; en may/might occur;enmaybe
шумла enhumble/modest about2 щ;en displays humility about2
шунми enquantity of millet ,grain of species/strain2
шунсо ,cun шуъо enrandom/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions2, with probability distribution3
шунту enaffair/organized activity involving person's2 .ind./mass;en-2ъs business
шупра en produces2 ,product by process3
шурми en.agent lets/permits/allows2 .event under conditions3
шурну enworm/invertebrate animal of species/breed2
шурве enpure/unadulterated/unmitigated/simple in property2
шуску en.agent expresses/says2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept for audience3 via expressive medium4
шучи ,cucenshoe/boot/sandal for covering/protecting ,feet/hooves2, and of material3
шутне ,cut enцchest/thorax/upper trunk/,rib cage/breast ,body-part of2
шухна en chooses/selects2 ,choice also set/sequence of alternatives3
дашру ,dacendrawer/file in structure2, a ,sliding compartment container for contents3
дашти ,daienmaterial object enduring in space-time;enthing
даэо ,dajen pertains to the Taoist cultur e/ethos/religion in aspect2
дадне dadneъотаъу tennecktie for wearing by t2=c2 serving purpose t3
дакфу ,dakenknife .tool for cutting2, with blade of material3
дакли ensack/bag with contents2, and of material3
дамба ,dab даъаen fights/combats/struggles with2 over issue3 .abstract;enfighter/combatant
дамри endrum/cymbal/gong ,percussion musical instrument with beater/actuator
данду ,dad en hangs/dangles/is suspended also2 by/at/with joint3
данфу ,daf enthe answer/response/solution/,reply to question/problem2
данлу ,dal даъу enanimal/creature of species2; enbiologically animate
данмо enmade of/contains/is a quantity of smoke/smog/air pollution [source fire.like]
данре [enforcement] [puts pressure on/presses/applies force to2]
дансу en.individual, mass dances to accompaniment/music/rhythm2
данти ,dan enballistic projectile ,e.g. bullet/missile for firing by ,gun/propelling launcher2
даплу enisland/atoll/key of ,material/properties2 in surroundings/body3; eninsular
дапма en curses/damns/condemns 2 to fate [event]
даргу enroad/highway to2 also3 with route4 2/x3 may be unordered
дарлу en argues for stand2 against stand3; ,an opponent is not necessary
дарно enfar/distant also2 in property3 .ka
дарси en shows audacity/chutzpah in behavior2 .event/activity;en dares to do/be2 .event/ka. .x enbold
дархи en hits/strikes/,beats2 with instrument ,or body-part3 at locus4
даски enpocket/pouch of/in garment/item2
дасни en wears/is robed/garbed in2 as a garment of type3 2 neednot be intended for use as a garment даспо ,spo en.event destroys/ruins/wrecks/despoils2; endestructive
дасри enribbon/tape/strip/band/stripe [material]
датка enduck/drake [species/breed]
датни en,fact/measurement is data/information/statistic's about2 gathered by method3
датру en.event is dated/pertaining to day/occurring on day2 of month3 of year4 in calendar5
дешти ,dec ententh ,en/en0; enen0 en of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
дегжи ,deg enцfinger/digit/toe ,body-part on limb/body site 2 of body3; ,metaphor: peninsula
дежни ,dej en owes 2 in debt/obligation to creditor3 in return for4 ,service, loan;endebtor
декпу en-2.default en local volume unit's ,non-metric; bushel
декто enten ,en0; en en0 en of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
делно en-2 candela ,metric unit in luminosity .default is en byk3
демби ,debenbean/pea/leguminous seed also plant ,legume2
денши ,den deъи enцtooth ,bodypart of2; .adjective: endental
денми ,dem endense/concentrated/packed/intense in property2 at location/locus3
денпа ,dep deъаen awaits/waits/pauses for/until2 at state3 before starting/continuing4dezju enquantity of/contains/is made of dirt/soil/earth/ground [source] [of composition]
дерxi ,dre enheap/pile/stack/mound/hill of materials2 at location3
десku ,des en shakes/quakes/trembles/quivers/shudders/wobbles/vibrates also force2
детри ,det enthe date ,day,week,month,year of event/state2, at location3, by calendar4
дишра ,dir en.event interrupts/stops/halts/,disrupts2 .object/event/process due to quality3
дикша ,dic enelectricity charge or current in/on 2ofpolarity/quantity3
дилшу enquotient of ъx2/x3ъ ,dividend2 divided by divisor3, leaving remainder4
дилну encloud/mass of clouds of material2 in air mass3 at floor/base elevation4
димна enfate/destiny of2; ,doom, curse are mabla-forms;2 is fated/predestined/doomed toen
динжу enbuilding/edifice for purpose2
динко ennail/tack ,pointed driven/frictional fastener of type/size2 made of material3
дирба endear/precious/darling to2; enemotionally valued by2
дирше en radiates/emits2 under conditions3
дирgo endrop ,small, cohesive shape of material ,liquid/vapor2 in surrounding material3
дичу en the timeduration/interval/period/,elapsed time of event2
дизло ,diz dzi enlow/down/downward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3
эашу ,jac jau enmade of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of water
эеди ,dei en-2 full days in duration .default is en day byk3;.adjective: endiurnal
эиша desires/wants/wishes2 .event/state for purpose3
эине ,jin enring/annulus/torus/circle ,shape/form of material2, inside diam.3, outside diam.4
zyhhо [en knows [facts]] about subject3 by epistemology4
донри enthe daytime of day2 at location3
драши endrama/play about2 ,plot/theme/subject by dramatist3 for audience4 with actors5
драни ,dra encorrect/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect2 in situation3 byk4
драта ,daten isnъt the-same-thing-as/is different-also/other-than2 byk3; ensomething else
дугри ,dug enthe logarithm of2 with base3
дуксе ,dus dуъе enexcess of/too much of2 byk3. .Cloying .=maldуъе, tolpуъадуъе
dahta enpolar opposite also/contrary to [do] [in property/on scale]
дунда ,dud dуъаen ,donor gives/donates gift/present2 to recipient/beneficiary3
дунжа ,dujen freezes/jells/solidifies at temperature2 and pressure3
дунку ,duk dуъу enanguished/distressed/emotionally wrought/stressed by2
дунли ,dun dуъи enequal/congruent to/as much as2 in property/dimension/quantity3
дунра ,dur enwinter/wintertime ,cold season of year2 at location3
юена enelder/ancestor of 2 by bond/tie/degree3; enъs generation precedes2ъs parents
юипо en reflects Antarctican culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
фашки ,fak fаъи en discovers/finds out2 .dуъу about subject/object3;en finds .fi3 .object
фадни en ,member is ordinary/common/typical/usual in property2 among members of3 'set
фагри ,fagenfire/flame in fuel2 burning-in/reacting-with oxidizer3 .default air/oxygen
фалну ensail for gathering propelling material2 on vehicle/motor3
фамти enaunt/uncle of 2 by bond/tie3; enassociated member of2ъs parentъs generation
фаншу enfunction/single-valued mapping also domain2 to range3 defined by expression/rule4
фанге enalien/foreign/,exotic/unfamiliar to2 in property3 .ka
фанмо ,fam fаъо enend/finish/termination of thing/process2
фанри enfactory/foundry/industrial plant/mill producing2 also materials3
фанта en prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event 2
фанва en translates text/utterance2 to language3 also language4 with translation result5
фанза ,fazen.event annoys/irritates/bothers/distracts2. : is disruptive to
фапро ,fap pro en opposes/balances/contends against opponent's2 г/force ind./mass about3фарлу ,фал fаъу en falls/drops to2 also3 in gravity well/frame of reference4
фарна ,far fаъа enthe direction of2 .object/event also origin/in frame of reference3
фарви ,фаv en develops/evolves towards/into 2 also 3 through stages4
фасну ,fauen.event is an event that happens/occurs/takes place; enincident/happening/occurrence ..
