messa mersa

messa mersa

аъашуъи аъacуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding
аъанаи аъanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding
аъа аъa ,UI1 attitudinal: attentive - inattentive - avoiding
аъenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion
аъe ,UI1 attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion
аъиcуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose
аъиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose
аъи ,UI1 attitudinal: effort - no special effort - repose
аъonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: hope - despair
аъorne 1maple of species/variety2
аъo ,UI1 attitudinal: hope - despair
аъуcуъи UI*1 attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion
аъуnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion
аъу ,UI1 attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion
аbniena 1Guaran in aspect2
абу ,BY* letteral for а
аgbakate 1avocado .fruit or tree of species/variety2
аиcуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal
аиerne1 Armenian in aspect2
аинаи ,UI*1 attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal
аиzdo 1woad of species/variety2
аи ,UI1 attitudinal: intent - indecision - rejection/refusal
акmela1toothache plant/spotflower/paracress of species/variety2
акsiptrina1hawk of species/type2
албаъака 1basil of species/variety2
алfabeta 1alphabet used to write2
алminiu 1quantity of/contains/is made of aluminium
алtamru 1date .fruit or tree of species/variety2
алzaitu 1an olive of species/variety2
амgidала 1amygdala in organism2, with function3 .As a part of the limbic system .menбенcиъe,
besrlimbo, it performs a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reaction
амpigravle 1celery
амsake 1made of/contains/is an amount of amazake from 2
амtisti 1quantity of/contains/is made of amethyst from source2
амxарi 1Amharic in aspect2
анdiroba 1carap of species/variety2
анgeli 1angel
анgila 1eel of species2
анji 1Chinese hanzi / Japanese kanji .logogram with meaning2 and radical3
анmonia 1quantity of / contains / is made of ammonia
анsopтера 1dragonfly of species2
анtilope 1an antelope of species2
арktik 1Arctic Ocean
арmoraki 1 es un rabano de la variedad2
арnika 1quantity of arnica/wolfsbane of species/strain2
арxokuna 1raccoon of species2
asьcьъиъиs 1ASCII
атиnas 1Athens
атkuila 1eagle of species/breed2
ауcуъи ,UI* 1 attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance
ауfklerunge 1.process/concept is enlightenment in the sense of philosophy2
аунаi ,UI* 1attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance
ауskalerik Basque country
ау ,UI 1attitudinal: desire - indifference - reluctance
аvgusto 1August in year2 on calendar3
аxlte 1axolotl of species/breed2 a ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought or
баъacуъи ,UI*2 evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember
баъanai ,UI*2 evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember
баъарgау1 = g1 .agent marks3 = b2 with mark.s2 = b1 of material4 = b3
баъарmoъa m1pattern of marks m2 = b1 arranged according to structure m3 on4 = b2 of material5 = b3
баъa ,UI2 evidential: I expect - I experience - I remember
баъei ,BAhEI forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next WORD only, even if that word is a construct-indicating
шмаво .According to CLL 19.11, regular баъe doesnt always emphasize just one word. If it is placed in front of a
construct .e.g. la, it emphasizes the entire construct. баъei was designed especially for these cases
баъe ,BAhE forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next word is especially emphasized
баъи ,BAI basti modal, 1st place replaced by ..
баъoi ,ROI Converts PA into tense; in ,number .usually nonspecific possible futures where
,sumti .dуъу is true .Possible futures, given the actual past and present; what might happen
баъорзуъе z1 grows b1 for purpose/goal z3 to size/form b2 я b3
баъоту баъostu1nursery where2 grows to size/form3 я4
баъo ,ZAhO interval event contour: in the aftermath of ...; since ...; perfective ― ――
баъуcуъи ,UI*3 discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement
баъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement
баъуrdуъу d1 whines/bitches about d2 by uttering b2
баъуrnoi n1 = b2 is a spoken/uttered message about subject n2 uttered by n3 = b1 to intended audience n4
баъуrtadji t 1b1ъs pronunciation of utterance b2 under conditions t3
баъуsku1 .agent says2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience3 through expressive medium4
.Unlike cusku, which can refer to other forms of expression, баъуsku refers only to talking
баъуsle s1 .phone/speech sounds is a segment of utterance/speech stream s2 = b2
баъу ,UI3 discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement
баba ,PU* time tense: will be going to; .tense/modal
баbilon Babylon
баcаъa ,PU* time tense: future actuality; modal aspect
баcаъo ,ZAhO* time tense: will be then; .tense/modal
баckemselrerkru k1hyperbola in k2 at k3 defined by set of points/properties k4
баckla b1=k1 goes beyond destination b2=k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
баcru ,баъу1 utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks ,vocally makes sound2. .щ voices; does not necessarily
imply communication or audience
башьcripu c1bridge to the beyond across c2 between c3 = b3 and c4 = b1. .Poetic coining
башьdeъи d1 = b1tusk of d2 protruding beyond the mouth b3 by amount b4
бадbиъу bi1 = ba1rampart/,protective wall protecting bi4 = ba2 я threat/peril/potential ba3 .event
бадgai g1protective cover for b2 = g2 against g3
бадgau g1 causes event b1 which defends/protects b2 .object/state я threat/peril/potential b3
бадjamбло bl1 = ba1frigate/corvette of type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3
бадna 1 banana/plantain ,fruit/plant of species/breed2
бадрi ,dri 1sad/depressed/dejected/,unhappy/feels sorrow/grief about2 .abstraction
бадvinji v1fighter aircraft of type/for carrying v2, propelled by v3
бадydиъу1defensive building .castle, fortress etc. for protection of2 я3 .enemies, danger
баgyceъa c1 = b1bow that shoots arrow c2 я string c3, and is made of material b3
баи ,BAI bapli modal, 1st place .forced by forcedly; compelled by force ...
баjbakni 1an antelope .any of various bovids of species2
баjlиъa b1 = c1 runs away я c2 via route c3 on surface b2 using limbs b3 with gait b4
баjra ,baj1 runs on surface2 using limbs3 with gait4
баjriga1budgerigar .Melopsittacus undulatus of breed2
баjyjvi b1=j1 races against j2 in race j3 for prize j4 on track b2 with legs b3 and gait b4
баjykla k1 = b1 runs to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using limbs b3 with gait b4
баjypipreъojvi j1 = b1 = p1 = r1 compete.s in a track and field athletics match against j2 in competition
j3 for prize/title j4
баjypipreъoтерjvi j3 is a track and field athletics match with j1 = b1 = p1 = r1 competing against j2
for prize/title j4
баjystu s1 = b2running track
баkcange1cattle ranch at2 where farmer3 raises cattle4
баkcatra 1 kills bull/cow2 by method3
баkfu ,baf1bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack ,shape/form containing2, held together by3
баklanme l1musk ox of breed l2 belonging to herd l3
баkмаъи 1May of year2 in calendar3
бакnis 1Taurus ,constellation/astrological sign. .From бакni .=cow/cattle/kine/ox/,bull/steer/calf;
lojban; Taurus .=bull, bullock, steer; latin.
бакni ,bak1cow/cattle/kine/ox/,bull/steer/calf ,beefproducer/bovine of species/breed2
бакplixa p1 plows p2 with tool p3 propelled by oxen/cattle of species/breed b2
бакреъу r 1beef/bovine meat я species/breed r2 = b2
бакреcpаъo p1 = r 1beefsteak
бакрi1quantity of/contains/is made of chalk я source2 in form3
бакрyшедра 1the Cretaceous Era
бакрytаъo t1chalkboard
бакскапи s 1hide/leather of/я bovine s2 = b2, of species b2
бакtu1bucket/pail/can/deep, solid, wide-topped container of contents2, made of material3
бакtydekpu d 1d2 bucketfull.s of contents b2
бакtylai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one bucketfuls in quantity
бакyjanbe j1cowbell producing sound/note j2
бакyjba1cowberry/lingonberry/blueberry/cranberry of species/variety2
бакykakpa1 plows, removing2 я3 using tool4 and oxen5
балcуъe c1university at c2 teaching subject.s c3 to audience/community c4 operated by c5
балdakyxаъиa1great sword for use againsta2 by3
балgуъe g1 = b 1an empire of peoples g2 with land/territory g3
балжаmna j1 fights a great war against j2 over territory/matter j3
балжi1bulb ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: rounded, bulgy
балжypau1clove of bulb2 of plant/species3
балkуъa k1Hall in structure k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor k3 .mass/joъу
балkulctu 1professor teaching audience 2 ideas/methods/lore3 .dуъу about subject.s4 by method5 .event
бални1balcony/overhang/ledge/shelf of building/structure2
балнkpi1shoebill/whalehead .Balaenicipitidae of genus/species2
балноltru t1 = n1 = b 1the emperor/empress/kaiser/tsar of peoples/territories t2
балре ,баъe1blade of tool/weapon2
балsai s1 = b1banquet/feast including dishes s2, elaborate by standard b3
балsoi s1 = b1great soldier of army s2 great in property b2 .ka by standard b3
балtutra t1 = b1realm belonging to/controlled by t2, great in property b2 .ka by standard b3
балвi ,bav 1in the future of/later than/after2 in time sequence; 1latter;2 is
former. .щ sequel, succeed, successor, follow, come.s after; time ordering only .use lidne otherwise;
aorist in that1 may overlap in time with2 as long as it extends afterwards; non-aorist future
.= cfaбалвi; .default2 is the space time reference, whereupon:1 will occur
балzgibeъe ba1 = be 1orchestra, consisting of performers be2, and conducted by be3, performing music z1 = be4
баmbu1bamboo .Bambuseae of genus/species2
баmvinji v1bomber carrying bomb v2 = j1 with explosive material/principle j2, aircraft propelled by v3
банbуъenu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”ben” .Bengali
банcumunu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”cmn” .Mandarin Chinese
банcu ,bac1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2 я3 in property/amount4 .ka/ni .On the other side of a bound, but not
necessarily directly ъacrossъ nor at the shortest plausible distance .per ragve; also not limited to position in space
банdуъeъу 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”deu” .German
банdu ,bad1 .event defends/protects2 .object/state я threat/peril/potential3 .event .щ secures .verb;1
wards/resists3; protective cover/shield .= badgai
банfi 1an amphibian of species/breed2
банfurуъa 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”fra” .French
банgarуъa 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”ara” .Arabic
банgarubu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”arb” .Standard Arabic
банgenugu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”eng” .English
банgepуъo 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”epo” .Esperanto
банginudu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”ind” .Indonesian
банgitуъa 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”ita” .Italian
банgrfarsi 1the Farsi language used by2 to express/communicate3
банgrnaidjiria 1the Nigerian English language used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrpolska 1the Polish language used by2 to express/communicate3
бангрталиа bangrtalia 1the Italian language used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrtcosena 1the Korean language of North Korea used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrturkie 1the Turkish language used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrvietnama 1the Vietnamese language used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrxanгуке 1the Korean language of South Korea used by2 to express/communicate3
банgrxangu 1the Korean language used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
банgrxirana 1the Iranian Farsi language used by2 to express/communicate3
бангукурu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”ukr” .Ukrainian
бангуrudu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”urd” .Urdu
бангу бангу ,ban бау 1a/the language/dialect used by2 to express/communicate3
банjeъуъe 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”yue” .Yue Chinese
банжикske s 1sociolinguistics based on methodology s2
банjubуъo 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”жбо” .Lojban
банjupunu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”jpn” .Japanese
банkуъanu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”kan” .Kannada
банkуъoru 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”kor” .Korean
банли ,бал баъи 1great/grand in property2 .ka by standard3. .Indicates a subjective greatness, as compared to the
objective standard implied for барда; .synonyms, possibly requiring tanru: extraordinary, illustrious, magnificent,
impressive, awesome, grandiose, august, inspiring, special, majestic, distinguished, eminent, splendor, stately, imposing
all generally zabna; terrible .mabla
банmenske s 1psycholinguistics based on methodology s2
банpliske s 1pragmatics based on methodology s2
The science of how language interacts with the world
банpуъolu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”pol” .Polish
банpуъoru 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”por” .Portuguese
банrаъa s1 pertains to language of s2 = b2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for languages:
банro ,баъo1 grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form2 я3
щ rising, developing;1 gets bigger/enlarges/increases
банrуъуsu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”rus” .Russian
баныскеппре banskepre p1linguist .scientist
банsupуъa 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”spa” .Spanish
банtadni t1 studies language t2 = b1 used by b2
банveъуъу 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”wuu” .Wu Chinese
банxa ,bax1bank owned by/in banking system2 for banking function.s3 .event
банxeъиnu 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”hin
банzgu Exact meaning uncertain, probably something like b1language-rose
.Used as a title of one of Michael Helsemъs poems in his book “luryrиъe” .Moon River
банzu ,baz1 .object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose2 under condi3
баpleъи p1 pays bribe p2 to p3 for favor/services p4 = b2. .Not necessarily with a negative connotation.
баpli ,bap bai1 ,force .ka forces/compels event2 to occur;1 determines property2 to manifest
.щ constrains;requires success, unlike the physics term .better expressed by danre
баpu ,PU* time tense: will have been; .tense/modal
барbei1 exports2 to3 я4 via5
баршрека c1 = b1jacket of material c2. .Worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse,
often waist length to thigh length
барда ,bra 1big/large in property/dimension.s2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3
барfаъe f 1inside-out, with part.s b1 currently on the outside
барfle1stream of2 flowing out of3
баргу ,bag1 arches/шурвеs over/around2 and is made of3; 1an arch over/around2 of material3
.щ arc;2 need not be an object, but may be a point or volume
баржа1tavern/bar/pub serving2 to audience/patrons3
баржygуъa g1bartender at bar b1, serving b2 to audience/patrons b3
баржyjаъa j1bar/cafe manager/owner of "bar/cafe" j2 = b1
баржyseъу s1bartender at bar b1, serving b2 to audience/patrons b3 = s2
барkalri 1exit/outlet/way out of2 for3
барkalyleъo l1 = b1monocle/pair of .eyeglasses/spectacles allowing the clear sight of l2 .light by k2 .wearer
барklagau g1 ejects k1 я b2 = k3 via k4 using means k5
барkla1 = k1 exits/goes out/outside я2 = k2 = b1 with route3 = k3 with transportation method4
.Omitted:5 = клама2 .destination = барtu1 .something external
барkуъe1 projects/extends out of2
барlиъa1 = c1 leaves/exits/goes outside of2 = c2 = b2 via route3 = c3
барna ,баъa1.s is a/are mark.s/spot.s on2 of material3. .баъarmoъa for a pattern of marks
варsелона Barcelona
бартерzga 1sense organ used to observe2 which is outside the observer3 under conditions4
барtu ,bar 1on the outside of2; 1exterior to2
басfa 1omnibus for carrying2 in medium3 propelled by4 relyloibasfa for double-decker jonbasfa for articulated,
clajonbasfa for bi-articulated, diзбасfa for low-floor, drucaubasfa for open top,
басmeъe b1 = c1pseudonym of c2 to/usedby namer/name-user c3 .person
басna 1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to2 by .action3
басti ,bas1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of2 in circumstance3;1replacement/substitute щ:1 trades places with2
басygau g1 .agent replaces/substitutes b1 for/instead of b2 in circumstance b3
басysиъу1 replace/trade places with one another in circumstance2
басyvla v1 = b 1an anaphora/pronoun/proword in language v2 replacing word b2 under conditions b3
баtci ,bat1 bites/pinches2 on/at specific locus3 with4. .Bite through .= kаъarbatci, batygre; pinch .= cinzybatci
баtfendi b1 = f1 .agent bites apart b2 = f2 into sections/partitions f3 with bite locus b3
баtke1button/knob/,handle on/for item2, with purpose3, made of material4
баtkycиъa c1 writes c2 on medium c3 with keyboard c4
баtkykeъa k1buttonhole in k2 = b2 for button b1
баtmai m1 = b 1chewing gum of type/composition m2 in shape/form m3
баушmu c 1the basis of language c2 = b1 used by b2 to express/communicate b3
баушre c1language expert of language c2 = b1
бауkle k1language type/category/subgroup/subset .linguistic taxon within languages b1 = k2,
with typological features k3
бауpli1 uses language2 for purpose3
баурgusuve 1the language with ISO 639-3 code ”gsw” .Swiss German
баусke s 1linguistics based on methodology s2
баусpi s1split piece of language b1 = s2. .Poetic compound
бау ,BAI бангу modal, 1st place in language ...
баvgaupei g1 = p1 thinks about/considers/ponders/reflects upon doing b1 = g2 = p2 .nu after b2 .nu .I found that
there was no good, single word for ”thinking about doing ... after ...”
баvlаъи b1 = l 1next after b2 = l2 in sequence l3
баvlamcte n1 = l1 = b 1the night after b2 = l2 at location n3
баvlamdei d1 = b1 = l 1tomorrow; d1 = b1 = l 1the day following b2 = l2, day standard d3
баvlamjeftu j1 = b 1the week after b2 by standard j3
баvlamkeъу 1the next/following time that2 happens
баvlamvanci 1the evening of the next day2 at location3
баvmi1quantity of barley ,grain of species/strain2
бавьфарви bavyfarvi f1 ages / passes through time into future form f2 = b1 я current / past / earlier form
f3 = b2 through stages f4. .Made я балвi + farvi
бавъкри bavyкри1 expects/anticipates2 to happen
баvypunji p1 delays p2 until after b2
баvyspe s 1the fiance.e/betrothed of s2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention s3
баxso1 reflects Malay-Indonesian common language/culture in aspect2
ба ,PU time tense relation/direction: will ,selbri; after ,sumti; default future tense
беъaspe1daughter-in-law .sonъs wife of2 according to law/custom3
беъа beъa ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; north of
беъe ,COI vocative: request to send/speak
беъи ,BAI бенжи modal, 1st place .sender sent by ...
беъo ,BEhO elidable terminator: end linked sumti in specified description
беъуcуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
беъуdzu c1 = b2 crawls on c2
беъуnai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
беъу ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: lack/need - presence/satisfaction - satiation
беbgei g 1giddy about g2
беbna ,beb 1foolish/silly in event/action/property ,folly .ka2;1boob
беbzunpre b1 = z1 = p1troll on z2 with inflammatory message z3. .x2 is usually an internet bulletin board
or newsgroup
беfcauшрека cr1 = cl1 = b2 is a crop top tshirt / блоуse of material cr2 The lower portion is cut off,
resulting in the exposure of some of the wearerъs abdomen. Suggested shortest fуъиvla form: efcrk
беfcro 1 has a bellyache
беfkafke k1 = b2 burps
беfkeъa k 1the abdominal cavity of k2
беfrуъe p 1the digestion of p2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant b2
беfsfekeъa k 1the navel of k2
беfsri d1belt of material d2
беftиъe t 1the lower back ,body-part of b2
беfyбаъa be1 = ba 1the navel / belly button .umbilicus of be2 = ba2. .In humans, the navel can appear as a depression
.kevna or as a protrusion
беgбау be1 = ba 1the Bengali language used by ba2 to communicate ba3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
беgygуъe b1 = g 1Bangladesh
беибло b1cargo ship for carrying b2, propelled by b3
Беижинъ beiDJIN Beijing
беиpre p1 = b1carrier/porter/waiter, carrying b2 to b3 я b4 over path b
беирcarce c1cart/carriage/wagon .wheeled vehicle for carrying c2 = b2 to b3 я b4, propelled by c3
беиtlaxum Bethlehem
беи ,BEI separates multiple linked sumti within a selbri; used in descriptions
беmboijvi j1 plays American/Canadian football against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4
беmboiterjvi j3 is an American/Canadian football match/game with j1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4
беmjoitco b1=k 1North America and South America
бемро ,bem beъo 1 reflects North American culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
беmtуъa b1 = t 1North America
бенde ,bed beъe 1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2 directed/led by3 organized for purpose4 ..
x1mass;2 is a set completely specified; Also orchestra .= zgibeъe, балzgibeъe, outfit;3
conductor; business, not necessarily incorporated .= cajbeъe, venbeъe
бенgo ,beg1 reflects Bengali/Bangladesh culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бенжи ,bej beъи1 transfers/sends/transmits2 to receiver3 я transmitter/origin4 via means/medium5
.щ possibly ” sharing”; no .complete alienation я origin is implied.5 carrier
бенмро m1 = b2 is brain-dead
бенpиъa1meninx/mater of2
бенske s 1.cerebral neurology/neuroscience with methodology s2
бенvau v 1the braincase .part of cranium of organism b2
бенxadbaa1hemisphere of brain b1 =a2
берgamia1bergamot orange of variety/cultivar2
берmau b1 = z 1farther north than b2 = z1 according to frame of reference b3 by distance/gap/margin z4
берnanjudri j 1the latitude/declination of j2 in system j3
берpau b1 = p1is the northern part of b2 = p2
берsa ,bes beъa1son of mother/father/parents2 ,not necessarily biological
берstici 1northwest of2 in frame of reference3
берstuna 1northeast of2 in frame of reference3
берsunberberti 1north by east of2 in frame of reference3
берti ,ber 1to the north/northern side ,right-hand-rule pole of2 according to frame of reference3
беsmamta m1 = b2 is the mother of son m2 = b1
бесна ,ben 1a/the brain ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: intelligence, mental control
беs Son
беtfu ,bef beъу 1a/the abdomen/belly/lower trunk ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: midsection
.щ stomach .= djaruntyrango, digestive tract .= befctirango, befctirangycиъe
беtri ,bet1tragedy/disaster/tragic for2
беvгунди g 1a/the transportation industry/sector for b1 transporting b2 я b3 to b4
беvмаъelai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one truckloads/lorryloads in quantity
беvмаъe m1truck/transporter/cart/sled/mode of transport for carrying m2 = b2 to b3 я b4 over path b5,
on surface medium m3, propelled by m4
беvri ,bev bei1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 to3 я4 over path5;1carrier/,porter
.Alienation я2 to3 is implied
бе ,BE sumti link to attach sumti .default2 to a selbri; used in descriptions
бихагла bиъagla b1 = g1 has a fever due to disease b3
биъamlu s1 = b 1sickly/appears ill with symptoms s2 = b2 я disease b3 to observer s3
биъarbиъo bin1 develops illness bin2 = bil1 with symptoms bil2
биъarlitki l 1pus of composition l2 я disease b3
биъarmenske s1 .mass of facts is the psychiatry of subject matter s2 based on methodolgy s3
биъe ,BIhE prefixed to a mex operator to indicate high priority
биъи ,biz ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: unordered between ... and ...
биъo ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: ordered я ... to ...
биъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: newly introduced information - previously introduced information
биъу ,UI3a discursive: newly introduced information - previously introduced information
бicydja c 1honey я bees b1 of species b2
бидбау1 = b 1the Indonesian language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
бидgуъe g1=b 1Indonesia
бидgug Indonesia
бидju1bead/pebble ,shape/form of material2
бидjylinsi1rosary with beads of material2 with link properties3
Бие,уарУс Belarus
биfcаъe c1 = b2 .agent blows c2
биfcau c 1still/without wind
биfce ,bic1bee/wasp/hornet of species/breed2
биfkluza k1 .object is fluttering on k2 .object at locus k3
биfmlo m1windmill performing process m2
биfpra c1fan/blower/punkah blowing air/gas with speed b3 by process c3
биgygau g1 obligates b1 to do b2 by standard b3
бижgri g1formal organization with aim/purpose g2
бижyjbu1 = j 1an office desk/counter of material2 = j2, in office3 = b1 of worker4 = b2 at location5 = b3
биkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 8,000 expressed with comma
биkla ,bik1 whips/lashes/snaps ,a sudden violent motion
биkreъo r1 flings/hurls/ throws violently r2 = b1 to/at/in direction r3
биksku c1 .agent snaps c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept at audience c3 via expressive medium c4
биkspu s1 snaps in response to person/object/event/situation/stimulus s2 with response s3
биkydamri d1whip .musical instrument
биlga ,big 1bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be2 in/by standard/agreement3;1 must do2 .щ3 frame of reference
билма ,bиъa 1ill/sick/diseased with symptoms2 я disease3
биlni ,bil 1military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system2 for purpose3 .щ paramilitary; soldier in its
broadest sense - not limited to those trained/organized as part of an army to defend a state .= bilpre
биlpulji p 1military police officer enforcing law.s/rule/order p2
биmei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 8 to cardinal selbri;1set with the octet of members2
биmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 8 to ordinal selbri; 1eighth among2 ordered by rule3
биmхра p1mural representing/showing p2, made by artist p3 on wall p4 = b1
бинdo ,bid1 reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
биноnovo ,PA* number/quantity: 8004, without comma
биноno ,PA* number/quantity: 800 ,eight hundred
бино ,PA* number/quantity: 80 ,eighty
бинpre j1 = p1middleman/mediator/contact/gobetween/intercessor between parties j2
бинra1 insures/indemnifies2 .person against peril3 .event providing бенefit.s4 .event
.щ3 loss; sell/purchase insurance .= binryveъу, premium .= binrydиъa, or binryvelveъу
бинrydиъa j 1an insurance premium providing coverage against peril j2=b3 for insured j3=b2 .person
offered by insurer j4=b1
бинryveъу v1 sells insurance v2 = b1 to client v3 = b2 for cost v4,
insurance against peril b3 .event providing benefit.s b4 .event
бинxo ,bix bиъo1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into2 under conditions3
.Resultative, not-necessarily causal, change
.ё cenba for non-resultative, galfi for causal, stika for non-resultative, non-causal change; zasni
бирcidni c1 = b 1an elbow of body2 = c3 = b2
бирdadykla k1 brachiates to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4
бирgutci g 1g2 cubit/cubits .length unit
бирjаъи j1bracelet on arm j2 = b1
бирже 1made of/contains/is a amount of beer/ale/brew brewed я2
бирka ,bir 1a/the arm ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: branch with strength. .щ elbow .= бирcidni, wrist
.=anterjoъe, appendage .but jimca, rebla preferred
бирkoku 1an apricot of variety2
бирstizu s 1an armchair
бирtafpau p1sleeve of garment p2 = t1 for wearing by t2 .gender/species
бирti ,bit 1certain/sure/positive/convinced that2 is true
бирtуъуcau c1 .garment is sleeveless
бирtуъу t1sleeve of material t2 for the arm of b2
бирvrajvi j1 arm-wrestles with j2 for prize j4
биsli ,bis1quantity of/is made of/contains ice ,frozen crystal of composition/material2
.Composition including2, which need not be a complete composition
биsмаъa 1an iceberg in ocean2
биsrиъe1glacier of land mass2, draining snowshed3 into4
биsycmaplini b1 = c1 = p1comet revolving around p2 with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4,
with ice composition b2
биsyladru1 = b1 = l 1ice cream/frozen yoghurt made я milk of source2 = l2
биtmu ,биm биъу1wall/fence separating2 and3 .unordered of/in structure4
биtygau g1 convinces/persuades b1 that b2 is true
биvjetkаъу k1byte/octet
биvmasti 1August/the eighth month of year2 in calendar3
биvmast August
биvmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral/Air Marshal .equivalent of NATO OF-8 in military
unit/organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
биvyplini p 1the eighth closest planet .default is Neptune if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2
default is the Sun, with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
биvyplin Neptune
биxмаъу b1 = m 1adolescent / pubescent / maturing in development-quality m2 .ka by standard3
би ,биv ,PA1 digit/number: 8 .digit ,eight
блаби ,lab 1white/very-light colored ,color adjective. .Pale forms of other colors are a compound of white; e.g
pink .= labyxуъe,unблаби .whereas kandi is used for pale = dimness, lack of intensity
блаbruk Belarus
блаci1quantity of/is made of/contains glass of composition including2
бладemби 1indigo .Indigofera sp. of species/variety2
блаnu ,бла 1blue ,color adjective
блариъo c 1blue-green
блику ,bli1block ,3-dimensional shape/form of material2, surfaces/sides3 .x3 sides/surfaces should include number,
size, and shape; also polyhedron .= pityбли having flat/planar sides/surfaces
regular polyhedron .= kubyбли, бликубли, brick .= kityбли;
блихра p1relief/embossment representing/showing p2, made by artist p3, on material b2
блоbonjactаъo t1=d1=bo1=бл2 is a wakeboard of material/property t2
блоcаъegаъa g1 = c2 = b3 is a punting pole made of g2 pushed by c2 in boat b1
блоcpugаъa g1 = l2 = b3 is an oar made of g2 pulled by l2 in boat b1
блоcra c1prow of boat/ship c2 = b1, boat for carrying b2, propelled by b3
блоfangаъa g1 = b3 is the mast made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3 = b1
блоfаргаъa g 1the tiller made of g2 of boat/ship f2 = b1
блоgre p1 ferries through p2 to destination side p3 я origin side p4, carrying b2, propelled by b3
блоjаъa j1captain of boat/ship b1 of type/that carries b2
блоkla k1 goes/sails/navigates .travels by boat to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using boat k5 = b1
блоklu k 1the maritime culture of nation/ethos k2
блоlиъу l1 = b2 travels by boat via route l2 using boat/ship/vessel l3 = b1 propelled by b3
блоmatrygаъa g1 = b3 is the shaft made of g2 of engine m1 in boat m2 = b1
блоmuvgаъa g 1an oar/paddle of boat/ship/vessel b1, of material g3, boat for carrying b2
блоpinfangаъa g1 = b3 = p 1a/the boom/yard made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3 = b1
блоpre p1sailor of boat b1 of type/that carries b2
блоsazri s1 maneuvers/is a pilot of boat b1 = s2
блоsoi s1marine of military unit s2
блоsormei s1fleet .of ships
блоtcana t1seaport/ferry terminal in transport system t2 for boats/ships/vessels of type b2 propelled by b3
блоti ,lot бло loъи1boat/ship/vessel ,vehicle for carrying2, propelled by 3
блоzeileъa l1 = b2 is a pirate aboard pirate ship b1, stealing l2, which is wrong according to z2
блубле 1anemic of type2 by standard3
блушri cir1=cib2 loses blood cib1=cir2 under conditions cir3; cir1=cib2 bleeds
блуfle f 1blood flow/circulation of vital fluidf2 = c1 of organismc2, flowing in direction to/towards f3 я direction f4
блуji1pair of jeans / blue jeans
блуpinxe p1vampire / drinks blood of organism p3 = c2. .p2 and c1 subsumed
блусфаni1mosquito/blood-sucking diptere of genus/species2
блуtуъу t1vessel with blood/vital fluid c1 of organism c2
бодgaыias Bodhgaya
боfkosta k1 = b1cloak/cape of material k2 = b2 .An essentially flat piece of fabric worn fastened or tied around the neck,
and reaching down the back
боfsnipa b1 = s1sticky patch which sticks to s2, and consists of material b2
боgжинме 1calcium
боgygreku b1 = g1skeleton with function b2
боgykamju k 1the spine of b3. b3 is a vertebrate
боijme j1 = b1pearl/ball-shaped gem я gemstone/material/source j3 = b2
боi ,BOI elidable terminator: terminate numeral or letteral string
боlbиъo bi1 rolls up under condition bi3
болши ,bol boi1ball/sphere/orb/globe ,shape/form of material2;1spherical object ,made of2
боldиъу d1dome/cupola for purpose d2
боlgаъaxаъиa1 = g1mace for use againsta2 bya3, of material g2 = b2
боlgaro 1Bulgarian in aspect2
боlgrijvi j1 = g1 .team competes in a ball game tournament with j2 .team in contest/competition j3 .event for gain j4
боlgуъo g1 plays bowling/boules
боlkei k1 plays ball using k2
боltipterjvi j3 is a soccer match/game with j1 = t1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4
боltipyбоi1soccer ball made я material2
боltipyjvi j1 = t1 plays soccer against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4
боlxаъea1 = b 1the fist ofa2
боlxadbaa1hemisphere of sphere b1 =a2, of material b2, halfness standarda3
блнgu ,боg боъу 1a/the bone/ivory ,body-part, performing function2 in body of3; ,metaphor: calcium. .x2 is likely an
abstract: may be structure/support for some body part, but others as well such as the eardrum bones; the former can be
expressed as .tуъa le ¡body-part¿; cartilage/gristle .= ranбоъу, skeleton .= боgygreku
блнjactаъo t1=d1=b1surfingboard of material/property t2
windsurfingboard .=fanjactаъo, kitesurfingboard .=volfanjactаъo, wakesurfingboard .=блоблнjactаъo
блнjarple p1 = j 1corrugated cardboard я source p2
блнmaksi m 1an antenna emitting/receiving wave b2 = m2 with wave-form b3, wave-length b4 and frequency b5
боsnan Bosnia
боtlai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one bottlefuls in quantity
боtpi ,боt боъи1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for2, made of material3 with lid4
боxfo ,боf боъo1sheet/foil/blanket ,2-dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions of material2
боxna ,блн боъa1wave ,periodic pattern in medium2, wave-form3, wave-length4, frequency5
бо ,боr ,BO short scope joiner; joins various constructs with shortest scope and right grouping
брабакtu bar1 = бак1swimming pool filled with бак2, made of material бак3
браbиъo bi1 = ba1 grows in size/becomes big to bi2 under conditions bi3
брабло ba1 = bl1ship for carrying bl2, propelled by bl3, big by standard ba3
брабрашрида c1 = b1giant of mythos/religion c2, huge as compared with standard/norm b3
браbrajamбло bl1 = ba1battleship of type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3
браbra b 1huge/enormous/very big in property b2 with criterion b3. .барда+барда;
браcutci c1boot for covering/protecting .feet/hooves c2, and of material c3
брадi 1an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of2 in struggle3
браfeъa f1 = b 1an abyss in f2, large as compared with standard/norm b3
браfиъa f1 = b1novel about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3
браjamбло bl1 = ba1cruiser of type/carrying bl2, propelled by bl3
браждikygau g1 causes j1 = b1 to decrease in property/dimension b2 .ka by amount j3
браjmadegycalku c 1the nail of the big toe of body d3
браkruca k1 amply overlaps with k2 at locus k3, amply as compared with standard/norm b3
браlai k 1numerous on a scale of k3
брамаъa b1 = c1mountain in terrain c2, big by standard b3
браmau z 1bigger than z2 in dimension b2 by margin z4
браmeъa m 1smaller/,less big than m2 in dimension b2 by margin m4
браnimre1grapefruit/shaddock/pomelo of variety2
брапатху p1cauldron/big pot for contents p2, of material/properties p3, big as compared with standard/norm b3
браplu d1 = b1continent in ocean/on planet d3
брарai t1 = b 1the biggest among set/range t4 in property/dimension b2
брарoъи r1boulder/big rock of type/composition r2 я location r3, big as compared with standard/norm b3
брарonvoimabru1greater noctule bat .Nyctalus lasiopterus
брасаъo s 1steep with angle s2 to horizon/frame s3
браtce m1 = b 1very big/great/huge/enormous in the property of b2.ka as compared with standard/norm b3
браtoъa t1tone high in pitch/frequency я source t3
браtu 1hail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including2
This is the substance, not the act or manner of its falling, which is carvi
браvau v1large container, containing v2, large as compared with standard/norm b3
браxamsi1 = b 1an ocean on planet2 .default Earth of fluid3
браxas Ocean
браxirma 1 = b1cart/dray/draft horse of breed2
браxiura j1crab of species/section j2
браzeъa z1 = b1 grows in property b2 .ka by amount z3
браzengau g1 causes z1 = b1 to increase in property/dimension b2 .ka by amount z3
браzilias Brasilia
браzo ,raz 1 reflects Brazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
бреъone 1Breton in aspect2
бреdi ,red bre 1ready/prepared for2 .event
бреgau g1 prepares/readies b1 for b2
бреjbi j1 = b 1almost ready for b2 .event
бреveto1patent on invention2 by inventor3 valid in jurisdiction4 for time interval5
брidi ,bri1 .text is a predicate relationship with relation2 among arguments .sequence/set3
.щ:3 are related by relation2 .= terbri for reordered places. .x3 is a set completely specified;
брife ,bif bиъe 1breeze/wind/gale я direction2 with speed3;1 блоws я2
брiju ,bij 1an office/bureau/work-place of worker2 at location3
брikаъи1pro-bridi representing predicate relationship2 with relation3 among arguments4
брilиъe1prenex of bridi/predicate relationship2 with relation3 among arguments4
брirebla 1bridi-tail of predicate relationship2 with relation3 among arguments .sequence/set4
брito ,rit1 reflects British/United Kingdom culture/nationality in aspect2
брivla v1morphologically defined predicate word signifying relation b2 in language v3. .Derived
b3, as we are speaking of the relationship independent of particular arguments. In Lojban, such words must end in a vowel~
and contain a consonant cluster within the first five letters .not counting y. Not all words that can be used as a selbri
.for instance members of GOhA are brivla
брoda ,rod 1st assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брode ,boъe 2nd assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брodi 3rd assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брodo 4th assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брodu 5th assignable variable predicate .context determines place structure
брogуъe g 1Israel with people g2 and land g3
брomalsi m1synagogue at location/serving area m3
брomeli1bromeliad/pineapple of species2
брopre e1 = p1Jew/Hebrew/Israelite
брulуъи l1 .agent sweeps/brushes l2, removing soil/contaminant l3 with brush l4 = b1
брuNAIS Brunei
брuna ,bun bуъa 1brother of/fraternal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent.s3; ,not necess. biological
брyklyn Brooklyn, New York: a borough of New York City, at the western tip of Long Island
буъa ,bul ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 1
буъe ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 2
буъи ,GOhA logically quantified predicate variable: some selbri 3
буъocуъи ,UI*7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъonai ,UI*7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъo ,UI7 attitudinal contour: start emotion - continue emotion - end emotion
буъуdru z 1awning over z2, made of b2
буъуzda z1tent inhabited by z2, made of b2
буъу ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; coincident with/at the same place as; space equivalent of ca
бudjo ,buj bуъo1 pertains to the Buddhist culture/religion/ethos in aspect2
бuenosaires Buenos Aires
бujyжбенunsla n 1the Vesak celebrated by s1 with activities s3
бukcilta c1thread of fabric material c2 = b2
бukfаъу f1 parachutes to f2 я f3 using parachute of type/material b2
бukfeъa f1tear in cloth f2 = b1 of type/material3 = b2
бuklolgai g1 = b1carpet/rug for covering floor g2 = l1 of3 = l2, of type/material4 = b2
бukmra m1tent sheltering m2 я m3, made of cloth b2
бukpu ,buk bуъу 1an amount of cloth/fabric of type/material2
бukydиъу z1tent for purpose z2, made of b2
бukyvoi v1 paraglides, using paraglider of type/material b2
бumgapci 1fog/mist of liquid/composition2 covering3
бumru ,bum 1foggy/misty/covered by a fog/mist/vapor of liquid2
бunda ,bud1 is2 .def. 1 local weight unit.s ,non-metric, standard3, subunits ,e.g. ounces4
..additional subunit places may be added as5,6,
бunre ,bur bуъe 1brown/tan ,color adjective
бunspe s1sister-in-law .brotherъs spouse of m2 under law/custom/traion/syst/convention sp3. .Omit4 = s2 = m1bun Brother
бurcu ,bru 1 brush for purpose2 .event with bristles3
бurnanba n 1brown bread made я grains n2
бurna 1embarrassed/disconcerted/flustered/illat-ease about/under conditions2 .abstraction
бurnygau g1 .agent embarrasses/disconcerts b1 about/under conditions b2 .abstraction
бу bu ,bus bуъи ,BU convert any single word to BY
бырлИн Berlin
бы ,BY2 letteral for b
шa ma ,PU* sumti question asking for a time/date/event; simultaneous with what?
шаъarcau cl 1unaided by/withut ppara/mechanim/dvic/eqipmnt ca1 = cl2 for function ca2 controlled/triggered by ca3.agent
шаъa ,caz ,CAhA modal aspect: actuality/ongoing event
шаъеръби cаъerbиъe b1 = c2 is a wind я direction b2 with speed b3, shoving/pushing c2 at locus c3
шаъercarce car1 = cat2 is a pushcart/wheelbarrow for carrying car2
шаъermuvgau g1 = c1 pushes m1 = c2 to destination m2 я origin m3 over path/route m4
шаъerslanu s1valve/piston of material s2, shoving/pushing c2 at locus c3
щае cаъe ,UI2 evidential: I define
шаъиcpe cp1 = ca2 demands cp2 = ca2 я cp3
шаъиcru cu1 = ca1 .agent permits/lets/allows cu2 .event under conditions cu3, derived я authority on basis ca3
шаъиrdиъa j1charge of service j2 to consumer j3 = c2 set and levied by authority j4 = c1
шаъиrselzau z2 is official, approved by authority z1 = c1 over sphere/people c2
шаъиrvei1 = v 1an authoritative document of2 = v2 .data/facts/dуъу about3 = v3 .object/event preserved
in medium4 = v4, by authority5 = c1 over matter/sphere/persons6 = c2 derived on basis7 = c3
шаъи ,BAI catni modal, 1st place by authority of ...
шаъo ,ZAhO interval event contour: during ...; continuative ――–―
шаъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; forwards/to the front of ...
шабаъo ,ZAhO* time tense: has been, is now in the aftermath of; .tense/modal
шаbdei d1 = c 1today; d1 = c 1the day occuring at the same time as c2, day standard d3
шаbмаъи m1 = c 1the current month by month standard m3, simultaneous with c2 in time
шаbнаъa n 1the current year by standard n3, simultaneous with c2 in time
шаbna ,шаb 1current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with2 in time
..default2 is the present resulting in: 1now; time relationship oнлy, ъaoristъ claiming simultaneity does not mean
one event does not extend into the past or future of the other
шаbra ,cаъa 1apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function2 controlled/,triggered by3 .agent
.Form determined by/я function; does not imply automated/automatic action - requires an external agent/trigger .a minji
may be a zmiku шаbra if it requires an external agent to trigger or control the functions that it performs automatically шabyfao шаbyfau c1 = f 1live .experienced as it happens to experiencer c2
шаbykуъe k1 = c1 ranges through time/has duration k2 = c2. .x2 is the complete duration as the amount of time or an
nterval specification and is non-aorist
шаcаъa ,PU* time tense: present actuality; modal aspect
шаcаъo ,ZAhO* time tense: is now/simultaneously, is now in the middle of; .tense/modal
шаcklu k1 = t1tradition/practice/custom of traditional culture t2 = k2 under conditions t3
.This is similar to ritli, but the emphasis is not necessarily on particular rituals, but customs
.ex. wearing of a particular type of clothing or hairstyle associated with a group.
шаcra1 is2 hours in duration .default is 1 hour by standard3
шаcryrаъo1 is2 hours in angular measure of right ascension RA .default is 1
julrаъo, sostartai. pиъe used in2 indicates a base of 60
шаcyjva j1 = t1convention prescribing j2 .event/state within community j3 = t2
шаcysku c1 = t2 customarily expresses c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3
шадycta шаt1 = шан1lurker/inactively watches шаt2
шадykei k1 = c1 .agent idly plays with plaything/toy k2
шадysti s1 = c1 .agent ceases and rests я activity/process/state s2 .not necessarily completing it
шадzu ,dzu1 walks/strides/paces on surface2 using limbs3
шаflitki l 1liquid at room temperature/at standard temperature and pressure, and consists of composition/material l2
шаfne ,шаf1 .event often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs by standard2
шаfrei r1frequently-asked question about subject r2
шаgdaidиъу di1barn for storing/sheltering grains/livestock/tools/machinery da1
шаgna 1an open/closed wound on locus2 шауsed by3. .Unlike velxai, itъs specific to physiшаl injuries pertaining to
the surface of an organic body such as skin. Open wounds include kаъarшаgna for ”incision / incised wound”,
ferшаgna for ”laceration”, гукшagna for ”abrasion”, tunшаgna for ”puncture wound”, greшаgna for ”
penetration wound”, batшаgna for ”bite wound”, danшаgna for ”gunshot wound”, jelшаgna for ”burn”,
даъerшаgna for ”bedsore”, furшаgna for ”necrosis”; closed wounds include daxшаgna for ”contusion/bruise”,
шаmdaxшаgna for ”hematoma”, rаъиrшаgna for ”chronic wound”. The victim .the whole of the injured body may be
specified by joining it to the2 with ”po” or putting it directly on2 with ”tуъa”
шаgyгунди g1a/the agricultural industry/sector producing g2 = c4 я farms c1 loшаted in c2 farmed by c3. .Omit g3
шаgypre p1farmer associated with farm c1 producing c4
шаgzai z1farmerъs market selling z2, operated by farmers z3 = c3
шаиbra b1 = c 1huge/enormous/colossal in property b2 = c2 to observer b3 = c3
шаиcta шаt1 stares at шаt2 as received by observer шар3
шаиdji d1 craves/intensely wishes d2 .event/state for purpose d3
шаиtcu n1 desperately needs/is desperate for n2 for purpose/action/stage of process n3
шаиvru s1 = c 1roaring/blinding to s2 via sensory channel s2 = c3
шаи ,CAI attitudinal: strong intensity attitude modifier
шаjeba ,PU* time tense: during and after; .tense/modal
шаjгунди g 1a/the wholesale/retail industry sector in which c1 trades/barters c2 for c3 by process g3 .Omit c4, g2
шаjysиъу s1 .set mutually exchange/trade/barter commodity c2 for c3 with c4
шаkcinki1beetle of species2. .Not to be confused with ckacinki
шаkcurnu1mollusk/clam/mussel/snail of species2
шаkcurske 1malacology based on methodology2
шаkla 1made of/contains/is a quantity of chocolate/cocoa
шаkyjmepиъa p1 = j3 = c3 is mother of pearl я source p2 = c2
шаkyjukni j1crustacean of species/class j2
шаkykarce k1 = c2 is a tank/armored combat vehicle for шарrying k2, propelled by k3, with armor-plating c1
шаkyrespa1turtle of species2
шаljvetei c1 = t 1space-time occupied by c2
шаlku ,шаk 1shell/husk ,hard, protective covering around 2 composed ofx3
шаltaicmaci cm1geometry describing cm2 = ша1 = t1 geometric object
шаmcpe cp1 = ша1 demands cp2 я cp3
шаmganra g1 = c 1vast/very wide in .2nd most signifiшанt dimension g2 = c2 with observer g3 = c3
шаmgei g 1intensely happy about g2
шаmgubrиъa r1 hypes r2 = g1 = c1
шаmgusmis Robin. .Lojbanized name by meaning
шаmkиъa k1 = c1 screams/howls sound k2
шаmpania1champagne made я grapes2
шаmselcиъиgri g1fanclub for g2 = ci2
шаmselcиъи ci1fan of/intensely interested in ci2 as received/measured by observer ша3
шаmskamolcpi ci1 = m2toucan/toucanet of species/type ci1 with bill m1 = s1 of typically intense color
colors s2 = ша 1.Family Ramphastidae
шаmteъa t1 feels horror/is intensely frightened of t2 .event/tуъa object
шаmtoi c1 effortfully tries to do t2 by method t3, as perceived by c3
шанci1 vanishes/disappears я loшаtion2;1 ceases to be observed at2 using senses/sensor3
cancmu 1silicon
шанdo ,шад 1idle/at rest/inactive. .”in motion”, not implying a change in location, is negation of this
шанgan Hong Kong. .From Mandarin pronunciation
шange ,шаg1farm/ranch at2, farmed by3, raising/producing4; .adjective: 1agrarian
.щ grange; farming is any organized agrarian activity, not limited to plant crops
шанja ,шаj1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity2 for3 with4;1,4 is a trader/merchant/businessman
.щ .adjective:1,2,4 is/are commercial .better expressed as ka шанja, kamшанja.2/x3 may be a specific object,
a commodity .mass, an event .possibly service, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-
raising я ownership of the object/commodity .= posyшанja for unambiguous semantics;
шанko ,cаъo1window/portal/opening ,portal in wall/building/structure2
шанлu ,шаl cаъу 1space/volume/region/room ,at-least-3-dimensional area occupied by2. .щ occupy .= selcаъу
шанpa ,cna1shovel/spade ,bladed digging implement for digging2
шанre ,шан1quantity of/contains/is made of sand/grit я source2 of composition including3
.щ abrasive .= гукшanreшанti 1a/the gut.s/entrails/intestines/viscera/innards/digestive system ,body-part of2
.Metaphor: process hub
шанtyбаргау g1 disembowels c2 = b2
шанxais 1Shanghai
шаplиъу l 1adventurer traveling via route l2 using means/vehicle3
шаpnуъe1 threatens2 with3 .danger, peril
шаpsidбаъу b1 snarls/growls/roars the threat .utterance of idea/action s2 at audience s3
шаptиъи s1 .agent threatens/menaces idea/action s2 to audience s3
шаpуъo ,ZAhO* time tense: is going to, is now just about to, is now anticipating; .tense/modal
шарbиъe b1=c1tornd/waterspout moving я direction b2 at speed b3 rotating around centre /eye c2 with rotational dirctnc3
шарce1шарt/шарriage/wagon ,wheeled vehicle for шарrying2, propelled by3
шарcpu l1 reels in l2 = c1 by handle/at locus l3 by rotating it around axis c2
шарcra cr1 = ша1 turns to face cr2
шарcycutci cu1roller skate/ice skate for feet cu2, of material cu3, for шарrying4 = ша2
шарcylai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one шарtloads/wagonloads in quantity
cаргау1 turns2 around axis3 in direction4
шарlimcinki1whirligig beetle of species2
шарми ,шаm шаи 1intense/bright/saturated/brilliant in property .ka2 as received/measured by observer3
.щ lustrous, gleaming, sparkling, shining .all probably better metaphoriшаlly combined with gusni: gusyшаи or шаmgуъи; in colors, refers principally to increased saturation .with opposite kandi
шарнаъиvinji1helicopter for шарrying2, propelled by3
шарna ,шар1 turns/rotates/revolves around axis2 in direction3. .щ revolve .= jinшарna
шарpacib Rot-13
шарtu ,шаt1chart/diagram/map of/about2 showing formation/data-points3
шарvi ,шаv1 rains/showers/,precipitates to2 я3; 1precipitation ,not limited to ъrainъ
шасnu ,snu1.s .mass normally, but 1 individual/joъу possible discuss.es/talk.s about topic/subject2. .щ chat, converseшатке ,cаъe1 ,agent shoves/pushes2 at lo cus3. .Move by pushing/shoving .=cаъermuvgau
шаtlu ,cta1 looks at/examines/views/inspects/regards/watches/gazes at2. .щ look through .= grecta, ravycta, башycta;
note that English ”look” often means a more generic ”observe”
шаtni ,cаъи1 has authority/is an official in/on/over matter/sphere/persons2 derived on basis3
шаtnrpepiskopo j 1the bishop/archbishop of j2 of religion l1
шаtra1 .agent kills/slaughters/murders2 by action/method3
шаtrymиъe m1 orders m2 to have c2 excecuted by action/method c3
шауcni cl1 = ci1 misses cl2 = ci3
шауrgau g1 .person/agent deprives c1 of c2
шау ,BAI claxu modal, 1st place lacked by ...
шаvlуъи l1 .agent showers l2
шаvyfle f1 = c1, consisting of f2, pours into f3 = c2 я f4 = c3
шаvykosta k1raincoat of material k2, protecting я rain c1
шаvysezlуъи l1 = s1 .agent showers itself of soil/contaminant l3 with cleaning material.s l4
шаxmati1game of chess between2 .white and3 .black
шаxno ,шаx 1shallow in extent in direction/property2 away я reference point3 by standard4
шаzyfau f 1actual .existing in act or reality, not just potentially
шаzyfusra f 1rotten/deшаyed/fermented with deшаy/fermentation agent f2
ша ,PU time tense relation/direction: is ,selbri; during/simultaneous with ,sumti; present tense
шеъa ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: the word following indiшаtes a new font .e.g. italics, manuscript
шеъe ,CEhE links terms into an afterthought termset
шеъи ,cez ,PA3 digit/number: % percentage symbol, hundredths
шеъo ,ceъo ,JOI non-logiшаl connective: ordered sequence link; ”and then”, forming a sequence
шеъу ,KOhA8 pseudo-quantifier binding a variable within an abstraction that represents an open place
шеcla ,cel ceъa1 launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile2, propelled by3 ,propellant/propulsion щ:1gun/launcher/шанnon;1 hurls/throws/шасts .more general than renro in that propulsion need not be internal to1
шеcmu ,cem ceъу1community/colony of organisms2
шедра 1an era/epoch/age characterized by2 .event/property/interval/idea. ..x2 interval should be the defining
boundaries; if merely a characterizing period, the nature of the interval should be expressed in an abstract bridi, or the
interval should be marked with tуъa;2 may also be characteristic object.s or practices of the era, if marked with tуъa
шедрymиъу m1 = c 1contemporary with/in the same epoch/era as m2 by standard m3 .m1 = c1 and m2 interchangeable
шеикри k1 believes .without evidence/proof that the god/deity c1 exists
шеирselxаъу 1a/the habitation/dwelling/house of god2
шеирsenpi c 1agnostic
шеиzda z 1the Heaven of religious community c2
шеи ,CEI selbri variable assignment; assigns broda series pro-bridi to a selbri
шеkrpolo1polo shirt of material2. .A Tshaped shirt with a collar,
typiшаlly a two- or threebutton placket, and an optional pocket
шелgаъa g1 = c2 is an arrow made of g2 fired/launched by c1
шелguntas 1Sagittarius ,astronomiшаl constellation/astrologiшаl sign. .From shooter .=celgunta. The Babylonians
identified Sagittarius as the god Pabilsag, a strange centaur-like creature firing an arrow я a bow.The sumerian name
may be translated as the ъForefatherъ or ъChief Ancestorъ .=барда dzena?. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is
identified as a centaur: half human, half horse
шелgunta g1 .person/mass attacks with a projectile weapon/shoots victim g2 with goal/objective g3 using launcher/gun c1
which launches/fires/shoots projectile/missle c2 propelled by propellant/propulsion c3
шелмаъи 1December of year2 in шаlendar3
шелxаъиa1 = c1gun/шанnon/firearm for use againsta2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3. .jvajvo; Gismu deep
structure is ”cecla gиъearci”
шеmlanzu l1 = c1tribe with members including l1 according standard l3
шеmrаъa s1 pertains to community s2 = c2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for communities: From gismu cecmu and srana
шенba ,cne1 varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4
.Non-resultative, notnecessarily шауsal change. .ё cenba which is nonresultative, galfi which is resultative and
шауsal, stika which is non-resultative and шауsal; stodi, zasni, binxo
шенлаи1 is2 percent of3 in dimension/aspect3
шенsa ,ces 1holy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шенti ,cen1hundredth ,1/100; 1 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шенtre m1 = c 1m2 = c2 centimeter.s / hundredth.s of a meter ,metric unit in length .default 1 measured in
direction m3 = c3 by standard4 = m3
шерda ,ced 1an heir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality я3 according to rule4
.Pedantiшаlly, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising .tуъa if non-abstract in2 of inheriting loka ponse the
object - the ownership of the object .= posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics
шерmurse m1 = c 1the dawn of day m2 = c2 at loшаtion m3 = c3
шелма celмаъи 1December of year2 in шаlendar3
шелxаъиa1 = c1gun/шанnon/firearm for use againsta2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3. .jvajvo; Gismu deep
structure is ”cecla gиъearci”
шеmlanzu l1 = c1tribe with members including l1 according standard l3
шеmrаъa s1 pertains to community s2 = c2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for communities
шенba ,cne1 varies/changes in property/quantity2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3 under conditions4. .Non-resultative,
notnecessarily шауsal change. .ё cenba which is nonresultative, galfi which is resultative and шауsal, stika which is
non-resultative and шауsal; stodi, zasni, binxo
шенлаи1 is2 percent of3 in dimension/aspect3
шенsa ,ces 1holy/sacred to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group2
шенti ,cen1hundredth ,1/100; 1 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
шенtre m1 = c 1m2 = c2 centimeter.s / hundredth.s of a meter ,metric unit
in length .default 1 measured in direction m3 = c3 by standard4 = m3
шерda ,ced 1an heir to/is to inherit2 .object/quality я3 according to rule4
Pedantiшаlly, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising .tуъa if non-abstract in2 of inheriting loka ponse the
object - the ownership of the object .= posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics
шерmurse m1 = c 1the dawn of day m2 = c2 at location m3 = c3
шерni ,cer1morning ,dawn until after typiшаl start-of-work for locale of day2 at loшаtion3. .This morning .=
шаbdeicerni; tomorrow morning .= bavlamcerni; yesterday morning .= prulamcerni, prulamdeicerni
шерsai s1 .mass is a breakfast composed of dishes including s2
шерtu ,cre 1an expert/pro/has prowess in/is skilled at2 .event/activity by standard3. .щ competent, skilled
шеsrиъa r1 blesses/sanctifies c1 in the name of person/people/culture/religion/cult/group c2 under conditions r3
шеsrиъиsиъa s1 worships s2 = c1, which is holy/sacred to c2 = r3, with ritual r1 having form/rules r4
шеsycku cu1 = ce1holy book containing work cu2 by .presumed author cu3 for audience cu4 = ce2 preserved in medium cu5
шеsystu s1 = c1holy site to person/people/culture/religion/cult/group c2
шевни ,cev cei 1a/the god/deity of people.s/religion2 with dominion over3 ,sphere; 1divine
.щ divinity;2 religion refers to the religious community as a masscev God
ше ,cec ,JOI non-logiшаl connective: set link, unordered; ”and also”, but forming a set
шfaбалвi b 1entirely in the future of b2; b1 begins after b2
шfagаъe g1 notices g2 by means g3 under condition g4 = c1
шfagau1 = g1 .person/agent initiates/begins/starts/шауses the beginning of2 = c1 .state/event/process
шfapru p 1preliminary to c1 = p2ъs beginning
шfarиъи r1 is/are the ritual/proceedings for starting/commencing c1,event/state/process by community r2 with rules c4
шfari ,cfa1 ,state/event/process commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur; .intransitive verb
шfasanji s1 realizes s2 under condition c1
шfatse 1 sits down on2 Simple zutse refers to the act of sitting, whereas cfatse 1means the act of beginning to sit.
шfika ,fik fиъa 1work of fiction about plot/theme/subject2/under convention2 by author3
шfila ,cfi1 .property - ka is a flaw/fault/defect in2 causing3
шfine1wedge ,shape/form/tool of material2
шfipu ,fиъу1 .event/state confuses/baffles2 ,observer due to ,confusing property3 .ka
шfisisku s1 diagnoses/proofreads/searches/tests/debugs for flaw/property c1 = s2 in c2 = s3 causing c3
шиъajbu j1writing desk of material j2, supported by legs/base/pedestal j3, used by writer c1
шиъarfиъи f1 = c1 writes/authors f2 = c2 for purpose f3 я existing elements/ideas f4
шиъarseъу s1 = c2 is a secretary to s2
шиъasku cu1 = ci1 expresses in writing cu2 = ci2 for audience cu3 using display/ medium ci3 with writing implement ci4
шиъerkeilai ke1 = kl1 has score kl2 in game ke2 = c1 governed by rules c2 interrelating game parts
.physical or conceptual c3 .klani3 .the scale of the score is implicit in the rules of the game
шиъerkei k1 plays game k2 = c1 governed by rules c2 interrelating game parts .physical or conceptual c3
шиъe ,BAI ciste modal, 1st place used in scalar negation in system/context ...
шиъиroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: occurs in-finite times, eternally; objective tense; defaults as time
шиъиzma c1 = z 1more interesting than z2 to c2 in amount z4
шиъи ,PA 5digit/number: infinity; followed by digits =¿ aleph cardinality
шиъo ,BAI cinmo modal, 1st place emotionally felt by ...
шиъу ,BAI ckilu modal, 1st place on the scale ...
