аъа аъа ,UI 1 attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding
аъи ,UI 1 attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose
аъунаi ,UI* 1 attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion
аъу ,UI 1 attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion
аинаи ,UI* 1 attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal
аи 1 attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal
аунаи ,UI* 1attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance
ау ,UI 1attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance
башрu 1 utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks ,vocally makes sound2
бадри 1sad/depressed/dejected/,unhappy/feels sorrow/grief about2 .abstraction
бажрa 1 runs on surface2 using limbs3 with gait4
бакфu ,baf1bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack ,shape/form containing2, held together by3
бакнi 1cow/cattle/kine/ox/,bull/steer/calf ,beefproducer/bovine of species/breed2
бакри 1quantity of/contains/is made of chalk also source2 in form3
бактu 1bucket/pail/can/deep, solid, wide-topped container of contents2, made of material3
балжи 1bulb ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: rounded, bulgy
бални 1balcony/overhang/ledge/shelf of building/structure2
балре 1blade of tool/weapon2
балви 1in the future of/later than/after2 in time sequence; 1latter;2 is former
баншu 1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2 also3 in property/amount4
бандu 1.event defends/protects2 .object/state also threat/peril/potential3
бангу 1a/the language/dialect used by2 to express/communicate3
банли 1great/grand in property2 byk3
банро 1 grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form2 also3
банхa 1bank owned by/in banking system2 for banking function's3 .event
банзu 1.object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose2 under condi3
баплi 1,force forces/compels event2 to occur
барда 1big/large in property/dimension's2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3
баргу 1 arches/шурвес over/around2 and is made of3; 1arch over/around2 of material3
баржа 1tavern/bar/pub serving2 to audience/patrons3
барнa 1's is a/are mark's/spot's on2 of material3
бартu 1on the outside of2
басфа 1omnibus for carrying2 in medium3 propelled by4 relyloibasfa for double-decker jonbasfa for articulated,
clajonbasfa for bi-articulated, diзбасфа for low-floor, drucaubasfa for open top
басна 1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to2 by .action3
басти 1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of2 in circumstance3;1replacement/substitute :1 trades places with2
бачи 1 bites/pinches2 on/at specific locus3 with4
баткe 1button/knob/,handle on/for item2, with purpose3, made of material4
бавмi 1quantity of barley ,grain of species/strain2
ба time tense relation/direction: will after default future tense
беъа location tense relation/direction; north of
беъе ,COI vocative: request to send/speak
беъи ,BAI бенжи modal, 1st place 'sender sent by ...
беъо ,BEhO elidable terminator: end linked sumti in specified description
беъушуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
беъунаi ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
беъу ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
бебгei g 1giddy about g2
бебнa 1foolish/silly in event/action
бендe 1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2 directed/led by3 organized for purpose4
бенгo 1 reflects Bengali/Bangladesh culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бенжи 1 transfers/sends/transmits 2 to receiver3 also transmitter/origin4 via means/medium5
берсa ,bes beъа1son of mother/father/parents2 ,not necessarily biological
бертi ,ber 1to the north/northern side ,right-hand-rule pole of2 according to frame of reference3
бесна ,ben 1a/the brain ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: intelligence, mental control
бетфu 1a/the abdomen/belly/lower trunk,body-part of2
бетрi 1tragedy/disaster/tragic for2
беврi 1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 to3 also4 over path5
бе sumti link to attach sumti .default2 to a selbri; used in descriptions
биъарbиъо bin1 develops illness bin2=bil1 with symptoms bil2
биъе ,BIhE prefixed to a mex operator to indicate high priority
биъи ,biz ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: unordered between ... and ...
биъо ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: ordered also ... to ...
биъунаi ,UI*3 discursive: newly introduced information - previously introduced information
биъу ,UI3a discursive: newly introduced information - previously introduced information
биэу 1bead/pebble ,shape/form of material2
бифшe 1bee/wasp/hornet of species/breed2
биклa ,bik1 whips/lashes/snaps ,a sudden violent motion
бикрeъо r1 flings/hurls/ throws violently r2=b1 to/at/in direction r3
биксku c1.agent snaps c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept at audience c3 via expressive medium c4
бикспu s1 snaps in response to person/object/event/situation/stimulus s2 with response s3
бикьдамri d1whip .musical instrument
билгa 1bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be2 in/byk/agreement3;1 must do2 3 frame of reference
билма ,bиъа 1ill/sick/diseased with symptoms2 also disease3
билнi ,bil 1military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system2 for purpose3 paramilitary; soldier in its
broadest sense - not limited to those trained/organized as part of an army to defend a state .=bilpre
билpulji p 1military police officer enforcing law's/rule/order p2
бимеи ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 8 to cardinal selbri;1set with the octet of members2
биндo 1 reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бино ,PA* number/quantity: 80 ,eighty
бинпрe j1=p1middleman/mediator/contact/gobetween/intercessor between parties j2
бинрa1 insures/indemnifies2 .person against peril3 .event providing бенефиt's4 .event
3 loss; sell/purchase insurance .=binryveъу, premium .=binrydиъа, or binryvelveъу
бинрydиъа j1insurance premium providing coverage against peril j2=b3 for insured j3=b2 .person
offered by insurer j4=b1
бинхo ,bix bиъо 1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into2 under conditions3
Resultative, not-necessarily causal, change
бирgutci g 1g2 cubit/cubits .length unit
бирjаъи j1bracelet on arm j2=b1
бирже 1made of/contains/is a amount of beer/ale/brew brewed also2
биркa 1a/the arm ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: branch with strength
биртi 1certain/sure/positive/convinced that2 is true
бисli 1quantity of/is made of/contains ice ,frozen crystal of composition/material2
битmu 1wall/fence separating2 and3 .unordered of/in structure4
би ,бив digit/number: 8
блаби ,lab 1white/very-light colored ,color adjective
блашi 1quantity of/is made of/contains glass of composition including2
бланu 1blue,color adjective
блику 1block,3-dimensional shape/form of material2, surfaces/sides3
блотi 1boat/ship/vessel ,vehicle for carrying2, propelled by 3
блужi 1pair of jeans / blue jeans
бои elidable terminator: terminate numeral or letteral string
болши 1ball/sphere/orb/globe ,shape/form of material2
блнгu 1a/the bone/ivory ,body-part, performing function2 in body of3
ботпi 1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for2, made of material3 with lid4
бохfo ,боф боъо 1sheet/foil/blanket ,2-dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions of material2
бохнa ,блн боъа 1wave ,periodic pattern in medium2, wave-form3, wave-length4, frequency5
бради 1enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of2 in struggle3
братu 1hail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including2
бразo 1 reflects Brazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бредi ,red bre 1ready/prepared for2 .event
бридi 1predicate relationship with relation2 among arguments 'sequence/set3
брифe ,bif bиъе 1breeze/wind/gale also direction2 with speed3;1 блоws also2
брижu ,bij 1office/bureau/work-place of worker2 at location3
бритo ,rit1 reflects British/United Kingdom culture/nationality in aspect2
бривлa v1morphologically defined predicate word signifying relation b2 in language v3. .Derived
b3, as we are speaking of the relationship independent of particular arguments. In rban, such words must end in a vowel~
and contain a consonant cluster within the first five letters .not counting y. Not all words that can be used as a selbri
for instance members of GOhA are brivla
брода ,rod 1st assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
бродe ,bоъе 2nd assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брогуъе g 1Israel with people g2 and land g3
брунa 1brother of/fraternal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3
буъа ,bul ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 1
буъе ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 2
буъи ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 3
буъоcуъи ,UI*7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъонai ,UI*7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъо ,UI7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъу ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; coincident with/at the same place as; space equivalent of ca
букпu 1amount of cloth/fabric of type/material2
букьдиъу z1tent for purpose z2, made of b2
букьвoi v1 paraglides, using paraglider of type/material b2
бумgapci 1fog/mist of liquid/composition2 covering3
бумрu ,bum 1foggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid2
бундa ,bud1 is2 .def. 1 local weight unit's ,non-metric, standard3, subunits ,e.g. ounces4
..additional subunit places may be added as5,6,
бунре ,bur bуъе 1brown/tan ,color adjective
буршu 1 brush for purpose2 .event with bristles3
бурнa 1embarrassed/disconcerted/flustered/illat-ease about/under conditions2 .abstraction
бурньгau g1.agent embarrasses/disconcerts b1 about/under conditions b2 .abstraction
бу convert any single word to
ша ma ,PU* sumti question asking for a time/date/event; simultaneous with what?
шаъаршau cl 1unaided by/withut ppara/mechanim/dvic/eqipmnt ca1=cl2 for function ca2 controlled/triggered by ca3.agent
шаъа ,caz ,CAhA modal aspect: actuality/ongoing event
шаъеръби cаъерbиъе b1=c2 is a wind also direction b2 with speed b3, shoving/pushing c2 at locus c3
шаъершarce car1=cat2 is a pushcart/wheelbarrow for carrying car2
шаъермувgau g1=c1 pushes m1=c2 to destination m2 also origin m3 over path/route m4
шаъерсlanu s1valve/piston of material s2, shoving/pushing c2 at locus c3
щае cаъе ,UI2 evidential: I define
шаъишпе cp1=ca2 demands cp2=ca2 also cp3
шаъишрu cu1=ca1.agent permits/lets/allows cu2 .event under conditions cu3, derived also authority on basis ca3
шаъирdиъа j1charge of service j2 to consumer j3=c2 set and levied by authority j4=c1
шаъирselzau z2 is official, approved by authority z1=c1 over sphere/people c2
шаъирvei1=v 1authoritative document of2=v2 .data/facts/dуъу about3=v3 .object/event preserved
in medium4=v4, by authority5=c1 over matter/sphere/persons6=c2 derived on basis7=c3
шаъи ,BAI catni modal, 1st place by authority of ...
шаъо ,ZAhO interval event contour: during ...; continuative ――–―
шаъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; forwards/to the front of ...
шабаъо ,ZAhO* time tense: has been, is now in the aftermath of; .tense/modal
шабнa ,шаб 1current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with2 in time
..default2 is the present resulting in: 1now; time relationship oнлy, ъаoristъ claiming simultaneity does not mean
one event does not extend into the past or future of the other
шабрa ,cаъа 1apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function2 controlled/,triggered by3 .agent
Form determined by/also function; does not imply automated/automatic action - requires an external agent/trigger .a minji
may be a zmiku шабрa if it requires an external agent to trigger or control the functions that it performs automatically
шабьфao шабyfau c1=f 1live .experienced as it happens to experiencer c2
шабькуъе k1=c1 ranges through time/has duration k2=c2. 2 is the complete duration as the amount of time or an
nterval specification and is non-aorist
шашаъа ,PU* time tense: present actuality; modal aspect
шашаъо ,ZAhO* time tense: is now/simultaneously, is now in the middle of; .tense/modal
шашкlu k1=t1tradition/practice/custom of traditional culture t2=k2 under conditions t3
This is similar to ritli, but the emphasis is not necessarily on particular rituals, but customs
ex. wearing of a particular type of clothing or hairstyle associated with a group.
шашрa1 is2 hours in duration .default is 1 hour byk3
шашрьраъо1 is2 hours in angular measure of right ascension RA .default is 1
julrаъо, sostartai. pиъе used in2 indicates a base of 60
шашьжva j1=t1convention prescribing j2 .event/state within community j3=t2
шашьsku c1=t2 customarily expresses c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3
шадьштa шат1=шан1lurker/inactively watches шат2
шадькei k1=c1.agent idly plays with plaything/toy k2
шадьsti s1=c1.agent ceases and rests also activity/process/state s2 .not necessarily completing it
шаюу 1 walks/strides/paces on surface2 using limbs3
шафlitki l 1liquid at room temperature/at standard temperature and pressure, and consists of composition/material l2
шафнe ,шаф1.event often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs byk2
шафрei r1frequently-asked question about subject r2
шагdaidиъу di1barn for storing/sheltering grains/livestock/tools/machinery da1
шагнa 1open/closed wound on locus2 шаусed by3
Unlike velxai, itъs specific to physiшал injuries pertaining to the surface of an organic body such as skin
шагьгунди g1a/the agricultural industry/sector producing g2=c4 alsofarms c1 located inc2 farmed by c3
шагьпрe p1farmer associated with farm c1 producing c4
шагzai z1farmerъs market selling z2, operated by farmers z3=c3
шаибрa b1=c 1huge/enormous/colossal in property b2=c2 to observer b3=c3
шаиштa шат1 stares at шат2 as received by observer шар3
шаидji d1 craves/intensely wishes d2 .event/state for purpose d3
шаичу n1 desperately needs/is desperate for n2 for purpose/action/stage of process n3
шаиврu s1=c 1roaring/blinding to s2 via sensory channel s2=c3
шаи ,CAI attitudinal: strong intensity attitude modifier
шажeba ,PU* time tense: during and after; .tense/modal
шажгунди g 1a/the wholesale/retail industry sector in which c1 trades/barters c2 for c3 by process g3 .Omit c4, g2
шаклa 1made of/contains/is a quantity of chocolate/cocoa
шалкu ,шак 1shell/husk ,hard, protective covering around 2 composed ofx3
шаншi 1 vanishes/disappears also loшатion2;1 ceases to be observed at2 using senses/sensor3
шандo 1idle/at rest/inactive. .”in motion”, not implying a change in location, is negation of this
шангe 1farm/ranch at2, farmed by3, raising/producing4; .adjective: 1agrarian grange;
farming is any organized agrarian activity, not limited to plant crops
шанжa 1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity2 for3 with4;1,4 is a trader/merchant/businessman
adjective:1,2,4 is/are commercial .better expressed as ka шанжa, kamшанжa.2/x3 may be a specific object,
a commodity .mass, an event .possibly service, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-
raising also ownership of the object/commodity .=posyшанжa for unambiguous semantics;
шанкo ,cаъо1window/portal/opening ,portal in wall/building/structure2
шанлу 1space/volume/region/room ,at-least-3-dimensional area occupied by2
шанпa 1shovel/spade ,bladed digging implement for digging2
шанре 1quantity of/contains/is made of sand/grit also source2 of composition including3
шаршe 1cart/carriage/wagon for carrying2, propelled by3
шарми 1intense/bright/saturated/brilliant in property 2 as received/measured by observer3
шарнa 1 turns/rotates/revolves around axis2 in direction3
шартu ,шат1chart/diagram/map of/about2 showing formation/data-points3
шарvi ,шав1 rains/showers/,precipitates to2 also3
шаснu ,сnu1's .mass normally, but 1 individual/jоъу possible discuss.es/talk's about topic/subject2. chat, converse
шатке ,cаъе1 ,agent shoves/pushes2 at lo cus3. .Move by pushing/shoving .=cаъермувgau
шатлu ,cta 1 looks at/examines/views/inspects/regards/watches/gazes at2
шатнi ,cаъи1 has authority/is an official in/on/over matter/sphere/persons2 derived on basis3
шатнrpepiskopo j1the bishop/archbishop of j2 of religion l1
шатрa1.agent kills/slaughters/murders2 by action/method3
шахнo ,шах 1shallow in extent in direction/property2 away also reference point3 byk4
шазьфau f1actual .existing in act or reality, not just potentially
шазьфusra f1rotten/deшаyed/fermented with deшаy/fermentation agent f2
ша time tense relation/direction during/simultaneous with present tense
шеъи ,cez ,PA3 digit/number: % percentage symbol, hundredths
шеъо ,ceъо ,JOI non-logiшал connective: ordered sequence link; ”and then”, forming a sequence
шеъу ,KOhA8 pseudo-quantifier binding a variable within an abstraction that represents an open place
шешлa ,cel ceъа1 launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile2, propelled by3 ,propellant/propulsion
:1gun/launcher/шанnon;1 hurls/throws/шастs .more general than renro in that propulsion need not be internal to1
шешmu ,cem ceъу1community/colony of organisms2
шедра 1era/epoch/age characterized by2.event/property/interval/idea
2 interval should be the defining boundaries; if merely a characterizing period, the nature of the interval should be
expressed in an abstract bridi
шеикри k1 believes .without evidence/proof that the god/deity c1 exists
шеирсelxаъу 1a/the habitation/dwelling/house of god2
шеи selbri variable assignment; assigns broda series pro-bridi to a selbri
шелгаъа g1=c2 is an arrow made of g2 fired/launched by c1
шелгunta g1.person/mass attacks with a projectile weapon/shoots victim g2 with goal/objective g3 using launcher/gun c1
which launches/fires/shoots projectile/missle c2 propelled by propellant/propulsion c3
шелxаъиа 1=c1gun/шанnon/firearm for use againsta2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
шемlanzu l1=c1tribe with members including l1 according standard l3
шемраъа s1 pertains to community s2=c2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for communities: From gismu cecmu and srana
шенбa 1 varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4
Non-resultative, notnecessarily шаусal change
шенлаи1 is2 percent of3 in dimension/aspect3
шенсa ,ces 1holy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шентi ,cen1hundredth ,1/100; 1 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шентre m1=c 1m2=c2 centimeter's / hundredth's of a meter ,metric unit in length .default 1 measured in
direction m3=c3 byk4=m3
шерda ,ced 1heir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality also3 according to rule4
Pedantiшалly, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising .tуъа if non-abstract in2 of inheriting loka ponse the
object - the ownership of the object .=posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics
шермурse m1=c 1the dawn of day m2=c2 at loшатion m3=c3
шелxаъиа 1=c1gun/шанnon/firearm for use againsta2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
шемlanzu l1=c1tribe with members including l1 according standard l3
шемраъа s1 pertains to community s2=c2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for communities
шенбa ,cne1 varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4. .Non-resultative,
notnecessarily шаусal change cenba which is nonresultative, galfi which is resultative and шаусal, stika which is
non-resultative and causal; stodi, zasni, binxo
шенлаи1 is2 percent of3 in dimension/aspect3
шенсa ,ces 1holy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шентi ,cen1hundredth ,1/100; 1 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шентre m1=c 1m2=c2 centimeter's / hundredth's of a meter ,metric unit
in length .default 1 measured in direction m3=c3 byk4=m3
шерda ,ced 1heir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality also3 according to rule4
Pedantiшалly, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising .tуъа if non-abstract in2 of inheriting loka ponse the
object - the ownership of the object .=posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics
шермурse m1=c 1the dawn of day m2=c2 at location m3=c3
шернi ,cer1morning ,dawn until after typiшал start-of-work for locale of day2 at loшатion3. .This morning .=
шабdeicerni; tomorrow morning .=bavlamcerni; yesterday morning .=prulamcerni, prulamdeicerni
шерсai s1.mass is a breakfast composed of dishes including s2
шертu ,cre 1expert/pro/has prowess in/is skilled at2 .event/activity byk3. competent, skilled
шевни ,cev cei 1a/the god/deity of people's/religion2 with dominion over3 ,sphere; 1divine
divinity;2 religion refers to the religious community as a masscev God
ше ,cec ,JOI non-logiшал connective: set link, unordered; ”and also”, but forming a set
шфабалви b1entirely in the future of b2; b1 begins after b2
шфарi ,cfa 1 ,state/event/process commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur; .intransitive verb
шфикa ,fik fиъа 1work of fiction about plot/theme/subject2/under convention2 by author3
шфилa ,cfi 1.property - ka is a flaw/fault/defect in2 causing3
шфинe 1wedge ,shape/form/tool of material2
шфиpu ,fиъу1.event/state confuses/baffles2 ,observer due to ,confusing property3 .ka
шфиsisku s1 diagnoses/proofreads/searches/tests/debugs for flaw/property c1=s2 in c2=s3 causing c3
шиблу 1blood/vital fluid of organism2
шибьlajyterkruca1=kr3 is a three-way intersection of roads2=kr1=kl1
шибьplini p 1the third closest planet revolving around p2, with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
шибьseltуъе t2 is three-legged with legs t1
шибьselxиъу1=i2 is a three-wheeled device/vehicle, with wheel made of materials/having propertiesi3
шишfoi f1uncultivated field of material f2
шишнa 1cyan/turquoise/greenish-blue ,color adjective
шиэа 1food/feed/nutriment for2; 1edible/gives nutrition to2
шиднi 1a/the knee/elbow/knuckle ,hinged joint, body-part of limb2 of body3. .Metaphor: a sharp bend/шурве
шидро 1quantity of/contains/is made of hydrogen .H; ,metaphor: light, flammable
шифнu ,cif 1infant/baby ,helpless through youth/incomplete development of species2
щифтолди1caterpillar .larva of butterfly or moth - not sawfly of species2
шифьlisri l1childrenъs story about plot/subject/moral l2 by storyteller l3 to audience l4
шигla ,cig 1a/the gland ,body-part secreting2, of body3;2 is a secretion of1. 'secretion .=selcigla
шикиъо ,PA* number/quantity: 3,000 expressed with comma
шикна cikna ,cik .adjective: 1awake/alert/conscious
шикрe 1 repairs/mends/fixes 2 for use3 .A repair may be incomplete, fixing only one of the possible uses of 2, hence3
шиксi 1.person explains2 .event/state/property to3 with explanation4 .dуъу. .Explanation4 is an
underlying mechanism/details/purpose/method for2 .=velcki for reordered places, generally assumed to be non-obvious;
metaphorical usage with the various causal relations is possible, but the non-obviousness, and the existence of an
explainer with a point of view makes this word not a simple expression of cause
шиксne s1=c1 daydreams about s2; s2 is a daydream of s1=c1
шикьbиъо b1=c1 awakens/becomes awake under conditions b3
шикьгau g1.person/agent wakes up c1
шилшe ,cic .adjective: 1wild/untamed .Tame .=tolcilce
шилжongau g1 ties j1 to j2 with c1
шилmo ,cim 1moist/wet/damp with liquid2
шилре ,cli1 learns2 .dуъу about subject3 also source4 .obj./event by method5.event/process
шилтa ,cil1thread/filament/wire ,shape/form of material2
шимdeъу d1=c1quantityof/contains/is made of mud also source d2 of composition d3, moist due to liquid c2
шимde 1.property - ka is a dimension of space/object2 according to rules/model3
шимеи ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 3 to cardinal selbri;1set with the trio of members2
шимжvo l 1implicitly metaphorical lujvo with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built also metaphor l4
Used to refer to metaphorical lujvo that do not contain any -pev- rafsi .for peъа
The word cimjvo is itself an example of cimjvo
шимни 1infinite /unending/eternal in property/dimension2, to degree3 .quantity/of type3
шинбa 1.agent kisses/busses2 at locus3
шиндu 1oak, a type of tree of species/strain2
шинфo 1lion/,lioness of species/breed2
шинжe ,cij1wrinkle/crease/fold ,shape/form in2
шинкi 1insect/arthropod of species2; ,bug/beetle
шинла 1thin in direction/dimension2 byk3; ,relatively short in smallest dimension
шинмle m1=c 1sexy/hot/attractive to m2 in aspect m3 byk m4=c4
шинмo ,cni1 feels emotion2 .ka about3. mood/humor .=nuncni
шинонo ,PA* number/quantity: 300 ,three hundred
шино ,PA* number/quantity: 30 ,thirty
шинри ,cиъи1.abstraction interests/is interesting to2;2 is interested in1
Use1 tуъа for non-specific interest in an object; interested in .=selcиъи
шинсe ,cin 1 in activity/state2 exhibits sexuality/gender/sexual orientation3 .ka byk4. :1 courts/flirts;3
could be a ka ¡gender or role¿, ka ¡attraction to a gender¿, or ka ¡type of activity¿, etc.; .adjective:
1sexual/sexy; 1flirted with/courted by2 .=cinfriti, cinжикшa
шинтa 1,material is a paint of pigment/active substance2, in a base of3
шинтypуъи p1 paints surface p3 with paint p2=c1
шинзa 1a/are tong's/chopsticks/pincers/tweezers/pliers ,tool/body-part for2 to pinch3
шипнi 1bird/avian/fowl of species2
ширкo 1 loses person/thing2 at/near3;1 loses property/feature2 in conditions/situation3
2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event .rare for cirko, or a property; pedantically, for
objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising also ownership of the object/commodity
ширla1quantity of/contains cheese/curd also source2
ширмиъо m1.person/object/event is historical among community of persons m2 .mass
широi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: thrice; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
ширvai v1historical/a landmark/watershed in the history of c2, according to v2=c3, in aspect/for reason v3 .nu/ka
шисka ,cиъа 1 inscribes/writes2 on display/storage medium3 with writing implement4;1scribe 3 writing surface
шисma 1 smiles/grins .facial expression. 'smile/grin at something .=cismyfra
шисni 1of size/measurement2 in dimension/aspect3
шисчика t1.hours, minutes, seconds is the daylight saving time of state/event t2 on day t3 at location t4=c3
шистe ,cиъе 1.mass is a system interrelated by structure2 among components3 'set displaying4 .ka. 1.or3 is
synergistic in4; also network;2 also relations, rules;3 also elements 'set completely specified
шиткa ,cti 1 eats/ingests/consumes .transitive verb2
шитmau z1=c 1younger than z2 by amount z4
шитmle m 1cute to m2 in aspect m3
шитнau n1=c1youth/young man byk c2
шитнo ,cit cиъо 1young/youthful ,relatively short in elapsed duration byk2
шитрai t1=c 1youngest among t4
шитрi ,cir1history of2 according to3 .person/also point-of-view3
historic/historical .=cirtermоъи, cirvai
шитsi1season/is seasonal ,cyclical interval, defined by interval/property2, of year's3. anniversary .=citsydei,
наъаршitsydei, jubilee .=mumnoncitsi; the period of time may be short or long as indicated by2, and may occur every
year or every nth year as indicated by3 .default every year; 2 and/or3 may need metaphorical restriction: djecitsi,
pavdeicitsi; also equinox, solstice, time of year
шивлa 1louse/flea ,blood-sucking arthropod of species/breed2, parasitic on 3
шиздаъу1=c1=d1monster/freak of species2=d2, monstrous/freakish in property4=c3 according to3=c4
шизрa ,ciz 1strange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to2 in property3 .ka
ши ,cib ,PA1 digit/number: 3 .digit ,three
шкабуъу b1bedcloth of material b2
шкабu 1quantity of/contains/is made of rubber/latex also source2 of composition including3
шкашivla 1bedbug
шкафи 1made of/contains/is a quantity of coffee also source/bean/grain2
Brew based on a seed/bean/grain; e.g. also chicory coffee, decaf, postum
шкагаi 1blanket / quilt
шкажi ,kai 1 has/is characterized by property/feature/trait/aspect/dimension2 .ka;2 is manifest in1
Manifested/property/quality/trait/feature/aspect .=selkai
шкаклa k1 goes to bed also k3. .Omit3=se клама .destination=шкана .bed
шкакуъа k1bedroom in structure k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor k3 .mass/jоъу
шкалиъа cl1 rises/gets up/leaves bed
шкана ,шка1bed/pallet of material2 for holding/supporting3 .person/object/event
шкапе ,cap 1perilous/dangerous/potentially harmful to2 under conditions3 1danger/peril to2
шкасu ,cas1 ridicules/mocks/scoffs at2 about3 .property/event by doing activity4 .event
шкежi ,kej шке1 feels ashamed/mortified/humiliated under conditions2 before community/audience3
шкикu ,kik1key fitting/releasing/opening/unlocking lock2, and having relevant properties3. 2 fastener, mechanism; code
key .=termifшкикu, kiktermifra;3 is dependent on the type of key, but are those form properties of the key that enable
it to serve the function of opening the lock - in the case of a metal key to a padloшк, for example, this would be the
shaft and teeth
шкилu ,cиъу 1'sиъо is a scale of units for measuring/observing/determining2 'state
шкини ,kиъи 1related to/associated with/akin to2 by relationship3
шкире ,kir 1grateful/thankful to/appreciative of2 for3 .event/property gratitude .=nunckire or kamckire
шкопалку p1diaper .absorbent garment of material p2
шкукajna k1bookshelf attached to k2
шкукeъу 1' the3'rd edition of book/publication2 about subject/theme/story4 byauthor5 foraudience6 preservedin medium7
шкулe ,kul 1school/institute/academy at2 teaching subject's3 to audien./commun.4 operated by5 college, university
шкунu ,kуъу1conifer/pine/fir of species/strain2 with cones3
шкупау p1chapter of book c1=p2
шкупрa cup1 publishes cup2=cuk1 by process cup3
шкусрo s1library of books c1=s2
шкузai z1bookshop selling books z2=c1, operated by z3
шкузdacre c1librarian byk c3
шлабajьклa k1=b1 runs a marathon/long distance to destination k2 also origin k3 via route k4
шлашelxаъи1=ce1=шл1rifle for use against2 by3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
шладу ,лау 1 loud/noisy at observation point2 byk3
шламеъа m1shorter than m2 in direction c2 by margin m4
шлани ,шла 1long in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurementstandard3
шлапеzli p1leaf of p2, long byk c3
шлапрe p1tall person, by measurement standard c3
шлахu 1without/lacking/free of/lacks2;1 is2-less
шликa 1moss/lichen of species/strain2 growing on3; .adjective: 1mossy
шлира ,lir1.event is early byk2
шлитe ,lit 1polite/courteous/civil in matter2 according to standard/custom3
шливa ,liv lиъа1 leaves/goes away/departs/parts/separates also2 viaroute3 :1 leaves behind/takes leave of2
шлупа ,cup1loop/circuit of2 ,material. noose .=skoшлупа, saljgeшлупа; there is no indication of
shape, but merely that the ends join/meet; closed шурве defined by set of points .=cuptai
шмабatci b1 nibbles b2 at locus b3 with b4
шмабиъо b1=c1 decreases in size/becomes small to b2 under conditions b3
шмашai ca1=шм 1tiny/miniature/diminutive/very small in property ca2=шм2 to observer ca3=шм3
шмашi1mathematics of type/describing2
шмашкu 1booklet/brochure about2, written by3, for intended audience cu4 in medium cu5=шм1
шмашма c1tiny/miniature/diminutive/very small in property c2 with criterion c3
шмалu ,шма 1small in property/dimension's2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3
шмамаъа шмаn1=шмаn1is a hill in terrain шмаn2, small byk шмал3
шмамau z 1smaller than z2 in dimension c2 by margin z4
шмамеъа m 1bigger/,less small than m2 in dimension c2 by margin m4
шмаna ,маъа 1mountain/hill/mound/,rise/,peak/,summit/,highlands projecting also land mass2
шмаплini p1asteroid revolving around p2 with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
шмарai t1=c1the smallest among set/range t4 in property/dimension c2.ka
шмариъе r1creek/stream in land mass r2, draining watershed r3 into r4/terminating at r
шмароъи c1=r1small rock of type r2 also location r3, small byk c3. c 1gravel
шмачa 1village in administrative area3 serving hinterland4 small byk5
шмачeмаъа шмаn1=шмал1hillock/mound/rise/knoll in terrain шмаn2, small byk шмал3
шмачerиъе r1=шмал1rivulet on surface/terrain r2 draining r3 terminating at r4 small byk шмал3
шмачetce m1=c 1tiny/miniscule/diminutive in property/dimension's c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm c3
шматоъа t1tone low in pitch/frequency also source t3
шмаво ,маъо 1structurewordof grammaticalclass2, with meaning/function3 in usage .language4 .x4 may be a specific
usage .with an embedded language place or a massified language description
шмахиъаи1=c1pony of species/breedi2
шмазda z1hut of/for z1, small as compared with standard/norm c3
шмене ,шме meъе1.quoted word's is a/the name/title/tag of2 to/used-by namer/name-user3 .person
:2 is called1 by3 .=selшме for reordered places
шмесanji s1 identifies s2=c2 by name c1 usedby namer/name-user c3 .person
шместe l 1onomasticon of names l2=c1 in order l3 in medium l4
шмеtcita t1name tag/nameplate of t2=c2 showing text c1
шмевеigau g1=v3 registers c2 with user-name c1 on system/application c3
шмибиъо b1=c1 becomes a member of group b2=c2 under conditions b3
шмишуъакрali k1suffrage entitled to k2=cu1 byk k3. .It is a civil right, selcemkrali
шмишуъа шм 1=cu1 votes for cu2 among choices cu3 in voting group шм2 Applies to any election, notjust public ones
шмила 1 laughs.emotional expression 1 laughs at2
шмимa 1member/element of set2;1 belongs to group2; 1amid/among/amongst group2 1 may be a complete or incomplete list
of members;2 is normally marked by lаъи/leъи/lоъи, defining the set in terms
of its common property.ies, though it may be a complete enumeration of the membership
шмивеigau g1=v3 registers c1 as a member of c2, registration preserved in medium3=v4
шмизуъе z1=c1 participates in employing means/taking action z2 for purpose/goal z3
шмони ,шмо cоъи1 utters moan/groan/howl/scream ,non-linguistic utterance2 expressing3 .property
шмухуъи 1element of kind2 with purity3
шнадаkfu d1=c1chisel for carving d2=c2 with blade of material d3
шнаno ,наъо 1 ,value is a norm/average in property/amount2 .ka/ni among3's
set bystandard4. mean, normal, usual; 3 speci- fies the complete set
шнеbo ,neb neъо 1a/the neck ,bodypart of 2; ,metaphor: a relatively narrow point
шнему ,nem neъу1.agent rewards2 ,recipient for atypical3 .event/property with reward/desserts4
Differs also earned payment because of atypical nature; rewards need not be positive but are in some sense deserved
also the point of view of the rewarder: positive reward .=zanyneъу, punishment, penalty, demerit .=malneъу, sfaneъу;4
may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities,
this is sumtiraising also ownership of the object/commodity .=posneъу, posyvelneъу for unambiguous semantics
шнепарби 1 the derivative of2 with respect to 3
шниci ,nic 1 orderly/neat/ordered in property/quantity2 .ka/ni
шниcro co1=ci1 hurts emotionally due to ci3
шнидаъо d1=c 1far/distant also d2 in feeling d3=c2
шнижаъо j1=c1 shows emotion j2=c2 .ka about c3 to audience j3
шнинo ,nin nиъо 1new/unfamiliar/novel to observer2 in feature3 .ka byk4;1novelty
шниsa ,nis 1quantity of/contains/is made of lead .Pb; ,metaphor: heavy, malleable, soft metal
шниta 1directly/vertically beneath/below/under/underneath/down also2 in frame of reference3 underside, nether
шоъа ,cоъа ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the starting point of ...; initiative ¿―¡ ―
шоъе ,com cоъе ,GOhA elliptical/unspecified bridi relationship
шоъи ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the instantaneous point of ...; achievative; point event ¿―¡
шоъо ,COI vocative: partings/good-bye
шоъурdуъу d 1relieved also stress/discomfort d2
шои vocative: greetings/hello
шокшu ,cko1 soaks up/absorbs/sucks up2 also3 into4; 1absorbant
шонди ,con cno coi 1deep in extent in direction/property2 away also reference point3 byk4
шортu 1 hurts/feels pain/hurt at locus2
шо ,col ,CO tanru inversion operator; ”... of type ...”; allows modifier trailing sumti without sumti links
шпашu ,cpa1 gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts2 also source3 ,previous possessor not implied
fetch; accept a gift .=seldуъашпа
шпаna 1upon/atop/resting on/lying on ,the upper surface of2 in frame of reference/gravity3. ..1 may be object or event
шпаре ,par1 climbs/clambers/creeps/crawls on surface2 in direction3 using4 ,limbs/tools
шпедu 1 requests/asks/petitions/solicits for2 of/also3 in manner/form4. demand .=mиъешpe;4 is a means of
expression : a request may be indicated in speech, in writing, or by an action ч petitions are often in writing,
while begging/panhandling may be indicated by an action or even demeanor
шпинa 1pungent/piquant/peppery/spicy/irritating to sense2. prickly .=pecycpina
шрадi1 broadcasts/transmits ,using radio waves2 via station/frequency3 to ,radio receiver4. 1broadcaster
шранe ,cra 1anterior/ahead/forward/.in/on the front of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3 :3 is the standard of
orientation for2
шрека ,cek 1shirt/блоусe/top ,upperbody garment - not necessarily sleeved or buttoned, material2
шрепu 1.agent harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects2 also source/area3
шрибе 1bear/ursoid of species/breed2
шрида 1fairy/elf/gnome/brownie/pixie/goblin/kobold humanoid of mythos/religion2 humanoid is presumed by the mythos
шринo 1green/verdant ,color adjective
шрипу 1bridge/span over/across2 between3 and4 ,unordered, typically destination firs
шрисa 1summer/summertime ,hot season of year2 at location3
шритu 1autumn/fall ,harvest/cooling season of year2 at location3
штарu 1tide ,cyclical/periodic expansion in 2 caused by3
штеbi 1a/the lip ,body-part/rim of orifice2 of body3; .adjective: 1labial
штекi 1tax/levy/duty on goods/services/event2 levied against3 by authority/collector4
штилe 1quantity of petroleum/oil also source2
штильtergуъи 1oil lamp using petroleumbased products, illuminating2 with light1
щильвау ctilyvau v1fuel tank
штинo ,tиъо1shadow/the shade of object2, made by light/energy source3
штиpla p1 sets up diet p2 for c1 consisting of food c2
штируъегаu g1 digests food p2=c2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant c1
штонаъа1 is2 centuries in duration byk3. .The default2 is 1;
штушa ,штu 1 teaches audience2 ideas/methods/lore3 .dуъу about subject's4 by method5 .event. instruct, instructor,
educate, educator, teacher, professor, pedagogue; .adjective:1/x5 is pedagogical
штушиъе ci 1education system interrelated by administrative policies ci2 among institutions ci3=ct1 displaying
quality ci4
штушкu cu1=ct1textbook for teaching ideas/methods ct3 .dуъу, by author cu3 for audience cu4=ct2
about subject's ct4 by method ct5, preserved in medium cu5
штуфau f1lesson by c1 for teaching audience c2 ideas/methods/lore c3 .dуъу about subject's c4 by method c5 .event
штунoi n1instructions by c1 teaching audience c2 ideas/methods/lore c3 .dуъу about subject's c4 by method c5 .event
штунuntаъа n1=c5 is a lecture / an event of verbal teaching by t1=c1 to audience t2=c2 about subject t3=c4 in
language t4 with facts taught c3
шуъаркubli k1=c1gaming die, with sides k3=c3, with side c2 facing up and having dimensions k2
шуъа ,VUhU3 unary mathematical operator: absolute value/norm ―a―
шуъе ,CUhE tense/modal question
шуъи ,CAI attitudinal: neutral scalar attitude modifier
шуъо ,MOI convert number to probability selbri; event1 has probability .n of occurring under cond.2
шуъу kоъа ,BAI* tagged sumti: can be used for embedded: it-1 said, ”...”, with editorial unquote and insert
шуъупрe p1businessman/business woman involved in business c1
шуъу ,BAI cusku modal, 1st place .attribution/quotation as said by source ...; used for quotation
шушмаъе m1skate carrying m2 on surface/medium m3
шуштиъе t1the heel of shoe t2=c1 for covering/protecting feet c2, and of material c3
шушьcau cl 1barefoot/not wearing shoes
шуклa ,cuk 1round/circular ,2-dimensional shape/form;1disk/circle/ring
Normally used for a filledin circle/disk, but emphasis on roundness means that the concept may include ъringъ.
шуклиъу l1 goes/moves around/,in a circle using means l3
шукmakьвеlvei v4=m1=c1computer disk/hard k/floppysk storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3
шукmirvelvei v4=m1=c1compact disc/optical disc storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file's v1
шукmуъо m1=c1.object is completely round/full
шукрerkavjvi j1 plays ultimate frisbee against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4
шуктai t1=c1circle
шукта ,cku 1book containing work2 by author3 for audience4 preserved in medium5 ,x1manifestation/container
A physical object or its analogue of a work/content, not necessarily using paper .=selpapri;
шулнo ,clu 1full/completely filled with2
шумki ,cum 1.event/state/property possible under conditions2; 1 may/might occur;1maybe
шумla ,cul 1humble/modest about2 .abstraction;1 displays humility about2
шумнunveъу n1sales lead/opportunity for v1 to sell v2 to v3 for amount v4
шумselpei1=p2=c1'subject/concept is conceivable under conditions c2
шумьmуъефиъа cf 1science fiction about possible universe cu1=m1 by author cf3
шунмi1quantity of millet ,grain of species/strain2
шунпeъи p1 bumps into/randomly encounters p2 at/in location p3
шунсo ,cun шуъо 1random/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions2, with probability distribution3
accidental, chancy, by chance, adventitious, arbitrary .also=cunшуъа, cunselшуъа, cunжди, cunselжди;
based on ”unpredictable”
шунтu ,cуъу 1affair/organized activity involving person's2 .ind./mass;1 is2ъs business. matter, concern;2 is
engaged in1.which is usually an abstraction .=selшуъу for reordered places
шуньнаъу n1=c1.li is a random number .noun, random under conditions c2, with probability distribution c3
шуплиъу l1 makes a round trip via route l2 using means/vehicle l3
шупрa ,pra1 produces2 ,product by process3
шупьпoi p1=c1circularly ordered sequence by rule p2 on unordered set p3
шурмi ,cru1.agent lets/permits/allows2 .event under conditions3;1 grants privilege2. 'sufficient condition .=
crutcini, agent that permits a situation .=tcinycru
шурнu ,cur 1worm/invertebrate animal of species/breed2
шурве ,cuv 1pure/unadulterated/unmitigated/simple in property2 .ka. .x 1simply/purely/unmitigatedly/solely2
шусkуъи1 edits/revises/adapts text2 by3 for audience4 in medium5
шусku ,cus sku1.agent expresses/says2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept for audience3 via expressive medium4. says
шустerzиъе z3 is a condition for free expressive activity z2 by agent z1=c1
шучi ,cuc1shoe/boot/sandal for covering/protecting ,feet/hooves2, and of material3 boot .=tupcutci
шутнe ,cut 1a/the chest/thorax/upper trunk/,rib cage/breast ,body-part of2
шутьbоъу b1rib of body b3=c2
шутьгрeku g1=c 1the ribcage of c2
шутьtиъе t1the upper back ,body-part of c2
шухнa 1 chooses/selects2 ,choice also set/sequence of alternatives3
шу elidable marker: separates selbri also preceding sumti, allows preceding terminator elision
даъа ,daz ,PA4 digit/number: all except n; all but n; default 1
даъе ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: remote future utterance; ”Heъll tell you tomorrow. IT will be a doozy.”
даъинаi ,UI*3 discursive: supposing - in fact
даъи ,UI3 discursive: supposing - in fact 4 даъоi ,DOI attitudinal attribution .Whereas dai simply
marks an attitudinal as applying to someone other than the speaker, даъоi explicitly attributes the preceding
attitudinal. In particular, dai is equivalent to даъоi наъе bo mi.
даъо ,DAhO discursive: cancel pro-sumti/probridi assignments.
даъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a remote past utterance; ”She couldnъt have known that IT would be true.”