фачи en.dуъу a fact/reality/truth/actuality, in the absolute
фатне en,sequence is in reverse order to 2 ,sequence; en.object is inverted to 2.object
фатри endistributed/allotted/allocated/shared among2 with shares/portions3
фебви en boils/evaporates at temperature2 and pressure3
фемти enen0 en5 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
фенди en.agent divides/partitions/separates2 into sections/parts/ind.3 by method/partition4 'segments
фенгу enangry/mad at2 for3 .action/state/property
фенки en.action/event is crazy/insane/mad/frantic/in a frenzy .one sense byk2
фенра encrack/fissure/pass/cleft/ravine/chasm/,defect/flaw ,shape/form in2
фенсо en sews/stitches/sutures materials 2 .ind./set together with tools3, using filament4
фепни enmeasured in kopeck/cent money-subunits as2 ,quantity, in monetary system3
фепри en цlung ,body-part of 2; ,metaphor: breathing/respiratory apparatus/bellows
ферти enfertile/conducive for supporting the growth/development of2; enfruitful/prolific
фести en's is/are waste product's ,left to waste by2
феци enfemale/doe of species2 evidencing feminine trait's3 .ka; enfeminine
фигре enfig ,fruit/tree of species/strain2
филсо en reflects Palestinian culture/nationality in aspect2
финпе enfish of species2 ,metaphorical extension to sharks, non-fish aquatic vertebrates
финти en invents/creates/composes/authors2 for function/purpose3 also existing elements/ideas4
флалу enlaw specifying2 'state/event for community3 under conditions4 by lawgiver's5
флани enflute/pipe/fife/recorder ,flutelike/air-reed musical instrument
флешу encurrent/flow/river of/in2 flowing in direction to/towards3 also direction/source4
флиба en fails at doing2 'state/event;enfailure at its role in2
флира enцface ,head/body-part of2
фолди enfield ,shape/form of material2;enbroad uniform expanse of2
фонмо ,fom fоъоenquantity of foam/froth/suds of material2, with bubbles/vacuoles of material3
фонха ,fonentelephone transceiver/modem attached to system/network2
форша ,froenfork/fork-type tool/utensil for purpose2 with tines/prongs3 on base/support4
фрасо ,fasen reflects French/Gallic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
фрати ,fraen reacts/responds/answers with action2 to stimulus3 under conditions4
фраху ,faxen forgives2 for event/state/activity3
фриша ,fic en differs/is distinct/contrasts with/is unlike2 in property/dimension3
фрико ,fиъоen reflects African culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
фрили en.action is easy/simple/facile for2 .agent under conditions3;2 doesen freely/easily
фрину enfraction, with numerator2, denominator3 2/x3
фрити en offers/proffers 2 ,offering to3 with conditions4
фруму en frowns/grimaces .facial expression. en frowns/grimaces at/in reaction to2
фукпи encopy/replica/duplicate/clone of2 in form/medium3 made by method4 .event
фулта en.passive floats on/in fluid .gas/liquid2; enbuoyant
фунша en.event/property is determined by the luck/fortune of2; .note mabla/zabna not implied
фусра ,furen rots/decays/ferments with decay/fermentation agent2; enrotten/decayed/fermented
фузме enresponsible/accountable for2 .action/resulting state to judge/authority3
гашри encover/top for covering/concealing/sheltering2
гадри enarticle/descriptor labelling description2 .text in language3 with semantics4
галфi en.event modi- fies/alters/changes/transforms/converts 2 into3 .Causal, resultative change
галту enhigh/up/upward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3
галxe enцthroat/gullet ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: narrow.ing opening of a deep hole
ганло ,гаъо en.portal/passage/entranceway is closed/shut/not open, preventing passage/access to2 by3
ганра enbroad/wide in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension byk3
гансе en ,observer senses/detects/notices stimulus property2 by means3 under conditions4
ганти enцtestes/ovary/testicle/scrotum/balls/gonad/stamen/pistil ,body-part of2, gender3
ганхо enцanus/anal ori- fice/asshole/arsehole ,body-part of2
ганзу en organizes2 ,relative chaos into3 ,ordered/organized result by system/principle's4
гапci engaseous/fumes/a gas/vapor of material/composition including2, under conditions3
гапру endirectly/vertically above/upwards-also2 in gravity/frame of reference3
гарна enrail/railing/bar ,tool supporting/restraining2, of material3
генжа enroot ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: immobile, supporting, nourishing
генто en reflects Argentinian culture/nationality in aspect2
генху enhook/crook ,shape/form of material2
gerkys endog/canine/,bitch of species/breed2
герна enthe grammar/rules/defining form of language2 for structure/text3
гидва enг/object/event guides/conducts/pilots/leads2 .active participants in/at3
гигдо enbillion,en0 9 of 2 in dimension/aspect3
гинка encamp/encampment/temporary residence of2 at location3
гирзу engroup/cluster/team showing common property .ka2 due to set3 linked by relations4
гисму en.rban root word expressing relation2 among argument roles3, with affixes4
гларе enhot/,warm byk2
глеки enhappy/gay/merry/glad/gleeful about2 .event/state. .Adversity .=kamnalgei
глечи entool/toy/instrument used for sex
глету en copulates/fucks/mates/has coitus/sexual intercourse with2 enand2 are symmetrical
глута enmitten/glove ,hand and lower arm garment of material2
гошти enen0 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
готро enen0 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
граду en,magnitude is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard2 measuring property3
граке en-2 gram's ,metric unit in mass .default is en byk3
грана enrod/pole/staff/stick/cane ,shape/form of material2
грасу enquantity of/is made of/contains grease/fat/oil also source2
греку enframe/structure/outline supporting/determining the form of 2
груши engray
груте ,rutenfruit ,body-part of species2
губни enpublic/unhidden/open/jointly available to/owned by all among community2
гугде enthe country of peoples2 with land/territory3
гумри enmushroom of species2
гунди enindustry/industrial/systematic manufacturing activity producing2 by process/means3
гунка ei labors/works on/at 2 ,activity with goal/objective3
гунма enmass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed of components2, considered jointly
гунсе engoose/,gander of species/breed2
гунта ,gut enperson/mass attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim2 with goal/objective3
гурни engrain/,British: corn/cereal also plant/species2
гуска en blade/scraper/erosive scrapes/erodes/abrades2 also3
густа enrestaurant/cafe/diner serving type-of-food2 to audience3
гучи en-2.default en short local distance unit's ,non-metric, standard3,4 subunits
гутра enцwomb/uterus ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: nourishing, protective, giving birth
гузме enmelon/squash ,fruit/plant of species/strain2
жабре en brakes/causes to slow motion/activity2 with device/mechanism/principle3
жадни en.object adorns/decorates2; enadornment/decoration of2
жакне enrocket,vehicle propelled by jet expelling2 carrying payload3
жалге en.action/event/state is a result/outcome/conclusion of antecedent2.event/state/process
жална enquantity of/contains/is made of starch also source2 of composition including3
жалра encockroach/,orthopteran/termite of order/species/breed2
жамфу enцfoot ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lowest portion .adjective: enpedal
жамна enperson/mass wars against 2 over territory/matter3; enat war with 2
жанбе enbell/chime/,tuning fork ,tuned percussion instrument producing sound/note2
жаншо enцshoulder/hip/joint ,body-part attaching limb/extremity2 to body3
жанли en collides with/crashes/bumps/runs into2
жансу endiplomat/consul representing polity2 in/at negotiation3 for function/purpose4
жанта enaccount/bill/invoice for goods/services2, billed to3 by4
жарбу ensuburban area of city/metropolis2
жаршо en.agent shows/exhibits/displays/,reveals/demonstrates2 .property to audience3
жарки ennarrow in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension byk3
жаспу enpassport issued to2 г by authority3 allowing4 .activity
жатна encaptain/commander/leader/in-charge/boss of vehicle/domain2
жавни enrule prescribing/mandating/requiring2 .event/state within system/community3
жбама enbomb/explosive device with explosive material/principle2
жбари enberry .fruit/plant of plant/species2
жбена enborn to2 at time3birthday, 4,birthplace
жберa en.agent borrows/temporarily takes/assumes2 .object also source3 for interval4
жбини en between/among set of points/bounds/limits2 'set/amidst mass2 in property3
жбоиа enboa of species2 yukrc
ждари enfirm/hard/resistant/unyielding to force2 under conditions3
ждише enг decides/makes decision2 about matter3
ждика en.experiencer decreases/contracts/is reduced/diminished in property/quantity
ждима en,amount is the price of2 to purchaser/consumer3 set by vendor4
ждини enmoney/currency issued by2
ждули enquantity of jelly/semisolid ,texture of material/composition including2
жешта enpolity/state governing territory/domain2
жефту en-2 weeks in duration .default is en week byk3
желша en burns/,ignites/is flammable/inflammable at temperature2 in atmosphere3
жемна ngem/polished stone/pearl of type2 also gemstone/material/source3
женша n.event shocks/stuns2
женду enaxle/spindle ,tool on which2 rotates, of material/properties3
женми en.mass is an army serving group/community2 .mass in function3
жерна en.agent/person earns/,deserves/merits wages/salary/pay2 for work/service3
жерси en chases/pursues/.physically follows after2; volition is not implied foren or2
жерхо en reflects Algerian culture/nationality in aspect2
жесни enneedle ,pointed shape/form, not tool of material2
жече enjet ,expelled stream of material2 expelled also3
жетну en.dуъу is true/truth byk/epistemology/metaphysics2
жгалу enцclaw/nail/talon ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed, penetrating, physical weapon
жгану enangle ,2-dimensional shape/form also vertex2 subtended by lateral ,segment3
жгари en grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/,hugs2 with3 .part ofen at locus4 .part of2
жгена enknot/tangle in/between2
жгина engene of creature ,or locus on creature2 determining trait/process3 chromosome=.gincilta, ginpoi
жгира enг feels/has pride in/about2щ An emotional combination of satisfaction and
жгита ,git enguitar/violin/fiddle/harp ,stringed musical instrument with actua- tor/plectrum/bow2
жибни ,jbi ennear/close to/approximates2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni
жибри enjob/occupation/employment/vocation regularly done for pay of person
жишла en.object, or event: force stirs/mixes/,roils/agitates fluid .gas/liquid2
жишму ,cmu enbasis/foundation/underlying or fundamental principle of2
жижну ,jij enг intuits2 .dуъу about subject3
жикша ,жикen interacts/behaves socially with2;en socializes with/is sociable towards2