шиbdei1Wednesday of week2 on calendar3. cibjgacmaci c 1trigonometry of triangle j1
шиbjgataidamri d1triangle .musical instrument
шиbjgatai t1triangle
шиbjmagutci g 1g2 yard/yards .length unit
шиblrmoru 1myrrh я tree species2
шиблу ,blu 1blood/vital fluid of organism2
шиbmasti 1March/the third month of year2 in calendar3
шиbmast March
шиbmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Major/Lieutenant Commander/Squadron Leader .equivalent of NATO OF-3 in military
unit /organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
шиbmomdegji m1 = d 1the middle finger of d2
шиbnacmei13-dimensional vector with coordinates2,3 and4
шиbylajyterkruca1 = kr3 is a three-way intersection of roads2 = kr1 = kl1
шиbyplini p 1the third closest planet revolving around p2, with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
шиbyseltуъe t2 is three-legged with legs t1
шиbyselxиъу1 =i2 is a three-wheeled device/vehicle, with wheel made of materials/having propertiesi3
шиbyslakyvla v1three-syllable word meaning v2 in language v3 = s2 with syllables s1
шиcfoi f 1an uncultivated field of material f2
шиcna 1cyan/turquoise/greenish-blue ,color adjective
шиcpre c1 = p1savage/wild person
шиcreъa c1 = r1savage/wild human
шиcricfoi f1jungle
шиcycrepu cr1 wildcrafts cr2 я cr3=ci1
шиcyractu r1hare of species r2
шиcyrismi 1wild rice of species/variety2
шиcyspavиъу v1 weeds out plants s1 = c1 of species s2 я v3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder v4
шиcyspa s1 = c1weed of species s2
шидja ,dja 1food/feed/nutriment for2; 1edible/gives nutrition to2
шидjrburito1burrito/Mexican dish of ingredients wrapped in a tortilla including ingredients2
шидjrkusku1quantity of couscous of ingredients including2
шидjrpiца 1pizza with topping/ingredients2
шидjrxameца 1chometz
шидni ,cid 1a/the knee/elbow/knuckle ,hinged joint, body-part of limb2 of body3. .Metaphor: a sharp bend/шурве
шидрo ,dro1quantity of/contains/is made of hydrogen .H; ,metaphor: light, flammable
шидydzu ca1 = ci3 crawls on surface ca2. Similar to walking but without standing on feet
шидytse t1 kneels on surface t2 on limb c2 =3 of body c3 =4
шиfnu ,cif 1an infant/baby ,helpless through youth/incomplete development of species2
щифтолди1caterpillar .larva of butterfly or moth - not sawfly of species2
шиfxrula1flower bud of plant/species2
шиfydatka d1 = c1duckling of species/breed d2 = c2
шиfylisri l1childrenъs story about plot/subject/moral l2 by storyteller l3 to audience l4
шиgla ,cig 1a/the gland ,body-part secreting2, of body3;2 is a secretion of1. .Secretion .= selcigla
шиkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 3,000 expressed with comma
шикна cikna ,cik .adjective: 1awake/alert/conscious
шиkre 1 repairs/mends/fixes 2 for use3 .A repair may be incomplete, fixing only one of the possible uses of 2, hence3
шиksi ,cki1 .person explains2 .event/state/property to3 with explanation4 .dуъу. .Explanation4 is an
underlying mechanism/details/purpose/method for2 .= velcki for reordered places, generally assumed to be non-obvious;
metaphorical usage with the various causal relations is possible, but the non-obviousness, and the existence of an
explainer with a point of view makes this word not a simple expression of cause
шиksne s1 = c1 daydreams about s2; s2 is a daydream of s1 = c1
шиkybиъo b1 = c1 awakens/becomes awake under conditions b3
шиkygau g1 .person/agent wakes up c1
шиlce ,cic .adjective: 1wild/untamed .Tame .= tolcilce
шиljongau g1 ties j1 to j2 with c1
шиlmo ,cim 1moist/wet/damp with liquid2
шиlre ,cli1 learns2 .dуъу about subject3 я source4 .obj./event by method5.event/process
шиlta ,cil1thread/filament/wire ,shape/form of material2
шиmdeъу d1 = c1quantityof/contains/is made of mud я source d2 of composition d3, moist due to liquid c2
шиmde1 .property - ka is a dimension of space/object2 according to rules/model3
шиmei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 3 to cardinal selbri;1set with the trio of members2
шиmjvo l 1an implicitly metaphorical lujvo with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built я metaphor l4
.Used to refer to metaphorical lujvo that do not contain any -pev- rafsi .for peъa
The word cimjvo is itself an example of cimjvo
шимни 1infinite /unending/eternal in property/dimension2, to degree3 .quantity/of type3
.щ everlasting, eternity, .= cimnytei, eternal .= cimnyteikai or temшимни
шиmnytei t1 = c 1eternity
шиmnyterjunta j3 = c 1a/the black hole
шиmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 3 to ordinal selbri; 1third among2 ordered by rule3
шиmrиъa r1 .event/state moistens c1 with liquid c2 under conditions r3
шиmtуъa t1 = c1swamp/marsh/wetland at location t2 with liquid c2
шинba 1.agent kisses/busses2 at locus3
шинcizra n1 = z1 = 1sexually deviant/perverted in activity/state n2 =2 in property z3 = n3 =3 to person/by
reference point z2 = n4 =4; 1sexually perverted
шинdu 1an oak, a type of tree of species/strain2
шинfos 1Leo ,constellation/astrological sign
Many civilizations over thousands of years have portrayed the constellation of Leo as a lion
шинfo 1lion/,lioness of species/breed2
шинfyмаъи 1August of year2 in calendar3
шинgafpre p1transsexual person
шинje ,cij1wrinkle/crease/fold ,shape/form in2
шинJIANinjiang .Uygur Autonomous Region of China
шинжикшa j1 = c1 courts/flirts with j1, exhibiting sexuality/gender/sexual orientation c3 .ka by standard c4
шинki 1an insect/arthropod of species2; ,bug/beetle
шинла 1thin in direction/dimension2 by standard3; ,relatively short in smallest dimension
шинлysko s1string of s2 material
шинлyzeъa z1 = c1 becomes thinner in direction/dimension c2 by amount z3
шинmle m1 = c 1sexy/hot/attractive to m2 in aspect m3 by standard m4 = c4
шинmo ,cni1 feels emotion2 .ka about3. .щ mood/humor .= nuncni
шиноno ,PA* number/quantity: 300 ,three hundred
шино ,PA* number/quantity: 30 ,thirty
шинri ,cиъи1 .abstraction interests/is interesting to2;2 is interested in1
Use1 tуъa for non-specific interest in an object; interested in .= selcиъи
шинse ,cin 1 in activity/state2 exhibits sexuality/gender/sexual orientation3 .ka by standard4. .щ:1 courts/flirts;3
could be a ka ¡gender or role¿, ka ¡attraction to a gender¿, or ka ¡type of activity¿, etc.; .adjective:
1sexual/sexy; 1flirted with/courted by2 .= cinfriti, cinжикшa
шинta 1,material is a paint of pigment/active substance2, in a base of3
шинtypуъи p1 paints surface p3 with paint p2 = c1
шинza 1a/are tong.s/chopsticks/pincers/tweezers/pliers ,tool/body-part for2 to pinch3
шиonmau1panda of genus/species2
шиpcta1 checks/investigates/examines/inspects2 for property3
шиplaнли l1 experiments l2 = c2 by means l3
шиpni ,cpi1bird/avian/fowl of species2
шиpnrbuteo1buzzard of species/type2 .Genus Buteo
шиpnrdodo 1dodo of species2
шиpnrdromai 1emu of variety/species2 This could also be used for any member of the Dromaius genus, of which there
is currently only one surviving species
шиpnrфалko 1falcon
шиpnrfasani1pheasant/partridge/quail/peafowl of species/type2 .Family Phasianidae
шиpnrkanario 1canary
шиpnrkorvo1crow/raven of species2
шиpnrkuku1cuckoo of species2
шиpnrlaridei1gull of species2 .Family Laridae
шиpnrlori 1lory/lorikeet of species2
шиpnrpika 1European magpie of subspecies1
шиpnrsikonia1stork of species/type2 .Genus Ciconia
шиpnrxuazine1hoatzin of breed2
шиpra шип 1.process/event is a test for/proof of property/state2 in subject3 .individ./set/mass
щ examination, proxy measure, validation; .a set in3 must be completely specified
шиpyple p1test-paper я source p2 for/proof of property/state c3 in subject c4
ширcre ce 1an historian of the history of ci2 according to standard ce3
ширctu ct1 teaches history ci1 to audience ct2 by method ct5 .event
ширko ,cri1 loses person/thing2 at/near3;1 loses property/feature2 in conditions/situation3
.x2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event .rare for cirko, or a property; pedantically, for
objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity
.= poъecri, posyselcri for unambiguous semantics
ширla1quantity of/contains cheese/curd я source2
ширmиъo m1 .person/object/event is historical among community of persons m2 .mass
ширoi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: thrice; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
ширvai v 1historical/a landmark/watershed in the history of c2, according to v2 = c3, in aspect/for reason v3 .nu/ka
шиska ,cиъa1 inscribes/writes2 on display/storage medium3 with writing implement4;1scribe .щ3 writing surface
шиsma1 smiles/grins .facial expression. .Smile/grin at something .= cismyfra
шиsmyfra c1 = f1 smiles at f3 under conditions f4
шиsni 1of size/measurement2 in dimension/aspect3
шиsчика t1 .hours, minutes, seconds is the daylight saving time of state/event t2 on day t3 at location t4 = c3
шиste ,cиъe1 .mass is a system interrelated by structure2 among components3 .set displaying4 .ka. .x1 .or3 is synergistic
in4; also network;2 also relations, rules;3 also elements .set completely specified;4 systemic functions/properties
шиstrxaioliano 1the minor key of tonic2 of/with type/notes3
шиstrxioniano 1the major key of tonic2 of/with type/notes3
шиtkanba k1kid of goat species k2
шиtka ,cti1 eats/ingests/consumes .transitive verb2
шиtmau z1 = c 1younger than z2 by amount z4
шиtmle m 1cute to m2 in aspect m3
шиtnau n1 = c1youth/young man by standard c2
шиtno ,cit cиъo 1young/youthful ,relatively short in elapsed duration by standard2
.щ age .= nilnalcиъo; .adjective: 1junior
шиtrai t1 = c 1youngest among t4
шиtri ,cir1history of2 according to3 .person/я point-of-view3
.щ historic/historical .= cirtermoъи, cirvai
шиtsi1season/is seasonal ,cyclical interval, defined by interval/property2, of year.s3. .щ anniversary .= citsydei,
наъarcitsydei, jubilee .= mumnoncitsi; the period of time may be short or long as indicated by2, and may occur every
year or every nth year as indicated by3 .default every year; .x2 and/or3 may need metaphorical restriction: djecitsi,
pavdeicitsi; also equinox, solstice, time of year
шиtsymуъу1 migrates to2 я3 over path/route4 in season5
шиvla ,civ 1louse/flea ,blood-sucking arthropod of species/breed2, parasitic on 3
шиzдаъу1 = c1 = d1monster/freak of species2 = d2, monstrous/freakish in property4 = c3 according to3 = c4
шиzra ,ciz 1strange/weird/deviant/bizarre/odd to2 in property3 .ka
ши ,cib ,PA1 digit/number: 3 .digit ,three
шкаbуъу b 1bedcloth of material b2
шкаbu 1quantity of/contains/is made of rubber/latex я source2 of composition including3
шкаcivla 1bedbug
шкафи ,kaf 1made of/contains/is a quantity of coffee я source/bean/grain2. .Brew based on a
seed/bean/grain; e.g. also chicory coffee, decaf, postum
шкаgai 1blanket / quilt
шкаji ,kai1 has/is characterized by property/feature/trait/aspect/dimension2 .ka;2 is manifest in1
.Manifested/property/quality/trait/feature/aspect .= selkai
шкаkla k1 goes to bed я k3. .Omit3 = se клама .destination = шкаna .bed
шкаkуъa k1bedroom in structure k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor k3 .mass/joъу
шкаlиъa cl1 rises/gets up/leaves bed
шкаna ,шка1bed/pallet of material2 for holding/supporting3 .person/object/event
шкаpe ,cap 1perilous/dangerous/potentially harmful to2 under conditions3 .x1danger/peril to2
шкасu ,cas1 ridicules/mocks/scoffs at2 about3 .property/event by doing activity4 .event
шкеji ,kej шке1 feels ashamed/mortified/humiliated under conditions2 before community/audience3
шкиipyris Albania
шкиku ,kik1key fitting/releasing/opening/unlocking lock2, and having relevant properties3. .щ2 fastener, mechanism; code
key .= termifшкиku, kiktermifra;3 is dependent on the type of key, but are those form properties of the key that enable
it to serve the function of opening the lock - in the case of a metal key to a padloшк, for example, this would be the
shaft and teeth
шкиlus 1Libra ,astronomical constellation/astrological sign. .The symbol for Libra is the Scales. Since babylonian times,
Libra has been represented intrinsically with law, fairness and civility, as the scales were commonplace in the livelihood
of the people, throughout the ages
шкиlu ,cиъу1 .sиъo is a scale of units for measuring/observing/determining2 .state
шкиni ,kиъи 1related to/associated with/akin to2 by relationship3
шкиptare 1Albanian .Balkan in aspect2
шкирe ,kir 1grateful/thankful to/appreciative of2 for3 .event/property щ gratitude .= nunckire or kamckire
шкопалку p1diaper .absorbent garment of material p2
шкуkajna k1bookshelf attached to k2
шкуkeъу 1the3ъrd edition of book/publication2 about subject/theme/story4 by author5 for audience6 preserved in medium7
шкуle ,kul 1school/institute/academy at2 teaching subject.s3 to audien./commun.4 operated by5 .щ college, university
шкуnu ,kуъу1conifer/pine/fir of species/strain2 with cones3
шкуpaupau1part of2, which is a part of a book .1part of chapter2
.x2 is the name of the chapter, not the book
шкуpau p1chapter of book c1 = p2. .Indices, appendices and forwards are also шкуpau
шкуpra cup1 publishes cup2 = cuk1 by process cup3
шкуsro s1library of books c1 = s2
шкуzai z1bookshop selling books z2 = c1, operated by z3
шкуzdacre c1librarian by standard c3
шкуzdaske s 1library science with methodology s3
шлаbajykla k1 = b1 runs a marathon/long distance to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4
шлаcelxаъи1 = ce1 = шл1rifle for use against2 by3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
шладakyxаъи1 = d1 = c1sword / long knife weapon for use against2 = d2 by3 with blade of material d3 long by standard c3шладu ,lau1 loud/noisy at observation point2 by standard3
шлаkarce k1 = c1limousine for k2, propelled by k3
шлаmau z 1longer/taller than z2 in direction c2 by margin z4
шлаmeъa m 1shorter than m2 in direction c2 by margin m4
шлаnebдаъу d1 = шл1 = cn2 is a giraffe of species/variety d2
шлаni ,шла 1long in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurementstandard3
шлаpezli p1leaf of p2, long by standard c3
шлаpre p1tall person, by measurement standard c3
шласelxadnia2 = c 1tall in stature by measurement standard c3 Refers specifically to a body
шлаtei t1long time/duration/interval/period/elapsed time я time/event t2 to time/event t3
шлаxu ,cau 1without/lacking/free of/lacks2;1 is2-less
шлаzme g1cucumber of cultivar g2
шлиka1moss/lichen of species/strain2 growing on3; .adjective: 1mossy
шлиnoi n1 = c4 is an instructional message about n2 = c3 with contents c2 intended for audience n4 = c1
шлирa ,lir1 .event is early by standard2
шлиte ,lit 1polite/courteous/civil in matter2 according to standard/custom3
шлиva ,liv lиъa1 leaves/goes away/departs/parts/separates я2 via
route3. .щ:1 leaves behind/takes leave of2
шлugau g1 .agent fills c1 with c2
шлupa ,cup1loop/circuit of2 ,material. .щ noose .= skoшлupa, saljgeшлupa; there is no indication of
shape, but merely that the ends join/meet; closed шурве defined by set of points .= cuptai
шмabatci b1 nibbles b2 at locus b3 with b4
шмabиъo b1 = c1 decreases in size/becomes small to b2 under conditions b3
шмacai ca1 = шм 1tiny/miniature/diminutive/very small in property ca2 = шм2 to observer ca3 = шм3
шмaci1mathematics of type/describing2
шмacku 1booklet/brochure about2, written by3, for intended audience cu4 in medium cu5=шм1
шмaшмa c 1tiny/miniature/diminutive/very small in property c2 with criterion c3
шмacnreкурsi1recursive function with arguments2
шмactatci t1microscope used by t2 = ca1 for looking at small things t2 = ca2 = шм1 which are small in
property/dimension.s шм2 .ka as compared with standard/norm шм3
шмafиъa f1=c1short story about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3
шмajamбло b1 = c1destroyer of type/carrying b2, propelled by b3
шмaждikygau g1 causes j1 = c1 to decrease in the smallness of property/dimension c2 .ka by amount j3
шмalinsi l1mountain chain consisting of mountains c1 projecting я landmass c2
шмalu ,шмa 1small in property/dimension.s2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3
шмaмаъa шмan1 = шмan1is a hill in terrain шмan2, small by standard шмal3
шмamau z 1smaller than z2 in dimension c2 by margin z4
шмameъa m 1bigger/,less small than m2 in dimension c2 by margin m4
шмamudyspi s1 = m1 = c1woodchip/splinter of wood type m2, small as compared with standard/norm c3
шмananba n1roll/bun/biscuit/bun made я grains n2
шмana ,маъa1mountain/hill/mound/,rise/,peak/,summit/,highlands projecting я land mass2
шмaplini p 1an asteroid revolving around p2 with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
шмarai t1 = c 1the smallest among set/range t4 in property/dimension c2.ka
шмarиъe r1creek/stream in land mass r2, draining watershed r3 into r4/terminating at r
шмaroъи c1 = r1small rock of type r2 я location r3, small by standard c3. c 1gravel
шмastani c1 = s 1a/the sprout/shoot of plant/species s2 by standard/norm c3
шмatca1village in administrative area3 serving hinterland4 small by standard5
шмatceмаъa шмan1 = шмal1hillock/mound/rise/knoll in terrain шмan2, small by standard шмal3
шмatcerиъe r1 = шмal1rivulet on surface/terrain r2 draining r3 terminating at r4 small by standard шмal3
шмatcetce m1 = c 1tiny/miniscule/diminutive in property/dimension.s c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm c3
шмatoъa t1tone low in pitch/frequency я source t3
шмatricu t1brush/bushy vegetation of species/type t2
шмаво ,маъo1structure word of grammatical class2, with meaning/function3 in usage .language4. .x4 may be a specific
usage .with an embedded language place or a massified language description;3 and4 may be merely an example of шмаво
usage or refer to an actual expression; шмаво list, if physical object .= .loi
маъoste; referring to the mental construct .e.g. propose adding a new шмаво to the шмаво list = маъorpoi,
маъorselшмi, маъorselste
шмaxиъai1 = c1pony of species/breedi2
шмazda z1hut of/for z1, small as compared with standard/norm c3
шмazeъa z1 = c1 shrinks/decreases in property c2 .ka by amount z3
шмazengau g1 causes z1 = c1 to decrease in property/dimension b2 .ka by amount z3
шмebasti b1pseudonym/pronoun, replacing real name b2 = c1 of3 = c2 in circumstance4 = b3
шмeclax Nameless. .Anonymous remailer software
шмене ,шмe meъe1 .quoted word.s is a/the name/title/tag of2 to/used-by namer/name-user3 .person
.щ:2 is called1 by3 .= selшмe for reordered places
шмesanji s1 identifies s2 = c2 by name c1 usedby namer/name-user c3 .person
шмeste l 1an onomasticon of names l2 = c1 in order l3 in medium l4
шмetcita t1name tag/nameplate of t2 = c2 showing text c1
шмeveigau g1 = v3 registers c2 with user-name c1 on system/application c3
шмevla1morphologically defined name word meaning2 in language3. .In Lojban, such words are characterized by
ending with a consonant. Examples: lojban, jegvon, camgusmis
шмibиъo b1 = c1 becomes a member of group b2 = c2 under conditions b3
шмicуъakrali k 1suffrage entitled to k2 = cu1 by standard k3. .It is a civil right, selcemkrali
шмicуъa шм 1=cu1 votes for cu2 among choices cu3 in voting group шм2 Applies to any election, notjust public ones
шмigau g1 puts together c1 into group c2
шмila ,mиъa1 laughs .emotional expression. .x1 laughs at2 .= mиъafra
шмima ,mim шмi1member/element of set2;1 belongs to group2; 1amid/among/amongst group2
.x1 may be a complete or incomplete list of members;2 is normally marked by lаъи/leъи/loъи, defining the set in terms
of its common property.ies, though it may be a complete enumeration of the membership
шмisau s1 = c 1logged into system/application s2 = c2
шмiveigau g1 = v3 registers c1 as a member of c2, registration preserved in medium3 = v4
шмizуъe z1 = c1 participates in employing means/taking action z2 for purpose/goal z3
шмoni ,шмo coъи1 utters moan/groan/howl/scream ,non-linguistic utterance2 expressing3 .property
шмуxуъи 1an element of kind2 with purity3
шnadakfu d1 = c1chisel for carving d2 = c2 with blade of material d3
шnano ,наъo1 ,value is a norm/average in property/amount2 .ka/ni among3.s .set by
standard4. .щ mean, normal, usual; .x3 speci- fies the complete set
шnebo ,neb neъo 1a/the neck ,bodypart of 2; ,metaphor: a relatively narrow point
шнему ,nem neъу1 .agent rewards2 ,recipient for atypical3 .event/property with reward/desserts4
.Differs я earned payment because of atypical nature; rewards need not be positive but are in some sense deserved
я the point of view of the rewarder: positive reward .= zanyneъу, punishment, penalty, demerit .= malneъу, sfaneъу;4 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities,
this is sumtiraising я ownership of the object/commodity .= posneъу, posyvelneъу for unambiguous semantics
шneпарби 1 the derivative of2 with respect to 3
шnici ,nic 1 orderly/neat/ordered in property/quantity2 .ka/ni
шnicro co1 = ci1 hurts emotionally due to ci3
шniдаъo d1 = c 1far/distant я d2 in feeling d3 = c2
шnijаъo j1 = c1 shows emotion j2 = c2 .ka about c3 to audience j3
шnijicla j1 = c3 excites j2 = c1
шnikansa1 empathizes with2 in feeling3
шniмаъo v 1an attitudinal meaning v2 = c1 in language v3
шnino ,nin nиъo 1new/unfamiliar/novel to observer2 in feature3 .ka by standard4;1novelty
шnirango r 1the sense/feeling in c1 of emotion c2 about c3
шnirиъa1 = r1 .event moves/touches2 = c1 .person, causing emotion3 = c2 about object of
emotion4 = c3 with causation conditions5 = r3;1 = r1 .event is moving/touching
шnisa ,nis 1quantity of/contains/is made of lead .Pb; ,metaphor: heavy, malleable, soft metal
шniseъи s 1the heart .emotional self of s2 = c1
шnita ,nit nиъa 1directly/vertically beneath/below/under/underneath/down я2 in frame of reference3 .щ underside, nether
шnitcini t1 = c2 is the mood experienced by t2 = c1 about c3
шnivаъу v1 sighs due to emotion c2 .ka about c3 breathing/respiring v2
шnixair1 offendsr2 = c1 affecting emotion c2 .ka about c3 resulting inr4 .state
шоъacfa1 = cf1 ,state/event/process commences/initiates/starts/begins to occur я its natural start; .intransitive
verb. .See coъa cfari.1 starts я the very beginning. Also in the sense of ъstarting anewъ
or ъstarting я scratchъ
шоъasku c1 .agent starts to express/say c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience c3 via expressive medium c4
шоъa ,coъa ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the starting point of ...; initiative ¿―¡ ―
шоъe ,com coъe ,GOhA elliptical/unspecified bridi relationship
шоъи ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the instantaneous point of ...; achievative; point event ¿―¡
шоъo ,COI vocative: partings/good-bye
шоъуrdуъу d 1relieved я stress/discomfort d2
шоъу coъу ,coъу ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the ending point of ... even if not done; cessative ― ¿¡ ―
шоicoъo ,COI* vocative: greetings in passing
шоi ,COI vocative: greetings/hello
шоkcu ,cko1 soaks up/absorbs/sucks up2 я3 into4; 1an absorbant
шонди ,con cno coi 1deep in extent in direction/property2 away я reference point3 by standard4
шоrgau g1 .agent hurts/causes pain for c1 at locus c2
шоrtu ,cor cro1 hurts/feels pain/hurt at locus2
шо ,col ,CO tanru inversion operator; ”... of type ...”; allows modifier trailing sumti without sumti links
шpacu ,cpa1 gets/procures/acquires/obtains/accepts2 я source3 ,previous possessor not implied
.щ fetch; accept a gift .= seldуъacpa
шpana 1upon/atop/resting on/lying on ,the upper surface of2 in frame of reference/gravity3. ..1 may be object or event
шpanygau g1 causes c1 to ,rest on/,be on top of/,lie on c2 in frame of reference c3
шpanygle g1 = c1 rides/mounts/has sexual intercourse on top of g2 = c2, in frame of reference/gravity c3
шpapro f1 = c1 refuses f2 = c2 я c3
шpare ,par1 climbs/clambers/creeps/crawls on surface2 in direction3 using4 ,limbs/tools
шpazau z1 = c1 approves the receipt of c2 я c3
шpedu ,cpe1 requests/asks/petitions/solicits for2 of/я3 in manner/form4. .щ demand .= mиъecpe;4 is a means of expression
: a request may be indicated in speech, in writing, or by an action .e.g. petitions are often in writing,
while begging/panhandling may be indicated by an action or even demeanor
шpesku cu1 = cp1 pleas/,expresses request cu2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to cu3 = cp3 via expressive medium cu4
шpetinbe1 complies with/accedes to request2 made by3
шpezуъe1 complies with request2 я3
шpina 1pungent/piquant/peppery/spicy/irritating to sense2. .щ prickly .= pecycpina
шpinyspa s1sense-irritating plant/thistle of species2
шpinyцаpi t1 = c1hot/pungent spice causing flavor/effect t2 .event/property
шpizda z1nest of bird z2=c1 of genus/species/etc. c2
шpumиъи l1 = m1tractor pulling l2
шpumuvgau g1 = l1 pulls m1 = l2 to destination m2 я origin m3 over path/route m4 at handle/locus l3
шradi1 broadcasts/transmits ,using radio waves2 via station/frequency3 to ,radio receiver4. .щ1broadcaster
шradyvelcradi c1radio transceiver transmitting/receiving c2 on frequency c3 to/я transceiver c4. .The3 place may specify
more than one frequency, for instance in cases where different frequencies are used for transmission and receiptcrakla k1 =
c1 advances to k2 я k3 = c2 via k4 using means/vehicle k5
шrakуъa k 1an anteroom of/in structure k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor k3 .mass/joъу
шraleъу l 1an initial letter in alphabet/character-set l2 representing l3
шrane ,cra 1anterior/ahead/forward/.in/on the front of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3. .щ:3 is the standard of
orientation for2
шravro v1 = c1front door/gateway/access between v2 and v3 of structure v4
шrахра p 1the front-cover picture/image/illustration showing p2 made by artist p3
шrebиъo c1 = b1 becomes expert at c2 = b2 under conditions b3 by standard c3. .Coined because cilre makes it hard to
talk about just learning about a subject
шrejibri j1 = c2 is a profession .job of person j2 = c1. .Especially a job requiring a high level of skill or training
шрека ,cek 1shirt/блоуse/top ,upperbody garment - not necessarily sleeved or buttoned, material2
шrepu ,rep1 .agent harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects2 я source/area3
шretro j1 = c1 skillfully handles j2 = c2 in event j3
шrexalbo c1 =a1geek/nerd of field c2 =a2 .event/activity by standard c3
шrezenzуъe1 practices/exercises/drills/trains in/for action/event/performance2
шribe ,rib1bear/ursoid of species/breed2
шribyjba 1bearberry of species/variety2
шrida ,rid1fairy/elf/gnome/brownie/pixie/goblin/kobold ,mythical humanoid of mythos/religion2
.щorc, giant, demon or devil .when humanoid-form is presumed by the mythos/religion, bugbear, bogeyman
шridyske s1 .mass of facts is the science of fairies/elves/pixies ,mythical humanoid of mythos/religion c2 based on
methodology s3
шrino ,rиъo 1green/verdant ,color adjective
шripu ,rip1bridge/span over/across2 between3 and4 ,unordered, typically destination firs
шrisa ,cis 1summer/summertime ,hot season of year2 at location3
шritu 1autumn/fall ,harvest/cooling season of year2 at location3
шrogau g1 .agent hurts/causes pain for c1 at locus c2
шrogle g1 practices sadomasochism with g2 = c1 with pain at locus c2
шrorиъa r1 .event/state hurts/causes pain for2 = c1 at locus3 = c2
шroцаpi t 1hot spice
шrovуъи v1hot/spicy taste/flavor of/emitted by v2
шrujva1 = j1 = c1rule permitting/allowing2 = j2 = c2 .event/state within system/community3 = j3 under conditions4 = c3
.The use of c1 there is perhaps a bit iffy; the point here is that itъs non-agentive
шrutcini t1situation / condition / state / position that allows / is sufficient for event c2 = t2 under conditions
c3. .As the whole point of this word is to ignore the agentive nature of c1, c1 has been dropped
шruvei v1permit allowing c2 .event under conditions c3, preserved in medium v4
шtakamni k1 = c 1the audit committee of k3
шtaru 1tide ,cyclical/periodic expansion in 2 caused by3
шtebi ,teb 1a/the lip ,body-part/rim of orifice2 of body3; .adjective: 1labial
шteшмocpi1nightjar/goatsucker/whippoorwill of genus/species2
шtecpi c 1an owl of species c2
шtejau d1dew
шteki ,tek ceъи1tax/levy/duty on goods/services/event2 levied against3 by authority/collector4
шtemanku m 1dark of night of day n2 at location n3
шtemidju m 1the midnight of n2 at location n3
шtesаъacpi1nightingale of species/variety2
шtesai s1supper composed of dishes including s2
шticinza cin 1a/are chopstick.s for eating cit2
шticpe cp1 orders food ci2 for cp2 я cp3 in manner/form cp4
шtidakfu d1table knife for cutting food d2 = c2, with blade of material d3
шtigau g1 feeds c1 with food c2
шtikуъa k1dining room in structure k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor k3 .mass/joъу
шtile1quantity of petroleum/oil я source2
шtilytergуъи 1an oil lamp using petroleumbased products, illuminating2 with light1
щильвау ctilyvau v1fuel tank
шtino ,tиъo1shadow/the shade of object2, made by light/energy source3
шtipla p1 sets up diet p2 for c1 consisting of food c2
шtirуъegau g1 digests food p2 = c2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant c1
шtirуъe p 1the digestion of food p2 = c2 with output p3 passing through stage p4 of person/animal/plant c1
шtisla s1 celebrates s2 with a banquet/feast
шtitci t 1cutlery for eating c2
шtoнаъa1 is2 centuries in duration by standard3. .The default2 is 1;
шtuca ,ctu1 teaches audience2 ideas/methods/lore3 .dуъу about subject.s4 by method5 .event. .щ instruct, instructor,
educate, educator, teacher, professor, pedagogue; .adjective:1/x5 is pedagogical
шtucиъe ci 1education system interrelated by administrative policies ci2 among institutions ci3 = ct1 displaying
quality ci4
шtucku cu1 = ct1textbook for teaching ideas/methods ct3 .dуъу, by author cu3 for audience cu4 = ct2 about subject.s ct4 by method ct5, preserved in medium cu5
шtufau f1lesson by c1 for teaching audience c2 ideas/methods/lore c3 .dуъу about subject.s c4 by method c5 .event
шtunoi n1instructions by c1 teaching audience c2 ideas/methods/lore c3 .dуъу about subject.s c4 by method c5 .event
шtununtаъa n1 = c5 is a lecture / an event of verbal teaching by t1 = c1 to audience t2 = c2 about subject t3 = c4 in
language t4 with facts taught c3
шуъaшмi шм1 = cu1member of electorate шм2, which votes/selects cu2 ,choice я set/sequence of alternatives cu3. .Gismu deep structure is ”cuxna gиъe шмima”;
шуъарkubli k1 = c1gaming die, with sides k3 = c3, with side c2 facing up and having dimensions k2
шуъа ,VUhU3 unary mathematical operator: absolute value/norm ―a―
шуъе ,CUhE tense/modal question
шуъи ,CAI attitudinal: neutral scalar attitude modifier
шуъо ,MOI convert number to probability selbri; event1 has probability .n of occurring under cond.2
шуъу koъa ,BAI* tagged sumti: can be used for embedded: it-1 said, ”...”, with editorial unquote and insert
шуъуpre p1businessman/business woman involved in business c1
шуъу ,BAI cusku modal, 1st place .attribution/quotation as said by source ...; used for quotation
шуcмаъe m1skate carrying m2 on surface/medium m3
шуctиъe t 1the heel of shoe t2 = c1 for covering/protecting feet c2, and of material c3
шуcycau cl 1barefoot/not wearing shoes
шуcyxelkla1 = k5 is a roller skate to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4, transporting5 = k1
шуkla ,cuk 1round/circular ,2-dimensional shape/form;1disk/circle/ring
.Normally used for a filledin circle/disk, but emphasis on roundness means that the concept may include ъringъ.
шуklиъу l1 goes/moves around/,in a circle using means l3
шуkmakyvelvei v4 = m1 = c1computer disk/hard k/floppy disk storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file.s v1
шуkmirvelvei v4 = m1 = c1compact disc/optical disc storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file.s v1
шуkmуъo m1 = c1 .object is completely round/full
шуkrerkavjvi j1 plays ultimate frisbee against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4
шуktai t1 = c1circle
шукта şukıta cukta ,cku1book containing work2 by author3 for audience4 preserved in medium5 ,x1manifestation/container A physical object or its analogue. of a work/content, not necessarily using paper .= selpapri;
шуkygуъиvelvei v4 = g2 = c1compact disc/optical disc storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file.s v1
шуkykуъovelvei v4 is a gramophone record of v2
шуkyхраtci1compass for drawing circles2
шуlcpe cp1 humbly asks for/implores cp2 я cp3 in manner/form cp4
шуlno ,clu 1full/completely filled with2
шуmki ,cum 1.event/state/property possible under conditions2; 1 may/might occur;1maybe
шуmla ,cul 1humble/modest about2 .abstraction;1 displays humility about2
шуmnunveъу n1sales lead/opportunity for v1 to sell v2 to v3 for amount v4
шуmselpei1 = p2 = c1 .subject/concept is conceivable under conditions c2
шуmymуъefиъa cf 1science fiction about possible universe cu1 = m1 by author cf3
шунdinkei k1 gambles/plays the lottery k2. .Gambling/lottery = nuncundinkei
шунfaigau g1 shuffles/randomly distributes/cuts2 = f1 among3 = f2 with shares/portions4 = f3
шунfai f 1shuffled/randomly distributed/cut among f2 with shares/portions f3
шунmi1quantity of millet ,grain of species/strain2
шунpeъи p1 bumps into/randomly encounters p2 at/in location p3
шунso ,cun шуъо 1random/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions2, with probability distribution3
.щ accidental, chancy, by chance, adventitious, arbitrary .also = cunшуъа, cunselшуъа, cunждi, cunselждi;
based on ”unpredictable”
шунtu ,cуъу 1an affair/organized activity involving person.s2 .ind./mass;1 is2ъs business. .щ matter, concern;2 is
engaged in1 .which is usually an abstraction .= selшуъу for reordered places
шунyнаъу n1 = c1 .li is a random number .noun, random under conditions c2, with probability distribution c3
шуplиъу l1 makes a round trip via route l2 using means/vehicle l3
шуpra ,pra1 produces2 ,product by process3
шуpypoi p1 = c1circularly ordered sequence by rule p2 on unordered set p3
шуrfиъe c1 = f 1an eel of species/breed c2 = f2
шуrmi ,cru1 .agent lets/permits/allows2 .event under conditions3;1 grants privilege2. .Sufficient condition .=
crutcini, agent that permits a situation .= tcinycru
шуrnu ,cur1worm/invertebrate animal of species/breed2. .щ mollusk, snail .=
шakcurnu, shellfish .=askemcakcurnu,askemcakydja; the generalization to invertebrate is because almost all multicellular
invertebrates are indeed wormlike
шурве ,cuv 1pure/unadulterated/unmitigated/simple in property2 .ka. .x 1simply/purely/unmitigatedly/solely2
шуskуъи1 edits/revises/adapts text2 by3 for audience4 in medium5
шуsku ,cus sku1 .agent expresses/says2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience3 via expressive medium4. .щ says
шуsterzиъe z3 is a condition for free expressive activity z2 by agent z1 = c1
шуtci ,cuc1shoe/boot/sandal for covering/protecting ,feet/hooves2, and of material3 .щ boot .= tupcutci
шуtne ,cut 1a/the chest/thorax/upper trunk/,rib cage/breast ,body-part of2
шуtyboъу b1rib of body b3 = c2
шуtygreku g1 = c 1the ribcage of c2
шуtytиъe t 1the upper back ,body-part of c2
шуvjumske s1=j1=c 1bacteriology of bacteria s2 based on methodology s3. .Bacteriology is the study of bacteria. Because of
the similarity of thinking and working with microorganisms other than bacteria, there has been a tendency for the field of
bacteriology to extend as microbiology .=jumske. Bacteriology can be classified as a distinct science
шуvjurme j1=c 1an .eubacterium of species/defining property j2. .Bacteria are a large domain of single-celled, prokaryote
.=pruslemijyjиъe microorganisms
шуxna ,cux cуъa1 chooses/selects2 ,choice я set/sequence of alternatives3 .complete set. .щ prefer .= nelcуъacuxselgre
p2 = c1 filters p1 = c2 to destination side p3 я origin side p4
шу ,CU elidable marker: separates selbri also preceding sumti, allows preceding terminator elision
шь cy ,BY2 letteral for c
даъacre c1 = d2 is a fighting expert in fighting against c2 over issue c3 .abstract, expert by standard c3
даъamoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts allbut-.1 to ordinal selbri; 1penultimate among2 by rule3.
даъaremoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts all-but-2 to ordinal selbri; 1antepenult. among2 by rule3.
даъarsиъу s1 fight ,each other over issue d3 .abstract
даъartаъa t1 = d1 quarrels with t2 = d2 about issue t3 = d3 in language t4
даъasnu c1.mass normally, but 1 individual/joъу possible argues/quarrels about topic/subject c2 = d3 with opponent3 = d2
даъa ,daz ,PA4 digit/number: all except n; all but n; default 1
даъe ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: remote future utterance; ”Heъll tell you tomorrow. IT will be a doozy.”
даъиnai ,UI*3 discursive: supposing - in fact
даъи ,UI3 discursive: supposing - in fact 4 даъoi ,DOI attitudinal attribution .Whereas dai simply
marks an attitudinal as applying to someone other than the speaker, даъoi explicitly attributes the preceding
attitudinal. In particular, dai is equivalent to даъoi наъe bo mi.
даъo ,DAhO discursive: cancel pro-sumti/probridi assignments.
даъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a remote past utterance; ”She couldnъt have known that IT would be true.”
даbycalku c 1armor around c2 composed of c3 against opponent4 = d2
даbysmifau f1 .event is a wargame, simulating combat by d1 against d2 over issue d3 .abstract
даbytadji t1fighting technique / martial art used under conditions t3 by d1. .t2 subsumed. d2
and d3 not usually relevant to technique. Made я damba + tadji
дашру ,dac1drawer/file in structure2, a ,sliding compartment container for contents3
дашти ,dai1material object enduring in space-time;1thing
дадgau g1 hangs/suspends d1 я d2 with/by means d3
дадjo ,daj1 pertains to the Taoist cultur e/ethos/religion in aspect2
дадне dadneъotаъу t1necktie for wearing by t2 = c2 serving purpose t3
дадycatra c1 hangs/lynches c2 = d1 by hanging them я/on d2 by means of d3
.x2 is killed by this action. Use dadgau if2 is already dead
дадycka c1 = d1hammock of material c2 hung я d2
дадysli s1 = d1pendulum oscillating at rate/frequency s2, suspended я d2 by/at/with joint d3
даfsku c1 .agent answers2 = d1 to question/problem3 = d2
даgysfe s 1pavement of road/highway2 = d1
даgysni s1road sign meaning s2 to observer/driver/pedestrian s3
даi ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: marks empathetic use of preceding attitudinal; shows anotherъs feelings
даkfu ,dak1knife .tool for cutting2, with blade of material3
даkli 1sack/bag with contents2, and of material3
даklycka c1 = d1sleeping bag of material c2 = d3 for holding c3 = d2
даkyxаъи1 = d1dagger / knife weapon for use against2 = d2 by3 with blade of material d3
даlcange c1ranch at c2, of rancher c3 raising animals c4 = d1
даlpeъo p1 = d1pet belonging to p2 of species d2
даlske s 1zoology concerned with animals of type d2 based on methodology s3
даmba ,dab даъa1 fights/combats/struggles with2 over issue3 .abstract;1fighter/combatant
.Use3 tуъa for fight over an object/objective
даmri1drum/cymbal/gong ,percussion musical instrument with beater/actuator
даmtуъу t1chimney made of of material t2 for emitting/expelling smoke/gas/steam/magma t3 = d1 я source d2
даmtubnu t1chimney made of of material t2 for emitting/expelling smoke/gas/steam/magma t3 = d1 я source d2
даmvаъу v1 smokes/inhales v2. v1smoker. .not necessarily tobacco
даndu ,dad1 hangs/dangles/is suspended я2 by/at/with joint3. .Pendant .= dadjаъи; also dependent .original meaning
даnfu ,daf 1the answer/response/solution/,reply to question/problem2
данлуъa p1trajectory of ballistic projectile d1 fired by gun/launcher d2, to destination p2 я p3 via p4
данлu ,dal даъу 1animal/creature of species2; 1biologically animate
даnmark Denmark
даnmo ,dam 1made of/contains/is a quantity of smoke/smog/air pollution я source2. .x2 may be a fire
даnre ,даъe1 .force puts pressure on/presses/applies force to2. .Agentive press/depress .= даъergau, даъerzuъe
даnske s 1ballistics with methodology s2
даnsu 1.individual, mass dances to accompaniment/music/rhythm2
даnsyшуъу c1dance/ball involving participants c2 = d1, to accompaniment/music/rhythm d2
даnti ,dan1ballistic projectile ,e.g. bullet/missile for firing by ,gun/propelling launcher2
.щ cannonball, catapult stone, shot pellet.s
даnvau 1quiver/magazine for arrows/bullets2
даplu ,plu 1an island/atoll/key of ,material/properties2 in surroundings/body3; 1insular
даpma ,dap1 curses/damns/condemns2 to fate .event3. .Curse with a specific expression .= dapsku
даpsodi 1armadillo of species/breed2
даptutra t1 = d2 is a hell/cursed territory cursed by t2 = d1
дарbei b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo b2 far away to b3 = d1 я b4 = d2 over path b5
дарbevri b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo b2 far away to b3 = d1 я b4 = d2 over path b5
дарctatci t1telescope for examining c2 = d1 which is far я d2
даргу ,dag 1road/highway to2 я3 with route4 .x2/x3 may be unordered. .regularly improved-for-use surface for travelling
дарjиъo j1 = d 1the end of j2 at j3 far я d2
дарlu ,dau 1 argues for stand2 against stand3; ,an opponent is not necessary
дарmau z1 = d 1farther я z2 = d2 in property z3 = d3 by amount z4
дарno ,dar даъo 1far/distant я2 in property3 .ka
дарpиъejvi j1 = p1 long jumps with opponent.s j2 in contest/competition j3 .event for gain j4
дарpиъe p1 long jumps to p2 я p3 reaching height p4
дарsi 1 shows audacity/chutzpah in behavior2 .event/activity;1 dares to do/be2 .event/ka. .x 1bold
дарsta s1 = d1 stays/keeps back with s2, distant я d2
дарsygau 1 encourages2 to do/be3
дарsyzeъa z1 = d1 becomes bolder/more audacious in behaviour d2 .event/activity by amount z3
дарusLAM Darussalam
дарvistci t1telescope for seeing v2 = d1 which is far я d2
дарxi ,dax даъи 1 hits/strikes/,beats2 with instrument ,or body-part3 at locus4
дасki1pocket/pouch of/in garment/item2
дасkybуъу b1handkerchief of type/material b2 in pocket3 = d1
.For example worn in suit front pockets
дасkyciзбоrдаъу c1 = da1Pokemon/Pocket Monster of species da2
дасkycribe1 = c1koala .Phascolarctos cinereus of breed2 = c2
дасkymabru m1marsupial mammal of species m2
дасni ,das 1 wears/is robed/garbed in2 as a garment of type3 2 neednot be intended for use as a garment .unlike taxfu
дасpo ,spo1 .event destroys/ruins/wrecks/despoils2; 1destructive
дасri ,sri1ribbon/tape/strip/band/stripe of material2
даtcinseltаъу1 = t2 is a cross-dresser/transvestite wearing dress/garment/clothing2 = t1 serving purpose t3
даtшмe c1 = d 1an alias/nickname of c2 used by c3 instead of name d2, differing я it by standard d3
даtka 1duck/,drake of species/breed2
даtkypиъу p 1eiderdown/feather/plume of duck species/breed d2
даtmau z1 = d1plurality of/more than all other subgroups of z2 as seperated/classified by property z3 = d3 by amount z4
.Made я drata + zmadu. Seems like both this andabmau should have klesi in them, but it can be argued that
the combination imports the idea of classification
датни1 .dуъу ,fact/measurement is data/information/statistic.s about2 gathered by method3. .Evidence
даtnyfle1pipe carrying data2 to3 я4
даtnynoi n1 = d1report about n2 = d2 я reporter n3 to intended audience n4
даtnysri1 = das1signal recording and playback tape-type medium .cassette/DAT/tape drive containing
data/sound/image2 = dat1 with data storage mechanism/method3 .analog/digital
даtnyvaugunma gcomputer memory, consisting of parts2 = g2 = v1
даtnyvau v1computer variable/register/memory cell with contents v2 = d1
даtnyveiste l1 = v1directory of files l2 in order l3 in medium l4 = v4
даtnyvei1 = v1file consisting of information2 = d1 = v2 about3 = d2 = v3 in medium4 = v4
даtnyxle n1socket connecting n3 to n2 along route n4 carrying data5 = d1. .x 1the end opened with listen
даtpavycinglepre pr 1.a heterosexual
даtru1 .event is dated/pertaining to day/occurring on day2 of month3 of year4 in calendar5
.We felt that детри just didnъt work as a culturally-independent date system. The use of pиъe or joi as date
mechanisms was insufficient and having the date components built into the place structure seems far more elegant
даtygugvиъe v1tourist/foreign visitor, visiting v2 at place/event v3 я country4 = g1
дауъи ,CAI2 attitudinal: equal intensity attitudinal relativizer
.Specifies an equal intensity - relative to any previously specified intensity of the same UI/шмаво
даusnu c1 debate on topic/subject c2
даu ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit A .decimal 10 ,ten
даxfli f1 = d1 fails to hit d2 with instrument d3 at locus d4
да ,dav dza ,KOhA1 logically quantified existential pro-sumti: there exists something 1 .usually restricted
дeъa ,ZAhO event contour for a temporary halt and ensuing pause in a process
дeъemni 1denim of material2
дeъe ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a near future utterance
дeъи ,BAI детри modal, 1st place .for letters dated ... ; attaches date stamp
дeъo ,VUhU3 binary mathematical operator: logarithm; ,log/ln a to base b; default base 10 or e
дeъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: a recent utterance
дebysamcu1jicama of species/variety2
дecti ,dec1tenth ,1/10; 110 1 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
дegjаъи j1ring on finger j2 = d1
дegjаъo j1 = d3 points to j2 .property to audience j3 with finger4 = d1
дegji ,deg 1 a/the finger/digit/toe ,body-part on limb/body site 2 of body3; ,metaphor: peninsula
.Finger .=andegji, toe .= jmadegji
дegycauglu g1 = c1 = d2 is a mitten of material g2
дegycidni c1knuckle on limb d2 of body c3 = d3
дegycpu l1 = d3 plucks l2 at locus l3
дegygai g1thimble
дegygutci g 1g2 inch/inches .length unit
дei ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: this utterance
дejni ,dej1 owes2 in debt/obligation to creditor3 in return for4 ,service, loan;1debtor
дejnoi n 1an invoice/bill to debtor d1 = n4 for amount owed d2 to creditor d3 = n3 for goods/services d4
дejrуъa s1 = d1 wagers d2 to creditor d3 on s2 .dуъу
дejyterzeъa z3 is the interest on debt z1 = d2 of debtor d1 to creditor d3
дekpu 1 is2 .default 1 local volume unit.s ,non-metric; e.g. bushel, standard3,4 subunits
.Gallon .= likydekpu, quart .= likseldekpu, barrel .wet = likybradekpu, dry = sudbradekpu, bushel .= sudydekpu, peck .=
sudyseldekpu, cupful .= kabrydekpu, tablespoon .= mucydekpu; teaspoon .= mucyseldekpu; .all of these lujvo may need gic- to
distinguish the English measurement system in contrasting with some local system; the English system is otherwise presumed
to be the default non-metric system. .additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...;
дekto ,dek 1ten ,10; 1 10 1 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
дelfinu1dolphin of species/breed2
дelno ,del deъo1 is2 candela ,metric unit in luminosity .default is 1 by standard3
демби ,deb1bean/pea/leguminous seed я plant ,legume2
дembrciceri1garbanzo/chickpea of species/variety2
дemcarvi c1 = d1 pours to c2 я c3. c1 = d 1torrential rainfall
дemrиъa r1 .event/state compacts/compresses/concentrates/packs/condenses2 = d1
in property3 = d2 .ka at location/locus4 = d3
дemspa d1 = s1bush of species/strain/cultivar s2
дemtse z1 crouches/cowers/squats on surface z2
дenburcu b1toothbrush with bristles b3
дenci ,den deъи 1a/the tooth ,bodypart of2; .adjective: 1dental
дencro c1 = d2 has a toothache in tooth d1 = c2
дenjisygau g1 .agent brushes/cleans the teeth of d2
дenмикше m1dentist treating patient m2 with dentistry m4
дenmi ,dem 1dense/concentrated/packed/intense in property2 .ka at location/locus3
дenpa bu ,BY* letteral: Lojban ”.” character
дenpa ,dep deъa1 awaits/waits/pauses for/until2 at state3 before starting/continuing4 .activity/process
..2 is an event, usually a point event; also: resuming4
дenpesxu p1quantity of tooth-paste, of composition p2
дensruмикше m1periodontist treating patient.s m2 for ailment m3 involving cure m4
дensru 1the gum/cementum of animal2
дenstela s1 = d2 is a zip fastener for sealing s2 by mechanism d1
дepcni c1 feels patience about c3
дepkumfa k1waiting room/break room in structure2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor3 .mass/joъу
дeprиъa1 causes2 to wait for3 at4 before continuing5
дepsna s1hesitation sound producedbys2=d1 while for/until d2 at stated3 beforestarting/continuingd4 .activity/process
дepstu s1waiting room/place where d1 waits for d2
дepyждарi j1 = d 1patient, unyielding to force j2 = d2 under condition j3 = d3
дepypoi p1waiting queue ordered by rules p2 on unordered set p3 waiting for4 = d2
дerбаъo b1 initially grows b2 beyond the soil; b1 sprouts b2 я the ground
дerдемби1peanut of variety2
дerjbe j1 sprouts я2 = d1
дerpanxуъи 1geosmin
дerpesxu d1 = p1quantity of mud of composition d3 = p2, made я dirt я source d2 .Water soaked soil, soft wet
earthderseъa s1 buries/sinks/embeds s2 in ground s3 = d1
дerske s1=d 1soil science ,science about earth/soil based on methodology s3. .dertu2, dertu3 and састе2 subsumed
Soil science studies the soil that occupies the pedosphere, one of Earthъs spheres. This is not the same as geology
.the lujvo for this should mean planetary+composition+science. The two main branches of soil science are pedology
.=terderske; the study of soil in its natural setting and edaphology .the study of soil in relation to soildependent uses
дertu ,der deъу1quantity of/contains/is made of dirt/soil/earth/ground я source2 of composition3. .щ: 1earthen;3: composition including3, which need not be exhaustive of composition
дerxi ,dre1heap/pile/stack/mound/hill of materials2 at location3
дesku ,des1 shakes/quakes/trembles/quivers/shudders/wobbles/vibrates я force2. .щ .expressible either with desku
or slilu: side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal motion
дesmиъи m1vibrator/vibrating device for use/function m2. .not necessarily sex toy; could for example also
be a ”Jumping Jack” compactor;
дesygau g1 .person/agent shakes2 = d1
дesyzуъe z1 shakes
дetcartu1calendar showing dates2 and events3. .x2 is normally a time interval; see detcиъe
дetcиъe 1calendar with rules2, days/weeks/months/years3, and properties4 .e.g. Gregorian calendar
дetfukcru1 allows copying/has copyright of2 under conditions3 dated4
дetkeъу k 1the k3ъrd anniversary .date recurrence of event k2 = d1 that took place at location d3 by calendar d4
дetrgregori 1the date ,day,week,month,year of event/state2, at location3, by the Gregorian calendar
детри ,det 1the date ,day,week,month,year of event/state2, at location3, by calendar4
..time units in 1 are specified as numbers separated by pиъe or are unit values massified with joi
дetytcikygau g1 schedules time t1,hours, minutes, seconds and date d1,day,week,month,year
for event t2 = d2 at location d3
дe ,KOhA1 logically quantified existential pro-sumti: there exists something 2 .usually restricted
диъai ,COI vocative: well-wish - curse .Used to express well-wishes/curses
диъа dиъa ,ZAhO event contour for resumption of a paused process
диъe ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: the next utterance
диъиnai ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: irregularly/aperiodically; tense/modal; defaults as time tense
диъи ,TAhE tense interval modifier: regularly; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
диъo ,BAI diklo modal, 1st place at the locus of ...
диъузбе z1 is/are the foundation s of building/edifice/structure d1 of/for type/purpose d2, made of/with
materials/properties z3
диъу dиъу ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: the last utterance
дibrai t1 = d 1dearest/most precious to d2 among set/range3 = t4
дicflecru c1transistor / electrical regulator which allows electric current c2 = df1 to flow under conditions c3 in
/ on / through df2 flowing in direction to / towards df3 я direction/source df4
дicfle f1 = d 1an electrical current / flow in / on / through f2 = d2 flowing in direction to / towards f3
я direction/source f4
дickаъу 1electron
дicra ,dir 1 .event interrupts/stops/halts/,disrupts2 .object/event/process due to quality3
дictergуъи g3 = d2 is an electric lamp illuminating g2 with light g1
дicycau d1 = c 1electrically uncharged
дicyselsna s2 is a loudspeaker emitting sound s1
дicysro s1battery in containment s3
дigyligykamju k1dropstone/stalagmite/stalactite/icicle/rusticle of material k2 = s2 = d2
дijбарtu b 1outdoors
дijypanka p1plaza managed by community/polity/company p2 for purpose p3
дijysenta s1story/level/floor of building2 = s3 = d1
дikca ,dic 1electricity charge or current in/on 2ofpolarity/quantity3 negative. ..x3, a quantifier,
can be expressed as a simple polarity using the numerals for positive and negative маъу and nиъу; .explicitly negative
.= dutydikca, positive .= mardikca; current .= .selmuvdikca; again default negative/electron current,
дikcti c1 consumes c2 as part of their staple diet
дikleъи p1 regularly pays salary p2 to p3 for goods/services p4
дiklo ,klo 1local to2; 1confined to locus2 within range3; 1regional .Indicates a specific location/value within a range;
e.g. a hits b. What is the locality on b that a hits? Thus 1associated with a specific narrow region/interval2 of wider
дikni ,dik 1regular/cyclical/periodic in property .ka/activity2 with period/interval3. .щ uniform; resonant .= dikslicai
дilcu 1quotient of ъx2/x3ъ ,dividend2 divided by divisor3, leaving remainder4
дilis Dilli
дilnu ,dil 1cloud/mass of clouds of material2 in air mass3 at floor/base elevation4
дimna ,dim 1fate/destiny of2; ,doom, curse are mabla-forms;2 is fated/predestined/doomed to1
.Fated/destined/doomed .= seldimna
дinшуъу c1monetary affair involving c2 dinjbera jb1 borrows money jb2 = жд1 я jb3 for interval jb4
дinju ,dij dиъу1building/edifice for purpose2
дinko ,dиъo1nail/tack ,pointed driven/frictional fastener of type/size2 .ka, made of material3
..x2 also can be ni abstraction;
дinkrnite1rivet of type2 made of3 dinsauru1dinosaur of type2 living in era3
дinsefyгунди g 1a/the industry sector in which s1 provides financial services g2 = s3 to s2 by process g3
.From ждini, selfu, гунди. Omit j2
дinsro s1treasury of money d1 = s2
дintroшуъу c 1a/the financial management function/activities involving persons c2 = ji1, of money/currency issued by
жд2; c 1finance
дinveiшуъу c 1an/the accounting function/activities involving persons c2, using currency issued by j2, recording v2
.data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event; c 1accounting
дirba ,dib 1dear/precious/darling to2; 1emotionally valued by2. .x1 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event,
or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity .=
posydirba for unambiguous semantics
дirce ,dиъe1 radiates/emits2 under conditions3
дircyжинме 1radium
дirgo ,dig1drop ,small, cohesive shape of material ,liquid/vapor2 in surrounding material3
дirtadji t 1interrupt causing d1 to happen, interrupting d2 due to quality d3, hooked onto conditions t3
дirvаъу v1 chokes on/because of d3
дitcu 1 the timeduration/interval/period/,elapsed time of event2
дizlo ,diz dzi 1low/down/downward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3
.щ lower;3 is generally some defined distance above a zero point/baseline, or is that baseline itself
дi ,KOhA1 logically quantified existential prosumti: there exists something 3 .usually restricted
дjаъaza d 1jazz music performed at/by z2 .event with characteristics z3
дjabeipre p1 = b1waitress/waiter serving food b2 = c1 to3 = c2 = b3
дjabei b1waiter, carrying food c1 = b2 to b3 я b4 over path b5
дjacauмро m1 = c2 starves to death я lack of food/nutrition c1
дjacpi cip1 = cid 1an edible bird of species cip2
джашу ,jac jau 1made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of water; .adjective: 1aqueous/,aquatic. .Aquatic .= jaupli
дjagru g1 = c 1grain я plant/species g2, edible/giving nutrition to3 = c2
дjakartas Jakarta
дjarunta r1 = c1 .food is digested in solvent r2
дjaruntygau g1 = c2 digests food2 = r1 = c1 in solvent3 = r2
дjaruntyrango ra1stomach/digestive organ of body/species ra2 = c2 for digesting food/feed/nutriment3 = ru1 = c1
дjaselcrepu1 = cr2 is a crop/harvest, harvested by2 = cr1, for use as food3 = ci1, to be eaten by4 = ci2
дjaspi s1morsel/piece of food s1 = c1 for3 = c2
дjaule g 1g2 joule.s of energy .default is 1 by standard g3
дjaZAIR Algeria
дjedi ,dei 1 is2 full days in duration .default is 1 day by standard3; .adjective: 1diurnal. .Today .= cabdei; tomorrow
.= bavlamdei; yesterday .= prulamdei
дjekarni k1daily newspaper with content k2 published by k3 for audience k4
джиша ,dji1 desires/wants/wishes2 .event/state for purpose3. .If desire is for an object, this is sumti-raising; use
tуъa in2 .or use lujvo = poъedji
дjicni c1 = d1 is/feels eager for d2 = c3 .event/state for purpose d3
джине ,jin1ring/annulus/torus/circle ,shape/form of material2, inside diam.3, outside diam.4
.щ ellipse, oval .= jincla; .usage has been for near-circles, such as tight spirals, even if not closed loops
Also band, belt, encircle .= jinsru
дjisku 1 = d1 = c1 wants to say/express 2 = c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience3 = c3 via expressive medium4
= c4, and this is desired for purpose5 = d3. .Generally used to correct anotherъs perceived mistake, i.e.
”mi klami” followed by ”.i peъи du djisku zo клама
дjoбау m1 = b 1the Saudi Arabic language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
дjoguro1quantity of yogurt made я2 milk by process3
дjunguos China
дjunoi n1instruction/advice я2 = n3 to help/assist/aid3 = s2 = n4 do/achieve/maintain event/activity4 = s3
дjuno ,jun жуъo1 knows fact.s2 .dуъу about subject3 by epistemology4. .Words usable for epistemology typically have a дуъу place; know how to - implying knowledge of method but not necessarily having the ability to practice .= tadjyjуъo
дjusku c1 = s1 gives advice c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to c3 = s2 about doing/achieving/maintaining s3, on medium c4
доъanai ,UI*3 discursive: generously - parsimoniously
доъa ,UI3 discursive: generously - parsimoniously
доъe ,BAI elliptical/unspecified modal
доъи ,KOhA2 pro-sumti: elliptical/unspecified utterance variable
доъo ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you the listener & others unspecified
доъу ,DOhU elidable terminator: end vocative .often elidable
доidoъу ,DOI* generic vocative address to intended listener;
доi ,DOI generic vocative marker; identifies intended listener; elidable after COI
доnмаъo c1second person pronoun in language c4
доnri ,dor doъи 1the daytime of day2 at location3; .adjective: 1diurnal .vs. nocturnal
доrkada 1gazelle of species2
доrmidju m 1the noon .midday of day d2 at location d3. .djemidju is too vague
доrmijбалвi b 1later than noon of day d2 at location d3
доrmijysai s1 .mass is a lunch composed of dishes including s2
доtco ,dot doъo1 reflects German/Germanic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
доtyбау d1 = b 1the German used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
доtygуъe g 1Germany
до ,don doi ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you listener.s; identified by vocative
дрaci1drama/play about2 ,plot/theme/subject by dramatist3 for audience4 with actors5 .x2 may also be a convention
дрacydиъу di1theater for performing plays with theme di2 = dr2 for audience3 = dr4 with actors4 = dr5
дрacykei1 = d1 = k1role-player / player of role playing game / RPG / LARP or dramatic / acting game2 = d5 = k2 about3 = d2
created by author/ company4 = d3 for audience5 = d4
.Audience defaults to the players themselves
дрacyselkei1 = d1 = sk1role-playing game/ RPG/ LARP or dramatic/ acting game played by performer.s/ player.s2 = d5 = sk2
about3 = d2 created by author/ company4 = d3 for audience5 = d4 . .Audience defaults to the players themselves
дрagаъи g1.event corrects g2 into g3 = d1, correct in property/aspect4 = d2 .ka in situation5 = d3 by standard6 = d4
дрagau g1 .person/agent corrects d1
дрani ,dra 1correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect2 .ka in situation3 by standard4
дрata ,dat1 isnъt the-same-thing-as/is different-я/other-than2 by standard3; 1something else
дрezdn Dresden
дрiждikygau g1 comforts j1 = b1 about b2
дрiomedeida 1an albatross ,member of the family Diomedeidae of species/breed2 drudi ,rud dru 1a
roof/top/ceiling/lid of2. ..ё bitmu, stedu, галту, gapru, loldi, marbi, gacri, mapku; a drudi is
.designed to be over/above something and shelters it
дуъa ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; east of
дуъemei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert too many to cardinal selbri;1set with too many members2.
дуъeroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: too many times objective tense, defaults as time tense.
дуъe ,PA4 digit/number: too many; subjective.
дуъи ,BAI dунли modal, 1st place .equalled by equally; as much as ...
дуъo ,BAI djuno modal, 1st place .info source authoritatively; according to ...; known by ...
дуъу ,dum ,NU abstractor: predication/bridi abstractor; 1predication ,bridi expressed in sentence2.
дugri ,dug 1the logarithm of2 with base3
дujmиъи m1freezer/freezing machine for freezing2 = d1 at temperature3
дujricyблу1 = d1 = c1quantity of amber .fossilized resin of plants2 = c2 = t1 .Good quality amber is used
for the manufacture of ornamental objects and jewelry. Although not mineralized, it is often classified as a gemstone
дujroъи1 = d1 = r1fossil of type/composition/traces2 = r2 я location3 = r3 .Preserved remains or traces of animals,
plants, and other organisms may be expressed as2
дujykуъa k1cooling room for cooling2 = d1 at temperature3 = d2
дuкриъa r1 .event/state anguishes/causes distress to2 = d1
дukse ,dus dуъe 1an excess of/too much of2 by standard3. .Cloying .= maldуъe, tolpуъadуъe
дukti ,dut 1polar opposite я/contrary to2 in property/on scale3 .property/sиъo
дunda ,dud dуъa1 ,donor gives/donates gift/present2 to recipient/beneficiary3 ,without payment/exchange .щ grants;3
is a receiver .= terdуъa for reordered places; the Lojban doesnъt distinguish between or imply possession transfer or
sharing;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this
is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity .= posydуъa, posyseldуъa for un-ambiguous semantics
дунжа ,duj1 freezes/jells/solidifies at temperature2 and pressure3
дunku ,duk dуъу 1anguished/distressed/emotionally wrought/stressed by2
дунлеi 1an equivalence class within2 de-fined by equivalence relation3
дунли ,dun dуъи 1equal/congruent
to/as much as2 in property/dimension/quantity3. .Same in quantity/quality .not necessarily in identity; ъanalogyъ
may be expressed as the equivalence of two properties of similarity .ka1 simsa2 and .ka3 simsa4
дunra ,dur 1winter/wintertime ,cold season of year2 at location3
дurkuli 1douroucouli of species2
дusfri 1satiated/overwhelmed by2 , with property3 by standard4; 2 i too much for1 in property3
дuslirpai p 1prejudiced about matter p2 .abstract
дustаъи t 1exhausted by effort/situation t2 .event
дutcinse c 1heterosexual/bisexual in situation c2 by standard c4
.For strict heterosexuality, see pavdutcinse
дutsinso 1the trigonometric cosine of angle/arccosine2
дuvмаъи 1October/tenth month of year2 in calendar3. .Note:
Based on experimental rafsi for dau .duv. Use with caution. Alternative: pavnonмаъи
дu ,dub dуъo ,GOhA identity selbri; = sign;1 identically equals2,3, etc.; attached sumti refer to same thing.
дy ,BY2 letteral for d
дzeждасratrusиъo si1conservative political ideology as applied by t1 = sa1 = d2 = l2 among/in people/territory/domain
t2 based on the works of thinker si3
дzeждасra s1 = d2 = l2 is a conservative in beliefs l3 against opposition s3 by means s4
дzeklu k 1classical
дzekoъo s1 = d 1Celtic in aspect s2
дzena ,dze 1elder/ancestor of 2 by bond/tie/degree3; 1ъs generation precedes2ъs parents
дzibиъo b1 = d1 crouches/squats/hunkers down
дzipo ,zip zиъo1 reflects Antarctican culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
дzip Antarctic Ocean
дzitogytci 1bass insrument .bass guitar, contrabass, bass horn, keyboard bass, washtub bass of type2 Possibly also bass drum
дzitricu t1 = d1shrub/bush of species t2
дzizani 1tares of species/variety2
дzugаъa g1walking stick of material g2
дzuklaji k1 = c2 is a footpath at k2 accessing k3
дzukla 1walker-come with destination2
with starting point3 with route of going4 with transportation means -walking limb5 with walked on6
дzupoi p1procession with participation ordered/sequenced by rules p2
дzusoi s1 = c1foot/infantry soldier of army s2
еъanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: permission - prohibition
еъa ,UI1 attitudinal: granting permission - prohibiting
еъenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: competence - incompetence/inability
еъe ,UI1 attitudinal: competence - incompetence/inability
еъишуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: feeling constraint - independence - challenge/resistance against constraint
еъиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: feeling constraint - independence - challenge/resistance against constraint
еъи ,UI1 attitudinal: feeling constraint - independence - challenge/resistance against constraint
еъonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: request - negative request
еъo ,UI1 attitudinal: request - negative request
еъушуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: suggestion - abandon suggest - warning
еъуnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: suggestion - abandon suggest - warning
еъу ,UI1 attitudinal: suggestion - abandon suggest - warning
еbu ,BY* letteral for e
еиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: obligation - freedom
еи ei ,UI1 attitudinal: obligation - freedom
еnai ,A* logical connective: sumti afterthought but not y
еnri g 1g2 henry/henries of inductance .default is 1 by standard g3
еnzima 1 in an enzyme that catalyzes chemical reactions2
ерis Eris
ерmine 1stoat/ermine of subspecies2
ерnace 1hedgehog of species2
ерsokso1pike of species/breed2
ерtso g 1g2 hertz of frequency .default is 1 by standard g3
еsperanton Esperanto
еstrema1 is2 dunams in area by standard3 .1000 m2, except for the Iraqi dunam and the former Turkish don¨ um. ¨
еstre 1ester derived я acid2 and alcohol3
е ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought and
фаъa ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; arriving at/directly towards ...
фаъergau g1 inverts/reverses/turns over f1 into f3
фаъe ,BAI fatne modal, 1st place backwards; reverse of ...
фаъиrgau g1 reveals to f1 f2 .dуъу about subject/object f3
фаъи ,VUhU2 unary mathematical operator: reciprocal; multiplicative inverse; ,1/a
фаъorмаъo 1the terminator of structure originated by selмаъo2 in language3
фаъo ,FAhO unconditional end of text; outside regular grammar; used for computer input
фау fаъу ,JOI non-logical connective: respectively; unmixed ordered distributed association
фаcki ,fak fаъи 1 discovers/finds out2 .dуъу about subject/object3;1 finds .fi3 .object
фадни ,fad1 ,member is ordinary/common/typical/usual in property2 .ka among members of3 .set.
.щ:2 isa normal/common/ordinary/typical property among set3 .= selterфадни for reordered places; also
regular, .mabla forms: banal, trite, vulgar; .x3 is complete set
фаgdei 1Tuesday of week2 on calendar3
фаgjesyspa 1firethorn of species/variety2
фаgжуъe j1fender/firescreen for a fireplace using fuel f2 burning-in/reacting-with oxidizer f3
фаgмаъa f1=c1volcano projecting я land mass c2
фаgrиъa r1 kindles f2 in atmosphere f3 under conditions r3
фаgri ,fag1fire/flame in fuel2 burning-in/reacting-with oxidizer3 .default air/oxygen
фаgycfatci1tool for starting fire2.1lighter such as for cigarettes
фаgycpi c1flamingo of species c2
фаgyfesti1 = fe 1the ashes of3 = fa2, combusted by fire2 = fa1
фаgyfesyska s1 is/appears to be of ash color/hue as perceived/seen by2 = s3 under conditions3 = s4
фаgykаъу k1spark of fire2 = f1
фаgystigau g1 extinguishes/puts out fire2 = s1 = f1
фаgytabno1quantity of/contains/is made of charcoal я source2
фаgytergуъи1 = g3 is a torch illuminating g2 with fuel3 = f2 reacting with oxydizer4 = f3 .default air/oxygen
фаgzda z1fireplace/hearth for fuel f2 burning in/reacting with oxidizer f3 .default air/oxygen
фаиdon Fido
фаирbei b1 distributes b2 to b3 я b4 over path b5. b1distributor
фаиршуъу c1 is/are a/the function/activities involving persons c2 distributing f1 among/to f2; c 1distribution
фаирgau g1 ,person/agent distributes/allots/allocates/shares f1 among f2 with shares/portions f3
фаирpaltrusиъo s1socialist ideology as applied by t1 in/among people/territory/domain t2 = f2 based on the works of
thinker s3
фаирprali p1 = f 1 is/are the profit/dividends shared/distributed я the earnings of company/corporation/firm p2 among
f2 with shares/portions f3
фаи ,FA sumti place tag: tag a sumti moved out of numbered place structure; used in modal conversions
фалbуъу b1parachute of type/material b2
фалcru c1 .agent drops f1 to f2 я f3
фалgau g1 makes f1 fall
фалkoni 1falcon .genus ъфалcoъ
фалну ,fan 1sail for gathering propelling material2 on vehicle/motor3
.Waterwheel .= jacfanxиъу
фаmpиъи 1the factorial of2
фаmsku c1 .agent concludes by expressing/saying c2 = f1 for/to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 concluding f2
фаmti 1aunt/uncle of 2 by bond/tie3; 1an associated member of2ъs parentъs generation
фаmyмаъo c1terminator of class/part-ofspeech c2 in language c3
фаnbуъу b 1canvas of material b2
фаncu 1function/single-valued mapping я domain2 to range3 defined by expression/rule4
фаnge 1alien/foreign/,exotic/unfamiliar to2 in property3 .ka
фаnjactаъo t1=d1=f1windsurfingboard of material/property t2 .f2, f3 subsumed
фаnkla k1 sails to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 on sailing vehicle k5 = f3
фаnmo ,fam fаъo 1an end/finish/termination of thing/process2; ,not necessarily implying completeness
.x 1final/last/at the last;1terminal/terminus of2; 1the final/terminated state of terminated
process2;2 terminates/ceases/stops/halts at1 .= selfаъo for reordered places
фанри1factory/foundry/industrial plant/mill producing2 я materials3
фаnryгунди g 1a/the manufacturing industry/sector, manufacturing/processing g2 = f2 at factories/plants f1 я
materials f3 using process g3
фаnrypanka p 1an industrial park managed by community/polity/company p2 for factories/plants producing f2
фаnta 1 prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event 2
фаnva 1 translates text/utterance2 to language3 я language4 with translation result5
фаnza ,faz1 .event annoys/irritates/bothers/distracts2. .щ: is disruptive to
фаpro ,fap pro 1 opposes/balances/contends against opponent.s2 .person/force ind./mass about3 .abstract
фарcri c1 gets lost on the way to f2 .object/event in/near f3 = c3
фарdukti1=d 1the opposite direction я3=f3 that2=f2 is
фаргау g1 = f3 aims at f1 with f2 .object/event. .x3 can be1 itself or an extra object/event such as ”weapon”, ”effort”, etc
фарjаъo j1 shows the direction of f2 .object/event to audience j3 я origin/in frame of reference f3
фарlu ,фал fаъу1 falls/drops to2 я3 in gravity well/frame of reference4. .Note: things can fall in spin, thrust, or tide as well as gravity; .agentive ”drop” = one of two lujvo: фалcru and фалриъa
фарna ,far fаъa 1the direction of2 .object/event я origin/in frame of reference3. .x2 is towards1 я3 .= selfаъa for
reordered places
фарsni s1 = f3 non-agentively/inanimately points at/directionally indicates s2 = f2 to observer s3 as being in the direction
f1. .Direction .i.e.4 is relative to the1 place
фарvi ,fav 1 develops/evolves towards/into 2 also 3 through stages4
фасkoъo s1 = f1 reflects Breton culture/language in aspect s2 = f2
фасnu ,fau1 .event is an event that happens/occurs/takes place; 1an incident/happening/occurrence ..
фасnyvla v1verb meaningv2 in languagev3
фасyбау f1 = b 1the French language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
фасygуъe g1 = f 1the country of France
фаtci ,fac 1.dуъу a fact/reality/truth/actuality, in the absolute
фаtkаъe f1 = k1 ,sequence is able to be / capable of being reversed я / into sequence f2 by event k2 under conditions k3
фаtne ,fat fаъe 1,sequence is in reverse order to 2 ,sequence; 1.object is inverted to 2.object. .щ opposite .one sense
фаtpoъa s1 implodes into pieces/energy/fragments s2
фаtri ,fai 1distributed/allotted/allocated/shared among2 with shares/portions3;
.x2/x3 fаъу. .щ spread, shared out, apportioned; agentive distribution .= fairgau, fairzу
фаtysaclu 1.meъo is the p-adic representation of number2 in base3. .can be infinitely long to the left but not the right;
for repeating p-adics .krefu fatysaclu use rаъe before pi
фауrtei f 1an event that has time/temporal duration t1 ranging я starting time/event t2 to ending time/event t3
фау ,BAI fasnu modal, 1st place .non-causal in the event of ...
фаvgau g1 develops f1 into f2 я f3 through stages f4
фаvytcini t1developmental / evolutionary stage / state of t2 = f1 in its development towards / into f2 я f3 through stages
f4. .First place is intended for things like software version numbers
.which is how you talk about actual things that have a version associated with them
фаvytcinymupli m 1an example/instance of developmental/evolutionary stage/state m2 = t1 of developing thing t2 = f1 in its
development towards/into f2 я f3 through stages f4 = m3. .Someone causing the development is neither implied nor denied;
hence this word can be used both for Darwinian evolution and software development
фаzytаъa t1 chatters/gossips to t2 = f2 about subject t3 in language t4
фа ,FA sumti place tag: tag 1st sumti place
феъa ,VUhU3 binary mathematical operator: nth root of; inverse power ,a to the 1/b power
феъeбаъo ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: perfective in space; beyond the place of ...
феъecаъo ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: continuative in space; throughout the place of ...
феъecoъa ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: initiative in space; on this edge of ...
феъecoъи ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: achievative in space; at the point of ...
феъemoъу ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: completive in space; at the far end of ...
феъenoroi ,ROI* location tense interval modi-fier: never in space; objectively quantified tense.
феъepуъo ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: anticipative in space; up to the edge of ...
феъeroroi ,ROI* location tense interval modi-fier: always in space; objectively quantified tense
феъezаъo ,ZAhO* location event contour tense: superfective in space; continuing too far beyond ...
феъe ,FEhE mark space interval distributive aspects; labels interval tense modifiers as locationoriented
феъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: divided by; division operator; ,...a / b / c / ....
феъo ,COI vocative: over and out .end discussion
феъуcmo c1 = f1 growls/snarls/roars c2 ,nonlinguistic utterence in anger at f2 for f3 .action/state/property
феъу ,FEhU elidable terminator: end nonce conversion of selbri to modal; usually elidable
феbgau g1 .person/agent boils2 = f1 at temperature3 = f2 and pressure4 = f3. .Note that this means simply to evaporate a
liquid; to cook something by boiling is febjukpa febjukpa 1 = j1 cooks/prepares food-foreating2 = j2 by sitting it in
boiling liquid3 = f1 at temperature4 = f2 and pressure5 = f3
феbvi ,feb 1 boils/evaporates at temperature2 and pressure3
феgбаъу b1 = f1 roars/snarls/growls angrily atterance b2 at f2 because of f3 .action/state/property
феgmliбаъу m1 = f1 = b1 grumbles with sound b2 at f2 because of f3 .action/state/property. .jvajvo definition; Gismu deep structure is ”milxe le ka fengu kei gиъe bacru”
феgmli m1 = f 1irritated/,mildly angry at f2 for f3 .action/state/property
феgrиъa r1 .event angers f1
феgycau f1 = c 1without anger/mild/meek regarding f2 for f3 .action/state/property
феи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit B .decimal 11 ,eleven
фелмаъи 1November/eleventh month of year2 in calendar3. .Note: Based on experimental rafsi for fei .fel. Use with
caution. Alternative: pavypavмаъи
феmti ,fem 110 15 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
феndi ,fed1 .agent divides/partitions/separates2 into sections/parts/ind.3 by method/partition4 .segments
феngidmoъa m1sewing pattern of forms m2 according to structure m3
феngu ,feg feъу 1angry/mad at2 for3 .action/state/property
феnki ,fek 1.action/event is crazy/insane/mad/frantic/in a frenzy .one sense by standard2
феnra ,fer feъa1crack/fissure/pass/cleft/ravine/chasm/,defect/flaw ,shape/form in2
феnso ,fen 1 sews/stitches/sutures materials 2 .ind./set together with tools3, using filament4
..x2 if a set must be a complete specification;
феpni ,fep fei 1measured in kopeck/cent money-subunits as2 ,quantity, in monetary system3
.щ pfennig, paisa, sen, fen, dinar, etc.; 1generally a price/cost/value
.additional secondary, tertiary, etc. subunit places may be added as4,5,6,
феpri 1 a/the lung ,body-part of 2; ,metaphor: breathing/respiratory apparatus/bellows. .щ .adjective: 1pulmonary
феpsиъи s1cent coin issued by s2 in monetary system f3
ферtis 1Virgo ,constellation/astrological sign. .From ferti. The Greeks and Romans associated Virgo with their
goddess of wheat, Demeter-Ceres who is the mother of ProserpinaPersephone. For this reason the constellation became
associated with fertility .in both Babylonia, Greece and Rome. Alternatively, she was sometimes identified as the virgin
goddess Iustitia or Astraea, holding the scales of justice in her hand as the constellation Libra
Since ferti in ложан covers both potential and actual/realized fertility,
the original meaning of the constellation have been chosen, but you could probably still interpret the
name in both senses .as a deity of fecundity or as a fertile virgin
ферti ,fre 1fertile/conducive for supporting the growth/development of2; 1fruitful/prolific
.щ fecund .note that the Lojban covers both potential and actual/realized fertility
феslиъa1 = f2 = c1 abandons / forsakes / leaves behind2 = f1 = c2
феsti ,fes1.s is/are waste product.s ,left to waste by2 .event/activity. .щ shit, crap;
agentive wasting .= fesygau, fesyzуъe
феtcei c1goddess of people.s/religion c2 with dominion over c3 ,sphere
феtcinse c 1gynophilous/bisexual/straight male/lesbian in situation c2 by standard c4. .This word is only about sexual
interest in females; other sexual interests are irrelevant
феtfetcinse c1 = f 1female and gynophilous/gay/bisexual in situation c2 by standard c4 .This word is about female
homosexuality and bisexuality
феtnalspe f1 = n 1an unmarried woman under law/custom/tradition s3
феtpinji p 1the clitoris of p2
феци ,fet feъи1female/doe of species2 evidencing feminine trait.s3 .ka; 1feminine
феtspe1wife of2 .spouse according to marriage tradition/custom/law3
феtydzetru t1matriarch of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
феtyganti 1ovary of2
фе ,FA sumti place tag: tag 2nd sumti place
фиъа fиъa ,FA sumti place tag: place structure number/tag question
фиъecti c1fish-eater of fish species f2
фиъe ,BAI финti modal, 1st place .creator created by ...