дабьcalku c 1armor around c2 composed of c3 against opponent4=d2
дабьsmifau f1.event is a wargame, simulating combat by d1 against d2 over issue d3 .abstract
дабьtadji t1fighting technique / martial art used under conditions t3 by d1. .t2 subsumed. d2
and d3 not usually relevant to technique. Made also damba + tadji
дашру ,dac1drawer/file in structure2, a ,sliding compartment container for contents3
дашти ,dai1material object enduring in space-time;1thing
дадgau g1 hangs/suspends d1 also d2 with/by means d3
даэо ,daj1 pertains to the Taoist cultur e/ethos/religion in aspect2
дадне dadneъотаъу t1necktie for wearing by t2=c2 serving purpose t3
дадьшatra c1 hangs/lynches c2=d1 by hanging them also/on d2 by means of d3
2 is killed by this action. Use dadgau if2 is already dead
дадьшкa c1=d1hammock of material c2 hung also d2
дадьsli s1=d1pendulum oscillating at rate/frequency s2, suspended also d2 by/at/with joint d3
дафsku c1.agent answers2=d1 to question/problem3=d2
дагьsfe s1pavement of road/highway2=d1
дагьsni s1road sign meaning s2 to observer/driver/pedestrian s3
даи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: marks empathetic use of preceding attitudinal; shows anotherъs feelings
дакфu ,dak1knife .tool for cutting2, with blade of material3
даклi 1sack/bag with contents2, and of material3
дакльcka c1=d1sleeping bag of material c2=d3 for holding c3=d2
дакьxаъи1=d1dagger / knife weapon for use against2=d2 by3 with blade of material d3
далшange c1ranch at c2, of rancher c3 raising animals c4=d1
далpeъо p1=d1pet belonging to p2 of species d2
далсke s 1zoology concerned with animals of type d2 based on methodology s3
дамba ,dab даъа1 fights/combats/struggles with2 over issue3 .abstract;1fighter/combatant
Use3 tуъа for fight over an object/objective
дамри 1drum/cymbal/gong ,percussion musical instrument with beater/actuator
дамтуъу t1chimney made of of material t2 for emitting/expelling smoke/gas/steam/magma t3=d1 also source d2
дандu ,dad 1 hangs/dangles/is suspended also2 by/at/with joint3. .Pendant .=dadjаъи; also dependent .original meaning
данфu ,daf 1the answer/response/solution/,reply to question/problem2
данлуъа p1trajectory of ballistic projectile d1 fired by gun/launcher d2, to destination p2 also p3 via p4
данлу ,dal даъу 1animal/creature of species2; 1biologically animate
данмo ,dam 1made of/contains/is a quantity of smoke/smog/air pollution also source2. 2 may be a fire
данре ,даъе 1.force puts pressure on/presses/applies force to2
дансke s 1ballistics with methodology s2
дансu 1.individual, mass dances to accompaniment/music/rhythm2
дансьшуъу c1dance/ball involving participants c2=d1, to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2
дантi ,dan 1ballistic projectile ,e.g. bullet/missile for firing by ,gun/propelling launcher2
cannonball, catapult stone, shot pellet's
данвau 1quiver/magazine for arrows/bullets2
даплu ,plu 1island/atoll/key of ,material/properties2 in surroundings/body3; 1insular
дапma ,dap1 curses/damns/condemns2 to fate .event3. .Curse with a specific expression .=dapsku
дапsodi 1armadillo of species/breed2
даптutra t1=d2 is a hell/cursed territory cursed by t2=d1
дарbei b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo b2 far away to b3=d1 also b4=d2 over path b5
дарbevri b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo b2 far away to b3=d1 also b4=d2 over path b5
дарштatci t1telescope for examining c2=d1 which is far also d2
даргу ,dag 1road/highway to2 also3 with route4 2/x3 may be unordered
regularly improved-for-use surface for travelling
дарjиъо j1=d 1the end of j2 at j3 far also d2
дарlu ,dau 1 argues for stand2 against stand3; ,an opponent is not necessary
дармau z1=d 1farther also z2=d2 in property z3=d3 by amount z4
дарнo ,dar даъо 1far/distant also2 in property3 .ka
дарсi 1 shows audacity/chutzpah in behavior2 .event/activity;1 dares to do/be2 .event/ka. .x 1bold
дарстa s1=d1 stays/keeps back with s2, distant also d2
дарxi ,dax даъи 1 hits/strikes/,beats2 with instrument ,or body-part3 at locus4
даскi1pocket/pouch of/in garment/item2
дасни ,das 1 wears/is robed/garbed in2 as a garment of type3 2 neednot be intended for use as a garment .unlike taxfu
даспo ,spo 1.event destroys/ruins/wrecks/despoils2; 1destructive
дасри ,sri1ribbon/tape/strip/band/stripe of material2
дачinseltаъу1=t2 is a cross-dresser/transvestite wearing dress/garment/clothing2=t1 serving purpose t3
дачме c1=d 1alias/nickname of c2 used by c3 instead of name d2, differing also it byk d3
даткa 1duck/,drake of species/breed2
даткьpиъу p 1eiderdown/feather/plume of duck species/breed d2
датmau z1=d1plurality of/more than all other subgroups of z2 as seperated/classified by property z3=d3 by amount z4
Made also drata + zmadu. Seems like both this andabmau should have klesi in them, but it can be argued that
the combination imports the idea of classification
датни1.dуъу ,fact/measurement is data/information/statistic's about2 gathered by method3. .Evidence
датньфle1pipe carrying data2 to3 also4
датньnoi n1=d1report about n2=d2 also reporter n3 to intended audience n4
датньsri1=das1signal recording and playback tape-type medium .cassette/DAT/tape drive containing
data/sound/image2=dat1 with data storage mechanism/method3 .analog/digital
датньвau v1computer variable/register/memory cell with contents v2=d1
датньвеiste l1=v1directory of files l2 in order l3 in medium l4=v4
датньвеi 1=v1file consisting of information2=d1=v2 about3=d2=v3 in medium4=v4
датньxle n1socket connecting n3 to n2 along route n4 carrying data5=d1. .x 1the end opened with listen
датпavьcinglepre pr 1.a heterosexual
датрu 1.event is dated/pertaining to day/occurring on day2 of month3 of year4 in calendar5
We felt that детри just didnt work as a culturally-independent date system. The use of pиъе or joi as date
mechanisms was insufficient and having the date components built into the place structure seems far more elegant
датьгugvиъе v1tourist/foreign visitor, visiting v2 at place/event v3 also country4=g1
дауъи ,CAI2 attitudinal: equal intensity attitudinal relativizer
Specifies an equal intensity - relative to any previously specified intensity of the same UI/шмаво
дауsnu c1 debate on topic/subject c2
дау ,PA 2 digit/number: hex digit A .decimal 10 ,ten
дахfli f1=d1 fails to hit d2 with instrument d3 at locus d4
да ,dav dza ,KOhA1 logically quantified existential pro-sumti: there exists something 1.usually restricted
деъа ,ZAhO event contour for a temporary halt and ensuing pause in a process
деъемнi 1denim of material2
деъе ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a near future utterance
деъи ,BAI детри modal, 1st place .for letters dated ... ; attaches date stamp
деъо ,VUhU3 binary mathematical operator: logarithm; ,log/ln a to base b; default base 10 or e
деъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a recent utterance
дештi ,dec 1tenth ,1/10; 110 1 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
дегjаъи j1ring on finger j2=d1
дегjаъо j1=d3 points to j2 .property to audience j3 with finger4=d1
дегji ,deg 1a/the finger/digit/toe ,body-part on limb/body site 2 of body3; ,metaphor: peninsula
дегьcauglu g1=c1=d2 is a mitten of material g2
дегьcidni c1knuckle on limb d2 of body c3=d3
дегьcpu l1=d3 plucks l2 at locus l3
деи ,KOhA 2 pro-sumti: this utterance
дежнi ,dej 1 owes 2 in debt/obligation to creditor3 in return for4 ,service, loan;1debtor
дежнoi n1invoice/bill to debtor d1=n4 for amount owed d2 to creditor d3=n3 for goods/services d4
дежруъа s1=d1 wagers d2 to creditor d3 on s2 .dуъу
дежьterzeъа z3 is the interest on debt z1=d2 of debtor d1 to creditor d3
декпu 1is2.default 1 local volume unit's ,non-metric; bushel
дектo 1ten ,10; 1 10 1 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
делнo ,del deъо 1 is2 candela ,metric unit in luminosity .default is 1 byk3
демби ,deb1bean/pea/leguminous seed also plant ,legume2
демbrciceri1garbanzo/chickpea of species/variety2
демшarvi c1=d1 pours to c2 also c3. c1=d 1torrential rainfall
демриъа r1.event/state compacts/compresses/concentrates/packs/condenses2=d1 in property3=d2.ka at location/locus4=d3
демспa d1=s1bush of species/strain/cultivar s2
демтse z1 crouches/cowers/squats on surface z2
денбurcu b1toothbrush with bristles b3
деншi ,den deъи 1a/the tooth ,bodypart of2; .adjective: 1dental
деншрo c1=d2 has a toothache in tooth d1=c2
денжisьгau g1.agent brushes/cleans the teeth of d2
денмикше m1dentist treating patient m2 with dentistry m4
денмi ,dem 1dense/concentrated/packed/intense in property2 .ka at location/locus3
денпa ,dep deъа1 awaits/waits/pauses for/until2 at state3 before starting/continuing4 .activity/process
..2 is an event, usually a point event; also: resuming4
денпesxu p1quantity of tooth-paste, of composition p2
денсрuмикше m1periodontist treating patient's m2 for ailment m3 involving cure m4
денсрu 1the gum/cementum of animal2
денстela s1=d2 is a zip fastener for sealing s2 by mechanism d1
депcni c1 feels patience about c3
депкumfa k1waiting room/break room in structure2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor3 .mass/jоъу
деприъа1 causes2 to wait for3 at4 before continuing5
депsna s1hesitation sound producedbys2=d1 while for/until d2 at stated3 beforestarting/continuingd4 .activity/process
депstu s1waiting room/place where d1 waits for d2
депьждари j1=d 1patient, unyielding to force j2=d2 under condition j3=d3
депьpoi p1waiting queue ordered by rules p2 on unordered set p3 waiting for4=d2
дербаъо b1 initially grows b2 beyond the soil; b1 sprouts b2 also the ground
дердемби 1peanut of variety2
дерjbe j1 sprouts also2=d1
дерсke s1=d 1soil science ,science about earth/soil based on methodology s3. .dertu2, dertu3 and састе2 subsumed
Soil science studies the soil that occupies the pedosphere, one of Earthъs spheres. This is not the same as geology
the lujvo for this should mean planetary+composition+science. The two main branches of soil science are pedology
.=terderske; the study of soil in its natural setting and edaphology .the study of soil in relation to soildependent uses
дертu ,der deъу 1quantity of/contains/is made of dirt/soil/earth/ground also source2 of composition3
: 1earthen;3: composition including3, which need not be exhaustive of composition
дерxi ,dre 1heap/pile/stack/mound/hill of materials2 at location3
десku ,des 1 shakes/quakes/trembles/quivers/shudders/wobbles/vibrates also force2. .expressible either with desku
or slilu: side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal motion
десmиъи m1vibrator/vibrating device for use/function m2 not necessarily sex toy
десьгau g1.person/agent shakes2=d1
десьzуъе z1 shakes
дечartu 1calendar showing dates2 and events3. 2 is normally a time interval
дечиъе 1calendar with rules2, days/weeks/months/years3, and properties4
детфukcru1 allows copying/has copyright of2 under conditions3 dated4
деткeъу k1the k3ъrd anniversary .date recurrence of event k2=d1 that took place at location d3 by calendar d4
детрgregori 1the date ,day,week,month,year of event/state2, at location3, by the Gregorian calendar
детри ,det 1the date ,day,week,month,year of event/state2, at location3, by calendar4
..time units in 1 are specified as numbers separated by pиъе or are unit values massified with joi
детьtcikygau g1 schedules time t1,hours, minutes, seconds and date d1,day,week,month,year
for event t2=d2 at location d3
де ,KOhA1 logically quantified existential pro-sumti: there exists something 2 .usually restricted
диъа dиъа ,ZAhO event contour for resumption of a paused process
диъе ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: the next utterance
диъинаi ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: irregularly/aperiodically; tense/modal; defaults as time tense
диъи ,TAhE tense interval modifier: regularly; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
диъо ,BAI diklo modal, 1st place at the locus of ...
диъузбе z1 is/are the foundation s of building/edifice/structure d1 of/for type/purpose d2, made of/with
materials/properties z3
диъу dиъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: the last utterance
дибрai t1=d 1dearest/most precious to d2 among set/range3=t4
дишflecru c1transistor / electrical regulator which allows electric current c2=df1 to flow under conditions c3 in
/ on / through df2 flowing in direction to / towards df3 also direction/source df4
дишfle f1=d 1electrical current / flow in / on / through f2=d2 flowing in direction to / towards f3
also direction/source f4
дишрa ,dir 1.event interrupts/stops/halts/,disrupts2 .object/event/process due to quality3
диштergуъи g3=d2 is an electric lamp illuminating g2 with light g1
дикшa ,dic 1electricity charge or current in/on 2ofpolarity/quantity3 negative. ..x3, a quantifier,
can be expressed as a simple polarity using the numerals for positive and negative маъу and nиъу; .explicitly
negative .=dutydikca, positive .=mardikca; current .='selmuvdikca; again default negative/electron current,
диклo 1local to2; 1confined to locus2 within range3; 1regional .Indicates a specific location/value within a range
дикнi 1regular/cyclical/periodic in property .ka/activity2 with period/interval3. uniform; resonant .=dikslicai
дилшu 1quotient of ъx2/x3ъ ,dividend2 divided by divisor3, leaving remainder4
дилнu 1cloud/mass of clouds of material2 in air mass3 at floor/base elevation4
димнa 1fate/destiny of2; ,doom, curse are mabla-forms;2 is fated/predestined/doomed to1
динжu 1building/edifice for purpose2
динкo 1nail/tack ,pointed driven/frictional fastener of type/size2 made of material3
дирba 1dear/precious/darling to2; 1emotionally valued by2
диршe 1 radiates/emits2 under conditions3
дирgo 1drop ,small, cohesive shape of material ,liquid/vapor2 in surrounding material3
дичу 1 the timeduration/interval/period/,elapsed time of event2
дизлo ,diz dzi 1low/down/downward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3
lower;3 is generally some defined distance above a zero point/baseline, or is that baseline itself
ди ,KOhA 1 logically quantified existential prosumti: there exists something 3 .usually restricted
эаъазa d1jazz music performed at/by z2 .event with characteristics z3
эабеipre p1=b1waitress/waiter serving food b2=c1 to3=c2=b3
эабеi b1waiter, carrying food c1=b2 to b3 also b4 over path b5
эашauмро m1=c2 starves to death also lack of food/nutrition c1
эашpi cip1=cid 1edible bird of species cip2
эашу ,jac jau 1made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of water; .adjective: 1aqueous/,aquatic. .Aquatic .=jaupli
эагрu g1=c 1grain also plant/species g2, edible/giving nutrition to3=c2
эарunta r1=c1.food is digested in solvent r2
эарuntygau g1=c2 digests food2=r1=c1 in solvent3=r2
эарuntyrango ra1stomach/digestive organ of body/species ra2=c2 for digesting food/feed/nutriment3=ru1=c1
эасelcrepu1=cr2 is a crop/harvest, harvested by2=cr1, for use as food3=ci1, to be eaten by4=ci2
эаспi s1morsel/piece of food s1=c1 for3=c2
эаулe g 1g2 joule's of energy .default is 1 byk g3
эедi ,dei 1 is2 full days in duration .default is 1 day byk3;.adjective: 1diurnal
эекarni k1daily newspaper with content k2 published by k3 for audience k4
эиша ,dji1 desires/wants/wishes2 .event/state for purpose3. .If desire is for an object, this is sumti-raising; use
tуъа in2 .or use lujvo=pоъедji
эишнi c1=d1 is/feels eager for d2=c3 .event/state for purpose d3
эине ,jin 1ring/annulus/torus/circle ,shape/form of material2, inside diam.3, outside diam.4
ellipse, oval .=jincla; .usage has been for near-circles, such as tight spirals, even if not closed loops
Also band, belt, encircle .=jinsru
эисku 1=d1=c1 wants to say/express 2=c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept for audience3=c3 via expressive medium4=c4,
and this is desired for purpose5=d3. .Generally used to correct anotherъs perceived mistake, e.
”mi klami” followed by ”.i peъи du djisku zo клама
эогuro 1quantity of yogurt made also2 milk by process3
эунoi n1instruction/advice also2=n3 to help/assist/aid3=s2=n4 do/achieve/maintain event/activity4=s3
эунo ,jun жуъо 1 knows fact's2 .dуъу about subject3 by epistemology4. .Words usable for epistemology typically
have a дуъу place; know how to - implying knowledge of method but not necessarily having the ability to practice
эуsku c1=s1 gives advice c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept to c3=s2 about doing/achieving/maintaining s3, on medium c4
доъанаi ,UI*3 discursive: generously - parsimoniously
доъа ,UI3 discursive: generously - parsimoniously
доъе ,BAI elliptical/unspecified modal
доъи ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: elliptical/unspecified utterance variable
доъо ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you the listener & others unspecified
доъу ,DOhU elidable terminator: end vocative .often elidable
доидоъу ,DOI* generic vocative address to intended listener;
дои ,DOI generic vocative marker; identifies intended listener; elidable after COI
донмаъо c1second person pronoun in language c4
донри ,dor dоъи 1the daytime of day2 at location3; .adjective: 1diurnal .vs. nocturnal
доркada 1gazelle of species2
дормidju m 1the noon .midday of day d2 at location d3. .djemidju is too vague
дормijбалви b1later than noon of day d2 at location d3
дормijysai s1.mass is a lunch composed of dishes including s2
дочo ,dot dоъо1 reflects German/Germanic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
дотьбау d1=b 1the German used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
до ,don doi ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you listener's; identified by vocative
драшi 1drama/play about2 ,plot/theme/subject by dramatist3 for audience4 with actors5 2 may also be a convention
драшьдиъу di1theater for performing plays with theme di2=dr2 for audience3=dr4 with actors4=dr5
драшькei1=d1=k1role-player / player of role playing game / RPG / LARP or dramatic / acting game2=d5=k2 about3=d2
created by author/ company4=d3 for audience5=d4 Audience defaults to the players themselves
драшьselkei 1=d1=sk1role-playing game/ RPG/ LARP or dramatic/ acting game played by performer's/ player's2=d5=sk2
about3=d2 created by author/ company4=d3 for audience5=d4 . .Audience defaults to the players themselves
драгаъи g1.event corrects g2 into g3=d1, correct in property/aspect4=d2 .ka in situation5=d3 byk6=d4
драгаu g1.person/agent corrects d1
драни ,dra 1correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect2 .ka in situation3 byk4
дратa ,dat1 isnъt the-same-thing-as/is different-also/other-than2 byk3; 1something else
дриждикygau g1 comforts j1=b1 about b2
дриомedeida 1albatross ,member of the family Diomedeidae ofspecies/breed2 drudi ,rud dru 1a roof/top/ceiling/lid of2
дуъа ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; east of
дуъемеи ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert too many to cardinal selbri;1set with too many members2.
дуъероi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: too many times objective tense, defaults as time tense.
дуъе ,PA4 digit/number: too many; subjective.
дуъи ,BAI dунли modal, 1st place .equalled by equally; as much as ...
дуъо ,BAI djuno modal, 1st place .info source authoritatively; according to ...; known by ...
дуъу ,dum ,NU abstractor: predication/bridi abstractor; 1predication ,bridi expressed in sentence2.
дугрi ,dug 1the logarithm of2 with base3
дужmиъи m1freezer/freezing machine for freezing2=d1 at temperature3
дужрicьблу 1=d1=c1quantity of amber .fossilized resin of plants2=c2=t1.Good quality amber is used
for the manufacture of ornamental objects and jewelry. Although not mineralized, it is often classified as a gemstone
дужроъи 1=d1=r1fossil of type/composition/traces2=r2 also location3=r3 .Preserved remains or traces of animals,
plants, and other organisms may be expressed as2
дужькуъа k1cooling room for cooling2=d1 at temperature3=d2
дукриъа r1.event/state anguishes/causes distress to2=d1
дуксe ,dus dуъе 1excess of/too much of2 byk3. .Cloying .=maldуъе, tolpуъадуъе
дуктi ,dut 1polar opposite also/contrary to2 in property/on scale3 .property/sиъо
дундa ,dud dуъа1 ,donor gives/donates gift/present2 to recipient/beneficiary3 ,without payment/exchange grants;3
is a receiver .=terdуъа for reordered places; the rban doesnъt distinguish between or imply possession transfer or
sharing;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this
is sumti-raising also ownership of the object/commodity .=posydуъа, posyseldуъа for un-ambiguous semantics
дунжа ,duj1 freezes/jells/solidifies at temperature2 and pressure3
дункu ,duk dуъу 1anguished/distressed/emotionally wrought/stressed by2
дунлеи 1equivalence class within2 de-fined by equivalence relation3
дунли ,dun dуъи 1equal/congruent
to/as much as2 in property/dimension/quantity3. 'same in quantity/quality .not necessarily in identity;
ъаналogyъmay be expressed as the equivalence of two properties of similarity .ka1 simsa2 and .ka3 simsa4
дунрa ,dur 1winter/wintertime ,cold season of year2 at location3
юена 1elder/ancestor of 2 by bond/tie/degree3; 1ъs generation precedes2ъs parents
юипo 1 reflects Antarctican culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
еъа ,UI1 attitudinal: granting permission - prohibiting
еи attitudinal: obligation - freedom
фашкi ,fak fаъи 1 discovers/finds out2 .dуъу about subject/object3;1 finds .fi3 .object
фадни 1 ,member is ordinary/common/typical/usual in property2 .ka among members of3 'set
фагрi ,fag1fire/flame in fuel2 burning-in/reacting-with oxidizer3 .default air/oxygen
фагьшfatci1tool for starting fire2.1lighter such as for cigarettes
фагькаъу k1spark of fire2=f1
фагьstigau g1 extinguishes/puts out fire2=s1=f1
фагьtabno 1quantity of/contains/is made of charcoal also source2
фагьtergуъи1=g3 is a torch illuminating g2 with fuel3=f2 reacting with oxydizer4=f3 .default air/oxygen
фаи sumti place tag: tag a sumti moved out of numbered place structure; used in modal conversions
фалбуъу b1parachute of type/material b2
фалну 1sail for gathering propelling material2 on vehicle/motor3
фамтi 1aunt/uncle of 2 by bond/tie3; 1associated member of2ъs parentъs generation
фаншu 1function/single-valued mapping also domain2 to range3 defined by expression/rule4
фангe 1alien/foreign/,exotic/unfamiliar to2 in property3 .ka
фанмo ,fam fаъо 1end/finish/termination of thing/process2; ,not necessarily implying completeness
1final/last/at the last;1terminal/terminus of2; 1the final/terminated state of terminated
process2;2 terminates/ceases/stops/halts at1.=selfаъо for reordered places
фанри1factory/foundry/industrial plant/mill producing2 also materials3
фанрyгунди g 1a/the manufacturing industry/sector, manufacturing/processing g2=f2 at factories/plants f1 also
materials f3 using process g3
фантa 1 prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event 2
фанвa 1 translates text/utterance2 to language3 also language4 with translation result5
фанзa ,faz1.event annoys/irritates/bothers/distracts2. : is disruptive to
фапрo ,fap pro 1 opposes/balances/contends against opponent's2 .person/force ind./mass about3 .abstract
фаршрi c1 gets lost on the way to f2 .object/event in/near f3=c3
фарdukti1=d 1the opposite direction also3=f3 that2=f2 is
фаргау g1=f3 aims atf1 withf2 object/event. 3 can be1 itself or an extra object/event such as ”weapon”, ”effort
фарjаъо j1 shows the direction of f2 .object/event to audience j3 also origin/in frame of reference f3
фарlu ,фал fаъу 1 falls/drops to2 also3 in gravity well/frame of reference4 Note: things can fall in spin,
thrust, or tide as well as gravity; .agentive ”drop”=one of two lujvo: фалшрu and фалриъа
фарнa ,far fаъа 1the direction of2 .object/event also origin/in frame of reference3
2 is towards1 also3 .=selfаъа for reordered places
фарсni s1=f3 non-agentively/inanimately points at/directionally indicatess2=f2to observer s3as beinginthe directionf1
Direction .i.e.4 is relative to the1 place
фарvi ,фav 1 develops/evolves towards/into 2 also 3 through stages4
фаскоъо s1=f1 reflects Breton culture/language in aspect s2=f2
фаснu ,fau1.event is an event that happens/occurs/takes place; 1incident/happening/occurrence ..
фасньвлa v1verb meaningv2 in languagev3
фачi ,fac 1.dуъу a fact/reality/truth/actuality, in the absolute
фаткаъе f1=k1,sequence isable tobe / capable ofbeing reversed also /into sequence f2 by event k2 under conditions k3
фатнe ,fat fаъе 1,sequence is in reverse order to 2 ,sequence; 1.object is inverted to 2.object. opposite .one sense
фатпоъа s1 implodes into pieces/energy/fragments s2
фатрi ,fai 1distributed/allotted/allocated/shared among2 with shares/portions3;
2/x3 fаъу. spread, shared out, apportioned; agentive distribution .=fairgau, fairzу
фауртei f1event that has time/temporal duration t1 ranging also starting time/event t2 to ending time/event t3
фау ,BAI fasnu modal, 1st place .non-causal in the event of ...
фавgau g1 develops f1 into f2 also f3 through stages f4
фавьtcini t1developmental / evolutionary stage / state of t2=f1 in its development towards / into f2 also f3 through
stages f4 First place is intended for things like software version numbers
which is how you talk about actual things that have a version associated with them
фа sumti place tag: tag 1st sumti place
феъа ,VUhU3 binary mathematical operator: nth root of; inverse power ,a to the 1/b power
феъебаъо ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: perfective in space; beyond the place of ...
феъешаъо ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: continuative in space; throughout the place of ...
феъешоъа ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: initiative in space; on this edge of ...
феъешоъи ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: achievative in space; at the point of ...
феъемоъу ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: completive in space; at the far end of ...
феъенoroi ,ROI* location tense interval modi-fier: never in space; objectively quantified tense.
феъепуъо ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: anticipative in space; up to the edge of ...
феъероroi ,ROI* location tense interval modi-fier: always in space; objectively quantified tense
феъезаъо ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: superfective in space; continuing too far beyond ...
феъе ,FEhE mark space interval distributive aspects; labels interval tense modifiers as locationoriented
феъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: divided by; division operator; ,...a / b / c / ....
феъо ,COI vocative: over and out .end discussion
феъушmo c1=f1 growls/snarls/roars c2 ,nonlinguistic utterence in anger at f2 for f3 .action/state/property
феъу ,FEhU elidable terminator: end nonce conversion of selbri to modal; usually elidable
фебгau g1.person/agent boils2=f1 at temperature3=f2 and pressure4=f3. .Note that this means simply to evaporate a
liquid; to cook something by boiling is febjukpa febjukpa 1=j1 cooks/prepares food-foreating2=j2 by sitting it in
boiling liquid3=f1 at temperature4=f2 and pressure5=f3
фебvi ,feb 1 boils/evaporates at temperature2 and pressure3
фегбаъу b1=f1 roars/snarls/growls angrily atterance b2 at f2 because of f3 .action/state/property
фегmliбаъу m1=f1=b1 grumbles with sound b2 at f2 because of f3 .action/state/property
фегmli m1=f 1irritated/,mildly angry at f2 for f3 .action/state/property
фегриъа r1.event angers f1
феи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit B .decimal 11 ,eleven
фелмаъи 1November/eleventh month of year2 in calendar3. .Note: Based on experimental rafsi for fei .fel. Use with
caution. Alternative: pavypavмаъи
фемтi ,fem 110 15 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
фендi ,fed1.agent divides/partitions/separates2 into sections/parts/ind.3 by method/partition4 'segments
фенгidmоъа m1sewing pattern of forms m2 according to structure m3
фенгu ,feg feъу 1angry/mad at2 for3 .action/state/property
фенкi ,фek 1.action/event is crazy/insane/mad/frantic/in a frenzy .one sense byk2
фенрa ,фer feъа1crack/fissure/pass/cleft/ravine/chasm/,defect/flaw ,shape/form in2
фенсo ,фen 1 sews/stitches/sutures materials 2 .ind./set together with tools3, using filament4
2 if a set must be a complete specification;
фепнi ,fep fei 1measured in kopeck/cent money-subunits as2 ,quantity, in monetary system3
pfennig, paisa, sen, fen, dinar, etc.; 1generally a price/cost/value
additional secondary, tertiary, etc. subunit places may be added as4,5,6,
фепрi 1 a/the lung ,body-part of 2; ,metaphor: breathing/respiratory apparatus/bellows. .adjective: 1pulmonary
фепsиъи s1cent coin issued by s2 in monetary system f3
фертis 1Virgo ,constellation/astrological sign. .From ferti. The Greeks and Romans associated Virgo with their
goddess of wheat, Demeter-Ceres who is the mother of ProserpinaPersephone. For this reason the constellation became
associated with fertility .in both Babylonia, Greece and Rome. Alternatively, she was sometimes identified as the virgin
goddess Iustitia or Astraea, holding the scales of justice in her hand as the constellation Libra
Since ferti in ложан covers both potential and actual/realized fertility,
the original meaning of the constellation have been chosen, but you could probably still interpret the
name in both senses .as a deity of fecundity or as a fertile virgin
фертi ,fre 1fertile/conducive for supporting the growth/development of2; 1fruitful/prolific
fecund .note that the rban covers both potential and actual/realized fertility
фесlиъа1=f2=c1 abandons / forsakes / leaves behind2=f1=c2
фестi ,fes1's is/are waste product's ,left to waste by2 .event/activity. shit, crap;
agentive wasting .=fesygau, fesyzуъе
фечei c1goddess of people's/religion c2 with dominion over c3 ,sphere
фечinse c 1gynophilous/bisexual/straight male/lesbian in situation c2 byk c4. .This word is only about sexual
interest in females; other sexual interests are irrelevant
фетфetcinse c1=f 1female and gynophilous/gay/bisexual in situation c2 byk c4 .This word is about female
homosexuality and bisexuality
феци ,fet feъи1female/doe of species2 evidencing feminine trait's3 .ka; 1feminine
фе sumti place tag: tag 2nd sumti place
фиъа fиъа ,FA sumti place tag: place structure number/tag question
фиъештi c1fish-eater of fish species f2
фиъе ,BAI финтi modal, 1st place .creator created by ...
фиъинаi ,COI* vocative: hospitality - inhospitality
фиъи ,COI vocative: hospitality - inhospitality; you are welcome/ make yourself at home
фиъорxrukir1guineafowl of species/breedr2
фиъо ,FIhO convert selbri to nonce modal/sumti tag
фиъуре ,PA* half. 'synonym pimu;
фиъурgau g1 ,person/agent confuses c1.event/state for c2 ,observer due to ,confusing property c3 .ka
фиъу ,PA 3 digit/number: fraction slash; default ”/n”=¿ 1/n, ”n/”=¿ n/1, or ”/” alone=¿ golden ratio
фигрe ,fig1fig ,fruit/tree of species/strain2
фикшкu cu1=cf1fictional book about plot/theme/subject cf1 by author cu3=cf3 for audience cu4 preserved in medium cu5
филшina 1fern of family/genus/species2. филгau g1 ,person/agent causes f1 to be easy for f2 undercondition's f3
филmau z1=f1.action is easier than z2 .action for3=f2 .agent by amount z4 under conditions5=f3
филриъа r1 ,event/state causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition's f3
филсelgаъе g2=f 1apparent to g1 via perceptual/cognitive faculty g3 3 includes reason or critical thinking
skills as well as discrete biological organs such as eyes or ears
филсeljmi f1=sj1.dуъу is an easy to understand/clear fact/truth to f2=sj2 about subject sj3 under conditions f4
филсmu s1easily understood/interpreted as the meaning of s2 by .agent s3=f2 under conditions f3 flismu
The1 of frili is subsumed into the overall sense of the word
филсo ,fis1 reflects Palestinian culture/nationality in aspect2
филтаъа t1=f2 speaks fluently to t2 about subject t3 in language t4 under conditions f3
финфriti fr1=fi1 dedicates invention/creation/composition/work fr2=fi2 to fr3 with conditions fr4
финпe ,fip fиъе1fish of species2 ,metaphorical extension to sharks, non-fish aquatic vertebrates
финти 1 invents/creates/composes/authors2 for function/purpose3 also existing elements/ideas4
1creative/inventive specific works of authorship, prosa, skina
фиорсo 1aspect of / a part of The Force connecting / within2
No attempt at good fуъивлa making was harmed in the creation of this word
фипcange c1fish farm at c2, farmed by c3, raising/producing fish species4=f2
фипfepri fi 1gill of fish fe2=fi1 of species3=fi2
фипкalte1 fishes for fish species2
фипьбиркa b1fin of fish2=f1 of species3=f2
фипьгунди g 1a/the fisheries industry/sector producing fish products g2 also fish species f2 by process g3
флалu ,fla1law specifying2 'state/event for community3 under conditions4 by lawgiver's5
1legality;2 is legal/licit/legalized/a legality .=selфла for reordered places
фланалтinbe t1outlaw not following the law t2 made by t3
флани1flute/pipe/fife/recorder ,flutelike/air-reed musical instrument
фланрdizi 1dizi
флапаizda z1judicial court administering lawsuit p2=f2 for community f3
флапрo fa1 rebels against/opposes law fl1, which specifies fl2 'state/event for
community fl3 under conditions fl4 by lawgiver's fl5
флариъа r1=f5 enacts r2=f1.law/legislation/treaties/act for community f3 under condition r3=f4
1usually a national parliament
фласelgуъе g2 is a/are citizen's of country g1 according to law f1 specifying f2 'state/event for community f3
флатрucиъе c1=t1=f5 is the legislative branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
флауме1plum of variety2
флахаъу 1a/are legal resident's of location/country2 according to law f1 specifying f2 'state/event for community f3
флазautrugri g1=t 1the Upper House/Senate/House of Lords for territory t2 with members g3=f5=z3
флешarvi c1 pours/intensely rains to c2 also c3
флешу 1current/flow/river of/in2 flowing in direction to/towards3 also direction/source4
флибa 1 fails at doing2 'state/event;1failure at its role in2. .Baffled .=pesфли,
jmiфли, dafspuфли, menфли, among other senses; also2 ceases/does not complete/fails to continue due
to failure on the part of1
флира ,fir 1a/the face ,head/body-part of2; .adjective: 1facial
флиxru1 bounces2 back to3 also4 because of failure5
флубisli b1=f 1iceberg floating on f2 .water, sea etc
флундero1flounder of species2
фоъа fоъа ,fоъа ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #6 'specified by goi
фоъе fоъе ,fоъе ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #7 'specified by goi
фоъи fоъи ,fоъи ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #8 'specified by goi
фоъо ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #9 'specified by goi
фоъу ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #10 'specified by go
фои ,FOI terminator: end composite lerfu; never elidable
фолdi ,flo foi1field ,shape/form of material2;1broad uniform expanse of2
woods .=ricfoi, lawn/meadow .=sasfoi, brush .=spafoi, cicyspafoi
фолdota 1pangolin of species/breed2
фомшau 1foamless/unleavened
фомkeъашirla c1quantity/contains Swiss cheese/cheese with holes also source c2
фомsle s1bubble of material f2 filled with f3
фомванжу v1made of/contains/is a quantity of sparkling wine also fruit/grapes v2
фонжudri j1telephone number of j2
фонмo ,fom fоъо1quantity of foam/froth/suds of material2, with bubbles/vacuoles of material3
фонтаъа t1 talks on the phone to t2 about t3 in language t4
фонхa ,fon1telephone transceiver/modem attached to system/network2
форшa ,fro1fork/fork-type tool/utensil for purpose2 with tines/prongs3 on base/support4
фо sumti place tag: tag 4th sumti place
франгula 1buckthorn of species/variety2
фрасо ,fas1 reflects French/Gallic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
фратi ,fra1 reacts/responds/answers with action2 to stimulus3 under conditions4; 1responsive
3 stimulates1 into reaction2,3 stimulates reaction2 .=terfra for place reordering; attempt to stimulate
prod .=terfratoi, tunterfratoi
фрахu ,fax1 forgives2 for event/state/activity3
фреbuari 1February in year2 on calendar3
фрегаu g1.person/agent fertilises g2=f1 for supporting the growth/development of3=f2
фришa ,fic 1 differs/is distinct/contrasts with/is unlike2 in property/dimension3 .other-than .less common meaning
фригau1 makes2 undergo experience3;1 treats2 in manner3
фрико ,fиъо1 reflects African culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
фрили ,fil1.action is easy/simple/facile for2 .agent under conditions3;2 does1 freely/easily
фринu 1fraction, with numerator2, denominator3 2/x3
фрити 1 offers/proffers 2 ,offering to3 with conditions4
фруму ,fru1 frowns/grimaces .facial expression. 1 frowns/grimaces at/in reaction to2
фуъау ,UI3 discursive: luckily - not pertaining to luck - unluckily. .Expresses fortune/misfortune of the speaker
Use dai to express fortune/misfortune of the listener
фуъа ,FUhA reverse Polish mathematical expression .mex operator flag
фуъеи ,FUhE begin within-context quote that need not be grammatical; terminated by fуъоi
фуъесku c1 blames/holds responsible/accuses f1foraction/statef2 alsoauthority f3 to audiencec3with expression mediumc4
фуъе ,FUhE begin indicator long scope
фуъинаi ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: easy - difficult
фуъивлa1=v1=f1loanword meaning2=v2 in language3=v3, based on word4=f2 in language5
фуъи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: easy - difficult
фуъоi ,FUhO terminates scope started with fуъеи
фуъо ,FUhO end indicator long scope; terminates scope of all active indicators
фуъу ,VUhU0 n-ary mathematical operator: elliptical/unspecified mathematical expression .mex operator
фукпi ,fuk fуъи1copy/replica/duplicate/clone of2 in form/medium3 made by method4 .event
фукпуъи f4=p1 pastes .during editing f2=p2 also f3
фукраъе f4=r1 copies .during editing f2=r2 also f3
фукьzifpоъе f1=z1=p1 holds the copyright for copying f2=p2 under law p3. .”Copyright”
itself might be ”sиъо fukzifypоъе”If you are actually translating something with a copyright notice, you should
leave the notice in the original language
фулtapla t1=f1raft of material t2 shape t3 floating on f2
фулta 1.passive floats on/in fluid .gas/liquid2; 1buoyant
фунша 1.event/property is determined by the luck/fortune of2; .note mabla/zabna not implied
фурфuru 1dandruff in/on2 caused by3
фуртirse t1=f1quantity of/contains/is made of rust
фусрa ,fur1 rots/decays/ferments with decay/fermentation agent2; 1rotten/decayed/fermented
фузмe ,fuz fуъе 1responsible/accountable for2 .action/resulting state to judge/authority3
фузрaikamni k1=t1=f 1the board of directors/trustees of k3
фузрai t1=f 1director/trustee on the board of directors/trustees of f2
фу sumti place tag: tag 5th sumti place
гаъезga g1=z1 perceives z2 to have quality g2 by means/sense g3=z3 under conditions g4=z4
гаъишуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier/honorific: hauteur - equal rank - meekness; used with one of equal rank
гаъинаi ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier/honorific: hauteur - equal rank - meekness; used with one of higher rank
гаъо ,GAhO closed interval bracket marker; mod. intervals in non-logical connectives; include boundaries
гаъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; upwards/up also ..
гашрi ,gai1cover/,lid/top for covering/concealing/sheltering2
гадri ,gad 1article/descriptor labelling description2 .text in language3 with semantics4. 2 is the noun phrase/sumti
without the article/descriptor; description ..x1 with2=gadysуъи; note: ъdeterminerъ has become
the accepted general linguistics term, displacing ъартicleъ; however, ъdeterminerъ includes all words that can
introduce a noun phrase/sumti, whether a description or not, such as pronoun possessives like lemi, quantifiers .especially
in indefinites like ci and su'o, and demonstratives like ti, ta, and tu; the term ъdescriptorъ in rban, is limited to
words that introduce descriptions .excluding indefinites, such as those of selмаъо LA and LE, their common compounds
such as lemi, and possibly lenu. ъартicleъ typically refers only to a single word; rban assumes the broader meaning
гаирgau gas1 puts cover gac1 on gac2
гаирjaudуъе d1=g1flood covering g2
гаи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit C .decimal 12 ,twelve
галfi 1.event modi- fies/alters/changes/transforms/converts 2 into3 .Causal, resultative change
галту 1high/up/upward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3
галxe 1a/the throat/gullet ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: narrow.ing opening of a deep hole
ганаi ,GA* logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal conditional/only if .with gi
ганшuktai t1ellipse .geometric form of object/abstraction/manifestation t2 .object/abstract wide in dimension3=g2
ганждикa z1 narrows/contracts/is diminiished in dimension g2 by amount j3
ганло ,гаъо 1.portal/passage/entranceway is closed/shut/not open, preventing passage/access to2 by3
As a doorway, but also perhaps a semi-permeable membrane
ганрa ,gan 1broad/wide in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension byk3
гансe ,gas gаъе1 ,observer senses/detects/notices stimulus property2 .ka by means3 under conditions4
1sensitive to2; also feels, spots, perceives, makes out, discerns/recognizes .but only implying reaction without
necessarily any significant mental processing; note that the emphasis is on a property which stimulates1 and is detected
sanji is passive about the sensing, and is not limited to sensory input, as well as presuming some kind of
discernment/recognition, while not being concerned with the means of detection;3 sense/sensory channel
гантi 1a/the testes/ovary/testicle/scrotum/balls/gonad/stamen/pistil ,body-part of2, gender3
Egg/sperm/pollen/gamete producing/bearing organ
ганхo ,gax 1a/the anus/anal ori- fice/asshole/arsehole ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: exit, waste exit
asshole/ass/arsehole; .adjective: 1anal
ганзeъа z1 broadens/widens in dimension g2 by amount z3
ганзu ,gaz1 organizes2 ,relative chaos into3 ,ordered/organized result by system/principle's4
3 is also a system;4 could be merely a function which inherently serves to dictate the organizational structure of3
гапci ,gac 1gaseous/fumes/a gas/vapor of material/composition including2, under conditions3. 3 includes temperature
and pressure
гапрu ,gap 1directly/vertically above/upwards-also2 in gravity/frame of reference3
гапselfаъа f2 is turned up also g2 in reference frame g3
гарнa ,gar1rail/railing/bar ,tool supporting/restraining2, of material3
гаскрe k1=g3 is a/are the whisker's/sensory hair's /vibrissa.e attached to k2=g1 at body part k3 for the detection of
stimuli g2 under conditions g4
гау gasnu 1person/agent is an agentive cause of event2;1 does/brings about2
гаста ,gat1quantity of/is made of/contains steel of composition including2
гау gasnu modal, 1st place agent/actor case tag with active agent ..