жикни en consists of the economic system .production and distribution and consumption of sector components2
жикру enmade of/contains/is a quantity of liquor/spirits distilled also2
жилка enquantity of/contains/is made of alkali/base of composition including2 ..adjective: enalkaline
жилра enг is jealous of/envies2 г about/for3 .property - ka
жимша nbranch/bough/limb of2;2 forks into branchesen; ,preferred over metaphorical бирка
жимпе en understands/comprehends fact/truth2 .dуъу about subject3;en understands .fi3
жимте enlimit/extreme/bound/border/,confinement of2 in property/domain3
жинши enpair of shears/scissors for cutting2
жинга ,jig jиъаenг/team wins/gains prize2 also/over3 ,competitors/losers in competition4
жинку envaccine/immune-system stimulant protecting2 [agait disease] introduced [method]
жинме ,jimenquantity of/contains/is made of made of metal of composition including2жинру ,jiren.object/person is immersed/submerged/bathes in liquid2
жинса ,jis en.object clean/pure of material/contaminant/dirt2 byk3
жинто enwell/spring of fluid2 at location3
жинви ,jiv jиъи en thinks/opines2 ,opinion .dуъу is true about subject/issue3 on grounds4
жипно entip/point/vertex/extremity/end ,0-dimension shape/form on object2 at locus3
жирна enцhorn ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed extremity
жисра enmade of/contains/nectar also-source/of-type2. .Waterbased extract also a .generally biological житфа en.dуъу is false/is an untruth byk/epistemology/metaphysics2
живбу en weaves2 also material/,yarn3
живна en competes/vies with opponent2 in contest/competition3 .event for gain4
жмажи en.mass/jоъу gathers/collects at location2 also locations3
жмифа enshoal ,shallow hazard/reef of material2 in body of water3
жмина enadds/combines 2 to/with3 result4; enaugments 2 by amount3
жмиве en lives/is alive byk2; enorganism/living thing
жоибу letteral: ampersand character; especially used in standing for a mixed connective
жорне enjoined to/connects to/is united with2 at common locus3
жубме entable/flat solid upper surface of material2, supported by legs/base/pedestal3
жудри enaddress of/are coordinates of2 in system3
жуфра en.text is a sentence/statement about2 ,topic/subject/predicate/focus in language3
жукни enspider/arachnid/,crustacean/crab/lobster/noninsect arthropod of species/breed2
жукпа encooks/prepares food-foreating2 recipe/method3.process
sieve жулне ennet/filter allowing passage of2, prohibiting passage of3, netting properties4жунди enattentive towards/attends/tends/pays attention to object/affair2
жунго en reflects Chinese ,Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc. culture/nationality/language in aspect2
жунла ,jul enclock/watch/timer measuring time units2 to precision3 with timing mechanism/method4. timepiece
жунри ,jurenг is serious/earnest/has gravity about2 .event/state/activity
жунта enthe weight of object2 in ,gravitational or other force field3
журса ,jusen.event/action/state is severe/harsh to2 ,victim/experiencer
жуци ,jutenspecies of genus2, family3
жухре ,jux en.action is clumsy/awkward byk2
жвину ,vin enthe view/scene/panorama/sight/prospect of2 .object/location also pointofview3
кабри encup/glass/tumbler/mug/vessel/,bowl containing contents2, and of material3
кабри is normally eaten also by lifting it
кашма encamera/photographic equipment recording illumination type2 images to medium3
кафке en coughs/farts/burps up/out2 ,predominantly gaseous also orifice3
кагни ,kagencompany/corporation/firm/partnership chartered by authority2 for purpose3
кажде en.event/experience warns/cautions2 г of/about danger3 .event/state/property
кажна enshelf/counter/bar in/on/attached to supporting object2, for purpose3
какне ,kаъе enable to do/be/capable of doing/being2 .event/state under conditions3
какпа en.agentdigs 2,material up/out of3 ,source/hole with limbs/tool's4
калши enцfeces/excrement/dung/shit of2 .animal/person; .adjective: enfecal .matter
калри ,karen.portal/passage/entrance-way is open/ajar/not shut permitting passage/access to2 by3
калса ,kas enchaotic/disordered in property/aspect2 .ka
калте ,katen hunts/stalks prey/quarry/game2 for purpose3. verb: to fish .=fipkalte
камжу encolumn/pillar of material2
камни en.mass is a committee with task/purpose2 of body3 Board of directors/trustees/cabinet kenthe majesty
kuotra en[goat/kid] [of species/breed]2
каншу ,kacen.agent counts the number in set2 to be3 ,number/count counting ,off by units4
канди ,kad endim/dull/pale/non-intense in property2 as received/measured by observer3
канжи en calculates/reckons/computes2 ,value .ni/state also data3 by process4
канла enцeye [of do]
канпе en expects/looks for the occurence of2 .event, expected likelihood3
канса enwith/accompanies/ of2
карби en ,observer compares2 with3 in property4 determining comparison5'state
карше encar/automobile/truck/van ,a wheeled motor vehicle for carrying2, propelled by3
карда encard ,small nearly-2-dimensional shape/form of material2, shape3. ..x3 shape default rectangular
каргу en.object/commodity/property/event is costly/expensive/dear to2 byk3
карли encollar/ring/belt/band around/surrounding2 made of material3
карни enjournal/periodical/magazine with content2 published by3 for audience4
катна en.tool/blade/force cuts ,through/splits/divides2 .object into pieces3
кавбу en captures/catches/apprehends/seizes/nabs2 withtrap/restraint3
кешти enг pities/feels sorry for 2г about3
келши en,agent plays with plaything/toy2
келво -2 degree's Kelvin ,metric unit in temperature.default is en byk3
кенра encancer ,malignant disease in2
кенса enouter space near/associated with celestial body/region2
керфа enцhair/fur ,body-part of2 at body location3
керло enцear ,body-part of2
кечo en reflects South American culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
кевна encavity/hole/hollow/cavern in2; enconcave within2;2 is hollow at locusen
кибро en pertains to the internet/cyberspace in aspect2. .Proposed byorxes. Short rafsi -kib-
кишне en cushions 2 with material3; encushion/pillow/pad for2 of padding material3
кижно enquantity of/contains/is made of oxygen .O; ,metaphor: supporting life/combustion
кинли granaarci; this lujvo structure is also noralujv
килто thousand ,en000; en0 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
кинли ensharp/keen at locus2
кисто en reflects Pakistani/Pashto culture/nationality/language in aspect2
клажи enstreet/avenue/lane/drive/cul-desac/way/alley/,road at2 accessing3. corridor; not typically a клаку en weeps/cries tears2 about/for reason3 .event/state
клама en comes/goes to destination2 also origin3 via route4 using means/vehicle5
клани enquantity quanti- fied/measured/enumerated by2 .quantifier on scale3
клеси en.mass/sиъо is a class/category/subgroup/subset within2 with defining property3
клина en.object/medium is clear/transparent/without obstacle to in-theclear2,transmission
клиру enquantity of/contains/is made of halogen of type2 ,chlorine, fluorine, iodine,
клити enquantity of/contains/is made of clay ,moist, clammy dirt of composition including2
клупе ,lup lуъеenscrew ,fastener for purpose2, threads ,pitch, material3, frame ,size, material4. bolt
клуза en.obj-loose/bloused/not tight on 2.obj at locus3
кобли ,kob kоъиenquantity of cabbage/lettuce/leafy vegetable of species/strain2
кожна encorner/point/atleast-3-dimensional ,solid angle ,shape/form in/on2, of material3
колме ,kol kоъеenquantity of/contains/is made of coal/peat/anthracite/bituminous also source2
комшу ,komencomb ,many-needled shape of material2 with tines/needles3
конжу ,kon kоъуencone ,shape/form of material2 with vertex3. ellipse, ellipsoid .=konclupa
корби ,kor koi enedge/margin/border/curb/boundary of2 next-to/bordering-on3
коршу enbent/crooked/not straight or direct/,twisted/folded
корка enquantity of/contains/is made of cork/bark also tree/species2; ,material
корво encrow/raven of species s2
коста ,kosencoat/jacket/sweater/cloak/,cape/shawl/pullover ,extra outer garment of material2
крали enmoral entitlement of 2.individual/mass byk3
краму en-2 local area unit's ,non-metric .default en byk3,4 subunits
краси en'site/event is a source/start/beginning/origin of2.object/event/process
крати ,kаъи en represents/is an agent/proxy/stands-in for ,absent2 in matter's/
криши ,криen believes ,regardless of evidence/proof belief/creed2 .dуъу is true/assumed about subject3
крили enquantity of/contains/is made of crystal of composition2 in form/arrangement3
крину ,rin kиъу en.event/state is a reason/justification/explanation for/causing/permitting2 .event/state
криха en cries out/yells/howls sound2
круша en intersects/crosses/traverses2 at locus3
кружи ,ruj enmade of/contains/is a quantity of cream/emulsion/puree ,consistency of composition2
круви ,ruv kru enшурве/turn/bend in2, at locus3, and defined by set of points/properties4
кубли ,kub encube/regular polyhedron/polygon of dimensions2 .def. 3, surfaces/sides3
кушли en curious/wonders about/is interested in/,inquisitive about 2.object/abstract
куфра en feels comfort/is comfortable with conditions/environmental property.ies2
кукте endelicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense2 ,person, or sensory activity. endelicacy
кулну en,mass of ideas, customs, skills, arts is culture of nation/ethos2
кумфа enroom of/in structure2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor3
кумте encamel/llama/alpaca/vicuna/dromedary of species/breed2
кунра n is/contains/is made also a mineral/ore of type/metal2 mined als
кунти en,container is empty/vacant of 2,material
курфа enright-angled shape/form defined by set of vertices2, dimensions3
куржи en takes-care-of/looks after/attends to/provides for/is caretaker [object/event/person]
курки enbitter/acrid/sharply disagreeable to observer/sense2
куспе en ranges/extends/spans/persists/reaches across/over interval/gap/area/scope/extent/range2
лабно enwolf/lupine of species/breed2
лашни eneyewear used/worn by2 serving purpose3
лашпу en pulls/tugs/draws/drags2 by handle/at locus3лашри ,лашen relies/depends/counts on/trusts2 to bring about/ensure/maintain3 .event/state
ладру ,лад enmade of/contains/is a quantity of milk also source2; .adjective: enlactic/dairy
лафти en.force lifts/applies raising/supporting force to2 at locus3 in gravity well4
лакне ,lаъеen.event/state/property is probable/likely under conditions2
лаксе ,лак enquantity of wax ,substance especially soft/moldable when warm also source2
лалдо enold/aged ,relatively long in elapsed duration byk2 ..=tolcиъо See citno, slabu
лалху enlake/lagoon/pool at site/within land mass2
ламжи ,лам lаъи enadjacent/beside/next to/in contact with2 in property/sequence3 in direction4
ланби enquantity of protein/albumin of type2 composed of amino acids 'sequence/jоъу3
ланши enflag/banner/standard of/symbolizing2 with pattern's3 on material4