фиъиnai ,COI* vocative: hospitality - inhospitality
фиъи ,COI vocative: hospitality - inhospitality; you are welcome/ make yourself at home
фиъorxrukir1guineafowl of species/breedr2
фиъo ,FIhO convert selbri to nonce modal/sumti tag
фиъуre ,PA* half. .synonym pimu;
фиъуrgau g1 ,person/agent confuses c1 .event/state for c2 ,observer due to ,confusing property c3 .ka
фиъу ,PA3 digit/number: fraction slash; default ”/n” =¿ 1/n, ”n/” =¿ n/1, or ”/” alone =¿ golden ratio
фиcybиъo b1 becomes different/changes/transforms я f2 in property/dimension/quantity f3 under conditions b3
фиgre ,fig1fig ,fruit/tree of species/strain2
фиkcku cu1=cf1fictional book about plot/theme/subject cf1 by author cu3 = cf3 for audience cu4 preserved in medium cu5
фиlcina 1fern of family/genus/species2. фиlgau g1 ,person/agent causes f1 to be easy for f2 under
condition.s f3
фиlmau z1 = f1 .action is easier than z2 .action for3 = f2 .agent by amount z4 under conditions5 = f3
фиlrиъa r1 ,event/state causes f1 to be easy for f2 under condition.s f3
фиlselgаъe g2 = f 1apparent to g1 via perceptual/cognitive faculty g3. .x3 includes reason or critical thinking
skills as well as discrete biological organs such as eyes or ears
фиlseljmi f1=sj1 .dуъу is an easy to understand/clear fact/truth to f2=sj2 about subject sj3 under conditions f4
фиlsmu s 1easily understood/interpreted as the meaning of s2 by .agent s3=f2 under conditions f3
.From frili+smuni. The1 of frili is subsumed into the overall sense of the word
фиlso ,fis1 reflects Palestinian culture/nationality in aspect2
фиltаъa t1 = f2 speaks fluently to t2 about subject t3 in language t4 under conditions f3
финfriti fr1 = fi1 dedicates invention/creation/composition/work fr2 = fi2 to fr3 with conditions fr4
финpe ,fip fиъe1fish of species2 ,metaphorical extension to sharks, non-fish aquatic vertebrates
финprtruto 1trout of species/breed2
финprvandeli1candiru of species/variety2
финprxipoglosu1halibut of species2
финти ,fin fиъи 1 invents/creates/composes/authors2 for function/purpose3 я existing elements/ideas4
.x 1creative/inventive specific works of authorship, prosa, skina
фиorso 1an aspect of / a part of The Force connecting / within2
.No attempt at good fуъиvla making was harmed in the creation of this word
фиpcange c1fish farm at c2, farmed by c3, raising/producing fish species4 = f2
фиpfepri fi 1gill of fish fe2 = fi1 of species3 = fi2
фиpkalte1 fishes for fish species2
фиpмаъи 1March of year2 in calendar3
фиpyбирka b1fin of fish2 = f1 of species3 = f2
фиpyгунди g 1a/the fisheries industry/sector producing fish products g2 я fish species f2 by process g3
фиpyrebla r 1the tail fin of fish r2 = f1 of species3 = f2
фирgai g1mask covering the face of g2 = f2
фирkre k 1the beard/moustace/facial hair of f2 = k2
фирtиъохра p1silhouette of f1 made by p3 in medium p4
фиtytoltуъи1 rejects2 .offer, suggestion, proposal я3
фиtytуъи1 accepts2 .an offer/suggestion я3z
фи ,FA sumti place tag: tag 3rd sumti place
флаcau c1 = f3 ,lacks law/,is lawless with regard to law.s f1 specifying f2 .state/event under conditions f4 by
lawgiver.s f5; c1 = f3 is lawless
flacfatrugri g1 = t 1the Lower House/House of Representatives/House of Commons for territory t2 with members g3 = f5
флаlu ,fla1law specifying2 .state/event for community3 under conditions4 by lawgiver.s5
.x1legality;2 is legal/licit/legalized/a legality .= selфла for reordered places
флаnaltinbe t 1an outlaw not following the law t2 made by t3
флаni1flute/pipe/fife/recorder ,flutelike/air-reed musical instrument
флаnrdizi 1dizi
флаpaizda z1judicial court administering lawsuit p2 = f2 for community f3
флаpro fa1 rebels against/opposes law fl1, which specifies fl2 .state/event for
community fl3 under conditions fl4 by lawgiver.s fl5
флариъa r1 = f5 enacts r2 = f1 .law/legislation/treaties/act for community f3 under condition r3 = f4
.x 1usually a national parliament
фласelgуъe g2 is a/are citizen.s of country g1 according to law f1 specifying f2 .state/event for community f3
флаtrucиъe c1 = t1 = f5 is the legislative branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
флауme1plum of variety2
флаxаъу 1a/are legal resident.s of location/country2 according to law f1 specifying f2 .state/event for community f3флazautrugri g1 = t 1the Upper House/Senate/House of Lords for territory t2 with members g3 = f5 = z3
флеcarvi c1 pours/intensely rains to c2 я c3
флешу ,fle1current/flow/river of/in2 flowing in direction to/towards3 я direction/source4
.,x1stream of2;2 is a fluid Gas or liquid. .= selfle for reordered places;1 flushes toward3; flush
.= caiфле, sukфле; See also rirxe, senta where no directionality is implied, rinci,ampo,
флиba ,fli1 fails at doing2 .state/event;1failure at its role in2. .Baffled .= pesфли,
jmiфли, dafspuфли, menфли, among other senses; also2 ceases/does not complete/fails to continue due
to failure on the part of1
флирa ,fir 1a/the face ,head/body-part of2; .adjective: 1facial
флиxru1 bounces2 back to3 я4 because of failure5
флubisli b1 = f 1iceberg floating on f2 .water, sea etc
флundero1flounder of species2
фоъа foъa ,foъa ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #6 .specified by goi
фоъе foъe ,foъe ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #7 .specified by goi
фоъи foъи ,foъи ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #8 .specified by goi
фoъo ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #9 .specified by goi
фoъу ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #10 .specified by go
фoi ,FOI terminator: end composite lerfu; never elidable
фoldi ,flo foi1field ,shape/form of material2;1broad uniform expanse of2
.щ woods .= ricfoi, lawn/meadow .= sasfoi, brush .= spafoi, cicyspafoi
фoldota 1pangolin of species/breed2
фomcau 1foamless/unleavened
фomkeъacirla c1quantity/contains Swiss cheese/cheese with holes я source c2
фomsle s1bubble of material f2 filled with f3
фomванжу v 1made of/contains/is a quantity of sparkling wine я fruit/grapes v2
фomymledi 1yeast of species2 growing on3
фonjudri j1telephone number of j2
фonmo ,fom foъo1quantity of foam/froth/suds of material2, with bubbles/vacuoles of material3
фontаъa t1 talks on the phone to t2 about t3 in language t4
фonxa ,fon1telephone transceiver/modem attached to system/network2
фonynoi n1answering machine/voice mail message about n2 я n3 to n4
фorca ,fro1fork/fork-type tool/utensil for purpose2 with tines/prongs3 on base/support4
фo ,FA sumti place tag: tag 4th sumti place
фрagari 1strawberry of species/breed2
фрaksino 1ash of species/variety2
фрambesi1blackberry/raspberry/bramble of species2
фрangula 1buckthorn of species/variety2
фрасо ,fas1 reflects French/Gallic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
фрati ,fra1 reacts/responds/answers with action2 to stimulus3 under conditions4; 1responsive
.x3 stimulates1 into reaction2,3 stimulates reaction2 .= terfra for place reordering; attempt to stimulate
prod .= terfratoi, tunterfratoi
фрaxu ,fax1 forgives2 for event/state/activity3
фрebuari 1February in year2 on calendar3
фрegau g1 .person/agent fertilises g2 = f1 for supporting the growth/development of3 = f2
фрica ,fic 1 differs/is distinct/contrasts with/is unlike2 in property/dimension3 .other-than .less common meaning
фрigau1 makes2 undergo experience3;1 treats2 in manner3
фрiko ,fиъo1 reflects African culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
фрikytуъa f1 = t1Africa
фрili ,fil1 .action is easy/simple/facile for2 .agent under conditions3;2 does1 freely/easily
фрinu1fraction, with numerator2, denominator3 .x2/x3
фрinyнаъу n1is a rational/fractional number
фрiti ,fit1 offers/proffers2 ,offering to3 with conditions4. ..x4 may be nu canja, nu pleji, etc.;
an unconditional offering has the ъconditionъ of acceptance;2 may be a specific object, a commodity
.mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising я ownership of the
object/commodity .= posfriti, posyselfriti for unambiguous semantics
фрufengalu1bandersnatch of species2
фрufra fru1 = fra1 frowns/grimaces at/in reaction to fra3
фрumu ,fru1 frowns/grimaces .facial expression. .x1 frowns/grimaces at/in reaction to2 .= frufra
фуъau ,UI3 discursive: luckily - not pertaining to luck - unluckily. .Expresses fortune/misfortune of the speaker
Use dai to express fortune/misfortune of the listener
фуъa ,FUhA reverse Polish mathematical expression .mex operator flag
фуъei ,FUhE begin within-context quote that need not be grammatical; terminated by fуъoi
фуъesku c1 blames/holds responsible/accuses f1 for action/state f2 я authority f3 to audience c3 with expression medium c4
фуъe ,FUhE begin indicator long scope
фуъиnai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: easy - difficult
фуъиvla1 = v1 = f1loanword meaning2 = v2 in language3 = v3, based on word4 = f2 in language5
фуъи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: easy - difficult
фуъoi ,FUhO terminates scope started with fуъei
фуъo ,FUhO end indicator long scope; terminates scope of all active indicators
фуъу ,VUhU0 n-ary mathematical operator: elliptical/unspecified mathematical expression .mex operator
фukpi ,fuk fуъи1copy/replica/duplicate/clone of2 in form/medium3 made by method4 .event
фukpуъи f4 = p1 pastes .during editing f2 = p2 я f3
фukrаъe f4 = r1 copies .during editing f2 = r2 я f3
фuksnacpi c1 = s2 is a mockingbird of species c2 which produces sound s1 that is a copy of f2
фukyzifpoъe f1 = z1 = p1 holds the copyright for copying f2 = p2 under law p3. .”Copyright”
itself might be ”sиъo fukzifypoъe”If you are actually translating something with a copyright notice, you should leave
the notice in the original language
фultapla t1 = f1raft of material t2 shape t3 floating on f2
фulta ,ful flu1 .passive floats on/in fluid .gas/liquid2; 1buoyant
фунша ,fun fуъa1 .event/property is determined by the luck/fortune of2; .note mabla/zabna not implied
фunждi j1 decides/makes a decision j2 .dуъу about j3, whose outcome is determined by luck
фurfipsanso sa1fish sauce for use with sa2, containing ingredients including sa3
фurfuru 1dandruff in/on2 caused by3
фurtirse t1 = f1quantity of/contains/is made of rust
фusra ,fur1 rots/decays/ferments with decay/fermentation agent2; 1rotten/decayed/fermented
фuzme ,fuz fуъe 1responsible/accountable for2 .action/resulting state to judge/authority3
фuzraikamni k1 = t1 = f 1the board of directors/trustees of k3
фuzrai t1 = f 1director/trustee on the board of directors/trustees of f2
фu ,FA sumti place tag: tag 5th sumti place
фy ,BY2 letteral for f
гаъarboijvi j1 plays baseball against j2 in competition j3 for prize/title j4
гаъarboiterjvi j3 is a baseball match/game with j1 playing/competing against j2 for prize/title j4
гаъarpatlu1french-fried potato of variety/cultivar2 cooked in fat/oil3
гаъavro v1grate between v2 and v3 of material g2 =4
гаъa ,BAI zgana modal, 1st place to observer ... ; witnessed by ...
гаъezga g1=z1 perceives z2 to have quality g2 by means/sense g3=z3 under conditions g4=z4
гаъe ,BY1 upper-case letteral shift
гаъишуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier/honorific: hauteur - equal rank - meekness; used with one of equal rank
гаъиnai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier/honorific: hauteur - equal rank - meekness; used with one of higher rank
гаъи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier/honorific: hauteur - equal rank - meekness; used with one of lower rank
гаъorgau gas1 shuts gan1, preventing passage/access to gan2 by gan3
гаъo ,GAhO closed interval bracket marker; mod. intervals in non-logical connectives; include boundaries
гаъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; upwards/up я ..
гаcri ,gai1cover/,lid/top for covering/concealing/sheltering2
гадri ,gad 1an article/descriptor labelling description2 .text in language3 with semantics4. .x2 is the noun phrase/sumti
without the article/descriptor; description ..x1 with2 = gadysуъи; note: ъdeterminerъ has become
the accepted general linguistics term, displacing ъarticleъ; however, ъdeterminerъ includes all words that can
introduce a noun phrase/sumti, whether a description or not, such as pronoun possessives like lemi, quantifiers .especially
in indefinites like ci and sуъo, and demonstratives like ti, ta, and tu; the term ъdescriptorъ in Lojban, is limited to
words that introduce descriptions .excluding indefinites, such as those of selмаъo LA and LE, their common compounds
such as lemi, and possibly lenu. ъarticleъ typically refers only to a single word; Lojban assumes the broader meaning
гаirgau gas1 puts cover gac1 on gac2
гаirjaudуъe d1 = g1flood covering g2
гаi ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit C .decimal 12 ,twelve
гаlбирka g1 = b1forearm of b2
гаlcatlu c1 looks up at c2 = g1
гаlfi ,gaf gаъи 1.event modi- fies/alters/changes/transforms/converts 2 into3 .Causal, resultative change; agentive
modification .= gafygau, gafyzуъe. .ё stika for non-resultative, binxo for not-necessarily
causal change, cenba for non-resultative change; zasni
гаlgau gas1 elevates/raises gal1 by height reference gal2 and height standard gal3
гаlmуъу m1 rises to m2 = g1 я origin m3 = g3 via path m4
гаlraipau p1 = g1 = t 1the top .uppermost part of p2
галту ,gal gаъу 1high/up/upward in frame of reference2 as compared with baseline/standard height3. .щ upper;3 is
generally some defined distance above a zero point/baseline, or is that baseline itself
гаlxe 1a/the throat/gullet ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: narrow.ing opening of a deep hole
гаlxypунли g1 = p 1the Adamъs apple .laryngeal prominence of g2 = p2
гаmguata 1kumquat of species/variety2
гаmyмаъи 1December/twelfth month of year2 in calendar3. .Note: Based on experimental rafsi for gai .gam
Use with caution. Alternative: pavrelмаъи
гаnai ,GA* logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal conditional/only if .with gi
гаncuktai t 1an ellipse .geometric form of object/abstraction/manifestation t2 .object/abstract wide in dimension3 = g2
гаnждika z1 narrows/contracts/is diminiished in dimension g2 by amount j3
ганло ,gаъo1 .portal/passage/entranceway is closed/shut/not open, preventing passage/access to2 by3
.As a doorway, but also perhaps a semi-permeable membrane
гаnra ,gan 1broad/wide in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension by standard3
гаnse ,gas gаъe1 ,observer senses/detects/notices stimulus property2 .ka by means3 under conditions4
.x 1sensitive to2; also feels, spots, perceives, makes out, discerns/recognizes .but only implying reaction without
necessarily any significant mental processing; note that the emphasis is on a property which stimulates1 and is detected
.sanji is passive about the sensing, and is not limited to sensory input, as well as presuming some kind of
discernment/recognition, while not being concerned with the means of detection;3 sense/sensory channel
гаnti 1a/the testes/ovary/testicle/scrotum/balls/gonad/stamen/pistil ,body-part of2, gender3
.Egg/sperm/pollen/gamete producing/bearing organ
гаntydakli d1scrotum of g2
гаnxo ,gax 1a/the anus/anal ori- fice/asshole/arsehole ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: exit, waste exit
.щ asshole/ass/arsehole; .adjective: 1anal
гаnzeъa z1 broadens/widens in dimension g2 by amount z3
гаnzu ,gaz1 organizes2 ,relative chaos into3 ,ordered/organized result by system/principle.s4
.x3 is also a system;4 could be merely a function which inherently serves to dictate the organizational structure of3
гаpci ,gac 1gaseous/fumes/a gas/vapor of material/composition including2, under conditions3. .x3 includes temperature
and pressure
гаpru ,gap 1directly/vertically above/upwards-я2 in gravity/frame of reference3
гаpselfаъa f2 is turned up я g2 in reference frame g3
гарna ,gar1rail/railing/bar ,tool supporting/restraining2, of material3
гасkre k1 = g3 is a/are the whisker.s/sensory hair.s /vibrissa.e attached to k2 = g1 at body part k3 for the detection of
stimuli g2 under conditions g4
гау gasnu 1person/agent is an agentive cause of event2;1 does/brings about2
гасta ,gat1quantity of/is made of/contains steel of composition including2
гаurtcini t 1an opportunity for t2 = g1 to do g2
гау ,BAI gasnu modal, 1st place agent/actor case tag with active agent ..
гаxlumple p 1toilet paper
гаxmolgle gl1 rims/performs anilingus on gl2
гаxygle gl1 .giver has anal sex with gl2 = ga2 .receiver
гахыкафкэ gaxykafke k1 = g2 farts
гаzykamni k1 = g1 the committee for steering/organizing g2 into g3 by system/principle.s g4 of body/organization k3
га ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal or .with gi
геъa ,VUhU0 mathematical operator: null mathematical expression .mex operator .used in ¿2-ary ops
геъe ,UI6 attitudinal: elliptical/unspecified/non-specific emotion; no particular feeling
геъи ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal connective question .with gi
геъo ,BY1 shift letterals to Greek alphabet
геъу ,GEhU elidable terminator: end relative/modal phrases; usually elidable in noncomplex phrases
геирkиъa k1 = g1 cheers with sound k2 about g2 .event/stat
геи ,VUhU2 trinary mathematical operator: order of magnitude/value/base; ,b * .c to the a power
геjrdauko1carrot of variety2. .цы najgenja, rulsantyspa, spatrdauko, spatrxapio
геkpanpi g1 = p 1blissful about g2 = p2 .event/state
геndra d 1grammatically correct in situation d2 according to grammar d3 = g1
геnja ,gej1root ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: immobile, supporting, nourishing
геnto ,get geъo1 reflects Argentinian culture/nationality in aspect2
геnturfаъи1 = f1 parses text3 = g3 = f3 according to formal grammar2 = g1
геnxu ,gex1hook/crook ,shape/form of material2
герcmo1 = c1 = g1 barks expressing2 = c3
герkиъa k 1the howl of a dog/canine of species g2
герku ,ger geъу1dog/canine/,bitch of species/breed2
герna ,gen geъa 1the grammar/rules/defining form of language2 for structure/text3
герzda z1doghouse for dog z2 = g1
гетьбау getyбау g1 = b 1the Argentinian Spanish language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
геtygуъe ge1 = gu1Argentina
геxnivji n1 crochets n2 я yarn n3 using crochet hooks g1 .g2 is dropped as being non germaine to this lujvo
ге ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal and .with gi
гиъa ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought or
гиъenai ,GIhA* logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought but not y
гиъe ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought and
гиъи ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought conn question
гиъonai ,GIhA* logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъautъ
гиъo ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if
гиъу ,GIhA logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought whether-or-not
гidva ,gid gиъa1 .person/object/event guides/conducts/pilots/leads2 .active participants in/at3 .event. .A guiding person advises/suggests/sets an example to be
followed, but does not necessarily control/direct/manage actual execution of an event; an event may serve as a guide by
setting a pattern/example to be emulated
гigdo ,gig gиъo1billion ,British milliard ,10 9 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
гинка ginka ,gik1camp/encampment/temporary residence of2 at location3
гirzu ,gir gri 1group/cluster/team showing common property .ka2 due to set3 linked by relations4
.щ collection, team, comprised of, comprising; members3 .a specification of the complete membership
comprise group1; cluster .= kangri
гismu ,gim gиъу1.Lojban root word expressing relation2 among argument roles3, with affix.es4
.Gismu list, if physical object .= .loi gimste; referring to the mental construct .e.g. propose adding a new gismu to the
gismu list = gimpoi, gimselcmi, gimselste
гitsko s1string of instrument j1
гitytortci1capo for guitar/banjo/mandolin2
гi ,GI logical connective: all but tanru-internal forethought connective medial marker
глаbиъa b1 = g 1feverish/has a fever, я disease b3, by standard g2
глаnejni n 1the heat of n3 = g1
глаngala 1galangal of variety2
гларe ,gla 1hot/,warm by standard2. .Warm .= mliгла, feverish .= bиъaгла
гласke s1 .mass of facts is the science of thermodymanics / science of / about heat / heating based on methodology s3
.Made я glare and састе. састе2 and all places of glare subsumed
глауka 1an owl of species2
глеbre 1in heat/estrus/musth; 1horny/randy. .zoi gy. musth .gy steci loanto
глеfиъa c 1pornography/erotica about plot/theme/subject/under convention c2 by author c3
глеfra f1 reacts with orgasm f2 to stimulus f3 under conditions f4; f1 orgasms
глеки ,gek gei 1happy/gay/merry/glad/gleeful about2 .event/state. .Adversity .= kamnalgei
глеpeъo p1=g2 is a sexual partner of p2=g1
глеtci t1tool/toy/instrument used for sex
глеtu ,let гле 1 copulates/fucks/mates/has coitus/sexual intercourse with2 .1 and2 are symmetrical; mounts .= cpanyгле
глеveъу 1 prostitute offering his/her services to2 for3 .payment
глеvиъи v1 .body ejaculates v2 я source v3 via means/route v4
глиban The English language
глибау g1 = b1the English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
глиco ,gic гли 1English/pertains to English-speaking culture in aspect2
.Generally assume broadest sense of ъEnglishъ; may refer to ъEnglishъ, pertaining to the country/people/culture
of England .normally requiring constraint = глиgуъe, or simply redundancy = глигли-; British English, the norm
language of the UK .= gligliбау. .ё brito which refers to the United Kingdom as a whole or to the British empire,
merko, sralo, kadno, skoto
глиgeъa ge 1English grammar for structure/text ge2
глиглибау g1=b 1the British English language, used by b2 to communicate with b3
глиgуъe gu 1England .country
глигугде 1England of peoples2 with territory3, being English in aspect4
глиpre 1an English person / is a person that shows traits2 related to England / English culture
глиxиъo1 = g 1Anglican in aspect2 = g2
глута ,глu1mitten/glove ,hand and lower arm garment of material2. .Mitten .= degycauглu
гоъa ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats a recent bridi .usually not the last 2
гоъe ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the next to last bridi
гоъиrаъo ,GOhA* pro-bridi: preceding bridi; repeats claim as true, updating for speaker/listener change
гоъи ,GOhA pro-bridi: preceding bridi; in answer to a yes/no question, repeats the claim, meaning yes
гоъo ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats a future bridi, normally the next one
гоъу ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats a remote past bridi
гоcti ,goc 110 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
гоi ,GOI sumti assignment; used to de-fine/assign koъa/foъa series pro-sumti; Latin ъsiveъ
гоmbesa 1gombessa .coelacanth of species2. .see finpe, finprkoilakanto gonai ,GA* logical
connective: forethought all but tanru-internal exclusive or .with gi; Latin ъautъ
гоtro ,got 110 24 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
го ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru internal biconditional/iff/if-and-onlyif.with gi
граду ,rau1 ,magnitude is a unit/degree of/on scale/reference standard2 .sиъo measuring property3
.щ grade, level, point;3 dimension
грake ,gra1 is2 gram.s ,metric unit in mass .default is 1 by standard3
грana ,gаъa1rod/pole/staff/stick/cane ,shape/form of material2
грасу ,ras1quantity of/is made of/contains grease/fat/oil я source2
грebeъи b1 ferries b2 = p1 to b3 = p3 я b4 = p4 over barrier/medium/portal b5 = p2
грeбло b1ferry boat for carrying b2 over barrier/medium/portal3 = p2 to destination4 = p3 я origin5 = p4
грedile1grill/grid/graticle consisting of lines2
грegau g1 makes2 = p1 pass through3 = p2 to destination side4 = p3 я origin side5 = p4
грegori zei nanca n 1n2 years in duration by the Gregorian calendar
грekeъa1 = k1hole in2 = k2 = p2 to/between3 = p3 я/and4 = p4 permitting passage by5 = p1. .pagre + kevna. Precisely,2 is
the barrier,3 is the inside, and4 is the outside, if distinguishable; loosely,2 might be given as the object consisting of
both the barrier and the inside
грeku ,rek 1frame/structure/outline supporting/determining the form of 2
грicniselsаъa s2the anthem of g1
грupesxu p 1dough made я grain g1 = p2
грupуъo p 1flour made of grain plant/species g2
грusi ,rus 1gray ,color adjective
грusko s1noodle of grain species g2
грutersro t1silo for grain/cereal t2 = g1
грute ,rut1fruit ,body-part of species2
грutrxananase1pineapple of species/variety2
грuxruba 1buckwheat of variety2
гуъanai ,GUhA* logical connective: tanruinternal forethought conditional/only if .with gi
гуъa ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought or .with gi
гуъe ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought and .with gi
гуъи ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought question .with gi
гуъonai ,GUhA* logical connective: tanruinternal forethought exclusive or .with gi; Latin ъautъ
гуъo ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if .with gi
гуъу ,GUhA logical connective: tanru-internal forethought whether-or-not .with gi
гуanJOUS Guangzhou .Based on the Chinese Mandarin pronunciation
For the name based on the local Cantonese pronunciation see guonJAUS
гуbгунди gun1 = gub 1a/the public sector owned by community gub2 .mass providing/producing gun2 by process gun3
гуbjungau j1 advertises jg3 = g1 .dуъу to jg2 = g2 .mass about subject jg4. .not necessarily advertising for sale
гуbni ,gub 1public/unhidden/open/jointly available to/owned by all among community2 .mass
гуbnoi g1 = n 1an advertisement about subject n2 я author n3 to audience g2 = n4
гуbyшуъа c1 votes .in a public election for c2 among choices c3 in electorate g2
гуbykаъиseltru s1 = k3 = g1paliamentary
republic with representatives s2 = k1 representating community g2 = k2 .mass
гуbypanka p1 = g1public square managed by/belonging to polity/community p2
гуbyseltru s1 = g1republic governed by people s2 = g2
гуbysizykai s1 = g 1the reputation of c1 for c2 .ka known/imagined by s2 = g2 .mass
гуbni sиъo ckaji. In English, usually ъx 1the reputation for3 that2 has with4ъ
гуbyternoi n3 publishes about subject n2 with message n1 = g1 to intended audience n4
гуgbandu b1 defends country b2 = g1 я threat/peril/potential b3
гуgbinselnуъe n2 is a treaty between countries n1 = n3
гугдеъaru 1the country with the code ISO-3166 AR .Argentina for people2
гугдеъeъу 1the country with the code ISO-3166 EU .European Union for people2 .EU is an exceptionally
reserved ISO-3166 code
гугдеъegu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 EG .Egypt for people2
гугдеъesu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ES .Spain for people2
гугдеъиdu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ID .Indonesia for people2
гугдеъиke 1the country with the code ISO-3166 IQ .Iraq for people2
гугдеъиlu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 IL .Israel for people2
гугдеъиnu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 IN .India for people2
гугдеъиru 1the country with the code ISO-3166 IR .Iran, Islamic Republic Of for people2
гугдеъиtu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 IT .Italy for people2
гугдеъуъa 1the country with the code ISO-3166 UA .Ukraine for people2
гугдеъуsu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 US .United States for people2
гугдеbudu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ”BD” .Bangladesh for people2
гугдеburu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 BR .Brazil for people2
гугдешуъа 1the country with the code ISO-3166 CA .Canada for people2
гугдеcunu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 CN .China for people2
гугдеcuxe 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ”CH” .Switzerland for people2
гугдедуъe 1the country with the code ISO-3166 DE .Germany for people2
гугдеfuru 1the country with the code ISO-3166 FR .France for people2
гугдеgubu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 GB .United Kingdom for people2
гугдеguru 1the country with the code ISO-3166 GR .Greece for people2
гугдеjupu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 JP .Japan for people2
гугдеkupu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 KP .Korea, Democratic PeopleъS Republic Of for people2
гугдекурu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 KR .Korea, Republic Of for people2
гугдеmuxu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 MX .Mexico for people2
гугденugu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 NG .Nigeria for people2
гугдеpuku 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ”PK” .Pakistan for people2
гугдеpulu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 PL .Poland for people2
гугдеруъу 1the country with the code ISO-3166 RU .Russian Federation for people2
гугдеsуъу 1the country with the code ISO-3166 SU .USSR for people2
.SU is a ISO-3166 code exceptionally reserved я June 2008
гугдеturu 1the country with the code ISO-3166 TR .Turkey for people2
гугдеtuve 1the country with the code ISO-3166 TW .Taiwan for people2
гугдеzуъa 1the country with the code ISO-3166 ZA .South Africa for people2
гугде ,gug gуъe 1the country of peoples2 with land/territory3; .people/territory relationship
.щ sovereignty, domestic .as opposed to foreign, nation .when not referring to ethos
гугdrgogurio 1Korea
гугdrnaidjiria 1Nigeria
гугdrnorge g1Norway
гугdrpolska 1Poland
гугdrtalia 1Italy
гугdrtcosena 1North Korea
гугdrturkie 1Turkey
гугdrvietnama 1Vietnam
гугdrxanгуке 1South Korea
гугdrxelvo g 1Switzerland
гугdrxirana 1Iran
гугjаъanunsnu n1summit between j1 = c1 .heads of state/government about topic/subject c2. .x2 are usually presidents or
prime ministers.3 are points on an agenda .= snuselpla
гугjаъa j 1the president of people g2 in country g3
гугjoncиъe c1supranational union of member states g1 = j1 = c3
гугlbon Google Wave
гугль Google
гугmуъу1 migrates to country2 я country3 over path/route4
гугykаъи k1diplomat/ambassador representing country k2 = g1 in matter.s/function.s k3
гугykruca k 1international in aspect2
гугypausle s1county/district/province .second-level administrative division of country s2 = g1
A province can also be a first-level administrative division; for this
use гугypau, or optionally vipygуъe if it is in a country with a federal government
гугypau p1state/province/region .firstlevel administrative division of country p2 = g1
A province or region can also be a second-level administrative division; for these use гугypausle
гукшanre g1 = c 1sandy abrasive material. .guska canre
гуmgau ga1 combines individual gu2 into mass gu1
гуmgуъe gun1 = гуг1federative state consisting of states/lands gun2
гуmjau d1 = g1pool of water
гуmri1mushroom of species2
гунди ,gud 1industry/industrial/systematic manufacturing activity producing2 by process/means3
гуngunma gunm1project consisting of tasks gunk2 done by gunk1 with goal/objective gunk3
гуnka ,gun gуъa1 ,person labors/works on/at2 ,activity with goal/objective3. .щ:1worker/laborer
гуnma ,gum1mass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed of components2, considered jointly. .A description in1 indicates of
mass property.ies displayed by the mass; masses may reveal properties not found in the individual set members that are
massified, which themselves are not necessarily relevant to the mass property implicit in this bridigunro ,gur gуъo 1
rolls/trundles on/against surface 2 rotating on axis/axle3; 1roller
гуnse 1goose/,gander of species/breed2
гуnta ,gut 1person/mass attacks/invades/commits aggression upon victim2 with goal/objective3
гуntrusиъo s1communist ideology .default: Marxist-Leninist as it applies to the governance of people/territory/domain t2
based on the works of thinker.s s3
гуonJAUS Canton .Based on the local Cantomese pronunciation
гуrgau1 = ga1 rolls object2 = gu1 on/against surface3 = gu2, with axis/ axle of rotation4 = gu3
гуrni ,gru 1grain/,British: corn/cereal я plant/species2
гуrnrtefi 1teff of variety2
гуska ,гук1 blade/scraper/erosive scrapes/erodes/abrades2 я3. .Abrade, abrasive .= mosyguska
гуsmiнли1 is2 .default 1 light year.s
гуsминра m1 = g2 is shiny/gleaming/bright/reflective of light g1 = m2 я source g3 gusni ,gus gуъи1 ,energy is
light/illumination illuminating2 я light source3. .,x3 illuminates/lights2 with light/illumination1;2 is
lit/illuminated by illumination1 я source3 .= selgуъи for reordered places; light/lamp
.= tergуъи.ё dirce, manku, солри, шарми, ctino, kantu
гуsnunsla n 1Diwali .Deepavali celebrated by s1 with activities s3 .я gusni nu salci
гуsta1restaurant/cafe/diner serving type-of-food2 to audience3. .цы баржа, citka, kukte, sanmi,otli.
гуsybиъo b1 = g1 brightens under conditions2 = b3. .й manbиъo.
гуsycai1 gleams/shines on to2, the light source being3
гуsycinki1lightning bug/glowworm/firefly of genus/species2.
гуsydicra d1 extinguishes light g1 illuminating g2, the light source being g3. .й gusni, dicra.
гуtci ,guc1 is2 .default 1 short local distance unit.s ,non-metric, standard3,4 subunits.
.Foot .= jmagutci; yard .= cibjmagutci, pace .= tapygutci, inch .= degygutci, cubit .= бирgutci.
.additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...;
гуtra 1a/the womb/uterus ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: nourishing, protective, giving birth
гуtrypilcri c1 = g2 = p2 menstruates
гуtyjamkarce k1tank propelled by k3
гуzme ,guz zme1melon/squash ,fruit/plant of species/strain2. .цы grute.
гуzmrkuкурbita1squash/pumpkin of species/strain2. .й guzme, clazme, tityzme.
гу ,GA logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal whether-or-not .with gi
гy ,BY2 letteral for g
иъанаи иъanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: acceptance - blame
иъa ,UI1 attitudinal: acceptance - blame
иъeшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: approval - nonapproval - disapproval
иъenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: approval - nonapproval - disapproval
иъe ,UI1 attitudinal: approval - non-approval - disapproval
иъиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: togetherness - privacy
иъи ,UI1 attitudinal: togetherness - privacy
иъonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: appreciation - env
иъo ,UI1 attitudinal: appreciation - envy
иъуnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: familiarity - mystery
иъу ,UI1 attitudinal: familiarity - mystery
и,ov Job. .Biblical character
иaшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: belief - skepticism - disbelief
иagis Yagi. .One of the inventors of the YagiUda antenna; or the name of the antenna itself
иanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: belief - skepticism - disbelief
иaves Yahweh. .юэ cev
иa ,UI1 attitudinal: belief - skepticism - disbelief. .цы криci, jinvi.
иbu ,BY* letteral for i.
иedra 1ivy of species/variety2.
иenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: agreement - disagreement.
иeRUcalyъиm Jerusalem
иe ,UI1 attitudinal: agreement - disagreement
иinai ,UI*1 attitudinal: fear - security
иi ,UI1 attitudinal: fear - security
ижаnai ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought: .preceding sentence if this sentence
ижа ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought or
ижеъи ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought conn question
ижеnai ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought but not y
иже ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought and
ижonai ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъautъ
ижo ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if
ижу ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought whether-or-not
иklki1 clicks .press and release button/switch2 to cause3 .nu
иnaja ,JA* logical connective: sentence afterthought conditional/only if
Иndias India
иnternet Internet
иntranet Intranet
иoъиmbe 1yohimbe of variety2
иonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: respect - disrespect
иonti 1an ion of radical/.atom of elementx2 with3 charges
иo ,UI1 attitudinal: respect - disrespect
иpца1pizza with topping/ingredients2
ирci 1IRC user on channel2 in network3. .Add a meъe place for nickname, or a fиъo tcana
плаce for server, if needed. Erase2 using zиъo if no channel is involved.
ирk IRC .Internet Relay Chat .An Internet-based real-time text communication system
иsland Iceland
иtalian Italy
иtlo 1 pertains to Italy/Italian culture/nationality/dialect in aspect2 .From the Italian prefix ”italo”
иuшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: love - no love lost - hatred
иunai ,UI*1 attitudinal: love - no love lost - hatred
иu ,UI1 attitudinal: love - no love lost - hatred
и ,I sentence link/continuation; continuing sentences on same topic; normally elided for new speakers.
жаъai ,NAI affirm last word: attached to шмаво to affirm them; denies negation by nai whenever it is applicable
.Suggested by Mark Shoulson in 1999 as an affirmative of nai
жаъarуъe ,NA* weak bridi affirmation; barely; almost not at all
жаъa ,NA bridi logical affirmer; scope is an entire bridi
жаъenai ,BAI* jalge modal, 1st place .event causal nevertheless result ...
жаъe ,BAI jalge modal, 1st place resultingly; therefore result ...
жаъи ,BAI javni modal, 1st place .by standard 1 orderly; by rule ...
жаъorcаъo c1window displaying j2. .jarco canko
жаъo ,UI2 evidential: I conclude
жаъуrjuknis 1Scorpius ,astronomical constellation/Scorpio ,astrological sign. .The Babylonians called this constellation
the ъScorpionъ. In Greek Mythology there are plenty of myths associated with Scorpio
жаъуrjukni ju1scorpion of species ju2
жаъуrxeъa j1 = 1a/the beak/talon-like jaw .body part of j2 =2
жаbre1 brakes/causes to slow motion/activity2 with device/mechanism/principle3
жаbytуъу j1 = t1tubular chime of material t2, hollow with t3, producing sound/note j2
жаcfebmatra m1steam engine driving m2
жаckeъo1 is2 degrees Celsius / centigrade in temperature by standard3
жаclуъa p1waterway to p2 я p3 via/defined by points including p4
жаctаъo t1=d1board for use in water/.wind/kitesurfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard
of material/property t2. .From tanbo, джашу. Also sufingboard .=bonjactаъo, windsurfingboard .=fanjactаъo, kitesurfingboard .=volfanjactаъo, wakesurfingboard .=блоbonjactаъo.
жаcyfepri fi1gill of animal fe2=fi1 of species3=fi2
жаcysenta1.water puddle on surface2
жадni ,jad jаъи1 .object adorns/decorates2; 1an adornment/decoration of2;2 is fancy/decorated.
.Fancy/decorated .= seljаъи
жадycau c1 = j2 is plain/unadorned я c2 = j1 .object
жадypijne p1brooch/fibula for fastening to/piercing p2, of material/properties p3
жаica ,SE* convert time tense .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаicpu l1 = j1 picks at l2 = j2 with l3 = j3
жаigau ,SE* makes1 the agent of a bridi; old 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаivi ,SE* convert location tense .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra place .fai
жаi ,JAI convert tense/modal .tagged place to 1st place; 1st place moves to extra FA place .fai
жаjgau g1 collects j1 .mass at j2 я j3
жаjycukla 1an accretion disk .in astronomy
жаkne1rocket ,vehicle propelled by jet expelling2 carrying payload3
жаlge ,jag jаъe1 .action/event/state is a result/outcome/conclusion of antecedent2 .event/state/process. .щ:2 gives rise to1 .= seljаъe for reordered places; total .general meaning, but also = mekyjаъe, pиъиrjаъe, sujyjаъe
жална1quantity of/contains/is made of starch я source2 of composition including3
жаlra1cockroach/,orthopteran/termite of order/species/breed2
.щ grasshopper .= pipyjalra; cricket .= sagjalra; locust, termite .= mantyjalra or mudyctijalra
.while cockroaches are an order unto themselves, they are part of Orthoptera, which includes grasshoppers,
crickets, etc; termites are a closely-related non-Orthoptera,
more akin to cockroaches than to e.g. ants;
жаlsиъу s1 .set collide with each other
жаlsimgau g1 ,agent/person claps together/causes to collide/strikes together s1
жаmбло b1warship of type/carrying b2, propelled by b3
жамфу ,jaf jma 1a/the foot ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lowest portion .adjective: 1pedal
жаmjиъa ji1 = ja1 conquers/wins ji2 я ja2 in a war over territory/matter ja3
жаmkarce k 1an armoured fighting vehicle/AFV propelled by k3
жаmna ,jam 1person/mass wars against 2 over territory/matter3; 1at war with 2
жаmvijgri g1squadron of aircraft v1
жаmvinji v1warplane of type/for carrying v2, propelled by v3
жаnbe ,jab1bell/chime/,tuning fork ,tuned percussion instrument producing sound/note2
.щ:1 rings/tolls .i.e. if it rings, then it is a bell; resonates .one sense, = jabdesku
жаncauшрека cr1 = cl1 = j2 is a tube top of material cr2. .A shoulderless, sleeveless ”tube” that wraps the torso generally very tight over the breasts in order to prevent the garment я falling. ”halterneck” .nebdadyшрека is its
subtype. Suggested shortest fуъиvla form: ancrka
жаnco ,jan 1a/the shoulder/hip/joint ,body-part attaching limb/extremity2 to body3
жаnjaknyxаъи1bazooka for use against2 by3
жанли ,jal1 collides with/crashes/bumps/runs into2. ..also collide = simjaнли for a collision between two movingobjects;
жаnsu ,jas1diplomat/consul representing polity2 in/at negotiation3 for function/purpose4. ..for3 polity, .use tуъa; also ambassador .= raljansu, trujansu
жаnta ,jat 1an account/bill/invoice for goods/services2, billed to3 by4
жаn Jean/Zhang
жапкла j2 = k1 logs in to k2 with account j1 .username and password я interface k3
.The username and password may be connected with ”joi”
жаpyvla v1 = j1password ,issued to/,used by j2 .person, issued/confirmed by authority j3 allowing j4 .activity,
in language v3
жарbu1suburban area of city/metropolis2
жарco ,jаъo1 .agent shows/exhibits/displays/,reveals/demonstrates2 .property to audience3. .,reveal .= tolmipygau, mipyjаъo, sivjаъo; also:1 shows that2,1 shows off2; showing an object is generally expressed with a tуъa2, since the properties of the shown object .other than its presence intended for observation are seldom specified .simple presence could be expressed by leka Object. cu звати;
жарki ,jak 1narrow in dimension2 ,2nd most significant dimension by standard3
жарmau z1 = j 1firmer/tougher/harder/more resistant than z2 by amount z4
жарple p1 = j 1cardboard я source p2
жарyrai j1 = t 1the tallest among set/range t4
жасpu ,jap1passport issued to2 .person by authority3 allowing4 .activity
жасybriju b 1an embassy/consulate of j2 at b3. .From jansu briju. Omit ambassador.s b2 = j1
жаtna ,jаъa 1captain/commander/leader/in-charge/boss of vehicle/domain2
жаtnrpapa1pope of religion/patriarchy2
жаurbarflegaus 1Aquarius ,astronomical constellation/astrological sign Aquarius is identified as ”The Great One” in the
Babylonian star catalogues and represents the god Ea himself, who is commoнлy depicted holding an overflowing vase. In
the Greek tradition, the constellation became represented as simply a single vase я which a stream poured down.
жаurbeiмаъи 1February of year2 in calendar3
жаurdei 1Wednesday of week2 on calendar3
жаurflevau v1pipe carrying v2 = f2 to f3 also f4 .fluid may be liquid or gas; see datnyfle for the computer metaphor
жаurgacmatra m1steam engine driving m2
жаursabji s1 irrigates/waters s3
жаursabyпатху p1watering can used by s1 to water/irrigate s3 made of p3
жаurvasмро m1 drowns in body of water d1
жаu ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit D .decimal 13 ,thirteen
жаvni ,jva1rule prescribing/mandating/requiring2 .event/state within system/community3. .Regulation, prescription .also2,
principle, requirement .also2, prescribe, require .conditions are usually contained within2; 1regulatory;2,3 are
жа ,jav ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought or
жbama ,bam1bomb/explosive device with explosive material/principle2
жbari ,jba1berry .fruit/plant of plant/species2
жbedetnunsla s 1the birthday celebration of2 = j1 born at time j3
жbeдетри d1 = j3 is the birthday ,day,week,month,year of j1 at location j4 = d3 according to calendar d4
жбена ,jbe 1born to2 at time3 ,birthday and place4 ,birthplace; 1native to .fo4
.x2 bears/gives birth to1; also3: natal day
жbera ,jer1 .agent borrows/temporarily takes/assumes2 .object я source3 for interval4. .Credit .= jernуъe; borrow/assume
a property or quality as a chameleon does .= zaskai, zasysmitra, zasysmitai
жbibиъo b1 = j1 approaches/nears/draws nearer/closes in on j2
жbigau g1 makes j1 close to/approximate j2 in property/quantity j3 .ka/ni
жbijиъo jip1 = jib 1the end of jip2 at jip3 near to jib2
жbikla1 = j1 = k1 approaches2 = j2 = k2 я3 = k3 via route4 = k4 by means of transportation5 = k5
жbimau j1 = z 1nearer/closer to j2 than3 = z2 by amount z4
жbini ,bin bиъи 1 between/among set of points/bounds/limits2 .set/amidst mass2 in property3 .ka. .x2 .a complete
set, generally ordered defines the bounds/limits/range for1
жbipуъи p1 puts p2 = j1 close to p3 = j2
жбираи t1 = j 1nearest/closest to j2 in property/quantity j3 .ka/ni
жbixаъу1neighbo.ur of / living close/near to2
жbizeъa z1 = j1 gets nearer/closer to j2 in property j3 by amount z3
жбобаъуsnu c1 = b1 converses orally in Lojban about subject c2 using sound/expression l1 = b2
жбобау l1 = b 1Lojban used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
жбоceъу c1Lojbanic community
жбоfиъe l 1Jbofihe. .A computer program that parses Lojban text
жбоgeъa g 1Lojban grammar for structure/text g2
жбоgri 1Lojbanic group/organization with role/purpose/function2
жбоgуъe 1Lojbanistan / Lojbanic country of people2
жбоia1boa of species2. .юэ since, sincrxenakanda
жблноbo1bonobo of species/breed2
жблнunsla n 1Logfest. .An annual Lojban festival
жбоpli l1 = p1 uses Lojban for purpose p3; l1 = p1Lojbanist.
жбоpre l1 = p1Lojbanist in aspect l2
жбоsnu c1 .mass normally, but 1 individual/joъу possible discuss.es/talk.s about topic/subject c2 in Lojban
жбоveъa l1 = v1child who is a native speaker of Lojban
жбоvlaste lo1 = li 1Jbovlaste. .A web-based Lojban dictionary editing system, and the contents of its dictionary
ждаbeъe b1congregation of believers of religion j1
ждаcаъи c1priest/pastor/imam of community c2 adhering to religion l1
ждаcku1 = c1scripture/religious book of religion4 = c4 = l2 containing text2 = c2 written by3 = c3.
ждаjаъa j 1the head of religion j2 = l1 including members l2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including l3. .й лижда, jatna, jatnrpapa, ждаtro, ждаcаъи.
ждараъa s1 pertains to religion of s2 = l2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for religions:
ждарi ,jar 1firm/hard/resistant/unyielding to force2 under conditions3
ждасelsku c2 is a prayer of believer c1 = l2 for deity c3 in medium c4 according to religion l3
ждасoi s1paladin/holy warrior of army s2, and with religion l1
ждаtro j 1the bishop/archbishop of j2 of religion l1
ждаzei z1sin/blasphemy according to religion z2 = j1
жденоi1warning message to intended audience2 about danger3 я author4
ждice ,ждi1 .person decides/makes decision2 .dуъу about matter3 .event/state
ждijmaji жд1 = jm1 assemble/meet/gather/,form a caucus to make decision.s жд2 .dуъу about matter жд3 .event/state
at location jm2
ждika 1.experiencer decreases/contracts/is reduced/diminished in property/quantity2 by amount3
ждikygau g1 reduces j1 in property/quantity j2 by amount j3. .й ждika, mleca.
ждikyplini j1dwarf planet revolving around j2 with characteristics j3, orbital parameters j4.
In 2006, the International Astronomical Union .IAUreduced the status of Pluto and Eris я ъplanetsъ to a new category:
ъdwarf planetsъ
ждima ,dиъa1 ,amount is the price of2 to purchaser/consumer3 set by vendor4. .x2 may be a specific object, a commodity
.mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object
/commodity .= posydиъa, posyseldиъa for unambiguous semantics; price is something decided/set by the seller, and
is closely akin to offer .friti, which is what a buyer may decide; .note that price is not he same as cost/expense, which
is the actual amount exchanged in a transaction; the latter is vecnu or canja; neither is the same as ”value” or vamji;
in colloquial English, these are sometimes interchanged, at least partially because of the rarity of barter and bargaining
in the marketplace
ждini ,din dиъи 1money/currency issued by2; .adjective: 1financial/monetary/pecuniary/fiscal
.ъcurrencyъ sometimes is restricted to paper money .= pledиъи
ждitce1 = m1 = j 1unwavering/determined/resolute in making decision2 = j2 .dуъу about3 = j3 .event/state.
ждuli ,dul ждu1quantity of jelly/semisolid ,texture of material/composition including2 ..adjective: 1gelatinous
жеъabo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: that which indeed is
жеъa ,NAhE scalar affirmer; denies scalar negation: Indeed!
жеъenai ,COI* vocative: roger .ack - negative acknowledge; I didnъt hear you
жеъerjinto ji1 = je3 is a fountain expelling fluid ji2 = je2 at location ji3
жеъerмаъa c1 = j3 is a volcano projecting я land mass c2
жеъe ,COI vocative: roger .ack - negative acknowledge; used to acknowledge offers and thanks.
жеъи ,JA logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought conn question.
жеъo ,BY1 shift letterals to Hebrew alphabet
жеъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: truth - falsity
жеъуrjаъo ja1 .agent proves that je1 .dуъу is true by standard/epistemology/metaphysics je2 to audience ja3
жеъу ,UI3 discursive: truth - falsity
жеcrаъa 1political/pertains to the politics of territory/domain2
жеcta ,jec jeъa1polity/state governing territory/domain2; ,government/territory relationship. ..adjective: 1civil/political
жеdjиъo 1the3 pole of2
жеdjiplиъи l1meridian on celestial body/sphere j2 .default Earth
жеftu ,jef1 is2 weeks in duration .default is 1 week by standard3. .Re.3, a week may be
more or less than seven days, classically being tied to the time between trips to the marketplace; this week .= cabjeftu;
next week .= bavlamjeftu; last week .= prulamjeftu
жеfydiknalgundei1 = di1 = dj1regularlyoccurring period of days off work ,weekend lasting2 = dj2 days, recurring every3 = j2
= di3 weeks .default 1, for worker4 = g1, at job5 = g2
наъe; ”Weekend” .the last two days in a week, presumed to be a rest я work is a culture-specific concept It was
felt more appropriate to make a word meaning ”work holiday” and leave the days/week,s to be specified by the erson
жеgvon The Judeo-Christian-Muslim God
жеgvo ,jeg jeъo1 pertains to the common Judeo-Christian-Moslem culture/religion/nationality in aspect2
жеi ,jez ,NU abstractor: truth-value abstractor; 1truth value of ,bridi under epistemology2.
жеlca ,jel1 burns/,ignites/is flammable/inflammable at temperature2 in atmosphere3. .Default2/x3 to normal temperatures in
air; ignite .= jelcfa, flammable/inflammable .usually = jelkаъe or jelfrili
жеlgau g1 burns j1
жеlnanba n1 = j 1toasted bread made я grain.s n2
жеlspo d1 .event burns down2 = j1 = d2
жеmjаъa ja1general of army je1 serving country/nation/group je2 .mass in function je3 .activity
жеmna ,jme1gem/polished stone/pearl of type2 я gemstone/material/source3. .щ jewel .= jmejаъи;
gemstone .=2,3, or jmeroъи, jmekunra; pearl .= selcakyjme - a gem found inside a shell, tercakyjme - a gem made of shell material, boijme - any ball-shaped gem, mother-of-pearl .= cakyjme
жеmpaupau 1an army division, a subdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
жеmpausle 1army brigade/regiment, asubdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
жеmpau 1army corps, a subdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3
жеmyzda z1military base for armed forces j1 serving group/community j2 in function j3
жеnai ,JA* logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought but not y
жеnca ,jen1 .event shocks/stuns2
жеndu ,jed 1axle/spindle ,tool on which2 rotates, of material/properties3
жеnmi ,jem jei 1.mass is an army serving group/community2 .mass in function3 .activity
жеrjelino 1sesame of species/variety2
жеrna1 .agent/person earns/,deserves/merits wages/salary/pay2 for work/service3 .activity. .щ2 earnings, reward .=
zanseljerna or nemjerna, punishment/comeuppance .= sfaseljerna, malseljerna;3 behavior; job .= terjerna;2 may be a specific
object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я
ownership of the object/commodity .= posyjerna, posyseljerna for unambiguous semantics
жеrsi ,jeъи1 chases/pursues/.physically follows after2; volition is not implied for1 or2. .x1 follows after2
жерхо ,jex1 reflects Algerian culture/nationality in aspect2
жеsni ,jes1needle ,pointed shape/form, not tool of material2
жеsycilta c 1barbed wire
жеsymabru1hedgehog/spiny anteater of species2. .general term for spiny mammals; юэ ernace, zalgosu, jesyratcu
жеsyratcu1porcupine of species2.
жесьспа jesyspa s1cactus of species s2
жеtce ,jeъe1jet ,expelled stream of material2 expelled я3
жеtlai1 has truth-value2 under metaphysics3 on scale4. .цы jei
жеtnu ,jet jeъу1 .dуъу is true/truth by standard/epistemology/metaphysics2. .Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place. цы stace, jitfa, fatci, бирti, cfika.
жеtpai p1 judges the veracity of p2 = j1 by standard/epistemology/metaphysics3 = j2
же ,jev jve ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought and
жгалу ,jаъу 1a/the claw/nail/talon ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed, penetrating, physical weapon
жganu ,jga 1an angle ,2-dimensional shape/form я vertex2 subtended by lateral ,segment3. .щ
.adjective: 1angular;2 corner; .segment3 can be defined by interval. цы kojna, linji, konju, mokca.
жgari ,jai1 grasps/holds/clutches/seizes/grips/,hugs2 with3 .part of1 at locus4 .part of2. .Hug .= бирjai, pamjai; embrace .=adjai; handshake .=anjai, жикyxanjai, handle .= veljai, veljaitci
жgegau g1 ties j1 in a knot.
жgenanba j1 = j2 = n1pretzel made я grains n2.
жgena ,jge1knot/tangle in/between2 .object/joъу-objects. .Knot .verb = jgegau, jgezуъe, jgerиъa, jgelаъa, knot: fastening between two or more cords .= jgeterjoъe. цы pluja, julne, lasna, skori.
жгиcro c1 = j 1offended/,feels hurt pride about j2 .abstraction. .й жгирa, cortu, cnicro, cnixai.
жгина ,gin1gene of creature ,or locus on creature2 determining trait/process3.
.щ chromosome = .gincilta, ginpoi. цы cerda.
жгирa ,жги1 .person f eels/has pride in/about2 .abstraction. .An emotional combination of satisfaction and
respect/esteem towards property.ies or action.s of person/entity that has a specific tie to emoter; self-pride
.= seъижги, tolcumla; use2 tуъa for pride in non-specific actions/properties of someone
жгиta ,git 1guitar/violin/fiddle/harp ,stringed musical instrument with actua- tor/plectrum/bow2
жгиtrgitara 1guitar with plectrum2
жгиtrnikelarpa1nyckelharpa ,traditional swedish string instrument with bow2
жгиtrpipa 1pipa
жгиtrsita 1sitar with plectrum2
жгиtrviolino zei konceto 1violin concerto number2 in key3 composed by4 performed by/at5. event
жгиtrviolino 1violin/fiddle/ with bow2
жгиtrxu 1erhu with bow2
jglandi 1walnut of species2
жиъapro f1 = j1 defeats f2 = j3 in competition f3 = j4
жиъa ,UI3b discursive: additionally
жиъefri l1 = j1 lives/experiences life
жиъexru1 resurrects/brings back to life2 = j1 by standard j2
жиъe ,BAI jimte modal, 1st place limitedly; up to limit ..
жиъимаъу ,PA* rounded up .appended after string of digits indicating a rounded value
жиъиnиъу ,PA* rounded down .appended after string of digits indicating a rounded value
жиъиsku j1 = c1 expresses/says opinion c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept about subject/issue j3 to audience c3 via
expressive medium c4 on grounds j4. .j2 is defined by2 = c2
жиъи ,PA4 digit/number: approximately .default the typical value in this context .number
жиъo ,BAI житро modal, 1st place .control controlledly; under direction of ...
жиъу ,BAI жишму modal, 1st place .assumptions; given that ...; based on ..
жibmуъo j2 = m1 quits/retires я job j1 .Elided SE я se jibri mulno
жibni ,jbi 1near/close to/approximates2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni
жibri ,jib 1job/occupation/employment/vocation .a type of work regularly done for pay of person2
.Working for another .= selpлижibri. te jerna which is employment specifically for pay and not
specifically for another, te pilno which is employment not necessarily for pay and not necessarily regular or lasting but
for another, se gasnu and se zukte for incidental activities
жibyшуъе c1trade/vocational school at c2 teaching job skills c3 = j1 to audience/community c4 = j2 operated by c5
жibypante p1 = j2 strikes .stops working, complaining about p2 = j1 to audience p3 with action p4
жicla 1.object, or event: force stirs/mixes/,roils/agitates fluid .gas/liquid2. .Convection .= nenflejicla; agentive сtirring .= jiclygau, jiclyzуъe
жишму ,cmu1basis/foundation/underlying or fundamental principle of2; 1at the bottom of2
.x2 is founded on basis1 .= selcmu for reordered places; .adjective: 1basic/basal/fundamental;
.generally events and properties will be bases for events and states, while objects may be bases/bottoms for objects
жicycma c1twig/sprig of j2
жicyjutsиъo 1cladistics about organisms2 according to3
жicymivykle k1=jm1=ji3 is a phylum ,animals/division ,plants within/of kingdom ,biology k2=ji2
.From jimca, jmive, klesi. For biological cathegory in general .=mivyske klesi, domain .=?
kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=this definition, class .=xeljutsi, order .=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi, genus
.=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
жifselbetfu1pseudocoelomate with pseudocoelom2
жifxуъau 1wrong, falsely claimingu2 = j1, by truth standardu3
жijnu ,jij1 .person intuits2 .dуъу about subject3; ,epistemology. .Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
жijyjиъи jin1 = jij1 has intuition-based opinion .suspicion jin2 = jij2 .dуъу on subject jin3 = jij3
This word coined when looking for a suitable word for ”to suspect”, or ”suspicion”. Intended to be
neutral, however, rather than matching the negative connotation in English
жикшa ,жик1 interacts/behaves socially with2;1 socializes with/is sociable towards2
жикni1 consists of the economic system .production and distribution and consumption of sector components2;1 is
economic. .x2 may be a country or other area, the labor, capital and land resources, and the economic agents that socially
participate in the production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of that area; they may be
joined with JOI. pavmomselжикni for ”primary sector”, relmomselжикni for ”secondary sector”,
cibmomselжикni for ”tertiary sector”, and vonmomselжикni for ”quaternary sector”; gubyselжикni for ” public/state sector”, sivyselжикni for ”private sector”, and жикselжикni for ”social/voluntary sector”
жикрu 1made of/contains/is a quantity of liquor/spirits distilled я2
жикsei s1 = j 1aloof/alone/solitary/a hermit, separated я s2 = j1
жикsre s1 commits faux pas .social error s2, which is wrong under conditions s3 according to standard s4
жикtru t 1an institution governing social/cooperative human behaviour t2. .Use2 tуъa for e.g. education
жикykamхауждi жд1 = ji1tactful in making decision2 in matter3 .event/state in social interaction with ji2
жilka ,jil 1quantity of/contains/is made of alkali/base of composition including2 ..adjective: 1alkaline
жilra1 .person is jealous of/envies2 .person about/for3 .property - ka
жimboъу j1=b1prosthetic bone made of metal, performing function b2 in body b3
жimca ,jic1branch/bough/limb of2;2 forks into branches1; ,preferred over metaphorical бирka
жimдаъизбе z 1an anvil for striking metal d2 =j2 with instrument d3
жimdaxsna s1zing/clang produced by metal j1 = d2 = s2 being hit
жimdei 1Friday of week2 on calendar3
жimpe ,jmi 1 understands/comprehends fact/truth2 .dуъу about subject3;1 understands .fi3
жimsko j1 = s1wire/cable of metal j2 = s2 .This may be a single or multiple strand, but must be metallic
жimte ,jit1limit/extreme/bound/border/,confinement of2 in property/domain3. .Restrain/constrain within limits .= жitrиъу, jitygau, jityzуъe
жinci 1pair of shears/scissors for cutting2
жinga ,jig jиъa1 .person/team wins/gains prize2 я/over3 ,competitors/losers in competition4
.щ:1victor;2 reward;3 competitors here are opponents and in many situations, defeated/losers, vs
the set of those competing for a goal;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property;
pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity
.= posyjиъa, posyselji ъa for unambiguous semantics
жinku 1vaccine/immune-system stimulant protecting2 against disease3 introduced by method4. .щ serum; inoculation .= jestуъу veljinku
жinkytoldуъe t1=j 1an immune-system defi- ciency of j2. .From jinku, toldуъe. t2, t3, j3, j4 based on relative uselessness .you could use tanru to get what type-of immune deficiency yoуъre referring at
жинме ,jim1quantity of/contains/is made of made of metal of composition including2. ..adjective: 1metallic
жinmrberilo 1beryllium
жinmrniobi 1niobium
жinmrplati 1platinum
жinmrtitani 1titanium
жinmrtuli 1thulium
жinmrxafni 1hafnium
жinru ,jir1 .object/person is immersed/submerged/bathes in liquid2. .Take a bath/bathe .= jirsezlуъи
жinsa ,jis 1 .object clean/pure of material/contaminant/dirt2 by standard3
жinsru d1 = s1ring/belt/band/girdle around/circling/ringing s2 near total containment in some dimension.s
жintitnanba n1quantity of doughnut
жinto1well/spring of fluid2 at location3
жintykeъa k1 = j1well in k2 containing fluid j2 at location j3
жinvi ,jiv jиъи1 thinks/opines2 ,opinion .dуъу is true about subject/issue3 on grounds4. .Words usable for
epistemology typically have a dуъу place
жinynanba n1bagel
жинзи ,jiz 1.property - ka is an innate/inherent/intrinsic/natural property/quality/aspect of2
жipci1chicken/,hen/cock/rooster/small fowl ,a type of bird of species/breed2
жipmokca 1vertex of polytope2 at locus3
жipno ,jip jиъo 1tip/point/vertex/extremity/end ,0-dimension shape/form on object2 at locus3
жirgau1=g1 immerses2=j1 in liquid3=j2
жirlуъи l1 .agent bathes l2 = j1 in liquid j2 = l4
жirna 1a/the horn ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: pointed extremity
жisra 1made of/contains/nectar я-source/of-type2. .Waterbased extract я a .generally biological source
жitfa ,jif1 .dуъу is false/is an untruth by standard/epistemology/metaphysics2. .Words usable for epistemology typically
have a dуъу place житро ,tro1 has control over/harnesses/manages/directs/conducts2 in3 .activity/event/performance.
.x2 are aspects/individuals controlled within activity/event3; manage .= selzuktro,ъe .as distinct я manager/boss = gunterbeъe, gunjаъa, gunmиъe, guncаъи
which does not necessarily control or command,
жivbиъo b1 = j1 comes to the conclusion that j2 dуъу is true about subject/issue j3 on grounds j4, under иtions b3
жivbu1 weaves2 я material/,yarn3
живна ,jvi 1 competes/vies with opponent2 in contest/competition3 .event for gain4;1 rivals2. .щ2 opponent.s, competitor.s, rival.s;3 competition, race;4 prize, reward, recognition .gain may be internal or external
жizyselpre p2 = j1the temperament .innate personality of p1 = j2
жi ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought connective question
жмacidni c 1an ankle of j2 = c3
жмadegji j1 = d1toe of j2 = d2
жмadegycalku c1toenail of toe c2 = d1 of body d3
жмagutci g 1g2 foot/feet .length unit
жмaji ,jaj1 .mass/joъу gathers/collects at location2 я locations3 .mass/joъу. .щ focus .= seljmaji
жмanиъa j1sole .part of foot of j2
жмatajycalku c 1the big toe nail of body t3 = j2
жмatamji t 1the big toe of t3 = j2
жмatиъe t1heel of j2
жмavra v1pedal with function v2, fulcrum3, and lever arm4
жмifa1shoal ,shallow hazard/reef of material2 in body of water3. .Rapids .= rиъerjmifa, rиъercaxno
жмina ,min 1adds/combines 2 to/with3 result4; 1augments 2 by amount3
жмisre s1 = 1misunderstands fact/truth2 .dуъу about subject, an error under conditions s3 by standard s4. .й kиъa.
жмive ,miv jиъe1 lives/is alive by standard2; 1an organism/living thing. ..adjective: 1vital, organic
жoъa ,UI3a discursive: metalinguistic affirmer
жoъe ,jom ,JOI non-logical connective: union of sets
жoъи ,JOhI join mathematical expression .mex operands into an array
жoъo ,BY1 shift letterals to Arabic alphabet
жoъу ,joъу ,JOI non-logical connective: in common with; along with .unmixed.
жoibu ,BY* letteral: ampersand character; especially used in standing for a mixed connective
жoi ,jol joi ,JOI non-logical connective: mixed conjunction; ”and” meaning ”mixed together”, forming a mass
жonai ,JA* logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъautъ
жongau g1 causes j1 to be joined to/connected to/united with j2 at common locus j3
жonsиъу1 are joined at/by2
жonsimgau g1 ,person/agent join s1 together
жonsumji 1the union of sets2 and3
жordo ,jor joъo1 reflects Jordanian culture/nationality in aspect2
жorne ,jon joъe 1joined to/connects to/is united with2 at common locus3;1 and2 are a union
.щ joined/fastened/attached by joint3/by means of3/with fastener3; fastener
.= joъetci, jonvelylаъa; train, sequence of joined objects
.= jonpoi; porjoъe for a single object joined into a sequence
жo ,jov ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought biconditional/iff/if-andonly-if
жуъakуъи ,UI* evidential: although, even though, while, whilst
жуъa ,UI2 evidential: I state - .default elliptical/non-specific basis
жуъe ,JOI vague non-logical connective: analogous to plain ”.i”
жуъишуъи ,COI* vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъиnai ,COI* vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъи ,COI vocative: attention - at ease - ignore me
жуъocai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: intense certainty
жуъoшуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъonai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъopei ,UI*6 attitudinal: certainty question
жуъo ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: certainty - uncertainty - impossibility
жуъу ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: number base; ,a interpreted in the base b
жуbme ,jub jbu1table/flat solid upper surface of material2, supported by legs/base/pedestal3
жуdgau 1 makes 2 pay attention to3;1 directs2ъs attention to3
жуdri 1address of/are coordinates of2 in system3
жуdrysni j1 = s1hyperlink/URL of resource/web page j2 = s2 for browser s3
жуfmei 1paragraph about2 including sentence.s3
жуfpau p1phrase of sentence p2 = j1 about j2 in language j3
жуfra ,juf жуъa 1.text is a sentence/statement about2 ,topic/subject/predicate/focus in language3
.Phrase .= jufpau, suzrelvla, suzvla, gensle
жуfspi s1fragment of sentence s2 = j1 about j2 in language j3
жуftogmoъa t1 = m 1the intonation of sentence j1 = m2 with characteristics t2 = m3
жуgбау j1 = b 1the Chinese-Mandarin language, used by b2 to communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
жуgleъу 1Chinese character in writing system2 .traditional/simplified/bopomofo/etc. meaning3
жуgygуъe j1 = g1China
жуkni ,juk1spider/arachnid/,crustacean/crab/lobster/noninsect arthropod of species/breed2
жуkpa ,jup 1cooks/prepares food-foreating2 recipe/method3.process. .Cook with heat .= glajukpa, glaterjukpa
жуlne ,жуъe1net/filter allowing passage of2, prohibiting passage of3, netting properties4. .щ sieve
жуlrаъo1 is2 degrees in angular measure .default is 1used in2 indicates a base of 60
жуmske s1=j1 .mass of facts is microbiology studying microorganisms2 based on methodology3
жуndi ,jud жуъи 1attentive towards/attends/tends/pays attention to object/affair2
жуngau 1 tells/makes known to2 fact.s3 dуъу about subject4 by epistemology5
жуngo ,jug 1 reflects Chinese
,Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc. culture/nationality/language in aspect2
жуnkace 1rush of species2
жунла ,jul 1clock/watch/timer measuring time units2 to precision3 with timing mechanism/method4. .щ timepiece
жуnpero1juniper/cedar of species/variety2. .some trees called ”cedar” are actually juniper;
жуnri ,jur1 .person is serious/earnest/has gravity about2 .event/state/activity
жуnta 1the weight of object2 in ,gravitational or other force field3
жуntymre m1 .agent weighs object j2 as m3 units on scale m4
жуpkуъa1 = k1kitchen, in which2 = j1 cooks3 = j2, in home/building/structure4 = k2
surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor5 = k3 .mass/joъу
жуptansi t1frying pan/wok used by cook j1 for cooking/frying/sauteing ´ j2 = t1, made of material t3
жуpybadna1plantain .banana of species2
жуpyпатху p1pot used by j1 for cooking/boiling/steaming j2 = p2 with recipe j3; pot made of material p3
жуpypesxu p1 = j2 is a baked good/cake/mochi/doughnut/pizza dough/pie/macaroon/,cooked paste made я p2 prepared by j1
according to method/recipe j3 Originally coined by .lis.nunyn. on IRC
жуpypexyboi b1dumpling made я material2 filled with material3 jurme ,jum1bacterium/germ/microbe/protozoan/amoeba ,1-celled life of species/defining property2
жуrpei j1 = p1 considers / reflects on j2 = p2
жуrsa ,jus1 .event/action/state is severe/harsh to2 ,victim/experiencer
жуtsi ,jut1species of genus2, family3, etc.; ,open-ended tree-structure categorization. .щ subspecies, order, phylum; .places do not correspond to specific levels in the hierarchy; rather, 1at a ”lower” or ”bushier” part of the tree than2,2 is ”lower” than3, etc.; skipping a place thus means that there is one or more knownand-unspecified levels of hierarchy between the two; not limited to Linnean animal/plant taxonomy
jutske s 1.biological taxonomy based on methodology s2
жухре ,jux 1.action is clumsy/awkward by standard2
жу ,juv ,JA logical connective: tanruinternal afterthought whether-or-not
жвajvo l1regular/predictable lujvo .compound predicate word with meaning l2 and arguments l3 built я phrase l4 and having
an argument structure according to rule j1. .A Lojbanspecific term. The approach of jvajvo is intended to at least
constrain what the2,3,4... etc. of a lujvo may be, and also to draw the semantic values of those places я the semantic
values of the places of the component brivla. The rationale is that the place structure of an unknown lujvo should not
require memorization. This was previously known as “dikyjvo”; a mistranslation of “regular lujvo”, as it used
the wrong sense of “regular”
жвicpe c1 = j1 wages a contest c2 = j3 on c3 = j2 for gain j4
жвinu ,vin 1the view/scene/panorama/sight/prospect of2 .object/location я point-of-view3 .щ 1on display to2/x3
жвixиъai1racehorse of breedi2 competing in race j3
жвokatna k1 separates affix compound k2 into its constituent affixes k3; k1 does morphological analysis
жycybyb James Cooke Brown
ЖYTeborj Gothenburg .Gothenburg .or Goteborg in swedish, second largest city of ¨ Sweden
жь ,BY2 letteral for j
каъamru m 1axe for cutting k2 with blade m3 = k1 propelled by m4
каъardeъи d 1an incisor of d2
каъa ,BAI клама modal, 1st place gone to by ...
каъe ,CAhA modal aspect: innate capability; possibly unrealized
каъиrtrusиъo s 1the concept of representative democracy .default: political representative democracy as it applies
to the governance of t2 based on the works of thinker.s s3
каъи ,BAI krati modal, 1st place represented by ..
каъomlu s1 = k 1sickly/appears healthy to observer s3 by standard k2
каъo ,PA5 digit/number: imaginary i; square root of -1
каъуrjиъa1 scores/gains a point against2 in competition/game/contest3
каъу ,UI2 evidential: I know by cultural means .myth or custom
каbri1cup/glass/tumbler/mug/vessel/,bowl containing contents2, and of material3
каbri is normally eaten я by lifting it; a palta is not
каbrydekpu d 1d2 cupful.s
каbrylai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one cupfuls in quantity
каcma 1camera/photographic equipment recording illumination type2 images to medium3
каcmyterхра p3 takes a photo/picture p1 depicting/representing/showing p2
каcmyхра p1photograph of p2 taken by photographer p3 in medium p4=k3
каcpoi p1sequence of numbers in ascending order
кадno1 reflects Canadian culture/nationality in aspect2
кадnyfasyбау k1 = f1 = b 1the Canadian French language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу,
кадnygliбау k=g=1the Canadianlishlangua used by2 to express/communicate3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
кадnygуъe k1 = g 1Canada .й kadno, гугде, KEnydys, kenyDAS
каfke1 coughs/farts/burps up/out2 ,predominantly gaseous я orifice3
каfxуъи 1caffeine with chemical purity2
каgjаъa j 1the president/,chairperson of the board of j2 = k1
каgni ,kag1company/corporation/firm/partnership chartered by authority2 for purpose3
.щ enterprise/organization .if chartered
каgyfуъe f1corporate officer
каgypanka p1business park managed by community/polity/company p2 for businesses/firms/corporations of type k3
каgysamseltcana t2 is a/the private computer network that includes nodes/computers t1 = s1 whose function/purpose is s2, installed across organization k1. .й kagni, skami, tcana, mujysamseltcana, internet, intranet. May or may not be an intranet
каgyseldejni d2 is/are the indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1 = k1 to creditor.s d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4
каgyselpoъe p2 is/are an/the asset.s of company/corporation/firm/partnership p1 = k1 according to law p3. .й kagni, ponse, kagyseldejni, rаъerprali, fairprali, paurseldejni, наъarkagnoi.
каgytruralju r 1CEO .Chief Executive Officer/MD .Managing Director of company/corporation/firm t2 = k1
каи ,BAI ckaji modal, 1st place characterizing ...
кажде ,жде1 .event/experience warns/cautions2 .person of/about danger3 .event/state/property. .Agentive warning .= ждеgau, ждеzуъe; an attempt to warn which may not succeed .= ждеtoi, ждеgautoi, ждеzuktoi
каjna 1shelf/counter/bar in/on/attached to supporting object2, for purpose3
каjnytаъe t1 = k2 is a cupboard for storing t2, made of t3, with shelves k1
каkne ,kаъe 1able to do/be/capable of doing/being2 .event/state under conditions3
event/state. .щ: has talent; know how to; know how to use .= plikаъe .in the time-free potential sense,
каkpa 1.agentdigs 2,material up/out of3 ,source/hole with limbs/tool.s4
.щ1 cuts into3 .with material removal
каkpycаъa c1 = k4 is an excavator/power shovel for digging in k3, operated by k1 = c3. .Not for pushing bulldozer
каkydirgo1teardrop wept by2 for reason3
каlboi b1 = k 1an eyeball .body part of k2
каlci 1a/the feces/excrement/dung/shit of2 .animal/person; .adjective: 1fecal .matter
каlcyvиъи v1 = k2 defecates/shits/poos
каlgaikre ke 1eyelash .body part of ke2 = ka2
каlgai g 1an eyelid of eye k1 = g2
каlmari1squid/cuttlefish of species2
каlmebykre ke 1an eyebrow .supraorbital ridge of ke2 = ka2 = m2
каlri ,kar1 .portal/passage/entrance-way is open/ajar/not shut permitting passage/access to2 by3 As a doorway
каlsa ,kas 1chaotic/disordered in property/aspect2 .ka
каlselvиъи1 = v2 is a tear/tear fluid of2 = v1
каlte ,kat1 hunts/stalks prey/quarry/game2 for purpose3. .щ verb: to fish .= fipkalte
каlvиъи v1 = k2 weeps/lacrimates tear.s v2 я v3 via means/route v4
каmбаъи k 1the greatness/majesty/splendour/magnificence/grandeur of b1 according to standard b3
каmbandu k1security condition of b1 protecting b2 я threat b3. .When used as ”security”,3 is a planned
threat. ”security” is com- parable to ”safety” .kamnуъa, ”reliability” .kamylacri, and ”continuity”
каmbebna k 1quality/property exhibited by b1 of being foolish/silly/stupid in event/action /property .ka b2
каmfora 1made of/contains/is a quantity of camphor .chemical compound
каmжикшa1society; 1social kamjunmre m1 tests/evaluates/measures j1ъs knowledge of facts .dуъу j2 in
subject area j3 as m3 units on scale m4 with accuracy m5 .The2 through4 places are = m2
каmju1column/pillar of material2. .Spine .= bogykamju, vertebra .= kamjyboъу
каmjyboъу k1 = b1vertebra of b3 ; b3 is a vertebrate
каmjysunga1leek of variety2
каmkаъo kam 1the health of kan1 by standard kan2
каmni1 .mass is a committee with task/purpose2 of body3. .Board of directors/trustees/cabinet .= trukamni,gritrukamnikamnolraitru k 1the majesty of t1 = n1 being a regent/monarch of t2 by standard n2
каmpu ,kau1 .property - ka is common/general/universal among members of set2 .complete set. .Only fully universal sense
applies;1 must be found in all members of2
каmrаъa k 1the relation of s1 to s2
камро1 reflects Welsh language/culture in aspect2
каmsutra k 1the speed of s1 doing/being/bringing about s2
каmтатпи k 1the fatigue of t1 in being/doing t2 .event
каmца k 1the strength of t1 in property/quality t2 .ka
каmvli k 1the power of v1 in aspect v2 under conditions v3
каmyzиъe 1the quality of whom/what is free to do/be2 = z2; 1freedom/liberty of2 = z2
каnbas 1Capricornus ,astronomical constellation/Capricorn ,astrological sign. .From goat .=kanba. Capricornus is Latin for ”horned male goat” or ”goat horn”. Anyway, both male and female of the genus Capra have horns
каnba1goat/angora/,billy-goat/kid of species/breed2
каnbyмаъи 1January of year2 in calendar3
каncu ,kac1 .agent counts the number in set2 to be3 ,number/count counting ,off by units4. ..x2 is complete set
каndiru1candiru of species/variety ´2
каndi ,kad 1dim/dull/pale/non-intense in property2 .ka as received/measured by observer3. .In colors, indicates
unsaturated, pastel, pale .though blabi can also indicate a kind of paleness
каnguru1kangaroo of species/breed2
каnji ,kaj1 calculates/reckons/computes2 ,value .ni/state я data3 by process4
каnjунла j1 = k1watch .portable timepiece measuring time units j2 to precision j3 with timing mechanism j4
канла ,kal 1a/the eye ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: sensory apparatus; .adjective: 1ocular. .x 1optic
каnpe 1 expects/looks for the occurence of2 .event, expected likelihood3 .0-1, default li soъa .i.e. near 1;1 subjectively
evaluates the likelihood of2 .event to be3. .The value of3 is a subjective estimate of likeliness according to1, and is the
basic determinant of whether kanpe means something like ”hope” or ”wish” or ”expect”, although kanpe never carries
the connotation of desire; for that connotation
kanpe with3 not very close to 1 has no simple equivalent in English, but for objects/states with negligible expectation it
is something like ”wishing”; if the state is plausibly likely, it is something like ”hoping”. In both cases, though,
the English implication of emotional desire is not present. The value will usually be expressed using inexact numbers .”
li pisoъу” to ”li piro”; nondesirous wish .= ??, non-desirous hope .= ??