газькamni k1=g1 the committee for steering/organizing g2 into g3 by system/principle's g4 of body/organization k3
га ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal or .with gi
геъа ,VUhU0 mathematical operator: null mathematical expression .mex operator .used in ¿2-ary ops
геъе ,UI6 attitudinal: elliptical/unspecified/non-specific emotion; no particular feeling
геъи ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal connective question .with gi
геъо ,BY1 shift letterals to Greek alphabet
геъу ,GEhU elidable terminator: end relative/modal phrases; usually elidable in noncomplex phrases
геиркиъа k1=g1 cheers with sound k2 about g2 .event/stat
геи ,VUhU 2 trinary mathematical operator: order of magnitude/value/base; ,b * .c to the a power
генжa ,gej1root ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: immobile, supporting, nourishing
гентo ,get geъо1 reflects Argentinian culture/nationality in aspect2
гентurfаъи1=f1 parses text3=g3=f3 according to formal grammar2=g1
генхu ,gex1hook/crook ,shape/form of material2
гершmo1=c1=g1 barks expressing2=c3
геркиъа k1the howl of a dog/canine of species g2
геркu ,ger geъу1dog/canine/,bitch of species/breed2
гернa ,gen geъа 1the grammar/rules/defining form of language2 for structure/text3
герzda z1doghouse for dog z2=g1
гетьбау getyбау g1=b 1the Argentinian Spanish language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
гетьгуъе ge1=gu1Argentina
ге ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal and .with gi
гиъа ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought or
гиъенаi ,GIhA* logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought but not y
гиъе ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought and
гиъи ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought conn question
гиъонai ,GIhA* logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъаутъ
гиъо ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if
гиъу ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought whether-or-not
гидva ,gid gиъа 1.person/object/event guides/conducts/pilots/leads2 .active participants in/at3 .event
A guiding person advises/suggests/sets an example to be followed, but does not necessarily control/direct/manage actual
execution of an event; an event may serve as a guide by setting a pattern/example to be emulated
гигdo ,gig gиъо 1billion ,British milliard ,10 9 of2 in dimension/aspect3
гинка ginka ,gik1camp/encampment/temporary residence of2 at location3
гирzu 1group/cluster/team showing common property .ka2 due to set3 linked by relations4
гисmu ,gim ,gиъу 1.rban root word expressing relation2 among argument roles3, with affixes4
ги logical connective: all but tanru-internal forethought connective medial marker
гларе ,gla 1hot/,warm byk2
глаукa 1owl of species2
глебрe 1in heat/estrus/musth; 1horny/randy. .zoi gy. musth .gy steci loanto
глефиъа c 1pornography/erotica about plot/theme/subject/under convention c2 by author c3
глефрa f1 reacts with orgasm f2 to stimulus f3 under conditions f4; f1 orgasms
глеки ,gek gei 1happy/gay/merry/glad/gleeful about2 .event/state. .Adversity .=kamnalgei
глечi t1tool/toy/instrument used for sex
глетu 1 copulates/fucks/mates/has coitus/sexual intercourse with2 1and2 are symmetrical
глевеъу 1 prostitute offering his/her services to2 for3 .payment
глевиъи v1.body ejaculates v2 also source v3 via means/route v4
глута 1mitten/glove ,hand and lower arm garment of material2
гоъе ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the next to last bridi
гоъираъо ,GOhA* pro-bridi: preceding bridi; repeats claim as true, updating for speaker/listener change
гоъи ,GOhA pro-bridi: preceding bridi; in answer to a yes/no question, repeats the claim, meaning yes
гоъо ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats a future bridi, normally the next one
гоъу ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats a remote past bridi
гоштi ,goc 110 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
гои ,GOI sumti assignment; used to de-fine/assign kоъа/fоъа series pro-sumti; Latin ъsiveъ
гомbesa 1gombessa .coelacanth of species2. 'see finpe, finprkoilakanto gonai ,GA* logical
connective: forethought all but tanru-internal exclusive or .with gi; Latin ъаутъ
готрo ,got 110 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
го ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru internal biconditional/iff/if-and-onlyif.with gi
граду ,rau1 ,magnitude is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard2 'sиъо measuring property3
grade, level, point;3 dimension
гракe ,gra1 is2 gram's ,metric unit in mass .default is 1 byk3
грана ,gаъа1rod/pole/staff/stick/cane ,shape/form of material2
грасу ,ras1quantity of/is made of/contains grease/fat/oil also source2
греbeъи b1 ferries b2=p1 to b3=p3 also b4=p4 over barrier/medium/portal b5=p2
гребло b1ferry boat for carrying b2 over barrier/medium/portal3=p2 to destination4=p3 also origin5=p4
гредile1grill/grid/graticle consisting of lines2
грегаu g1 makes2=p1 pass through3=p2 to destination side4=p3 also origin side5=p4
грегori zei nanca n1n2 years in duration by the Gregorian calendar
грекeъа1=k1hole in2=k2=p2 to/between3=p3 also/and4=p4 permitting passage by5=p1. .pagre + kevna. Precisely,2 is
the barrier,3 is the inside, and4 is the outside, if distinguishable; loosely,2 might be given as the object consisting of
both the barrier and the inside
грекu ,rek 1frame/structure/outline supporting/determining the form of 2
груsi ,rus 1gray ,color adjective
груsko s1noodle of grain species g2
грутersro t1silo for grain/cereal t2=g1
грутe ,rut1fruit ,body-part of species2
грутрxananase1pineapple of species/variety2
груxruba 1buckwheat of variety2
гуъанаi ,GUhA* logical connective: tanruinternal forethought conditional/only if
гуъа ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought or .with gi
гуъе ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought and .with gi
гуъи ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought question .with gi
гуъонai ,GUhA* logical connective: tanruinternal forethought exclusive or .with gi; Latin ъаутъ
гуъо ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if .with gi
гуъу ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought whether-or-not .with gi
гуанжOUS Guangzhou .Based on the Chinese Mandarin pronunciation
For the name based on the local Cantonese pronunciation see guonJAUS
губгунди gun1=gub 1a/the public sector owned by community gub2 .mass providing/producing gun2 by process gun3
губжungau j1 advertises jg3=g1.dуъу to jg2=g2 .mass about subject jg4. .not necessarily advertising for sale
губнi ,gub 1public/unhidden/open/jointly available to/owned by all among community2 .mass
губнoi g1=n 1advertisement about subject n2 also author n3 to audience g2=n4
губьшуъа c1 votes .in a public election for c2 among choices c3 in electorate g2
губькаъисeltru s1=k3=g1paliamentary republic with representatives s2=k1 representating community g2=k2 .mass
губнi ,сиъо ckaji. In glis, usually ъx 1the reputation for3 that2 has with4ъ
гугде ,gug gуъе 1the country of peoples2 with land/territory3; .people/territory relationship
sovereignty, domestic .as opposed to foreign, nation .when not referring to ethos
гугjаъа j1the president of people g2 in country g3
гугjoncиъе c1supranational union of member states g1=j1=c3
гугmуъу1 migrates to country2 also country3 over path/route4
гугькаъи k1diplomat/ambassador representing country k2=g1 in matter's/function's k3
гугькрuca k1international in aspect2
гугьпausle s1county/district/province 'second-level administrative division of country s2=g1
A province can also be a first-level administrative division; for this
use гугьпau, or optionally vipygуъе if it is in a country with a federal government
гумри 1mushroom of species2
гунди ,гud 1industry/industrial/systematic manufacturing activity producing2 by process/means3
гункa ,гun gуъа1 ,person labors/works on/at2 ,activity with goal/objective3. :1worker/laborer
гунмa ,gum 1mass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed of components2, considered jointly
гунсe 1goose/,gander of species/breed2
гунтa ,gut 1person/mass attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim2 with goal/objective3
гунтrusиъо s1communist ideology .default:Marxist-Leninist as it appliesto thegovernance of people/territory/domaint2
based on the works of thinker's s3
гурgau1=ga1 rolls object2=gu1 on/against surface3=gu2, with axis/ axle of rotation4=gu3
гурнi ,gru 1grain/,British: corn/cereal also plant/species2
гусka ,гук1 blade/scraper/erosive scrapes/erodes/abrades2 also3. .Abrade, abrasive .=mosyguska
гусmiнли1 is2 .default 1 light year's
гусминра m1=g2 is shiny/gleaming/bright/reflective of light g1=m2 also source g3 gusni ,gus gуъи1 ,energy is
light/illumination illuminating2 also light source3. .,x3 illuminates/lights2 with light/illumination1;2 is
lit/illuminated by illumination1 also source3 .=selgуъи for reordered places; light/lamp .=tergуъи
гусnunsla n1Diwali .Deepavali celebrated by s1 with activities s3 .also gusni nu salci
густa1restaurant/cafe/diner serving type-of-food2 to audience3
гусybиъо b1=g1 brightens under conditions2=b3
гусycai1 gleams/shines on to2, the light source being3
гусycinki1lightning bug/glowworm/firefly of genus/species2
гусydicra d1 extinguishes light g1 illuminating g2, the light source being g3
гучi ,guc 1is2.default 1 short local distance unit's ,non-metric, standard3,4 subunits
гутрa 1a/the womb/uterus ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: nourishing, protective, giving birth
гутрypilcri c1=g2=p2 menstruates
гутyjamkarce k1tank propelled by k3
гузмe ,guz zme1melon/squash ,fruit/plant of species/strain2
гузмrkuкурbita1squash/pumpkin of species/strain2
гу logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal whether-or-not
иъанаи иъанаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: acceptance - blame
иъа ,UI1 attitudinal: acceptance - blame
иъешуъи иъенаi иъе ,UI1 attitudinal: approval - non-approval - disapproval
иъинаi иъи ,UI1 attitudinal: togetherness - privacy
иъонai иъо ,UI1 attitudinal: appreciation - envy
иъунаi иъу ,UI1 attitudinal: familiarity - mystery
иашуъи ианаi иа ,UI1 attitudinal: belief - skepticism - disbelief
иенаi ие ,UI1 attitudinal: agreement - disagreement
иинai ии ,UI1 attitudinal: fear - security
ижанаi ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought: .preceding sentence if this sentence
ижа ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought or
ижеъи ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought conn question
иженаi ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought but not y
иже ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought and
ио ,UI1 attitudinal: respect - disrespect
плашe for server, if needed. Erase2 using zиъо if no channel is involved
итлo 1 pertains to Italy/Italian culture/nationality/dialect in aspect2 Italian prefix ”italo”
иушуъи иунai иу ,UI1 attitudinal: love - no love lost - hatred
и sentence link/continuation; continuing sentences on same topic; normally elided for new speakers
жаъаруъе ,NA* weak bridi affirmation; barely; almost not at all
жаъа ,NA bridi logical affirmer; scope is an entire bridi
жаъенаi ,BAI* jalge modal, 1st place .event causal nevertheless result ...
жаъе ,BAI jalge modal, 1st place resultingly; therefore result ...
жаъи ,BAI javni modal, 1st place .byk 1 orderly; by rule ...
жаъоршаъо c1window displaying j2. .jarco canko
жаъо ,UI2 evidential: I conclude
жаъурjukni ju1scorpion of species ju2
жаъурxeъа j1=1a/the beak/talon-like jaw .body part of j2=2
жабрe 1 brakes/causes to slow motion/activity2 with device/mechanism/principle3
жаштаъо t1=d1board for use in water/.wind/kitesurfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard of material/property t2
жашьфepri fi1gill of animal fe2=fi1 of species3=fi2
жашьsenta1.water puddle on surface2
жаднi ,jad ,jаъи 1.object adorns/decorates2; 1adornment/decoration of2;2 is fancy/decorated
жадьшau c1=j2 is plain/unadorned also c2=j1.object
жадьпиjne p1brooch/fibula for fastening to/piercing p2, of material/properties p3
жаишa ,SE* convert time tense .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаишпу l1=j1 picks at l2=j2 with l3=j3
жаигau ,SE* makes1 the agent of a bridi; old 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаивi ,SE* convert location tense .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаи ,JAI convert tense/modal .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra FA place .fai
жажгаu g1 collects j1.mass at j2 also j3
жажьшukla 1accretion disk .in astronomy
жакнe 1rocket ,vehicle propelled by jet expelling2 carrying payload3
жалгe ,jag jаъе 1.action/event/state is a result/outcome/conclusion of antecedent2 .event/state/process
:2 gives rise to1.=seljаъе for reordered places; total .general
жална1quantity of/contains/is made of starch also source2 of composition including3
жалрa1cockroach/,orthopteran/termite of order/species/breed2
grasshopper .=pipyjalra; cricket .=sagjalra; locust, termite .=mantyjalra or mudyctijalra
while cockroaches are an order unto themselves, they are part of Orthoptera, which includes grasshoppers,
crickets, etc; termites are a closely-related non-Orthoptera, more akin to cockroaches than to e.g. ants;
жалсиъу s1'set collide with each other
жалсimgau g1 ,agent/person claps together/causes to collide/strikes together s1
жамбло b1warship of type/carrying b2, propelled by b3
жамфу ,jaf jma 1a/the foot ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lowest portion .adjective: 1pedal
жамжиъа ji1=ja1 conquers/wins ji2 also ja2 in a war over territory/matter ja3
жамнa 1person/mass wars against 2 over territory/matter3; 1at war with 2
жамvinji v1warplane of type/for carrying v2, propelled by v3
жанбe ,jab1bell/chime/,tuning fork ,tuned percussion instrument producing sound/note2
:1 rings/tolls .i.e. if it rings, then it is a bell; resonates .one sense,=jabdesku
жаншauшрека cr1=cl1=j2 is a tube top of material cr2. .A shoulderless, sleeveless ”tube” that wraps the torso
generally very tight over the breasts in order to prevent the garment also falling. ”halterneck” .nebdadyшрека is
its subtype. Suggested shortest fуъивлa form: ancrka
жаншo ,jan 1a/the shoulder/hip/joint ,body-part attaching limb/extremity2 to body3
жанли ,jal1 collides with/crashes/bumps/runs into2
жансu ,jas 1diplomat/consul representing polity2 in/at negotiation3 for function/purpose4
жантa ,jat 1account/bill/invoice for goods/services2, billed to3 by4
жапкла j2=k1 logs in to k2 with account j1.username and password also interface k3
The username and password may be connected with ”joi”
жарbu 1suburban area of city/metropolis2
жаршo ,jаъо1.agent shows/exhibits/displays/,reveals/demonstrates2 .property to audience3
жаркi ,jak 1narrow in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension byk3
жармau z1=j 1firmer/tougher/harder/more resistant than z2 by amount z4
жарплe p1=j 1cardboard also source p2
жарьрai j1=t 1the tallest among set/range t4
жаспу ,jap1passport issued to2 .person by authority3 allowing4 .activity
жатнa ,jаъа 1captain/commander/leader/in-charge/boss of vehicle/domain2
жау ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit D .decimal 13 ,thirteen
жавni ,jva 1rule prescribing/mandating/requiring2 .event/state within system/community3
Regulation, prescription .also2, principle, requirement .also2, prescribe, require .conditions are usually contained
within2; 1regulatory;2,3 are regulated
жа ,jav ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought or
жбамa ,bam1bomb/explosive device with explosive material/principle2
жбаri ,jba1berry .fruit/plant of plant/species2
жбедetnunsla s 1the birthday celebration of2=j1 born at time j3
жбедетри d1=j3 is the birthday ,day,week,month,year of j1 at location j4=d3 according to calendar d4
жбена ,jbe 1born to2 at time3 ,birthday and place4 ,birthplace; 1native to .fo4
2 bears/gives birth to1; also3: natal day
жбеra ,jer 1.agent borrows/temporarily takes/assumes2 .object also source3 for interval4
жбинi ,bin bиъи 1 between/among set of points/bounds/limits2 'set/amidst mass2 in property3 .ka. 2 .a complete
set, generally ordered defines the bounds/limits/range for1
жбоиа 1boa of species2
ждари ,jar 1firm/hard/resistant/unyielding to force2 under conditions3
ждишe ,жди 1.person decides/makes decision2 about matter3
ждикa 1.experiencer decreases/contracts/is reduced/diminished in property/quantity
ждимa ,dиъа 1,amount is the price of2 to purchaser/consumer3 set by vendor4. 2 may be a specific object, a commodity
mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising also ownership of the object
/commodity .=posydиъа, posyseldиъа for unambiguous semantics; price is something decided/set by the seller, and
is closely akin to offer .friti, which is what a buyer may decide; .note that price is not he same as cost/expense, which
is the actual amount exchanged in a transaction; the latter is vecnu or canja; neither is the same as ”value” or vamji;
in colloquial Enlish, these are sometimes interchanged, at least partially because of the rarity of barter and bargaining
in the marketplace
ждини ,дin диъи 1money/currency issued by2; .adjective: 1financial/monetary/pecuniary/fiscal
ъcurrencyъ sometimes is restricted to paper money .=pledиъи
ждичe1=m1=j 1unwavering/determined/resolute in making decision2=j2 .dуъу about3=j3 .event/state.
ждулi ,dul жду1quantity of jelly/semisolid ,texture of material/composition including2 ..adjective: 1gelatinous
жеъабo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: that which indeed is
жеъа ,NAhE scalar affirmer; denies scalar negation: Indeed!
жеъенаi ,COI* vocative: roger .ack - negative acknowledge; I didnъt hear you
жеъерjinto ji1=je3 is a fountain expelling fluid ji2=je2 at location ji3
жеъермаъа c1=j3 is a volcano projecting also land mass c2
жеъе ,COI vocative: roger .ack - negative acknowledge; used to acknowledge offers and thanks.
жеъи ,JA logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought conn question.
жеъо ,BY1 shift letterals to Hebrew alphabet
жеъунаi ,UI*3 discursive: truth - falsity
жештa ,jec jeъа 1polity/state governing territory/domain2; ,government/territory relationship
жефtu ,jef1 is2 weeks in duration .default is 1 week byk3. .Re.3, a week may be
more or less than seven days, classically being tied to the time between trips to the marketplace; this week .=cabjeftu;
next week .=bavlamjeftu; last week .=prulamjeftu
жефьдiknalgundei 1=di1=dj1regularlyoccurring period of days off work ,weekend lasting2=dj2 days, recurring
every3=j2=di3 weeks .default 1, for worker4=g1, at job5=g2 наъе; ”Weekend” .the last two days in a week, presumed
to be a rest also work is a culture-specific concept It was
felt more appropriate to make a word meaning ”work holiday” and leave the days/week,s to be specified by the erson
жегвon The Judeo-Christian-Muslim God
жегвo ,jeg jeъо 1 pertains to the common Judeo-Christian-Moslem culture/religion/nationality in aspect2
жеи ,jez ,NU abstractor: truth-value abstractor; 1truth value of ,bridi under epistemology2.
желшa 1 burns/,ignites/is flammable/inflammable at temperature2 in atmosphere3
жемжаъа ja1general of army je1 serving country/nation/group je2 .mass in function je3 .activity
жемнa ,jme1gem/polished stone/pearl of type2 also gemstone/material/source3. jewel .=jmejаъи;
gemstone .=2,3, or jmerоъи, jmekunra; pearl .=selcakyjme - a gem found inside a shell, tercakyjme - a gem made of shell
material, boijme - any ball-shaped gem, mother-of-pearl .=cakyjme
жемпауpau 1army division, a subdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
жемпауsle 1army brigade/regiment, asubdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
жемпау 1army corps, a subdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
женаi ,JA* logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought but not y
женшa ,jen1.event shocks/stuns2
жендu ,jed 1axle/spindle ,tool on which2 rotates, of material/properties3
женмi ,jem jei 1.mass is an army serving group/community2 .mass in function3 .activity
жерjelino 1sesame of species/variety2
жернa 1.agent/person earns/,deserves/merits wages/salary/pay2 for work/service3
жерсi ,jeъи1 chases/pursues/.physically follows after2; volition is not implied for1 or2. 1 follows after2
жерхо ,jex1 reflects Algerian culture/nationality in aspect2
жесni ,jes1needle ,pointed shape/form, not tool of material2
жесьшilta c 1barbed wire
жесьmabru1hedgehog/spiny anteater of species2. .general term for spiny mammals; юэ ernace, zalgosu, jesyratcu
жесьрatcu1porcupine of species2.
жесьспа jesyspa s1cactus of species s2
жечe ,jeъе1jet ,expelled stream of material2 expelled also3
жетлаi1 has truth-value2 under metaphysics3 on scale4
жетнu ,jet jeъу 1.dуъу is true/truth byk/epistemology/metaphysics2
Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
жетпai p1 judges the veracity of p2=j1 byk/epistemology/metaphysics3=j2
же logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought and
жгалу ,jаъу 1a/the claw/nail/talon ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed, penetrating, physical weapon
жгаnu ,jga 1angle ,2-dimensional shape/form also vertex2 subtended by lateral ,segment3.
adjective: 1angular;2 corner; 'segment3 can be defined by interval. цы kojna, linji, konju, mokca.
жгаri ,jai1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/,hugs2 with3 .part of1 at locus4 .part of2
жгеnanba j1=j2=n1pretzel made also grains n2.
жгеna ,jge1knot/tangle in/between2 .object/jоъу-objects
жгишрo c1=j 1offended/,feels hurt pride about j2 .abstraction
жгина ,gin1gene of creature ,or locus on creature2 determining trait/process3 chromosome=.gincilta, ginpoi
жгира ,жги 1.person feels/has pride in/about2.abstraction An emotional combination of satisfaction and
respect/esteem towards property.ies or action's of person/entity that has a specific tie to emoter
жгита ,git 1guitar/violin/fiddle/harp ,stringed musical instrument with actua- tor/plectrum/bow2
жиъе ,BAI jimte modal, 1st place limitedly; up to limit ..
жиъи ,PA4 digit/number: approximately .default the typical value in this context .number
жиъо ,BAI житро modal, 1st place .control controlledly; under direction of ...
жиъу ,BAI жишму modal, 1st place .assumptions; given that ...; based on ..
жибмуъо j2=m1 quits/retires also job j1.Elided SE also se jibri mulno
жибнi ,jbi 1near/close to/approximates2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni
жибрi ,jib 1job/occupation/employment/vocation .a type of work regularly done for pay of person2
жибyшуъе c1trade/vocational school at c2 teaching job skills c3=j1 to audience/community c4=j2 operated by c5
жишлa 1.object, or event: force stirs/mixes/,roils/agitates fluid .gas/liquid2. .Convection
жишму ,cmu 1basis/foundation/underlying or fundamental principle of2; 1at the bottom of2
2 is founded on basis1.=selcmu for reordered places; .adjective: 1basic/basal/fundamental;
жишьcma c1twig/sprig of j2
жишьжutsиъо 1cladistics about organisms2 according to3
жифselbetfu 1pseudocoelomate with pseudocoelom2
жифxуъау 1wrong, falsely claimingu2=j1, by truth standardu3
жижнu ,jij 1.person intuits2 .dуъу about subject3; ,epistemology
Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
жижьжиъи jin1=jij1 has intuition-based opinion 'suspicion jin2=jij2 .dуъу on subject jin3=jij3
This word coined when looking for a suitable word for ”to suspect”, or ”suspicion”. Intended to be
neutral, however, rather than matching the negative connotation in glis
жикшa ,жик1 interacts/behaves socially with2;1 socializes with/is sociable towards2
жикнi1 consists of the economic system .production and distribution and consumption of sector components2;1 is
economic. 2 may be a country or other area, the labor, capital and land resources, and the economic agents that socially
participate in the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of that area; they may be
joined with JOI. pavmomselжикнi for ”primary sector”, relmomselжикнi for ”secondary sector”,
cibmomselжикнi for ”tertiary sector”, and vonmomselжикнi for ”quaternary sector”; gubyselжикнi for ”
public/state sector”, sivyselжикнi for ”private sector”, and жиксelжикнi for ”social/voluntary sector”
жикру 1made of/contains/is a quantity of liquor/spirits distilled also2
жиксei s1=j 1aloof/alone/solitary/a hermit, separated also s2=j1
жиксрe s1 commits faux pas 'social error s2, which is wrong under conditions s3 according to standard s4
жиктru t1institution governing social/cooperative human behaviour t2. .Use2 tуъа for e.g. education
жикькamхаужди жд1=ji1tactful in making decision2 in matter3 .event/state in social interaction with ji2
жилкa ,jil 1quantity of/contains/is made of alkali/base of composition including2 ..adjective: 1alkaline
жилрa1.person is jealous of/envies2 .person about/for3 .property - ka
жимbоъу j1=b1prosthetic bone made of metal, performing function b2 in body b3
жимшa ,jic1branch/bough/limb of2;2 forks into branches1; ,preferred over metaphorical биркa
жимпе ,jmi 1 understands/comprehends fact/truth2 .dуъу about subject3;1 understands .fi3
жимsko j1=s1wire/cable of metal j2=s2 .This may be a single or multiple strand, but must be metallic
жимтe ,jit1limit/extreme/bound/border/,confinement of2 in property/domain3. .Restrain/constrain within limits
жиншi 1pair of shears/scissors for cutting2
жингa ,jig jиъа1.person/team wins/gains prize2 also/over3 ,competitors/losers in competition4
:1victor;2 reward;3 competitors here are opponents and in many situations, defeated/losers, vs
the set of those competing for a goal;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property;
pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising also ownership of the object/commodity
жинкu 1vaccine/immune-system stimulant protecting2 against disease3 introduced by method4
serum; inoculation .=jestуъу veljinku
жинкьtoldуъе t1=j 1immune-system defi- ciency of j2. .From jinku, toldуъе. t2, t3, j3, j4 based on relative
uselessness .you could use tanru to get what type-of immune deficiency yoуъre referring at
жинме ,jim1quantity of/contains/is made of made of metal of composition including2. ..adjective: 1metallic
жинрu ,jir1.object/person is immersed/submerged/bathes in liquid2. .Take a bath/bathe .=jirsezlуъи
жинсa ,jis 1.object clean/pure of material/contaminant/dirt2 byk3
жинтo 1well/spring of fluid2 at location3
жинтькeъа k1=j1well in k2 containing fluid j2 at location j3
жинвi ,jiv jиъи 1 thinks/opines2 ,opinion .dуъу is true about subject/issue3 on grounds4. .Words usable for
epistemology typically have a dуъу place
жинзи ,jiz 1.property - ka is an innate/inherent/intrinsic/natural property/quality/aspect of2
жипci1chicken/,hen/cock/rooster/small fowl ,a type of bird of species/breed2
жипmokca 1vertex of polytope2 at locus3
жипнo ,jip jиъо 1tip/point/vertex/extremity/end ,0-dimension shape/form on object2 at locus3
жирgau1=g1 immerses2=j1 in liquid3=j2
жирlуъи l1.agent bathes l2=j1 in liquid j2=l4
жирнa 1a/the horn ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed extremity
жисрa 1made of/contains/nectar also-source/of-type2. .Waterbased extract also a .generally biological source
житфa ,jif1.dуъу is false/is an untruth byk/epistemology/metaphysics2. .Words usable for epistemology
typically have a dуъу place житро ,tro1 has control over/harnesses/manages/directs/conducts2 in3
.activity/event/performance 2 are aspects/individuals controlled within activity/event3; manage .=selzuktro,ъе .as
distinct also manager/boss=gunterbeъе, gunjаъа, gunmиъе, guncаъи which does not necessarily control or command,
живbиъо b1=j1 comes to the conclusion that j2 dуъу is true about subject/issue j3 on grounds j4, under итиons b3
живbu1 weaves2 also material/,yarn3
живна ,jvi 1 competes/vies with opponent2 in contest/competition3 .event for gain4;1 rivals2. 2 opponent's,
competitor's, rival's;3 competition, race;4 prize, reward, recognition .gain may be internal or external
жизьselpre p2=j1the temperament .innate personality of p1=j2
жи ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought connective question
жмашidni c 1ankle of j2=c3
жмадegji j1=d1toe of j2=d2
жмагutci g 1g2 foot/feet .length unit
жмажi ,jaj 1.mass/jоъу gathers/collects at location2 also locations3 .mass/jоъу. focus .=seljmaji
жматиъе t1heel of j2
жмаврa v1pedal with function v2, fulcrum3, and lever arm4
жмифа 1shoal ,shallow hazard/reef of material2 in body of water3
жмина ,min 1adds/combines 2 to/with3 result4; 1augments 2 by amount3
жмисрe s1=1misunderstands fact/truth2 .dуъу about subject, an error under conditions s3 byk s4. .й kиъа.
жмиве ,miv jиъе 1 lives/is alive byk2; 1organism/living thing. ..adjective: 1vital, organic
жоъа ,UI3a discursive: metalinguistic affirmer
жоъе ,jom ,JOI non-logical connective: union of sets
жоъи ,JOhI join mathematical expression .mex operands into an array
жоъо ,BY1 shift letterals to Arabic alphabet
жоъу ,jоъу ,JOI non-logical connective: in common with; along with .unmixed.
жоибu letteral: ampersand character; especially used in standing for a mixed connective
жои ,jol joi ,JOI non-logical connective: mixed conjunction; ”and” meaning ”mixed together”, forming a mass
жонai ,JA* logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъаутъ
жонгau g1 causes j1 to be joined to/connected to/united with j2 at common locus j3
жонсиъу1 are joined at/by2
жонсimgau g1 ,person/agent join s1 together
жонсumji 1the union of sets2 and3
жорdo ,jor jоъо1 reflects Jordanian culture/nationality in aspect2
жорнe ,jon jоъе 1joined to/connects to/is united with2 at common locus3;1 and2 are a union
joined/fastened/attached by joint3/by means of3/with fastener3
жо ,жov ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought biconditional/iff/if-andonly-if
жуъакуъи ,UI* evidential: although, even though, while, whilst
жуъа ,UI2 evidential: I state - .default elliptical/non-specific basis
жуъе ,JOI vague non-logical connective: analogous to plain ”.i”
жуъишуъи ,COI* vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъинаi ,COI* vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъи ,COI vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъоcai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: intense certainty
жуъошуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъонai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъопei ,UI*6 attitudinal: certainty question
жуъо ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъу ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: number base; ,a interpreted in the base b
жубme ,jub jbu1table/flat solid upper surface of material2, supported by legs/base/pedestal3
жудgau 1 makes 2 pay attention to3;1 directs2ъs attention to3
жудri 1address of/are coordinates of2 in system3
жудrьsni j1=s1hyperlink/URL of resource/web page j2=s2 for browser s3
жуфmei 1paragraph about2 including sentence's3
жуфрa ,juf жуъа 1.text is a sentence/statement about2 ,topic/subject/predicate/focus in language3
Phrase .=jufpau, suzrelvla, suzvla, gensle
жуфspi s1fragment of sentence s2=j1 about j2 in language j3
жуфtogmоъа t1=m 1the intonation of sentence j1=m2 with characteristics t2=m3
жугбау j1=b 1the Chinese-Mandarin language, used by b2 to communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
жугleъу 1Chinese character in writing system2 .traditional/simplified/bopomofo/etc. meaning3
жукнi ,juk1spider/arachnid/,crustacean/crab/lobster/noninsect arthropod of species/breed2
жукпa ,jup 1cooks/prepares food-foreating2 recipe/method3.process. .Cook with heat .=glajukpa, glaterjukpa
жулнe ,жуъе1net/filter allowing passage of2, prohibiting passage of3, netting properties4. sieve
жулrаъо1 is2 degrees in angular measure .default is 1used in2 indicates a base of 60
жумske s1=j1.mass of facts is microbiology studying microorganisms2 based on methodology3
жундi ,jud жуъи 1attentive towards/attends/tends/pays attention to object/affair2
жунгau 1 tells/makes known to2 fact's3 dуъу about subject4 by epistemology5
жунгo ,jug 1 reflects Chinese ,Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc. culture/nationality/language in aspect2
жункace 1rush of species2
жунла ,jul 1clock/watch/timer measuring time units2 to precision3 with timing mechanism/method4. timepiece
жунпero1juniper/cedar of species/variety2. 'some trees called ”cedar” are actually juniper;
жунри ,jur1.person is serious/earnest/has gravity about2 .event/state/activity
жунтa 1the weight of object2 in ,gravitational or other force field3
жунтymre m1.agent weighs object j2 as m3 units on scale m4
жупкуъа1=k1kitchen, in which2=j1 cooks3=j2, in home/building/structure4=k2
surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor5=k3 .mass/jоъу
жуптansi t1frying pan/wok used by cook j1 for cooking/frying/sauteing ´ j2=t1, made of material t3
жупьbadna1plantain .banana of species2
жупьпатху p1pot used by j1 for cooking/boiling/steaming j2=p2 with recipe j3; pot made of material p3
жупьпesxu p1=j2 is a baked good/cake/mochi/doughnut/pizza dough/pie/macaroon/,cooked paste made also p2 prepared by j1
according to method/recipe j3 Originally coined by .lis.nunyn. on IRC
жупьпexyboi b1dumpling made also material2 filled with material3 jurme
,jum1bacterium/germ/microbe/protozoan/amoeba ,1-celled life of species/defining property2
журпei j1=p1 considers / reflects on j2=p2
журсa ,jus1.event/action/state is severe/harsh to2 ,victim/experiencer
жутsi ,jut1species of genus2, family3, etc.; ,open-ended tree-structure categorization
subspecies, order, phylum; .places do not correspond to specific levels in the hierarchy; rather, 1at a ”lower” or ”
bushier” part of the tree than2,2 is ”lower” than3, etc.; skipping a place thus means that there is one or more
knownand-unspecified levels of hierarchy between the two; not limited to Linnean animal/plant taxonomy
жухре ,jux 1.action is clumsy/awkward byk2
жу ,juv ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought whether-or-not
жважvo l1regular/predictable lujvo .compound predicate word with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built also phrase
l4 and having an argument structure according to rule j1. .A rbanspecific term. The approach of jvajvo is intended to at
least constrain what the2,3,4... etc. of a lujvo may be, and also to draw the semantic values of those places also the
emantic values of the places of the component brivla. The rationale is that the place structure of an unknown lujvo should
not require memorization. This was previously known as “dikyjvo”; a mistranslation of “regular lujvo”, as it used
the wrong sense of “regular”
жвишпе c1=j1 wages a contest c2=j3 on c3=j2 for gain j4
жвинu ,vin 1the view/scene/panorama/sight/prospect of2 .object/location also point-of-view3 1on display to2/x3
жвиxиъаи1racehorse of breedi2 competing in race j3
жвокatna k1 separates affix compound k2 into its constituent affixes k3; k1 does morphological analysis
жь letteral for j
каъамрu m 1axe for cutting k2 with blade m3=k1 propelled by m4
каъарdeъи d 1incisor of d2
каъа ,BAI клама modal, 1st place gone to by ...
каъе ,CAhA modal aspect: innate capability; possibly unrealized
каъиртrusиъо s 1the concept of representative democracy .default: political representative democracy as it applies
to the governance of t2 based on the works of thinker's s3
каъи ,BAI krati modal, 1st place represented by ..
каъомlu s1=k 1sickly/appears healthy to observer s3 byk k2
каъо ,PA5 digit/number: imaginary i; square root of -1
каъурjиъа1 scores/gains a point against2 in competition/game/contest3
каъу ,UI2 evidential: I know by cultural means .myth or custom
кабрi1cup/glass/tumbler/mug/vessel/,bowl containing contents2, and of material3
кабрi is normally eaten also by lifting it; a palta is not
кабрydekpu d 1d2 cupful's
кабрylai k1k2 .quantifier, default: one cupfuls in quantity
кашma 1camera/photographic equipment recording illumination type2 images to medium3
кашmьterхра p3 takes a photo/picture p1 depicting/representing/showing p2
кашmьхра p1photograph of p2 taken by photographer p3 in medium p4=k3
кашпoi p1sequence of numbers in ascending order
каднo1 reflects Canadian culture/nationality in aspect2
кадньфasyбау k1=f1=b 1the Canadian French language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу,
кадньгliбау k=g=1the Canadianlishlangua used by2 to express/communicate3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
кадньгуъе k1=g 1Canada .й kadno, гугде, KEnydys, kenyDAS
кафкe1 coughs/farts/burps up/out2 ,predominantly gaseous also orifice3
кафхуъи 1caffeine with chemical purity2
кагjаъа j1the president/,chairperson of the board of j2=k1
кагнi ,kag1company/corporation/firm/partnership chartered by authority2 for purpose3
enterprise/organization .if chartered
кагьфуъе f1corporate officer
кагьпanka p1business park managed by community/polity/company p2 for businesses/firms/corporations of type k3
кагьsamseltcana t2 is a/the private computer network that includes nodes/computers t1=s1
whose function/purpose is s2, installed across organization k1
кагьseldejni d2 is/are the indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1=k1 to creditor's d3
for the provision of goods /services/loans d4
кагьselpоъе p2 is/are an/the asset's of company/corporation/firm/partnership p1=k1 according to law p3
кагьtruralju r 1CEO .Chief Executive Officer/MD .Managing Director of company/corporation/firm t2=k1
каи ,BAI ckaji modal, 1st place characterizing ...
кажде ,жде1.event/experience warns/cautions2 .person of/about danger3 .event/state/property
кажнa 1shelf/counter/bar in/on/attached to supporting object2, for purpose3
кажнytаъе t1=k2 is a cupboard for storing t2, made of t3, with shelves k1
какнe ,kаъе 1able to do/be/capable of doing/being2 .event/state under conditions3
event/state. : has talent; know how to; know how to use .=plikаъе .in the time-free potential sense,
какпa 1.agentdigs 2,material up/out of3 ,source/hole with limbs/tool's4
1 cuts into3 .with material removal
какydirgo1teardrop wept by2 for reason3
калбoi b1=k 1eyeball .body part of k2
калшi 1a/the feces/excrement/dung/shit of2 .animal/person; .adjective: 1fecal .matter
калгaikre ke 1eyelash .body part of ke2=ka2
калгai g 1eyelid of eye k1=g2
калmari1squid/cuttlefish of species2
калри ,kar1.portal/passage/entrance-way is open/ajar/not shut permitting passage/access to2 by3 As a doorway
калсa ,kas 1chaotic/disordered in property/aspect2 .ka
калсelvиъи1=v2 is a tear/tear fluid of2=v1
калтe ,kat1 hunts/stalks prey/quarry/game2 for purpose3. verb: to fish .=fipkalte
калvиъи v1=k2 weeps/lacrimates tear's v2 also v3 via means/route v4
камбаъи k1the greatness/majesty/splendour/magnificence/grandeur of b1 according to standard b3
камbandu k1security condition of b1 protecting b2 also threat b3. .When used as ”security”,3 is a planned
threat. ”security” is com- parable to ”safety” .kamnуъа, ”reliability” .kamylacri, and ”continuity”
камжu 1column/pillar of material2
камнi 1.mass is a committee with task/purpose2 of body3 Board of directors/trustees/cabinet k1the majesty of t1=n1
being a regent/monarch of t2 byk n2
кампу kau1.property - ka is common/general/universal among members of set2 .complete set. .Only fully universal sense
applies;1 must be found in all members of2
камраъа k1the relation of s1 to s2
камро1 reflects Welsh language/culture in aspect2
камсutra k1the speed of s1 doing/being/bringing about s2
камтатпи k1the fatigue of t1 in being/doing t2 .event
камца k1the strength of t1 in property/quality t2 .ka
камvli k1the power of v1 in aspect v2 under conditions v3
камьzиъе 1the quality of whom/what is free to do/be2=z2; 1freedom/liberty of2=z2
канбa 1goat/angora/,billy-goat/kid of species/breed2
каншu ,kac1.agent counts the number in set2 to be3 ,number/count counting ,off by units4. ..x2 is complete set
кандi ,kad 1dim/dull/pale/non-intense in property2 .ka as received/measured by observer3. .In colors, indicates
unsaturated, pastel, pale .though blabi can also indicate a kind of paleness
канжi 1 calculates/reckons/computes2 ,value .ni/state also data3 by process4
канла ,kal 1a/the eye ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: sensory apparatus; .adjective: 1ocular. .x 1optic
канпe 1 expects/looks for the occurence of2 .event, expected likelihood3
кансa ,kan 1with/accompanies/ a companion of2, in state/enterprise3 .event/state 1is together with/along with2
кансиъу 1 do 2 together
кантu ,kаъу1quantum/ray/elementary particle/ measurable increment of property/activity2 Quantum ray .=bonkаъу
канхаъуа1=k1roommate of/lives with k2 at location/habitat/nest/home/abode3=a2
канхe ,kax1conjunction, stating that2 .dуъу and3 .dуъу are both true
капcikna cikna1=скапи2 experiences goose bumps
капкevna k1skin pore of pelt/skin/hide/leather k2=s1 also3=s2
капsiku1chili/bell pepper .Capsicum of species/variety2
капхра1=p1tattoo/body art/brand/,image on the body depicting2=p2 on animal/body part3=s2 made by artist4=p3
карbi ,kab 1 ,observer compares2 with3 in property4 .ka, determining comparison5 'state
каршe 1car/automobile/truck/van ,a wheeled motor vehicle for carrying2, propelled by3
карда 1card ,small nearly-2-dimensional shape/form of material2, shape3. ..x3 shape default rectangular
каргу 1.object/commodity/property/event is costly/expensive/dear to2 byk3
1 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is
sumti-raising also ownership of the object/commodity .=poskаргу for unambiguous semantics
каркade 1hibiscus of species/variety2
каркaju k1wolverine of variety k2
карли karli1collar/ring/belt/band around/surrounding2 made of material3
карнi 1journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper with content2 published by3 for audience4. 2 may be a subject, but not all
journals have a single subject; all have some sort of principle defining what is included, so this need not be a list
карпоъижbe j1=k3 hatches also eggshell j2=p1=k1.kalri+porpi+жбена This is based on the lujvo karpоъи,
glossed as ”something breaks open” It is not obvious to me whether any of k2 .portal destination, p2 .pieces of broken
thing, j3 birthdate, or j4 .birthplace are appropriate to include in this lujvo
карпоъи 1open-break with broken piece2
карсna 1vowel sound
картamo 1safflower of species/variety2
карvana 1caravan consisting of2 traveling across/through3
каткana 1katakana .Japanese syllabary of sound2
катнa ,kаъа 1.tool/blade/force cuts ,through/splits/divides2 .object into pieces3
For1 force, it is a force acting as a blade, not acting upon a blade; agentive cutting .=kаъаргау, kаъарzуъе
каурdata1salamander of family/genus/species2
каурсelжуъо d2=k 1common sense to knowers d1=k2 about subject d3 by epistemology d4
кау ,UI3a discursive: marks word serving as focus of indirect question: ”I know WHO went to the store”
кавbu ,kav 1 captures/catches/apprehends/seizes/nabs2 withtrap/restraint3
ка ,kam ,NU abstractor: property/quality abstractor .-ness; 1quality/property exhibited by ,bridi
кеъа ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: relativized sumti .object of relative clause
кеъе ,kep keъе ,KEhE elidable terminator: end of tanru left grouping override .usually elidable
кеъи ,GAhO open interval bracket marker; modifies intervals in non-logical connectives; exclude boundaries
кеъо ,COI vocative: please repeat
кеъунаi ,UI*3 discursive: repeating - continuing
кеъусku1 repeats2 'sedуъу/text to audience3 via expressive medium4 for the5th time
кеъу ,UI3 discursive: repeating - continuing
кешти 1.person pities/feels sorry for 2.person about3
кеи elidable terminator: end abstraction bridi .often elidable
келши 1,agent plays with plaything/toy2
келvo is2 degree's Kelvin ,metric unit in temperature .default is 1 byk3
кенрa 1cancer ,malignant disease in2
кенсa 1outer space near/associated with celestial body/region2
керфа 1a/the hair/fur ,body-part of2 at body location3
керло 1a/the ear ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: sensory apparatus, information gathering. ..adjective: 1aural
кечo 1 reflects South American culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
кевna 1cavity/hole/hollow/cavern in2; 1concave within2;2 is hollow at locus1
кибрo 1 pertains to the internet/cyberspace in aspect2. .Proposed byorxes. Short rafsi -kib-
кишнe 1 cushions 2 with material3; 1cushion/pillow/pad for2 of padding material3
кижнo ,kij 1quantity of/contains/is made of oxygen .O; ,metaphor: supporting life/combustion
кижьшau c1 lacks oxygen k1; c 1anaerobic
килгаъахаъи1=a1=g1=k1lance/spear/javelin/pointed-rod weapon for use against2=a2 by3=a3 of material4=g2
кинли granaarci; this lujvo structure is also noralujv. The author of this definition is uncertain that
jesxаъи would not be a better lujvo for the purpose
килгаъа1 spear/lance/assegai made of2
килтo ,kиъо1thousand ,1000; 10 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
кинли ,kil 1sharp/keen at locus2
кинпei p1=s3=s4 thinks about subject p2=s2 by imagining s1 which is like an imaginary movie about that subject
кинсle1=s1frame also motion picture2=k1 about3=k2 ,plot/theme/subject/activity .'skina3,4 omitted forlack ofusefulness
кистo ,kis1 reflects Pakistani/Pashto culture/nationality/language in aspect2
китъселзба kitselзба 1pottery made by2 of clay3
китьbli b1clay-based building brick of composition k2, surfaces/sides s4
китьзба 1potter who makes2 out of clay3
ки ,KI tense/modal: set/use tense default; establishes new open scope space/time/modal reference base
клашпе c1 calls/summons c3=k1 to location k2 in manner/form c4
клажeъи j1=k1 follows j2 to destination k2 also origin k3 via route k4 by means k5
клажi ,laj 1street/avenue/lane/drive/cul-desac/way/alley/,road at2 accessing3. corridor; not typically a route between
points, but offers access to sites along it
клакu ,kak1 weeps/cries tears2 about/for reason3 .event/state
клама ,клa 1 comes/goes to destination2 also origin3 via route4 using means/vehicle5. travels, journeys, moves,
leaves to ... also ...;1traveller; .x4 as a set includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly
кламиъе m1 summons m2=k1 to k2 also k3 via route k4
клани ,lai 1quantity quanti- fied/measured/enumerated by2 .quantifier on scale3
кланрbeli 1 measures 2 bels on scale3 One bel is equal to 10 decibels
кланрdjuli g1g2 joule's of energy .default is 1 byk g3
кланрфaradi g1g2 farad's of capacitance .default is 1 byk g3
кланрнiut,ni g1g2 newton 's of force .default is 1 byk g3
кланрпaskali 1 is2 pascal's of pressure .default is 1 byk3
клесi ,kle lei 1.mass/sиъо is a class/category/subgroup/subset within2 with defining property3 type, kind
клина ,kli 1.object/medium is clear/transparent/without obstacle to in-theclear2 ,transmission
lucid;2 remains apparent/lucid/clear .figurative use for ъундerstandableъ is discouraged, better expressed
as=filseljmi or filsmu. .ё kandi, зунти - nalzуъи is better for ъунhinderedъ
клиру1quantity of/contains/is made of halogen of type2 ,chlorine, fluorine, iodine, etc
клисodva 1made of/contains/is a quantity of a clear/transparent carbonated beverage/soda of sweet flavor, of brand2
Not any carbonated beverage, but one which is transparent and with sweet flavor, like Sprite .=sprait, 7-up, Sockerdricka
=a soft drink that is consumed in Sweden or similar. Another flavor may be added and expressed as a tanru, as long as the
combination doesnъt differ too much also the characteristics of klisodva
клити ,kit 1quantity of/contains/is made of clay ,moist, clammy dirt of composition including2
клубarшрека c1=b1=k1jumper of material c2. .A loose outer jacket .barшрека
клушeъу c1society of c2=k2 with cultural aspects k1
клупе ,lup lуъе1screw ,fastener for purpose2, threads ,pitch, material3, frame ,size, material4. bolt
клураъа s1 pertains to culture of s2=k2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for cultures: From gismu kulnu and srana
клусke s 1social anthropology
клузa ,luz 1.obj. is loose/bloused/not tight on2 .obj. at locus3
клузei z1taboo in culture z2=k1
коъа ,коъе ,коъи коъо ,KOhA 4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #4 'specified by goi оъу
кобli ,kob kоъи1quantity of cabbage/lettuce/leafy vegetable of species/strain2
коинкa 1cognac distilled also grapes2 For brandies without an AOC designation use ванжьжикру
коизva 1=z 1at an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of2=k2 next-to/bordering-on3=k3;1=z1 skirts2=k2
кои ,BAI korbi modal, 1st place .bordered by bounded by ...