ланли ,лал en analyzes/examines-in-detail2 by method/technique/system3 ,process/activity
ланме ,ланensheep/,lamb/ewe/ram of species/breed2 of flock3
ланте encan/tightly sealed/pre-sealed container for perishable contents2, made of3
ланхе ,лах enin balance/equilibrium under forces2 .mass
ланзу ,лазen.mass is a family with members including2 bonded/tied/joined according to standard3
ларшу ,ларen.process is an art ,creative application of craft/skill2 .idea/activity
ласна en.agent fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes2 to3 with fastener4
ласту enquantity of/contains/is made of brass ,copper/zinc alloy of composition including2
латмо ,lаъоen reflects Latin/Roman/Romance culture/empire/language in aspect2
латна enlotus, plant/flower/herb of species/strain2 symbolizing3 to culture/religion4
лазни enг is lazy/avoiding work/effort concerning action2
лебна ,leb leъаen takes/gets/gains/obtains/seizes/,removes2 .object/property also3
ленжо enlens/glass ,focussing shape/form focussing2 to focus/foci3 by means/material4
lesku [encold/cool] [byk]
лерши ,lec en.event is late byk2
лерфу en word-is a letter/digit/symbol in alphabet/character-set2 representing3
либжo en reflects Libyan culture/nationality in aspect2
лидне ,lиъеen precedes/leads2 in sequence3; enformer/preceding/previous;2 is latter/following
лифри ,lif fri en,person/passive/state undergoes/experiences 2 .event/experience; 2 happens toen
лижда ,жда enreligion of believers including2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including3
лимна ,lim en.agent swims in fluid2
линди ,лид enlightning/electrical arc/thunderbolt striking at/extending to2 also3
линжи enline/among lines ,en- dimensional shape/form defined by set of points2 Ray/vector
линто enlight in mass/weight byk2
лисри enstory/tale/yarn/narrative about plot/subject/moral2 by storyteller3 to audience4
листе en.physical object list/catalog/register of sequence/set2 in order3 in medium4
личе en-2 liter's ,metric unit in volume .default is en byk3
литки enliquid/fluid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3
литру ,лиъу en travels/journeys/goes/moves via route2 using means/vehicle3;entraveller
ливга enцliver,body-part of2
ливла ,lil enfuel/energy-source for powering2
ложбо en reflects ,rganic/rbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect2
лолди ,lol loi enfloor/bottom/ground of2. .Floor/level/story of a building/edifice .=setloi, dijysenta
лорху ,lor lоъуenfox ,bushy-tailed wild dog/canine of species/breed2
лубно en reflects Lebanese culture/nationality in aspect2
лужво en.text is a compound predicate word with meaning2 and arguments3 built also metaphor4
лумши en.agent washes/cleanses2 of soil/contaminant3 in/with cleaning material's4
лунбе enbare/naked/nude; enwithout cover/clothes/,protection
лунра enmoon.major natural satellite/moon of planet2
лунса en condenses/liquefies on/into2 at temperature3, pressure4; endew/condensate on2
мабла enderogative connotation/sense of2 used by3;3 derogates/ъcurses atъ2 in formen
мабру enmammal/ъаниmalъ/beast of species2
машну en.event/action manual ,not automatic in function2 under conditions3
макшу enmature/ripe/fullygrown/adult in development-quality2
макфа enmagic/supernatural/sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry to2, performed by person/force/deity3
макси enmagnetic ,adjective producing magnetic field2
малси entemple/church/sanctuary/synagogue/shrine of religion2 at location/serving area3
мамта ,мамenmother of2;en bears/mothers/acts maternally toward2; ,not necessarily biological
манши ,машen feels wonder/awe/marvels about2
манфо en.object/event is uniform/homogeneous in property2
манго enmango,fruit of species/variety 2 .ricrmango for mango tree
манку ,man endark/lacking in illumination
манри ,марenframe of reference/standard for observing/measuring/determining2, with/by rules3
манса en satisfies evaluator2 in property .ka/state3
манти enant of species/breed2
мапку ,мап encap/hat/crown/helmet/piece of headgear ,head-top garment of material2
мапни enquantity of/contains/is made of cotton ,type of fabric/material
мапти fits/matches/suits/is compatible/appropriate/corresponds to/with2 in property/aspect3
марби ,mraenshelter/haven/refuge/retreat/harbor for/protecting2 also danger/threat3
марше ,маъеenvehicle/mode of transport carrying2 in/on surface/medium3, propelled by4
марде ,мад en are the ethics/morals/moral standards/ethical standards of2
маргу enquantity of/contains/made of mercury/quicksilver
маржи ,маж маи enmaterial/stuff/matter of type/composition including 2 in shape/form 3
марна enquantity of hemp/marijuana/jute of species/strain2
марха en,force mashes/crushes/squashes/smashes2 into pulp/mash/crumbs/deformed mass3
масно enslow/sluggish at doing/being/bringing about2 .event/state
масти ,маъиen-2 months in duration .default is en month by month standard3
мачи enmat/pad/mattress/pallet ,flat, soft, dense form of material2. mattress=.kicymatci
матли enquantity of/contains/is made of linen/flax ,type of fabric/material
матне enquantity of/contains butter/oleo/margarine/shortening also source2
матра enmotor/engine, driving/propelling/providing power to2
мавжи ,мавenquantity of oats ,grain of species/strain2
махри enquantity of wheat,grain of species/strain2
мебри ,меб enцbrow/forehead ,projecting flat/smooth head/body-part of2
мегдо ,мегenmillion ,en0 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
мексо ,quanti-fier/expression is a mathematical expression interpreted under rules/convention2
мелби enbeautiful/pleasant to2 in aspect3 by aesthetic standard4
менли enmind/intellect/psyche/mentality/,consciousness of body2 adjective: enmental/psychological/
менси ensister of/sororal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3; ,not necessarily biological
менту en-2 minutes in duration .default is en minute byk3
мерко ,мерen pertains to USA/American culture/nationality/dialect in aspect2
мерли en.agent measures/evaluates2 ,quantity as3 units on scale4 'sиъо, with accuracy5
мехно en reflects Mexican culture/nationality in aspect2
миэу enin/at the middle/center/midpoint/ of2
мифра ,миф enencoded/cipher text of plaintext2 by code/coding system3
микри ,мик enмилlionth ,en0 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
милти ,мил enthousandth ,en/en000; en0 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
милхе enmild/nonextreme/gentle/middling/somewhat in property2
минде ,мид mиъеen issues commands/orders to2 for result3 .event/state to happen;3 is commanded to минжи ,mиъиenmachine for use/function2; ,automated apparatus, without direct function control
минли en-2 .default en long local distance unit's ,non-metric,3 subunits, standard4
минра ,мирen reflects/mirrors/echoes2 ,object/radiation to observer/point3 as4
мипри en keeps2 secret/hidden also3 by method4;2 is a secret;en hides/conceals2
мирли endeer/elk/moose/,hart/stag/doe of species/breed2
мисно enг/object/event is famous/renowned/is a celebrity among community of persons2
митре en-2 meter's ,metric unit in length measured in direction3 byk4
михре ,миx хреen.mass is a mixture/blend/colloid/commingling with ingredients including2
млана ,мла ento the side of/lateral to2 and facing3 also point of view/in-frame-ofreference4
млеша ,mec meъа enless than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount4. negative .=nonmeъа
мледи ,ledenmold/fungus/mushrooms/truffles of species/strain2 parasitic/growing on3
млуни ,lunensatellite/moon orbiting2 with characteristics3, orbital parameters4
мокша ,moc enpoint/instant/moment ,0-dimensional shape/form in/on/at time/place2. .x endimensioнлесs
моклу ,mol mоъу enцmouth/oral cavity ,body-part of2
молки ,мло enmill/foundry/industrial plant/,assembly line performing process2
молро ,mоъоen-2 mole's ,metric unit in substance .default is en byk3
моржи ,moj mоъиen remembers/recalls/recollects fact's/memory2 .dуъу about subject3
морко ,moren reflects Moroccan culture/nationality in aspect2
морна ,mon mоъа enreflects/represents a pattern of forms/events2 arranged according to structure 3
морси endead/has ceased to be alive
мосра enfriction opposing motion due to contact/rubbing between 2 and 3
мражи enquantity of rye ,grain of species/strain2
sueksi mails/posts via intermediary service2 to recipient address3
мушти enimmaterial/not physical/without material form
мудри enquantity of/contains wood/lumber also type/species2
мукти en.action/event/state motivates/is a motive/incentive for action/event2, per volition of3
мулно en.event is complete/done/finished;en.object has become whole in property2 byk3
мунже enuniverse/cosmos ,complete and ordered entirety of domain/sphere2 defined by rules3
мупли ,mup enexample/sample/specimen/instance/case/illustration of common property's2 of set3
мурсе enthe ,astronomical twilight/dawn/dusk/half-light/glimmering of day2 at location3
мурта encurtain/blinds/drapes for covering/obscuring aperture2, and made of material3
мусло en pertains to the Islamic/Moslem/Koranic ,Quranic culture/religion/nation in aspect2
муче enmuch/extreme in property2 .ka, towards3 extreme/direction;en is, in2, very3
мувду en.object moves to destination/receiver2 ,away also origin3 over path/route4
музга enmuseum for preserving ,and possibly exhibiting2 at location3
набни en.event/state is a problem to/encountered by2 in situation/task/inquiry3
накни enmale/buck of species2 evidencing masculine trait's3 .ka; enmasculine
налши enцwing ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lateral supporting surface
намшу en.li is a number/quantifier/digit/value/figure .noun; refers to the value and not the symbol
нанба enquantity of/contains bread ,leavened or unleavened made also grains2
нанша ,наъа en2 years in duration .default is en year byk3
нанду ,nad endifficult/hard/challenging for2 under conditions3
нанла enboy/lad ,young male person of age2immature bystandard3
нанму ,nau enman/men;enmale humanoid person ,not necessarily adult
нанви ,nav enbillionth/thousandmillionth ,en0 9 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
нарге ,nag ennut ,body-part: hardshelled fruit also plant/species2 with shell3 and kernel4
наржу enorange
натфе en contradicts/denies/refutes/negates2 .dуъу under rules/logic3
nai ennation/ethnic group of peoples2; ,people sharing a history/culture
навни enquantity of/contains/is made of inert gas of type2 ,neon/argon/radon/xenonнахле ,naxleencanal/channel to2 also3 with route4. 2/x3 may be unordered
назби enthe nose,body-part of2 with nostril's/nasal passage's3
нежни ,nen enenergy of type2 in form3. .Ray/beam .=neнлиъи
нелши ,nel nei enfond of/likes/has a taste for2 .object/state
ненри ,ner neъи enin/inside/within2; enon the inside/interior of2 ,totally within the bounds of2
нибли ,nib nиъи en logically necessitates/entails/implies action/event/state2 under rules/logic system3.