каnro ,kаъo 1healthy/fit/well/ingoodhealth stadar2
каnsa ,kan 1with/accompanies/ a companion of2, in state/enterprise3 .event/state 1is together with/along with2
каnsиъу 1 do 2 together
каntu ,kаъу1quantum/ray/elementary particle/smallest measurable increment of property/activity2 Quantum ray .= bonkаъу
каnxаъуa1 = k1roommate of/lives with k2 at location/habitat/nest/home/abode3 =a2
каnxe ,kax1conjunction, stating that2 .dуъу and3 .dуъу are both true
каpcikna cikna1 = скапи2 experiences goose bumps
каpkevna k1skin pore of pelt/skin/hide/leather k2 = s1 я3 = s2
каpsiku1chili/bell pepper .Capsicum of species/variety2
каpхра1 = p1tattoo/body art/brand/,image on the body depicting2 = p2 on animal/body part3 = s2 made by artist4 = p3
карbi ,kab1 ,observer compares2 with3 in property4 .ka, determining comparison5 .state
карce1car/automobile/truck/van ,a wheeled motor vehicle for carrying2, propelled by3
карcutci c1sandal for protecting feet c2, and of material c3
карcycelxаъи1 = c1 = k2 is a self-propelled artillery gun for use against2 by3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
карда1card ,small nearly-2-dimensional shape/form of material2, shape3. ..x3 shape default rectangular
карfigre f1in the genus Dorstenia, speciesf2 kargau g1 opens portal/passage/entranceway k1, permitting access to k2 by k3
каргу1 .object/commodity/property/event is costly/expensive/dear to2 by standard3
1 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is
sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity .= poskаргу for unambiguous semantics
карkade 1hibiscus of species/variety2
карkaju k1wolverine of variety k2
карли karli1collar/ring/belt/band around/surrounding2 made of material3
карni1journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper with content2 published by3 for audience4. .x2 may be a subject, but not all
journals have a single subject; all have some sort of principle defining what is included, so this need not be a list
карnykeъу 1the3ъrd issue/number of journal/periodical/magazine/publication2 with content4 published by5 for audience6
карpoъиjbe j1 = k3 hatches я eggshell j2 = p1 = k1 .kalri+porpi+жбена This is based on the lujvo karpoъи, glossed as
”something breaks open” It is not obvious to me whether any of k2 .portal destination, p2 .pieces of broken thing, j3
.birthdate, or j4 .birthplace are appropriate to include in this lujvo
карpoъи 1open-break with broken piece2
карsna 1vowel sound
карtamo 1safflower of species/variety2
карtuli 1Georgian .Caucasus in aspect2
карvana1caravan consisting of2 traveling across/through3
каtkana 1katakana .Japanese syllabary of sound2
каtna ,kаъa 1.tool/blade/force cuts ,through/splits/divides2 .object into pieces3
.For1 force, it is a force acting as a blade, not acting upon a blade; agentive cutting .= kаъаргау, kаъarzуъe
кауrdata1salamander of family/genus/species2
кауrselжуъo d2 = k 1common sense to knowers d1 = k2 about subject d3 by epistemology d4
кау ,UI3a discursive: marks word serving as focus of indirect question: ”I know WHO went to the store”
каvbu ,kav1 captures/catches/apprehends/seizes/nabs2 with
trap/restraint3. .Catch something thrown .= rerkavbu
ка ,kam ,NU abstractor: property/quality abstractor .-ness; 1quality/property exhibited by ,bridi
кеъa ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: relativized sumti .object of relative clause
кеъe ,kep keъe ,KEhE elidable terminator: end of tanru left grouping override .usually elidable
кеъи ,GAhO open interval bracket marker; modifies intervals in non-logical connectives; exclude boundaries
кеъo ,COI vocative: please repeat
кеъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: repeating - continuing
кеъуsku1 repeats2 .sedуъу/text to audience3 via expressive medium4 for the5th time
кеъу ,UI3 discursive: repeating - continuing
кещти kecti ,kec keъи1 .person pities/feels sorry for2 .person about3 .abstraction
кеиgri k1 = g1team / play group together playing / playing with plaything / toy / game k2 = g2; members are
я set g3 linked by relations g4. .Made я келши + girzu
кеирmуъу1moving piece used in a game2
кеирtаъo1board used for playing the game2
кеи ,kez ,KEI elidable terminator: end abstraction bridi .often elidable
келши ,kel kei1 ,agent plays with plaything/toy2. .Play game .= cиъerkei, play competitively .= jvikei
келcrkroke1 plays croquet against2 in competition3 for prize/title4
келgиъa g1game master/dungeon master for players k1 = g2 in role-playing game g3
келkаъу1turn/move by player2 in game3
келkubli ku1die/are dice for game2 with surfaces/sides ku3 .default 6
keъe kubli. Omitted ku2 .dice have always three dimensions
келvo ,keъo1 is2 degree.s Kelvin ,metric unit in temperature .default is 1 by standard3
келvrfarenxaito1 is2 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature by standard3
кеnra ,ken1cancer ,malignant disease in2
кеnsa ,kes 1outer space near/associated with celestial body/region2
Кныды КЭН KEnydys Canada
керфа ,kre 1a/the hair/fur ,body-part of2 at body location3
керlakse l 1earwax/cerumen
керло ,ker 1a/the ear ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: sensory apparatus, information gathering. ..adjective: 1aural
керnerboъo n1 = b 1an eardrum .tympanic membrane of n2 = k2
The tympanic membrane separates the external ear я the middle ear
керzаъу k1 = z 1an earlobe of k2 = z2
кеsyske 1astronomy based on methodology2
кеtco ,ket tco1 reflects South American culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
кеtlete1 has a body mass index of2 by standard3
кеvna ,kev keъa1cavity/hole/hollow/cavern in2; 1concave within2;2 is hollow at locus1
.щ pit, depression, concavity; hollow .= selkeъa
кеvypracpi ci1 = cu1woodpecker/wryneck/piculet/sapsucker of species ci2 .Family Picidae
кеvyxejyjиъo k1 =e1 = j1cleft/dimple chin ofe2
кеvzda k1 = z1cave for housing2 = z2, located in3 = k2
ке ,kem ,KE start grouping of tanru, etc; ..
type of ... ; overrides normal tanru left grouping
киъai ,COI2 Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into a nonce interjection/attitudinal
киъanai ,UI*6 non-question: understanding of something said
киъarzau z1 = k1 applauds/acclaims/praises loudly action z2 .object/event with sound k2
киъasku c1 = k1 shouts/cries out c2 = k2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4
киъa ,UI6 attitudinal question: confusion about something said
киъenai ,COI* vocative: thanks - no thanks to you
киъe ,COI vocative: thanks - no thanks to you
киъи ,BAI ckini modal, 1st place .related to relatively; as a relation of ..
киъogra g 1g2 kilograms in mass by standard g3
киъotre1 is2 kilometres long in direction3 by standard4
киъo ,PA3 digit/number: number comma; thousands
киъу ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a rational explanation/justification; why?
киъуnai ,BAI* кринu modal, 1st place despite reason ...
киъу ,BAI кринu modal, 1st place .justified by justifiably; because of reason ...
киbdуъa d1 uploads d2 to d3 = k1
киbro1 pertains to the internet/cyberspace in aspect2. .Proposed byorxes. Short rafsi -kib-
киbycаъo c1web browser for retrieving/presenting/traversing information k1
киbykarni ki1 = ka 1an internet-journal/webarticle/blog .web-log with content ka2 published by ka3 for audience ka4
киbypapri p1web page of site p2 = k1
киcne ,kic kиъe 1 cushions 2 with material3; 1cushion/pillow/pad for2 of padding material3
кижno ,kij1quantity of/contains/is made of oxygen .O; ,metaphor: supporting life/combustion
кижycau c1 lacks oxygen k1; c 1anaerobic
киlgаъaxаъи1 =a1 = g1 = k1lance/spear/javelin/pointed-rod weapon for use against2 =a2 by3 =a3 of material4 = g2
кинли granaarci; this lujvo structure is я noralujv. The author of this definition is uncertain that jesxаъи would not
be a better lujvo for the purpose
киlgаъa1 spear/lance/assegai made of2
киlto ,kиъo1thousand ,1000; 10 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
кинли ,kil 1sharp/keen at locus2
киnpei p1 = s3 = s4 thinks about subject p2 = s2 by imagining s1 which is like an imaginary movie about that subject
киnsle1 = s1frame я motion picture2 = k1 about3 = k2 ,plot/theme/subject/activity ..skina3,4 omitted for lack of
usefulness. й skina for some useful lujvo you can tanru-ize this with – eg ”selхраcиъa skina” -¿ frame of drawn
animation , selci
киsto ,kis1 reflects Pakistani/Pashto culture/nationality/language in aspect2
киsyбау k1 = b 1the Pakistani Urdu language used by b2 to communicate b3
киsygliбау k1 = g1 = b 1the Pakistani English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quotekisygуъe k1 = g 1Pakistan
китъселзба kitselзба 1pottery made by2 of clay3
киtybli b1clay-based building brick of composition k2, surfaces/sides s4
киtyзба1potter who makes2 out of clay3
ки ,KI tense/modal: set/use tense default; establishes new open scope space/time/modal reference base
клаcpe c1 calls/summons c3 = k1 to location k2 in manner/form c4
клаjeъи j1 = k1 follows j2 to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 by means k5
клаji ,laj1street/avenue/lane/drive/cul-desac/way/alley/,road at2 accessing3. .щ corridor; not typically a route between
points, but offers access to sites along it
клаku ,kak1 weeps/cries tears2 about/for reason3 .event/state
клама ,kla1 comes/goes to destination2 я origin3 via route4 using means/vehicle5. .щ travels, journeys, moves, leaves
to ... я ...;1traveller; .x4 as a set includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly
клаmиъe m1 summons m2 = k1 to k2 я k3 via route k4
клаni ,lai1quantity quanti- fied/measured/enumerated by2 .quantifier on scale3
клаnrbeli1 measures2 bels on scale3 .sиъo. .One bel is equal to 10 decibels
клаnrdjuli g 1g2 joule.s of energy .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrfaradi g 1g2 farad.s of capacitance .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrniut,ni g 1g2 newton .s of force .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrpaskali1 is2 pascal.s of pressure .default is 1 by standard3
клаnrtesla g 1g2 tesla.s of magnetic field B .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrvolta g 1g2 volt.s of electromotive force.default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrxenri g 1g2 henry/henries of inductance .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrxertsi g 1g2 hertz of frequency .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrxomi g 1g2 ohm.s of electrical impedance/resistance .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrxuati g 1g2 watt.s of power .default is 1 by standard g3
клаnrzimenzi g 1g2 siemens of electrical conductance .default is 1 by standard g3. .klanrxomi, klanrvolta,ampo.
класazri1 = s1 = k1 drives2 = s2 = k5 to3 = k2 я4 = k3 via route5 = k4 .Used to specify agentive operation of the
transportation vehicle, as opposed to simply being carried by it
клауnji 1blackseed/nigella of species/variety2
клеsi ,kle lei 1.mass/sиъo is a class/category/subgroup/subset within2 with defining property3 .щ type, kind
клиna ,kli 1.object/medium is clear/transparent/without obstacle to in-theclear2 ,transmission
.щ lucid;2 remains apparent/lucid/clear .figurative use for ъуnderstandableъ is discouraged, better expressed
as = filseljmi or filsmu. .ё kandi, зунти - nalzуъи is better for ъуnhinderedъ
клирu1quantity of/contains/is made of halogen of type2 ,chlorine, fluorine, iodine, etc
клиsodva 1made of/contains/is a quantity of a clear/transparent carbonated beverage/soda of sweet flavor, of brand2. .Not
any carbonated beverage, but one which is transparent and with sweet flavor, like Sprite .=sprait, 7-up, Sockerdricka .=a
soft drink that is consumed in Sweden or similar. Another flavor may be added and expressed as a tanru, as long as the combination doesnъt differ too much я the characteristics of klisodva
клиti ,kit 1quantity of/contains/is made of clay ,moist, clammy dirt of composition including2
клubarшрека c1 = b1 = k1jumper of material c2. .A loose outer jacket .barшрека
клuceъу c1society of c2 = k2 with cultural aspects k1
клupe ,lup lуъe1screw ,fastener for purpose2, threads ,pitch, material3, frame ,size, material4. .щ bolt
клurаъa s1 pertains to culture of s2 = k2 .Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for cultures: From gismu kulnu and srana
клuske s 1social anthropology
клuza ,luz 1.obj. is loose/bloused/not tight on2 .obj. at locus3
клuzei z1taboo in culture z2 = k1
коъa ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #1 .specified by goi
коъe ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #2 .specified by goi
коъи ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #3 .specified by goi
коъotli 1coyote of subspecies/breed2
коъo ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #4 .specified by goi
коъу ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: he/she/it/they #5 .specified by goi
коbli ,kob koъи1quantity of cabbage/lettuce/leafy vegetable of species/strain2
коblrsinapi 1mustard of species/variety2. .especially mustard greens; юэ spatrsinapi, tsijrsinapi, sansrmustardo
коinka1cognac distilled я grapes2 For brandies without an AOC designation use ванжyжикрu
коizva1 = z 1at an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of2 = k2 next-to/bordering-on3 = k3;1 = z1 skirts2 = k2
коi ,BAI korbi modal, 1st place .bordered by bounded by ...
коjna ,koj koъa1corner/point/atleast-3-dimensional ,solid angle ,shape/form in/on2, of material3.
.щ apex; a corner exists on three dimensions but need not be limited to points; it suggests a discontinuity in slope in
some direction; i.e. in some planar cross-section
коkaKOlys Coca-Cola
коkcinela1ladybug/ladybird/lady beetle of genus/species2
коlbasa 1sausage made of2. .Not necessarily with a gut skin;
КОLkatas Kolkata
коlmba 1pigeon/dove of genus/species2. .more general than tcacpi
коlme ,kol koъe1quantity of/contains/is made of coal/peat/anthracite/bituminous я source2
коmcu ,kom1comb ,many-needled shape of material2 with tines/needles3
коnceto zei pagbu p1movement of concerto for solo instruments k2, number k3 in key k4 composed by k5
коnceto 1concerto number2 in key3 composed by4 performed by/at5. event
коndomo1condom of2 size for3 sex and4 material
коnfuzi1 pertains to the Confucist culture/religion/ethos in aspect2
коnjaku 1konjac of species/variety2. .юэ samcrtaro, samcu
коnju ,kon koъу1cone ,shape/form of material2 with vertex3. .щ ellipse, ellipsoid .= konclupa
коrbi ,kor koi 1an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of2 next-to/bordering-on3
коршу ,kro .adjective: 1bent/crooked/not straight or direct/,twisted/folded
коrgretro t1 controls g1 = t2 who crosses g2 = k1 to g3 = k2 я g4 = k2
коrka ,kok 1quantity of/contains/is made of cork/bark я tree/species2; ,material
коrsenta s1 = k1cortex .outermost layer of structure s3 = k2. .x2 may be an organ, a cell, a plant, or a rock
коrvo s1crow/raven of species s2
коsta ,kos1coat/jacket/sweater/cloak/,cape/shawl/pullover ,extra outer garment of material2
коtledona 1cotyledon of seed2 of plant3
коtygуъe g 1Scotland .country
ко ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: you .imperative; make it true for you, the listener
краfamtei 1the duration of2
краgаъиgau gas1 resets/changes gal1 to its original value/content
краli1 .NU legal/moral entitlement of 2.individual/mass by standard 3.Normative principles, variously construed
as legal, social, or moral freedoms or entitlements. rarkrali for ”natural rights and flakrali for ”legal rights”;
uskrali for ”claim rights” and zifkrali for ”liberty rights”; crukrali for ”positive rights” and rиъуrkrali
for ”negative rights”; sepkrali for ”individual rights” and gumkrali for ”group rights”; selcemkrali for ”civil
rights” and seljeckrali for ”political rights”; жикnykrali for ”economic rights”, жикykrali for ”social
rights”, and klukrali for ”cultural rights”; remkrali for ”human rights” and dalkrali for ”animal rights”.
краmbola1starfruit/carambola of variety2
краmu 1is2 local area unit.s ,non-metric .default 1 by standard3,4 subunits
.additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...
красi ,kra 1.site/event is a source/start/beginning/origin of2 .object/event/process
.щ root .figurative sense; .adjective: 1initial
красtu s1 = k 1the origin of s2 = k2
краtaigo1hawthorn of species/variety2
краti ,kаъи1 represents/is an agent/proxy/stands-in for ,absent2 in matter.s/function.s3 .щ: on behalf of
креbasti b 1wig/toupee/mirkin worn by k2 on body location k3
креbуъу b 1an amount of velvet/velour/towelling/tufted cloth of type/material b2
креfu ,ref keъу 1 .event is the3ъrd recurrence/repetition of2 .abstract;2 happens again in ,form1.
.щ case, another, instance, different, other, time, occasion
креkalsa ka1 = ke2 has disheveled/tousled hair
крелуъи1 washes2ъs hair, removing3 with shampoo4
креsиъe s 1dandruff on the head of k2
креvelylуъи1shampoo for washing2ъs hair, removing3, used by4
креvиъу1 = v1 shaves/,removes hair2 = k1 = v2 я3 = k2 = v3
.Applies to any form of hair removal, not necessarily with a blade.
криci ,кри1 believes ,regardless of evidence/proof belief/creed2 .dуъу is true/assumed about subject3.
.”without evidence” refers to objective external evidence; also gives credence, has conviction
криketi1 plays cricket against2 in competition3 for prize/title4
криli1quantity of/contains/is made of crystal of composition2 in form/arrangement3. .x2: composition including2, which
need not be complete specification
кринu ,rin kиъу 1.event/state is a reason/justification/explanation for/causing/permitting2 .event/state
криofla1clove bud/tree of species/variety2
криxa ,kix kиъa 1 cries out/yells/howls sound2;1crier
крoъoke 1 croquets 2ball
крobиъo b1 = k1 bends under conditions b3
крogarna k1 = g 1bow/arc supporting/restraining g2, of material g3
крokete1 plays croquet against2 in competition3 for prize/title4
крokodilo1crocodile .family Crocodylidae of breed2
крorиъa r1 .event/state bends/flexes k1 under conditions r3
крorinsa r1 = k1 curtseys in front of r2
крosаъи s1 = k1 bows/takes a bow on surface s2 supported by limbs/supports s3
крotofaga 1ani of species2
крuca ,kuc1 intersects/crosses/traverses2 at locus3
крuji ,ruj 1made of/contains/is a quantity of cream/emulsion/puree ,consistency of composition2. .,x2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification;
крuvi ,ruv kru 1шурве/turn/bend in2, at locus3, and defined by set of points/properties4
..adjective: 1шурвед; .x4
as a set of points is sufficiently specified to identify the relevant properties of the bend
куъa ,kuz ,JOI non-logical connective: intersection of sets
куъe ,KUhE elidable terminator: end mathematical .mex forethought .Polish expression; often elidable
куъиnai ,UI3b discursive: hence/therefore. .Used to draw conclusions in accordance with what said previously, as opposed
to kуъи .in contrast
куъи ,UI3b discursive: however/but/in contrast
куъo ,KUhO elidable terminator: end NOI relative clause; always elidable, but preferred in complex clauses
куъу ,BAI kulnu modal, 1st place in culture ... kuadragesim Lent
куarka1quark with flavor2
куbli ,kub1cube/regular polyhedron/polygon of dimensions2 .def. 3, surfaces/sides3 .def. 6 - needed for
ъcubeъ, блику for a physical object; tanbo, tapla, tarmi
куclaнли l1 cross examines l2
куcli 1 curious/wonders about/is interested in/,inquisitive about 2.object/abstract. .Inquisitive .= retkucli
куcygаъasni 1crucifix
куcygаъa 1cross made of2
куcysimgau g1 folds/crosses/intertwines s1.set
куcyvla1 = v1 = k1word/quotation crossing other words/quotations, meaning/defined by2 = v2, located at3 = k3
.Across -¿ pinta, down -¿ sraji, crossword puzzle -¿ ”kucyvla se namkei”. Example: ”12 across: what you like -¿
beautiful ” is ”zo melbi cu kucyvla lu da poi do нелши lиъу li pare poi pinta”
1 may be a non grammatical quotation
куfra ,kuf1 feels comfort/is comfortable with conditions/environmental property.ies2
куinke 1 reflects Seri culture/language in aspect2
куjмикше m1nurse to/nurses m2
куjyjai j1 = k1 nurses/holds with care j2 = k2 .object/event/person with/in j3 .part of j1
куkfusra f1 = k 1fermented with fermenting agent f2, tasty to observer3 = k2
куkselзбасу z2 = k 1something made by z1 out of z3 that is pleasing/delightful to sense k2
куkselзба z2 = k 1something made by z1 out of z3 that is pleasing/delightful to sense k2
куkte ,kuk 1delicious/tasty/delightful to observer/sense2 ,person, or sensory activity. .x1delicacy
куlcitsi 1term/semester with interval2 of year ci3 for school ck1. .2 may be formed with ”bиъo”
куlmуъo k4 = m1 градуates/completes coursework я k1 at location k2 in subject matter k3, by the standards of the
administration k5 = m3 .This is really a dropped SE of velkulmуъo. m2 is the implied ”property of learning at k2 subject
matter k3 я school k1”
куlnrnorge 1Norwegian/pertains to Norwegian culture in aspect2
куlnrturkie 1Turkish/pertains to Turkish culture in aspect2
куlnrturko 1Turkic/pertains to Turkic culture in aspect2
куlnu ,klu1 ,mass of ideas, customs, skills, arts is culture of nation/ethos2 .mass; 1ethnic. ..note that2 is NOT
individual; culture is what is shared among people and is not an individual trait
куlpikta p1diploma entitling p2 to entitlement/privi p3 .event/sta я school/instute/academy4 = c1 teaching subject.s5 = c3
куmfa ,kum kуъa1room of/in structure2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor3 .mass/joъу
кумте1camel/llama/alpaca/vicuna/dromedary of species/breed2. .Llama .= tcoкумте, Bactrian camel .= zdoкумте;
Arabian camel/dromedary .= rabyкумте
куmtrguanako1guanaco of breed2
кумьтрлама 1llama of breed2
куmtrvalpaka 1alpaca of breed2
куmtrvikunia1vicuna of breed2
куmyzda z1 = k 1an apartment for z2 in structure k2. .A complete domicile occupying oнлy part of a building
куnгунди g 1a/the metals and mining industry/sector prducg/mining g2 = k1 of type/metal k2 я locati k3 by process g3
куnkakpa 1=ka1 .agent mines material/ore2 = ku1 = ka2 of type3 = ku2 я mine/source4 = ku3 = ka3 using
tool5 = ka4. .Used in Theodore Reedъs translation of A Princess of Mars
куnra ,kun1 is/contains/is made я a mineral/ore of type/metal2 mined я location/lode/mine3
куnrlazuli1 is/contains/is made я lapis lazuli of type/grade2 mined я location3
куnrmarmaro1 is/contains/is made я marble of type2 mined я location3
куnrxalabastre1 is/contains/is made я alabaster of type2 mined я location3
куnske s1=t 1mineralogy ,science about minerals based on methodology s3. .kunra2, kunra3 and састе2 subsumed
куnti ,kut1 ,container is empty/vacant of2 ,material; 1hollow. .щ vacuum .= kunti be roda/soъada
курfa ,kur 1right-angled shape/form defined by set of vertices2, dimensions3 .default 2
.щ rectangle, square, rectilinear; square .= kubyкурfa, pitkubyкурfa, cube
.= курkubli, rectangle .= claкурfa, rhombus/diamond .=sаъorкурfa, sаъorpitkubli
курji 1 takes-care-of/looks after/attends to/provides for/is caretaker for 2object/event/person
.щ tends, cares for, keeps;1keeper/custodian of2
курki 1bitter/acrid/sharply disagreeable to observer/sense2
курkuli1weevil of genus/species2
курkuma 1turmeric of species/variety2
курmoъa m1check/checkerboard pattern of squares k1 = m2 arranged in structure m3
.x2 might be a set of colors, with3 specifying their arrangement
курtenfa t 1the square of t2. .see tenfa
курцаpi1spice of the mint family, with flavor2. .юэ tebrulspa, spatrbasiliko
куsnkusu1quantity of couscous of ingredients including2
куspe ,kup kуъe1 ranges/extends/spans/persists/reaches across/over interval/gap/area/scope/extent/range2. .щ continues.kusru ,kus1 .person is cruel/mean/unkind to victim2
куstru k1 = t1 governs and oppresses k2 = t2
куsyjаъa1cruel-captain with object of cruelty-captained2
куtyjeъу1 a tautology by standard/epistemology/metaphysics2
куtytуъa t1 = k1desert located in/at t2
ку ,KU elidable terminator: end description, modal, or negator sumti; often elidable
кy ,BY2 letteral for k
лаъanai ,UI*3 discursive: probability - improbability
лаъa ,UI3 discursive: probability - improbability
лаъedиъу ,KOhA* pro-sumti: the referent of the last utterance; the state described: ”IT was fun”
лаъei ,LA combines LA with DOI .used to address someone in the 2nd person by name and use that as a sumti at the same
time, that is: do doi la broda is equivalent to lаъei broda
лаъerjиъи1 expects2 on grounds3
лаъerlai1 has probability/likelihood2 of occurring under conditions3
лаъe ,LAhE the referent of .indirect pointer; uses the referent of a sumti as the desired sumti.
лаъиrzeъa z1 = l1 gets closer to l2 in property l3 by amount z3
лаъи ,LA name descriptor: the set of those named ... ; takes name or selbri description
лаъoi ,ZOhOI single-word non-Lojban name; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses .in speech or whitespace .in writing and treats it as a name
лаъornacleъу le1Roman numeral representing le3=n1
лаъornai 1te Roman nation made up of people2 .se lаъornai means the Roman people. The term refers to the ancient Romans, not to modernday residents of the Italian capital, or small Wisconsin town.
лаъorxиъo1 = l 1Roman Catholic in aspect2 = l2
лаъo ,ZOI delimited non-Lojban name; the resulting quote sumti is treated as a name.
лаъу ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a quantity; how many?.
лаъу ,BAI klani modal, 1st place .amount quantifying ...; being a quantity of ...
лаbnanba n 1white bread made я grains n2
лаbno 1wolf/lupine of species/breed2
лаbybиъo bi1 turns pale/white under condition bi3
лаbyблусле1white blood cell of the blood/pus2 of animal3
лаbyблу c 1lymph of animal c2
лаbyfиъe f1 = b1whitefish of genus/species f2
лаbyxуъe 1rose
лаcni 1eyewear used/worn by2 serving purpose3
э .It is a frame worn in front of the eyes and bears or does not bear transparent/semitransparent/non-transparent shields
for visual correction, eye protection, fashion, or entertainment. The shields are not necessarily lenses
лаcpu ,лаp cpu1 pulls/tugs/draws/drags2 by handle/at locus3. .Gravity .= ka maicpu, maircpukai
лаcri ,лаc1 relies/depends/counts on/trusts2 to bring about/ensure/maintain3 .event/state
лаctergуъe l1 = g3 is a dependent territory relying on the sovereignty of l2 .state. .Examples are British Virgin
Islands, Netherlands Antilles, and American Samoa
ладрu ,лад 1made of/contains/is a quantity of milk я source2; .adjective: 1lactic/dairy
лаfti ,лаf1 .force lifts/applies raising/supporting force to2 at locus3 in gravity well4
..x1 may be an abstract; verb lift/raise/elevate .= лаfmuvgau
лаирkаъe 1quantifiable by quantifier2 on scale3
лаи ,LA name descriptor: the mass of individual.s named ... ; takes name or selbri description
лаjreъe1train with train car2 with train system3 propelled by4
лаkne ,lаъe1 .event/state/property is probable/likely under conditions2
лаkse ,лаk 1quantity of wax ,substance especially soft/moldable when warm я source2
лаktergуъи g3 = l1candle/wax light with wax source l2. .й fagytergуъи, dictergуъи
лаldo 1old/aged ,relatively long in elapsed duration by standard2 ..= tolcиъo See citno, slabu
лаlxu ,lаъу1lake/lagoon/pool at site/within land mass2
ламжи ,лаm lаъи 1adjacent/beside/next to/in contact with2 in property/sequence3 in direction4
.щ touching, contiguous, against
лаmpagre p1 = l1 passes by p2 to p3 я p4 by l2
лаmpru l1 = p 1recent, immediately preceding l2 = p2
ланbi1quantity of protein/albumin of type2 composed of amino acids .sequence/joъу3
ланci1flag/banner/standard of/symbolizing2 with pattern.s3 on material4
ланdegmei m1mass of set m2 with an even number of members m3
ланka1basket with contents2, woven я material3
ланли ,лаl1 analyzes/examines-in-detail2 by method/technique/system3 ,process/activity
ланмаъи 1April of year2 in calendar3. .й vonmasti, kanbyмаъи, nanca
ланme ,лан1sheep/,lamb/ewe/ram of species/breed2 of flock3
ланpanzi p1lamb of species/breed l2
ланte1can/tightly sealed/pre-sealed container for perishable contents2, made of3
ланxe ,лаx 1in balance/equilibrium under forces2 .mass
ланzu ,лаz1 .mass is a family with members including2 bonded/tied/joined according to standard3.
.щ cлан, tribe;2 is in1, a member of1 .selyланzu for reordered pлаces; relative
.= lazmиъу -y mintu yъy leka cmima da poi ланzu
ларшу ,лар1 .process is an art ,creative application of craft/skill2 .idea/activity
..adjective: 1artistic
ларdai1work of art created by an application of craft/skill2
ларfиъи f 1an artist creating work of art f2 = l1 in medium l2 for purpose f3 я elements/ideas f4
ларmuzga m1gallery exhibiting m2 at location m3
ларpra1 is-an-artist/produces2 by artistic application of skill/craft3
ларtodektu l1widow spider of species l2
ларyrakpra c1 sculpts/carves c2 = l1 я s2 using tool s1 .implied c3 is ”lo nu jai gau sraku s2 fai s1” implied l2 would
likewise be ”lo sиъo nu jai gau sraku s2 fai s1”
ласna ,lаъa1 .agent fastens/connects/attaches/binds/lashes2 to3 with fastener4. .No implication that result
is considered a single object; although2 and3 may be reversible,3 may be used for the substrate, the fixed/larger
object to which2 becomes attached
ласtu 1quantity of/contains/is made of brass ,copper/zinc alloy of composition including2. ..adjective:1 is brazen
лаtcmo1 = c1 = m1 meows expressing2 = c3
лаtcribe1panda of genus/species2
лаtfekspa 1catnip of species2
лаtfиъe1catfish of genus/species2
лаtmo ,lаъo1 reflects Latin/Roman/Romance culture/empire/language in aspect2
лаtna1lotus, plant/flower/herb of species/strain2 symbolizing3 to culture/religion4
лаtpukcmo b1 = p2 purrs, expressing pleasure at p1 .event/state
лауble r1 = c1 sounds quiet/weak at observation point c2 by standard c3 = t3
лауDZIS Laotze .aka. Laozi
лауrblesku cu1 = r1 .agent whipers cu2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience cu3 via expressive medium cu4
лауsku cu1 = cl1 shouts cu2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience cu3 via expressive medium cu4
loudly by standard5 = cl3
лауs Laos. .Under some interpretations of the morphology rules, not a valid word
лау ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: punctuation mark or special symbol follows
лаxмаъи 1October of year2 in calendar3
лаxygau g1 balances l1 with force l2
лаzni1 .person is lazy/avoiding work/effort concerning action2
лаzycange c1family farm/ranch at c2, farmed by family c3 = l1 .mass, raising, producing c4
лаzyzda z 1the home of family members z2 = l2
лаzyzukykei k1 .agent plays house. .A childъs play to emulate parents
ла ,LA name descriptor: the one.s called ... ; takes name or selbri description
ле goъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the1 of the previous bridi
ле jaica ,LE* description: marks description extracting the time tense place of the description bridi
ле jaigau ,LE* description: marks description extracting the agentive place of the description selbri
ле jaivi ,LE* description: marks description extracting the location place of the description bridi
ле segoъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the2 of the previous bridi
ле tegoъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the3 of the previous bridi
ле vegoъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the4 of the previous bridi
леegoъи ,KOhA* description pro-sumti: reuses the value of the5 of the previous bridi
леъai ,LEhAI replace recent mistakenly uttered text .The loъai ... sаъai ... leъai replacement construct asks the
listener to replace the text after loъai with the text after sаъai. The order sаъai ... loъai ...leъai is also
allowed, and either or both parts can be omitted and thus left up to context. When both parts are omitted,
the word leъai on its own indicates that a mistake was made while leaving all the details up to context It is also
possible to attach SAI to a leъai construct: leъai dai .or leъai даъoi koъa indicates that someone else made a
mistake; leъai pei asks whether someone else made a mistake; and sai, rуъe and шуъи can be used to indicate
the importance of the substitution. Furthermore, leъai nai can be used to explicitly deny mistakes instead of
acknowledging them .compare ”sic”
леъavla v1loanword meaning v2 in language v3 based on foreign-language word l2
.Old, deprecated synonym for fуъиvla. Could be considered an уъиvla
леъaxrur 1 = l1 takes backr2 = l2 яr4 = l3
леъa ,BAI klesi modal, 1st place .scalar set in/of category ...
леъe ,lem ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the stereotype of those described as ...
леъиpli pi1 = pl1 employs pi2 = pl3 for a payment/compensation/salary/wage/reward of pl2 for the provision of
goods/services pi3 = pl4
леъи ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the set of those described as ..., treated as a set
леъoшуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъonai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъotci t1monocle/pair of .eyeglasses/spectacles for observational activity t2
леъo ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: aggressive - passive - defensive
леъу ,LEhU end quote of questionable or outof-context text; not elidable
леbna ,leb leъa1 takes/gets/gains/obtains/seizes/,removes2 .object/property я3 .possessor. .щ confiscate, appropriate Acquire with volition such that1 gains possession;3 is possessor and not merely source, alienation is implied .ё punji,
cpacu where volition or previous possession is not necessarily implied, vimcu for alienation where1 need not gain
possession, canci, cliva
леcydeъи d 1a/the wisdom tooth of d2
леcydoъи d1 = l 1the afternoon of day d2 at location d3
леdgrute g1mushroom of species g2
леdo ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: the one.s described as, of yours
леiske s 1the taxonomy of s2 = k2 based on methodology s3. .x2 may be subjects of biology, semantics, economics, military
science, safety science, etc
леi ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the mass of individual.s described as ...
леjbai1 = p1 bribes3 = p3 with2 = p2 into doing4 = p4
леkmиъи m1fridge/air conditioner for cooling2 = l1
леkoъa ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: the one.s described as, of it-1ъs
леktoni 1an electron in quantum state2
леktуъa t1 = l 1tundra at location t2, cold by standard l2
лел lelxe 1lily ,Lilium of species/strain 2
леmi ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: the one.s described as, of mine
ленжо ,len leъo1lens/glass ,focussing shape/form focussing2 to focus/foci3 by means/material4. ..adjective: 1optical;
focussing may be optical or otherwise, hence2 which may be light, sound,-ray, etc., default is light/optical lens; ka is
леnku ,lek 1cold/cool by standard2
леrci ,lec1 .event is late by standard2
леrшуъаcаъa ca1keyboard for entering letters/symbols l1 = cu2
леrfu ,ler leъу 1 .lаъe zo BY/word-bu is a letter/digit/symbol in alphabet/character-set2 representing3
щ1 glyph, rune, character .also meъo BY/word-bu,2 symbol set; .adjective: 1alphabetic/symbolic; ”letteral” used by
analogy with ” numeral”; sinxa is the more generic symbol
леrldjamo1jamo in syllable2 in writing system3 .default Hangul
леrpinsle s1 = p1line in the text s2
леrseltcidu t2 is a text in medium t3 with character set l2
леrtermifra m3 is a character encoding for bytes m2 with symbols/font m1
леta ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: nearby demonstrative possessive; cannot use for ъTHAT ...ъ
леti ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: immediate demonstrative possessive; cannot use for ъTHIS ...ъ
леtu ,LE* possessive/associative descriptor: distant demonstrative possessive
леva ,LE* located descriptor: descriptive thatthere .non-demonstrative
леvi ,LE* located descriptor: descriptive thishere .non-demonstrative
леvu ,LE* located descriptor: descriptive thatyonder .non-demonstrative
ле ,LE non-veridical descriptor: the one.s described as ..
лиъanai ,UI*3 discursive: clearly - obscurely
лиъavro v 1exit out of c2
лиъa ,UI3 discursive: clearly - obscurely
лиъerlаъи li1 = la1 immediately precedes li2 = la2 in sequence li3 = la3
лиъe ,BAI lidne modal, 1st place preceded by ...; non-time sequencing
лиъи ,liz ,NU abstractor: experience abstractor;1 is2ъs experience of ,bridi .participant or observer
лиъorkliru 1fluorine
лиъorklirysilna s1fluoride of s3
лиъorklirytau t1fluoride of t3
лиъo ,UI3a discursive: omitted text .quoted material
лиъу ,LIhU elidable terminator: end grammatical quotation; seldom elidable except at end of text
лиbjo ,lib1 reflects Libyan culture/nationality in aspect2
лиdne ,lиъe1 precedes/leads2 in sequence3; 1former/preceding/previous;2 is latter/following
.щ1 before, forerunner; leading, as in ъleading indicatorsъ;2 after, trailing .= selylиъe for reordered places
лиdviltиъa t1 = v1thunderstorm at place/region t2
лиdvru s1thunderous to s2
лиdysna 1sound with emit sound-lightning2
ЛИЕtuvas Lithuania
лиetuvos Lithuania
лиfri ,lif fri 1,person/passive/state undergoes/experiences 2 .event/experience; 2 happens to1
.щ has/have .of events/experiences; .adjective: 1empirical; suggests
passive undergoing but does not exclude active .per zukte intent; a deserved experience: reward or punishment
.= jernyfri, zanjernyfri, maljernyfri
лиgyfebvi1 = f1 = s2 sublimates/evaporates я the solid state at temperature2 = f2 = s3 with vapor pressure
3 = f3. .From sligu febvi; refers to a state change я solid to gas or vice versa, at the solid surface
лижда ,жда1religion of believers including2 sharing common beliefs/practices/tenets including3
.щ mythos, creed, traditional beliefs,2 people.s, adherents; .adjective:1,2,3 are religious/ecclesiastic in nature;2 is a
believer in/of1, an adherent/follower of1 .= selжда for reordered places;2 is a practitioner of3 .= selterжда for
reordered places;3 is a tenet/belief/ritual/creed of1/x2 .= terжда for reordered places; priest/clerical .=
ждаcаъи, ждаkаъи, ждаjаъa; organized church/religion .= beъeжда; congregation .= ждаbeъe, ждаgri
лижdrбаъa,i l 1the Bahai religion with beliefs/practices/tenets including l3
лижdrdjaina l 1the Jain religion with beliefs/practices/tenets including l3
лижgri g1row .group showing common property .ka g2 due to set g3 linked by relations g4
лиkpуъи1 = p1 .agent anoints/rubs/greases/pours onto/applies/lubricate/baptises3 = p3 with liquid/semi-
liquid/oil/cream/ointment2 = p2 = l1
лиlгунди g 1a/the energy industry/sector producing fuel/energy source g2 = l1 for powering l2 based on process g3
лиmlаъу la1pool where li1 swims in fluid li2
лиmнаъи n1flipper ,body-part of n2
лиmna ,lim1 .agent swims in fluid2
линdi ,лид 1lightning/electrical arc/thunderbolt striking at/extending to2 я3
линgаъaxаъи 1nunchaku combat weapon consisting of two wooden sticks connected by a chain; also spelled “nunchuku”
линji ,лиж лиъи1line/among lines ,1- dimensional shape/form defined by set of points2
Ray/vector .farlиъи or porлиъи
линлаni1lily-of-the-valley / may-lily .Convallaria of species/strain2 linsi ,lin1length of chain/links of material2 with
link properties3
линto ,лиъo 1light in mass/weight by standard2
лирgли g 1Old English/pertains to Old Englishspeaking culture in aspect g2, early by standard3 = c2
лирmau 1earlier than2 by amount of time3
лирyraixаъу lr1 =a 1/ are the earliest person.s to dwell/live/reside/abide at/inhabit/be a resident of location/habitat/nest/home/abodea2 among set / range lr2
лирyrai c1 = t 1the earliest among set / range t4
лиsneъи n 1in character .actions or speech to be interpreted as part of a story/role-playing game .out of character:
лиsnuntoi n1drafting by author l3 = t1 of story l1 = t2 using method t3
лиsri ,лиs1story/tale/yarn/narrative about plot/subject/moral2 by storyteller3 to audience4. .щ legend; a narrative
need not be fictional;2 may be merely a convention rather than a subject; also3 tells/recounts story/tale1 about2 to4 .=
selterлиsri for place reordering; note that the storyteller need not be the author
листе ,ste1 .physical object is a list/catalog/register of sequence/set2 in order3 in medium4
.щ roll, log. .x2 is completely specified; .ё porsi, girzu, cmima for mental objects wherein order is of varying
importance; some manifested order is intrinsic to a physical list, but the specific order may be incidental and not
лиsхра1 = p1comic strip about plot/subject/moral2 = l2 illustrated by3 = p3 with story written by4 = l3
лиsybartu b 1out of character .actions or speech not to be interpreted as part of a story/roleplaying game
.in character: лиsneъи
лиsycku c1story book containing story/tale/yarn/narrative l2 by author c3 = l3 for audience c4 = l4 preserved in medium c5
лиtce ,лиc1 is2 liter.s ,metric unit in volume .default is 1 by standard3
лиtшрека cr1dress shirt of material cr2, potentially formal by standard cl3
.A shirt with a collar, a full-length opening at the front я the collar to the hem, and sleeves with cuffs; normally
made я woven cloth, and are often accompanied by a jacket and tie, for example with a suit or
formalwear, but can be worn also more casually without
лиtki ,лиk 1liquid/fluid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3
.Conditions include temperature and pressure
лиtru ,лиъу1 travels/journeys/goes/moves via route2 using means/vehicle3;1traveller. ..x2 as a set
includes points at least sufficient to constrain the route relevantly
лиtxendoe1 = c 1gracious toe2 in mattere3 = c2
лиtytce m 1very/extremely polite/courteous/civil in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3
лиunko1lynx .Felis lynx
лиvbai b1 expels c1 я c2; b1 throws c1 out of c2
лиvgau g1 causes c1 to leave c2 via route c3
лиvga 1a/the liver ,body-part of2
лиvla ,lil1fuel/energy-source for powering2
ли ,LI the number/evaluated expression; convert number/operand/evaluated math expression to sumti
лоъai ,LOhAI start quote of recent mistakenly uttered text to be replaced
лоъa ,BY1 shift letterals to Lojban .Roman alphabet
лоъe ,lom ,LE veridical descriptor: the typical one.s who really is.are ...
лоъи ,LE veridical descriptor: the set of those that really are ..., treated as a set
лоъo ,LOhO elidable terminator: end math express..mex sumti; end mex-to-sumti conversion; usually elidable
лоъу ,LOhU start questionable/out-of-context quote; text should be Lojban words, but neednъt be grammatical.logji ,loj1
,rules/methods is a logic for deducing/concluding/inferring/reasoning to/about2 .dуъу
щ .adjective:1,2 are ogical loglytuan Loglan-worker
лоibru b1broom for purpose b2 .event with bristles b3
лоisли l1 = s1 undergoes an earthquake/an event
of the ground shaking of magnitude2. .not necessarily earthquake, could be due to bomb explosion etc. too
лоi ,LE veridical descriptor: the mass of individual.s that is.are ...
лоjbab Bob LeChevalier
лоjban Lojban
ложбау b 1the loglan/Loglan/logic language used by community b2 to express ideas b3
ложбо ,lob жбо1 re- flects ,Loglandic/Lojbanic language/culture/nationality/community in aspect2.
.Pre-Lojban forms of Loglan .= dzeжбо
лоjycpa1 infers/concludes/draws conclusion2 я premise3 based on logic/reasoning4
лоldi ,lol loi1floor/bottom/ground of2. .Floor/level/story of a building/edifice .= setloi, dijysenta
лоlgai g 1floor covering/flooring/carpet/rug for covering floor g2 = l1 of3 = l2
лоlnиъajbama j1 = c1landmine with explosive material/principle j2
лоlnиъapуъи p1 .agent buries/puts underground p2 = c1 under surface3 = c2 = l1 of4 = l2
лоlnиъa c 1underground/buried within ground c2 = l1 of3 = l2
лоlroъиboi b1=r1cobblestone of material b2=r2 in floor l1
лоrvera1quantity of aloe vera of species/strain2
лоrxu ,lor loъу1fox ,bushy-tailed wild dog/canine of species/breed2
лоsanjylys Los Angeles
ло ,LE veridical descriptor: the one.s that really is.are ... .Under theorlo reform, lo converts a
selbri to a sumti in a rather generic way. In particular, lo broda = zoъe noi broda
луъa ,LAhE the members of the set/components of the mass; converts another description type to individuals
луъe ,LAhE the symbol for .indirect discourse; uses the symbol/word.s for a sumti as the desired sumti
луъи ,LAhE the set with members; converts another description type to a set of the members
луъo ,LAhE the mass composed of; converts another description type to a mass composed of the members
луъу ,LUhU elidable terminator: end of sumti qualifiers; usually elidable except before a sumti
лubno ,lуъo1 reflects Lebanese culture/nationality in aspect2
лujнаъу 1complex number
лujvo ,luv jvo1 .text is a compound predicate word with meaning2 and arguments3 built я metaphor4
лumbrinki 1an earthworm of species2
лumci ,lum lуъи1 .agent washes/cleanses2 of soil/contaminant3 in/with cleaning material.s4
.Agentless washing/cleansing .= cuvbиъo, jisybиъo
лумкуъа lumkуъa1 = k1bathroom, in which2 = l1 washes3 = l2 .self/other.s/body part, in home/building/structure4 =
k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor5 = k3 .mass/joъу .A room with a sink technically qualifies, but this is
more like a room with a bath or shower as well. What most Americans call a ”bathroom”. For a room specifically for
urination or defecation
лumпатху p1wash tub/bath tub, for l1 to wash p2 = l2, made of material p3
лumtansi t1sink, for l1 to wash t2 = l2, made of material t3
лunbe ,lub 1bare/naked/nude; 1without cover/clothes/,protection
лunmes 1Aries ,astronomical constellation/astrological sign. .From lanme .=sheep/,lamb/ewe/ram;lojban and
lu.=sheep;sumerogram. This constellation has been known as the ram/sheep since babylonian times, and later become the
leading sign of the zodiac .7th century BCE. In Hellenistic astrology,
the constellation of Aries is associated with the golden ram of Greek mythology that rescued Phrixos
лunra ,lur 1Earthъs moon .default;1major natural satellite/moon of planet2
лunsa ,lus1 condenses/liquefies on/into2 at temperature3, pressure4; 1dew/condensate on2
лupcartci t1screwdriver for turning screw k1
лurdei 1Monday of week2 on calendar3
лutfаъo f1dead end of route f2 = p1 я origin p3
лuзбаршрека c1 = b1 = k1jumper of material c2 .A loose outer jacket .barшрека
лuzyшрека c1 = k1blouse of material c2
лu ,LU start grammatical quotation; quoted text should be grammatical on its own
лyndyn London
ль ,BY2 letteral for l
маъagni1mahogany of species2
маъarбакni b1yak of species/type b2
маъarbиъи j1valley between mountains/hills c1 = j2 in terrain c2
маъarfeъa f1canyon/ravine/chasm in mountain f2 = c1 in terrain c2
маъarjipci p1Copper Pheasant / Syrmaticus soemmerringii species of breed p2
маъa ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the speaker.s/author.s & you the listener.s & others unspecified
маъekla k1 = m2 drives to k2 я k3 via route k4 = m3 by means m1
маъersrogau g1 parks vehicle m1 = s2 in/at s3
маъe ,BAI marji modal, 1st place material in object/substance ...
маъи ,BAI manri modal, 1st place .by standard 2 in reference frame ...
маъoi ,ZO selмаъo quote; quotes a word .a шмаво and uses it to name a selмаъo. .Example:
маъoi coi is equivalent to COI
маъoste1 = l1list of structure words2 = l2 = c1 of class.es5 = c2 of language6 = c3 in order3 = l3 in medium4 = l4
маъo ,MAhO convert letteral string or other mathematical expression .mex operand to mex operator
маъу zei ionti 1an cation of radical/.atom of elementx2 with3 charges.
маъуrшуъе c1college at c2 teaching subject c3 to audience c4 = m1 operated by c5
.An institution for adult education at a basic or intermediate level .teaching those of any age
маъу ,PA3 digit/number: plus sign; positive number; default any positive
мабла ,mal1derogative connotation/sense of2 used by3;3 derogates/ъcurses atъ2 in form1
.Bloody .British sense, fucking, shit, goddamn
маbrnfuru 1ferret
маbru ,маb 1mammal/ъanimalъ/beast of species2
маcnu ,cnu1 .event/action manual ,not automatic in function2 under conditions3
мадinas Medina
мадnиъи n1 = m 1the moral of story/situation m3 and entails action/event/state n2
мадрID Madrid
мадyske s1 .mass of facts is the study of conduct-governing standards s2 = m1 based on methodology s3.
.Major branches of ethics include ”meta-ethics” .ckaji zei мадyske, ”normative ethics” .bilga zei мадyske,
”applied ethics” .pilno zei мадyske, ”moral psychology”
.meнли zei мадyske, and ”descriptive ethics” .skicu zei мадyske
мадysku c1 = m2 moralizes expressing c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 using/based
on ethics/morals/moral standards/ethical standards m1
маfcre c1 = m3 is a wizard/sorcerer of m1 = c1, which is magical to m2, with standard of sorcery c3
маgmiltre1 is2 millimeters of mercury by standard3. .synonym torceli
маgyхре 1an amalgam of composition including2
маиsru1 = s1 = m 1the material environment/surrounding маterial .i.e. gaseous/liquid atmosphere, vacuum, etc
enclosing2 = s2 in direction.s/dimensions.s/plane3 = s3 = m3, of type/composition including4 = m2
.A vacuum is arguably not ъмаterialъ, but the word is much more convenient if that is included
Also, vacuum is never completely empty
mai ,MAI utterance ordinal suffix; converts a number to an ordinal, such as an item or paragraph number
маkas Mecca
макшу ,маъу 1mature/ripe/fullygrown/adult in development-quality2
маkfartci1compass with magnet2
маkfa ,маf 1magic/supernatural/sorcery/witchcraft/wizardry to2, performed by person/force/deity3
маkpapi1poppy of species2
мак маksi 1magnetic ,adjective producing magnetic field2
маkyvelvei v4 = m1magnetic storage medium storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file.s v1
маldja c 1junk food for c2
маlфадни f1 = m 1vulgar/uncouth in property f2 = m2 .ka among members f3 .set
маlfуъa f1 = m2 .event/property is determined by the bad luck/fortune of f2
маlgaci 1Malagasy in aspect2
маlgli g1 = m 1an anglicism .in Lojban, inappropriate according to m3. .Refers to any kind of reliance upon English in a
Lojban expression, but is most common for calques. Is sometimes even extended to cover reliance upon cultural assumptions “malglico” is a much more common form
маlмаkfa маk 1black magic to mak2, performed by person/force/deity mak3
маlminiata m1black widow spider of variety m2
маlmliselgуъи ма1 = mi1 = g2 is ill-lit with light g1 я light source g3
маlmys Malmo .Malm ¨ o, in the southernmost ¨ province of Scania, is the third most populous city in Sweden
маlselfуъa f2 is unlucky/unfortunate in f1 = m2 .event/property
маlsi ,мас1temple/church/sanctuary/synagogue/shrine of religion2 at location/serving area3 .x2 may be event of я ....
worships/pays/respect to ..., hence .metaphorically extending to monument .= mojmalsi, sиъarmalsi
маlsno мас 1sluggish at doing/being/bringing about мас2 .event/state according to маb3
маlvиъe 1unwelcome by2 to place/event3
маmgle g1 has sex/copulates with the mother of g2 = m2
маmjipci m1 = j1hen of species/breed j2 with offspring3 = m2
маmta ,маm1mother of2;1 bears/mothers/acts maternally toward2; ,not necessarily biological
маm Mom/Mum .The rafsi for маmta used as a familiar name
манbиъo b1 = m1 darkens under conditions2 = b3
манci ,маc1 feels wonder/awe/marvels about2
манdala 1mandala
манdioka 1manioc of species/variety2
манfo 1.object/event is uniform/homogeneous in property2
манfytаъу t1 = m 1livery/,a uniform for wearing by t2 for purpose t3
манgo 1mango,fruit of species/variety 2 .ricrmango for mango tree
манku ,man 1dark/lacking in illumination
манri ,мар1frame of reference/standard for observing/measuring/determining2, with/by rules3
..x1 маy be object or sиъo idea;
манsa1 satisfies evaluator2 in property .ka/state3
манsygei g1 = m2 is contently happy about/with m1 with regard to g2 = m3 .event/state
манsytcu n1 needs n2 to be satisfied for reason3 .n2 must be a physical object, not an event; for that, use джиша
манti 1ant of species/breed2
манtygapci 1carbon monoxide
манtyjalra j1termite of species j2
манtyмаmta маm 1an ant queen of ants маm2 = ман1 of species/breed ман2
манtyslami 1formic acid
манtyzda z 1an anthill of ants z2 = m1
манzeъa z1 becomes darker/darkens by amount z3
маpku ,маp 1cap/hat/crown/helmet/piece of headgear ,head-top garment of material2
маpni1quantity of/contains/is made of cotton ,type of fabric/material
маprultricu 1eucalyptus of species/variety2
маpti ,маt1 fits/matches/suits/is compatible/appropriate/corresponds to/with2 in property/aspect3
маpypre p1hatter/millner /,hat maker selling/making hats of material m2
марbela 1dodder of species/variety2 parasitic on3
марbi ,mra1shelter/haven/refuge/retreat/harbor for/protecting2 я danger/threat3
марce ,маъe1vehicle/mode of transport carrying2 in/on surface/medium3, propelled by4
марde ,мад 1 are the ethics/morals/moral
standards/ethical standards of2 .ind./mass about situation3. 1 will .typically be an abstract, a rule or rules of behavior;
also principles; also conscience .= sezмарde
марdikca d 1positive electric charge in d2
маргоsa 1neem/margosa/azedarac of species/variety2
”Azedarach” and variants have referred to both this tree and the здирaxa
маргу ,маg1quantity of/contains/made of mercury/quicksilver; ,metaphor: fluid metal; temperature
марji ,маj маи 1material/stuff/matter of type/composition including 2 in shape/form 3
.щ .adjective: 1physical .one sense/material
марkuja1passionfruit/passionflower of species/variety2
марlari 1malaria caused by Plasmodium species2
марmota1marmot/woodchuck/groundhog of species2
марna1quantity of hemp/marijuana/jute of species/strain2
марnybуъу b 1canvas made of hemp
марnyvаъу v1 smokes cannabis of type m2
марxa ,маx1 ,force mashes/crushes/squashes/smashes2 into pulp/mash/crumbs/deformed mass3
масKUAS Moscow Lojbanized pronunciations of the Russian capital are:
ъmasKVAъ.Russian, but KV combination is invalid in lojban, ъmosiKYъ
.Chinese Mandarin; there is no ъvъ in Chinese and ъfъ is unusual except at the beginning of a word
and ъmoskoъ or ъmoskaуъ in English
масno ,sno 1slow/sluggish at doing/being/bringing about2 .event/state
масti ,маъи1 is2 months in duration .default is 1 month by month standard3. .This month .= cabмаъи; next month .=
bavlаъимаъи; last month .= prulаъимаъи
масyceъу c1parish of parishioners c2
маtci1mat/pad/mattress/pallet ,flat, soft, dense form of material2. .щ mattress = .kicymatci
маtli1quantity of/contains/is made of linen/flax ,type of fabric/material
маtlyspa 1flax of species/variety2
маtlytsi 1flaxseed/linseed produced by plant2, capable of growing into3
маtne1quantity of/contains butter/oleo/margarine/shortening я source2. ..adjective: 1buttery; an edible
fat, solid but spreadable at normal temperatures; dairy butter .= ladmatne
маtnyxrula 1a/the buttercup flower of plant/species2
маtpai p1 approves m1 for m2 in property aspect m3
маtra1motor/engine, driving/propelling/providing power to2
маtsиъумаъи 1June of year2 in calendar3
маtybиъo b1 becomes fitting with m2 in property/aspect m3
маtygau g1 assigns/appoints m1 to m2. 4 maуъи ,CAI2 attitudinal: stronger intensity attitudinal relativizer
.Specifies a stronger intensity - relative to any previously specified intensity of the same UI/шмаво
CAI2 after CAI specifies an absolute intensity - but the CAI2 specifies the relative shift я the regular value
CAI after CAI2 specifies an relative value - and the CAI denotes the relative amount interval size
мауdji d1 prefers d1 = m1 .event/state to m2 for purpose d3 by amount/excess z4
мау ,BAI zмадu modal, 1st place .a greater exceeded by ... ; usually a sumti modifier
маvji ,маv1quantity of oats ,grain of species/strain2
маxri ,xri 1quantity of wheat,grain of species/strain2
маxydzu c1 = m1 stomps on surface c2 using limbs c3 crushing m2 into pulp mass m3
маxyvru s1crash .sound produced by m1 smashing into m2
ма ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: sumti question .what/who/how/why/etc.; appropriately fill in sumti blank
меъai ,CAI2 attitudinal: weaker intensity attitudinal relativizer .Specifies a stronger intensity - relative to any
previously specified intensity of the same UI/шмаво
меъandi 1henna of species/variety2
меъa ,BAI mleca modal, 1st place .a lesser undercut by ... ; usually a sumti modifier
меъe ма ,BAI* sumti question asking for a name; who?; requires quoted name as an answer
меъe ,BAI шмене modal, 1st place .requires quote with name ...; so-called ...
меъиspe s1brother-inlaw .sisterъs spouse of m2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention sp3 .Omit4 = s2 = m1
меъи ,PA3 digit/number: less than. 4 meъoi ,MEhOI non-Lojban brivla .Used as a convenient way to borrow foreign
predicates into Lojban. For unary predicates, equivalent to me lаъe zoъoi
меъo ,LI the mathematical expression .unevaluated; convert unevaluated mathematical expression to sumti
меъу ,MEhU elidable terminator: end sumti that was converted to selbri; usually elidable
меbmla ml1temple belonging to me2
меbri ,меb 1a/the brow/forehead ,projecting flat/smooth head/body-part of2
меcmlerai ме1 = t 1least beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect ме3 .ka by aesthetic standard ме4
меcнаъу m1 = n1negative number relative to origo m2
меcrai m1 = t 1the least of m2 = t4 in property m3 .ka/ni by amount m4
меctolmlerai ме1 = t 1least ugly among set/range t3 to ме2 in aspect ме3 .ka by aesthetic standard ме4
меcybrarai t1 = b 1the smallest/, least big among set/range t4 in property/dimension.s b2 .ka
меcycmarai t1 = c 1the biggest/, least small among set/range t4 in property/dimension.s c2 .ka
меcyjavdуъи 1less than or equal to2 in property/quantity3 by amount4
меcyхагрai t1 = 1the worst among set/range t4 for2 by standard3
меcyxlarai m1 = 1the best/,least bad among set/range t4 for2 by standard3
медоmoi 1yours among2 by rule/relationship3; 1your2 by rule/relationship3
меgdo ,меg1million ,10 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
меgygra1 is2 tonne.s ,metric unit in mass .default is 1 by standard3
меи ,меm меи ,MOI convert number to cardinality selbri; 1the mass formed я set2 whose n member.s are3
.,x1mass with N components3 composing set2;2 is an n-tuple .x2 is completely specified
.= selмеи for reordered places;1 forms an n-some;3 .not necessarily a complete enumeration are among the members of2
меkfancu 1an operator/mathematical function/single-valued mapping я domain2
to range3 defined by mathematical expression/rule4
меkнаъу 1the value of expression2 in base/convention3
меkso ,меk меъo1 ,quanti-fier/expression is a mathematical expression
interpreted under rules/convention2
меksуъи 1an operand of operator2 filling place3 under rules/convention4
мелbi ,мел mle 1beautiful/pleasant to2 in aspect3 .ka by aesthetic standard4
.щ handsome, pretty, gorgeous, cute, comely, graceful
мелjo ,меj1 reflects Malaysian/Malay culture/nationality/language in aspect2
мелpsita1budgerigar .Melopsittacus undulatus of breed2
меmimoi 1mine among2 by rule/relationship3; 1my2 by rule/relationship3
менcre c1 = m2 .person is intelligent/smart by standard c3
менcti c1 reads/watches/listens to/mentally consumes c2
менли ,мен1mind/intellect/psyche/mentality/,consciousness of body2
..adjective: 1mental/psychological/a mental phenomenon; multiple personalities .= soъи meнли
менмикше m1psychologist/psychiatrist/mental health practitioner of client m2 treating ailment m3 with treatment m4
менmuvgau g1=ме1 telekinetically / with its mind moves mu1 to destination/receiver mu2 ,away я origin mu3
over path/route mu4 .Made я менли+muvgau. менли2 dropped on account of irrelevancy
менsi ,меs меъи1sister of/sororal to2 by bond/tie/standard/parent.s3; ,not necessarily biological
менske s1 .mass of facts is mental science/psychology about subject matter s2 based on methodology s3
менtapiperita1quantity of peppermint of species/strain2
менtu ,меt меъу 1 is2 minutes in duration .default is 1 minute by standard3
менynunдаъa n 1psychological warfare on the part of d1
менytcaci t 1the psychological disposition of t2 = m2
мербау m1 = b 1the American English used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
мерfei f 1worth f2 = m1 US cents
мерfiti1skunk of genus/species2
мерgуъe m1 = g 1the United States of America
мерjаъa m1 = j1president of the United States of America
мерjeъa j1 = m 1the United State of America as a state. .A U.S. state, or any part of a federation is referred to
мерkadno m1 = k1 reflects angloamerican culture/nationality/geography/language in aspect m1 = k1
.Pertaining to the United States and Canada
мерklu k1 = m 1US culture
мерko ,мер1 pertains to USA/American culture/nationality/dialect in aspect2
мерlanu 1whiting of species2
мерл и ,mre1 .agent measures/evaluates2 ,quantity as3 units on scale4 .sиъo, with accuracy5
мерnta1quantity of mint .member of the genus Mentha of species/strain2
мерtru t1government of the United States of America
мерyrуъу r1 = m 1r2 US dollars
меs Sister
меxno ,меx 1 reflects Mexican culture/nationality in aspect2
меxyбау m1 = b 1the Mexican Spanish language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
меxygуъe m1 = g 1Mexico
ме ,ME convert sumti to selbri/tanru element; 1specific to ,sumti in aspect2
миъafra f1 laughs at f3 under conditions f4
миъamli m1 = c1 titters/chuckles/giggles
миъarpeъу p1 .agent tickles p2 with p3 .a locus on p1 or an instrument at p4 .a locus on p2
миъasna s 1laughter emitted by s2 = c1
миъa ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the speaker.s/author.s & others unspecified, but not you, the listener
миъecpe m1 = c1 demands/exacts c2 = m3 of c3 = m2, with manner/form of demand c4
миъenai ,COI* self vocative: self-introduction - denial of identity; denies identity of speaker
миъesku1 = m1 = c1 expresses/states command2 = c2 to recipient.s3 = m2 = c3 via expressive medium4 = c4. .m3 of minde .the
desired result is presumably cointained in he expression of the command.1 commands3 with expression2
миъe ,COI self vocative: self-introduction - denial of identity; identifies speaker
миъиrcelxаъи1 = c1machine gun for use against2 by3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
миъиrcikre c1 repairs/mends/fixes/maintains c2 for use m2 = c3
миъиrlarfиъa c 1technology-oriented science fiction about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3, based on technology l1
миъиspi s1piece of machine m1 = s2
миъи ,BIhI non-logical interval connective: ordered components: ... center, ... range surrounding center
миъo ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the speaker.s/author.s & you the listener's
миъу ,UI3b discursive: ditto
миanma 1Burmese in aspect2
миbмаъo c1first person pronoun in language c4
миbypre m1 = p 1me. .Used instead of mi when a brivla is needed
миckаъagau m1 = g1 uses surgical implement k1 to operate on organ.s k2 of patient m2, as a treatment for ailment m3
миckаъakуъa k 1an operating theatre in which to perform surgery m4
миcydиъу d1clinic/surgery/practice with doctor.s m1
миcyske 1medicine/medical science/medical treatment to2 for ailmentx3 by treatment/cure4
миcyxуъи 1an instance/dose/quantity of medication/medicine/drug2 for treating ailment m3
миc Doctor
мидju ,миж 1in/at the middle/center/midpoint/,is a focus of2; .adjective: 1central
мидnoi n 1an instruction for n2 = m3 .event/state to occur, issued by n3 = m1 for intended recipient n4 = m2
мидvla v1command word/keyword ordering v2 = m3 .event/state in language v3
миfra ,миf 1encoded/cipher text of plaintext2 by code/coding system3; 1in code;3 is a code. .Code .= terмиfra
миждоrsai1meal with meal dish2
мижgresirji1diameter between2 and3 of4
микше ,миc1 doctors/treats/nurses/,cures/is physician/midwife to2 for ailment3 by treatment/cure4
.щ medic; .adjective:1,4 is medical;2 is a patient of1 .= selмикше for reordered places ;2 is
treated by1 person/x4 treatment/method; successfully cure transitive .= sadмикше, sadvelмикше,
intransitive .= sadyselмикше, kаъorbиъo to not imply an external agent/process, though the1 and4 of
микше may be self/internal; treatment .= velмикше
микри ,миk 1миllionth ,10 6 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
миksini m1hagfish of species m2
миkсниду1 is2 microseconds in duration. .miкри сниду; the default2 is 1
миkygra g 1g2 micrograms in mass .default is 1 by standard g3
миlgra g 1g2 milligrams in mass by standard g3
миlсниду1 is2 milliseconds in duration. .миlti сниду; the default2 is 1
миlti ,миl 1thousandth ,1/1000; 10 3 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
миltre миt1 = миl 1миt2 = миl1 .one by default millimeter.s in length measured in direction mit3 by standard mit4
миlxe ,mli 1mild/nonextreme/gentle/middling/somewhat in property2 .ka; 1not very2
миmpoi1sequence of members2,3,4, ... in that order. .The ordering rule is simply the order of the arguments, the unordered
set is the set with members2,3,4, ...
минde ,мид mиъe1 issues commands/orders to2 for result3 .event/state to happen;3 is commanded to occur
.,also:1 orders/sets/Triggers.2 to do/bring about3;1commander; commanded .= termиъe;
минji ,mиъи1machine for use/function2; ,automated apparatus, without direct function control
.щ machinery/mechanism; a machine is initiated/triggered by an agent/force, but thereafter performs its function
automatically; if selfdirected, .a минji is an entity .= zukte
минли1 is2 .default 1 long local distance unit.s ,non-metric,3 subunits, standard4
..additional subunit places may be added as5,6, ...;
минра ,мир1 reflects/mirrors/echoes2 ,object/radiation to observer/point3 as4;2 bounces on1. .щ:1mirror/reflector.2
may be light, lуъe of an imaged object;4 may be image or echo or the same as2 if physical object;3 may be a path for a
bounced object; ka is reflection
минtu ,миt mиъу 1the same/identical thing as2 by standard3; .x1 and2 interchangeable which has no standard place, simxu
миpri ,миp1 keeps2 secret/hidden я3 by method4;2 is a secret;1 hides/conceals2. .Intransitive hidden/secret, without an
agent .= selcri or nalterжуъo; secret .= selмиpri
миpstu s1 .place hides m2 = s2 я m3 by method m4; s1hiding place
миptera1bug of species2
миptinytci tu1 = m2 is a bug used by ti1 = m1 to listen to ti2 without ми3 being aware
миpypro f1 = m1 secretly opposes f2 = m3 regarding f3 .abstract with secrecy method m4
миpypуъи1 = p1 = m1 hides/conceals2 = p2 я4 = m3 on/at surface/locus3 = p3 = m1,
the location being kept secret by method5 = m4
миpyzga z1 spies/snoops on z2 using senses/means z3 under conditions z4
мирcai1 glitters/sparkles/glares, reflecting2 to observer3
мирlanxe l 1symmetrical about axis m1
мирli1deer/elk/moose/,hart/stag/doe of species/breed2
мирsarxe s 1symmetrical about axis m1
мирsиъo s1 = m4 is a notion of s2 = m2 to cognizer s3 = m3. .A mental reflection of real objects and phenomena
in their essential features and relations
мирsna s1 = m4 is an echo of sound m2 = s2, reflected by m1 and heard by m3.
миsno ,миs mиъo1 .person/object/event is famous/renowned/is a celebrity among community of persons2 .mass.
.щ celebrated/well-known; .derogative meanings:
notorious/infamous .= malmиъo; these could also be expressed using the referenced words
миsro 1 reflects Egyptianculture/nationality in aspect 2
миsryбау m1 = b 1the Egyptian Arabic language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote.
миsryfrinu 1an Egyptian fraction with denominators2,3,
миsrygуъe 1Egypt
миsryleъу 1an Egyptian character in writing system2 .hieroglyphic/hieratic/demotic meaning3.