кожнa ,koj kоъа 1corner/point/atleast-3-dimensional ,solid angle ,shape/form in/on2, of material3
apex; a corner exists on three dimensions but need not be limited to points; it suggests a discontinuity in slope in
some direction; i.e. in some planar cross-section
кокшinela1ladybug/ladybird/lady beetle of genus/species2
колбasa 1sausage made of2. .Not necessarily with a gut skin;
колmba 1pigeon/dove of genus/species2. .more general than tcacpi
колme ,kol kоъе1quantity of/contains/is made of coal/peat/anthracite/bituminous also source2
комшu ,kom1comb ,many-needled shape of material2 with tines/needles3
коншeto zei pagbu p1movement of concerto for solo instruments k2, number k3 in key k4 composed by k5
коншeto 1concerto number2 in key3 composed by4 performed by/at5. event
кондomo 1condom of2 size for3 sex and4 material
конфuzi 1 pertains to the Confucist culture/religion/ethos in aspect2
конжaku 1konjac of species/variety2. .юэ samcrtaro, samcu
конжu ,kon kоъу1cone ,shape/form of material2 with vertex3. ellipse, ellipsoid .=konclupa
корbi ,kor koi 1edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of2 next-to/bordering-on3
коршу ,kro .adjective: 1bent/crooked/not straight or direct/,twisted/folded
коркa ,kok 1quantity of/contains/is made of cork/bark also tree/species2; ,material
корсenta s1=k1cortex .outermost layer of structure s3=k2. 2 may be an organ, a cell, a plant, or a rock
корvo s1crow/raven of species s2
костa ,kos1coat/jacket/sweater/cloak/,cape/shawl/pullover ,extra outer garment of material2
котлedona 1cotyledon of seed2 of plant3
котьгуъе g 1Scotland .country
ко ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you .imperative; make it true for you, the listener
крали1.NU legal/moral entitlement of 2.individual/mass byk 3.Normative principles, variously construed
as legal, social, or moral freedoms or entitlements. rarkrali for ”natural rights and flakrali for ”legal rights”;
uskrali for ”claim rights” and zifkrali for ”liberty rights”; crukrali for ”positive rights” and rиъуркrali
for ”negative rights”; sepkrali for ”individual rights” and gumkrali for ”group rights”; selcemkrali for ”civil
rights” and seljeckrali for ”political rights”; жикнykrali for ”economic rights”, жикykrali for ”social
rights”, and klukrali for ”cultural rights”; remkrali for ”human rights” and dalkrali for ”animal rights”.
крамbola1starfruit/carambola of variety2
краму 1is2 local area unit's ,non-metric .default 1 byk3,4 subunits
additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...
красi ,kra 1'site/event is a source/start/beginning/origin of2 .object/event/process
root .figurative sense; .adjective: 1initial
крастu s1=k 1the origin of s2=k2
кратaigo1hawthorn of species/variety2
кратi ,kаъи 1 represents/is an agent/proxy/stands-in for ,absent2 in matter's/function's3 : on behalf of
крефu ,ref keъу 1.event is the3ъrd recurrence/repetition of2
abstract;2 happens again in ,form1 case, another, instance, different, other, time, occasion
крекalsa ka1=ke2 has disheveled/tousled hair
крелуъи1 washes2ъs hair, removing3 with shampoo4
кресиъе s 1dandruff on the head of k2
кревеlylуъи1shampoo for washing2ъs hair, removing3, used by4
кревиъу1=v1 shaves/,removes hair2=k1=v2 also3=k2=v3
Applies to any form of hair removal, not necessarily with a blade
кришi ,кри1 believes ,regardless of evidence/proof belief/creed2 .dуъу is true/assumed about subject3
”without evidence” refers to objective external evidence; also gives credence, has conviction
крикeti1 plays cricket against2 in competition3 for prize/title4
крили1quantity of/contains/is made of crystal of composition2 in form/arrangement3. 2: composition including2, which
need not be complete specification
крину ,rin kиъу 1.event/state is a reason/justification/explanation for/causing/permitting2 .event/state
криоfla1clove bud/tree of species/variety2
криxa ,kix kиъа 1 cries out/yells/howls sound2;1crier
кробиъо b1=k1 bends under conditions b3
крогarna k1=g 1bow/arc supporting/restraining g2, of material g3
крокete 1 plays croquet against2 in competition3 for prize/title4
крокodilo 1crocodile .family Crocodylidae of breed2
крориъа r1.event/state bends/flexes k1 under conditions r3
кроринсa r1=k1 curtseys in front of r2
кросаъи s1=k1 bows/takes a bow on surface s2 supported by limbs/supports s3
кротofaga 1ani of species2
крушa ,kuc 1 intersects/crosses/traverses2 at locus3
кружi ,ruj 1made of/contains/is a quantity of cream/emulsion/puree ,consistency of composition2
,2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification;
крувi ,ruv kru 1шурве/turn/bend in2, at locus3, and defined by set of points/properties4
4 as a set of points is sufficiently specified to identify the relevant properties of the bend
куъа ,kuz ,JOI non-logical connective: intersection of sets
куъе ,KUhE elidable terminator: end mathematical .mex forethought .Polish expression; often elidable
куъинаi ,UI3b discursive: hence/therefore
куъи ,UI3b discursive: however/but/in contrast
куъо ,KUhO elidable terminator: end NOI relative clause; always elidable, but preferred in complex clauses
куъу ,BAI kulnu modal, 1st place in culture ... kuadragesim Lent
куаркa 1quark with flavor2
кубli ,kub 1cube/regular polyhedron/polygon of dimensions2 .def. 3, surfaces/sides3
кушлaнли l1 cross examines l2
кушлi 1 curious/wonders about/is interested in/,inquisitive about 2.object/abstract. .Inquisitive .=retkucli
кушьгаъаsni 1crucifix
кушьгаъа 1cross made of2
кушьsimgau g1 folds/crosses/intertwines s1'set
кушьвлa1=v1=k1word/quotation crossing other words/quotations, meaning/defined by2=v2, located at3=k3
Across -¿ pinta, down -¿ sraji, crossword puzzle -¿ ”kucyvla se namkei”. Example: ”12 across: what you like -¿
beautiful ” is ”zo melbi cu kucyvla lu da poi do нелши lиъу li pare poi pinta”
1 may be a non grammatical quotation
куфрa ,kuf1 feels comfort/is comfortable with conditions/environmental property.ies2
куинкe 1 reflects Seri culture/language in aspect2
кужмикше m1nurse to/nurses m2
кужьжai j1=k1 nurses/holds with care j2=k2 .object/event/person with/in j3 .part of j1
кукфusra f1=k 1fermented with fermenting agent f2, tasty to observer3=k2
куксelзбасу z2=k 1something made by z1 out of z3 that is pleasing/delightful to sense k2
куксelзба z2=k 1something made by z1 out of z3 that is pleasing/delightful to sense k2
куктe ,kuk 1delicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense2 ,person, or sensory activity. 1delicacy
кулшitsi 1term/semester with interval2 of year ci3 for school ck1. .2 may be formed with ”bиъо”
кулmуъо k4=m1 градуатes/completes coursework also k1 at location k2 in subject matter k3, by the standards
of the administration k5=m3 .This is really a dropped SE of velkulmуъо. m2 is the implied ”property of learning at k2
subject matter k3 also school k1”
кулнrnorge 1Norwegian/pertains to Norwegian culture in aspect2
кулнrturko 1Turkic/pertains to Turkic culture in aspect2
кулнu ,klu1 ,mass of ideas, customs, skills, arts is culture of nation/ethos2 .mass; 1ethnic. ..note that2 is NOT
individual; culture is what is shared among people and is not an individual trait
кулpikta p1diploma entitling p2 to entitlement/privi p3 .event/sta also school/instute/academy4=c1 teaching subject's5=c3
кумfa ,kum kуъа1room of/in structure2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor3 .mass/jоъу
кумте 1camel/llama/alpaca/vicuna/dromedary of species/breed2
кумьzda z1=k 1apartment for z2 in structure k2. .A complete domicile occupying oнлy part of a building
кунгунди g1a/the metals and mining industry/sector prducg/mining g2=k1oftype/metal k2 alsolocati k3 by processg3
кункakpa 1=ka1.agent mines material/ore2=ku1=ka2 of type3=ku2 also mine/source4=ku3=ka3 using
tool5=ka4 Used in Theodore Reedъs translation of A Princess of Mars
кунрa ,kun1 is/contains/is made also a mineral/ore of type/metal2 mined also location/lode/mine3
кунрlazuli1 is/contains/is made also lapis lazuli of type/grade2 mined also location3
кунрмarmaro1 is/contains/is made also marble of type2 mined also location3
кунрxalabastre1 is/contains/is made also alabaster of type2 mined also location3
кунсke s1=t 1mineralogy ,science about minerals based on methodology s3. .kunra2, kunra3 and састе2 subsumed
кунтi ,kut1 ,container is empty/vacant of2 ,material; 1hollow. vacuum .=kunti be roda/sоъада
курфa ,kur 1right-angled shape/form defined by set of vertices2, dimensions3 .default 2
rectangle, square, rectilinear;
курji 1 takes-care-of/looks after/attends to/provides for/is caretaker for 2object/event/person
tends, cares for, keeps;1keeper/custodian of2
куркi 1bitter/acrid/sharply disagreeable to observer/sense2
куспe ,kup kуъе1 ranges/extends/spans/persists/reaches across/over interval/gap/area/scope/extent/range2
continues.kusru ,kus1.person is cruel/mean/unkind to victim2
кустru k1=t1 governs and oppresses k2=t2
кутьжeъу1 a tautology byk/epistemology/metaphysics2
кутьtуъа t1=k1desert located in/at t2
ку ,KU elidable terminator: end description, modal, or negator sumti; often elidable
лаъанаi ,UI*3 discursive: probability - improbability
лаъа ,UI3 discursive: probability - improbability
лаъедиъу ,KOhA* pro-sumti: the referent of the last utterance; the state described: ”IT was fun”
лаъеи ,LA combines LA with DOI .used to address someone in the 2nd person by name and use that as a sumti at the same
time, that is: do doi la broda is equivalent to lаъеи broda
лаъерjиъи1 expects2 on grounds3
лаъерlai1 has probability/likelihood2 of occurring under conditions3
лаъе ,LAhE the referent of .indirect pointer; uses the referent of a sumti as the desired sumti.
лаъирzeъа z1=l1 gets closer to l2 in property l3 by amount z3
лаъи ,LA name descriptor: the set of those named ... ; takes name or selbri description
лаъоi ,ZOhOI single-word non-rban name; quotes a single non-rban word delimited by pauses
in speech or whitespace .in writing and treats it as a name
лаъорнacleъу le1Roman numeral representing le3=n1
лаъорнai 1teRoman nation made up of people2
лаъорxиъо1=l 1Roman Catholic in aspect2=l2
лаъо ,ZOI delimited non-rban name; the resulting quote sumti is treated as a name.
лаъу ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a quantity; how many?.
лаъу ,BAI klani modal, 1st place .amount quantifying ...; being a quantity of ...
лабнanba n1white bread made also grains n2
лабнo 1wolf/lupine of species/breed2
лабьbиъо bi1 turns pale/white under condition bi3
лабьблусле1white blood cell of the blood/pus2 of animal3
лабьблу c 1lymph of animal c2
лабьфиъе f1=b1whitefish of genus/species f2
лабьxуъе 1rose
лашнi 1eyewear used/worn by2 serving purpose3 It is a frame worn in front of the eyes and bears or does not bear
transparent/semitransparent/non-transparent shields for visual correction, eye protection, fashion, or entertainment
The shields are not necessarily lenses
лашпу ,лап cpu1 pulls/tugs/draws/drags2 by handle/at locus3. .Gravity .=ka maicpu, maircpukai
лашрi ,лаш1 relies/depends/counts on/trusts2 to bring about/ensure/maintain3 .event/state
ладру ,лад 1made of/contains/is a quantity of milk also source2; .adjective: 1lactic/dairy
лафti ,лаф 1.force lifts/applies raising/supporting force to2 at locus3 in gravity well4
..1 may be an abstract; verb lift/raise/elevate .=лафmuvgau
лаиркаъе 1quantifiable by quantifier2 on scale3
лаи ,LA name descriptor: the mass of individual's named ... ; takes name or selbri description
лажрeъе1train with train car2 with train system3 propelled by4
лакнe ,lаъе1.event/state/property is probable/likely under conditions2
лаксe ,лак 1quantity of wax ,substance especially soft/moldable when warm also source2
лактergуъи g3=l1candle/wax light with wax source l2. .й fagytergуъи, dictergуъи
лалдo 1old/aged ,relatively long in elapsed duration byk2 ..=tolcиъо See citno, slabu
лалxu ,lаъу1lake/lagoon/pool at site/within land mass2
ламжи ,лам lаъи 1adjacent/beside/next to/in contact with2 in property/sequence3 in direction4
touching, contiguous, against
лампагрe p1=l1 passes by p2 to p3 also p4 by l2
лампрu l1=p 1recent, immediately preceding l2=p2
ланбi 1quantity of protein/albumin of type2 composed of amino acids 'sequence/jоъу3
ланшi 1flag/banner/standard of/symbolizing2 with pattern's3 on material4
ландegmei m1mass of set m2 with an even number of members m3
ланкa1basket with contents2, woven also material3
ланли ,лал 1 analyzes/examines-in-detail2 by method/technique/system3 ,process/activity
ланмаъи 1April of year2 in calendar3. .й vonmasti, kanbyмаъи, nanca
ланмe ,лан1sheep/,lamb/ewe/ram of species/breed2 of flock3
ланпanzi p1lamb of species/breed l2
лантe1can/tightly sealed/pre-sealed container for perishable contents2, made of3
ланхe ,лах 1in balance/equilibrium under forces2 .mass
ланзu ,лаз1.mass is a family with members including2 bonded/tied/joined according to standard3
ларшу ,лар1.process is an art ,creative application of craft/skill2 .idea/activity
..adjective: 1artistic
ларdai1work of art created by an application of craft/skill2
ларфиъи f1artist creating work of art f2=l1 in medium l2 for purpose f3 also elements/ideas f4
лармузga m1gallery exhibiting m2 at location m3
ларпрa1 is-an-artist/produces2 by artistic application of skill/craft3
лартodektu l1widow spider of species l2
ласна ,lаъа 1.agent fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes2 to3 with fastener4. .No implication that result
is considered a single object; although2 and3 may be reversible,3 may be used for the substrate, the fixed/larger
object to which2 becomes attached
ластu 1quantity of/contains/is made of brass ,copper/zinc alloy of composition including2. ..adjective:1 is brazen
лачmo1=c1=m1 meows expressing2=c3
латmo ,lаъо1 reflects Latin/Roman/Romance culture/empire/language in aspect2
латнa1lotus, plant/flower/herb of species/strain2 symbolizing3 to culture/religion4
латпukcmo b1=p2 purrs, expressing pleasure at p1.event/state
лаубle r1=c1 sounds quiet/weak at observation point c2 byk c3=t3
лаудZIS Laotze .aka. Laozi
лаурblesku cu1=r1.agent whipers cu2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept for audience cu3 via expressive medium cu4
лаусku cu1=cl1 shouts cu2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept for audience cu3 via expressive medium cu4
loudly byk5=cl3
лаус Laos Under some interpretations of the morphology rules, not a valid word
лау ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: punctuation mark or special symbol follows
лахмаъи 1October of year2 in calendar3
лазni 1.person is lazy/avoiding work/effort concerning action2
ла name descriptor: the one's called ... ; takes name or selbri description
ле gоъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the1 of the previous bridi
ле jaica ,LE* description: marks description extracting the time tense place of the description bridi
ле jaigau ,LE* description: marks description extracting the agentive place of the description selbri
ле jaivi ,LE* description: marks description extracting the location place of the description bridi
ле segоъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the2 of the previous bridi
леъахrur 1=l1 takes backr2=l2 alsor4=l3
леъа ,BAI klesi modal, 1st place 'scalar set in/of category ...
леъе ,lem ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the stereotype of those described as ...
леъиплi pi1=pl1 employs pi2=pl3 for a payment/compensation/salary/wage/reward of pl2 for the provision of
goods/services pi3=pl4
леъи ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the set of those described as ..., treated as a set
леъошуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъонai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъочi t1monocle/pair of .eyeglasses/spectacles for observational activity t2
леъо ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъу ,LEhU end quote of questionable or outof-context text; not elidable
лебнa ,leb leъа1 takes/gets/gains/obtains/seizes/,removes2 .object/property also3 .possessor. confiscate,
appropriate Acquire with volition such that1 gains possession;3 is possessor and not merely source, alienation is
impliedлешьдeъи d 1a/the wisdom tooth of d2
лешьдоъи d1=l 1the afternoon of day d2 at location d3
ледgrute g1mushroom of species g2
ледo ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: the one's described as, of yours
леиske s 1the taxonomy of s2=k2 based on methodology s3. 2 may be subjects of biology, semantics, economics, military
science, safety science, etc
леи ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the mass of individual's described as ...
лектуъа t1=l 1tundra at location t2, cold byk l2
лел lelxe 1lily ,Lilium of species/strain 2
лемi ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: the one's described as, of mine
ленжо ,len leъо1lens/glass ,focussing shape/form focussing2 to focus/foci3 by means/material4. ..adjective: 1optical;
focussing may be optical or otherwise, hence2 which may be light, sound,-ray, etc., default is light/optical lens; ka is
ленкu ,lek 1cold/cool byk2
лершi ,lec 1.event is late byk2
лершуъашаъа ca1keyboard for entering letters/symbols l1=cu2
лерфu 1 zo BY/word-bu is a letter/digit/symbol in alphabet/character-set2 representing3
1 glyph, rune, character .also meъо BY/word-bu,2 symbol set; .adjective: 1alphabetic/symbolic; ”letteral” used by
analogy with ” numeral”; sinxa is the more generic symbol
лерпinsle s1=p1line in the text s2
лерсeltcidu t2 is a text in medium t3 with character set l2
лертermifra m3 is a character encoding for bytes m2 with symbols/font m1
лета ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: nearby demonstrative possessive
летi immediate летu distant
левa ,LE* located descriptor: descriptive thatthere .non-demonstrative левi thishere левu thatyonder
ле ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the one's described as ..
лиъанаi ,UI*3 discursive: clearly - obscurely
лиъаврo v1exit out of c2
лиъа ,UI3 discursive: clearly - obscurely
лиъерlаъи li1=la1 immediately precedes li2=la2 in sequence li3=la3
лиъе ,BAI lidne modal, 1st place preceded by ...; non-time sequencing
лиъи ,liz ,NU abstractor: experience abstractor;1 is2ъs experience of ,bridi .participant or observer
лиъорклiru 1fluorine
лиъорклirysilna s1fluoride of s3
лиъорклirytau t1fluoride of t3
лиъо ,UI3a discursive: omitted text .quoted material
лиъу ,LIhU elidable terminator: end grammatical quotation; seldom elidable except at end of text
либжo 1 reflects Libyan culture/nationality in aspect2
лиднe ,lиъе1 precedes/leads2 in sequence3; 1former/preceding/previous;2 is latter/following
1 before, forerunner; leading, as in ъleading indicatorsъ;2 after, trailing .=selylиъе for reordered places
лидviltиъа t1=v1thunderstorm at place/region t2
лидvru s1thunderous to s2
лифрi ,lif fri 1,person/passive/state undergoes/experiences 2 .event/experience; 2 happens to1
has/have .of events/experiences; .adjective: 1empirical; suggests passive undergoing but does not exclude active
лижда ,жда 1religion of believers including2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including3
лимнa ,lim 1.agent swims in fluid2
линдi ,лид 1lightning/electrical arc/thunderbolt striking at/extending to2 also3
линжi 1line/among lines ,1- dimensional shape/form defined by set of points2 Ray/vector
линтo ,лиъо 1light in mass/weight byk2
лисрi ,ли s1story/tale/yarn/narrative about plot/subject/moral2 by storyteller3 to audience4. legend; a narrative
need not be fictional;2 may be merely a convention rather than a subject; also3 tells/recounts story/tale1 about2 to4 .=
selterлисрi for place reordering; note that the storyteller need not be the author
листе ,ste 1.physical object list/catalog/register of sequence/set2 in order3 in medium4
roll, log 2 is completely specified
лисхра1=p1comic strip about plot/subject/moral2=l2 illustrated by3=p3 with story written by4=l3
личe ,лиш 1is2 liter's ,metric unit in volume .default is 1 byk3
личрека cr1dress shirt of material cr2, potentially formal byk cl3
A shirt with a collar, a full-length opening at the front also the collar to the hem, and sleeves with cuffs; normally
made also woven cloth, and are often accompanied by a jacket and tie, for example with a suit or
formalwear, but can be worn also more casually without
литкi 1liquid/fluid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3
литрu ,лиъу 1 travels/journeys/goes/moves via route2 using means/vehicle3;1traveller. ..x2 as a set
includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly
литxendoe 1=c 1gracious toe2 in mattere3=c2
литьtce m1very/extremely polite/courteous/civil in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3
ливbai b1 expels c1 also c2; b1 throws c1 out of c2
ливga 1a/the liver,body-part of2
ливлa ,lil 1fuel/energy-source for powering2
ли the number/evaluated expression; convert number/operand/evaluated math expression
лоъаи ,LOhAI start quote of recent mistakenly uttered text to be replaced
лоъа ,BY1 shift letterals to rban .Roman alphabet
лоъе ,lom ,LE veridical descriptor: the typical one's who really is.are ...
лоъи ,LE veridical descriptor: the set of those that really are ..., treated as a set
лоъо ,LOhO elidable terminator: end math express..mex sumti; end mex-to-sumti conversion; usually elidable
лоъу ,LOhU start questionable/out-of-context quote; text should be rban words, but neednъt be grammatical.logji ,loj1
,rules/methods is a logic for deducing/concluding/inferring/reasoning to/about2 .dуъу
adjective:1,2 are ogical loglytuan Loglan-worker
лоибрu b1broom for purpose b2 .event with bristles b3
лоисли l1=s1 undergoes an earthquake/an event of the ground shaking of magnitude2
лои ,LE veridical descriptor: the mass of individual's that is.are ...
ложбо 1 reflects ,rganic/rbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect2
лолdi ,lol loi 1floor/bottom/ground of2. .Floor/level/story of a building/edifice .=setloi, dijysenta
лолниъа c 1underground/buried within ground c2=l1 of3=l2
лолrоъибoi b1=r1cobblestone of material b2=r2 in floor l1
лорvera 1quantity of aloe vera of species/strain2
лорxu ,lor lоъу1fox ,bushy-tailed wild dog/canine of species/breed2
ло ,LE veridical descriptor: the one's that really is.are ... .Under theorlo reform, lo converts a
selbri to a sumti in a rather generic way. In particular, lo broda=zоъе noi broda
луъа ,LAhE the members of the set/components of the mass; converts another description type to individuals
луъе ,LAhE the symbol for .indirect discourse; uses the symbol/word's for a sumti as the desired sumti
луъи ,LAhE the set with members; converts another description type to a set of the members
луъо ,LAhE the mass composed of; converts another description type to a mass composed of the members
луъу ,LUhU elidable terminator: end of sumti qualifiers; usually elidable except before a sumti
лубнo ,lуъо 1 reflects Lebanese culture/nationality in aspect2
лужнаъу 1complex number
лужvo ,luv jvo 1.text is a compound predicate word with meaning2 and arguments3 built also metaphor4
лумшi ,lum lуъи 1.agent washes/cleanses2 of soil/contaminant3 in/with cleaning material's4
лумпатху p1wash tub/bath tub, for l1 to wash p2=l2, made of material p3
лумтansi t1sink, for l1 to wash t2=l2, made of material t3
лунбe ,lub 1bare/naked/nude; 1without cover/clothes/,protection
лунрa 1moon.major natural satellite/moon of planet2
лунсa ,lus1 condenses/liquefies on/into2 at temperature3, pressure4; 1dew/condensate on2
лу start grammatical quotation; quoted text should be grammatical on its own
маъеклa k1=m2 drives to k2 also k3 via route k4=m3 by means m1
маъерсрogau g1 parks vehicle m1=s2 in/at s3
маъе ,BAI marji modal, 1st place material in object/substance ...
маъи ,BAI manri modal, 1st place .byk 2 in reference frame ...
маъу ,PA3 digit/number: plus sign; positive number; default any positive
мабла ,mal 1derogative connotation/sense of2 used by3;3 derogates/ъcurses atъ2 in form1
мабрu ,маб 1mammal/ъаниmalъ/beast of species2
машнu ,cnu 1.event/action manual ,not automatic in function2 under conditions3
мадниъи n1=m 1the moral of story/situation m3 and entails action/event/state n2
мадьske s1.mass of facts is the study of conduct-governing standards s2=m1 based on methodology s3
мадьsku c1=m2 moralizes expressing c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4
using/based on ethics/morals/moral standards/ethical standards m1
мафcre c1=m3 is a wizard/sorcerer of m1=c1, which is magical to m2, with standard of sorcery c3
магmiltre1 is2 millimeters of mercury byk3. 'synonym torceli
магьхре 1amalgam of composition including2
маисрu1=s1=m 1the material environment/surrounding матerial .i.e. gaseous/liquid atmosphere, vacuum, etc
enclosing2=s2 in direction's/dimensions's/plane3=s3=m3, of type/composition including4=m2
A vacuum is arguably not ъматerialъ, but the word is much more convenient if that is included
Also, vacuum is never completely empty
маи ,MAI utterance ordinal suffix; converts a number to an ordinal, such as an item or paragraph number
макшу ,маъу 1mature/ripe/fullygrown/adult in development-quality2
макфartci1compass with magnet2
макфa ,маф 1magic/supernatural/sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry to2, performed by person/force/deity3
максi 1magnetic ,adjective producing magnetic field2
макьвеlvei v4=m1magnetic storage medium storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file's v1
малдja c 1junk food for c2
малфадни f1=m 1vulgar/uncouth in property f2=m2 .ka among members f3 'set
малfуъа f1=m2 .event/property is determined by the bad luck/fortune of f2
малгaci 1Malagasy in aspect2
малгli g1=m 1anglicism .in rban, inappropriate according to m3. .Refers to any kind of reliance upon glis in a
rban expression, but is most common for calques. Is sometimes even extended to cover reliance upon cultural assumptions “malglico” is a much more common form
малмакфa мак 1black magic to mak2, performed by person/force/deity mak3
малminiata m1black widow spider of variety m2
малсi 1temple/church/sanctuary/synagogue/shrine of religion2 at location/serving area3
мамтa ,мам1mother of2;1 bears/mothers/acts maternally toward2; ,not necessarily biological
манбиъо b1=m1 darkens under conditions2=b3
маншi ,маш1 feels wonder/awe/marvels about2
мандioka 1manioc of species/variety2
манфo 1.object/event is uniform/homogeneous in property2
манфьtаъу t1=m 1livery/,a uniform for wearing by t2 for purpose t3
мангo 1mango,fruit of species/variety 2 .ricrmango for mango tree
манкu ,man 1dark/lacking in illumination
манри ,мар1frame of reference/standard for observing/measuring/determining2, with/by rules3
..1 маy be object or sиъо idea;
мансa 1 satisfies evaluator2 in property .ka/state3
мантi 1ant of species/breed2
мапкu ,мап 1cap/hat/crown/helmet/piece of headgear ,head-top garment of material2
мапнi1quantity of/contains/is made of cotton ,type of fabric/material
мапрultricu 1eucalyptus of species/variety2
маптi ,мат1 fits/matches/suits/is compatible/appropriate/corresponds to/with2 in property/aspect3
мапьпрe p1hatter/millner /,hat maker selling/making hats of material m2
марbela 1dodder of species/variety2 parasitic on3
марbi ,mra1shelter/haven/refuge/retreat/harbor for/protecting2 also danger/threat3
маршe ,маъе1vehicle/mode of transport carrying2 in/on surface/medium3, propelled by4
марde ,мад 1 are the ethics/morals/moral standards/ethical standards of2 .ind./mass about situation3. 1 will
typically be an abstract, a rule or rules of behavior; also principles; also conscience .=sezмарde
марdikca d 1positive electric charge in d2
маргосa 1neem/margosa/azedarac of species/variety2
”Azedarach” and variants have referred to both this tree and the здирахa
маргу ,маг1quantity of/contains/made of mercury/quicksilver; ,metaphor: fluid metal; temperature
марji ,маж маи 1material/stuff/matter of type/composition including 2 in shape/form 3 adjective: 1physical
марнa 1quantity of hemp/marijuana/jute of species/strain2
марxa 1,force mashes/crushes/squashes/smashes2 into pulp/mash/crumbs/deformed mass3
маснo ,sno 1slow/sluggish at doing/being/bringing about2 .event/state
масти ,маъи1 is2 months in duration .default is 1 month by month standard3
мачi 1mat/pad/mattress/pallet ,flat, soft, dense form of material2. mattress=.kicymatci
матлi 1quantity of/contains/is made of linen/flax ,type of fabric/material
матнe 1quantity of/contains butter/oleo/margarine/shortening also source2. ..adjective: 1buttery; an edible
fat, solid but spreadable at normal temperatures; dairy butter .=ladmatne
матрa 1motor/engine, driving/propelling/providing power to2
мау ,BAI zмаду modal, 1st place .a greater exceeded by ... ; usually a sumti modifier
мавжi ,мав1quantity of oats ,grain of species/strain2
махri ,xri 1quantity of wheat,grain of species/strain2
махьдzu c1=m1 stomps on surface c2 using limbs c3 crushing m2 into pulp mass m3
махьврu s1crash 'sound produced by m1 smashing into m2
ма ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: sumti question .what/who/how/why/etc.; appropriately fill in sumti blank
меъаи ,CAI2 attitudinal: weaker intensity attitudinal relativizer 'specifies a stronger intensity - relative to any
previously specified intensity of the same UI/шмаво
меъандi 1henna of species/variety2
меъа ,BAI mleca modal, 1st place .a lesser undercut by ... ; usually a sumti modifier
меъе ма ,BAI* sumti question asking for a name; who?; requires quoted name as an answer
меъе ,BAI шмене modal, 1st place .requires quote with name ...; so-called ...
меъиспe s1brother-inlaw 'sisterъs spouse of m2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention sp3 .Omit4=s2=m1
меъи ,PA3 digit/number: less than. 4 meъоi ,MEhOI non-rban brivla .Used as a convenient way to borrow foreign
predicates into rban. For unary predicates, equivalent to me lаъе zоъоi
меъо ,LI the mathematical expression .unevaluated; convert unevaluated mathematical expression to sumti
меъу ,MEhU elidable terminator: end sumti that was converted to selbri; usually elidable
мебмla ml1temple belonging to me2
мебрi ,меб 1a/the brow/forehead ,projecting flat/smooth head/body-part of2
мешmlerai ме1=t 1least beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect ме3 .ka by aesthetic standard ме4
мешнаъу m1=n1negative number relative to origo m2
мешрai m1=t 1the least of m2=t4 in property m3 .ka/ni by amount m4
мештolmlerai ме1=t 1least ugly among set/range t3 to ме2 in aspect ме3 .ka by aesthetic standard ме4
мешьbrarai t1=b 1the smallest/, least big among set/range t4 in property/dimension's b2 .ka
мешьcmarai t1=c 1the biggest/, least small among set/range t4 in property/dimension's c2 .ka
мешьжavdуъи 1less than or equal to2 in property/quantity3 by amount4
мешьхаграi t1=1the worst among set/range t4 for2 byk3
мешьxlarai m1=1the best/,least bad among set/range t4 for2 byk3
медомоi 1yours among2 by rule/relationship3; 1your2 by rule/relationship3
мегdo ,мег1million ,10 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
меи convert number to cardinality selbri; 1the mass formed also set2 whose n member's are3
мексo ,quanti-fier/expression is a mathematical expression interpreted under rules/convention2
мексуъи 1operand of operator2 filling place3 under rules/convention4
мелбi 1beautiful/pleasant to2 in aspect3 by aesthetic standard4
мемimoi 1mine among2 by rule/relationship3; 1my2 by rule/relationship3
меншрe c1=m2 .person is intelligent/smart byk c3
менштi c1 reads/watches/listens to/mentally consumes c2
менли 1mind/intellect/psyche/mentality/,consciousness of body2 adjective: 1mental/psychological/a mental phenomenon
менмикше m1psychologist/psychiatrist/mental health practitioner of client m2 treating ailment m3 with treatment m4
менсi 1sister of/sororal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3; ,not necessarily biological
ментu 1is2 minutes in duration .default is 1 minute byk3
мерgуъе m1=g 1the United States of America
мерjаъа m1=j1president of the United States of America
мерjeъа j1=m 1the United State of America as a state. .A U's. state, or any part of a federation is referred to
меркadno m1=k1 reflects angloamerican culture/nationality/geography/language in aspect m1=k1
мерклu k1=m 1US culture
меркo ,мер1 pertains to USA/American culture/nationality/dialect in aspect2
мерlanu 1whiting of species2
мерл и ,mre 1.agent measures/evaluates2 ,quantity as3 units on scale4 'sиъо, with accuracy5
мернтa1quantity of mint .member of the genus Mentha of species/strain2
мертru t1government of the United States of America
мехнo ,мех 1 reflects Mexican culture/nationality in aspect2
мехьбау m1=b 1the Mexican Spanish language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
мехьгуъе m1=g 1Mexico
ме ,ME convert sumti to selbri/tanru element; 1specific to ,sumti in aspect2
миъафрa f1 laughs at f3 under conditions f4
миъамli m1=c1 titters/chuckles/giggles
миъарпeъу p1.agent tickles p2 with p3 .a locus on p1 or an instrument at p4 .a locus on p2
миъаsna s 1laughter emitted by s2=c1
миъа ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the speaker's/author's & others unspecified, but not you, the listener
миъешpe m1=c1 demands/exacts c2=m3 of c3=m2, with manner/form of demand c4
миъенаi ,COI* self vocative: self-introduction - denial of identity; denies identity of speaker
миъесku1=m1=c1 expresses/states command2=c2 to recipient's3=m2=c3 via expressive medium4=c4. .m3 of minde .the
desired result is presumably cointained in he expression of the command.1 commands3 with expression2
миъе ,COI self vocative: self-introduction - denial of identity; identifies speaker
миъиршikre c1 repairs/mends/fixes/maintains c2 for use m2=c3
миъиспi s1piece of machine m1=s2
миъи ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: ordered components: ... center, ... range surrounding center
миъо ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the speaker's/author's & you the listener's
миъу ,UI3b discursive: ditto
мибмаъо c1first person pronoun in language c4
мишкаъагаu m1=g1 uses surgical implement k1 to operate on organ's k2 of patient m2, as a treatment for ailment m3
мишкаъакуъа k1operating theatre in which to perform surgery m4
мишьдиъу d1clinic/surgery/practice with doctor's m1
мишьske 1medicine/medical science/medical treatment to2 for ailmentx3 by treatment/cure4
мишьxуъи 1instance/dose/quantity of medication/medicine/drug2 for treating ailment m3
миэу ,миж 1in/at the middle/center/midpoint/,is a focus of2; .adjective: 1central
миднoi n1instruction for n2=m3 .event/state to occur, issued by n3=m1 for intended recipient n4=m2
мидвлa v1command word/keyword ordering v2=m3 .event/state in language v3
мифрa ,миф 1encoded/cipher text of plaintext2 by code/coding system3; 1in code;3 is a code. .Code .=terмифрa
миждорсai1meal with meal dish2
мижгрesirji1diameter between2 and3 of4
микше ,миш1 doctors/treats/nurses/,cures/is physician/midwife to2 for ailment3 by treatment/cure4
medic; .adjective:1,4 is medical;2 is a patient of1.=selмикше for reordered places ;2 is
treated by1 person/x4 treatment/method; successfully cure transitive .=sadмикше, sadvelмикше,
intransitive .=sadyselмикше, kаъорbиъо to not imply an external agent/process, though the1 and4 of
микше may be self/internal; treatment .=velмикше
микри ,мик 1милlionth ,10 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
миксini m1hagfish of species m2
милтi ,мил 1thousandth ,1/1000; 10 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
милтрe мит1=мил 1мит2=мил1.one by default millimeter's inlength measured in directionmit3 bystandardmit4
милxe ,mli 1mild/nonextreme/gentle/middling/somewhat in property2 .ka; 1not very2
мимпoi1sequence of members2,3,4, ... in that order
The ordering rule is simply the order of the arguments, the unordered set is the set with members2,3,4, ..
миндe ,мид mиъе1 issues commands/orders to2 for result3 .event/state to happen;3 is commanded to occur
.,also:1 orders/sets/Triggers.2 to do/bring about3;1commander; commanded .=termиъе;
минжi ,mиъи1machine for use/function2; ,automated apparatus, without direct function control
machinery/mechanism; a machine is initiated/triggered by an agent/force, but thereafter performs its function
automatically; if selfdirected, .a минжi is an entity .=zukte
минли1 is2 .default 1 long local distance unit's ,non-metric,3 subunits, standard4
..additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...;
минра ,мир1 reflects/mirrors/echoes2 ,object/radiation to observer/point3 as4;2 bounces on1. :1mirror/reflector.2
may be light, lуъе of an imaged object;4 may be image or echo or the same as2 if physical object;3 may be a path for a
bounced object; ka is reflection
минтu 1the same/identical thing as2 byk3; 1 and2 interchangeable which has no standard place, simxu
мипрi 1 keeps2 secret/hidden also3 by method4;2 is a secret;1 hides/conceals2
мипstu s1.place hides m2=s2 also m3 by method m4; s1hiding place
миптera 1bug of species2
мипьпрo f1=m1 secretly opposes f2=m3 regarding f3 .abstract with secrecy method m4
мипьпуъи1=p1=m1 hides/conceals2=p2 also4=m3 on/at surface/locus3=p3=m1,
the location being kept secret by method5=m4
мипьzga z1 spies/snoops on z2 using senses/means z3 under conditions z4
миршai1 glitters/sparkles/glares, reflecting2 to observer3
мирlanxe l 1symmetrical about axis m1
мирli1deer/elk/moose/,hart/stag/doe of species/breed2
мирсarxe s 1symmetrical about axis m1
мирсиъо s1=m4 is a notion of s2=m2 to cognizer s3=m3. .A mental reflection of real objects and phenomena
in their essential features and relations
мирсna s1=m4 is an echo of sound m2=s2, reflected by m1 and heard by m3.