ниште ,cteennighttime of day2 at location3; .adjective: enat night/nocturnal
никле enmade of/contains/is a quantity of nickel/other metal resistant to oxidati
нилше ,nиъе en ,furniture items furnishes2 ,location serving purpose/function3
нимре enquantity of citrus ,fruit/tree, etc. of species/strain2
нинму ,nim nиъу enwoman/women;enfemale humanoid person
нирна ennerve/neuron ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: information/control network connection .adjective: enneural
ничу en needs/requires/is dependent on/,wants necessity2 for purpose/action/stage of process3
нивжи ,niv en.agent knits 2,cloth/object also yarn/thread 3
нихли engirl ,young female person of age2 immature byk3
нобли ennoble/aristocratic/elite/high-born/titled in/under culture/society/standard2
ночи enmessage/notice/memorandum about subject2 also author3 to intended audience4
нукни enmagenta/fuchsia/purplishred
нупре en.agent promises/commits/assures/threatens2 .event/state to3 ,benrficiary/victim
нурма ,numenrural/rustic/pastoral area of2; enin the country
нуртоnienneutron in quantum state2
нузба ,nuzen.dуъу is news/tidings/new information about subject2 also source3, to observer4
нузло en reflects New Zealand culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
пашна en hopes/wishes for/desires2 .event, expected likelihood3 .0-en;en hopes that2 happens
пагбу enpart/component/piece/portion/segment of2 ,where2 is a whole/mass;2 is partlyen Partly .=selpau
пагре ,green passes through/penetrates barrier/medium/portal2 to destination side3 also origin side4
пажни ,paien judges/referees/arbitrates/is a judge determining/deciding matter2.abstract
палши ,pac enevil/depraved/wicked ,morally bad byk2
палку ,paken are pants/trousers/slacks/leggings ,legged garment of material2
палне entray/platter/flat container ,pan/sheet/griddle of contents2, and made of material3
палтаenplate/dish/platter/saucer ,flat/mildly concave food service bed made of material2
памбе enpump/injector ,tool/apparatus pumping/inserting fluid2 to3 also4 by means5
панши ,pan enodor/fragrance/scent/smell emitted by2 and detected by observer/sensor3
панди en.agent punctuates2 .expression with symbol/word3 with syntactic/semantic effect4
панже enquantity of/contains/is made of sponge/porous materialпанка enpark/land reserve managed by community/polity/company2 for purpose3
панло enslice ,thin flat portion of2
панпи enat peace with2
панра en parallels2 differing only in property3
панте enprotests/objects to/complains about 2.event/state to audience3 with action4
панзи ,pazen,biological offspring/child/kid/hybrid of parent's2
папри en,physical page/leaf of book/document/bound mass of pages2
парби ,paben.meъо, fraction is a ratio/rate of2 .quantity with respect to3
паржи enparasite of2
пасту ,pas enrobe/tunic/gown/cloak/dress/ coveralls ,a long/full body garment of material2
патфу ,paf pаъу enfather of2;en begets/sires/acts paternal towards2; ,not necessarily biological
патлу enpotato ,an edible tuber of variety/cultivar2
патху ,paxenpot/kettle/urn/tub/sink, a deep container for contents2, of material/properties3
пелжи ,ple enpaper also source2
пелху enyellow/golden
пемши enpoem/verse about plot/pattern2 by author3 for intended audience4
пенби ,peb enpen using ink2 applied by process3
пеншу ,pec peъуen.agent touches2 with3 ,a locus onen or an instrument at4 ,a locus on2
пендо ,ped peъоen is/acts as a friend of/to2 .experiencer;2 befriendsen
пенми ,pen peъи en meets/encounters2 at/in location3
пенси ,pes pei en thinks/considers/cogitates/reasons/is pensive about/reflects upon subject/concept2
перли ,perenpear ,fruit of species/strain2
песху ,pex enpaste/pulp/dough/mash/mud/slurry ,soft, smooth-textured, moist solid of composition2
пецо ,pet enen0 en5 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пезли ,pezenleaf of plant2; enfoliage of2
пишти ,pic entrillionth ,en0 en2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пижне enpin/peg .needle-shaped tool for fastening to/piercing2, of material/properties3
пикши enpleads/supplicates/entreats/implores/prays ,asks with humility 2 for 3
пикта enticket entitling2 to entitlement/privilege3 .event/state under conditions4
пилжи ,pиъи enthe product/total/result of factors/multiplicands 2 and32 multiplied by3
пилка ,pil pиъаencrust/rind/peel/skin/hide/outer cover of2
пилно ,plien uses/employs2 ,tool, apparatus, machine, agent, acting entity, material for purpose3
пимлу enцfeather/plume's/plumage ,body-part of animal/species2
пинша enцurine/piss/pee of2
пинди enpoor/indigent/impoverished/lacking in goods/possessions/property2
пинфу enprisoner/captive of2, restrained/held/confined by means/force3
пинжи enцclitoris/penis ,projecting reproductive organ; body-part of2
пинка ,piken.text is a comment/remark/observation about subject2 expressed by3 to audience4
пинси ,pisenpencil/crayon/stylus applying lead/marking material2, frame/support
пинта ,pin enflat/level/horizontal in gravity/frame of reference2
пинхе ,pix en.agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment2 also/out-of container/source3
пипно ,pиъоenpiano/harpsichord/synthesizer/organ; a keyboard musical instrument
пихра enpicture/illustration representing/showing2, made by artist3 in medium4
плана enplump/fat/obese ,excessively thick/bulbous/swollen byk2
плату ,pla en.agent plans/designs/plots plan/arrangement/plot/,schematic 2 for state/process3
плежи ,lej leъиen pays/compensates/remunerates/,rewards payment2 to recipient/payee3 for goods/services4
плибу enцpubic area/external genitalia ,body-part of2
плини enplanet revolving around2 with planetary characteristics3, orbital parameters4
плипе ,pip pиъе en.agent/object leaps/jumps/springs/bounds to2 also3 reaching height4 propelled by5
плисе enapple ,fruit of species/strain2
плита ,pitenplane ,2-dimensional shape/form defined by points2 'set; enflat/,smooth
плиха en.agent plows/furrows/tills ,cuts into and turns up 2 with tool3 propelled by 4
плужа ,luj encomplex/complicated/involved in aspect/property2 byk3. tangled, confused
плука ,puk pуъаen.event/state seems pleasant to/pleases2 under conditions3
плута ,lut lуъаenroute/path/way/course/track to2 also3 via/defined by points including4
полже en.force folds/creases2 at locus/loci/forming crease's/bend's3
полно en reflects Polynesian/Oceanian .geographic region culture/nationality/languages in aspect2
понсе ,pos pоъеen possesses/owns/has2 under law/custom3; enowner/proprietor of2 under3
порпи ,pop pоъиen breaks/fractures/shatters/,splits/splinters/cracks into pieces2
порси ,por poi en ,ordered set is sequenced/ordered/listed by comparison/rules2 on unordered set3
порто ,poten reflects Portuguese culture/nationality/language in aspect2
прали ,palenprofit/gain/benefit/advantage to2 accruing/resulting also activity/process3
прами ,pam pаъиen loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards2
пране ,pаъе enperfect/ideal/archetypical/faultless/flawless/unimprovable in property/aspect2
прежа ,pej peъаen spreads/expands over/into2 also initial state3
прену ,pre enperson/people .noun ,not necessarily human; endisplays personality/a persona
прети ,ret reien.quoted text is a question/query about subject2 by questioner3 to audience4
приже [enwise/sage] [about matter] [observer]
прина enprint/impression [image surface] [using tool/press/implement]
приту en to the right/right-hand side of 2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3
пруше enprocess with inputs2, outputs/results3, passing through steps/stages4
пруни adjective: enelastic/springy
прухи enspiritual/pertains to the soul in nature ,either energy or being
пулше endust/precipitate ,suspensible solid also2 in medium/on surface3
пулжи enpolice officer/,enforcer/vigilante enforcing law's/rule's/order2
пулни enpulley ,tool for performing action/function2 rotating on axle3
пунжи en.agent puts/places/sets2 on/at surface/locus3
пунли enswelling/protrusion/convexity ,shape/form at/in/on2, of material3. ..adjective:en is swollen
пурши enin the past of/earlier than/before2 in time sequence; enformer; 2is latter
пурди ,pudengarden/tended/cultivated field of family/community/farmer2 growing plants/crop3
пурмо enpowder of material2
рашли en.action/activity/behavior is sane/rational byk2
рашту enrabbit/hare/,doe of species/breed2
рафси ,raf enaffix/suffix/prefix/combining-form for word/concept2, form/properties3, language4
рагве enlocated across/on the other side of gap/boundary2 also3; enopposite .fi3. : enover
раксо en reflects Iraqi culture/nationality in aspect2
ракту en.object/person/event/situation troubles/disturbs2 г causing problem's3 afflicts,
ралши endelicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property2enfflanter
ралжу enprincipal/chief/leader/main/,staple, most significant among2 'set in property3
ралте en retains/keeps/holds2 in its possession
ранда en yields/gives way/surrenders to2 .force/agent under conditions3
ранго en do body organ humi\e of body/species2 performing function3
ранжи en event/state continues/persists over interval2
ранми ,ram enmyth/legend, a culturally significant story about2 in mythos3 of culture4
ранти ,ran ensoft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force2 in conditions3.