миsryplespa1papyrus plant of variety2
миsryple 1papyrus я source2
миsyselsиъa m1 = s2 is glorified by s1
миtcinpаъи 1homosexual/gay/lesbian;
миtcinse c 1homosexual/bisexual in situation c2 by standard c4. .For strict homosexuality, see pavmitcinse
миtfаъe m1 = f 1palindromic by standard m3
миtmlu s1 = m1 seems to be the same as m2 by standard m3 to observer s3 under conditions s4
миtmoъa mo1 = mi1 follows the same pattern as ми2 with respect to forms/events mo2 arranged
according to structure mo3
миtre ,tre 1 is2 meter.s ,metric unit in length .default 1 measured in direction3 by standard4mitsmuvla v1 = m1synonym of
m2 by standard m3 in language v3
миtyjutcti m1 = j1 = c1 canniбалиzes c2. m1 = j1 = c1cannibal
миvdalmuzga1 = m1zoo at3 = m3 with animals2 = m2 = j1 = d1
миvgau g1 reincarnates/resurrects j1 by standard j2
миvждu жд 1 = jm1jelly fish
миvmуъe m 1nature/the world of living things m2 = j1, defined by rules m3
миvmуъи1 = m1life-goal of3 = m3 = j1 motivating2 = m2
миvrуъe p 1the life of j1 through stages p4. .This focuses on the process of2ъs life as a succession of stages
.childhood, chrysalis, etc., while nunjиъe more generally denotes the event of2 being alive without a default terbri to
specify the stages2 goes through during that event
миvylivla l 1adenosine triphosphate .ATP transporting energy within organism l2 = j1
миvyselkra 1organic, originating in living organism2
миvyselнаъa n2 .number is the age .in years of living thing j1, alive by standard j2, with year standard n3
миvyske s 1biology/Life Science based on methodology s2
миvyxуъиu 1an instance of chemical substanceu2 derived я biological source j1
михре ,миx хре1 .mass is a mixture/blend/colloid/commingling with ingredients including2
.x2 mingles/mixes/blends into1;2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component/element of1 .= selхре for reordered places
ми ,миb ,KOhA3 pro-sumti: me/we the ker/author; identified by self-vocative
млаfиъe f1flatfish of family/genus/species f2, swimming with side m1 upward
млаjukмаъи 1July of year2 in calendar3
млаkla1 = k1 = m4 dodges/sidesteps/skirts2 = m2 я3 = k3 by route4 = k4 by means of transportation5 = k5
.The lateral frame of reference is that of the one who sidesteps
млаluka1paperbark/tea tree of species/variety2
млаna ,мла 1to the side of/lateral to2 and facing3 я point of view/in-frame-ofreference4
which differ in that the direction of facing is the front and not the lateral side. The4 of млаna may be either the
front, or back side of2, korbi
млаparsince s1 = c1sidewinder of subspecies/type s2
млаpau m1 = p 1the side of / is a part and on the side of m2 = p2 and is facing m3
я point of view/in-frame-of-reference m4
мласelfаъa f2 is sideways я f3 = m2 . .x3 = f1, the exact direction, is unspecified
млаtu ,lat1cat/,puss/pussy/kitten ,feline animal of species/breed2; .adjective: 1feline.
млаxelboъa m1sideband of signal b1 = m2.
млебаъи m1 = b 1splendid/glori/magnificnt to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4, and by greatness standard b4
млеca ,mec meъa 1less than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount4. .щ negative .= nonmeъa
млеdi ,led1mold/fungus/mushrooms/truffles of species/strain2 parasitic/growing on3
млеgaumai ma1 = g1cosmetic/makeup for beautifying me1 in aspect me3, made up of material ma2 in form ma3 .me2,
me4 dropped g2 is lo nu me1 melbi zиъo me3
млежги j1vain
млеmau z1 = m 1more beautiful than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by amount z4
млеmeъa мл1 = me 1less beautiful than мл2 to me2 in aspect me3 .ka by amount мл4
млеnicygau g1 grooms/spruces up c1 = m1 in property/aspect c2 = m3
млеrai m1 = t1most beautiful among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4
млеtritra ta1 = tr1 = m 1coquettish/flirtatious with tr2 = m2 in aspect m3
млибаъу1 = m1 = b1 whispers/mumbles/murmurs/coos utterance2 = b2;1 = m1 = b1 speaks softly
млиbdena 1molybdenum
млиbиъe b1 = m 1breeze/zephyr я direction b2 with speed b3
млиbra b1 = m 1somewhat big in dimension b2 by standard b3
млиburna b 1mildly embarrassed/disconcerted about/under conditions b2 .abstraction
млиfanza f1 .event slightly annoys/irritates/bothers/distracts f2
млиfegбаъу m1 = f1 = b1 grumbles with sound b2 at f2 because of f3 .action/state/property
jvajvo definition; Gismu deep structure is ”milxe gиъe fengu gиъe bacru”
млиgla g1 = m 1warm by standard g2
млиlenku l1 = m 1cool .mildly cold by standard l2
млиmиъa c1 chuckles
млириъa r1 .event/state
mildens/allays/alleviates effect r2 .event/state under conditions r3
млиsаъe s1 .agent pets/gently strokes s2 with s3
млоngena 1eggplant of variety2
млuni ,lun1satellite/moon orbiting2 with characteristics3, orbital parameters4
моъaroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: too few times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
моъa ,моb ,PA4 digit/number: too few; subjective
моъе моъe ,MOhE convert sumti to mex operand; sample use in story arithmetic: ,3 apples + ,3 apples = what
моъиbeъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: northwardly; to the north directional space motion
моъиbуъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: moving to coincide directional space motion
моъиcаъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: forward directional space motion
моъиcli c1 = m1 memorizes/commits to memory c2 = m2 .dуъу about subject c3 = m3 я source c4 .obj./event by method c5
.event/process .This word is different я cilre in that it doesnъt include actual understanding of the memorized data but
merely the storage of it in oneъs memory
моъиdуъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: eastwardly; to the east directional space motion
моъиfаъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: arriving at; arriving at a point directional space motion
моъиgаъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: upwardly; upwards directional space motion
моъиneъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: approximating; moving around the neighborhood of ... space motion
моъиneъи ,FAhA* space motion tense: moving into directional space motion
мoъиneъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: southwardly; to the south directional space motion
мoъиnиъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: downwardly; downwards directional space motion
мoъиpаъo ,FAhA* space motion tense: passing through directional space motion
мoъиreъo ,FAhA* space motion tense: along; along a path directional space motion
мoъиrиъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: rightwardly; to the right directional space motion
мoъиrуъу ,FAhA* space motion tense: orbiting; surrounding/annular directional space motion
мoъиsro s1memory/storage/anamnesis containing facts/data/recollection s2 = m2 within medium/substrate/containment
s3, said facts related to subject m3
мoъиsti s1 = m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3
мoъиteъe ,FAhA* space motion tense: moving along the border directional space motion
мoъиtиъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: rearwardsly; rearwards directional space motion
мoъиtoъo ,FAhA* space motion tense: moving away я a point directional space motion
мoъиvуъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: westwardly; to the west directional space motion
мoъиzeъo ,FAhA* space motion tense: outwardsly; outward directional space motion
мoъиzoъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: passing by a site directional space motion
мoъиzoъи ,FAhA* space motion tense: approaching directional space motion
мoъиzуъa ,FAhA* space motion tense: leftwardsly; to the left directional space motion
мoъи ,mov ,MOhI mark motions in spacetime
мoъo ,MAI higher-order utterance ordinal suf-fix; converts a number to ordinal, usually a section/chapter
мoъу ,ZAhO interval event contour: at the natural ending point of ...; completive ― ¿―¡
мobdуъa d 1stingy about giving d2 to d3
мoi ,mom moi ,MOI convert number to ordinal selbri; 1.nth member of set2 ordered by rule3
мojgaunoi 1= n1message reminding facts 2= m2 about 3= m3 = n2 я author 4 = n3 = g1 to intended audience 5 = n4 = m1
мojgau g1 reminds m1 of facts m2 about m3. .й morji, mojgaunoi, mojrиъa
мojmau z1 has a better memory than z2 with regards to facts m2 about subject m3 by amount/excess z4
мojrango r 1the memory faculty of body/species r2
мojrиъa r1 .event reminds m1 of facts m2 about subject m3 under conditions r3
мojypei p1 = m1 remembers/thinks back/reminisces about p2 = m3, recalling facts m2
мojysуъa s1structure of parts s2 as a monument/memorial to m3
мokca ,moc 1point/instant/moment ,0-dimensional shape/form in/on/at time/place2. .x 1dimensioнлеss
мoklu ,mol moъу 1a/the mouth/oral cavity ,body-part of2; .metaphor: entrance/intake for consumption ..adjective: 1oral
мolgai g1muzzle on m2
мolgapru g 1the palate of m2
мolgle g1 = m2 performs oral sex on g2 le gletu is taken as the ъactiveъ partner
мoljаъу m1 = j 1the mandible of arthropod m2 = j2 .This is a mandible of a insect/other arthropod. This is not to be
confused with the mandible of vertrabrates which isedja or dzixeъa
мolki ,мло1mill/foundry/industrial plant/,assembly line performing process2. ..унлиke фанри,
need not produce a product; grain mill .= gruмло, grinding mill .= zalмло, zalмлоtci, zalмлоcаъa
мolkуъo m1 = s1philtrum .infranasal depression of m2 = s2
мolмла 1the cheek of2 .person/animal
мolro ,moъo1 is2 mole.s ,metric unit in substance .default is 1 by standard3
мolselpуъу1 = s2 is saliva/sput/sputum/spittle of2 = s1
мoltenvаъу1 = v1 yawns/,breathes while stretching mouth
мoltуъу t1mouthpiece/embouchure of material t2 conveying fluid t3
мomlai 1the2nd member of set3 ordered by rule4
мonfуъиgau1 = g1 .agent emulates3 = f2 resulting in emulation/imitation2 = f1 in medium4 = f3 by
method5 = f4 exhibiting pattern6 = m1
мonfуъи f 1an emulation/imitation of f2 in medium f3, emulated by method f4 and exhibiting pattern m1
мorji ,moj moъи1 remembers/recalls/recollects fact.s/memory2 .dуъу about subject3
мorko ,mor1 reflects Moroccan culture/nationality in aspect2
мorna ,mon moъa 1reflects/represents a pattern of forms/events2 arranged according to structure 3
.,x3 is a model for1 .= termontai, or the more abstract = termonsиъo; image .= gusmoъa, nenmoъa, dairmoъa,
selylenmoъa, selmirmoъa, velmirmoъa, but also all of these - tai instead of -moъa for the ideal;
морси ,мро 1dead/has ceased to be alive. .Die/mortal .= мроbиъo, coъуrjиъe
мors Morse; Morse code, telegraphy
мosra ,mos 1friction ,force opposing motion due to contact/rubbing between2 and3; .fe2 rubs3. .щ2 scrubs/wipes/brushes .against3 .= seltermosra; non-agentive rub .= termosra
мosycpu l1 drags/hauls l2 = m2 by handle/at locus l3 along surface m3
мosyжгиta j1bowed string instrument using bow m2
мosyvиъу v1 = m2 rubs off v2 я v3 = m3 leaving remainder v4
мo ,GOhA pro-bridi: bridi/selbri/brivla question
мraigo m 1Welsh in aspect m2
мraji1quantity of rye ,grain of species/strain2
мrajymledi ml 1ergot of species ml2. .A fungus that grows on rye and other cereals; it contains the alkaloid ergotamine,
which has hallucinogenic effects on humans and animals, and я which LSD!en is synthesized
мreнаъу n1real number
мreske s 1metrology based on methodology s2
мrilu ,mri1 mails/posts ,transfer via intermediary service2 to recipient address3 я mailbox/post office/sender address4 by
carrier/network/system5. .щ4 post office, mailbox. .ё бенжи In which the medium need not be a 3rd party
service/system, and2 need not consist of discrete units. notci,atra, tcana
мriste l1mailing list with subscribers/recipients l2 = m3
мроbиъo b1 dies under conditions b3
мроcticpi cip1 = cit1vulture of species cip2
мродаlmuzga mu1natural history museumfor preserving and possibly exhibiting animals of kind mu2=d2= mo1 at location mu3
мродimna 1mortal/subject to death
мродрi b1 mourns/grieves over the death of m1 = b2 мроfoi f1cemetery/gravya/burialrnd for dead person.s/animal.s m1
мроkаъe m1 = k 1mortal/capable of dying under conditions k3
.Used in Theodore Reedъs translation of ”A Princess of Mars”
мроkeъa k1grave in ground k2 for m1
мроrиъa 1the cause of2ъs death under conditions3;1 kills2
мроspe1=s 1widowed я2=m1=s2 by law/convention3=s3
мроstu s 1the grave/tomb of m1 = s2
мроtolkakpa k1 buries/inters corpse/,entomb k2 = m1 at grave/cemetery/,mausoleum/crypt k3 .k4
dropped because of little use in this application
мроvau v1coffin containing v2 = m1
мruboъу 1the hammer/malleus in ear2 in body3 mruli ,mru1 ,tool is a hammer for/hammers2 ,target consisting of weight/head3
propelled by4
муъaшуъи ,UI*3 discursive: for example - omitting - end examples
муъanai ,UI*3 discursive: for example - omitting - end examples
муъa ,UI3 discursive: for example - omitting - end examples 4 mуъei ,ROI Converts PA into tense;
in ,number .usually nonspecific possible worlds/alternate histories where ,sumti .dуъу is true .Includes what ”may have
happened” if the past were different я the actual past. See баъoi
муъerkraske 1cosmology .in astronomy based on methodology2
муъeske s 1cosmology based on methodology s3
муъetru t1lord of universe t2 = m1
муъe ,muf ,NU1 abstractor: achievement .event abstractor; 1the event-as-apoint/achievement of ,bridi
муъи ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a motive; why?
муъиnai ,BAI* мукти modal, 1st place despite motive ...
муъи ,BAI мукти modal, 1st place because of motive ...
муъonai ,COI* vocative: over .response OK - more to come
муъo ,COI vocative: over .response OK - more to come
муъу ,BAI mupli modal, 1st place exemplified by ..
муclai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one spoonfuls/scoopfuls in quantity
муcti ,mut 1immaterial/not physical/without material form
муdbli1блоck of wood2 with surfaces3
муdri ,mud 1quantity of/contains wood/lumber я type/species2
муdyctijalra j1termite of species j2
муdydei 1Thursday of week2 on calendar3
муdyfagri f1wood fire burning in/reacting with oxidizer f3. .Omit3 = f2 = m1
муdykаъapre p1woodcutter/lumberjack using tool k1 to cut trees of species m2
муdypуъo p1 = m 1sawdust of wood type p2 = m2
муdyxultci t1adze
муfspe m 1the marriage of s1 and s2 under convention s3. .Probably a misnomer for nunspe
муjykуъe k 1universal in domain m2 defined by rules m3
муjysamseltcana t2 is the internet/cyberspace that includes nodes/computers t1 = s1 whose function/purpose is s2
муkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 5,000 expressed with comma
мукти ,muk mуъи1 .action/event/state motivates/is a motive/incentive for action/event2, per volition of3
.щ;3 is motivated to bring about result/goal/objective2 by1 .= termуъи for reordered places; .note that ъуnder
conditionsъ BAI may apply and be appropriately added to the main predicate level or within the2 action level
муlbиъo 1completed in property2 according to standard3
муlcabna 1.event is after2 .event concludes. 1in the future when2 finishes
муlfаъo f 1the end/finish/completion of completed thing/process f2 = m1
муlgau g1 makes m1 complete in property m2 by standard m4
муlgri g1 = m1complete set showing common property .ka g2, complete by standard m3
муlgunma g1 = m1mass/team/aggregate/whole, together composed solely/completely/wholly of components2,
considered jointly, by standard m3. .From mulno + gunma. Just gunma with a complete specification of members.
m2 dropped since the property is always ”membership in the mass in question”
m3 left in since it seems to do no harm, although its meaning seems a bit unclear here
муljbi 1almost/nearly done/complete/finished/whole in property2 by standard3
муlkla k1 = m1 arrives at k2 я k3 via route k4 by means k5. .k1 = m 1complete in coming/going to k2
муlнаъуsle s1 = mn 1an indivisible / prime number in integer domain s2. .Made я mulнаъу + selci.;
муlнаъу n 1integer
муlno ,mul mуъo1 .event is complete/done/finished;1 .object has become whole in property2 by standard3
.щ perfected, entirety; .adverb/adjective: entire, total, integral, fully, totally, wholly, completely, entirelymulpиъи p 1the integer result of multiplying integer p2 by integer p3
муlslemijyjиъe1eukaryote of species2. .An eukaryote is an organism whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within
membranes. All species of large complex organisms are eukaryotes, including animals .=данлu, plants .=spati and fungi
.=mledi, although most species of eukaryote are protist microorganisms .=jurmi.
муltertуъи m1 = t3 .dуъу is unanimous / based on complete agreement among t1 = t2
муmbais Mumbai
муmбирcurnu 1starfish of species2
муmdei1Friday of week2 in calendar3
муmei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 5 to cardinal selbri;1set with the quintet of members2
муmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 5 to ordinal selbri; 1fifth among2 ordered by rule3
муmplini p 1the fifth closest planet .default is Jupiter if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2
.default is the Sun, with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
муmplin Jupiter
муmymasti 1May/the fifth month of year2 in calendar3
муmymast May
муmymoijаъa j1 has the rank of Colonel/Captain/Group Captain .equivalent of NATO OF-5 in military unit /organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
муmymomdegji m1 = d 1the little finger of d2
мунже munje ,muj mуъe1universe/cosmos ,complete and ordered entirety of domain/sphere2 defined by rules3
.щ world; a universe is a kind of system, one which comprehensively encompasses its domain; e.g. ъуniverse of
discourseъ, or ъworld of бирdsъ;3 are the rules/defining principles which distinguish the universe я other
universes, or я non-universe
муnono ,PA* number/quantity: 500 ,five hundred
муno ,PA* number/quantity: 50 ,fifty
муpcpa c1 takes a sample of c2 = m2 я source/set c3 = m3
муpli ,mup 1an example/sample/specimen/instance/case/illustration of common property.s2 of set3
муrse 1the ,astronomical twilight/dawn/dusk/half-light/glimmering of day2 at location3. .Morning twilight, dawn .=
cermurse; evening twilight, dusk .= vacmurse
муrta ,mur 1curtain/blinds/drapes for covering/obscuring aperture2, and made of material3
муslo ,mus1 pertains to the Islamic/Moslem/Koranic ,Quranic culture/religion/nation in aspect2.
муstlei1weasel of species/variety2
муче ,tce 1much/extreme in property2 .ka, towards3 extreme/direction;1 is, in2, very3. .щ very, pretty, a lot, immoderate/immoderately, intense, quite, extremely
муtmиъи mi1 = mu 1an algorithm for use/function mu2
муtpapri p1 = m1web page containing hyperlinks in website / collection of hyperlinking documents p2
муvdu ,muv mуъу1 .object moves to destination/receiver2 ,away я origin3 over path/route4. .щ mobile .= comymuъу, for the non-specific opposite of immobile; after a muvdu, object is alienated я/no longer at origin .унлеss physically
returned there, per litru or slilu; agentive move .= muvgau, muvzуъe, non-agentive transitiv
e move .= muvrиъa, selfpropelled .= sezmuvgau, motion of a part of the object .= pagmуъу, having a moving part .= муvypau, muvyselpau; apparent motion .= mlumуъу. .ё rinci, клама .which differs in that the means of motion is
explicit, litru, cliva, fatri; dunda, бенжи for agentive movement that does not necessarily imply alienation я
origin, preja for similar movement with no agent implied, bevri, vimcu
муvgau g1 moves m1 to destination m2 я origin m3 over path/route m4
муzga ,muz1museum for preserving ,and possibly exhibiting2 at location3
му ,mum ,PA1 digit/number: 5 .digit ,five
мy ,BY2 letteral for m
наъacto1 is2 centuries in duration by standard3. .nanca хешто; the default2 is 1
наъarkagnoi n 1the annual report of company/corporation/organization k1
наъа наъa ,BY1 cancel all letteral shifts
наъebo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: something other than
наъefаъa ,FAhA* space direction: not towards specified point, contrary negation; direction modal
наъepуъи ,CAhA* modal aspect: has never, and perhaps cannot; other-than-demonstrated-ability
наъe ,nal ,NAhE contrary scalar negator: other than ...; not ...; a scale or set is implied
наъиtsi1samara of2 for producing offspring3
наъи ,UI3a discursive: metalinguistic negator
наъonai ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: atypically; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
наъo ,TAhE tense interval modifier: characteristically/typically; tense/modal; defaults as time tense
наъу ,NAhU convert selbri to mex operator; used to create less-used operators using leъavla, lujvo, etc
на.a ,A* logical connective: sumti afterthought conditional/only if
набни ,nam1 .event/state is a problem to/encountered by2 in situation/task/inquiry3
.щ:1 requires consideration by2
наbypalne n1 = p1pizza/pie/sandwich/taco/burrito/pirozhki with topping/ingredients p2 and bread of type n2 = p3
наbysko 1quantity of noodles
наbyspi s1crumb of bread n1 made я grains n2
наbзба z1 bakes bread/cake/pastry z2 = n1 я ingredients z3
нашлеъу l1numeral in system l2 representing l3=n1
.If not specified l2 defaults to the Arabic numerals in Western scripts
наcmei1vector of dimension2 with coordinates3,4,5, ..
наcnilbra 1the absolute value/norm of2
наcpoiбаъу b1 counts numbers n1 = p1 out aloud
надycai c1 = n1big problem/crisis for n2 in situation/task/inquiry n3
наfselteъи 1an exception/the only one without property2 among3
наgиъa ,GIhA* logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought conditional/only if
наgoъи ,GOhA* selbri: repeats preceding bridi while denying it as false; pro-assign values are unchanged
наiжги j1 = n2 is a patriot of nation n1
наizgi z 1folk music performed at/by z2 .event, originating in group of people n2
наi ,NAI attached to шмаво to negate them; various negation-related meanings
наja ,JA* logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought conditional/only if
наjgenja g1carrot of variety g2
наjnimre 1an orange of variety2
наjycutcpi ci1 = cu2 is an American robin of variety ci2 .Turdus migratorius. This is not the European robin
наkcinse c 1androphilous/bisexual/straight female/gay male in situation c2 by standard c4. .This word is only about
sexual interest in males; other sexuals interest are irrelevant
наknakcinse c1 = f 1male and androphilous/gay/bisexual in situation c2 by standard c4 .This word is about male
homosexuality and bisexuality
наknalspe f1 = n 1an unmarried man under law/custom/tradition s3
наkni ,nak1male/buck of species2 evidencing masculine trait.s3 .ka; 1masculine
наkpinji p 1a/the penis of p2 = n1
наksmiфециъo si 1feminism, the idea that females and males are alike in quality sm3, as thought by si2
наkspe1husband of2 .spouse according to marriage law/custom/tradition3
наkyбакni n1 = b1bull/steer/ox/male bovine of species/breed n2 = b2
наkydzetru t1patriarch of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
наlbolbиъo bi1 unrolls under condition bi3
наlbro b1 = n 1gentile
наlceiкри k 1atheist
наlcиъи 1uninteresting to2
наlcиъo 1senior/older/other than young by standard2. .наъe citno;
наlci ,наъи 1a/the wing ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: lateral supporting surface
наlcre c 1lay .non-professional in event/activity c2 by standard c3
наlcti c1 abstains я eating c2; c1 fasts
наlджиша1 does not want/desire2 .event/state for purpose3
наlфадни f1 ,member is uncommon/atypical/unusual in property f2 .ka among members of f3 .set
наlgundei1 = d1period of2 = d2 nonworking days/vacation days/holidays for worker3 = g1 at job4 = g2
.Removed djedi3 as being unneeded
наlжуъи 1inattentive towards/distracted/inadvertent of object/affair2
наljundi j 1inattentive towards/distracted я object/affair j2
наlmoъи m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3
наlmуъo 1incomplete/unfinished in property2 by standard3
наlpro p1 gives consent/agreement/sanction to p2 .person/force ind./mass about p3 .abstract
наlrаъуgei g1 = r2 is tranquil/happy about g2 = r1
наlrаъу r1 leaves r2 alone/in peace
наlreъуcti c1 does not eat meat c2 = r1; c1vegetarian
наlrиъи r1 .NU is casual, not formal/ceremonial
наlselcиъи1 = c2 is uninterested in2 = c1
наlseljukpa j2 is uncooked/raw
наlselнаъи 1wingless/has no wings
наlselnalci 1wingless/has no wings
наlselrаъу r2 is calm/untroubled about r1 with result r3
наlspe f1 = n 1unmarried under law/custom/tradition s3
наlstace s 1dishonest/disingenuous to s2 about s3
наlsti s1 .agent is relentless/unceasing in activity/process/state s2
наltаъacni c1 = t 1withdrawn, feeling emotion c2 about c3 = t3 я t2
наlxeъу 1unrepentant of2
наlzungi 1unremorseful of2
наlzva 1absent я 2
наmcrgogolo 1googol ,10 100 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default units
наmcrgogolplexu1googolplex ,10 googol of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default units
наmcu ,nac наъу1 .li is a number/quantifier/digit/value/figure .noun; refers to the value and not the symbol
наmkei1 = k1 = n2 ,agent tries to solve puzzle/enigma/riddle/charade2 = k2 = n1 in game/contest3 = n3
наnba ,nab1quantity of/contains bread ,leavened or unleavened made я grains2
наnbeъo1 reflects Central American culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
наnbrmaца1matzo made я grain2
наnca ,наъa 12 years in duration .default is 1 year by standard3; .adjective:1
is annual. .This year .= cabнаъa; next year .= bavlamнаъa; last year .= prulamнаъa
наndu ,nad 1difficult/hard/challenging for2 under conditions3;1 challenges .nonagentive2
наnfиъogliбау 1the South African English language used by2 to express/communicate3.sиъo/dуъу, not quote
наnfиъogуъe 1South Africa
нанла1boy/lad ,young male person of age2immature bystandard3 Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; .use verba
нанл Master
нанму ,nau1man/men;1male humanoid person ,not necessarily adult. .Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; .use
remna or prenu
наnsicnansnanu 1south by west of2 in reference frame3
наnslovo 1South Slavic/Yugoslavian in aspect2 South Slavic if the aspect is language, else Yugoslavian;
наnstici 1southwest of2 in frame of reference3
наnstuna 1southeast of2 in frame of reference3
наnsunsunsnanu 1southeast by east of2 in frame of reference3
наnvi ,nav 1billionth/thousandmillionth ,10 9 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
нарге ,nag 1nut ,body-part: hardshelled fruit я plant/species2 with shell3 and kernel4
.щ4 nucleus, center .= velnарге for place reordering
наргile1nargileh/hookah for smoking2
наргрkaju1cashew of species2
наргрkaria 1pecan/hickory of species/variety2
наргрpistaco1pistachio of species2
наrjistаъу 1dirty laundry worn by2 for purpose3, dirty with4
наrju ,naj 1orange ,color adjective
наrpanra p 1unique/unequaled/unparalleled/unmatched / the only one of its kind
наrуъe ,NA* weak bridi negation; almost, but not quite
наtfe ,naf наъe1 .dуъу contradicts/denies/refutes/negates2 .dуъу under rules/logic3. .щ exception .= nafmupli;
agentive contradict/deny .= nafxуъa or tolxуъa
наtmi ,nat nai1nation/ethnic group of peoples2; ,people sharing a history/culture
наtpаъи p1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards the nation/ethnic group n2; p1patriot/nationalist
наtpamtrusиъo s1nationalist political ideology as applied by t1 = p1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the
works of thinker s3
наun Mr./Mister
наu ,CUhE tense: refers to current space/time reference absolutely
наvni1quantity of/contains/is made of inert gas of type2 ,neon/argon/radon/xenon/krypton. .Default neon
наvytre m1 = n 1m2 = n2 nanometer.s / billionth.s of a meter ,metric unit in length .default 1 measured in direction m3 = n3
by standard4 = m3
наvzmi z1nanobot performing function z2 under conditions z3
наxle ,naxle1canal/channel to2 я3 with route4. .x2/x3 may be unordered
назби ,naz зби 1the nose,body-part of2 with nostril.s/nasal passage.s3; ,metaphor: protrusion. .щ .adjective: nasal
на ,nar ,NA bridi contradictory negator; scope is an entire bridi; logically negates in some шмаво compounds
нeъa ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; approximating/next to ...
нeъи ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; within/inside of/into ...
нeъo ,VUhU3 unary mathematical operator: factorial; a!
нeъу ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; south of
нebdadyшрека cr1 = d1halter top of material cr2. .A subtype of ”tube top” .jancauшрека, with a single strap
around the back of the neck. Suggested shortest fуъиvla form: ebdrka
нebgunse1swan .genus Cygnus of species/strain2
нebjendu j 1the axis .cervical vertebra of c2
нebnipшрека cr1 = s1polo-neck garment of material cr2
.Usually a sweater .nivyшрека, with a close-fitting, round, and high collar that folds over and covers the neck
Suggested shortest fуъиvla form: epcrka
нebykаъa k1guillotine/executionerъs axe for beheading k2
нebyplovoicpi ci1 = cn2 = v1heron/egret/bittern of species ci2
.Members of family Ardeidae are noted for flying with their necks folded
нebysrijge j1necktie made of material d2 worn by c2
нederland Holland/The Netherlands
нeizma1 = n1 = z1 likes3 = n2 more than2 = z2 does, by margin4 = z4. .Contrast with zmanei for ”prefer”.
нei ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the current bridi.
нejni ,nen 1energy of type2 in form3. .Ray/beam .= neнлиъи
нелши ,nel nei 1fond of/likes/has a taste for2 .object/state
нelrai n 1most fond of n2 = t1 .object/state я set t4, due to extreme t3 .ka; default kazmadu
Also: n1 likes/prefers n2 = t1 the most out of set t4
нелтиъи s1 = n1 recommends s2 = n2 to audience s3
нenri ,ner neъи 1in/inside/within2; 1on the inside/interior of2 ,totally within the bounds of2 .Indicates total containment
нerbei1 imports2 to3 я4 via5
нerшрека c1singlet/undershirt/vest of material c2
нerfopi1lobster of species2
нerkalri 1an entrance/entry/entryway/inlet/way in to2 for3
нerklaji k1 = n1hallway / indoor street within k2 = n2 accessing k3
нerkla n1 = k1 enters n2 = k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
нertаъу1=t1=n 1underwear, worn by/on2=t2, for purpose3=t3, worn under4=n2
нe ,GOI non-restrictive relative phrase marker: which incidentally is associated with ...
ниъaбло1submarine for carrying2, propelled by3
ниъa ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; downwards/down я ...
ниъe ,NIhE convert selbri to mex operand; used to create new non-numerical quantifiers; e.g. ”herd” of oxen.
ниъи ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a logical proof; why?.
ниъиnai ,BAI* nibli modal, 1st place despite logic ...
ниъи ,BAI nibli modal, 1st place logically; logically because ...
ниъo ,NIhO discursive: paragraph break; introduce new topic.
ниъу zei ionti 1an anion of radical/.atom of elementx2 with3 charges
ниъу ,PA3 digit/number: minus sign; negative number; default any negative
ниbjиъи j1 concludes that n1 .dуъу logically implies n2 under rules n3
ниbli ,nib nиъи1 logically necessitates/entails/implies action/event/state2 under rules/logic system3.
ниbytиъи1 = n1 .idea/fact/dуъу suggests/intimates that2 = n2 = s2 .idea/fact/dуъу is true as it appears
to3 = s3 .From nibli stidi. Unlike stidi, it refers to personъs internal
logical reasoning about facts, not external suggestion.
ниште ,cte1nighttime of day2 at location3; .adjective: 1at night/nocturnal.
.Tonight .= cabycte; tomorrow night .= bavlamcte, even when tonight is still in the future; last night .= prulamcte
ниcygau g1 .agent tidies/cleans up/neatens/straightens c1 in property/quantity c2 .ka/ni
ниengatu 1Nheengatu/Tupi/Lingua Geral in aspect2
ниkle ,nik 1made of/contains/is a quantity of nickel/other metal resistant to oxidati
ниlbra 1the size of2 in property/dimension3 on scale4
ниlce ,nиъe1 ,furniture items furnishes2 ,location serving purpose/function3
ниlcla n 1the length of c1 in dimension c2 measured on scale n3 = c3
ниlgla n 1the temperature of g1 measured on scale n2
ниljиъa n1number of points / score / indication of an attempt to win a competition won by j1 over opponent.s j3 in competition j4, points measured on scale n2. .n2 moved to the end due to apparent uselessness
ниlnalcиъo ni 1the age ,elapsed duration of c1 by standard c2
ниlsutra n 1the speed / amount of fast-ness measured on scale n2 of thing / agent s1 in / at doing / being / bringing about
s2 .event / state
ниlxаъуgri n1 .number is the population of inhabitant group g1 in area2 measured on scale n2
ниmбау b 1Laadan. .A constructed language by Suzette Haden Elgin
ниmfaia1water-lily .Nymphaea of species/strain2
ниmre1quantity of citrus ,fruit/tree, etc. of species/strain2
ниmryждu j1quantity of citrus jelly made я n1
ниm Ms
ниnшуъуpre p 1an intrepreneur involved in business cu1 = cn1
ниnшуъу cu1 = cn1new business involving persons cu2
ниngаъиgau gas1 resets/changes gal1 to a new value/content
нинму ,nim nиъу1woman/women;1female humanoid person ,not necessarily adult. .Word dispreferred in
metaphor/example as sexist; .use remna or prenu
ниnpre c1 = p1stranger to c2 in aspect c3 by standard c4 .since ninpre in the sense of ”novice” seems to be
deprecated in favor of nintadni, this seems to be a better definition
ниntadni c2 = t1beginner in subject c1 = t2 by standard c4
ниnyнаъaдетри d 1New Yearъs Day of d2 = n1 = c1 at location d3 in calendar d4
ниnyнаъanunsla nu 1the celebration of the New Year as celebrated by s1 at the beginning of year na1 = c1 according to
standard na3; nu 1the New Year
ниpmapku m1 = s1beanie hat of material m2
ниpsri d1 = s 1an adhesive tape/cellotape/Scotch Tape/duct tape of material d2, which sticks to s2
ниpyпалку p1 = s1legging of material p2
нирcadyxуъиu 1an instance of anesthetic blocking impulses я nerve group/system n1 = c1 of n2
нирна ,nir1nerve/neuron ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: information/control network connection щ .adjective: 1neural
ниtcu ,tcu1 needs/requires/is dependent on/,wants necessity2 for purpose/action/stage of process3. .No implication of lack
ниtkla k1 descends/goes down to k2 = c1 я k3 = c2 via k4 using means k5
ниtmau z1 = c 1lower than z2 beneath c2 in frame of reference c3 by amount/excess z4
ниtrai t1 = c 1the lowest among set/range t4 бенeath c2 in frame of reference c3
ницаlpo s1 dips at an angle of s2 to reference frame s3, to бенeath c2
ниtytse z1 sits on surface z2 = c1 that is below c2 in frame of refernce c3
ниutni g 1g2 newton .s of force .default is 1 by standard g3
ниvji ,niv 1.agent knits 2,cloth/object я yarn/thread 3
ниvyшрека c1 = n2 is a sweater of material c2 = n3 .A knitted jacket or jersey, usually of thick wool
ниxli ,nixli1girl ,young female person of age2 immature by standard3
Word dispreferred in metaphor/example as sexist; .use verba
ниx Miss
ни ,nil ,NU abstractor: quantity/amount abstractor; 1quantity/amount of ,bridi measured on scale2
ноъa ,GOhA pro-bridi: repeats the bridi in which this one is embedded
ноъebo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: the neutral form/value of Midpoint between jeъabo and toъebo
ноъe ,nor noъe ,NAhE midpoint scalar negator: neutral point between jeъa and toъe; ”not really”
ноъи ,NIhO discursive: paragraph break; resume previous topic
ноъo ,PA5 digit/number: typical/average value
ноъу ,GOI non-restrictive appositive phrase marker: which incidentally is the same thing as ...
ноbli ,nol noъи 1noble/aristocratic/elite/high-born/titled in/under culture/society/standard2
.щ noltronиъу normano upper-class; high/low, upper/lower are poor Lojban metaphors; note2 standard applies when the
title/nobility is not recognized culture/society wide; this would include self-assumed titles
ноda ,KOhA* logically quantified sumti: nothing at all .unless restricted
ноisku c1 announces/proclaims c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience c3 = n4 via expressive medium c4
ноi ,NOI non-restrictive relative clause; attaches subordinate bridi with incidental information
ноlбаъи b1 = n 1titled with high aristocratic/noble/elite status in/under culture/society b3 = n2
ноlboi 1an orb made of b2 used by n1
ноlgаъa g1sceptre made of g2 used by n1
ноljedai1Jedi of power / level / rank2
ноlkansa k1courtier to sovereign/aristocrat/noble k2 in culture/country n2 = k3
ноlmapku m1crown made of m2
ноlmle m1 = n 1elegant to m2 = n2
ноlnaum Sir
ноlnиъу ni1 = no1lady, considered noble in culture/society/standard no2
ноlnim Madam
ноlraitru t1 = n1regent/monarch of t2 by standard n2
ноlseъу s1servant of sovereign/aristocrat/noble s2 = n1 in culture/country n2 with responsibilities s3
ноlstizu s1throne/ceremonial chair used by noble/aristocratic/elite/high-born/titled in/under
culture/society/standard n2
ноltronau ni1 = j1 = no1Duke/Baron/Count/Earl/Marquess/ ,titled noble of middle rank ruling j2 under culture/standard 2
ноltronиъу ni1 = j1 = no1Duchess/Baroness/Countess/Marchioness/ ,titled noble of middle rank ruling j2
under culture/standard no2
ноltrunau 1the king of2 by standard3
ноltrunиъу 1the queen of2 by standard3
ноlzda z1palace of/for noble person.s n1 = z2
ноlzgi z1 = n1 the classical music performed at/by z2 .event originating in culture n1
ноl Sir/Madam
ноmoъo ,MAI* discursive utterance ordinal: zeroth section/chapter ordinal; foreword
ноndei1Sunday of week2 in calendar3. .Sunday is either day seven or day zero, depending on your perspective
ноnждi 1undecided/makes no decision about2
ноnkansa 1alone/lonely/lonesome in state/condition/enterprise2
ноnselcei c2 disbelieves in god/deity c1 with dominion over c3; c2 is an atheist
ноnseldиъa 1available for free/without cost to2 я provider3.
ноnseljиъу 1invisible я point-of-view2
ноnseljmi j2 .dуъу is a mystery for j1, the subject being j3
ноnselsmu 1nonsense/nonsensical to2
ноnselsumji 1the additive inverse of2
ноrcpa c1 neither gets c2 я c3 nor puts c2 at c3
ноreg Norway
ноrgo1 reflects Norwegian culture/nationality in aspect2 .Experimental gismu
ноrmano1 reflects Norman culture/nationality/language in aspect2
нороыи ,ROI* tense interval modifier: never; objectively uantified tense; defaults as time tense
ноrpаъa 1indifferent/neutral/apathetic about event2, expected likelihood3
ноrpаъи 1indifferent/apathetic/dispassionate/uninvolved/unmoved towards/with/by2
ноrselcиъи1 = c2 is disinterested in2 = c1
ноrvaismu s1 = v 1an interpretation of s2 recognized by s3 but judged unimportant by v2. .noъe+vajni+smuni
ноrzau 1indifferent towards2
ноtcиъa c1 notes down c2 on display/storage medium c3 with writing implement c4
ноtci ,not noi1message/notice/memorandum about subject2 я author3 to intended audience4
.Emphasis on brevity, single or identifiable subject .contrast withatra: the emphasis in notci is on the single or
cohesively focused subject, while the audience is less defined - indeed only an ъиntendedъ audience.atra need not have a
single or focussed subject - its corresponding place is for ъcontentъ; reminder/memo/note .= mojnoi
ноtsku c1 announces/proclaims c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience c3 = n4 via expressive medium c4
но ,non ,PA1 digit/number: 0 .digit ,zero
нуъa ,NUhA convert mathematical expression .mex operator to a selbri/tanru component
нуъeшуъи ,COI* vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise
нуъenai ,COI* vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise
нуъe ,COI vocative: promise - promise release - un-promise
нуъи ,NUhI start forethought termset construct; marks start of place structure set with logical connection
нуъogle g 1virgin/sexually inexperienced
нуъospe1=s 1single .never been married by law/convention2=s3
нуъу ,NUhU elidable terminator: end forethought termset; usually elidable except with following sumti
нu,IORK New York
нukni ,nuk 1magenta/fuchsia/purplishred ,color adjective
нunbebna n 1an event of b1 being foolish/silly/stupid in event/action /property .ka b2
нuncasnu n1conversation involving c1.s .mass normally, but 1 individual/joъу possible about topic/subject c2
нuncatra n 1the killing by c1 of c2 by action/method c3
нuncиъo n 1the youth of c1
нuncne1 = n1change in property/quantity2 = c2 .ka/ni of amount/degree3 = c3 under conditions4 = c4
нuncnici n 1order .state of being well arranged of c1 with orderliness c2
нuncti n 1an event at which c1 eat.s c2
нunдаъa n1fight/battle in which d1 fights d2 over issue d3 .abstract
нundamba n1fight/battle in which d1 fights d2 over issue d3 .abstract
нundansu n1dance with dancer.s d1 .individual, mass to music/rhythm d2
нundeъa n1pause by d1 for/until d2 at state d3 before starting/continuing d4 .activity/process
нundenpa n1pause by d1 for/until d2 at state d3 before starting/continuing d4 .activity/process
нundunkrali n 1the equality of rights k1 = d3 entitled to k2 = d1 = d2
нunfirsku n1facial expression .countenance of agent f2 = c1 expressing f1 = c2
нunflapai n1trial of dispute j2 involving people f3 includes not only the disputing parties but also the judge and juries,
which may be connected with ”joъу”
нunfusra n 1the decay/fermentation .recycling of matter/energy/electrons of f1 by chemical agent f2
нunjacycrepu n 1fishery .fish industry of product c2 .aquatic animals я source/area c3 = t1
.ocean/sea/coast/lake/river by fishermen c1
.x2 can be any harvestable aquatic animals, including mollusks and crustaceans
нunjиъe n 1the life of j1
convention/encounter/gettogether/ reunion of participants2 at location3 я locations4
нunjoъe n 1an established connection between j1 and j2 at common locus j3. .n1 or j1 may be a mass formed with ”joi”,
as is the case in a computer network between a server and clients
нunkаъokуъи n1condition of ku1 managing the health of ka1 .Usually the prevention, treatment, and management of illness
and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical, nursing, and
allied health professions.2 and3 may the same or different
нunkei n1game played by k1 playing with plaything/toy k2
нунлеrci n 1the lateness of l1 .event by standard l2
нunmиъa n 1the laugh/laughter of/by c1
нunмикше n 1medical, involving doctor/nurse m1, patient m2, ailment m3, and treatment/cure m4
нunмро n 1the death .state of being dead of m1 .person
нunmуъи n 1the event of m1 motivating action m2 per volition m3
нunpai n1trial/judgement/arbitration with judge/arbitrator/referee p1 determining/deciding matter p2
нunpeъи1meeting between2 and3 at/in location4
нunselticкри1believe-deceived with deceive-belief subject2 with deception subject3
нunsezyfanta n 1self-restraint shown by f1 = s2
нunsimbиъo n 1an event of integration between s1 = b1 nunskezуъe n 1engineering in branch s2 based on methodology s3
нunspe n 1the marriage of s1 and s2 according to tradition s3
нuntoi n 1the effort of t1 trying/attempting to do/attain t2 .event/state/property by actions/method t3
нuntumcrepu n 1agriculture of product c2 я source/area c3 = t1 by farmers c1
нuntumdesku n 1earthquake at location t2
нunxumsne s1trip/drug-induced hallucination about s2 due to chemical substanceu2 with purityu3
нunzиъe n 1the freedom of z1 doing z2 under condition z3
нупрэ nupre ,nup nуъe1 .agent promises/commits/assures/threatens2 .event/state to3 ,бенeficiary/victim
нurbeъи b1 archives s1 = b2 in medium b5. .snura benji;
нurfуъи f1backup / danger avoiding duplicate / copy of f2 = s1 in form / medium f3 made by method f4 to protect / secure
against event s2 .generally destruction or loss. .Made я snura + fukpi
нurma ,num1rural/rustic/pastoral area of2; 1in the country
нurtoni1neutron in quantum state2
нurxru 1 saves/rescues/redeems/delivers2=s1 я threat/peril s2 nutli ,nul nуъи 1neutral/not taking
sides/medial/not towards any extreme on scale/in dissension2. .щ2 dispute/struggle .though2 is not limited to
disagreements, which is merely one manifestation of scalar or distributed values in which there is a medial position
нuзба ,nuz1 .dуъу is news/tidings/new information about subject2 я source3, to observer4
нuzlo1 reflects New Zealand culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
нuznoi no1news/press release with news nu1 about subject nu2 = no2 issued by no3 for audience no4
нu ,nun ,NU abstractor: generalized event abstractor; 1state/process/achievement/activity of ,bridi
нy ,BY2 letteral for n
оъaшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: pride - modesty/humility - shame
оъanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: pride - modesty/humility - shame
оъa ,UI1 attitudinal: pride - modesty/humility - shame
оъenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: closeness - distance
оъe ,UI1 attitudinal: closeness - distance
оъиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: caution - rashness
оъи ,UI1 attitudinal: caution - rashness
оъoшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: patience - mere tolerance - anger
оъonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: patience - mere tolerance - anger
оъo ,UI1 attitudinal: patience - mere tolerance - anger
оъушуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: relaxation - composure - stress
оъуnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: relaxation - composure - stress
оъу ,UI1 attitudinal: relaxation - composure - stress
оbu ,BY* letteral for o
оdбенu1walrus of breed2
оdnata1dragonfly/damselfly .order Odonata of species2
оinai ,UI*1 attitudinal: complaint - pleasure
оireъe ,UI*1 attitudinal: spiritual/religious complaint
оiroъa ,UI*1 attitudinal: social complaint
оiroъe ,UI*1 attitudinal: mental complaint .puzzlement, excess mental work
оiroъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: emotional complaint
оiroъo ,UI*1 attitudinal: physical complaint
оiroъу ,UI*1 attitudinal: sexual complaint
оi ,UI1 attitudinal: complaint - pleasure
оktopoda 1an octopus of species2
оmso g 1g2 ohm.s of electrical impedance/resistance .default is 1 by standard g3
оnai ,A* logical connective: sumti afterthought exclusive or; Latin ъautъ
оrka 1an orca/killer whale .Orcinus orca of breed2
оrvanxi 1broomrape of species2
Осака Osaka
оsteraix Austria
оstreda 1an oyster of species2
ОTa,uas Ottawa
оtan North-Atlantic Treaty Organization
оxtapodi 1octopus of species2 ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if
паъaku ,BAI* sumti: explicitly marks respective use as in ”THEY read THEIR .respective books”
паъarбау b 1Esperanto
паъasevаъу ,BAI* among .with a share for each
паъa ,BAI panra modal, 1st place .parallel; shared property similarly; in addition to ...
паъenai ,UI*3 discursive: justice - prejudic
паъe ,UI3 discursive: justice - prejudice
паъи ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: ratio; ,the ratio of a to b
паъохра pi1cross section/tomogram, a picture of slice pa1=pi2 of pa2 made by pi3 in medium pi4
.samterpli pаъохра = CAT scan. There is another kind of tomogram which may be better termed tadmijyхра
паъo ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; transfixing/passing through ..
паъу ,BAI pagbu modal, 1st place having component ..
паbi ,PA* number/quantity: 18 ,eighteen
паci ,PA* number/quantity: 13 ,thirteen
пашна ,pаъa1 hopes/wishes for/desires2 .event, expected likelihood3 .0-1;1 hopes that2 happens
.щ: 1hopeful of2;2 will hopefully occur, as hoped for by1; the value of3 is a subjective estimate
of likeliness according to1, and is the basic determinant of whether пашна means ъhopeъ or ъwishъ or
ъexpectъ: hoping for objects/states with negligible expectation is ”wishing”; if the state is plausibly likely,
it is ”hoping”; when the probability is subjectively near 1, the attitude is described as ”expecting”; the value
will usually be expressed using inexact numbers .”li pisoъу” to ”li piro”; wish
.= sotpаъa, hope .= sorpаъa, expect .= sojypаъa
паcruxtutra t 1the Hell of evil spirit.s t2 = pa1 = pr1, evil by standard pa2
паcyselzуъe1 = z2 = p1sin/evil action by2 = z1 for purpose/goal z3, evil/depraved/wicked
.morally bad by standerd4 = p2
паcyxlul 1.agent temptsl2 into evill3 = p1 by influence/threat/lurel4, said act being evil by standard p2
паcyzуъe z1 sins by doing z2 = p1 by standard p2
паf Dad .The rafsi for patfu used as a familar name
пагбу pagbu ,pag pau1part/component/piece/portion/segment of2 ,where2 is a whole/mass;2 is partly1 Partly .= selpau
пагре ,gre1 passes through/penetrates barrier/medium/portal2 to destination side3 я origin side4
.Passing through in both directions .= rolfаргрe, pagre ... .i soъиvoъиvoъу .and vice versa
паgycаъo p1 = c1tab .navigational widget in p2 = c2. .x2 is usually a web browser or a text editor.
паgygуъe p1 = g1constituent country of p2 .sovereign state / supranational body
паиждi j1 = p1 gives a verdict j2 .dуъу about matter j3 = p2 .abstract
паирkamni p1 = k1jury/judging panel deciding matter p2 in court/judging body k3
паирkamnycmi c1member of jury/judging panel c2 = p1 = k1 deciding matter p2 in court/judging body k3
паирnуъи 1fair/just/equitable/impartial/unprejudiced/unbiased in judging/refereeing/
arbitrating/determining/deciding matter2
паирselждi j2 is a verdict given by j1 = p1 about matter j3 = p2 .abstract
паирtrucиъe c1 = t1 = p 1the judicial branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t
паи ,PA5 digit/number: pi .approximately 3.1416...
паjni ,pai1 judges/referees/arbitrates/is a judge determining/deciding matter2 .abstract
.x2 includes jei = rule .jetpai, ni = estimate .lairpai, ka = evaluate .kairpai or vampai,
or nu = referee/arbitrate .faurpai; single events of judging including specific decisions/judgements
.= paiждi, jetpaiждi, lairpaiждi, kairpaiждi, vampaiждi, faurpaiждi; jury .= pairkamni, serve on a jury
.= kamnypai, as part of mass1
паkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 1,000 expressed with comma
паlbиъo1 gets promoted to2 .object, state
паlci ,pac 1evil/depraved/wicked ,morally bad by standard2
паlgau 1 promotes2 to3 .object, state
палку ,pak1 are pants/trousers/slacks/leggings ,legged garment of material2
паlne 1tray/platter/flat container ,pan/sheet/griddle of contents2, and made of material3
.щ pallet, when used for carrying rather than support on the ground; a tray is flat-bottomed and shallow or without
a rim, and is generally portable
паlsita1Sith / Dark Jedi of power / level / rank2
паlta1plate/dish/platter/saucer ,flat/mildly concave food service bed made of material2
паltylуъи l1 .agent washes dishes l2 of soil/contaminant l3 with cleaning material.s l4
паltylumcаъa c1dishwasher .machine
паludizm malaria
паmai ,MAI* discursive: first utterance ordinal
паmbe1pump/injector ,tool/apparatus
пumping/inserting fluid2 to3 я4 by means5. .x2 fluid may be liquid or gas;5 may be a force; a pump generally causes a прessure gradient, such that3 is a place of lower pressure,4 a place of higher pressure
паmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 1 to cardinal selbri;1set with single/sole/only member2
паmjai j1 hugs/embraces j2 with j3 .part of j1 at locus j4 .part of j2
паmlиъу p1&p2 = l1 .mass date via route l2 using means l3
паmoъo ,MAI* discursive utterance ordinal: first section/chapter ordinal
паmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 1 to ordinal selbri; 1first among2 ordered by rule3
паmpeъo pr1=pe1lover of pr2=pe2
паmu ,PA* number/quantity: 15 ,fifteen
паnci ,pan 1an odor/fragrance/scent/smell emitted by2 and detected by observer/sensor3. .An undetected emitter is odorless
to the observer
паndi ,pad1 .agent punctuates2 .expression with symbol/word3 with syntactic/semantic effect4
паnjelca j1 = p2 is incense emitting odor p1
паnjelgаъa g1 = p2 is an incense stick with odor2 = p1
паnje 1quantity of/contains/is made of sponge/porous material. .щ metaphorically used for coral, Swiss cheese
паnjyдаъу1sponge of species2
паnjyzme1loofa of variety2
паnka 1park/land reserve managed by community/polity/company2 for purpose3
панло ,pаъo1slice ,thin flat portion of2 .mass
паnokиъokиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 10,000,000 ,ten millions.Western numbering system/1,00,00,000 ,100 lakhs
.Indian numbering system
паnomei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 10 to cardinal selbri;1set with the decade of members2
паnomoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 10 to ordinal selbri; 1tenth among2 ordered by rule3
паnonokиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 100,000 ,hundred thousand.Western numbering system/,one lakh.Indian numbering system..
паnonomei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 100 to cardinal selbri;1set with the century of members2
паноыно panono ,PA* number/quantity: 100 ,one hundred
паno ,PA* number/quantity: 10 ,ten
паnpi ,pap 1at peace with2
паnra1 parallels2 differing only in property3 .ka; joъу/fаъу term by standard/geometry4
.щ: 1parallel to2,3 is the only difference between1 and2 .= terpanra for reordered places;1 and2
are alike/similar/congruent. A parallel involves extreme close similarity/correspondence across the entirety of the
things being compared, generally involving multiple properties, with focus placed on one or a small number of differences
паnte ,pat 1protests/objects to/complains about 2 .event/state to audience3 with action4
..x4 is an event or tуъa quotation
паnzi ,paz1,biological offspring/child/kid/hybrid of parent.s2; .adjective: 1filial
паpa ,PA* number/quantity: 11 ,eleven
паpri1,physical page/leaf of book/document/bound mass of pages2. .Numbered pages .as in a book are the sides
of a page .= paprysfe, paprysfelai; a pageful of text .= papryseltcidu, paprytcidylai
паpsimbиъo1 make up/peace with each other under condition2
парби ,pab1 .meъo, fraction is a ratio/rate of2 .quantity with respect to3 .quantity, ,x2:x3
.щ1 fraction/proportion/quotient;2 dividend/numerator;3 divisor/denominator
парemei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 12 to cardinal selbri;1set with a dozen members2
парe ,PA* number/quantity: 12 ,twelve
парIZ Paris
парji1parasite of2
парkla k1 = c1 creeps/crawls to k2 я k3 via k4 using k5 = c4
парoi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: once; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
пасifik Pacific Ocean
пасo ,PA* number/quantity: 19 ,nineteen
пасrtunika1tunic of material2. .A garment worn over the torso, with or without sleeves, and of various
lengths reaching я the hips to the ankles. Originated in Greece and Ancien Rome. tуъиnka for type 4
пасtu ,pas 1robe/tunic/gown/cloak/dress/ coveralls ,a long/full body garment of material2
.щ coveralls .= pasпалку
пасyskaci s1 = p1dress/gown .full-length un-legged garment of material s2 = p2
паtfu ,paf pаъу1father of2;1 begets/sires/acts paternal towards2; ,not necessarily biological
паtlu1potato ,an edible tuber of variety/cultivar2
..use samcu for starchy/tuberous roots that do not reproduce я eyes of tuber
паtpei pa1 = pe1 disapprovingly minds/cares pa2 = pe2
паtsku c1 = p1 protests expressing c2 to audience c3 = p3 via medium c4 about p2
паtspu s1 = p1 protests/objects to/complains about s2 = p2 with action s3 = p4 to audience p3
паtxиъo1 = p 1Protestant in aspect2
патху ,pax1pot/kettle/urn/tub/sink, a deep container for contents2, of material/properties3
паtyvаъу v1 = p1 sighs in exasperation responding to p2 .event/state
пауnai ,UI*3 discursive: unreal/rhetorical question follows
пауrseldejni p1bond issued by d1 held by d3
пау ,UI3a discursive: optional question premarker
паvbudjo b 1the first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama
паvdei1Monday of week2 on calendar3
паvdilcu 1the reciprocal/multiplicative inverse of2
паvdutcinse c 1strictly heterosexual in situation c2 by standard c4. .This word does not apply to bisexuals and is the
direct Lojban equivalent of English ”heterosexual”
паvgaryreъe t1vehicle of units2 for monorail3, propelled by4
паvmasti 1January/the first month of year2 in calendar3
паvmast January
паvmei m 1singular
паvmitcinse c 1strictly homosexual in situation c2 by standard c4. .This word does not apply to bisexuals and is the
direct Lojban equivalent of English ”homosexual”
паvmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant .equivalent of NATO OF-1 in military unit /organization j2
Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
паvnonmasti 1October/the tenth month of year2 in calendar3
паvnonmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Field Marshall/General of the Army//Fleet Admiral/Marshall of the Air Force
.equivalent of NATO OF-10 in military unit j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
паvo ,PA* number/quantity: 14 ,fourteen
паvrelmasti 1December/the twelfth month of year2 in calendar3
паvroi1 happens once in interval2
паvycinglepre pr 1.a monosexual/nonbisexual
паvycinse c 1monosexual in situation c2 by standard c4. .Monosexual means sexual interest in only one sex/gender, so
this word does not apply to bisexuals .= relcinse
паvypavmasti 1November/the eleventh month of year2 in calendar3
паvyplini p 1the closest planet .default is Mercury if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2 .default is the Sun, with
planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
паvyplin Mercury
паvysei p1 = s 1alone, lacking the company of s2
паvyselcei c2 believes inone god/deity c1withdominion over c3;c2is a monotheistpavyseljиъo j2 is a monopole with end j1
паvyseljirna 1unicorn
.Refers specifically to animals of the unicorn species, not the result of removing a horn я a two-horned animal
паvysmu s1the single,unambiguous meaning of s2 recognized/accepted by s3;2 = s2 is unambiguous/explicit according to3 = s3
паvzilcatra c2 dies .non-agentively я cause c3
паxa ,PA* number/quantity: 16 ,sixteen
паxlai k 1k2 .quantifier, default: one potfuls in quantity
паxrmari p1double boiler/bain-marie containing p2 made of p3 paze ,PA* number/quantity: 17 ,seventeen
па ,pav ,PA1 digit/number: 1 .digit ,one
пеъa ,pev ,UI3c marks a construct as figurative .non-literal/metaphorical speech/text
пеъe ,PEhE marks the following connective as joining termsets
пеъи ,UI2 evidential: I opine .subjective claim
пеъo ,PEhO forethought flag for mathematical expression .mex Polish .forethought operator
пеъу ,COI vocative: please
пеifli1 = f1 = p 1baf- fled/befuddled/perplexed/flummoxed by subject2 = p2;1 = f1 = p 1stuck on problem2 = p2
пеisku p1 = c1 thinks thought c2 = p2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept
.Verbal or near-verbal expression of a thought; internal monologue
пеixru1 = p1 thinks back to origin/earlier state3 about p2 .abstraction
пеi ,CAI attitudinal: attitudinal question; how do you feel about it? with what intensity?
пеjgau g1 .agent spreads p1 over/into p2 я p3
пеkin Peking
пелglar yellow fever
пелji ,ple 1paper я source2 Sheet of paper .= pleкарда if shape is important, pleboъo
пелnimre 1lemon of variety2
пелxu ,pel 1yellow/golden ,color adjective
пеmci ,pem 1poem/verse about plot/pattern2 by author3 for intended audience4. .x2 may be a convention rather than a subject
пеmcrlimriki1limerick about subject/theme2 by author3
пеmcrsoneto1sonnet about subject/theme2 by author3
пеmcrxaiku1haiku about subject/theme2 by author3
пеmpau pa1verse of poem pe1 about subject pe2 by author pe3 for intended audience pe4
пеnbi ,peb 1pen using ink2 applied by process3
пеncu ,pec peъу1 .agent touches2 with3 ,a locus on1 or an instrument at4 ,a locus on2
пеndo ,ped peъo1 is/acts as a friend of/to2 .experiencer;2 befriends1
пеngau g1 introduces p1 to p2 at/in location p3
пеngri g1group meeting showing common property g2 at/in location p3
пеnmi ,pen peъи1 meets/encounters2 at/in location3
пеnsi ,pes pei 1 thinks/considers/cogitates/reasons/is pensive about/reflects upon subject/concept2
щ: 1thoughtful .one sense;2 is mental .one sense/intellectual .one sense .= selpei
перli ,per1pear ,fruit of species/strain2
перsika 1peach of variety2
перsimo 1persimmon/ebony of species/variety2
перUV Peru
перvуъуi1 reflects Peruvian culture/nationality in aspect2
пеskуъи p1 = k 1considerate of p2 = k2
пеsrуъe pr 1cognition .process of thought with inputs pr2 = pe2, outputs pr3 = pe3, passing through stages pr4
пеstиъи s1 = p1 hypothesizes s2 = p2 to audience s3 about subject/concept4 = p2
пеsxu ,pex 1paste/pulp/dough/mash/mud/slurry ,soft, smooth-textured, moist solid of composition2
.x2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification
пецо ,pet 110 15 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пеxfebdja1 = p1 = c1noodle/pasta/boiled dough eaten by2 = c2 made out of3 = p2
.normally grain.s or legume.s which is boiled in4 = f1 .normally water at temperature5 = f2 and pressure6 = f3
пеzli ,pez1leaf of plant2; 1foliage of2
пеzrиъoxуъи 1chlorophyll of type2; 1chlorophyllous with type2 pezyfaltricu t1deciduous tree of species t2
пеzyxruba1quantity of sorrel of subspecies2
пе ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which is associated with ...; loosest associative/possessive
пиъa ,VUhU4 n-ary mathematical operator: operands are vectors to be treated as matrix rows
пиъe ,PA3 digit/number:separates digits for base ¿16, not current standard, or variable
пиъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: times; multiplication operator; ,...a * b * c * ....
пиъo ,BAI pilno modal, 1st place used by ...
пиъу ,piv ,JOI non-logical connective: cross product; Cartesian product of sets
пиblitki l 1vaginal/penile fluid/secretion of p2
пиcti ,pic1trillionth ,10 12 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
пиdуъe ,PA* number: too much of
пиfcpi1hornbill of species2
пиfygau g1 takes into custody/imprisons p1 as a prisoner/captive of p2 restrained/held/confined by means/force p3
пижиъи ,PA* number: approximately all of
пижne1pin/peg .needle-shaped tool for fastening to/piercing2, of material/properties3
пижyske s 1philosophy with methodology s2
пиkci 1pleads/supplicates/entreats/implores/prays ,asks with humility 2 for 3
.щ importune, petition, plea, solicit;2 benefactor, patron;3 boon, favor, gift, alms
пиksku c1=p3.agent comments/remarks on/observes c2=p1 about subject3 = p2 to audience4 = c3 = p4 via expressive medium5 = c5
пиkta1ticket entitling2 to entitlement/privilege3 .event/state under conditions4
пиlji ,pиъи 1the product/total/result of factors/multiplicands .x2 and32 multiplied by3
пиlka ,pil pиъa1crust/rind/peel/skin/hide/outer cover of2
пиlno ,pli1 uses/employs2 ,tool, apparatus, machine, agent, acting entity, material for purpose3.
щ utilize;2 is useful/used productively by1 to do3 = selpli for reordered places; hire/employ .= leъиpli, lejypliшуъа
пиmdуъи d1 = p2 has the same feathers/plumage as d2, the feathers/plumage being p1
пиmlu ,pim pиъу 1a/the feather/plume.s/plumage ,body-part of animal/species2
пиmoъa ,PA* number: too little of
пиmuшуъо ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert .5 to probability selbri; event1 has a 50/50 chance under cond.2
пиmu ,PA* half. .synonym fиъуre;
пиnca 1a/the urine/piss/pee of2
пиncyfиъe1candiru of species/variety ´2. .syn. kandiru, finprvandeli;
пиncyvиъи v1 = p2 .body excretes urine/urinates/pees/pisses
пиndi ,pid 1poor/indigent/impoverished/lacking in goods/possessions/property2 .x2 is scanty/meager/lacking for1
пиnflani 1flute
пиnfu ,pif1prisoner/captive of2, restrained/held/confined by means/force3
пиnji 1a/the clitoris/penis ,projecting reproductive organ; body-part of2
.Normally context eliminates need for specificity; otherwise: penis .= nakpinji, clitoris .= fetpinji
пиnjycarvi c 1bukkake onto c2 я c3 = p2. .Use nunpinjycarvi for the event
пиnjygai g1penis sheath
пиnjyждu j 1smegma of p2. .Includes male and female smegma
пиnjykapyvиъу v1 circumcises/removes foreskin я p2 = s2 = v3
пиnjyскапи s 1the foreskin of p2 = s2
пиnka ,pik1 .text is a comment/remark/observation about subject2 expressed by3 to audience4
.щ:3 comments/remarks/says1 about2 .= terselpinka for reordered place
пиnpau1row/rank of table/chart2
пиnpedi1seal/sea lion/otary/walrus of genus/species2 .seal: kermipri pinpedi; sea lion: kerjаъo pinpedi
пиnsиъa s1 = p1 prostrates him/herself/itself before s2
пиnsi ,pis1pencil/crayon/stylus applying lead/marking material2, frame/support ,of material3.
.щ writing brush;1 stimulates substrate medium2 to display marks; explicitly denoting a standard
lead pencil .= табьpinsi
unlike the English equivalents, pinsi is the more general term over penbi, burcu, бакрi
пиnta ,pin 1flat/level/horizontal in gravity/frame of reference2
пиntуъa p1 = t1plain/flatland at location t2 pinvre v1 lies on v2 = p1
пиnxe ,pix 1.agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment2 я/out-of container/source3.
пиnynacmei1row vector of dimension2 with coordinates3,4
пиpcarna c1 = p1 somersaults over c2 in direction c3 to p2 я p3
пиpkla k1 = p1 skips/hops to k2 = p2 я k3 = p3 via route k4
пиpno ,pиъo1piano/harpsichord/synthesizer/organ; a keyboard musical instrument
пиpnrpiano zei konceto 1piano concerto number2 in key3 composed by4 performed by/at5. event
пиpnrpiano 1piano
пиpybanfi p1 = b1frog of species b2
пиpyjalra1grasshopper of order/species/breed2
пирesиъe ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert .2 = 1/5 to portion selbri; 11/5 of mass/totality2
пирlarfиъи f1 = p3 paints picture f2 = p1 in style/art form l1 representing/showing p2 = f4 on medium p4
пирosиъe ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts allof to portion selbri; 1the whole portion of mass2
пирo ,PA* number: all of
пиsoъa ,PA* number: almost all of
пиsoъиroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: often; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
пиsoъи ,PA* number: much of
пиsoъуroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: rarely; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
пиsoъу ,PA* number: a little of
пиsуъo ,PA* number: at least some of
пиtkиъotre m 1m2 square kilometers on side / facing m3 by standard m4
пиtnanba n1pizza with topping/ingredients n2
пиton Python. .programming language
пихра ,pir хра1picture/illustration representing/showing2, made by artist3 in medium4
.щ .adjective: 1pictorial/illustrative; drawing .= храсelcиъa,1 draws2 .= храcиъa/храcиъa,
image .= храtai, photo .= kacmyхра, take a photo .= kacmyterхра, kacmyхраgau, kacmyхраzуъe; sculpture,
relief .= bliхра
пи ,piz ,PA3 digit/number: radix .number base point; default decimal
плаjva j1 = p2 is a policy by p1 policy maker regarding j3 subject of policy, j 1political Politics as an activity may be ”nu plajva” and political science may be ”plajva састе”
плаna 1plump/fat/obese ,excessively thick/bulbous/swollen by standard2
планк Planck
плаntago 1plantain .small plant with flower spike of species2
пларглни 1geranium of species/variety2
плаtano 1sycamore .Platanus of species 2
плаtesa1plaice of species2
плаtu ,pla 1.agent plans/designs/plots plan/arrangement/plot/,schematic 2 for state/process3
.щ invents/organizes;2 design, scheme; the structure or layout of an object would be represented as a state in 3
плеji ,lej leъи1 pays/compensates/remunerates/,rewards payment2 to recipient/payee3 for goods/services4
щ4 commodities;4 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically, for
objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity .= posleъи, posyvelyleъи for unambiguous
semantics; rent .= jerleъи, lejyjbera
плеkarni k1journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper printed on paper with content k2 published by k3 for audience k4
плеsigja s1cigarette made of s2 by s3
плиbu ,pib 1a/the pubic area/external genitalia ,body-part of2
плиcme c 1the user-name/pseudonym/penname of c2 = p1 for use with/by resource c3 = p2 for purpose p3.
плиcru c1 .agent allows the use of p2 for use3 = p3 under conditions4 = c3.
плишуъа c1 = p1 adopts/selects/chooses/accepts c2 = p2 out of alternatives c3 for purpose p3
плиkаъe 1able to use2 for purpose3 under conditions4
плиni1planet revolving around2 with planetary characteristics3, orbital parameters4
плиnycma c1 = p 1an asteroid/planetoid revolving around p2 with characteristics p3 and orbital parameters p4
плиnyxabykoi k 1the equator of planet2 = p1 .default Earth revolving around p2
плиnyxadba1hemisphere of planet2 .default Earth revolving around p2
плиpe ,pip pиъe 1.agent/object leaps/jumps/springs/bounds to2 я3 reaching height4 propelled by5
Place structure parallels клама; hence4 may be a route-like expression
плириъa r1 = p1 applies r2 = p2 to r3 = p3
плиse 1an apple ,fruit of species/strain2
плиsytricu 1an apple tree of tree species2
плиta ,pit1plane ,2-dimensional shape/form defined by points2 .set; 1flat/,smooth
.щ: 1even/planar/level. .x2 is a set of points at least sufficient to define the plane
плиvei v1log/record of data v2 .nu/dуъу about v3 = p1ъs use of resource p2 for purpose p3 recorded in medium v4
плихау1=p2 is useful/good for2 = p1 by the standard of being usable for purpose p3. .x3 is ”usable”
плиxa ,lix 1.agent plows/furrows/tills ,cuts into and turns up 2 with tool3 propelled by 4
плоnebrespa1frill-necked lizard .Chlamydosaurus of species2
плоpijne pi1 = po2 is a staple for holding together pi2, made of pi3 .cleaned up я auto noralujv migration Conceivably this might include a paper fastener as well. See plopijnytci for stapler
плuja ,luj 1complex/complicated/involved in aspect/property2 .ka by standard3. .щ tangled, confused
плuka ,puk pуъa1 .event/state seems pleasant to/pleases2 under conditions3
плuta ,lut lуъa1route/path/way/course/track to2 я3 via/defined by points including4 .set. .A route merely connects
origin/destination, but need not be improved in any way; .x4 is a set of points at least sufficient to constrain the route
плuton Pluto
пoъedji1 = p1 = d1 wants to own/possess/have2 = p2 for purpose3 = d3, wanting to own/possess/have it by right/custom/law4 =
p3. .d2 is the abstraction of1 having2.
пoъe ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which belongs to ... ; inalienable possession.
пoъи ,BAI porsi modal, 1st place .in order sequentially; in the sequence ...