мисno ,мис mиъо1.person/object/event is famous/renowned/is a celebrity among community of persons2 .mass.
celebrated/well-known; .derogative meanings: notorious/infamous .=malmиъо; these could also be expressed using the
referenced words
мисрьple 1papyrus also source2
мичinpаъи 1homosexual/gay/lesbian;
мичinse c 1homosexual/bisexual in situation c2 byk c4. .For strict homosexuality, see pavmitcinse
митфаъе m1=f 1palindromic byk m3
митmlu s1=m1 seems to be the same as m2 byk m3 to observer s3 under conditions s4
митmоъа mo1=mi1 follows the same pattern as ми2 with respect to forms/events mo2 arranged
according to structure mo3
митрe 1is2 meter's ,metric unit in length measured in direction3 byk4mitsmuvla v1=m1synonym of m2 byk m3 in laage v3
михре ,миx хре1.mass is a mixture/blend/colloid/commingling with ingredients including2
2 mingles/mixes/blends into1;2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component/element of1.=selхре for reordered places
ми ,миб ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the ker/author; identified by self-vocative
млафиъе f1flatfish of family/genus/species f2, swimming with side m1 upward
млажуkмаъи 1July of year2 in calendar3
млана ,мла 1to the side of/lateral to2 and facing3 also point of view/in-frame-ofreference4
which differ in that the direction of facing is the front and not the lateral side. The4 of млана may be either the
front, or back side of2, korbi
млапарsince s1=c1sidewinder of subspecies/type s2
млапау m1=p 1the side of / is a part and on the side of m2=p2 and is facing m3
also point of view/in-frame-of-reference m4
мласelfаъа f2 is sideways also f3=m2 . 3=f1, the exact direction, is unspecified
млатu ,lat1cat/,puss/pussy/kitten ,feline animal of species/breed2; .adjective: 1feline.
млебаъи m1=b 1splendid/glori/magnificnt to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4, and by greatness standard b4
млешa ,mec meъа 1less than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount4. negative .=nonmeъа
мледi ,led1mold/fungus/mushrooms/truffles of species/strain2 parasitic/growing on3
млегаumai ma1=g1cosmetic/makeup for beautifying me1 in aspect me3, made up of material ma2 in form ma3 .me2,
me4 dropped g2 is lo nu me1 melbi zиъо me3
млемау z1=m 1more beautiful than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by amount z4
млемеъа мл1=me 1less beautiful than мл2 to me2 in aspect me3 .ka by amount мл4
млениcygau g1 grooms/spruces up c1=m1 in property/aspect c2=m3
млераi m1=t1most beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4
млетрitra ta1=tr1=m 1coquettish/flirtatious with tr2=m2 in aspect m3
млибаъу1=m1=b1 whispers/mumbles/murmurs/coos utterance2=b2;1=m1=b1 speaks softly
млибиъе b1=m 1breeze/zephyr also direction b2 with speed b3
млибрa b1=m 1somewhat big in dimension b2 byk b3
млибurna b1mildly embarrassed/disconcerted about/under conditions b2 .abstraction
млилenku l1=m 1cool .mildly cold byk l2
млимиъа c1 chuckles
млириъа r1.event/state mildens/allays/alleviates effect r2 .event/state under conditions r3
млисаъе s1.agent pets/gently strokes s2 with s3
млонгena 1eggplant of variety2
млуни ,lun1satellite/moon orbiting2 with characteristics3, orbital parameters4
моъароi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: too few times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
моъа ,моб ,PA4 digit/number: too few; subjective
моъе моъе ,MOhE convert sumti to mex operand; sample use in story arithmetic: ,3 apples + ,3 apples=what
моъишлi c1=m1 memorizes/commits to memory c2=m2 .dуъу about subject c3=m3 also source c4 .obj./event by method c5
event/process .This word is different also cilre in that it doesnъt include actual understanding of the memorized data
but merely the storage of it in oneъs memory
моъисрo s1memory/storage/anamnesis containing facts/data/recollection s2=m2 within medium/substrate/containment
s3, said facts related to subject m3
моъистi s1=m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3
моъи ,mov ,MOhI mark motions in spacetime
моъо ,MAI higher-order utterance ordinal suf-fix; converts a number to ordinal, usually a section/chapter
моъу ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the natural ending point of ...; completive ― ¿―¡
мобdуъа d 1stingy about giving d2 to d3
мои ,mom moi ,MOI convert number to ordinal selbri; 1.nth member of set2 ordered by rule3
можgaunoi 1=n1message reminding facts 2=m2 about 3=m3=n2 also author 4=n3=g1 to intended audience 5=n4=m1
можgau g1 reminds m1 of facts m2 about m3
можmau z1 has a better memory than z2 with regards to facts m2 about subject m3 by amount/excess z4
можрango r 1the memory faculty of body/species r2
можриъа r1.event reminds m1 of facts m2 about subject m3 under conditions r3
можьpei p1=m1 remembers/thinks back/reminisces about p2=m3, recalling facts m2
можьsуъа s1structure of parts s2 as a monument/memorial to m3
мокшa ,moc 1point/instant/moment ,0-dimensional shape/form in/on/at time/place2. .x 1dimensioнлесs
моклu ,mol mоъу 1a/the mouth/oral cavity ,body-part of2; .metaphor: entrance/intake for consumption ..adjective: 1oral
молгai g1muzzle on m2
молгapru g1the palate of m2
молгle g1=m2 performs oral sex on g2 le gletu is taken as the ъаштiveъ partner
молжаъу m1=j 1the mandible of arthropod m2=j2 .This is a mandible of a insect/other arthropod. This is not to be
confused with the mandible of vertrabrates which isedja or dzixeъа
молкi ,мло 1mill/foundry/industrial plant/,assembly line performing process2
молкуъо m1=s1philtrum .infranasal depression of m2=s2
молмла 1the cheek of2 .person/animal
молro ,mоъо1 is2 mole's ,metric unit in substance .default is 1 byk3
молсelpуъу1=s2 is saliva/sput/sputum/spittle of2=s1
молtenvаъу1=v1 yawns/,breathes while stretching mouth
монфуъи f1emulation/imitation of f2 in medium f3, emulated by method f4 and exhibiting pattern m1
морji ,moj mоъи1 remembers/recalls/recollects fact's/memory2 .dуъу about subject3
моркo ,mor1 reflects Moroccan culture/nationality in aspect2
морнa ,mon mоъа 1reflects/represents a pattern of forms/events2 arranged according to structure 3
.,3 is a model for1.=termontai, or the more abstract=termonsиъо; image .=gusmоъа, nenmоъа, dairmоъа,
selylenmоъа, selmirmоъа, velmirmоъа, but also all of these - tai instead of -mоъа for the ideal;
морси 1dead/has ceased to be alive
мосрa 1friction opposing motion due to contact/rubbing between 2 and 3
мо ,GOhA pro-bridi: bridi/selbri/brivla question
мраigo m1Welsh in aspect m2
мражi 1quantity of rye ,grain of species/strain2
мражьmledi ml 1ergot of species ml2 A fungus that grows on rye and other cereals; it contains the alkaloid ergotamine,
which has hallucinogenic effects on humans and animals, and also which LSD!en is synthesized
мренаъу n1real number
мрилu ,mri 1 mails/posts ,transfer via intermediary service2 to recipient address3 also mailbox/post office/sender
address4 by carrier/network/system5 4 post office, mailbox
муштi 1immaterial/not physical/without material form
мудri 1quantity of/contains wood/lumber also type/species2
мукти 1.action/event/state motivates/is a motive/incentive for action/event2, per volition of3
3 is motivated to bring about result/goal/objective2 by1.=termуъи for reordered places; .note that ъундer
conditionsъ BAI may apply and be appropriately added to the main predicate level or within the2 action level
мулнo 1.event is complete/done/finished;1.object has become whole in property2 byk3
мумеи ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 5 to cardinal selbri;1set with the quintet of members2
мумоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 5 to ordinal selbri; 1fifth among2 ordered by rule3
мунже 1universe/cosmos ,complete and ordered entirety of domain/sphere2 defined by rules3 world; a universe is a kind
of system, one which comprehensively encompasses its domain; e.g. ъунивеrse of discourseъ, or ъworld of бирdsъ;3
are the rules/defining principles which distinguish the universe also other universes, or also non-universe
мунono ,PA* number/quantity: 500 ,five hundred
мунo ,PA* number/quantity: 50 ,fifty
мупcpa c1 takes a sample of c2=m2 also source/set c3=m3
муплi ,mup 1example/sample/specimen/instance/case/illustration of common property's2 of set3
мурсe 1the ,astronomical twilight/dawn/dusk/half-light/glimmering of day2 at location3. .Morning twilight, dawn .=
cermurse; evening twilight, dusk .=vacmurse
муртa ,mur 1curtain/blinds/drapes for covering/obscuring aperture2, and made of material3
мусlo ,mus1 pertains to the Islamic/Moslem/Koranic ,Quranic culture/religion/nation in aspect2.
мустlei1weasel of species/variety2
муче ,tce 1much/extreme in property2 .ka, towards3 extreme/direction;1 is, in2, very3. very, pretty, a lot,
immoderate/immoderately, intense, quite, extremely
мутmиъи mi1=mu 1algorithm for use/function mu2
мутпapri p1=m1web page containing hyperlinks in website / collection of hyperlinking documents p2
мувдu 1.object moves to destination/receiver2 ,away also origin3 over path/route4
музга 1museum for preserving ,and possibly exhibiting2 at location3
наъа наъа ,BY1 cancel all letteral shifts
наъи ,UI3a discursive: metalinguistic negator
набни 1.event/state is a problem to/encountered by2 in situation/task/inquiry3
накнi 1male/buck of species2 evidencing masculine trait's3 .ka; 1masculine
налшi 1a/the wing ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lateral supporting surface
намшu 1.li is a number/quantifier/digit/value/figure .noun; refers to the value and not the symbol
нанбa 1quantity of/contains bread ,leavened or unleavened made also grains2
наншa ,наъа 12 years in duration .default is 1 year byk3; .adjective:1
is annual. .This year .=cabнаъа; next year .=bavlamнаъа; last year .=prulamнаъа
нандu ,nad 1difficult/hard/challenging for2 under conditions3;1 challenges .nonagentive2
нанфиъогliбау 1the South African glis language used by2 to express/communicate3'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
нанла 1boy/lad ,young male person of age2immature bystandard3 Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist;
нанму ,nau 1man/men;1male humanoid person ,not necessarily adult. .Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as
sexist; .use remna or prenu
нансicnansnanu 1south by west of2 in reference frame3
нансlovo 1South Slavic/Yugoslavian in aspect2 South Slavic if the aspect is language, else Yugoslavian;
нанстici 1southwest of2 in frame of reference3
нанстuna 1southeast of2 in frame of reference3
нанвi ,nav 1billionth/thousandmillionth ,10 9 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
нарге ,nag 1nut ,body-part: hardshelled fruit also plant/species2 with shell3 and kernel4
4 nucleus, center .=velnарге for place reordering
наргилe1nargileh/hookah for smoking2
наргркaju1cashew of species2
наргркaria 1pecan/hickory of species/variety2
наргрпistaco1pistachio of species2
нарjistаъу 1dirty laundry worn by2 for purpose3, dirty with4
нарju ,naj 1orange ,color adjective
нарпanra p 1unique/unequaled/unparalleled/unmatched / the only one of its kind
наруъе ,NA* weak bridi negation; almost, but not quite
натфe ,naf наъе1.dуъу contradicts/denies/refutes/negates2 .dуъу under rules/logic3. exception .=nafmupli;
agentive contradict/deny .=nafxуъа or tolxуъа
натmi ,nat nai 1nation/ethnic group of peoples2; ,people sharing a history/culture
натпаъи p1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards the nation/ethnic group n2; p1patriot/nationalist
натпamtrusиъо s1nationalist political ideology as applied by t1=p1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the
works of thinker s3
нау ,CUhE tense: refers to current space/time reference absolutely
навni1quantity of/contains/is made of inert gas of type2 ,neon/argon/radon/xenon/krypton. .Default neon
навьtre m1=n 1m2=n2 nanometer's / billionth's of a meter ,metric unit in length .default 1 measured in direction m3=n3
навzmi z1nanobot performing function z2 under conditions z3
нахle ,naxle1canal/channel to2 also3 with route4. 2/x3 may be unordered
назби ,naz зби 1the nose,body-part of2 with nostril's/nasal passage's3; ,metaphor: protrusion. .adjective: nasal
на ,nar ,NA bridi contradictory negator; scope is an entire bridi; logically negates in some шмаво compounds
неъа ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; approximating/next to ...
неъи ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; within/inside of/into ...
неъо ,VUhU3 unary mathematical operator: factorial; a!
неъу ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; south of
небжendu j1the axis .cervical vertebra of c2
небнipшрека cr1=s1polo-neck garment of material cr2 Usually a sweater Suggested shortestfuqivla form epcrka
небykаъа k1guillotine/executionerъs axe for beheading k2
неизma 1=n1=z1 likes3=n2 more than2=z2 does, by margin4=z4
неи ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the current bridi.
нежнi ,nen 1energy of type2 in form3. .Ray/beam .=neнлиъи
нелши ,nel nei 1fond of/likes/has a taste for2 .object/state
нелrai n1most fond of n2=t1.object/state also set t4, due to extreme t3 .ka; default kazmadu
Also: n1 likes/prefers n2=t1 the most out of set t4
ненри ,ner neъи 1in/inside/within2; 1on the inside/interior of2 ,totally within the bounds of2
нерbei 1 imports2 to3 also4 via5
нершрека c1singlet/undershirt/vest of material c2
нерфopi 1lobster of species2
неркalri 1entrance/entry/entryway/inlet/way in to2 for3
нерклaji k1=n1hallway / indoor street within k2=n2 accessing k3
нерклa n1=k1 enters n2=k2 also origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
нертаъу 1=t1=n 1underwear, worn by/on2=t2, for purpose3=t3, worn under4=n2
не ,GOI non-restrictive relative phrase marker: which incidentally is associated with ...
ниъабло 1submarine for carrying2, propelled by3
ниъа ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; downwards/down also ...
ниъе ,NIhE convert selbri to mex operand; used to create new non-numerical quantifiers; e.g. ”herd” of oxen.
ниъи ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a logical proof; why?.
ниъинаi ,BAI* nibli modal, 1st place despite logic ...
ниъи ,BAI nibli modal, 1st place logically; logically because ...
ниъо ,NIhO discursive: paragraph break; introduce new topic.
ниъу zei ionti 1anion of radical/.atom of elementx2 with3 charges
ниъу ,PA3 digit/number: minus sign; negative number; default any negative
нибжиъи j1 concludes that n1.dуъу logically implies n2 under rules n3
ниблi ,nib nиъи 1 logically necessitates/entails/implies action/event/state2 under rules/logic system3.
ниште ,cte1nighttime of day2 at location3; .adjective: 1at night/nocturnal.
Tonight .=cabycte; tomorrow night .=bavlamcte, even when tonight is still in the future; last night .=prulamcte
никлe 1made of/contains/is a quantity of nickel/other metal resistant to oxidati
нилшe ,nиъе 1 ,furniture items furnishes2 ,location serving purpose/function3
нимре 1quantity of citrus ,fruit/tree, etc. of species/strain2
нимрyжду j1quantity of citrus jelly made also n1
ниншуъупрe p1intrepreneur involved in business cu1=cn1
нинму ,nim nиъу 1woman/women;1female humanoid person ,not necessarily adult. .Word dispreferred in
metaphor/example as sexist; .use remna or prenu
нинпрe c1=p1stranger to c2 in aspect c3 byk c4 'since ninpre in the sense of ”novice” seems to be
deprecated in favor of nintadni, this seems to be a better definition
нипsri d1=s 1adhesive tape/cellotape/Scotch Tape/duct tape of material d2, which sticks to s2
нипьпалку p1=s1legging of material p2
нирна ,nir 1nerve/neuron ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: information/control network connection .adjective: 1neural
ничу ,tcu 1 needs/requires/is dependent on/,wants necessity2 for purpose/action/stage of process3
ниткla k1 descends/goes down to k2=c1 also k3=c2 via k4 using means k5
нитmau z1=c 1lower than z2 beneath c2 in frame of reference c3 by amount/excess z4
нитрai t1=c 1the lowest among set/range t4 бенеath c2 in frame of reference c3
ницалpo s1 dips at an angle of s2 to reference frame s3, to бенеath c2
нитьtse z1 sits on surface z2=c1 that is below c2 in frame of refernce c3
ниutni g 1g2 newton 's of force .default is 1 byk g3
нивжi ,niv 1.agent knits 2,cloth/object also yarn/thread 3
нивьшрека c1=n2 is a sweater of material c2=n3 .A knitted jacket or jersey, usually of thick wool
нихli ,nixli1girl ,young female person of age2 immature byk3
Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; .use verba
ни ,nil ,NU abstractor: quantity/amount abstractor; 1quantity/amount of ,bridi measured on scale2
ноъа ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the bridi in which this one is embedded
ноъеbo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: the neutral form/value of Midpoint between jeъабo and tоъеbo
ноъе ,nor nоъе ,NAhE midpoint scalar negator: neutral point between jeъа and tоъе; ”not really”
ноъи ,NIhO discursive: paragraph break; resume previous topic
ноъо ,PA5 digit/number: typical/average value
ноъу ,GOI non-restrictive appositive phrase marker: which incidentally is the same thing as ...
ноблi ,nol nоъи 1noble/aristocratic/elite/high-born/titled in/under culture/society/standard2
noltronиъу normano upper-class; high/low, upper/lower are poor rban metaphors; note2 standard applies when the
title/nobility is not recognized culture/society wide; this would include self-assumed titles
нода ,KOhA* logically quantified sumti: nothing at all .unless restricted
ночи 1message/notice/memorandum about subject2 also author3 to intended audience4
нуъа ,NUhA convert mathematical expression .mex operator to a selbri/tanru component
нуъе ,COI vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise
нуъоspe1=s 1single .never been married by law/convention2=s3
нуъу ,NUhU elidable terminator: end forethought termset; usually elidable except with following sumti
нукнi 1magenta/fuchsia/purplishred ,color adjective
нупре 1.agent promises/commits/assures/threatens2 .event/state to3 ,benrficiary/victim
нурмa ,num1rural/rustic/pastoral area of2; 1in the country
нуртoni1neutron in quantum state2
нузба ,nuz1.dуъу is news/tidings/new information about subject2 also source3, to observer4
нузлo 1 reflects New Zealand culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
нузnoi no1news/press release with news nu1 about subject nu2=no2 issued by no3 for audience no4
ну ,nun ,NU abstractor: generalized event abstractor; 1state/process/achievement/activity of ,bridi
оъашуъи оъанаi оъа ,UI1 attitudinal: pride - modesty/humility - shame
оъенаi оъе ,UI1 attitudinal: closeness - distance
оъинаi оъи ,UI1 attitudinal: caution - rashness
оъошуъи оъонai оъо ,UI1 attitudinal: patience - mere tolerance - anger
оъушуъи оъунаi оъу ,UI1 attitudinal: relaxation - composure - stress
оинаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: complaint - pleasure
оиреъе ,UI*1 attitudinal: spiritual/religious complaint
оироъа ,UI*1 attitudinal: social complaint
оироъе ,UI*1 attitudinal: mental complaint .puzzlement, excess mental work
оироъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: emotional complaint
оироъо ,UI*1 attitudinal: physical complaint
оироъу ,UI*1 attitudinal: sexual complaint
ои ,UI1 attitudinal: complaint - pleasure
онai logical connective: sumti afterthought exclusive or
паъа ,BAI panra modal, 1st place .parallel; shared property similarly; in addition to ...
паъенаi ,UI*3 discursive: justice - prejudic
паъе ,UI3 discursive: justice - prejudice
паъи ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: ratio; ,the ratio of a to b
паъохра pi1cross section/tomogram, a picture of slice pa1=pi2 of pa2 made by pi3 in medium pi4
паъо ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; transfixing/passing through ..
паъу ,BAI pagbu modal, 1st place having component ..
пабi eighteen пашi thirteen
пашна 1 hopes/wishes for/desires2 .event, expected likelihood3 .0-1;1 hopes that2 happens
пашрuxtutra t1the Hell of evil spirit's t2=pa1=pr1, evil byk pa2
пашьselzуъе1=z2=p1sin/evil action by2=z1 for purpose/goal z3, evil/depraved/wicked
morally bad by standerd4=p2
пашьxlul 1.agent temptsl2 into evill3=p1 by influence/threat/lurel4, said act being evil byk p2
пашьzуъе z1 sins by doing z2=p1 byk p2
пагбу pagbu ,pag pau1part/component/piece/portion/segment of2 ,where2 is a whole/mass;2 is partly1 Partly .=selpau
пагре ,gre1 passes through/penetrates barrier/medium/portal2 to destination side3 also origin side4
Passing through in both directions .=rolfаргре, pagre ... .i sоъивоъивоъу .and vice versa
пагьшаъо p1=c1tab .navigational widget in p2=c2. 2 is usually a web browser or a text editor.
пагьгуъе p1=g1constituent country of p2 'sovereign state / supranational body
паижди j1=p1 gives a verdict j2 .dуъу about matter j3=p2 .abstract
пажнi ,pai1 judges/referees/arbitrates/is a judge determining/deciding matter2.abstract
палшi ,pac 1evil/depraved/wicked ,morally bad byk2
палку ,pak1 are pants/trousers/slacks/leggings ,legged garment of material2
палнe 1tray/platter/flat container ,pan/sheet/griddle of contents2, and made of material3
pallet, when used for carrying rather than support on the ground; a tray is flat-bottomed and shallow or without
a rim, and is generally portable
палтa1plate/dish/platter/saucer ,flat/mildly concave food service bed made of material2
палтьlуъи l1.agent washes dishes l2 of soil/contaminant l3 with cleaning material's l4
палтьlumcаъа c1dishwasher .machine
памаi ,MAI* discursive: first utterance ordinal
памbe 1pump/injector ,tool/apparatus pumping/inserting fluid2 to3 also4 by means5
2 fluid may be liquid or gas;5 may be a force; a pump generally causes a pressure gradient,
such that3 is a place of lower pressure,4 a place of higher pressure
памеи ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 1 to cardinal selbri;1set with single/sole/only member2
памжai j1 hugs/embraces j2 with j3 .part of j1 at locus j4 .part of j2
памlиъу p1&p2=l1.mass date via route l2 using means l3
памоъо ,MAI* discursive utterance ordinal: first section/chapter ordinal
памоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 1 to ordinal selbri; 1first among2 ordered by rule3
пампеъо pr1=pe1lover of pr2=pe2
паму ,PA* number/quantity: 15 ,fifteen
паншi ,pan 1odor/fragrance/scent/smell emitted by2 and detected by observer/sensor3. .An undetected emitter is odorless
to the observer
пандi 1.agent punctuates2 .expression with symbol/word3 with syntactic/semantic effect4
панжelgаъа g1=p2 is an incense stick with odor2=p1
панжe 1quantity of/contains/is made of sponge/porous material. metaphorically used for coral, Swiss cheese
панкa 1park/land reserve managed by community/polity/company2 for purpose3
панло ,pаъо1slice ,thin flat portion of2 .mass
панokиъокиъо ,PA* number/quantity: 10,000,000
панomei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 10 to cardinal selbri;1set with the decade of members2
панomoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 10 to ordinal selbri; 1tenth among2 ordered by rule3
панonomei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 100 to cardinal selbri;1set with the century of members2
паноыно panono ,PA* number/quantity: 100 ,one hundred
панo ten
панпи ,pap 1at peace with2
панрa 1 parallels2 differing only in property3
1parallel to2,3 is the only difference between1 and2 .=terpanra for reordered places;1 and2
are alike/similar/congruent. A parallel involves extreme close similarity/correspondence across the entirety of the
things being compared, generally involving multiple properties, with focus placed on one or a small number of differences
пантe ,pat 1protests/objects to/complains about 2 .event/state to audience3 with action4
..4 is an event or tуъа quotation
панзi ,paz1,biological offspring/child/kid/hybrid of parent's2; .adjective: 1filial
папа ,PA* number/quantity: 11 ,eleven
папрi1,physical page/leaf of book/document/bound mass of pages2. .Numbered pages .as in a book are the sides
of a page .=paprysfe, paprysfelai; a pageful of text .=papryseltcidu, paprytcidylai
папsimbиъо1 make up/peace with each other under condition2
парби ,pab1.meъо, fraction is a ratio/rate of2 .quantity with respect to3 .quantity, ,x2:x3
1 fraction/proportion/quotient;2 dividend/numerator;3 divisor/denominator
пареmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 12 to cardinal selbri;1set with a dozen members2
паре ,PA* number/quantity: 12 ,twelve
парji1parasite of2
парклa k1=c1 creeps/crawls to k2 also k3 via k4 using k5=c4
пароi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: once; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
пасo ,PA* number/quantity: 19 ,nineteen
пасртunika1tunic of material2. .A garment worn over the torso, with or without sleeves, and of various
lengths reaching also the hips to the ankles. Originated in Greece and Ancien Rome. tуъинкa for type 4
пастu ,pas 1robe/tunic/gown/cloak/dress/ coveralls ,a long/full body garment of material2
coveralls .=pasпалку
пасьskaci s1=p1dress/gown .full-length un-legged garment of material s2=p2
патфu ,paf pаъу 1father of2;1 begets/sires/acts paternal towards2; ,not necessarily biological
патлu 1potato ,an edible tuber of variety/cultivar2
..use samcu for starchy/tuberous roots that do not reproduce also eyes of tuber
патxиъо1=p 1Protestant in aspect2
патху ,pax1pot/kettle/urn/tub/sink, a deep container for contents2, of material/properties3
пау ,UI3a discursive: optional question premarker
павo ,PA* number/quantity: 14 ,fourteen
паврelmasti 1December/the twelfth month of year2 in calendar3
паврoi 1 happens once in interval2
павьшinglepre pr 1.a monosexual/nonbisexual
павьшinse c1monosexual in situation c2 byk c4. .Monosexual means sexual interest in only one sex/gender, so
this word does not apply to bisexuals .=relcinse
павьpavmasti 1November/the eleventh month of year2 in calendar3
павьplini p1the closest planet .default is Mercury if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2 .default is the Sun, with
planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
павьsei p1=s 1alone, lacking the company of s2
павьselcei c2 believes inone god/deity c1withdominion over c3;c2monotheistpavyseljиъо j2 is a monopole with end j1
павьsmu s1the single,unambiguous meaning of s2 recognized/accepted by s3;2=s2 is unambiguous/explicit according to3=s3
павzilcatra c2 dies .non-agentively also cause c3
пахa ,PA* number/quantity: 16 ,sixteen
пахlai k1k2.quantifier, default: one potfuls in quantity
па ,pav ,PA1 digit/number: 1.digit ,one
пеъа ,pev ,UI3c marks a construct as figurative .non-literal/metaphorical speech/text
пеъе ,PEhE marks the following connective as joining termsets
пеъи ,UI2 evidential: I opine 'subjective claim
пеъо ,PEhO forethought flag for mathematical expression .mex Polish .forethought operator
пеъу ,COI vocative: please
пеи ,CAI attitudinal: attitudinal question; how do you feel about it? with what intensity?
пелжi ,ple 1paper also source2 Sheet of paper .=pleкарда if shape is important, plebоъо
пелxu ,pel 1yellow/golden ,color adjective
пемшi ,pem 1poem/verse about plot/pattern2 by author3 for intended audience4. 2 may be a convention rather than a subject
пенбi ,peb 1pen using ink2 applied by process3
пеншu ,pec peъу1.agent touches2 with3 ,a locus on1 or an instrument at4 ,a locus on2
пендo ,ped peъо1 is/acts as a friend of/to2 .experiencer;2 befriends1
пенгрi g1group meeting showing common property g2 at/in location p3
пенмi ,pen peъи 1 meets/encounters2 at/in location3
пенсi ,pes pei 1 thinks/considers/cogitates/reasons/is pensive about/reflects upon subject/concept2
: 1thoughtful .one sense;2 is mental .one sense/intellectual .one sense .=selpei
перлi ,per1pear ,fruit of species/strain2
песхu ,pex 1paste/pulp/dough/mash/mud/slurry ,soft, smooth-textured, moist solid of composition2
2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification
пецо ,pet 110 15 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пезлi ,pez1leaf of plant2; 1foliage of2
пезриъоxуъи 1chlorophyll of type2; 1chlorophyllous with type2 pezyfaltricu t1deciduous tree of species t2
пе ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which is associated with ...; loosest associative/possessive
пиъа ,VUhU4 n-ary mathematical operator: operands are vectors to be treated as matrix rows
пиъе ,PA3 digit/number:separates digits for base ¿16, not current standard, or variable
пиъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: times; multiplication operator; ,...a * b * c * ....
пиъо ,BAI pilno modal, 1st place used by ...
пиъу ,piv ,JOI non-logical connective: cross product; Cartesian product of sets
пиштi ,pic 1trillionth ,10 12 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пидуъе ,PA* number: too much of
пифьгau g1 takes into custody/imprisons p1 as a prisoner/captive of p2 restrained/held/confined by means/force p3
пижиъи ,PA* number: approximately all of
пижнe 1pin/peg .needle-shaped tool for fastening to/piercing2, of material/properties3
пикшi 1pleads/supplicates/entreats/implores/prays ,asks with humility 2 for 3
importune, petition, plea, solicit;2 benefactor, patron;3 boon, favor, gift, alms
пиксku c1=p3.agent comments/remarks on/observes c2=p1 about subject3=p2 to audience4=c3=p4 via expressive medium5=c5
пиктa1ticket entitling2 to entitlement/privilege3 .event/state under conditions4
пилжi ,pиъи 1the product/total/result of factors/multiplicands 2 and32 multiplied by3
пилкa ,pil pиъа1crust/rind/peel/skin/hide/outer cover of2
пилнo ,pli1 uses/employs2 ,tool, apparatus, machine, agent, acting entity, material for purpose3.
utilize;2 is useful/used productively by1 to do3=selpli for reordered places; hire/employ .=leъиплi, lejypliшуъа
пимdуъи d1=p2 has the same feathers/plumage as d2, the feathers/plumage being p1
пимlu ,pim pиъу 1a/the feather/plume's/plumage ,body-part of animal/species2
пимоъа ,PA* number: too little of
пимушуъо ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert .5 to probability selbri; event1 has a 50/50 chance under cond.2
пиму half
пиншa 1a/the urine/piss/pee of2
пиндi ,pid 1poor/indigent/impoverished/lacking in goods/possessions/property2 2 is scanty/meager/lacking for1
пинфu ,pif1prisoner/captive of2, restrained/held/confined by means/force3
пинжi 1a/the clitoris/penis ,projecting reproductive organ; body-part of2
Normally context eliminates need for specificity; otherwise: penis .=nakpinji, clitoris .=fetpinji
пинжьcarvi c1bukkake onto c2 also c3=p2. .Use nunpinjycarvi for the event
пинжькapyvиъу v1 circumcises/removes foreskin also p2=s2=v3
пинжьскапи s 1the foreskin of p2=s2
пинкa ,pik1.text is a comment/remark/observation about subject2 expressed by3 to audience4
пинсиъа s1=p1 prostrates him/herself/itself before s2
пинсi ,pis1pencil/crayon/stylus applying lead/marking material2, frame/support
пинтa ,pin 1flat/level/horizontal in gravity/frame of reference2
пинтуъа p1=t1plain/flatland at location t2 pinvre v1 lies on v2=p1
пинхe ,pix 1.agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment2 also/out-of container/source3.
пипнo ,pиъо1piano/harpsichord/synthesizer/organ; a keyboard musical instrument
пипнrpiano zei konceto 1piano concerto number2 in key3 composed by4 performed by/at5. event
пиресиъе ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert .2=1/5 to portion selbri; 11/5 of mass/totality2
пиросиъе ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts allof to portion selbri; 1the whole portion of mass2
пиро number: all of
пихра 1picture/illustration representing/showing2, made by artist3 in medium4
пи digit/number: radix .number base point; default decimal
плана 1plump/fat/obese ,excessively thick/bulbous/swollen byk2
платu ,pla 1.agent plans/designs/plots plan/arrangement/plot/,schematic 2 for state/process3
invents/organizes;2 design, scheme; the structure or layout of an object would be represented as a state in 3
плежi ,lej leъи1 pays/compensates/remunerates/,rewards payment2 to recipient/payee3 for goods/services4
плекarni k1journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper printed on paper with content k2 published by k3 for audience k4
плесigja s1cigarette made of s2 by s3
плибu ,pib 1a/the pubic area/external genitalia ,body-part of2
плишme c 1the user-name/pseudonym/penname of c2=p1 for use with/by resource c3=p2 for purpose p3.
плишрu c1.agent allows the use of p2 for use3=p3 under conditions4=c3.
плишуъа c1=p1 adopts/selects/chooses/accepts c2=p2 out of alternatives c3 for purpose p3
пликаъе 1able to use2 for purpose3 under conditions4
плини 1planet revolving around2 with planetary characteristics3, orbital parameters4
плипе ,pip pиъе 1.agent/object leaps/jumps/springs/bounds to2 also3 reaching height4 propelled by5
Place structure parallels клама; hence4 may be a route-like expression
плисe 1apple ,fruit of species/strain2
плита ,pit1plane ,2-dimensional shape/form defined by points2 'set; 1flat/,smooth
: 1even/planar/level. 2 is a set of points at least sufficient to define the plane
пливеi v1log/record of data v2 .nu/dуъу about v3=p1ъs use of resource p2 for purpose p3 recorded in medium v4
плихау1=p2 is useful/good for2=p1 by the standard of being usable for purpose p3. 3 is ”usable”
плиxa ,lix 1.agent plows/furrows/tills ,cuts into and turns up 2 with tool3 propelled by 4
плонebrespa1frill-necked lizard .Chlamydosaurus of species2
плопijne pi1=po2 is a staple for holding together pi2, made of pi3 .cleaned up also auto noralujv migration
Conceivably this might include a paper fastener as well. See plopijnytci for stapler
плужа ,luj 1complex/complicated/involved in aspect/property2 .ka byk3. tangled, confused
плукa ,puk pуъа1.event/state seems pleasant to/pleases2 under conditions3
плутa ,lut lуъа1route/path/way/course/track to2 also3 via/defined by points including4 'set. .A route merely connects
origin/destination, but need not be improved in any way; .x4 is a set of points at least sufficient to constrain the route
поъедji1=p1=d1 wants to own/possess/have2=p2 for purpose3=d3, wanting to own/possess/have it by right/custom/law4=p3
d2 is the abstraction of1 having2
поъе ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which belongs to ... ; inalienable possession.
поъи ,BAI porsi modal, 1st place .in order sequentially; in the sequence ...
поъолсka 1 reflects Polish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
поъо ,UI3b discursive: uniquely, only, solely: the only relevant case
поъу ,GOI restrictive appositive phrase marker: which is the same thing as
пои ,NOI restrictive relative clause; attaches subordinate bridi with identifying information to a sumti
полже 1.force folds/creases2 at locus/loci/forming crease's/bend's3
полнo ,pol1 reflects Polynesian/Oceanian .geographic region culture/nationality/languages in aspect2
понсe ,pos pоъе1 possesses/owns/has2 under law/custom3; 1owner/proprietor of2 under3
3 is generally more important to the concept than commonly accepted for the glis equivalent, since the concept is
broader when unconstrained, and the nature/interpretation of possession/ownership is very culturally dependent
попsna s 1the sound of p1 breaking/shattering/cracking/splintering into pieces p2
попьгau g1 causes p1 to break/fracture/shatter/,split/splinter/crack into pieces p2
порпi ,pop pоъи1 breaks/fractures/shatters/,splits/splinters/cracks into pieces2
порсi ,por poi 1 ,ordered set is sequenced/ordered/listed by comparison/rules2 on unordered set3
портo ,pot1 reflects Portuguese culture/nationality/language in aspect2
посфаi f1capital stock distributed among shareholders p1=f2 issued by company/corporation/firm p2
постerfai f3 is a/are share/shares distributed among f2=p1, issued by company/corporation/firm f1=p2 under law p3
посxуъа1=p1 claims ownership of2=p2 in condition p3
посьselfai f2=p 1a/are a/the shareholder's of company/corporation/firm f1=p2 with shares/portions f3 under law p3
потьбау p1=b 1the Portuguese language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
по ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which is specific to ...; normal possessive physical/legal
прашmu j1capital .factors of production used to create goods/services j2=c2
прали ,pal1profit/gain/benefit/advantage to2 accruing/resulting also activity/process3
fe2 profits also3 .=selterprali for reordered places;1 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an
event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising also ownership of the object/commodity
=selposprali for unambiguous semantics
прами ,pam pаъи1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards2 .object/state
: 1loving towards2,1lover of2 .one sense,2 is beloved by1.=selpаъи for re- ordered places
пранe ,pаъе 1perfect/ideal/archetypical/faultless/flawless/unimprovable in property/aspect2
прежa ,pej peъа1 spreads/expands over/into2 also initial state3
пренu ,pre 1person/people .noun ,not necessarily human; 1displays personality/a persona
претi ,ret rei1.quoted text is a question/query about subject2 by questioner3 to audience4
прижe ,pij 1wise/sage about matter2 .abstraction to observer3
прина ,pri1print/impression/image on/in surface2 of/made by/using tool/press/implement/object3
притu 1 to the right/right-hand side of 2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3. :3 is the standard of orientation for2
притьxаъеa1=z 1a/the right hand ofa2=z2, which faces/in-frame-of-reference z3
прокioni 1racoon of species/breed2
пронalkаъе k1=f 1incapable of opposing f2 .person/force/mass about f3 .abstract underconditions k3
event/stateprosa ,ros rоъа 1prose about plot/theme/subject2 by author3 for intended audience4. .Non-poetic written text,
without intentional rhyme or meter;2 may be a convention rather than a subject
протoni 1proton in quantum state2
прушe ,ruc rуъе 1process with inputs2, outputs/results3, passing through steps/stages4
2 resource .=selrуъе, but also rуъечi, .rуъер-/ruc- or selrуъе-/selruc- modifying: selxaksu, selsabji, livla
пружунгau1 predicts/foretells/anticipates to2 fact's3 .dуъу about subject4 by epistemology5
прулаъи p1=l 1preceding p2=l2 in sequence l3. .bavlаъи
пруламшte n1=l1=p 1the night before p2=l2 at location n3
пруламdei d1=p1=l 1yesterday; d1=p1=l 1the day preceding p2=l2, day standard d3.
пруламнаъа n1=p1=l 1yesteryear; n1=p1=l 1the year preceding p2=l2 by year standard n3.
прунi ,pun .adjective: 1elastic/springy
прупуъи pun1 prepones/moves forward pun2 to before pur2
пруslemijyjиъе1prokaryote of species/defining property2. .Protokaryots are a group of organisms that lack a cell
nucleus P. consists of two domains, bacteria and archaea.цы microorganism .one cellular organism;=jurme and eukaryote
пруspe s1the ex-wife/husband of s2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention s3
пруxi ,rux rуъи 1spiritual/pertains to the soul in nature ,either energy or being; 1ghostly/ethereal soul .=ruxseъi
пуъа ,BAI pluka modal, 1st place pleased by ...
пуъе ,BAI pruce modal, 1st place .in manner 1 by process ...
пуъи ,pus ,CAhA modal aspect: can and has; demonstrated potential.
пуъо ,ZAhO interval event contour: in anticipation of ...; until ... ; inchoative ―-― ―.
пуъу ,puv ,NU1 abstractor: process .event abstractor; 1process of ,bridi proceeding in stages2.
пубa ,PU* time tense: was going to; .tense/modal
пушаъа ,PU* time tense: past actuality; modal aspect
пушаъо ,ZAhO* time tense: was then; .tense/modal
пудyкурji k1gardener attending to garden p1 belonging to p2, growing plants p3
пужeba ,PU* time tense: before and after; .tense/modal
пужeca ,PU* time tense: before and during; .tense/moda
пулбanfi b1=p2 is toad of species b2 .юэ pipybanfi
пулшe ,puc pуъе 1dust/precipitate ,suspensible solid also2 in medium/on surface3
пулжi 1police officer/,enforcer/vigilante enforcing law's/rule's/order2
пулнi 1pulley ,tool for performing action/function2 rotating on axle3
пумvau v1 contains powder of material p2
пунжi ,puj pуъи 1.agent puts/places/sets2 on/at surface/locus3
пунли ,pul1swelling/protrusion/convexity ,shape/form at/in/on2, of material3. ..adjective:1 is swollen
пупу ,PU* time tense: had earlier been; .tense/modal
пуршi 1in the past of/earlier than/before2 in time sequence; 1former; 2is latter
пурdi ,pud1garden/tended/cultivated field of family/community/farmer2 growing plants/crop3 .Orchard .=ricpurdi
пурmo ,pum pуъо1powder of material2. .Flour .=grupуъо,ripуъо
пурzga p1=z1 previews z2 by means z3 under condition z4
пувмаъубиъо 1adolescence byk2 puvytаргаъи 1stellar evolution
пузa ,PU* time tense: a medium time before; .tense/modal
пузeъа ,PU* time tense: for a medium length interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пузeъи ,PU* time tense: for a short interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пузeъу ,PU* time tense: for a long interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пузi ,PU* time tense: a short time before; .tense/modal
пузu ,PU* time tense: a long time before; .tense/modal
пу ,PU time tense relation/direction: did ,selbri; before/prior to ,sumti; default past tense
раъа ,BAI srana modal, 1st place pertained to by ... .generally more specific.
раъерпрali p1=r2 are the retained earnings of company/corporation/firm/partnership p2=r1
ресulting also business activity p3
раъе ,PA3 digit/number: repeating digits .of a decimal follow
раъирgau g1 maintains g2=r1.event/state over interval r2
раъи ,BAI krasi modal, 1st place also source/origin/starting point ...
раъоi ,ZOhOI single-word rafsi quote; quotes a single word delimited by pauses .in speech or whitespace
in writing and treats it as a rafsi .Useful for quoting rafsi that arenъt legal words on their own
раъо ,RAhO flag GOhA to indicate proassignment context updating for all pro-assigns in referenced bridi
раъушуъи раъунаi раъу ,UI3 discursive: chiefly - equally - incidentally
рашлi 1.action/activity/behavior is sane/rational byk2
раштu 1rabbit/hare/,doe of species/breed2
рафsi ,raf 1affix/suffix/prefix/combining-form for word/concept2, form/properties3, language4
рафske 1the morphology of language2 according to methodology3
рагвe 1located across/on the other side of gap/boundary2 also3; 1opposite .fi3. : 1over
there .across/beyond zоъе; directly across/beyond a boundary/gap, generally at the shortest plausible distance on the
other side of the boundary
раи ,BAI traji modal, 1st place with superlative ...
раксo1 reflects Iraqi culture/nationality in aspect2
рактu ,rаъу1.object/person/event/situation troubles/disturbs2 .person causing problem's3 afflicts,
is disruptive to, troublesome;1/x3 are a care to2,2 is troubled by/cares about1/x3 .=selrаъу for reordered places
ралшi ,rac 1delicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property2 .ka. .Easily damaged or rendered less pleasing/pure/effectiv
ралжu ,ral 1principal/chief/leader/main/,staple, most significant among2 'set in property3 .ka
Staple .=ralselpra; general/admiral/president/principal leader .=raljаъа, ralterbeъе; use additional terms to
distinguish among these; also primary, prime, .adverb: chiefly, principally, maiнлy;
2 is complete specification of set
ралчa 1a/the capital of2 May be the financial
ралтe ,rаъе 1 retains/keeps/holds2 in its possession
ранбуъу b1=r 1velvet made also material b2
рандa ,rad1 yields/gives way/surrenders to2 .force/agent under conditions3
рангo ,rag 1a/the body organ ,bodypart of body/species2 performing function3 sweetmeat .=ragdja
рангutano 1orangutan of variety2
раъи ranji 1 event/state continues/persists over interval2;1.property - ka is continuous over2.
ранмi ,ram 1myth/legend, a culturally significant story about2 in mythos3 of culture4.