ранхи ,rax enironic.al/contrary to expectation2 in state/property/aspect3
рарна ennatural/spontaneous/instinctive, not ,consciously caused by person's.
рачу enrat of species/breed2
ратни enatom of element/atomic number2 of isotope number/atomic weight3
ребла ,reb enцtail/appendix ,bodypart of2; ,metaphor: trailing, following portion/appendage
решту ,rec reъуenquantity of/contains meat/flesh also source/animal2
ремна ,rem reъаenhuman/human being/man .non-specific gender-free sense; .adjective: enhuman
ренро en throws/launches/casts/hurls2 to/at/in direction3 .propulsion derives internally toen
ренви en survives/endures/undergoes/abides/lasts/persists
респа ,resenreptile of species/breed2
ришфу enrich/wealthy in goods/possessions/property/aspect2
ригни enrepugnant to/causes disgust to2 under conditions3
zae [enmade of/contains/is a quantity of silver/argentum]
рилти ,ril en'sequence/non-text quote isa rhythm/beatof music/expressive form2
римни ,rim en rhymes/alliterates with2 in language/phonetics3, matching sound correspondence4
ринши en liquid/fluid drains/strains/flushes also source2 through drain/strainer3 by force4
ринжу ,rиъу enrestrained/held ,back/constrained/kept by restraint2 against3 .event
2 is a restraint/binding foren,2 keeps/restrains/holds ,back/constrainsen also3
ринка ,rik rиъаen.event/state effects/physically causes effect2 .event/state under conditions3
enmaterial condition for2;en gives rise to2
ринса en.agent greets/hails/,welcomes/says hello to/responds to arrival of2 in manner3 .action
рирши en ,member is rare/unusual/uncommon/atypical in property2 among members of3 'set
3 is complete specification of set; the generalized opposite to any/all of these concepts
рирни ,rirenparent of/raises/rears2;en mentors/acts parental toward child/protege2
рирхе enriver of land mass2, draining watershed3 into4/terminating at4
рисфоi fenrice field of r2
рисmi ,risenquantity of rice ,a type of grain of strain/cultivar2
рисna enцheart ,body-part of2; ,emotional/shape metaphors arent culturally neutral ..adjective: encardiac
ритли enrite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal2, by custom/in community3, with form/rules4
ривби en avoids/evades/shuns/escapes/skirts ,fate2 .event through action/state3
рокши ,rok rоъи enquantity of/is made of/contains rock/stone of type/composition2 also location3
ромге enhighly reflective/polished non-tarnishing metallic surface, of metal2
рорши ,roren engenders/procreates/begets2 with coparent3
роцу enthick in dimension/direction2 byk3; ,relatively long in smallest dimension
розгу enrose,flower - characterized by prickly stem/fragrance of species/strain2
рубле enweak/feeble/frail in property/quality/aspect2 byk3
руфсу enrough/coarse/uneven/,grainy/scabrous/rugged in texture/regularity
рунме en melts ,becomes liquid also solid state at temperature2 and pressure3
рунта en dissolves in solvent2 forming solution/,suspension3 under итиon4
рупну enmeasured in majormoney-units.dollar/yuan/ruble as2.quantity, monetary system3
рутни ,run enartifact; enartificial; enmade/caused by people/se kulnu2; enmanmade
сабжи ,sab en,source provides/supplies/furnishes2 ,supply/commodity to3 ,recipient
сабну encabin of vehicle2
сашки enmatch ,incendiary device made of2
сашлу en.meъотhe ,decimal/binary equivalent of fractional2 in base3
сакши ,sak en sucks/is suction/vacuum/relatively low pressure of fluid/gas2 relative to high pressure3
сакли ,salen slides/slips/glides on2. 2 is slick/slippery to/foren.=selsakli for reordered places
сакта ,sat enmade of/contains/is a quantity of sugar ,sweet edible also source2 of composition3
салши ,slaen celebrates/recognizes/honors2 .event/abstract with activity3
салпо ensloped/inclined/slanted/aslant with angle2 to horizon/frame3
салта en.mass is a quantity of salad ,food with ingredients/components including2
самшу enquantity of cassava/taro/manioc/tapioca/yam ,edible starchy root of species/strain2
сампу ,sap ensimple/unmixed/uncomplicated in property2 .ka
санше ,sna ensound produced/emitted by2. 2 sounds .intransitive verb
санга ,sag sаъаen sings/chants2 ,song/hymn/melody/melodic sounds to audience3
санжи ,saj enconscious/aware of2 .object/abstract;en discerns/recognizes
санми ,saien.mass is a meal composed of dishes including2
сансо ensauce/topping/gravy/frosting for use with2, containing ingredient's including3
саршу ,sаъуen.abstract is necessary/required for continuing state/process2 under conditions3
саржи ,sra en supports/holds up/is underpinning of/,helps2 against force/opposition3 with/by means4
сарлу enspiral/helix/whorl/,vortex ,shape/form with limits2, of dimensionality3
сарни enthree-angled shape/form defined by set of corners/vertices2, sides/dimensions3
сархе enharmonious/concordant/in agreement/concord with2 in property3
састе en.mass of facts is science of/about subject matter2 based on methodology3
сачи en,measurement/match is exact/precise to precision2 in property/quantity3
сатре en.agent strokes/rubs/pets2 with3
савру ennoise/din/clamor ,sensory input without useful information to2 via sensory channel3
сазри en operates/drives/runs2 ,apparatus/machine with goal/objective/use/end/function3
сефта ensurface/face ,bounded shape/form of ,higher-dimension object2, on side3, edges4
селши encell/atom/unit/molecule of2; enindivisible, most basic subunit of2
сенши en sneezes.intransitive-verb
сенпи en doubts/is dubious/doubtful/skeptical/questions that2
сента enlayer/stratum ,shape/form of2 ,material within structure/continuum/composite3
сенва en dreams about/that2 fact/idea/event/state;2 is a dream/reverie ofen
сепли enapart/separate also2, separated by partition/wall/gap/interval/separating medium3
серти en are stairs/stairway/steps for climbing structure2 with steps3
saetka en inserts/interposes/puts/deposits [into interior] [members of]
севzi enself/ego/id/identity-image of2
сфани enfly,a small non-stinging flying insect of species/breed2
сфаса en.agent punishes2 for infraction3 .event/state/action with punishment4
сфофа ,sfoensofa/couch .noun
сфубу en dives/swoops ,manner of controlled falling to2 also3
сишлу en,sound source whistles/makes whistling sound/note/tone/melody2
сишни encoin/token/is specie issued by2 having value3 of composition including4
сидбо en.idea abstract is an idea/concept/thought about2 .object/abstract by thinker3
сиюу en helps/assists/aids object/person2 do/achieve/maintain event/activity3
силка enquantity of/contains/is made of silk produced by2
силна enportion/quantity of salt also source2, of composition including3
симлу en seems/appears to have property.ies2 to observer3 under conditions4
симса ensimilar/parallel to2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni;en looks/appears like2
симху en'set has members who mutually/reciprocally2
синма ,sиъаen esteems/respects/venerates/highly regards2 ,object of respect
синсо enthe trigonometric sine of angle/arcsine2
синха ensign/symbol/signal representing/referring/signifying/meaning2 to observer3
сипна enasleep .adjective;en sleeps/is sleeping
сиржи ,sir enstraight/direct/line segment/interval between2 and3; .adjective: enlinear
сирхо ,sixen reflectsrian culture/nationality in aspect2
сиску ,sisen seeks/searches/looks for property2 among set3
систи ,stien ,agent ceases/stops/halts/ends activity/process/state2 ,not necessarily completing it
ситна ,siten cites/quotes/refers to/makes reference to source2 for information/statement3 .dуъу
сивни ,siv enprivate/personal/privy/,secret/confidential/confined to2; ennot-public/hidden
скапи ,kapenpelt/skin/hide/leather also2
скари ,skaen is/appears to be of color/hue2 as perceived/seen by3 under conditions4
скеzуъе zenengineer in the branch of s2 based on methodology s3 with purpose/goal z3
скиcu ,skien tells about/describes2 .object/event/state to audience3 with description4 .property
скиji eiski/skid/skate/runner for surface .of material2 supporting skier/skater/sled/cargo3
скина ,kinencinema/movie/film about2 ,plot/theme/subject/activity, filmmaker3, for audience4
скори encord/cable/rope/line/twine/cordage/woven strands of material2
ското en reflects Gaelic/Scottish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
скуро ,kуъоengroove/trench/furrow ,shape/form in object/surface2
слабу enold/familiar/well-known to observer2 in feature3 byk4
слака ensyllable in language2
слами enquantity of/contains/is made of cid of composition2
слану encylinder ,shape/form of material2
слари ensour/tart to observer2
сласи enquantity of/is made of/contains plastic/polymer of type/component unit's2
слигу ,lig ensolid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3
слири enquantity of/contains/is made of sulfur/brimstone 's; ,metaphor: foul odor, volcanic
служи ,slu enцmuscle ,body-part controlling2, of body3; ,metaphor: tools of physical power
слуни enquantity of/contains onions/scallions of type/cultivar2
смашу enmouse of species/breed
смадиen guesses/conjectures/surmises2 .dуъу is true about subject3; ,epistemology.