пoъolska 1 reflects Polish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
пoъo ,UI3b discursive: uniquely, only, solely: the only relevant case
пoъу ,GOI restrictive appositive phrase marker: which is the same thing as
пoi ,NOI restrictive relative clause; attaches subordinate bridi with identifying information to a sumti
пokmeъoni1Pokemon/Pocket Monster of ´ species2
пolgosu1halibut of species2. .syn. finprxipoglosu;
полже ,plo1 .force folds/creases2 at locus/loci/forming crease.s/bend.s3. .For agentive folding .= plogau, plozуъe;
use cardinal-value sumti in3, or rapli, to indicate multiple folds
пolno ,pol1 reflects Polynesian/Oceanian .geographic region culture/nationality/languages in aspect2
пolskas Poland
пonбау p1 = b 1the Japanese language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
пongуъe p1 = g 1Japan
пonжда l 1the Shinto religion with beliefs/practices/tenets including l3
понжо ,pon poъo1 reflects Japanese culture/nationality/language in aspect2
пonse ,pos poъe1 possesses/owns/has2 under law/custom3; 1owner/proprietor of2 under3. ..x3 is generally more important to
the concept than commonly accepted for the English equivalent, since the concept is broader when unconstrained, and the
nature/interpretation of possession/ownership is very culturally dependent
пopsna s 1the sound of p1 breaking/shattering/cracking/splintering into pieces p2
пopygau g1 causes p1 to break/fracture/shatter/,split/splinter/crack into pieces p2
пorpi ,pop poъи1 breaks/fractures/shatters/,splits/splinters/cracks into pieces2
пorsi ,por poi1 ,ordered set is sequenced/ordered/listed by comparison/rules2 on unordered set3. .щ .adjective: 1serial
.sets are completely specified
пorto ,pot1 reflects Portuguese culture/nationality/language in aspect2
пorzуъe Group of agents p3 = z1 sequentially perform/take turns doing z2 in order p2 for purpose z3
пosfai f 1capital stock distributed among shareholders p1 = f2 issued by company/corporation/firm p2
пosterfai f3 is a/are share/shares distributed among f2 = p1, issued by company/corporation/firm f1 = p2 under law p3
пosxуъa1 = p1 claims ownership of2 = p2 in condition p3
пosydиъa d 1the price of possessing/owning object d2 = p2 for potential owner d3 = p1 я vendor d4 under law/custom p3
.ponse+ждima. This variant of ждima is pedantically semantic distinction between the price of ”ownership” of an
object rather than the price of the object itself
пosyselfai f2 = p 1a/are a/the shareholder.s of company/corporation/firm f1 = p2 with shares/portions f3 under law p3
пotyбау p1 = b 1the Portuguese language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
пo ,GOI restrictive relative phrase marker: which is specific to ...; normal possessive physical/legal
прacmu j 1capital .factors of production used to create goods/services j2 = c2
прali ,pal1profit/gain/benefit/advantage to2 accruing/resulting я activity/process3
.щ .fe2 profits я3 .= selterprali for reordered places;1 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an
event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising я ownership of the object/commodity
.= selposprali for unambiguous semantics
прами ,pam pаъи1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards2 .object/state
.щ: 1loving towards2,1lover of2 .one sense,2 is beloved by1 .= selpаъи for re- ordered places
прane ,pаъe 1perfect/ideal/archetypical/faultless/flawless/unimprovable in property/aspect2 .ka
.щ without defect/error
прeblo b1passenger ship for carrying b2, propleed by p3
прecitri1biography of2, written/created/composed by3
прeдатни d1profile of person d2 = p1 gathered by method d3
прeja ,pej peъa1 spreads/expands over/into2 я initial state3
прenu ,pre 1person/people .noun ,not necessarily human; 1displays personality/a persona
прeti ,ret rei1 .quoted text is a question/query about subject2 by questioner3 to audience4
прevinji v1passenger aircraft for carrying v2 = p1, propelled by v3
прezиъejva j1human right for z1 = p1 to do z2 .event/state
прigau g1 .agent prints p1 onto p2 using p3 .tool/method
прije ,pij 1wise/sage about matter2 .abstraction to observer3
прimиъи m1 = p3 is a printer/printing machine for printing p1 on surface p2
прina ,pri1print/impression/image on/in surface2 of/made by/using tool/press/implement/object3
прitu 1 to the right/right-hand side of 2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3. .щ:3 is the standard of orientation for2
прityxаъea1 = z 1a/the right hand ofa2 = z2, which faces/in-frame-of-reference z3
прokioni 1racoon of species/breed2
прonalkаъe k1 = f 1incapable of opposing f2 .person/force/mass about f3 .abstract underconditions k3
.event/stateprosa ,ros roъa 1prose about plot/theme/subject2 by author3 for intended audience4. .Non-poetic written text,
without intentional rhyme or meter;2 may be a convention rather than a subject
прotoni 1proton in quantum state2
прuce ,ruc rуъe 1process with inputs2, outputs/results3, passing through steps/stages4
.x2 resource .= selrуъe, but also rуъetci, .rуъer-/ruc- or selrуъe-/selruc- modifying: selxaksu, selsabji, livla
прujungau1 predicts/foretells/anticipates to2 fact.s3 .dуъу about subject4 by epistemology5
прulаъи p1 = l 1preceding p2 = l2 in sequence l3. .bavlаъи
прulamcte n1 = l1 = p 1the night before p2 = l2 at location n3
прulamdei d1 = p1 = l 1yesterday; d1 = p1 = l 1the day preceding p2 = l2, day standard d3.
прulamнаъa n1 = p1 = l 1yesteryear; n1 = p1 = l 1the year preceding p2 = l2 by year standard n3.
прuni ,pun .adjective: 1elastic/springy
прupуъи pun1 prepones/moves forward pun2 to before pur2
прuslemijyjиъe1prokaryote of species/defining property2. .Protokaryots are a group of organisms that lack a cell nucleus
P. consists of two domains, bacteria and archaea.цы microorganism .one cellular organism;=jurme and eukaryote.
прuspe s1the ex-wife/husband of s2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention s3
прuxi ,rux rуъи 1spiritual/pertains to the soul in nature ,either energy or being; 1ghostly/ethereal .щ soul .= ruxseъi
пуъa ,BAI pluka modal, 1st place pleased by ...
пуъe ,BAI pruce modal, 1st place .in manner 1 by process ...
пуъи ,pus ,CAhA modal aspect: can and has; demonstrated potential.
пуъo ,ZAhO interval event contour: in anticipation of ...; until ... ; inchoative ―-― ―.
пуъу ,puv ,NU1 abstractor: process .event abstractor; 1process of ,bridi proceeding in stages2.
пuba ,PU* time tense: was going to; .tense/modal
пucаъa ,PU* time tense: past actuality; modal aspect
пucаъo ,ZAhO* time tense: was then; .tense/modal
пudyкурji k1gardener attending to garden p1 belonging to p2, growing plants p3
пujeba ,PU* time tense: before and after; .tense/modal
пujeca ,PU* time tense: before and during; .tense/moda
пulbanfi b1 = p2 is toad of species b2 .юэ pipybanfi
пulce ,puc pуъe 1dust/precipitate ,suspensible solid я2 in medium/on surface3
пulji 1police officer/,enforcer/vigilante enforcing law.s/rule.s/order2. .Police officer, as an agent of authority .=
cаъиrpulji, kаъиrpulji, as part of a police force .= puljysoi, as part of puljyselsoi; military police .= jempulji,
пulni 1pulley ,tool for performing action/function2 rotating on axle3
пumlumci l1 .agent dusts l2 with l4
пumvau v1 contains powder of material p2
пunji ,puj pуъи1 .agent puts/places/sets2 on/at surface/locus3
пунли ,pul1swelling/protrusion/convexity ,shape/form at/in/on2, of material3. ..adjective:1 is swollen
пupu ,PU* time tense: had earlier been; .tense/modal.
пurci ,pur pru 1in the past of/earlier than/before2 in time sequence; 1former;2 is latter. .Time ordering
only .use lidne otherwise; aorist in that1 may overlap in time with2 as long as it starts before,1 starts before2
but is continuing during2 .= cfaprucabna; non-aorist before, i.e. 1over/ended before2 starts .= fampru,1 is
completed before2 starts .= mulpru
пurdi ,pud1garden/tended/cultivated field of family/community/farmer2 growing plants/crop3 .Orchard .= ricpurdi
пurlamkeъу 1the last time/previous time that2 happened
пurmo ,pum pуъo1powder of material2. .Flour .= grupуъo,ripуъo
пurzga p1 = z1 previews z2 by means z3 under condition z4
пuvмаъуbиъo 1adolescence by standard2 puvytаргаъи 1stellar evolution
пuza ,PU* time tense: a medium time before; .tense/modal
пuzeъa ,PU* time tense: for a medium length interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пuzeъи ,PU* time tense: for a short interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пuzeъу ,PU* time tense: for a long interval some time in the past; .tense/modal.
пuzi ,PU* time tense: a short time before; .tense/modal
пuzu ,PU* time tense: a long time before; .tense/modal
пu ,PU time tense relation/direction: did ,selbri; before/prior to ,sumti; default past tense.
пyd Tibet
пy ,BY2 letteral for p
раъabri1relative clause attached to argument2 with predicate relation3 among arguments4
раъa ,BAI srana modal, 1st place pertained to by ... .generally more specific.
раъerprali p1 = r2 are the retained earnings of company/corporation/firm/partnership p2 = r1
реsulting я business activity p3
раъe ,PA3 digit/number: repeating digits .of a decimal follow.
раъиrgau g1 maintains g2 = r1 .event/state over interval r2
раъиrsumji 1the integral of2 with respect to3 over
раъи ,BAI krasi modal, 1st place я source/origin/starting point ...
раъoi ,ZOhOI single-word rafsi quote; quotes a single word delimited by pauses .in speech or whitespace
.in writing and treats it as a rafsi .Useful for quoting rafsi that arenъt legal words on their own
раъo ,RAhO flag GOhA to indicate proassignment context updating for all pro-assigns in referenced bridi
раъушуъи ,UI*3 discursive: chiefly - equally - incidentally
раъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: chiefly - equally - incidentally
раъу ,UI3 discursive: chiefly - equally - incidentally
раbyбау r1 = b 1theArabiclanguage used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
раbyкумте1dromedary/Arabian camel of breed2
раcli1 .action/activity/behavior is sane/rational by standard2
раctu1rabbit/hare/,doe of species/breed2
радjиъи1 admits/accepts/acknowledges/allows/concedes/recognizes that2 is true about3 on grounds/under compelling evidence4radno ,rаъo1 is2 radian.s ,metric unit in angular measure .default is 1 by standard3
.Measured in degrees .julrаъo; right ascension astronomical measurement. .= cacryrаъo
радycru1 = r1 = c1 abandons / gives up2 = r2 = c2 under condition3 = r3 = c3
раfsi ,raf 1an affix/suffix/prefix/combining-form for word/concept2, form/properties3, language4
раfske 1the morphology of language2 according to methodology3
раgrmalpigi1Malpighian tubule ,excretory organ of insect2
раgve ,rav 1located across/on the other side of gap/boundary2 я3; 1opposite .fi3. .щ: 1over
there .across/beyond zoъe; directly across/beyond a boundary/gap, generally at the shortest plausible distance on the
other side of the boundary
раи ,BAI traji modal, 1st place with superlative ...
раjnacmei1column vector of dimension2 with coordinates3,4, ...
раjroksfe s1 = rs1vertical rock face / rock surface of rock / mountain rs2 on side rs3 with edges rs4,
vertical in reference frame/gravity s2. .Technically necessary ke .or bo dropped
раjyclamau z1 = c1 = s 1taller than z2 by amount z4
раjyclarai t1 = c1 = s 1the tallest among set/range t4
раjycla 1tall according to standard2
раjypau1column/file of table/chart2
раjyserti se1 = sr1ladder / vertical stairway for climbing structure se2 with steps se3, vertical in reference frame sr2
раkcиъa c1 carves inscription/text c2 on to c3 = s2 using c4 = s1
раkcro1 itches at locus2
раkso1 reflects Iraqi culture/nationality in aspect2
раksygуъe g 1Iraq
раktu ,rаъу1 .object/person/event/situation troubles/disturbs2 .person causing problem.s3 .щ afflicts, is disruptive to,
troublesome;1/x3 are a care to2,2 is troubled by/cares about1/x3 .= selrаъу for reordered places
раlci ,rac 1delicate/fragile/subtle/refined in property2 .ka. .Easily damaged or rendered less pleasing/pure/effectiv
раlju ,ral 1principal/chief/leader/main/,staple, most significant among2 .set in property3 .ka
.Staple .= ralselpra; general/admiral/president/principal leader .= raljаъa, ralterbeъe; use additional terms to
distinguish among these; also primary, prime, .adverb: chiefly, principally, maiнлy;
.x2 is complete specification of set
раltca 1a/the capital of2. .й ralju, tcadu. More general than trutca. May be the financial
.e.g. New York in USA, industrial .e.g. Sao Paulo in Brazil or religious .e.g. Mecca in Saudi Arabia
capital of its polity but not necessarily the seat of government.
раlte ,rаъe 1 retains/keeps/holds2 in its possession
раlxelboъa r1the frequency of the carrier wave of signal b1
раmadan Ramadan
раmbutane 1rambutan .Nephelium lappaceum of breed2 ramdana 1the Ramadan/Ramazan of year2
раnbуъу b1 = r 1velvet made я material b2
раnda ,rad1 yields/gives way/surrenders to2 .force/agent under conditions3
раngo ,rag 1a/the body organ ,bodypart of body/species2 performing function3 .щ sweetmeat .= ragdja
раngutano 1orangutan of variety2
раъи ranji 1 event/state continues/persists over interval2;1 .property - ka is continuous over2.
раnmi ,ram 1myth/legend, a culturally significant story about2 in mythos3 of culture4.
.щ: 1mythical/fairy tale; used adjectivally for non-humanoid creatures .= ramдаъу of story/myth/
legend/religion, e.g. dragon; fairy tale .= veryranmi
раnmrdrakono1dragon of species/breed2 in mythos3 of culture4 ransu1quantity of/contains/is made
of bronze of composition including2
раnti ,ran 1soft/malleable/moldable/yielding to force2 in conditions3.
раnxi ,rax 1ironic.al/contrary to expectation2 in state/property/aspect3
раpcrezeъa z1 = c1.experiencer increases inskill / expertise at z2 = c2 by amountz3 bymeans ofrepeating action r1 r2 times
раpфинти1remake/re-invention of2 rapli ,rap1 ,action repeats/is repeated for a total of2 .quantity occurrences
.Practice .= rapyzуъe, rapxelcli, rapyzukmoъи
раpxruxelkla1shuttle between2 and3, traveling along route4, carrying passengers5.
раpyдаъи d1 beats/hits repeatedly d2 using d3 at locus d4, r2 times
рарбау b1natural language spoken by community b2 to express b3. .As opposed to constructed spoken languages.
рарdugri 1the natural logarithm of2
рарjиъи1=j1 thinks/knows by instinct/feels that2=j2 ,opinion .dуъу is true about subject/issue3=j3
.From rarna and jinvi. Drawing conclusions without a proper reasoning, using ъgut feelingsъ or preconscious thoughts.
рарkrali k1 = r1 .NU is a natural right of k2 .individual/mass by standard k3. .Rights which are not contingent upon
the laws, customs, or beliefs of a particular society or polity, thus necessarily universal; usually contrasted to
legal rights .flakrali, which are culturally and politically relative. й krali.
рарna ,rar 1natural/spontaneous/instinctive, not ,consciously caused by person.s.
рарselfra f2 = r 1an instinctive reaction я f1 to stimulus f3 under condition f4.
рарvelcange 1organically grown at2 by3 on farm4
рарzиъejva z1 = r1natural right for z1 to do/be z2 .event/state
расtergуъи 1an oil lamp using animal or vegetable products, illuminating2 with light1
расycpi 1an oilbird of breed2
расykobli 1rape/canola/yu choy of variety2
раtcu 1rat of species/breed2
раtmacu1mouse/rat .family Muridae of species/breed2 This term is a combination of ratcu + smacu for those speakers
.Chinese, for instance who donъt usually distinguish between mice and rats
раtmidju1 = m 1the nucleus of atom2 = m2 = r1
раtni ,rat 1an atom of element/atomic number2 of isotope number/atomic weight3
раtske s 1nuclear physics with methodology s2
рауmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts enough to cardinal;1set with members2, enough by std.3.
рауmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: converts enough to ordinal; 1enoughth among2, order rule3.
рау ,PA4 digit/number: enough; subjective
раvboni 1a/the rabbi of/in community2
раxfatci f1 = r 1absurd, contrary to expectation r2 in aspect r3
раxsku c1 .agent expresses c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept with irony for audience c3 via expressive medium c4
раxyckasu c 1sarcastic to c2 about c3
раxyxajmi1 = r 1sardonic to2 in property/aspect3 = r3
раzбау br1 = ba 1the Brazilian Portuguese language used by ba2 to express/communicate ba3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
разгуъе b1 = g 1Brazil
ра ,KOhA5 pro-sumti: a recent sumti before the last one, as determined by back-counting rules.
реъazda z1house for human being z2 = r1.
реъa ,VUhU4 unary mathematical operator: matrix transpose/dual; A*.
реъenai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: spiritual/worship - sacrilege.
реъe ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: religious/spiritual/worship - sacrilege
реъиnai ,COI* vocative: ready to receive - not ready to receive
реъи ,COI vocative: ready to receive - not ready to receive
реъo ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; adjacent to/touching/contacting ...
реъуcti c1carnivore that eats the meat/flesh of animal r2. .й rectu, citka, stagycti, fиъecti.
реъу ,ROI converts number to an objectively quantified ordinal tense interval modifier; defaults to time.
реbjukмаъи 1November of year2 in calendar3. .й pavypavmasti, kanbyмаъи, nanca.
реbla ,reb 1a/the tail/appendix ,bodypart of2; ,metaphor: trailing, following portion/appendage
реbyrespa r1lizard of species r2
реctu ,rec reъу1quantity of/contains meat/flesh я source/animal2
реfcfarиъa r1 .event restarts c1 = k2 for the k3rd time.
реfcfa c1 = k2 restarts for the k3rd time.
реfkibycpa c1 reloads c2 = kr2 я c3 = ki1
реfmri m1 resends/forwards/remails m2 to m3 я m4 through carrier m5 for the k3rd time; m1forwarder/remailer.
.often keъуmri; see cmeclax
реfsajbиъo b1 = s1 recognizes s2 .object/abstract
реfsku c1 repeats/recapitulates c2 .sedуъу/text/luh econcept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4,
k3 times .default:one
реfygau g1 redoes g2 = k2 for the k3th time
реиsku c1 = p3 asks question c2 = p1 to c3 = p4 via expressive medium c4, about subject p2
реи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit E .decimal 14 ,fourteen
реjgau g1 records / saves r2 onto medium r4
реkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 2,000 expressed with comma
релcinglepre p 1.a bisexual
релcinpаъи 1bisexual;
релcinse c 1bisexual in situation c2 by standard c4
релdei 1Tuesday of week2 in calendar3
релmasti 1February/the second month of year2 in calendar3
релmast February
релmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Captain/Lieutenant/Flight Lieutenant .equivalent of NATO OF-2 in
military unit /organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
релmomdegji m1 = d 1the index finger of d2
релnacmei12-dimensional vector with coordinates2 and3
релpиъи p 1twice/double p2; p 1p2 multiplied by 2.
релplini p 1the second closest planet .default is Venus if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2 .default is the Sun,
with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
релplin Venus
релselбаъe 1pair of scissors with blades2
релseljиъo j2 is a dipole with ends including j1
релseltуъe t2 is two-legged with legs t1
релxilмаъe m1bicycle/motorcycle carrying m2 on surface m3, propelled by m4
релyfиъes 1Pisces ,constellation/astrological sign. .From re, finpe. The constellation is commonly represented as
two fish, each of which is tied to the same point by a long length of string. The fish are connected at the tails
реmai ,MAI* discursive: second utterance ordinal
реmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 2 to cardinal selbri;1set with the pair of members2
реmjinkytoldуъevidru v1=jt1=r 1HIV ,Human immunodeficiency virus of jt2
реmna ,rem reъa1human/human being/man .non-specific gender-free sense; .adjective: 1human
реmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 2 to ordinal selbri; 1second among2 ordered by rule3
реmsmimиъи m1 = r1 = s 1automaton ,mostly unintelligent android/humanoid machine for purpose m2. .s2 is subsumed
реmsmismani 1ape of species2
реmsmi r1humanoid/man-like in quality s3
реmxei 1 hates humans/humanity; .adjective: 1misanthropic
реmyladru l 1human breast milk/motherъs milk я human r1
реnomei ,MOI* quantifier selbri: convert 20 to cardinal selbri;1set with the score of members2
реnono ,PA* number/quantity: 200 ,two hundred
реno ,PA* number/quantity: 20 ,twenty
реnro ,rer reъo1 throws/launches/casts/hurls2 to/at/in direction3 .propulsion derives internally to1
реnvi ,rev reъи1 survives/endures/undergoes/abides/lasts/persists
through2 for interval/duration3. .щ lasts out, withstands;1 persists/lasts for duration3; .adjective: 1tough/durable
реnytcana t1railed vehicle station/depot/yard in transport system t2 = t3 for cars/wagons/units tr2
.default heavy rail propelled by tr4
реpmиъи m1 = c1harvester/reaper/machine for harvesting crop c2 я source c3 .implied m2 is ”lo nu crepu c2 c3”
рерceъa c1slingshot/catapult with munition/projectile c2 = r2
рерgаъa g1 = r2 is a javelin made of g2 thrown by r1
рерoi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: twice; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense.
реskla k1 creeps/crawls on all fours/on hands and knees/with body close to the ground to k2 я k3 via k4
реspa ,res1reptile of species/breed2
реsrvarano1monitor lizard of species/variety2
реtpei pe1 wonders about pe2 = pr2
реtsku c1 = p3 asks/puts question c2 = p1
.sedуъу/text/lуъe concept of/to c3 = p4 via expressive medium c4 about subject p2
ре ,rel ,PA1 digit/number: 2 .digit ,two
риъa ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a physical cause; why?
риъanai ,BAI* ринка modal, 1st place .phys./mental despite cause ...
риъa ,BAI ринка modal, 1st place .phys./mental causal because ...
риъenai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: release of emotion - emotion restraint.
риъerkoi k1bank of river k3 = r1
риъerxиъa1hippopotamus of genus/species2
риъe ,UI 5 attitudinal modifier: release of emotion - emotion restraint
риъиrgаъa g1mace/,ceremonial staff made of g2 used for purpose r2 by custom/in community r3
риъи ,BAI lifri modal, 1st place patient/passive case tag; happens to...,experienced by...,with passive...
риъorkoъи1quantity of kale/borecole/boerenkool of species/strain2
риъornimre1lime of variety2
риъortcati t 1green tea brewed я t2
риъo ,VUhU4 trinary mathematical operator: ,integral of a with respect to b over range c
риъуrgau g1 restrains/constrains/holds back r1 using restraint r2, against r3 .event
риъуsri d1 = r2 is a seat belt/strap/leash made of d2 for restraining r1
риъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; rightwards/to the right of ...
рicfoi f1forest with predominant tree species/cultivar t2
рicfu ,rif cfu 1rich/wealthy in goods/possessions/property/aspect2
рicrceraso1cherry tree of species2
рicrprunu1plum/peach/cherry/apricot/sloe tree of species/variety2
рictуъa tu1forest of tr1
рicyблу1 = c 1resin .hydrocarbon secretion of plants2 = c2 = t1 .x2 is typically coniferous trees
рicyгунди g 1a/the forest products industry/sector producing forest products g2 я tree species t2 by process g3
рicyratcu1squirrel of species2
рicyzda z1treehouse of/for z2 on tree t1 of species t2
рigni ,rig 1repugnant to/causes disgust to2 under conditions3
рijno ,rij 1made of/contains/is a quantity of silver/argentum .Ag; ,metaphor: valuable, tarnishing
рijyska 1silvery/silver-colored when viewed by2 under conditions3
рikyбаусke s 1the diachronics/diachronic linguistics of s2 = b1
рilti ,ril 1.sequence/non-text quote isa rhythm/beatof music/expressive form2. .Not necessarily oscillatory/regular pattern
рimni ,rim 1 rhymes/alliterates with2 in language/phonetics3, matching sound correspondence4 .ka
Broad meaning of rhyme - any matching sound correspondence
рinci1 liquid/fluid drains/strains/flushes я source2 through drain/strainer3 by force4. .x4 is usually gravity
рinju ,rиъу 1restrained/held ,back/constrained/kept by restraint2 against3 .event. .щ:2 is a restraint/binding for1,2
keeps/restrains/holds ,back/constrains1 я3.=selrиъу forreordered places; agentive restraint .= rиъуrgau, rиъуrzуъe
ринка ,rik rиъa1 .event/state effects/physically causes effect2 .event/state under conditions3
.x1material condition for2;1 gives rise to2
ринса rinsa1 .agent greets/hails/,welcomes/says hello to/responds to arrival of2 in manner3
.action. ..ё friti for welcome/hospitality, шмаво list coi, шмаво list coъo
рirci1 ,member is rare/unusual/uncommon/atypical in property2 .ka among members of3 .set. ..x3 is complete specification of
set; the generalized opposite to any/all of these concepts
рirni ,rir1parent of/raises/rears2;1 mentors/acts parental toward child/protege2
рirxe ,rиъe1river of land mass2, draining watershed3 into4/terminating at4
рisfoi f1rice field of r2
рismi ,ris1quantity of rice ,a type of grain of strain/cultivar2
рisna 1a/the heart ,body-part of2; ,emotional/shape metaphors are NOT culturally neutral. ..adjective: 1cardiac; emotional
ъheartъ .= cniseъи
рispesxu p1quantity of congee of ingredients including p2 risyванжу v 1made of/contains/is a quantity of rice wine я
rice strain/cultivar/location r2
рitli ,rиъи1rite/ceremony/ritual for purpose/goal2, by custom/in community3, with form/rules4
.,also: 1formal, Legal. 1ъgoing through the motionsъ;4 constraints/customs;
рitygуъe g 1Great Britain .country
рivbi ,riv1 avoids/evades/shuns/escapes/skirts ,fate2 .event through action/state3 .event
.щ detours around, stays away я; .x 1normally an object, but may be an event. цы bandu which is not necessarily successful, fanta, which is agentive, se jersi which implies an opposing agent, sisku, kalte, fapro.
рiхраи tra1 = tri 1furthest to the back out of set/range tra4 in frame of reference/based on facing tri3.
рixyбакфu t1 = b1 contains b2 wrapped with b3 to be hauled on the back of t2
рi ,KOhA5 pro-sumti: the last sumti, as determined by back-counting rules
рoъanai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial
рoъa ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial
рoъenai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: mental - mindless
рoъe ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: mental - mindless
рoъиnai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: emotional - denying emotion
рoъи ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: emotional - denying emotion
рoъonai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: physical - denying physical
рoъo ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: physical - denying physical
рoъуnai ,UI*4 emotion category/modifier: sexual - sexual abstinence
рoъу ,UI4 emotion category/modifier: sexual - sexual abstinence
рobin Robin
рoda ,KOhA* logically quantified universal sumti: everything .unless restricted.
рoi ,rom roi ,ROI converts number to an objectively quantified tense interval modifier; defaults to time tense.
рokci ,rok roъи 1quantity of/is made of/contains rock/stone of type/composition2 я location3.
.x2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification. цы kunra, jemna, canre.
рoksfe s1rock face / rock surface of rock / mountain s2 = r1 on side s3 with edges s4.
.Rock composition and origination dropped. Made я rokci + sefta.
рokske s1=r 1petrology ,science about rock/stone based on methodology s3. .terdi2,
terdi3 and састе2 subsumed
рoksodna 1lithium
рokspi s1 = r1pebble/piece of stone of type/composition r2 = s2 я location r3
рokykoъa r1 = k1cornerstone of structure k2 of stone type/composition k3 = r2
рolcte 1every night
рoldzapаъи p1 loves everyone and everything.
рomai ,MAI* discursive utterance ordinal: fi- nally; last utterance ordinal.
рomas Rome
рomge ,rog 1highly reflective/polished non-tarnishing metallic surface, of metal2 ,often chromni
рomoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: is final among; convert all to ordinal selbri; 1last among2, rule3
рongunma r1 = g 1the European Union with member states g2 .mass
рonrиъиzgi z1 = ri2 is orchestral music .classical music or music written in a classical style
produced/performed by z2 = ri1 .event, with form/rules/in tradition ri4
рonrуъу ru1 = ro 1ru2 euros
рontуъa r1 = t 1Europe
рopno ,ron roъo1 reflects European culture/nationality/geography/Indo-European languages in aspect2
рorci ,ror1 engenders/procreates/begets2 with coparent3
рorlei1generation ,contemporary offspring of2
рoroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: always; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense.
рotsu ,rot tsu roъу 1thick in dimension/direction2 by standard3; ,relatively long in smallest dimension. .щ stout
розгу ,roz zgu1rose ,flower - characterized by prickly stem/fragrance of species/strain2
.Roses are not all pink; avoid using for color rose, which might be labyxуъe
рo ,rol ,PA4 digit/number: each, all
руъa ,UI2 evidential: I postulate
руъe ,CAI attitudinal: weak intensity attitude modifier
руъиnai ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: occasional/intermittent/discontinuous; defaults as time tense.
руъи ,TAhE tense interval modifier: continuously; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense.
руъo ,BY1 shift letterals to Cyrillic alphabet.
руъуrcunuje 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”CNY” .China, Yuan Renminbi as2 .number
руъуrcuxefu 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”CHF” .Switzerland, Francs as2 .number
руъуrgubupu 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”GBP” .United Kingdom, Pounds as2 .number
руъуrjupuje 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”JPY” .Japan, Yen as2 .number
руъу ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; surrounding/annular ..
рuble ,rub ble 1weak/feeble/frail in property/quality/aspect2 .ka by standard3
рufsu ,ruf 1rough/coarse/uneven/,grainy/scabrous/rugged in texture/regularity. .Fine-textured .= tolrufsu
рuftаъу t1 = r 1coarse clothing/sackcloth
рukyбау r1 = b 1the Russian language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
рulpezli p1petal on plant p2 =2
рulpurdi p1flower garden with flowers g1 of species g2
рulsantyspa 1an umbellifer .Apiaceae of genus/species2
рumgau g1 causes r1 to melt at temperature r2 and pressure r3;1 melts object2
рunбау r1 = b1an artificial/constructed language .Artificiallanguages do not necessarily have speakers
рunkre r1 = k1wig/toupee/mirkin worn by k2 on body location k3 r2 dropped for lack of use in this context
рunmeнли 1an artificial/man-made intelligence/consciousness/mind of/in/inhabiting body2
рunme ,rum1 melts ,becomes liquid я solid state at temperature2 and pressure3. .x1 runs .= rumfle
рunpinji p1dildo/phallic object
рunta 1 dissolves in solvent2 forming solution/,suspension3 under иtion4 .Suspension .= pucyteryrunta, puъехре
рupneъуru 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”EUR” .Euro Member Countries, Euro as2 .number
рупнуsudu 1measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ”USD” .United States of America, Dollars as2 .number
рупну ,rup rуъу 1measured in majormoney-units .dollar/yuan/ruble as2 .quantity, monetary system3
щ pound, rupee, franc, mark, yen; 1generally a price/cost/value
рupsra s1 gives financial support/donations to s2 to prevent s3 in quantity r1 in currency r3
рusko ,ruk rуъo1 reflects Russian culture/nationality/language in aspect2
рutni ,run 1artifact; 1artificial; 1made/caused by people/se kulnu2; 1manmade
рutpesxu p1jam/jelly/confiture/marmalade made я fruit g2 of species g2
рutpilждu j1quantity of marmalade made я fruit g1 of species g2
рutpurdi p 1orchard of fruit g1 of species g2
рutrceraso 1cherry of species2
рutrkoko 1coconut of variety/cultivar2 rutrmalpigi 1an acerola of species/variety2
рutrmango 1mango ,fruit of species/variety2
рutrpaupau 1papaya ,Carica papaya fruit of species/variety2
рutrprunu 1plum/peach/cherry/apricot/sloe of species/variety2
рutytisna t1fruit tart filled with fruit g2
рuxseъи p1 = s 1the soul / spiritual self of s2
рuxyzau z1 = p1 blesses / gives spiritual favour to plan / action z2
рu ,KOhA 5 pro-sumti: a remote past sumti, before all other in-use backcounting sumti
рy ,BY2 ltteral for r
саъagri g1 = s1choir singing s2 to audience s3
саъai ,SAhAI start quote of replacement for recent mistakenly uttered text
саъa ,UI3a discursive: material inserted by editor/narrator .bracketed text
саъei ,COI2 Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into onomatopoeia. .bam! crash! kapow! etc
саъenai ,UI*3 discursive: precisely speaking - loosely speaking
саъe ,UI3 discursive: precisely speaking - loosely speaking
саъиrbиъo b1 = s1 stands up/arises onto surface s2 supported by limbs s3
саъи ,VUhU4 n-ary mathematical operator: operands are vectors to be treated as matrix columns
саъorgau g1,person/agent leans/slants/tilts s1 away я vertical by angle s2
саъo ,VUhU4 trinary mathematical operator: ,derivative of a with respect to b of degree c
саъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: simply - elaborating
саъу ,UI3 discursive: simply - elaborating
саbji ,sab 1,source provides/supplies/furnishes2 ,supply/commodity to3 ,recipient. .Agentive supply .= sabgau, sabzуъe
саbnu 1cabin of vehicle2
саcki 1match ,incendiary device made of2
саckycmu 1phosphorus
саclu 1.meъothe ,decimal/binary equivalent of fractional2 .meъo in base3 .quantity. .Conversion я fractions to
decimal-point based notation
садjo ,djo1 reflects Saudi Arabian culture/nationality in aspect2
саgdraci d1 = s2 is an opera about d2 ,plot/theme/subject by composer d3 for audience d4 = s3 with singers d5
саgjvetavdraci d1=s2=t3musical/operetta about d2 composed/written by d3 for audience d4 = s3 = t2 with actors d5 = s1 = t1
саilce 1willow of species2
саirfаъo f1 = s2 is the dessert of meal f2 = s1
саi ,CAI attitudinal: moderate intensity attitude modifier
саjbиъo s1 = b1 becomes conscious of / aware of / realizes s2 .object/abstract under conditions b3
саkartulos Georgia
саkci ,sak 1 sucks/is suction/vacuum/relatively low pressure of fluid/gas2 relative to high pressure3
.щ suck object/fluid .= sakcpu or sakmuvgau
саkli ,sal1 slides/slips/glides on2. .x2 is slick/slippery to/for1 .= selsakli for reordered places
сакта ,sat 1made of/contains/is a quantity of sugar ,sweet edible я source2 of composition3.
.щ sucrose, fructose, glucose, galactose, lactose, etc.; saccharine/aspartame/sugar substitute
.basyсакта or sakybasti, ticyсакта;3: composition including3,
which need not be complete specification
саkyvаъу v1 = s1 inhales v2 = s2
саlcarce s1 = c1sled/sledge/sleigh/toboggan for carrying c2, propelled by c3, sliding on s2
саlci ,sla1 celebrates/recognizes/honors2 .event/abstract with activity/,party3. .x3 .and nunsla
festival/fiesta/celebration/occasion/fair/Holiday .some senses. not limited to the ameliorative interpretation of
celebrate : funeral .= мроbixsla
саlmone 1salmon/trout of species2
саlpo ,sаъo 1sloped/inclined/slanted/aslant with angle2 to horizon/frame3. .щ steep .= tcesаъo; normally
implies non-rectilinear
саlta1 .mass is a quantity of salad ,food with ingredients/components including2
2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component of1
саmcиъa c1 enters textualdata c2 intocomputer c3=s2 bymeansc4 .4can bea eyboard, pointing devices, or speech recognition
саmcиъejudri ci1 = sa1website/server at URL ju1 for purpose/displaying property sa2 = ci4 ci1 = sa1 doesnъt need to serve
HTML. Anything that follows the internet protocol, has an address, and serves data is a samcиъejudri
саmcrkasava 1cassava of species/variety2
саmcrtaro 1taro of species/variety2
саmcu1quantity of cassava/taro/manioc/tapioca/yam ,edible starchy root of species/strain2
саmgиъo g 12 30 of g2 in dimension/aspect g3 .default is units
саmgotro g 12 80 of g2 in dimension/aspect g3 .default is units
саmjudri j 1an adress of / are co-ordinates of computer system / computerized thing j2 = s1 in system j3; computerized thing
has purpose s2. .Normally, s2 might be dropped, but itъs very useful to be able to point out if this is a samymri address
or a ueb address
саmkиъo k 11024 .2 10 of k2 in dimension/aspect k3 .default is units
саmпецо p 12 50 of p2 in dimension/aspect p3 .default is units
саmpla p1 makes computer program p2 which is meant to perform process/purpose p3
саmple 1computer paper я source2 for computer/printer3
саmpli p1computer user / user of computer p2 = s1 for purpose p3 = s2
саmpu ,sap 1simple/unmixed/uncomplicated in property2 .ka
саmrуъe p1computer process with inputs p2 and outputs/results p3, passing through stages p4, on computer s1
.Taken я NORALUJV.TXT. lujvo я skami and pruce
саmselmri sm 1e-mail sent by sm2 .agent to person / computer sm3 я person / computer sm4 by computer network sm5
саmselpla 1=p2 is computerprogram sourcecode createdby2=p1 with intended result .state/process3 = p3 = s2 on computer4 = s1
саmseltcana t2 is a/the computer network that includes nodes t1 = s1 whose function/purpose is s2samske 1computer science with science methodology2
саmtаъa t1 talks via computer to t2 about t3 in language t4. .й skami, tavla. samчикаjna k1toolbar of k2 = t1
.icons/programs for purpose k3 = t2 = s2
саmtci t1computer program / tool / application for purpose t2 = s2 on computer.s including s1
саmterpli p3 is done/made using computer p2 by p1
саmterto t 12 40 of t2 in dimension/aspect t3 .default is units
саmxаъaa 1e-mail to intended audiencea2 я author/originatora3 with contenta4.
саmxаъea1pointing device for computera2 = s1. .Pointing devices include: mouse, trackball, touchpad, touchscreen, graphics
tablet, joystick, pointing stick
саmхехсоe 12 60 ofe2 in dimension/aspecte3 .default is units
саmymegdo m 11048576 .2 20 of m2 in dimension/aspect m3 .default is units
саmymri m1 .agent sends e-mail m2 to person / computer m3 я person / computer m4 by computer network m5
саmyзетро z 12 70 of z2 in dimension/aspect z3 .default is units
саmyzva z 1logged on to computer z2 = s1
саnбау s1 = b 1the Spanish language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
саnce ,sna 1sound produced/emitted by2. .x2 sounds .intransitive verb
саnga ,sag sаъa1 sings/chants2 ,song/hymn/melody/melodic sounds to audience3. .Melody .= sagzgi, ralsagzgi,
armony .= saxsagzgi, harmonize/sing harmony .= saxsаъa, song .= selsаъa
саngуъe s1 = g 1Spain
саnji ,saj 1conscious/aware of2 .object/abstract;1 discerns/recognizes2 .object/abstract. .,also:1 knows Of2
.one sense; awareness implies some amount of mental processing above and beyond mere sensory detection, and may also be
applied to mental relationships that are not detected by the senses;
санли ,sаъи1 stands ,is vertically oriented on surface2 supported by limbs/support/pedestal3
.x 1standing;1 stands up; 1erect/vertical/upright;1 bows/bends over .= krosаъи, krosаъиbиъo, plosаъи;
frame of reference is .approximate perpendicularity to the surface, and not to a gravity field
саnmi ,sai1 .mass is a meal composed of dishes including2
.x2 is a course/dish of meal1 .= selsai for reordered places
саnso1sauce/topping/gravy/frosting for use with2, containing ingredient.s including3
.x3 is in 1 ingredient/part/component of sauce1
саnsrmustardo 1mustard for use on2 made with3
саnta 1umbrella/parasol shielding2 я3, made of material4, supported by5
саpselgаъe s1 = g2 is evident to g1 by g3 evidence
саpхребау b1 = m1 = s 1pidgin used by b2 to express/communicate b3, created я sources including m2
сарcu ,sаъу1 .abstract is necessary/required for continuing state/process2 under conditions3. .щ factually necessary, necessity, prerequisite, condition, precondition
сарgueia 1opossum of species2
сарji ,sra 1 supports/holds up/is underpinning of/,helps2 against force/opposition3 with/by means4. .щ aids; .adjective:
1dependable, reliable .such reliability may be transient; this is not the usual sense of ъreliableъ or ъdependableъ;
.x2 is object/event
сарlu 1spiral/helix/whorl/,vortex ,shape/form with limits2, of dimensionality3
сарlyterjai1tendril used by3 to hold2 at4
сарni1three-angled shape/form defined by set of corners/vertices2, sides/dimensions3
сарванжу v1 = s 1vinegar made я v2
сарvanslami 1acetic acid
сарvanxуъу 1acetaldehyde. .experimental gismuudvu;
сарxe ,sax 1harmonious/concordant/in agreement/concord with2 in property3 .ka
сасfoi f1lawn of grass species s2
састе ,ske1 .mass of facts is science of/about subject matter2 based on methodology3. .Not limited to science
as derived by the scientific method, but pertaining to any body of usually-coherent knowledge garnered/gathered/assembled
by a consistent methodology
сасtуъa t1grassland/prairie/steppe in location t2 with endemic grass species s2
саtci1 ,measurement/match is exact/precise to precision2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni.
саtcygunta 1sniper attacking2
саtmatne m1 = s1quantity of/contains toffee/caramel/butterscotch
саtre ,sаъe1 .agent strokes/rubs/pets2 with3
саtyjisra 1molasses я source2 of composition3
саupaulos Sao Paulo
сау ,BAI sarcu modal, 1st place requiring ...
саvru ,sav vru1noise/din/clamor ,sensory input without useful information to2 via sensory channel3
саzri ,saz 1 operates/drives/runs2 ,apparatus/machine with goal/objective/use/end/function3
саzycimde c 1interface between user s1 and machine s2 based on principle c3
саzysti 1=sa1=si1 ,agent ceases/halts/ends the operation of ,apparatus/machine2 = sa2 in
aspect/function/process/activity3 = si2
са ,SA erase complete or partial utterance; next word shows how much erasing to do
сеъanai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: selfsufficiency - dependency
сеъa ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: self-sufficiency - dependency
сеъe ,BY1 following digits code a character .in ASCII, Unicode, etc.
сеъиnai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: selforiented - other-oriented
сеъиtro j1 = s2 has self-control/good temper in regard of j3 .activity/event/performance
сеъиxrur1 =r2 returns itself to stater3 я stater4. .цыrukla, for returning to a location
сеъи ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: self-oriented - other-oriented
сеъo ,UI2 evidential: I know by internal experience .dream, vision, or personal revelation
сеъу ,SEhU elidable terminator: end discursive bridi or mathematical precedence;usually elidable
себаъи ,BAI* basti modal, 2nd place instead of ..
сеbai ,BAI* bapli modal, 2nd place .forcing result compelling event ...
себау ,BAI* бангу modal, 2nd place .speakers in language of speakers ...
сеbeъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 2nd place .message/cargo transmitting ...
сеcаъи ,BAI* catni modal, 2nd place authoritatively; with authority over ...
сеcau ,BAI* claxu modal, 2nd place .lacking without ...
сеcиъe ,BAI* ciste modal, 2nd place with system function ...
сеcиъo ,BAI* cinmo modal, 2nd place .shows attitude emotionally; emoting ...
сеcиъу ,BAI* ckilu modal, 2nd place used in scalar negation on scale measuring ...
сешуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 2nd place .saying expressively; expressing ...
сеdboъу s1 = b 1the skull of body s2 = b3, performing function b2
сеdeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 2nd place .for letters on the same date as ... ; label with event
сеdgaiшрека c1 = g1hoodie of material c2. .An upper-body sweater .nivyшрека with a hood .sedgai, typiccaly
with large frontal pockets and a drawstring to adjust the hood opening.
сеdgai g1hood .headwear covering g2 = s1
сеdиъo ,BAI* diklo modal, 2nd place locally; at specific locus ...
сеdjmacurnu 1cephalopod of species2
сеdmуъуtуъи t1 = g1 agrees by nodding with person.s/position/side t2 that t3 .dуъу is true about matter t4
сеdуъи ,BAI* dунли modal, 2nd place .same as 1st; equal to ... ,same as 1st place modal
сеdуъo ,BAI* djuno modal, 2nd place knowingly; knowing facts ...
сеdуъу ,NU* compound abstractor: sentence/equation abstract; 1text expressing ,bridi which is2.
сеdycaugau g1 beheads c1 = s2
сеdycra c 1the forehead of s2
сеdycro 1 has/feels a headache
сеdytаъу1 = t1hat worn by/on the head of2 = t2 = s2 for purpose3 = t3. .s 1fairly clearly redundant
сеfаъe ,BAI* fatne modal, 2nd place .same as 1st; backwards; in reversal of ...
сеfиъe ,BAI* финти modal, 2nd place creatively; creating work ...
сеfta ,sfe 1surface/face ,bounded shape/form of ,higher-dimension object2, on side3, edges4
сеfyгунди g 1a/the industry sector of s1 providing services g2 = s3 to s2 by process g3
сеgаъa ,BAI* zgana modal, 2nd place observing ...
сеgau ,BAI* gasnu modal, 2nd place actor/agent case complement; actively; as active agent in doing ...
сеicni c1 = s1 feels lonely/separated я s2
сеi ,SEI start discursive .metalinguistic bridi
сеjаъenai ,BAI* jalge modal, 2nd place .event causal results despite ...
сеjаъe ,BAI* jalge modal, 2nd place .event causal results because of ...
сеjаъи ,BAI* javni modal, 2nd place orderly; by rule prescribing ...
сеjиъe ,BAI* jimte modal, 2nd place limitedly; as a limit of ...
сеjиъo ,BAI* житро modal, 2nd place controlledly; controlling/guiding aspects ...
сеjиъу ,BAI* жишму modal, 2nd place .я basis supporting ...; as a basis for ...
сеkаъa ,BAI* клама modal, 2nd place with destination ...
сеkаъи ,BAI* krati modal, 2nd place representingly; on behalf of ...
сеkai ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a characteristic property/quality; which?
сеkai ,BAI* ckaji modal, 2nd place .quality characterized by ...; with property ...
сеkиъи ,BAI* ckini modal, 2nd place .same as 1st related to ...
сеkиъуnai ,BAI* кринu modal, 2nd place reason nevertheless ...
сеkиъу ,BAI* кринu modal, 2nd place reason therefore ...
сеkoi ,BAI* korbi modal, 2nd place .bounding as boundary of ...
сеkуъу ,BAI* kulnu modal, 2nd place .people in culture of ...
селаъу ,BAI* klani modal, 2nd place in quantity ...; measured as ...
селбаъa2 = b1mark/spot on1 = b2 of material3 = b3. .se barna
селбаъe2 = b1blade of tool/weapon1 = b2. .se балре
селбаъи2 = b 1great/grand in property1 = b2 .ka by standard3 = b3. .se банли
селбаъo2 = b1 grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form1 = b2 я3 = b3. .se банро
селбаъу2 = b1 utters verbally/says/phonates/speaks ,vocally makes sound1 = b2. .se bacru
селbadna2 = b1banana/plantain ,fruit/plant of species/breed1 = b2. .se badna
селbai2 = b1 .ka forces/compels event1 = b2 to occur. .se bapli
селbajra2 = b1 runs on surface1 = b2 using limbs3 = b3 with gait4 = b4. .se bajra
селбакфu2 = b1bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack ,shape/form containing1 = b2, held together by3 = b3
селбакni2 = b1cow/cattle/kine/ox/,bull/steer/calf ,beefproducer/bovine of species/breed1 = b2. .se бакni
селбакрi2 = b 1chalk я source1 = b2 in form3 = b3
селбакtu2 = b1bucket/pail/can/deep, solid, wide-topped container of contents1 = b2, made of material3 = b3
селбалжi2 = b1bulb ,body-part of plant/species1 = b2; ,metaphor: rounded, bulgy. .se балжi
селбални2 = b1balcony/overhang/ledge/shelf of building/structure1 = b2. .se бални
селбалвi2 = b 1in the future of/later than/after1 = b2 in time sequence;2 = b 1latter;1 = b2 is former
селbancu2 = b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary1 = b2 я3 = b3 in property/amount4 = b4 .ka/ni
селbandu2 = b1 .event defends/protects1 = b2 .object/state я threat/peril/potential3 = b3 .event
селbanfi2 = b 1an amphibian of species/breed1 = b2
селbanxa2 = b1bank owned by/in banking system1 = b2 for banking functions3 = b3 .event. .se banxa
селbanzu2 = b1 .object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose1 = b2 under conditions3 = b3. .se banzu
селbapselfu b2 = s1slave to b1 = s2 in manner/service s3. .From bapli and selfu.
селбаргу2 = b1 arches/шурвеs over/around1 = b2 and is made of3 = b3;2 = b 1an arch over/around1 = b2
of material3 = b3
селбаржа2 = b1tavern/bar/pub serving1 = b2 to audience/patrons3 = b3. .se баржа
селbartu2 = b 1on the outside of1 = b2;2 = b 1exterior to1 = b2. .se bartu
селбасна2 = b1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to1 = b2 by .action3 = b3. .se басна
селbasti2 = b1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of1 = b2 in circumstance3 = b3;2 = b 1a
replacement/substitute. .se basti
селbatci 1bitten/pinched by2 on/at specific locus3 with4.
селbatke2 = b1button/knob/handle on/for item1 = b2, with purpose3 = b3, made of material4 = b4. .se batke
селбау2 = b1language/dialect used by1 = b2 to express/communicate3 = b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
селbavmi2 = b 1barley of species/strain1 = b2. .se bavmi
селbaxso2 = b1 reflects Malay-Indonesian common language/culture in aspect1 = b2. .se baxso
селbeъa2 = b1son of mother/father/parents1 = b2 .not necessarily biological. .se bersa
селbeъe2 = b1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons1 = b2 directed/led by3 = b3 organized for purpose4 = b4
селbeъи2 = b1 transfers/sends/transmits1 = b2 to receiver3 = b3 я transmitter/origin4 = b4 via
means/medium5 = b5. .se бенжи;
селbeъo2 = b1 reflects North American culture/nationality/geography in aspect1 = b2. .se beмро
селbeъу2 = b 1the abdomen/belly/lower trunk of body1 = b2. .se betfu
селbebna2 = b 1foolish/silly in event/action/property .ka1 = b2;2 = b1boob. .se bebna
селbeifonxa f1mobile/cellular phone attached to system/network f2
селbeikаъe k 1portable/can be carried under conditions2 = k3 .event/state.
селbeiskami s1laptop/portable computer for purpose s2
селbei1 = b2 is cargo, carried/hauled/borne/transported by carrier2 = b1 to3 = b3 я4 = b4
over path5 = b5. .se bevri
селбенgo2 = b1 reflects Bengali/Bangladesh culture/nationality/language in aspect1 = b2. .se бенgo
селberti2 = b 1to the north/northern side .right-hand-rule pole of1 = b2 according to
frame of reference3 = b3. .se berti
селбесна2 = b1brain of body1 = b2
селbetri2 = b1tragedy/disaster/tragic for1 = b2. .se betri
селbиъa2 = b 1ill/sick/diseased with symptoms1 = b2 я disease3 = b3. .se билма
селbиъe2 = b1breeze/wind/gale я direction1 = b2 with speed3 = b3. .se brife
селbиъo2 = b1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into1 = b2 under conditions3 = b3. .se binxo
селbиъу2 = b1wall/fence separating1 = b2 я3 = b3, and subdividing4 = b4. .se bitmu
селbidju2 = b1bead/pebble .shape/form of material1 = b2. .se bidju
селbifce2 = b1bee/wasp/hornet of species/breed1 = b2. .se bifce
селbilga2 = b 1bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be1 = b2 in/by standard/agreement3 = b3;2
= b1 must do1 = b2. .se bilga
селbilni2 = b 1military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system1 = b2 for purpose3 = b3. .se bilni
селbindo2 = b1 reflects Indonesian culture/nationality/language in aspect1 = b2. .se bindo
селbinra2 = b1 insures/indemnifies1 = b2 against peril3 = b3 providing benefit4 = b4. .se binra
селбирже2 = b1 is/contains beer/ale brewed я1 = b2. .se бирже
селбирka2 = b 1an arm of body1 = b2. .se бирka
селбирti2 = b 1certain/sure/positive/convinced that1 = b2 is true. .se бирti
селbisli2 = b 1ice of composition1 = b2;2 = b 1.at least partially composed of frozen
соlid1 = b2. .se bisli
селblaci2 = b 1glass of composition including1 = b2. .se blaci
селbli2 = b13-dimensional block of material1 = b2 with .typically flat surfaces/sides3 = b3. .se блику
селblo2 = b1boat/ship/water-plying vehicle carrying1 = b2, propelled by3 = b3. .se bloti
селboъa2 = b1wave/periodic pattern in medium1 = b2, with wave-form3 = b3, wavelength4 = b4 and frequency5 = b5
селboъи2 = b1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for1 = b2, made of material3 = b3 with lid4 = b4 .se botpi
селboъo2 = b1sheet/foil/blanket of material1 = b2;2 = b1broad and flexibly thin piece of1 = b2 .se boxfo
селboъу2 = b 1bone, performing .abstract function1 = b2 in organism3 = b3. .se bongu
селboi2 = b1ball/sphere/orb/globe made of material1 = b2. .se болши
селbradi2 = b 1an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of1 = b2 in struggle3 = b3. .se bradi
селbratu2 = b 1hail/sleet/freezing rain/solid precipitation of material/composition including1 = b2. .se bratu
селbrazo2 = b1 reflects Brazilian culture/nationality/language in aspect1 = b2. .se brazo
селbra2 = b 1big/large in property/dimension1 = b2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3 = b3. .se барда
селbre2 = b 1ready/prepared for1 = b2 .event. .se bredi
селbriju2 = b 1an office/bureau worker with1 = b2 office/bureau at location3 = b3
селbrito2 = b1 reflects British/United Kingdom culture/nationality in aspect1 = b2. .se brito
селbri2 = b1 .text is a predicate relationship with relation1 = b2 among arguments3 = b3 .ordered set. .se bridi
селbro2 =e1 reflects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect1 =e2. .seebro
селbru2 = b1brush for purpose1 = b2 .event with bristles3 = b3. .se burcu
селbуъa2 = b 1brother of/fraternal to1 = b2 by bond/tie/standard/parent3 = b3. .se bruna
селbуъo2 = b1 pertains to the Buddhist culture/religion/ethos in aspect1 = b2. .se budjo
селbуъу2 = b 1cloth/fabric of type/material1 = b2. .se bukpu
селbumru 2 = b 1foggy/misty/covered by floating droplets of liquid1 = b2. .se bumru
селbunda 2 = b1 weighs1 = b2 units of local weight standard3 = b3. .se bunda
селburna 1 .abstraction embarrasses/disconcerts2. .se burna
селcаъa 2 = c 1apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function1 = c2 controlled or triggered by3 = c3 .se cabra
селcаъe 1shoved/pushed by2 at locus3
селcаъo 2 = c1window/portal/opening in wall/building/structure1 = c2. .se canko
селcаъу2 = c 1space/hyperspace/volume/region/room occupied by1 = c2
селcabna2 = c 1current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with1 = c2 in time. .se cabna;
селcacra2 = c1 is1 = c2 hours in duration by standard3 = c3. .se cacra
селcafne2 = c1 .event often/frequently/commonly/customarily occurs/recurs by standard1 = c2. .se cafne
селcalku2 = c1shell/husk/hard, protective covering around1 = c2 composed of3 = c3. .se calku
селcanci 2 = c1 vanishes/disappears я location1 = c2 according to senses/sensor3 = c3. .se canci
селcange 2 = c1farm/ranch at1 = c2, of rancher3 = c3 raising/producing4 = c4. .se cange,
селcanja 2 = c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity1 = c2 for3 = c3 with4 = c4. .se canja
селcanre 2 = c 1sand/grit я source1 = c2 of composition including3 = c3. .se canre;
селcanti 2 = c 1the gut/entrails/intestines/viscera/innards/digestive system of body1 = c2
селcedyske 1genetics based on methodology2
селcei c2 believes in god/deity c1 with dominion over c3; c2 is a theist
селcиъa 1writing / a written thing / written text written by2 on3 with writing implement4
селcиъи1 = c2 is interested in2 = c1
селши ,sle1cell/atom/unit/molecule of2; 1an indivisible, most basic subunit of2
..x2 generally has mass nature;
селclun 1filling of2
селcma2 = c 1small in property/dimension1 = c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm3 = c3. .se cmalu
селcmipиъи 1the cross product of2 and3
селcmi 1the set whose members are2;2 are the members of1
селcna2 = c1shovel/spade/bladed digging implement for digging1 = c2. .se canpa
селcpajinkytoldуъeterbиъa t1=jt1=s 1AIDS ,Acquired immune deficiency syndrome with symptoms t2, of/among
t3=jt2=s2 acquired я source s3. .From selcpa, jinkytoldуъe, terbиъa. Probably you could drop terbиъa
.and maybe even sel-, to make the valsi shorter, and still be understood. The long dictionary form has been entered
here to understand the definition and etymology behind it
селcpi1bird species of/including .a particular bird2
селcra 1 has in front of it object / location2 in frame of reference3. .x1 has2 to its front
селcta 1examined/looked at by2
селдашру1filing system with drawer2 with drawer contents3
селdansu d2 is the music/rhythm accompanying dancer.s d1 .individual, mass
селdau d2 is the position/stand taken by d1 arguing against position/stand d3
селdei2 = d1 is1 = d2 full days in duration by standard3 = d3. .se djedi
селdejni d2 is a/the debt owed by d1 to creditor d3 for provision of goods/services/loans d4
селdиъa j2 costs j1 to agent j3 by standard j4. .j 1not necessarily money but also time, mental strength etc.
селdikca 1charged with electric charge2 with amount of charge3
селdirba 1 = d2 feels affection for2 = d1
селdji 1wanted by2 for purpose3
селdoъo1German aspect of2
селdri1source/reason/cause of sadness/unhappiness to2
селdуъу1 stresses2
селdutsinso s2 is the angle/arccosine of cosine s1
селdzu2 = c1 walks/strides/paces on surface1 = c2 using limbs3 = c3. .se cadzu
селеъa ,BAI* klesi modal, 2nd place as a category of/within ...
селfаъa 1oriented/directed/pointing towards2 in frame of reference3
селfаъo f2 terminates/ceases/stops/halts at f1
селfai f2 shares f1 with portions f3
селfanza 1annoyed with pest2
селfityjbu j 1an altar for offering f2 to f3
селfri 1event/experience happening to2
селfуъa f2 is dependant on luck/fortune for f1 = z2 .event/property
селfu ,sef seъу 1.agent serves2 with service3 .activity;1servant .noun of2 performing3
селgиъa g2 follows .acts in accordance to g1 .person/object/event in/at g3 .event
селgуъa1task/work done by2 with goal/objective3
селgуъerаъa s1 = sg1 pertains to country s2 = sg2 .Cultural gismu replacement for nationalities:
селиъe ,BAI* lidne modal, 2nd place preceding ...;leading ... ; non-time sequence
селjаъи 1 = j2 is adorned/decorated by2 = j1
селжда1member/adherent of religion2 with belief/creed3
селjeftu2 = j1 is1 = j2 weeks in duration by standard3 = j3. .se jeftu
селjenca1 = j2 is shocked/stunned by2 = j1
селjge j2 .object/joъу-objects are entangled/knotted/clumped together with knot/clump j1
селjиъи j2 .dуъу is the opinion of j1 that is true about subject/issue j3 on grounds j4
селjibri j2 is employed for job/employment/vocation .a type of work regularly done for pay j1
селjimcymivykle k1=jm1=ji3 is a kingdom ,biology of domain ,biology k2. .For biological cathegory in general .=mivyske
klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=this definition, phylum .=jicymivykle, class .=xeljutsi, order .=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi,
genus .=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
селjinvi j2 .dуъу is the opinion of j1 that is true about subject/issue j3 on grounds j4
селjmina j2 is an addition by agent j1 to j3 with result j4
селjmi 1understood by2 about subject3
селжуъи 1paid attention/ attended to by2
селжуъo d2 is knowledge held by d1 about subject d3 by epistemology d4
селjukpa j2 is cooked/prepared-for-eating by j1 according to recipee/method j3 .process
селjunri 1regarded seriously by .person2
селjutsi1genus ,biology with species2, within family3, order4, class5. .For biological cathegory in
general .=mivyske klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=jicymivykle, class .=xeljutsi,
order .=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi, genus .=this definition, species .=jutsi.
селkаъe k2 .event/state ,can be done/,is capable of being done by k1 under conditions of k3 .event/state
селkakclu c1 is/are full of tears wept by k1 about/for reason k3 .event/state; c1 is/are tearful
селkarlygau g1 collars/has a band put on k2, the collar/band being k1 made of material k3
селkиъa k2 is a yell/cry/howl я k1
селkla T destination1, goes2 я3 via route4 by means5
селklu k2 is a civilization consisting of culture k1
селkra k2 originates я k1
селкриxa k2 is a yell/cry/howl я k1
селkуъe k2 is the interval/gap/area/scope/extent/range across which k1 ranges/extends/spans/persists/reaches
селkunti1material vacant я container2
селмаъe m2 rides m1
селмаъи2 = m1 is1 = m2 months in duration by standard3 = m3. .se masti
селmansa m2 is satisfied by m1 with regard to property .ka/state m3
селmeъу2 = m1 is1 = m2 minutes in duration by standard3 = m3. .se mentu
селmиъecatra c1 = m2 executes c2 by method c3 as ordered by m1
селмикше m2 is a patient, treated by doctor/nurse m1 for ailment m3 with cure m4
селmlatu 1cat species with cat2
селmojnoi 1 = n1memorandum stating facts2 = m2 about3 = m3 = n2 я author4 = n3 to intended audience5 =
n4 = m1 who should remember2 about3
селнаъa2 = n1 is1 = n2 years in duration by standard3 = n3. .se nanca
селnai 1people of nation with nation2
селneъи1 contains/has inside it2
селnei 1liked by2
селnиъи n2 logically follows n1 under rules/logic system n3
селnуъe n2 .event/state is a promise/commitment/assurance/threat n1 makes to n3 ,beneficiary/victim. .derived
селpаъakai p2 = c1 brings hope
селpаъи 1loved by2
селpalci1standard of evil2
селpinxe2 = p1 .agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment1 = p2 я/outof container/source3 = p3. .se pinxe
селpla1plan/program/schememade/,put together by planner2 for state/process3
селpлижibri1 = j 1an employment of / a job held by2 = j2 = p2 who is employed by3 = p1 for purpose4 = p3
селplirai 1most used/most useful among2 by3 for purpose4
селpracиъe c 1economic system of2 .country/area
селpra c2product created by c1 through process c3
селpre p2the personality/persona exhibited by p1. .x2 can be other than a human
селpуъa p2 enjoys p1 under condition p3
селratni 1element with atoms2 of isotope3
селrespa 1the species/breed of reptile2
селrиъa 1effect with cause2 with causation conditions3
селrigni1 = r2 is disgusted by2 = r1 under conditions3 = r3
селrirni2 = r1parent of/raises/rears1 = r2;2 = r1 mentors/acts parental toward child/protege1 = r2. .se rirni
селrorci2 = r1 engenders/procreates/begets1 = r2 with coparent3 = r3. .se rorci;
селsаъa s2 is a song sung by s1 to audience s3
селsai s2 is a course of meal s1
селseъу 1served by2 with service3 .activity
селsиъa s2 is venerable to s1
селsinso s2 is the angle/arcsine of sine s1
селsku c2 is said by c1 to audience c3 via expressive medium c4
селsmu s2 means s1 to interpreter s3
селsnapra c1 = s1speaker/headphones/acoustic transducer producing sound/acoustic energy c2 = s2 я signal/source c3
.x2 is the sound itself .a tone, a song, singing, etc.,3 is the source .MP3, vinyl, cassette, 2” tape, etc.
селsne 1dream subject with dreamer2
селсниду2 = s1 is1 = s2 seconds in duration by standard3 = s3. .se сниду
селsnuti1cause/commiter of/ contributor to accident2
селsnu s2 is the subject of discourse/expression s1
селspaji1 = s2 is surprised/startled by2 = s1
селspa 1plant species with plant2
селspe1 has spouse2 under law/system3
селsrustu st1 = sr2 is a yard/courtyard/quadrangle/cloister, the location of st2 .object/event, enclosed by sr1
селsumji 1the difference2 minus3; 1the amount that remains in substracting3 я2
селsutra 1done fast by2
селtadni t2 is the subject studied by t1
селtanjo t2 is the angle/arctangent of tangent t1
селtarbi 1pregnant with embryo2 я father3
селtaxygau g1 boxes t2 inside t1
селtcana t2 is a network/transport/communication/distribution system with nodes/stations including t1
селtci1 = t2 is the purpose of tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement2 = t1
селtcu 1needed by2 for purpose3
селteъabra b1 = t2 is huge/enormous/tremendous in property b2 and feared by b3 = t1 .selteъa+барда
селteъa t2 .event frightens/scares/is feared by t1
селteъи1 is/are the only one.s with property2 among3
селtenfa 1an3rd root of2
селteptce m1 = t2 is fearsome/terrifying/horrifying to t1
селtиъиfla f1 = s2 is a bill specifying f2 .state/event for community f3 under conditions f4,
proposed/drafted by s1
селtinynalkаъe 1inaudible to2 against background/under conditions3
селtivni1program televised by2 via channel3 to television/receiver4
селtoъи t2 .load/force/torque twists/causes torsion in t1
селtra t2 .NU is the conduct behaved by agent t1 under condition t3
селtse 1sat on by2
селvai2 = v1 .object/event is important/significant to1 = v2 .person/event in aspect/for reason3 = v3 .nu/ka .se vajni
селванжу1source fruit of wine2
селveъу 1sold by2 to3 for price4
селvensni si1brand/trademark/makerъs mark/logo representing product/service v2 = si2 recognized by
observer/audience/demographic si3
селvensro s 1a/the sales inventory of goods s2 = v2 sold by v1 to v3
селvиъa 1seen by2 under conditions3
селvisnalkаъe 1invisible to2 under conditions3
селvoi 1means of flight used by2
селxаъуa 2habitat/nest/home/abode with dweller/resident/inhabitanta1
селхагрi 1reed of/for wind instrument2
селxai1 =r2 is injured/harmed/damaged by event2 =r1 in property3 =r3 .ka with injury4 =r4
селxanka2 worries1 under condition3
селxanria 2 imaginesa1
селxarkei k1 =2 pretends1,concept
селxarpaua2 = p 1the imagination of p2
селхау1 ,benefits я/,is a beneficiary of2 .object/event according to standard3
селxei 1hated by2
селylackаъe l2 = k 1trustworthy for l1 to bring about/ensure/maintain l3 under conditions k3
селyleъу l2 is an alphabet/character set containing letter l1 representing l3
селylerci1standard of lateness for2
селylиъa 1left behind by2, that leaves by route3
селylиъe l2 follows l1 in sequence l3
селzarkai c1 = z2 is laudable to observer z1
селzaumиъo m1 = z2 is popular among mass m2 = z1
селзди 1amused with2 due to amusing property3
селzgi1 produces/performs music2
селзиъе z2 .event/state is done freely by z1 under conditions z3
семаъe ,BAI* marji modal, 2nd place made of material/composition ...
семаъи ,BAI* manri modal, 2nd place .of reference as a reference standard for observing ..
сеmaunai ,BAI* zmadu modal, 2nd place .relative! not more than ...; usually a sumti modifier
сеmau ,BAI* zmadu modal, 2nd place .relative! more than ...; usually a sumti modifier
сеmeъanai ,BAI* mleca modal, 2nd place .relative! not less than ...; usually a sumti modifier
сеmeъa ,BAI* mleca modal, 2nd place .relative! less than ...; usually a sumti modifier
сеmeъe ,BAI* шмене modal, 2nd place .the named one as a name for ...
сеmto ,sme1 reflects Semitic ,metaphor: Middle-Eastern language/culture/nationality in aspect2.
.Semitic includes Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Ethiopian, among others
сеmуъиnai ,BAI* мукти modal, 2nd place motive nevertheless ...
сеmуъи ,BAI* мукти modal, 2nd place motive therefore ...; motivating action ...
сеmуъу ,BAI* mupli modal, 2nd place as an example of property ...
сеnci ,sec1 sneezes .intransitive verb
сеnиъиnai ,BAI* nibli modal, 2nd place entails nevertheless ...
сеnиъи ,BAI* nibli modal, 2nd place entails therefore ...
сеnpi ,sen1 doubts/is dubious/doubtful/skeptical/questions that2 .dуъу is true
щ:2 is doubtful/dubious/questionable .= selsenpi for reordered places
сента ,set1layer/stratum ,shape/form of2 ,material within structure/continuum/composite3
сеnva ,sev sne1 dreams about/that2 .fact/idea/event/state;2 is a dream/reverie of1 .Dream/reverie .= selsne
сеpаъa ,BAI* panra modal, 2nd place similarly; similar to ...
сеpаъу ,BAI* pagbu modal, 2nd place .whole partially; as a part of ...
сеpcau s 1immediately next to2
сеpиъo ,BAI* pilno modal, 2nd place .instrumental tool/machine/apparatus/acting entity; using .tool ...
сеpli ,sep sei 1apart/separate я2, separated by partition/wall/gap/interval/separating medium3
.щ aloof .= жикsei; alone .= rolsmisei meaning apart or unlike all others of its kind; pavysei, seirpavmei
meaning ”only” or ”one alone” - do not use when talking about, for example, two people who are alone;3 space
сеpoъи ,BAI* porsi modal, 2nd place sequentially; sequenced by rules ...
сеpуъa ,BAI* pluka modal, 2nd place .for pleasingly; pleasing ...; in order to please ...
сеpуъe ,BAI* pruce modal, 2nd place .inputs processing я inputs ...
сераъa ,BAI* srana modal, 2nd place .pertaining to relevantly; concerning ... .less specific
сераъи ,BAI* krasi modal, 2nd place originally; as an origin/starting point of ..
серai ,BAI* traji modal, 2nd place .property - est; most extremely; superlative in ...
сериъanai ,BAI* ринка modal, 2nd place .phys./mental causal nevertheless ...
сериъa ,BAI* ринка modal, 2nd place .phys./mental causal therefore ...
сериъи seri'i ,BAI* lifri modal, 2nd place experiencing ...; undergoing ...
серlaximorfa s1shark of species s2
серti ,ser1 are stairs/stairway/steps for climbing structure2 with steps3
сеsau ,BAI* sarcu modal, 2nd place .process necessarily; necessary for ..
сеsиъу ,BAI* sidju modal, 2nd place assisting ... .in doing/maintaining something
сеsre1 reflects USSR .Soviet Union/Soviet culture/Soviet nationality in aspect2
.softo doesnъt mean Soviet ! Besides, some modern Russians hate Soviet period of their country. What is more,
Russian Empire, USSR and Russian Federation are three different countries and CIS is not a country at all
сеtаъи ,BAI* tadji modal, 2nd place methodically; as a method for doing ...
сеtai ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 2nd place similarly; resembling ... .in ideal form
.tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal form/shape3 in property4
сеtca ,seъa1 .agent inserts/interposes/puts/deposits2 into interior3/into among/between members of3
сеtиъи ,BAI* stidi modal, 2nd place suggestively; suggesting .idea/action ...
сеtиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 2nd place .for letters at the same time as ... ; label with event
сеtуъи ,BAI* stuzi modal, 2nd place as a location of ..
сеvаъai ,BAI* звати modal; 2nd place .with temporary location..
сеvаъo ,BAI* vanbi modal, 2nd place .environment as conditions/environment of/for ...
сеvаъу ,BAI*amgu modal, 2nd place benefi-ciary case tag for the benefit of...; with beneficiary ...
сеvzi ,sez seъи1self/ego/id/identity-image of2
сеzau ,BAI* занру modal, 2nd place approvingly; approving ...
сезбанzu 1self-sufficient/independent for purpose2 under conditions3
сеzgаъo1 = s2 = g2 is autistic/Aspergian, unable to understand social behavior2 = g3
сеzgalgau gas1=s1 raises/elevates it/his/her self byinframe ofreference gal2 as compared with standard/baseline gal3
сеzgle g1 = s2 masturbates/has sex without partner.s. .Does not include masturbating others
сеzmlugau g1 = se2 pretends to have property.ies si2 to observer si3 under conditions si4
сеzreъo r1 = s2 throws/launches/casts/hurls oneself to/at/in direction r3
сеzуъe ,BAI* zukte modal, 2nd place purposefully; goalfully acting at ...
сеzycatra1 commits suicide / kills him/herself by method2
сеzycиъи c 1self-interested
сеzycitri c 1the autobiography of s2 = c2 = c3
сеzyfanta f1 = s2 exercises/show self-restraint .я sevzi fanta c.f. nunsezyfanta
сеzyжгидуъe j1 = s2 is conceited by standard d3
сеzyseъу 1= sel1 = sev2selfish/selfserving/egotistical in regard to activity2 = sel3.1 = sel1 = sev2 is an egotist
сеzyskinoi n 1an autobiography/resume/home page of n2=n3, intended for n4
сеzysku s1 = c1 says c2 to itself
сеzytoltro j1 = s2 is out of control/temper of/with regard to j3 .activity/event/performance
сеzyzeъa s1 = z1 improves itself/is selfimproving/augmenting/increasing in property/quantity z2 by amount z3.
се ,sel ,SE 2nd conversion; switch 1st/2nd places
сfani1fly ,a small non-stinging flying insect of species/breed2
сfasa ,sfa1 .agent punishes2 for infraction3 .event/state/action with punishment4
.event/state. .щ chastise, castigate, chasten, discipline, correct .one sense; also4 penalty
сfeъero1 reflects Swedish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
сferies Sweden
сfofa ,sfo1sofa/couch .noun
сfubu ,sub sуъу1 dives/swoops ,manner of controlled falling to2 я3
сfumabru 1an ungulate of order/family/species2
сиъartersla sl3 is an ceremony/celebration for recognizing/honoring si2 .object of esteem with participants sl1 = si1
сиъarxai1 .event hurts/damages the respect/high regard/esteem for2 = s2 held by by s1 with result4 .state
сиъastu st1place of honor/,shrine/podium/wall area/trophy case
for person/thing/,event st2 = si2 venerated/honored by si1
сиъa ,UI3b discursive: similarly
сиъerdиъу d 1an igloo for purpose d2
сиъertаъo t1=s1snowboard of material/property t2. .From tanbo, snime
сиъe ,MOI convert number to portion selbri; 1an .nth portion of mass/totality2;
сиъиrзбаprali p 1seigniorage earned by p2 = z1 in making coin z2 = s1
сиъи ,VUhU4 trinary mathematical operator: ,sigma summation of a using variable b over range c
сиъo ,siz ,NU abstractor: idea/concept abstractor;1 is2ъs concept of ,bridi
сиъу ,BAI sidju modal, 1st place .aiding agent aided by ...