: 1mythical/fairy tale; used adjectivally for non-humanoid creatures .=ramдаъу of story/myth/
legend/religion, e.g. dragon; fairy tale .=veryranmi
ранмrdrakono1dragon of species/breed2 in mythos3 of culture4 ransu1quantity of/contains/is made
of bronze of composition including2
рантi ,ran 1soft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force2 in conditions3.
ранхi ,rax 1ironic.al/contrary to expectation2 in state/property/aspect3
рапcrezeъа z1=c1.experiencer increases inskill / expertise at z2=c2 by amountz3 bymeans ofrepeating action r1 r2 times
рапфинти1remake/re-invention of2 rapli ,rap1 ,action repeats/is repeated for a total of2
рапьдаъи d1 beats/hits repeatedly d2 using d3 at locus d4, r2 times
рарнa 1natural/spontaneous/instinctive, not ,consciously caused by person's.
рарzиъежva z1=r1natural right for z1 to do/be z2 .event/state
растерgуъи 1oil lamp using animal or vegetable products, illuminating2 with light1
рачу 1rat of species/breed2
ратнi 1atom of element/atomic number2 of isotope number/atomic weight3
раумеи ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts enough to cardinal;1set with members2, enough by std.3.
раумоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts enough to ordinal; 1enoughth among2, order rule3.
рау ,PA4 digit/number: enough; subjective
равboni 1a/the rabbi of/in community2
рахfatci f1=r 1absurd, contrary to expectation r2 in aspect r3
рахsku c1.agent expresses c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept with irony for audience c3 via expressive medium c4
рахьxajmi1=r 1sardonic to2 in property/aspect3=r3
разбау br1=ba 1the Brazilian Portuguese language used by ba2 to express/communicate ba3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
ра ,KOhA5 pro-sumti: a recent sumti before the last one, as determined by back-counting rules.
реъазda z1house for human being z2=r1.
реъа ,VUhU4 unary mathematical operator: matrix transpose/dual; A*.
реъинаi ,COI* vocative: ready to receive - not ready to receive
реъо ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; adjacent to/touching/contacting ...
реъуштi c1carnivore that eats the meat/flesh of animal r2. .й rectu, citka, stagycti, fиъештi.
реъу ,ROI converts number to an objectively quantified ordinal tense interval modifier; defaults to time.
ребжukмаъи 1November of year2 in calendar3. .й pavypavmasti, kanbyмаъи, nanca.
ребla ,reb 1a/the tail/appendix ,bodypart of2; ,metaphor: trailing, following portion/appendage
рештu ,rec reъу1quantity of/contains meat/flesh also source/animal2
рефшfa c1=k2 restarts for the k3rd time.
рефmri m1 resends/forwards/remails m2 to m3 also m4 through carrier m5 for the k3rd time; m1forwarder/remailer.
рефsajbиъо b1=s1 recognizes s2 .object/abstract
рефsku c1 repeats/recapitulates c2 'sedуъу/text/luh econcept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4,
k3 times .default:one
рефьгau g1 redoes g2=k2 for the k3th time
реисku c1=p3 asks question c2=p1 to c3=p4 via expressive medium c4, about subject p2
реи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit E .decimal 14 ,fourteen
режgau g1 records / saves r2 onto medium r4
рекиъо ,PA* number/quantity: 2,000 expressed with comma
релшinpаъи 1bisexual;
релшinse c 1bisexual in situation c2 byk c4
релдei 1Tuesday of week2 in calendar3
релмаsti 1February/the second month of year2 in calendar3
релнacmei12-dimensional vector with coordinates2 and3
ремеи ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 2 to cardinal selbri;1set with the pair of members2
ремнa ,rem reъа1human/human being/man .non-specific gender-free sense; .adjective: 1human
ремоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 2 to ordinal selbri; 1second among2 ordered by rule3
ренро 1 throws/launches/casts/hurls2 to/at/in direction3 .propulsion derives internally to1
ренвi 1 survives/endures/undergoes/abides/lasts/persists
through2 for interval/duration3. lasts out, withstands;1 persists/lasts for duration3; .adjective: 1tough/durable
респa ,res1reptile of species/breed2
ресрvarano1monitor lizard of species/variety2
ретпei pe1 wonders about pe2=pr2
ретsku c1=p3 asks/puts question c2=p1
sedуъу/text/lуъе concept of/to c3=p4 via expressive medium c4 about subject p2
ре ,rel ,PA1 digit/number: 2 .digit ,two
риъа ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a physical cause; why?
риъанаi ,BAI* ринка modal, 1st place .phys./mental despite cause ...
риъа ,BAI ринка modal, 1st place .phys./mental causal because ...
риъирgаъа g1mace/,ceremonial staff made of g2 used for purpose r2 by custom/in community r3
риъи ,BAI lifri modal, 1st place patient/passive case tag; happens to...,experienced by...,with passive...
риъоркоъи1quantity of kale/borecole/boerenkool of species/strain2
риъорнimre1lime of variety2
риъортcati t1green tea brewed also t2
риъо ,VUhU4 trinary mathematical operator: ,integral of a with respect to b over range c
риъурgau g1 restrains/constrains/holds back r1 using restraint r2, against r3 .event
риъусрi d1=r2 is a seat belt/strap/leash made of d2 for restraining r1
риъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; rightwards/to the right of ...
ришfoi f1forest with predominant tree species/cultivar t2
ришfu ,rif cfu 1rich/wealthy in goods/possessions/property/aspect2
ришьблу1=c 1resin .hydrocarbon secretion of plants2=c2=t1 2 is typically coniferous trees
ришьгунди g 1a/the forest products industry/sector producing forest products g2 also tree species t2 by process g3
ришьрatcu1squirrel of species2
ригнi ,rig 1repugnant to/causes disgust to2 under conditions3
рижнo ,rij 1made of/contains/is a quantity of silver/argentum .Ag; ,metaphor: valuable, tarnishing
рижьska 1silvery/silver-colored when viewed by2 under conditions3
рилтi ,ril 1'sequence/non-text quote isa rhythm/beatof music/expressive form2
римнi ,rim 1 rhymes/alliterates with2 in language/phonetics3, matching sound correspondence4 .ka
Broad meaning of rhyme - any matching sound correspondence
риншi1 liquid/fluid drains/strains/flushes also source2 through drain/strainer3 by force4. .x4 is usually gravity
ринжu ,rиъу 1restrained/held ,back/constrained/kept by restraint2 against3 .event
2 is a restraint/binding for1,2 keeps/restrains/holds ,back/constrains1 also3
ринка ,rik rиъа1.event/state effects/physically causes effect2 .event/state under conditions3
1material condition for2;1 gives rise to2
ринса 1.agent greets/hails/,welcomes/says hello to/responds to arrival of2 in manner3 .action
риршi 1 ,member is rare/unusual/uncommon/atypical in property2 .ka among members of3 'set
3 is complete specification of set; the generalized opposite to any/all of these concepts
рирнi ,rir1parent of/raises/rears2;1 mentors/acts parental toward child/protege2
рирxe ,rиъе1river of land mass2, draining watershed3 into4/terminating at4
рисфoi f1rice field of r2
рисmi ,ris1quantity of rice ,a type of grain of strain/cultivar2
рисna 1a/the heart ,body-part of2; ,emotional/shape metaphors arent culturally neutral ..adjective: 1cardiac
риспesxu p1quantity of congee of ingredients including p2 risyvanju v1made of/contains/is a quantity of rice wine also
rice strain/cultivar/location r2
ритлi 1rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal2, by custom/in community3, with form/rules4
1formal, Legal 1going through the motionsъ;4 constraints/customs
ривбi 1 avoids/evades/shuns/escapes/skirts ,fate2 .event through action/state3
рихраи tra1=tri 1furthest to the back out of set/range tra4 in frame of reference/based on facing tri3.
риxьбакфу t1=b1 contains b2 wrapped with b3 to be hauled on the back of t2
ри ,KOhA5 pro-sumti: the last sumti, as determined by back-counting rules
роъанаi ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial
роъа ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial
роъенаi ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: mental - mindless
роъе ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: mental - mindless
роъинаi ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: emotional - denying emotion
роъи ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: emotional - denying emotion
роъонai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: physical - denying physical
роъо ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: physical - denying physical
роъунаi ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: sexual - sexual abstinence
роъу ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: sexual - sexual abstinence
рода ,KOhA* logically quantified universal sumti: everything .unless restricted.
рои ,rom roi ,ROI converts number to an objectively quantified tense interval modifier; defaults to time tense.
рокшi ,rok rоъи 1quantity of/is made of/contains rock/stone of type/composition2 also location3.
2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification. цы kunra, jemna, canre.
роксfe s1rock face / rock surface of rock / mountain s2=r1 on side s3 with edges s4.
Rock composition and origination dropped. Made also rokci + sefta.
роксke s1=r 1petrology ,science about rock/stone based on methodology s3 terdi2,terdi3 and састе2 subsumed
роксodna 1lithium
рокспi s1=r1pebble/piece of stone of type/composition r2=s2 also location r3
рокykоъа r1=k1cornerstone of structure k2 of stone type/composition k3=r2
ромai ,MAI* discursive utterance ordinal: fi- nally; last utterance ordinal.
ромge ,rog 1highly reflective/polished non-tarnishing metallic surface, of metal2 ,often chromni
ромоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: is final among; convert all to ordinal selbri; 1last among2, rule3
ронгunma r1=g 1the European Union with member states g2 .mass
ронриъизgi z1=ri2 is orchestral music .classical music or music written in a classical style produced
/performed by z2=ri1.event, with form/rules/in tradition ri4
ронруъу ru1=ro 1ru2 euros
ропno ,ron rоъо1 reflects European culture/nationality/geography/Indo-European languages in aspect2
роршi ,ror1 engenders/procreates/begets2 with coparent3
рорlei1generation ,contemporary offspring of2
ророi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: always; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense.
ротsu ,rot tsu rоъу 1thick in dimension/direction2 byk3; ,relatively long in smallest dimension. stout
розгу ,roz zgu1rose ,flower - characterized by prickly stem/fragrance of species/strain2
Roses are not all pink; avoid using for color rose, which might be labyxуъе
ро ,rol ,PA4 digit/number: each, all
руъа ,UI2 evidential: I postulate
руъе ,CAI attitudinal: weak intensity attitude modifier
руъинаi ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: occasional/intermittent/discontinuous; defaults as time tense.
руъи ,TAhE tense interval modifier: continuously; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense.
руъо ,BY1 shift letterals to Cyrillic alphabet.
руъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; surrounding/annular ..
рубle ,rub ble 1weak/feeble/frail in property/quality/aspect2 .ka byk3
руфsu ,ruf 1rough/coarse/uneven/,grainy/scabrous/rugged in texture/regularity. .Fine-textured .=tolrufsu
руфtаъу t1=r 1coarse clothing/sackcloth
рукьбау r1=b 1the Russian language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
рулpezli p1petal on plant p2=2
рулpurdi p1flower garden with flowers g1 of species g2
румgau g1 causes r1 to melt at temperature r2 and pressure r3;1 melts object2
рунбау r1=b1artificial/constructed language .Artificiallanguages do not necessarily have speakers
рункre r1=k1wig/toupee/mirkin worn by k2 on body location k3 r2 dropped for lack of use in this context
рунмeнли 1artificial/man-made intelligence/consciousness/mind of/in/inhabiting body2
рунмe ,rum1 melts ,becomes liquid also solid state at temperature2 and pressure3. 1 runs .=rumfle
рунpinji p1dildo/phallic object
рунтa 1 dissolves in solvent2 forming solution/,suspension3 under итиon4 'suspension .=pucyteryrunta, puъехре
рупнeъуру 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”EUR” .Euro Member Countries, Euro as2 .number
рупнусudu 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”USD” .United States of America, Dollars as2 .number
рупну ,rup rуъу 1measured in majormoney-units .dollar/yuan/ruble as2 .quantity, monetary system3
pound, rupee, franc, mark, yen; 1generally a price/cost/value
рупsra s1 gives financial support/donations to s2 to prevent s3 in quantity r1 in currency r3
рутнi ,run 1artifact; 1artificial; 1made/caused by people/se kulnu2; 1manmade
ру ,KOhA 5 pro-sumti: a remote past sumti, before all other in-use backcounting sumti
саъаи ,SAhAI start quote of replacement for recent mistakenly uttered text
саъеи ,COI2 Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into onomatopoeia. .bam! crash! kapow! etc
сабжi ,sab 1,source provides/supplies/furnishes2 ,supply/commodity to3 ,recipient
сабнu 1cabin of vehicle2
сашкi 1match ,incendiary device made of2
сашлu 1.meъотhe ,decimal/binary equivalent of fractional2 .meъо in base3 .quantity. .Conversion also fractions to
decimal-point based notation
саэо ,djo1 reflects Saudi Arabian culture/nationality in aspect2
сакшi ,sak 1 sucks/is suction/vacuum/relatively low pressure of fluid/gas2 relative to high pressure3
suck object/fluid .=sakcpu or sakmuvgau
саклi ,sal1 slides/slips/glides on2. 2 is slick/slippery to/for1.=selsakli for reordered places
сакта ,sat 1made of/contains/is a quantity of sugar ,sweet edible also source2 of composition3.
sucrose, fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose, etc.; saccharine/aspartame/sugar substitute
basyсакта or sakybasti, ticyсакта;3: composition including3,
which need not be complete specification
салшi ,sla1 celebrates/recognizes/honors2 .event/abstract with activity/,party3. 3 .and nunsla
festival/fiesta/celebration/occasion/fair/Holiday 'some senses. not limited to the ameliorative interpretation of
celebrate : funeral .=мробixsla
салpo ,sаъо 1sloped/inclined/slanted/aslant with angle2 to horizon/frame3. steep .=tcesаъо; normally
implies non-rectilinear
салтa1.mass is a quantity of salad ,food with ingredients/components including2
2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component of1
самшu 1quantity of cassava/taro/manioc/tapioca/yam ,edible starchy root of species/strain2
самgиъо g 12 30 of g2 in dimension/aspect g3 .default is units
самgotro g 12 80 of g2 in dimension/aspect g3 .default is units
самжudri j1adress of / are co-ordinates of computer system / computerized thing j2=s1 in system j3; computerized thing
has purpose s2. .Normally, s2 might be dropped, but itъs very useful to be able to point out if this is a samymri address
or a ueb address
сампецо p 12 50 of p2 in dimension/aspect p3 .default is units
самплa p1 makes computer program p2 which is meant to perform process/purpose p3
самплe 1computer paper also source2 for computer/printer3
самплi p1computer user / user of computer p2=s1 for purpose p3=s2
сампу ,sap 1simple/unmixed/uncomplicated in property2 .ka
саншe ,sna 1sound produced/emitted by2. 2 sounds .intransitive verb
сангa ,sag sаъа1 sings/chants2 ,song/hymn/melody/melodic sounds to audience3
санжi ,saj 1conscious/aware of2 .object/abstract;1 discerns/recognizes2 .object/abstract. .,also:1 knows Of2
one sense; awareness implies some amount of mental processing above and beyond mere sensory detection, and may also be
applied to mental relationships that are not detected by the senses;
санли ,sаъи1 stands ,is vertically oriented on surface2 supported by limbs/support/pedestal3
1standing;1 stands up; 1erect/vertical/upright;1 bows/bends over .=krosаъи, krosаъибиъо, plosаъи;
frame of reference is .approximate perpendicularity to the surface, and not to a gravity field
санмi ,sai1.mass is a meal composed of dishes including2
2 is a course/dish of meal1.=selsai for reordered places
сансo1sauce/topping/gravy/frosting for use with2, containing ingredient's including3
3 is in 1 ingredient/part/component of sauce1
сансрmustardo 1mustard for use on2 made with3
санитa 1umbrella/parasol shielding2 also3, made of material4, supported by5
сапхребау b1=m1=s 1pidgin used by b2 to express/communicate b3, created also sources including m2
саршu ,sаъу1.abstract is necessary/required for continuing state/process2 under conditions3
factually necessary, necessity, prerequisite, condition, precondition
сарgueia 1opossum of species2
сарji ,sra 1 supports/holds up/is underpinning of/,helps2 against force/opposition3 with/by means4. aids; .adjective:
1dependable, reliable 'such reliability may be transient; this is not the usual sense of ъreliableъ or ъdependableъ;
2 is object/event
сарlu 1spiral/helix/whorl/,vortex ,shape/form with limits2, of dimensionality3
сарнi1three-angled shape/form defined by set of corners/vertices2, sides/dimensions3
сарванжу v1=s 1vinegar made also v2
сарxe 1harmonious/concordant/in agreement/concord with2 in property3 .ka
састе ,ske1.mass of facts is science of/about subject matter2 based on methodology3. .Not limited to science
as derived by the scientific method, but pertaining to any body of usually-coherent knowledge garnered/gathered/assembled
by a consistent methodology
састуъа t1grassland/prairie/steppe in location t2 with endemic grass species s2
сачi1 ,measurement/match is exact/precise to precision2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni.
сачygunta 1sniper attacking2
сатmatne m1=s1quantity of/contains toffee/caramel/butterscotch
сатрe ,sаъе 1.agent strokes/rubs/pets2 with3
сау sarcu modal, 1st place requiring ...
саврu ,sav ,vru 1noise/din/clamor ,sensory input without useful information to2 via sensory channel3
сазрi ,saz 1 operates/drives/runs2 ,apparatus/machine with goal/objective/use/end/function3
са erase complete or partial utterance; next word shows how much erasing to do
сеъа ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: self-sufficiency - dependency
сеъе ,BY1 following digits code a character .in ASCII, Unicode, etc.
сеъинаi ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: selforiented - other-oriented
сеъитрo j1=s2 has self-control/good temper in regard of j3 .activity/event/performance
сеъиxrur1=r2 returns itself to stater3 also stater4. .цыrukla, for returning to a location
сеъи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: self-oriented - other-oriented
сеъо ,UI2 evidential: I know by internal experience .dream, vision, or personal revelation
сеъу ,SEhU elidable terminator: end discursive bridi or mathematical precedence;usually elidable
себаъи ,BAI* basti modal, 2nd place instead of ..
себai ,BAI* bapli modal, 2nd place .forcing result compelling event ...
себау ,BAI* бангу modal, 2nd place 'speakers in language of speakers ...
себеъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 2nd place .message/cargo transmitting ...
сешаъи ,BAI* catni modal, 2nd place authoritatively; with authority over ...
сешau ,BAI* claxu modal, 2nd place .lacking without ...
сешуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 2nd place 'saying expressively; expressing ...
седbоъу s1=b 1the skull of body s2=b3, performing function b2
седeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 2nd place .for letters on the same date as ... ; label with event
седgai g1hood .headwear covering g2=s1
седиъо ,BAI* diklo modal, 2nd place locally; at specific locus ...
седmуъутуъи t1=g1 agrees by nodding with person's/position/side t2 that t3 .dуъу is true about matter t4
седуъи ,BAI* dунли modal, 2nd place 'same as 1st; equal to ... ,same as 1st place modal
седуъо ,BAI* djuno modal, 2nd place knowingly; knowing facts ...
седуъу ,NU* compound abstractor: sentence/equation abstract; 1text expressing ,bridi which is2
сефаъе ,BAI* fatne modal, 2nd place 'same as 1st; backwards; in reversal of ...
сефиъе ,BAI* финти modal, 2nd place creatively; creating work ...
сефta ,sfe 1surface/face ,bounded shape/form of ,higher-dimension object2, on side3, edges4
сефьгунди g 1a/the industry sector of s1 providing services g2=s3 to s2 by process g3
сегаъа ,BAI* zgana modal, 2nd place observing ...
сегаu ,BAI* gasnu modal, 2nd place actor/agent case complement; actively; as active agent in doing ...
сеиcni c1=s1 feels lonely/separated also s2
сеи ,SEI start discursive .metalinguistic bridi
сежаъенаi ,BAI* jalge modal, 2nd place .event causal results despite ...
сежаъе ,BAI* jalge modal, 2nd place .event causal results because of ...
сежаъи ,BAI* javni modal, 2nd place orderly; by rule prescribing ...
сежиъо ,BAI* житро modal, 2nd place controlledly; controlling/guiding aspects ...
сежиъу ,BAI* жишму modal, 2nd place .also basis supporting ...; as a basis for ...
секаъа ,BAI* клама modal, 2nd place with destination ...
секаъи ,BAI* krati modal, 2nd place representingly; on behalf of ...
секai ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a characteristic property/quality; which?
секai ,BAI* ckaji modal, 2nd place .quality characterized by ...; with property ...
секиъи ,BAI* ckini modal, 2nd place 'same as 1st related to ...
секиъунаi ,BAI* крину modal, 2nd place reason nevertheless ...
секиъу ,BAI* крину modal, 2nd place reason therefore ...
секоi ,BAI* korbi modal, 2nd place .bounding as boundary of ...
секуъу ,BAI* kulnu modal, 2nd place .people in culture of ...
селаъу ,BAI* klani modal, 2nd place in quantity ...; measured as ...
селбаъа 2=b1mark/spot on1=b2 of material3=b3
селбаъе 2=b1blade of tool/weapon1=b2
селбаъи 2=b 1great/grand in property1=b2 .ka byk3=b3. 'se банли
селбаъо 2=b1 grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form1=b2 also3=b3. 'se банро
селбактu2=b1bucket/pail/can/deep, solid, wide-topped container of contents1=b2, made of material3=b3
селбалжи2=b1bulb ,body-part of plant/species1=b2; ,metaphor: rounded, bulgy. 'se балжи
селбални2=b1balcony/overhang/ledge/shelf of building/structure1=b2. 'se бални
селбалви2=b 1in the future of/later than/after1=b2 in time sequence;2=b 1latter;1=b2 is former
селбandu2=b1.event defends/protects1=b2 .object/state also threat/peril/potential3=b3 .event
селбanfi2=b 1amphibian of species/breed1=b2
селбanxa2=b1bank owned by/in banking system1=b2 for banking functions3=b3 .event. 'se banxa
селбanzu2=b1.object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose1=b2 under conditions3=b3. 'se banzu
селбapselfu b2=s1slave to b1=s2 in manner/service s3. .From bapli and selfu.
селбиъа 2=b1ill/sick/diseased with symptoms1=b2 also disease3=b3. 'se билма
селбиъо 2=b1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into1=b2 under conditions3=b3. 'se binxo
селбиъу 2=b1wall/fence separating1=b2 also3=b3, and subdividing4=b4. 'se bitmu
селбidju 2=b1bead/pebble 'shape/form of material1=b2. 'se bidju
селбifce 2=b1bee/wasp/hornet of species/breed1=b2. 'se bifce
селбilga 2=b1bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be1=b2 in/byk/agreement3=b3;2=b1 must do1=b2. 'se bilga
селбilni 2=b1military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system1=b2 for purpose3=b3. 'se bilni
селбindo 2=b1 reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect1=b2. 'se bindo
селбinra 2=b1 insures/indemnifies1=b2 against peril3=b3 providing benefit4=b4. 'se binra
селбрo2=e1 reflects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect1=e2. 'seebro
селбрu2=b1brush for purpose1=b2 .event with bristles3=b3. 'se burcu
селбуъа2=b 1brother of/fraternal to1=b2 by bond/tie/standard/parent3=b3. 'se bruna
селбуъо2=b1 pertains to the Buddhist culture/religion/ethos in aspect1=b2. 'se budjo
селбumru 2=b 1foggy/misty/covered by floating droplets of liquid1=b2. 'se bumru
селшаъа 2=c 1apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function1=c2 controlled or triggered by3=c3 'se cabra
селшаъе 1shoved/pushed by2 at locus3
селшаъо 2=c1window/portal/opening in wall/building/structure1=c2. 'se canko
селшabna2=c 1current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with1=c2 in time. 'se cabna;
селшacra2=c1 is1=c2 hours in duration byk3=c3. 'se cacra
селшafne2=c1.event often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs byk1=c2. 'se cafne
селшalku2=c1shell/husk/hard, protective covering around1=c2 composed of3=c3. 'se calku
селшanci 2=c1 vanishes/disappears also location1=c2 according to senses/sensor3=c3. 'se canci
селшange 2=c1farm/ranch at1=c2, of rancher3=c3 raising/producing4=c4. 'se cange,
селшanja 2=c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity1=c2 for3=c3 with4=c4. 'se canja
селшanre 2=c 1sand/grit also source1=c2 of composition including3=c3. 'se canre;
селшanti 2=c 1the gut/entrails/intestines/viscera/innards/digestive system of body1=c2
селшei c2 believes in god/deity c1 with dominion over c3; c2 is a theist
селшиъа 1writing / a written thing / written text written by2 on3 with writing implement4
селшиъи1=c2 is interested in2=c1
селши ,sle1cell/atom/unit/molecule of2; 1indivisible, most basic subunit of2 ..x2 generally has mass nature;
селшлun 1filling of2
селшma2=c 1small in property/dimension1=c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3=c3. 'se cmalu
селшmipиъи 1the cross product of2 and3
селшmi 1the set whose members are2;2 are the members of1
селшнa2=c1shovel/spade/bladed digging implement for digging1=c2. 'se canpa
селшпажinkytoldуъетerbиъа t1=jt1=s 1AIDS ,Acquired immune deficiency syndrome with symptoms t2, of/among
t3=jt2=s2 acquired also source s3 Probably you could drop terbиъа .and maybe even sel-, to make the valsi shorter, and
still be understood. The long dictionary form has been entered here to understand the definition and etymology behind it
селшпи1bird species of/including .a particular bird2
селшрa 1 has in front of it object / location2 in frame of reference3. 1 has2 to its front
селштa 1examined/looked at by2
селдашру1filing system with drawer2 with drawer contents3
селдаnsu d2 is the music/rhythm accompanying dancer's d1.individual, mass
селдаu d2 is the position/stand taken by d1 arguing against position/stand d3
селкаъе k2 .event/state ,can be done/,is capable of being done by k1 under conditions of k3 .event/state
селкakclu c1 is/are full of tears wept by k1 about/for reason k3 .event/state; c1 is/are tearful
селкarlygau g1 collars/has a band put on k2, the collar/band being k1 made of material k3
селкиъа k2 is a yell/cry/howl also k1
селкla T destination1, goes2 also3 via route4 by means5
селкlu k2 is a civilization consisting of culture k1
селкra k2 originates also k1
селкриxa k2 is a yell/cry/howl also k1
селкуъе k2 is the interval/gap/area/scope/extent/range across which k1 ranges/extends/spans/persists/reaches
селкunti1material vacant also container2
селмаъе m2 rides m1
селмаъи2=m1 is1=m2 months in duration byk3=m3. 'se masti
селмаnsa m2 is satisfied by m1 with regard to property .ka/state m3
селмеъу2=m1 is1=m2 minutes in duration byk3=m3. 'se mentu
селмиъешatra c1=m2 executes c2 by method c3 as ordered by m1
селмикше m2 is a patient, treated by doctor/nurse m1 for ailment m3 with cure m4
селмlatu 1cat species with cat2
селмоjnoi 1=n1memorandum stating facts2=m2 about3=m3=n2 also author4=n3 to intended audience5=
n4=m1 who should remember2 about3
селнаъа2=n1 is1=n2 years in duration byk3=n3. 'se nanca
селнai 1people of nation with nation2
селнeъи1 contains/has inside it2
селнei 1liked by2
селниъи n2 logically follows n1 under rules/logic system n3
селнуъе n2 .event/state is a promise/commitment/assurance/threat n1 makes to n3 ,beneficiary/victim. .derived
селpre p2the personality/persona exhibited by p1. 2 can be other than a human
селpуъа p2 enjoys p1 under condition p3
селрatni 1element with atoms2 of isotope3
селсinso s2 is the angle/arcsine of sine s1
селсku c2 is said by c1 to audience c3 via expressive medium c4
селсmu s2 means s1 to interpreter s3
селсnapra c1=s1speaker/headphones/acoustic transducer producing sound/acoustic energy c2=s2 also signal/source c3
2 is the sound itself .a tone, a song, singing, etc.,3 is the source .MP3, vinyl, cassette, 2” tape, etc
селсne 1dream subject with dreamer2
селсниду 2=s1 is1=s2 seconds in duration byk3=s3
селсnuti 1cause/commiter of/ contributor to accident2
селсnu s2 is the subject of discourse/expression s1
селспaji1=s2 is surprised/startled by2=s1
селспa 1plant species with plant2
селспe1 has spouse2 under law/system3
селсрustu st1=sr2 is a yard/courtyard/quadrangle/cloister, the location of st2 .object/event, enclosed by sr1
селсumji 1the difference2 minus3; 1the amount that remains in substracting3 also2
селсutra 1done fast by2
селтаднi t2 is the subject studied by t1
селтаnjo t2 is the angle/arctangent of tangent t1
селтарbi 1pregnant with embryo2 also father3
селтахygau g1 boxes t2 inside t1
селчana t2 is a network/transport/communication/distribution system with nodes/stations including t1
селчi1=t2 is the purpose of tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement2=t1
селчу 1needed by2 for purpose3
селтеъабрa b1=t2 is huge/enormous/tremendous in property b2 and feared by b3=t1'selteъа+барда
селтеъа t2 .event frightens/scares/is feared by t1
селтеъи1 is/are the only one's with property2 among3
селтеnfa 1an3rd root of2
селтепtce m1=t2 is fearsome/terrifying/horrifying to t1
селтиъифla f1=s2 is a bill specifying f2 'state/event for community f3 under conditions f4,
proposed/drafted by s1
селтинynalkаъе 1inaudible to2 against background/under conditions3
селтивni1program televised by2 via channel3 to television/receiver4
селтоъи t2 .load/force/torque twists/causes torsion in t1
селтрa t2 .NU is the conduct behaved by agent t1 under condition t3
селтse 1sat on by2
сеншi 1 sneezes .intransitive verb
сениъинаi ,BAI* nibli modal, 2nd place entails nevertheless ...
сениъи ,BAI* nibli modal, 2nd place entails therefore ...
сенпи ,sen1 doubts/is dubious/doubtful/skeptical/questions that2 .dуъу is true
:2 is doubtful/dubious/questionable .=selsenpi for reordered places
сента ,set1layer/stratum ,shape/form of2 ,material within structure/continuum/composite3
сенвa ,sev sne 1 dreams about/that2 fact/idea/event/state;2 is a dream/reverie of1
сепаъа ,BAI* panra modal, 2nd place similarly; similar to ...
сепаъу ,BAI* pagbu modal, 2nd place .whole partially; as a part of ...
сепcau s 1immediately next to2
сепиъо ,BAI* pilno modal, 2nd place .instrumental tool/machine/apparatus/acting entity; using .tool ...
сеплi ,sep sei 1apart/separate also2, separated by partition/wall/gap/interval/separating medium3
сепоъи ,BAI* porsi modal, 2nd place sequentially; sequenced by rules ...
сепуъа ,BAI* pluka modal, 2nd place .for pleasingly; pleasing ...; in order to please ...
сепуъе ,BAI* pruce modal, 2nd place .inputs processing also inputs ...
сераъа ,BAI* srana modal, 2nd place .pertaining to relevantly; concerning ... .less specific
сераъи ,BAI* krasi modal, 2nd place originally; as an origin/starting point of ..
сераi ,BAI* traji modal, 2nd place .property - est; most extremely; superlative in ...
сериъанаi ,BAI* ринка modal, 2nd place .phys./mental causal nevertheless ...
сериъа ,BAI* ринка modal, 2nd place .phys./mental causal therefore ...
сериъи seri'i ,BAI* lifri modal, 2nd place experiencing ...; undergoing ...
серlaximorfa s1shark of species s2
сертi ,ser1 are stairs/stairway/steps for climbing structure2 with steps3
сесau ,BAI* sarcu modal, 2nd place .process necessarily; necessary for ..
сесиъу ,BAI* sidju modal, 2nd place assisting ... .in doing/maintaining something
сесрe1 reflects USSR 'soviet Union/Soviet culture/Soviet nationality in aspect2
softo doesnъt mean Soviet ! Besides, some modern Russians hate Soviet period of their country. What is more,
Russian Empire, USSR and Russian Federation are three different countries and CIS is not a country at all
сетаъи ,BAI* tadji modal, 2nd place methodically; as a method for doing ...
сетаi ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 2nd place similarly; resembling ... .in ideal form
tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal form/shape3 in property4
сечa ,seъа1.agent inserts/interposes/puts/deposits2 into interior3/into among/between members of3
сетиъи ,BAI* stidi modal, 2nd place suggestively; suggesting .idea/action ...
сетиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 2nd place .for letters at the same time as ... ; label with event
сетуъи ,BAI* stuzi modal, 2nd place as a location of ..
севаъаи ,BAI* звати modal; 2nd place .with temporary location..
севаъо ,BAI* vanbi modal, 2nd place .environment as conditions/environment of/for ...
севаъу ,BAI*amgu modal, 2nd place benefi-ciary case tag for the benefit of...; with beneficiary ...
севzi ,sez seъи1self/ego/id/identity-image of2
сезau ,BAI* занру modal, 2nd place approvingly; approving ...
сезmlugau g1=se2 pretends to have property.ies si2 to observer si3 under conditions si4
сезрeъо r1=s2 throws/launches/casts/hurls oneself to/at/in direction r3
сезуъе ,BAI* zukte modal, 2nd place purposefully; goalfully acting at ...
сезьcatra1 commits suicide / kills him/herself by method2
сезьcиъи c 1self-interested
сезьcitri c 1the autobiography of s2=c2=c3
сезьфanta f1=s2 exercises/show self-restraint .also sevzi fanta c.f. nunsezyfanta
сезьжгидуъе j1=s2 is conceited byk d3
сезьseъу 1=sel1=sev2selfish/selfserving/egotistical in regard to activity2=sel3.1=sel1=sev2 is an egotist
сезьskinoi n1autobiography/resume/home page of n2=n3, intended for n4
сезьsku s1=c1 says c2 to itself
сезьzeъа s1=z1 improves itself/is selfimproving/augmenting/increasing in property/quantity z2 by amount z3
се ,sel ,SE 2nd conversion; switch 1st/2nd places
сфаni 1fly ,a small non-stinging flying insect of species/breed2
сфаsa 1.agent punishes2 for infraction3 .event/state/action with punishment4
event/state. chastise, castigate, chasten, discipline, correct .one sense; also4 penalty
сфeъеро1 reflects Swedish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
сфоfa ,sfo1sofa/couch .noun
сфуbu ,sub sуъу1 dives/swoops ,manner of controlled falling to2 also3
сиъартersla sl3 is an ceremony/celebration for recognizing/honoring si2 .object of esteem with participants sl1=si1
сиъарxai1.event hurts/damages the respect/high regard/esteem for2=s2 held by by s1 with result4 'state
сиъаstu st1place of honor/,shrine/podium/wall area/trophy case for person/thing/,event st2=si2 venerated/honored by si1
сиъа ,UI3b discursive: similarly
сиъерdиъу d 1igloo for purpose d2
сиъертаъо t1=s1snowboard of material/property t2. .From tanbo, snime
сиъе ,MOI convert number to portion selbri; 1.nth portion of mass/totality2;
сиъирзбапрali p 1seigniorage earned by p2=z1 in making coin z2=s1
сиъи ,VUhU4 trinary mathematical operator: ,sigma summation of a using variable b over range c
сиъо ,siz ,NU abstractor: idea/concept abstractor;1 is2ъs concept of ,bridi
сиъу ,BAI sidju modal, 1st place .aiding agent aided by ...
сибvidru v1idea-carrying virus/meme/self-propagating idea capable of infecting/currently infecting v3=s3 with
idea/concept/belief/opinion s1 about thing / topic / subject s2. .vidru place 2 is dropped due to redundancy with sidbo
сишкоъо s1 reflects Irish culture/nationality/language in aspect s2
сишлu 1 ,sound source whistles/makes whistling sound/note/tone/melody2
сишнi ,sиъи1coin/token/is specie issued by2 having value3 of composition including4
сидbo ,sib sиъо1.idea abstract is an idea/concept/thought about2 .object/abstract by thinker3
adjective: 1ideal/ideational
сидju ,dju1 helps/assists/aids object/person2 do/achieve/maintain event/activity3
сидьsmu1figurative/metaphorical/nonliteral meaning/interpretation of2 recognized/seen/accepted by3
сифнaptera 1flea of species2
сигja ,sig1cigar/cigarette/cigarillo made also tobacco/smokable substance2 by3
сигваъу v1cigarette/cigar smoker; v1 smokes cigarettes/cigars
силкa ,sik1quantity of/contains/is made of silk produced by2
силнa1portion/quantity of salt also source2, of composition including3
симbasti1 trades places with2 in circumstance3
симbasygau1 interchanges2 and3 in circumstance4
симbиъо s1=b1.mass/set integrate / unite with each other, displaying quality s2
симдаъа1 fight ,each other over issue2 .abstract
симlu ,mlu1 seems/appears to have property.ies2 to observer3 under conditions4
:1 seems like it has2 to3; suggest belief/observation .=mlugau, mlutиъи; looks like/resembles .=smimlu, mitmlu
симпаpybиъо1 make up/peace with each other under condition2
симпеъо1 are friends ,of each other
симsa ,smi 1similar/parallel to2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni;1 looks/appears like2. :1likeness/image of2;1 and2 are
alike; similarity and parallel differ primarily in emphasis
симsimu 1sesame of species/variety2
симsumji 1the sum of all of2 added together
симxu ,sim sиъу1'set has members who mutually/reciprocally2 .event ,x1 should be re- flexive in 1+ sumti
Members of 1 do to each other/one another 2, and in return do2;1.plural set do the same thing2 to each other
since 1snake/serpent of species/breed2
синшykaifиъе 1eel of species2
синмa ,sиъа1 esteems/respects/venerates/highly regards2 ,object of respect
:2 is respected/esteemed/celebrated .=selsиъа for reordered places
синсo 1the trigonometric sine of angle/arcsine2
синхa ,sni1sign/symbol/signal representing/referring/signifying/meaning2 to observer3 :1 signifies2; .adjective:
1significant/meaningful/of import; signal an action .=snitиъи, connotation .=se sibytиъисni, sibytиъисmu
сипнa ,sip 1asleep .adjective;1 sleeps/is sleeping
сипsаъа sa1 sings lullaby sa2 to sa3=si1
сипsavgau g1=s1 snores
сипselsаъа sa2 is a lullaby sung by sa1 to sa3=si1
сипsmacu1dormouse of species2
сиптаъи t1=s 1sleepy; t1=s1 needs/wants sleep
сирji ,sir 1straight/direct/line segment/interval between2 and3; .adjective: 1linear
сирсунла 1is a quantity of/made also/consists of fur of animal/species/source2
сирxo ,six1 reflects Syrian culture/nationality in aspect2
сисku ,sis1 seeks/searches/looks for property2 among set3 .complete specification of set
If searching for an object or an event, use tуъа in2
сиспeъи s1=p1 finds s2=p2 at/in location p3
систi ,sti1 ,agent ceases/stops/halts/ends activity/process/state2 ,not necessarily completing it
ситнa ,sit1 cites/quotes/refers to/makes reference to source2 for information/statement3 .dуъу
ситsku c1=s1 cites/quotes c2=s3 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 also source s2
сивni ,siv 1private/personal/privy/,secret/confidential/confined to2; 1not-public/hidden. : 1secret
one sense;2 is in the know/in touch with/privy to1.=selsivni for reordered places; exclusion can be expressed by
naъе.bo in2: excluded/in the dark .=nalselsivni
сивьpоъешиъе c 1capitalism as practiced by p1=s2
си ,SI erase the last rban word, treating nonrban text as a single word
скапи ,kap1pelt/skin/hide/leather also2
скари ,ska1 is/appears to be of color/hue2 as perceived/seen by3 under conditions4
Conditions may include lighting, background, etcskefиъа c 1science/technology-oriented science fiction about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3, based on science s1
known as “hard science fiction”
скеzуъе z1engineer in the branch of s2 based on methodology s3 with purpose/goal z3
скиcu ,ski1 tells about/describes2 .object/event/state to audience3 with description4 .property
скиji ,sij1ski/skid/skate/runner for surface .of material2 supporting skier/skater/sled/cargo3
скинa ,kin1cinema/movie/film about2 ,plot/theme/subject/activity, filmmaker3, for audience4
motion picture;2 may be a convention rather than a subject; cartoon/animation .=selхрашиъа skina;
television/tvshow .=tivy skina, regardless of length, factual content, etc
скомаъе m 1aerial tramway carrying m2 in/on lift m3, propelled by m4=s1
скоrbuti 1 has scurvy with symptoms2
скоri ,sko 1cord/cable/rope/line/twine/cordage/woven strands of material2
скоspa1vine of genus/species/variety2
скоto ,kot kоъо1 reflects Gaelic/Scottish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
скуbancu 1metalinguistic with respect to the expression by2 of text3 for audience4 via medium5
скудji d1 means/intends to say c2 to c3 via medium c4
скуmиъе m1=c1 expresses/states an order to m2=c3 for m3 .event/state to happen
скуро ,kуъо1groove/trench/furrow ,shape/form in object/surface2
скуtadji t1manner of expression of c1, saying c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3
слаbu ,sau 1old/familiar/well-known to observer2 in feature3 .ka byk4.
This can cover both meanings of old. Old in years, i.e. age, can be conveyed through2=the world, life
слаka 1syllable in language2
сламi1quantity of/contains/is made of cid of composition2; .adjective: 1acidic
2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification
слаnu 1cylinder ,shape/form of material2
слаri ,sar 1sour/tart to observer2
слаsi ,las1quantity of/is made of/contains plastic/polymer of type/component unit's2
слемidju 1nucleus of cell2 ,default biological
слишкa s1=c1cradle made of c2, holding c3, rocking at speed s2 through positions s3. .цы vercka.
слигau g1 swings s1
слигu ,lig 1solid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3
Conditions include temperature and пресsureslilu ,sli1 oscillates at rate/frequency2 through set/sequence-of-states3
complete specification. expressible either with desku or slilu: side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal
слири 1quantity of/contains/is made of sulfur/brimstone 's; ,metaphor: foul odor, volcanic
слоska 1golden/gold-colored when viewed by2 under conditions3
словino 1Slovenian/Slovene in aspect2
словo ,lov lоъо1 reflects Slavic language/culture/ethos in aspect2
служi ,slu 1a/the muscle ,body-part controlling2, of body3; ,metaphor: tools of physical power
слуни 1quantity of/contains onions/scallions of type/cultivar2
смашнi c1calm about2=c3
смашрkobaiu1guinea pig of species2. .From rodent species ъCavia cobayаъ.
смашu 1mouse of species/breed
смадi1 guesses/conjectures/surmises2 .dуъу is true about subject3; ,epistemology.