смажи ,smaen'source is quiet/silent/,still at observation point2 byk3
смани enmonkey/ape/simian/baboon/chimpanzee of species/breed2
смела enplum/peach/cherry/apricot/almond/sloe ,fruit .genus Prunus of species/variety2
смока ensock/stocking ,flexible foot and lower leg garment of material2
смуши ,mucenspoon/scoop .tool for use2, made of material3
смуни ,mun smuenmeaning/interpretation of2 recognized/seen/accepted by3
снану ento the south/southern side of2 according to frame of reference3
сниду en-2 seconds in duration is en second byk3
сниме enmade of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of snow
снипа en adheres/sticks to2; .adjective: ensticky/gummy/adhesive
снужи ensandwich/layering ,not restricted to food of2 sandwiched between3
снути en.event/state is an accident/unintentional on the part of2; enaccident
собде enquantity of soya ,grain/bean of species/strain2
содна enquantity of/contains/is made of alkali metal of type2
содва enmade of/contains/is a quantity of a carbonated beverage/soda of flavor/brand2
солжи ,sloenquantity of/contains/is made of gold .Au; ,metaphor: valuable, heavy, non-reactive
солри enthe sun of home planet2
сомбо en sows/plants2 ,crop/plants at/in3
сонши eisoldier/warrior/fighter of army2
соргу enquantity of sorghum of species/strain2
совда ,sov sоъа enegg/ovum/sperm/pollen/gamete of/also organism ,mother/father2
спажи en.event/action abstract surprises/xpected ,and generly sudn to2 expectation
спали en.agent polishes object/surface2 with polish3, applied using tool4
спати ,spaenplant/herb/greenery of species/strain/cultivar2. .adjective: envegetable/vegetal
спени enmarried to2;enspouse of2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention3
списа ,spien ,object/substance is a piece/portion/lump/chunk/particle of2 ,substance
спита enhospital treating patient's2 for condition/injuries/disease/illness3
спофу enbroken/inoperable/broken down/non-utile/not usable for function2
спожа bursts/explodes/violently breaks up/decomposes/combusts into pieces/energy/fragments 2
спуда ,spuen answers/replies to/responds to person/object/event/situation/stimulus2 with response3
спуту en spits/expectorates2 ,predominantly liquid also3 to/onto4 'saliva/spit/sputum/spittle
сражи envertical/upright/erect/plumb/oriented straight up and down in reference frame/gravity2
сраку en,abrasive/cutting/scratching object/implement scratches/,carves/erodes/cuts ,into2
сралоen reflects Australian culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
срана en pertains to/is germane/relevant to/concerns/is related/associated with/is about2
срасу enblade/expanse of grass of species2
срера en errs in doing/being/making mistake2.event, an error under conditions 3 byk 4
срума en assumes/supposes that2 .dуъу is true about subject3
срури en encircles/encloses/is surrounding2 in direction's/dimension's/plane3
сташе enhonest/open/truthfully revealing to/candid/frank with2 about matter/fact3
стаги enthe edible2 portion of plant3
стаку enquantity of/contains/is made of ceramic made by2, of composition3, in form/shape4
стали ,staen remains/stays at/abides/lasts with2
стани enцstalk/stem/trunk ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: main support
стапа ,tapen steps/treads on/in surface2 using limbs3
стасу quantity of soup/stew/olla/olio ,food of ingredients including2
стати en has a talent/aptitude/innate skill for doing/being2
стеба ,seb en feels frustration about 2щ
стеши ,tec teъи enspecific/particular/specialized/,special/a defining property of2 among3
стеду ,sed enцhead ,body-part of2
стела ,telenlock/seal of/on/for sealing2 with/by locking mechanism3
стеро ,teъоen-2 steradian's ,metric unit in solid angle .default is en byk3
стиci ento the west/western side of2 according to frame of reference3
стиди ,sid tиъиen.agent suggests/proposes idea/action2 to audience3;en.event inspires2 in/among3
стика ,tik en.event adjusts/regulates/changes2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3
стизу enchair/stool/seat/bench, a piece or portion of a piece of furniture intended for sitting
стоди enconstant/invariant/unchanging in property2 in response to stimulus/conditions3
стуна enis to the east/eastern side of 2 according to frame of reference 3
стура enstructure/arrangement/organization of2 ,set/system/complexity
стузи ,tuz stu eninherent/inalienable site/place/position/situation/spot/location of2
сушта enabstracted/generalized/idealized also2 ,something concrete by rules3
судга endry of liquid2; .adjective: enarid
суфти enцhoof ,body-part of2
сукса en.event/state is sudden/sharply changes at stage/point2 in process/property/function3
сумжи enmathematical sum/result/total of2 plus/increased by3
сумне en.experiencer smells/scents .transitive verb2;2 smells/has odor/scent to observer en
сумти enцargument of predicate/function2 filling place3 .kind/number
сунга enquantity of garlic ,bulb of species/strain2
сунла enquantity of/made also/consists of wool ,tight curly hair also animal/species/source2
сурла enrelaxes/rests/ in/by doing/being 2 .activity
сутра enfast/swift/quick/hastes/rapid at doing/being/bringing about 2.event/state
табно enquantity of/contains/is made of carbon/graphite/,diamond/charcoal; enorganic
табра enhorn/trumpet/trombone/bugle ,brass-wind/lip-reed musical instrument
таэи en,process is a method/technique/approach/means for doing2.event under conditions3
тадни ,taden studies/is a student of2;enscholar; .adjective: enscholarly
тагжи ,tag ensnug/tight on2 in dimension/direction3 at locus4
талса enг challenges2 at/in property3 for a challenging event/situation
tml entomato,fruit/vegetable/plant of species/strain2
тамжи ,taj enцthumb/big toe ,bodypart on limb2 of3; ,metaphor based on relative shape
тамне encousin to2 by bond/tie3; ,nonimmediate family member, default same generation
танбо ,tаъоenboard/plank ,3- dimensional long flat rectangle of material2
танше ,tac enцtongue ,body-part of2; .metaphor: similar to naзби, tamji, degji. ..adjective: enlingual
танжo enthe trigonometric tangent of angle/arctangent2
танкоenquantity of tobacco ,leaf of species/strain2
танру enbinary metaphor formed with2 modifying3,givingmeaning4 in usage/instance5
танси enpan/basin/tub/sink, a shallow container for contents2, of material/properties3
танхе enbox/carton/trunk/crate for contents2, and made of material3
тапла entile/cake ,shape/form of material2, shape3, thickness4
тарби enembryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg with mother2, and father3
тарши enstar/sun with stellar properties2
тарми en,ideal is the conceptual shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation2
тарти en behaves/conducts oneself as/in-manner2 .event/property under conditions3
таске en thirsts for2;en needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication2
татпи entired/fatigued by effort/situation2 .event;en needs/wants rest
татру enцbreast/mammary/teat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: projection providing liquid
тавла en talks/speaks to 2 aboutsubject3 inlanguage4
тахфу endress/a garment/clothing for wearing by2 .gender/species/body part serving purpose3
чаши encustom/habit/,ritual/rut of2 under conditions3 : encustomary/usual/the practice
чаду ,tca entown/city of metropolitan area2, in political unit 3, serving hinterland/region4
чана enstation/on transport/communication/distribution system/network2
чина en stretches/extends to range2 ,interval/extent in dimension3 also relaxed range4
чиша enevent/experience misleads/deceives/dupes/fools/cheats/tricks2 into3
чиду en,agent reads2 ,text also surface/document/reading material3
чика en minutes, seconds is the time/hour of state/event2 on day3 at location4
чила endetail/feature/particular of2
чима enweather at place/region2
чини en,state/property situation/condition/state/position/are conditions/circumstances of2
чита enlabel/tag of2 showing information3
темши enthetimeduration/interval/period/ vent2 to time/event3. age/elapsed time .=niltei
тенфа enthe exponential result of base2 to power/exponent3
тенгу en.property-ka is a texture of2
терпа en fears2; enafraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of2
тигни en performs2 ,performance for/before audience3
тикпа en kicks ,hits withenъs foot/feet42 in/at locus3, usingenъs foot/feet4
тилжу enheavy/weighty in mass/weight byk2
тинбе en obeys/follows the command/rule2 made by3; .adjective: enobedient
тинши enquantity of/contains/is made of tin 'sn; ,metaphor: cheap or base metal
тинса enstiff/rigid/inflexible/resistant in direction2 against force3 under conditions4
тирна en hears2 against background/noise3;2 is audible; .adjective: enaural
ir тирсе enquantity of/contains/is made of iron
тирху entiger/leopard/jaguar/,tigress of species/breed2
тисна ,tisen.object fills/becomes stuffed ,up/inflates/blows up with material2
титла ensweet/sugary/saccharine to observer2
тивни ,tiven broadcasts/televises programming2 via medium/channel3 to television receiver4
толди ,todenbutterfly/moth of species/breed2
тонга ,tog tоъаentone/note of frequency/pitch2 also source3
торду ,tor tоъу enshort in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurement standard3
торни en twists under load/force/torsion2
тражи ensuperlative in property2 .ka, the3 extreme .ka; default ka zmadu among set/range4
трано enquantity of/contains/is made of nitrogen/ammonia/nitrates. ..adjective: ennitric/nitrous
трати entaut/tense/strained tight in direction2
трене ,ren reъеentrain ,vehicle of cars/units2 .mass for rails/system/railroad3, propelled by4
тришу ,ricentree of species/cultivar2
трина ,trien attracts/appeals to/lures2 г/event with property/quality3 .ka
трихе enposterior/behind/back/in the rear of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference 3
троши en tries/attempts/makes an effort to do/attain2 .event/state/property by actions/method3