сиbvidru v1idea-carrying virus/meme/self-propagating idea capable of infecting/currently infecting v3=s3 with
idea/concept/belief/opinion s1 about thing / topic / subject s2. .vidru place 2 is dropped due to redundancy with sidbo
сиckoъo s1 reflects Irish culture/nationality/language in aspect s2
сиclu ,sil1 ,sound source whistles/makes whistling sound/note/tone/melody2
сиcni ,sиъи1coin/token/is specie issued by2 having value3 of composition including4
сиdbo ,sib sиъo1 .idea abstract is an idea/concept/thought about2 .object/abstract by thinker3
.щ .adjective: 1ideal/ideational
сиdju ,dju1 helps/assists/aids object/person2 do/achieve/maintain event/activity3
сиdysmu1figurative/metaphorical/nonliteral meaning/interpretation of2 recognized/seen/accepted by3
сиfnaptera 1flea of species2
сиgja ,sig1cigar/cigarette/cigarillo made я tobacco/smokable substance2 by3
сиgvаъу v1cigarette/cigar smoker; v1 smokes cigarettes/cigars
сиlka ,sik1quantity of/contains/is made of silk produced by2
сиlna1portion/quantity of salt я source2, of composition including3
сиmbasti1 trades places with2 in circumstance3
сиmbasygau1 interchanges2 and3 in circumstance4
сиmbиъo s1 = b1 .mass/set integrate / unite with each other, displaying quality s2
сиmдаъa1 fight ,each other over issue2 .abstract
сиmfoni zei pagbu p1movement of symphony number k3 in key k4 composed by k5
сиmfoni 1symphony number2 key3 composed by4 performed by/at5 .event
сиmlu ,mlu1 seems/appears to have property.ies2 to observer3 under conditions4
.щ:1 seems like it has2 to3; suggest belief/observation .= mlugau, mlutиъи; looks like/resembles .= smimlu, mitmlu
сиmpapybиъo1 make up/peace with each other under condition2
сиmpeъo1 are friends ,of each other
сиmsa ,smi 1similar/parallel to2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni;1 looks/appears like2. .щ:1likeness/image of2;1 and2 are
alike; similarity and parallel differ primarily in emphasis
сиmsimu 1sesame of species/variety2
сиmsumji 1the sum of all of2 added together
сиmxu ,sim sиъу1 .set has members who mutually/reciprocally2 .event ,x1 should be re- flexive in 1+ sumti
.Members of 1 do to each other/one another 2, and in return do2;1 .plural set do the same thing2 to each other
since 1snake/serpent of species/breed2
сиncykaifиъe 1an eel of species2
сИнгапура SINgapur Singapore
сиnma ,sиъa1 esteems/respects/venerates/highly regards2 ,object of respect
.щ:2 is respected/esteemed/celebrated .= selsиъa for reordered places
сиnso 1the trigonometric sine of angle/arcsine2
сиnxa ,sni1sign/symbol/signal representing/referring/signifying/meaning2 to observer3 .щ:1 signifies2; .adjective:
1significant/meaningful/of import; signal an action .= snitиъи, connotation .= se sibytиъиsni, sibytиъиsmu
сиpna ,sip 1asleep .adjective;1 sleeps/is sleeping
сиpsаъa sa1 sings lullaby sa2 to sa3 = si1
сиpsavgau g1 = s1 snores
сиpselsаъa sa2 is a lullaby sung by sa1 to sa3 = si1
сиpsmacu1dormouse of species2
сиptаъи t1 = s 1sleepy; t1 = s1 needs/wants sleep
сиpydji d1 = s 1drowsy/sleepy
сирji ,sir 1straight/direct/line segment/interval between2 and3; .adjective: 1linear
сирsунла 1is a quantity of/made я/consists of fur of animal/species/source2
сирxo ,six1 reflects Syrian culture/nationality in aspect2
сиsku ,sis1 seeks/searches/looks for property2 among set3 .complete specification of set
If searching for an object or an event, use tуъa in2
сиspeъи s1 = p1 finds s2 = p2 at/in location p3
сиsti ,sti1 ,agent ceases/stops/halts/ends activity/process/state2 ,not necessarily completing it
сиtna ,sit1 cites/quotes/refers to/makes reference to source2 for information/statement3 .dуъу
сиtsku c1 = s1 cites/quotes c2 = s3 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4 я source s2
сиvni ,siv 1private/personal/privy/,secret/confidential/confined to2; 1not-public/hidden. .щ: 1secret
.one sense;2 is in the know/in touch with/privy to1 .= selsivni for reordered places; exclusion can be expressed by
naъe.bo in2: excluded/in the dark .= nalselsivni
сиvypoъecиъe c 1capitalism as practiced by p1 = s2
си ,SI erase the last Lojban word, treating nonLojban text as a single word
сkaci1skirt/kilt/dress of material2; 1skirted ,garment open at the bottom; not legged
.A skirted garment may be full length .pastu, but must hang below the waist я support above or at the waist
сkami ,sam1computer for purpose2
скапи ,kap1pelt/skin/hide/leather я2
скари ,ska1 is/appears to be of color/hue2 as perceived/seen by3 under conditions4
.Conditions may include lighting, background, etcskefиъa c 1science/technology-oriented science fiction about plot/theme/subject c2 by author c3, based on science s1
.щ known as “hard science fiction”
сkezуъe z1engineer in the branch of s2 based on methodology s3 with purpose/goal z3
сkicu ,ski1 tells about/describes2 .object/event/state to audience3 with description4 .property
сkiji ,sij1ski/skid/skate/runner for surface .of material2 supporting skier/skater/sled/cargo3
сkina ,kin1cinema/movie/film about2 ,plot/theme/subject/activity, filmmaker3, for audience4
.щ motion picture;2 may be a convention rather than a subject; cartoon/animation .= selхраcиъa skina;
television/tvshow .=tivy skina, regardless of length, factual content, etc
сkoмаъe m 1an aerial tramway carrying m2 in/on lift m3, propelled by m4 = s1
сkomberu s1mackerel of species s2. .ё finpe, finprtuna
сkorbuti1 has scurvy with symptoms2. .юэ nimre
сkori ,sko 1cord/cable/rope/line/twine/cordage/woven strands of material2
сkospa1vine of genus/species/variety2
сkoto ,kot koъo1 reflects Gaelic/Scottish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
сkubancu 1metalinguistic with respect to the expression by2 of text3 for audience4 via medium5
сkudji d1 means/intends to say c2 to c3 via medium c4
сkumиъe m1 = c1 expresses/states an order to m2 = c3 for m3 .event/state to happen
скурo ,kуъo1groove/trench/furrow ,shape/form in object/surface2
сkutadji t1manner of expression of c1, saying c2 to c3 via medium c4 under conditions t3
слabu ,sau 1old/familiar/well-known to observer2 in feature3 .ka by standard4.
.This can cover both meanings of old. Old in years, i.e. age, can be conveyed through2 = the world, life, existence
.= loi nu zasti; in usage this has been a common default for ellipsis. However slabu is not the opposite of ъyoungъ
.= nalcиъo, tolcиъo, but the opposite of ъnewъ .= tolnиъo; also ancient .= tcesau, age .= nilsau;2 is used to
1 .= selsau for reordered places; historic/historical .= cirsau, cirselшедра; also vaipru
слaka bu ,BY* letteral: Lojban ”,” character
слaka 1syllable in language2
слami1quantity of/contains/is made of cid of composition2; .adjective: 1acidic
.x2: composition including2, which need not be complete specification
слamystogau g1 pickles st1 with acid sl1
слanu1cylinder ,shape/form of material2
слanydиъу1tower for purpose2. .щ means ”rook” in chess.
слari ,sar 1sour/tart to observer2
слasi ,las1quantity of/is made of/contains plastic/polymer of type/component unit.s2
слеmidju1nucleus of cell2 ,default biological
слиcka s1=c1cradle made of c2, holding c3, rocking at speed s2 through positions s3. .цы vercka.
слиgau g1 swings s1
слиgu ,lig 1solid, of composition/material including2, under conditions3. .Conditions include temperature and прessureslilu ,sli1 oscillates at rate/frequency2 through set/sequence-of-states3 .complete specification. .щ .expressible either with desku or slilu: side to side, to and fro, back and forth, reciprocal .motion, rotates, revolves
слирi1quantity of/contains/is made of sulfur/brimstone .S; ,metaphor: foul odor, volcanic
слoska 1golden/gold-colored when viewed by2 under conditions3
слovensk Slovakia
слovino 1Slovenian/Slovene in aspect2
слovo ,lov loъo1 reflects Slavic language/culture/ethos in aspect2
слuji ,slu 1a/the muscle ,body-part controlling2, of body3; ,metaphor: tools of physical power. ..adjective:
1/x2/x3 is muscular .different senses.
слuni1quantity of/contains onions/scallions of type/cultivar2
сmacni c 1calm about2 = c3
сmacrkobaiu1guinea pig of species2. .From rodent species ъCavia cobayаъ.
сmacu 1mouse of species/breed
сmadi1 guesses/conjectures/surmises2 .dуъу is true about subject3; ,epistemology.
.щ:1 has a hunch that2 is true;1 imagines2 is true; words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
сmaji ,sma1 .source is quiet/silent/,still at observation point2 by standard3
сmani1monkey/ape/simian/baboon/chimpanzee of species/breed2
сmanyjinkytoldуъevidru v1=jt1=s 1SIV ,Simian immunodeficiency virus of jt2. .From smani, jinkytoldуъe, vidru
s2, v2 and v3 subsumed
сmanyjinkytoldуъevir v1=jt1=r 1SIV ,simian immunodeficiency virus of jt2. .From smani, jinkytoldуъe, vidru. v2, v3 and
s2 subsumed
сmasku c1 whispers c2 = s1 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept to audience c3 via expressive medium c4, quietly by standard s3
сmela 1plum/peach/cherry/apricot/almond/sloe ,fruit .genus Prunus of species/variety2 .zirsmela for plum, unsmela for cherry,
najysmela for peach, pelsmela for apricot, rиъonsmela for almond, blasmela for sloe
сmimlu siml1 = sims1 resembles/looks like/appears to be similar/parallel to sims2 in property/quantity sims3 to observer сiml3 under conditions siml4
сmoka ,smo1sock/stocking ,flexible foot and lower leg garment of material2
сmuci ,muc1spoon/scoop .tool for use2, made of material3
сmudukti d1 and d2 = s2 antonyms of each other
сmugau g1 refers to s1 with expression s2 recognized by s3
сmuni ,mun smu1meaning/interpretation of2 recognized/seen/accepted by3. .Referential meaning .=selsni, snismu
сmuske sa 1semantics with methodology sa3
сmuvanbi v 1the context of meaning v2 = s1 of event/action/object s2 recognized by s3
сnaдаъи d1 knocks on/hits door/object d2 with instrument ,or body-part d3 making sound s1 snada ,sad1 ,agent succeeds
in/achieves/completes/accomplishes2 as a result of effort/attempt/try3. .щ:1 reaches2; .adjective: 1successful;2
сnanu ,nan 1to the south/southern side of2 according to frame of reference3
сnapisa 1mustard of species/breed2
сnasni1sound/acoustic signal, produced/emitted by2 and meaning3 to4 .listener.
сnaveitci t1microphone for recording sound s1 produced/emitted by s2
сnavei v1sound recording of v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 on recording medium v4
сneжуъe1dreamcatcher, passing dreams2, stopping dreams3, with netting properties4.
сnicne 1variable taking value2 under conditions3
сnidarиъa 1jellyfish/jelly/sea jelly/member of phylum Cnidaria of species/breed2
сниду ,nid1 is2 seconds in duration .default is 1 second by standard3
сnigau1 assigns symbol/variable2 to value/referent3 for observer4
сnileъу 1an ideogram/symbol in writing system2 meaning3
сnime ,sиъe 1made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of snow
сnipa ,nip 1 adheres/sticks to2; .adjective: 1sticky/gummy/adhesive. .Note that 1the adhering surface being claimed;2 need
not be sticky
сnisimsumji 1the sigma summation of expression2 with variable3 over domain4
сnocanci c1 fades я location c2 .c.f. masno canci
сnomabru m1sloth of genus/species m2
сnuji ,nuj1sandwich/layering ,not restricted to food of2 sandwiched between3
сnukarni k1,shared journal/blog about topic/subject k2 = c2 published/administered by k3 for participants/audience k4 = c1snura ,nur nуъa 1secure/safe я threat2 .event
сnustu s1forum for c1 to discuss/talk about topic/subject c2
сnuti ,nut1 .event/state is an accident/unintentional on the part of2; 1an accident
соъa ,soj ,PA4 digit/number: almost all .digit/number
соъero ,ROI* tense interval modifier: usually; objectively quantified tense; defaults as time tense
соъe ,sop ,PA4 digit/number: most
соъиmei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert many to cardinal;1set with many members2 of total set3
соъиroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: many times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
соъи ,sor soъи ,PA4 digit/number: many
соъo ,sos ,PA4 digit/number: several
соъуroi ,ROI* tense interval modifier: a few times; objective tense; defaults as time tense
соъу ,sot ,PA4 digit/number: few
соbde ,sob soъe1quantity of soya ,grain/bean of species/strain2
соbysanso sa 1soy sauce for use with sa2, containing ingredients including sa3
соdna1quantity of/contains/is made of alkali metal of type2 ,default sodium .щ potassium, lithium, cesium. Soda
соdnrkali 1potassium
соdva ,sod 1made of/contains/is a quantity of a carbonated beverage/soda of flavor/brand2. .щ: soft drink .though this
sometimes includes tea and coffee as distinct я alcoholic beverages which are ”hard drinks”
соfto ,sof 1 reflects Russian empire/USSR/ex-USSR .Soviet/CIS culture/nationality in aspect2
sofyбакni Nonce word; no clear meaning. Something like1Soviet cow of species / breed2. .Was created for the
pangram .sentence that contains all letters of the alphabet ”.oъи mu хагji sofyбакni cu звати
ле purdi”. Made я softo + бакni.
соfygуъe 1USSR .Soviet Union
соirsai sa1field ration consisting of dishes including sa2, for so1 of army so2
соi ,SOI discursive: reciprocal sumti marker; indicates a reciprocal relationship between sumti
соjypаъa p1 expects p2 .event; p1 expects p2 to happen. .p2 is likely. It has high probability
соkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 9,000 expressed with comma
соlji ,slo1quantity of/contains/is made of gold .Au; ,metaphor: valuable, heavy, non-reactive
соlmiнли 1 is2 .default 1 Astronomical Unit.s .AU
соlnavni1quantity of/contains/is madeof helium .He
солри ,sol 1the sun of home planet2 .default Earth of race3; .adjective: 1solar. .ъhome planetъ refers to a planet
which is ”home” to a race, but not necessarily the original ”home” of a species if that species inhabits many worlds
соlxrula 1sunflower of species/variety2
соl Soul
соmbo ,som soъo1 sows/plants2 ,crop/plants at/in3
соmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 9 to ordinal selbri; 1ninth among2 ordered by rule3
соnci ,son soi1soldier/warrior/fighter of army2
соngripausle 1an army platoon, a subdivision of army unit2 which serves country/nation/group3songripau 1an army company, a суbdivision of army unit2 which serves coun-try/nation/group3songri 1an army battalion, a subdivision of army unit2 which серves country/nation/group3
соnjamkarce k 1armred personnel carrier propelled by k3
соnono ,PA* number/quantity: 900 ,nine hundred
соno ,PA* number/quantity: 90 ,ninety
соpselneizgi z1 = n2 is pop music produced/performed at/by z2 .event
соpselnei n 1liked by most people
соrбаушre c1polyglot, proficient in languages c2 = b1
соrcinpаъи1 = c1 = p 1sexually polyamorous/sexually loves many people/more than one person including, but not limited
to, set2 = p2 in situation/activity/state3 = c2, exhibiting sexuality/gender/sexual orientation
4 = c3 by standard5 = c4. .Leaving in all the places of cinse doesnъt do much, but it probably doesnъt hurt
sorcu ,soc sro1store/deposit/supply/reserve of materials/energy2 in containment3. .x3 need not be a container,
but could merely be a site/location restriction; e.g. a heap. The sumti indicates how the supply is identified and
distinguished я other occurrences of the stored2 that are not part of the store. .ё panka; vreji for information
storage; sabji for a store or reserve that is not necessarily tied to a site, banxa, panka
соrгугjeъa j 1empire govening over g1 provinces with j2 = g3 territories
соrgu ,sog1quantity of sorghum of species/strain2
соrjaknykarce k1multiple rocket launcher propelled by k3sorjontai t1web-shape, manifested by t2
соrnai n 1international group of peoples n2
соrpаъa p1 hopes for p2 .event; p1 hopes that p2 happens. .p2 is possible and has medium probability
соrpаъи1 = p 1polyamorous/loves many people .romantic love implied, including, but not limited to, set2 = p2. .Romantic
love, is, I suppose, not absolutely necessary, but seems likely
соrpeka1bus/coach for carrying passengers2, propelled by3 .This is a zиъevla of the word sorprekarce
соrprekarce k1bus/coach for carrying passengers p1 = k2, propelled by k3
соrprekarcytcana t1bus terminal/station/depot in transport system t2 for buses for carrying p1 = k2
соrselcei c2 believes in many gods/deities c1 with dominion over c3; c2 is a polytheist
соrsipydиъу d1dormitory .building/place where people2 .complete mass sleep. .x 1я dinju and2 is invented but related to
sipna1.2 should be used for all the people; e.g. ”mi se sorsipydиъу” incorrect speaking for yourself
соsoceъи ,PA* number/quantity: 99% .number
соstartai t1constellation of stars
соsyzda1hamlet/settlement with inhabitants2
соtpаъa p1 wishes for p2 .event; p1 wishes that p2 happened. .p2 is unlikely. It has low probability
совда ,sov soъa 1egg/ovum/sperm/pollen/gamete of/я organism ,mother/father2
..poorly metaphorical only due to gender- and species- being unspecified: ovoid, oblate
.= pevysoъaseltai, but better: claboi; egg, specifically female .= fetsoъa, of a bird .= cpifetsoъa, cpisoъa,
of a chicken .= jipcyfetsoъa, jipcysoъa. .but note that Lojban does not require specificity, just as English doesnъt
for either milk or eggs; ”совда” is fine for most contexts; If fertilized, then tsiju or tarbi.
соviet 1Soviet
соvykruji k 1made of/contains a quantity of custard
соzepimu ,PA* number/quantity: 97.5
соzmast September
соzmoijаъa j1 has the rank of General/Admiral/Air Chief Marshal .equivalent of NATO OF-9 in military unit
/organization j2. .й so, moi, jatna, jemjаъa, vairsoi, pavnonmoijаъa, bivmoijаъa. Based on STANAG 2116:
NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
соzymasti 1September/the ninth month of year2 in calendar3
со ,soz ,PA1 digit/number: 9 .digit ,nine
сpabиъу b1hedge separating b2 and b3 in b4 made of plants of species s2
сpacivla 1an aphid of genus/species2
сpaji ,paj 1.event/action abstract surprises/xpected ,and generly sudn to2 .щ expectation .= nalspaji, alarm .= tepspaji
сpali1 .agent polishes object/surface2 with polish3, applied using tool4
сpano ,san1 reflects Spanish-speaking culture/nationality/language in aspect2
.Metaphorical restriction to Spain by contrast withispo .comparable to the distinction between glico and merko/sralo/brito/kadno; Spain .= sangуъe; Spanish dialects spoken in Spain, especially Castillian .= sansanбау
сparagusa1quantity of asparagus of species/strain2
сpaske sa 1botany concerned with plants of type sp2 based on methodology sa3
сpati ,spa1plant/herb/greenery of species/strain/cultivar2. .щ .adjective: 1vegetable/vegetal
сpatnrafanu1radish .plant of variety2 .я spati and ъRapharus sativusъ
сpatrbasiliko 1basil of variety2
сpatrdauko 1Queen Anneъs lace of species2
сpatrkamomili1camomile plant of species/strain/cultivar2. .й spati.
сpatrleoxari1water chestnut .plant of species/variety2. .юэ stagrleoxari
сpatrnakardiace1cashew/mango/poison ivy/sumac of genus/species2;1 belongs to the Anacardiaceae.
сpatrpiperi 1pepper .”Piper” of species/variety2. .юэ kapsiku, цаprpiperi
сpatrxamameli1quantity of witchhazel/hamamelis/winterbloom of species/strain2
сpatrxapio1celery plant of species/variety2. .й ampigravle, gejrdauko, najgenja, rulsantyspa, stagi.
сpeъato 1reflects Esperantoculture/nationality/language in aspect2 No corresponding nation exists at the moment.
сpebиъo1 marries2 according to marriage traditions/custom/law3.
сpecfarиъи r1wedding ceremony marrying2 = s1 to3 = s2. .й detkeъу, jbedetnunsla.
сpemeъa m1 = s1concubine/lesser spouse of s2 under law/custom/convention s3
сpeni ,spe 1married to2;1spouse of2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention3
сpenуъe1=s1=n 1engaged to2=s2=n3 by law/convention3=s3
сperlanu1smelt of species2. .see finpe, salmone, merlanu
сpesti1=sp1=st 1divorced я2=sp2 by law/convention3=sp3
сpisa ,spi1 ,object/substance is a piece/portion/lump/chunk/particle of2 ,substance
сpitaki1parrot of species/breed2
сpita1hospital treating patient.s2 for condition/injuries/disease/illness3. .Hospice .a place where2 of spita is lenu
мроbиъo = мроspita
сpofu ,pof poъу 1broken/inoperable/broken down/non-utile/not usable for function2. .Agentive break, cause
to become inoperable .= pofygau, pofyzуъe; accidentally break, as a result of an event, nonagentive
.= pofyjаъe, nutpo ъуjаъe
сpogau g1 destroys, using/through event d1, object/person d2
сpoja ,poj poъa1 bursts/explodes/violently breaks up/decomposes/combusts into pieces/energy/fragments 2
сpostapa sp1 = st1 crushes/destroys by stomping sp2 = st2 using limbs st3
сpranto1 reflects Esperanto language/culture/community in aspect2
сpuda ,spu1 answers/replies to/responds to person/object/event/situation/stimulus2 with response3. .x3 also answer/reply
If2 is a person/object, it will usually require ”tуъa” indicating that the reply/response is to that person/object oing something. ”tуъa” may not be needed if the person/object itself is the stimulus, rather than something it is oing
сputu ,put pуъу1 spits/expectorates2 ,predominantly liquid я3 to/onto4 .Saliva/spit/sputum/spittle .= molselpуъу
сraji ,raj 1vertical/upright/erect/plumb/oriented straight up and down in reference frame/gravity2
сraku ,rak1 ,abrasive/cutting/scratching object/implement scratches/,carves/erodes/cuts ,into2
сralo1 reflects Australian culture/nationality/geography/dialect in aspect2
сralyбау s1 = b 1the Australian English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
сralygуъe s1 = g 1Australia
сralytуъa s1 = t 1Australia/Oceania/Australasia
сrana ,rаъa1 pertains to/is germane/relevant to/concerns/is related/associated with/is about2. .щ:1question of/treats
of2; can be symmetric, although 1conventionally more specific or constrained in scope than2
сrasu ,sas1blade/expanse of grass of species2. .Lawn/meadow .= sasfoi
сrebadbиъa bi1 = ba2 is allergic to ba3 with symptoms bi2
сrebandu1 erroneously defends2 against3;2 is allergic to3
сrera ,sre 1 errs in doing/being/making mistake2.event, an error under conditions 3 by standard 4
сriбаъa d1 = b1stripe on surface b2 of material d2 = b3 .This could also be a striped pattern although srimoъa might be
more suited to that
сrimakyvelvei v4 = m1magnetic tape/cassette storing v2 .data/facts/dуъу about v3 .object/event in file.s v1
сrito1 reflects Sansкриt language/Sansкриtic/Vedic culture/nationality in aspect2
сruboъу s1 = b1rib of s2 = b2. .During the development of mammalian embryos, fusedon remnants of ribs can be traced
in neck vertebrae .cervical ribs and sacral vertebrae. In reptiles, ribs sometimes occur in all vertebrae
сrukla k1 = s1 comes/goes to k2 я k2 around s2
сruma ,rуъa1 assumes/supposes that2 .dуъу is true about subject3; ,epistemology.
.Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place
сrumуъa m 1an iris/diaphragm covering m2, made of m3
сrumуъу m1 = s1 orbits s2 in direction s3 using orbit m4
сrupunji p1 puts/places p2 around s2
сruri ,rur sru1 encircles/encloses/is surrounding2 in direction.s/dimension.s/plane3. ..jinsru =1ring/belt/band/girdle
around/circling/ringing2 near total containment in some dimension.s
сrutаъу t1 = s1scarf worn on body part t2 = s2. .Includes ”neckscarf” .nebysrutаъу, ”headscarf”
.sedysrutаъу, and ”waistscarf” .befsrutаъу. Worn for warmth, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons
сtace ,sac 1honest/open/truthfully revealing to/candid/frank with2 about matter/fact3 .щ straight, straight-forward
сtagau g1 parks/moors/berths/anchors vehicle s1 at s2
сtagi 1the edible2 portion of plant3;1vegetable. .Note that fruits and nuts are also vegetables; generally this word
will be used for either the general category of edible plants, or for non-fruit vegetables .= nalrutstagi
сtagnrafanu1radish .root/bulb of variety2 .я stagi and ъRapharus sativusъ
сtagrleoxari1water chestnut .corm of variety2
сtagycti c1vegetarian that eats vegetables s3
сtakolm Stockholm .capital city of Sweden
сtaku ,tak1quantity of/contains/is made of ceramic made by2, of composition3, in form/shape4
Made of baked clay or other non-metallic solid;3: composition including3, which need not be complete specification
сtali ,sta1 remains/stays at/abides/lasts with2
сtani 1a/the stalk/stem/trunk ,body-part of plant/species2; ,metaphor: main support
сtanycma c1 = s 1a/the sprout/shoot of plant/species s2 by standard/norm c3
сtanyxruba1quantity of rhubarb of species/strain2
сtapa ,tap1 steps/treads on/in surface2 using limbs3
сtasu1quantity of soup/stew/olla/olio ,food of ingredients including2
.x2 is in1, an ingredient/part/component of1
сtati1 has a talent/aptitude/innate skill for doing/being2
сteba ,seb 1 feels frustration about 2.abstraction
сteci ,tec teъи 1specific/particular/specialized/,special/a defining property of2 among3 .set. .,x2
are members/individuals of a subset of3; object whose association is specific/defining of a subset or individuals .=
tecrаъa, also cf. шмаво list poъe, ,x2 is also special to1; also: especially/strongly/specifically associated;
.x3 is completely specified set;
сtedu ,sed 1a/the head ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: uppermost portion. .Skull .= sedboъу
сtela ,tel1lock/seal of/on/for sealing2 with/by locking mechanism3
сtero ,teъo1 is2 steradian.s ,metric unit in solid angle .default is 1 by standard3
сtici ,sic 1to the west/western side of2 according to frame of reference3
сtidi ,sid tиъи1 .agent suggests/proposes idea/action2 to audience3;1 .event inspires2 in/among3. .Event
which inspires/suggests/is suggestive .= faurtиъи, sidyfau
сtika ,tik1 .event adjusts/regulates/changes2 .ka/ni in amount/degree3. .Non-resultative, causal change; agentive adjust .=
tikygau, tikyzуъe. цы cenba which need not be causal, galfi which is causal and resultative, binxo which need not be
causal but is resultative, zasni, stodi
сtirиъa1cause with cease2 with causation conditions3
сtizu ,tiz 1chair/stool/seat/bench, a piece or portion of a piece of furniture intended for sitting
сtodi ,sto 1constant/invariant/unchanging in property2 .ka in response to stimulus/conditions3
сtogau g1 maintains/preserves/keeps up/conserves s1 in condition s2 .ka under .external conditions s3
сtotcu n1 = s 1insatiable in property n2 = s2 despite input n3 = s3
сtrutione 1an ostrich of subspecies2
сtudukti d1 and d2 = s2 are antipodes on s1
сtuna ,sun 1is to the east/eastern side of 2 according to frame of reference 3
сtura ,tur sуъa1structure/arrangement/organization of2 ,set/system/complexity. ..x2, if a set, is completely specified;
сtuselpoъe p2 = s1piece of real estate possessed by p1 in condition p3
сtuzi ,tuz stu 1an inherent/inalienable site/place/position/situation/spot/location of2 .object/event. .Generally used for
normally stationary objects/events, to give their ъpermanentъ location
суъanai ,UI*2 evidential: I generalize - I particularize; discursive: abstractly - concretely
суъa ,UI2 evidential: I generalize - I particularize; discursive: abstractly - concretely
суъe ,sup sуъe ,PA4 digit/number: at most .all; no more than
суъи ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: plus; addition operator; ,...a + b + c + ....
суъoremei ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert at least 2 to cardinal selbri;1set with plural membership2.
суъoremoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert at least 2 to ordinal selbri; 1at-least-2nd among2 by rule3.
суъo ,suz sуъo ,PA4 digit/number: at least .some; no less than.
суъу ,suv ,NU abstractor: generalized abstractor .how; 1,bridi as a non-specific abstraction of type2.
суckancu1 = k1 estimates numerical value2 = k3 = s1 about3 = s2
суcta ,suc1 .sиъo is abstracted/generalized/idealized я2 ,something concrete by rules3
суdgau g1 dries/dehydrates s1, removing liquid s2 .The implied g2 is the lo nu s1 sudga s2
суdga ,sud 1dry of liquid2; .adjective: 1arid
суdmau z1 = s 1drier than z2 by amount z4 of liquid s2
суdnabybli s1 = n1crouton of bread b1, made я grains b2
суdrai t1 = s 1the driest among set/range t4 of liquid s2
суdванжba j1 = v2 = s1raisin/sultana/currant processed я a grape of species j2
суdytуъa t1 = s1desert with land location t2
суfti ,sfu 1a/the hoof ,body-part of2
суjysиъу1 add up to2
суksa ,suk1 .event/state is sudden/sharply changes at stage/point2 in process/property/function3 .щ abrupt, discontinuous
суmgadri 1sumti qualifier labelling sumti2 with semantics3
суmji ,suj1mathematical sum/result/total of2 plus/increased by3
суmkаъи1pro-sumti/pronoun representing2 as argument of predicate/function3 filling place 4
суmne1 .experiencer smells/scents .transitive verb2;2 smells/has odor/scent to observer 1
суmpoi1termset/set of arguments of predicate/function2 filling places3
суmti ,sum sуъи 1a/the argument of predicate/function2 filling place3 .kind/number. ..x1 and2 are text
суnga ,sug1quantity of garlic ,bulb of species/strain2
суnkoъo s1 reflects Scottish culture/nationality/language in aspect s2
сунла ,sul1quantity of/made я/consists of wool ,tight curly hair я animal/species/source2
суnsicyjudri j 1the longitude/right ascension of j2 in system j3
суnxиъo 1Orthodox Christian in aspect2
суomen Finland
суomis Finland
суomne 1Finnish in aspect 2
суrdei 1the Sabbath, the day on which 2 rests
суrla ,sur 1relaxes/rests/ in/by doing/being 2 .activity
суtkla s1 = k1 quickly comes/goes to destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
суtlиъу l1 = s1 dashes/speeds/swiftly travels via route l2 using means/vehicle l3
суtra ,sut 1fast/swift/quick/hastes/rapid at doing/being/bringing about 2.event/state
суtybajycpi 1roadrunner of species2
суtydji d 1eager/impatient for d2 = s2 to happen
суtygau g1 hurries/rushes/speeds s1 to do/be/bring about s2
суtyzeъa z1 = s1 accelerates/,speeds up at doing/being/bringing about s2 .event/state by amount z3
суzгугjeъa j1union or loose federation of sovereign states
United Nations .UN, European Union .EU, Association of Southeast Asian Nations .ASEAN
суzyn Susan
суzyterkиъи 1= k3 is the relationship between2 = k1,3 = k2,3...;1property of2. .From sуъo te ckini. Any number of places
may be used. This word was invented byorxes and is intended as an alternative to quantified selbri with bуъa; it allows
the relations to be specified as sumti.
су ,SU erase to start of discourse or text; drop subject or start over
сy ,BY2 letteral for s
таъarsиъу s1 .set discuss subject t2 in language t4
таъa ,COI vocative: interruption
таъenai ,TAhE* tense interval modifier: nonhabitually; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
таъe ,TAhE tense interval modifier: habitually; subjective tense/modal; defaults as time tense
таъи ma ,BAI* sumti question asking for a method; how?
таъиrvаъу v1 = t1 yawns, expressing fatigue due to effort/situation t2 .event
таъи ,BAI tadji modal, 1st place .in manner 3 methodically; by method ...
таъonai ,UI*3 discursive: by the way - returning to main point.
таъo ,UI3 discursive: by the way - returning to main point
таъуnai ,UI*3a discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru
таъу ,UI3a discursive: making a tanru - expanding the tanru
таbjme1diamond .gem я source2
таbno ,tab1quantity of/contains/is made of carbon/graphite/,diamond/charcoal; 1organic
таbra1horn/trumpet/trombone/bugle ,brass-wind/lip-reed musical instrument
табьbиъo b1 = t 1charred/carbonized under conditions b3
табькриli k 1crystalline carbon .default diamond in form/arrangement k3
табьselcmu 1organic/carbon-based. .organic applies to chemicals; carbon-based to life forms. The distinction between
табьselcmu and mivyselkra is that e.g. calcium phosphate in bonesis mivyselkra but not табьselcmu, while
polyethylene is табьselcmu but not mivyselkra
таcpeъу1 = p1.agent touches eir tongue to/licks2 = p2 = t2 at3 = p4 ,a locus on2
.t1 and p3 are implicitly the tongue of agent1
тадgri g1study group studying t2
тадji1 ,process is a method/technique/approach/means for doing2 .event under conditions3. .щ practice/way/mode; style/manner/conduct .= tratadji; pattern .= montadji, tadjymoъa, or platadji, tadjypla
тадjycpa c1 adopts c2 = t1 .method for purpose t2.
тадni ,tad1 studies/is a student of2;1scholar; .adjective: 1scholarly
таflumcаъa c1washing machine
таfrcemize 1chemise/shift/smock of material2 .Usually womenъs undergarments and dresses. cmeize for type 4
таfrjerzi 1jersey of material2. .Knitted clothing, traditionally in wool or cotton, with sleeves,
worn as a pullover, as it does not open at the front, unlike a cardigan .tafrkardiga
таfrkardiga1cardigan of material2. .A type of sweater .nivyшрека or jumper .luзбаршрека
that fastens up the front with buttons or a zipper, usually machine- or hand-knitted я wool. kardiga for type 4
таftcaci tc1clothing custom/fashion of tc2 = ta1 under conditions tc3 .era/region/occasion
таfyfeъa f1hole in garment2 = t1 for wearing by3 = t2 .gender/species/body part
таgji ,tag 1snug/tight on2 in dimension/direction3 at locus4
таgygau g1 tucks t1 onto/into t2
таи,UAN Taiwan
таиbeis Taipei
таиfnu b1 = c1typhoon/hurricane/cyclone moving я direction b2 at speed b3 rotating around centre /eye c2
with rotational direction c3
таирmupli m1=t2 is a t1 form of m3 tairvаъу v1 = t1 pants because of tiring effort/situation t2 .event
таиske 1the morphology of2 according to methodology3
таи ,BAI tamsmi modal, 1st place .like/.in manner 2 resembling ...; sharing ideal form ..
tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal form/shape3 in property4
таjgai g1thimble
таkside1badger of species2
таlsa ,tal 1.person challenges2 at/in property3 for a challenging event/situation
таmca1tomato ,fruit/vegetable/plant of species/strain2
таmgau g1 defines t2 into form t1
таmji ,taj 1a/the thumb/big toe ,bodypart on limb2 of3; ,metaphor based on relative shape
Thumb .specifically the hand =antamji, big toe .= jmatamji
таmjycausmani1colobus of species2
таmne 1cousin to2 by bond/tie3; ,nonimmediate family member, default same generation
Probably preferred for metaphorical siblings .over bruna
таmsmi1 has form2, similar in form to3 in property/quality4
таmtigypre p1 = ti1model/mannequin serving fashion/artistic/commercial concept ti2 = ta1
таmxri m1 = t2 is a quantity of macaroni/penne/fusilli/shaped pasta in shape t1 made я grains m2
таnбаргу b1rainbow at location b2 = t2
таnbo ,tаъo1board/plank ,3- dimensional long flat rectangle of material2
таnce ,tac 1a/the tongue ,body-part of2; .metaphor: similar to naзби, tamji, degji. ..adjective: 1lingual
таnjo 1the trigonometric tangent of angle/arctangent2
таnko1quantity of tobacco ,leaf of species/strain2
таnkyxуъиu 1nicotine with chemical purityu2
таnmiнли1 is2 .default 1 parsec.s
таnru ,tau 1binary metaphor formed with2 modifying3,givingmeaning4 in usage/instance5
таnsi ,tas1pan/basin/tub/sink, a shallow container for contents2, of material/properties3
таntаъo t1=t1skysurfingboard of material/property t2
таnxe ,tax tаъe 1box/carton/trunk/crate for contents2, and made of material3
таpla1tile/cake ,shape/form of material2, shape3, thickness4. .A tile is a 3- dimensional object, relatively uniform and
significant in the 3rd dimension, but thin enough that its shape in the the other two dimensions is a significant feature;
ъcity blockъ is conceptually a tile; polygon .= taplytai or kardytai - shaped like an approximately-2-dimensional block,
лижyclupa - a loop composed of lines
таpsni si1track of st1 treading on surface st2 using limb st3
таpygutci g 1g2 pace/paces .length unit
тарbi 1an embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg with mother2, and father3
тарboi b1globular cluster consisting of stars with properties t2
тарbуъи 1an asterisk .* character
тарbyskori s 1the/a umbilical cord connecting t1 =2 to mother t2 =3
тарbyvиъу v1 performs abortion/induces delivery of embryo/zygote/fetus/fertilized egg t1 = v2 on t2 = v3
.The survival/death of t1 = v2 is not implied
тарcиъe c1solar system based on star.s t1 .default is the Solar System with stellar properties t2 with components c3
displaying c4 .ka
тарci ,tar 1star/sun with stellar properties2
тарkesyske 1stellar astronomy based on methodology2
тарksako 1dandelion of species2
тарla1quantity of/contains/is made of tar/asphalt я source2
тарmi ,tam tai1 ,ideal is the conceptual shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation2 .object/abstract
.щ pattern; 1the mathematical or theoretical ideal form, while2 is an object/event manifesting that form; e.g.
circular/circle-shaped .= cukseltai vs. circle .=cuktai, while cukla alone is ambiguous; model .= cиъersaptai,
saptai, cиъersmitai, smitai
тарsire1tarsier of species2
тарske s 1astronomy based on methodology s3
тарsoъиmei s 1a/the galaxy .default is the Milky Way
тарtai tarm1 tartai tarc2
тарti ,tra1 behaves/conducts oneself as/in-manner2 .event/property under conditions3
.щ .adjective: 1behavioral
тасke1 thirsts for2;1 needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication2
татпи ,tаъи 1tired/fatigued by effort/situation2 .event;1 needs/wants rest
татру ,tat 1a/the breast/mammary/teat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: projection providing liquid .Nipple .= tatyjиъo
таtybиъo b1 = t1 gets tired я t2 .event
таtydenxanto1 = d2 is a mastodon of species2 .The mastodonъs English name .and former genus name comes я
"breast-tooth" due to the unusual shape of its molars
They are not in the same family as elephants or mammothsantrmamutu
таtyjиъo t1 = j1 a nipple/teat .mammary papilla of t2
таtytаъу tax1bra with purpose tax2
тау ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: change case for next letteral only
таvla ,tav tаъa1 talks/speaks to2 about subject3 in language4. .Not limited to vocal speech, but this is implied by the4
without context of some other medium of conversation .use cusku, casnu, skicu, ciksi for weaker implication
of vocal communication; converse/discuss/chat .= simtаъa, simsku, vricysimtаъa for a conversation not clearly delimited
by subject
таxfrbikini1bikin/two piece skimpy womanъs garment of material2 consisting of top3 and bottom4 .Can be used in the sense жоf
swimwear, or coordinated underwear, or even skimpy outerwear. The key aspects are two piece, for women, and covering little
more than the breasts and crotch
таxfu ,taf tаъу 1dress/a garment/clothing for wearing by2 .gender/species/body part serving purpose3.
.щ:2 can wear/is wearing1; refers to something intended for use as a garment, not merely
something that happens to be worn at some time .which need not be true for dasni
та ,taz ,KOhA6 pro-sumti: that there; nearby demonstrative it; indicated thing/place near listener
тcаъanka1jackfruit .Artocarpus heterophyllus of breed2 .See tcempedake
тcabriju b 1the city/town hall of city/town t1 .c.f. tcadu briju
тcaci ,cac1custom/habit/,ritual/rut of2 under conditions3 щ: 1customary/usual/the practice
тcacpi c1pigeon of subspecies c2
тcadu ,tca 1town/city of metropolitan area2, in political unit 3, serving hinterland/region4 щ .adjective: 1urban
тcakali1jackal of species/breed2
тcana 1station/on transport/communication/distribution system/network2. .x2 may be represented by massed vehicles of system
тcandana 1sandalwood of species/variety2
тcanylуъa1 = p1network route/path to node2 = p2 = t1 я node3 = p3 = t1 via points/nodes4 = p4 within transport
/communication/distribution system/network5 = t2. .Unusual in that t1 appears more than once.4 is also really a set of t1s
тcati 1made of/contains/is a quantity of tea brewed я leaves2
тcatru tu 1the mayor of tu2 = tc1
тcatypalne p1tea tray made of p3
тceъexo 1Czech in aspect2
тcebra b1 = m 1huge/enormous/very big in property b2 with criterion b
тcecrogau g1 .person/agent tortures/inflicts severe pain on2 = c1 at locus3 = c2
тcegei g 1delighted/ecstatic/overjoyed about g2 .event/state
тcekau1 .property - ka is global among2
тcempedake1cempedak .Artocarpus champeden of breed2
тcena ,ten1 stretches/extends to range2 ,interval/extent in dimension3 я relaxed range4
тceprujurme 1an archaeon of species/defining property2. .The Archaea are a group of single-celled microorganisms
In the past they had been classed with bacteria as prokaryotes .=pruslemijyjиъe and named archaebacteria, but this
lassification is regarded as outdated
тcepruske 1archeology of/about subject matter2 based on methodology3
тcepru1 .object/thing is ancient
тcesk Czech Republic
тcesnosli 1an oscillate with oscillation state2
тcetce m 1very much/very extreme in property m2 .ka, towards m3 extreme/direction. .Differs я муче only in intensity;
add more ”tce”to taste
тcica ,tic 1event/experience misleads/deceives/dupes/fools/cheats/tricks2 into3 .event/state. .Agentive deception .=
ticygau, ticyzуъe;3 could be an action or a belief on the part of2; harmful intent or result is not implied .=
malticyzуъe for such harmful intent; self deception .= sezytcica; deceive/trick into misguided action .= ticyxlu;
misguided belief .= ticкри; fib/lie/tell an untruth/lie/fib .= ticysku, jifsku, white lie .= zanticysku
тcidu ,tid 1,agent reads2 ,text я surface/document/reading material3;1reader
чикаи c1 = t 1practical, likely to be applicable to event c2 = t2
чика1 ,hours, minutes, seconds is the time/hour of state/event2 on day3 at location4 щ oъclock, time-of-day. .time
units in1 are specified as numbers separated by pиъe or are unit values massified with joi
тcikygаъи1 reschedules я time2,hours, minutes, seconds state/event3 to time4,hours, minutes, seconds
тcikygau g1 schedules time t1 ,hours, minutes, seconds for state/event t2 on day t3 at location t4
тcila ,til1detail/feature/particular of2
тcima ,tim tиъa 1weather at place/region2; .adjective: 1meteorological. .Climate .= citsytиъa, timymoъa
тcimpazi1chimpanzee of species/subspecies2
тcini 1,state/property situation/condition/state/position/are conditions/circumstances of2
.Characteristics or environment of an object/event/process stage or state that are typically/potentially only temporary
тcita1label/tag of2 showing information3
тcitygau g1 puts a label t1 on t2 showing information t3
тciveljai j4 = t1handle on object j2 with purpose t2
тcoкумте1llama/vicuna/alpaca/g uanaco of species2
тcotуъa k1 = t 1South America
тcoxarju1peccary of species2
тcujиъe n1 = j1parasite on n2
тcunCIN Chongqing
теъa ,VUhU2 binary mathematical operator: to the power; exponential; ,a to the b power
теъekno1form of techno music performed/created by2 with characteristics3
теъe ,FAhA3 location tense relation/direction; edged by/edging up to ...
теъиski sk1 specifies sk2 = st2 among st3 to audience sk3 as having property sk4 = st1
теъo ,PA5 digit/number: exponential e .approx 2.71828....
теъу ,TEhU elidable terminator: end conversion between non-mex and mex; usually elidable
тебау ,BAI* бангу modal, 3rd place .expression language expressing ...
теbeъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 3rd place .source sent to receiver ...
теbrulspa1plant of the mint family, of genus/species/variety2
теbykre k 1the moustache of k2 = c2
теcаъи ,BAI* catni modal, 3rd place authoritatively; with basis of authority ...
теcиъe ,BAI* ciste modal, 3rd place of system components ...
теcиъo ,BAI* cinmo modal, 3rd place .attitude about emotionally; emoting about ...
тешуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 3rd place .3rd party hearsay as told to ...
теcyжуъи j 1particular/fastidious about j2 = s1
теcyseъу s 1committed to s2 with service s3 tecyvla v1term/jargon .я a specialised area of knowledge meaning v2 = s2 in
language v3
теdeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 3rd place on a date measured at location ...
теdиъo ,BAI* diklo modal, 3rd place locally; at specific locus within range ...
теdmre m1 surveys t1=m2 as m3 .map or measurements in unit m4 with accuracy m
теdуъи ,BAI* dунли modal, 3rd place equally; equal in property ...
теdуъo ,BAI* djuno modal, 3rd place knowingly; knowing about ...
теdydei 1Saturday of week2 on calendar3
теdyske s1=t 1earth science ,science about earth/soil based on methodology s3. .terdi2, terdi3 and састе2 subsumed
1allembracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth. It is arguably a special case in planetary
science. Not limited to reductionistic science, but also embrace holistic views
теfиъe ,BAI* финти modal, 3rd place creatively; created for purpose ...
теfpиъи1 is2 times the4th power of3
теfsujmeъo m1polynomial in t2 of degree t3 interpreted by rules m2
теgаъa ,BAI* zgana modal, 3rd place observed by means ...
теi ,TEI composite letteral follows; used for multi-character letterals.
теjаъи ,BAI* javni modal, 3rd place orderly; by rule within system ...
теjиъe ,BAI* jimte modal, 3rd place limitedly; limited in property/domain ...
теjиъo ,BAI* житро modal, 3rd place controlledly; controlling event ...
теkаъa ,BAI* клама modal, 3rd place with origin ...
теkаъи ,BAI* krati modal, 2nd place representingly; representing in matter...
теkиъи ,BAI* ckini modal, 3rd place with relation ...
теkoi ,BAI* korbi modal, 3rd place .bounding bordering ...
теlаъу ,BAI* klani modal, 3rd place quantity measured on scale ...
теlcaugau g1 unlocks/unseals c1 = s2 using lock/seal s1 with mechnism s3
теleъa ,BAI* klesi modal, 3rd place .category defined by quality ...
теlgаъo g1 = s2 is locked, preventing access to g2 by g3, the lock being s1 using mechanism s3
теlgau g1 locks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3
теlиъe ,BAI* lidne modal, 3rd place ordered within sequence ...; non-time sequence
темаъe ,BAI* marji modal, 3rd place in material form ...
темаъи ,BAI* manri modal, 3rd place .of reference observed/measured with/by rules ...
теmau ,BAI* zmadu modal, 3rd place .relative! more than/exceeding in property ...
теmшимни c 1eternal/everlasting
теmci ,tem tei 1thetimeduration/interval/period/ vent2 to time/event3. .щ age/elapsed time .= niltei
теmeъa ,BAI* mleca modal, 3rd place .relative! less than in property ...
теmeъe ,BAI* шмене modal, 3rd place as a name used by ...
теmfesti f1ruin that has decayed я time/event t2 to time/event t3
теmsepcau c1 = s 1immediately next to s2 in time
теmуъи ,BAI* мукти modal, 3rd place motivated/motivating per the volition of ...
теmуъу ,BAI* mupli modal, 3rd place as an example out of the set of ...
теnfa ,tef 1the exponential result of base2 to power/exponent3
теngau g1 extends t1 to range t2 ,interval/extent in dimension t3 я relaxed range t4
теngu ,teg teъу1 .property-ka is a texture of2
теnиъи ,BAI* nibli modal, 3rd place entailment under logic system ...
теpаъa ,BAI* panra modal, 3rd place .property contrastingly; contrasting in property ...
теpиъo ,BAI* pilno modal, 3rd place .instrumental a tool usage for purpose ...
теpoъи ,BAI* porsi modal, 3rd place sequentially; as an order on set of items ...
теpselspaji s2 = t 1alarmed/startled by s1 = t2
теpspaji s1 = t2 alarms/startles s2 = t1
теpуъa ,BAI* pluka modal, 3rd place pleasingly; being pleasing under conditions ...
теpуъe ,BAI* pruce modal, 3rd place .outputs processing into outputs ...
теrai ,BAI* traji modal, 3rd place .superlative -est; most extremely; at extreme ...
теrбаъa3 = b1mark/spot on2 = b2 of material1 = b3. .te barna; юэ cinta,inmo
теrбаъи3 = b 1great/grand in property2 = b2 .ka by standard1 = b3
теrбаъo3 = b1 grows/expands ,an increasing development to size/into form2 = b2 я1 = b3. .te банро
теrbajra3 = b1 runs on surface2 = b2 using limbs1 = b3 with gait4 = b4. .te bajra
теrбакфu3 = b1bundle/package/cluster/clump/pack ,shape/form containing2 = b2, held together by1 = b3
теrбакрi3 = b 1chalk я source2 = b2 in form1 = b3. .te бакрi
теrбакtu3 = b1bucket/pail/can/deep, solid, wide-topped container of contents2 = b2, made of material1 = b3
теrbancu3 = b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2 = b2 я1 = b3 in property/amount4 = b4 .ka/ni. .te bancu
теrbandu3 = b1 .event defends/protects2 = b2 .object/state я threat/peril/potential1 = b3 .event. .te bandu;
теrbanxa3 = b1bank owned by/in banking system2 = b2 for banking functions1 = b3 .event. .te banxa
теrbanzu3 = b1 .object suffices/is enough/sufficient for purpose2 = b2 under conditions1 = b3. .te banzu;
теrбаргу3 = b1 arches/шурвеs over/around2 = b2 and is made of1 = b3;
3 = b 1an arch over/around2 = b2 of material1 = b3
теrбаржа3 = b1tavern/bar/pub serving2 = b2 to audience/patrons1 = b3. .te баржа
теrбасна3 = b1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to2 = b2 by .action1 = b3. .te басна
теrbasti3 = b1 replaces/substitutes for/instead of2 = b2 in circumstance1 = b3;3 = b1replacement/substitute. .te basti
теrbatci 1the locus where2 is bitten/pinched by3 with4.
теrbatke3 = b1button/knob/handle on/for item2 = b2, with purpose1 = b3, made of material4 = b4. .te batke
теrбау3 = b1language/dialect used by2 = b2 to express/communicate1 = b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
теrbeъe3 = b1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2 = b2 directed/led by1 = b3 organized for purpose4 = b4. .te бенde
теrbeъи b3 receives b2 я sender b1 and origin b4 by means b5
теrbei3 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 = b2 to1 = b3 я4 = b4 over path5 = b5;3 = b1carrier/porter. .te bevri
теrbejbиъo be3 = bi1 signs up / subscribes to be1 for publication be2 я be4 by means be5
теrberti3 = b 1to the north/northern side .right-hand-rule pole of2 = b2 according to frame of reference1 = b3. .te berti
теrbиъa3 = b 1ill/sick/diseased with symptoms2 = b2 я disease1 = b3. .te билма
теrbиъe3 = b1breeze/wind/gale я direction2 = b2 with speed1 = b3. .te brife
теrbиъo3 = b1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into2 = b2 under conditions1 = b3. .te binxo
теrbиъу3 = b1wall/fence separating2 = b2 я1 = b3, and subdividing4 = b4. .te bitmu
теrbilga3 = b 1bound/obliged to/has the duty to do/be2 = b2 in/by standard/agreement1 = b3;3 = b1 must do2 = b2. .te bilga
теrbilni3 = b 1military/regimented/is strongly organized/prepared by system2 = b2 for purpose1 = b3. .te bilni
теrbinra3 = b1 insures/indemnifies2 = b2 against peril1 = b3 providing benefit4 = b4. .te binra
теrbli3 = b13-dimensional block of material2 = b2 with .typically flat surfaces/sides1 = b3. .te блику
теrblo1 = b3 propels a boat/ship/waterplying vehicle carrying2 = b2 that is3 = b1 .te bloti, if1human, it may have the
meaning ”rowing”
теrboъa 3= b1wave/periodic pattern in medium2 = b2, with wave-form 1= b3, wavelength4 = b4 and frequency5 = b5 .te boxna
теrboъи 3= b1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for 2= b2, made of material1 = b3 with lid4 = b4. .te botpi
теrboъу3 = b 1bone, performing .abstract function2 = b2 in organism1 = b3
теrbradi3 = b 1an enemy/opponent/adversary/foe of2 = b2 in struggle1 = b3. .te bradi
теrbra3 = b 1big/large in property/dimension2 = b2 .ka as compared with standard/norm1 = b3. .te барда
теrbriju3 = b 1an office/bureau/work-place of worker2 = b2 at location1 = b3. .te briju
теrbri3 = b1 .text is a predicate relationship with relation2 = b2 among arguments1 = b3 .ordered set. .te bridi
теrbru3 = b1brush for purpose2 = b2 .event with bristles1 = b3. .te burcu
теrbуъa3 = b 1brother of/fraternal to2 = b2 by bond/tie/standard/parent1 = b3. .te bruna
теrbunda3 = b1 weighs2 = b2 units of local weight standard1 = b3. .te bunda
теrcаъa3 = c 1apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function2 = c2 controlled or triggered by1 = c3. .te cabra;
теrcаъe 1the locus where2 is pushed/shoved by3
теrcacra3 = c1 is2 = c2 hours in duration by standard1 = c3. .te cacra
теrcakyjme j1pearl я shell of material j3 = c3 я source c2
теrcalku3 = c1shell/husk/hard, protective covering around2 = c2 composed of1 = c3. .te calku
теrcanci3 = c1 vanishes/disappears я location2 = c2 according to senses/sensor1 = c3. .te canci
теrcange c1farmer/rancher, c2 being the location of farm/ranch c1, raising/producing c4
теrcanja3 = c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity2 = c2 for1 = c3 with4 = c4. .te canja
теrcanre3 = c 1sand/grit я source2 = c2 of composition including1 = c3. .te canre
теrckasu c3 .property/event is ridiculous of c2 .object to observer c1 with reaction c4
теrcma3 = c 1small in property/dimension2 = c2 .ka as compared with standard/norm1 = c3. .te cmalu
теrctu1teaching/ something taught to audience2 by teacher3 about subject4 by method5.
теrdei3 = d1 is2 = d2 full days in duration by standard1 = d3. .te djedi
теrdejni d3 is a creditor that is owed d2 by d1 for provision of goods/services/loans d4
теrderske s1=t 1pedalogy ,science about soil composition based on methodology s3
.terderske2, terderske3 and састе2 subsumed. Pedalogy is one of two main branches of soil science .=derske
теrdi ,ted 1the Earth/the home planet of race2; .adjective: 1terrestrial/earthbound
dertu for ground, dirt, except when used to express physical relative frame
of reference E.g. on the ground, the ground beneath us
теrdji 1the purpose for which2 is wanted by3
теrdrata d3 distinguishes between d2 and d1
теrdzu3 = c1 walks/strides/paces on surface2 = c2 using limbs1 = c3
теrd Earth
теrfagri 1oxidizer .by default air/oxygen for fuel2 burning in fire3
теrfarnilfrica 1the difference between frame of reference2 and frame of reference3. .magnetic variation is the
difference between the magnetic reference frame and the rotational reference frame; see makfartci
теrfendi f3 is a section of f2 divided by agent f1 and method f4
теrfra f3 incites reaction f2 я reactor f1 under condition f4
теrfуъe f3 charges responsibility f2 to f1
теrganzu g3 is a setup of g2 arranged by g1 based on principle g4
теrgуъи1light source with lit2 with light3
теrиъa ,BAI* ринка modal, 2nd place .phys./mental causally under conditions ...
теrjbe j3 is the birthday,the parents.s being j2, of j1, at place j4
теrжде1danger that2 is warned of by event3
теrjeftu3 = j1 is2 = j2 weeks in duration by standard1 = j3. .te jeftu
теrjиъи 1an opinion about/considered to be2 by3 with grounds for opinion4
теrjmi 1subject with fact/truth2 understood by3
теrjonмаъo 1connective/conjunction of grammatical class2 for joining 3 and4 in language5
теrjutsi 1family ,biology with genus2, species3, within order4, class5 For biological cathegory in general
.=mivyske klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=jicymivykle, class .=xeljutsi, order
.=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi, genus .=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
теrjvi1contest/competition between rival/opponent2 and participant/competitor3 with gain/prize4
теrkagni k3 is the charter/business/purpose granted/authorized/agreed to by authority k2 to/for
company/corporation/firm/partnership k1
теrkai3 considers1 as2 .ka
теrkarni k3 publishes journal/periodical/magazine/,newspaper k1 with content k2 for audience k4
теrkavbu1trap/restraint with2 being captured/restrained by3 .object/event
теrkla From1 to2 goes3 via4 by means5
теrlisri l3 tells/narrates about subject l2 with narration l1 to audience l4
теrмаъи3 = m1 is2 = m2 months in duration by standard1 = m3. .te masti
теrmeъу3 = m1 is2 = m2 minutes in duration by standard1 = m3. .te mentu
теrmиъу m3 identifies m2 with m1
теrmonsиъo s1 = m3 is a model of forms/events m2 by which m1 = s2 is arranged, as thought by s3
теrmosra m3 .non-agentive rubs/brushes/scrubs against m2 with frictional force m1
теrmosygau g1 rubs m3 against/with m2 using frictional force m1
теrmуъeske s1 .mass of facts is science of / about physics / universal rules of universe /
cosmos tm3 of domain / sphere tm2, science in question based on methodology s3. .Made я termуъe + састе
termуъe1 and састе2 subsumed
састе3 moved to end based on relative uselessness
теrнаъa3 = n1 is2 = n2 years in duration by standard1 = n3. .te nanca
теrnoi n3 notifies / reports about n2 in message n1 to audience n4
теrnupcpe n3 = c1 makes a reservation n2 = c2 я service provider n1 = c3 by means c4
теrpa ,tep teъa1 fears2; 1afraid/scared/frightened by/fearful of2 .event/tуъa object .щ:1 feels terror about2;
2 is fearsome/fearful/frightening/scary to1 .= selteъa to reorder places
теrpikta p3 .NU is a privilage entitled to p2 guaranteed by p1 under conditions p4
теrpinxe3 = p1 .agent drinks/imbibes beverage/drink/liquid refreshment2 = p2 я/outof container/source1 = p3
теrpygau g1 frightens t1 with/by t2 .event
теrsei 1the interval/distance/gap between2 and3
теrsla s3 is a activity/,party for celebrating/recognizing/honoring s2 .event/abstract with participants s1
теrsmu1 understands/interprets/perceives the meaning of utterance/message/communication/symbol2 as meaning3 .dуъу
теrсниду3 = s1 is2 = s2 seconds in duration by standard1 = s3. .te сниду
теrspe1marriage tradition/custom/law according to which2 is married to3
теrtcidu t3 is a reading material / literature consisting of texts t2 with audience t1; t3 is literary
.Use loъи for ”literature”
теrto ,tet1trillion ,10 12 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
теrvаъи v3 evaluates v2 .object as v1 .quality
теrvai3 = v1 .object/event is important/significant to2 = v2 .person/event in aspect/for reason1 = v3 .nu/ka. .te vajni
теrveъу1buyer purchasing goods2 я seller3 for amount/cost/expense4. .Made я te + vecnu.
теrvencpe v3 = c1 orders/requests v2 = c2 я v1 = c3 by means c4
теrvиъa Under conditions1,2 is seen by3
теrхра p3 makes an image of p2 .object/concept with result p1 .picture in medium p4
теryrorci3 = r1 engenders/procreates/begets2 = r2 with coparent1 = r3. .te rorci;
теrзбасro s 1a/the production inventory of sub-assemblies/components s2 = z3 used by z1 in the
production/building/assembly of z2
теrзби n3 is a nostril of n2 .main body in nose n1
теrzиъe 1right .entitlements/permissions of a legal/moral nature of2 .action/quality entitled to / held by3
теrzуъe z3the purpose of action z2 by agent z1
теsau ,BAI* sarcu modal, 3rd place .conditions 2 necessarily; necessarily under ...
теsиъу ,BAI* sidju modal, 3rd place assisting in doing/maintaining/achieving ...
теtаъи ,BAI* tadji modal, 3rd place methodically doing .something under conditions ...
теtai ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 3rd place similarly; sharing common ideal form ..
tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal form/shape3 in property4
теtиъи ,BAI* stidi modal, 3rd place suggestively; suggested to ...
теtиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 3rd place .for letters as a time on day ...
теvаъу ,BAI*amgu modal, 3rd place good/beneficial by standard ...
теzуъe ,BAI* zukte modal, 3rd place purposefully; .as an action with goal ...
те ,ter ,SE 3rd conversion; switch 1st/3rd places
тиъa ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; rearwards/to the rear of ...
тиъekla k1 withdraws to k2 я origin k3 = t2 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
тиъerbиъo b1 gets behind t2
тиъevro v1 = c1back door/gateway/access between v2 and v3 of structure v4
тиъe ,UI 2 evidential: I hear .hearsay
тиъи ,BAI stidi modal, 1st place suggested by ...; proposed by ...
тиъo ,SEI mathematical expression .mex operator precedence .discursive
тиъу ,BAI чика modal, 1st place .for letters associated with time ... ; attach time stamp
тиctаъу ta1disguise/camouflage worn by ta2 to deceive tc2 into tc3
The implied tc 1the event of ta2 wearing ta1 The implied ta3 is deceiving tc2 into tc3
тиcyjаъo j1 = t1 stages, deceptively demonstrating j2 to audience j3 = t2
тиcysku c1 = t1 lies, falsely expressing c2 .text/concept to audience c3 = t2 by means
c4 Harmful intent or result is not implied
тиcyveъу v1 fraudulently sells v2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer v3 = t2 for amount/cost/expense v4
тиenjin Tianjin.city in northern China
тиgni ,tig 1 performs2 ,performance for/before audience3
тиkpa ,tip 1 kicks ,hits with1ъs foot/feet42 in/at locus3, using1ъs foot/feet4
тикъгау tikygau g1 adjusts/regulates/changes g2 = s2 in amount/degree s3
тиlju ,tij 1heavy/weighty in mass/weight by standard2
тиlnipa 1linden of species2
тиltro j1 micromanages j2 in activity/event performance j3 = t2
тиlvиъa v1 sees/discerns/makes out the details of t2 under conditions v3
тиmske s 1meteorology with methodology s2
тиnbe ,tib1 obeys/follows the command/rule2 made by3; .adjective: 1obedient
тиnci1quantity of/contains/is made of tin .Sn; ,metaphor: cheap or base metal
тиnжуъи t1 = j1 listens to/pays attention to sound t2 = j2 with ambient background t3
тиnsa 1stiff/rigid/inflexible/resistant in direction2 against force3 under conditions4
.щ sometimes: firm, hard; not limited to physical forces
тиnydjutci s1 = tu1tool that aids s2 = ti1 in hearing ti2 .Usually an electroacoustic apparatus that fits in or
behind the wearerъs ear, and is designed to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer
тиnzga z1 = t1 listen.s to z2 = t2 against background/noise t3
тирlasino1thylacine of species/breed2. .From ”Thylacinus”
тирna ,tin1 hears2 against background/noise3;2 is audible; .adjective: 1aural
тирse ,tir1quantity of/contains/is made of iron .Fe; ,metaphor: strong, durable, tarnishing .adjective:1ferric/ferrous
тирxrpardu1leopard of species/breed2 with coat markings2
тирxrponka1jaguar of species/breed with coat markings2
тирxu1tiger/leopard/jaguar/,tigress of species/breed2 with coat markings3
A great cat noted/recognized by its markings, metaphorically: stripes, tiger markings
тиsna ,tis1 .object fills/becomes stuffed ,up/inflates/blows up with material2;2 pours into1
.Implies some relative degree of fullness will result; agentive filling .= tisyseъa, tisygau,
tisyzуъe; inflate/become inflated/blow up .= gacytisna, agentive gacyseъa; pour into .= liktisna, agentive
likseъaтиsycanti t1 = c1sausage filled with t2
тиtla ,tit 1sweet/sugary/saccharine to observer2
тиtnanba n1cake/cookie made я grains n2
тиtspi s1 = t1sweet/candy/confect
тиtyzme g1melon of cultivar g2
тиvni ,tiv1 broadcasts/televises programming2 via medium/channel3 to television receiver4
щ1broadcaster; x2 programming .mass, program/show .ind..
тиxmamta m1 = t2 is the mother of daughter m2 = t1
тиxnu ,tix tиъу1daughter of mother/father/parents2; ,not necessarily biological
тиx Daughter
ти ,tif ,KOhA6 pro-sumti: this here; immediate demonstrative it; indicated thing/place near speaker
тoъa ,BY1 lower-case letteral shift
тoъebo ,NAhE+BO negation sumti qualifier: the opposite of
тoъe ,tol toъe ,NAhE polar opposite scalar negator
тoъи ,TO open editorial unquote .within a quote; contains grammatical text; mark with editorial insert
тoъo ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; departing я/directly away я ...
тoъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: in brief - in detail
тoъу ,UI3 discursive: in brief - in detail
тodbиъolanka l 1the chrysalis of species t2
тogrаъиjmavra v1sostenuto pedal of instrument2 = t3
тogygуъи1 ,energy is laser illuminating2 я light source3 with frequency4
тogysmajmavra1soft pedal of instrument2 = t3
тoi ,TOI elidable terminator: right parenthesis/end unquote; seldom elidable except at end of text
тokios Tokyo
тoknu ,tok 1oven ,enclosure that heats its contents for baking/heating/drying2
тolбаъи b 1low/inferior/abject in property b2 .ka by standard b3
тolбаъo b1 shrinks/contracts to size/into form b2 я b3
тolbanzu 1.object is utterly insufficient for purpose2 under conditions3. .toъe+banzu
тolcanci c1 materializes/suddenly appears at location c2 according to senses/sensor c3. .toъe canci
тolcando c 1busy
тolcfagau g1 stops/ends c1 ,state/event/process
тolcfarиъи r1 is/are the ritual/proceedings for adjourning/ending c1,event/state/process by community r2 with rules c4
тolcfa c1 ,state/event/process concludes/ceases/stops/ends its occurrence
тolcиъo c 1old .opposite of young by standard c2
тolckape c 1safe for c2 under conditions c3
тolclite c 1rude in matter c2 according to standard/custom c3
тolcpa c1 leaves c2, which he brought, at c3
тolcru1 forbids/prohibits2 under conditions3
тolшуъи c1 .event/state/property is impossible under condition c2
тolcumla 1=c1cocky/chesty/arrogant about1 = c2 .abstraction
тoldarsi 1timid/shy/abashed/reluctant to do /be2
тoldarsygau1 discourages2 я doing/being3
тoldicra d1 .event resumes/,continues/restart s d2 .object/event/process due to quality d3; d2 starцаgain
тoldi ,tod1butterfly/moth of species/breed2
тoldji 1reluctant/unwilling/disinclined to2 for purpose3
тoldra d 1wrong in property/aspect d2 .ka in situation d3 by standard d4
тoldуъe1shortage/deficiency/insufficiency/derth/too little of2 by standard3
тolfаъу f1 rises to f2 я f3 in gravity well/frame of reference f4
тolfekybиъo f1 = b1 .action/event becomes calm/calms down/is pacified under conditions f2 by standard b3
For person, use tуъa f1 = b1
тolgei g1gloomy/downcast/unhappy about g2 .event/state
тolgurgau1 = ga1 unrolls/unravels object2 = gu1 on/against surface3 = gu2, with axis/ axle of rotation4 = gu3
тoljgari j1 lets go/releases j2 я j3 .part of j1 at locus j4 .part of j2
толжуьи tolжуъи1 avoids/ignores/directs attention away я object/affair2
тolkаргу k1 .object/commodity/property/event is inexpensive to k2 by standard k3
тolkeъи 1callous/implacable/heartless/merciless/ruthless towards2 .person about3 .abstraction
тolкри1 disbelieves/rejects2 as false about
тolkуъo k1ridge in/on object/surface k2
толкуфра tolkufra k1 feels discomfort/is uncomfortable with conditions/environmental property.ies k2
тolmadбаъи b1 = m3 grandly exhibits the corruptness b2 = m1 of unethical mass b3 = m2
тolmapti m 1incompatible with m2 in aspect m3
тolmencre c1 = m2 .person is unintelligent/dumb/stupid by standard c3
тolmifygau g1 deciphers m1 into m2 out of coding system m3
тolmlemau z1 = m 1uglier/,more unsightly than z2 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by amount z4
тolmlemeъa ml1 = me 1less ugly/unsightly than ml2 to me2 in aspect me3 .ka by amount ml4
тolmlerai m1 = t 1the ugliest/,most unsightly among set/range t3 to m2 in aspect m3 .ka by aesthetic standard m4
тolmletce m1 = t 1hideous/grotesque to t2 in aspect t3 .ka by aesthetic standard t4
тolmle 1ugly to2 in aspect3 .ka by aesthetic standard4
тolmoъи m1 forgets fact/memory m2 about subject m3 Assumes that morji refers to a change of state
i.e. ъrememberъ= ъbring to mindъ
тolmocpla1 invents strategy .long-term plan2 for achieving3 .event/state
тolнаъe1 .dуъу con- firms/corroborates/verifies2 .dуъу under rules/logic3
тolnуъa s 1threatened by s2 .event
тolpаъa1 despairs/is despondent/pessimistic about2, expected likelihood3
тolpoъу 1functional/operational/usable for function2;1 works properly
тolprali1damage/harm/loss to2 resulting я activity/process3
тolrиъуgau1 releases2 я restraint/binding3 to do/be4
тolrinsa r1 opposite of greets / offers goodbyes to r2 in manner r3 .action
тolseъa s1 .agent withdraws/pulls out/extracts/removes s2 я interior/members of s3
тolselcиъи1 = c2 is bored with2 = c1
тolselmansa m2 is dissatisfied by m1 with regard to property .ka/state m3
тolseltoъи t2 .load/force/torque untwists t1
тolsиъarai t1 = s1 holds s2 in utmost contempt among set/range t4
тolsиъa1 disrespects/disregards/snubs/derides2
тolsisti1 ,agent begins activity/process/state2
тolsnuti 1 event/state is deliberate/intentional on the part of2; 1deliberate .toъe + gиъуste definition for snuti
тolspe1bachelor / single / unmarried
тolsti1 ,agent begins activity/process/state2
тolsurla s1 expends effort/is actively/effortfully involved in doing/being s2 .activity
тoltce 1little/limited in property2 towards3
тoltelgau g1 unlocks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3
тoltуъи1 disagrees with person.s/position/side2 that3 .dуъу is true about matter4
тolvri1coward in activity2 .event by standard3
тolvуъe v 1immoral by standard v2
тolvutu 1rabid with symptoms2
тolvut rabies
тolxanka 1calm/tranquil/serene about2 .abstraction under conditions3
тolxуъa1 .agent denies that2 .dуъу is true
тolylaxygau g1 unbalances l1 with force l2
тolylиъa c1 arrives at c2 via route c3
тolzau1 disapproves of/objects to plan/action2
тolзди 1boring/dreary/wearisome/tedious to2 in property/aspect3
тolzиъo 1Arctic in aspect2
тonga ,tog toъa1tone/note of frequency/pitch2 я source3
тorceli1 is2 torrs by standard3. .synonym magmiltre
тorcrida c1dwarf of mythos/religion c2, short by measurement standard t3
тordu ,tor toъу 1short in dimension/direction2 .default longest dimension by measurement standard3
тorni ,ton toъи1 twists under load/force/torsion2
тortei t1short time/duration/interval/period/elapsed time я time/event t2 to time/event t3
тo ,TO left parenthesis; start of parenthetical note which must be grammatical Lojban text
тradutxуъa1 = t 1hypocritical in action t2 = d1, which is contrary to assertion2, under conditions t3
тraji ,rai 1superlative in property2 .ka, the3 extreme .ka; default ka zmadu among set/range4. .щ:1 is3-est/utmost in2
among4; 1the3 end of4; 1extreme; 1simply3
тrano1quantity of/contains/is made of nitrogen/ammonia/nitrates. ..adjective: 1nitric/nitrous
тrati 1taut/tense/strained tight in direction2
тrecиъe 1the metric system with relations2 among units3 and properties4
тrene ,ren reъe1train ,vehicle of cars/units2 .mass for rails/system/railroad3, propelled by4
A railed vehicle or train of vehicles; also subway .tуъуnreъe, metro, trolley, tramway .= lajreъe, roller coaster;
monorail .= dadreъe; cable car, sky car, ski lift .= cildadreъ
тricnrarekake1palm tree, species/strain2
тricu ,ric1tree of species/cultivar2
тrigonela 1fenugreek of species/variety2
тrina ,tri1 attracts/appeals to/lures2 .person/event with property/quality3 .ka
триску c1 = t1 appeals to/lures, expressing c2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept, audience c3 = t2 via
expressive medium c4 with property/quality t3 .ka
тrixexo1manatee of species2. .variant trixexu
тrixexu1manatee of species2. .variant trixexo
тrixe ,rix 1posterior/behind/back/in the rear of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference 3
.щ:3 is the standard of orientation for2; spine .= rixyboъу, rixyboъуkamju
троши ,toc toi 1 tries/attempts/makes an effort to do/attain2 .event/state/property by actions/method3
.щ experiments at
тrofli f1 = j1 fails to control j2 in j3 .activity/event/performance
тrokamni k1 = t 1the supervisory board/board of directors/governing council of t2 = k3
тromizona1lamprey of genus/species2
тroneim Trondheim
тropaiolo1nasturtium of species2.