:1 has a hunch that2 is true;1 imagines2 is true; words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
смажi ,sma1'source is quiet/silent/,still at observation point2 byk3
смаni1monkey/ape/simian/baboon/chimpanzee of species/breed2
смаnyjinkytoldуъевidru v1=jt1=s 1SIV ,Simian immunodeficiency virus of jt2. .From smani, jinkytoldуъе, vidru
s2, v2 and v3 subsumed
смаsku c1 whispers c2=s1'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4, quietly byk s3
смелa 1plum/peach/cherry/apricot/almond/sloe ,fruit .genus Prunus of species/variety2 .zirsmela for plum, unsmela
for cherry, najysmela for peach, pelsmela for apricot, rиъонсmela for almond, blasmela for sloe
смимlu siml1=sims1 resembles/looks like/appears to be similar/parallel to sims2 in property/quantity
sims3 to observer сiml3 under conditions siml4
смокa ,smo1sock/stocking ,flexible foot and lower leg garment of material2
смуci ,muc1spoon/scoop .tool for use2, made of material3
смудukti d1 and d2=s2 antonyms of each other
смугаu g1 refers to s1 with expression s2 recognized by s3
смунi ,mun smu1meaning/interpretation of2 recognized/seen/accepted by3. .Referential meaning .=selsni, snismu
смуske sa 1semantics with methodology sa3
смувanbi v1the context of meaning v2=s1 of event/action/object s2 recognized by s3
снадаъи d1 knocks on/hits door/object d2 with instrument ,or body-part d3 making sound s1 snada ,sad1 ,agent succeeds
in/achieves/completes/accomplishes2 as a result of effort/attempt/try3. :1 reaches2; .adjective: 1successful;2
снаnu ,nan 1to the south/southern side of2 according to frame of reference3
снапиsa 1mustard of species/breed2
снаsni1sound/acoustic signal, produced/emitted by2 and meaning3 to4 .listener.
снавеitci t1microphone for recording sound s1 produced/emitted by s2
снавеi v1sound recording of v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 on recording medium v4
снежуъе1dreamcatcher, passing dreams2, stopping dreams3, with netting properties4.
сниcne 1variable taking value2 under conditions3
снидаrиъа 1jellyfish/jelly/sea jelly/member of phylum Cnidaria of species/breed2
сниду 1is2 seconds in duration is 1 second byk3
снимe ,sиъе 1made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of snow
снипa ,nip 1 adheres/sticks to2; .adjective: 1sticky/gummy/adhesive
сниsimsumji 1the sigma summation of expression2 with variable3 over domain4
снужi 1sandwich/layering ,not restricted to food of2 sandwiched between3
снуti 1.event/state is an accident/unintentional on the part of2; 1accident
соъа ,soj ,PA4 digit/number: almost all .digit/number
соъеро ,ROI* tense interval modifier: usually; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
соъе ,sop ,PA4 digit/number: most
соъимеи ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert many to cardinal;1set with many members2 of total set3
соъироi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: many times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
соъи ,sor sоъи ,PA4 digit/number: many
соъо ,sos ,PA4 digit/number: several
соъуроi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: a few times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
соъу ,sot ,PA4 digit/number: few
собde ,sob sоъе1quantity of soya ,grain/bean of species/strain2
собьsanso sa 1soy sauce for use with sa2, containing ingredients including sa3
соднa1quantity of/contains/is made of alkali metal of type2 ,default sodium potassium, lithium, cesium. Soda
соднrkali 1potassium
содva ,sod 1made of/contains/is a quantity of a carbonated beverage/soda of flavor/brand2. : soft drink .though this
sometimes includes tea and coffee as distinct also alcoholic beverages which are ”hard drinks”
софto ,sof 1 reflects Russian empire/USSR/ex-USSR 'soviet/CIS culture/nationality in aspect2
софьбакнi Nonce word; no clear meaning. Something like1Soviet cow of species / breed2
соирsai sa1field ration consisting of dishes including sa2, for so1 of army so2
сои ,SOI discursive: reciprocal sumti marker; indicates a reciprocal relationship between sumti
сокиъо ,PA* number/quantity: 9,000 expressed with comma
солжi ,slo1quantity of/contains/is made of gold .Au; ,metaphor: valuable, heavy, non-reactive
солри 1the sun of home planet2
сомbo ,som sоъо1 sows/plants2 ,crop/plants at/in3
сомоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 9 to ordinal selbri; 1ninth among2 ordered by rule3
соншi ,son soi1soldier/warrior/fighter of army2
сорgu ,sog1quantity of sorghum of species/strain2
сорjaknykarce k1multiple rocket launcher propelled by k3sorjontai t1web-shape, manifested by t2
сорнai n1international group of peoples n2
сорпаъа p1 hopes for p2 .event; p1 hopes that p2 happens. .p2 is possible and has medium probability
совда ,sov sоъа 1egg/ovum/sperm/pollen/gamete of/also organism ,mother/father2
со ,soz ,PA1 digit/number: 9 .digit ,nine
спабиъу b1hedge separating b2 and b3 in b4 made of plants of species s2
спашivla 1aphid of genus/species2
спажi ,paj 1.event/action abstract surprises/xpected ,and generly sudn to2 expectation .=nalspaji, alarm .=tepspaji
спалi1.agent polishes object/surface2 with polish3, applied using tool4
спанo ,san1 reflects Spanish-speaking culture/nationality/language in aspect2
Metaphorical restriction to Spain by contrast withispo .comparable to the distinction between glico and
merko/sralo/brito/kadno; Spain .=sangуъе; Spanish dialects spoken in Spain, especially Castillian .=sansanбау
спарagusa1quantity of asparagus of species/strain2
спаske sa 1botany concerned with plants of type sp2 based on methodology sa3
спатi ,spa1plant/herb/greenery of species/strain/cultivar2. .adjective: 1vegetable/vegetal
спеni ,spe 1married to2;1spouse of2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention3
спеnуъе1=s1=n 1engaged to2=s2=n3 by law/convention3=s3
спестi1=sp1=st 1divorced also2=sp2 by law/convention3=sp3
списa ,spi1 ,object/substance is a piece/portion/lump/chunk/particle of2 ,substance
спитa 1hospital treating patient's2 for condition/injuries/disease/illness3
спофu ,pof pоъу 1broken/inoperable/broken down/non-utile/not usable for function2
спогau g1 destroys, using/through event d1, object/person d2
спожa bursts/explodes/violently breaks up/decomposes/combusts into pieces/energy/fragments 2
споstapa sp1=st1 crushes/destroys by stomping sp2=st2 using limbs st3
спрanto1 reflects Esperanto language/culture/community in aspect2
спуда ,spu1 answers/replies to/responds to person/object/event/situation/stimulus2 with response3. 3 also answer/reply
If2 is a person/object, it will usually require ”tуъа” indicating that the reply/response is to that person/object
oing something. ”tуъа” may not be needed if the person/object itself is the stimulus, rather than something itis oing
спутu ,put pуъу1 spits/expectorates2 ,predominantly liquid also3 to/onto4 'saliva/spit/sputum/spittle .=molselpуъу
сражi ,raj 1vertical/upright/erect/plumb/oriented straight up and down in reference frame/gravity2
сракu ,rak 1,abrasive/cutting/scratching object/implement scratches/,carves/erodes/cuts ,into2
сралo1 reflects Australian culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
сралyбау s1=b 1the Australian glis language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
срана ,rаъа1 pertains to/is germane/relevant to/concerns/is related/associated with/is about2. :1question of/treats
of2; can be symmetric, although 1conventionally more specific or constrained in scope than2
сраsu ,sas1blade/expanse of grass of species2. .Lawn/meadow .=sasfoi
среbadbиъа bi1=ba2 is allergic to ba3 with symptoms bi2
среbandu1 erroneously defends2 against3;2 is allergic to3
срера ,sre 1 errs in doing/being/making mistake2.event, an error under conditions 3 byk 4
срибаъа d1=b1stripe on surface b2 of material d2=b3
срубоъу s1=b1rib of s2=b2. .During the development of mammalian embryos, fusedon remnants of ribs can be traced
in neck vertebrae .cervical ribs and sacral vertebrae. In reptiles, ribs sometimes occur in all vertebrae
сруклa k1=s1 comes/goes to k2 also k2 around s2
срумa ,rуъа1 assumes/supposes that2 .dуъу is true about subject3; ,epistemology
Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
срумуъа m 1iris/diaphragm covering m2, made of m3
срумуъу m1=s1 orbits s2 in direction s3 using orbit m4
срупунжi p1 puts/places p2 around s2
срурi ,rur sru1 encircles/encloses/is surrounding2 in direction's/dimension's/plane3. ..jinsru=1ring/belt/band/girdle
around/circling/ringing2 near total containment in some dimension's
срутаъу t1=s1scarf worn on body part t2=s2. .Includes ”neckscarf” .nebysrutаъу, ”headscarf”
sedysrutаъу, and ”waistscarf” .befsrutаъу. Worn for warmth, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons
сташe ,sac 1honest/open/truthfully revealing to/candid/frank with2 about matter/fact3 straight, straight-forward
стагаu g1 parks/moors/berths/anchors vehicle s1 at s2
стаги 1the edible2 portion of plant3;1vegetable. .Note that fruits and nuts are also vegetables; generally this word
will be used for either the general category of edible plants, or for non-fruit vegetables .=nalrutstagi
стагнrafanu1radish .root/bulb of variety2 .also stagi and ъRapharus sativusъ
стагрleoxari1water chestnut .corm of variety2
стагьштi c1vegetarian that eats vegetables s3
стаku ,tak1quantity of/contains/is made of ceramic made by2, of composition3, in form/shape4
Made of baked clay or other non-metallic solid;3: composition including3, which need not be complete specification
стали ,sta1 remains/stays at/abides/lasts with2
стаni 1a/the stalk/stem/trunk ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: main support
стаnьcma c1=s 1a/the sprout/shoot of plant/species s2 byk/norm c3
стаnьxruba1quantity of rhubarb of species/strain2
стапа ,tap1 steps/treads on/in surface2 using limbs3
стаsu quantity of soup/stew/olla/olio ,food of ingredients including2
2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component of1
статi1 has a talent/aptitude/innate skill for doing/being2
стеba ,seb 1 feels frustration about 2.abstraction
стешi ,tec teъи 1specific/particular/specialized/,special/a defining property of2 among3 'set. .,x2
are members/individuals of a subset of3; object whose association is specific/defining of a subset or individuals .=
tecrаъа, also cf. шмаво list pоъе, ,x2 is also special to1; also: especially/strongly/specifically associated;
3 is completely specified set;
стедu ,sed 1a/the head ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: uppermost portion. 'skull .=sedbоъу
стелa ,tel1lock/seal of/on/for sealing2 with/by locking mechanism3
стеро ,teъо1 is2 steradian's ,metric unit in solid angle .default is 1 byk3
стиci ,sic 1to the west/western side of2 according to frame of reference3
стидi ,sid tиъи1.agent suggests/proposes idea/action2 to audience3;1.event inspires2 in/among3
стикa ,tik 1.event adjusts/regulates/changes2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3
стириъа1cause with cease2 with causation conditions3
стизu ,tiz 1chair/stool/seat/bench, a piece or portion of a piece of furniture intended for sitting
стодi ,sto 1constant/invariant/unchanging in property2 .ka in response to stimulus/conditions3
стунa 1is to the east/eastern side of 2 according to frame of reference 3
стурa 1structure/arrangement/organization of2 ,set/system/complexity
стузi ,tuz stu 1inherent/inalienable site/place/position/situation/spot/location of2 .object/event. .Generally used for
normally stationary objects/events, to give their ъpermanentъ location
суъанаi ,UI*2 evidential: I generalize - I particularize; discursive: abstractly - concretely
суъа ,UI2 evidential: I generalize - I particularize; discursive: abstractly - concretely
суъе ,sup sуъе ,PA4 digit/number: at most .all; no more than
суъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: plus; addition operator; ,...a + b + c + ....
суъореmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert at least 2 to cardinal selbri;1set with plural membership2.
суъореmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert at least 2 to ordinal selbri; 1at-least-2nd among2 by rule3.
суъо ,suz sуъо ,PA4 digit/number: at least 'some; no less than.
суъу ,suv ,NU abstractor: generalized abstractor .how; 1,bridi as a non-specific abstraction of type2.
сушкancu1=k1 estimates numerical value2=k3=s1 about3=s2
суштa ,suc1'sиъо is abstracted/generalized/idealized also2 ,something concrete by rules3
судga 1dry of liquid2; .adjective: 1arid
суфti 1a/the hoof ,body-part of2
суксa 1.event/state is sudden/sharply changes at stage/point2 in process/property/function3 abrupt, discontinuous
сумжi 1mathematical sum/result/total of2 plus/increased by3
сумkаъи1pro-sumti/pronoun representing2 as argument of predicate/function3 filling place 4
сумнe1.experiencer smells/scents .transitive verb2;2 smells/has odor/scent to observer 1
сумpoi1termset/set of arguments of predicate/function2 filling places3
сумтi ,sum sуъи 1a/the argument of predicate/function2 filling place3 .kind/number. ..x1 and2 are text
сунгa ,sug1quantity of garlic ,bulb of species/strain2
сункоъо s1 reflects Scottish culture/nationality/language in aspect s2
сунла ,sul1quantity of/made also/consists of wool ,tight curly hair also animal/species/source2
сунсicyjudri j1the longitude/right ascension of j2 in system j3
сурla ,sur 1relaxes/rests/ in/by doing/being 2 .activity
суткla s1=k1 quickly comes/goes to destination k2 also origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
сутлиъу l1=s1 dashes/speeds/swiftly travels via route l2 using means/vehicle l3
сутрa ,sut 1fast/swift/quick/hastes/rapid at doing/being/bringing about 2.event/state
су erase to start of discourse or text; drop subject or start over
таъарsиъу s1'set discuss subject t2 in language t4
таъа ,COI vocative: interruption
таъенаi ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: nonhabitually; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
таъе ,TAhE tense interval modifier: habitually; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
таъи ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a method; how?
таъирvаъу v1=t1 yawns, expressing fatigue due to effort/situation t2 .event
таъи ,BAI tadji modal, 1st place .in manner 3 methodically; by method ...
таъонai ,UI*3 discursive: by the way - returning to main point.
таъо ,UI3 discursive: by the way - returning to main point
таъунаi ,UI*3a discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru
таъу ,UI3a discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru
табжme1diamond .gem also source2
табнo ,tab1quantity of/contains/is made of carbon/graphite/,diamond/charcoal; 1organic
табрa1horn/trumpet/trombone/bugle ,brass-wind/lip-reed musical instrument
табьbиъо b1=t 1charred/carbonized under conditions b3
табькрили k1crystalline carbon .default diamond in form/arrangement k3
табьselcmu 1organic/carbon-based. .organic applies to chemicals; carbon-based to life forms
ташпеъу1=p1.agent touches eir tongue to/licks2=p2=t2 at3=p4 ,a locus on2
t1 and p3 are implicitly the tongue of agent1
таэи 1,process is a method/technique/approach/means for doing2.event under conditions3
таднi ,tad1 studies/is a student of2;1scholar; .adjective: 1scholarly
тагжi ,tag 1snug/tight on2 in dimension/direction3 at locus4
талсa 1.person challenges2 at/in property3 for a challenging event/situation
тамшa 1tomato ,fruit/vegetable/plant of species/strain2
тамжi ,taj 1a/the thumb/big toe ,bodypart on limb2 of3; ,metaphor based on relative shape
Thumb 'specifically the hand=antamji, big toe .=jmatamji
тамжycausmani1colobus of species2
тамнe 1cousin to2 by bond/tie3; ,nonimmediate family member, default same generation
Probably preferred for metaphorical siblings .over bruna
тамсmi 1 has form2, similar in form to3 in property/quality4
тамтigypre p1=ti1model/mannequin serving fashion/artistic/commercial concept ti2=ta1
тамxri m1=t2 is a quantity of macaroni/penne/fusilli/shaped pasta in shape t1 made also grains m2
танбаргу b1rainbow at location b2=t2
танбo ,tаъо1board/plank ,3- dimensional long flat rectangle of material2
таншe ,tac 1a/the tongue ,body-part of2; .metaphor: similar to naзби, tamji, degji. ..adjective: 1lingual
танжo 1the trigonometric tangent of angle/arctangent2
танкo1quantity of tobacco ,leaf of species/strain2
танкьxуъиu 1nicotine with chemical purityu2
танмiнли1 is2 .default 1 parsec's
танрu ,tau 1binary metaphor formed with2 modifying3,givingmeaning4 in usage/instance5
тансi ,tas1pan/basin/tub/sink, a shallow container for contents2, of material/properties3
тантаъо t1=t1skysurfingboard of material/property t2
танхe ,tax tаъе 1box/carton/trunk/crate for contents2, and made of material3
таплa1tile/cake ,shape/form of material2, shape3, thickness4. .A tile is a 3- dimensional object, relatively uniform and
significant in the 3rd dimension, but thin enough that its shape in the the other two dimensions is a significant feature;
ъcity blockъ is conceptually a tile; polygon .=taplytai or kardytai - shaped like an approximately-2-dimensional block,
лижьшлupa - a loop composed of lines
тапsni si1track of st1 treading on surface st2 using limb st3
тапьгutci g1g2 pace/paces .length unit
тарбi 1embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg with mother2, and father3
таршi ,tar 1star/sun with stellar properties2
таркesyske 1stellar astronomy based on methodology2
тарксako 1dandelion of species2
тарla1quantity of/contains/is made of tar/asphalt also source2
тармi 1,ideal is the conceptual shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation2
тарсke s1astronomy based on methodology s3
тарсоъимеи s1a/the galaxy .default is the Milky Way
тартai tarm 1 tartai tarc2
тартi ,tra1 behaves/conducts oneself as/in-manner2 .event/property under conditions3 .adjective: 1behavioral
таскe1 thirsts for2;1 needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication2
татпи ,tаъи 1tired/fatigued by effort/situation2 .event;1 needs/wants rest
татру ,tat 1a/the breast/mammary/teat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: projection providing liquid .Nipple .=tatyjиъо
татьbиъо b1=t1 gets tired also t2 .event
татьдenxanto1=d2 is a mastodon of species2 .The mastodonъs glis name .and former genus name comes also
"breast-tooth" due to the unusual shape of its molars
They are not in the same family as elephants or mammothsantrmamutu
татьжиъо t1=j1 a nipple/teat .mammary papilla of t2
татьtаъу tax1bra with purpose tax2
тау ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: change case for next letteral only
тавлa ,tav tаъа 1 talks/speaks to 2 aboutsubject3 inlanguage4 Not limited to vocal speech, but this is implied bthe4
without context of some other medium of conversation .use cusku, casnu, skicu, ciksi for weaker implication of vocal
communication; converse/discuss/chat .=simtаъа, simsku, vricysimtаъа for a conversation not clearly delimited
by subject
тахfrbikini1bikin/two piece skimpy womanъs garment of material2 consisting of top3 and bottom4
Can be used in the sense of swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even skimpy outerwear
The key aspects are two piece, for women, and covering little more than the breasts and crotch
тахfu ,taf tаъу 1dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by2 .gender/species/body part serving purpose3
:2 can wear/is wearing1; refers to something intended for use as a garment, not merely
something that happens to be worn at some time .which need not be true for dasni
та ,taz ,KOhA6 pro-sumti: that there; nearby demonstrative it; indicated thing/place near listener
чаъанкa1jackfruit .Artocarpus heterophyllus of breed2
чабрiju b1the city/town hall of city/town t1
чашi ,cac1custom/habit/,ritual/rut of2 under conditions3 : 1customary/usual/the practice
чадu ,tca 1town/city of metropolitan area2, in political unit 3, serving hinterland/region4 .adjective: 1urban
чакali1jackal of species/breed2
чана 1station/on transport/communication/distribution system/network2. 2 may be represented by massed vehicles of system
чандana 1sandalwood of species/variety2
чаньlуъа1=p1network route/path to node2=p2=t1 also node3=p3=t1 via points/nodes4=p4 within transport
/communication/distribution system/network5=t2. .Unusual in that t1 appears more than once.4 is also really a set of t1s
чатi 1made of/contains/is a quantity of tea brewed also leaves2
чатрu tu 1the mayor of tu2=tc1
чатьpalne p1tea tray made of p3
чиъехo 1Czech in aspect2
чибрa b1=m 1huge/enormous/very big in property b2 with criterion b
чишрogau g1.person/agent tortures/inflicts severe pain on2=c1 at locus3=c2
чигei g 1delighted/ecstatic/overjoyed about g2 .event/state
чикau1.property - ka is global among2
чимпедаke1cempedak .Artocarpus champeden of breed2
чина ,ten1 stretches/extends to range2 ,interval/extent in dimension3 also relaxed range4
чипрujurme 1archaeon of species/defining property2. .The Archaea are a group of single-celled microorganisms
In the past they had been classed with bacteria as prokaryotes .=pruslemijyjиъе and named archaebacteria, but this
lassification is regarded as outdated
чипрuske 1archeology of/about subject matter2 based on methodology3
чипрu1.object/thing is ancient
чисnosli 1oscillate with oscillation state2
чишa ,tic 1event/experience misleads/deceives/dupes/fools/cheats/tricks2 into3 .event/state. .Agentive deception .=
ticygau, ticyzуъе;3 could be an action or a belief on the part of2; harmful intent or result is not implied .=
malticyzуъе for such harmful intent; self deception .=sezytcica; deceive/trick into misguided action .=ticyxlu;
misguided belief .=ticкри; fib/lie/tell an untruth/lie/fib .=ticysku, jifsku, white lie .=zanticysku
чидu ,tid 1,agent reads2 ,text also surface/document/reading material3;1reader
чикаи c1=t 1practical, likely to be applicable to event c2=t2
чика1 ,hours, minutes, seconds is the time/hour of state/event2 on day3 at location4 оъclock, time-of-day. .time
units in1 are specified as numbers separated by pиъе or are unit values massified with joi
чикьгаъи1 reschedules also time2,hours, minutes, seconds state/event3 to time4,hours, minutes, seconds
чикьгau g1 schedules time t1 ,hours, minutes, seconds for state/event t2 on day t3 at location t4
чилa ,til1detail/feature/particular of2
чимa ,tim tиъа 1weather at place/region2; .adjective: 1meteorological. .Climate .=citsytиъа, timymоъа
чимпазi1chimpanzee of species/subspecies2
чинi 1,state/property situation/condition/state/position/are conditions/circumstances of2
Characteristics or environment of an object/event/process stage or state that are typically/potentially only temporary
чита1label/tag of2 showing information3
читьгau g1 puts a label t1 on t2 showing information t3
чивеljai j4=t1handle on object j2 with purpose t2
чокумте1llama/vicuna/alpaca/g uanaco of species2
чужиъе n1=j1parasite on n2
теъа ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: to the power; exponential; ,a to the b power
теъекнo1form of techno music performed/created by2 with characteristics3
теъе ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; edged by/edging up to ...
теъисki sk1 specifies sk2=st2 among st3 to audience sk3 as having property sk4=st1
теъо ,PA5 digit/number: exponential e .approx 2.71828....
теъу ,TEhU elidable terminator: end conversion between non-mex and mex; usually elidable
тебау ,BAI* бангу modal, 3rd place .expression language expressing ...
тебеъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 3rd place 'source sent to receiver ...
тебрulspa1plant of the mint family, of genus/species/variety2
тебькрe k1the moustache of k2=c2
тешаъи ,BAI* catni modal, 3rd place authoritatively; with basis of authority ...
тешиъе ,BAI* ciste modal, 3rd place of system components ...
тешиъо ,BAI* cinmo modal, 3rd place .attitude about emotionally; emoting about ...
тешуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 3rd place .3rd party hearsay as told to ...
тешьжуъи j1particular/fastidious about j2=s1
тешьseъу s 1committed to s2 with service s3 tecyvla v1term/jargon
also a specialised area of knowledge meaning v2=s2 inlanguage v3
тедeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 3rd place on a date measured at location ...
тедиъо ,BAI* diklo modal, 3rd place locally; at specific locus within range ...
тедmre m1 surveys t1=m2 as m3 .map or measurements in unit m4 with accuracy m
тедуъи ,BAI* dунли modal, 3rd place equally; equal in property ...
тедуъо ,BAI* djuno modal, 3rd place knowingly; knowing about ...
тедьдei 1Saturday of week2 on calendar3
тедьske s1=t 1earth science ,science about earth/soil based on methodology s3. .terdi2, terdi3 and састе2 subsumed
1allembracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth. It is arguably a special case in planetary
science. Not limited to reductionistic science, but also embrace holistic views
тефиъе ,BAI* финти modal, 3rd place creatively; created for purpose ...
тефpиъи1 is2 times the4th power of3
тефsujmeъо m1polynomial in t2 of degree t3 interpreted by rules m2
тегаъа ,BAI* zgana modal, 3rd place observed by means ...
теи ,TEI composite letteral follows; used for multi-character letterals.
тежаъи ,BAI* javni modal, 3rd place orderly; by rule within system ...
текиъи ,BAI* ckini modal, 3rd place with relation ...
текоi ,BAI* korbi modal, 3rd place .bounding bordering ...
телаъу ,BAI* klani modal, 3rd place quantity measured on scale ...
телшaugau g1 unlocks/unseals c1=s2 using lock/seal s1 with mechnism s3
телeъа ,BAI* klesi modal, 3rd place .category defined by quality ...
телгаъо g1=s2 is locked, preventing access to g2 by g3, the lock being s1 using mechanism s3
телгau g1 locks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3
телиъе ,BAI* lidne modal, 3rd place ordered within sequence ...; non-time sequence
темаъе ,BAI* marji modal, 3rd place in material form ...
темаъи ,BAI* manri modal, 3rd place .of reference observed/measured with/by rules ...
темау ,BAI* zmadu modal, 3rd place .relative! more than/exceeding in property ...
темшимни c 1eternal/everlasting
темшi ,tem tei 1thetimeduration/interval/period/ vent2 to time/event3. age/elapsed time .=niltei
темуъи ,BAI* мукти modal, 3rd place motivated/motivating per the volition of ...
темуъу ,BAI* mupli modal, 3rd place as an example out of the set of ...
тенфa ,tef 1the exponential result of base2 to power/exponent3
тенгau g1 extends t1 to range t2 ,interval/extent in dimension t3 also relaxed range t4
тенгu ,teg teъу1.property-ka is a texture of2
тениъи ,BAI* nibli modal, 3rd place entailment under logic system ...
тепаъа ,BAI* panra modal, 3rd place .property contrastingly; contrasting in property ...
тепиъо ,BAI* pilno modal, 3rd place .instrumental a tool usage for purpose ...
тепоъи ,BAI* porsi modal, 3rd place sequentially; as an order on set of items ...
тепselspaji s2=t 1alarmed/startled by s1=t2
тепspaji s1=t2 alarms/startles s2=t1
тепуъа ,BAI* pluka modal, 3rd place pleasingly; being pleasing under conditions ...
тепуъе ,BAI* pruce modal, 3rd place .outputs processing into outputs ...
тераi ,BAI* traji modal, 3rd place 'superlative -est; most extremely; at extreme ...
терbanxa3=b1bank owned by/in banking system2=b2 for banking functions1=b3 .event. .te banxa
терbanzu3=b1.object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose2=b2 under conditions1=b3. .te banzu;
тербаргу3=b1 arches/шурвес over/around2=b2 and is made of1=b3;
3=b 1arch over/around2=b2 of material1=b3
тербаржа3=b1tavern/bar/pub serving2=b2 to audience/patrons1=b3. .te баржа
тербасна3=b1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to2=b2 by .action1=b3. .te басна
терbasti3=b1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of2=b2 in circumstance1=b3;3=b1replacement/substitute. .te basti
терbatci 1the locus where2 is bitten/pinched by3 with4.
терbatke3=b1button/knob/handle on/for item2=b2, with purpose1=b3, made of material4=b4. .te batke
тербау3=b1language/dialect used by2=b2 to express/communicate1=b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
тершma3=c 1small in property/dimension2=c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm1=c3. .te cmalu
терштu1teaching/ something taught to audience2 by teacher3 about subject4 by method5.
терdei3=d1 is2=d2 full days in duration byk1=d3. .te djedi
тердi 1the Earth/the home planet of race2; .adjective: 1terrestrial/earthbound
dertu for ground, dirt, except when used to express physical relative frame
of reference E.g. on the ground, the ground beneath us
терdji 1the purpose for which2 is wanted by3
терdrata d3 distinguishes between d2 and d1
терdzu3=c1 walks/strides/paces on surface2=c2 using limbs1=c3
терфagri 1oxidizer .by default air/oxygen for fuel2 burning in fire3
терфarnilfrica 1the difference between frame of reference2 and frame of reference3. .magnetic variation is the
difference between the magnetic reference frame and the rotational reference frame; see makfartci
терфendi f3 is a section of f2 divided by agent f1 and method f4
терфra f3 incites reaction f2 also reactor f1 under condition f4
терфуъе f3 charges responsibility f2 to f1
терganzu g3 is a setup of g2 arranged by g1 based on principle g4
терgуъи1light source with lit2 with light3
терjmi 1subject with fact/truth2 understood by3
терjonмаъо 1connective/conjunction of grammatical class2 for joining 3 and4 in language5
терjutsi 1family ,biology with genus2, species3, within order4, class5
терjvi1contest/competition between rival/opponent2 and participant/competitor3 with gain/prize4
теркagni k3 is the charter/business/purpose granted/authorized/agreed to by authority k2 to/for
company/corporation/firm/partnership k1
теркai3 considers1 as2 .ka
теркarni k3 publishes journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper k1 with content k2 for audience k4
термeъу3=m1 is2=m2 minutes in duration byk1=m3. .te mentu
термиъу m3 identifies m2 with m1
термоnsиъо s1=m3 is a model of forms/events m2 by which m1=s2 is arranged, as thought by s3
термоsra m3 .non-agentive rubs/brushes/scrubs against m2 with frictional force m1
тернаъа3=n1 is2=n2 years in duration byk1=n3
тернoi n3 notifies / reports about n2 in message n1 to audience n4
тернupcpe n3=c1 makes a reservation n2=c2 also service provider n1=c3 by means c4
терпa ,tep teъа1 fears2; 1afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of2 .event/tуъа object :1 feels terror about2;
2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to1.=selteъа to reorder places
терпikta p3 .NU is a privilage entitled to p2 guaranteed by p1 under conditions p4
терпinxe3=p1.agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment2=p2 also/outof container/source1=p3
терпьгau g1 frightens t1 with/by t2 .event
терсei 1the interval/distance/gap between2 and3
терсla s3 is a activity/,party for celebrating/recognizing/honoring s2 .event/abstract with participants s1
терсmu1 understands/interprets/perceives the meaning of utterance/message/communication/symbol2 as meaning3 .dуъу
терсниду3=s1 is2=s2 seconds in duration byk1=s3. .te сниду
терспe1marriage tradition/custom/law according to which2 is married to3
тертcidu t3 is a reading material / literature consisting of texts t2 with audience t1; t3 is literary
тертo ,tet1trillion ,10 12 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
терvаъи v3 evaluates v2 .object as v1.quality
терvai3=v1.object/event is important/significant to2=v2 .person/event in aspect/for reason1=v3 .nu/ka. .te vajni
терveъу1buyer purchasing goods2 also seller3 for amount/cost/expense4. .Made also te + vecnu.
терvencpe v3=c1 orders/requests v2=c2 also v1=c3 by means c4
терvиъа Under conditions1,2 is seen by3
терхра p3 makes an image of p2 .object/concept with result p1.picture in medium p4
терьрorci3=r1 engenders/procreates/begets2=r2 with coparent1=r3. .te rorci;
терзбасро s 1a/the production inventory of sub-assemblies/components s2=z3 used by z1 in the
production/building/assembly of z2
терзби n3 is a nostril of n2 .main body in nose n1
терzиъе 1right .entitlements/permissions of a legal/moral nature of2 .action/quality entitled to / held by3
терzуъе z3the purpose of action z2 by agent z1
тесau ,BAI* sarcu modal, 3rd place .conditions 2 necessarily; necessarily under ...
тесиъу ,BAI* sidju modal, 3rd place assisting in doing/maintaining/achieving ...
тетаi ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 3rd place similarly; sharing common ideal form ..
tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal form/shape3 in property4
тетиъи ,BAI* stidi modal, 3rd place suggestively; suggested to ...
тетиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 3rd place .for letters as a time on day ...
теваъу ,BAI*amgu modal, 3rd place good/beneficial byk ...
тезуъе ,BAI* zukte modal, 3rd place purposefully; .as an action with goal ...
те ,ter ,SE 3rd conversion; switch 1st/3rd places
тиъа ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; rearwards/to the rear of ...
тиъерbиъо b1 gets behind t2
тиъеврo v1=c1back door/gateway/access between v2 and v3 of structure v4
тиъе ,UI 2 evidential: I hear .hearsay
тиъи ,BAI stidi modal, 1st place suggested by ...; proposed by ...
тиъо ,SEI mathematical expression .mex operator precedence .discursive
тиъу ,BAI чика modal, 1st place .for letters associated with time ... ; attach time stamp
тиштаъу ta1disguise/camouflage worn by ta2 to deceive tc2 into tc3
The implied tc 1the event of ta2 wearing ta1 The implied ta3 is deceiving tc2 into tc3
тишьжаъо j1=t1 stages, deceptively demonstrating j2 to audience j3=t2
тишьsku c1=t1 lies, falsely expressing c2 .text/concept to audience c3=t2 by means
c4 Harmful intent or result is not implied
тишьвеъу v1 fraudulently sells v2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer v3=t2 for amount/cost/expense v4
тигнi ,tig 1 performs2 ,performance for/before audience3
тикпa ,tip 1 kicks ,hits with1ъs foot/feet42 in/at locus3, using1ъs foot/feet4
тикъгау tikygau g1 adjusts/regulates/changes g2=s2 in amount/degree s3
тилжu ,tij 1heavy/weighty in mass/weight byk2
тилнipa 1linden of species2
тилтрo j1 micromanages j2 in activity/event performance j3=t2
тилvиъа v1 sees/discerns/makes out the details of t2 under conditions v3
тимske s 1meteorology with methodology s2
тинбe ,tib1 obeys/follows the command/rule2 made by3; .adjective: 1obedient
тиншi1quantity of/contains/is made of tin 'sn; ,metaphor: cheap or base metal
тинжуъи t1=j1 listens to/pays attention to sound t2=j2 with ambient background t3
тинсa 1stiff/rigid/inflexible/resistant in direction2 against force3 under conditions4
sometimes: firm, hard; not limited to physical forces
тирнa 1 hears2 against background/noise3;2 is audible; .adjective: 1aural
тирсe 1quantity of/contains/is made of iron .Fe; ,metaphor: strong, durable, tarnishing .adjective:1ferric/ferrous
тирхu 1tiger/leopard/jaguar/,tigress of species/breed2 with coat markings3
A great cat noted/recognized by its markings, metaphorically: stripes, tiger markings
тиснa ,tis1.object fills/becomes stuffed ,up/inflates/blows up with material2;2 pours into1
Implies some relative degree of fullness will result; agentive filling .=tisyseъа, tisygau,
tisyzуъе; inflate/become inflated/blow up .=gacytisna, agentive gacyseъа; pour into .=liktisna, agentive
likseъатисycanti t1=c1sausage filled with t2
титла 1sweet/sugary/saccharine to observer2
тивнi ,tiv1 broadcasts/televises programming2 via medium/channel3 to television receiver4
1broadcaster; x2 programming .mass, program/show .ind..
тихнu ,tix tиъу1daughter of mother/father/parents2; ,not necessarily biological
ти pro-sumti: this here; immediate demonstrative it; indicated thing/place near speaker
тоi ,TOI elidable terminator: right parenthesis/end unquote; seldom elidable except at end of text
токнu ,tok 1oven ,enclosure that heats its contents for baking/heating/drying2
толбаъи b1low/inferior/abject in property b2 .ka byk b3
толбаъо b1 shrinks/contracts to size/into form b2 also b3
толбanzu 1.object is utterly insufficient for purpose2 under conditions3. .tоъе+banzu
толшanci c1 materializes/suddenly appears at location c2 according to senses/sensor c3. .tоъе canci
толшando c 1busy
толшfagau g1 stops/ends c1 ,state/event/process
толшfarиъи r1 is/are the ritual/proceedings for adjourning/ending c1,event/state/process by community r2 with rules c4
толшpa c1 leaves c2, which he brought, at c3
толшрu1 forbids/prohibits2 under conditions3
толшуъи c1.event/state/property is impossible under condition c2
толшumla 1=c1cocky/chesty/arrogant about1=c2 .abstraction
толdarsi 1timid/shy/abashed/reluctant to do /be2
толdarsygau1 discourages2 also doing/being3
толdicra d1.event resumes/,continues/restart s d2 .object/event/process due to quality d3; d2 starцагаin
толdi ,tod1butterfly/moth of species/breed2
толdji 1reluctant/unwilling/disinclined to2 for purpose3
толdra d 1wrong in property/aspect d2 .ka in situation d3 byk d4
толdуъе1shortage/deficiency/insufficiency/derth/too little of2 byk3
толfаъу f1 rises to f2 also f3 in gravity well/frame of reference f4
толгei g1gloomy/downcast/unhappy about g2 .event/state
толгurgau1=ga1 unrolls/unravels object2=gu1 on/against surface3=gu2, with axis/ axle of rotation4=gu3
толжgari j1 lets go/releases j2 also j3 .part of j1 at locus j4 .part of j2
толкeъи 1callous/implacable/heartless/merciless/ruthless towards2 .person about3 .abstraction
толкри1 disbelieves/rejects2 as false about
толкуъо k1ridge in/on object/surface k2
толкуфра tolkufra k1 feels discomfort/is uncomfortable with conditions/environmental property.ies k2
толmadбаъи b1=m3 grandly exhibits the corruptness b2=m1 of unethical mass b3=m2
толmapti m 1incompatible with m2 in aspect m3
толmencre c1=m2 .person is unintelligent/dumb/stupid byk c3
толmifygau g1 deciphers m1 into m2 out of coding system m3
толmlemau z1=m 1uglier/,more unsightly than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by amount z4
толmlemeъа ml1=me 1less ugly/unsightly than ml2 to me2 in aspect me3 .ka by amount ml4
толmlerai m1=t 1the ugliest/,most unsightly among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4
толmletce m1=t 1hideous/grotesque to t2 in aspect t3 .ka by aesthetic standard t4
толmle 1ugly to2 in aspect3 .ka by aesthetic standard4
толmоъи m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3 Assumes that morji refers to a change of state
i.e. ъrememberъ=ъbring to mindъ
толmocpla1 invents strategy .long-term plan2 for achieving3 .event/state
толнаъе1.dуъу con- firms/corroborates/verifies2 .dуъу under rules/logic3
толнуъа s 1threatened by s2 .event
толpаъа1 despairs/is despondent/pessimistic about2, expected likelihood3
толpоъу 1functional/operational/usable for function2;1 works properly
толprali1damage/harm/loss to2 resulting also activity/process3
толrиъугаu1 releases2 also restraint/binding3 to do/be4
толсeъа s1.agent withdraws/pulls out/extracts/removes s2 also interior/members of s3
толсelcиъи1=c2 is bored with2=c1
толсelmansa m2 is dissatisfied by m1 with regard to property .ka/state m3
толсeltоъи t2 .load/force/torque untwists t1
толсиъарai t1=s1 holds s2 in utmost contempt among set/range t4
толсиъа1 disrespects/disregards/snubs/derides2
толсisti1 ,agent begins activity/process/state2
толсnuti 1 event/state is deliberate/intentional on the part of2; 1deliberate .tоъе + gиъустe definition for snuti
толспe 1bachelor / single / unmarried
толстi 1,agent begins activity/process/state2
толсurla s1 expends effort/is actively/effortfully involved in doing/being s2 .activity
толtce 1little/limited in property2 towards3
толtelgau g1 unlocks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3
толtуъи1 disagrees with person's/position/side2 that3 .dуъу is true about matter4
толvуъе v1immoral byk v2
тольlиъа c1 arrives at c2 via route c3
толzau1 disapproves of/objects to plan/action2
толзди 1boring/dreary/wearisome/tedious to2 in property/aspect3
толzиъо 1Arctic in aspect2
тонгa ,tog tоъа1tone/note of frequency/pitch2 also source3
торшeli1 is2 torrs byk3. 'synonym magmiltre
торшрida c1dwarf of mythos/religion c2, short by measurement standard t3
торdu ,tor tоъу 1short in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurement standard3
торнi ,ton tоъи1 twists under load/force/torsion2
тортei t1short time/duration/interval/period/elapsed time also time/event t2 to time/event t3
то ,TO left parenthesis; start of parenthetical note which must be grammatical rban text
традutxуъа1=t 1hypocritical in action t2=d1, which is contrary to assertion2, under conditions t3
тражi ,rai 1superlative in property2 .ka, the3 extreme .ka; default ka zmadu among set/range4. :1 is3-est/utmost in2
among4; 1the3 end of4; 1extreme; 1simply3
транo1quantity of/contains/is made of nitrogen/ammonia/nitrates. ..adjective: 1nitric/nitrous
тратi 1taut/tense/strained tight in direction2
трешиъе 1the metric system with relations2 among units3 and properties4
тренe ,ren reъе1train ,vehicle of cars/units2 .mass for rails/system/railroad3, propelled by4
A railed vehicle or train of vehicles; also subway .tуъунреъе, metro, trolley, tramway .=lajreъе, roller coaster;
monorail .=dadreъе; cable car, sky car, ski lift .=cildadreъ
тришнrarekake1palm tree, species/strain2
тришu ,ric1tree of species/cultivar2
трина ,tri1 attracts/appeals to/lures2 .person/event with property/quality3 .ka
триску c1=t1 appeals to/lures, expressing c2 'sedуъу/text/lуъе concept, audience c3=t2 via
expressive medium c4 with property/quality t3 .ka
триxexo1manatee of species2. .variant trixexu
триxexu1manatee of species2. .variant trixexo
триxe ,rix 1posterior/behind/back/in the rear of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference 3
:3 is the standard of orientation for2; spine .=rixybоъу, rixybоъукamju
троши ,toc toi 1 tries/attempts/makes an effort to do/attain2 .event/state/property by actions/method3
experiments at
троfli f1=j1 fails to control j2 in j3 .activity/event/performance
трокamni k1=t 1the supervisory board/board of directors/governing council of t2=k3
тромizona1lamprey of genus/species2
тророltrucиъе c1totalitarian system in j2 with power exercised by t1=t1
трушиъе c1=t 1the government of organizational type c2 of people/terrtry/domai/subjts t2 displaying properties c4
трушуъу c1political affair involving c2
трудjigri g1=d1=t1political party operating in territory t2 with members g3
труеno t1privet of species t2.
трукamni k1=j 1the management board/executive committee/executive board of k3=j2
трукamnycmi c1member of governing council k1=t1
трумapku m1crown made of m2 used by ruler t1 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
трупаужаъа r 1the minister/secretary of ministry/department t2
трупауsle s1sub-division of the Ministry/Department of t2
трупау p1government ministry/department responsible for t2
трурalju r 1the head-of-government of polity t2
труsиъо s1political ideology about t1 ruling t2 based on the work of thinker s3
труspe 1married to the governor/ruler of2 according to custom3;1
is first lady/prince consort/queen consort of2
тручa tc1=tu 1the administrative capital 'seat of government of tu2=tc3 located in tc3
цакarce k1=t1jeep/land rover propelled by k3
цалагi1 reflects Cherokee culture/nationality/language in aspect2
цали ,ца 1strong/powerful/,tough in property/quality2 .ka byk3
цани ,tan 1expanse of sky/the heavens at place2; ,celestial
цапи1seasoning/шондимеnt/spice causing flavor/effect2 .event/property :1 flavors2 .tуъа
цапрpi peri 1pepper .genus ”Piper” with flavour2
цараinaitrusиъо s1fascist ideology as applied by t1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the works of
thinker s3 .From цали, traji, natmi, turni, sidbo
цасмаni s1gorilla of species/subspecies s2
цеbиъо b1=z1 sits down on surface z2 Simple zutse refers to the act of sitting, whereas
tsebиъо means the act of becoming seated
цесебе tsesebe1sassaby/topi/korrigum/damalisk of species/breed2
цестu s1=z2 is a seat for s2=z2 Differs also stizu in that it focuses on the space rather than the object
цетupyзбе t1=зб1lap ,body part of t2=zu1 supporting зб2
A lap only exists in a seated form, and not when a being is standing erect or when it is lying down
цижu ,tsi1's is/are .a seed's/spore's ,body-part of organism2 for producing offspring3
germ cell; implies actual potential for self-development; seeds generally contain embryo and food, and hence would
include a fertilized egg
цинa ,sin1stage/platform/dais/,scaffold at/in2 supporting3, made of material4. ..x3 object/event;
циselcigla c2=t 1semen secreted by organism c3 for producing offspring t3
цукini 1zucchini squash .L. cucurbita pepo. .A long, dark-green type of guzme eaten raw or cooked
цунami 1tsunami caused by2
туъа ,LAhE extracts a concrete sumti also an unspecified abstraction; equivalent to le nu/sуъу ,sumti cоъе.