цали enstrong/powerful/,tough in property/quality2 byk3
цани enexpanse of sky/the heavens at place2
цапи enseasoning/шондимеnt/spice causing flavor/effect2
цижу en's is/are .a seed's/spore's ,body-part of organism2 for producing offspring3
цина enstage/platform/dais/,scaffold at/in2 supporting3, made of material4
тубну enlength of tubing/pipe/hollow cylinder ,shape/form of material2, hollow of material3
тугни ,tug tуъиen ,person agrees with person's/position/side2 that3 true about matter4
тужли entulip .defined by flower shape of species/strain2
тумла enparcel/expanse of land at location2; enterrain
тунба ensibling of2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3
тунка enmade of/contains/is a quantity of copper
тунло en gulps/swallows. en swallows down food/drink2
тупле enцleg ,body-part of2 braunch
турни en governs/rules/is ruler/governor/sovereign/reigns over people/territory/domain/subjects2
тучи entool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing2; ,form determines function
тутра enterritory/domain/space of/belonging to/controlled by 2
вашри enquantity of air/normallygaseous atmosphere of planet2, of composition including3
важни en.object/event is important/significant to2 г/event in aspect/for reason3 .nu/ka
валси enword meaning/causing2 in language3; .adjective: enlexical/verbal
вамжи en.ni is the equivalent value/worth of2 ,item's of value to3 for use/appreciation4
вамту ,vaten vomits/regurgitates2;en throws2 up; ,violent digestive expulsion
ванби ,vaben.ind./mass is part of an environment/surroundings/context/ambience of2
ванши ,vac enevening ,also end-ofwork until sleep typical for locale of day2 at location3
васру en contains/holds/encloses/includes contents2 within;envessel containing2
васху breathes/respires2 ,gas. ..though used to make the rban word, clue word vascular
вешну ei sells/vends 2,goods/service/commodity to buyer3 for amount/cost/expense4
венфу en takes revenge on/retaliates against2г for wrong3
венса enspring/springtime ,warming season of year2 at location3
верба enchild/kid/juvenile ,a young person of age2, immature byk3
вибна enцvagina,body-part of2
видру ,virenvirus of pecies/breed/defining property2 capable of infecting ,a
вифне ,vif .adjective: enfresh/unspoiled
викми en,body excretes waste2 also source3 via means/route4
викну ,vik enthick/viscous under conditions2
вимшу ,vic vиъуen removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away2 also3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder4
винду ,vid enpoisonous/venomous/toxic/a toxin to2
винжи ,vij enairplane/aircraft ,flying vehicle for carrying passengers/cargo2, propelled by3
випси endeputy/vice/subordinate in aspect ,or organization principle2 to principal3
вирну ,vri enbrave/valiant/courageous in activity2 .event byk3
виска ,vis vиъаen sees/views/perceives visually2 under conditions3
вичи enirregular/occasional/intermittent in property/action/aspect2
витке ,vиъе enguest/visitor of2 at place/event3; en visits2/x3
витно ,vиъо enpermanent/lasting/,eternal in property2 byk3 ,time-span/expectant one everlasting
влашку cendictionary concerning c3 authored by c3 intended for c4 in medium c5
влаги enцvulva ,body-part of2
влиле ,vil enevent/state/act of violence
влина enlogical alternation/disjunction, stating that2
влипа en has the power to bring about2 under conditions3
вофли en flies ,in air/atmosphere using lifting/propulsion means2
вокса envoice/speech sound of individual2
ворме endoorway/gateway/access way between2 and3 of structure4
врага ,vraenlever ,tool ,of apparatus for doing2 ,function/action, with fulcrum3 and arm4
врежи ,rej veienrecord of2 .data/facts/dуъу about3 .object/event preserved in medium4
врета ,vre en lies/rests/reclines/reposes on 2; enreclining/recumbent/lying on 2
вриши en'set/mass/ind. is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property2 .ka
вруде envirtuous/saintly/,fine/moral/nice/holy/morally good byk2
вруси entaste/flavor of/emitted by 2
вукро en reflects Ukrainian language/culture/nationality in aspect2
хабжу en dwells/lives/resides/abides at/inhabits/is a resident of location/nest/home/abode2
хадба enexactly/approximately half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of2 byk3
хадни enцbody/corpus/corpse of2; .adjective: encorporal/corporeal
хагри enoboe/clarinet/saxophone ,reed musical instrument with reed2
хажми enfunny/comical to2 in property/aspect3 .nu/ka;3 is what is funny abouten to2
хаксу ,xaken.event uses up/depletes/consumes/,wastes2 ,resource. .Waste .=fesxaksu, dusxaksu
халбо en uses levity/is non-serious/frivolous about2 щ
халка ,xalenquantity of/contains/is made of alcohol of type2 also source/process3
хални evг is panicked by crisis2 .event/state
хамгу enen.object/event is good/beneficial/nice/,acceptable for2 byk3
хампо ,xapаъоen-2 ampere's ,metric unit in current .default is en byk3
хамси ,xasensea/ocean/gulf/,atmosphere of planet2, of fluid3
ханше enцhand ,bodypart of2
ханка ernervous/anxious about2 щ under conditions3
ханри en ,concept exists in the imagination of/is imagined by/is imaginary to2
ханто enelephant of species/breed2
харши enweapon/arms for use against2 by3. .Gun/cannon .=celxаъи
харжу ,хажenpig/hog/swine/,boar ,pork/ham/bacon-producer of species/breed2
харну enstubborn/willfully opposing/resisting2 about3
хасли endonkey/jackass of species/breed2
хасне enцsweat/perspiration also body2, excreted by gland's/organs3
хатра enletter/missive/,note to intended audience2 also author/originator3 with content4
хаци enen0 en8 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хахре en-2 ares in area byk3
хаздо en reflects Asiatic culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
хебни en hates/despises2 .object/abstraction; enfull of hate for2;2 is odious toen
хебро en re- flects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хешто enhundred ,en00; en0 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хеэа enцjaw ,body-part of2
хекри enblack/extremely darkcolored
хелсо en reflects Greek/Hellenic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хендо enг is kind to2 in actions/behavior3
хенру en regrets/rues щ2; enregretful/rueful/sorry/,remorseful about2
хехсо ,хех enen0 en8 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хинмо ,ximenquantity of ink of color/pigment2 used by writing device3
хирма enhorse/equine/,colt/mare/stallion/pony of species/breed2. ..adjective: enequine/equestrian
хирноъиennoble with nobility standard2
хислу enwheel ,tool of device/vehicle2, made of materials/having properties3
хлали ,xla enbad for2 byk3; enpoor/unacceptable to2. .Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable
хлура ,хлу en.agent influences/lures/tempts2 into action/state3 by influence/threat/lure4
хотли ,xoloienhotel/inn/hostel at location2 operated by3
храбо ,raben reflects Arabic-speaking culture/nationality in aspect2
храни ,xaien.event injures/harms/damages victim2 in property3 resulting in injury4 'state
хруба ,xub enquantity of buckwheat/rhubarb/sorrel grass of species/strain2
хруки ,xuk enturkey ,food/bird of species/breed2
хрула ,rul enцflower/blossom/bloom ,body-part of plant/species2; .adjective: enfloral
хрути en.agent returns2 to origin/earlier state3 also4;en moves/gives2 back to3 also4
хукми ,xumуъи eninstance of substance/chemical/drug2 .individual or mass with purity3
хунре enred/crimson/ruddy
хурдо ,xurуъоen reflects Urdu language/culture/nationality in aspect2
хутла ,xul ensmooth/even/,soft/silky in texture/regularity
забна ,zan zаъаenfavorable connotation/sense/way-of-looking-at2 used by3. .цы funca, mabla,amgu, vrude
зажба ,zajengymnast at/performs gymnastics feat2
залви ,zalen ,individual or mass of hard surfaces grinds/pulverizes/crushes2 into powder3
занру zauen approves of/gives favor to plan/action2 .object/event
zai enmarket/store/exchange/shop's selling/trading .for2, operated by/with participants3
заргу enцbuttock's/arse/rear/seat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: rounded surface, support
засни ,zas entemporary/not permanent/expected to change in property2 byk/expectant3
засти ,zat zаъи en exists/is real/actual/reality for2 under metaphysics3
збабу ,babenquantity of/contains/is made of soap also source2 of composition including3
збани enbay in/of coast/shoreline2
збасу en makes/assembles/builds/manufactures/creates2 out of materials/parts/components3
збепи ,збеenpedestal/base/stand/pallet supporting2.object/event of materials/properties3
здани ennest/house/lair/den/,home of/for2
здиле en.abstract is amusing/entertaining to2 in property/aspect3;3 is what amuses2 abouten
зекри ,zer zeien.event/state is a punishable crime/,taboo/sin to people/culture/judges/jury2
зенба ,zen zeъаen.experiencer increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity2 by amount3
зепти enen0 2en of2 in dimension/aspect3
зетро enen0
згана en observes/,notices/watches/beholds2 using senses/means3 under conditions4
згике enmusic performed/produced by2.event
зифре enfree/at liberty to do/be2 .event/state under conditions3
зинки enquantity of/contains/is made of zinc
зирпу enpurple/violet
зивле en.agent invests resources2 in investment3 expecting return/profit4 .object's/event
змаду ,zma mauen exceeds/is more than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount/excess4. positive .=nonmau
змику enautomatic in function2 under conditions3
зукте ,zuk zуъеenvolitional entity employing means/taking action2 for purpose/goal3/to end3
зумри ,zmu enquantity of maize/corn ,grain of species/strain2
зунги en feels guilt/remorse about2
зунле ento the left/left-hand side of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3
зунти en.evt./state interferes with/hinders/disrupts2 .evt./state/process due to quality3
зуце en sits ,assumes sitting position on surface2
sated en.diun s attending/present at2.event/loco
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Author:je_luo d'hishwards