тroroltrucиъe c1totalitarian system in j2 with power exercised by t1 = t1
тrubasti b1 takes power я t1 over people/territory/domain/subjects t2 in circumstance b3
тrucau c 1an anarchy/is anarchic trucиъebиъи j 1intergovernmental / takes place where the decision-making power is сhared among j2 = t1 = c1 .governments
тrucиъe c1 = t 1the government of organizational type c2 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2 displaying
properties c4
тruшуъу c1political affair involving c2
тrudjigri g1 = d1 = t1political party operating in territory t2 with members g3
тrueno t1privet of species t2.
тrukamni k1 = j 1the management board/executive committee/executive board of k3 = j2
тrukamnycmi c1member of governing council k1 = t1
тrumapku m1crown made of m2 used by ruler t1 of people/territory/domain/subjects t2
тrupaujаъa r 1the minister/secretary of ministry/department t2
тrupausle s1sub-division of the Ministry/Department of t2
тrupau p1government ministry/department responsible for t2
тruralju r 1the head-of-government of polity t2
тrusиъo s1political ideology about t1 ruling t2 based on the work of thinker s3
тruspe 1married to the governor/ruler of2 according to custom3;1
is first lady/prince consort/queen consort of2
тrutca tc1 = tu 1the administrative capital .seat of government of tu2 = tc3 located in tc3
цаkarce k1 = t1jeep/land rover propelled by k3
цаlagi1 reflects Cherokee culture/nationality/language in aspect2
цаli ,ца 1strong/powerful/,tough in property/quality2 .ka by standard3
цани ,tan 1an expanse of sky/the heavens at place2; ,celestial
цаpi1seasoning/шондиment/spice causing flavor/effect2 .event/property щ:1 flavors2 .tуъa
цаprpi peri 1pepper .genus ”Piper” with flavour2
царainaitrusиъo s1fascist ideology as applied by t1 among/in people/territory/domain t2 based on the works of
thinker s3 .From цаli, traji, natmi, turni, sidbo
цасmani s1gorilla of species/subspecies s2
тsebиъo b1 = z1 sits down on surface z2 Simple zutse refers to the act of sitting, whereas
tsebиъo means the act of becoming seated
цесебе tsesebe1sassaby/topi/korrigum/damalisk of species/breed2
тsestu s1 = z2 is a seat for s2 = z2 Differs я stizu in that it focuses on the space rather than the object
тsetupyзбе t1 = зб1lap ,body part of t2 = zu1 supporting зб2
A lap only exists in a seated form, and not when a being is standing erect or when it is lying down
тsiju ,tsi1.s is/are .a seed.s/spore.s ,body-part of organism2 for producing offspring3
.щ germ cell; implies actual potential for self-development; seeds generally contain embryo and food, and hence would
include a fertilized egg
тsina ,sin1stage/platform/dais/,scaffold at/in2 supporting3, made of material4. ..x3 object/event;
тsiselcigla c2 = t 1semen secreted by organism c3 for producing offspring t3
тsukini 1zucchini squash .L. cucurbita pepo. .A long, dark-green type of guzme eaten raw or cooked
тsunami 1tsunami caused by2
туъa ,LAhE extracts a concrete sumti я an unspecified abstraction; equivalent to le nu/sуъу ,sumti coъe.
туъe ,TUhE start of multiple utterance scope; used for logical/non-logical/ordinal joining of sentences
туъиfru f1 = t1 makes facial gesture to show agreement with person.s/position/side t2
that t3 .dуъу is true about matter t4
туъи ,BAI stuzi modal, 1st place .used to situate letters associated with site ... ; label with location
туъo ,PA5 null operand .used in unary mekso operations
туъуrбирka b1 = t1tentacle / tube-shaped arm ,body part of b2
.The other places of tubnu .outer and inner material of the tube are dependant on the body with the tentacle;
generally theyъll just be ”skin” and ”blood” or ”flesh” anyways
туъуrcurnu t1tubeworm of species t2
туъуrki1 reflects Turkish culture/nationality/language in aspect2
туъу ,TUhU elidable terminator: end multiple utterance scope; seldom elidable
тubnu ,tуъу1length of tubing/pipe/hollow cylinder ,shape/form of material2, hollow of material3
.щ tube, sleeve, leg, hose, .adjective: tubular
тubyspe s1brother/sister-in-law .brotherъs/sisterъs spouse of m2 under law/custom/
tradition/system/convention sp3. .Omit4 = s2 = m1
тugbиъo1 = b1 = t1 settles issue2 = t4 with person3 = t2, agreeing that4 = t3
тugni ,tug tуъи1 ,person agrees with person.s/position/side2 that3 .dуъу is true about matter4.
тugysиъу t1 = t2 = s1 are unanimous / sharing the same view on t3 = s2 .dуъу. .й simxu, tugni.
туитьр Twitter
тujli ,tuj1tulip .defined by flower shape of species/strain2
тulcti c1 = t1 swallows c2
тumfaklиъу l1 explores lands in l2 = t2 discovering facts f2 using means l3
тumla ,tum tуъa1parcel/expanse of land at location2; 1terrain
тumsfe s 1the ground of land s2 = t1 at location t2
тumymre m1 surveys t1=m2 as m3 .map or measurements in unit m4 with accuracy m5
тunba ,tub1sibling of2 by bond/tie/standard/parent.s3
тunka ,tuk 1made of/contains/is a quantity of copper .Cu; ,metaphor: reddish, electrical conductor.
тунло ,tul tуъo1 gulps/swallows. .x1 swallows down food/drink.2 .= tulpinxe, tulcti, ctitуъo .the latter two are
more general - for food or beverage; swallow/engulf .= galxycti, galxynerbиъo, galxygre
тunta ,tun1 .object, usually pointed
pokes/jabs/stabs/prods2 .experiencer .Agentive .= tungau, tunzуъe
тupcutci c1boot for covering/protecting leg c2 = t1, and of material c3
тuple ,tup tуъe 1a/the leg ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: supporting branch
тupyjanco j1hip attaching attaching leg j2 = t1 to body j3 = t2
тurni ,tru1 governs/rules/is ruler/governor/sovereign/reigns over people/territory/domain/subjects2.
.x2 need not be complete specification of set of governed; reign/rule .= noltru; king/queen/sovereign .= nolraitru;
pure democracy .= roltrusиъo, representative democracy .= rolkаъиtrusиъo, viceroy .= kаъиtru, pure communism
.= kaurpoъesиъo, board of directors/trustees, steering committee .= trukamni; government .= trugunma, trugri
.emphasizing the components, trucиъe .emphasizing the organization
тutci ,tci1tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing2; ,form determines function.
тutpaupau t1 = p1district of p2 administered by t2. .An administrative district is usually a second-level division
of a country, hence the reduplicated ”-paupau”
тutrаъa s1 pertains to territory of s2 = t2 .Cultural gismu replacement for geography: From gismu tutra and srana.
тutra ,tut 1territory/domain/space of/belonging to/controlled by 2
тutske s 1geography based on methodology s3
тu ,tuf ,KOhA6 pro-sumti: that yonder; distant demonstrative it; indicated thing far я speaker&listener
тyrontos Toronto
ты ty ,BY2 letteral for t
уъанаи уъanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: gain - loss
уъa ,UI1 attitudinal: gain - loss
уъenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: wonder - commonplace
уъe ,UI1 attitudinal: wonder - commonplace
уъиmla1lolcat .picture of an animal with a humorous caption .Etymology: Combination of
уъи and mlatu and meant to parallel уъиvla.
уъиnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: amusement - weariness.
уъиvla1word meaning2 in language3 and silly/funny/clever for reason4 .usually etymological
The word уъиvla is itself an уъиvla, as it is an unconventional portmanteau of уъи and -vla-
.a rafsi of valsi and also a pun on the word fуъиvla. Another example is уъиmla
уъи ,UI1 attitudinal: amusement - weariness
уъoшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice
уъonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice
уъo ,UI1 attitudinal: courage - timidity - cowardice
уъушуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уъуnai ,UI*1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уъу ,UI1 attitudinal: repentance - lack of regret - innocence
уАшинтьн Washington
уacintyn Washington
уanai ,UI*1 attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching
уaransis Varanasi
уa ,UI1 attitudinal: discovery - confusion/searching
уbu ,BY* letteral for u
уeb Lojbanized name for The World Wide Web
уeшуъи ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise - not really surprised - expectation axis
уenai ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise - expectation
уepei ,UI*1 attitudinal: surprise question
уe ,UI1 attitudinal: surprise - not really surprised - expectation
уibu ,BY* letteral: happiness symbol .letteral
уigru 1Uyghur in aspect2
уikipedias Wikipedia
уikis Wiki, WikiWikiWeb
уinai ,UI*1 attitudinal: happiness - unhappiness
уiski 1whisk.ey distilled also 2
уitki 1wiki/collaborative web site with subject/theme/content2
уi ,UI1 attitudinal: happiness - unhappiness
уlmu 1an elm of species/variety2
уonai ,UI*1 attitudinal: completion - incompleteness
уo ,UI1 attitudinal: completion - incompleteness
уrci 1poison ivy/oak/sumac / lacquer tree of species2
уунаи ,UI*1 attitudinal: pity - cruelty
уu ,UI1 attitudinal: pity - cruelty
у ,A logical connective: sumti afterthought whether-or-not
ваъai ,BAI звати modal; 1st place .with thing... located somewhere
A звати modal seemed like such a good idea, especially for itъs second place sevаъai as a ”with location”
sekаъa didnъt really work become of the implication of direction and tуъи is too permanent and inalienable vаъa
,VUhU3 unary mathematical operator: additive inverse; ,- a
ваъe ,MOI convert number to scalar selbri; 1at .nth position on scale2
ваъиnai ,UI*3 discursive: in other words - in the same words
ваъи ,UI3 discursive: in other words - in the same words
ваъo ,BAI vanbi modal, 1st place .conditions 1 under conditions ...; in environment ...
ваъуrpante p1 = v1 protests with a sigh about p2 .event/state to audience p3 with action p4
ваъу ,BAIamgu modal, 1st place beneficiary case tag complement benefiting я ...
вacmurse m1 = c 1the dusk of day m2 = c2 at location m3 = c3
вacri ,var1quantity of air/normallygaseous atmosphere of planet2, of composition including3
вacysai s1.mass is a dinner composed of dishes including s2
вairsoi s1= v1military officer in army s2
вai ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit F .decimal 15 ,fifteen
вajni ,vaj vai1 .object/event is important/significant to2 .person/event in aspect/for reason3 .nu/ka
щ:1 matters to2 in aspect/respect3
вajraifla f1 = v1 = t 1the constitution of f3 = v2
вajrai1 = v1 = t 1most important/most significant to2 = v2 in aspect/for reason3 = v3 among set/range4 = t4
вalsi ,val vla1word meaning/causing2 in language3; .adjective: 1lexical/verbal
вaltogmoъa t1 = m 1the tone of word v1 = m2 with characteristics t2 = m3
.The linguistic tone is used to distinguish a difference in meaning, for example in Chinese
вamji ,vam vаъи1 .ni is the equivalent value/worth of2 ,item.s of value to3 for use/appreciation4
.щ:2 is worth1 to3; .for2 person:2 merits .one sense, .adjective:2 is worthy
.= selvаъи for reordered places; merit reward .= nemselvаъи; receive merited reward
.= vamselneъу;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a property; pedantically,
for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising я ownership of the object/commodity
.= posyvаъи, posyselvаъи for unambiguous semantics
вamrai v1 = t 1the most valuable among items v2 = r4 to v3 for purpose v4. .Made я vamji + traji
вamtolrai v1 = t 1the most valuable among items v2 = r4 to v3 for purpose v4. .Made я vamji + toъe + traji
вamtu ,vat1 vomits/regurgitates2;1 throws2 up; ,violent digestive expulsion. ..x2 is non-gaseous;
вanbi ,vab1 .ind./mass is part of an environment/surroundings/context/ambience of2. ..adjective: 1ambient
вanci ,vac 1evening ,я end-ofwork until sleep typical for locale of day2 at location3. .This evening .= cabvanci;
tomorrow evening .= bavlamvanci; yesterday evening .= prulamvanci
вandula 1lavender of species/variety2
ванжba1grape of species/variety2
ванжу ,van 1made of/contains/is a quantity of wine я fruit/grapes2
ванжyжикрu j1brandy distilled я v2
вanslami s1 = v 1vinegar made я v2
вarcavas Warsaw
вarkiclafloъи1hovercraft for carrying2, propelled by3, riding on/lifted by4
вarmebri 1the front of air mass2
вarmuvgau mg1fan blowing/moving air mg2 = v1 to/towards/onto mg3 я mg4
вarmuvmиъи mi1fan for moving air to destination mu2 я origin mu3 over path/route mu4
вarnila 1vanilla
вarselclu c 1inflated with air
вarxamsi 1the atmosphere of planet2 = v2 .default Earth of composition v3
вarxasyske s 1the atmospheric science of planet2
вasru ,vas vau1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents2 within;1vessel containing2. .,also accommodates,
container; containment need not be total;2 is Contained. in1 .= selvau for reordered places
вasxu ,vax vаъу1 breathes/respires2 ,gas. ..though used to make the Lojban word, clue word vascular
is erroneous, actually pertaining to the circulatory system that carries the respired oxygen to the tissues
вau ,VAU elidable: end of sumti in simple bridi; in compound bridi, separates common trailing sumti
вaxselnandu n2 = v1 has difficulty breathing gas v2 under conditions n3; n1 = v1 pants
вaxydicra d1 chokes v1 by/with d3
вa ,vaz ,VA location tense distance: near to ... ; there at ...; a medium/small distance from ...
веъа veъa ,VEhA location tense interval: a small/medium region of space
вeъe ,veъe ,VEhA location tense interval: the whole of space
вeъи ,VEhA location tense interval: a tiny region of space
вeъo ,VEhO right mathematical bracket
вeъу ,VEhA location tense interval: a large region of space
вebeъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 4th place transmit origin ...
вecиъe ,BAI* ciste modal, 4th place as a system with synergy in ...
вecnu ,ven veъу1 ,seller sells/vends2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer3 for amount/cost/expense4
.x1salesperson/salesman/vendor;3 buys2 я1 .= terveъу for reordered terms;4 is the price of2 to3 .= velveъу for
reordered terms; for sale .= fitselveъу, selvenfriti;2 may be a specific object, a commodity .mass, an event, or a
roperty; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumtiraising я ownership of the object/commodity .= posyveъу,
posyselveъу for unambiguous semantics
вeшуъу ,BAI* cusku modal, 4th place in expression medium ...
вedeъи ,BAI* детри modal, 4th place on a date according to calendar ...
вedуъo ,BAI* djuno modal, 4th place under epistemology ...
вefиъe ,BAI* финти modal, 4th place creatively; created я ideas/elements ...
вegаъa ,BAI* zgana modal, 4th place .under conditions observed under observing conditions ...
вeisri1 = d1 = v4 is a signal recording and playback tape-type medium .cassette/DAT/tape drive containing
data/sound/image2 = v2 with data storage mechanism/method3 .analog/digital
вei ,VEI left mathematical bracket
вekаъa ,BAI* клама modal, 4th place via route ...
вelbajra4 = b1 runs on surface2 = b2 using limbs3 = b3 with gait1 = b4. .ve bajra
вelbancu4 = b1 exceeds/is beyond limit/boundary2 = b2 я3 = b3 in property/amount1 = b4 .ka/ni. .ve bancu
вelbatci 1the biting tool with which2 is bitten at locus3 by4
вelbatke4 = b1button/knob/handle on/for item2 = b2, with purpose3 = b3, made of material1 = b4. .ve batke
вelbeъe4 = b1crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons2 = b2 directed/led by3 = b3 organized for purpose1 = b4
вelbeъи4 = b1 transfers/sends/transmits2 = b2 to receiver3 = b3 я transmitter/origin1 = b4 via means/medium5 = b5
вelbei4 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 = b2 to3 = b3 я1 = b4
over path5 = b5;4 = b1carrier/porter. .ve bevri
вelbиъу4 = b1wall/fence separating2 = b2 я3 = b3, and subdividing1 = b4. .ve bitmu
вelbinra4 = b1 insures/indemnifies2 = b2 against peril3 = b3 providing benefit1 = b4. .ve binra
вelboъa4 = b1wave/periodic pattern in medium2 = b2, with wave-form3 = b3, wavelength1 = b4 and frequency5 = b5
вelboъи4 = b1bottle/jar/urn/flask/closable container for2 = b2, made of material3 = b3 with lid1 = b4
вelcange4 = c1farm/ranch at2 = c2, of rancher3 = c3 raising/producing1 = c4
вelcanja4 = c1 exchanges/trades/barters commodity2 = c2 for3 = c3 with1 = c4
вelcki 1an explanation of2 .event/state/property to3 by4
вeljbe j4 is the birthplace, the parent.s being j2, the birthdate being j3, of j1
вeljutsi 1an order ,biology with genus2, family3, with species4, within class5 For biological cathegory in general
.=mivyske klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=jicymivykle, class
.=xeljutsi, order .=this definition, family .=terjutsi, genus .=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
вelkakpa1digging limb/tool for digging material2 up/out of3 .source/hole with agent4
вelkla1 = k4 is a route that leads to2 = k2, я3 = k3, travelled by4 = k1 by means5 = k5
вelski s4 is a description of s2 to audience s3 by describer s1
вelчика 1the time zone where2 happens on day3 at time4
вeltcikybиъa 1jetlagged with symptoms2 going to3 я4
вelveъу 1the sales price of2 to3 я/at vendor4
вelventerzуъe z3 = v4 is the sales quota for v1 = z1 to sell v2 to v3
вelvиъу v 1the result/remnant/remainder when v2 is removed/subtracted/deducted/taken away я v3 by v4
вemau ,BAI* zmadu modal, 4th place .relative! more than/exceeding by amount ...
вemeъa ,BAI* mleca modal, 4th place .relative! less than by amount ...
вencиъe c1market .system interrelated by structure c2 .social relations / institutions / procedures /
infrastructures of components c3 = v2 .goods/services/information displaying c4 .economy
вenшуъу c1 is/are the sales function/activities of c2 = v1 selling v2 to v3; c 1sales
вenfu ,vef1 takes revenge on/retaliates against2 .person for wrong3 .nu with vengeance4 .nu
щ avenge; .adjective: x 1vengeful
вensa ,ves 1spring/springtime ,warming season of year2 at location3; .adjective: 1vernal
вenvei1 = vr1record of2 = ve1 ,seller having sold3 = ve2 ,goods/service/commodity to buyer4 = ve3
for amount/cost/expense5 = ve4, stored on medium6 = vr4
вenxаъa1mailer about v2 я3 = v1 for audience2 = v3
вenxatryшуъу c1 the direct mail business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities v2
я/by3 = v1 to audience2 = v3
вenynoiшуъу c1 the advertising business/activity/function about goods/products/services/activities n2 = v2
я/by n2 = v1 to audience n4 = v3
вenynoi n 1an advertisement about n2 = v2 by n3 = v1 to intended audience n4 = v3
вenzmi z1vending machine offering v2 to v3 for sale cost v4 under condition z3
вepаъa ,BAI* panra modal, 4nd place .standard/geometry similarly; similar by standard ...
вepуъe ,BAI* pruce modal, 4th place .set of stages passing through processing stages ...
вerai ,BAI* traji modal, 4th place .set -est; most extremely; superlative among ...
вerba ,ver veъa1child/kid/juvenile ,a young person of age2, immature by standard3. .Not necessarily human
вercka c1crib made of c2 for a child c3=v1 of age v2. .not necessarily with bars
вercliбау b1 = c3 is a native language of b2 = v1 = c1 to express b3
вetai ,BAI* tamsmi modal, 4th place similarly; sharing ideal form in property ... .tamsmi is1 resembles2 sharing ideal
form/shape3 in property4
вetиъу ,BAI* чика modal, 4th place .for letters as a time at location ...
вe ,vel ,SE 4th conversion; switch 1st/4th places
вi ma ,VA* sumti question asking for a location: at/near what?
виъa ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 2-space interval; throughout an area
виъecpe c1 = v2 invites c3 = v1 to v2 .place/event in manner c4
виъe ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 4-space interval; throughout a spacetime
виъи ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 1-space interval; along a line
виъo ,COI vocative: wilco .ack and will comply
виъу ,VIhA dimensionality of space interval tense: 3-space interval; throughout a space
вibna ,vib 1a/the vagina ,body-part of2
вicrаъe v1 = r1 cuts .removes during editing v2 = r2 я v3 leaving v4
вicterlуъи v2 = l3 is trash/rubbish/garbage/refuse removed я v3 = l2 by v1 = l1 .agent
вidni1video monitor/CRT/screen ,machine serving function2
вidnysle s1pixel of screen s2 = v1
вidru ,vir1virus of pecies/breed/defining property2 capable of infecting ,a
вifne ,vif .adjective: 1fresh/unspoiled
вijblo b 1an aircraft carrier carrying b2, propelled by b3
вijysazri s1 maneuvers/pilots/is a pilot of aircraft v1 = s2
вijysoi s1paratrooper in military unit s2
вijytcana t 1an airport in transport system t2 for aircraft of type v2 propelled by v3
вikmi ,vim vиъи1 ,body excretes waste2 я source3 via means/route4
вiknu ,vik 1thick/viscous under conditions2
вiktsispa 1mistletoe of species/variety2
вiltce m 1very/extremely violent
вiltиъa t1 = v1storm at place/region t2
вimcu ,vic vиъу1 removes/subtracts/deducts/takes away2 я3 with/leaving result/remnant/remainder4
.щ appropriates, confiscates; alienation is inherent
вimkуъa1 = k1loo/water closet/,room with toilet, in which2 = v1 excretes3 = v2,
in home/building/structure4 = k2 surrounded by partitions/walls/ceiling/floor5 = k3 .mass/joъу
вimstizu s1toilet for v1 to excrete v2 я source v3 via means/route v4
вindu ,vid 1poisonous/venomous/toxic/a toxin to2
вinji ,vij 1an airplane/aircraft ,flying vehicle for carrying passengers/cargo2, propelled by3
вiolbasu1double bass / contrabass
вioltcelo 1cello
вipcиъe c1 .mass is a hierachical / subordinate system / tree .computer science sense interrelated by hierachical
property / property determining subordinate relationships / subordination in aspect ,or organization principle c2 =
v2 .ka among components c3 displaying common property c4 .ka with leaves v1 and topmost / root element v3
вipkagni k1 = v1subsidiary company to k2 = v3 chartered/mandated for purpose k3
вipnoltru v1 = t 1the appointed governor/governor-general/lieutenant-governor over territory t2
representing principal v3
вipsi ,vip1deputy/vice/subordinate in aspect ,or organization principle2 .ka to principal3
.щ assistant, adjutant
вipygуъe g1 = v1state/province/canton of federal state v3
вirnu ,vri 1brave/valiant/courageous in activity2 .event by standard3
вirske s1=v 1virology of viruses s2 based on methodology s3. .Virology is the study of viruses
вisfаъи f1 = v1 spots f3 = v2 under condition v3
виска ,vis vиъa1 sees/views/perceives visually2 under conditions3. .щ .adjective: 1visual;3 can include
ambient lighting, background, etc. which may affect what is perceived; note that English ”see” often means ”look”or
a more generic ”observe”, or even ”understand, know”
вisnda 1bison of species2
вistci t 1an optical tool used by v1 to see v2 Includes but is not limited to glass-based spectacles
вitci ,vit 1irregular/occasional/intermittent in property/action/aspect2
вitke ,vиъe 1guest/visitor of2 at place/event3; 1 visits2/x3
вitno ,vиъo 1permanent/lasting/,eternal in property2 .ka by standard3 ,time-span/expectant one .щeverlasting
вiзбеи b1 brings cargo b2 here я3 = b4 over path4 = b5
вi ,viz ,VA location tense distance: here at ... ; at or a very short/tiny distance я ...
вlabacru1 = b1 pronounces3 = v1 as2 = b2
вlacku c1dictionary concerning c3 authored by c3 intended for c4 in medium c5
вlagi ,lag 1a/the vulva ,body-part of2
вlagri g1verse/stanza with property .ka g2 meaning v2 in language v3
вlalиъи l1line of text defined by set of words/string l2 meaning3 = v2 in language4 = v3
ВLANDeren Flanders
вlasatci s 1verbatim/to the letter. .Used of text
вlasfa s1 = v1 .agent reproaches s2 for infraction s3 .event/state/action
вlaste1 = l1dictionary with words2 = l2 = v1 in order3 = l3, medium4 = l4, and language5 = v3
вlatai t 1the pattern/shape of word v1 = t2 with meaning v2 in language v3
вlikаъa k1 .tool/blade/force rips/tears/shreds k2 .object into pieces k3
вlile ,vil 1an event/state/act of violence
вlina1logical alternation/disjunction, stating that2 .dуъу and/or3 .dуъу is/are true
вlipa ,vli1 has the power to bring about2 under conditions3; 1powerful in aspect2 under3 .щ potent, has control/mastery
вliraitru tu1 = tr1 = v1dictator over/in subjects/territory tu2 under conditions v3
влихлу1 = v1 influences the power dynamics of situation2 = v3 towards end3 = v2 through means of influence4
вoъa ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 1st place of main bridi of this sentence
вoъe ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 2nd place of main bridi of this sentence
вoъи ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 3rd place of main bridi of this sentence
вoъotka1vodka distilled я2
вoъo ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 4th place of main bridi of this sentence
вoъу ,KOhA4 pro-sumti: repeats 5th place of main bridi of this sentence
вофли ,vol voi1 flies ,in air/atmosphere using lifting/propulsion means2
вoifan 1kite. .From фалну, vofli .f2, f3, v2 subsumed
вoikla k1 = v1 flies to destination k2 я origin k3 to destination k4 using means/vehicle k5 = v2
вoi ,NOI non-veridical restrictive clause used to form complicated le-like descriptions using ”keъa”
вokиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 4,000 expressed with comma
вoksa ,vok voъa1voice/speech sound of individual2
вoksli voice1 = s1 = v1 of individual3 = v2 oscillates at frequency2 = s2
вoksnaske s2 is phonetics based on methodology s2
вoksna v1 = s1vowel sound
вokygenkantu k1minimal phonological feature of language k2 = g2
вokygenske s 1phonology based on methodology s3
вolfanjactаъo t1=d1=f1=v1board for use in water/.wind/kitesurfingboard/bodyboard/wakeboard of material/property t2
вombatu1wombat .family Vombatidae of species/breed2
вomoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 4 to ordinal selbri; 1fourth among2 ordered by rule3
вoncаъу14-dimensional spacetime/region occupied by
вondei1Thursday of week2 in calendar3
вondиъo d1caltrop .tetrahedral nail of size d2 made of d3
вonmasti 1Aprl/the fourth month of year2 in calendar3
вonmast April
вonmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel/Commander/Wing Commander .equivalent of NATO OF-4 in
military unit /organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
вonmomdegji m1 = d 1the ring finger of d2
вonono ,PA* number/quantity: 400 ,four hundred
вono ,PA* number/quantity: 40 ,forty
вonpaso1 swindles2 into state/event3 by promising4;1 commits 419/advance fee fraud. .generally 1Nigerian, but
may be in another country;
вonplini p 1the fourth closest planet .default is Mars if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2 .default is the Sun,
with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
вonplin Mars
вonseldansu d2 is quadrille music accompanying dancers d1 .individual, mass
вonseltуъe t2 is four-legged with legs t1
вonynundansu n1quadrille with dancers d1 to music/rhythm d2
ворлон Vorlon
вorlуъa p1 = v1passage between p2 = v2 and p3 = v3
вorme ,vor vro1doorway/gateway/access way between2 and3 of structure4. .Note: emphasis on route nature;
solid door .= vrogai/vrobиъу/vrozуъиtci
вo ,von ,PA1 digit/number: 4 .digit ,four
вrabatke b1 = v1switch/actuating lever on/for item b2, with purpose b3, made of material b4 Though there
has been a great amount of debate in Lojbanistan over the need for a lujvo as such, I thought I would submit it anyway
вraga ,vra1lever ,tool ,of apparatus for doing2 ,function/action, with fulcrum3 and arm4
вraike 1kelp of genus/species2
вreji ,rej vei1record of2 .data/facts/dуъу about3 .object/event preserved in medium4
вrepуъи p1 lays p2 = v1 on/at surface/locus p3 = v2
вreta ,vre 1 lies/rests/reclines/reposes on 2; 1reclining/recumbent/lying on 2
вриши1 .set/mass/ind. is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property2 .ka
вricyкриcrutrusиъo s1liberal political ideology as applied by t1 = c1 among/in people/territory
/domain t2 based on the works of thinker si3
вricyкриcru c 1liberal/open-minded with regard to beliefs k2 about subject k3 under conditions c3
вrocаъo c1 = v1French window/sidehinged window. .vorme canko; typically in pairs extending to the floor
вrodarxi d1 knocks at door d2 = v1 to v3
вrogai g1door/gate .movable barrier in portal/doorway .opening v1 = g2 between v2 and v3, in structure v4
вrokoi k1 = v 1the threshold defining access through the boundary between k2 = v2 and k3 = v3
вroloi l 1the threshold/doorsill of doorway/gateway l2 between v2 and v3 of structure v4
вrucаъa c1horn/buzzer/siren producing strident noise c2 = s1, operated by c3
вrude ,vud vуъe 1virtuous/saintly/,fine/moral/nice/holy/morally good by standard2
.Holy/saintly .= cesyvуъe. Virtue the attribute
вrumli m1 = s1squeak/creak/quiet noise to s2
вруси ,vus vуъи1 .ka is a taste/flavor of/emitted by2;2 tastes of/like1. .щ:2 tastes of seasoning1,
1seasoned flavor of2 .= цаpyvуъи; vrusi may overlap the senses of taste and smell, since the latter is
a significant component of taste
вуъa ,FAhA1 location tense relation/direction; west of
вуъenai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin
вуъe ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: virtue - sin
вуъиzga z1 tastes v2 using taste buds z3 under conditions z4
вуъи ,LAhE sumti qualifier: the sequence made я set or composed of elements/components; order is vague
вуъo ,VUhO joins relative clause/phrase to complete complex or logically connected sumti in afterthought
вуъу ,VUhU1 n-ary mathematical operator: minus; subtraction operator; ,...a - b - c - ....
вudvri vr1 = vi1hero/heroic in doing vi2 by standard vr2 = vi3
вudypai v1 = p 1fair / does justice to p2 by standard v2
вukro ,vur vуъo1 reflects Ukrainian language/culture/nationality in aspect2
вurбау v1 = b 1the Ukrainian language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
вусгаъе g1 tastes g2 = v1 .flavor emitted by v2
вu ,vuz ,VA location tense distance: far я ... ; yonder at ... ; a long distance я ...
вy ,BY2 letteral for v
хаъanzu1 reflects Han Chinese ,Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, etc. culture/nationality/language in aspect2деcunu, гугдеtuve
хаъarvau v 1an envelope for/containing lettera1 = v2
хаъo ,ZAhO opposite of zаъo: event contour: refers to the portion of the event which occurs before the
natural beginning; starting too early before ...; ¡―-
хаъуrbиъo b1 =a1 settles ina2
хаъуrjudri j 1the home address ofa1 = j1 with address system j3
хabju ,xаъу1 dwells/lives/resides/abides at/inhabits/is a resident of location/habitat/nest/home/abode2
хabmaptia1=m 1the mate ofa1=m2 with property m3 in paira2
хabmau 1most/a majority/more than half of2 in property3 by amount4 by standard5
хabmeъa1minority/less than half of2 in property3 by amount4 by standard5
хabyxadba 1exactly/approximately a quarter of2 by standard3
хacyceъaa1 = c1gun/cannon/firearm launching projectile c2 propelled by c3, for use againsta2 bya3
jvajvo definition; Gismu deep structure is ”xarci gиъe cecla”
хacygаъa g1 =1club/cudgel/truncheon/bludgeon made of g2 used against2 by3
хadba ,xab 1exactly/approximately half/semi-/demi-/hemi- of2 by standard3
хadbixмаъуa2 = b1 = m 1adolescent/pubescent/in puberty/maturing in physical/bodily development-quality m2 .ka
хadmidju1 = m 1the waist of2 = m2
хadni ,xad 1a/the body/corpus/corpse of2; .adjective: 1corporal/corporeal
хadycla c1 =a 1tall / has a long body by standard c3. .Made я clani +adni
хadyкелшиъe c1 is/are a/the physical sport.s exercised/played by2
хadypлижвi j1 =a2 competes with opponent j2 in sport/athletics j3 for gain j4 = p3
хагjijnu j 1optimistic about j3
хагji1 hungers for2;1 needs/wants food/fuel2
хагmaua1 = z 1better than z2 fora2 by standarda3, by amount z4The canonical form is хауzma
хагmeъaa1 = m 1worse than/not as good as m2 fora2 by standarda3, by amount m4
хагрai t1 = 1the best among set/range t4 for2 by standard3
хагрi1oboe/clarinet/saxophone ,reed musical instrument with reed2
хагрnklarineto1clarinet with reed2
хагрnsaksofono1saxophone with reed2
хагрyspa1reed of species/variety2
хагyfarvi f1 progresses towards f2 =1 я f3 through stages f4
хагzengau g1 .agent improves z1 =1 for2 by amount z3
хагzenrиъa r1 .event/state/process improves z1 =1 for2 by amount z3 under conditions r3
хairgau g1 causes event1 which injures/harms/damages victim2 in property3 .ka resulting in injury4 .state
хai ,KOhA they..repeat ¿1 preceding sumti .repeats two or more preceding sumti, not one plural sumti
хajmi ,xam 1funny/comical to2 in property/aspect3 .nu/ka;3 is what is funny about1 to2
щ:1comedian .=ampre,amseljibri for a professional comedian. .x1 can be a person/object or an abstraction; be careful
about possible sumti-raisin
хajycmo c1 = 1a/the grunt of a pig/hog/swine of species2 expressing c3 .property
хajyзби z 1the snout of pig/hog/swine/,boar z2 =1 of species2, with nostril.s/nasal passage.s z3
хakиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 6,000 expressed with comma
хaksu ,xak1 .event uses up/depletes/consumes/,wastes2 ,resource. .Waste .= fesxaksu, dusxaksu
хalбаржа1 = b1saloon/pub/bar primarily serving alcoholic beverages to2 = b3
хalbebna 1drunk/tipsy in manner2 я drinking3 .alcohol
хalbo1 uses levity/is non-serious/frivolous about2 .abstraction
халкаиa1 = c 1alcoholic of alcohol typea2 я source/processa3
халка ,xal1quantity of/contains/is made of alcohol of type2 я source/process3
хalni1 .person is panicked by crisis2 .event/state
хalnunvindu n 1alcohol poisoning of2 = v2 я alcohol type3 =a2
хalpixydуъe p1 drinks to much alcohol of type p2 я p3 by standard d3; p1drunk
хalsixa1 pertains to the Sikh culture/religion/ethos in aspect2
хalvamtu v1 throws up v2 due to alcohol of typea2
хamgau g1 does/brings about event/state g2 =a1 which is funny/comical toa2 in property/aspecta3 .nu/ka
хamgu ,хаг хау1 .object/event is good/beneficial/nice/,acceptable for2 by standard3
.Acceptable .= mliхау, norхау, хаурselcru
хamoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 6 to ordinal selbri; 1sixth among2 ordered by rule3
хampo ,xapаъo1 is2 ampere.s ,metric unit in current .default is 1 by standard3
хamsi ,xas1sea/ocean/gulf/,atmosphere of planet2, of fluid3; .adjective: 1marine .щ atmosphere .= varxamsi, varsenta
хаmsku1 tells/expresses joke2 .sedуъу/text/lуъe concept for audience3 via expressive medium
ханбау b1Signed Language used by2 = b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote..x1
Sign Language” in the sense of visually transmitting patterns using hands, arms, body, and facial expression to convey
meaning. .i.e., Manual communication, body language. .x2 ”Sign Language speaker.” .x3 ”thing expressed in Sign Language
ханce ,ханаъe 1a/the hand ,bodypart of2; ,metaphor: manipulating tool, waldo. ..adjective: 1manual
ханcidjаъи j1bracelet adorning j2 = ха1 = c1. .Bracelets are used not only for fashion but also for medical and
identification purposes, such as allergy bracelets and hospital patientidentification tags
ханcidni1 = c1wrist of2 = c2
ханdegycalku c1fingernail of finger c2 = d1 of body d3
ханgle g1 masturbates/fucks g2 with her/his hand.s
ханgulu1hangul .Korean alphabet of sound2
ханjaisиъу s1 hold hands/are hand-in-hand
ханjirnymirli m1 = j2 is a moose/Eurasian elk of species m2 .Alces alces noted for its handshaped antlers
ханka 1nervous/anxious about2 .abstraction under conditions3
ханkydji1 = d 1anxious/earnestly desirous for2 = d2 .abstract, the purpose being d3
ханлаи1 is2 handfuls in volume/amount .default is 1 by standard3
ханоno ,PA* number/quantity: 600 ,six hundred
хано ,PA* number/quantity: 60 ,sixty
ханri ,хар1 ,concept exists in the imagination of/is imagined by/is imaginary to2
.щ .adjective: 1mental .one sense, 1unreal .one sense; in spite of the synonym,
note that 1imaginary does not imply that it doesnъt exist in the real world; the definition is crafted so that
one can talk about imaginary things without claiming that they thereby donъt exist
ханseъagle g1 = s1 = ха2 fist-fucks/performs fisting on g2 in opening s3
ханsli s1 = ха2 waves hand
ханtajycalku c 1the thumbnail of body t3 = j2
ханtergуъи1 = g3 is a flashlight/portable light source for illuminating g2, emitting light form3 = g1
ханto 1an elephant of species/breed2
ханtydenmai m 1elephant/mammoth ivory я species/breed ха2
ханvruzau z1 =2 gives applause to plan/action z2 .object/event
харci ,хаcаъи1weapon/arms for use against2 by3. .Gun/cannon .= celxаъи
харcufu 1an artichoke of species/variety2
харju ,хаj1pig/hog/swine/,boar ,pork/ham/bacon-producer of species/breed2
.Sow .= fetхарju, boar .= nakyхарju, pork .= хаjreъу, piglet .= citхарju
харnu 1stubborn/willfully opposing/resisting2 about3 .event/state
x2 may be a person, a state or condition, or a force; the essence is willful resistance
харpei p1 =2 imagines / visualizes imaginary subject / concept p2 =1. .Not limited to visual
imaginationхарpre ха1 = p1character/role/imaginary person created by ха2
хасkoi k1beach/coast of sea ха1 = k2 on landmass k3
хасli1donkey/jackass of species/breed2
хасne 1a/the sweat/perspiration я body2, excreted by gland.s/organs3
хасnиъa 1under sea2 in reference frame3
хасycurnu c1sea worm of species c2
хасydanti d1torpedo launched by d2
хасyjbama j1sea mine with explosive material/principle j2
хасyjukni j1crab/lobster/crayfish/shrimp/криll/,marine crustacean of species j2
хасyske s 1the oceanography/marine science of planet2
хас Sea
хаtra ,xаъa1letter/missive/,note to intended audience2 я author/originator3
with content4. ..ё notci, which has places in a different order; the emphasis in хаtra is on the communication between
author and recipient, and not the content, which in a letter may not easily be categorized to a ъsubjectъ;
хаци ,хаt 110 18 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хауzma ха1 = z 1better than z2 for ха2 by standard ха3, by amount z4 The хагmau form is farmorefrequently used
хаvdei1Saturday of week2 in calendar3
хаvmasti 1June/the sixth month of year2 in calendar3
хаvmast June
хаvmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Brigadier General/Brigadier/Rear Admiral/Commodore .equivalent of NATO OF-6
in military unit/organization j2. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel
хаvokиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 64,000 expressed with comma
хаvyplini p 1the sixth closest planet .default is Saturn if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2 .default is the Sun,
with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
хаvyplin Saturn
хаvyrebyfagdaskyciзбоrдаъу c1 =da1Vulpix ,six-tailed fox Pokemon
хахре1 is2 ares in area by standard3
хаzdo ,хаz zdo1 reflects Asiatic culture/nationality/geography in aspect2
ха ,хаv ,PA1 digit/number: 6 .digit ,six
хеbeъи ,BAI* бенжи modal, 5th place .medium transmitted via ...
хеbni ,хен хеи1 hates/despises2 .object/abstraction; 1full of hate for2;2 is odious to1
x 1hateful .one sense;2 is hateful .different sense
хеbro ,хеb bro1 re- flects Hebrew/Jewish/Israeli culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хешто ,хеt cto1hundred ,100; 10 2 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хедja ,хеj хеъa 1a/the jaw ,body-part of2
хеи ,PA2 digit/number: hex digit E .decimal 14 ,fourteen .Used as an alternative to rei to avoid confusion with re
хеjnиъa c 1a/the chin ,body part of2
хеjrespa r1 =2 is an alligator/caiman of species/type r2 .ё krokodilo This is family Alligatoridae
хеjykre 1the beard of2
хеkаъa ,BAI* клама modal, 5th place by transport mode ...
хеkcpi c1blackbird of species c2
хекри ,хеk хеъи 1black/extremely darkcolored ,color adjective
хеksodva 1is made of/contains/is a quantity of a black/very-dark colored carbonated beverage/soda of cola-flavor,
of brand2. .Not any black, carbonated beverage, but one with cola-flavor, like Coca-Cola .=kokaKOlys, Pepsi, Julmust
.=a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas;=.sfeъeroisyжбенunsla хеksodva or similar
Another flavor may be added and expressed as a tanru,
as long as the combination doesnъt differ too much я the characteristics of хеksodva.
хеkykrexruba 1ho-shou-wu/fleeceflower of variety2
хелbeъи5 = b1 transfers/sends/transmits2 = b2 to receiver3 = b3 я transmitter/origin4 = b4 via means/medium1
= b5. .хе бенжи;
хелbefrуъe b2 .person/animal/plant digests p2 with output p3 passing through stage p4
хелbei5 = b1 carries/hauls/bears/transports cargo2 = b2 to3 = b3 я4 = b4 over
path1 = b5;5 = b1carrier/porter. .хе bevri
хелбоъа5 = b1wave/periodic pattern in medium2 = b2,
with wave-form3 = b3, wavelength4 = b4 and frequency1 = b5
хелbonseljimte j2 is a radio band with borders j1
хелjutsi1class ,biology with genus2, family3, order4, and with species5. .For biological cathegory in
general .=mivyske klesi, domain .=?, kingdom .=seljimcymivykle, phylum .=jicymivykle, class .=this definition, order
.=veljutsi, family .=terjutsi, genus .=seljutsi, species .=jutsi
хелkla Using means/vehicle1, to2, я3, via4, goes5
хелso ,хеs 1 reflects Greek/Hellenic culture/nationality/language in aspect2
хелvetik Switzerland
хелveto 1Swiss in aspect2
хелvet Switzerland
хенdo ,хед хеъo1 .person is kind to2 in actions/behavior3
хенru ,хер хеъу1 regrets/rues .abstraction2; 1regretful/rueful/sorry/,remorseful about2
.щ:1 feels remorse about2 .= zugyхеъу
хеsygуъe 1Greece
хехсо ,хеx 110 18 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
хе ,хел ,SE 5th conversion; switch 1st/5th places
хilbate1gibbon of species2
хilbati1gibbon of species2
хilcelxаъи ха1 = c 1an artillery gun for use against ха2 bya3, launching projectile c2 propelled by c3
хilckabu c1 =i3 is a wheel tyre/tire. .The rubber source can be expressed with ”rаъи ...”,
the composition with ”маъe ...”
хiljamkarce k1military armoured car propelled by k3
хiltаъo t1=xi1board with wheels/skateboard/longboard/snakeboard ,default skateboard, of material/property t2 with
wheels ,material/propertyi3. .From tanbo, джашу, boxna .b2-b5 subsumed. Also longboard .=claniiltаъo, streetboard,
snakeboard etc
хinбау1 = b 1the Hindi language used by b2 to communicate b3
хindo ,xin1 reflects Hindi language/culture/religion in aspect2. .Defaults to not include Urdu; Indian .Bharat nationality may be implied .when constrained byingуъe. цы srito,urdo, бенgo.
хingliбау1 = g1 = b 1the Indian English language used by b2 to express/communicate b3 .sиъo/dуъу, not quote
хingуъe1 = g 1India
хinmo ,xim1quantity of ink of color/pigment2 used by writing device3
хin Indian Ocean
хiptamu1hippopotamus of species/breed2
хircmo c1 neighs
хirdegmei m1mass of set m2 with an odd number of members m3
хirgana1hiragana .Japanese syllabary of sound2
хirma ,xirиъa1horse/equine/,colt/mare/stallion/pony of species/breed2. ..adjective: 1equine/equestrian
хirnoъи1noble with nobility standard2
хirsoi s1horse cavalryman of army s2
хirzda z1stable for horse/equine/,colt/mare/stallion/pony z2 =1 of species/breed2
хislivnunsla n 1Easter celebrated by s1 with activities s3 .яriso cliva nu salci
хislu ,xilиъу1wheel ,tool of device/vehicle2, made of materials/having properties3
хispo ,xip1 reflects Hispano-American culture/nationalities in aspect2. .Refers to Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries, not Brazil/Guyana
хisyjbecte n 1Christmas Eve of Christmas Day n2 at location n3
хisyjbeдетри d 1Christmas Day at location d3 in calendar d4
хisyжбенunsla n 1the Christmas celebrated by s1 with activities s3
хi ,XI subscript; attaches a numer of letteral string following as a subscript onto grammar structures
хladji d 1spiteful/malevolent/malicious/mean to/towards2
хlafri1 suffers я2 .event, process, object
хlafуъa f1 =l 1unlucky/unfortunate for f2 =l2 by standerdl3
хlajijnu j 1pessimistic about j3
хlali ,xla 1bad for2 by standard3; 1poor/unacceptable to2. .Be careful to distinguish between a bad/unacceptable event, and a bad/unacceptable agent:1 does poorly .= lenu koъa gasnu culali and not normally koъa xlali
хlamau1 = m 1worse than m2 for2 by standard3, by amount m3
хlameъa1=m 1better/,less bad than m2 for2 by standard3, by amount m4
хlamуъиjijnu j 1cynical/suspicious about the motives of m3 with regard to action/event m2 = j3
хlarai t1 = 1the worst among set/range t4 for2 by standard3
хlatиъa t1 =l 1bad weather at place/region t2 for3 =l2 by standard4 =l3
хliмаъи 1September of year2 in calendar3. .й sozymasti, kanbyмаъи, nanca.
хlura ,xlu1 .agent influences/lures/tempts2 into action/state3 by influence/threat/lure4. .щ impresses;4
is alluring .= trivelxlu for place reordering;3 may be an achieved action/state, or an attempt to perform an action/enter a state. .x3 and4 are normally events or states
хoъa ,XOhA Loglan toggle: Toggles text to TLI Loglan; marks following text as TLI Loglan. .The proposal also includes an experimental Loglan Little word “hoa” .which toggles text to Lojban
хoъe ,LE Generic article: simply converts a selbri to a sumti
.Avoids obligatory marking for veridicality and quantity. Underorlo, this is identical to lo.
хodod. .A name used by Charles Hope.
хoi ,ROI / NA emph1. to the degree of...When prefixed by a number, turns the number into a selbri that expresses some truth value between zero and one, inclusive.
emph2. it may or may not be the case that ... .This experimental шмаво form has been assigned meanings several times independently. The first sense, suggested on the Lojban Wiki byod, generalizes na and jаъa by creating a scale between
them. This can be seen as an implementation of fuzzy logic. This sense has now been retired in favor of subscripting jаъa withi. The other sense, apparently invented by Nora Lechevalier some time earlier .at least before 1997, is not intended seriously, but rather as a kind of reductioad-absurdum. As it makes any sentence true, regardless of the content, it shows that a language that is excessively free to interpretation is impossible to express anything in.
хomхеci 1an ocotillo of species2onkon Hong Kong. .йyngon, cangan, jungo, tcadu.
хonxoli 1sesame of species/variety2. .syn. jerjelino, simsimu
хorjina1saddlebag/pair of saddlebags to use on animal/vehicle2.
хorхеs Jorge
хotli ,xoloi1hotel/inn/hostel at location2 operated by3
хo ,PA5 digit/number: number/digit/lerfu question
храbo ,rab1 reflects Arabic-speaking culture/nationality in aspect2
храcиъa c1 = p3 draws picture c2 = p1 on medium c3 = p4 with implement c4 depicting p2. .й piхра, ciska, храсelciъa, храtai, kacmyхра, kacmyterхра, kacmyхраgau, kacmyхраzуъe.
храkarni k1 = p4 is an illustrated magazine/journal with content k2 = p1 published by k3 for audience k4.
храни ,xai1 .event injures/harms/damages victim2 in property3 .ka resulting in injury4 .state.
.щ hurts. цы cortu, daspo, spofu, katna, porpi.
храсelcиъa c2 = p 1drawn by artist c1 = p3 on medium c3 = p4 using implement c4 depicting p2.
.й piхра, ciska, храcиъa, храtai, kacmyхра, kacmyterхра, kacmyхраgau, kacmyхраzуъe.
храtai t1 = p 1an image of t2 = p2 created by agent p3 on medium p4. .й piхра, tarmi.
хребау b1 = m1 = s 1creole used by b2 to express/communicate b3, created я sources including m2. .й sapхребау.
хреmиъи1 = min1blender/mixer for ingredients2 = mix2 to produce mixture3 = mix1. .not necessarily for food
хrison Christ
хriso ,xisиъo1 pertains to the Christian religion/culture/nationality in aspect2
хrisrbiblia 1the Christian Bible of Christian denomination2
хrixruba 1buckwheat of variety2. .syn. gruxruba
хruba ,xub1quantity of buckwheat/rhubarb/sorrel grass of species/strain2
хrubei b1 =1 takes/carries back b2 =2 to origin/earlier state b3 =3 я b4 =4 over path b5. .йruti, bevri.
хrucpe c1 requests/asks c2 to go back/return to2 я3. .йruti, cpedu. Based on proposed redefinition ofruti by xorxes:1 returns to2 я3.
хrugau g1 causes1 to return to state2 я state3. .йruti, gasnu. Based on proposed redefinition ofruti byorxes: x1 returns to state2 я state3.
хruki ,xuk1turkey ,food/bird of species/breed2. .цы cipni.
хrukla1 =r1 =r2 = k1 returns to earlier location2 =r3 = k2 я3 =r4 = k3 via route4 = k4 using means/vehicle x5 = k5. .цы seъиxru.
хrula ,rul 1a/the flower/blossom/bloom ,body-part of plant/species2; .adjective: 1floral
хrulnranunkulu1quantity of ranunculus/buttercup/spearwort/water crowfoot of species/strain2
хrulrlavandula1quantity of lavender of species/strain2
хruti ,xru1 .agent returns2 to origin/earlier state3 я4;1 moves/gives2 back to3 я4. .x2 goes
back/reverts/Retreats. to3 .= seъиxru for agent self-returning to a previous location/situation: renumber places in the
lujvo; .x3 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and
a causative like ринка/rikygau
хrvatsk Croatia
хуъиcmu 1element of compound2
хukmi ,xumуъи 1instance of substance/chemical/drug2 .individual or mass with purity3
хukske 1meleagrology based on methodology2
хulbuktci1 = t 1an iron for straightening cloths2 = b1 =u1 of material3 = b2
хumjimcelxаъи1 = c1gun/chemically launched metal slug throwing weapon for use against2 by3; weapon fires metallic
objects4 using chemical propellant5
хumrkonkreto1quantity of concrete made я ingredients2
хumske 1chemistry based on methodology2
хumsle s1molecule of chemical2
хumsutrиъa r1 =1 catalyzes chemical reaction r2 = s2 under conditions r3
хumtau t1chemical compound of t2 and t3
хunblabi b1 = 1pink
хunre ,xunуъe 1red/crimson/ruddy ,color adjective
хurбау1 = b 1the Urdu language used by b2 to express/communicate b3
хurdo ,xurуъo1 reflects Urdu language/culture/nationality in aspect2
хусрауsra ,xusуъa 1.agent asserts/claims/declares2 щ:1 states/says that/affirms/purports to know that2
хusxusu 1vetiver of species/variety2
хutla ,xul 1smooth/even/,soft/silky in texture/regularity
ху ,UI6 discursive: true-false question
хyngon Hong Kong
хy ,BY2 letteral for /x/
эyъy ,BY2 letteral for ъ
эybu ,BY* letteral for y
эy ,Y hesitation noise; maintains the floor while speaker decides what to say next
заъai ,ZI time tense distance: an unspecified distance in time .Used to express a time distance without specifying any subjective notion about its size. May typically be used in a question when the subjective notion is not known. цы za, zi, зу, zeъai
заъa ,UI2 evidential: I observe. .цы zgana, laнли.
заъe ,BAhE forethought nonce-word indicator; indicates next word is nonce-creation and may be nonstandard.
заъи ,zaz ,NU1 abstractor: state .event abstractor; 1continuous state of ,bridi being true.
заъo ,zаъo ,ZAhO interval event contour: continuing too long after natural end of ...; superfective ― ―-¿.
заъуmai ,MAI* discursive: further utterance ordinal
заъуreъу ,ROI* again; in addition to the first time; for the .¿ 1th time .See krefu, rapli
заъу ,PA3 digit/number: greater than.
заbna ,zan zаъa1favorable connotation/sense/way-of-looking-at2 used by3. .цы funca, mabla,amgu, vrude
заcfonшуъу c1 the telemarketing business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities z2
заcpanka p1 = z1market place/square/area managed by p2 for selling/trading z2 by traders z3
заglamtуъe t 1the thigh of t2 = z2. .The thigh is the area between the pelvis and the knee
Anatomically, it is part of the lower limb
заirшуъу c1marketing /business/activity/function for goods/products/services/activities z2
заirsnuшуъу c 1the marketing communications business/activity/function supporting the sales/promotion of goods/products/services/activities z2
заisle z1 = s1shop/store of market/mall s2, selling3 = z2, operated by4 = z3
заi ,LAU 2-word letteral/shift: alternate alphabet selector follows
заjba ,zaj1gymnast at/performs gymnastics feat2
заlgosu1spiny anteater of species2. .юэ jesymabru, ornitorinku
заltapla t1patty of ground/pulverized material t2 = z2, shape t3, thickness t4
залви ,zal1 ,individual or mass of hard surfaces grinds/pulverizes/crushes2 into powder3
заnbebna b 1na¨ıve about z2
заncimstu s1 = c1 = z 1an oasis
заnfri 1 = z3 enjoys z1 = l2
заnfуъa f1 = z2 .event/property is determined by the good luck/fortune of f2
занру ,zar zau1 approves of/gives favor to plan/action2 .object/event
заnselfуъa f2 is lucky/fortunate in f1 = z2 .event/property
заnvиъe 1welcomed by2 to place/event3
зарci ,zac zai1market/store/exchange/shop.s selling/trading .for2, operated by/with participants3. .щ:
mall, marketplace, shopping center, cooperative, bazaar, trading post, mart; the concept is the function of selling/exchanging coupled with a location, and is more oriented to the larger concept of marketplace than the stalls/shops
that comprise it, though it does not exclude the latter individual shops .= zaisle;3 may include both owners/proprietors and customers in some markets, but in most contexts refers only to the operators
зарcpa z1 = c1 accepts z2 = c2 .object/event я source c3
заргу ,zag zаъу 1a/the buttock.s/arse/rear/seat ,body-part of2; ,metaphor: rounded surface, support
.щass, behind, butt
засmoъиsro s 1temporary memory for fact.s s2 = m2 in containment s3.
засni ,zas 1temporary/not permanent/expected to change in property2 .ka by standard/expectant3. .щ transient
засti ,zat zаъи1 exists/is real/actual/reality for2 under metaphysics3. .Words usable for epistemology typically have a dуъу place. 1physical .one sense
засysti s1 pauses/temporarily halts activity/process/state s2
засyveъу1 rents2 ,goods/service/commodity to3 for cost4 for duration5
заtfаъи f1 discovers the existence of2 = z1 under metaphysics z3
заtrаъи r1 = z1 exists over interval r2. .r1 = z 1r2 years/days etc. old. Not restricted to biological forms
заusku c1 = z1 praises z2 .object/event for audience c3 via expressive medium c4
заu ,BAI занру modal, 1st place approved by ...
за ,ZI time tense distance: medium distance in time
збаbu ,bab1quantity of/contains/is made of soap я source2 of composition including3
збашуъу c 1a/the production/bulding/assembling function/activities involving person.s c2 = z1.ind./mass
making/building/assembling z2 out of z3
збаfavyшуъу c1 is/are the function/activities involving persons c2 developing products f2 = z2 made by z1; c1 is
product development
збагунди g 1a/the industry sector of z1 building/assembling/constructing g2 = z2 z3 = g3
збани1bay in/of coast/shoreline2
збасke s 1the engineering/technology of/behind products z2 made of materials/parts/components z3
збасу ,зба1 makes/assembles/builds/manufactures/creates2 out of materials/parts/components3
Should not be used to express causation
збеpi ,збе1pedestal/base/stand/pallet supporting2 .object/event, of materials/properties3. .Pallet.= lafyзбе
збиbуъу b1handkerchief of type/material b2
збиkre k 1a/are whisker.s/hair on/in the nose of k2 = n2
збиsakci s1 sniffles fluid/gas/powder s2 through the nose
збиseljirna z2 = j2 is a rhinoceros of species/type2
збиsnavаъу v1 breathes gas v2 producing nasal sound; v1 snorts
здabartu b 1outdoors
здacau c 1homeless
здacravro v1hall door/front door of nest/house/lair/den v2 = z1 = c2
здadиъу1building that is the house/home/nest/den of/for2
здaneъи n 1indoors
здани ,zda1nest/house/lair/den/,home of/for2. .Home .= tercnizda, house .constructed building .= zdadиъу
здaseъу s1house servant in/of house z1 owned by person s2 = z2
здasta s1 = z2 stays home/is nidicolous
здиcaudri z2 = c1 = b 1bored, lacking amusement c2 = z1
здиfanza f1 = z1 .event teases f2 = z2
здиgau1 = g1 entertains .agentive3 = z2 with2 = z1; g1 makes z1 entertaining/amusing for z2 in property/aspect z3
здиle ,зди1 .abstract is amusing/entertaining to2 in property/aspect3;3 is what amuses2 about1. .щ:1 occupies2 pleasantly; 1fun for2;2 is amused by1;2 has fun .at doing1; 1an amusement/entertainment/game for2
здиlisri l1 = z1anecdote/funny story/joke about plot/subject/moral l2 by storyteller l1 to audience l4 = z2, amusing
in aspect5 = z3
здиpanka p1park managed by polity/community p2 for use by z2, with amenities/amusements z1
здирaxa1chinaberry of variety2
здoкумте1Bactrian camel of breed2
здotуъa z1 = t 1Asia
здuriane1durian .Durio zibethinus of breed2
зеъaba ,ZEhA* time tense: a medium time interval offset towards the future; .tense/modal
зеъaca ,ZEhA* time tense: a medium time interval spanning the present; .tense/modal
зеъai ,ZEhA time tense interval: an unspecified amount of time .Used to express a duration without specifying any
subjective notion about its length. May typically be used in a question when the subjective notion is not known
зеъapu ,ZEhA* time tense: a medium time interval offset towards the past; .tense/modal
зеъa ,ZEhA time tense interval: a medium length of time. 4 zeъei ,ZEhEI nonce word with existing grammar
.Binds two arbitrary words together to form a nonce word whose semantics are indicated by
the left word and whose grammar is the same as that of the right word. Useful for creating function words
without having to allocate experimental шмаво forms
зеъerpezytricu 1an evergreen tree of species/variety2
зеъе zeъe ,zeъe ,ZEhA time tense interval: the whole of time
зеъи zei seldejni d2 is/are the short-term indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm
d1 to creditor.s d3 for the provision of goods /services/loans d4
зеъи ,ZEhA time tense interval: an instantaneous/tiny/short amount of time
зеъo ,zev zeъo ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; beyond/outward/receding я ..
зеъу zei seldejni d2 is/are the long-term indebtedness/liabilities of company/corporation/firm d1 to creditor.s d3 for the
provision of goods /services/loans d4
зеъу ,ZEhA time tense interval: a long amount of time
зеi ,ZEI joins preceding and following words into a lujvo
зеkиъo ,PA* number/quantity: 7,000 expressed with comma
зекри ,zer zei1 .event/state is a punishable crime/,taboo/sin to people/culture/judges/jury2. .Taboo .= kluzei,
cacyzei; sin .= madzei, ждаmadzei; heresy .= ждаzei
зеldei1Sunday of week2 in calendar3. .Sunday is either day seven or day zero, depending on your perspective
зеlmasti 1July/the seventh month of year2 in calendar3
зеlmast July
зеlmoijаъa j1 has the rank of Major General/Rear Admiral/Air Vice-Marshal .equivalent of NATO OF-7 in military unit
/organization j2 Based on STANAG 2116: NATOCodes for Grades of Military Personnel
зеlplini p 1the seventh closest planet .default is Uranus if p2 is the Sun revolving around p2
.default is the Sun, with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4
зеlplin Uranus
зеvykla k1 comes/goes out/forth towards destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
зе ze ,zel ,PA1 digit/number: 7 .digit ,seven
зеmoi ,MOI* quantified selbri: convert 7 to ordinal selbri; 1seventh among2 ordered by rule3
зеnba ,zen zeъa1 .experiencer increases/is incremented/augmented in property/quantity2 by amount3
зеngau1 increases/augments2 .experiencer in property/quantity3 by amount4
зеnono ,PA* number/quantity: 700 ,seven hundred
зеno ,PA* number/quantity: 70 ,seventy
зеnrиъa r1 .event/state increases/increments/augments2 = z1 in property/quantity3 = z2 by amount4 = z3
зепти ,zep 110 21 of2 in dimension/aspect3 .default is units
зеrfуъe 1guilty of crime2 accountable to judge/authority3
зеrfuzyxуъa1 accuses2 of charge/crime3 before judge/authority4
зеrgau g1 .person/agent commits a crime g2 = z1, punishable to people/culture/judges/jury3 = z2
зеrjbera j1 borrows j2 я j3 without permission of z2
зеrkalte k1poacher on prey/quarry/game k2, punishable to people/culture/judges/jury3 = z2
зеrleъa l1 steals l2 я l3, which is a crime according to z2
зеrmbeto 1zerumbet/shell ginger of species/variety2. .This is Alpinia zerumbet. Zingiber zerumbet
зеrnalfуъe f 1innocent/not guilty of crime2 = f2 = z1 .action/state to judge/authority f3
зеrxaigau g1 commits a violent crime g2 = z1 =r1, injuring/harming/damaging victim3 =r2 in property4 =r3 .ka, resulting in
injury5 =r4
зеrxai 1violent crime, injuring/harming/damaging victim2 in property3 resulting in injury4
зетро ,zet 110
зеvykla k1 comes/goes out/forth towards destination k2 я origin k3 via route k4 using means/vehicle k5
зе ,zel ,PA1 digit/number: 7 .digit ,seven
зgamuvjga 1the parallax of2 as seen by3 who moves to4 я5
зgana ,zga1 observes/,notices/watches/beholds2 using senses/means3 under conditions4
.Behold/watch/gaze .= vиъazga; guard/watchman/sentinel .= zgakуъи, ждеkуъи
зgatirna t1 = z1 listens to t2 = z2 against background noise t3 under conditions z4
зgavinji v1surveillance aircraft of type/for carrying v2, propelled by v3
зgicаъa1 = c1musical instrument played by2 = c3
зgifau f1musical event with music2 = z1 performed/produced by3 = z2 .event
зgifиъи f1 composes music f2 = z1 for purpose f3
зgigri1 = z2 = g1band that has members2 and plays music3 = z1
зgikаъуsni s1music note .symbol
зgikаъу k1music note .tone
зgikabri k1glass harp/musical glass, performed by z2 .event
згике ,zgi gиъe 1music performed/produced by2 .event. .x2 event may be person playing instrument, singing, musical
source operating/vibrating, etc.; instrument .= zgicаъa; play an instrument .= zgicаъapli, zgitercаъa, selzgigau,
selzgizуъe; song .= sagzgi, selsаъa; voice, as used musically .= zgivoъa; composed music .= finzgi
зgipli1 = p1 plays3 = z1 on2 = p2
зgirpopu1form of pop music performed by2 with characteristics3
зgiselfиъи f2 = z1musical composition composed by f1for function/purpose f3 я existing elements/ideas f4
зgiske s 1musicology with methodology s2
зgitci t1music instrument used for producing sound t2 = z1
зgoptera1damselfly of species2
зиъejva j 1the right for z1 to do z2 .event/state
зиъerbиъo z1 = b1 becomes free to do/be2 .event/state under conditions3
zиъevla v1fуъиvla-form word meaning v2 .in Lojban; v 1morphologically a fуъиvla
Generalization of fуъиvla to include non-borrowings; specialization of fуъиvla to exclude non-Lojban words
зиъezva j 1the right for z1 to do z2 .event/state
зиъe ,ZIhE joins relative clauses which apply to the same sumti
зиъo ,zil ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: fills a sumti place, deleting it я selbri place structure;changes selbri semantics
зиfcru1 releases2 to do/be3 under conditions4
зифре ,zif zиъe 1free/at liberty to do/be2 .event/state under conditions3. .щ unrestricted, unfettered,
unconstrained; .adjective: independent; .adverb: willingly, voluntarily, freely, may, optionally;
.potential:1 voluntarily does 2
зиfyjeъa z1 = j1sovereign state having supreme, independent authority over j2 .people/territory
зиgzagi z1line with the shape of a zigzag
зиlдатни1=d 1information gathered/produced by method/я source2=d3
.not necessarily meaningful or about anything
зиlфадни f2 .ka an ordinary/common/general/typical/usual property among f3
зиlkancu1 numbers/adds up to/consists of2 .number counting by units3;1 are2 in number
зиlpаъa1 has probability2 of occurring
зиltau t1tanru component
зиmbabues Zimbabwe
зиmbabu 1Zimbabwean in aspect2
зиngibero 1ginger of species2
зиnki ,zin zиъи 1quantity of/contains/is made of zinc .Zn; ,metaphor: hard metal
зиpcpi1 = dzipo1 = cipni1penguin of species2 = cipni2
зиptуъa d1 = t 1Antarctica
зиржбо 1bad Lojban
зирpu ,zir zиъу 1purple/violet ,color adjective
зирxуъe1 = z 1crimson/шарминe/ruby/cerise/deep red
зиvle ,ziv vle1 .agent invests resources2 in investment3 expecting return/profit4 .object.s/event. .,also ties up/Risks/gambles. 1investor;2 are invested assets of1; bond .= jertervle
зи ,ZI time tense distance: instantaneous-toshort distance in time
зmadu ,zma mau1 exceeds/is more than2 in property/quantity3 .ka/ni by amount/excess4. .щ positive .= nonmau
зmajavdуъи 1greater than or equal to2 in property/quantity3 by amount/excess4
зmanei n1 prefers n2 = z1 over z2, because of property/quantity z3, by margin z4
зmiku ,zmi 1automatic in function2 under conditions3
зоъa ,zon zoъa ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; tangential to/passing by ...
зоъei ,LAhE Something associated with; equivalent to ”zoъe pe”. .There are a lot of cases where people use ”tуъa”
where they actually mean zoъei; once I noticed the usefulness of such a word to elide whole chunks of sentences,
I started wanting it all the time. -camgusmis
зоъe ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: an elliptical/unspecified value; has some value which makes bridi true
зоъи ,zor zoъи ,FAhA4 location tense relation/direction; nearer than .../inward/approaching я ...
зоъobu ,BY* letteral: humor symbol, ”:-” and its related forms expressing humor .letteral
зоъoшуъи ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously
зоъoi ,ZOhOI quote next non-Lojban word only; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses .in speech or
whitespace .in writing
зоъonai ,UI*5 attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously
зоъo ,UI5 attitudinal modifier: humorously - dully - seriously
зоъу ,ZOhU marks end of logical prenex quantifiers/topic identification and start of sentence bridi
зоi ,ZOI delimited non-Lojban quotation; the result treated as a block of text
зо ,ZO quote next word only; quotes a single Lojban word .not a шмаво compound or tanru
зуъa ,FAhA2 location tense relation/direction; leftwards/to the left of ...
зуъedji z1 = d1 intends/wishes to do z2 = d2 for z3 = d3
зуъe ,BAI zukte modal, 1st place .purposed agent with goal-seeking actor ...
зуъи ,KOhA7 pro-sumti: the typical sumti value for this place in this relationship; affects truth value
зуъo ,zum ,NU1 abstractor: activity .event abstractor; 1abstract activity of ,bridi composed of2
зуъуnai ,UI*3 discursive: on the one hand - on the other hand
зуъу ,UI3 discursive: on the one hand - on the other hand
зуgyxуъa z1 =u1 confesses guilt about z2 .abstraction
зукАм common cold
зуkpei z1 = p1volitional thinker consdering taking action z2 = p2 toward end/goal z3
зуkselpla p2 = z2 is a policy of p3 = z3 .nu prescribed by p1
зуksиъa s1 = z1 honors s2 with action z2
зуktadji t 1the manner of action t2 = z2 under condition t3
зуktce m1 = z 1,busy doing/,working hard at z2 for purpose/goal z3
зуkte ,zuk zуъe1volitional entity employing means/taking action2 for purpose/goal3/to end3
.щ acting at, undertaking, doing; agentive cause with volition/purpose; also3 objective, end
зуktиъи s1 gives advice z2 to s3 = z1
зуktrucиъe c1 = t1 = z 1the executive branch of the government of people/territory/domain/subjects t2 of
organizational type c2 with components c3
зуkybajra b1 = z1 goes jogging on surface b2 for purpose z3. .To run volitionally and steadily, especially for exercise
зуkykаъe k1 has volition/is a volitional entity
зуlxаъea 1 = z 1a/the left hand ofa2 = z2, which faces/in-frame-of-reference z3
зуmri ,zmu 1quantity of maize/corn ,grain of species/strain2
зуngi ,zug 1 feels guilt/remorse about2 .abstraction
зунле zунле ,zul 1to the left/left-hand side of2 which faces/in-frame-of-reference3
.щ3 is the standard of orientation for2
зуnsna s1consonant sound made by articulation z1 .event/state
зунти ,zun zуъи1 .evt./state interferes with/hinders/disrupts2 .evt./state/process due to quality3 .ka
.щ blocks, obstructs, baffles; not necessarily forcing cessation
зуtse ,zut tse 1 sits ,assumes sitting position on surface2
зу zu ,ZI time tense distance: long distance in time
зvacpe c1 requests/invites z1 = c3 ,to attend/,be present at z2 .event/location in manner/form c4
зvafаъи1 = facki1 finds/locates2 = звати1 = facki3 .object at3 = звати2 .event/location ..= tolcri
зvaste l1list/catalog/register of objects/events l2 = z1 .sequence/set present at/attending3 = z2 .event/location
звати ,zva1 .object/event is at/attending/present at2 .event/location
.Atemporal; location equivalent of cabna. Refers to a nonce location for an object/activity that is mobile
зы ,BY2 letteral for z

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