туъе ,TUhE start of multiple utterance scope; used for logical/non-logical/ordinal joining of sentences
туъифрu f1=t1 makes facial gesture to show agreement with person's/position/side t2
that t3 .dуъу is true about matter t4
туъи ,BAI stuzi modal, 1st place .used to situate letters associated with site ... ; label with location
туъо ,PA5 null operand .used in unary mekso operations
туъурбиркa b1=t1tentacle / tube-shaped arm ,body part of b2
The other places of tubnu .outer and inner material of the tube are dependant on the body with the tentacle;
generally theyъll just be ”skin” and ”blood” or ”flesh” anyways
туъуршurnu t1tubeworm of species t2
туъуркi1 reflects Turkish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
туъу ,TUhU elidable terminator: end multiple utterance scope; seldom elidable
тубнu ,tуъу1length of tubing/pipe/hollow cylinder ,shape/form of material2, hollow of material3
tube, sleeve, leg, hose, .adjective: tubular
тубьspe s1brother/sister-in-law .brotherъs/sisterъs spouse of m2 under law/custom/
tradition/system/convention sp3. .Omit4=s2=m1
тугbиъо1=b1=t1 settles issue2=t4 with person3=t2, agreeing that4=t3
тугнi ,tug tуъи1 ,person agrees with person's/position/side2 that3 .dуъу is true about matter4.
тугysиъу t1=t2=s1 are unanimous / sharing the same view on t3=s2 .dуъу. .й simxu, tugni.
тужli ,tuj1tulip .defined by flower shape of species/strain2
тулштi c1=t1 swallows c2
тумfaklиъу l1 explores lands in l2=t2 discovering facts f2 using means l3
тумla ,tum tуъа 1parcel/expanse of land at location2; 1terrain
тумsfe s1the ground of land s2=t1 at location t2
тунбa ,tub1sibling of2 by bond/tie/standard/parent's3
тункa ,tuk 1made of/contains/is a quantity of copper .Cu; ,metaphor: reddish, electrical conductor.
тунло ,tul tуъо1 gulps/swallows. 1 swallows down food/drink.2 .=tulpinxe, tulcti, ctitуъо .the latter two are
more general - for food or beverage; swallow/engulf .=galxycti, galxynerbиъо, galxygre
тунтa ,tun1.object, usually pointed pokes/jabs/stabs/prods2 .experiencer
тупcutci c1boot for covering/protecting leg c2=t1, and of material c3
туплe ,tup tуъе 1a/the leg ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: supporting branch
турнi ,tru1 governs/rules/is ruler/governor/sovereign/reigns over people/territory/domain/subjects2.
2 need not be complete specification of set of governed
тучi ,tci1tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing2; ,form determines function
тутрa ,tut 1territory/domain/space of/belonging to/controlled by 2
тутske s 1geography based on methodology s3
ту ,tuf ,KOhA6 pro-sumti: that yonder; distant demonstrative it; indicated thing far also speaker&listener
уъанаи уъанаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: gain - loss
уъа ,UI1 attitudinal: gain - loss
уъенаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: wonder - commonplace
уъе ,UI1 attitudinal: wonder - commonplace
уъимla1lolcat .picture of an animal with a humorous caption .Etymology: Combination of
уъи and mlatu and meant to parallel уъивлa.
уъинаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: amusement - weariness.
уъивлa1word meaning2 in language3 and silly/funny/clever for reason4 .usually etymological
The word уъивлa is itself an уъивлa, as it is an unconventional portmanteau of уъи and -vla-
a rafsi of valsi and also a pun on the word fуъивлa
уъи ,UI1 attitudinal: amusement - weariness
уъонai ,UI*1 attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice
уъо ,UI1 attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice
уъушуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уъунаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уъу ,UI1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уанаi ,UI*1 attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching
уа ,UI1 attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching
уеb Lobanized name for The World Wide Web
уешуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise - not really surprised - expectation axis
уеnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise - expectation
уепеi ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise question
уе ,UI1 attitudinal: surprise - not really surprised - expectation
уибu ,BY* letteral: happiness symbol .letteral
уисki 1whisk.ey distilled also 2
уиткi 1wiki/collaborative web site with subject/theme/content2
уи ,UI1 attitudinal: happiness - unhappiness
улмu 1elm of species/variety2
уонai ,UI*1 attitudinal: completion - incompleteness
уо ,UI1 attitudinal: completion - incompleteness
уршi 1poison ivy/oak/sumac / lacquer tree of species2
уунаи ,UI*1 attitudinal: pity - cruelty
уу ,UI1 attitudinal: pity - cruelty
у ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought whether-or-not
ваъаи ,BAI звати modal; 1st place .with thing... located somewhere
ваъе ,MOI convert number to scalar selbri; 1at .nth position on scale2
ваъинаi ,UI*3 discursive: in other words - in the same words
ваъи ,UI3 discursive: in other words - in the same words
ваъо ,BAI vanbi modal, 1st place .conditions 1 under conditions ...; in environment ...
ваъурпante p1=v1 protests with a sigh about p2 .event/state to audience p3 with action p4
ваъу ,BAIamgu modal, 1st place beneficiary case tag complement benefiting also ...
вашmurse m1=c 1the dusk of day m2=c2 at location m3=c3
вашрi ,var1quantity of air/normallygaseous atmosphere of planet2, of composition including3
вашьsai s1.mass is a dinner composed of dishes including s2
ваиrsoi s1=v1military officer in army s2
ваи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit F .decimal 15 ,fifteen
важнi ,vaj vai1.object/event is important/significant to2 .person/event in aspect/for reason3 .nu/ka
:1 matters to2 in aspect/respect3
важрaifla f1=v1=t 1the constitution of f3=v2
важрai1=v1=t 1most important/most significant to2=v2 in aspect/for reason3=v3 among set/range4=t4
валсi ,val vla1word meaning/causing2 in language3; .adjective: 1lexical/verbal
вамжi ,vam vаъи1.ni is the equivalent value/worth of2 ,item's of value to3 for use/appreciation4
вамрai v1=t 1the most valuable among items v2=r4 to v3 for purpose v4. .Made also vamji + traji
вамтolrai v1=t 1the most valuable among items v2=r4 to v3 for purpose v4. .Made also vamji + tоъе + traji
вамтu ,vat1 vomits/regurgitates2;1 throws2 up; ,violent digestive expulsion. ..x2 is non-gaseous;
ванбi ,vab1.ind./mass is part of an environment/surroundings/context/ambience of2. ..adjective: 1ambient
ваншi ,vac 1evening ,also end-ofwork until sleep typical for locale of day2 at location3. .This evening .=cabvanci;
tomorrow evening .=bavlamvanci; yesterday evening .=prulamvanci
вандula 1lavender of species/variety2
ванжбa1grape of species/variety2
ванжу ,van 1made of/contains/is a quantity of wine also fruit/grapes2
варкiclaflоъи1hovercraft for carrying2, propelled by3, riding on/lifted by4
варmebri 1the front of air mass2
ваsru ,vas vau1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents2 within;1vessel containing2. .,also accommodates,
container; containment need not be total;2 is Contained. in1.=selvau for reordered places
ваsxu ,vax vаъу1 breathes/respires2 ,gas. ..though used to make the rban word, clue word vascular
is erroneous, actually pertaining to the circulatory system that carries the respired oxygen to the tissues
вау ,VAU elidable: end of sumti in simple bridi; in compound bridi, separates common trailing sumti
вахselnandu n2=v1 has difficulty breathing gas v2 under conditions n3; n1=v1 pants
вахьдicra d1 chokes v1 by/with d3
ва ,vaz ,VA location tense distance: near to ... ; there at ...; a medium/small distance from ...
веъа veъа ,VEhA location tense interval: a small/medium region of space
веъе ,veъе ,VEhA location tense interval: the whole of space
веъи ,VEhA location tense interval: a tiny region of space
веъо ,VEhO right mathematical bracket
веъу ,VEhA location tense interval: a large region of space
веbeъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 4th place transmit origin ...
вешиъе ,BAI* ciste modal, 4th place as a system with synergy in ...
вешнu ,ven veъу1 ,seller sells/vends2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer3 for amount/cost/expense4
1salesperson/salesman/vendor;3 buys2 also1.=terveъу for reordered terms;4 is the price of2 to3 .=velveъу for
reordered terms; for sale .=fitselveъу, selvenfriti;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a
roperty; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising also ownership of the object/commodity .=posyveъу,
posyselveъу for unambiguous semantics
вешуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 4th place in expression medium ...
ведeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 4th place on a date according to calendar ...
вегаъа ,BAI* zgana modal, 4th place .under conditions observed under observing conditions ...
веиsri1=d1=v4 is a signal recording and playback tape-type medium .cassette/DAT/tape drive containing
data/sound/image2=v2 with data storage mechanism/method3 .analog/digital
веи ,VEI left mathematical bracket
векаъа ,BAI* клама modal, 4th place via route ...
велбajra4=b1 runs on surface2=b2 using limbs3=b3 with gait1=b4. .ve bajra
велбancu4=b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2=b2 also3=b3 in property/amount1=b4 .ka/ni. .ve bancu
велбatci 1the biting tool with which2 is bitten at locus3 by4
велбatke4=b1button/knob/handle on/for item2=b2, with purpose3=b3, made of material1=b4. .ve batke
велбeъе4=b1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2=b2 directed/led by3=b3 organized for purpose1=b4
велбeъи4=b1 transfers/sends/transmits2=b2 to receiver3=b3 also transmitter/origin1=b4 via means/medium5=b5
велбei4=b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2=b2 to3=b3 also1=b4
over path5=b5;4=b1carrier/porter. .ve bevri
велбиъу4=b1wall/fence separating2=b2 also3=b3, and subdividing1=b4. .ve bitmu
велбinra4=b1 insures/indemnifies2=b2 against peril3=b3 providing benefit1=b4. .ve binra
велбоъа4=b1wave/periodic pattern in medium2=b2, with wave-form3=b3, wavelength1=b4 and frequency5=b5
велбоъи4=b1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for2=b2, made of material3=b3 with lid1=b4
велшange4=c1farm/ranch at2=c2, of rancher3=c3 raising/producing1=c4
велшanja4=c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity2=c2 for3=c3 with1=c4
велшкi 1explanation of2 .event/state/property to3 by4
велжbe j4 is the birthplace, the parent's being j2, the birthdate being j3, of j1
велжutsi 1order ,biology with genus2, family3, with species4, within class5
велкakpa1digging limb/tool for digging material2 up/out of3 'source/hole with agent4
велкla1=k4 is a route that leads to2=k2, also3=k3, travelled by4=k1 by means5=k5
велсki s4 is a description of s2 to audience s3 by describer s1
велчика 1the time zone where2 happens on day3 at time4
велtcikybиъа 1jetlagged with symptoms2 going to3 also4
велveъу 1the sales price of2 to3 also/at vendor4
велventerzуъе z3=v4 is the sales quota for v1=z1 to sell v2 to v3
велvиъу v1the result/remnant/remainder when v2 is removed/subtracted/deducted/taken away also v3 by v4
вемау ,BAI* zmadu modal, 4th place .relative! more than/exceeding by amount ...
вемеъа ,BAI* mleca modal, 4th place .relative! less than by amount ...
веншиъе c1market 'system interrelated by structure c2 'social relations / institutions / procedures /
infrastructures of components c3=v2 .goods/services/information displaying c4 .economy
веншуъу c1 is/are the sales function/activities of c2=v1 selling v2 to v3; c 1sales
венфu 1 takes revenge on/retaliates against2.person for wrong3
венсa 1spring/springtime ,warming season of year2 at location3
венвei1=vr1record of2=ve1 ,seller having sold3=ve2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer4=ve3
for amount/cost/expense5=ve4, stored on medium6=vr4
венхаъа1mailer about v2 also3=v1 for audience2=v3
венхatryшуъу c1 the direct mail business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities v2
also/by3=v1 to audience2=v3
венynoiшуъу c1 the advertising business/activity/function about goods/products/services/activities n2=v2
also/by n2=v1 to audience n4=v3
веньnoi n1advertisement about n2=v2 by n3=v1 to intended audience n4=v3
вензmi z1vending machine offering v2 to v3 for sale cost v4 under condition z3
вепаъа ,BAI* panra modal, 4nd place 'standard/geometry similarly; similar byk ...
вепуъе ,BAI* pruce modal, 4th place 'set of stages passing through processing stages ...
вераi ,BAI* traji modal, 4th place 'set -est; most extremely; superlative among ...
верba ,ver veъа1child/kid/juvenile ,a young person of age2, immature byk3. .Not necessarily human
вершкa c1crib made of c2 for a child c3=v1 of age v2. .not necessarily with bars
вершлiбау b1=c3 is a native language of b2=v1=c1 to express b3
ветаi ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 4th place similarly; sharing ideal form in property ... .tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal
form/shape3 in property4
ветиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 4th place .for letters as a time at location ...
ве ,vel ,SE 4th conversion; switch 1st/4th places
ви ma ,VA* sumti question asking for a location: at/near what?
виъа ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 2-space interval; throughout an area
виъешpe c1=v2 invites c3=v1 to v2 .place/event in manner c4
виъе ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 4-space interval; throughout a spacetime
виъи ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 1-space interval; along a line
виъо ,COI vocative: wilco .ack and will comply
виъу ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 3-space interval; throughout a space
вибнa ,vib 1a/the vagina ,body-part of2
вишраъе v1=r1 cuts .removes during editing v2=r2 also v3 leaving v4
видru ,vir1virus of pecies/breed/defining property2 capable of infecting ,a
вифнe ,vif .adjective: 1fresh/unspoiled
вижьtcana t1airport in transport system t2 for aircraft of type v2 propelled by v3
викmi ,vim vиъи1 ,body excretes waste2 also source3 via means/route4
викнu ,vik 1thick/viscous under conditions2
виктsispa 1mistletoe of species/variety2
вилчe m 1very/extremely violent
вилтиъа t1=v1storm at place/region t2
вимшu ,vic vиъу1 removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away2 also3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder4
appropriates, confiscates; alienation is inherent
вимkуъа1=k1loo/water closet/,room with toilet, in which2=v1 excretes3=v2,
in home/building/structure4=k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor5=k3 .mass/jоъу
вимstizu s1toilet for v1 to excrete v2 also source v3 via means/route v4
виндu ,vid 1poisonous/venomous/toxic/a toxin to2
винжi ,vij 1airplane/aircraft ,flying vehicle for carrying passengers/cargo2, propelled by3
випcиъе c1.mass is a hierachical / subordinate system / tree .computer science sense interrelated by hierachical
property / property determining subordinate relationships / subordination in aspect ,or organization principle c2=
v2 .ka among components c3 displaying common property c4 .ka with leaves v1 and topmost / root element v3
випкagni k1=v1subsidiary company to k2=v3 chartered/mandated for purpose k3
випнoltru v1=t 1the appointed governor/governor-general/lieutenant-governor over territory t2
representing principal v3
випsi ,vip1deputy/vice/subordinate in aspect ,or organization principle2 .ka to principal3
assistant, adjutant
випьгуъе g1=v1state/province/canton of federal state v3
вирнu ,vri 1brave/valiant/courageous in activity2 .event byk3
вирske s1=v 1virology of viruses s2 based on methodology s3. .Virology is the study of viruses
висфаъи f1=v1 spots f3=v2 under condition v3
виска ,vis vиъа1 sees/views/perceives visually2 under conditions3. .adjective: 1visual;3 can include
ambient lighting, background, etc. which may affect what is perceived; note that glis ”see” often means ”look”or
a more generic ”observe”, or even ”understand, know”
висnda 1bison of species2
вистci t1optical tool used by v1 to see v2 Includes but is not limited to glass-based spectacles
вичi ,vit 1irregular/occasional/intermittent in property/action/aspect2
виткe ,vиъе 1guest/visitor of2 at place/event3; 1 visits2/x3
витнo ,vиъо 1permanent/lasting/,eternal in property2 .ka byk3 ,time-span/expectant one everlasting
визбеи b1 brings cargo b2 here also3=b4 over path4=b5
ви ,viz ,VA location tense distance: here at ... ; at or a very short/tiny distance also ...
влаbacru1=b1 pronounces3=v1 as2=b2
влашкu c1dictionary concerning c3 authored by c3 intended for c4 in medium c5
влагi 1a/the vulva ,body-part of2
влагрi g1verse/stanza with property .ka g2 meaning v2 in language v3
влаlиъи l1line of text defined by set of words/string l2 meaning3=v2 in language4=v3
влаsatci s 1verbatim/to the letter. .Used of text
влаsfa s1=v1.agent reproaches s2 for infraction s3 .event/state/action
влаste1=l1dictionary with words2=l2=v1 in order3=l3, medium4=l4, and language5=v3
влаtai t1the pattern/shape of word v1=t2 with meaning v2 in language v3
вликаъа k1.tool/blade/force rips/tears/shreds k2 .object into pieces k3
влилe ,vil 1event/state/act of violence
влинa1logical alternation/disjunction, stating that2 .dуъу and/or3 .dуъу is/are true
влиpa ,vli1 has the power to bring about2 under conditions3; 1powerful in aspect2 under3 potent, has control/mastery
влирaitru tu1=tr1=v1dictator over/in subjects/territory tu2 under conditions v3
влихлу1=v1 influences the power dynamics of situation2=v3 towards end3=v2 through means of influence4
воъа ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 1st place of main bridi of this sentence
воъе ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 2nd place of main bridi of this sentence
воъи ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 3rd place of main bridi of this sentence
воъоткa1vodka distilled also2
воъо ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 4th place of main bridi of this sentence
воъу ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 5th place of main bridi of this sentence
вофли ,vol voi1 flies ,in air/atmosphere using lifting/propulsion means2
воifan 1kite. .From фалну, vofli .f2, f3, v2 subsumed
воikla k1=v1 flies to destination k2 also origin k3 to destination k4 using means/vehicle k5=v2
воi ,NOI non-veridical restrictive clause used to form complicated le-like descriptions using ”keъа”
вокиъо ,PA* number/quantity: 4,000 expressed with comma
воксa 1voice/speech sound of individual2
вормe 1doorway/gateway/access way between2 and3 of structure4
во ,von ,PA1 digit/number: 4 .digit ,four
врага ,vra1lever ,tool ,of apparatus for doing2 ,function/action, with fulcrum3 and arm4
врежi ,rej vei1record of2 .data/facts/dуъу about3 .object/event preserved in medium4
вреta ,vre 1 lies/rests/reclines/reposes on 2; 1reclining/recumbent/lying on 2
вриши1'set/mass/ind. is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property2 .ka
вриcyкришрutrusиъо s1liberal political ideology as applied by t1=c1 among/in people/territory
/domain t2 based on the works of thinker si3
вриcькришрu c 1liberal/open-minded with regard to beliefs k2 about subject k3 under conditions c3
вроcаъо c1=v1French window/sidehinged window. .vorme canko; typically in pairs extending to the floor
вродаrxi d1 knocks at door d2=v1 to v3
вроkoi k1=v 1the threshold defining access through the boundary between k2=v2 and k3=v3
врудe ,vud vуъе 1virtuous/saintly/,fine/moral/nice/holy/morally good byk2
Holy/saintly .=cesyvуъе. Virtue the attribute
врumli m1=s1squeak/creak/quiet noise to s2
вруси ,vus vуъи1.ka is a taste/flavor of/emitted by2;2 tastes of/like1. :2 tastes of seasoning1,
1seasoned flavor of2 .=цапьвуъи; vrusi may overlap the senses of taste and smell, since the latter is
a significant component of taste
вуъа ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; west of
вуъенаi ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin
вуъе ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin
вуъизga z1 tastes v2 using taste buds z3 under conditions z4
вуъи ,LAhE sumti qualifier: the sequence made also set or composed of elements/components; order is vague
вуъо ,VUhO joins relative clause/phrase to complete complex or logically connected sumti in afterthought
вуъу ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: minus; subtraction operator; ,...a - b - c - ....
вудvri vr1=vi1hero/heroic in doing vi2 byk vr2=vi3
вудьpai v1=p 1fair / does justice to p2 byk v2
вукрo ,vur vуъо1 reflects Ukrainian language/culture/nationality in aspect2
вурбау v1=b 1the Ukrainian language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
вусгаъе g1 tastes g2=v1.flavor emitted by v2
ву ,vuz ,VA location tense distance: far also ... ; yonder at ... ; a long distance also ...
вь letteral for v
хаъанзu1 reflects Han Chinese ,Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc. culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хаъарvau v1envelope for/containing lettera1=v2
хаъо ,ZAhO opposite of zаъо: event contour: refers to the portion of the event which occurs before the
natural beginning; starting too early before ...; ¡―-
хаъурbиъо b1=a1 settles ina2
хаъурjudri j1the home address ofa1=j1 with address system j3
хабжu ,xаъу1 dwells/lives/resides/abides at/inhabits/is a resident of location/habitat/nest/home/abode2
хабmaptia1=m 1the mate ofa1=m2 with property m3 in paira2
хабmau 1most/a majority/more than half of2 in property3 by amount4 byk5
хабmeъа1minority/less than half of2 in property3 by amount4 byk5
хабьxadba 1exactly/approximately a quarter of2 byk3
хашьceъаa1=c1gun/cannon/firearm launching projectile c2 propelled by c3, for use againsta2 bya3
jvajvo definition; Gismu deep structure is ”xarci gиъе cecla”
хашьгаъа g1=1club/cudgel/truncheon/bludgeon made of g2 used against2 by3
хадba ,xab 1exactly/approximately half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of2 byk3
хадbixмаъуа2=b1=m 1adolescent/pubescent/in puberty/maturing in physical/bodily development-quality m2 .ka
хадmidju1=m 1the waist of2=m2
хаднi ,xad 1a/the body/corpus/corpse of2; .adjective: 1corporal/corporeal
хадьcla c1=a 1tall / has a long body byk c3. .Made also clani +adni
хадькелшиъе c1 is/are a/the physical sport's exercised/played by2
хадьpлижви j1=a2 competes with opponent j2 in sport/athletics j3 for gain j4=p3
хагjijnu j1optimistic about j3
хагji1 hungers for2;1 needs/wants food/fuel2
хагmaua1=z 1better than z2 fora2 byka3, by amount z4The canonical form is хаузмa
хагmeъаa1=m 1worse than/not as good as m2 fora2 byka3, by amount m4
хаграi t1=1the best among set/range t4 for2 byk3
хагри1oboe/clarinet/saxophone ,reed musical instrument with reed2
хагрнклarineto1clarinet with reed2
хагрнсaksofono1saxophone with reed2
хагрyspa1reed of species/variety2
хагьфarvi f1 progresses towards f2=1 also f3 through stages f4
хагzengau g1.agent improves z1=1 for2 by amount z3
хагzenrиъа r1.event/state/process improves z1=1 for2 by amount z3 under conditions r3
хаirgau g1 causes event1 which injures/harms/damages victim2 in property3 .ka resulting in injury4 'state
хаi ,KOhA they..repeat ¿1 preceding sumti .repeats two or more preceding sumti, not one plural sumti
хажmi ,xam 1funny/comical to2 in property/aspect3 .nu/ka;3 is what is funny about1 to2
:1comedian .=ampre,amseljibri for a professional comedian. 1 can be a person/object or an abstraction; be careful
about possible sumti-raisin
хажьшmo c1=1a/the grunt of a pig/hog/swine of species2 expressing c3 .property
хажьзби z 1the snout of pig/hog/swine/,boar z2=1 of species2, with nostril's/nasal passage's z3
хаксu ,xak1.event uses up/depletes/consumes/,wastes2 ,resource. .Waste .=fesxaksu, dusxaksu
халбаржа1=b1saloon/pub/bar primarily serving alcoholic beverages to2=b3
халбebna 1drunk/tipsy in manner2 also drinking3 .alcohol
халбo1 uses levity/is non-serious/frivolous about2 .abstraction
халкаиа1=c 1alcoholic of alcohol typea2 also source/processa3
халка ,xal1quantity of/contains/is made of alcohol of type2 also source/process3
халнi1.person is panicked by crisis2 .event/state
халнunvindu n1alcohol poisoning of2=v2 also alcohol type3=a2
халpixydуъе p1 drinks to much alcohol of type p2 also p3 byk d3; p1drunk
халсixa1 pertains to the Sikh culture/religion/ethos in aspect2
халvamtu v1 throws up v2 due to alcohol of typea2
хамgau g1 does/brings about event/state g2=a1 which is funny/comical toa2 in property/aspecta3 .nu/ka
хамgu ,хаг хау1.object/event is good/beneficial/nice/,acceptable for2 byk3
хамоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 6 to ordinal selbri; 1sixth among2 ordered by rule3
хампo ,xapаъо1 is2 ampere's ,metric unit in current .default is 1 byk3
хамсi ,xas1sea/ocean/gulf/,atmosphere of planet2, of fluid3; .adjective: 1marine atmosphere .=varxamsi, varsenta
ханшe ,ханаъе 1a/the hand ,bodypart of2; ,metaphor: manipulating tool, waldo. ..adjective: 1manual
ханшidjаъи j1bracelet adorning j2=ха1=c1. .Bracelets are used not only for fashion but also for medical and
identification purposes, such as allergy bracelets and hospital patientidentification tags
ханшidni1=c1wrist of2=c2
хандegycalku c1fingernail of finger c2=d1 of body d3
хангle g1 masturbates/fucks g2 with her/his hand's
ханкa 1nervous/anxious about2 .abstraction under conditions3
ханкydji1=d 1anxious/earnestly desirous for2=d2 .abstract, the purpose being d3
ханлаи1 is2 handfuls in volume/amount .default is 1 byk3
ханонo ,PA* number/quantity: 600 ,six hundred
хано ,PA* number/quantity: 60 ,sixty
ханри ,хар1 ,concept exists in the imagination of/is imagined by/is imaginary to2
.adjective: 1mental .one sense, 1unreal .one sense; in spite of the synonym,
note that 1imaginary does not imply that it doesnъt exist in the real world; the definition is crafted so that
one can talk about imaginary things without claiming that they thereby donъt exist
хансeъагle g1=s1=ха2 fist-fucks/performs fisting on g2 in opening s3
хансli s1=ха2 waves hand
хантajycalku c 1the thumbnail of body t3=j2
хантergуъи1=g3 is a flashlight/portable light source for illuminating g2, emitting light form3=g1
хантo 1elephant of species/breed2
хантydenmai m 1elephant/mammoth ivory also species/breed ха2
ханвruzau z1=2 gives applause to plan/action z2 .object/event
харшi ,хашаъи1weapon/arms for use against2 by3. .Gun/cannon .=celxаъи
харшufu 1artichoke of species/variety2
харju ,хаж1pig/hog/swine/,boar ,pork/ham/bacon-producer of species/breed2
Sow .=fetхарju, boar .=nakyхарju, pork .=хажрeъу, piglet .=citхарju
харнu 1stubborn/willfully opposing/resisting2 about3 .event/state
2 may be a person, a state or condition, or a force; the essence is willful resistance
харпei p1=2 imagines / visualizes imaginary subject / concept p2=1. .Not limited to visual
imaginationхарпрe ха1=p1character/role/imaginary person created by ха2
хаскоi k1beach/coast of sea ха1=k2 on landmass k3
хасli1donkey/jackass of species/breed2
хаснe 1a/the sweat/perspiration also body2, excreted by gland's/organs3
хатрa 1letter/missive/,note to intended audience2 also author/originator3 with content4
хаци ,хат 110 18 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хахре1 is2 ares in area byk3
хаздo ,хаз zdo1 reflects Asiatic culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
ха ,хав ,PA1 digit/number: 6 .digit ,six
хебнi ,хен хеи1 hates/despises2 .object/abstraction; 1full of hate for2;2 is odious to1
хебрo ,хеб bro1 re- flects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хешто ,хет cto1hundred ,100; 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хеэа ,хеж хеъа 1a/the jaw ,body-part of2
хеи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit E .decimal 14 ,fourteen .Used as an alternative to rei to avoid confusion with re
хежниъа c 1a/the chin ,body part of2
хежрespa r1=2 is an alligator/caiman of species/type r2 .ё krokodilo This is family Alligatoridae
хежькрe 1the beard of2
хекаъа ,BAI* клама modal, 5th place by transport mode ...
хекшpi c1blackbird of species c2
хекри ,хек хеъи 1black/extremely darkcolored ,color adjective
хелбeъи5=b1 transfers/sends/transmits2=b2 to receiver3=b3 also transmitter/origin4=b4 via means/medium1=b5
хелбefrуъе b2 .person/animal/plant digests p2 with output p3 passing through stage p4
хелбei5=b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2=b2 to3=b3 also4=b4 over path1=b5;5=b1carrier/porter
хелбоъа5=b1wave/periodic pattern in medium2=b2, with wave-form3=b3, wavelength4=b4 and frequency1=b5
хелбonseljimte j2 is a radio band with borders j1
хелжutsi1class ,biology with genus2, family3, order4, and with species5. .For biological cathegory in
general .=mivyske klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=jicymivykle, class .=this definition, order
.=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi, genus .=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
хелкla Using means/vehicle1, to2, also3, via4, goes5
хелсo ,хес 1 reflects Greek/Hellenic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хендo 1.person is kind to2 in actions/behavior3
хенрu ,хер хеъу1 regrets/rues .abstraction2; 1regretful/rueful/sorry/,remorseful about2
:1 feels remorse about2 .=zugyхеъу
хехсо ,хех 110 18 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хе ,хел ,SE 5th conversion; switch 1st/5th places
хилшelxаъи ха1=c 1artillery gun for use against ха2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
хилшкabu c1=i3 is a wheel tyre/tire. .The rubber source can be expressed with ”rаъи ...”,
the composition with ”маъе ...”
хилжamkarce k1military armoured car propelled by k3
хинбау1=b 1the Hindi language used by b2 to communicate b3
хиндo ,xin 1 reflects Hindi language/culture/religion in aspect2 Defaults to not include Urdu; Indian
Bharat nationality may be implied .when constrained byingуъе
хингliбау1=g1=b 1the Indian glis language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 'sиъо/dуъу, not quote
хинмo ,xim1quantity of ink of color/pigment2 used by writing device3
хирмa 1horse/equine/,colt/mare/stallion/pony of species/breed2. ..adjective: 1equine/equestrian
хирноъи1noble with nobility standard2
хислu 1wheel ,tool of device/vehicle2, made of materials/having properties3
хлафуъа f1=l 1unlucky/unfortunate for f2=l2 by standerdl3
хлалi ,xla 1bad for2 byk3; 1poor/unacceptable to2. .Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable
event, and a bad/unacceptable agent:1 does poorly .=lenu kоъа gasnu culali and not normally kоъа xlali
хламeъа1=m 1better/,less bad than m2 for2 byk3, by amount m4
хламуъижijnu j1cynical/suspicious about the motives of m3 with regard to action/event m2=j3
хлаtиъа t1=l 1bad weather at place/region t2 for3=l2 byk4=l3
хлурa ,хлu 1.agent influences/lures/tempts2 into action/state3 by influence/threat/lure4. impresses;4
is alluring .=trivelxlu for place reordering;3 may be an achieved action/state, or an attempt to perform an action/enter a
state. 3 and4 are normally events or states
хоъа ,XOhA glan toggle: Toggles text to TLI Loglan; marks following text as TLI Lglan
The proposal also includes an experimental Loglan Little word “hoa” .which toggles text to rban
хоъе ,LE Generic article: simply converts a selbri to a sumti
Avoids obligatory marking for veridicality and quantity. Underorlo, this is identical to lo
хоi ,ROI / NA emph1. to the degree of...When prefixed by a number, turns the number into a selbri that expresses some
truth value between zero and one, inclusive.emph2. it may or may not be the case that ... .This experimental шмаво
form has been assigned meanings several times independently. The first sense, suggested on the rban Wiki byod,
generalizes na and jаъа by creating a scale betweenthem. This can be seen as an implementation of fuzzy logic. This
sense has now been retired in favor of subscripting jаъа withi. The other sense, apparently invented by Nora Lechevalier
some time earlier .at least before 1997, is not intended seriously, but rather as a kind of reductioad-absurdum. As it
makes any sentence true, regardless of the content, it shows that a language that is excessively free to interpretation is
impossible to express anything in
хомхешi 1ocotillo of species2onkon Hong Kong
хонхoli 1sesame of species/variety2
хорjina 1saddlebag/pair of saddlebags to use on animal/vehicle2
хотлi ,xoloi1hotel/inn/hostel at location2 operated by3
хо ,PA5 digit/number: number/digit/lerfu question
храбo ,rab1 reflects Arabic-speaking culture/nationality in aspect2
храшиъа c1=p3 draws picture c2=p1 on medium c3=p4 with implement c4 depicting p2
хракarni k1=p4 is an illustrated magazine/journal with content k2=p1 published by k3 for audience k4.
храни ,xai1.event injures/harms/damages victim2 in property3 .ka resulting in injury4 'state
храсelcиъа c2=p 1drawn by artist c1=p3 on medium c3=p4 using implement c4 depicting p2
хратai t1=p 1image of t2=p2 created by agent p3 on medium p4. .й piхра, tarmi
хребау b1=m1=s 1creole used by b2 to express/communicate b3, created also sources including m2
хремиъи1=min1blender/mixer for ingredients2=mix2 to produce mixture3=mix1
хрубa ,xub 1quantity of buckwheat/rhubarb/sorrel grass of species/strain2
хрубеi b1=1 takes/carries back b2=2 to origin/earlier state b3=3 also b4=4 over path b5
хрушpe c1 requests/asks c2 to go back/retrnto2 also3 Basedon proposedredefinition ofruti byxorxes:1 returns to2 also3
хрукi ,xuk 1turkey ,food/bird of species/breed2
хруклa 1=r1=r2=k1 returns to earlier location2=r3=k2 also3=r4=k3 via route4=k4 using means/vehicle x5=k5
хрула ,rul 1a/the flower/blossom/bloom ,body-part of plant/species2; .adjective: 1floral
хрулнranunkulu1quantity of ranunculus/buttercup/spearwort/water crowfoot of species/strain2
хрулrlavandula1quantity of lavender of species/strain2
хрутi ,xru1.agent returns2 to origin/earlier state3 also4;1 moves/gives2 back to3 also4. 2 goes
back/reverts/Retreats. to3 .=seъиxru for agent self-returning to a previous location/situation: renumber places in the
lujvo; 3 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and
a causative like ринка/rikygau
хуъишmu 1element of compound2
хукmi ,xumуъи 1instance of substance/chemical/drug2 .individual or mass with purity3
хуксke 1meleagrology based on methodology2
хулбuktci1=t 1iron for straightening cloths2=b1=u1 of material3=b2
хумжimcelxаъи1=c1gun/chemically launched metal slug throwing weapon for use against2 by3; weapon fires metallic
objects4 using chemical propellant5
хумркonkreto1quantity of concrete made also ingredients2
хумske 1chemistry based on methodology2
хумsle s1molecule of chemical2
хумsutrиъа r1=1 catalyzes chemical reaction r2=s2 under conditions r3
хунre ,xunуъе 1red/crimson/ruddy ,color adjective
хурбау1=b 1the Urdu language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
хурdo ,xurуъо1 reflects Urdu language/culture/nationality in aspect2
хусраусрa ,xusуъа 1.agent asserts/claims/declares2 :1 states/says that/affirms/purports to know that2
хуsxusu 1vetiver of species/variety2
хутла ,xul 1smooth/even/,soft/silky in texture/regularity
ху ,UI6 discursive: true-false question
заъаи ,ZI time tense distance: an unspecified distance in time .Used to express a time distance without specifying any
subjective notion about its size. May typically be used in a question when the subjective notion is not known
заъа ,UI2 evidential: I observe. .цы zgana, laнли.
заъе ,BAhE forethought nonce-word indicator; indicates next word is nonce-creation and may be nonstandard.
заъи ,zaz ,NU1 abstractor: state .event abstractor; 1continuous state of ,bridi being true.
заъо ,zаъо ,ZAhO interval event contour: continuing too long after natural end of ...; superfective ― ―-¿.
заъумai ,MAI* discursive: further utterance ordinal
заъуреъу ,ROI* again; in addition to the first time; for the .¿ 1th time 'see krefu, rapli
заъу ,PA3 digit/number: greater than.
забнa ,zan zаъа1favorable connotation/sense/way-of-looking-at2 used by3. .цы funca, mabla,amgu, vrude
заиршуъу c1marketing /business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities z2
заирsnuшуъу c 1the marketing communications business/activity/function supporting the sales/promotion of
goods/products/services/activities z2
заисle z1=s1shop/store of market/mall s2, selling3=z2, operated by4=z3
заи ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: alternate alphabet selector follows
зажбa ,zaj1gymnast at/performs gymnastics feat2
залгosu1spiny anteater of species2. .юэ jesymabru, ornitorinku
залтapla t1patty of ground/pulverized material t2=z2, shape t3, thickness t4
залви ,zal1 ,individual or mass of hard surfaces grinds/pulverizes/crushes2 into powder3
занбebna b1na¨ıve about z2
занфri 1=z3 enjoys z1=l2
занфуъа f1=z2 .event/property is determined by the good luck/fortune of f2
занру ,zar zau1 approves of/gives favor to plan/action2 .object/event
зансelfуъа f2 is lucky/fortunate in f1=z2 .event/property
занвиъе 1welcomed by2 to place/event3
заршi ,zac zai 1market/store/exchange/shop's selling/trading .for2, operated by/with participants3
:mall, marketplace, shopping center, cooperative, bazaar, trading post, mart; the concept is the function of
selling/exchanging coupled with a location, and is more oriented to the larger concept of marketplace than the stalls/shops
that comprise it, though it does not exclude the latter individual shops .=zaisle;3 may include both owners/proprietors and
customers in some markets, but in most contexts refers only to the operators
заршpa z1=c1 accepts z2=c2 .object/event also source c3
заргу ,zag zаъу 1a/the buttock's/arse/rear/seat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: rounded surface, support
ass, behind, butt
засмоъисрo s 1temporary memory for fact's s2=m2 in containment s3.
засни ,zas 1temporary/not permanent/expected to change in property2 .ka byk/expectant3. transient
засти ,zat zаъи 1 exists/is real/actual/reality for2 under metaphysics3
Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place. 1physical .one sense
засysti s1 pauses/temporarily halts activity/process/state s2
засyveъу1 rents2 ,goods/service/commodity to3 for cost4 for duration5
затфаъи f1 discovers the existence of2=z1 under metaphysics z3
затраъи r1=z1 exists over interval r2. .r1=z 1r2 years/days etc. old. Not restricted to biological forms
зауsku c1=z1 praises z2 .object/event for audience c3 via expressive medium c4
зау ,BAI занру modal, 1st place approved by ...
за ,ZI time tense distance: medium distance in time
збабu ,bab1quantity of/contains/is made of soap also source2 of composition including3
збашуъу c 1a/the production/bulding/assembling function/activities involving person's c2=z1.ind./mass
making/building/assembling z2 out of z3
збани 1bay in/of coast/shoreline2
збасу 1 makes/assembles/builds/manufactures/creates2 out of materials/parts/components3
збепи ,збе1pedestal/base/stand/pallet supporting2.object/event of materials/properties3
здани 1nest/house/lair/den/,home of/for2
здилe 1.abstract is amusing/entertaining to2 in property/aspect3;3 is what amuses2 about1
здирахa1chinaberry of variety2
зекри ,zer zei1.event/state is a punishable crime/,taboo/sin to people/culture/judges/jury2
зе PA1 digit/number: 7 .digit ,seven
земоi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 7 to ordinal selbri; 1seventh among2 ordered by rule3
зенбa ,zen zeъа1.experiencer increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity2 by amount3
зенo ,PA* number/quantity: 70 ,seventy
зенриъа r1.event/state increases/increments/augments2=z1 in property/quantity3=z2 by amount4=z3
зепти 110 21 of2 in dimension/aspect3
зетро 110
зе ,zel ,PA1 digit/number: 7 .digit ,seven
зганa 1 observes/,notices/watches/beholds2 using senses/means3 under conditions4
згике 1music performed/produced by2.event
зифре 1free/at liberty to do/be2 .event/state under conditions3
зинкi 1quantity of/contains/is made of zinc
зирпu 1purple/violet
зивлe 1.agent invests resources2 in investment3 expecting return/profit4 .object's/event
зи time tense distance: instantaneous-toshort distance in time
змадu ,zma mau1 exceeds/is more than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount/excess4. positive .=nonmau
змикu 1automatic in function2 under conditions3
зоъи ,zor zоъи ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; nearer than .../inward/approaching also ...
зоъоi ,ZOhOI quote next non-rban word only; quotes a single non-rban word delimited by pauses .in speech or
whitespace .in writing
зоъонai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously
зоъо ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously
зоъу ,ZOhU marks end of logical prenex quantifiers/topic identification and start of sentence bridi
зои ,ZOI delimited non-rban quotation; the result treated as a block of text
зо ,ZO quote next word only; quotes a single rban word .not a шмаво compound or tanru
зуъа ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; leftwards/to the left of ...
зуъедji z1=d1 intends/wishes to do z2=d2 for z3=d3
зуъе ,BAI zukte modal, 1st place .purposed agent with goal-seeking actor ...
зуъи ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: the typical sumti value for this place in this relationship; affects truth value
зуъунаi ,UI*3 discursive: on the one hand - on the other hand
зуъу ,UI3 discursive: on the one hand - on the other hand
зуктe ,zuk zуъе1volitional entity employing means/taking action2 for purpose/goal3/to end3
acting at, undertaking, doing; agentive cause with volition/purpose; also3 objective, end
зуктиъи s1 gives advice z2 to s3=z1
зулxаъеa 1=z 1a/the left hand ofa2=z2, which faces/in-frame-of-reference z3
зумри ,zmu 1quantity of maize/corn ,grain of species/strain2
зунгi 1 feels guilt/remorse about2 .abstraction
зунле 1to the left/left-hand side of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3
3 is the standard of orientation for2
зунсna s1consonant sound made by articulation z1.event/state
зунти 1.evt./state interferes with/hinders/disrupts2 .evt./state/process due to quality3 .ka
blocks, obstructs, baffles; not necessarily forcing cessation
зуце 1 sits ,assumes sitting position on surface2
зу time tense distance: long distance in time
звати 1.object/event is at/attending/present at2.event/location
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